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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> i do what i do but hey if you didn't work in a business where he have to be on tap all the time or in touch with social media or so forth i could do it. >> just to take a lie detector test at the end of it. that does it for us. we will see you next time. >> markets closing down a bit over at china trade jitters. it was a chance to reset for many investors. plus, at this very moment president trump is getting a briefing from his top military leaders. greenlight a turkish assault there. many of the pentagon shaking their hands. demanding the ceos of the biggest companies in the world get on board with her plan to redesign capitalism which critics say is really an anti-
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capitalism plan. we will see if they call her bluff. >> they just came out swinging. the creators of south park deliver an apology to china and a real speemac down to hollywood. the evening at it starts right now. >> the president currently being briefed by military leaders as a trade talks resume today. we have all of the angles covered. the president plans to remove hundreds of u.s. military troops who have been supporting kurdish led forces and we will hear more on that from lucas tomlinson. they are at the new york stock exchange on trade uncertainty heading into the market.
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edward. >> the white house now very busy. they are just two blocks from where i am standing. they talked a lot about trade today in fact he said he does not want to have a partial trade deal just to have a trade deal. listen. >> they want to keep their people working i understand that very well but i think well had to see what happens. i would much prefer a big deal. can something happen? i guess it may be. it's probably unlikely. >> deputy level trade talks are happening right now. there is the chinese trade team coming in this morning. earlier they told us that they would assign a deal with which sections can be agreed upon. and then set up the timeline for the more difficult items. what is not on the table or changes to chinese law.
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they would handle intellectual property theft through administrative regulations. the news heard around the globe here. the president signals he would move u.s. troops out of syria away from the turkish border there as the turkish will start to invade parts of syria. the president said he is talking to military leaders and we are waiting for those comments if there are any from the president but no doubt this is on the prime table to talk about. at the state department as well as the pentagon. senator lindsey graham tweeting out of this. stain it is never wise to abandon an ally who has sacrificed on your behalf. >> they will be watching turk late -- turkey closely. >> we are at a position where if turkey does anything out of what they should be doing we will hit them so hard in the economy. but when you talk about soldiers we only had 50 soldiers in the area. >> is a very small area.
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we only had 50 soldiers there. i don't want them to be in a bad or compromising position. >> the president said he campaigned on bringing hope -- troops home. this is against the backdrop of the president expected to meet next month sometime. a lot of news here out of washington. elizabeth: edward, thank you. now we go on to the pentagon. >> there is a lot of disappointment here with many officials completely blindsided by the president's decision. they greenlighted a turkish invasion that could slaughter the kurds.
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the department of defense has made clear to turkey as said the president that we do not endorse a turkish operation in northern syria. u.s. armed forces well not support or be involved in any such operation. the roughly 50 u.s. troops retreated from the border today thousands of prisoners remain in camps guided by the kurds. >> they respond to the president. we hope our u.s. partners will reverse this decision and not abandon our combined effort in northeast syria. >> over recent days they had written destroyed the bases as part of an agreement with the trump administration. the u.s. and turkish forces had agreed to patrol the area together. that agreement has now ended. the u.s. is also cut back on intelligence sharing. it blocked its jets. turkey's presence considers them allies with the u.s. now terrace. >> they may show up suddenly in the middle of the night. we continue our determination on this because it is never possible for us anymore to accept the threats from the terror organizations. >> there are reports that they have begun bombing the positions in syria. >> joining me now is the
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former intelligence advisor. >> michael what do you think is behind this move. >> i don't understand it. there were not a lot of soldiers in northern syria but because they were there they were protecting our kurdish allies. i don't understand this move. it's putting an ally at risk, we just heard a report that the turkish airstrikes are already beginning i'm not sure what the president meant when he said we are not going to allow her to one in turkey to attack turkish ally. what did they think he was going to do he talks about a military operation to kill terrorists. >> earlier today the president when he was signing a trade deal with japan and reporters were talking to him and brought up the idea of what was going on. >> he made a lot about those
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fighters that were left behind in the idea that you had people there guarding thousands of fighters none of the countries from which they originally came want to have them back. >> what do you do with these people. he did not want to bring them all to guantánamo bay. it kinda seemed like his desire to pull out of the area had to do with the fact that nobody wanted to help with the cleanup. what you think about that. >> i think when the turkish military says terrace they are talking about kurdish allies. >> if they think they are moving into northern syria to secure isis prisoners from the y pg in the u.s. that is not what is happening. turkey is get them moving and they will start attacking a u.s. ally. what do you have to think happens to the fighters. >> i would not be surprised if they got released. and they were sent to start to mess with russia and iran.
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>> the president is meeting with military do you think they are in the cabinet room. do you think they are trying to talk them back down off of this. >> the president condemned obama for leaving iraq too soon. and leading to the rise of isis. it will result in an asus resurgent. it is not just about the election it's about security degradation. in the relationships they u.s. advisors have with an ally and that is now asking that advisor as they drive away why are you leaving. >> he did have a president. and then he seemed like the policy change as if there was that the president said in order to change his mind or some other sort of deal. you must have a theory on this?
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the president's argument is been shored up by those in dc the belief that turkey is in the native ally. we just had not seen it though. now when it's come to the iranian sanctions. and now with the actions across the border. they are attacking kurds in northern iraq. and now they are that i can attack the white pg in northern syria. i think it is exactly that. we had two transactional leaders. i think that is actually generating that move. general electric is freezing pensions. they are on the floor of the new york stock exchange with more. >> a bumpy day for the market. ending and read. the dow is down 95 points. there was some early optimism
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with a partial deal with china. those will continue this week. also some indications. apple is a big mover. helping to reduce of the company's pension plan deficit my $8 million and also the net debt by four to $6 billion. is now hitting a fever pitch. later in the show the creators of south park deliver a fake apology. ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
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it's a different kind of wireless network, designed to save you money. switch and save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus, get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. that's simple. easy. awesome. call, click, or visit a store today. >> to the latest on the impeachment inquiry some house democrats believe that they have gathered up enough votes to impeach the president.
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chad is life on capitol hill. chad, what is the count at right now. the one thing you need to know is that house speaker nancy pelosi would not initiate this if she didn't think she have the vote. i am going to give you some math here it's very important there are 433 members of the house of representatives right now and 235 are democrats and 197 republicans in independent so 217 is the magic number to pass anything in the house of representatives. democrats could lose 18 of their own and still have the votes to impeach. that is key right there. they have a little bit of wiggle room. look at the freshman democrats from red to blue.
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that is the district that president trump carried by about a point. they are going on thursday to try to drum up support. is there risk for republicans. i spoke with one senior republican source there. nobody knows how this turns out. >> that is true. thank you so much. let me ask you about impeachment for the county votes. it is up political matter a political matter not a legal matter anyway. >> is ten times more political than is legal. he was right. in impeachable offense is whatever the house of representatives says it is.
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it is purely political. there is really serious criminal conduct. and then it goes right onto the set. as chad said these things can get at a control. >> both sides think they know exactly how it will play out. if there were different networks. these republicans have to come around. the point is how about we let them decide for themselves whether they think they should. >> i'm not big on immediate snap one-liners. the point is we are not sure of that yet. >> i don't think they have a path to actually return
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articles of impeachment. i'm up there at 200 and whatever votes they need. >> it doesn't seem like it. they have more democrats than that. again where everything is to the death particularly with supreme court conversation. there is no way you are at 67. once you said that they don't had subpoena power here's the thing. someone asked me today. could you return articles of impeachment in a quicker pace. without going through that many more subpoenas and the answer is yes. once it gets into the senate the chief justice of the united states is the trial judge.
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and they conduct an actual trial. we've had two of those. andrew johnson with one vote. and then president clinton went to the senate. >> interesting. let me ask you of course about the other items that they have. >> that's been going back and forth a lot lately. very interesting. they were presented with an action by the president. when they block the da from getting those tax returns. it is a state subpoena so why is it in federal court? the judge said i can't endure the state matter.
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and then i'm saying to myself i'm only on page 40 out of 75. i am going to rule on this in the alternative. this way if i go up. they will have the decision and he disagreed with president trump's argument by the way that the president is immune not just from being indicted, he is immune from any criminal process and basically the court disagreed. >> i think it's overbroad to make that argument. >> i think what's can happen is a second circuit will agree with judge marrero. it could actually. we are tracking several other
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big stories for you. the southwest airline association. suing boeing for a hundred million dollars. alleging lost wages. the model of course was involved in two separate crashes that killed a total of 346 people. the california utility warned it may turn off power through much of the state. to prevent powerline and equipment from starting new wildfires. the 28 counties include the entire bay area. the forecast for wednesday and thursday pg in a agreed to pay $11,000,000.2 insurance companies in the wake of the multiple wildfires. the paradise fire that killed 86 people.
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this all involves a battle over computer processor technology that is a school argued that apple used without permission on certain iphones and ipads. the high court also declaring to hear the lawsuit over making sure that warehouse workers get paid for the time it takes to pass to through security screening. it comes five years after the high court issued a ruling in that case that barred similar claims under federal law. and finally you been waiting for this one. vladimir putin celebrating his h birthday by hiking across the wilderness obviously. several other high-ranking officials. included some offloading into
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to the latest developments in hong kong. fox news is there with the details as susan lee is also here. there is more backlash mounting. let's get right to greg in hong and hong kong. >> there has been another night of unrest here.
6:28 pm
the special territory of china. take a look at what we saw they tried to clear this area around the police station. it has been a hot spot they wanted everybody to leave including us. the latest unrest. by that beijing government. the protesters to hide their identities from the authorities. the massive metropolis is virtually shut down over the weekend. yours, shopping malls and banks. the subway system as well. that is just beginning to be reopened. still a bit of hope.
6:29 pm
not making any sense. >> they are ridiculous. it is now tuesday morning hong kong time. this will be the real test if that major center can get up and running again. greg, i think you. on the growing repercussions between the nba and china. >> a widespread global controversy. fight for freedom, stand with hong kong. the nba says it is regrettable of the offense. that has been caused. as they have exhibition games. the fact that we have apologized to fans is not
6:30 pm
inconsistent they are trying to tow the line. a protecting the freedom of speech and also acknowledging that china is the most important international market. there is a reaction from chinese corporate's. >> they are suspending the ties. it says that they are no longer carrying the houston rockets game along with the state broadcaster. they are both seen and that they no longer cooperate with the houston rockets. the politicians get into this controversy as well. according to some of these. they have beto o'rourke saying that they should be ashamed. let's recognize that china is a large international market
6:31 pm
for the nba. still we are james hardin. he understands this. and he says to china we still got you. we love everything. we appreciate the support that they've given us. >> it's also a message to u.s. corporate. an international corporate that the hong kong purchase is a very divisive issue. back to you. >> with me now on all of this. with the riley walters. thank you for joining us. let me ask you first to react to all of this.
6:32 pm
they face criticism for not facing that as well. we had found a balance. it has created a lot of controversy for them. we could criticize them a lot for this. it is a politically sensitive issue in hong kong. really at the end of the day how do you think this finally plays out. when you look at the story that came before you. they are just going on and on. how do you think this finally ends. and do you think it will go on
6:33 pm
this long. >> it is surprising that it has gone on for almost four months now. there is no clear end in sight. it's pretty obvious that the people of hong kong are dissatisfied with the government in hong kong. they don't feel like they are adequately represented. finding a resolution between the two. aggressive protest in hong kong and actually go on the rise. you look at companies like south park for example. now they are kinda poking fun at them. it can it reminds you of the movie that poked fun at north korea.
6:34 pm
they don't like being criticized for popular culture. i think they can join along procedures list. several that are actually blocked within china because they've either done things that have been critical of beijing or done things that beijing doesn't like. in my not be financially beneficial for those families. and lecture at the nba. it doesn't work that way with them because they are obvious he tried to please a huge audience. the nba is huge here. but then they are being criticized for money ahead of human rights. it's difficult for the large corporations. been profitable at the end of the day.
6:35 pm
the recommendations for them. it is very hard to do. usually silence is the best issue. the best recommendation to make on this. when you have an employee within the company. it might complicate things in the future. we will see. the issue has obviously stretched on out a lot longer than we thought. as you hear the senators chime in and say that we should be doing more in the hong kong side you also keep in mind that we have a lot of people that are separated suffering from this trade impasse. a lot of things that really go together. >> we are waiting right now president trump and we are expecting a tape playback
6:36 pm
right now. he was meeting in the cabinet room. this comes on the heels of the decision that he announced that a lot of people by surprise. we are pulling out of what is left of our forces in syria and basically turning over the territory to the turks. let's listen in now to now to president trump. >> we are down to that. they have already been moved out. if it take to take care of isis. this group largely defeated isis. 100 percent. we wanted to do hundred%.
6:37 pm
we were not in a hundred% they say maybe we could stay longer. we have to bring our people back home. and frankly our great soldiers we've been talking about this on the campaign. you go back three years or more and you watch the speeches. we want to bring our soldiers back home. we are not fighting we are policing for a large extent. i have told the president that he is going to keep treating everyone a great respect. fighting various of the people that we are working with. at some point we are to had to bring our people back home.
6:38 pm
we had been doing this over a long. of time and we had been working with the people in this room and the soldiers have been coming back over i think that one of the big fractures when we defeated isis we had thousands of fighters and family members wives and children and many of them come out of europe in germany. i told them, you have to take these people back. if to do whatever you have to do. that's not fair to the american tax payers. not fair to the united states. but they chose not to do it. >> you have to take him back.
6:39 pm
we can't take care of a 60 or 70,000 people and were neck and move the fighters to guantánamo bay and take care of them for many years into the future is not fair to us. we had defeated them 100 percent. all of the nations where they came from. they chose know. maybe they will change their tune now. in the meantime we will have to rely on the european nations we will have to rely on various other nations. as an example. iran, iraq turkey. syria, russia, and some other nations to take care of these fighters. the american tax payer's neck and a spent 50 years of paid tax or whatever it may be wherever they may be for instance, guantánamo or prisons in the united states. the american taxpayer will not put up with that.
6:40 pm
>> not at all. the call was a perfect call. you had people that took it down exactly. it is just a scam. by the democrats to try to win an election that they will not win in 2020. all you have to do is take a look at the polls. just take a look at what is going on. the people understand it is a scam. they are trying to win an election in 2020 by using impeachment. if you look at that call. it's the perfect call. there was no pressure. did he say there was no pressure. there was no pressure whatsoever. this is a scam. one of the greatest scams we have. we won on the molar scan. that was a whole big deal. we have a few deep -- days apiece.
6:41 pm
i guess is just part of my life. this is the most ridiculous thing. i have to do is read what they wrote down as did not do first. what happened is adam shift went up before congress and he read the most horrible speech. these people won't believe this one. your neck and i believe this one happened. he went up and he text his speech. it was horrible. and he said the president of the united states said this is a fraud. as a fraudulent speech. what he did is incredible. and it should not be allowed. i think a lot of things are happening. nancy pelosi knew it was a fraud and she didn't say anything about it. but if you look at the call. that call is a terrific call.
6:42 pm
it is congenial. there was no pressure. there was no anything. you know it and so do i and so does everybody else. >> i don't bring up fund raising. i believe in the history of the republican party at this time they've never have anything like the numbers there. just about the most they have ever been. asians, hispanics, african americans. the best they have ever been in the history of our country and the best numbers in 51 years.
6:43 pm
so we are doing great things and we are going to keep going. thank you very much. >> think you very much. that was president trump after meeting in the cabinet room with top military brats. -- top military leaders. if you heard him early in the day. talking about the fighters that are syria. they are not wanting to take them back. it is time for them to come home. we will see. more coming up on the evening edit after the break. open an a. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero
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here is lou dobbs with a preview of what's coming up on his fantastic program next.
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>> for those of you that may have forgotten we elected a populist president mister trump today reminding everyone he didn't go to washington to be another chum for the establishment were to be just another presidential caretaker. the president today announcing a new trade agreement with japan and took the occasion to remind china who they are dealing with. china surprised everybody on wall street and corporate america by insisting that there be no big bargain that they would even consider structural changes seen to the united states that they will steal what it wants when it wants. the president says they would prefer a big deal cute mr. mr. sheep. among our guest today edit rods. in the judicial watch president. all of that and more at the top of the hour. please join us.
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reporter: the latest from the uaw strike against g.m. reporter: in mexico the gm plants where they make the chevy blue iser. 215 more layoffs of mexican auto workers. the uaw is very upset about the number of vehicles gm makes in mexico. 800,000 last year. the ua, aw saying to a proposal, quoting now, he didn't even a professional certain ski to explain why you did not accept or rejected our package proposal. the 2020 corvette stingray is
6:54 pm
going to be delayed because of the strike. the strike continues. the strikers on the picket line. gm saying it's negotiating in good faith. but the estimates are the workers have lost a billion dollars with a b. last i leave you with the one-month chart. the stock lost 12% since the strike. melissa: pro testers shouting the homeland security secretary off the stage. into one monthl. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows
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♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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[crowd chanting] >> we'll go ahead and try it one more time. otherwise i'm going back to work to try and secure the country. melissa: acting homeland security secretary was shouted off the stage by protesters. part of what we are seeing is our democracy is under attack. isn't democracy about the rule of law. >> it is. this is appalling. the haters are hating and they are going after the wrong guy. they should be on capitol hill
6:59 pm
and dealing with those people who can have law. civility is gone. it died in a law school right there. that's horrible. melissa: it strikes me it might have been more productive to have a conversation with him. what kind of impact with these policies having on the work you do? >> it's little impact because they created chaos. if they had been in texas they would have been allowed to peacefully protest somewhere else. if they would have a social intercourse and dialogue when they would have had an impact. melissa: i'm sorry, we are out of time. we appreciate the work you do. thank you for coming on the show tonight. thank you for watching "the
7:00 pm
evening edit." i'm melissa francis in or elizabeth macdonald. you can catch me on "after the bell." lou dobbs coming up next. lou: good evening. president trump in full-throated expression of the people's outrage of what has been decades of american military adventurism. neoconservative assertion of military force that has led to unending global military postings of our young men and women in uniform, and often little understood within often utterly senseless conflict the past few decades. leaders of both parties grotesquely turning out what was


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