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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 30, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. we're coming to you tonight from the nation's capital where president trump is laying into the obstinate and, well, obstructive radical dems and their crusade to remove him from office. the president says the dems are making up stories, as he put it, about a so-called whistleblower's complaint regarding a telephone call with the president of ukraine. that whistleblower, we're learning tonight, is reportedly a cia officer who had been posted to the white house. we'll have more on that with catherine herridge. and on capitol hill today, one of the radical left's main
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drivers of the russia collusion narrative -- you remember that -- out with a new fable. house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff, he is now reading his own parody of that phone call between solinsky and trump. he didn't, however, note that he'd made it all up as he delivered his lines from the chair of the committee. chairman schiff's deceptive impression coming during an open hearing for joseph mcguire, the acting director of national intelligence, explaining why he didn't turn over the whistleblower's complaint to lawmakers according to their schedule. instead, according to his. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with us tonight with more on this extraordinary story. >> reporter: well, so much has happened in the span of just 8 or 10 hours here today in washington. right out of the gate they declassified and released the
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whistleblower complaint in its entirety, and there has been a lot of media reporting that there were a number of incidents or events, it wasn't just the phone call. but when you read this, what you see is that the phone call with the president the core or foundational element. the other thing contained in the whistleblower complaint are allegations of a cover-up. this is, again, all secondhand information. but that the transcript of the call, the whistleblower states based on other officials was moved into a secret or highly classified storage system and that this was not standard in a case like this. lou: already a cover-up, and we haven't yet established that there is a crime. it's an extraordinary moment in which we had leading up to all of this in very quick order, in a matter of four days, we go from reports of a telephone call in which there was supposed to be eight recommends to joe
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biden -- references to joe biden, references to a pressure or a, actually, an attempt by the president to force upon the ukrainians information, investigation that they simply did not want to pursue. one of it turns -- none of it turns out to be in the phone call transcript that we've all now read x. then the complaint. there is discord and differences between the claims made initially in the general press -- >> it doesn't sync up. lou: it's incredible. >> and the whistleblower complaint doesn't include the transcript of the phone call itself. again, it's the whistleblower right up front says this is based on secondhand information. lou: and public sources. >> and some of it is public sources. there's sort of a connecting of the dots to media reports. you can make of that what you will. we have seen it in other controversial documents as well --
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[laughter] the thing that immediately comes to mind that republicans criticize is the fisa application and the use of media reports to be in force. i'm not saying there's an equivalency here, but again, the media reports in the document, and they're used to connect the dots to make the point that there has been misconduct by the president. lou: i can tell you that, clearly, it is my opinion that it's going to take a lot of work to develop connective tissue from the reports to then the transcript, to then the complaint. because it's very strained, i will put it that way, at this point. catherine herridge, as always, we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: thanks so much. president trump today called the radical dems a disgrace for what they are putting this country through. landing at joint base andrews today after three days at the united nations, president trump went on the offense over today's house intelligence committee hearing.
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>> that was a perfect call. but adam schiff doesn't talk about joe biden and his son walking away with millions of dollars from ukraine and then millions of dollars from china. he doesn't talk about joe biden firing a prosecutor and if that prosecutor's not fired, he's not going to give them money from the united states of america. the president yesterday of ukraine said there was no pressure put on him whatsoever, none whatsoever. and he said it loud and clear for the press. lou: president trump today landing, after spending a few days with all of his friends at the united nations. joining us tonight is congressman mark meadows, member of the house oversight committee and member of the freedom caucus. congressman, great to have you here. >> nice to be with you, lou. lou: this has been quite a day, beginning with the president in new york. he's home now.
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the intelligence committee hearing, i have to say that this is an extraordinary moment in history to see all that was reported, woe would hear and read -- then seeing what we heard and read in the transcript and then looking at the complaint. your reaction to what the committee is going through right now. >> well, i've looked at it. i said there's got to be five or six more pages of this transcript based on all the reporting. i mean, when you look at it, lou, you start to say the buildup, the hype -- lou: right. >> and we've seen this before from ad adam schiff, the hype of the russia collusion, now this is the ukrainian collusion. and yet we saw adam schiff in all his glory today as chairman. he didn't read the transcript, he had to make it up because they had to build this hype that was out there. now the, here's what we do know: the foundation of this whistleblower's complaint is already starting to fall apart. there's reports out just a few
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minutes ago that on page 3 where the whistleblower said that he a heard that a counselor for the state department was actually on the call, well, the state department is saying, no, that didn't happen. well, we're going to find a whole lot more that didn't happen, and i can tell you what didn't happen is that the president didn't do anything wrong, and it's time that we allow him to govern on behalf of the american people that elected him in 2016. lou: you know, congressman, what stuns me is, as i read the transcript, i find it impossible in an independent reading of that document, i find it impossible to come close to the reporting. forget the zeal of the radical dems in wanting to find something grave and impeachable in it. i can't find anything that even supports the reporting about it in advance. >> well, it doesn't. listen, it was selective leaks that were given to different
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reporters, sourced by people who didn't really have knowledge of it. we, you know, there was said there were promises made by the president. he didn't make any promises. eight mentions of joe biden, those weren't in there. lou: threatening certificate eleven sky, it goes on -- >> and we've got a great witness, the president of ukraine, sol lin sky, himself. listen, i'm all about this, but here's what we're going to find, we're going to find that adam schiff is going to rush this through before it falls apart. you know, the whole russia collusion fell apart, everything that they've done with cohen has fallen apart, he's in jail. and now they're going to try to run this through and have an impeachment vote before this narrative falls apart. but i can tell you it's already fallen apart. my republican colleagues, i've never seen them this engaged in the house ready to defend this president. they know what the democrats are doing is wrong, the american people know it as well. lou: yeah.
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i think it's pretty clear to the american people, certainly, that this is another, just another assault from the radical dems, the deep state, whomever. and for this person we're getting "the new york times" saying the whistleblower is a cia officer, for crying out loud, who was on temporary assignment to the white house. i mean, it just gets richer and richer and more preposterous than the previous dem plot. >> well, you're exactly right. but there are some similarities. if you notice this whistleblower complaint, they cite a whole lot of sources in the news. what we know from the previous russia collusion narrative, what did they quote? sources in the news that they actually put in the news so that they could report about it. i mean, you know, listen -- lou: why do you suppose the president calls that all fake news? [laughter] >> because it's exactly. that you know, i haven't used that term, fake news, but let me tell you when the reporting prior to this whistleblower's complaint coming out and the
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transcripts coming out -- and bravo to the president for releasing those. talk about a cover-up, this is the first time that i know of ever in the history of our country where we've actually taken a transcript between two leaders and given it unredacted, not a single redaction. lou: and we've got people clucking about what a terrible precedent it is for future presidents. i think they'll be making their judgments on their own. >> and, hopefully, they won't have leakers in the white house -- lou: who are doing it, you know, dealing with the same sort of nonsense this president must. we thank you for being here, congressman. >> great to be with you. lou: always great to see you. up next, our exclusive interview with the vice president, mike pence. why he says the democrats have moved forward with that impeachment inquiry and why he says president trump and vice president pence will be reelected.
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lou: president trump today standing up in the face of the endless efforts of the radical left to subvert his presidency. >> so many leaders came up to me today, and they said, sir, what you go through no president has
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ever gone through, and it's so bad for your country. people laugh at the stupidity of what they've asked for. lou: earlier i talked with vice president mike pence, and we began our conversation with what can only be categorized now as the wide open conflict between republicans and democrats. >> well, the first thing it means, lou, is that as the president said a week ago, he did nothing wrong. the represent the reveal -- the transcript reveals that despite reckless accusations in the media and by democrats on capitol hill that the president had somehow threatened aid to ukraine to demand a specific act, that it just never happened. the transcript is clear on that point. the ironic thing is the only time it did happen that we know about is when former vice president joe biden threatened over a billion dollars in aid to ukraine in exchange for a specific act. but in this case, you know, the president's within completely
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vindicated. and i think the american people look at this in the context not just of this week or this month, but really the last two and a half years. 63 million americans voted for president donald trump and to put this administration in the white house. and from the day after the election, the democrats have been trying to overturn the results of that election. two and a half years of reckless accusations, of obstruction, collusion with the russians, all of that panned out to be nothing, no collusion, no obstruction. last week democratses -- democrats were actually making baseless allegations against a supreme court justice calling for his impeachment, and now this week -- before she had many any of the facts, even though she knew that the transcript was going to be released today, speaker nancy pelosi initiates an impeach inquiry into this presidency, and i think the
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american people have had enough. they know they can't run against in the president's record. they can't run against a record of accomplishment that you talk about every night on this broadcast. and so they've decided to continue to look for one more way to try and overturn the election, and it's just, it's just not going to work. the american people see through it, and now that they have the transcript, they can see once again that the president did nothing wrong, that he had a conversation with a world leader, that he spoke about issues that were appropriate issues related to our strong relationship with ukraine, and it was nothing more than that. lou: and there's, obviously, from the tone of the transcript a very good relationship between the two leaders. and there have been other conversations complimenting him on his election, complimenting zelensky on winning the parliament. and zelensky talking about ridding you crane of corruption,
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the very essence of what the president is concerned about. >> lou, that's -- it's so important that you bring that up, because this was actually, this was actually a call following president zelensky's win in the parliamentary elections. his presidential victory was all built on an anti-corruption message. lou: right. >> and so the president wanted to speak about that. i mean, the united states of america has stood strong with ukraine ever since the russian military overran crimea and has been underwriting a savage war in the province of ukraine. different from the last administration, we've actually been providing defensive weapons. the obama administration was sending them blankets and pillows, but this president said, nope, we're going to stand for the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of ukraine. we've provided them with weapons, the ability to defend themselves. but the president was concerned about corruption, and seeing this new leader rise -- and president zelensky on a message
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of anti-corruption -- the president raised that issue, they both spoke about it. and that and, frankly, the lack of european support were both issues the president raised in this call and, frankly, has continued to raise throughout this administration. they were issues that i raised when i met with president zelensky in warsaw not long ago. lou: and we also are watching a president right now and a vice president who are standing tall together, united. the party, it's a question mark. because as we're talking, one with republican senator is saying anonymously -- because he dud r does not want to be straightforward about it as so many in this town occasionally do -- that he thinks releasing the transcript was a mistake because it means that he or he will have to -- he or she will have of to fight for the president, for the vice president of this administration. >> well, look, we're very heartened by the support already
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since the transcript was released on capitol hill. senator lindsey graham really focused the issue earlier today where he said last week his only concern was whether or not the president had threatened aid to ukraine for a specific act. and he said looking at the transcript, you can see that clearly didn't happen. despite the fact that democrats were repeating that allegation, our opponents in the media were off repeating that allegation on no basis whatsoever. but now we're hearing strong support from capitol hill. and i think they also appreciate the fact that this president said this was a perfect call early on. and despite the fact that it's -- it was a tough call for the president. because our leader has to have the ability to have candid conversation with leaders around the world. but at the end of the day, the president believed that this was a moment for transparency, this was a moment to give the american people the facts, and now that the facts are out, the
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american people can see that this was, this was an appropriate call talking about appropriate issues between the president of the united states and the president of ukraine, and there was no threat, there was no quid pro quo in this call. and the president felt it was important that the american people see that for themselves. lou: in fact, the transcript reveals zelensky saying to president trump, you know, you have been my teacher because of the, as the role model for winning his election. an unexpected win for zelensky as well as, of course, with the president in 2016. >> well, president zelensky had a career in television. lou: wonderful -- >> spent -- and our president has spent tom -- some time on television himself with great success. and when i met with president zelensky in poland, we sat down and talked about that. and i know that in their meeting
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today they'll make that very same connection. they're both non-convention alleyeders who are willing to lead from the front and drive for real progress. and i think, you know, at the end of the day i'd say that again, lou. present company accepted, most to to have media spends their time focusing whatever the latest criticism of this president or this administration is instead of focusing on an aamazing record that in the midst of reckless accusations over the last two and a half years we've rebuilt our military, we've revived the american economy through tax cuts, rolling back regulation, an energy revolution. we've seen more than 50 conservatives a appointed -- 150 conservatives appointed to our courts at every level. it's thanks all to the leadership of president donald trump. and whatever the democrats want to do with this latest allegation, with this latest effort, whatever it is, i promise you this president, this vice president, this administration is going to keep
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fighting to deliver for the american people. and that's why i think president trump's going to get four more years in the white house. and with all the shenanigans going on on capitol hill, i think we're going to reelect a republican majority to the house of representatives. lou: vice president mike pence. we'll have more with the vice president as we take the up the america first agenda of the trump administration before the, well, the globalist general assembly and how that, how that's being received by the radical left domestically.
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lou: we're back now with our exclusive interview with vice president mike pence. the vice president reacting to the president's strong rejection of globalism before the united nations general assembly. >> the speech at the united nations this week by the president of the united states was historic, and the important.
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and it was important. because in his first address to the united nations, he gave that view of america first. and remember, he received a round of applause when -- which is very rare at the u.n -- when he said we are always put the interests of america first, and we expect you to put the interests of your countries fist. lou: right. >> and it was greeted with applause. but yesterday we unpacked what we've been doing as a nation putting the interest of our people first. and all ofs it is in the context of the president, as you said, making it clear that this is an administration and a president that have rejected the globalist march that was weakening the american economy, you know, weakening our borders and immigration laws and moving america down a pathway of multi-national trade deals that will ultimately, ultimately
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weaken our strength for generations to come. the president's rejected all of that, but he demonstrated yesterday that as we've been strengthening our country and we've been standing up for the belief that the future belongs to patriots and to citizens of nations, that he also, he halls made it -- he also made it very clear that we're back to leading on the world stage. i mean, i can't tell you how many leaders around the world have told a dead, but certainly
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decaying philosophy. and, by the way, he has now supported scholars and think tanks, and some of them are awakingenning to new -- awakening to new possibilities because of the leadership of the trump administration. i want to close by asking you about the direction of the republican party, how you're going to galvanize and work against what is a bloody, blood thirsty democratic party that they seem to be winning more fights than they're losing, and the republicans don't seem to have the same passion, the same commitment. aside, of course, from you and the president. as i look at the senate, i look at the house, i scratch my head and i wonder what, what did you all deserve -- do to deserve
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such tepid support from the very people who should be excitedly following you? >> well, first, let me say the president i are very grateful for the support that we've had from leader mcconnell and republicans in the senate. 153 conservatives confirmed to our federal courts, including two supreme court justices. we are on a pathway for a historic number of principled men and women who will uphold the liberties in our constitution to our courts. we're also very grateful for leader kevin mccarthy and the way that he and steve scalise have martialed house republicans around one time after another defending this president, defending this administration, standing strong not just in the two years where we were able to pass tax cuts and roll back regulation and unleash american energy, but even in the midst of this democrat majority in the house of representatives. it's been house republicans that have been in the fight. but i think, to your point, the
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way we're going to win this election -- and i believe, i believe the american people are going to give president donald trump four more years in the white house, and we're going to put a republican majority back if the house of representatives -- is really because of the choice between freedom and socialism. i mean, the truth is that republicans now, under this president's leadership, have a record of how freedom works, how when we put america first, when we stand up for the rule of law, when we secure our borders and then we unleash the economy through less taxes, less regulation, more american energy and trade deals that put american jobs and american workers first, it all comes roaring back. 6.3 million new jobs, unemployment at a 50-year low, african-americans and hispanic-americans at the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded. it's an incredible story to tell about how freedom works, freedom works when we put america first
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and defend the freedom of the american people. the contrast on the other side is remarkable, lou. you and i have known each other a long time. i never thought i'd live to see the day that one of to two major parties in the united states of america would openly advocate an economic system that has impoverished millions for generations and robbed the liberties of people around the world in the last century. i mean, whoever the democrat nominee is their party has been overrun by radical politics, left-wing ideas and socialism masquerading as the green new deal, medicare for all, the whole range of issues that will infringe on the freedom of the american people, set us back on a pathway of economic decline. and i gotta tell you, when we take that case and when our team running for office for election and reelection on capitol hill takes that team, you give the american people a choice between
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freedom and socialism, they're going to choose freedom every time. lou: mr. vice president, thanks so much for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you,
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lou: joining us tonight, we're pleased to say the treasury secretary the, stephen my knew chip. great to have you with us. >> great to be here with you, thank you. lou: let's start with china and the united states and where we are in the negotiations, if they can still be called that that. >> well, i think, you know, ambassador lighthizer and i have been at this now for a while
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under the president's direction, and the president has been very clear. if we can get the right deal, he wants to do a deal. if we can't get the right deal, he's happy with the tariffs. lou: and the chinese position does not seem to have migrated toward anything approaching an end to the theft of hundreds of billions with of dollars in intellectual property and technology, to balance trade as a precept of any agreement. >> well, from our first meeting with president trump and president xi, president xi agreed that rebalancing the trade deficit was a priority. we've been working two years for that and, you're right, it's gone in the other direction. so the president determined that we have to have a fair and reciprocal relationship with trade, and it's been a one-way street. lou it has been a one-way street since the beginning of the chinese adventure, if you will, has it not?
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and to think that right now agriculture is going to be the number one export of the united states, the world's only superpower, the most saned economy and, my -- advanced economy, and my god, we're locked up around soybeans and agriculture. it's just extraordinary to me as an outsider looking in, it's extraordinary that that would be our first move forward. >> well, it's not that agriculture is is the most important issue. the most important issue, as you said, is the intellectual property. but the farmers and the fishermen are very important to the president. lou: it ought to be. >> and i would say, you know, we take it as a personal offense that they stopped buying agriculture. now, the good news is the chinese have agreed, and they've started buying again. lou: right. >> that's the good news. it's a sign offed good gesture that they're back at the table buying agriculture, and those
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are important people who have supported the president, so i've become a soybean president. lou: well, and i'm a soybean consumer like nearly everyone in this country, and i appreciate that. i do find it a little difficult to understand why china is so reticent to acknowledge at least the fundamental precepts. and i know that you and trade representative lighthizer have been absolutely fantastic in your negotiations. the president has, i think, been brilliant. for example, talking about agriculture, he's moved back significant billions of dollars, what is it, about $26 billion to the farmers out of that almost now more than $70 billion in tariffs. i mean, that's an extraordinary, to me, innovative way in which to deal with the problems in agriculture. >> the president was determined to make sure that the farmers were not collateral damage -- lou: right.
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>> -- in these discussions. but the good news is i think there is a desire for china to move forward with these reforms. they have their own issues internally. i think they're focused on them, and we have a good framework of an agreement. we'll see if we can move forward with that. lou: and we mentioned the sheldon edelson, apparently according to the reporting of the wall street journal, that, you know, that he didn't think it was such a great idea to proceed with tariffs and to disrupt the relationship. but understandably, most of his revenue comes from a macau. again, it's not a -- you just would expect there to be less vested interest in the counsel given the president. >> well, i've known sheldon for over 20 years, and he's really a
4:42 am
great business person. he's been a great supporter of the president -- lou: no doubt. >> -- during the campaign when other people weren't stepping up, hell don was stepping up. -- sheldon was stepping up. so i do think he has the right intentions. as you said, he does have interests there. but i think one of the issues is he has pretty good perception from having done business in china, and that's really his counsel. sheldon wants to see the right outcome here. he understands the issues of intellectual property, and this is the first president that's confronted these issues. lou: it is stunning when we think about the chronic year after year trade deficits with china. and wall street arguing that it is not a zero sum game, that there is no effect on economic growth even though we know it does affect actual savings, and it does, in fact, reduce the rate of economic growth in this country. this president and you and lighthizer have stood up against
4:43 am
the chinese, and i have to say probably they spent the first year just trying to get over their shock that an american government would say, no, you can't loot, pillage and plunder us any longer. >> well, as you know, the president not only likes tariffs, but he uses them strategically. and he's right. if it weren't for the tariffs, nobody would be at the table negotiating. so this is really an important tool in rebalancing this ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: a few concluding thoughts tonight on a few of this historic president's detractors and, of course, the radical dems who oppose everything he intends and achieves and a word of caution to them. let's begin with mitt romney, a tiresome fellow, his latest tweet is so a pathetic, it begins with a hypothetical. quote: romney is a know-nothing and the worse kind of rino who wanted to lead but who can't now follow the nation's true leader. it doesn't matter to romney or the radical dems that the so-called whistleblower has no firsthand knowledge of anything the president's enemies claimed, but that was enough for the ignorant and the venal to charge headlong into fabrications and
4:48 am
absurdly baseless calls to impeach the president. these people are worse than fools. they know better and still they lie. but this time they've been caught early, and the person who is being hoisted is none other than sleepy joe biden himself, because these are his words -- >> you're not getting the billion. i'm going to be leaving here in, what, i think it was six hours. if the president's not fired, you're not getting the money. lou: now, dear dem hopefuls and leftist media, biden is in full, glaring focus. and now finally we're about the watch what appears to be the beginning of an investigation of the obama/biden era and all of the political corruption it spawned.
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lou: joining us tonight, march immediate dylan, vice president of the national lawyers association, rnc committeewoman for the great state of california. march immediate, great to see you. i watched the speaker today say that she was going to do pretty much what jerry nadler had been begging her to do throughout and what is, in point of fact, he's been engaged in for weeks now. and it was all done so theatrically. no questions, please, for the august speaker because she's talking about real work. mean while, the house hasn't done any work.
4:53 am
it is a peculiar moment, and i have to say what law was broken and just exactly how do they know that that crime was committed? it's a bizarre moment in history. they look like, for all the world, like a hapless bunch of know-nothings trying to find relevance. >> it's really bewildering, lou, and i'm nancy pelosi's constituent with, by the way -- lou: congratulations. [laughter] >> pushing back on the squad and all the other people, but today she sort of gave in. and you're absolutely correct, the facts don't matter, the law doesn't matter, the will of the american people, two-thirds of whom don't support any kind of impeachment inquiry doesn't matter. all that matters is naked politics and short-term gain. i think this is going to be very distributive overall for the democrats, for citizens' trust in our democracy and how our government works and, ultimately, probably not going to hurt the president because
4:54 am
he's already been suffering from this type of a witch hunt since before his inauguration, lou, as you know. if it's not one thing, it's the other. it's a disgrace. lou: he's made it very clear that he swats fools and radical dems rather effectively and clears a path toward achievement. look at all that he's done despite all this nonsense from a party that was supposed to be to loyal but turns out to be obstructive. to me, the big question here is what will the republicans do in defense. and today mark meadows, amongst others, stepping up. we need -- i have to say kevin mccarthy, bless his heart, it's like he doesn't have a pulse, for god's sake. we're talking about the president of the united states being harassed, as he says -- and to me, being subverted --
4:55 am
what in the world does it take to light a fire under the leadership in the house and the senate? >> well, it's disappointing, but i'm hoping that they'll get themselves together and move forward with a more full-throated defense of our president and pushing back on the democrats and really calling this out for what it is. this is tearing up the constitution, throwing it out the window and doing anything they can to subvert the will of the people, and it needs to be called that. this is an ongoing effort at a coup, and, you know, the last time republicans tried to do this, by the way, it didn't really end up very well for republicans. so i think we need to call them out and really take it to them, but i haven't seen that so far today, you're right. and mitch mcconnell's comments weren't very helpful either -- lou: good lord. does he need resuscitation in i mean, what can we do for them to let them know that they have important jobs and an important responsibility to the american people in and, certainly, to the republican party? >> yeah, i agree. well, the good news is the
4:56 am
american people don't support this, and when everybody goes and checks with their pollsters, maybe they'll figure it out. i hope that's the case. it's really sad that it's come to this, but lou, it's politics. it isn't exactly the finest and brightest, shining example of high principle, unfortunately. lou: we're looking at things like senate bill 386 and every one of those, you know, those wags in the senate republican, you know, clucking like chickens headed to feed on the ground because the chamber of commerce wants them to have a -- [laughter] illegal immigrants' bill of rights, for crying out loud -- >> yeah. lou: we talked today, for example, the american hospital association, they oppose it outright because it is unfair, it is un-thought out, it is absolutely an assault on the working man woman in this country.
4:57 am
the president's base, by the way, i should point out -- middle class, small business, independents -- you know, and, by the way, it looks like we're going to see a substantial number of minorities, hispanics and african-americans join that base. in 2020. why in the world would anyone in that senate be permitted to disturb the president's inertia, excuse me, his momentum and trajectory? >> well, your you're absolutely right. and when you go back to the core issue of this ukraine situation, you know, both parties have been pushing for our government to give money away, big cash grants and munitions to all kinds of wealthy foreign countries. this president has consistently opposed that, be it nato, be it ukraine, be it south korea, be it any of these wealthy american allies had questioned it. that's consistent. and he should be applauded for asking questions beforehanding
4:58 am
out american stuff. and unfortunately, there's an industrial complex here that wants those munitions spent and paid for and given to everybody who asks. so that's one of these tensions here as well. i'm confident when this tape comes out tomorrow that the president's going to be shown to have acted in an aboveboard fashion and, frankly, if the president's hands are tied for suggesting -- then no president is gown to be free to do his job. and that's a bad day for america. lou: that isn't the law, and it isn't what the founders envisioned of being hamstrung by a bunch of radical partisans whatsoever. i just want to is have one quote from the president today because it sums up something as we're talking about these 386. let's turn to this quote. the future does not belong to the globalist -- do we have that? i'd like to share that with the audience. the future belongs to patriots,
4:59 am
the future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors and horn honor the differences that a made each country special and unique. that sounds to me -- >> amen. lou: -- like truth and our destiny. >> absolutely. it was a great speech he gave at the u.n. general assembly today. we need more of that. we need more governing from the democrats and republicans -- lou: stop, stop. the charade is to pretend that the democrats are going to participate in governance. let's be very clear. what this president has done, he has done on his own. >> yes. lou: without, often, his own party. and if we didn't have this president in office, we would really be subject to the madness that is led by chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. and, of course, the freshmen, the seven freshmen congressmen who are signing op-eds, aoc and the squad or the quad or
5:00 am
whatever in the world it is -- [laughter] but it doesn't add up to much or good enough. >> yeah. lou: harmeet, laugh it is 5:00. lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. cheryl: i'm cheryl casone. it is a new week and a new day at fox business. you may have already noticed our screen looks a bit different. we are incredibly excited about changes you'll be seeing not just on this show but across the entire network. lauren: and our new look and design isn't just here on the show. check out and the fox business app right now. cheryl: it is a new look across the board but the same team of business journalists that you know and trust. fox business is invested in you. let's get to the news this morning. "fbn: a.m." starts right now.


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