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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 30, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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the numbers, the headlines, it is certainly clearer and cleaner. i love it. congrats to you. cheryl: maria, have a great show. maria: see you in a few minutes. box business invested in you. mahappy monday. your top stories right now, 6:0. demanding details, president trump wants to meet with the whistleblower. he said -- and have the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff questioned for fraud and treason. we'll have the latest this morning. china trade turmoil continues this morning, china is urging a calm and rational solution to the ongoing battle as the economy continues to slow down. the white house pushes back on reports on limiting u.s. investments in china, saying it's not looking to do that right now. that story definitely moved markets on friday. all that ahead of high level talks set to to come this week in washington and of course the
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big meeting happening on octobe. futures this morning pointing to a sapointing ahigher opening. this is the phi fall da final de third quarter. we'll tell you how markets did this quarter. forever 21 filed for bankruptcy protection and is closing stores across the world. macy's closing down an iconic store as well. the state of the industry later this hour. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ let's get it started. ♪ let's get it started in here. ♪ let's get it started. ♪ let's get it started in here. ♪ let's he get i get it started. maria: we've got a packed show this morning. joining the conversation, dagen mcdowell, national security corporation chief market vast strategist art hogan and lee carter. how do you like the refresh? dagen: i love it. i love the website.
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i love what we're doing there. and it's just fresh and fresh and fresh. maria: it's a big refresh. dagen: i was paying close attention this morning. it's so easy to look at the screen and know what's going on. maria: we've got the headlines in clearer fashion. there are a lot of headlines today. the top story this morning is the whistleblower complaint. adam schiff planning to subpoena president trump's personal attorney for documents possibly as early as this week. i spoke with lawmakers and you rudy giuliani on sunday morning futures on fox news about this impeachment inquiry. watch. have you gotten subpoenaed? are you expecting to testify? what's next? >> i have not been subpoenaed. when i am, or if they call me and ask me if i would testify voluntarily, i'll take that matter up with my client. they forget about the fact, because they have no regard for constitutional rights and they treat president trump as if he has no constitutional rights, i'm his attorney. there's something called attorney/client privilege. that has to be considered even
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if they don't think he should have attorney/client privilege. maria: the reality is is that the democrats have the majority in the house. that means they have subpoena power. that means they are running the show. what are you going to do about that? they say there's was wrongdoing done in early 2016, they're refusing to look at. >> it would be nice if i say to my fellow republicans, it would be nice instead of attacking me, the messenger, without knowing what really is involved, if you give me the benefit of the doubt before you attack me and you take a look at what i have. maria: is the president in jeopardy of being removed from office? >> no, he's not in jeopardy of being removed from office. s he's in jeopardy to have the tipped onslaught of lies and half truths from a one sided investigation. >> i think that's what the democrats are going to have to explain, how is it okay for hillary clinton to hire a british foreign intelligence
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officer to approach russian government officials to dig up dirt on her opponent, donald trump, but it's not okay for donald trump to hire an american citizen to inquire into ukraine about allegations about his opponent and wrong disdoing with vice president biden and his son. maria: the latest here is the biden campaign is writing to major networks about giuliani saying this, we are writing today with grave concern that you continue to book rudy guliani on your air to spread false, debunked conspiracy theories on behalf of donald trump. the fact that the biden campaign called all the major networks, lee carter, to say don't book guliani was pretty stunning to me. what's your reaction. >> it's very stunning to me and i think the bottom line right now is that most people out there in ca the country are havg a hard time following what's going on. it seems so partisan. the fact that biden's campaign
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has done this is blocking more information from getting out there and i don't think people are going to like it. it seems right down partisan lines. i don't know. i don't know what they're trying to a accomplish by doing that. seems to me they're not helping their cause. maria: it's not affecting markets, right, art? >> it's amazing when you think about what markets care about. this is not one of those things. they will care if it feels like it will get u.s.-china trade war alleviated. i think it's true of other times in history when there's been an impeachment process. we saw that in the '90s. we were in a bull market when it started and when it ended. in the '70s we were in a bear market when it started and ended. maria: when the hearing first started last week, the chairman of the committee, adam schiff, came out and was explaining the
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letter that -- i'm sorry, the transcript of the phone call between the president and the be president of ukraine. he made it up. he actually did not read from the actual transcript but instead he e embellished and he said later, oh, well, it's just a parody. there was a lot of debate around that. president tweeted, asking if adam schiff committed treason by doing that. he weighed in on the whistleblower, writing this, in addition i want to meet not only my accuser, who presented second around third hand information but also the person who illegally gave the information which was largely incorrect to the whistleblower. was this person spying on the u.s. president? big consequences. he says was this person spying on the president because we know that the early information in the steele dossier came from ukraine. and that is why -- just to connect the dots here, that is why the president and his lawyer wanted to get more information in ukraine because they know
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that the dossier contents started there and that dossier was paid for by hillary clinton and used to frame donald trump. dagen: but nevertheless, the language matters. the i way that adam schiff started that hearing, because again, it was a dray be ma particuladraydramaticrendering. itit it was just fiction. if you read the transcript of that call with the president of ukraine and the problem is most americans probably won't read the transcript or even read word for word the whistleblower complaint on their own. they're leaving it up to people who are wearing microphones and makeup for a living to interpret that. so president trump has always shot from the hip and communicated in a way that nobody -- no politician ever has. but if you read that transcript, the issue is -- and again, these
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are not -- these conversations between leaders are not recorded. but again, when you look at a transcript of that, it looks -- the fact that biden, joe biden even comes up is a problem and the wall street journal wrote about rudy giuliani with respect to mr. guliani, but that he is not the best person to be communicating this in terms of -- i'll find out -- i'll find it, what he said. maria: senator kennedy, i mentioned this yesterday, said to one of his colleagues, i wish he would just shut up. because there's a muddying of the situation going on because he's rambling a lot. this was -- and we know that secretary pompeo was upset with rudy giuliani and we also know that you've got william boa wilr upset that he was put in the same bucket as the president's
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personal lawyer. i have the transcript right here and i have the whistleblower letter right here. so, i mean, we've gone through these. dagen: the president likes to be on twitter but he quoted -- there was a reference, it was robert jeffers that he quoted on twitter and it referred to a civil war-like uprising by evangelicals if this president was impeached and even adam kinsinger and he called it repugnant that he would reference a civil war. so at this point with the country on edge and there's a lot of information to digest and a lot of misinformation, we better be careful the way we express ourselves. 55% of people in the new cbs news poll released on sunday taken at the end of last week, 55% of americans, 87% of democrats, say they approve of the impeachment inquiry.
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so that's what happens in terms of the language that's being used. >> i think the hard thing right now is that it's really hard to get information about this without any yo bias, without any slant. in preparing for the show today, i was like let's get a list of of the facts. you can't find it anywhere. the president has to be very, very careful about how he communicates. maria: i also feel like after three years of the russia collusion story which was not true and made up, we need to see accountability. so i really can't take a lot of this seriously until i actually see the acknowledgement of the wrong-doing of what went on and why american se citizens were wiretapped and informants were thrown at them for no reason. dagen: i was referring to the wall street journal editorial after the transcript of the call came out last week. they referred -- they said president trump was reckless to use former new york mayor rudy giuliani as an anti-corrupt envoy or for anything else.
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rudy is an unguided mic missilen tv and can't be much better in private. the justice and state department have plenty of people to work with ukraine on corruption. i wanted to reference that. maria: unguided missile. i want to get your take on china. we have news on china and the u.s.-china trade situation. the chinese vice commerce minister commented hoping they can resolve the dispute with a quote, unquote, a calm and rational attitude. u.s.-china trade talks with expected to begin in october, october 10th is the day we're looking at. art hogan, that's after golden week. we'll probably see this story quiet down going into golden week for china, which is their big holiday. early october, we'll see what happens with the talks. >> the good news here is the tone has shifted significantly and become much more constructive and those steps are very small but they're very
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important. so we postponed putting additional tariffs on chinese exports. we did that because, a, golden week and, b, it's the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china. that was a step in the right direction. they in turn started buying more agriculture products. we're in a place where it feels like both places want to get something accomplished. my feeling is it will be more constructive than it was in the month of august. dagen: in the short run, how much damage has already been done? tomorrow we get institute and supply management on manufacturing, it contracted in august, expected to bounce back above the 50 mark and then at the end of the week we get the jobs report, 4,000 manufacturing jobs, that's been a hard-hit area. but again, policy mistakes will matter and floating an ideal which rattled markets on friday about restricting bilateral
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u.s.-china investment, the administration says they're not going to do it right now. language matters, be very careful we don't rattle not just the markets but the people who create jobs in the country, small and large businesses. maria: i was surprised to see they're pulling back on that idea of restricting flows. the showdown in hong kong is continuing. do you have the -- this is the 17th straight week. whathere were more violent prots over the weekend. it got violent this weeknd and it's the 17th week. luxury on the line, renewed interest in barney's new york, the struggling retailer getting a much needed boost coming up. we've got all the details coming up. stay with us. ♪ ♪ things you can do with schwab: you can earn more when you invest your cash. ♪
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maria: welcome back. a new york city police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. lauren simonetti on headlines
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this morning. lauren. lauren: maria, the officer died early yesterday morning. the 33-year-old with nearly 7 years on the job may have been shot with his own gun as he tried to arrest an armed suspect in the bronx. the suspect was shot and killed. the officer's death comes as houston is prep preparing to pe to one of the sheriff's deput deputies. thdeputies. overseas, the hong kong protests in the 17th week. police and protesters clashing again over the weekend ahead of the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china, that's tomorrow. there are fears the events could invite more bloody testimony demonstrations. the murder suspec sus -- cvs isa popular heartburn medication off of its shelves. no recall of the product.
6:18 am
customers who purchased the products at cvs can return it for a refund. the company is conducting its own investigation. maria: thank you so much. we're going to take a short break. when we come back, the retail ice age, forever 21 files for chapter 11 bankruptcy, it says it's going to close hundreds of stores across the country. and watch as a couple gets married during the patriots, bills game last night. you won't believe who gave the bride away as well. she said yes. back in a minute. ♪ i want to love you madly. ♪ i want to love you now. ♪ i want to love you madly. ♪ i want to love you. ♪ i want to love you, love you, love you madly. eed. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need.
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maria: welcome back. markets are higher this morning, take a look at few churks indicating a gain at the dow industrials of 75 points, the nasdaq up 38. this is the last trading day of the third quarter. it's been a mixed picture. the dow, s&p 500 on track for modest gains for this three-month period. the nasdaq down actually for this three-month period for the third quarter, down nearly 1% on the quarter. joining us now to talk about markets and investing, john kadunis. great to see you. $25 billion assets under management. have you to make decisions in terms of how toa allocate capital. has anything changed in the face of the headlines. >> there's a lot of event risk going on with all the things you mention and volatility's here and i don't think it's going anywhere. maria: has anything changed in terms of investor flows, investor sentiment. >> it plays to what we're good
6:23 am
at of. we have a lot of funds that per reallreal perform really well ur volatile markets. we have a fund that beat out blackstone last month. it basically gives you lie borer plus 300 no matter where interest rates are, and people want that security. maria: so just to be clear. have investors done anything different in the face of all of these headlines? are you seeing the same -- are you just seeing volatility up? >> we're seeing people -- we're seeing a lot of inflows right now. maria: inflows, great. >> people want security. people want active management, they want their hands held and we keep telling people, it's very important to be invested in the market and not just shy away. maria: that's what art said earlier. look, it's not affecting people's ability or desire to invest. >> it's not yet economic. i'm curious, are you surprised that we haven't seen a lift in the russell 2000, a lot more domestically focused with the
6:24 am
kind of international turmoil that's going on around the world? it feels as though that separation, the gap between the performance and the russell 2 and the s&p 500 has been historically large this year. is there anything you can see that might close that gap? >> i think it's very, very perceptive of you. i think now's the time to be buying that. a lot of the small cap -- we just purchased a firm that specializes in small cap, domestic small cap. i think a lot of that is shielded from the trade wars because you're looking at mid--ize to small companies that don't have that much to do with the international trade. whatever happens in terms of the negotiations with china and everything else, it's somewhat shielded from that and there's a lot more upside if you pick the right stocks. it's not as well covered as the blue chips and whatnot. i think it's been lagging. i think it's been underperforming. i think now is the time to buy and we're going to see a nice kickoff in that sector.
6:25 am
dagen: if you think that small caps are going to perform well, and i'll note had that other -- both the dow transports are negative for the quarter, for the third quarter, the dow transports, the russell 2000 being of the a five major market gauges the toughest or hardest-hit there. but the dow transports have been down more than 1% and then the nasdaq composite down less than 1% for the quarter. but does that mean that the economy is going to grow faster if you think that the small caps are a good buy here? >> well, i think it's more of a bottom-youp, more company specic than the total economy. in terms of the economy, i think the economy is strong domestically. i think it's going to be volatile because of the event risk. if you look at consumers, they're really strong. dagen: not as strong last month, though. again, personal consumption it only was up 1/10 of a percent. for seven months higher the average was half of 1%.
6:26 am
>> no question but it's a lot stronger than any other place in the world. if you have so much growth for so long it's definitely going to taper off. and it has. maria: what did you think of the story in the journal, fewer stocks participating in market's rally, basically saying many are hovering near record levels but struggling to break out of a narrow trading range. last week 106 terms in the index hit 52-week highs, down from 293 in mid-june, according to fact set. that's what the journal is reporting this morning. >> we're seeing that. this is where you -- maria: the stock picker's market. >> it's a stock picker's market. have you to have people that have been doing this for a long time picking the stocks, bottom-up, looking at the valuations, looking to see are they guarded against interest rate moves, are they guarded against trade. you know, what are the companies
6:27 am
-- where is the growth. there's cyclicality going on. you need professionals to pick the stocks. maria: sometimes. the indexes have done pretty well without the professionals. they're not paying the big fees. >> when markets are going one way for a long time, absolutely. dagen: i covered finance for 25 years and that's one of the oldest songs i ever heard. you buy in index and hold it for a long period of time for your average person that's been money-making way. maria: sounds like you want to own stocks regardless in this environment. >> i think you need to be invested in order to participate in the -- we've seen when the markets fall, they come back very quickly and if you pull out, you're not going to get that return. maria: all right. we'll leave it there. john, great to see you. thank you so much. coming up, the immigration debate, a federal court blocking president trump's fast tracking plan for deportation. acting director of u.s. citizenship and immigration
6:28 am
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and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. maria: welcome back, good monday morning, last day of third quarter, top stories 6:31 a.m. on the east coast, futures indicating higher opening as third quarter comes to an end, dow industrials up 80 points today, s&p is up 10 and nasdaq up 39, there are concerns of trade and impeachment uncertainty weighed on the market last week, take a look at the week, the s&p down 1% and the nasdaq down better than 2%, global market this is morning, european indices are mixed, the
6:32 am
cac quarante is up 5 and the dax index is 2 and a half, fractional moves this morning in the euro zone, checking overnight in asia, markets mixed there with the best performers in hong kong half percent and nikkei average in japan down half percent and shanghai composite in china down almost 1%, china is purchasing manager's index for month of september 49.8 beat expectations, however manufacturing sector in contraction mode. they always point pmi's move market. focused on retail this morning, forever 21 filing bankruptcy protection, macy is closing iconic stores as well, state of the industry. a couple says i do on the field during half time of the bills-patriots game, details on
6:33 am
that monday morning top story half an hour is the border battle, federal judge blocked the trump administration from enacting policies to expand the government's ability to deport illegal immigrants from the united states without going through the courts, the trump administration to appeal the judge's ruling saying the move was necessary to address the major backlog in the court system this coming as internal memo from the chicago police department is telling all officers that require supervisor to respond to any request from homeland security and that the police have been told to leave the scene if the supervisor is not present, joining me right now is u.s. citizenship and immigration service's acting director ken, director, good to see you this morning, thank you so much for being here. >> good to be with you, maria. maria: fist let's talk about the letter from the chicago leadership telling their police to walk away if a supervisor is not there, your reaction and what do you think this is -- how does this play out?
6:34 am
>> well, look, this is -- people on the extreme left like the leadership in chicago keep trying to find new ways to additionally politicized this law enforcement relationship. maria, if you look back in history, you can't find many times when state, local and federal law enforcement didn't work together and by that i mean put politics aside of whoever their leadership was to simply enforce the law and to protect one another because that's -- that's what chicago is intentionally doing here, they are trying and they would never admit it but they are trying to put at risk federal law enforcement officers, they are trying to make their job harder and they are also -- and what they invite on the street is more of a scramble rather than cooperation that -- that promotes public safety, it's a really sad additional step in the sanctuary city direction of cities like chicago and it's
6:35 am
proven to be a terrible disaster from a public safety standpoint but people like the mayor of chicago are willing to sacrifice their own people to violent crime in order to make a political point. maria: you know, it's also an issue around the police, if you don't feel like you have the leadership support for the police, are you going to come out and -- and support the community? i mean, i'm worried at this as i look at some of the cities across the country, you see the homelessness issue in la and homelessness and crime in new york, i'm wondering if it's partly that the police feel that they do not have the support of the local governments and they're not -- they're not going to be aggressive in terms of what could be considered petty crimes, this is a big issue. >> it is a big issue.
6:36 am
let's point to new york, new york in 90's, exactly what we are seeing today, liberal do-nothing police policies, i don't blame the police, this comes from the leadership with additional crime and not just up petty crime, goes up a ladder and you can address, near zero tolerance policy of petty crime that improves the life of new york city. maria: i understand that they're going to close riker's island, three quarters of the inmates out, nobody is telling the community, we will be be watching the story but i'm watching closely. i want to ask you about catch and release. the trump administration said is end controversial program on the heels of country of origin.
6:37 am
i know the numbers have come way down because of the partnerships with méxico and guatemala. >> yeah, that's quite true and el salvador and honduras which honduras was expanded last week again, these are great successes based on the president's international diplomacy and he's done it in a way completely different from predecessors republican and democrat, the judge's ruling, you know, maria, what this is most -- most and same judge comes back, i don't want you to do anyway, this is a wildly radical activist judge who has decided to become president for a day and make her own policies and i expect us to prevail on appeal and we will be helped by this, maria, by the supreme court's ruling almost 3
6:38 am
weeks ago now where they lifted an injunction out of ninth circuit pending case, the full court, not just one justice and it really came out of the blue and i think it would be a real shot across the court of appeals to rein in activists judges like you see here. maria: we are showing pictures of when i took the show to the border and compelling watching all those children and how they are impacted, some of them alone and then there's a whole open area when you come from méxico into the united states and basically when you try to cross the border, first you to have the drug lords and that's a dangerous situation in and of itself. i want to ask you about honduras, that would seal off northern triangle to migrants, tell me about new path, why is it important and what's the impact? >> well, first of all, it's important because honduras was the last of the northern
6:39 am
triangle plus méxico to be entering into the agreements with the united states and so last week with the signing of a number of agreements with honduras was a great step forward in regionally addressing illegal immigration and have honduras on board in that effort is tremendous aid, will now be sharing in real-time law enforcement data so they can enforce their borders when people are crossing into honduras. maria: i see. >> and we get their information as well. this aids us at the border to moving to more accurate identification of who is coming who also in turn allows us to return them more quickly to their home countries and that's the goal for us at the southern border. maria: don't you need donning pass a law, you know, in the last 6 months we have seen all the back and forth about the asylum laws and about catch and release, where are you in terms of what you need to see from congress, i don't know if anything gets done given the
6:40 am
headlines that we are talking about today. >> i tell you -- right. congress in the one instance when they actually did what the experts had been asking them to do for six months, we saw that particular problem which in that case was the overcrowding with respect to children, we solved that problem virtually immediately. if they would listen to the experts and, you know, we just talked about the judge's ruling here, the position of the trump administration on keeping families together in detention which is what the judge's ruling was about is the same as the obama administration's position, this is just common sense in detention and law enforcement and in immigration enforcement, it is not left, right all of the time and when we don't have a congress that will engage to close the loopholes, we are left to the more limited authorities we have but the president is throwing every single thing at the problem and we are having great success with our allies in the northern triangle and
6:41 am
northern méxico. maria: congress is enures once again, we will wait. ken cuchenelle. itwill close hundreds of stores. you won't believe who gave the bride away, back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back, forever 21 filing for bankruptcy protections, lauren simonetti. lauren: closing hundreds of stores including 178 in the u.s., favoriteover teenage
6:46 am
girls. forever 21 went on rapid store expansion mostly in shopping malls after 2008 recession just as shopping was starting to shift online, the retailer says it will keep stores in latin america open, top stories on fox potential buyers are expecting special interest in barneys, authentic brands nordstrom to look at luxury struggling retail er. macy's landmark store in downtown seattle is closing, shut its doors at the end of february, no word on why macy's is closing that iconic location, look at that, maria. unbelievable. maria: it is unbelievable when you see iconic store like that close and it also underlines the bifurcation happening in the retail sector, some stores are doing really well and others are
6:47 am
struggling whether it's malls and some department stores, what do you think, dagen. dagen: expansion for forever 21 which quite frankly turned into a joke, it was the fashions were so cheaply made and way too young that you couldn't attract a shopper who was really over the age of 30 and when they went into these new spaces in their post 2008 expansion it went into space that is were double or trip it will size of previous locations and then they went into different categories like men's wear, footwear, and other categories like that, none of this made any sense, but forever 21 and barneys have something in common, it's just poor manage ment. a complete lack of judgment when it came to online integration, you can exist as a brick and mortal retailer if you have a rational online component.
6:48 am
>> right. >> neither one of the companies did and barneys is still hurting, if you look online at the merchandise available, there's a lot missing in terms of the availability of merchandise and designers, again, that brings the issue about it continuing to be a growing concern. [laughter] >> i said are you surprise at all of forever 21 stores, it was 15 minutes and they got too big, they took up too much square footage and lost its appeal, kind of cool, t-shirt, skirt, reasonable price, they are trying to do too much with too much space. maria: autumn snowstorm, parts of montana buried by powerful winter blast, full forecast after break, a couple becomes the first pair to tie the knot in nfl game last night, you won't believe who gave the bride
6:49 am
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maria: welcome back, busy sports sunday, jared max with the rundown. jared: good morning, maria, busy, indeed, antonio brown will file grievances and appeal against the nfl simultaneously, seventh time probowl receiver accused by women of sexual
6:53 am
misconduct. contract with patriots and oakland raiders, he wants more than $61 million including 29 million in salary guarantied with the raiders, 20 million in option for next year with new england as well as 9 million-dollar signing bonus from the patriots which some argue he may be able to recover. dallas cowboys, no longer unbeaten, sunday night if you believe in orleans, no touchdown , four field goals, so the cowboys come up short and suffer both lost, both 3-1, saints win it 12-10. ever gone to wedding attended by 70,000 people, that happened yesterday, first wedding ever at nfl game, buffalo bills hall of famer and cancer survivor jim kelly on the field at half time to give away the bride to jordan, first date a bills game
6:54 am
2008, they won contest of 1400 people to get hitched at the former rich stadium. baseball playoffs began tomorrow, will the home run derby continue, in 14 of 30 major league baseball teams hit more home runs than ever before as the league 11%, 676 the record, the twins had 607 and that's a new record, tomorrow we will say welcome to october baseball, national league one game wild card washington, d.c. between nationals and brewers, wednesday the ace's host the raves, nascar race in charlotte, chase elliot and alex finish first and second. busy times in sports, nfl fun times, baseball very exciting. dagen: anxious to -- >> i want to talk about the giants. jared: new quarterback, 2-0 as
6:55 am
starter. >> no way, look at what happened. dagen: you were playing the redskins, so if you -- [laughter] dagen: i mean, hold your nose when you watch my redskins play. >> fair enough. maria: i love talking about baseball beginning around playoffs, yes, it was first game of the playoffs back in 2006 when i threw the first pitch and i got it right over the plate and i was so happy about that and by the way, when i got it over the plate, i was so hyped because i had never actually pitched ever, okay, but when i got to the plate and i first went and i did like -- victory lap before i threw the ball, i thought to myself, oh, my god, i can't believe i'm doing this, i said to my trainer, i sad, dan, i can't believe i'm here, what the heck am i doing here, i don't play baseball, this is a lesson for everybody i think in all walks of life, he said to me, maria, you've prepared, we've been pitching, you've been
6:56 am
working hard on this, you are exactly where you're supposed to be, now go do what you're supposed to do and i said, yeah, you're right. i got out to the plate and i got it right over the plate, okay, so i'm just saying, prepare, you get the confidence and you can do it. this is empowering. >> former president bush, derek jeter told him after 9/11, mr. president, you better get the ball over the plate or they will boo you and exactly. maria: 60,000 fans watching me in my hometown, i was psyched to do that. jared, good stuff, catch jared sports reports fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115, quick break, president trump's joining me and respond to new allegations this morning, rocket man, brand-new rocket ship, that and a lot more
6:57 am
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$4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, september 30th. your top stories right now. markets are higher this morning. take a look at futures, indicating a gain at the start of trading. we are off of the best levels of the morning, this is the final day of the third quarter. and markets have been trading up as the third quarter comes to a close, but the gain has been cut in half, about. there are some concerns about trade and the impeachment uncertainty. that weighed on stocks certainly last week, dow industrials were down half a percent last week, s&p was down 1% and nasdaq was down better than 2%. global markets this morning are mixed. the cac is negative and the dax index just turned negative, down 10 points. there are fractional moves so
7:01 am
far, the major indices end kateing a decline in -- indicating a decline in europe this morning. the best performers were in hong kong, up half a percent. the chinese purchasing manager's index for the month of september is out, came in at 49.8, above expectations. it indicates the manufacturing sector is in contraction mode. over in japan, august factory output fell more than expected due to the closing -- the slowing overseas demand. top story this hour, the impeachment push is heating up. democrats are pinning their impeachment inquiry on the whistleblower that they refuse to identify. the whistleblower's attorney is now slamming 60 minutes, claiming the news program, quote, completely misrepresented an important document after the show tweeted that the whistleblower is now unfederal protection. this as adam schiff told 60 minutes that more subpoenas are coming. watch. >> we're going to need evidence from rudy giuliani and it's our intention as soon as first thing
7:02 am
next week to subpoena him for documents and there may very welcome a time where we want to hear from him directly. maria: joining me right now is the man himself, the personal attorney for president trump, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. good to see you. thanks for being here again. >> thank you for having me on. although i've been banned thank you for having the courage to have me on they must think i'm very dangerous. maria: you've been tweeting this morning, about the controversy. let's talk about what you referred to. we had letters, the biden campaign is demanding major networks stop booking you as a guest on their programs. the campaign wrote this letter, reading in part, quote, by giving him your air time, you are allowing him to introduce increasingly unhinged, unfounded and desperate lies into the nationational conversation. your response to this letter from the biden campaign, rudy. >> the reason they were rattled yesterday is because they were
7:03 am
confronted on your show with something they don't know about. facts. i didn't do anything unhinged. maria: you brought affidavits to the show yesterday. >> we presented it, basically says joe biden is guilty of bribery. the whistleblower is hiding somewhere. maria: s hoshoken is the proser in ukraine. he was fired. >> they want me to be silenced not because i'm unhinged, but because i have a facts. i have a new one today. maria: you have another affidavit? >> i've got a lot of affidavits and a lot of statements, even videotapes. so this one is -- you know how they said he was -- shoken was dismissed for corruption and there's was no investigation going on? this was a apology from the peoe
7:04 am
representing biden's son, it's an apology for dissemination of false information from u.s. representatives and public figures on the activity o the a. we had to e exaggerate the clais of corruption for cover the firing. maria: wow. >> corruption -- look, i'm not trying to be insulting but corruption is rather prevalent in ukraine. if he was really corrupt he would have a big car and big home. the other phony thing they did yesterday, on all the shows and all the media bought it, they put a guy named rick sanko on who said i didn't see any criminality on biden in ukraine. because he's the corrupt prosecutor who dismissed the case. maria: are you getting at all the feeling that all of this is becoming a blur to the american people? >> no, no, i'm getting the feeling that the house of cards is starting to fall on biden.
7:05 am
it's going to be i'l impossibler schiff to pull this thing on the president when biden actually did what he's claiming the president did and they're trying to ignore it. maria: do you think you should have brought this up sooner, rather than not bringing it up as it looks like it's a response to what they're saying to you, that you went to ukraine, met with people, you're the president's personal attorney, maybe you should not have been meeting with ukrainian -- because if there's real wrong-doing that hunter biden did, why are we learning about this now. >> i brought it out in march, april and may and i wrote about it and i tweeted about it why is this getting lost? >> because the media covered it up. that's why. because they're corrupt and they covered it up. i think thigh first public -- i think my first public statement about this goes back to february i've written and tweeted about it. you i lay out the crime -- i lay out the crime of bribery, like i
7:06 am
did in law school. it's absurd to run away from this. the crime of bribery is offering something of value in exchange of official action. jomaria: $1.2 billion of amerin aid -- >> which they desperately needed. it could be anything of value. maria: now they're charging take that the president did that. so now they're charging that's what the president did by holding back aid while in fact he was waiting to get scoop on joe biden and his son and about the origins of the russia probe. >> we have proof, they don't. this is called direct evidence. what they have is hearsay evidence which except for this like shady change in the rules would have been totally -- maria: i want to ask you about this. this is a good point you brought up. >> we have schiff basically
7:07 am
predicting two weeks earlier almost a language of the lawyer's complaint. maria: that's a good point. the president fired back at adam schiff in a tweet storm last night saying schiff may actually be the one committing treason. he said the president also -- the be president also saying that he deserves to meet his accuser. we have the sound bite of adam schiff when he first started the committee and he basically embellished what the letter said. that's what the president was -- >> he lied about the letter. he didn't embellish. he stood in front of the american people with millions of people listening and he lied. he put on a stupid phony show just like he lied when he said he had direct evidence of russian collusion. i'm waiting for it, schiff. we'll ask him to produce the evidence. maria: will you testify when you're subpoenaed? he said the subpoena is coming, by the way. >> well, maybe he should give it to the new york times and washington post. they can do use tell work for him -- useful work for him. maria: will you testify.
7:08 am
>> i can't answer that question right now. that's a difficult question for a lawyer. despite the fact that the swamp media doesn't accept it, even president trump as has constitutional rights called the right to counsel, attorney/client privilege, attorney das/client work produc, things like that. i would like to challenge the ledge it massey of the -- edge legitimacy of the committee. they're proceeding as if it's impeachment, formal impeachment. it's not. had they never got a vote of congress. i don't know what a court would do with a subpoena from an illegitimate committee like that. maria: the former ag, he was on sunday morning futures with me, he said this about president trump's phone call with the ukraine leader. watch this. michael mukasey, you are a voice that is independent and we can trust. did the president do anything wrong here that the american people need to understand?
7:09 am
>> wrong, you mean illegal? maria: yeah. >> no. he suggested that he was talking to a foreign leader about getting information that might be useful to him in an election is probably indies create. indies create. it's not -- indiscrete. maria: he wrote an op ed in the journal. i want you to connect the dots for us here. why was the early contents of the steele dossier, which we know hillary clinton paid for, that started in ukraine? >> you're darn right it did. one of the cases that was dismissed by biden is the case on georgon george sore soros coy one of these networks including chris wallace yesterday, he said giuliani was digging up dirt for the 2020 election. like heck i was. you know what is was doing? i was investigating allegations
7:10 am
that go back to november of last year, before biden was even a candidate, of massive corruption that interfered with the information that i could have used to ward off the entire mueller probe. when we get that information, plus a little bit more, i think we're going to be pretty close to showing that this was an entire frame-up in which four or five governments were involved and somebody in obama-land was orchestrating it. i asked the question, in december of 2015 the new york times wrote a terrible article about the bidens, about how can biden talk about corruption in ukraine when his son is pulling down millions from the most corrupt oligarch. at that point did biden wake up out of his sleep and did he rea lies what his son was doing? how can he say he didn't know? he doesn't read the times? did obama call him in. maria: very few people have signed the spotlight on the orallorigins of the rub russia i
7:11 am
have. i understand. i know what went on. however, where are the indict machines? i asked you this -- indictments. i asked you this yesterday. when will we see bill barr come out and explain how donald trump was framed and what about john durham's investigation. how come this is taking so long? half of the country still thinks he colluded. you know that. >> i have to be very discrete about this, but when my fellow republicans criticize my doing this investigation, who was doing it? if i didn't do it? we have a senate. they've known this corruption by biden -- maria: where is the deep dive? >> excuse me. i love lindsey. i can't help but think the fact that he's an ex-senator -- look, the facts have been out there since 2015. maria: yeah, yeah. >> the facts have been out there about the conflict, the massive conflict. the facts have been out there for two years given s the book.
7:12 am
nobody in the fbi -- my witnesses say the fbi deliberately pushed him away and so did doj. i had to investigate it myself and put it out publicly. maria: yes, you did, yes, you did. i wonder if you think this is getting muddied in the water. anybody on either side of the aisle should be upset if peter strzok and andrew mccabe tried to reverse the election where people voted. anybody should be upset. however, now with all of this -- they are muddying the waters. are you concerned that people just don't understand what's going on? i spoke yesterday with ohio congressman mike turner. i asked him about schiff's version which he called a parody which he came and he had his own version of the president's phone call with the be president of ukraine. here's what he said. >> he instead sat down and read things that were just absolutely
7:13 am
false, putting words in the president's mouth that the president did not say. i believe he did so, because if you read what the president said, they're not as helpful to adam schiff's case because he had to make things up. fiction is always better when you write it yourself. this is what adam's been doing since he had the gavel this year. maria: he also said i'm still -- i don't think it was okay that the president brought up biden to the ukrainian leader. >> when you consider the fact what the president is talking about is what could be a he very serious crime committed by the vice president of the united states that compromises our country, why do you think the ukrainians paid hunter biden that much money? why do you think chinese paid him that much money? for his skill? i mean, the poor kid is challenged. you know that. i mean, it's a shame -- maria: i don't know that. i don't know anything about hunter biden. >> one fact. shortly before the ukrainians put him into this multimillion dollar job, he got thrown out of the military for drugged drug a.
7:14 am
you don't put a guy on the board of a company p who has a problem like this and the chinese don't pay him $1.5 billion. maria: the chinese understand -- i know the chinese do that. they try to buy -- >> let's talk like regular people. what were the chais niec chai cg -- chinese buying? 0 00 der buy00 hunter biden's sg through all of this. half the country thinks the president will be out of office and impeached. >> i must be doing a pretty good job or they wouldn't want to silence me. if i was screwing up, do you think they wouldn't let me just keep going? i'm pretty proud of the fact -- i think i'm the first guy that a presidential campaign a was stupid enough to say let's silence him. i know why they're doing it. they know i have the affidavits and the facts. they deal with lies. all the time. and they lie so much and the press doesn't call them on it. they get sloppy. maria: you're here today. we wanted to see the facts.
7:15 am
we thank you. >> we've got about 10 more of these. maria: we'll come back and you'll tell us about it. >> five, six witnesses. maria: next up, china trade. stay with us. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) performance comes in lots of flavors. there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind.
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to your company's apps to bringing you loyalty programs, our technology and financial solutions are changing what's possible in all sorts of ways. so, how can we change what's possible for you? maria: welcome back. i want to thank rudy giuliani for joining us. i also want to say we have called vice president joe biden. i welcome the opportunity to have the former vice president on any of these programs. he's obviously writing a letter to the nea news networks not toe rudy giuliani on. please vice president biden, please join me when you can. police in illinois filed a state terrorism charge against a man accused of driving his suv through a suburban mall. lauren simonetti has the details. lauren: the 22-year-old is held without bail afte allegingly crg through the mall earlier this month. shoppers were forced to run for their lives.
7:19 am
he is also charged with criminal p damage to property. he could face up to 30 years behind bars. a big change for british pee pole trolpetroleum. the ceo is planning to retire. he took over after the deep water horizon explosion and oil spill in the gulf of mexico. bp says there is no pressure for him to step down and the successor may not be announced until next year. the stock you is down a bit here. elon musk unveiling a new spacex spacecraft made of stainless steel. musk says it will carry crew to the moon, mars, or anywhere else in the solar system and land back on earth. he said it will take off for the first time in maybe a month or two. the movie abominable is
7:20 am
unstoppable at the box office. >> i don't know where you came from. >> he escaped. >> i want my yeti back. lauren: the dream works film earning about $21 million in ticket sales over the weekend. that did beat out judy, which placed second and downton abbey finished third, second weekend for downton abbey. i thought it would have done a little better. maria: i love animated films. lauren: this is not one of the best ones for dream works. maria: markets are in focus, we want to zero in on oil, the saudi crown prince sounded off on a potential conflict with iran. oil is down about 1%. we'll talk about that coming up. and general motors versus the uaw, talks with auto workers entering the third week, where the two sides stand when we come right back. ♪ right now. ♪ come on, it's everything. ♪ right now. ♪ 300 miles an hour,
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maria: welcome back. middle east tensions in focus this morning. the crown prince of saudi arabia telling 60 minutes last night what that tensions with iran could lead to massive instability for global oil markets following the attacks on saudi oil facilities. watch. >> if the world does not take a strong and firm action to deter iran, we will see further escalations that will threaten world interests. oil supplies will be disrupted and oil prices will jump to high numbers that we haven't seen in our lifetimes. maria: joining us right now is ihs market vice chairman, daniel jerge. thank you for joining us. you've been a student of oil and this business for a long time and you've studied it so much. do you agree with that? >> the risks are certainly there. the attack that occurred
7:25 am
recently in saudi arabia was unprecedented on a scale never seen before. it was like a scenario had become reality. what's so striking is the calm in the market. the iranians did this. they denied it but they did it. but what's to prevent something like this from happening again? maria: dagen mentioned a number of times that the u.s. is such a stronger position today in terms of its oil and production on the global stage, right, dagen? dagen: i talked about it before we even got to this point, that our national security is in our energy sector, gives us the ability to fight back against nationses that hate us that are oil producers. >> you won't be able to do sanctions on iran if it weren't for the growth. the shale development has changed the strategic position of the united states. it's reconfigured the oil market and reconfigured the psychology of the oil market which is why we've seen a relaxed reaction. if this had happened five years ago, we would have been in panic
7:26 am
territory. maria: what about the top story in the journal, u.s. shale boom slows down amid worries over the oil supply. you were referring to that earlier. >> i think -- it got stymied at the beginning of the year because there wasn't enough pipeline capacity to move oil of the permian. by the beginning of next year, the u.s. will be up to 13 million barrels a day. i don't think -- i think it will be a slower growth but the u.s. will continue to grow and the rest of tworld knows that. dagen: do you worry about a change politically if you have somebody else in the white house that they change the position on oil, on natural gas, on the ability for -- in the shale formations to extract oil? maria: it's a really important question. because the journal in the article writes u.s. oil production increased by less than 1% in the first half of
7:27 am
2019, up nearly 7% growth over the same period last year according to the energy department so it's clearly slowing. >> the energy department does have it at 13 million barrels a day by the end of the year. i think you've asked a h very gd question. you just have to look at the words. leading candidates said they would stop fracking. they may not have the power to stop fracking but they can do a lot of things like regulation and make it more difficult. they've been quite hostile and i think have failed to appreciate the strategic value the united states has gotten out of this. two-thirds of u.s. business investment since 2008 has been associated with the shale boom. maria: and i' and it impacts s as well. >> how do you feel about where the e & p companies are right now? the right amount of leverage and the right amount of debt? in the 2015 time frame a lot of people lost a lot of money in the energy complex. >> i think we've seen a divorce between investors and the shale companies. it used to be growth at any cost, now it's growth at what
7:28 am
cost. the shale producers have to prove they can return money, not just increase production. that's reflected in how the market's reacting to them. there's not the enthusiasm that was there a couple years ago. >> is the slowdown in the production rates just a factor of the lower price per barrel of oil, not having as much cap ex going out there? as 40 to $50, do you put out less money in new exploration? >> i think they've taken a pledgor most have taken a pledge, we're going to return money to shareholders and that means the investment levels are going to stay within their budget rather than jumping up when the price goes up. that also means activity is somewhat lower level than it would have been in the environment a couple of years ago. >> what's the timing on getting the take-away logistics fixed in. >> by the end of the year, we have three pipelines that are all in operation and that's why we're going to see a jump in u.s. production. >> that takes us from 12 to 13 a day and where do you think we can peak in the next couple years. >> that's subject to great debate but our view is probably
7:29 am
the u.s., we can assume around 16, 17 million barrels a day which is incredible when you think in 2008 the u.s. was at 5 million barrels. maria: wow, 2008. >> would that change if there's a change in leadership, if we end up with a democrat in the white house? >> that goes back to dagen's question. i think it would. there would be -- because there would be a wave of regular l rey interventions and you just have to listen to their language. dagen: they're promising to get rid of the use of fossil fuels in this country in a matter of a decade or a little more than that. think about that. again -- >> can i answer in one word? unrealistic. dagen: thank you. if you're promising to go to cars that use renewable energy, that don't use -- that are, say, electric, rather than gasoline powered in -- combustion engines, you're going to get rid of fracking so you're going to
7:30 am
get rid of basically natural gas exploration. so how are you going to produce the electricity that then powers our automobiles? >> there's a complete need for balance and what we need and then the need for people to fight climate change. maria: these plans don't make any sense. >> we need a mix. natural gas is a really important role. it's overtaken coal in our electric generation. renewables would be part of the mix. i think what we're really doing is moving down the road to a more mixed system. you know, evs, the automakers, there's a lot of action about them. the sales are less than 2% and we did a zip code study and found that 25% of the evs in the united states are in just three zip codes. dagen: and are they all in california. >> you know where they all are. dagen: they're all in california. >> exactly. maria: do i hear you saying that oil prices will stay elevate sned what does this -- elevated?
7:31 am
what does this mean for the price of oil? >> you had this disruption. the most important piece of hardware in the oil industry was disrupted, production is coming back in saudi arabia now. the equipment still needs repairs finished and the price is back to where it was. so i think that what's weighing on the oil price is international trade, trade wars, weakening economies, i think those are the dominant factors. maria: and does it keep weighing on it is my question, do you think oil goes up or down? >> i think in this environment -- well, if something else happens in the persian gulf -- remember, iran is boxed in right now and they're exporting almost no oil and this has been a very low cost thing for them to do, so if something else happens, then we would see prices -- we could see prices again be elevated. but right now i think it's -- there's kind of confidence in supply. i think the shale psychology is very important in the oil market. so it's really what's happening in the global. maria: we'll leave it there. great to see you so much.
7:32 am
coming up, u.s.-china trade, as beijing marks a major milestone. we're looking at the upcoming trade talks set to begin in less than two weeks. then wild weather out west, staggering amounts of snow dumped on several states. more on the dig-out after this sbreak. yes, it's only september. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. happy monday. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, september 30th. your top stories right now. markets are higher this morning, check it out. futures indicating a gain on this, the last day of the third quarter. dow industrials up 62 points, s&p up 8, nasdaq up 30. there are concerns about trade and impeachment certainly. that weighed on the market last week when the dow industrials were down half a percent. s&p was down better than 1% and nasdaq was lower by better than 2% on the week last week. we kick off this week on a moss positive note. global markets are fixed. fq100 is down 22, the cac is up 3 points and the dax is in positive territory, up 1 point.
7:36 am
it's been back and forth for those two indices. in asia markets were mixed at the close. take a look. you had strength in hong kong and korea, the others were lower. china's purchasing manager's index for the month of september was out, came in at 49.8 and while that was above expectations it does indicate the manufacturing sector in china is still in contraction. the shanghai composite was down 1%. in japan, august factory output fell mother than expected due to slowing demand overseas. nikkei down half a percent. all those stories coming up. our top story this half hour, china trade turmoil. china is urging a, quote, calm and rational at attitude to the ongoing impasse with the united states as its economy shows signs of slowdown. the white house is pushing back on reports of limiting u.s. investments in china. saying that it is not looking to do that right now. tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of communism in china, high level trade talks are set to resume in washington after that in less than two weeks. joining us right now, atlas organization and china's vision
7:37 am
of victory author, jonathan ward. thank you for being here. >> good morning. maria: first off, give us a characterization from your standpoint of where we are in this fight, the u.s. and china, and what the most important demands are. >> i think that what people have to understand is we're just at the beginning. i mean, people have been looking for a resolution to the trade war for quite some time now and week by week, month by month, seeing it go on. what they need to understand is this is the beginning of a change in u.s.-china relations. the united states is waking up to beijing's plans, to beijing's ambitions to surpass us as the dominant economic and military super power in the 21st century. what matters now is -- i mean, the chinese side, that's been knowable for quite some time. not that people were paying attention very closely. what matters now is the united states is finally responding and this is taking shape in trade, taking shape in military competition, and it's going to start potentially taking place in financial markets. that's poe th potentially new
7:38 am
development. maria: it's interesting to note because as china has this goal to become the number one super power militarily and economically, they are putting military bases across the world, they are censoring and tracking citizens and so there was talk on friday about chinese companies and what leverage the u.s. has, so the nasdaq is reportedly cracking down on ipos of small chinese companies by tightightening restrictions and slowing down approval. we had the story on friday that the u.s. could be limiting flow intuse chinese companies, that would be massive of movement for the etfs, like the msci, all these indexes that hold chinese companies. the u.s. is back-pedaling, saying we're not looking at that now. but you're talking about some serious moves should these two happen, like limiting ipos and limiting funds, right? >> right. that's right. it's been discussed in congress in a bipartisan way, whether it's the white house or congress, all sides i think are considering these moves.
7:39 am
part of what it is, the chinese companies, some are listed on exchanges that are state owned, are not going through american compliance standards so considering some of their own audits to be state secrets and not sharing them. you have over a trillion dollars in market capitalization of chinese firms on u.s. exchanges and what you might see, i think ultimately the u.s., china economic decouple he'lling will be one of the biggest events of the early 21st century. a lot of people are wondering why not return to business as usual. tom row on the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china, you'll see the military m mill -- militaryh the military technology, this is the why in some ways behind why we're going to stop engagement on certain levels, on certain critical technology. maria: stopping had this kind of engagement is huge. dagen, art, jump in here. this has real business implications. dagen: go ahead. jonathan, i wanted to -- because
7:40 am
witlee. given china's long-term goal at world domination, are we really going to get anything that satisfies our desire to prevent china from stealing our most valuable assets? >> no, and i think that as as the trade war continues and certain aspects become the new normal, for instance, tariffs, if they remain throughout the course of 2020, it's really going to be the cyber and human intelligence actions and espionage and industrial theft will probably spike. it will probably go very high. they're going to use whatever tools they can to get access to sensitive technologies. on the u.s. side we redefine what export tools will mean. it's the technology decoupling so you're not participating in the chinese surveillance state. what we've seen, the whole world
7:41 am
knows about this, chinese companies are involved in that and communist party is putting party members into the boards even if they're private companies. the whole enterprise of china's sort of private sector and industrial economy is also being applied to the military and to surveillance state. you and i have been talking about civil, military fusion this year. that's one serious piece of it. the other side is the surveillance state. we can't have u.s. companies participate in that. at the same time, at a certain point you wouldn't want u.s. investors to except in that. you had ray dalio say the rise of china is equivalent of the rise in the british empire. i really want to open participate in that. i would like to make bets on both sides. this is what people like ray are saying. maria: that's because in my view, art, for too long ceos were more interested in getting their products in the hands of 1.4 billion people in china than they were about protecting their products and that's why the chinese stole all of their intellectual property. >> entirely correct.
7:42 am
we spent much more than a decade thinking if i could sell into the chinese market, how much more profitable could i be. is there a possibility to find middle ground? can we say to ourselves let's get a smaller deal done with china down and then move to try to et get china to change the way they do business. does it make sense to keep the conversation going it feels like we're all in or all out on this. is there a middle ground. >> i think you could have a holding pattern, just going to keep things a little more stable. when you heard about for instance the potential restriction of investment in china, on the other side, the chinese are undergoing capital controls and such, so they're doing part of the job for us. but this is really a matter of you could have a holding pattern in order to intros dues bigger ideas and there are a lot of more significant actions that i think are taking shape that are not really what we would characterize as trade war but
7:43 am
this is the beginning of a contested, hot relationship with china that's going to go on for quite a long time. maria: quite a long time. i want to mention that this weekend was the 17th weekend in hong kong of the protests. that has to be putting pressure on xi-jinping. jump in here real quick. >> it those be putting pressure on. i'm curious about the lan langue they're using of the calm and rational. what do you think they're referring to? >> well, i think there's this idea to control the narrative. beijing's core competency, of the communist party is propaganda. the fact you have xi-jinping going to dovos in 2017, saying he's the defending of the international trading order, when in fact they're an abuser of that order. the united states knows that. the world is increasingly understanding that. they're trying to characterize the protest her as using, quote, extreme violence. they're trying to say the united states is behind the protests. a lot of this has to do with the way they're able to present hong
7:44 am
kong unrest to their own population inside the mainland where they have full control. i think they're using the protests to consolidate nationalism at home that is related to the trade war with the united states, related to their characterization of the united states for entire generation as essentially an adversary looking to contain them. this all feeds back into the communist party's fai narratived there's real pressure on xi and his ruling group because the protests are quite real and very hard for the communists to quelch at this point. maria: those pictures are incredible. no won r der he's talking about -- wonder he's talking about calm. you need calm. the hong kongers do not want you authoritarian china to change their way of life. jonathan, always a pleasure to see you and your wonderful insights. coming up, gm versus the uaw, the strike in the third week, where negotiations stand when we come back.
7:45 am
and then september snow, check this out, massive amounts of snow dumped on several states. yes. we are going to take you there to show you the dig-out after the break. stay with us. truecar is great for finding new cars.
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maria: welcome back. an historic winter storm, winter storm dumping record amounts of snow in montana. lauren simonetti with headlines. lauren: the gover governor of a declaring a winter storm
7:49 am
emergency, after the state was hit with so much snow, bringing down trees and knocking out power. a couple more feet of snow is expected this week. great falls hit with 9.7 inches of snow on saturday. the national weather service says that is a one-day september record. well, more potential trouble for boeing. heat save guards on the flight control system for the boeing 737 max with included on an earlier military version of the jet but were left off the commercial models, according to the wall street journal. the system is suspected of causing two final crashes. boeing reportedly covered cracks in the next generation plane, the part helps attach the wings to the fuselage. it is affecting a small number of planes. dozens of super cars seized from the son of an african leader on the a money laundering operation
7:50 am
are on the auction block. that include a white and cream 2014 lamborghini. all proceeds from the sale going to charity. but some beautiful cars auctioned off like that one right there. maria: they are. wow. dagen: the only problem is, if you drive a white lambo, you look like a jerk. [ laughter ] maria: sign me up, dagen. dagen: even in miami you look like a jerk. maria: and there's nowhere to park. would you park that on the street. dagen: i have a parked a super car on the street. la and miami, it's all about the valet. maria: i love it. coming up, strike talks entering week three, general motors and the united auto workers still negotiating. where the two sides stand when we come right back. stay with us. ♪ you want to play with magic. ♪ boy, you should know what you're fighting for.
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maria: welcome back. so the gm strike entering week three, talks between the automaker and uaw set to be progressing, more than 2020 -- more 2020 candidates are visiting the picket line. we saw bernie sanders there last week, grady. >> reporter: over the weekend a couple of others. we're here on week three of the strike. some people never expected it to even go into day three. the negotiations continue behind me at the renaissance center, general motors hea headquarters. it's where talks are expected to resume this morning. like you said, it's getting easier to count which 2020 hopefuls haven't visited a
7:55 am
picket line over th. over the weekend, cory booker visited an idealed plant where he pointed out that gm got millions of dollars to repurpose the plant for electric vehicles. on the other side of the country, mayor he bea piece butg was in reno, nevada to visit strike workers there. both politicians say they stand in some at this -- some dare you at this witsolidaritywith the w. negotiations continued over the weekend. they went into the night, we're told, for several of the past few days and there are several contentious issues that have been the sticking point since the beginning of this thing, things like finding a path for temporary employees to get full-time employment. production in the u.s. trying to grow that at plants here as well as wages. so gm standing to lose more and
7:56 am
more as this thing goes on and starting on day 15 of the strike, that means the workers who are striking now eligible for their strike pay. maria. maria: grady, thank you. we will keep watching this. wow. big cost to gm over the last two weeks. still ahead, baseball fans rejoicing, major league baseball commissioner is coming up as the playoffs get set to begin, that's next hour, right here, "mornings with maria." stay with us. ♪ everybody's talking about heaven like they just can't wait to go. ♪ saying how it's going to be so good, so beautiful. ♪ lying next to you in this bed with you, i ain't convinced. ♪ i don't know how, i don't know how heaven -- every single day. but what does "changing what's possible" mean anyway? ♪ well... if you run a business, it means a lot.
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8:00 am
september 30 on the last day of the third quarter. top stories on the east coast, markets are higher this morning feature gain at the start of trading on this the final day of the third quarter with the dow up 58 points off the highest levels but pretty close up there anyway. as will be a big point in the nasdaq right now up to 30 points. there are concerns about trade and impeachment with uncertainty when the dow industrials without half a percent last week, and the nasdaq was lowered by 2%. global markets this morning are mixed, european industries are of mixed with the fc 100 down in the dax index in germany is up approximate in india we had breaking economic news that set the tone for markets. china purchasing index out for the month of september come in at 49.8 and i was about expectations but still showed the main factor industry is still an projection mode in china but in japan august output was down more than expected due to slowing overseas demand but
8:01 am
serious coming up joining me to break it down box businesses they can mcdowell. chief market strategist art hogan and poster lee carter. >> great to be here. maria: we got a lot to talk about markets but you might see differences on your screen this morning. take a look at the look of foxbusiness this morning because we've done tweaks and this is called a refresh because our website, our mobile app is a lot better and clearer and cleaner and we want to know what you think. how are you liking it? dagan: that they live look outside of our headquarters here in midtown manhattan and this is the new marketing campaign and there's charles payne hidden behind those trees and again we can wave and you could probably see us waiting because were right above that new signage outside. this is about you and keeping
8:02 am
everybody connected all the time. we want to talk about, not just the look on the television screen but also the look on foxbusiness .com. more life updated information, live programming because we don't think it's an either or. we know that world does not exist in either your tv or your mobile app or your web browser it's all interconnected foxbusiness .com is doing that. maria: and the rebranding is focused around invested in you because the thought is that audiences still connect with logos but with people and we want to give you our story and our american dream so we talked about how we were raised in what shaped us. i know you and i have very similar story where our parents had their own businesses. that does shave you in terms of creating american dream, doesn't it? that's why we love capitalism talk about getting ahead with
8:03 am
the small business which viewers of this program. dagan: how did you get to where you are today you back it's hard work. we did not go up knowing what vacations were. i don't know if you ever put a vacation with her parents but i certainly did not. they work seven days a week. maria: we used to take a week in the summer and went to the catskills. [laughter] what's your american dream, art hogan? >> i will be on tv with you today which is something i never would have contemplated. i grew up in a five room house with seven kids and have been working since i was 13 years old and working as hard and make the difference and understanding that it helps you appreciate what capitalism is. maria: these are the tidbits that we try to solicit from you and from our guests so we can have on information to our audience. i will ask you later what your american dream is that we are talking about that with a lot of
8:04 am
news with the top story this is the push for impeachment heating up. intel committee adam schiff planning to subpoena rudy giuliani and looking for more documents. said as possibly as early as this week. giuliani jointly earlier this hour with the push into joe biden. watch this. maria: we had letters that the biden campaign is demanding the major networks stop looking you as a guest. >> we were confronted on your show with something that they don't know about, tax. maria: are you getting at - is this becoming a blur to the american people? no, no, - >> the house of cards is starting to fall on biden. it will be impossible for adam schiff to pull this thing on the president when biden did what he's claiming the president did and they are trying to ignore it. i was investigating allegations that go back to november of last year before biden was even a candidate of massive corruption that interfered with the
8:05 am
information i could have used to ward off the entire mueller probe. when we get that information, plus more, we will be pretty close to showing the entire frame up in which four or five governments were involved in somebody back in obama it was orchestrating it. maria: joining me as a texas congressman and member of house judiciary intel in homeland security committees the former federal prosecutor himself, john ratcliff. was a pleasure to see you. thank you for your. >> good morning, maria. maria: you heard what giuliani said in terms of this framing up of donald trump you and your colleagues have been working on this for a long time and you are among the few to educate the public in terms of what went on in 2016 and as early as 2013 when a select group of people at the fbi and cia try to frame then candidate trump. can you connect the dots for us and how that fits into the ukraine story? >> yeah, maria, you talked about what we did when republicans
8:06 am
were in charge of the house and lot of the testimony that has come out from the gym kobe and andy mccabe's and peter starks and lisa pages and all those admissions because we pursue that aggressively and rebellions aren't in charge of the house anymore so we don't have the opportunity to control the agenda. it's incumbent on lindsey graham and republicans in charge of the senate to ask russians and taken to joe biden in the ukraine and all those things that happened there is much as i'd like to in the house i don't think jerry nadler will bring in any witnesses that allow us to develop that testimony and adam schiff will not bring anyone - they are off of their impeachment search party and have their newest shiny object right now and that is this abuse of power. maria: one of the things that was quite troubling to hear last week was the chairman of the intel committee adam schiff doubling down on his recount of the ukrainian phone call that sparked the inquiry in the first
8:07 am
place but what he said as you know because you were sitting right there in front of him did not match up with the actual transcript. here's a bit of this. i got to get your action. congressman, watch. >> it reads like a classic organized crime shakedown. short of its rambling character and not so many words this is the essence of what the president communicates. we've been good to your country, very good with no other country has done as much as we have. you know what? i don't see much reciprocity here. i hear what you want and i have a favor i want from you though. i will say this only seven times so you better listen good. i want you to make up dirt on my political opponent to understand lots of it. maria: i was watching your facial expressions there, guzman. tell me what struck you about that. i don't want to put words in your mouth. >> well, it's outrageous for the
8:08 am
chairman of the intel committee to literally on national tv make believe story as if it was true but this is what the democrats are doing. look at where we are and take a moment and just pause we are talking about impeaching a president where there was a conversation, a transcript of that conversation was released and the two people in that conversation both said this is what we said and this is what we meant and there was no quid pro quo and no intimidation and no undue influence and yet, adam schiff and the democrats are doing or saying look, we don't care what the two people in the room thought or what they interventions were we have a third party who wasn't in the room and based on media sources that hate donald trump we really know what happened we need to impeach this president because of it. it's outrageous, maria. there are now more versions of democratic impeachment that
8:09 am
there are microsoft window versions. remember it was must impeach this president because he colluded with russia. no, wait, now we must impeach this president because he instructed justice by not firing bob mueller. no, wait. now we must impeach this president because he abused power by having a conversation that does not say what we wanted to say. it's just so outrageous and absurd and ultimately, maria, it will be up to the market able to see through this charade. maria: do you think they will be able to? look, the president tweeted a moment ago just said let's get your action but he says this. the fake whistleblower complaint is not holding up and it's not holding up and mostly about the call to the ukrainian president which in the name of transparency i immediately released to congress and the public. the whistleblower new almost nothing and the secondhand discussion of the call is a fraud! do the american people see that or is all this constant fighting
8:10 am
is muddying things and people don't know - you got to cut through the noise, don't you? >> we do. the people i talk with in texas for the most part see through all of that they are being bombarded with news stories that somehow this is real and this is legitimate. this is the latest in a shiny object, the newest shiny object for the democrats and have been on this impeachment search party for the better part of three years now, maria. none of it has been proven to be true. the president is right. they are now treating this whistleblower like christine ford and vilified this person without having to ask. do you remember christine ford her story did not hold up to was not telling the truth but they wanted to impeach and still want to impeach, many of them, impeach kavanaugh over that false testimony. we will see what this whistleblower really knows but again the best evidence of the conversation was the two people involved in the two people involved said nothing improper
8:11 am
happened and nothing unlawful happened. yet, we all see that the democrats are going to get there one way or the other house and will abuse the tools they have to try to impeach the president and it won't be successful in the end because he won't be convicted in any trial on articles of impeachment in the senate for what they tried to do is to undo what election and at the same time influence the next one. democrats are trying to influence the outcome of the 2020 election a lot more that anything that happened on a call with ukraine. maria: is that what this is about? making noise because they know that the id report is coming out soon and there very well may be serious pfizer views that the market people finally get to understand human. >> yeah, how about instead of making up one new impeachment theory after another how about trying to be the guy straight up in an election? how about that.
8:12 am
democrats know they can't do that so they've got to play and change the rules to try to win unfairly and we've seen us. they changed the rules of the house digit committee and change the intel committee and changed the rules to allow whistleblower with secondhand information to now come forward and be eight whistleblower which was not allowed before. american people need to step up. maria: explain that. the whistleblower rules were changed a couple the scope for this came to light, right? >> right. maria, remember when i rush in the acting dni last week all sorts of news articles came out about how whistleblower because i was raising the point that he or she has secondhand information and what none of us knew was that in fact the rules have been changed and it had always been policy that to be a whistleblower you had to have first-hand information. somehow, those rules were
8:13 am
changed shortly before this whistleblower was allowed to become a whistleblower. this is what we should be investigated. these are the facts that we should be looking at but don't count on adam schiff or jerry nadler or anyone else to get to the bottom of that. maria: that's a huge think that they changed the whistleblower rules that initially you are only allowed to have a whistleblower complaint if you have first-hand knowledge but they changed it to cap second and third had knowledge to be a whistleblower right before they brought this up. house speaker is he is putting a lot of ways for chances to turn texas blue, here's what she said in austin over the weekend. watch this, commitment. >> texas is our hope for the future and i'm not just talking about democrats but about the country and the world when texas does lou and people have to pay attention to everything that happens here in the views of people here that will be very
8:14 am
hopeful for our nation. maria: when texas goes blue but what's your reaction? >> here's where i agree with nancy pelosi. missing changes in texas and some of the graphics and the irony is because people are leaving failed states like nancy pelosi's california or illinois or new york places that are going dropped because they have high taxes and height regulation and coming to texas because we are being successful with low taxes and low regulation but the best way to keep texas from turning blue is to have nancy pelosi talk about that very thing happening because it allows people like me to see look, if democrats take texas and it becomes a blue they controlled the electoral map. that's right but what it means is there will be a second amendment. they will take your guns away and be i texas that we will have socialized medicine and open
8:15 am
borders. all the things in the pelosi is promising that are terrible for america will come with texas turning blue so texans need to stand up and defend what we are and what we always have been we will. maria: will talk more about that. congressman, always a pleasure to see you. thank you, sir. >> you that. maria: we'll be right back. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ performance comes in lots of flavors. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪
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you can also wonder why our competitors don't offer that. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management. maria: will come back. sign up for present in the trading debut on a hike on exchange. deidra bolton is on the floor with details. >> good morning, maria. we saw budweiser asia make its trading debut in hong kong and the stop is a story. it's done well on its first day raising about $5 million initially. it ended up being priced at the lower end of the range but seen the pop that 70 investment bankers and analysts like to see. we would be remiss if we did not point out the larger and we are now in the 17th straight weekend of protest for the moment and that is not bothering trade in budweiser asia.
8:19 am
quick look at google facing potential antitrust scrutiny even more, i should say. the company is seeking to change his protocol and wants to do encryption essentially it is harder for hackers to create smooth websites where people could be tricked into going to a false website that a lot of antitrust regulars say hang on, that will give google a bigger advantage essentially cut off all kinds of other companies, companies to note that user information so watch google stock today and we are watching mcdonald's about flow to the trend but it's interviewing a plant lettuce and tomato sandwich and it will be tried out in a few stores in canada they will see how it does there before they bring it here. maria. maria: peter, thank you. want to point out j.p. morgan is upgrading their opinion of
8:20 am
european equities and downgrading their opinion on u.s. equities. coming up to docs on the table, china urging a calm and rational solution. ahead of the next round of solutions in october we break down what that thick for the president will trade deal coming up. batter up, mlb commissioner rob manfred is here to tell us what is up on deck as playoff season kicks up. back in a minute.
8:21 am
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maria: welcome back. markets are higher but look at features indicating the game of starting a trading without industrial up 62, at the b of seven and nasdaq up 28. final day of trading for the third quarter today and is a mixed picture over the last four months for this quarter. dow and s&p squeaked out the game while the nasdaq is down nearly 1% on the quarter. markets are watching, china treating in china urged a calm and rational resolution to the u.s. china trade and pass. anything but calm in hong kong for the 17 week of protest over the weekend. joining us to talk market and investing is the head of chief investment officer market strategy and bank of america private bank great to see you, joe.
8:25 am
tell us how you would characterize things right now and what investor wants to think about. >> first and foremost, don't get caught up in the headlines but it's fundamental. look at the economy growing. still at the two, two and a quarter growth led by the consumer. lovely there's inflationary efforts on the way to set the space for the first quarter but that's monetary policy but fiscal policy as well. we are buying in the large-cap stocks with dividends and growers and keeping an eye on washington entry talks but we see more upside heading into 2020. given the year that we've had. >> joe, in terms of the senate will not when things go south on trade the markets has itself we saw that in august is there a possibility that we get this truce in october that says maybe it's not a smaller deal that is that good enough to push us into 2020 and say for the time being that's static and focus on
8:26 am
what's dynamic? >> art, just getting singles but no home runs. no big deals with technology but both sides needs a truce. china has been suffering for a slow down and we felt the pain here so hopefully they can gloss over the larger long-term issues and getting to the farmers and avoid tariffs and i think we can do that but i think the market can practice that it. dagan: for the quarter so far, the dow, s&p up slightly but the nasdaq composite, dow transports in negative for the quarter are those areas of the market you would be looking to buy here? is this more weakness that will continue do you think for the remainder of the year connect that i thank you want to get exposure in the cyclical site but if you believe the u.s. economy hangs in there led by the consumer with the holiday season coming china - europe is a drag but everyone knows that but they sound like they're getting their act together but
8:27 am
you want to buy the cyclical fear in that sense. dagan: smaller or larger? i would bite both. all caps because they been beaten up so badly. maria: having more cuts from the fed? >> were looking to more. one in october and perhaps at the end of the year and the fed is divided but . maria: we had passed on and said that hold off and the workouts for a while as we see with housing things play out in that it does not help that the fed is having an internal debate that is public and where investors are going and how they are positioned with the credit markets. we think will go in october and we will wait and see data point and it's data-driven but one is baked a cake. dagan: what is the biggest risk right now? were looking at impeachment in china and fed rates what could send the market most volatile
8:28 am
for the rest of the year? >> the biggest weakness is europe continue to underperform and being a big drag globally. we still have to deal with brexit at the heart exit they are so remember, european unit is $80 trillion, 500 million people they contribute to globally so they live into 2020 without agreement or fiscal stimulus that we start off the year and this of interest-rate mode overseas and puts pressure in the curve here in the united states making policy difficult and that's the key issue. maria: j.p. morgan has out this morning saying whatever happens, find, evaluations are attractive by europe, sell to u.s. >> i would agree. i would not sell to the u.s. but i would be looking in europe with luxury brand owners and logistic companies where there is value and they are great companies and leverage global growth. europe could be the leader early on in 2020. maria: we will leave it there for joe, great to get your insight. joe, bank of america, merrill
8:29 am
lynch. future of the mlb i sit down with the commissioner, rob manfred to get a steak what's in store for the league as playoff get underway today. shares of luxury homes spiking nationwide despite high property taxes would be forgot how it's impacting your wallet and taking you inside one hope that dropped millions in price. wait to you see this, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ we're changing what's possible every single day. but what does "changing what's possible" mean anyway? ♪ well... if you run a business, it means a lot. for starters, we provide you with financing options for your customers. that way, you can help them buy the things they love instantly and pay over time. and that turns them into serious fans.
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. maria: welcome back. good monday morning. i'm maria bartiromo and it's monday, september 30, your top stories, a 32:00 on the east coast markets are higher beginning at features with the start of training with the game this morning. third quarter coming to close
8:33 am
today it is the last day of the quarter and dow industrials are up in the nasdaq and s&p 500 also positive this morning but we are off the best levels of the morning but nonetheless were looking at a positive scenario. european industries are mixed, it's down to the point and below is up 12 of the dax index three in germany is up this morning 12-point. these are overnight markets were mixed. take a look. china's purchasing managers index for september came in at a level of 49.8, beat expectations but the mini factory sector is still in production mode. japan august factory outputs failed more than expected due to slowing demand overseas. top story this half-hour is 2019 mlb postseason playoffs begin. the nationals and the brewers gearing up for the national league wild card game. tony is the commissioner, major league baseball commissioner, rob manfred is here with me and it is great to see you again.
8:34 am
thank you for joining us. everybody get the credit for the plastic what are you expecting? navigate the field for us. >> we've got a great mix of teams this year. some of our iconic franchises, the dodgers, the yankees of course with great clubs from big america houston and washington but smaller markets, st. louis, milwaukee, oakland, looking for good matchups. maria: you been telling me oakland is a competitive one right now. >> oakland has played great. relatively modest payroll but a really good young team and i'm sure they will give tampa a good go in the wild card game. maria: it's funny because he mentioned the payroll but it's important. a longtime people would get mad at the yankees because they paid up so much for the players we want - higher payrolls does not do sincerely mean success. >> it's important in our sport to have a mix of payroll levels. we certainly had that in the playoffs this year and overall we had compression in payrolls. our higher payroll teams are not far away from the middle of the
8:35 am
pack and that's a good thing for competitive balance and giving our fans the feeling that they can have hope for their team. maria: let me ask you, what are the costs that you are looking at in terms of what costs are rising? we see the mlb in all sports trying to get more people into seats and using technology. aside from the salaries where are the other major costs? >> big expenditures that have grown from the clubs are what they spend on analytics, costs related to player training, medical costs and those are the big growing costs for us. it's important and good for you because it's the team trying to compete on a variety of levels, not just by spending on payroll. maria: you said the mlb needs to make changes to baseball. tells about that. >> look, it's important to start that conversation by saying we have a great product and we try
8:36 am
about 60 million people live to baseball in the major leagues and 41 million people in the minor leagues with 110 million people want to baseball life is a pretty good number. like all entertainment products we have to be competitive and i think the trick for us is to make sure we have action in the game and hold our fans attention throughout the baseball game. maria: i want to get to the tv landscape and tell me how you do that first off? use technology. >> i think two things. number one we have tried to use technology to enhance our fans understanding of the game and our product has changed the way people talk about the game in ten years ago you do not hear people talk about exit velocity and now when you watch our broadcast is that information that holds people attention in the second pass we worked on his rule changes with the portable next year in terms of roster sizes that are intended to keep
8:37 am
the game flowing as quickly as possible. maria: how is tb doing? i want to get your take on the traditional landscape and mlb games are regional sports networks and mlb .tv on market service and then like youtube and all that. >> let's start with the traditional spirit get a great year of boxcar viewership was up about our present and we were also up on espn and turner with national partners locally we were number one rated cable program in 24, 25 of our markets and had a strong year. we continue to experiment on the new landscape and are mlb .tv subscribers were up 50% and a number that supported for us we had a great second half experiment with youtube and we hope it will continue next year but strong viewership on those screen games. maria: i ask you about you to is one of your priorities when he first came to the job was to get young people in. is that going well?
8:38 am
>> it's important to be on the platforms that young people use. we had very good information about [inaudible] people that were very strong with that group and we take a part of it is our effort to experiment with twitter, facebook, youtube, the platforms that younger people like. maria: do you see more devices being used? are they watching the game or are they talking about the game on their devices back want you to take about [inaudible]. we went to the lands they're talking about competing with vegas in terms of numbers. >> our engagement numbers are typically very strong in our at-bat in our own apples up about 80% this year we think people will consume the game differently and need to make sure that we provide that opportunity. sports betting is another opportunity for fan engagement for us. we think by next year you'll have a free to play game that will accompany our broadcast,
8:39 am
provide young dance with an opportunity to engage with the products and we have important partnerships with the biggest one mgm in the sports betting space. maria: what are the initiatives they are? >> the idea there is to enable sports fans to consume their gain but find their way to a betting site if that is what they want to do. we will never be involved directly in the sports betting business but it supported to have partnerships with companies that will drive engagement. maria: you see it's been done. >> right. we have to accept the reality of the change in the legislative landscape and protect the integrity of the game but i thank you also have to take advantage of the opportunity to drive engagement. maria: what about engagement in the game in terms of the speed of it? robo umpires, quickness, give me a status check on that.
8:40 am
>> look, i don't know the automated strike zone will be a huge driver in terms of the pace of the game but it's another example of using technology that our fans want. the use of the technology itself is a source of interest in the game. we been fortunate perceived as a leader in the technology space among the sports league we want to continue the perception. maria: you talk of it but you do not go into about the e sports in the mlb's innovation there. >> look, we think electronic games is another example of fan engagement that is not urban rectally by the play of the light game and if you talk to young people one of the ways they become the new year with players is through the use of electronic games and another space where we want to be innovative and want to be a leader. maria: you look at the landscape a lot of changes but nothing
8:41 am
changes because when you look at the game of baseball we were running video earlier when i threw the first pitch and it was the beginning of the play is in 2006 and the look on my face because he it was the most exciting day of my life. i was starstruck and excited to be on the field to get it over the plate, i mean, you have this excitement around baseball that never goes away. >> it's important we talk about baseball in the context of our society that is so fast-paced and someone said to me this morning one of the great things about baseball it can be a rest from the what of our life and it's a good thing. we need to embrace that is the game continues to evolve. the most important point is the look on her face is about feeling down and that's what it's about. maria: most exciting day of my life. rob, great to talk to you for thinking so much. will be watching the playoffs i hope so too would rob manfred 20
8:42 am
nothing invested in you, foxbusiness has a new look at it on air and online with we have more details for you right now. >> absolutely. up until now this is the new website you are looking at, foxbusiness .com and you can see the whole middle of the screen there are a lot of stories but not too many. it's crisp, clean and not going to confuse you or distract you. your interview in the last hour with rudy giuliani big on the left and take a look at the right under money. a lot of we want wall street to pay off 1.6 trillion student that with the tax on wall street transactions. you can click there and see that that story pops up. if you go to the top of the page can see the headers, money, market, lifestyle, real estate, tech, sports these are issues that people want to know about and kitchen table issues and quite frankly a lot of the topics everyone is talking about so you want to be in the know
8:43 am
but will click on lifestyle. you can see the doctor here. oprah winfrey video on million dollars donation she is making maria, everyone wants to know wedding gift spending how much is too much. back to you. maria: great. you are right. not just about the stock market but about your life invested in you but morning, they keep it president trump just tweeted we want to tell you what he said that he says again, president of ukraine said there was no zero pressure put on him by me. end of case. coming up, feel the luxury real estate biking in the united states despite high property taxes would be break down the impact on your wallet and take you inside one oh that is dropped millions in price. can you guess where it is? back in one minute. ♪
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maria: welcome back. president trump just tweeted on the screen controversy who writes this - who change the long-standing whistleblower rules? just before submittal of the fake whistleblower report. drain the swamp. i find it compelling and incredible that they changed the whistleblower rules right before this controversy about the
8:48 am
conversation with the president and ukraine president you heard what john ratcliff said, it used to be the rules of whistleblower you could be whistleblower and take your case to congress if you have firsthand knowledge. now they change it and it's okay. second, third hand knowledge. you don't have to witness it. >> this cannot be a coincidence. it raises the issue of the whistleblower complaint through from the testimony of ore than half a dozen unidentified u.s. officials who expressed concern about mr. trump's conduct. why did those individuals not follow complaint initially? there's a lot of unanswered questions but also, who worked with those individuals? don't focal focus on the whistleblower but focus on people who potentially work in the white house who said the whistleblower this information. maria: why were the whistleblower rules changed? we been talking all morning and it's a new day here at foxbusiness with a refreshed look and joining us is stuart's
8:49 am
party and stuart, i'd like to get your thoughts on this. it's a cleaner look and obviously you see a different banners and different numbers of the market is up and it's green and down its red and there you are. right on the cover of the building along with myself and neil cavuto and charles payne. looking good, stuart. >> let me explain myself and this is the american dream. i think all of us at foxbusiness and most of my colleagues are living that american dream. we were allowed to climb the food chain, climb the ladder because we are a capitalist largely free market economy which allows for individual liberty and freedom. that is what the refreshed look at foxbusiness and that's what it's all about. in my opinion, at this moment, america is consumed with negative. there's an awful lot of backbiting we forget the extraordinary positives of our society. that is the american dream is
8:50 am
alive and well. you would not know that if you want the media and there's this negative feeling that you belong to a group in europe and your victim but that's nonsense. this is the united states of america and this is foxbusiness we will treat the subjects which you care about in a way which is declarative with no - we relate to you and we are invested in you. you are watching us and that's what we will do. maria: i love the idea that we can tell stories and what our american dream is to get tidbits from our audience and i want to point out this op-ed in the journal by stephen moore, trumps middle-class economic progress as wages go up you got the american dream going up for a lot of people on the low end of the income scale. >> in two years of the trump administration median household income is up about $4,000 and that's the number i believe. in the seven years, seven full
8:51 am
years of the obama admin station it was up $1,000. that's the american dream capitalism works. maria: with you at the top of the hour. already a company begins at the top of the hour at 9:00 a.m. eastern but foxbusiness may invest in you. we take a close look at housing market and falling home prices at the high-end of driving sales. next, right here. ♪ having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. learn more at retire your risk dot org. on a scale of one to five? one to five? it's more like five million. there's everything from happy to extremely happy. there's also angry. i'm really angry clive! actually, really angry. thank you. but what if your business could understand what your customers are feeling... and then do something about it. turn problems into opportunities. thanks drone. customers into fanatics change the whole experience. alright who wants to go again?
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maria: welcome back. one feels critical to the u.s. economy. luxury homes priced $750,000 or higher are seen an increase in sales with sharp price cuts are one reason. bedminster, new jersey had a home this morning. >> we are invested in you at foxbusiness network. we'll be talking about real estate and the luxury side of
8:55 am
it. take a look at this sprawling mansion in bedminster, new jersey. 11,000100 square feet and honestly has got a lot to offer including 28 plus acres here are the details on the home. i want to show you what you can get. $2.1 million. you get 12 bedrooms, excuse me, seven bedrooms, eight full baths, four and a half half baths and a helipad maria and apple orchard in a tennis court and you've got places for servants to go if you want to do that with removing to the inside of the room and this is the foyer when you first come into the house and it's a grand entrance this is what the property looks like. we go outside later in the day today on foxbusiness if you want to play piano that is what you can do right here but this home has been on the market off and on a couple of times. they first listed it for $6 million, maria. they took it off the market, but it back in 2018 for the .65
8:56 am
million and now it's - they've done the reductions and what happened in 2018? earlier, you had the salt text that income tax deduction for high income states, new jersey, new york, california for example in a property tax alone on this place $45,000 alone. luxury real estate story and the story we will be on all day long on foxbusiness. what a fun day to cook up with you. maria: nothing relates to real estate. we will see you later, cheryl. final thoughts from the all-star panel when we come back. -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones.
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maria: it's been a great show. quickly, final thoughts?
9:00 am
>> i think this week will be all about impeachment for people and trying to make sense of what's going on out there. so just pay attention and learn for yourself. >> i think it's going to be all about economic data. we have the ism, the jobs number. pay attention to the economy. maria: we will sort it out tomorrow. >> i could stay, by the way. maria: have a great day. stuart begins right now. "varney & company." over to you. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. welcome to a refreshed fox business network. right from the get-go i want to say this. our programming is about you, how we cover the events of the day will always be with your interests front and center. we like success, your success, and we will deliver the news as always without fancy jargon, without the back-biting negatives we get from the socialists. notice there's a lot of red, white and blue on your screens. not right now, maybe, but it's deliberate, sports fans. let's get on with it. it's a new week and despite all that's goi


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