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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX Business  December 1, 2019 8:00am-9:00am EST

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- maybe you can take it with you. thatthat does l editorial report is up next. ♪ ♪ paul: welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot, the democratic impeach mint inquiry is set to enter a new phase next week with the house judiciary committee scheduled to hold its first public hearing on wednesday as it prepares to draft articles of impeachment against president trump. democrats on the house intelligence committee say they'll deliver a report to the judiciary committee shortly after they return from thanksgiving break following two weeks of their own public hearings that left americans closely divided on the question of impeachment. a new quinnipiac university poll shows 45% of voters think president trump should be impeached and removed from
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office while 48% think he should not be, let's bring in wall street journal karl rove, he served as senior adviser to president george w. bush. karl, welcome, and the polling numbers seem fixed even though not moving, even though impeachment now seems inevitable, how do you read the public opinion on this? >> well, you put it right, it's closely divided and unchanging before shenanigans began, if you wanted the president impeached, you till want him impeached. if you don't want him to impeach, you are stuck in place. small group of people who are capable of switching opinions with regard to the president, whether or not they end up in his camp or the democratic presidential candidates' camp in november depends less on what happens in front of the judiciary committee and what
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happens in the senate trial. i think it depends more on whom the democrats nominate for president and whether or not donald trump can disqualify them or whether that individual can somehow say i can unit the country. paul: you know, i talked to a house democrat, ranking house democrat, committee chair who said, you know, we will vote to impeach him on party line vote in december, the republicans senators will acquit him in january and it's not going to matter one bit when it comes to the vote in november, do you agree with that? >> well, i think that he depicted what's likely to happen, i bet there are more democrats in the house who vote to keep the president, vote against impeachment than republicans who vote for impeachment and the same in the senate, i don't think it's necessarily not going to have an effect in november, it's already had an effect, it has already sort of cloud what had the democratic message is. the ordinary americans think the democratic house of representatives has done nothing constructive for the country and now we will see this flow over into the senate and second will
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have all, i think it has caused a lot of people to say, i'm sick and tired of politics altogether and whether those people tend to be slightly more democrat or slightly republican, i don't know, my gut tells me that they'll be some democrats at the attorneyed process say, expectations. >> high, we thought you'd go ahead that guy out of office, you didn't get it done, you're not capable of getting it done and some of them sitting as we saw in 2016, if you sit on your hands in places like detroit, michigan, walk, wisconsin, philadelphia, pennsylvania it could be helpful to the president and hurtful to democrats. paul: let's move to democratic nominee mike bloomberg entering the race with unusual strategy, skip four contests and throw everything into super tuesday, campaign and advertise in the interim, but the first race will be in march third, now, as i read history no other -- no other candidate who has pursued the strategy has succeeded, can
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mike bloomberg? >> well, he's got 51 to $54 billion so maybe -- maybe he can make a difference but you're absolutely right, what is it about mayors of new york city that if they run for president they decide they don't have to enter the early contest and show up on super tuesday, rudy giuliani did that, history is replete with people that got in the contest somehow late and change the rules, maybe all the money, maybe bright brain of kevin and the counseling of wilson somehow end up helping mike bloomberg in a different place, i doubt it very seriously. paul: i think the thinking is, look, you've got howard -- if joe biden -- >> collapses. paul: you have pete buttigieg, you have bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, both too far left, pete buttigieg too inexperience and then it's a
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fumble and then maybe he can pick up the pieces. >> maybe, i always thought and i say this with great deal of respect for mike bloomberg, i work closely with him in 2004 republican national convention and delivered on everything he said he would do, i have some respect for him hudson river and begins to pick up when you approach berkeley california, the middle of the country, super tuesday has states, you ain't going to do that well in texas, he ain't going to do that well in florida in my opinion. he won't do well in alabama and arkansas. paul: let me push back at you, if more than 50% were democratic electorate said number one concern is beating donald trump and finding a candidate can do that and if joe biden has collapsed mike bloomberg looks at least as i see head to head contest looks pretty good compared to bernie or elizabeth and even mayor pete. >> people have a tendency to believe that their candidate has a good chance of beating the
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incumbent whether they really do or not, who sings to my heart, right now joe biden much bigger name id than everybody else, he's a beloved figure in certain parts of the democratic party, so, of course, people say i think he's got a better chance. if he doesn't, i think there are 3 or 4 other candidates who are more likely to become the candidate who can beat donald trump and the minds of ordinary democrats. remember this of mike bloomberg, very high name id and highest percentage of democrats who say i'm never going to vote for the guy in party's nomination, 30port odd percent who say i'm not voting the for the guy, that's a sign of uphill climb for certain. paul: fun to watch, thanks a lot, karl. when we come back as former new york mayor bloomberg announces race, attacks against him by
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>> mr. bloomberg is not coming to new hampshire and when he believes, hey, i can run for president because i'm worth 55 billion. >> michael bloomberg is making a bet about democracy in 2020. he doesn't need people, he only needs bags and bags of money. paul: billionaire michael bloomberg already fending off attacks as he launches 2020 presidential run, former city mayor kicking off campaign with 30 million-dollar ad blitz arguing he's the one to beat
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president trump. >> i think that there's a greater risk of having donald trump reelected than it was before and in the end i looked in the mirror and said, i cannot let this happen. i'm now in the race, i'm fully committed to defeating donald trump, i think he's an existential threat to our country, i'm going make my case and let the voters who are plenty smart make their choice. paul: let's bring in wall street journal columnist dan henninger, columnist bill mcgurn and columnist in manhattan senior fellow jason riley, jason, you see michael bloomberg getting into the race and what are his chances and are you happy to see him in the race? >> paul, the entire premise of the bloomberg candidacy is joe biden faltering and so far that hasn't happened, joe biden has led the race from day one and in recent weeks his lead has increased, so that's bloomberg's initial problem. his whole candidacy depending on
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someone else faltering and that hasn't happened yet. paul: are you happy to see him in the race? do you think he's going add something? >> i don't see what he adds, who is clambering michael bloomberg to enter the race other than democratic donor who is have gone skittish. mike bloomberg, you to run? paul: how about somebody to defend business, to defend economic growth, how about that? he can add that to the race, i think that's a value. >> if he adds that to the race. paul: okay. >> this is a big question, there's the break inside the democratic party, right, the far left which thought they took over now represented by bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and on the other hand, joe biden and maybe pete buttigieg, move to the center, and the question is
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will these centrist candidates, moderate candidates like biden, pete buttigieg and maybe bloomberg accommodate the left's views which basically are in complete -- they do not like the private sector, they don't like corporations. paul: i'd rather have a democratic nominee that believes -- >> he has to be willing to say it and we will find out whether mike bloomberg will stand up to the left. paul: so you -- >> he went back on that. paul: i want to talk about that. you heard bernie and elizabeth warren, billionaire, billionaire, billionaire. if i were bloomberg i would say this, don't apologize for being rich, turn into an advantage, and ii can't be bought 4 years ago like did. >> absolutely, you asked if i'm happy, i'm very happy, i don't think he has a prayer. [laughter] >> if you look at it, it is a living reputation of all the propaganda about citizens united
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that money will determine everything, there are 2 billionaires in the democratic race. they haven't reached 6% combined in the vote and i don't think they will get much higher. >> i want to qualify that, mike just got into the race, he has all the money in the world and he can spend it on political advertising which is a powerful medium, we are going to find out just how powerful political advertising is because he's going to do saturate those super tuesday states with advertising. >> he has all the money in the world, dan, you're right, what he doesn't is very much black support and in the democratic party next to impossible without large majorities of black voters and he's got a problem there. he's got a good record to return on as mayor, i would argue, both in terms of expanding school choice, charter schools and reducing crime, the problem is that the progressives and the democratic party today think the problem is the police, not the criminals and oppose chatter
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schools. paul: you have written maybe, i don't know, 100 columns about how the anticrime agenda of people like mike bloomberg has really helped minority voters, minorities among in particular. >> he's got the record and the way it's helped because the victims of crime, paul, tend to be low-income minorities to the extent that you reduce crime, you reduce their victimization. paul: why doesn't he run on that? >> the progressives on the party think policing is the major problem in inner cities and not the criminals. he's got to face that in terms of just other people in the race, progressives have taken over. >> if he did win the nomination, would he beat trump? >> i don't think so but i think he could hold his own in a fight. just to jason's point, one of the problems he has is unlike tom steyer he has high-name recognition, 2% of vote has, not because people don't know who he
8:16 am
is, people do know who he is. he's more likely to be the chris christie of the race where he can use his money to take someone else the way governor christy took out senator rubio in the debate. >> just to finish up, do you think he can beat president trump? >> i think he can give him a run for his money, literally. [laughter] >> the big question whether the left would vote for mike bloomberg or state home and default the election. paul: i think they want to beat trump enough they will come out, federal judge rules against president trump's claim of salute immunity for white house advisers, what it could mean as the democratic impeachment inquiry moves ahead (vo) the moth without hope, struggles in the spider's web. with every attempt to free itself,
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>> federal judge ruling this week that president trump's advisers do not enjoy absolute immunity from testifying in congressional inquiries with u.s. district court judge brown jackson writing in her opinion, quote, the primary take away from the past 250 years of recorded american history is that presidents are not kings, jackson's decision comes as part of a lawsuit brought by the house judiciary committee to enforce a subpoena against former white house counsel don
8:21 am
mcgahn but could it have broader implications as the democratic impeach mint -- impeachment inquiry continues, we are with dan henninger, allysia finley, does it change view in whole impeachment context? >> well, i think democrats are going to be appealed, right now doesn't set a precedent. it's based on -- overturns opinions dating back to 1971. paul: justice department. >> office legal counsel opinions, bipartisan, both administrations, jimmy carter, bill clint clinton, bush, court opinion in dc during the george w. bush's administration that was eventually settled, so there really wasn't any dc circuit to underlay this decision.
8:22 am
paul: bill, i think it goes to the supreme court. >> makes them kind of extraordinary claims and absolutist claim and you would think the supreme court will not defer on this. paul: basically says any time congress subpoenas a close adviser to the president chief of staff or somebody intimately they have to go up there. >> they have to go up there. enormous change in this, i think the people court will. the interesting thing, democrats want this but we don't really want this, we will move full steam ahead no matter what, democrats are saying, we will leave it to the senate trial and we will hope that roberts compels mcgahn, the majority of senators can overrule roberts, all the wild cards tucked in because of artificial deadline to get this done before christmas. paul: we already know from robert mueller report what mcgahn probably knows, let's move time peachment -- move to
8:23 am
the impeachment next week. >> no doubt in my mind at all. i think there are democrats like nancy pelosi and professional democrats including the presidential candidates who wonder whether this was a good idea. like a ballistic missile. fired it off and it will hit donald trump with the impeachment. [laughter] >> a lot of democrats are counting heads now and are wondering how many house democrats will vote against this impeachment because the case hasn't been made and they're going to be running in districts that were formerly held by republicans and some are beginning to suggest that maybe this was a bad idea which means they are just not going to get the votes that they thought they did. paul: do you think they have some of those regrets, alyssia, some of them? >> i don't think more than a handful will vote against impeachment, a lot under pressure from the progressive base on their party and facing
8:24 am
primary challenges, i know especially in new york and in california, i mean, you saw joe crowely and aoc, defensive shield against the primary. paul: riskier for them to vote against impeachment than it is at this stage to vote for it, bill. >> yeah, i would agree with that, mrs. pelosi made decision to impeach, the democrats' problem, stuff came out public opinion would move toward impeachment and hasn't, overwhelming for that, you know, 80 to 90% of democrats want trump impeached, mrs. pelosi has to do that because that's what her party wants otherwise if she doesn't impeach, all stories about nancy pelosi losing her touch, aoc, they don't want center. paul: that's the question, why
8:25 am
not settle at this stage for center? >> you brought them to the brink of promise land and say you can't cross. paul: can't daughters or sons river, you can't do then censure at this stage. obstruction of congress article because of refusal to allow people to testify, are they going to bring in robert mueller, is he coming up for obstruction of the justice? >> he might, they haven't made the case, they haven't closed the circle, there's no smoking gun here and real jury is not so much the senate but the american people and the american people, opinion has not moved on this at all, so they're going to finish this up having changed no minds out there in the public and move on to the next 10 months of the trump presidency which will be a presidency, what are they going to run against then?
8:26 am
just donald trump himself or his policies? paul: still ahead president trump defending his decision to intervene in the case of navy seal eddy gallagher, we will talk to general jack keane about the controversy and the ouster of navy secretary there's a company that's talked to even more real people than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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>> with eddy gallagher, you know the story very well, they we wanted to take his pin away and i said no, you're not going to take it away, he was a great fighter, one of the ultimate
8:30 am
fighters, tough guy. these are not weak people, these are tough people and we are going protect our war fighters. paul: that was president trump this week defending his decision to intervene on behalf of navy seal eddy gallagher, gallagher acquitted last summer of murder and stabbing death of islamic state captive faced navy review board for having appeared in photograph with the corpse, the president to stop disciplinary review last sunday and navy secretary richard spencer forced out the same day after reportedly circumventing esper that would allow gallagher to retire as a seal if the president promised to let the review process move ahead, retired four star general jack keane served at u.s. army vice chief of staff, fox news senior strategic analyst, general, welcome, what do you make of the
8:31 am
president's intervention here in military discipline? >> well, i certainly agree with the president intervening initially when gallagher was put in pretrial confinement with convicted felons, make to mistake, we normally keep them separate and the president also intervened again when he was found not guilty of murder, he restored his rank. paul: right. >> but i think this intervention is unfortunate. what's taking place, this is a review board conducted a very low-level by the seals themselves and, listen, it's an open secret that there's been a pattern of behavior among our seals now for a number of years, two major reviews have been conducted by the navy that's come to the attention of the senior leadership navy, the head uniformed officer, cno and the secretary of the navy and they clearly recognize that they may have, in fact, cultural problem that they want to solve, so this review board is in concert with
8:32 am
attempting to restore good order and discipline and correct some of the misbehavior that's being done and i think the president would have been well served just to let the review board do what they want to do here and make the judgment that's necessary based on the evidence. i think the president sees that it's further harassment of gallagher but navy looks at it something larger than that, not just focused on gallagher but much bigger issue that they have. paul: the president's intervention could send bad signal that says you do -- get away with it in the end if you get on tv and get political intervention, that would be the core concern? >> absolutely, there's people on the network that i'm proud to be associated with that argue very strongly that even when a soldier commits a war crime like murdering a detained or abusing
8:33 am
a detinee, because the served has -- the soldier has served in combat and look the other way, we will never do that. the american military has values and judeo christian underpinning that we have codified based on all of that and we will hold them accountable to that behavior as we rightfully should. and the people who are doing the holding of that behavior accountable are the combat veterans themselves and they are going to mitigate what the circumstances and pressure that that particular soldier was under when the alleged offense took place. it's a very fair system, not perfect but i've been around it a long time and i have a lot of confidence in it. paul: when a court marshall is in panel as i understand it the jury will include if combat
8:34 am
veterans themselves who understand the pressures of what it's like to be in combat and therefore have that ability to bring that experience to bear on the precise facts of the case; is that correct? >> you know, that's absolutely true. the jury of peers takes place in united states military. if we have an incident involving , all are veterans. if a policeman alleged of committed a crime he's going before the jury, that jury will not have 111 policemen on it, lucky if there's any policemen on the jury, yes, the jury will find guilty or innocence but then they will take into consideration in sentencing what were the circumstances, what was the soldier's state of mind, what's his previous record been like, all of that will be taken into consideration and hopefully something fair and reasonable comes out of those decisions.
8:35 am
paul: we have about a minute left, let's talk about syria, moving onto syria, we now have u.s. troops this week, the pentagon saying that, in fact, there was an operation with kurdish military that we were undertaking against islamic state, are we going to still be there, the president says we are only protecting the oil but looks like we are also doing other things? >> yes, as i understand it the decision has been revised in terms of certainly withdrawing from syria and i think there's a couple of things that we are doing, we are still providing assistance to the syrian democratic force which the syrian kurdish make up the most of, we are doing that, the brits and the french are doing that, on the ground, modest amount of forces and controlling the air space which is vital and also ensuring that the oil fields are protected and they don't fall into the hands of iranians, those missions are going forward largely, little bit troops but nonetheless we need to keep our foot on the throat of isis
8:36 am
because they are bound and determined to come back and that's what this operation is about. paul: so you support the idea that we should keep the light footprint there and, you know, for as long as we need to to make sure isis doesn't come back and i guess to deter iran from meddling more? >> yeah, this is a perfect model and i'm stunned that people just don't embrace it. we have 70,000 syrians who are on the ground fighting to take on isis and protect the oil fields, 70,000, we have 500 people committed to helping do that, that's a great model for the future. paul: that's a force multiplier, thank you, general. have become a standard theme for the 2020 democrats, but do the facts back up their claims? >> voter suppression is just one more relic of jim crow and we
8:37 am
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>> voter suppression all over this country from cowardly governor who is do not want people to vote because they're going to vote against the governor fors r stacy would be the governor right now were it not for voter suppression. >> this is a voter suppression issue in great state of georgia it was the voter suppression particularly of african-american communities that prevented us from having a governor stacy abrams right now. paul: from the campaign trail to the debate stage, voter suppression has become a familiar charge for 2020 democratic presidential candidates as they continue to argue that republicans stole the 2018 georgia governor's race from stacy abrams and our stifling voter turnout in states across the country but do the facts support those claims, we are back with dan henninger, jason riley and allysia finley,
8:41 am
jason, was the georgia race stolen by voter suppression? >> well, this is a familiar charge that we get every couple of years and the runup to election days and it's a long-term strategy for democrats and the goal to keep blacks angry and paranoid by saying that republicans win elections busy pressing the votes of black voters and the problem is that the data does not bear this out, this is not what the data shows, we have seen black voter turnout increasing steadily since the bill clinton presidency. predates obama and in some presidential year we have seen black voter turnout exceed white voter turnout rates even with states with strict voter id laws like places like georgia. in recent midterm elections, last midterm elections minority turnout was up in georgia and other places, where is the
8:42 am
evidence that voter suppression is taking place? paul: what about georgia evidence in particular, alyssia? >> higher black turnout than white turnout. 60%, almost 60% of black voters turned out and voted, around 56% voters, more black voters this year voted in georgia than in most democratic states, black turnout votes about 16 points versus 11, 13 for white and hispanic. paul: what about specific charge that voter list were purged and therefore people when they showed up on election day couldn't vote? >> well, okay, 1.4 million voter registrations were canceled going back to 2012, this is actually required by a federal law just basically updates -- state must update and send notifications for residents and
8:43 am
if they don't respond, in georgia's case they had 7 years to respond if not voter registrations were canceled. no evidence that this actually impacted voter turnout again, there's also claim that, oh they, they reduced early voting from 45 days to 21 days, 21 days should be ample amount of time for anyone to vote. paul: in addition to absentee ballots which you can also file. >> democrats are trying to argue here that if the republicans support any rules at all governing the way people vote or the registration or authenticity of their vote, that is voter suppression, that is racist and that is the argument they are basically trying to define republicans out of the electorate that way. california has just passed the law allowing same voter day to vote, i'm not register today vote, i'm registering right now, the professionals in california
8:44 am
are saying this is going to create all sorts of tainted ballots that will have to be verified later pushing the election way back, but the democrats are essentially willing to just push any idea like this. >> the other thing that the democratic narrative ignores, they are just interested in voter integrity as everyone else, that is voting, polls -- majority of blacks support voter id laws along with the majority of whites, majority of conservatives, majority of liberals, majority of democrats and republicans, support for voter id, voter integrity, democrats want to pretend that's not the case when they go before black voters in an attempt to get them to the polls. paul: does it work? [laughter] >> they think it works because they keep doing it. paul: any other newspaper in america, you will not see this in "the new york times", you will not see the facts in "the
8:45 am
new york times". >> well, i think they will continue to do it because it serves the larger purpose which is pinning the republican party as antiblack or racist and then they'll say yet more evidence of that, attempts to disenfranchise you. we will see the effort continues because it feeds a larger narrative that they are trying to drive. paul: thank you all, when we come back, first person to jump from city hall to the white house, so what can we learn from 1 in 5 people you meet wear dentures. yeah. that many! but right now, is not the time to talk about it. so when you're ready, search 'my denture care'. poligrip and polident. fixed. fresh. and just between us. doctor bob, what should i take for back pain? before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. (brakes screeching)
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>> i believe we have to send somebody who has a different kind of experience, experience on the ground, solving problems, working side by side with neighbors on some of the toughest issues that come up in government. recognizing what is required of executive leadership and bringing that to washington so that washington can start looking a little more like our astronauts in -- in heartland. paul: arguing that washington could leash a thing or two from, quote, the best-run communities in the heartland, so what do we know about his record in south bend since he became mayor in
8:50 am
2012, so first, dan, how do you explain his rise? >> i would explain his rise in part, partly because the progressive bernie sanders and elizabeth warren seem to be declining some in the past week or so and pete buttigieg seems to be getting some of those votes but the other reason that the democratic bench, reflection of the fact that there was really no heavy weight candidates waiting to run for the presidency on the democratic party, barack obama was asked about this in an interview in 2016 after donald trump had won direct i will saying the democrats had a weak bench and he named four people that he thought could contend, kamala harris, michael bennett of colorado, tim cain, senator from virginia and pete buttigieg, 3 of them are now running for the presidency and pete buttigieg is one of them. he has great political skills, he's very glib and in our time if you have one foot in politics which he has as mayor of south
8:51 am
bend, you're in is game. paul: you know, jason, democrats fall in love with the outsider candidates and they're done pretty well with them, jimmy carter, the american public doesn't know much about them, bill clinton out of arkansas, barack obama first-term senator and they fall in love and, you know, and pete buttigieg is really in that mold. >> he is again except for the fact that he doesn't have a lot of minority support, paul, he has the same problem we were discussing earlier about michael bloomberg and that's a problem in the democratic party today if you want to be the nominee, the new york times had a story that joe biden had 150 endorsements from black and hispanic leaders, pete buttigieg has about 6, that's a problem and it's going to be very hard for him to win not only in places like south carolina but even when you get to super tuesday, you have big states in the south with large
8:52 am
black populations that are going to carry some weight in terms of who the nominee becomes, tennessee and alabama, north carolina, virginia and so forth and the lack of black support i think is going to be a problem for him. >> well, south bend is a small city but it's got significant black population, 27,000 out of 90,000 or so. you have been digging into his record in south bend, crime and education, how good is it? >> well, it's not something that he would be bragging about, it's understandable why he doesn't talk about it, okay, so you look at south bend's violent crime rate, actually comparable to chicago's, it has increased about 70% under his -- during his tenure compared to 10% in indianapolis and 2% decline u.s. nationwide and most of it has been driven by aggravated assaults. and then you to look at his
8:53 am
education record which is one contributor to the crime or possibly, 77% of high school garage -- or high school students graduate in south bend compared to 88% in indiana, has been declining since 2015, you have a lot of unemployed or not gainfully unemployed uneducated people on the streets committing crime. paul: his pitch, dan, i will bring people together, he's trying to be the opposite of warren and yet he's had a real problem in south bend with the police department and the community, he hasn't really been able to bridge that divide. >> yeah, he's being attacked from the left, the democratic left for his relations with the black community, they are trying to put a racist coloration on it but pete buttigieg, i was so struck in the last debate when he was criticized by kamala
8:54 am
harris and some of the others, he's very good at handling attacks on him and turning it around and turning into something positive for did the way barack obama used to do and it's an extraordinary skill and the question is how far can you take political in a presidential race? >> one example, it's not south bend may be small but compared to the smallness of washington, small washington, it's not so bad, but, of course, it's not a question of whether that's south bend is small, how did you do when you ran it. [laughter] >> he's very light on his feet, i would agree, i was struck by that as well, the other thing that he has, paul, when he does say something sensible, he gets attack from the left, indication of how progressive the party has become, recent example has been the comments made from years ago about telling blacks that young black kids in poor communities lack role models, something barack obama used to say all of the time, something you will hear at a black church on any
8:55 am
given sunday, he gets attacked from the left for saying something so common sensible. paul: thank you, jason, one more break, when we come i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby! (vo) the flock blindly flying south for the winter. they never stray from their predetermined path.
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♪ paul: time now for our hits and misses of the week. jason, first to you. >> paul, democrats and republicans in congress don't agree on much these days, so i thought i'd give a hit to something they do agree which is that the protesters in hong kong deserve american support. congress passed, with huge bipartisan majorities in both the house and the senate, a bill that would impose sanctions on china if they violate the human rights of the protesters. it was the right thing to do, and i'm glad they could put aside their differences and get it done. paul: bill? >> paul, a miss to the supreme court for declining to grant cert to a case brought by national review and the competitive enterprise institute. they're being sued by climatologist michael mann for defamation. there was an interesting dissent by judge alito, he said if the
8:59 am
court is really is serious about the first amendment, they should have taken this up. so they can come back, but they'll have to go through all this litigation and stuff which has an effect on robust debate. paul: dan. >> the world anti-doping agency is the group that polices the use of illegal sports-enhancing drugs in sports, and this week its compliance committee recommended that russia be totally banned from the upcoming summer olympics in tokyo because of its abuse of those rules and perhaps from other world championships in sports such as soccer. this is a really harsh ruling, and if it happens, it means that russia will not be able to participate, but i think it's merited given the idea that russia thinks it can play by its own rules in sports or, frankly, anywhere else in the world. paul: given the nature of their cheating, it really is. remember, if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us@jer on fnc. thanks to my panel, thanks to
9:00 am
all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, and we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ is it too much of a crybaby. >> just a little. mike thank you so much. >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is from wall street. >> heavy weekend, and happy thanksgiving to all. welcome to the program that analyzes the week and position you for the week ahead. maria in a just a few moments my one-on-one interview with and more cuban, will talk about his right from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most influential names in sports and business. and then later i will talk with the ceo of mercer, about the super yacht industry and how his sectary is a key indicator for the broader economy. all that coming up. in the end of 2019, can you believe it. let's move ahead a year into 2020 with strategic partner and had a policy


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