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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tomorrow. we thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow and good night from new york. lebron james silent no more. he said the houston rockets gm, quote, wasn't educated. meanwhile, new data overnight shows that china's economic outlook is not looking so great. will they be more willing to negotiate with the united states on that. lauren: to the crisis in northern syria. president trump is slapping sanctions on turkey and calling for an immediate cease fire as the syrian government makes a deal with the kurds and sends troops to the region. cheryl: the stage is set for tonight's democratic debate. 12 candidates are getting ready to rumble. joe biden no longer in the need, according to one upon.
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bernie sanders recovering from that heart attack. this may be the last appearance for two of the hopefuls. lauren: the national league championship series could end tonight after the national's crushed the cardinals last night. it is october 15th, tuesday morning. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ here comes the sun. ♪ here comes the sun. ♪ and i say it's all right. ♪ lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: she's back, well rested? cheryl: you bet, 26.2. you bet you. lauren: another marathon in the books for cheryl. we have green on the screen, dow
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up 84. s&p gaining 11, nasdaq up 33. cheryl: the trade war is a marathon. the dow as you can see reacting to good news but stocks in asia really mixed. the trade optimism, fading for those markets. the weak econ data out of china we were talking about. lauren: there is optimism in europe. the top negotiator for brexit says a deal is still possible. up arrows in germany and in france. in great britain, down about 15 points this morning. cheryl: our top story, the pressure is on china with the president's tariffs really starting to take a toll on their economy. producer prices, what companies get for what they're selling, fell in september at the sharpest rate in three years, down 1.2%. consumer inflation, meaning what the chinese people pay for basic necessities, that rose 3% to the highest level in nearly six years and a swine flu outbreak
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caused a 70% jump in pork production. a lot of their pigs have died over there. lauren: no wonder they're eager to buy our farm products. the trump administration is looking to work you out details of the phase one trade deal with china that was announced last week. some doubts about it yesterday. where do we stand this morning? blake berman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin, mercking it clear on monday that there will be ongoing discussions between top u.s. and chai niece -- chinese negotiators in the coming weeks as the phase one portion needs the to be papered as president trump said on friday. the treasury secretary giving what a potential road map for talks could look like over the next months. >> there will be deputy level calls this week, principal level calls next week with ams bass door lighthizer, my -- ambassador lighthizer, myself and the vice premier. i wouldn't be surprised if there were deputy level meetings in person.
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our expectation is we'll meet with the vice premier in chile before the presidents meet and if we need in-person meetings, more in-person meets to he get this done, we'll do that. >> reporter: a spokes american noting that more work is needed, saying in a statement, the two sides discussed the follow-up consultation arrangements and aa agreed to work together in the direction of final agreement. back to you in new york. cheryl: blake, thank you. well, president trump imposed sanctions on turkey. the president says he is fully prepared to destroy that country's economy. the president is urging turkey to declare an immediate cease fire in syria. vice president mike pence will lead a delegation heading over to turkey. lauren: turkey's president writeing in a wall street journal opinion piece, the turkish military together with the syrian national army will remove all terrorist elements in northern syria. these militants are preventing syrian refugees including some 300,000 kurds from returning
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home. we have steve hai harigan with e lateest. >> reporter: what began as a military operation against what turkey calls terrorists, has turned into a war between turkey, a nato member and syria, a country backed by russia. kurdish officials wasted little time in finding a new partner after the withdrawal of u.s. forces which they describe as a stab in the bank. syrian government troops reached the front lines within hours of a deal, a welcome sight to many kurds on the ground. >> thank god for the return of the army. thank god for the return of the syrian, arab army. >> reporter: the fighting is brutal. arab militia has been accused of atrocities, pulling a female political leader from her car and shooting her in the head. a convoy containing armed men,
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civilians and journalists was bombed near the front line, killing nine. dozens of civilians on both sides of the border have been killed by more tar shells exploding into -- mortar shells exploding into homes. there is a rage among civilians that no one is doing anything to save them. >> where is the united nations? let them come to see the blood of our children on the floors. why don't they show up? our children are bombed. our strength is gone. >> reporter: several world leaders warned the conflict could lead to a resurgence of the islamic state in the region. the kurds have been in charge of prisons housing isis combatants and family members in syria. over the past three days, two masses scapes have been attempted at these facilities. civilians are looking for an escape for fights that's come to their doorsteps. people are on the move, trying to get away from the fighting
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anyway they can. the number has gone up each day. cheryl: steve, thank you. well, nba superstar lebron james, the king himself, has spoken out about the nba's standoff with china. james was in china last week for exhibition games between the lakers and the nets which were impacted by a tweet that came from the houston rockets' gm, daryl morey, who expressed support for hong kong activists. the tweet was taken down but the damage was down, the nba taken off the air in china. many events surrounding the games were canceled. lauren: this is what james tweeted. my team and this league went through a difficult league. i think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others and i believe nobody stopped and considered what would happen, can could have waited a week to send it. james went on to say he's not discussing the substance of the tweet. others can talk about that. the nba remains off the air in china but games still streaming there online. an op ed in usa today, basically
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lashes out at james and says all he cares about when it comes to the rest of the world is, quote, cashing those big checks. cheryl: well, let's focus on what's happening with the latest in general motors. the uaw now summoning all local union leaders to detroit for a national council meeting on thursday, this could be a good thing, folks. the meeting is raising speculation that there could be an end to the strike. members of the union council would vote on a tentative agreement reached at the bargaining table. lauren: nearly 50,000 uaw members have been on strike since september 16th. they feel the pain of that each passing day. gray has more from detroit. >> reporter: it is the 30t 30th day of the strike and bills are piling up for the workers. you can imagine a lot of them are coming up short when they're trying to pay their mortgage or their rent, car payments and insurance payments. so who is losing more as the strike drags on? he'll well, just by the numbers, general motors is.
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more than $1 billion in lost profits according to one analyst. the workers, about half that, giving up $624 million in wages, but of course one dollar means a lot more to a worker than it does to a multibillion dollar company. as these contract negotiations drag on, there's a lot at stake for both sides. general motors trying to keep thing as tight as possible. they already pay, according of to analysts, $63 per worker for hourly wages and benefits when you compare that to the foreign automakers who pay about $13 less than that per worker. that's why moody's says it is critical any new uaw contract not allow that gap to widen since it already results in more than $1 billion per year in higher costs and lower profits for general motors. now, the bargaining is going on behind closed doors, still there's a lot for the two sides to flesh out including working on a path to permanent employment, full-time employment for temporary workersnd the
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union says to ensure job security for its workers, many many years down the line. cheryl and lauren, back to you. lauren: gradying thank you. meanwhile, the death toll is rising in japan from the typhoon. cheryl: so many people still missing. tracee carrasco has the latest details. tracee: the death toll from the worst typhoon to hit japan in decades rises to 66. thousands of homes remain without power or water after the typhoon slammed japan over the weekend. the hardest hit was north of tokyo where levies burst. pg&e facing major backlash after cutting power to more than 700,000 customers last week. the planned blackouts were done to avoid wildfires of. the governor, gavin newsom, sending a letter to the company demanding they pay rebates to the customers that lost power
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saying california shouldn't pay for decades of pg&e's greed and neglect. they said during the shutoff there were no catastrophic wildfires started. a massive recall hit tak taco b, 2.3 billion pounds of seasoned beef has been removed from restaurants from 21 states because some of it may be contaminated with metal shavings. they are saying customer safety is most important. the washington nationals take game three of the nlcs. the team beat the cardinals, 8-1 last night, putting them one win away from a trip to the world series. the pitcher dominated for seven innings, striking out 12 batters and ho howie kendrick drove in three runs. the nationals go for the sweep tonight. cheryl: world series is coming, ladies. where is the fall going and what happened to the mets, anyway. lauren: we ask that question in
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my household a lot. cheryl: we talk about that a lot on "mornings with maria." coming yo up, optimism in the market this morning. so much is related to china. by the way, earnings are coming, folks. get ready, dow is up 90, s&p up 112 and a quarter, nasdaq up 36 and a quarter. big banks will be kicking off earnings season today. why some analysts are saying this is going to be like basically drinking from a fire hose. and get ready to rumble. ohio, the site of tonight's democratic debate. we're going to have a preview of the debate and who are the four candidates who are in make or break moments this evening. here's a look at today's national average for a gallon of gas, $2.64 for regular. keep it here on fox business, we are invested in you. ♪ i'm stronger than yesterday. ♪ not let nothing get in my way.
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we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ ) lauren: luxury retailer barn pie's is close to a deal to keep some of its stores opening, according to reports. saks fifth avenue teaming up with authentic brands in a deal were $270 million. hudson bay would pay a licensing fee for barney' and to place mini barny stores inside saks locations. cheryl: earnings season kicking
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off today. four big banks reporting their quarterly results. but with the fed cutting rates twice this could mean trouble for their profits. lower interest rates mean they don't make a lot of money. michael lee, portfolio management and market strategist is joining us. they make money but not as much as they do with higher interest rates. this isn't good for the banks. >> especially with a flat yield curve. when long-term rates are below short-term rates, that's like a losing money proposition. cheryl: i was trying to find good news in this. we're expecting a rough quarter, just in general for earnings, right. but i was thinking to myself, okay, look, if lower interest rates spurs mortgage loans, more people want to buy homes or more people want to take a loan for a car, that could actually be a saving grace for these guys. >> it's a very tough environment for the banks, not only from a trading standpoint but ey ideally it's the borrow overnight, lend long. when overnight rates are -- cheryl: the overnight rate, the
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rate they loan to each other. >> what are they saying about the consumers, what are they seeing in the economy, are they seeing deterioration of fundamentals and this will give us a better look into the broader picture. cheryl: are people paying credit cards on time, are mortgages paid on time, are small businesses going to the bank to say i want to start a company. that all matters when it comes to the economy. the trade war is going to come up with everybody and the first one is jp morgan at 6:45 a.m. this morning. everyone's going to be looking for commentary on the china trade war. what are you expecting? >> jp morgan is one of the only banks that's expected to have a decent amount of revenue growth partially because the third quarter in 2018 was so ugly. the trading environment for the big banks has not been that good. we'll see you how mergers and acquisitions, how is loan growth, are we seeing good loan growth, higher consumer thrown p question and answe-- consumer d.
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it's not so much the earnings, it's all in the commentary, about the trade war and the rest of the economy. cheryl: we've got citi, goldman, jp morgan and wells fargo today. wells fargo is going to be a mortgage story, jpm is going to be a credit story. goldman sacks, some of these -- goldman sachs, some of these banks have big pieces in big companies. goldman sachs, uber. some of these failed ipos are going to be a bad reflection on the bottom line, potentially, i'm not saying it is. >> the thing is, if they brought these companies to market, they've already made their money. cheryl: yeah. >> the initial transaction. wework not coming to market. cheryl: wework didn't go public. >> that's a big black eye for these bankers. cheryl: it's a lot of cash, right. the ipo business is sour, that's not good for them either. maybe the bond market will save them. i don't know. mike lee, we'll see. results are today. we'll have you back. thanks, mike. lauren: we have four dow components opening their books
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on the lat latest quarter this morning. stocks are up ahead of this, nasdaq is jumping 36, fresh headlines casting optimism on the u.s.-china trade deal. one says the breakthrough in negotiations should be celebrated. the trump administration still puts china on warning, saying more tariffs are coming if phase one of the trade deal isn't finalized. and the reason harley davidson slammed the brakes on its first ever electric bike. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ i'll stop the world and melt with you. ♪ you've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time. ♪ there's nothing you and i won't do. ♪ with technology that helps you offer shoppers a better experience. take your company's app. we can add in all sorts of capabilities, which help your customers manage rewards, offers, and payments on the fly.
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between lines, mix in lines of unlimited, and switch it up at any time. all with millions of secure wifi hotspots and the best lte everywhere else. it's a different kind of wireless network, designed to save you money. switch and save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus, get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. that's simple. easy. awesome. call, click, or visit a store today. cheryl: harley david pson
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pulling the plug temporarily at least on the first electric motorcycle. a charging problem halted production on the live wire electric bike. the company says it doesn't have a timeline as to when production will resume. harley asked customers an dealers to only use a professional charger available at the dealership. it says the bikes are still safe to ride if you want to watch the stock today, we love the ticker, it's hog. lauren: the tariffs are still on the table, treasury secretary steven mnuchin said the december round of tariffs on chinese goods will take effect if there is no deal. our next guest says the first part of the deal should be easy to paper. the rest, not so much. here hes is, riley walters, policy analyst at the heritage foundation. riley, good morning. seems easy, why don't we just trade the december tariffs for putting what was just agreed to on paper and get phase one signed, sealed and delivered? >> yeah, i think there's a lot of negotiating still going on between the united states and
5:24 am
china. phase one of the deal as you mentioned, i think it could be pretty easy to get done. if you look back at may, when things really fell apart, it seemed like they had pretty much already agreed to about two-thirds. it was that one-third left of the deal that threw things under the bus. so that's why i believe phases two and three might be a little harder to negotiate. but phase one shouldn't be too hard to get. the problem is now just writing the checks and agreeing to it in a month. lauren: it should be easy because the sticky issues, the dodgy issues such as forced transfer of technology, intellectual property, that's not being discussed at this phase. i want to go through some headlines. a difference of tone this morning. the u.s. and china on the same page, that coming from the south china morning post. another one, the breakthrough in negotiations should be celebrated, not dismissed. but do you trust this change of tone this morning? our futures are up here in the u.s.
5:25 am
>> i think markets are just responding accordingly. any time there's positive news on the trade front, they respond accordingly. i think there is a fair amount of skepticism, of course, getting to the deal next month. obviously, it is just an agreement in principle right now so a lot of things will need to be put in to text and signed between the leaders on the summit, the sidelines of the apac next month. i think there is positives to take from this. obviously, the removal of tariffs today or at least the suspension is good. therthey're at least talking abt december and whether we could or could not -- obviously, they're not making a decision on december's tariffs. i would prefer them to start talking about the removal of tariffs and actually helping out american consumers before the christmas season comes around. lauren: the december 15th tariffs. >> of course, there's a lot of trust-building that needs to be made between the two sides. lauren: are you surprised that china has taken it this far?
5:26 am
you look at the data coming out of beijing, the latest this morning, factory deflation because of weak demand, consumer prices soaring because of a lack of pork. pork prices up almost 70%. and then hong kong. are you surprised that president xi is playing ball the way he is? >> not at all. obviously, china, they're going to try and be as tough as they can. the way they kind of sell this, it's foreign coercion, it's the united states being unfair even though it is china's unfair trade practices that we're trying to address. it's not a big surprise. we have to take this week's economic data out of china with a grain of l salt. there's a lot of macroeconomic problems they're dealing with right now as well. lauren: riley walters, thank you for trying to explain it all to us. 15 months in and we're basically where we started with the trade talks. riley, thank you. cheryl: trade certainly still has got the markets eyes this morning. there's optimism that things are kind of moving forward, dow up
5:27 am
87 right now, s&p up 11 and-a-half, nasdaq up 33 and three quarters. we're talking about the first phase of a deal. we'll see how that plays out. coming up next, democrats by the dozen, 12 candidates taking the stage tonight for the fourth primary debate. why tonight is make or break for at least two, possibly four of those hopefuls. we are 15 days away from what could be a hard brexit but now one official says the u.k. may not need their crash helmets after all. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ treat her better. ♪ gotta let go. '♪ we both know we ain't kids no more. so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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cheryl: 12 democrats going to take the stage tonight for the fourth primary debate, all qualifying democrats had to raise donations from 130,000 people and 2% support in four different polls. soon th the debate stage could e
5:31 am
a new face. reports say michael bloomburg is considering a 2020 run. good morning, guys. robin, your response to these reports that mike bloomburg is telling his allies if joe bidens is out, he steps in. seems a little far-fetched. what do you make of this? >> that's a big if. i do not see joe biden dropping out any time soon. he's still leading in the top three and, look, i know him personally and we call him fighting joe for a reason. i don't think he's going anywhere, cheryl. cheryl: we're looking at new polling. a poll that came out yesterday has warren ahead of biden, 27% to 30%, so she's ahead which is interesting because what she does tonight on stage is going to be fascinating. she's either going to go after trump or she's going to go after biden. what route do you think she takes? >> i think she's going to take a
5:32 am
bifurcated pathway. the democratic primary seems to have made 2020 about president trump. i have said, you turn spite a ia personality debate about trump, you're going to lose. elizabeth warren will talk about her quote, unquote, slew of policy proposals, but if you look at them, which i have, she's going to raise taxes on the middle class in order to do what, a green new deal? i don't think she'll be able to bifurcate this position where she goes after trump and tries to defend her policy positions. cheryl: i wonder if she'll go directly after biden. i think there will be several shots tonight at president trump, that's going to happen for sure. it will be interesting to see how they interact with each other. robin, i want to bring this touo your attention, this joe and hunter biden scandal going on, does anyone take a chance and
5:33 am
bring up hunter biden tonight, do you think? >> if there's one person i expect will go there, it's going to be tulsi gabbard. we've seen her do it before. i think she may go there tonight and she's got kind of a chip on her shoulder for being out of the last debate. she's threatened to stand this one out. she's got something to prove tonight and i think she may bring it. cheryl: i mentioned this earlier in the show, a couple of make or break names tonight, she is one of them, is tulsi gabbard and beto o'rourke is one of them. they're going to up the stakes for the next debate in november and tulsi gabbard is one of those that's in trouble. how d do you think p sheeha shes tonight. >> i think she will go for broke. the lower third of the democratic primary right now, they don't have legitimate policy positions that go across the entire plat forel.
5:34 am
platform. the poll said 76% of the democratic electorate wants to impeach president trump. what can she say about that. cheryl: i didn't mention julian castro, tulsi gabbard, beto o'rourke and klobuchar, they're not where they need to be for the november debate, those are the four names i think will be interesting to watch. what are you expecting. >> i think that. i think julians castro will play it safe this time because he was sort of all over the place with that last one. klobucharless also has done well just by playing it safe. cory booker has got to break out and do something other than being mr. nice guy and give us some real -- some proposals, just something of -- anything we'll take at this point. cheryl: maybe get over those rehearsed answers he seems to be giving a lot. >> yeah. he's got to do something better than that. cheryl: it's going to be interesting. >> i'm excited. cheryl: pressure is on tonight.
5:35 am
it's going to be a pretty good debate tonight. we're all going to be watching. thank you for weighing in. lauren: with congress back to work, the impeachment push resumes. michael mckinley, a former top aiaide to secretary of state mie pompeo has been asked to testify behind closed doors tomorrow. he resigned last week. democrats are investigating trump's suggestion that ukraine investigate the business dealings of joe biden's family. cheryl: wework is in a race for emergency funding and reports say it is pitting its hope on, i mentioned this earlier, jp more b began. a roughly -- morgan. a roughly 5 butte billion dollag option is their top choice. wework's bankers are pitching investors on what would be one of the riskiest offerings in recent years.
5:36 am
how the mighty ipos sometimes fall. lauren: the eu's chief negotiator for brexit says a brexit deal could be reached this week with the british government vowing to work around the clock. rango bearidge joins us now. good to see you. how is this possible that we could have a deal this week? is it a deal taking shape for the irish border issues? >> well, it's clear that both sides are attempting to look like they're making compromises. the key compromise from the u.k. is the prospect of a border in the irish sea or some type of parparticipation from irish in e eu cus customs union. it's just headline bingo at the moment. lauren: it's funny that on one hand we say a deal could be reached and yet we could also have a scenario where we have a new prime minister for great
5:37 am
britain next week because on saturday by law boris johnson, the prime minister, must vote to extend brexit. but if he doesn't do that, there could be a no confidence vote and thereby you can get a new prime minister next week. this is crazy. >> well, it could get a lot worse than a new prime minister. the reareality is the law that s boris to seek that extension on saturday has not been tested before. it is possible they will not seek an extension. that would put us in a constitutional crisis and we could have a vote of no cough dense, a -- no confidence and it could go to the court. the pound sterling is trading solidly up over the last week. there's a lot of hype at the moment for sterling and the price. lauren: i've been calling sterling the brexit barometer. i think you agree. ranco, good to see you. thanks for the perspective. cheryl: of course, global markets are always tuned into
5:38 am
what's happening with brexit, also u.s.-china trade talks. right now, there's a little bit of optimism out there, dow up 96, s&p up 12 and a quarter, nasdaq up 37. we start earnings season today with all the banks, four big names coming out. that could change the premarket story in an instant. coming up next, luxury real estate, are wealthy investors turning into sellers rather than buyers. we're going to show you some surprising numbers we've discovered. and speaking of luxury, would you buy this man's townhouse? lauren: looks nice. cheryl: take a look. it's for sale. price tag is going to surprise you. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ get up, get down. ♪ move a little bit closer to the scene. ♪ find out if there's something new that you can see. ♪ get up, get down. ♪ get a little bit closer to me. ♪
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fidelity. ♪ so maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero lauren: a piece of manhattan real estate could be a tough sell. it's jeffrey epstein's mansion. the be pedophile's townhouse is being packed up as we speak. it could be put up for sale soon. the new york post reports the estate hired a contractor to rid the home of any reminder of epstein in order to increase the value. the property reportedly worth $56 million. cheryl: oh, wow. epstein's townhome not the only luxury piece of real estate a that may be tough to sell. it's now a buyer's market for multimillion dollar properties
5:42 am
across the country with luxury homes sitting unsold longer and owners starting to cut prices. it's a crazy story, we love to cover it anyway. dianne ramira is with us. the market is really changed. it's now a buyer's market and the discounts are huge that we're seeing. >> yes, it really is. and in new york city it's a buyer's market across the board. i mean, a number of years now it's been so in the luxury market but now it's across the board. cheryl: the first quarter, the average price of a luxury home -- this is across the country -- that's the top 5% of homes in any city. >> yes, yes. cheryl: they fell by 1.6%. actually non-luxury homes, the prices are rising. >> yes. cheryl: so makes you want to look at the lower market a little bit i would think. >> absolutely. that's the market that construction has not kept up with demand, where the new product coming on tends to be
5:43 am
all luxury and it makes sense, it's from a price point. but it's increased our inventory and that's the problem. cheryl: are buyers finally realizing they're going to have to get realistic if they want to sell something now. >> yes, seller sellers realizey have to be reals liss particular and they're negligence other -- realistic. and they're negligence other ne. we are solidly's in a buyer's market. cheryl: there was a big story here, this july 1st tax hit for new york. >> the mansion tax. cheryl: the mansion tax kicked in. it's a 4, $5,000 hit that you take when you sell or you buy, i can't remember. >> it's when you sell, the buyer pays it. it's now graduated. we always had a mansion tax but it was across the board, 1% over a million. now it's a graduated tax.
5:44 am
so it's almost 4% when you get above $10 million. so it was a huge impact and it really caused a fabulous june for us but -- cheryl: is there a transfer tax or is that the mansion tax? >> it is a transfer tax. cheryl: so it's the same thing as well. so how long do you think this can last? obviously interest rates don't really apply when you're talking about luxury multimillion dollar places but how long do you think this place we're in right now is going to last? what's the future looking like? >> i'm optimistic. i'm optimistic because of really three points. interest rates are at a great level and you say that the luxury buyer doesn't really care about the interest rates but they do now. they're so low. we're seeing less and less in the all cash and that's a new phenomenon. and you add in choice that people have and affordability then because the sellers are realistic in negotiation and
5:45 am
negotiating, it's a trifecta i haven't seen in a while. cheryl: interesting. >> we're seeing smart buyers getting in before the masses jump on-board many. it's exciting. cheryl: halstead has its eye on the higher price market. thank you for coming. a programming note. i'm going to continue the topic of luxury real estate throughout the day today on fox business. i'm going to be in a townhouse in manhattan. this home was used to portray ellen benis' home in seinfeld. it's for sale, we're going inside and we're going outside. lauren: i thought it would be worth more. let's take a look at futures this morning. we have substantial gains, we've had them all morning, dow is up 89 points, s&p up 11, nasdaq jumping 34. still ahead, a former police officer in texas now charged with murder. we'll have details when we return. and coca-cola and tictac teamed
5:46 am
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lauren: we are looking at a strong storm with heavy rain of. it is pounding parts of the south. cheryl: janice dean is live in the fox weather sense enter. center of. you are earning your pay. janice: that storm is going to combine with another system across the ohio valley and bring us the potential for a coastal event tomorrow across the
5:50 am
northeast. stay tuned. we'll keep you updated. you can see the temperatures are warm across the gulf coast. we have a frontal boundary bringing the showers and thunderstorms, perhaps flash flooding in some areas along the south. this storm is going to link up with this next system that's moving across the great lakes and the ohio valley, in towards the northeast and we're going to have a good little coastal storm. the gfs model shows a weaker storm. the euro model shows a more stronger system. so we're going to have to watch it. the bottom line is, it's going to be a nasty day across the northeast on wednesday, pretty much wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening, into thursday morning. and this says the worst of it will be new england. we'll have to monitor and see how far offshore this coastal event gets to us. now, in the meantime, here is your forecast. we're going to look at showers and thunderstorms across the south with that lingering front and then our low pressure gets its act together across the great lakes and then we have a new storm sis p tell for the northwest. -- system for the northwest we're going to have to monitor.
5:51 am
cheryl: doesn't end. lauren: earning your paycheck. janice: keepin keeping me in . lauren: i'm getting the rain boots out for tomorrow. cheryl: we continue to follow that devastating story out of texas. a former police officer in fort worth has been charged with murder. lauren: tracee carrasco here now with the details. good morning, tracee. tracee: officer aaron dean was responding to a call from a concerned neighbor about open doors from a home when he fatally shot atatiana jefferson through her window. it happened when she was playing video games in the home. dean has been charged with murder and he is out on bail. federal prosecutors are looking into president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani's dealings with the ukraine, that's according to the wall street journal. the investigation includes giuliani's finances, meetings and work he did there. this as witnesses are being
5:52 am
questioned about an alleged conspiracy involving two of giuliani's business associates. giuliani has denied any wrongdoing. more layoffs at uber. the ride sharing company letting go of 350 employees from a number of departments, including uber eats and a autonomous vehicles. this is the latest in a string of staff reductions at the company since the ill-fated ipo in may. two iconic brands coming together, the results, a coca-cola flavored tictac. the limited edition mint will be available in the next few months and over 70 countries around the world. that's what's happening now. lauren: i like that idea. cheryl: i don't. it's terrible. a coca-cola tictac? lauren: yeah, like -- i like the way coke tastes. no? okay. cheryl: sorry. lauren: i'm going to try it. cheryl: we'll see. we have a lot more coming up this morning, folks. thanks, trace. apple's new operating system is out but is it worth downloading
5:53 am
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♪ ♪ cheryl: apple's latest operating system has new feature to keep your information safe. lauren: bret larson is here. >> you're not loving ios13? came about 2 weeks ago, now it's in the wild as we like to say, people are using it and thinking, this is horrible, or this is amazing, i always do a clean install of my operating systems. it's very complicated, back everything up, erase your hard drive, start from scratch, you get better user experience as
5:57 am
opposed to upgrade which could be a bumpy road. apple has planted on security issues, it will suggest better passwords, oh, i never will remember that, it remembers all of your passwords so you don't think about it. improved data protection, every time you launch an app that you've downloaded from the internet it will check to make sure it's okay and not malware that will cause problems on your computer and one more thing that we wanted to talk about if you want to throw the full screen, enhanceed gate keeper technology, everything is safe and keeping data safe. lauren: all the safety, what is google doing to buy one of the phones? >> pixel 4, it's going to look like the iphone, new features to
5:58 am
it. better camera, better battery life. the question i'm holding for and i will wait for my answer, is whether or not they will talk about 5g. everybody is talking about 5g, wrong it's ready. cheryl: today big day for fox business, 11-year anniversary of launch of the network. all we wanted just the feed to go up at 5:00 a.m. i kept saying to the bosses, what's the expectation, all the lights to go on, the feed to go up and look at our network now 12 years later, we are so proud, we want to thank all of you, the viewers, especially those who have been since the beginning and we are grateful.
5:59 am
lauren: cheryl and i worked together at another network and you got hired at fox business first and you told me all about it, lauren, come on board. look at us years later. cheryl: neil cavuto, roger ailes and gary who was still leading -- [laughter] >> gary is the one that brought me in, called me on the phone, i need you come in to fox, tell me what, when and where, boom. lauren: she brought doughnuts. [laughter] cheryl: maria, happy anniversary to you. maria: right back to you, happy anniversary to you and i'm grateful to be working along side every morning. cheryl: we love you, maria, you have been such great piece of the family here.
6:00 am
maria: i will see you in a few minutes, good morning, happy tuesday, i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday october 15th, top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, earning season is in high gear today, jpmorgan, citigroup all reporting, dow component johnson & johnson, as soon as those reports hit the tape and impacts on markets as well. dow industrials right now up 117, s&p 50 up 13 and nasdaq futures higher of 37, lebron james under fire this morning over comments about hong kong, first time he's spoken out about the controversy, did not go over well, what he said coming up. mark zuckerberg facing critics, facebook ceo held private meetings with conservative leaders as the site has come under pressure over


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