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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 24, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. trade tensions ease as treasury secretary steven mnuchin says talks with china continue next week with china now buying u.s. soybeans, can the trade war cool off and give consumers some relief. cheryl: then as president trump gets ready to speak before the united nations general assembly later this morning, more european leaders putting the blame on iran for saudi oil attacks. will there be a face-to-face with president trump and iranian leaders? lauren: the dnc tightening the qualifications for the next round of democratic debates. is it now or never for the struggling candidates. cheryl: get ready, pumpkin spice spam is hitting the market. would you try it? we've got our hands on some
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right here on set. we'll do a live taste test. it's tuesday, september 24t 24t. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ but you got to keep your head up. ♪ and you can let your hair down. ♪ you got to keep your head up. ♪ and you can let your hair down. ♪ i know it's hard. ♪ know it's hard to remember sometimes. ♪ but you got to keep your head up. ♪ and you can let your hair down. cheryl: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: let's take a look at how your money is moving this morning after treasury secretary mnuchin said trade talks going to resume in two weeks. the dow is up 64 right now, s&p up 7 and three quarters, nasdaq up 26 and a quarter. lauren: let's take a look at the yield on the 10 year treasury, down a basis point, 1.71%. cheryl: the you price of oil is
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pulling back a little bit. we are down three quarters of a percent right now. by the way, gas is actually down the last three days, national average at $2.66 a gallon. lauren: china buying more u.s. soy, the shanghai composite joining a quarter of 1%, the japanese market reopened, the nikkei up a tenth of 1%. cheryl: in europe we're waiting on breaking news a decision on whether boris johnson's suspension of parliament was lawful. right now, the ftse a little shaky as the news is about to cross. cac and the dax are in the green. lauren: to our top market story, deputy level trade talks between the u.s. and china last week already producing results. china has purchased 600,000 tons of u.s. soybeans. they reportedly will be sent to china over the next three months. cheryl: edward lawrence has the latest developments on these trade talks, fast-moving stuff out of washington. edward, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. talks between the u.s. and china
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went well enough that the next face-to-face meeting still on. treasury secretary steven mnuchin says the chinese trade team will be in washington next week for primary level talks. >> we had deputy level talks last week and we made a little bit of progress on that front and we look forward to meeting with the vice premier. >> reporter: that puts the 13th round of face-to-face talks less than three weeks from the deputy level meetings. the tones has remained the same for both sides. the u.s. trade p representatives saying the deputy level talks were productive. a perso spokesperson said the to sides held specific discussions about arrangements for the next round of talks in october. they agreed to continue to communicate. mark warner saying confronting china is the foreign policy challenge of our time. he thinks on trade president trump should have aligned our partners and then taken on china
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as a united front. >> acting in isolation only enables china to play countries and companieses off one another. undermining our leverage and impact. especially when so many countries actually do share our commitment to democracy, global security, and a rules-based trading system. >> reporter: the u.s. is at a stalemate with the european union over trade because the e. will not include agriculture in it. the trade deal with japan has been announced in principle but notifnot finalized. the president meeting with japan's prime minister in new york and the usmca has been agreed to but not ratified. the president has been comfortable taking on trading relationships, taking on our partners and fixing the trade deals alone. back to you. cheryl: edward, thank you. it's interesting, because president trump apparently was caught offguard over why the u.s. canceled this week's planned visit by chinese officials to u.s. farms.
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>> they're going to schedule ree that at a different time. that was truly our request. >> why was that our request, just out of curiosity? >> we didn't want confusion around the trade -- >> but i want them to buy farm products. >> there was no confusion. we want them to buy agriculture. they committed to buy agriculture. cheryl: over i in japan, the foreign ministry is saying they hope the trade deal with the united states will be signed by the end of the month. lauren: a little bit of optimism this morning for wall street. in a significant shift on iran, britain, france and germany are joining the u.s. in blaming tehran for the attack on saudi oil facilities. they say it is time for iran to start talks on a new agreement dealing with its nuclear and regional activities but the leaders are not suggesting they plan to follow washington and tightening economic pressure on the country. cheryl: big day here in new
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york city. president trump expected to make his case to the united nations general assembly later this morning to keep pressure up on iran as he is also blasting democrats' new impeachment push over his phone call with ukrainian leader. lauren: garrett tenney is in washington with all the details. >> reporter: good morning. whenever the president has a phone call with another world leader there will be a couple other people listening in on the call. in this case, a source familiar with the situation tells us the whistleblower who made the complaint was not one of those people and that is clear in the complaint itself, that the whistleblower did not have firsthand knowledge of the call between president trump and the ukraine leader. president trump argued the uproar over the phone call is the latest witch hunt by the democrats and says while the white house is considering a release of a transcript of the phone call, there are concerns about doing it. >> i don't think it's a great precedent to be releasing calls with foreign countries, heads of foreign countries. i don't think it's a great
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precedent. so i didn't say i would release it at all. i will tell its a great call, it's a very honorable call, it's a nice call. >> reporter: democrats are demanding access to the whistleblower complaint and to hear directly from the person who filed it. so far, the administration has not allowed that to happen which is pushing more he democratic lawmakers to come out in support of opening an impeachment inquiry. here is senate minority leader chuck schumer. >> how long must we wait for our republican colleagues to rise up to their responsibilities to the constitution, to separation of powers and to rule of law, when president trump brazenly violates that law. >> reporter: fox news learned the house democratic caucus will meet this afternoon to discuss the ukraine phone call, impeachment and the possibility of voting on a resolution to condemn president trump on that call. cheryl: we want to let you know that fox business will be care
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presidencarrying president trum. speech. a new report says the president asked his acting chief of staff to put a hold on nearly $400 million of military aid to ukraine more than a week before that july phone call with the ukrainian leader. officials say the decision reflected the president's concerns about how the united states is spending aid money and whether u.s. allies are adequately contributing. lauren: the president will meet at the u.n. with take that leader tomorrow. federal prosecutors reportedly lawn offed a criminal probe into juul. the wall street journal says the investigation is being conducted by the u.s. attorney's office of the northern district of california. the focus of this probe is unclear. we do know the ftc and fda have been investigating juuls' marketing, all this amid another vaping related death right here in the u.s. in the state of kansas. now bringing the national death toll related to e-cigarettes to nine. cheryl: well, now to the fallout from the uaw strike
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against general motors. it is spreading to employees who aren't even on the picket lines. now 1200 workers have been temporarily laid off from engine plants if ohio and canada as the walkout is heading into its ninth day. this is week number two. that's on top of the 2,000 workers who were let go last week at a gm assembly plant in canada. sources are telling the wall street journal talks are set to continue today. 46,000 workers are on strike. they've shut down operations at more than 30 u.s. factories. lauren: a decision by wework's seven member board on whether to keep adam newman as ceo could boil down to a tiebreaker with a chinese investor casting the deciding vote. this comes after questions about his leadership and his conduct and a new report says newman tried and failed to get a apple to invest in wework last year. that partnership proposal came around the same time when japan's softbank was getting
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pushback about increasing its major investment in the company. cheryl: well, this is crazy. an earthquake shook residents out of their sleep in puerto rico overnight. lauren: tracee carrasco has the details. tracee, poor puerto rico, here we go again. tracee: the earthquake was a 6 point magnitude. the u.s. geological survey said it struck 34 miles off the island's coa coast there. were no reports of injuries or damage. this comes as the island braces for tropical depression karen which is expected to bring heavy rains and possible flooding and landslides today. the maker of budweiser has raised $5 billion in its second attempt at an ipo in hong kong. budweiser brewing yo brewing aps priced at the low end of the estimated range. it gives them a market captainly capitalization of more than $45 billion, making it one of
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the world's largest listed brewers. the owner my payroll hr has been charged with a massive bank fraud. federal prosecutors say michael mann admitted he used fake companies to obtain $70 million from beaux and other financial -- from banks and other financial a institutions in a scheme that dated back earl as 2010. it left employees of small businesses with missing paychecks. elon musk promise of a car battery that could last a million miles isn't far off. researchers tested a lithium-ion battery in all kinds of conditions and found it can last more than a million miles. by comparison, a traditional car battery lasts about 50,000 miles. and that is what's happening now. lauren: we want to point out that earthquake in puerto rico
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is 0.6 for our viewers. the dow is gaining steam, some optimism that perhaps we're inching closer to a deal with china on trade. dow up 68, nasdaq up 25. we get a read on consumer confidence later this morning. president trump is heading to the united nations. he will address the general assembly later this morning. but will his message get drowned out by talks about a phone call that he had with the president of the ukraine. and ikea is best known for furniture and mee meat balls. now they want to revolutionize how you decorate your home. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, whoa. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, whoa. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine be working harder. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity.
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cheryl: disturbing news out of the u.k. and it's not brexit related. london's daily mail is reporting that executives at british tour operator thomas cook that filed for bankruptcy on sunday, executives apparently pocketed more than $58 million in the years leading up to the company's collapse. now angry customers want some of their money back, about 600,000 travelers were stranded as of sunday by thomas cook's bankruptcy. very few americans expected to be affected. one florida resident shelled out more than $2,000 to get herself home after she was on a trip booked by thomas cook over in
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scotland. lauren: president trump takes the world stage this morning at the u.n. general assembly in new york. he's expected to address iran, china and ukraine. james kararafano joins us. what do you expect the president's message to be? >> one thing that i would expect to hear is -- yesterday he held really an unprecedentedded meeting about religious liberty and the evils of religious persecution worldwide. the united states has been a global leader on this human rights issue. i wouldn't be surprised if we hear that again. i don't know how much we'll hear about china in the speech. in the background, the u.s. has been super active and aggressive and one thing they're really concerned about is the chinese infiltration of u.n. organizationses, particularly the rules setting organization. over 1,000 chinese employees, over 15 senior officials really out of proportion and all these
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individuals are accountable to the chinese government and they're pushing chinese policy, not really running the u.n. organization. lauren: what about iran and their provocation and now it seems like a coalition is building in europe in support of the u.s. and its policies. >> a home run for the president and secretary pompeo, to have the u.k., britain and france, three countries which are party to the iran deal, basically step up and acknowledge that iran was behind this really premeditated, unprecedented attack on saudi arabia l. that is huge diplomatic pressure. one thing we could see, there's a provision in the agreement that if any one of those three countries steps up and says iran is in violation of the agreement, and iran is because they actually claimed they are, they would have to go to the u.n. security council and it couldn't be blocked and the u.n. sanctionses would snap back and come in. so that's hanging over the
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iranian's head. lauren: a big win to the president but it seems to me and maybe to a lot of our viewers, that everything going on with ukraine and the phone call and joe biden might steal center stage this week. >> well, here's the problem, right. we have a complaint that nobody's seen. we have a phone call, a transcript of which nobody's seen -- lauren: should he release it, the president? >> i don't know about that. i think it's a bad precedent for the president every time somebody gets their hair on fire to be releasing confidential conversations that he has with foreign leaders. i'm not sure it sets a good precedent. we've been arguing about this for a week without one shred of evidence and the two key pieces here and i think it says -- right now i think it's all partisan, political. we've seen this before. when you start out with a scandal and you get really excited and start screaming before there's any evidence on the table, what the american people tend to do is they go this is a partisan debate and that's the way they view it,
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regardless of what comes out after that. lauren: but what is coming out is a all the calls now for impeachment and they seem to get a little bit stronger, so that's clouding what happens this week on the world stage, especially as president trump will meet with the ukrainian leader tomorrow. >> yeah, i'm not really sure that that's true. i think americas in scandal fatigue. you guys love this stuff because you get air time but the problem is i think americans look at this and they see it's partisann squabbling. i'm not sure the scandals are slowing the administration down too much. lauren: he is coming back to the u.n. this will be his third general assembly. thanks for your time. cheryl: we are covering this story now. nissan's internal probe into former chairman carlos gone ghon could be marred by conflicts of interest.
5:20 am
the general counsel raised concerns about the company's long-time outside law firm. hnissan agreed to pay $15 millin to settle with the securities and exchange commission over the company's failure to report more than $140 million in compensation that was to be paid to ghosn after retirement and maria bartiromo has been all over this story from the beginning. she'll have full coverage coming up on "mornings with maria." take a look at futures right now, trade optimism, we'll take it for today. we'll see where things go. after mr. mnuchin says that in a couple weeks there will be trade talks underway, markets are liking that, dow up 78, nasdaq up 9, s&p up 29. as the talks are set to continue with the chinese, could farmers and consumers finally get tariff relief? we'll talk about it. not a lot of happiness at the happiest place on earth. you're not going to believe what
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lauren: an earthquake takes residents out -- shakes residents of puerto rico out of their speak. the u.s. geological survey said it struck 49 miles off the island's northwest coast. no reports of injuries or damage. the quake comes as the island braces for tropical depression karen, which is expected to bring heavy rain and possibly flooding and landslides today. cheryl. cheryl: president trump making progress in trade talks with china after beijing agreed to
5:25 am
purchase 600,000 tons of u.s. soybeans. but that's just one small victory in a wide-ranging dispute between these two countries. our next guest says he's skeptical about a deal happening. michael lee is here. you said on the show before, to maria as well, that even if a deal doesn't get done, the u.s. economy is strong and we can weather the storm. u.s. soybean farmers are looking to europe and pakistan to try to sell soybeans. this is an economic story for these farmers. >> i haven't -- the data doesn't really support these tariffs have been passed onto the consumer in their entirety, the way the fear mongering went. the farmers are definitely feeling the pain. a large portion of the soybean exports and the farmers in the midwest said if china stops buying, that it's very, very tough. you can have reimbursement program with the tariffs they're collecting, but still it's a
5:26 am
massive disruption and they're a victim of the trade war. cheryl: that goes back to the economy, maybe not prices going to tariffs. but when it comes to toys and other consumer goods, we shall see. the president trying to delay that on the christmas season but you know -- >> it could happen. we haven't seen anything dramatic yet. cheryl: let's talk about the u.s. economy and the trade war. there's a report in the journal, the president was told you need to fix the trade war because it could have political consequences. from a market perspective, if we don't get a deal with china and we go into the 2020 election, what do you say to that? >> look, this has stunted investments in certain -- that's hard to measure. cheryl: i know you're not a political person, i'm just saying there's so many different factors. >> we have a the greatest labor market we've ever had. the trade war hasn't had an impact on the overall labor
5:27 am
market. if that were to change, that could have a hum huge impact. i don't see it happening. a lot of what's going on in the trade war led to revic revice lasegue's in some -- revitalization in some locations. this is probably a positive for president trump. cheryl: we have to watch all the facets of it as we cover the stock market and the economy. let's talk about big technology right now. of course, facebook's been under continued fire. there's a report that snap executives actually had created this dossier on facebook that they called project voldimort, trying to investigate how facebook was squashing the competition, pushing people off the platform and also, again, going after snap when it came to their instagram platform. it seems like a black eye for facebook and mark zuckerberg. >> you know what they say, absolute power co corrupts abs
5:28 am
absolutely. facebook has so much power. some may say maybe it's time to start separating the pieces. like a lot of tech companies, they have a voting structure where the ceo has so much power and control over the shareholders, so i think the government's going to have to come in and step in and i think the regulatory boogie man is out to get him. cheryl: looks like the ftc is ready to take action again, they all seem to sort of agree that something needs to be done and they'll agree on regulation. we'll find out. mike lee, great to have you here. lauren: ikea updated augmented reality app to help you furnish your home. the app can let you see what multiple pieces of furniture would look like inside your house or apartment. you can spin them, move them around, all through your phone. the app will send you crated collections and help you set up
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curated collections. we are seeing an uptick for u.s. futures, dow gaining 79, nasdaq tacking on 30. the dnc tightened the guidelines to see who will qualify for the next democratic debate. and samsung is getting ready to roll out the new foldable phone this week. will customers actually be able to afford it? all coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ and you see you're a gypsy. ♪ you see you're a gypsy. ♪ for instance, we know how your customers shop. and what they've already purchased. like this lamp. and we use those insights to show you what they might consider buying next.
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cheryl: democratic national commit you at this trying to narrow the field of presidential candidates. it's imposing tighter requirements for candidates to make the next debate come november. candidates will need to clear 3%
5:33 am
in four different nationally recognized polls. they must also have 165,000 unique donors with 600 donors in 20 different states. there are complaints, the new thresholds favor the wealthier candidates. let's bring in republican strategist john thomas and democratic strategist robin byro. robin, do you think your party is going a little too far with these requirements or is this the way to move the path forward and get down to maybe, say, five top candidates? >> cheryl interest, the boots on the -- cheryl, from the boots on the ground perspective, from the democrats i affiliate myself with every day, they're glad to see the dnc is making this approach. the dnc has tried to be as fair as possible after what happened in 2016 and everything that came out with wikileaks. they're operating from an abundance of caution here. the new requirements make sense and i think we can get behind them. i think we're all eager to see who the five will be, five, six. cheryl: as we get to a narrower
5:34 am
field, from the republican side, the president right now is dealing with this controversy over this phone call with the ukrainian president. joe biden has come out swinging against president trump, saying that he should release the contents of the phone call. we talked about it earlier. but this seems to kind of create, again, a rallying cry for the democrats. >> yeah, it is certainly going to push the democrats further to the left in their primary and reward more extremism, a cautious measured approach isn't going to be rewarded by any of the democratic primary voters, quite frankly. most likely it hurts a joe biden the most who might be a little bit more measured here. i actually agree with robin. i think the dnc is throttling back a little on their requirements. they could have been tougher l. what they're finding is they don't need to make arbitrary polling requirements to cull the field. gravity is taking place. the candidates are dropping like flies and we're starting to see the race stabilize with the top three to five that just are
5:35 am
there anyway. i don't think the dnc has to cull the field. it will naturally cull themselves. cheryl: okay. let's move on to the other issue that the democrats are finding themselves dealing with right now, this is robin to you, is the issue of nancy pelosi. she's dealing now with more and more calls for democrats to start impeachment proceedings. but many of her critics say that could be a dangerous road to hoe especially as you get close to the 2020 election, that didn't work for the republican as they tried to take down bill clinton with impeachment proceedings. what do you think the democrats should do, impeach or not? >> that's a tough one. nancy pelosi, her main mantra with everything she does is to give the people what they want. but she also is a master at counting votes. so she knows that the 2018 midterms were basically about a refer republican dull on the president and that -- referendum on the president and democratic voters want impeachment.
5:36 am
she's going around silently and seeing the other members of congress to see if the votes are there because that's a bullet that you only have once. cheryl: it is a dangerous choice and i think she knows that and that's why she exuded caution over all of this. this could really energize the republican base. i mean, john, this could really -- if the republicans think especially those that were on the fence about president trump say you know what, they're attacking him, going after him, that could work in the president's favor at the end of the day. >> you're totally right. the democrats were charged up because trump's on the ballot. trump needs to make sure the republicans are charged up and nothing turns out a base more than if your base thinks you're being unfairly treated. look what happened to kavanaugh the midterms. this alsos has real impacts on those swing voters in the middle that broke for the democrats in the midterms but they're staunchly against impeachment. so it is a dangerous path for them to walk down but i don't know that pelosi can hold off
5:37 am
her base anymore. cheryl.cheryl: she did write ar to the house democrats, if the administration persists in blocking the whistleblower, they will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness. she has a lot to think about. i think her next moves to be very calculated. knowing her, it will be. we appreciate your time, of course. >> thank you. lauren: if you throw down the drain, apparently we are when it comes to eating left overs. a new study says americans aren't doing a good job. the average person throws away 103 pounds of food every year, adding up to more than 6,000 pounds over a lifetime. the study says the average consumer will chuck four spoiled items a week from their fridge. that comes out to more than 50 bucks each week. the big reason people are dumping their groceries, the majority of those polled admit they foyer ge forget the food ie
5:38 am
fridge. cheryl: i hate wasting food. lauren: you take it home from the restaurant and then do you eat it? cheryl: yeah, i take it to work. i don't know. i'm saving the planet one meal at a time. lauren: and your money at the same time. we're waiting consumer confidence numbers, hopes that we're making progress in talks with china on trade, dow up 81, nasdaq up 31. still ahead, a shocking report on disney world. you won't believe what staffers say they deal with at what's supposed to be the happiest place on earth. and take a look at this, a small everyday object exploding and smashing through that car's sunroof causing some pretty severe damage. can you guess what caused that? we'll tell you when we return. ♪ i really want to love somebody. ♪ i really want to dance the night away. ♪ i know we're only halfway there. ♪ but you take me all the way. ♪ you take me all the -- geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
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hey man, i got your flag! i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo! cheryl: disturbing news on what's supposed to be the world's happiest place. employees at disney world reportedly are being targeted by tourists. police say workers have to endure screams, sexual harassment, even physical you ps sometimes. one worker say they serve as an emotional punching bag for people visiting the park. lauren: we have breaking news. the u.k. supreme court ruled
5:42 am
that boris johnson's suspension of parliament is a matter for judges. we're trying to get more on this decision. let's bring in craig erlum, senior market analyst, joining us from london. the supreme court is ruling on whether johnson's decision to suspend parliament was legit. either way, is boris johnson just going to do what he wants to do and find a loophole with which he can do it? and i say that because he was told by law, you know, delay brexit and it doesn't seem like he wants to do that. >> i mean, obviously the ruling is happening as we speak. we heard they do believe it's unlawful. what that means, i guess we'll find out. there has been suggestions that even if parliament is forced to return that he'll simply suspend parliament once again and we'll continue to play out the same
5:43 am
scenario regardless. the parliament tied his hands in terms of forcing him to request a suspension. again, he suggested he will not do so. i can't believe that we're in a scenario here whereby he didn't expect the ruling to happen and he didn't have another card up his sleeve, ready to play. i think there will be plenty more surprises and it's almost impossible to say at this point whether the u.k. will leave ton 31st of october. lauren: we're looking at at market reaction. the ftse is down a fifth of 1%. the bellwether for brexit is in sterling. craig, let's by t vot pivot her. there's maybe some hope, i hope that's not too strong of a word for potential trade deal wean the u.s. and china. -- between the u.s. and china. if you could talk about how that's impacting europe, specifically germany, whether their manufacturing weakness will lead to a consisten contrae again in the third quarter.
5:44 am
>> let's look at the data we saw yesterday. the pmis across europe were poor, to say the least. germany's manufacturing survey was the worst since the global financial crisis. it's spreading to the services industry. it's quite clear this is linked to the implication, to the negative implications of the trade war, the slowdown that we're seeing in china. we're seeing knock-on effects everywhere in the manufacturing industry. we are seeing positive signs but i feel like there's certain issues that will be very difficult to overcome in the near term. lauren: craig, thank you. cheryl: i was looking at the headlines, the u.k. supreme court saying that parliament has a right -- basically they should squash the queen's backing of the suspension of parliament. they're going after queen elizabeth. lauren: british politics. cheryl: we've got a good morning on this tuesday, we think. a lot can always change. the dow is up 81 right now, s&p up 9 and-a-half, nasdaq up 29
5:45 am
and-a-half. all of this on optimism, mr. mnuchin, who by the way was on lou dobbs last night, talking about talks resumeing in a couple weeks. also this, do you like youtube? well, youtubeers are being hacked. millions have been targeted in an attack on the site. how can you keep your account safe? and 'tis the season for pumpkin spice spam. happy fall, everybody. would you try it? we are going to try it coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ your love's got me looking so crazy right now. ♪ your touch's got me looking so crazy right now. ♪ imagine a world where
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lauren: after puerto rico is hit by a earthquake, tropical cyclone karen expected to dump heavy rain there. cheryl: janice dean has all of the updates. janice: we have three named storms, of course karen is a tropical storm. we have jerry, that's going to affect bermuda and lorenzo which is going to become a major hurricane over the next couple days. so a lot happening in the tropics, all eyes right now on karen. that could bring the potential for very heavy rainfall, gusty winds for puerto rico over the next couple of days as the storm moves northward, and then we'll have to watch it as it stalls out over the atlantic and perhaps comes closer to the u.s. over the next couple of days. certainly we will keep you up-to-date. you can see the rain moving in towards the eastern half of puerto rico. there's the forecast rainfall. so several inches of rainfall, not only that, but we're going to see the potential for tropical storm force winds. there's tropical storm jerry, moving very close to bermuda.
5:50 am
wednesday through thursday and then out to he sea as an area of low pressure. here's the forecast today. we have a lot of moisture moving into the southwest from a tropical low in the pacific. so flash flooding is occurring across portions of the southwest. we're also going to see the potential for severe storms over the central u.s. flood advisories in place for parts of arizona including phoenix, in towards new mexico because of the tropical moisture moving in and there's our severe threat today. so large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes across the central u.s. so a lot going on today. certainly we're going to keep you posted on all of the tropical behavior in the at lai- atlantic and watching puerto rico over the next couple days as well. ladies, lots going on. second day of fall in new york city, close to 80-degree temperatures as well. lauren: even though it feels like summer. janice, thank you so much. cheryl: samsung's new foldable phone is going to be hitting stores this week. a lot of buzz about this new phone. but is it worth it?
5:51 am
lauren: tracee carrasco, is it worth it? how much is it. tracee: the galaxy fold will go on sale on friday for just under $2,000. cheryl: what. tracee: it has a screen that folds together like a book. samsung put the launch on hold for months after viewers removed a protective layer meant to stay on the phone. a missouri woman had a hair-raising experience with a can of dry shampoo. the woman posted pictures on facebook that show her car heavily damage after the can she left inside her car exploded. she said it happened on a pot day. it went through the car's sunroof. the facebook post has been shared more than 5,000 times. cheryl: it was an aerosol can, that's why. tracee: lockheed martin landed a major contract with nasa. they will get $4.6 billion to build at least six o orion space
5:52 am
shuttles, to myrtle beac. just how far can the country go with this pumpkin spice craze? well, how about pumpkin spice spam. that is right. hormel had the product available on its website and walmart yesterday. it sold out in a matter of hours. they are offering recipes. that is what's happening now. we have some with us. lauren: we do. pumpkin spice spam. they thought of it all. cheryl: i smell pumpkin spice on it. tracee: doesn't spam stand for spiced ham. cheryl: spam has been a breakfast stable since world war ii for a lot of people, especially out west. lauren: it's mild. tracee: spam is popular in hawaii. it was introduced in world war ii. cheryl: i think it's pretty good. you can mix it with -- lauren: you used to live in hawaii for many years.
5:53 am
tracee: i don't know if they'll go for pumpkin spice there. lauren: coming up, all eyes on youtube this morning as the site reels from an attack that targeted millions of creators. is your account safe? keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ ride, ride, ride, let it ride. ♪ and would you cry if i told you that i lied. ♪ or would you say good-bye? ♪ would you let it ride? be wor. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today.
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♪ ♪ cheryl: millioning of youtubeers have been attacked. lauren: another attack. >> this is a fishing attack. the hackers must have gotten sophisticated. it was a very carefully crafted e-mail that got people to click on the link and got credentials to log in, interestingly enough the hacked youtube accounts in a lot of instances they took them offline, so if you're a youtube influencer, it was sophisticated. they were able to intercept the two factor and authentication.
5:57 am
cheryl: really big names on youtube got caught up. >> a lot high-value influencers that we like to call them. they have -- basically suggesting youtube is saying run security check, run google security check make sure everything is up to date and if you haven't already enable -- lauren: the fact that they were able to get two-prong a ten occasion, how worried should we really be? cheryl: i thought there was a fake google site. >> looks -- no, it looks just like it. normally when you get the fishing emails there's always something off, there's a misspelled word, spelling or grammar mistake. this one was well done, apparently they didn't have a certificate on the site so you
5:58 am
wouldn't have gotten the secured, the green lock in web browser. intercepting the two authentication is a big problem, more common and problematic. we are likely going to see probably a year or so down the line a different way that you are who you say you are when you put your password. >> a lot of the influencers are upset, 100,000 viewers or subscribers, excuse me, close enough. you have 10 million subscribers you would get check mark, they are changing it now and you still have to have a 100,000 subscribers, a lot of people have been verified, now great check mark, if you get the badge next to your name it's a big deal, they are changing the rules, they have to make sure your connect is what you say it's supposed to be, you are who you say you're supposed to be and you have 100,000
5:59 am
subscribers. cheryl: a yowb tuber says they missed the mark on the policy. >> yeah, a lot of influencers are upset about the change, a lot of the people work really hard. they are making a lot of money off of videos and the check mark can influence how much you're able to make because sets you aside from other people. cheryl: that's it for fbn:am, now to mornings with maria. maria: breaking news this morning, i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday september 24th, your top stories right now just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news happening now. uk supreme court delivering blow to boris johnson, pushback on
6:00 am
johnson's plans for exit the eu. leaders in new york, president trump addressing the un assembly today as the ukraine controversy deepens, questions on the timing of the call, just what the whistleblower actually knows firsthand while more democrats call for impeachment, we have the latest coming up. trade tensions appear to be easing, china is giving tariff waivers on u.s. soybeans and making a big purchase from american farmers, high-level talks to resume in dc in early october, october 10th was the day they are targeting, markets this morning are higher this morning, take a look at futures indicating strong open this morning with dow jones industrial average up 80 points and nasdaq up 30 points, gaming wars, google introducing own subscription plan on gaming, find out how the two companies compare, mornings with maria begins right now.


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