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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 25, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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[closing bell rings] markets set to close out just above those highs, snapping a three-day losing streak. we came within a few points of dow 27,000. that is it for the "claman countdown." connell mcshane, melissa francis pick it up for "after the bell." connell: stocks in the green despite uncertainty hitting our nation's capitol. it has been a interesting couple days. high-stakes news conference from president trump is supposed to start at the top of the hour. the dow settles higher 163 point. not far as ashley said near the highs. president made comment about china this morning. the white house released the transcript of president trump's call with the ukrainian president. that is how we close it out. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis this is "after the bell." the s&p 500 and nasdaq snapping a three-day losing streak. any minute as connell said
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president trump is set to speak in new york city amid ongoing impeachment efforts from democrats in d.c. we'll bring you the president's comment as soon as we get them. connell: as we wait for them, fox business team coverage, kristina partsinevelos on location at the news conference for us. gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange, hillary vaughn on capitol hill. grady trimble in detroit latest on the auto workers strike. bernie sanders made an appearance. we wait for the president i will start with you, kristina. >> a focus on trade. three areas, first agricultural industrial goods as well as digital trade. this deal was supposed to come into effect as of january 1st. what is missing? no mention about auto tariffs. after the bilateral agreement you had the president answer questions about the usmca and that is the trade deal with canada, mexico and the united states. he did put much of the blame on house speaker nancy pelosi
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should it not pass through congress, saying she may not have time to sign it. why you may ask? many of us know the answer to this the informal impeachment inquery into this. there is accusations that the president is possibly abusing his power coercing the president of ukraine to look in to investigate joe biden's family. after that bilateral trade agreement, a meeting between both leaders, zelensky and president trump, zelensky said he had a good call with the president and nobody did push him. that is the latest we're getting right now. all this impeachment talk, we really saw markets react positive to the upside the moment china trade came up and usmca. this will all be discussed on the stage behind me hopefully in the coming minutes. back to you guys. melissa: kristina. thank you. let's go to blake burman at the white house for details on president trump's call with the ukrainian president. blake. reporter: and, melissa, the president says that memo released today by the while
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house shows there was not a quid pro quo when he spoke with the ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky in july earlier this summer. no quid pro quo he says, meaning withholding aid from ukraine to the tune of some $400 million in exchange for an investigation into joe and hunter biden. that mere transcript released hours before president met with zelensky on the sidelines of the u.n. zelensky was asked if he felt pressured when asked for his country to investigate biden he said he does not want to be involved in elections in the u.s. >> we had i think good phone call. it was normal. we spoke about many things. i think and you read it nobody pushed it, pushed me, yes. >> in other words, no pressure? you know what? there was no pressure. by the way, you know there was no pressure. all you have to do is see it,
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what went on the on the call. reporter: the memo outlines how the president asked the ukrainian leader for an investigation of biden. he said he would instruct his personal attorney, rudy giuliani, and attorney general bill barr to call zelensky. the president saying according to the near transcript, there was a lot of talk about biden's son. they stopped the prosecution. a lot of people want to find out about that. whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. biden went around bragging he stopped the prosecution. if you can look into it, it sounds horrible to me. democrats with that very ask right there the president betrayed the oath of office. >> do any of my republican colleagues think this phone call reflects the president pursuing the national interests or was he pursuing his own political ambitions? every republican, everyone of them needs to answer this
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question. reporter: there was release of this transcript this morning. earlier this afternoon devin nunez went to the floor of the house saying that the whistle-blower complaint at the center of it all will be given to the house intelligence committee at this very hour. connell, melissa, that is important, because democrats have been calling for that whistle-blower complaint be given to them. tomorrow up on capitol hill it is one thing after the next here on washington. tomorrow on capitol hill the acting director of national intelligence will be testifying in open hearing. back to you. melissa: wow. blake, thank you. connell: looks like maybe we have a few minutes before the president comes out. let's bring in our market panel to talk about the day on wall street how the it affects investors. jonathan hoenig capitalist pig, and jeff sica, circle squared alternative investments where he is ceo.
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jeff, let me start with you. we had impeachment as part of a market conversation the last couple days, not necessarily seems to investors some kind of a big macro event, we talk impeachment market goes up or down, we wonder, a the lo of people wonder, does it affect other event we cover? does it make a china trade deal more likely or less likely because the chinese want to hold out? how do you look at it from that perspective? >> at this point we heard about impeachment for quite a while now. so markets have gotten use to the controversy, chaos and have rallied regardless. what i see the china trade deal seems to be this black hole where there doesn't seem to be a resolution in sight yet what investors are hoping for is they're hoping for as little news as possible so the market can continue to rally. so what i see ignorance is bliss. as long as there is other topics
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talked about, the trade war not being discussed, there is a god chance that the market will continue to have positive momentum until reality hits the surface and people have to deal with it. connell: it is funny, jonathan, jeff says a lot of people agree oh, we don't see a deal in sight but then the president, whatever about impeachment going on in the background, the president makes a few comment about china where we saw the pop in the market. you might see a deal sooner rather than later, right? >> any resolution to the trade deal you see upward momentum in the marketplace. after nice rebound after two days of losses internals were negative, more 52-week lows, 107 new 52-week lows, 107 new 52-week highs. not a lot of conviction to the upside. the trade war is economic hardship. whether china, there is a lot of
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confusion, the president seems to talk about there is end to the trade war, doesn't need to be trade war or usmca any clarification, any certainty, the market as many said will continue to respond postively. we haven't had that yet. melissa: we'll bring you the president ate comment as soon as they happen. we show you the empty podium there. when it is full we'll take you there. while we wait, leading the hot seat, juul ceo separate something down amid public and regulatory scrutiny. they said they will stop all advertising in the u.s. fox business's hillary vaughn on capitol hill with the latest. hillary. reporter: members of congress and the fda want answers from juul after they claim their products are totally safe and paid school districts to go into schools to talk to kids about their products, also telling, assuring children that vaping is perfectly safe but it clearly isn't. hundreds of people have been hospitalized with vaping-related
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i will knows. we are -- illnesses. a 10th person has decide because of vaping. georgia department of public health said the person had heavy history of nicotine vaping but no reporting of vaping thc. that is big concern for lawmakers. juul is promising not to get involved saying in a press release they're suspending all advertising in the u.s. they will not lobby the administration. they promise to support and follow whatever final policy the fda comes up with but house lawmakers want to know if vape something killing people why the fda has not pulled products from shelves as a precaution. >> why aren't they off the market? if they're saying you're thinking they should be better why are they still out there? what is your opinion why they're still out there? if they're causing this kind of problem. >> to be clear, congressman, our plan to clear the market of flavors so the kid appealing
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products will be off the market as we finalize guidance and implement a new policy. reporter: fda acting commissioner said there is a timeline for banning kid-friendly flavors. the ban will be in effect in a few weeks. that is when the products will leave shelves. if they find vaping is completely unsafe for everyone, they are willing to ban all flavors, not just kid-friendly ones. melissa? melissa: hillary, thank you. connell: as a result of all that the juul fallout on hillary's reporting philip morris and altria is ending merger talks. a story gerri willis is following on the floor of the exchange for us. reporter: start with how the markets did today. close to session highs. looking past impeachment talk. s&p, nasdaq snapping a three-day losing streak. juul, and altria and philip morris call off the merger. good news for philip morris.
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altria is falling because of large stake in juul. the shares down because of the ftc going after that because it uses phony profiles to lure subscribers. the company behind vowing to fight the ftc and what they're going to do. they flag non-subscribers you caught their eye. even if you weren't a member, they tried to lure you in with fake people. ftc going after those shares down today. connell: quite a story. gerri, thanks. melissa: for more on juul, jeff and jonathan are back. what is your take on this? >> i want to confront of hypocrisy of altria. first of all they make a product that supposedly kills up to 500,000 people a year related to 500,000 death as year. the story has taken on a life of
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its own, the vape story. the fact that the, even if the tobacco companies weigh in on it, i don't think we should pay much attention to it. the jury is still out. it is tragic that there is these deaths and these hospitalizations but the jury is still out and i think, i think what we really need to do is look at the tobacco companies and look how, regulations involving them and the sale of tobacco still at walmart. walmart pulls e-cigs off the market yet still sells cigarettes. that is hypocrisy to me. melissa: that is an interesting point. jonathan, go ahead. >> the sad irony, melissa, the whole vaping industry is what all tree and why many others bought into in an effort if you will, improve their image, seen as a way to help people wean themselves off tobacco. all tree yeahs investment in juul back in december the order of $30 billion, billions of dollars has been one of the worst in history.
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that stock has sunk. juul's private market sunk, stock has sunk by about 35% in just over that period of time. comes down to one word, melissa, regulations. that is what scheduled this entire industry. that will continue to confound all the tobacco stocks. melissa: guys, thank you. connell: more news as we wait for the president, it is day 10 of the gm strike. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders paying a visit to united auto workers in the second week of their strike against general motors. grady trimble is live for us in detroit. grady? reporter: hey, connell. it is calm here now. just a few picketers behind me but that was not the case just about five hours ago when senator bernie sanders arrived. he walked the picket line for a few laps. to say the least it was chaotic. he was surrounded by workers, police, staff, and private security. after he hopped across the street and hopped on board of a
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pickup truck and spoke to union members. he hit on same talking points, including wages for workers and health care. he touched on how he was upset that general motors is shutting plants he says, moving them to other countries. listen. >> working people of this country want justice. [cheering] the working people of this country are not looking sympathetically today to general motors, i'll tell you that! reporter: general motors did not take too kindly to his words. they put out this statement afterwards. criticism about the wages an benefits gm pays is unwarranted. the total compensation of our uaw workforce including wages, profit sharing and benefits is the highest in the u.s. auto industry. connell, this strike has been going on for a week 1/2 now. as far as we understand talks are still going on. there are reports of progress
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but still no end in sight. connell: grady, thanks. grady trimble live in detroit. melissa: so we are still awaiting as you can see from the podium president trump who is set to make remarks any moment now as top democrats doubling down calls on impeachment following a released transcript of the president's phone call with ukraine's president. here is bill mcgurn from "the wall street journal." he is also a fox news contributor. bill, what is your take? where are we on this? >> we have a big nothing so far. democrats say there is lot to impeach. republican point out there is no quid pro quo. substance doesn't matter. if substance mattered the democrat would have waited a day to see what we have. they don't have the complaint yet. they have the transcript.
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in comparison to joe biden, president released the transcript, they're turning over to the house. joe biden yells at reporters everyone has looked into this. i don't think they have. melissa: yeah. i wonder what the democratic calculus is seeps like no matter how you slice this is not good for joe biden. hurts him a little, a lot. doesn't help him. if they're moving forward hurting the person in their own polls they have said is the most electable versus the president why are they hurting their front-runner unless, is it because they want elizabeth warren? is it because they think they can remove the president? what's the logic there? >> yeah. depends on who they is. my boss paul gigot was speculating for some in the more liberal camp in the democratic party this might be a two-fer. get rid of donald trump and take out joe biden and move the path
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for elizabeth warren. my colleague holman jenkins wrote about that. that may be one of the issues.h. melissa: do you get rid of president trump? if you're using that logic you will not impeach and remove him from office. that is a very high bar. is the thought, this is finally the thing that damages him so much? it makes him unrye electable? >> melissa this is a joke. a week ago we were talking about impeaching brett kavanaugh. how many democratic candidates, eight jumped on it? we never saw what the complaint said because the man who made it, max stier wouldn't tell the press what it was. this week the flavor of the month is donald trump. we have nancy pelosi announcing an official impeachment inquiry without a vote? no one calls her on it? it is just crazy. what this says nancy pelosi
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doesn't have the votes to authorize de facto, bonafide, legitimate impeachment inquiry. i'm not sure she will get closer to this. if you are a democrat in one of the trump districts, this is the plank they want me to walk? i'm not so sure. melissa: our audience cares about the net result of this whole scandal as opposed to very specifics of it because who is president really impacts your money, economic policy, all those sort of things. is the net result of this that it makes it more likely president trump is reelected in 2020 or do you think it doesn't really move the needle much? >> look, i don't think the president, i don't think any president want to be impeached. it is an ugly thing. it's a difficult process. i do think it helps him, no the fact of being impeached but this is so flimsy and so, rube goldberg-like in the scheme it is not real impeachment.
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it is impeachment drama without impeachment. i think it does help him this way. it also tells me a year from now we'll vote on donald trump, right? what is the urge for impeachment if we have the chance to vote him out? it says to me the democrats are nervous about beating him. they may think joe biden's too old and out of it. they may think elizabeth warren is to left-wing to defeat him. doesn't seem they have confidence in their own candidates. melissa: another thing that matters in our audience, who controls the house, congress and senate. a lot of folks on the left have said impeachment of any talk or type of it hurts those moderate congresspeople who won in the last midterm and who helped put nancy pelosi back in the speakership. does this put those folks in jeopardy? or does it bolster the ones who said they were going to go to d.c. to seek impeachment and they're making good on their promise? how does it help the overall net
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headcount? >> that is what i was mentioning to you before. moderates that you're talking about are democrats who won in districts that donald trump carried in the last election. my own district, new jersey 11, mike sherrill won, democrat. she is one of the moderates, navy veteran came out for impeachment. i'm not sure the others will want it. i'm not sure the others if you're putting your seat at jeopardy because you're in a more conservative district they will want this clown show. they will want to see something. mrs. mellows sy announced this before she saw the evidence. what is the "alice in wonderland" thing, about the queen, verdict first, trial after. that is what they're doing. i'm not sure this helps them. it is also feeding fears some people have of the democrats in congress becoming impeachment only. we have nothing to offer the american people about improving their lives. we're just going to contest the 2016 election until the 2020
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election. melissa: those who say they read the transcript and it is all there, wow, why did he release it when it was so bad for him? all in the reading how you look at it, i guess. bill, thank you. >> thank you. connell: as we await this news conference set to begin as we've been telling you any minute now. president is obviously a few minutes late coming out here in new york. once he does we'll bring you comment in fully the rally as soon as they happen. even if they start during a break. as we follow this, washington in a frenzy. how the ongoing impeachment fight could impact trade talks. the president standing on the world stage on other issues. we'll talk about it all as we continue. we'll be right back. ♪. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce. and if you have the wrong home insurance coverage, you could be coughing up the cash for this.
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should always be working harder. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today. connell: we have breaking news as we await a presidential news conference in new york. the president before coming out clearly backstage hammering out a couple tweets. here they are. just in on president's twitter account. i just informed gop leader kevin mccarthy and republicans in the house i support transparency
4:26 pm
on so call whistle-blower information but insist on transparency on joe biden and his son hunter, on millions of dollars that have been quickly and easily taken out of ukraine and china. i demand transparency from democrats in ukraine, attempted to force the president to do things they wanted under form of political threat. connell: we have kristen hawn. both join us as we await president trump. joe, you first on that. that is the latest i guess the political strategy of the day as president trump is attempting to control the narrative. now he will take questions from reporters. what do you make of those latest comment from the president on twitter? >> he will not take this sitting down. we will not see defensive trump. not that we see defensive trump anyway. he will come out there with his guns blazing on the issue of
4:27 pm
full transparency which they have not only done through releasing the transcript, but pledging to release whistle-blower documents. he will demand the same thing of joe biden. a lot what was said in the transcript was directly exculpatory. democrats will have a hard time reading tea leaves or see through the smoke to see exactly what they're trying to say president trump did. connell: point out as we talk to kristin, moments ago president's senior staff walked into the room where the news conference is being held, closer to indicate that things are close to starting. i'm sure you don't agree with joe on exculpatory information in the call, what is your take? >> it was pretty damning released by the white house's own memo. the president is good, here is shiny thing, diverting public's attention from what is actually going on here. and i would say, in my conversations earlier you were
4:28 pm
talking about moderate democrats how they're reacting to this, there has been a shift, even over the course of just today, over the past several hours. a lot of these members becoming much more comfortable in their duty to move forward with impeachment inquiries and then also being comfortable with politics of that. so take it for what it is that is something, there is a calculation a lot of these members are having. connell: there was a move in the last couple days, no doubt about that. speaking of moves, there is a move in this room now to hear from president trump and here he cops, guys. we'll wrap up the conversation. take you live to a presidential news conference as the president is about to address reporters. here he is. >> thank you for being here. we had tremendous three days here in new york at the united nations. i want to thank the secretary-general. it is really incredible what is taking place. he has been a fantastic host to
4:29 pm
a lot of countries. the meetings i had on a bilat or close were pretty staggering. i think we set a new record. but you will have to check that out. we met very, for pretty extended periods of time either two on two, one-on-one or just about at that level with pakistan, poland, new zealand, singapore, egypt, south korea, united kingdom, india, iraq, argentina, germany, brazil, france, japan, ukraine, honduras, el salvador, saudi arabia, jordan, bahrain, kuwait, qatar, oman, u.a.e.,
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chile, colombia, ecuador and peru. other than that we were not too busy over the last three days. unfortunately the press doesn't even cover it. we made some fantastic deals like with japan for farmers. we have a tremendous trade deal with japan and that doesn't get covered because you waste your time on nonsense. the pmi manufacturers index is, has gone substantially up, which was an incredible. larry kudlow, wherever you may be. larry, please stand up. he just gave me these numbers. and existing new home sales are through the roof. just came out. oil prices have gone down ever since the saudi arabia incident and they have gone down very substantially. so we have plenty of oil. but those numbers were surprising to larry and the extent of increases, is that a correct statement? so thank you, larry kudlow.
4:31 pm
we think we'll make this little announcement to you because it is important. the so-called whistle-blower, one that didn't have any first class, or first rate or second-tier information from what i understand. you have to figure that out for yourself but i have spoken with leader kevin mccarthy and the republicans, many of them and we were going to do this anyway but i've informed them, all of the house members that i fully support transparency on the so-called whistle-blower information, even though it was supposedly secondhand information, which is sort of interesting. and other things have come out about the whistle-blower that are also maybe even more interesting. but also insis on transparency
4:32 pm
from joe biden and his son hunter on the millions of dollars that have been quickly and easily taken out of ukraine and china. millions of dollars, millions an millions of dollars taken out very rapidly while he was vice president. i think they should have transparency for that. i've informed the leader about that and additionally i demand transparency from democrats who went to ukraine and attempted to force the new president who i met and is an outstanding person, we just met a good while ago. some of you were there. i think he will be outstanding. got elected on basis of corruption in ukraine he wants to end corruption in ukraine. i think that is great. they went there and wanted to force the new president to do things they wanted under the form of political threat. they threatened him if he didn't do things.
4:33 pm
now that is what they're accusing me of, i didn't do it. i didn't threaten anybody. in fact the press was asking questions of the president of ukraine and said no pressure. i used the word pressure. i think he used the word push, but he meant pressure, the same thing. no push, no pressure, no nothing. it is all a hoax, folks. it is all a big hoax. the sad thing about this hoax we worked so hard with all of these countries and, i mean, really hard. i have been up from early in the morning to late in the evening and meeting with different countries, all for the good of our country and the press doesn't even cover all of this. it is -- really disappointing also to those countries that are with us and spend so much time with us. so we want transparency. we've informed kevin mccarthy about transparency. we said vote for it. so i think you have close to 100% of the republican votes i
4:34 pm
hope. and they got almost no attention but in may, cnn reported that senators robert menendez, richard durbin and patrick leahy wrote a letter to ukraine's prosecutor general expressing concern at the closing of four investigations they said were critical. in the letter they implied their support for u.s. assistance to ukraine was at stake. if they didn't do the right thing they wouldn't get any assistance. gee, doesn't that sound familiar? doesn't that sound familiar? and chris murphy, who i have been dealing with on guns, so nice, oh, no, we want to work it out, we want to work it out, but they're too busy wasting their time on the witch-hunt. so senator chris murphy literally threatened the president of ukraine that if he
4:35 pm
doesn't do things right they won't have democrat support in congress. so you will look all of this up. one other thing, just going off certain notes and element of what we've been doing over the last three days but this just came up a few minutes ago. the amazon "washington post" just put out a fake article that acting director of national intelligence joseph act aguirre, i gotten know, was going to quit, blaming the white house for something that they wouldn't let him talk openly, freely. i was shocked because i know joe. he is tough. tough guy. i was really surprised to hear he was going to quit before i could even either talk to him or talk to anybody else. he put out a statement. i didn't speak to joe yet but he
4:36 pm
said at no time have i considered resigning my position. in other words the story in "the washington post" was a fake. at no time have i considered resigning my position since assuming this role on august 16th, 201019. i have never quit anything in my life and am not going to start now. i'm committed to leading the intelligence commune and address the diverse and complex threats facing our nation. that is from the acting director of national intelligence, a very good man, joseph maguire. so we're having a great peer -- period of time. our country is strongest it has ever been economically. our numbers are phenomenal. wilbur, thank you, larry, everybody. the numbers are phenomenal. the economy is strongest in the world. we're the largest economy in the world. had my opponent won we would be second. china was catching us so rapidly
4:37 pm
we would be second right now. unless somebody does a very poor job as president we'll be first for a long way because we picked up trillions and trillions of dollars in value and worth of our country and china has lost trillions an trillions of dollars. and millions of jobs and their supply chain. and they want to make a deal. this year america came to the united nations stronger than we have ever been before. since my election the united states has not only brought our economy to a level that we have never seen, the most jobs that we have ever had. you know you heard me say it many times. african-american, asian-american, hispanic-american, the best unemployment numbers we ever had and most and best employment numbers, 160 million, very close
4:38 pm
to that number in jobs. we have never been anywhere close. wages are up and inequality is down. something that people don't like writing about but wages are up. i used to speak during the campaign and i would talk about wages where people were making less money three years ago than they were making 21 years ago, 22 years ago. they would have two jobs and three jobs. when i say three years ago, i'm talking into the area of sometime prior to the election. they were doing very badly. now for the first time in many years wages are up and employment is up and unemployment is down and it is a beautiful thing to watch. in a week of active and ambitious diplomacy here at the united nations america renewed our friendships. we advanced our values greatly. we made clear to everyone that the united states will always
4:39 pm
defend our citizens, to promote prosperity. i met with prime minister boris johnson at length at the united kingdom. continuing our discussions on a magnificent knew bilateral trade deal. we'll see what happens with respect to brexit. i suspect we'll have a fantastic new deal with the uk. it has been better than last number of years, over the last 20 years frankly. it should be a much bigger deal. that is true than many countries we'll have much bigger trade deals with many countries that have the opportunity to come. they all want to do business with the united states especially now. earlier today i stood alongside prime minister abe of japan, a friend of mine, a great gentleman. had a great re-election and we signed a terrific new trade deal which tremendously helps our farmers and ranchers and
4:40 pm
technology, technology companies are, really big beneficiaries. we also held very productive conversations with leader of pakistan india, many other nations, stronger ties of fair and reciprocal trade. with india we talked about kashmir, whatever help i can be, i said, i offered whether it is arbitration or mediation whatever it has to be, i will do whatever i can. because they're at very serious odds right now. hopefully that will get better. look at two gentlemen of those two countries very good friends of mine, i said work it out. those are two nuclear countries. they have to work it out. this week we also made incredible strides on national security with president duda of poland. we signed a joint declaration advancing defense cooperation
4:41 pm
and crucially poland has agreed to put up 100% of the money, something i don't think ever heard said before. but they're going to put up 100% of the money hosting additional u.s. military personnel we'll be taking from various other countries. we well be moving them around. poland is building us phenomenal new facilities. they're spending everything and they're going to really do a job. but we'll be moving a few thousand soldiers and poland will be paying for it, together with prime minister lee of singapore i signed an important agreement extending our defense cooperation. this hasn't been changed in many years. yesterday i met with prospective members of the middle east strategic alliance which is a group that i know very well, i know all of them, and through this effort the nations of the
4:42 pm
middle east are taking more responsibility for scaring their own future and their own neighborhood. and they're also reembursting us and paying us for -- reimbursing us and paying for a lot of military work we incredibly do. because we're now independent energywise, we're energy independent, we have very few boats going over to the middle east. we used to have them going through the straits all the time. you probably noticed that every once in a while they go after somebody else's. they haven't gone after ours yet. if they do they have got big problems. we have very few boats going over there, they were going to say they never attacked american boat. i'm not asking for trouble, but if they do they know they have far bigger trouble. then they said, but you know we don't see very many american boats over here anymore. this week brought progress to
4:43 pm
nations of our own hemisphere. in recent days we achieved historic asylum cooperation agreements with el salvador, guatemala and honduras. we were with el salvador today, a great young gentleman became the president. he is strong and tough and he is taking care of crime. he was really something today. i was very impressed with him. and likewise with honduras who we met. we signed a cooperation agreement with both and also with guatemala. we're working with our partners in central america to insure that asylum-seekers can pursue relief as close to the home countries as possible. that will make a tremendous difference at the southern border. and mexico, i have to say, president lopez obrador has been outstanding, an outstanding partner and he is doing a great job in mexico.
4:44 pm
the cartels are way down and, the numbers are, our secretary is here now, the numbers are way down, way, way down and we're doing that without the help of congress, meaning the democrats in congress who won't give us a single vote to take care of loopholes. we have loopholes that are so horrible. it would be so easy to fix and they know they should be fixed, they don't want to do it because they don't want to get trump any credit. that is all about the election. that is all they care about. they don't care about our country, they care about the election. the sad part with all the tremendous work we've done this week, whether it is secretary mnuchin or secretary pompeo, who had some outstanding, outstanding meetings with all of this tremendous work that we've done the press doesn't even cover it. and the democrats did this hoax during the united nations week. it was perfect. because this way it takes away
4:45 pm
from tremendous achievements we're taking care of doing, that we're involved in in new york city at the united nations. that was all planned lying everything else, it was all planned. and the witch-hunt continues but they're getting hit hard on this witch-hunt because when they look at the information it is a joke. impeachment for that? when you have a wonderful meeting or you have a wonderful phone conversation? i think you should ask, we actually, that was the second conversation. i think you should ask for the first conversation also. i can't believe they haven't although i heard there is a rumor out there they want the first conversation. it was beautiful. it was just a perfect conversation but i think you should do that, i think you should do it and i think you should ask for vp pence's conversation because he had a couple of conversations also. i could save you a lot of time. they were all perfect.
4:46 pm
nothing was mentioned of any import other than congratulations but word is they're going to ask for the first phone conversation. you can have it anytime you need it. and also mike pence's conversations which were one or two of them. they were perfect. they were all perfect. it is very sad what the democrat are doing to this country. they're dividing. they're belittling, they're demeaning our country. so many leaders came up to me today and they said, sir, what you go through no president has ever gone through. it is so bad for your country. people laugh at this stupidity of what they have asked for. here we could do asylum. we do do all of these different things so easily. we could do asylum quickly. we could do loopholes, get rid of them. instead we actually make deals with mexico and with guatemala, el salvador, honduras and we're doing it with them instead of
4:47 pm
with our congress but we're doing it. we get it done. the wall is being built by the way. it got little coverage. i went to the border. it is going up in new mexico. it is going up in arizona. it is going up in california, believe it or not. they really wanted the wall in california and san diego. as soon as it is completed. we don't want a wall. they were begging me for a wall. i should take it out and move it to another location. we were with the governor, the governor i spoke to him a lot, governor of texas, lieutenant governor of texas, attorney general of texas, senators of texas, cornyn, ted cruz, we're building an incredible wall. that's going to, it will look great. it is going to be virtually impossible to cross unless you're one hell of a mountain climber. it will be very tough to get
4:48 pm
people and drugs over those walls because they're the real deal. i went to the secretary of homeland security and he got all his people together. i said give me four walls, our optimum, every single thing included. they gave me 20% less. 20% less and 20% less, meaning less cost. they came back, they said this is the wall, sir. this would be the best. we have panels on top which are anti-climb panels. i don't know if you noticed steel on top. we have a different design for a different area. anti-climb is very tough. we had people going out and real climbers, telling us which is the toughest to climb but these are anti-climb panels. very tough to get across. and the wall is going up many miles a week. and we hope to have over 400 but maybe as much as 500 miles. which will pretty much do it. because you have a lot of
4:49 pm
natural barriers. you have mountains. you have really rough rivers. you have some really rough land that you can't cross very easily. so they serve as their natural walls. but we, we'll have, we think over 400. but we could even have 500 miles to combat the malice, corruption of both the venezuelan and iranian dictatorships today i issued proclamations suspending entry into the united states of senior regime officials and their families. and further to promote american values on monday i was proud to be the first president in history to host a meeting at the united nations, i'm so surprised, first president for this, i can't believe i'm first. i spoke to franklin graham about that, i can't believe it, at the united nations on protecting religious freedom and liberty for people around the world. while some partisans, unelected
4:50 pm
bureaucrats in washington may choose to fight every day against the interests and beliefs of the american people my administration is standing up for the american people like no administration has in many, many years. you forgot the american people. you totally forgot the american people. this week every, every week i really can say of my presidency we're standing up for american prosperity, american security, and the american way of life. and together with our friends and partners we're building a more peaceful, prosperous, promising future. we have a tremendous relationship now with a lot of nations that are very happy with what is going on. and that includes in south america where they have been so helpful. where nobody thought this would be possible. the relationship with mexico is an example. or el salvador or honduras or
4:51 pm
guatemala. nobody even knew about it. yet we sent them hundreds of millions of dollars and all we got back was caravans of people pouring in. we had tremendous, we had tremendous, it was terrible and we've got that stopped and the countries are now helping us. and we stopped those payments by the way. we don't pay those countries that money anymore. i will tell you if they're as good as they seem to be, they're doing a job on crime and stopping the wrong people from leaving and coming to the united states, we'll be helping them alot with economic development projects and other things. so with that we had a tremendous three days. it was beautiful to see. made a lot of new friends. i read awe list of all the countries i pretty much saw one-on-one. it has been very busy but very fruitfulful.
4:52 pm
we will take a coup questions. i would like questions we would things we accomplished at unga of the instead of phony witch-hunt because it is probably better for but it is not better for the country. maybe we'll take a few questions, please. reporter: thank you, mr. the p. you suggested that you didn't do anything wrong in the course of your conversations with the ukrainian president but can you explain to the american people why it is appropriate for an american president to ask a foreign leader for information about a political rival, what you would have said if you discovered barack obama perhaps asked a foreign leader for information about you campaign during the presidency? >> that is what he did, really, if you think about it. that whole witch-hunt was started, hopefully that will all come out, but there have been fantastic books written just came out, whether you look at gregg jarrett or mccarthy's book that just, just came out
4:53 pm
recently and some other books. a lot of books are coming out. when you start reading those books you see what they did to us, what they have done to this country is a disgrace. they hurt this country very badly. no other president should have to go through what i have gone through. the president, the new president of ukraine is looking to stop corruption. there is a lot of corruption going on and there was corruption, i told you about senators threatened him with votes and no money coming into ukraine if they do things. that is what people are saying i did, the only difference is i didn't do it. you look look at the call, i dit do it. there was no quid pro quo but there was with biden and was with these senators. and they threatened, they said you do this, you do that, we're not going to give you votes. that's the real deal. so we have a honest group of people that have been maligned and, you know, it's, a lot of
4:54 pm
people say i will do even better. i'm very happy yesterday, we had 53 poll, a lot of people say add 10 points to anything, anybody voting for trump you can add anytime you get a poll you can add 10 point or seven points or six point, take it any way you want, i don't know if i consider that to be a compliment but in one way it's a compliment. that is what happened in the last election. far more people came to vote. reporter: why should american people be comfortable with an american president asking a foreign leader for an information about american citizen? >> you look at your senators, you can look at biden and look at all these other people but what we're looking for is corruption. an investigation started called the russian witch-hunt affectionately, it was a total phony scam. it was set up by people within the government to try and stop somebody from getting elected and after that, after that person, namely me won and
4:55 pm
convincingly won at 306-223 in electoral college, which by the way, when you run a race, if you are running a -- if you go by the college, electoral college, that is a much different race than running popular vote. and is like the 100-yard dash or the mile. you train differently. and i can help it that my opponent didn't go to wisconsin and should have gone much more to michigan and pennsylvania and other places but that is the way it is. we won an election convincingly, convincingly and then you had the text message, well, if she doesn't win, we've got an insurance policy. how bad was that? you know what the insurance policy? that is sort of what has been taking place over the last number of years, the insurance policy. now there are a lot of very dishonest people. we're the ones that played it straight. you know what? millions of people out there that are looking at what is going on, those people
4:56 pm
understand it. they see it. and they think it is disgusting. and our people are being hurt and our country is being hurt when a nancy pelosi allows her position to be taken over by radical far left socialists, or worse, that's pretty bad, that's pretty bad. especially when the senators and all of these other people have actually done what they're accusing me of doing which i didn't do. i'm going to have mike pompeo say a couple of words. i will have steve mnuchin say a couple words. then we'll do a couple more questions. >> mr. president i thought i would start talking about iran. we had a productive week. we saw the europeans take a position with respect to the attacks that took place, saudi arabia making clear this was iran just as president trump and i had been saying and joined us in saying that the existing jcpoa framework is not going to
4:57 pm
work. it will not solve the world's problems. will not create middle east stability. we had a good meeting with our middle east allies, the president joined for a meeting with the gcc how we can deter. we want a peaceful resolution with islamic republic of iran. we hope it will get that way. up to iranians whether they choose violence or hate as the president said in the speech to the general assembly if their blood thirst will continue. we hope we get the opportunity to negotiate with them, get an outcome good for both them, for the united states to make sure they never have a nuclear weapon and that they can't foment terror with ballistic terror with the way they have around the world. we made real progress uniting the world around here over the past few days. thank you. >> thank you. >> as secretary pompeo said on iran we had very good discussions with all of our allies about the sanctions program which is the maximum pressure and unity on the
4:58 pm
>> trying to get usmca passed, but we had a lot of productive discussions, the japanese trade deal and a lot of discussions on investing in the u.s., more jobs in the u.s. and more trade. thank you. >> okay. go ahead, please. -- go ahead, please. >> kristina partsinevelos, fox business, i want to focus on markets. markets reacted positively after you spoke about china and that it would happen sooner rather than unexpectedly, yet you have the foreign minister of china saying that they have no intention of, you know, unceding the united states. yet they are investing heavily
4:59 pm
in infrastructure and -- >> not anymore. >> do you have anything specific? >> i don't want to say that. i can tell you that these two were having some very good conversations, and i guess it's next week that a group is coming in and the week after. we have a lot of talks going on, and also by telephone. they want to make a deal, and you know why they want to make a deal? because they are losing their jobs and because their supply chain is going to hell, and companies are moving out of china, and they're moving to lots of other places, including the united states. and that's not good. that's far worse than they thought. by the way in the meantime, we're taking in billions and billions of dollars in tariffs. we are taking in tremendous numbers in tariffs, and we're
5:00 pm
helping our farmers who were targeted. china is starting to buy our agricultural product again. they are starting to go with the beef and all of the different things, pork, very big on pork. but if you look and if you see, and they actually put out i think a statement but they are starting to buy our ag again. they want to make a deal. they should want to make a deal. the question, do we want to make a deal? >> if usmca doesn't pass through congress, is that it for nafta? >> that will be a shame -- i don't want to answer that question, but you know how to feel about nafta. i think it is the worse trade deal ever made, although i also happen to think the world trade organization was not one of the greats. not one of the greats. that was the creation of china which went like a rocket ship from the day they signed. it was terrible. but you know, we're going to find out. that's going to be a very interesting question. with nancy and chuck and all of these people focusing


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