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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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bloomberg is trying to spread the money around different states, different ideas. lou: good night from new york. . kennedy: it has been a big year for legal cannabis, more voters realize that benefits ou outweih the negatives. next year states like florida and new jersey could go green, but federal level, i different story. what it will take for washington to get onboard? to reschedule marijuana? let's look. state of cannabis is a mixed dime bag, 33 states and dc have some form of legal medicinal marijuana, 11 are fully recreational, since 2013. the year after colorado and washington passed, cannabis
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support has gone up and up, two thirds of country support recreational weetd weed, that is 53% of republican, but sib00 thousan600,000people are lockedr for cannabis possession, substance, researchers cannot conduct ran randomize control ts marijuana is a schedule 1 drug, category with heroin and ecstasy. having no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse, two-thirds of the country knows that is bull crap. they have conducted legitimate trials that study affects and benefits and get federal government the hell out of the way tostates can decide themselves whether or not to legalize, that is the panel. with me, pro marijuana panel
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with different perspectives on this budding issue. we hav dr. brook west worcesterd chris crane and former baltimore ravens, green thumb industry partner, eugene monroe welcome. >> great to have you all. >> great to be here. kennedy: all your expertise in cob placeone place, brook. is it true they denied any dozens application that came in there has been potential move to take new applications and increase grow production and the dispinsing outside of ole miss, nothing has happened on the growptd. they are still the ones controlling producttion making
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strains that are more limited than we see in terms of percentage of thc or cbd. kennedy: in a dispensary it has not been scientifically tested, does not mean it is bad for you, with you it just means they don't know what they should know. people are curious. right now nfl of all places studying marijuana as a potential pain management tool for players, yesterday, percy haharvin said he spoked weed for -- spoke weed for every game and he play for 8 years,
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they can't medicate themselves with thc, what does that say about the league. >> really been a stagnant situation, we see really the flow of moving forward with allowing cannabis usage for all of medical reasonses that apply directly to athlete, the pain. and stress. but they are left with a decision to make, do they skirt the policy, put their career at risk? or do they take the pills they are given, potentially be addicted to them, not only while playing but long into the lives afterward. kennedy: that is what is soy hard it is sad, because some of the lives have truly been ravaged and you know it is interesting, i read one report that said, seniors at some point are going to upset the pharmaceutical industry, because
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it will be so e expensive pay efficienfortheir medication, the they can go to dispensaries get some cannabis that might help them that pills had for years. >> right. senior democratic is one of the largest growing graphics -- demographics in the cannabis industry. if we have had produced a legal environment, companies like mine, we can provide cannabis, tested, safe and regulated, right now in states where it is not legal, it easy for young people to get cannabis more than adults.
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if someone gets to our store they get i.d.ed at the door, if they are old enough they know they have a product that is safe and tested. kennedy: they have experts, with labels that tell you how much to use. and they have instru instructiot are not there if they are forced to criminal elements. business side, first amsterdam style cannabis cafe opened in los angeles this week, this is a sign of things to come? how do you feel about patient comes to you, they have to do so much experience. who do you tell people, do they go to a cannabis cafe and try reefer brownies or a more traditional feeling root for some of those. >> i think that you are comment about older segment that sort of really curious about this and
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experimenting. makes me really interested in getting into this space getting more education and research around it while they can go in get something labeled. a bud tinder, probably a 20 something-year-old who has some sort of education, you know in some aspects, but does not' what other medications they are on or what other side affects. kennedy: is that what is lacking? pharmaceutical training, not knowing what products can help you and be treat like medicine but drug interacted is critical. >> it is, and expeekin speakinge thc compensation in different products, i have patients that are 90, saying, i want to try this what is missing is some good medical guidance. >> it is so we go a piece add med men here in california, probably a competitor i am sorry, they had people in white
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coats, we could not get any, because no one in our staff has a medica medical marijuana licen state of new york, we went to one in venice, california, it was the same, what does green thumb do. >> how forefront rates, green thumb cultivate, cannabis and processes to a variety of products patients can use in a number of forms, whether creams or patches or base. also, network of dispensaries where a trained staff will teach a patient, based on their medical condition, the product that will best fit them. we don't have that away to tell patients, what it is, they need to take or how much. but we can work with them, to develop you know sort of a journal or some cases where you know they try this, this strain, that -- you know we know that it pairs well with this ailment, how did it work for you?
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do you need oraefajokull -- do you need more or less of it? kennedy: there has to be research and rescheduling, what is financial upside for this? >> well, it has been estimated that cannabis industry will be a 40 billion co billion will billy 2024. right now with federal prohibition we're feeds this to canada. kennedy: most companies that you can invest in on the dow are canadian cannabis. >> they can access new york stock exchange, nasdaq and all investment capital investment money with that, american company like mine have to lift, canadian security exchange, we have create a situation, canada company can access benefit of
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american market. kennedy: before we go we did solicit questions from you. on ken donation, eugene, my team wants to know do you think current nfl players that smoke "paranormal activitmarijuana. >> my guess, i do not know for sure, i would assume over 70%, make no mistake players with large names, calvin johnson is one of many players that smoke after game during career or some before. kennedy: for pain, right. >> for pain. and you know whether pain or inflammation, which cannabis is good admit gates both, the stress of the job, there are formulation of that you can take thatten to affect your psycho this was. we can benefit those players. kennedy: dr. brook from
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facebook, patrick kelley, does smoking marijuana cause lung cancer. i read it has positive effects on copd, any truth? >> no evidence. we have had eons of observational data, we know, increasing highlights about vape issues, if you get it from dispensary that grow, regulate it, knowing what it is in that does not have any detriment. kennedy: well, that is good, and you know, you hope they do more research to figure out how to pinpoint. how to make it in to you know whether it is vaping fore -- or pills or creams or patches, are my pot stocks going to make money? >> this is a great time to buy
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pot stocks, we'll see more states continue to legalize, and state banking act pass congress. kennedy: it passed house. >> it is, hopefully we'll see u.s. move away from prohibition. that could only be good for someone's cannabis stock portfolio. kennedy: great to talk with you thank you. >> thank you. >> great work, a fantastic panel. we must assemble you again, onward. >> we have one of our all-time favorite games, kennedy's court, some craziest, ridiculous crime stories, you heard, attorney mike chase will play defense attorney, and rest of panel the jury. i'll be the judge, all rise, that is next. (people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. today is small business saturday by american express.
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(people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. today is small business saturday by american express. shop small and watch it add up.
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sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust youron the comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise... prove. don't miss the final days to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free premium delivery & setup when you add a base. ends cyber monday. kennedy: oh, we cover a lot of crazy criminals but justice is rarely meeted out, bail buck stops here. on very first installment of kennedy court. i will read a ridiculous but true crime headline about loveable losers, attorney mike chase will give us defense, rift orestof the pan yell panel willy
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are guilty or not. danielle, robby, mike. time for kennedy's court. in session. let's start case one, oregon dadphaged a home invasion to cover girl scout cookie money he stole from his daughter, told 991 broke into his home. attacked him, he was charged with a -- what is his defense. >> he has an admission, for a duress defense, i have to prove he was in fear of his life. he was up against the girl scouts, they wear the same
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colors with the hand signs. kennedy: like a -- >> right. >> i think duress applies. >> robby? >> he is guilty, when you read poison halloween candy story, the parent did it. i say guilty. >> how do you raise 740 with girl scout cookies, i am impressed, i am going with guilty. >> lock him up. kennedy: lock him up, you don't mess with snicker doodles and tag alongs or samoas or gluten free cookies they have now, he is geeing t going to gitmo. flog, waterboard and oatmeal. kennedy: days case two, smith allegedly drove to jail on an
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expired license, they noticed her digging around in her bra and pants, denied her having anything put on on her until they showed her footage of the meth. she was driving while revoked then controlled substance guilty or innocent. >> i'm not worried about driving while revoked case, i am worried about meth pants. you have to do that anyone who does missio meth pants cases yoe to do the not my pant defense, all i have to do is get a witness to say they lent her the pants, they are not her pants, i will put on the not my pants defense. kennedy: not my pants. >> i thought this is still america, it is wrong to check your pants? >> i just -- i think about meth
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pants my head exploded, are there heroin pants too. >> i think we should let her go, they might not be her pants just because she is wearing them. >> to we have pictures of the pants. kennedy: h she was wearing cocae pants and said they are not my pants, she is not in prison, she could have a monster energy drink, and 5 nodoz she would be fine, she could stuff all sorts of scram buca, i don't know what that is a, zambuca . >> >> i find if you put a energy drink in your pants people leave you alone. kennedy: that is true. men arrested for running naked 3 a walmart, one yelled, i am on fire, dousing himself on milk, they allegedly entered a eastern kentucky walmart. shot the video.
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they fled the store without being caught to have police track them down, charged with inindecent exposure. >> the naked guy had a mask on. identifying him, let's say a bit harder of a case. kennedy: oh. >> issue shih covere he is covey said regular and chocolate milk. they have to identify him through the mask and through the milk. >> kennedy: obstacle illusion on defense side. >> hazing or something. >> victim of a crime, lock people up for those. >> they didn't file a police report like jussie smollett. >> they looking kind of cute, maybe doing a public service
8:22 pm
inflation mid a walmart. >> not guilty. >> right. kennedy: a new jersey woman burnt downed a man's home after inviting her overhear a late night boot booty call but fell asleep. she drop to a local gas station, bought lighter fluid and a lighter, lit his house on fire while he slept, she expected him. you wasted my time and money. >> there say principle in american -- in face of overwhelming guilt, i would say, ladies and gentlemen, did she burn down this house after getting a 4:00 a.m. bootin bootl that turned out not to work ought, you are damn right. >> jury nulcasion, a lot of things that are legal but should not be.
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>> i don't know about. kennedy: arson? >> i think that is -- >> guilt sne. >guilty?>> who has not burned da house after a 4:00 a.m. failed booty call. i will say -- >> lighter fluid. >> guilty? >> you know, i have to say guilty, i don't like arson, i used to. not any more. >> i'm appealing. >> that was fantastic. court adjourned. where is my gaff gaffe ill, com- gavel, how much do you know about army of democrats running for president, panel playing donkey derby, obscure
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kennedy: welcome back there are 647 democrats running for president, but aside from sound bites how much do you know? let's look. staff dug up amazing be o be one
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facts, time for donkey derby. ♪ hee-haw. kennedy: award winning animation, welcome kat timpf, colby and michael. i will ask them a series of multiple choice questions to details about some democrat hopefuls, one with most points wins. are you part people ready. >> you are going down. kennedy: there it is. >> energy. kennedy: >> question one. which candidate spouse works for nasa? elizabeth warren? amy klobuchar or andrew yang, write it quickly. kat made a grunting noise. >> i prepared, i did not see
8:29 pm
that. kennedy: warren, klobuchar or yang. reveal. we have a two way tie. that is correct. kat and mike. >> yes! yes! kennedy: warren, followed my destiny as nasa energy took him zig-zagging from texas to new jersey back again. >> you are going downtown. >> you are! kennedy: he did, now they have babies. question two, which candidate favorite drink is diet snappel lemon. elizabeth warren? castro or joe biden? please party panel it is kat in the lead with two. >> yes! >> that is an old man drink. kennedy: you have problem
8:30 pm
withize. >> castro drinking diet snappel? >> we go to vending machine, blah, blah, blah, blah blah pla blah, doughnuts for breakfast he will never be president. >> which candidate practices brazilian martial arts, cory booker, tom steyer or tulsi gabbard. >> i thought i were going to say brazibrazilian wax. kennedy: who would that be? >> klobuchar. >> a kinky gal. >> gab ar gaborikard, gab -- ga. >> i am in first place. kennedy: question 4. which candidate wrote their senior thesis about a football stadium? joe biden, cory booker or aim klobuchar.
8:31 pm
>> kat you are unstoppable. >> you say booker, he was a. >> football player. >> i love a good tight-end. you have to be fast and tall, i don't think that booker is either, which candidate favorite drink is orange gatorade? gabbard biden or booker? >> just guessing. kennedy: beverage concocted by florida gators, you are all wrong abide kno abide -- biden. >> i wearily miss an u.s. weekly. kennedy: which candidate drives
8:32 pm
a 2016 chevy volt? steyer, warren or klobuchar? >> steyer, steyer, steyer, back on the board, kat in the lead. michael has 3, high likes his volt, it is a hybrid, he is rich. question 7. which candidate was 1 once a ke salesman? yang, gabbard or bernie sanders? >> who could it be? who is the sharpest candidate. >> yang, yang, sanders? bernie sanders is the incorrect answer. >> oh. kennedy: yang bussed tables at a
8:33 pm
chinese restaurant and sold knives for a direct markets company, he said he still knows the sales -- i wonder if he likes knife play on friday night, i don't condone. >> did i win. kennedy: we are still playing. >> i mist win. kennedy: which candidate became a vegan after eating at ihop one last time in 2014. >> i know this, none of them stop talking about it. choices -- maybe. >> we already knew. >> beto, yang or booker. >> they are leaving new the dust. >> you are losing. >> we have time for one more. >> this is double or nothing. >> no ! no. you can't change the rules. >> this is worth 5. which candidate took a harry
8:34 pm
potter quiz and found out he was a huff el puff? mayor pete, o'rourke or castro. >> i don't like harry potter i'm an adult. >> mayor pete or castro. >> i lose? >> you lost. >> i prepared for this. i know elizabeth warren a favorite drink is tea, and klobuchar favorite song to listen to song purple rain. i know that, i know that. >> joe biden's dog are named major and champ. >> and it was all for not. >> michael wins with 10. >> i'll beat you up in the parking lot. kennedy: there is no parking lot. >> i am again. >> a great donkey derby. >> a great job. >> it was rigged. it was rigged. >> it was rigged. >> it was tied.
8:35 pm
>> this is not a tie, i do not -- i do not same the tie. >> thank you, thank you. kennedy: thank you party panel. >> i love it that is bad. coming up, grammy nominated rocker, a another, woman, a legend in her own right, liz an official message from medicare. hey fred - it's medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans. we're fine with what we have. that's what the johnsons thought until they tried medicare's new plan finder. the johnsons?. we saved a lot on our prescription costs and got extra benefits. how 'bout it, fred. plans change every year. use the new plan finder at . comparing plans really pays. look how much we can save.
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kennedy: you like music, in 90s, liz phair is a bona fide 90s legend. liz has a new memoir out called horror stories, i sat with her to chat about her 3 decade in music business. i get a sense of warmth and bitter-sweetness the 90s wereo
8:40 pm
frig en great. >> we were right there in center of it, best of the 90s. kennedy: i agree. that 1993 moment, such an interesting shift from punch to mainstream indy, someone remarked they thought it would be about a gal making it in a man's world, in you look at 90s music. independent alternative women insane list, kim gordon and tan why donnelly and fiona apple and liz phairs. >> what within through your head with this success and you busomething hit. >> i was thrown by it at first, i did not know what was happening to me or what i had done, i wanted to popular in my neighborhood. impress the guys i knew, it went national i did photo shoots and
8:41 pm
waders and suspenders over my bare chest it was shocking. i was traumatized for first year until i met those welcome who welcom -- women who welcomed me into the fold, said we're going it too. kennedy: you said at one point someone panted you in public, you fill that your body was no longer yours, there is a time in our own sexual maturity you take it back, you get to be a beautiful, and have your own asthetic on your terms when it that happen. >> that is what i did with exile, i inverted the idea of he being a sex object, to be my own sex subject. kennedy: that is hot. >> they can't object fi you if you are our i don't know subject -- your own subject, own it. >> i know you did not want the
8:42 pm
book to be about ryan add am. "me too" movement for you and reaction and galvanizing force it has been. and in 90s, i look back at things that people said and did, i laugh, if anything of that was known they would not have careers, how different are we looking at each other, and harassment now than did you back then. >> well, there is a far greater public awareness, on how standards of de behavior should. kennedy: are they too prudeish. >> i don't think so, i'll tell you why the problem has schiff lived in silence for so long, victims of sexual harassment their lives have been marked for worse for their entire lives, if there is a bis bit of discomforts. it is necessary because we need to make sure young women can
8:43 pm
work, they have same shot that anyone else does, it is anyone else. kennedy: the mentor you had, when you start out, what would you tell young women now about their sexuality, and how they pro sent themselves, and how do you own that. without giving it away. >> i feel they already know, i look at young female artists that i come into contact with. they seem so self possessed, whatever we did in 90s or progress was made, they are just sort of the unwitting full recipient of this, one generation makes it better for next generation, they were raised differently. kennedy: one themes in your book was your journey as an adopted child, and sense you had that colored your relationship about worry that someone would give
8:44 pm
you away. having your own son, when he was born, how did that change your peperception of your own histor. >> it blew my mind too be blood related to someone, it was overly fascinating. seeing if any of my ancestry came through, did he look like my biological father? you know who it he look like. and he just looks like us, it was a powerful moment, i connection with my own birth certificate. to see his, it was like a since of comp blieg fo completing for. kennedy: you talk about failures in relationships, difference between not being able to
8:45 pm
forgive yourself but having compassion for yourself, that is other thing that struck me, explain that a little bit, for people you know --ined t who fit difficult to overcome some events of their lives, the difference between forgiveness and compassion. >> it is very hard, we're hard on ourselves, i think we hold ours our private shames we hold in secret, we go along, as if it is not troubling up. people' to know why we over react, i think because they poked that secret shame. i wrote this book. in chapters i write about things that i have disn done, that i t proud of. i didn't let myself off the hook, it like anything, monsters never as bad when you face it. as when you run away from it. kennedy: i love that, that is -- you know you that same
8:46 pm
mentality, like i'm going to look at myself with that same intensity andal most cynicism, what comes out is hill areaous, another serious question. most famous 5 person you kissed. >> i'm not going to say it. kennedy: it is okay. >> i can't. >> i will say, they were very famous. kennedy: yes! you are amazing, i love the book, this is only part one, part two next year, and people who love your work, should read it. people who don't know it listen to it, liz phairs is a damn legend. >> see that was great. coming up, dow like bourbon? dow like american heroes? i got a bunch of both for you. next. i'm a regular in my neighborhood. i'm a regular at my local coffee shop and my local barber shop.
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>> world trade center this just the beginning. >> general of northern alliance. you know nothing about. >> you show me where we are going. >> who has ridden before. >> summer camp, i was 9. >> spring break, but i was
8:51 pm
hammered. >> a name. kennedy: oh, mercy, clip from 2018 hit, 12 strong, true story of a band of u.s. force soldiers rode to victory in afghanistan in 20001, they founded a whiskey didistillery. american freedom distillers products. i may or may not have had some at the break, it is 6 a.m. somewhere, joining he, scott neil. and mark nooch, and bob pennington. turning freedom to whiskey.
8:52 pm
>> thank you. kennedy: what an incredible story, a lot of you did not have experience in terms of horses, and you had to free people in afghanistan after 9/11. >> i did have experience. >> you grew up -- >> well, in front of kmart that horse. kennedy: come on. >> that was mark. kennedy: mark grew up with horses. and rest of them had to have a crash course. >> i grew up in kansas high school rodeo, college rodeo, get av it, cowboy up, that is what they did, they had to cowboy up and ride horses in middle of the mission for first 23 days on horseback with our afghan allies. >> and literally liberate people from the taliban. >> we spent our careers, going throughout the world fighting
8:53 pm
dave and goliath. >> over 30 years, twib 26 as a n beret. kennedy: i am sure a lot of people you searched with no one anticipated what would happen on 9/11 in aftermath. and i am sure a lot of people did not anticipate after 18 years we would still be in afghanistan. >> no. kennedy: what would you tell president today about current state of afghanistan, and how your ethos could help people there. >> i think you know my son is in afghanistan right now, we talk about it all of the time, how did we start, we were almost done first 90 days, we spoke with trump a couple of times. >> we did. >> those are our opinions but, you know, you know, wooy when first talk to mujadedeen they thought we would be there then
8:54 pm
begun. kennedy: i am sure a lot of people in uniform, thought, and hoped and prayed, but you took your fortitude and experience, you turn it to work for a lot of people including vets, people say, freedom is not free. >> it is 49.99. right here. >> right. i met afghanistan ambassador to united states, got to hear her speak in a conference, very inspiring, she ensured special op we have forever changes afghanistan for positive. >> they are not going back. >> i hope not. >> we make whiskey not war, some days we will leave battle feel, those shoulde hold soler -- solo have left. it best thing to do is bay a veteran made product.
8:55 pm
we decided we're not going back to -- >> we're excited about the transition, outside of contracting job, there are other opportunities out there. and we want vets to you know, be brave. be bold, and say, i can do something else beyond that. let me take a chance, and succeed. kennedy: you have worn uniform to protect freedom, you put your life on-line, you take that energy and chance tell something new and -- channel it to something new and positive. th evolution of the human spirit, we're proud and delighted you brought samples. >> good thing about whiskey and bourbon, bows bournon is united states all we talk about is living the dream. that we've been defending.
8:56 pm
kennedy: we heard so many comments this people love the product. >> thank you all. >> thank you. >> love it. >> we'll be right back. stay here. i knew about the tremors. but when i started seeing things, i didn't know what was happening... so i kept it in. he started believing things that weren't true. i knew something was wrong... but i didn't say a word. during the course of their disease around 50% of people with parkinson's
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will experience a mental health condition this year. that's 1 in 5 of us. many suffer in silence. they're your friends, neighbors and loved ones. nami, the national alliance on mental illness provides life-changing support and education,
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so that no one walks the path of mental illness alone. show you care. walk with us for mental health. to walk, sponsor or volunteer, visit namiwalks dot org. (sfx:birds singing, distant dog barking) hi hi ♪(whistling tune: "don't worry, be happy")♪ >> we've done it. thank you so much for watching best hour of your day.
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>> a bloody battle for independence. a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. >> it really helps to define what it means to be a texan. >> but a century later, a thousand miles away, what's this? >> it was very, very dirty. the edges were tattered. >> a texas painting in west virginia? does that make sense? >> these things just don't happen. >> did the legendary artist create another canvas also worth a fortune? >> i was flabbergasted. >> we were all literally on the edge of our seats. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie col


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