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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 15, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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congratulations to our colleagues at fox news. number one for 71 quarters. atop it all. sean hannity, congratulations and fox news. good night. trish: house speaker nancy pelosi announcing she is planning no vote to launch an impeachment probe. she held a press conference to announce there would be no vote to launch an impeach many probe. if you are not willing to take a vote and put your money where your mouth is, then what is this? just another political charade. we can report new details about the scope of hunter biden's financial relationship with the companies from which he received
8:01 pm
hundreds of thousands of dollars. joe biden's son giving a mea culpa to abc news. >> i think it's impossible for me to be on any of the boards i just mentioned without saying i'm the son of the vice president of the united states. >> if your last name wasn't bind do you think you would have been asked to be on the board of burisma? >> i don't know. probably not. did i make a mistake in the grand scheme of things? yeah. but did i make a mistake because of an ethical lapse? absolutely not. trish: he said he did nothing wrong, and perhaps he didn't. but that is after all des moines c. we are talkind than is aftere are talking about.
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he had just been kicked out of the military for drug use, only then to appear in the ukraine earning $50,000 a month for work you know nothing about. >> you have hunter biden stepping down from a position in order to make sure there has been no accusation of wrongdoing. just to make sure there is not even an appearance of a conflict of interest. >> this has been one of those elaborate efforts by donald trump to distract and deflect and to tar an opponent based on lies. >> this guy gave new meaning to the economy. there is a whole bunch of
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positions. these are the ones we can confirm. there could be others. in some cases we know how much he made. but we don't know the ups on all of these things. there are some reports he made in the millions. joining me, republican matt gaetz. welcome back. let me get to biden in just a second. let me start with what the heck is going on with nancy pelosi. she was going to have a big press conference at 6:30, then she said i want everyone to know we are not going to take an impeachment vote. which i guess we knew already. >> we republicans have been pushing for a vote so there are procedures and we know who is able to attend the hearings and who is able to present evidence. we might have the same rights in defending president trump.
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we are asking for no more or no less than bill clinton got as far as due process. but nancy pelosi wants the run an unfair impeachment. what i can tell you, trish, is over the break many of my democrat colleagues received phone calls from jim clyburn, the whip of the democratic caucus. there was not sufficient support to move forward with an impeachment vote. that's deeply troubling because this impeachment is damage our country and damage our president's hand as he tries to settle global peace and make the world a safer place. jet democrats aren't willing to put their own name to their own flawed impeachment investigation. trish: when i heard this knew, it was quite possible that she was going to say, look we have the votes and we'll have the vote on impeachment.
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i thought hallelujah. it feels like that's a more democrat kick and fair process. the president already said, and we can show the viewer here. it's a fair process. if they took a vote he would be willing to turn over whatever he needs to turn over. >> to say you can't have lawyers or ask questions. even some of the reporters say it's an unfair situation. >> if pelosi holds a vote on the floor, you will participate in that investigation? president trump: if the rules are fair. i don't know exactly your definition. if republicans get a fair shake. trish: we just learned from nancy pelosi that that's not going to happen. i understand you were kicked out of an impeachment hearing yesterday. the fiona hill testimony.
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according to precedent you would have had the right to attend but you got kicked out and you are calling out democrat adam schiff for this. this is you in the moments right after. >> why is adam schiff trying to run a kangaroo court? why is he continuing to access to evidence. i am deeply disapoinld on behalf of my constituents i'm unable to participate and listen to the questions and answers. trish: that was you just after. are you still as mad. >> i am deeply frustrated. and i'm blue moksed. september 12 it was the chairman of the judiciary committee, jerry nadler who launched the impeachment investigation. then our own chairman started. and it shows you it's like watching the keystone cops trying to organize an
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impeachment process. i'm an old litgate gator. when your facts are good want people to see them. you want people exposed so they can be absorbed into the factual understanding of what occurred. here adam schiff's facts are terrible. their strategy will be to keep evidence away from the american people, selectively spleek information out of context to liberal news outlets, and hope that pollutes american public. work i believe is appropriate based on the reporting you were comernlgt on in your opening. hunter bind should be investigated. either he was conning the americans or conning the ukrainians. he admitted he only had the job because of his last name. if he was leveraging that last name, that's a betrayal of america. if he was taking $50,000 a month it makes america look bad. you have got the son of the vice
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president of the united states shaking people down for money apparently for access that may or may not have been delivered. it's bad for our country and hunter bind shows there -- hunter biden shows there is a lot of work to do to drain the swamp. trish: le bron james diving into the china-naish debate. and he's taking china's side. >> i wanted to get to a word or sentence feud with daryl morey. but i believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand. trish: hear more of le bron's so-called educated attack. if tonight's democratic debate is like the old one, you will hear a lot of this.
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>> every american $1,000 a month. >> tuition free public state universities. >> this has to be the party of universal healthcare. trish: coming up next, tomi lahren and pete hegseth are both here on the new socialist push in the democratic party. saturdays happen. pain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> universal childcare for every baby age zero to 5. cancellation of student loan debts. >> every american $1,000 a month. tuition free public state universities. >> free, free, free. trish: got it. free. dems battling it out inio trying to outfree one another. it's gaining traction with young americans. the seemingly endless barrage of freebies enticing millennials who have all this debt, especially student loan debt. but what they don't see are the obvious red flags that socialism present. let's go to "fox and friends" co-hosts pete hegseth and tomi
8:14 pm
lahren. what is this fascination with a system that ended in more -- a horrible way. venezuela being the latest example. >> we don't teach history very well anymore. but the other reason is, young people don't know what socialism is. even on college campuses, some of them really do think socialism means being more social with one another. i actually heard that a number of times, more times than i care to admit. trish: pete, it sounds nice. we like to feel better about the world and ourselves. maybe we take i little less. maybe somebody else can have a little more. next to secular humanism, socialism destroyed more human lives than any other system in human history. whether social i., communism,
8:15 pm
anything leftism and socialism touches, it destroys. what all of these candidates miss, look at the television camera i'm look at. the microphone, the internet. the broadcast television. all are creations of capitalism and free endr enterprise. of people stepping up to create a better idea so people's lives can be improved. bernie sanders would prefer that people wait in bread lines and you write on parchment paper. that means everyone is equal. he said in a statement i am against capitalism because i can't tolerate corruption, and inequality. have you seen what happens in socialist societies? the connected are ultra wealthy and everyone else lives in
8:16 pm
squalor. trish: sanders was talking about warren and he said, i quote, there is differences between elizabeth and myself. i think as you know, she said she is a cap tellist in her bones. i'm not. because you can't be a capitalist nowadays. if you are a capitalist that's somehow bad. >> he actually seemed to take offense to the fact he was compared to elizabeth warren, not because she pretended to be a native american and got fired because she is pregnant. but because she has capital number of her bones. democrattics socialism doesn't exist. you can't be free economically or otherwise if you are dependent on the government. young people need to crack open a history book or even better look at what's happening in venezuela. people flee from socialism, not
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too it. young people would do well to remember that. trish: we'll hear from juan guaido.
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trish: fiona hill on the hill for over 9 hours. she claimed in her testimony former national security advisor was so concerned about certain ukraine investigation he individuals her to tell the lawyers about this while referring to president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani as a quote hand grenade that's about to blow us all up. i spoke to rudy giuliani today and he tells me these allegations are way after base. he said he never spoke to mick mulvaney regarding ukraine as alleged. he said he and bolton worked together in the past and had a good relationship. if john had told me i was like a hand grenade, i would have said, well, you are like an atomic bomb. he said it didn't make sense that bolton wouldn't just pick up the phone, give him a ring.
8:24 pm
it didn't make sense if people thought he was working with mick mulvaney. private closed door testimony, scott perry, he's a member of the house foreign affairs committee. let me first ask you, in these hearings are you hearing anything that is causing you some alarm and second of all, are you hearing things that are so classified the rest of the world shouldn't hear them? >> of course you probably know that even though this is in the skiff, none of it is classified. that's verified over and over again. so the fact that it's being kept from anybody and everybody is a mystery to all of us. that having been said, you also probably know that none of us
8:25 pm
are supposed to be talking about what's happening in those depositions. those are the rules of the house. the fact that i am hearing from some ever beige from d verbiageo way heard last night. unfortunately some of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle are leaking out information that is advantageous to their cause. this is why so many people are angry at this one-sided deal, this one-sided prosecution or persecution where imagine your child being accused of something and you can't call your witnesses and see the testimony. yet somebody is going to have an opinion and vote based on one side information. it's unfair in america.
8:26 pm
trish: nancy pelosi just told us, no vote on impeachment. >> by my count only about 12 members have seen the bulk of these 30 or 40 hours of testimony, and you have the rest of the members having no clue. if you are not on the committee you can't sit in on it, and you can't -- you can only read one portion -- you can read ambassador bolton's transcript. that's it. trish: top secret stuff that somehow gets leaked if it's advantageous to the other side. mayor giuliani was dumbfounded by it. i said what do you think about the possibility that john bolton didn't like, didn't like what was going on, didn't like how he felt increasingly shut out, if you look at the timing, july 25 was the call. i do not believe, but correct me
8:27 pm
if i'm wrong, i do not believe john bolton was on that call. by september 10, the whistlele blower's complaint had been filed shortly thereafter, i believe john bolton left the white house. not under the best of circumstances. all that said, is there any reason to believe that john bolton as "the washington post" is asking tonight would want to inflict any kind of harm on the administration? the "post" piece is entitled the revenge of john bolton, question mark. >> i would say this first. i don't consider "the washington post" the fount of reliable news. i wish that were the case. trish: giuliani is saying john bolton and fiona hill apparently told all of you goes that john
8:28 pm
bolton wanted her to go to the lawyers. he says that doesn't make sense to me. he said i wasn't working with megan we were friend enough that he could have come to me and said this. >> i think john bolton loves this country and he will be interested in doing the right thing every time he has the opportunity. and i would say the same thing about rudy giuliani. he's not shy. he will pursue what he believes in for his client. and he's a free american citizen who can go to other countries if he wants to and meet whoever he wants to. so i would just say if we are curious about what john bolton had to say or what rudy giuliani had to say. we ought to have them come in and testify in front of the whole world. trish: i am all for that. i'm a journalist. i want that transparency. i don't want to have to rely on this source or that. i hear you, congressman. amen. >> we don't think it should be
8:29 pm
in the scif. we think we should be doing this out for the whole world to see. we are unafraid of the facts. trish: superstar le bron james calling houston rockets general manager's pro-hong kong tweet uneducated. >> i don't want to get into a word or sentence feud with daryl maury, but i believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand. >> we found foot and where le bron said the opposite thing. you want to hear it for yourself and i have got it for you here next. i can't believe it.
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8:34 pm
so many people could have been harmed financial are you, physically, emotionally, spiritually. be careful what we tweet and say and do. ebb though we have freedom of speech. there can be a lot of negative that comes with that, too. trish: wow. oh, my goodness. talking about bowing down to china. nba star le bron james condemning the houston rockets general manager, his support for hong kong protesters, effectively -- i don't know what you would call this really. somehow it was uneducated of morey to write that? le bron james wants to cash in on china's money instead of thinking about freedom and democracy. things he has benefited from. and i say cashing in, the power
8:35 pm
of the dwriens clearly having a big effect on le bron. not too long ago he was telling us about the virtues of speaking out. >> i have a voice, i have a platform, and i have so many kid and thought only kids, but adults and everybody who look for guidance. and look for someone to kind of lead them when they feel like their voice isn't powerful. and when you see that's unjust or wrong or something that trying to divide us as a race or as a country, then i feel like my voice can be heard and speak volumes. trish: okay. so you are supposed to speak out. which is it, le bron, really? joining me, cabot phillips. that was bonkers listening to his sound bite criticizing the manager of that team.
8:36 pm
how dare he speak out against injustice. you have got these poor protesters in hong kong look for democracy and look for fairness and freedom. and le bron james is like look, you have got to be careful what you tweet. >> my grandpa on the phone said le bron james is blessed with natural talent, he wasn't blessed with common sense. trish: by the way, that's not just no common sense. if you ask knee, there is something else going on. and it's ka-ching. >> for a guy to who tweeted injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. he said i don't care about injustice as long as i can line my pocketbooks and get money from china. trish: and i will speak out
8:37 pm
against the guy who dared to say something about it. i will condemn him and say you have got to be careful. you shouldn't have done something like that. >> his response yesterday, he said he will clarify. he said it's been a tough week for the nba. it's been a tough week for the millions of chinese people in concentration camps who are having their organs harvests by an authoritarian regime. he had a chance to go on the right side of history and stand for freedom and he's not doing it. trish: 1.5 billion dollars worth of basketball games televised over there. we weren't born yesterday, we know what's going on here. like i said, your grandfather is generous. what's going on in general. you have athletes that won't stand for the anthem, that have to take a knee, while
8:38 pm
simultaneously other athletes are trying to stand up for you the oppressive regime with china. we are living in alice and wonderland world. >> this is a perfect example. it's easy to tell everyone else what's important in their lives. that's what so many of these athletes are doing. it's easy for them to project on everyone else. they are not saying we have a disagreement with the people on the other side. they are saying if you don't agree with us, you are uneducated. it's a common argument with people on the left. trish: even the left and right agree, it's not good what's going on in hong kong. it's not fair, it's not right. all people on the left and all the people on the right would be united if they said america stand for dignity and human rights. it's just the nba apparently
8:39 pm
that's off in left field. >> there is one player we should give tred credit to. there are some players standing up against the authoritarian regime in turkey because of how much he has spoke out he's not able to go back to turkey. there is an arrest warrant out for him. his own parents have been thrown in prison. and he can't go to europe. trish: he's not getting all the attention. the nfl took a hit in the ratings because of the whole kneeling controversy. my question to you, cabot. does america say okay we are not into the basketball thing either? these american basketball players don't seem so into us. >> if this week is an indication i think we can see the ratings take a hit. if you don't like this, use the market forces you have at your
8:40 pm
disposal. won't buy the jerseys or the tickets. it's up to the viewers and the fans to create change. that's the beautiful thing about a free market in america and the beautiful thing about freedom. trish: 200 dems taking the debate stage. next, a man who has experience with freebies and will tell us all about the ugly side of what these dems are pushing. the president of venezuela, juan guaido.
8:41 pm
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trish: 2020 democrats taking the debate stage to push their far-left agenda. joining me the man who the united states recognize as the president of venezuela. >> thank you for having me. trish: good to have you back. many americans are fascinated with socialism. in your opinion, i'm curious, what do these people who embrace socialism not really understand?
8:45 pm
[speaking spanish] >> [through the interpreter] unfortunately we don't have electric power in venezuela, water, 80% of the households as you know have no water supply through the pipeline. the cost of not having the food, drugs, medication. the consequence of the subjects does of the maduro regime. they control majority of the goods, the price controls. and populist policies that brought us to this humanitarian
8:46 pm
crisis in our country. trish: it's an important thing that everybody remember that right now. it has been so difficult for you. you did declare yourself president of venezuela nearly 10 months ago. do you think you are any closer to having the elections, to having change? would you allow nicolas maduro to run? [speaking spanish] >> [through the interpreter] in our country, trish, there was a fight for power to be able to live with dignity and recover normalcy. almost 25% of the population has
8:47 pm
been forced to migrate it's only comparable to syria. only syria has that level of migration. we are fighting to recover normalcy. entering into a dictatorship has incurred risks. my brother is in exile. my mother has been threatened. my colleagues. members of parliament have been threatened. some of them are in exile at the moment. but we have been able to exercise the majority so our people can become normalcy and heal our country. they are still crying for their mothers who died protesting. but we continue with strength demanding our rights, and we announced -- i can tell the american people throughout this trump administration supported us for just cause that we have the support of six countries.
8:48 pm
we have the plan to recover in venezuela. and turn into an ally for america. but also to preserve liberty and freedom in our country. trish: and nicolas maduro? >> [through the interpreter] nicolas maduro is defeated. he has no support or respect from our citizens. but that's not enough for him to be defeated politically or diplomatically. today the migration, deaths, hunger, our children have to carry water for miles to bring water home. the social diplomatic strength translated into a social victory, the transition and change in venezuela. trish: there are many people who
8:49 pm
tell me russia is buying many oil assets in venezuela right now. is this true? is that what you are seeing? if so, is it a concern of yours? [speaking spanish] >> today we can see regarding the castro of the maduro regime, they have interests with what's going on the danger of losing our main refineries with citgo which is in the united states. we are trying to protect these assets so they don't fall into the hand of another country. so that it can remain under the
8:50 pm
control of venezuela. trish: i want to thank president guaido for joining us tonight. kennedy joins us now. my amiga. kennedy: tonight i will be the president of kennedynation. that's all you need to know. that we are going to play donkey derby. we'll take facts about the democrat candidates and ride these done kids into the nighttime census. trish: thanks, kennedy. a year ago today, this show launched. wow, a year. how time flies. coming up, we have a big surprise.
8:51 pm
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we have the first show here in the book. thank you for watching everyone.
8:55 pm
injustice kavanaugh, we are proud he is going to be a great one. >> what do you say when they say this is racist, this is nazi germany,. >> any illusion for evil historical features in the past is shameful. >> good to see you. >> a lot of people would die for three and half% growth. >> i did not want to say that but britain will be in charge of the country sooner rather than later. >> happy birthday mommy. >> oh my gosh. the vice president of venezuela.
8:56 pm
>> i don't know how you can dispute that, tonight the first american television interview wong guaidjuan why do. mike pompeo,. >> we should not permit the country in our hemisphere to treat its own people. >> the very first and the only interview of all five american hostages. >> breaking right now life from columbia, the united states of america and the free world putting the pressure on nicolas maduro and his regime. trish regan primetime begins right now.
8:57 pm
>> find out which of my children happens to be here. >> mike rubio, we just have to push wong guaido. >> collusion is a whole different game. and what do you say there is no conspiracy, no crime. >> live from paris france. >> i am not a member of the communist party of china. this is on the record. >> i appreciate it. i do not deny that there are copyright issues. >> welcome. >> they will provide.
8:58 pm
sean kyser. >> this is a fun poncho. >> i spoke exclusively to the advisor of the president ivanka trump. >> everybody goes to a four-year college and not everybody is going to benefit. >> having a conversation that is rooted in people's passion. president trump personal attorney mayor rudy giuliani. >> because i am his defense lawyer. >> you could be elected in a landslide, we need you in the senate. >> that's the first time i saw that, i did not know we were ending on that clip. i love the state of new hampshire and i think art for his compliments. and i think all of you for giving us the best on apm at fox business ever. so we have a lot to be proud of. thank you emily for putting that
8:59 pm
together, our amazing showrunner who lets me speak in spanish. she does not even know what i'm saying. anyway it has been an amazing amazing year. thank you for the entire team and everybody working so hard to make it so good. and thank you to our viewers for watching. tomorrow we have another show, texas congressman and assistant to the president portrayed in manufacturing policy and peter navarro is here, we have a lot of china stuff to talk about. and a whole lot more and we will continue watching all of these so-called impeachment proceedings including the fact that the democrats are not willing to take a vote on it. what does that mean, how do we move forward in this environment. i have a feeling we will hear
9:00 pm
about more freebies. i look forward to watching kennedy show because there's apparently a really good game coming up. we will go to her now. thank you so much for tuning and i will see you here tomorrow night. kennedy: thank you trish, lebron james stunning hypocrisy shows how dangerous a group can be. the head that wears the crown and king james show not only his ignorance on the china hong kong subject but the true motivation when he set off a meme storm with these,. >> i want to talk about freedom of speech, yes we all have freedom of speech but the ramifications for the negative that can happen. when you are not thinking about others and only thinking about yourself. so many people could have been harmed not only financially but physically, emotionally, spiritually. yes we do have f


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