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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 23, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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involved accountable. lou: thanks for being with us. the book is "justice on trial." cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. a possible you new you atalk in saudi arabia could be coming as president trump and iran's president both on their way to new york city this week, as things in the middle east get worse, will american drivers feel pain at the pump? lauren: elizabeth warren taking the lead in the first state for the first time. will voters continue to turn out for the progressive candidate in 2020. cheryl: hundreds of thousands of travelers stranded as a popular travel company collapsed last night. how agencies are working to get an estimated 600,000 people back to their homes. lauren: could your favorite song be a a glared a hazard when
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the road? we'll tell you about the most dangerous songs to listen to while you're driving o driving. it is monday, september 23rd. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ monday morning. ♪ monday morning. ♪ monday morning. lauren: it is monday morning. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody. i am cheryl casone. lauren: how was your weekend? cheryl: great. lauren: markets not looking so great this monday, still within striking distance of record highs but the dow futures are down 72. cheryl: the yield on the 10 year, this is about your mortgage, your credit cards. we continue to watch what's going on with interest rates. we're seeing a bump up in bond prices, the lower yield 3 basis points to the downside.
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lauren: we're getting reports it might take months, not weeks to get saudi oil back online after attacks. that's pushing up the price of oil this morning. cheryl: we've been seeing gas prices rising. also this, asian markets, after a chinese delegation reportedly canceled a visit to u.s. farms for the week, you saw real pressure on the shanghai hang seng. the kospi is slightly higher. lauren: weak manufacturing data out of france and germany, that is affecting european markets and u.s. futures this morning. you can see a 1.1% he decline in france and 1.5% decline in germany. cheryl: we're watching what could be happening in the middle east. houthi rebel in yemen reportedly are claiming that iran is preparing another attack on saudi arabia, in particular the oil fields. according to the wall street journal, the leaders of the groups say they issued the warning after they were pressed by iran to play a role in that attack. remember, the saudis have a war going in yemen. mike pompeo was on fox news
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sunday and he responded to that report. >> we're consistently concerned that iran will continue to be haven in the way it -- behave in the way it has. it did so before the jcpoa, during the jcpoa and continue to act in ways inconsistent with their obligations. lauren: they are looking forte ran's involvement which iran strongly denies. the country's president said he will present a plan for creating security in the gulf, a so-called coalition for peace and do that in cooperation with other countries in the region at the u.n. general assembly going on this week. cheryl: in just a few hours from now, president trump is going to take the stage at the united nations. he's expected to discuss religious freedom. he'll be meeting with several world leaders amid rising tensions with iran. there is a conflict happening at home. lauren: garrett tenney is live in washington with the latest.
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garrett, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump is scheduled to meet with around 15 world leaders this week but iran's president isn't one of them. even as tensions with the u.s. continue to rise. on sunday, iran's foreign minister said at this point he's not confident that war can be avoided with the u.s. after the pentagon announced plans to he deploy hundreds of additional troops to the region. u.s. officials say that is just the first step in response to an attack on a saudi oilfield last week which tehran was likely behind. secretary of state mike bomb mayo said the u.s. -- pompeo said the u.s. doesn't want a war and is hopeful iran would come to the negotiating table. >> president trump would like to have a diplomatic solution. that's what we're aiming for for a little over two years now. >> reporter: president trump is scheduled to meet with ukraine's president this week amid questions surrounding a
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whistleblower complaint. during a call, according to the wall street journal, mr. trump pressured ukraine's president to investigate joe biden's son's business ties in ukraine. this weekend, president trump confirms some of the details, adding in a tweet, breaking news, the ukrainian government said they weren't pressured at all during the nice call. sleepy joe biden on the other hand forced a tough prosecutor out from investigating his company by threat of not giving big dollars to ukraine. that's the big story. congressional democrats have issued a subpoena for a copy of the whistle blower's complaint. >> they've been reluctant to go down the path of impeachment but it may be we do have to move forward with the ex extraordinay remedy if the president is at the same time withholding vital military assistance, he is trying to leverage that to obtain impermissible help in his
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political campaign. >> reporter: iran and ukraine two of the big stories going into the u.n. general assembly this week. president trump is set to address the body on tuesday. cheryl: president trump's personal attorney, rieu jay giuliani, -- rudy giuliani, was on fox news sunday and he slammed goa an joe biden and th. >> it was ukrainian collusion, which was large, significant and proven. they are on record. this town protects joe biden. cheryl: for more on this, mr. giuliani will be on "mornings with maria," that interview happening 7:30 a.m. eastern time this morning. lauren: democratic presidential frontrunners weighing in as the uaw strike against genera generl motors has turned political. >> i dhiengt it was going to get this far. >> reporter: the uaw strike against general motors entering the second week, the longest
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union strike against the auto manufacturer since 1970. 50,000 are hitting the picket lines. gm issued a statement saying in part, quote, they presented a strong offer that improves wages, benefits and grows u.s. jobs in substantive ways. >> we are the union, the mighty, mighty union. >> reporter: despite catching the a attention of some 2020 democratic presidential candidates -- >> i'm joe biden and i am uaw. >> reporter: former vice president goa an joe biden and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren rallying with union members this weekend. >> the workers of the uaw are here to say no more. they want a fair wage. they want benefits. they want what it takes to be part of america's middle class. >> it's easy for me to stand up here and say keep at it because i'm not making the sacrifice you're making. >> reporter: biden's point targeting a soft spot for union
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members, fears over the financial hardships this strike is bringing them. >> take care of the basics and make sure that you put food on the table for your family. >> reporter: still, many say they're in the strike for the long haul. >> i'm willing to do whatever it takes. >> reporter: the bargaining of a new four year contract between uaw officials and gm continues today. talks are also expected to address the use of temporary workers. rob dawson, fox news. lauren: protesters in hong kong staging more demonstrations yesterday, clashing with police at a shopping mall. the rally started out peacefully but protesters turned hostile after riot police showed up. police tired tie fired tear gas. there have been reports for the past 16 weekends that protesters and demonstrators demand changes and an investigation into claims of police brutal at this. the latest round of violence comes ahead of the 70th
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anniversary of the founding on communist china on october 1s october 1st. cheryl: possible trouble ahead for dow component boeing. indonesia is reportedly plameing the fatal crash of the 737 max back in october of last year on the plane's design and lack of oversight by boeing. the wall street journal is reporting that a series of mistakes by the pilot and maintenance workers did also play a role in that crash. this is going to be the first formal government report on the crash which also does lay blame on u.s. regulators and approval and the process of yo approvinge 737 max. a similar software problem is being claime blamed for anotherh back in march. lauren: if it does get back flying, would you feel comfortable flying on it? the world's oldest travel firm has closed its doors. cheryl: people are stranded around the world. this is something else, tracee carrasco. good morning. tracee: lots of people, yes, thomas cook, the 178-year-old british based travel company
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officially stopped trading today. the company's four airlines are grounded. its 21,000 employees are expected to lose their jobs. and approximately 600,000 travelers are stuck abroad. for years, thomas cook has faced tough online competition and in may it reported a he debt burden of $1.6 billion. the british government is working to bring the roughly 150,000 britains affected home. no word on the other stranded passengers facebook has suspended tens of thousands of apps which may have mishandled personal data. the company says it was part of its investigation in the wake of the cambridge analytical data scandal. facebook is not saying which app companies are suspended. but it says the apps were associated with about 400 developers. cokcoca-cola debuted a few favon certain parts of the world, coca-cola apa pell. the customers -- apple. the customers say the drink has
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been very difficult to track down because of high demand. the apple flavor is available in japan and has also appeared in hong kong. a big night in hollywood as stars come out for the 71st prime time emmy awards. patricia arquette advocating transgender rights as she accepted an award. >> can we change the world so trans people are not persecuted and give them jobs. they're human beings. let's give them job. tracee: billy porter became the first openly gay black actor to win for his role in the series pose. the biggest honor of the night, best drama, of course going to game of thrones. and that's what's happening now. cheryl: game of thrones going out with a big group of awards last night. let's take a look at futures this morning. what we saw was we got data out
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of europe that actually hit u.s. futures and now you've got a rough start to your morning. dow is down 40 in the premarket, s&p is down 2 and three quarters. and nasdaq is down 2 and-a-half. global markets, folks. still ahead, the rise of elizabeth warren. she has scored a he ke a key viy over joe biden, does this mean a progressive candidate could be leading the dems in the 2020 race for president? and bmw's new car sporting a special shade. could the revolutionary paint scheme make it a road hazard? we've got all of that coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ it's time to begin, isn't it. ♪ i get a little bit sick, i'll admit. the same as i was that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder
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lauren: 2020 democrats are fighting for votes in iowa as a new frontrunner has emerged. cheryl: aishah hasnie joins us with the who's the one to watch right now and big surprise on this new poll. good morning. >> reporter: lauren, cheryl, we're talking about elizabeth warren. she is leading the pack now with four months left before the iowa caucus. a new poll shows warren at 22%, beating former vp joe biden who is at 20%. the massachusetts senator not letting this get to her head.
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>> i don't do polls. we are still months away from the iowa caucuses and the first primary election. >> reporter: i don't do polls, she says. but according to the same poll, the new warren fans are apparently old bernie sanders supporters and although thousands did pack his rally on sunday, sanders is now trailing at 11%. meantime, cory booker worried about a different kind of number. his campaign recently sent out a memo to staff warning that if they don't raise $2 million by the next funding deadline, booker might have to quit. >> if we cannot raise $1.7 million in the last 10 days of this quarter, in the last 10 days of september, then cory's going to have to make tough decisions and i'm going to have to make tough decisions about his future in this race. >> reporter: about four months left until the iowa caucus, all the candidates trying to squeeze as much time as they possibly can in that state. pete buttigieg and bernie
5:17 am
sanders have events in iowa today. everyone, even andrew yang, with just 2% of caucus goers still pretty positive they've got a chance at this thing. >.cheryl: it's very early, to your point. thank you for that live report. let's get more on this and bring in siri kim and howard franklin. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: here's the thing, howard. this is kind of an interesting turn that we're seeing among iowa caucus goers but only one in five of those iowa caucus doers say their -- goers say their mind is made up. the emergence of elizabeth warren is a pretty big surprise we're getting here. >> yeah, i think somewhat of a surprise. i think it's proof positive that campaigns do still matter. senator warren was one of the first to make significant contributions or investments in the state of iowa. i think it's proof positive that slow and steady wins the race. i think she's been at this for a
5:18 am
long time. her message about not holding big, high dollar fundraisers has resonated well in iowa and she's had a lot of activity there. cheryl: we still see among likely democratic voters and this is on more of a national basis, that electability, someone that can beat president trump is key. now we're seeing a progressive candidate which some say is not going to be electable against president trump, especially when they've got medicare for all and other plans that frankly are going to be unattainable and can't be paid for. >> well, i absolutely agree that electability is a real concern and she will not be elected president but her rise in the poll is important for two reasons. one, since 1974, iowa has only correctly predicted the democratic nominee 43% of the time. however, since 2004, they have 100% accuracy in picking the democratic nominee.
5:19 am
john carey in 2004, barack obama in 2008, and hillary clinton in 2016. as relates to the issues, president trump showed in 2016 and 2020 people don't care about electability. people don't care about character. people don't care about any of those tertiary issues that other presidents have won. they care about issues. cheryl: just to correct you, they say this is among likely democratic voters on this election cycle and they do care about electability. they're saying that over and over, by overwhelming percentage points. >> i would bifurcate that and say the electability concern is about the issues and the issues that the democratic party seems to care about is the far left leaning issues of medicare for all, of essentially a $16 trillion deficit. these are the issues they care about. cheryl: howard, respond to that then. >> it's the first time i've been on television an a republican said the issues the democrats care about are defeating or
5:20 am
reeling in the deficit. i think that's great that we're giving the democrats the responsibility of reeling in the deficit after this president. i think they care about the issues of healthcare. electability is a smoke screen. cheryl: i want to move on to something else. several democratic candidates are joining the picket lines, biden, sanders, warren was on the picket line yesterday, this is the second week of the gm strike. they're targeting detroit and michigan. president trump won michigan and those 16 electoral votes in 2016. is he in trouble in michigan? >> if you're asking he me, i think he is absolutely in trouble in michigan. i'm a native detroiter, grew up in michigan. my parents are members of uaw. i want to say i saw a report over the weekend that they are softening their expectations, the trump campaign, that is, for michigan. i think the fact that they've
5:21 am
not brought home the bacon for the uaw workers -- cheryl: i will push back. unemployment is at record lows in michigan. final word? >> 800,000 manufacturing jobs left the united states through a democratic president and the reason why we need usmca is we will bring back those jobs to the united states. president bill clinton did that with nafta. we need those jobs back in the united states. cheryl: thank you so much for your time. lauren: coming up, after a whirl wind week for wework and the ceo, adam newman, reports now that the company is looking to make pretty big changes. and starbucks is known for instagram friendly drinks. now it's making waves with seriously strange flavors. you won't believe what the company has cooked up, coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ oh, i'm a rebel just for kicks now. ♪ i've been feeling it since 1966 now. ♪ might have had your fill,
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cheryl: more trouble for wework. a group of board members of the company reportedly want the ceo, adam newman, to step down. the wall street journal is reporting the group which includes officials from soft bank are going to ask him to step down as soon as this week, soft bank a major investor in this company, as you know. the latest development is after wework was forced to postpone the initial public offering last week. there are new questions about newman's possible use of drugs on the job. again, he's the ceo of that company. lauren: are his days numbered as ceo? rebecca walther joins us now. rebecca, this is a case study of a ceo who kind of flew too close
5:26 am
the sun, if you will, and it shows that what works in the private markets, in that bottleneck growth, doesn't always work when you're about to enter the public market, does it? >> that's exactly right, lauren. it's a little different. you're more under scrutiny and having an article published in the wall street journal about drug use the week of the ipo is not a good sign. lauren: so what does this mean? we've already seen its valuation from $47 billion to potentially $10 billion. does he lose his job as ceo? >> well, he has voting rights. he controls. he can fire the entire board. there are a lot of soft bank directors on the board and they still need soft bank to pump in money, at least through next year, so there' got to there's e situation where this gets resolved. he needs soft bank at the table, agreeing with what's happening. they need that cash infusion. they're not going to be go further without them.
5:27 am
so this has got to get resolved this week, lauren. lauren: let's talk about the broader market that all of this is happening in. we're talking recession on one hand and record highs on the other hand. so how do you jive the two? what exactly is going on with the market? >> it's such a weird diet cot my to be in -- dichotomy. we still have strong economic fundamentals. we shouldn't be talking recession. the inverted yield curve situation happening earlier basically created press around looming recession, global slowdown, all these things. investors are getting mixed messages. i keep hearing in the media there's a recession coming and pure economic cycles alone, lauren, we're due. ioverdue.fundamentals are so goe same time. so that's the problem. lauren: i know the u.s. economy is strong. we all know that. we got fresh data, seven-year lows for manufacturing coming out of the eurozone. that affected our futures
5:28 am
trading here. if that weakness spills over to the european services sector and spills over to the u.s., how long can we stay immune? >> absolutely. i mean, look at germany. they're struggling with europe. that's their entire economy, yes. if europe and china have a global slowdown, will it come to us? of course. we're an interconnected global society. we're not going to be the outlier forever. yet, still, our fundamentals are the best and that means investment will come to our shores. that will also boost us and prompt us to stay higher. i don't think that recession is coming anytime soon. we still have good economic fundamentals. lauren: thank you for the optimism this morning. we needed some. cheryl: that economic data came out of europe, it hit our futures this morning on your monday. a little bit of pressure to show you right now. we'll see if it happens throughout the day. dow down 47, s&p down 3 and-a-half, nasdaq down 4 and three quarters.
5:29 am
also still ahead, democrats pouncing on the whistle blower complaint about president trump. they're ignoring a similar story about joe biden. is ought of this going to -- is all of this going to accelerate calls for impeachment. apple has a minor victory against the chinese tariffs but the trade story and the tensions, all of it continues. we have more on that coming up on "fbn: a.m.." where's my phone? ♪ i can make your hands clap. ♪ i can make your hands clap. ♪ at synchrony, we're changing what's possible every single day. and if you run a business, that means a lot. we create financing options for your customers. to help them get the things they love instantly. our data provides insights into what your shoppers have already bought. so you can offer them what they might consider buying next. our technology and financial solutions are changing what's possible
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in all sorts of ways. so, how can we change what's possible for you?
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lauren: today, president trump is in new york to meet with world leaders at the united nations. but overshadowing this is a major new controversy about a phone call the president made to the president of ukraine. president trump confirming that he did discuss joe biden with ukraine's president during the july phone call, a conversation that democrats say is another
5:33 am
reason for impeachment. joining us now, constitutional law attorney and trump 2020 advisor, jenna ellis reeves. jenna, good morning. i feel like here we go again. we have another accusations from an unidentified source that could have been hearsay and democrats pouncing on it. what gives? >> yeah, well, you know, this is again just the democrats seeing that the russia witch hunt and all of that is kind of dying down and they've milked all the mueller report for all its political worth so they're turning to a different topic. what's sofas nateing is -- so fascinating is they're willing to sacrifice joe biden for it. they're calling into question what happened with his corruption. if we look at the facts. there is a basis and a really good legal basis here to call for an investigation about presidential candidate, joe biden. i think this really shows that the democrats are not putting their weight behind biden and i don't think he's going to end up on top as the democratic nominee.
5:34 am
but as far as the impeachment calls, this is, again, just the democrats trying to justify the fact that they just want to hate president trump, they want him out of office. but they have no sufficient constitutional basis for that. this is simply political. and they are trying to undermine the will of the american people and just remove him from office. they don't have a constitutional basis. lauren: if i heard you correctly, you think this scandal with joe biden potentially at the top of it, republicans are calling for an investigation into his involvement, of course, with his son's dealing with that company and the like, you think this takes down joe biden? >> i do eventually. the facts are coming out and i think that with this intensity on joe biden, a number of reporters and commentators are saying this is not looking good for joe biden and we've seen his weakness and he was clearly dominated by elizabeth warren in the last debate and the media seems to -- the mainstream media seems to be putting their weight
5:35 am
kind of behind her. i think this really does and this is not looking good for him. he has a sound bite from i think last year talking about this and he's going to to have to answer these questions and not just push this under the rug. lauren: what about the look for the intelligence community and their ability to apolitical. >> i think they're goes to follow the rule of law. for bill barr, he certainly proved that and in terms of the intelligence community, again, this is an anonymous source, we don't he know any of the facts and this really shows the difference between democrats and republicans. if you're a democrat, you get away with literally anything. if you're a republican after your name, then you're guilty until proven innocent. that's a double standard that needs to stop. lauren: jenna, thank you. cheryl: apple getting a break from the recent tariffs imposed on china. the trump administration gave the company a waiver on 10 of its products, most of which are focusing on the mac pro. so this is good news if you love
5:36 am
your mac pro. this is good news for makers of the devices. and this could be bad news for a lot of people. an estimated 600 p thousand travelers are stranded right now after british tour operator thomas cook collapsed last night. neil wilson is here, chief market analyst. i know the u.k. government is looking to bail out -- folks wanted them to bail out the company. they said no. 600,000 people around the world are currently on these vacations. 160,000 of those are u.k. residents. how bad is this right now? >> good morning. it's as bad as it gets. and as bad as we've seen it could happen, the british government in the end decided it wasn't worth it. for the holiday makers that have been affected, it's really terrible. there are plans in place, if you
5:37 am
booked your holiday from the united kingdom, then you will be repatriated. there are lots of new charter flights being put on and they're trying to move passengers to any available slots. but there will be inevitably a lot of people out for a day or two longer than they intended. everyone looking forward has to cancel their trips. it's as bad as it gets for thomas cook and the end of a very long history. cheryl: your government is prioritizing u.k. residents but what about the rest of these people that are around the world? we don't know how many americans are affected. it could be a lot. the other thing that's going on, it's actually here in this country, is u.n. general assembly, boris johnson teams to be trying to tamper down any expectations that there's going to be some big breakthrough between the eu and the u.k. what do you think his appearance is going to look like this week
5:38 am
and how likely is it we're going to get this hard brea -- hard b? >> i think the chances of a deal are still pretty slim. from what we can see, the two slides are a long way off. there's simply the intractable problem of the irish backstop and even if they can come up with some sort of deal, it does look like between the government and the eu, it does look like parliament simply wouldn't be prepared to back a deal that had boris johnson's name on it and i think that's really the key here. i see no chance of a deal a higher chance of a no deal exit. cheryl: which obviously for us, we're looking at the trade relationship with the u.k. and it's going to be pretty intense for all of us around the world, really. neil, thank you very much for being here this morning. >> thank you. lauren: the new york stock exchange launching the long delayed market for bitcoin users. cheryl: tracee carrasco has the details. tracee: trading in bitcoin
5:39 am
futures began just after 8:00 p.m. last night with the first trade at $10,115, in line with the current price of bitcoin. crip he toe currency -- cryptocurrency fans are hoping bitcoin futures could provide legitimacy to an asset class that has been mired in controversy following illicit activity. a car with a paint coating so dark that it makes people think they're looking into a void. business insider reports bmw has rolled out a new car with a paint color called phantom black. it creates a two dimensional effect and features such as door and hood edges are almost impossible to detect. starbucks has come out with some really offbeat frappuccinos and iced tea flavors for the fall. the only catch is you have to go to japan to get them.
5:40 am
there's sweet potato gold frappuccino and green apple jelly and baked apple pink. the drinks can be ordered in the tall size. the big screen edition of the popular british tv show downton abbey pulling a box office upset, the movie debuting with $31 million in ticket sales. it is the best first weekend for a focus feature in 17 years. they gave a royal thumping the to brad pitt's ad astra. that is what's happening now. lauren: so that's good news. tracee: not for brad pitt. lauren: good for downto downto. cheryl: people love british story telling. i haven't seen the movie but it's on my list. lauren: it takes us back to a different era. the future of travel, your smile may be all you need to board your next flight. how airlines are bringing check-in to the 21st century.
5:41 am
and antonio brown making what could be his final play over the weekend. how the exiled wide receiver tackled the nfl on twitter and maybe ended his football career in the process. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ light em up and watch them burn. ♪ teach them what they need to learn, ha [upbeat action music]
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♪ (pilot) we're going to be on the tarmac for another 45 minutes or so. ♪ ♪ i've been a caregiver for 20 years. no two patients are the same. predicting the next step for them can be challenging. today we're using the ibm cloud to run new analytics tools that help us better predict and plan a patient's recovery. ♪ ♪
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ultimately, it's helping thousands of patients return home. ♪ ♪ cheryl: new facial recognition
5:44 am
technology could soon be couling to all airports. a lot of airlines are testing it out. they want to speed up the boarding process, especially on international flights. lauren: jackie heinrich has the story for us. >> reporter: your smile may be all you need to board your next flight. delta, united, american and jetblue are using facial recognition technology to board passengers on international flights. it replaces the traditional method of showing your passport and particular t et at th ticke. pose for a picture and they match it to a photo of you they already have, typically from your passport. it's optional and only available at 19 airports right now. but tsa wants to expand it to all flights, even domestic. and it's causing privacy concerns for groups like the aclu. >> how is this information going to be collected? how long will it be retained? will it be used in other ways and shared with federal agencies like the fbi. >> reporter: cbp says pictures
5:45 am
of u.s. citizens are deleted after 12 hours but images of some aliens could be stored for 14 days. it's less clear if they will share data with other federal agencies. the aclu said congress never approved facial recognize nicks software for the tsa. the tsa says a law passed after 9/11 says otherwise. >> we are required to screen all passengers and screw boarding aircraft. it is fundamental that we identify them. the act mentions exploring the use of biometrics for that purpose. >> reporter: if passenger opt out, they fear they'll be put in a slow line and penalized. customs and border protection says it uses strong encryption to transfer the data, the cloud based matching system and services. they are using facial recognition at the u.s. border. they've caught 173 i'm posters
5:46 am
-- imposters on land and seven people posing as someone else at the airport. lauren: jackie, thank you. latam airlines is debuting a star wars, galaxy's edge inspired plane this fall. it is designed by walt disney's creative team to celebrate the new disney star wars attraction. it will begin flying from brazil to orlando, florida. it will also make stops in miami, madrid, frankfurt and paris, all starting next month. cheryl: i like the facial recognition stuff as long as it's safe. as long as they're not -- lauren: there's that. cheryl: we have a lot more coming up. is antonio brown finished with football completely? well, the wide receiver took on the nfl over the weekend. well, he did it on twitter, anyway. this could be his last play. we're going to talk about it.
5:47 am
amtrak is getting rid of a mainstay for long distance travelers, seemingly because it's what millennials want. i guess if they want something they get it. looks like possibly that's true. lauren: these days. cheryl: yep. we'll be back. ♪ imagine a world where nothing gets in the way of doing great work. where an american icon uses the latest hr tools
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lauren: heavy rain, severe thunderstorms and possible flooding threatening the southwest. cheryl: senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the forecast. janice, good morning. janice: good morning and happy first day of fall. lauren: happy fall. janice: it's going to be 91 near the northeast in new york you city. we're going to see scattered thunderstorms you across the
5:51 am
southwest and flash flooding will be an issue. also looking at the he potential for showers and thunderstorms across the central u.s. with a stalled out cold front. now, let's talk about the tropic. we've got jerry, 65-mile-an-hour sustained winds, bermuda is going to have to watch jerry's path over the next couple days as they could get a brush from this storm system. it could become a hurricane but we think it's going to remain a tropical storm for the most part. tropical storm karen also developed this weekend. just west of the lesser antilles and this could bring the potential for heavy rain over parts of puerto rico and then a stall out in the at lain lain particular and -- atlantic and potentially could affect the u.s. over the next 10 to 15 days. the big problem is that karen is going to stall for a number of days and some of the computer models have it come close to the u.s. we'll have lots of time to track it. in the meanwhile, puerto rico will have to watch for the potential of heavy rain and
5:52 am
gusty winds. ladies, back to you. lauren: janice, thank you. and we'll stick with the good news. happy fall everyone. cheryl: this may not be good news. antonio brown says he is done with the nfl. he could be starting at this point a legal battle. lauren: and $10 million is at stake. jared max is here with the story. jared, what's going on. jared: there's another wrinkle coming every day. antonio brown is the story that keeps on giving. he on friday, he parted ways with the new england patriots. he violated what the team believes are terms of the contract as far as the guaranteed money of his contract. the language says that the team, if brown takes any action of materially undermining the public's respect for or is materially critical of the patriots, the player's teammates or the club ownership, coaches, et cetera, guarantees will be null and void. he was due $10 million or $9 million in a he bonus from the patriots. he was due that first $5 million
5:53 am
today. but he's no longer a member of the patriots because they're going to argue if they have to that he voided his own contract. cheryl: who does he sue, the nfl or the patriots? i'm sure he's going to lawyer up. jared: the nfl player's association should and will be going to bat for him and filing a grievance to try to recover the money that he believes he is owed. he is said to have voided his contract with the raiders and now he's out a lot of money and now he needs to look in the mirror and figure out what's next. lauren: there's charges against him, specifically sexual harassment. jared: maybe he'll go with the xfl. lauren: ar you can catch jares sports reports on sirius xm 115. you may have to do extra packing the next time you take a ride on amtrak. it's thanks to millennials. and why your favorite song could
5:54 am
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♪ gonna take me a lot to take me away from you. ♪ there's nothing that 100 men or more could ever do. lauren: your favorite song could be putting you in danger behind the wheel. cheryl: walgreens wants a calm
5:57 am
customer because they play that song all the time. >> it is a good song. [ laughter ] cheryl: every time i'm in walgreens, i'm like -- songs and driving -- >> i'm a huge music fan. there's always that song that you listen to get you going, to getting describing. a new study by the south china university of technology says that, no surprise here, songs with faster beats make you more aggressive. they came up with a list of the most dangerous songs and you've got greenday's american idiot, the killer's mr. brightside which is just a jam, by the way. i could see myself putting the medal to the metal there. and then you've got born to run by bruce springsteen. i'picturing the windows down, im cruising along. cheryl: am i speeding more? >> you're driving more recklessly and faster. you drive faster, 5 to 8 miles per hour faster while listening to this songs. laurenwhat are the safesongs?
5:58 am
>> led zeppelin, stairway to heaven, which is a great song but so boring. lauren: you migh fall asleep. >> also you have toto's africa, although i've had plenty of dance parties to that song. that song is a jam. cheryl: you have another good story this morning. it's millennials, again, they're now making changes or getting changes made to amtrak? lauren: i'm annoyed. >> millennials, we continue to ruin everything for everybody else. lauren: he's like we continue. >> amtrak is going to be getting rid of the classic catering cars on some of their train lines because millennials are upset because they want more space. they want more privacy. lauren: i want a hot meal. >> now you have to get prepackaged meals ahead of time. have you to inform amtrak if they want to do that. instead, they want more room because millennials don't want to talk to other people. lauren: why is amtrak listening?
5:59 am
>> they'll save about $2 million. so there's a financial component to it. lauren: people weren't buying the meals on amtrak? >> you're sitting next to people that you don't know and you don't actually communicate with people and younger people don't want to do that. cheryl: millennials want to bring their avocado toast everywhere. they're bringing their own healthier food, bringing their vegan options. >> we're just stubborn, you know what i mean. lauren: it's been a while since i was on amtrak. imagining if they craft beer and -- sell craft beer and avocado toast, that could be a benefit. cheryl: we've had a bit of a turnaround in the last few moments, the dow is only down by 21. we were down nearly 50 before. the s&p is flat and the nasdaq is up by 8 and a quarter. lauren: with that, we send it over to "mornings with maria." maria: good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, september 23rd. beginning of the u.n. general
6:00 am
assembly. your top stories right now, just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the ukraine controversy, president trump is consistent ce discussed joe biden with ukraine's president. the news bringing impeachment calls from democrats, raising questions about biden. this as president trump heads to the u.n. this morning. we'll have the latest on all of that. markets this morning look like this. the dow futures pointing to a lower opening for the dow industrials after weak manufacturing data out of europe this morning. as you see, the s&p is exactly where it closed on friday and the nasdaq is up 8 points. wework's ceo could be on the way out, board members reportedly pushing to oust adam newman after the company delayed the ipo amid different problems. disney almost bid for twitter, find out why bob iger passed on buying the social media platform. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪


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