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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 23, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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fallout over hong kong t controversial extradition bill that sparked the ongoing the republican congressmen protests formerly withdrawn, aren't given transcripts of china is looking into replacing these interviews or depositions. they have to go in and read the transcript with a democratic staffer standing next to them. leader carrie lam, the season maria: that's unprecedented. kicks off with protests, never seen -- shaquille o'neil sounds off on dagen: it's not an impeachment proceeding. they haven't voted on it. free speech, mornings with maria begins right now. maria: it's a show. dagen: it's not formal in the way it was with clinton and with richard nixon. again, they're not treating this with the seriousness and the severeity that it is. maria: they don't have the vote ♪ and they don't have a story. ♪ dagen: really quickly. there was a cnn report that the number of people in favor of impeachment and removal from office has gone up. it's at 50%. if you look at republicans, the number of people saying yes to maria: art hogan and partners that impeachment and removal and founder omeed malik, from office has fallen dramatically, it's only 6% of earnings driving the markets and republicans right now. so support for the president we are waiting and boeing today, among his base is actually
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art, i have to get your take on improving. maria: i don't see any credibility on the democrats' side until they focus on the this. real wrong-doing in 2016. it's a dow component, i want to see accountability. third-quarter earning report will be out in an hour and a congressman, good to see you, half, the company ousting top sir. thank you. >> okay. good to see you guys. maria: caterpillar we told you executive yesterday, look to rebuild image and confidence missed on the third quarter earnings report this morning. amid 737 max controversy. it's also lowering the full year guidance. joining us now by phone is financial partners chief >> earnings won't matter in this juncture what matters if there's investment officer ivan finestaff. another shoe that dropped. your reaction to the caterpillar quarter and what it tellses us unless and until we get to the about the he global economy. bottom of that, people aren't >> well, they are experiencing going to care about earnings and not care about dividend and not care about what the order book a headwind from slowing global looks like, they want to know how long did we know that was a growth, that is mostly trade problem with new airplane and tariff driven and when i -- when do we think this ever going we're moving closer to some type to fly, not going to be this of trade deal with china. i think once that is overcome, i year. maria: is this going to be big if you have step in terms of think the shares will snap back. i think it's a buying perception, yeah, this is a new day at boeing. opportunity because global construction demand continues to dagen: why now, though? increase, especially for thisthis is the first major ousr infrastructure, both in the u.s. of executive since that crash that caused the groundings and in other countries. and they do have some other
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earlier this year, it looks like drivers of revenue including at least from the outside their cloud connected platform that they are very technology looking in and the ceo no longer advanced company and they are the chairman will have to buying back stock at a explain this, why are you making significant rate and the stock the changes now, seems like the does have an over 3% dividend company doesn't have their arms yield. so i still view this weakness as around it yet? a buying opportunity and we look >> no, no, i think you're right, to some correction once the the new revelation of test tariffs areover come. pilot, not feeling comfortable mariaare overcome.maria: had ie with the electronic system and stock was down 6% i would have -- and somehow that was either already made money. sitting within the company or >> this like so many other not and the information coming out right now what was the names, i love what you said about all the ones you a fectedd by the trade deal, you're making particular executive, will there an macroeconomic play less than a fundamental one. maria: is this priced in, the be more, i don't know. fact they took their estimates down. what should we look for in terms i don't think it's this year's of next move in this stock, do you think? do you think this is the low -- dagen: biggest worry hanging in we've seen so far? the markets, not just china trade deal duh manufacturing >> well, i think when companies sector in this country and the are going to lower expectations, gm strike and the grounding of they do become very this jetliner by boeing people conservative, to hope that business does pick up and then
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need to know what is the overall they can exceed the expectations over the next few quarters. impact on -- because contraction in august and september for the so i think that they have been ism, that's why this needs conservative throughout this whole tariff issue in the past year and-a-half. and that has been weighing on bigger picture needs to get resolved. the stock for some time. but they are the dominant maria: the more we see pmi's, construction machine producer he paints the pictures that things are slowing down sharply in globally with the most brand manufacturing and yet these are equity and i think when stocks two major stories that are part are struggling, it's time to -- of it, the boeing situation and the gm situation, so maybe it doesn't indicate that the when we see demand pick up i manufacturing sector is slowing down as sharply as it may think they will be a significant appear. beneficiary. >> yeah, look, i wrote a few maria: we'll leave it there. analysts reports i'm sure you thanks very much for joining us. have too, buying opportunity, investors are watching boeing as aggressive traders may look at well, the third quarter earnings out in about 30 minutes. that way, there's a lot of tail we'll have those numbers after risk, though, as you start to the break. pizza hut's meatless play, the allude to, companies like southwest getting fed up and unique sausage pie could trick taking business to air bus, obviously things like that that your taste buds. we're going to check it out. could really affect the stock. back in a minute. maria: i could tell you for sure, i was struck by how strong i get it all the time. and tough and aggressive you "have you lost weight?" of course i have- appear to me, wow, he's really ever since i started renting from national.
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writing this and he's going to because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... survive and grow the company that was my instinct after ...and choose any car in the aisle. meeting with him but, you know, we will see. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. it dove tails onto what you said, solid plan in place to get looking good, patrick. through this and grow this company on the other side. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. hong kong changing course, let's talk there for a second, the city withdrawing the controversial bill that would have allowed extradition to mainland china, shack o'neil speaking about the current tensions between china and the nba, here is shack. >> one of our best values in america is free speech, we are allowed to say what we want to say and allowed to speak about injustices and that's just how it goes and if people don't understand that, that's something that they have to deal with. it was unfortunately for both parties, you have people speaking when they don't know what they're talking about. when i found you i just knew
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we have our own style maria: bingo, thank you, shack o'neil, it's nice to hear some and our love is one of a kind refreshing comments about the ♪ obvious, the nba kicks off the season last night protests by fans were there supporting the strong brilliant hong kong prodemocracy movement, unbreakable ♪ dagen, what you say? you found the one, now find the ring dagen: i love this, the nba needs more of this. visit zales, the diamond store i keep calling it, it's a tire fire and it's still burning, they need to get only message and adam silver tried to do this after the uproar but then you had lebron james and lebron james quite frankly the nba, he drives policies, he drives the sport and mixed messages, not supporting free speech, not supporting western values, not supporting quite frankly this country that has -- that gave life to basketball and let's players speak their mind. >> i don't want companies rolling over because of china's bullying, i i don't want the league rolling over because of
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china's bullying, it bothers me, can you imagine the stink it's made in america, exactly what shack said, we have free speech, if maury wants to support protestors, go for it. >> what is philosophical question for me how do you balance the desire for free market and capitalism business which we value in this country as well with free speech and that's the tension we are starting to see my out unfortunately that some of these people have financial motivations for why they are talking the way they are, lebron james has a new movie space jam 2 that will probably want to play in china. dagen: you talked about how hollywood has cut virtually every movie for the chinese market and how if you notice back during the cold war that the villains where were they from, then soviet union, you don't see the hollywood, you have to give torentino credit maria: welcome back. actress lori loughlin and 10
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for coming out and said, i'm not other parents facing new charges in the massive college at recutting for the chinese market, i'm not changing one admissions scandal this morning. cheryl: prosecutors say the frame of it and that's more of parents have been indicted on what you need to hear is i'm not charges of conspiracy to commit going to sacrifice and it's art, i'm not going to sacrifice my bribery. they're accused of attempting to voice just to get access to a buy off officials at an organization that receives federal funding. market, the chinese people ithere is a maximum sentence ofa controlled by the chinese government. five years in prison. maria: don't come here and say you have the fantastic things jeff bezos putting together an a about stakeholders and, you know, human rights abuses are all-star team to build a lunar lander. number one and doing well in the the contractors which include communities is our number one lockheed martin and draper will priority and then just go and open up shop in china and play build a spacecraft to take nasa by their rules that you can't astronauts to the moon as soon as 2024. >> this is the only way to get back to the moon fast and this time we're going back to the moon and we're not going to back google tannum square, it's the to the moon to visit. we're going back to the moon to stay. cheryl: the system is being money, south park does so well. built for nasa's. artemis program. [laughter] maria: going back to south mark because they have done such a pizza hut taking a bite of the
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plant based meat fad. good job. they're testing a garden donors are talking about people specialty pizza that's topped who aren't in the name can get with incogmeato italian sausage. the tryout is being held in. tensions between tulsi gabbard tomorrow only at one pizza hut location in phoenix. and hillary clinton escalate, you're a supporter of tulsi, wow, she came out aggressive near scottsdale, if anybody is watching there. they're testing a round pizza after clinton calls her the box they claim will keep the russian asset. pizza hot. you all have it on set. enjoy, as i give you more good for her. >> so overdue mccarthyism what details. the round boxes is come pose co. we are seeing, new philosophies and new ideas that doesn't jive, >> it has a natural base that they are basically going to slander you, if you opposed the locks in. guess who made it. iraq war in 2003, you're a i didn't mean to interrupt you. cheryl: that's okay. you all try that pizza. friend of saddam's, that stifled somebody try it. it's not meat. debate, if you challenge it's plant-based meat. democratic orthodoxy, you're labeled a trader, this is dagen: i'm not eating the someone who served our country, cheese on it. cheryl: it's not vegan. dagen: the fake -- sorry, the
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preposterous and slippery slope to dangerous environment if we don't speak out against that, fake sausage is vegan. i'm so happy that tulsi speak out so forcefully against it's just the -- hillary clinton and what her and maria: art, you took a bite. cronies were doing to her. tell us. >> it's fantastic. it's really hot too still which dagen: if you listen the podcast that hillary clinton did, she is amazing. we've seen how the box is made. longed for the day when there cheryl: it's pretty cool, were just 3 television networks. right. dagen: the box was designed alongside zoom, the company that [laughter] dagen: and she essentially said, -- she was telling us about it. when we could -- she didn't use this is one of zoom's products. the word educate, when we could control the message and james it locks in. it's awesome. freeman wrote about this over maria: that is cool. the weekend, what she seems to be saying, she's not upset with dagen: what are they calling it? the saus. foreign actors interfering in the mediaing and with the message that gets out to the igo -- cheryl: incogmeato. american, she's more word about her and her corrupt cronies not dagen: it's really delicious. being able to control what cheryl: if you're near the americans hear and she did, of course, take a shot at fox in pizza hut in phoenix tomorrow, give us a try and e-mail or send it, and she's bitter, she's pictures to the show, let us know what you think. bitter, bitterness is her maria: i don't know what i like favorite shade of lipstick, bitter about tulsi gabbard better, the incogmeet do or the
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resigning as the vice chair of the dnc and supporting bernie sanders, she carries a long list of people who have wronged her round box. dagen: the key to the plant over her life, over her career based meats, the burgers, the and she keeps it in her purse with her hot sauce apparently. fillings, sausages, does it have the toothiness of the usual. [laughter] of the real stuff. does it eat like a burger, does dagen: she will get you and this is evidence of that, but in terms of the big names coming it eat like crumbled sausage on out, it's preposterous. a pizza. it's yes with this. >> very good. maria: would she ever run again? absolutely delicious. maria: cool. thank you, cheryl. dagen: no, no. cheryl: you bet. maria: pizza for breakfast. maria: you don't think so? coming up, eli lilly out with dagen: the idea that mike mixed earnings this morning. bloomberg was going to jump in i'll speak with the ceo dave at this point is laughable, he's rick when we come right back. not ready to hit the campaign stay with us. oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. trail. maria: they have to go all in yeah, have fun! like they are on impeachment and thanks to you, we will. try as hard as they can to aw, stop. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... remove donald trump because they don't have a candidate. ...all while helping you to and through retirement. um, you guys are just going for a week, right? dagen: biggest problem is economic message because the -- they don't have an economic yeah! that's right. message. can you help with these? oh... um, we're more of the plan, maria: that's right. invest and protect kind of help... >> heaven forbid you happen to
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have new ideas like trump did in sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! 2016, if they elect or nominate a milk toast democrat they will send a postcard! voya. helping you to get destroyed. and through retirement. maria: she would like the criminal of an election the way they tried to control the election in 2016, the way that individuals tried to frame donald trump and we should point out in that story this morning we will have more news, fox news confirming that in fact, william barr's investigation is mornings were made for better things expanding and john durham will than rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. talking to john brennan. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz xr, dagen: after recent trip the italy. a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe , by the way, i want to point out that dick's supporting goods rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis ceo is quietly testing a presidential bid, the american people can't name who that is for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. with no offense, they no dick's, it can reduce pain, swelling, they don't know the ceo, so i don't know -- if you don't -- and significantly improve physical function. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections like tb; even mike bloomberg he has billions of dollars to burn and some decent name recognition, don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. taking a higher than recommended dose of but this is ed stack, the ceo of xeljanz for ra can increase risk of death. dick's sporting goods according serious, sometimes fatal infections,
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to politico, testing the water cancers including lymphoma, and blood clots have happened. as have tears in the stomach or intestines, per third-party presidential serious allergic reactions, and changes in lab results. run, let's see if hillary goes after him. tell your doctor if you've been somewhere >> as a russian agent. fungal infections are common, maria: yeah, howard schultz or if you've had tb, hepatitis b or c, didn't do much. or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by dagen: that was very -- well, he without asking your doctor about xeljanz xr. had -- maria: had a back problem. ♪ but i think it was a little more than that, frankly, because he wasn't getting past go and she was trying trying to be a moder. we need to see those being spoused on the democratic side, by in large that's not going to happen. maria: ceo of eli lily is here, we will find out where the growth is, we will talk with the ceo of ups, big day after earnings, we are getting ready for the peak shipping season, a lot to find out from ups, georgia senator and member of
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the arm's services committee is here, founder and cio carl bass on hong kong and rick trip to coal country. fast-tracking brexit, still looking for vote on brexit before the october 31 deadline, the washington nationals clinched game one squeaking past the houston astros, all the highlights right after this. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) maria: welcome back. pharmaceutical giant eli lilly raising the 2019 profit forecast after reporting better than expected profits in the last
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hour. revenue came in lower than expected however. take a look at the stock and how it is doing in the premarket right now, down 2%, plus. joining us right now in a first on fox interview is eli lilly ceo dave ricks. thank you for joining us. >> great to be back. maria: focused on where the growth is coming from at lilly but first characterize the quarter for us. >> overall we had a strong quarter. we grew 3% on the top line really driven by 8% volume growth which is our newest products. the company launched 10 products in the last five years and those are now making up 44% of our revenue. that's good news because new medicines getting to patients, that's the business strategy performance comes in lots of flavors. that drives financial success. we managed cost pretty well and beat and raised on the bottom there's the amped-up, over-tuned, line. maria: you have recently launched drugs helping to offset feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. some of the generic issues. is that where the growth comes and then there's performance that from in the next six months, in just leaves you feeling better as a result. the next year? >> that's right. that's the kind lincoln's about. that's an important point.
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as i said, really double digit l ♪ volume growth driven by the newest products. we have two head winds that show up in this quarter. one is loss of patents on key drugs like cialis which lost the patent a year ago. we had a 6% headwind due to that. i want to point out, that's an important part of the life cycle of our industry. that minis very inexpensive for sometimes, they just drop in. obvious. -- medicine is very inexpensive for patients who need it. we had price deflation, that's cme group can help you navigate risks been going on for a you few and capture opportunities. years, our u.s. pricing was minus 5%, globally minus 4%. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. those two things together were a drag on growth. we still grew 3%. we do anticipate that drag cme group - how the world advances. reducing going forward because ♪ both in the case of cialis which the comp will get better going into occur as well -- going into q4.
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maria: real quick on the cancer drug, the pancreatic cancer drug, not meeting the primary end point in the overall survival, what can you tell us about that in terms of your cancer drugs and this pancreatic one that was disappointment. do you see that coming back in terms of the next year for another review? >> so yeah, thank you for the question. you're talking about a drug i need all the breaks i can get. called tega which we purchased a line? liberty mutual customizes your car year and-a-half ago. insurance so you only pay for what you need. it's being studied in three important studies. the pancreatic cancer study was that's a lot of words. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ disappointing, not that surprising, unfortunately, because pancreatic cancer has proven to be one of the most difficult settings and difficult condition for patients. but we're also studying it in maria: welcome back another two forms of lung cancer on top speed bump in union to leave of other immune oncology therapies, those readouts are european union. coming towards the end of this this year, early next year we're cheryl: blocked timetable to meet the halloween deadline, 3 excited to see those readouts days wasn't enough to debate the with the novel mechanism that 435-page bill, johnson seeks to partner with other
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apparently is now pushing for immune oncology therapies to early general election, the european union is weighing improve patients' lives. whether to grant a brexit we had other important readouts in the quarter in oncology, one deadline extension. with breast cancer with breznio well, the pharmaceutical company biogen reversing course, they which showed a survival benefit over nine months. decided to seek fda approval for that's an important benefit for patients. two readouts on a drug we alzheimer's drug, the company stopped testing the drug months acquired earlier this year, the ago but may be effective if used acquisition of locks oncology in higher doses, take a look at the stock in premarket, it's which showed enormous benefit in actually up more than 2% right lung cancer as well as in thyroid cancer. so a successful quarter for now. and the washington nationals oncology overall. beat the hometown houston astros of course, disappointing news on last night, 5-4 in opener of the the pancreatic study. maria: i'm glad you said that. the fight against cancer world series, drove in 3 of continues every day. you guys have had some real washington's 5 runs, meanwhile innovative drugs in terms of guys, i want you to listen to this and tell me if it sounds oncology. would you -- is it fair to say that now with the acquisition familiar. you just mentioned, with the patents sort of hopefully in the rear view mirror, are you back ♪ toward a growth trajectory in
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terms of the pipeline and what's cheryl: any idea what that is? ahead for the coming five years or do you still have to deal yes? it's baby shark. with these patent expirations it was being played on the washington nationals cathedral. over the near term? >> well, that's a key thing about our company is i think we have relatively few patent [laughter] >> it's now surprisingly being used to celebrate the team for making the world series, the nationals hold 1-0 lead in best expiries both in this year but of series. going forward, versus the rest of the industry. we do project strong growth going forward. in fact, between 2016 and 2020, yes, on fox, good job, you know your baby shark, maria. we had projected average of 7% growth and we aim to hit that as [laughter] maria: i watched it. we set guidance later this year, going into 2020. dagen: i did too. and i think we have a bright future, really driven by the , i have to get in the spirit of newest medicines and a relative things. lack of patent exposure in our portfolio. and of course that's great news [laughter] for patients, new medicines for maria: the first two innings serious conditions we were were not good for the nationals. talking about cancer just now cheryl, thank you. but also diabetes, aut autoimmue big week when we come back from earnings, we will tell you how conditions and pain whichs is an they're impacting markets, emerging area for us, non-opioid standing by for at&t, spooky pain medicines to help people starbucks, phantom cappuccino, with the most common condition that people have when they go to
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the doctor which is something hurts many we know the problems why you may have to wait to take with opioids. lilly is inventing new ways to a sip at this one, back in a treat pain that don't have the negative properties. maria: is that an organic growth story or do you see an opportunity for further acquisitions in terms of filling some of those holes? >> it's both. of course, we need a strong team minute. nah. not gonna happen. of scientists. we have a great team of scientists here, discovering new medicines every day and aat the timing to get those to patients. but we complement that with partnerships and acquisitions, with biotech and other major pharma. that's how our industry works. we need to be active in those areas, focused on the diseases we know how to add value. maria: thanks so much. dave ricks joining us there. we are awaiting boeing earnings amid questions of the 737 max, just yesterday the aerospace company announced it's replacing the head of the commercial airplanes division. joining us now is blue line capital president bill baruk and airline analyst, joseph denardi.
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thank you very much for joining us as we await the boeing earnings many your expectations in terms of what drove the quarter? >> i want to see how this thing responds on a price action basis. now, yesterday they talked aboutsignificant progress on the 737. do they follow through. do we see it come back on the quarter 4. on top of that, do they announce any guidance. people want to hear the guidance, even if it is bad. that could actually be as positive. so lastly, $5.6 million hit in july they announced, it worse than that? obviously if they announce it's worse we could see it react poor. laurenpoorly. maria: the 737 has been the big issue. when you look at the earnings and revenue over the near term, how big of an issue is the 737 going to be and for how much longer? >> yeah, i think most u.s. airlines seem to assume that it's going to be returned to service early next year.
6:21 am
obviously, that's several months later than they thought it was going to be returned a few months ago and so i think their view on when it comes back is based on kind of their best guess at this point. and so, yeah, i think they're hoping it comes back as soon as boeing's able to get it back in the air. maria: the costs are obviously increasing for this company. that's also showing up in this quarter. let's get to jackie deangeles with the numbers on earnings and revenue which is a miss and the stock is trading down. that's it. i'm calling kohler about their walk-in bath. >> it is a miss. you can see the eps, $1.45 my name is ken. how may i help you? adjusted. hi, i'm calling about kohler's walk-in bath. the expectation was $2.09. the revenue came in slightly excellent! happy to help. huh? higher at $19.98 billion, hold one moment please... expectation there of [ finger snaps ] $19.67 billion. hmm. as you mentioned, the 737 max the kohler walk-in bath features an extra-wide opening jet is really what's in focus this quarter. and a low step-in at three inches, which is 25 to 60% lowr we have a quote from the ceo, saying our top priority remains than some leading competitors. the safe return to service of the bath fills and drains quickly, while the heated seat soothes your back, neck and shoulders. the 737 max. and we're making steady progress kohler is an expert in bathing, there. that was the ceo, dennis mull so you can count on a deep soaking experience. are you seeing this? the kohler walk-in bath comes with muilenburg. he says we continue to take
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fully adjustable hydrotherapy jets action to sharpen our company's and our exclusive bubblemassag. focus on product and services everything is installed in as little as a day by a kohler-certified installe. safety. maria for now back to you. maria: while you were talking, and it's made by kohler- america's leading plumbing brand. jackie, we're seeing a real we need this bath. comeback in the stock. right after the news was yes. yes you do. released, you saw a decline of a kohler walk-in bath provides independence better than 2%. and it is off of the lows. with peace of mind. call... and ask about saving $1000 on a walk-in bath, jackie, thank you. >> it's all well and good for the company to say they think or visit for more info. the 737 issue is behind them or it's getting to the finish line. i want to ask our guests about the regulatory issues, though, as well. it's going to be up to the maria: welcome back another big regulators. day for earnings, dow components how about the disconnect between boeing, caterpillar reporting the faa here in the united next hour, microsoft after the close tonight, tesla after the states versus the equivalent in close, we got at&t coming out europe and the disconnect that might occur between there as far eminently, 93-cents is the as where the planes can actually estimate on $45 billion in fly. do you have a thought on that. revenue, at&t, we will get to maria: what do you think, bill? the numbers as soon as they come >> this could take weeks. out. it would be a big achievement to markets really flat as we await earnings news. see this fly again in quarter 4. joining right now the president you're probably looking at the distributors, sean ohara; good first quarter of next year at best. that's what stock is responding to see you. to now. i look at the price action and
6:23 am
do you see more interest in, you know, in trading and in markets there's a big support area, 320, and then a shelf below at $3. etf's at this time of the year or no? the best technical move is a fundamental rejection. >> that's probably true, not as much for us in terms of where we fit in the infrastructure, we if we reject lower prices and are not building trading-type of the market moves higher, that says most of the sellers are out etf's, we are building long-term of the market. maria: then there's the impact certain mutual fund etf's that on the airlines, joe. the 737 max effect has obviously are part of portfolios and not impacted airlines like southwest necessarily traded. and jetblue. your reaction to that? maria: where are the flows these days? >> we are continuing to see >> in the airline industry, any flows in a couple of areas, one in risk management strategies that we have, and i think that constraint on capacity is good. folks mostly are trying to think and so in general what that's about how do i protect the meant this year has been better profits that i've made over the pricing trends and less capacity last ten year or so, flows into growth and so i think what infrastructure, technology, primarily in the real estate airline investors are worried about next year is how much supply is going to come back online when the max comes back space, for example, with product we have called srvr, there's a in. to the extent that the return to service gets delayed, that's not big buildout for the 5 big necessarily a bad thing for technologies, you've got airlines. our view is that southwest may streaming, you've got ai, you look at that as kind of an
6:24 am
have the internet of things, unacceptable risk for them if you've got e-commerce, those they're not able to grow and things take an enormous amount execute their strategy, they may have to look to diversify their of computing power and the fleet away from the max in order to grow and not lose share. computing power will be delivered via the centers and so i think what southwest is probably most keyed in on at that product is actually one of this point is boeing's our best performers here to confidence that they'll be able to get production rates back to date, we are seeing good flows where they thought they would be in things like that. and deliver to southwest the 40 >> people trying to express an opinion in things on the other to 50 maxes a year that they're side of that, i think that's all going to need the next few years great and technology and the to grow and execute their direction we are going in 5g and that rollout, how about things strategy. >> you make a good point in people are nervous about, is terms of the diversity that there a way, to say, hey, office southwest has all of a sudden been sort of pointed out for not space is in a bubble right now, having and using all the boeing or anything along those lines? product and none of the airbus >> i mean, there's an etf for product where other airlines have a combination of both. everything, art, you can pretty at the end of the day, i think what you bring up is the fact we much find out if you're an have a du duopoly here. active trader, you can google search, express any view you want in etf's which is one of if that's the case, we think 737 max will get back up in the air the great things about the business, criticism and perhaps in 2020, how much of that do you
6:25 am
getting too finely cut if places think is priced in right now, but really does allow somebody to express any view they want in what multiple is boeing trading portfolio. at and how much will the dagen: that was the criticism, eventual success of the 737 though, when the first shares getting back in the air at some point is in there, and how were launched, covering etf's derisked does the stock look back then, who wants to own -- today? >> yeah, i think ultimately it dice up the market that much, comes back to -- i'm sorry. virtually everybody was wrong go ahead. about the possibility and >> go ahead, go ahead. opportunity and exchange, again, sorry. maria: bill, you take it. you don't have to trade them, go ahead. you can buy them, that's really >> ultimately it comes back to -- the message. >> i'm looking at 20 times multiple. if someone is -- that's where >> they are less expensive, they're seeing value down here slightly more tax, like the s&p and ultimately, again, 20 times 50 and then there are etf's who multiple, you can see something come back online the first half are fundamentally ready where of next year and buyers are you can put a twist on the going to see the progress later in the year. portfolio, we use free cash flow maria: go ahead, joe. i know you follow the airlines, joe. and wanted to make sure that you yield, it has cash flow yield were on track with where you and so -- were following. but please weigh in. maria: they also have outcome -- >> no, i think ultimately it comes back to boeing's ability
6:26 am
>> nice surprise yesterday in terms of performance. to get rates back to where they >> we talk about etf's in thought they would be. that's ultimately i think what cannabis space. investors are most concerned any interest there? about and i think as relates to >> we don't have a product airlines, that's going to have a there, the closest we come to pretty meaningful impact on cannabis exposure in product supply growth in the u.s. inds, distribution center, southwest represents call it 20% publicly-trayed real estate where we own one name that's of domestic capacity, 10% of their own capacity, roughly primarily focused on the should be on the max right now. development and storage of cannabis products and that's and so how quickly they're able actually sort of a way to get to the to get those aircraft back it, but we don't have a cannabis into service has a pretty big impact on supply trends. per se. dagen: this is dagen maria: there is one. mcdowell, joe. >> there's quite a few actually out there and i think, you know, would southwest bet on airbus at for those who want to get a time when this add a medicinen exposure to that, i think they'll continue to see some is in a trade fight. i'm not talking about china, but proliferation. maria: you still feel good about markets right here? the $7.5 billion award from the world trade oranization over the you are seeing interest and sentiment strong, people worried long-running fight over the about a recession, real quick. subdi citiesubsidies to airbus. >> the market will be 29 out of would southwest really bet in 29 time, low interest rates, low that duopoly that competitor inflation, high unemployment, wage growth are all tailwinds in
6:27 am
oversees that could be in the middle of a fight with the the market and people slow but president. >> that's a really good point. not going negative and next year i think that's probably a we will see things improve. consideration for southwest. i mean, look, at the end of the day, southwest would prefer to maria: great to have you, we not do anything. they would prefer to remain a will take a break, investigating single fleet type and continue facebook, dozens of attorneys to do what they've been doing. general to do antitrust it's resulted in them being the investigation, google can be most successful airline in the next, wework company chairman industry. the point that we're trying to make is, if they look a few ready to lay out the future to employees, that's next. years down the road -- they expressed frustration that this back in a minute. year their supply is down year over year, while the rest of the industry is up 4 to 5%. that means they are giving customers to other airlines. and they've accepted that to this point but if they lose confidence in boeing's ability to give them the maxes that they need to grow and do what they want to do, then they don't have no matter what you trade, at fidelity you'll pay no commission many options other than either for online u.s. equity trades. to try and convince airbus to give them delivery slots which probably don't exist, or to do when i found you i just knew you'll pay no commission something inorganic and there
6:28 am
aren't many airlines in the u.s. we have our own style that the doj would allow and our love is one of a kind ♪ southwest to buy, i think. jetblue would be one of them. strong brilliant and so i think southwest has to unbreakable balance the risks that you ♪ brought up with the risk that you found the one, now find the ring maybe their capacity is constrained for a prolonged visit zales, the diamond store period of time when capacity at their competitors is not. maria: is anybody surprised on a scale of one to five? that this stock is sort of wait... pushing to go positive right one to five? now? caterpillar has given up -- i'm when it comes to feelings, to extremely happy. sorry, boeing has given up much of the losses that we saw there's also angry. earlier and, bill, they're i'm really angry, clive! actually, really angry. sticking with this expectation thank you. and seat 36b angry. that the 737 max -- it just went you're clive owen. and you're barefoot. positive -- gets back in the air yeah... in the fourth quarter. there's also apprehension... are you buying that? and look at the stock now, up on ...regret... the session, up a quarter percent. >> well, they laid that ...relief. oh and there's empathy... groundwork yesterday. ah, i got this in zurich! and really my thesis here was actually, what's the opposite of empathy? seeing that they wanted to get ahead of poor earnings and they but what if your business could understand did get ahead of what was what your customers are feeling...
6:29 am
and then do something about it. overall poor earnings. you can turn disappointment into gratitude. they're sticking on the fact you'll see this come back next clive, you got to try this. i can't i'm working. quarter. if they follow through, there's turn problems into opportunities. a lot higher the stock can go, thanks drone. there's a lot of support down change the future of your business. here. but remember, friday was a very change the whole experience. poor day for this stock. alright who wants to go again? what we're running into is that i do! i do! price aca shun from friday. so -- action from friday. ♪ it has a tall task to start recovering all of that. you don't want to change the i have a really good feeling about this. price action. ♪ you're going to see a lot of back and forth. this is one number. if i understand correctly, there's no true guidance out there. if there's no true guidance out there, you're going to see a lot of expectations waffle around. maria: i mean, they're talking about costs going up and they're talking about the 737 returning to the air in the fourth quarter but we don't see a guidance for i'm part of a community of problem solvers. the next year, that's true. we make ideas grow. from an everyday solution... bill group, joseph, good to see you both. to one that can take on a bigger challenge. thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: we'll keep watching the from packaging tape... to tape that can bond materials story. caterpillar was a miss, that stock is down. bopping is now up. to buildings... and planes. we'll see what that means for the markets. one idea can unlock a breadth of solutions. we're expecting a 90 point
6:30 am
selloff for the dow industrials. at 3m, we are solving problems that improve lives. come up, i'll speak with the ceo of ups on how the company is prepping for the peak shipping season. and then lexus plugged in the auto make youautomaker unveils t ever electric vehicle. the photos and when you can power up, next up. ♪ i'm my own worst enemy. ♪ it's bad when you annoy yourself. ♪ and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, thank you so you can get your interest rate right - much for joining us, i'm maria by locking in a fixed low rate today. bartiromo, wednesday and you can get your money right. with sofi. october 23rd, top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast, big day for earnings that will drive check your rate in 2 minutes or less. markets, eli lily with get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. third-quarter results, the company did raise profit
6:31 am
guidance, however, we are waiting on at&t any point, investors watching for dow components caterpillar and boeing due out with third-quarter numbers in next hour, all the numbers and full analysis coming up. markets this morning are flat looking for direction, dow industrials just took a step down, down 53 points right now aalexa: it's a masterstroke of sorrow by olivia watson. and s&p futures down 1 point, heartache, brutality and redemption. nasdaq is up by 2 points as you the mist crept into the pivot hole beside her... can see there, earnings and you're late. uncertainty of uk's exit weighed david! what did you think of the book? on markets with dow industrials it's a...masterstroke of... finishing 40 points at the close, fractional move. heartache...brutality... ...and redemption. you didn't read it, did you? s&p was down 10 and nasdaq down i didn't...but i will. 58, 3 quarters of 1%, the lexus nx, modern utility for modern obstacles. caterpillar coming on the tape right now, revenue miss as you lease the 2020 nx 300 for $349/month for 36 months. can see, s&p 500 by the way 1% experience amazing at your lexus dealer. from record high, global markets this morning look like, this take a look at european indices, obviously caterpillar is a global story and that will impact asia as well as europe, all of those economies impact caterpillar's quarter, cac quarante in paris was down 20
6:32 am
and dax index in germany up 28, as you can see, brexit drama continues this morning, parliament approved prime minister boris johnson's withdrawal agreement but not agreed, they did not agree to his timetable, now up to eu to when you look at the world, ♪ allow an extension, obviously the expectation was for the 31st of this month, now we are what do you see? talking about looking into next ♪ year, growing concerns of hong kong putting pressure in markets in asia overnight, shanghai composite down half a percent. where others see chaos, caterpillar is out, we want to get right to it, missed on the we see patterns. earnings and revenue line, ♪ jackie deangglis. connections. relationships. >> that was well under the 13 ♪ and a half billion dollar estimate, eps, 266 adjusted, when you use location technology, that was well under the 288, expected eps as well, now the company has cut its earnings you can see where things happen, guidance, that's the forecast going forward and apparently before they happen. there seems to be issue here, we ♪ have to dig more into the
6:33 am
numbers but seems to be inventory issue at least that's what the company is citing, you with esri location technology, you can see what others can't. can see the stock is trading down 6 and a half percent in the premarket as we have more we ♪ will certainly get back to you with it. is where people first gathered to form the stock exchangeee, which brought people together to invest in all the things that move us forward. every day, invesco combines ideas with technology, maria: art, you have seen a slowdown in chinese economy. data with inspiration, investors with solutions. because the possibilities of life and investing are greater >> when we see what's going to be affected, caterpillar is the first thing that comes to mind, we talk about abc's of the china when we come together. trade war, apple, boeing and ♪ caterpillar, caterpillar has been affected not just this particular quarter but since this thing started, year-long brag, when we talked about manufacturing has slowed down globally f manufacturing is going down globally, that's going affect caterpillar.
6:34 am
the companies the size of maria: welcomcheryl: welcome r caterpillar let us know bad days "mornings with maria." and they know what order books look like, i'm always shocked chipotle out with sizzling when a company the size of caterpillar doesn't preannounce. earnings. it's not all good news. shares initially climbed but the maria: cutting full-year guidance now, we've got the stock is losing ground, down a expectations that this slowdown little more than one and-a-half continues then at caterpillar, percent. online sales soared 88% during the quarter but delivery costs also rose. art. >> triple missed, you missed on earnings revenue, guided lower, that said, chipotle is up more obviously see what's going to than 90% so fares this year. happen to the company, probably snap is trading higher in the the magnitude of the move that premarket, stock up almost 2%, the parent of snapchat reported we should be seeing. >> do you see value here, when you look at a story of a beat of the street estimates. caterpillar right in the middle the number of active users of slowdown in manufacturing and getting the impact of the china increased by 7 million. slowdown in particular, when do that did top expectations from you start looking at this and analysts. facebook is investing $1 billion saying, okay, maybe there's some to tackle the affordable housing value here, 6 and a half percent selloff right now. crisis in california. company says it's going to build >> macro economic play, you to 20,000 housing units over the be bullish on what's going to happen with china in order the next 10 years. see uptick in the stock, experts say the bay area economy has created one home for every
6:35 am
otherwise it'll continue to be 10 new jobs over the past challenging for economic decade. concerns, so i think we are a lot of those are high paying still very unsure about how this jobs. china thing will play out, a lot that caused home prices to skyrocket. facebook has been blamed for of people don't think it goes far enough and you and i have helping create the crisis, bringing tens of thousands of spoken about this, is it going higher paid workers into the bay to be piecemeal or holistic area. lexus is plugging into the future. the automaker says it's going to relationship with the company. unveil its first electric vehicle next month. and it's already showing off a maria: dagen this will cut 60 points off the dow industrials this morning, caterpillar 6% concept car, the lf-30. selloff right here. it features a lot of tech like dagen: i think that the renew gesture control and artificial miss is notable here because it intelligence to adjust all the settings on the car and of seems like that about one fifth course, yep, it drives itself. of the s&p is reported so far we've got a lot more coming up for this morning and you have this morning. holiday shipping almost here. earnings are up half a percent, maria going to be speaking with they were expected to fall a ups ceo david abney coming up little more than 2%, 2.2%, so next on prepping for the peak earnings are coming in better than expected to the plus side season as customers hit that online store and all that but revenues have only 63% have shopping starts. we'll be right back. beaten revenue estimates of ♪ my brown eyed girl. those reporting and the revenues they are up 3.7% so far this ♪ you my brown eyed girl.
6:36 am
period, but that's right in line, so i think that we always ♪ ♪ (nationwide jingle) talk about earnings but it's that revenue growth and how and ultimately how that weighs on the business going forward. maria: you can't fudge revenue growth, right? and change the way the quarter hey brad, did you hear nationwide and amazon looks in terms of the profitability line but you can't have teamed up to bring you the all-new echo auto? change revenue. dagen: right, what are you doing to get earnings up, it's good answer. don't we make a great band? accounting or cost-cutting and our fans are gonna love the lyrics-- kate bachelder odell-cut asking what are those? never good for broad economy. i, uh, had 'em made. you like 'em? yeah, you like 'em. i knew you would. [laughter] dagen: we will get to that later. you love 'em, yes! maria: market headline of the day, caterpillar down 6%, let's talk about big tech for a join nationwide now and get a free amazon echo auto. second, joining investigation into facebook of allegations of antitrust and privacy concerns. fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account. with value like this, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity.
6:37 am
judge, good to see you. >> the states have the antitrust laws that are almost identical literally word for word to the federal and the state attorney's general sometimes pick up this before the federal government does, that's one way to look at it, the other way to look at it there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. hey. ♪hey. state attorney generals become you must be steven's phone. adept to wealth transfer, they did it to the tobacco industry, big pharma, downtown here as we speak, they are doing to exxon, now you can take control of your home wifi to big oil and big tech is the and get a notification the instant someone new joins your network... only with xfinity xfi. next target. download the xfi app today. silly that the government is investigating for violating privacy, is this a legitimate inquiry or just an effort to get to -- shakedown, effort to get money from big tech? we will see where it goes, rarely are the states out ahead
6:38 am
of the fed in an area which is almost exclusively federal domain. >> from antitrust perspective solely it's difficult to see where that is because there's isn't cost concern to consumers of the products, they don't pay anything, on the advertising side there's one because they are driving costs up. >> the essence of the antitrust is a contract or combination that interferes with interstate trade and harms the consumer, when consumer gets the product for nothing as you pointed out and as we all know, there's no harm to the consumer, but where does revenue come from, from advertising, so if there's evidence that they fixed advertising rates, that would be a classic, classic case, cost them a fortune, classic case of an antitrust violation, but why are the attorneys general going after it instead of the feds,
6:39 am
the feds are looking to regulate. the attorneys general are looking for cash, they go away if you give them enough cash, i'm sure that zuckerberg and the others don't need me to tell them that. maria: welcome back. the holiday shopping season maria: a lot of people are getting, big donors which is why already heating up, meaning holiday shipping season is on deck as well. a lot of that shipping falling they weren't as aggressive, seem to ups. to be more aggressive now. the company maintains its relationship with amazon after it dumped fed ex, helping growth. joining me now is the ceo of >> tobacco gave them 55 billion, less smoking now as a result of ups, david abney. it, i don't know, where did that thank you for joining us. money go, probably plug holes in >> nice to be here. maria: you characterized your quarter as the best quarter in state budget short falls. the company's history. >> it absolutely was. maria: tell us about it. maria: will the u.s. ever look like the eu in terms of the >> it was balanced across all government bite on big tech? three sectors which is very important to us. >> well, they have the right to i think the sector that's gotten be forgotten, that was one of the things that they the most attention is the u.s. established, here we do have a right to privacy that's not domestic business, very, very explicit in the constitution. strong. for this quarter compared to last year at the same time, we if you establish it there's a right to privacy, that's another reduced our unit cost two angle that you may be able to
6:40 am
and-a-half percent which is have constitutional claim outside of antitrust. something i don't remember >> well, the right to privacy seeing before. and that resulted in the restrains the government, it operating profit for the u.s. doesn't restrain private business grew 26%, so just an industry, there are statute that excellent quarter. is prohibit private industry, maria: how were you able to get technically if i put information a handle on costs so well, and in here about my banking, just decline those? >> it really is the result of a detailing, something with my own lot of work that we've done. bank and apple doesn't keep it it's our strategies. secured, they violated a it's our strategic imperatives contract with me, that's not a that we focused on. constitutional violation, common it is the investments that we law contractual violation but if the government gets their hands ha our on this without a search buildings and optimizing our warrant, there's a constitutional violation. routes. so we're really getting the payback from those investments. maria: ceo alex saying in a and then at the end, it's deposition earlier this month execution and our people just that the company's baby powder did an excellent job executing. is safe,less than 2 weeks later maria: you are headed into now one of the most important l fda found asbestos in the baby times of the year, obviously. are you expecting a surge in volumes around the holidays and powder? what's your expectation for >> when you're suing a large growth around that? >> we do believe it's going to company like j&j, they have be a busy holiday season. right to name human being that four less workdays between will give deposition and knows the most about it, rarely do thanksgiving and christmas this
6:41 am
they name the ceo. year which just means that there's less days for a lot of they name somebody, a couple who runs lower that has a better the promotions that start right grasp, you name the ceo and around thanksgiving. so we have built up, we have gives deposition that sounds like a commercial for the company, 13 days later added this year 5 million additional square feet in absolutely defied by evidence, a buildings. that's 400,000 packages an hour huge embarrassment, that we can run over last year. embarrassment for them and the and we've added 11 aircraft share price showed it. which is good, because with the maria: it sure did, later we get to college admission scandal. change from second day to next day, we needed the additional >> yes. lift. so we have it. maria: going into the quarter, maria: we will come up with it later because there's news with the resignation of your there. good to see you, judge andrew napolitano joining us, getting coo, can you give us the impact there and what you're expecting. wework on track, we will tell >> yeah, i think what you have to keep in mind, jim has been you what we are expecting there, spooky starbucks, check this with us 35 years. out, coffee giant reveals scary so it was definitely a and sweet phantom cappuccino, retirement. and well-deserved. did an excellent job. he's going to work through peak. we have a solid bench of people. you will have to wait to take a while we're going to miss jim, sip [ orchestral music playing ] obviously this organization
6:42 am
keeps going and we have good people in the wings. maria: the last time we spoke we were right smack in the middle of this trade fight, whether it's china, the uncertainty over usmca. what has that done in terms of your market expectations and where we are with regard to this trade impacting overall growth, overall manufacturing? >> there's been bright spots since we talked and then there's things that are still ongoing. so i think it has morph of an effect of -- more of an effect of customers looking to change their trade patterns. we have to look at how we move our assets around to adjust to those trade patterns. a good example is our 747-8, our biggest aircraft. we were planning to go to china to the u.s. since the u.s. lane has reduced due to the trade war, we've actually moved one of those planes,% china to europe. it's those kinds of things we
6:43 am
do. usmca, we think is a bright spot. we think that lighthizer's done a great job of getting bipartisan support, really believe that will be ratified. china to u.s., there's -- the [ tires screech ] mom, you've got to get yourself a new car. latest talks seem to be going in the car's fine. [ car horn honks ] the right direction. i wish i could save faster. so we're hopeful there. you're making good choices. you'll get there. and then with brexit, we're having to watch. it's kind of a day-to-day news breaker right now. got it? yeah. but we'll see. maria: we're all waiting to see ♪ what happens there. your sense of the b2b business right now which is so important for ups, the small and mid-cap thank you. bye. businesses, how would you characterize things. >> our my primary focus is to were you going to tell me about this? lean in and make sure we take take care of small and mid-size i know i can't afford to go. businesses. what they want is one thing, really. you can't even afford to get yourself a new car. and that is to be able to compete from a logistics i still have this car so you can afford to go. standpoint with the big [ music resumes ] e-tailors and retailers. so we introduced a digital i'm so proud of you. access program and partnership thank you, mom. principal. we can help you plan for that. start today at
6:44 am
with shopify and and ♪ ♪ others. what that does is it gives i've been a caregiver for 20 years. access to their 1.5 million no two patients are the same. small businesses into our predicting the next step for them can be challenging. network. maria: wow. >> and so it's really a significant move and that is our today we're using the ibm cloud to run new analytics tools focus is to help small and mid-size businesses compete. maria: i assume that would mean that help us better predict and plan a patient's recovery. you're also affecting costs pretty efficiently as well with ♪ ♪ your new technology. ultimately, it's helping thousands of patients >> we are. return home. and technology allows us to and who doesn't love going home. connect to these programs. b2b is going to be multiple we can go down this what do you think? packages per stop and that's ♪ what really makes a difference. woo! yeah! and the fact that we're automating our buildings, optimizing our routes, all of it's good! it's refreshing. ♪ that helps b2b. it's one of the reasons that we had such a good quarter. maria: tell us about the drone at northwestern mutual, business. ups expanding its flight forward this is what our version of financial planning looks like. drone program after becoming the first company to gain faa tomorrow is important, but she's only seven once. approval to transport medical spend your life living. supplies by drone. really an interesting find an advisor at development. >> yeah. we put a stake in the ground
6:45 am
that we were going to be the first to get this certification from the faa and we worked real hard to do that. then we put a stake that we were going to be the first to scale it and because a lot of people may have wondered, could ups take the market lead here and we absolutely showed that we did. we announced partnerships with you ameri source better bergen . outstanding companies that we will be pr progressing our drone maria: all right, some shuffling usage. in ceo ranks to report, cheryl we will go outside healthcare casone with the details. pretty quickly too. maria: you are approved to move cheryl. cheryl: changes started at nike, supplies at wake med and company announced that mark parker is stepping aside as university of utah health in sought lake city. is that the goal, to get more chief executive replaced by john and more of those kinds of customers and partnerships to move these medical supplies? donaho, to take donaho's job >> that's the initial phase is to -- any of these campus type
6:46 am
environments, we chose healthcare but it could be other bill mcdermont, more than 1100 campus type environments but the ceo's have stepped down just cvs, what makes that so this year. interesting is it's the first retail partnership we have done many facing the possibility of losing their jobs, expressing and we'll start testing quickly outrage after a deal would give about actually taking shipments former ceo adam neuumann and has such as pharmaceuticals from a local cvs store and delivering it to homes. so -- maria: that's such a convenience. >> it will be. and if it's something that you need very quickly, there's no remained wework will step down faster delivery than drone from board, shares have dropped deliveries. so we think it plays an 30% from july peak, a lot of important role. maria: so look ahead, david, to folks say because of major stake the next year or three. in wework. where does the growth come from at ups? check this out. >> international still would be starbucks has unveiled new big growth area for us. halloween-themed drink, the europe by the way, as we're phantom frapiccino, looks pretty continuing to gain market share, we're doing very well there. maria: are you seeing any scary, coconut, mango, pineapple growth in europe? >> yes, we are. in it, option to get dark and we're kind of against the coconut with cream on top, here mode. and so that's going well for us. is the problem, only available maria: david, great to have in europe, middle east and you. >> thank you.
6:47 am
maria: thanks so much. david abney, ups. africa, thanks, starbucks, thank we'll be right back. you. maria: thank you so much. by the way, morgan stanley this morning is calling caterpillar's quarter a mile -- mild earnings recession, weaker than expected our love is one of a kind earning and cutting outlook for the year. strong brilliant unbreakable dagen: i wanted to point something out, something that ♪ everyone wants to know, caterpillar stock has wildly engagement rings now 20- 40 percent off shop unique bridal styles at zales, the diamond store performed, so that includes dividends. it underperformed farm and construction equipment by almost 6 percentage points and the broad market, so caterpillar up 8% and stock market 21% total return, again, it's been a loser, haven't lost money in it this year, so this -- people were expecting bad news quite frankly. maria: i would argue it's part because they were expecting weakness out of china, one to
6:48 am
have keys here, i want to talk about wework and get your assessment of the real comedown in terms of the valuation, what was softbank valuing at its peak? $47 billion and now they want to valuate at $8 billion. >> correct. dimitri's on it. maria: you also have to connect eating right and getting those steps in? the dots for us in terms of the notable wealth tax, what does that mean in terms to have on it! dimitri thinks he's doing all he can to manage his type 2 diabetes and heart disease, wework share holder? but is his treatment doing enough to lower his heart risk? >> i look at ramifications of elizabeth warren's wealth tax, [sfx: glasses clanking.] sorry. net worth will be taxed if maybe not. you're over 50 million, so if jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death you owned less than 1% of wework for adults who also have known heart disease. when it was valued at so it could help save your life 47 billion, think about what would happen to you? from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c! jardiance can cause serious side effects also host of other unintended consequences, how do you value including dehydration, something that has no liquid genital yeast or urinary tract infections, market or isn't earned income, and sudden kidney problems. we have issue with property ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. taxes and we know how much we a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection don't like bureaucrats telling how much our home is worth and in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away imagine telling how much wework, if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, investors didn't know how much ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction. wework is supposed to eastern,
6:49 am
this is very dangerous and do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. stifle growth, so this is taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea something that warren and sanders need to think about or insulin may cause low blood sugar. before they propose taxes like lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? this. maria: such a good point, what on it... are you going to get tax on, with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. 57 billion-dollar valuation or i get it all the time. with jardiance. 7 billion-dollar valuation. "have you lost weight?" of course i have- who is in charge? ever since i started renting from national. >> that's not a liquid valuation, you can't say it's even worth that $8 billion, so because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... you can't tax that either, that's why the wealth tax is so ...and choose any car in the aisle. nice to say because it's out and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. there, but what you can't do is, at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. like, okay, how do you implement that, who is going to be in charge this is exactly how much looking good, patrick. your art is worth, property is i know. worth. dagen: the fact that he walks (vo) go national. go like a pro. away $7 billion which is hundreds of thousands of dollars per employee who lost their jobs, in terms of marketing and message, elizabeth warren is
6:50 am
preaching and selling and bernie sanders could resinate with people because they don't understand that. makes them angry. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> i hate to take it in perspective -- i'm maria bartiromo. dagen: no, please. wednesday, october 23 your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east >> wework as pathetic as it is, show that public markets work, coast, earnings in focus they stopped it before it went driving markets this morning public, private market is where are the things are supposed to boeing missed expectations however aerospace giant said shake out, it's embarrassing but it its making steady probleming getting the 737 max back in service, looking for private shareholders caught -- return in the fourth quarter revenue better than expected, the stock is up now it had [laughter] been lower earlier. maria: many faced with wealth tax and you don't know thousand >> caterpillar under pressure value anything. missing estimates cutting full father's legacy daniel joins us year agained here too stock next talks about final book, we way off lows of the morning will talk about that when we come back, stay with us. down two-thirds of one percent futures indicate a lower opening for the broader averages dow industrials down 44 s&p down 5 nasdaq lower by 6 yesterday earnings uncertainty over timing of the uk exit from eu weighed on markets, still s&p 500 just one percent away from all-time
6:51 am
record close. global markets look like this european indices mixed growing concerns over hong kong cac quarante in paris down 34 dax lower by 6, the asian markets fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. concerns over hong kong put the pressure on markets in asia overnight the shanghai and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. composite down half a percent it's just not right. he hang seng town almost one but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - percent japan was up with by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. nikkei up a fraction one-year you can get your interest rate right - high fallout in hong kong by locking in a fixed low rate today. controversial extradition bill and you can get your money right. with sofi. sparked protest in the first place has been formally check your rate in 2 minutes or less. withdrawn 20, we later reports get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. say china looking into replacing leader carrie lam, mark zuckerberg on hot seat in washington testifying to defend proposed cryptocurrency on capitol hill, we are taking a look what to expect there coming up all those stories wednesday morning to break it that's why xfinity mobile lets you design your own data. down dagen mcdowell national you can share 1, 3, or 10 gigs of data
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securities corporation chief between lines, market strategist art hogan mix in lines of unlimited, and switch it up at any time. founder ceo. all with millions of secure wifi hotspots >> great show. dagen: so much news. and the best lte everywhere else. maria: in terms of of earnings i am impressed by it's a different kind of wireless network, some stock performances we are well off the lows even when designed to save you money. switch and save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. you look at company like plus, get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. caterpillar indicating a growing slowdown globally. >> i think dagen nailed that that's simple. easy. awesome. call, click, or visit a store today. as soon as report look how company has done 12 months year-to-date basis up 8% -- a lot of this bad news priced in the market is able to sort of walk on by not get too upset. maria: caterpillar is an indicator of global growth off the lows after cutting full year guidance gerri will wisconsin on the floor of the new york stock exchange looking at that broader averages broader markets off lows. >> here is what you are going to see follow boeing going to follow caterpillar i am talking about caterpillar a disappointment on top and - in the last year, of cybercrime every second. when a criminal has your personal information, bottom line earnings 266 a
6:53 am
they can do all sorts of things in your name. share revenues a criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware disappointment, they also lowered earnings outlook kind to gain access to information like your name, of a trifecta bad news for the stock i want to tell what the your birthday, and even your social security number. the ceo jim had to say about what went wrongly here he says - [announcer] that's why norton and lifelock our volumes declined as are now part of one company, dealers reduced inventories providing an all in one membership for your cyber safety and end user demand positive that gives you identify theft protection, lower than expectations, the device security, a vpn for online privacy, and more. orders for products not coming in as expected. and this stock has seen -- as and if you have an identity theft problem, we'll work to fix it a barometer of china the china with our million dollar protection package. business you might have - there are new cyber threats out there everyday, noticed stock momentarily turned positive, just moments so protecting yourself isn't a one time job, ago back in the negative column. i think traders saw this it's an ongoing need. now is the time to make sure that you have the right plan in place. headline caterpillar, impact don't wait. for 2019 wobbly previous - [announcer] norton 360 with lifelock. use promo code get25 to save 25% off your first year guidance 250 million and 350 and get a free shredder with annual membership. million so a raw of subjects deep in that report but very call now to start your membership small maria, back to you. or visit maria: gerri thank you so much gerri willis on wall street we look at china trade chinese state television is reporting that china will maria: welcome back, it has been swreef the imports of goods more than a year since we lost
6:54 am
agriculture and consumer products to stabilize foreign the great charles, joining us right now the son of late trade yuan stable top trade charles, editor, lifetime of compilers struck the optimistic tone over talks in great love and endeavors, washington georgia senator daniel, great to see you, thank you so much for joining us. member armed service committee david perdue thanks for joining us. >> good morning, maria. how important this was in terms of doing it in paperback, your . >> lot of mixed headlines out of china certainly you got the new preface included what you heard from readers about what country bullying american companies to do it their way your father would say about it. including the nba, then you've >> in putting the book together as a whole was the most got them propping project to buy more grumbling products important thing priority, as the how do you see the china trade hard cover came out i traveled conversation? >> well, having lived there around promoteing the book and worked there must career i think this latest development looked to him as guide to figure is -- terribly encouraging out what's going on in the world very small step, we can take and the question i got from our ag exports from nine almost everybody what would your dad say about what's going on billion to 40 or 50 billion more importantly an incremental step neither side
6:55 am
now and i know how he would say wants to do i was in china labor day with the senator it and go by the real from montana had meetings with fundamental principles of truth liu he the trade representative urged that they gave indications they were and logic and persuasion and willing to begin doing this i think bodes well for next good faith in the opposition and i talk about all of that in the conversation, relative to potential hike in tariffs for book. december. maria: i would love to have a >> any indication, that china is going to stop stealing conversation with him today to intellectual property from the ask about the impeachment united states? >> you know maria that is a inquiry. question, five things trying to do in trade takes not all >> yeah, i get the question a lot too, it's complicated and i related to trade some are don't know what he would say, i related to national security know he would say something that we want them to stop stealing would not be predictable. our technology, stop forcing the transfer of technology into the joint ventures, he always worked from principles all the way to logical end comply with wto stop cyber war point, whatever side that would end on and looking in what he said in the past about president give equal access wto equal trump and also what he said in access sort of first step clinton impeachment, he would often say, look, the truth can equal access ez part the be two things at once, you can encouragement i have making have something that's morally incremental agreement gives wrong but that's in the a crime, hope we can he can begin you can have something that's a toward the ultimately you crime but that doesn't rise to solution here. maria: so sounds like you don't have indications they are going to stop stealing high crimes in this misdemeanor, yet. >> no.
6:56 am
i think he would try to pass i mean first of all, they that and would clear a lot of would have to deny they ever the noise and emotion out of it. done that. maria: right i know they don't admit it that is right. >> exactly. maria: switch gestures middle maria: oh, yeah. east tensions turkey signaling that it will hold back, on dagen: remind us what is incursion into syria as important. vladimir putin agrees to help first time i met your dog was at republican convention and we turkey drive out fighters from talked about dogs, again, bufr zones in syria after 120 crystallizes how we all feel about our animals. hour cease-fire expired does >> that's in this book and other it concern you russia an book, things that matter that he talks about, you know, passions turkey are partnering here. >> i am very concerned, maria a member of nato turkey is and loves in life, politics, history and big question but partnering, russia nato was -- created in order to stand up also dogs, baseball, fatherhood, against threat from soviet the whole gamut of life, the union now russia, so what.has done stepped into a vacuum um most incredible the different subjects, there's a philosophy what erdogan wanting all along that comes out and that's what i wanted to capture in the book. 30 mile buffer between turkey and sir i have been there maria: i bet he would be talking reasonable, he is not good guy about beloved washington there are three allies working nationals this morning. with to develop that didn't happen in frame everybody thought it would so turkey first world series title winning game one last night. stepped in now putin stepped
6:57 am
into that vacuum i am very >> i was up late watching that, i know he would have been too. troubled by that i don't think this changes our mission in syria though that is to make huge nats fan. sure that isis does not get redeveloped we give counterer he went to almost all of the home games and i kept his to iran we continue to protect tickets and i've been going iraq most troubling how iraq playoffs. is responding to movement of troops right now in and out of daniel krauthammer congrats, we sir. >> they don't want troops will be right back. there. >> proud emory law school you a aluminum love for atlanta i have been shocked how simplistic the analysis has been as you appointing out the rightfully turkish is nato ally housed over three million beyond the not-so-routine cases. syrian refugees within borders comcast business is helping doctors they had to burden, is to having them go back help, provide care in whole new ways. all working with a new generation of technologies repatriate into syria you powered by our gig-speed network. turkey government no is friend because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. of assad having their influence there potentially countered with iranian influence as nato ally would every day, comcast business is helping businesses be thought of as beneficial go beyond the expected. posture i know the president to do the extraordinary. says i don't think that
6:58 am
take your business beyond. perspective is receiving enough airtime presumably you started to alud to you may agree with. performance comes in lots of flavors. ♪ (dramatic orchestra) >> -- the assad partnering with erdogan they hate each other putin seems peacemaker there's the amped-up, over-tuned, puts us on side of iran with feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. regard to that triumvirate qualified cal kwlu u.s. the and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. bottom line you said best at the motivating factor refugees that's the kind lincoln's about. in syria i have gen to -- we have seen them most were ♪ assimilated in cities in . . . turkey imagine what pressure that is putting on them (aladded "ukulele" to band shopping list. perfect. peyton, what are you doing? rightly so all allies should nationwide's teamed up with amazon to bring you have moved faster to support the all-new echo auto. bufferdone move refugees back you're gonna love this. alexa, add "xylophone" into syria. dagen: senator does nato have to band shopping list. a role doing that protecting (alexa) okay. we don't need a band shopping list. alexa and i disagree. kurds in northern part of alexa, add "positive attitude" to band shopping list. syria also, moving -- caring for taking care of those (alexa) added "positive attitude" to band shopping list. refugees? >> pel number one thing the kurds of partnered with us to that's for you. you need it. defeat isis we removed join nationwide now and get a free amazon echo auto.
6:59 am
caliphate the remnants still there a force of special operation officers there, we are now today he partnering with the kurds, in northern sir this is not determined what roll is going to be of erdogan the real crucial calculus here who is going to maintain measure manage that buffer done erdogan steps into vacuum i think i am hopeful that we can have ally -- putin patrolling six miles not taken over buffer zone if nothing happens he could well do that. >> the domestic issues senator democrats are looking to force a vote today to overturn the state and local tax deduction, salt capped now 10,000 dollars minority leader chuck schumer says overturning it would put power back in the hands of homeowners your reaction. >> the most hypocritical thing i have read last few months here when you think they can't be any more hypocritical they come up with something like
7:00 am
this ridiculous high tax state look the rest of the country subsidize ing high tax states, forever, what we did two years ago was balance that, across the country, boy this regulator work we did this taxes bill in '17 best economic turnaround in u.s. history you schumer want to maria: welcome back. give money back to richest in good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. his state most hypocritical i'm happy wednesday. thing i have heard. >> are you seen any skaggs i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, october 23rd. from some local mayors your top stories right now. governors, and of high tax earnings in focus. state, that they are going to caterpillar the lead story of change their tax policy and the morning, under pressure cut taxes and roen in spending result of what they are seeing after missing estimates and the impact of salt deduction cutting the full year guidance. going away is? >> well, to a reasonable the boeing 737 max crisis and person that would be first the company's bottom line coming thing you would two to wouldn't it maria moon that is what we were hoping was going to happen. maria: i know that. >> we can't keep subsidizing up. boeing reporting numbers had in brought 3about 30 minutes. high state tax states, look the benefits people in those we'll have the numbers. mark zuckerberg will defend his states are supposed to get from high taxes are not there supposed cryptocurrency, testifying on capitol hill later either we can pay low tax high
7:01 am
today, ready to admit the social tax not there again hypocrisy giant has trust issues, we'll going back getting that tax take a look at what to expect as facebook shares are down a fwreeshg richest is counter fraction this morning. strategy from what they say futures indicating a decline at they believe in, i just think the start of trading thanks to this is hypocritical not going anywhere in the senate i caterpillar. assure you -- largely. caterpillar will cut 60 points >> good to see you thanks so much. off the dow this morning. >> thanks, david perdue yesterday's uncertainty and of joining the conversation this course brexit also an issue but the dow this morning down 89 morning founder chief points, s&p was down 6 on top of investment officer here going to weigh in on investing today what is happening in hong kong yesterday's declines. s&p was down 10 points yesterday plus u.s. energy secretary at the close, the dow was down rick perry joins us lot to 39 points, the nasdaq lower by talk about with rick perry stay with us for that a miss 58. the s&p is 1% away from an for boeing aerospace giant all-time high. missed expectations, but says he global markets this morning 737 max jet is on track to look like this, european indices return to the skies, before are mixed. the end of the year hong kong fq100 is up 7 points as the story, crisis continuing there brexit drama continues, it is officially now withdrawing controversial parliament approving prime extradition bill beijing minister's boris johnson's withdrawal agreement but not you reportedly looking to oust agreeing to the speedy hong kong leader carrie lam. timetable. cac is down 37, dax is down 7 all the details after this. points. there are growing kerning concer driverless cars, hong kong putting pressure on
7:02 am
markets overnight. nikkei had slight gains. the others down as you see there, hang seng in hong kong or trips to mars. no commission. down almost 1%. delivery drones, all those stories coming i'm or the latest phones. this wednesday morning. joining me to break it down, no commission. no matter what you trade, dagen mcdowell, national at fidelity you'll pay no commission security's r corporation chief for online u.s. equity trades. market strategist, art hogan and at fidelity you'll pay no commission omid malik. i am totally blind. great to see everybody this and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. morning. we're waiting on a number of earnings which will likely impact markets but caterpillar's or make me feel like i'm not really "there." the story of the day and so far the stock is down on this talk to your doctor, earnings miss because i guess it and call 844-234-2424. is an indicator of the global economy. >> sure, it's an indicator of part of the global economy that ♪ we know has been slow for a while. manufacturing, when you talk ♪ about what's going on in the world, we know there's a slowdown. where is it hurt the most, it's everything your trip needs, manufacturing. for everyone you love. whether we look at manufacturing because of boeing p not expedia. delivering the 737 max or general motors being in a 30 day strike or just the slower activity that we're seeing in general, also remember caterpillar is affected by what's going on in minerals and mining, all the commodity production going on he globally and we know that slowed too.
7:03 am
caterpillar's the tip of the sword for what we see with economic slowdown. a lot of this is priced in. the s&p is about 8% year-to-date. we're always -- i'm always surprised by how much we're surprised. but i'm still shocked that cat for everyone you love. - in the last year, of cybercrime every second. didn't come out at some juncture when a criminal has your personal information, and say listen, we've got to they can do all sorts of things in your name. take our guidance down so they wouldn't have this criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware disappointment on earnings day. maria: it's off of the the to gain access to information like your name, lows. your birthday, and even your social security number. analysts telling clients there's a slight earnings recession going on at caterpillar. dagen: the quote from the ceo - [announcer] that's why norton and lifelock was our volumes declined as are now part of one company, providing an all in one membership for your cyber safety dealers reduced their inventories and end user demand, while positive, was lower than that gives you identify theft protection, our expectations. device security, a vpn for online privacy, and more. but overall, the earnings are way down from a year ago. and if you have an identity theft problem, down 13 and-a-half percent from we'll work to fix it a year ago. with our million dollar protection package. not only is it a miss but it's a double digit decline in earnings - there are new cyber threats out there everyday, and also cutting the full year so protecting yourself isn't a one time job, outlook and total sales and it's an ongoing need. revenue off by 5.6% from a year now is the time to make sure
7:04 am
ago. that you have the right plan in place. so it's red. maria: we're watching that one. don't wait. our top story this hour is - [announcer] norton 360 with lifelock. keeping big tech in check. use promo code get25 to save 25% off your first year facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg, is going to be testifying on capitol hill later today in and get a free shredder with annual membership. front of the house financial call now to start your membership services committee. he is expected to face questions or visit on facebook's cryptocurrency, libra and whether the public can trust the tech giant to handle users' finances. in his opening statement, zuckerberg argues if technology companies don't take the lead on digital currencies other countries will. this is the the opening statement. healthy skepticism becomes hostility we put a lot of progress at risk, not just in the world where american technology companies have an opportunity to champion american values, i think it would be bad for our country and the world if companies were discouraged from taking on challenges like these and settled for safer options that reinforce the status quo. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. that would harm our national i wish i could shake your hand. granted. reputation for innovation, make our economy less competitive and concentrate more power in the only pay for what you need. hands of existing players rather ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
7:05 am
than people. let's talk about that, get your reaction to that. joining us now is roger williams. maria: welcome back among congressman, good to see you this morning. what's your reaction to the stories in earnings boeing the opening statement? >> well, i'm anxious to hear aerospace company reporting what he has to say. disappointing earnings revenue i think america should lead the above expectations stock up way in innovation and i'm all now 1%, after company said the for that. i'm kind of an old school guy, 737 max aircraft will resume i'm a main street business guy. i want to hear what he has to during fourth quarter joining say. let's assume that the private by telephone respectful sector can do things great. founding partner global he was we know they can. let's see what he talks about a defense analytical carter, and let's see where he thinks he can take this thing. your reaction to the boeing. maria: um ho how come it tooko long to add a mitt they were on the phone: a lot not about numbers we know messy as a result of the crisis the time breaching privacy and selling line first and foremost 737, our information to advertisers. can we trust them after what and return of service which in we've been through with privacy. >> that's something to ask company sort of sticking guns rough terms trying to get them. they didn't say anything until they had to say something. this is important, when you talk plane back into service q4, as about p crypto corn cryptocurrm opposed to last quarter hoped for early q4 slight slilage a still a dollar bill guy. i want to know will the consumers be protected. think people fare full a how will it work for main street production cut didn't haveget america and business like i that also in portfolio you are have.
7:06 am
will it make things easier or harder and can i trust them. seeing good performance announced they are going to >> hi, congressman. cut the 777 rate for temporary i would just say if you think about why are they getting into -- excuse me 77 rate for this business, that's the first question to ask. temporary period of time i and that is so had they can think completely related to track the spending behavior of china. and getting a trade deal done there, but even despite that, the american citizen. and he's going to use china as a the financial performance on that program was quite strong boogie man. the difference is, the chinese i think what people are government is the one who is looking at, okay once you get doing this, not a private past the max to a period corporation. i certainly agree you want normalization what will you innovation out of the private sector but to what end. find. and if not getting incremental look at the different businesses they're in and all seems in charges seeing good order to track citizens. performance elsewhere in if they're going to get into a portfolio points to normalized currency sector, they need to be number beyond the crisis that people can be, i think regulated to the full extent like a bank would in some cases. somewhat hopeful on. so i hope to the extent our >> carter when you think about congressmen are speaking about beyond 737 max, and the this, that we're going to have company guidance hopeful this regulated because this is a getting out there in first quarter is that does that seem company that has shown bad faith like that is a doable in the past and continues to expand in area after area and projection? second thing, yesterday since swallows up any innovation and is a monopoly. first of many or do you think that is it now in enough >> i agree with what you're saying. that's what we're going to have people p of have had to leave to talk ou about today and learn start putting this behind
7:07 am
more about it. them. on the phone: it is tough on transparency is important to leadership change stuff, it is protect the consumer, it's going tough to say i think -- we to have to be important. that's the bottom line, that's were -- kind of in view we what we do. as a small business person, i wouldn't see much change until want to make sure i'm protected. plane returned to sky because and those are the things he's you don't want disruption going to have to answer. maria: i like that. internally trying to get over that's a good question. you know, a big challenge like is it just to track everybody, to see what they're spending that. but in general, you know, the money on? dagen: ism going to ask you a ceo of boeing commercial, question. how many people with respect, leaving i think the market congressman, how many people in will take in stride they saw washington really understand how facebook's business works? because it's vast. and again, when mark zuckerberg mccallister proponent of new first appeared on capitol hill plane mna the general view he was very, very prepared in which a change have to terms of rehearsed, well leadership will lower probability of a plane i think most think not going to be a rehearsed by his legal team and he was very focused and very moneymaker when more leadership change a bit up in respectful. but i don't -- the questions the air whether or not they can get if plane, you know didn't really get to the bottom of what facebook has been up to back into the sky, in rough literally for the last 12 years terms along with schedule, is or so. >> dagen, it's such an a tough question to ask i important point. many of the sense r tores that think from or tough question to answer. from a technical standpoint, asked -- senators that asked him they are looking at the black question didn't know that and white sort of ins and out facebook was a free service and they didn't know how he was of engineering evaluation
7:08 am
making money, they didn't know saying yeah this is it can it was from the advertisers. requirements we think we can if you don't understand the meet but when you layer on fundamental business purpose and how earnings are generated how political uncertainty, and you are you going to begin to know the sort of -- all the regulate it. implications with that it drus this can be very dangerous. maria: we'll be watching the a level of uncertainty that i hearing. go ahead, congressman, real think you know, they have to deal with that is really what quick. >> you asked the question, how makes the question tough to many congress people, i mean, answer. the truth of the matter is, very maria: carter great to get insights thank you see you few. i don't include myself to be soon up 1% right now hong kong in crisis it is officially now all-knowing. i'm still ledge learning this. withdrawing the controversial we have to ask the questions extradition bill base joining some people think they know more than they know. report looks toous the hong that's why the hearing is important and maybe those to kong leader carrie lam the follow. maria: take that question to very latest next keeping your colleagues, why are they technical in check what is in getting into this business? store for facebook ceo do they want to track everybody zuckerberg preparing to and what they're spending. testify on facebook's digital real quick on the push for currency on capitol hill today impeachment, the top american back in a minute. here, it all starts with a simple... diplomat in ukraine william taylor testified that president trump did use aid as an incentive for ukraine to investigate joe biden. he said john ratcliffe questioned, quote, destroyed
7:09 am
taylor's arrestingment. do you have any sent sense of what went down yesterday and is the public ever going to he get a look behind the curtain in the impeachment inquiry. >> i don't know. they've been secret about it. it's not in the right committee. i was in my district last week with the president to open a louis vuitton plant in central texas and people back home are following it, but it's not important. but i think it's -- nothing is stuck on the president. it's their only way to think they can win in 2022 -- or 2020. it's phony is the bottom line. we've got to get through this and we've got an election coming up in november and let's let the voters decide. maria: i think it's interesting, congressman, that because taylor had in his opening statement suggestionses that there was a quid pro quo, they released his opening statement. nothing else was released. in particular, the questioning by john ratcliffe which blew a hole in that completely. dagen: the house democrats are essentially auditioning players
7:10 am
for what will be a public christmas pageant, a holone in .
7:11 am
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[ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ bill would have allowed extradition of hong kong residents to mainland china dead beijing planning to replace hong kong leader carrie lam the foreign ministry dismissed that as political rumor with ulterior motives according reuters thanks for joining us. >> good morning. how are you. >> so much to talk about in terms of hong kong, right, whether it be china, bullying some of america's greatest institutions leagues like nba or companies like from marriott to apple and beyond, or whether it is really the
7:13 am
protesting in hong kong what strikes you in terms of the -- the most important issue here as we continue to look at the u.s., and china, potentially partnering in trade deal. >> great question look at united states what we stand for our flag beacon of democracy free speech around the world the fact that china has been able to -- silence, and generate apologies from some of the world's best companies that are based in the united states is kind of a running joke now. it made a joke out of our democrat and i think that when you look at the list of billionaires and companies that are paying homage the china one thing it is money. and we are willing to sell our values for money, is a it is actually a terrible thing we are teaching children this moment in time. >> really is for so long american ceos more interested
7:14 am
in getting their products in nt in front of 1.4 billion potential customers as opposed to protecting products and pushing back on behavior like the theft of intellectual property. and here you have the start of the nba season last night protests in hong kong looming large over beginning of the season, and nba legend shaquille o'neal showing courage speaking out last night and defending the general manager of the houston rockets. >> one of our best values here in america is free speech. we are allowed to say what we want to say speak up about injustice that is how it goes if people don't understand that that is something they have to deal with, but, you know, i just think -- unfortunate for both parties and then you got people speaking they don't know what they are talking about, daryl morey was right. >> i realize a big opportunity basketball, and sports in
7:15 am
china, or financial services, finally being able to own your own company in china, you give up all values in do you allow and stand there as china rounds up, up wards two million uighurs in concentrate camps do you shut eyes just to get money. >> you think about it look back to what hitler said in germany, you know china saying the same thing don't worry about the jews, 1% of population china said don't worry about uighurs less than 1% population in rekaegs concentration camps harvesting organs on daily basis, the same kinds of things are going on in china, then you have, you know social justice warriors like lebron wear shirts that say #i can't breathe i think should change shirt it should say #i can't speak because when you get into money, money ends up muddying waters and changes all your values i think that
7:16 am
it is ugly what is going on is very ugly in our country some point this time we are going to realize that we should not be engaging with china, we should be forcing our value system on theirs, or -- or we should disengage let them go on in the world without us. maria: yeah look xi jinping is no the trying to a make-believe somebody not he was very clear spoke with prime minister of nepal said look anybody who tries to divide or split up china is going to quote end up with crushed bodies and shattered bones. the bones will go into powder this from president of china! that really struck me. >> yeah. it struck me too maria i don't know if you watched some video from this weekend in hong kong. but you know, xi's worst nightmare is hong kong, because there are so many smartphones so many videos, he can't come in, and engage in another tiananmen square
7:17 am
massacre it will be videoed for world propaganda outlets in u.s. china daley global times won't be able to talk their way out of videos, so you saw over the weekend that the hong kong police started throwing flash-bang grenades at press love the press to leave so they can come in crush bones of the protesters, so you know we will see what happens going forward but i think you know with talk of carrie lam being replaced i mean maria if you are carrie lam you turned your back on your own people. it is a beijing turned police against your people brutalized them you are a failed leader not even a lame-duck you literally have no power whatsoever in hong kong whatever china replaces carrie lam with will probably be worse hard-liner for those that have hope that universal suffrage will magically appear in hong kong i have had news for them next person that comes along will be another xi
7:18 am
jinping lackey they will could whatsoever he wants them to do. >> by the way, you know now we know that she was never really autonomous never really had authority to run hong kong then you've got ceo of dn bob iger won't say anything about protests because it could be bad for business disney had a huge growing consumer base in china obviously, you know, so there you go. rolling over again, what is your best advice for this administration, that is trying to do a deal with china, in the face of china basically calling the shots saying yeah, we will buy more agriculture but we're not making a move on intellectual property, we are not making a move on the way we govern our people you know, the censureing of everybody the tracking of assists what do you think. >> yeah i think that you know any being californiaer ja-- cracker jack president in -- soybeans are fungible doesn't
7:19 am
take genius to get that done part of the skinny deal one of thee things key part of the deal letting huawei sell more things in u.s. that are not deemed to be critical huawei is global cancer to western democracy, and i think we can't allow huawei or to generate back doors for data in the united states, so i don't think that we should be engaging with china, until they agree to stop stealing from us, to stop the cyberwar to stop pushing their propaganda to united states through newspapers so many things just have to stop but the only thing allowing those to move forward today for trump to want a deal, is short termism looking for profits some point in time we are going to realize our national security is actually more important, than another making another shekel.
7:20 am
>> well said before you go, you still allocating capital in u.s. how do you wander to be vested right here. >> i think maria, we are going to have a slight recession, in 2020 i think when you look at industrial production many he larger countries around the world, they are all -- let's say below the -- below the zero line so i think you are seeing things pretty dramatically slowdown you see scat pillar numbers today, caterpillar numbers next year china printing slowest numbers prindz in last 35 years europe, ip numbers across the board not looking so good, and i think in u.s. there is no way for the u.s. to grow if everybody else is slowing down, so quickly, so i think we will have a rather shortly recession don't know if stocks will go down in recession i think u.s. rates will hit zero quickly. >> zero -- unbelievable where rates are great to see you thanks for joining me. >> great talking with you --
7:21 am
>> coming up i will spending a exclusively with energy secretary rick perry ahead of president trump's visit to national gas conference day about industry regulation energy independence why stepping down america's scariest hasn'ted -- haunted house so extreme you need a doctor's approval before you can enter. ♪ ♪ mysterious thing, it's all right, all right, all right. ♪ you mysterious thing ♪ ♪ val, vern... i'm off to college and i'm not gonna be around... i'm worried about my parents' retirement. oh, don't worry. voya helps them to and through retirement... ...dealing with today's expenses... college... ...while helping plan, invest and protect for the future. so they'll be okay... without me?
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7:25 am
components caterpillar missing earnings estimates cutting full-year earnings defines, the stock has completely reversed course, also, has reversed course boeing, boeing beating revenue exceptions aerospace giant said it is making steady progress getting the 737 max jet back into service. stock now, is up 1 1/2% looking for the return of the max jet, to the air, in the fourth quarter the stock, as you can see, is up, as is caterpillar now, -- raising losses futures off lows struggling trying to go positive dow industrials down just 5 points s&p futures down 3 nasdaq up 4 and quarter points global markets this morning like this european indices are mixed ft 100 up 19 points cac quarante in paris down 25. dax in germany down a fraction, brexit drama continues parliament approved prime minister boris johnson's withdrawal agreement but it did not approve the speedy
7:26 am
timeline johnson spokesperson says he wants to deal done by october 3 seeing no deal exit more likely after yesterday's vote, he wants to get this done this year not going to get this going into 2020 he said. he would rather do another general election, growing concerns over hong kong pressure on markets in asia overnight take a look fractional losses pretty much across the board with exception japan, gained a third of a percent, near a one year have i on nikkei our top story this half an hour investing in u.s. energy president trump headed to pennsylvania to support natural gas industry 2020 race the president is expected to tout industry deregulation energy independence joining me new jersey secretary rick perry a american to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> what can you tell us where we are right now last time you were with us made a point to remark the recent attack on saudi oil fields was like a
7:27 am
blip because u.s. is so independent in terms of our own production. >> yeah i think that was progressive positive what happened in frankly the last four, five years in particular, and the u.s. ability we are into 26 different countries five condo nents deliberativing lng economically comprehensive around the world one of the reasons i spent as much time in europe as i have, over the last 18 to 24 months is trying to sell as much l&g as we can get those folks the -- the option if you will, of not being held hostage by russian gas very successful, so what the president is doing today, in pennsylvania, is to remind people he is doing what he said he would do, reduce the regulator burden be able to speed up economic development in places blessed with natural resources, like the mar celis -- shell in pennsylvania third
7:28 am
largest oil field in the world being able to take that, add value create the -- the footprint if you will when we've got down in texas, in the -- in the petro chemical industry there, as a national security issue i cannot express how important from national security standpoint developing that appalachian region the president nose that sports that one of the reasons talking about tie, adding value to that proximity, shipping it around the world to give america this geopolitical impact that we have not had maybe ever. maria: yet, some of your leading democratic colleagues opponents to the president are calling for a fracking ban. >> i think that is so shortsighted falling into political trap of whatever the flavor of the day is. from the left-leaning side of the political aisle, the fact is that the state of texas my home state if you will 12th largest economy in the world
7:29 am
we saw emissions drop draflt down 20% while i was governor because we made massive transition to l&g getting away from old inefficient plants the same thing can happen, in europe. i tell my european counterparts if you are series about the -- -- surs about the climate reducing emissions you've got to have l&g as transitional fuel frankly, move into small modular reactors on civil nuclear side as well to get you to that that zero emissions place they say they are going to get, to they can't do it without american l&g can't do it without american technology. and innovation in the civil nuclear side. >> your take on middle east obviously, concerns about oil fields in sir a day after cease-fire expired secretary, your headed to middle east tomorrow, give us your assessment of the president's
7:30 am
plans today in terms of the pullout in syria and how you are going to make sure that those oil fields are protected so that isis doesn't get back in business, get their hands on that revenue money revenue -- >> pardon me. >> and that is incredibly important i think the president understands that the administration understands that, and that is going to be the final go, how you get there, and there is a lot of ideas about listen the president's approach unconventional i recognize that the president recognitions that, but i think we are headed in the right direction i think getting close to being able to -- to address that issue, from the standpoint of keeping those oil fields protected keeping them in hands of -- of folks that will not allow isis to go back in, and this marine rejuvenate the terroristic threat they propose. >> secretary there is a lot of disappointment that you are stepping down, you announced it you will be resigning, as energy secretary, effective december 1.
7:31 am
news coming days after your department said not going to comply with subpoenas tied to impeachment inquiry why are you stepping down sir. >> well let me tell you not disappointment from my wife, my beloved texas or dogs, on the other hand 8 or 9 months looking for exit pass if you will getting things in shape i did that i got the artificial intelligence as of stood up we got l&g in right direction, we got small modular reactor conference finalized so the time was right for me to go back to texas. let me address this issue, of the subpoenas and -- the congress is not following the law. the this is unprecedented what this democrat controlled congress is doing. i will be more than happy to go -- i have had multiple news conferences news requests i have talked about the president did absolutely nothing wrong. any of those those meetings he never said the word abide 911 any there is no quid pro ould l
7:32 am
you think. but we are not going to participate in an unlawfully effort when the congress follows the law, when congress follows the precedent of inquiry in this impeachment effort i will be happy to go but not until they have a vote not until they follow the law. i mean it ought pooeb simple. follow the law! >> is there any reason to believe that you are stepping down, because of any involvement you has had in terms of ukraine corruption story. >> 8 or nine months every stories i was headed back to tornadosout to be put to bed president knew that everyone knew that anyone putting dots together is chasing a ghost. >> i don't understand how this impeachment inquiry if that is what they call it rather than impeachment show is being done in secret and how your colleagues expect anything to get done? i mean, what how does this
7:33 am
play out? usmca hangs in the balance you've got china hanging in the balance, you know, all these policies prescription drugs, infrastructure, all sky-high dreams talked about over last year, by the democrats, and right now it is all about impeachment. >> well, good point maria. the idea that -- we have the potential to just put this economy on fire. if the democrats would come along, i mean listen i have been in this political business for you know coming on 40 years now public service, and when we got our elections over with in texas democrats and republicans we might get fiery speeches on house floor but we work together for the betterment of the people of the stated of texas. for the life of me i don't understand why men and women that i consider to be you know relatively full of common-sense desire for this country to be so blinded by hate of this president they
7:34 am
are willing to put economy of america in jeopardy. >> extraordinary, secretary we will see you soon we hope thanks so much secretary rick perry joining us. >> we'll be right back. .
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7:37 am
maria: welcome back president trump tweeted that he will be making a statement you on turkey here is what he says big success on turkey syria border safe zone created cease-fire held combat missions ended kurds safe
7:38 am
worked nicely with us captured isis prisoners secured statement 11:00 a.m. from white house thank you wrights the president ceo addiction supporteding goods reportedly looking at running for president in 2020. cheryl casone with details, and the as a republican. >>. cheryl: "politico" reporting weighi oval office one asked how he would do in three way contest joe biden to all that not all positive stack's age 64 is a lot said lack of charisma ma he said dick's sporting goods would destroy stock of assault weapons change policies following parkland massacre has no plans to run for any elected office all right there is a haurptd house in tennessee having you shaking in boots, tailored to each
7:39 am
guest's fears visitors happened over signed million release 40 page waiver then you also have to come up with your safe word before you go inside, but if you make it through, they will pay you 20 grand, so far nobody has been able to get through the entire house without freaking out because you know, heart attacks haunted houses i tries pizza hut good let you know i want to it is today that they promotion one place in phoenix, arcadia area i encourage viewers check it out get the "incogmeato." >> mark zuckerberg to capitol hill defending facebook digital currency warning if america does not take lead other countries will we are getting into that one when we come back. ♪
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maria: welcome back mark zuckerberg back on hot seat this morning ceo facebook will testify in capitol hill about the tech giant kripz libra part of what he will say in opening statement we have that statement he will say i believe this is something that needs to get built i understand we are not ideal messenger right now face a lot of issues past few years i am sure people wish it was anyone but facebook putting this idea forward ceo ripple, brad good to see you again thanks so much for joining us. >> good to see you again. >> first explain ripple so our understands your standpoint where you are coming from you are opening first washington, d.c., office to focus on blockchain crypto regulation tell us about ripple. >> intense software company sell technology to banks many case i think about that opening statement from mark zuckerberg we agree that the
7:44 am
difference is that technology he is talking aboutr already in the market today ripple u.s. company has been deploying technologies for years, we have over 200 consumers global, and good news we agree with the vision i think we probably disagree with how do we get there, but ripple from earliest stage invested in u.s. as the kind of centerpiece our announcement about opening the office here, in adding -- a senior guy from u.s. treasury to board of directors demonstration of continued investment policymakers regulators globally should facebook bring this, i mean you made an important question earlier when talking about facebook's plans you said that the key question for the lawmakers to ask is. >> why are they doing this what is end game for facebook like anything they get into obviously, to acquire more data i in turn sell consumers they he in other award
7:45 am
biographical information. >> i don't know how to speculate on acquisitions what i do know is that as a foundation of any financial services trust and i think even by facebook's admission from trust deficit there is a trust deficit any financial service you have to have that foundation of trust, so i think it is timing is interesting to see facebook lead on this, i thought another interesting nugget of their testimony was or mark zuckerberg's testimony that they are helping america leadership yet set line bra up in switzerland reasons why. maria: . [laughter]. . >> one hand trying to rebuild can't say we are going to extended america leadership yet set it up in switsland. maria: incredible where why in switzerland? >> there has been one of the opportunities for u.s. there has been a little bit of
7:46 am
regulatory lack of inconsiderately with sec a challenging fob, they came out said to technology bitcoin ether not securities stopped there i think created dynamic some looked overseas, for more regulatory clarity. >> great to have you this morning thanks so much we've got to have you back talk about growth another time good to see you. thank you. >> we'll be right back. look into it. lisa jones! hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? laughs/umm.. and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh. schwab! oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks carl! wait, lisa! lisa... are you getting commission free trades and a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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maria: let's get final thoughts from this all-star panel. >> facebook is pledging $1 billion for the housing crisis that they created in california. it's like an arsonist wanting credit for putting out a fire. maria: how did they create it? >> basically, they inflated all the costs of housing, all the tech billionaires and millionaires. now people can't afford homes. maria: all right.
7:50 am
have a great day, everybody. "varney & company" begins now. charles payne in for stuart this morning. take it away. charles: thank you very much. good morning. i'm charles payne. stuart is out today. we have a ton of big stories, including the earnings parade that continues this morning. some big names, start with boeing. the stock actually going to be up. we are going to bring you a lot more. it actually was down a lot, it's made a big turn. the company says it still anticipates getting regulatory approval for the max 737 to return to service before the end of the year. they are sticking to that timeline. caterpillar also going to be up. it was down just half an hour ago. the market's going to open in half an hour. this company reported lower sales in the last quarter, lowered its full year profit outlook, but expects the cost of tariffs to be less than expected. that's going to be key.
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