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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 26, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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right direction. tom homan i will be looking forward to your testimony tomorrow and we'll be watching. we thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow night. good night washington, d.c. [♪] trish: some reports saying the house does have enough votes to impeach the president of the united states. we'll have more from capitol hill from senior producer chad pergram as we learn new information about the whistleblower or leaker, depending on how you see it that suggests this complaint was politically motivated. why are the dems doing this if they know it won't stick and they don't have the votes in the senate. why would they put our economy, our national security, our democracy through this? we have a big show tonight with
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congressman matt gaetz, sonny perdue, general jack keane and venezuela's ambassador to the united states. tonight congress has its hands on the whistleblower complaint and the american people, we have our hands on that transcript of the phone call between president trump and the ukrainian counterpart which shows president trump raising allegations about the biden's questionable financial dealing with ukraine. but it does not show any quid pro quo or direct pressure to get dirt on the bidens. and as ukraine's president says, watch. >> sure we had i think good phone call. it was normal. we talk about many things. and so i think when you read it, that nobody pushed me.
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yes. today the * no pressure? trish: democrats on capitol hill are pushing forward with impeachment. we are seeing some reports they may have the 218 votes that they need. they have confirmed the need for their inquiry. and we are learning there are reports that they may have enough votes to impeach the president. fox news senior capitol hill producer chad pergram is here. 218 is what they need. are they close to that? >> you have to talk to each of these democrats here of that 218 for them to say are they for impeachment inquiry or impeachment. those are two distinct things and i have been told you will have to poll email member. at some point the judiciary committee would write articles of impeachment and we don't know what those would look like and
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democrats and republicans would have to vote on those on the house floor. so be careful with that 218. it doesn't mean they have the vote at this point in time to impeach. members of the house and senate intelligence committees received the report before joe mcguire appears before the house intelligence committee tomorrow. michael cohen, jeff sessions, james comey, robert mueller. mcguire may not be the biggest or sexiest name but tomorrow's session may be the most of consequential. the full house has to vote on impeachment it's like an indictment. then it go to the united states senate. it has a trial with the chief justice john roberts presiding. the house has impeached two
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times. the house chairman said could they work on impeachment and the usmca at the same time? >> the historic record shows president nixon continued to work with a democratic led house and senate on an agenda on behalf of the american people and president clinton continued to work with the republican house and senate in 1998 on behalf of the american people. the same thing should happen this time around. reporter: there was a major shift towards impeachment. multiple democratic sources tell me the move towards impeachment was organic. pelosi is good at reading the temperature of her caucus and
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that's why she formalized impeachment. she has squad putting so much pressure on her. before she had even seen this transcript she made a decision. he's not perfect, and i would have rather seen this transcript read a little cleaner than it was. but to jump from this to impeachment, to say this is high crimes and misdemeanors seems like a big leap. we'll keep going back to you for more reporting on this. we have seen this transcript. we heard from both of the people who were actually on that phone call. know pressure they say, no evidence, no evidence of a quid pro quo, and no crime. so why was this targeted to be released right now? interestingly, during the holt u.n. thing, was this a way to embarrass the president on the world stage?
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that not so far-fetched considering the whistleblower who kicked off the whole thing who has a quote arguable political bias. as i said, it would have been nice if he didn't say, you know, can i ask a favor of you. but there is nothing in here that links that directly to funds. the two are not tied. it's not quid pro quo saying i am only going to give you this money if you promise me you will dig up dirt on bind. that's not in here and that's what they are alleging. here to weigh in, florida congressman naught gates. what a -- congressman matt gaetz. >> impeachment by reflex. it's unfortunate nancy pelosi has caved to the most of radical
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elements of her party. i think you knew there were 218 votes for impeachment the moment nancy pelosi backed an impeachment inquiry. i don't believe they would get on this rollercoaster before it got to its impeachment in the house of representatives. instead of working on things that matter to american families, we'll be focused on a victimless crime. this is aid that was ultimately delivered and a president zelensky who said he wasn't pressured. trish: there are people who campaigned on it. you are coming up on an election year. the democrats felt they had to move forward on this before they had even seen the transcript? >> the house democrats proved
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they have about as much patience as a dog waiting to be let out of a car. they waited 22 months on the robert mueller investigation but in this case couldn't wait the 2 hours before making the -- couldn't wait 22 hours before making the decision to proceed with impeachment. you have trump and zelensky throwing shade sat marco and macron for not doing enough for the ukraine. trish: if you look at how much we are contributing versus germany and what it promised to do. the president spoke at length over and over again. it makes sense he would say you are in charge of the ukraine. why don't you have your friend angela cough up what she said she would donate to you. the intelligence official, the quote whistleblower or leaker.
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he was not even on this call. and to make the allegation the funds were directly tide. that's a whole other ballgame. soap we haven't seen the complaint beyond the intelligence committee. the opportunity for the entire house to be able to evaluate this information. that's not anything i heard the white house object to or any of us on the republican side object to. we are not against transparency. what we are against is the notion that it's impeach first, investigate later. you heard nancy pelosi despite calling this an inquiry definitively issue the verdict that she believes donald trump violated his oath of office. she got catfished ton into a politically fatal impeachment even demp that will expose democrats with being so consumed with their feeling about donald
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trump that they don't act on issues that americans care about. trish: coming up tonight, some stories that are being overshadows by the democrats' manic push for impeachment. the son of iran's president rouhani talked saying it's america that promotes state terrorism. >> the united states is the supporter of terrorism in our region. wherever america has done, terrorism has expanded in their wake. trish: general jack keane is here taking him on. guess what also is getting delayed by democrats' manic push
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for impeachment. our economy. the vote on the u.s.-mexico-canada trade agreement, that doesn't matter. and lowering drug prices. we have an interview with sonny perdue on that. in the 1990s when she had to deal with the bill clinton impeachment thing. hear the full sound. deja vu after this. >> the republicans in the house are paralyzed with hatred of president clinton. until the republicans free themselves of this hatred, our country will suffer.
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trish: house democrats barreling ahead on impeachment two decade ago. >> today the republicans majority is not judging the president with fairness. but impeaching him with a vengeance. we are here today because the republicans in the house are paralyzed with hatred of president clinton. until the republicans free themselves of this hatred, our country will suffer. >> the american people don't
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think they made a mistake of electing bill clinton. we in congress better be very careful. we upset their decision and make darn sure we are able to convince them if we decide to upset their decision, that our decision to i am each him was based upon principle, and not politics. trish: oh, wow. isn't that important to hear right now? principle, not politics. because you think about what's going on right now. somehow we lost our way. the democrats are so filled with hate against this president, suddenly it's all about politics instead of about facts and principle. pelosi and biden rallying against taking down a democrat. ken starr laid out 110 ground for impeachment.
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special counsel mueller gave congress zero recommendations. the latest ukraine phone call hasn't been investigated. they announced they wanted to move forward with impeachment before they read the transcript. the republicans, they are the ones that a apparently are seething with hatred according to nancy pelosi. the hypocrisy is understand believable. and it's not good for the country. it's not good for our economy. former u.s. attorney, cummings. i read the whole thing. there were parts i didn't like. i wish the president given that the whole russia collusion thing was such an issue. he probably maybe ought to be guarded about asking ukraine for any help against an opponent. that said, big difference between that and the somewhat
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casual conversation when you read this, and high crimes and misdemeanors. you are talking about impeachment which is lousy for the country, it's lousy for the process. could they get him? >> no. you brought me object to say more than that. but the answer is simply no. we can talk about impeachment and federal criminal laws. this about one thing. there is a presidential election coming up in 2020. a presidential election. the president will be talking about his policies and how they are helping the country. the democrats won't have anything to talk about. they counted on their 500-page special counsel report to give them something to go after impeachment and it didn't. no collusion, no obstruction, no perjury. so now they are desperate. they are making wild allegations without even having the evidence in front of them.
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it is frankly it's a threat to our country and constitution because they are trying to get people -- masses of people angry at a president over zero facts and making wild criminal allegations. so we have to stop and push back on that. trish: i think it makes sense. when you look at this, again, high crimes and misdemeanors. impeaching a president over this conversation, there is no quid pro quo. how exactly are they going to prove that one out? >> if you want to talk about hypocrisy, what about the three democratic senators who wrote a letter to ukraine asking him to reopen four investigations they thought would help mueller get trump. what about that? how does that distinguish from anything trump might have done or trying to do in this phone call. what about the obama white house convening a meeting with
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ukrainian prosecutors to help find dirt and trump and man for the sucking they will conceal information about gregory craig. what about those allegations. how do you distinguish those from this phone call even if you think the president stepped out of line in this phone call. the hypocrisy is unbelievable. trish: i think the americans will push back because the average voter cares more about are they employed, is there family employed, can they put food on the table, do they have the opportunity they hoped they would have and do they have safety, right? these are things people care about. and the democrats are off on this tangent trying to make them look bad. i don't think it's going to work. thank you for your perspective. does this argument sound familiar? >> there is no terrorism throughout the world that
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matches the activities of israel that has been seeking. trish: one of the world's largest sponsors of terror, iran, saying israel is the real bad guy. general jack keane is here to take him on. the democrats' manic push for impeachment is delaying economic progress thing like a vote on the u.s.-mexico-canada trade agreement. sonny perdue says this is a problem. we have business to do. we have business to do. he joins me exclusively after fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today.
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♪ -i'm sorry? -what teach here isn't telling you is that snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance. -what? ♪ -or maybe he didn't know. ♪ [ chuckles ] i'm done with this class. -you're not even enrolled in this class. -i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody. trish: markets surging a the president hints that an historic trade deal with china may be closer than we think.
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he told a crowd at the u.n. that china is the one desperate to get this done. president trump: they want to make a deal because they are losing their jobs and their supply chain is going to hell. and companies are moving out of china. they want to make a deal and they should want to make a deal. the question is, do we want to make a deal. trish: it's a big question. joining me, united states secretary of agriculture, sonny perdue. is it going to happen? is it soon? he's saying china wants it. our farmers could use some relief. >> our agriculturalists would love to have trade rather than aid. but the ball is in china's court. do they want to play fair? they have been abusing our u.s. economy in many ways including
12:27 am
intellectual property theft and cyber transfer. they are happy to have them as customers because they need to play fair. trish: the president can get there on tariffs. intellectual property theft, it's almost -- they just blindly take what they want. they force the telling transfers. if you are able to actually get that accomplished to get them to abide by the rule of law everybody else participates in, that would be a heck of an accomplishment. can this president do that? >> i believe he can. it would have been easy to just sell more stuff to china. but they have serious reform issues they have to do to play by the rules. that's what president trump has been insisting on. we were close back in the spring
12:28 am
and enforce built issues over reforming the non-tariff barrier issues were a real problem. trish: i think the markets would love it. they want to see -- have that trade relationship with a country that is such a thriving, growing economy with such a huge population. witbut we need to do so on our terms. the impeachment stuff, the usmca, where do we stand? >> we stand ready, willing and able to have this agreement ratified. when president trump told the american public he was going to get a better deal. this usmca agreement is better in chapter by chapter, verse by verse for the u.s. economy for agriculture and the auto industry. the auto industry health, labor, safety, all those issues are better concerning the digital commerce as well.
12:29 am
so especially good for agriculture and it need to be ratified. trish: what would you say to those who say how is this different than nafta? how would you sum it up? how is this deal different and the one we had before? >> president trump was determined to make it fair and balanced. we lost a lot of manufacturing jobs to mexico because they could come in there with cheap labor then bring the product back into the u.s. tariff-free. we had labor agreements with mexico that we believe are enforceable that would level the playing field. and we think jobs will come back and certainly jobs will not disappear into mexico with this usmca agreement. i'm hopeful the congress doesn't let this distraction over this political punt distract from doing the jobs people need for the u.s. economy. let's ratify the usmca
12:30 am
agreement. trish: we'll see what happens. good to see you. >> japan was a good step today. that's a good momentum. trish: some silver lining in all of this. thank you, sir. the president of around hassan rouhani talking exclusively to fox saying it's america and israel that promotes terrorism in the world, not his country. take a listen. >> today america unfortunately is a supporter of terrorism in our region. wherever america has gone, terrorism has expanded in the wake. trish: america's fault. glad obama made that deal with them? >> general jack keane is in the house. he will explain what we need to do next with iran. he's here. that's next. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
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>> you have given hundreds of millions, perhaps billions to hamas and terrorist groups. that's not a support of terrorism. >> you table people who fight for their lands. those who have the subject of occupation, what should they do? just be passive. trish: they are saying hezbollah and hamas are sanctioned organizations, they are not terrorist organizations. the iranian president is supporting his country's support of terrorism. our next guest says iran is blinded by its own ambition and paranoia. they can't get out of theirway own way to do anything right.
12:36 am
joining me, retired four star general jack keane. we don't see the world the way they see it. >> the iranians from the time they took over, the major strategic objective was to spread islamic objectives throughout the world. they talk about this every single year. this guy rouhani. one thing that's consistent with him is he's a prolific liar. here is what they have done. they blew up in the early 80s after they took over, u.s. embassies in kuwait, lebanon. that's 700 americans dead right there. 10 years of kidnapping and hostage taking campaigns throughout 80s which almost took down the reagan administration. they have given as chris wallace
12:37 am
mentioned, thousands of rockets and missiles to hezbollah and hamas to attack israel for close to 30-something years. in addition in the late 80s they disrupted the oil flow like they are doing now and it only stopped after reagan reacted with a military attack on military and economic crisis. then the crisis ended. for the last four or five years they have been fueling the civil wars in yemen and syria which have become humanitarian catastrophes. trish: you said in the 1980s, reagan was able to stop those attacks by pushing back militarily. is it going to come to that with us? >> i think it is. we are on a path. we are on two different paths yet they are parallel. our path is sanctions. we are increasing sanctions.
12:38 am
we put huge pressure on the iranians and they have been acting desperately as a result of it. but they are not giving in to the sanctions. they are refusing to do that unless we give up the sanctions. trish: they want the gcpoa and the agreement. >> even if they are willing to make some accommodation we'll never give up the sanctions to do it. their path is kinetic escalation, use of military force. three drones they shot down, attacking saudi oil involvement. and now one of the largest oilfields in the world ways they attacked. and the reason is to destabilize the world economy and continue to do it and force us into a global recession. then they believe the world pressure would be on president trump to reduce the sanctions. that's what these guys are
12:39 am
about. trish: the president doesn't want to engage in this. >> the president if he has to act militarily and retaliate like reagan did, knowing that's the only thing that will stop them. i am convinced he will do that. they are underestimating him and think he's not going to do it and they will eventually have their way. they are fueled by blind ambition and paranoia and fear. and that's what's pushing these guys forward. the only thing they truly will understand is someone who is willing to stop them and that's what reagan did. increasing sanctions will not stop them from their kinetic escalation. they will continue to do that. trish: regime change? is that in the cards? >> only if the iranian people do it. the iranians don't want a war
12:40 am
and we won't take military action that would be so significant that it would threaten the iranian regime. the united states doesn't want to turn the middle east into turmoil by conducting such a massive military attack. we are too smart for that. i think we can avoid the conflict of war and still use measured limited military force to stop the iranians from what they are doing. their objective is to destabilize the world economy. trish: they are so angry about this deal not being there and they blame us, they blame the president for that. china, russia, where do they fall in line? >> ways sort of surprising and disappointing is the chinese. 65% of their oil comes out of the middle east. obviously they are very dependent on it.
12:41 am
the paranoia that the iranians have and this is something you deal with authoritarian regimes over. they don't want to appear weak. they don't want to appear tweak their enemies and they don't want to appear tweak their people who are they are controlling and oppressing. the chinese are the same way. these very authoritarian repressive regimes have all this in common. they are moral cowards at the end of the date and they are controlling their people. it's the paranoia the people are the biggest threat to them, not the united states with guns. trish: thank you for being here. coming up, another story missing from today's headlines. the white house is tripling its support for democracy in venezuela. the venezuelan ambassador is
12:42 am
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president trump: the dictator maduro is a cuban puppet protected by cuban bodyguards,
12:46 am
hiding from his own people while cuba plunders venezuela's oil wells to sustain its communist rule. the united states and our partners have built an historic coalition of 55 countries that recognize legitimate government venezuela. trish: the white house announcing it's trimming its support for the people of venezuela giving $52 million in new aid. this as maduro and vladimir putin skipped the u.n. such it in favor of talks in moscow. hanging out there. trump saying he and his team are aware of the meeting and they are quote watching carefully. joining me on set is america's ambassador to venezuela, carlos
12:47 am
vecchio. the president indicated 50 countries are recognizing your government as the official government in venezuela. but maduro is still there. what does that transition look like. when does it happen? >> we are not facing a classical dictatorship. we are facing a criminal organization. due to the presence of cubans and russians inside venezuela. i can tell you we have the majority of people of venezuela. they are waiting for their chance. they are with us. we have a clear leadership under the leadership of juan guaido. and we are trusting the people of venezuela. we'll keep our determination on the streets. and at the same time we need the support of the international community. i think maduro is isolated. we had a meeting with president trump and i want to recognize the leadership of president
12:48 am
trump and his administration in supporting our fight. trish: you sat down with him and spoke to him. >> today. we have at that meeting during this week here with 16 latin american country and 80 presidents from latin america. that tells you how important the venezuelan crisis is and the region is looking for a change. maduro represents a threat against the region. trish: it's so important you get that region involved. colombia, brazil. are they willing to go the extra mile? i think this president has said how important venezuela is to him. but he doesn't want to look like he's pointing elbows down there in latin america. >> they are working together, correct. it's important that they agree in that meeting to increase the level of pressure until we can
12:49 am
facilitate the processing side of venezuela. also all of them recognize maduro is a threat against the region. because this regime has been involved in drug trafficking, money laundering, terrorism activities. trish: he has the military on his side and they are not willing to turn him in. >> we need to force them to take part of this resolution. let me tell you more. they have detained more than 200 military officers. they have been tortured. they have actually killed some of them. so he tells you the military officers, they are there, they are venezuelans, they are suffering the same thing ordinary people are suffering. and at the end of the day they will back what we are doing in venezuela. trish: can i ask you about the crew bathe -- about the cuban influence? >> that's the other point i wanted to add. they are using the intelligence
12:50 am
services from cuba to control our military institution. it's quite complicated to take a clear position in this conflict. that's why it's relevant to impose sanctions from cuba. they have to be accountable to what they are doing in venezuela. trish: cuba is giving them money, resources and intelligence, if you would, to keep maduro in power. over the course my career i can remember way back when starting my first real job at goldman sachs and we were trading venezuela's debt when hugo chavez first came into power. i think about that two decade span. it's devastating to see how a country can be so decimated. >> this is the worst human
12:51 am
crisis this hemisphere has seen in decade. this is a man made disaster. this has been created by maduro and the system created in venezuela. the only way to resolve it is to removalo move the regime and bring back democracy. it won't be easy but i'm confident we'll prevail. we have created the international coalition that in my view is the morse important one after world war ii. of course, different times and different circumstances. but this coalition is in our hemisphere. it's important to you. the people deserve that freedom. i hope they get it. carlos, good to see you. ambassador. i should say. coming up next. forget not eating meat or using cars or planes.
12:52 am
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trish: welcome back, time for lightning round, joining me tonight, cabot phillips, if you are listening to some crazy millennials, i know you are not one. some of them, you talked to at your organization, say, you should not have kids? no kids. >> the new mind set for people combating climate change, saying we can reduce carbon footprint, if we stop having kids. trish: you talked to them, this is -- bear with us. >> what is your message to someone stuck in traffic right now late to work, and upset about that? >> what good is the money if there is no future. reporter: we heard speakers say i'm not having children because i'm not bringing them in the world. >> i chose way back then to not
12:57 am
reproduce, my carbon footprint in this world is reduced. >> i am not having children. trish: can't have kids it will ruin your carbon footprint. do they really believe this? or just easy to say when you are 21 and not thinking about having kids. >> a mixture of keep in mind what they have been taught from the left with climate change, they have been told, if you don't take drastic action, the world will end in 12 years, they could motivate people to say, do things radical. climate change, the left it creates a false break down, you either support our radical proposals or you don't care about the environment, with people, they feel social pressure to seem as onboard with this movement as possible. leads them to say crazy things like this. trish: by the way. in their defense, if someone is telling that you world will end in 12 years, you are like, what is the point in having kids,
12:58 am
anyway, right? we'll be all gone, thanks to climate change, crazy. we love dogs on the show. part because my puppy just turn one. but we all love dogs, we have adorable new video of a dog, at disney world, 'cus eling with -- cuddling with donald duck, you also had a experience. >> they video of dog excited with donald duck, i have waited two hours to meet a character at disney world, that was princess belle from "beauty and the beast," i proposed on the spot. she did say no, we're working through it right now it is complicated. trish: i heard the story, not seen the picture, i heard the story. team told me, i said this must have been sweet, 5 years old, what 5-year-old does not dream of marrying a princess. >> i was 19 years old, and i
12:59 am
don't want to hear that -- i was old enough to realize the dream could still come true, i am not giving up on it. trish: maybe old enough to realize notapproa-- appropriateo propose to a girl in a pri prins costume. >> no, that citizen rea the rea. trish: and now friends, reruns. 25 anniversary, this week. sweet gig. >> they are bringing about 19 trillion still annually in the residual payments, this a reminder for actors and up start artists, read your contract, make sure that there are residual payments, you will get, also, i think shows prominence of streams services, it was when a show within off air you stopped making money. but now with netflix and huell
1:00 am
hulours, shows are popular. >> thank you, cabot, all right coming up next is expected investigative the following is a paid advertisement for time life's video collection (soul music) this is soul. ♪ one of a kind love affair (narrator) music that comes from deep in the heart... ♪ ...that you read about in a fairytale ♪ (narrator) the artists we love. ♪ oh, baby, let's, let's stay together ♪ ♪ loving you whether, whether times are good or bad, happy or sad, sweet baby ♪ ♪ close the door, baby


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