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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 2, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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use godaddy to help make it happen. make the world you want. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody. the swamp mostly clear tonight of radical dimms who have previously focused on just overthrowing the president the last two months. congress at home. the president took the time to slam the dems and tout his successes sab calling out house speaker nancy pelosi or slow walking a major trade deal that would benefit millions of americans, canadians and members cans. he also told the american people to enjoy the stock market. all three major stock indexes
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hit new record highs. the president highlighting his support for the men and women of our military. he was asked if he disparaged the because of his removal richard spencer and lieutenant colonel alexander vindman. >> there has been then a president who would stick up for them and has like i have, including the fact we spent $2.5 trillion on rebuilding our armed forces. you let sergeant bergdahl go, you let others go, including a young gentlemen now a person who president obama let go who stole tremendous amounts of classified information. and you let that person go. so when you have a system that allowed sergeant bergdahl to go and you probably had 5 to 6
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people killed, no one knows the number, because he left, and he gets a slap on the wrist if that. then you have a system where the warriors have been put in jail for 25 years, i will stick up for the warriors. lou: the american people understand the president is working for them. the president's approval numbers are on the rise. support to impeach him falling significantly. the radical left are running into head winds, obstacles, hurdles, every time they try to tear down this president to make him it seems only stronger. it's becoming increasingly effort that the dimms have vastly overplayed their hand in their ongoing efforts to overthrow the trump administration. the leader of the impeachment farce, house intel committee chair adam schiff, once the poster boy anti-obstructionism
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is the prime emblem of hypocrisy and failure. this is schiff as he refuses to commit to testifying if called in a senate impeachment trial. >> president trump said you should be compelled to testify. would you be willing to do so in the house judiciary committee or the senate. >> there is nothing for me to testify about. if the president and his allies in the senate persist in this. it means they are not serious about what they are doing. lou: what a change of tune. if the president asserts executive privilege to keep witnesses from participating in impeachment circus, president trump then is obstructing justice in schiff's word. but if schiff were to be called as a witness it would be because he says the republicans aren't serious. can anyone be more hypocritical than the intel chair?
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it looks like voters are on to shady schiff. certainly republicans and independent are. independent support for impeachment has fallen nearly 7 points over the past four weeks. even schiff seems to be fully cognizant his impeachment dreams are dwindling by the day. >> do you think president trump should be impeached? >> i want to discuss this with my constituents and colleagues before i make a final judgment on it. i certainly think the evidence that's been produced overwhelmingly shows serious misconduct by the president. but i do want to hear more from my constituents and more from my colleagues. this is not a decision i would be making alone. lou: joining us tonight, one of the gop leaders and leading that fight. with us tonight, congressman mark meadows, member of the house oversight committee.
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we should point out in washington, d.c. at his post while some of the radical dimms are certainly not. congressman great to have you with us. these polls for the president's approval rising, particularly the independents voicing their strong opposition to impeachment, these are significant trajectories for both. >> they are. the american people are very smart, lou. your viewers tonight, and people all across america really are going to sit down at their thanksgiving table this week and say am i better off? did the president fulfill his promises? and do we see this for what it is, a partisan political operation designed take down the president of the united states. and ultimately they are seeing that there are no facts to base this. it's interesting. when anyone spoke to the president, they got a very consistent message which was
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saying he didn't want anything, and he didn't get anything from ukraine. yet we are supposed to impeach a president who has been delivering not only once, twice, and time after time. they had enough. the american people are smart. >> and the republicans are united. i have to say, congressman, with your leadership and that of kevin mccarthy and jim jordan, the list goes on, mike turner. this has been extraordinary to watch you all stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for this president. i think adam schiff and nancy pelosi are among those who are just stunned sat what has happened because of your unity and your forceful defense of the president. >> it's about time is all i can say. so many times as you know, the gop has not necessarily been unified in standing behind this president. but let me tell you what we are seeing. you mentioned some of the key players. there are a lot of people who
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have done yeoman's work to make sure the truth gets out. but we are seeing a president who has been falsely accused each and every day. we saw it on the russia hoax and we have seen it over and over again. everything the president does, the democrats will push back and say we can't have this. because we might lose in 2020. i'm here to tell you not only are they going to lose in 2020, but this president will continue to deliver over and over again because that's his promise to the american people and he's dead serious about doing that. lou: there doesn't seem to be any kind of initiative on the part of pelosi or the democratic party on capitol hill in the senate or the house for the american people. this has been constant drum beats of impeach, impeach, impeach. for what?
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it's astonishing that because with the closed dpeedback loop, the national left-wing media, the puppets of the democratic party refuse to bring critical judgment to the inanity and hypocrisy and the pitiful lack of performance for the american people. >> chairman schiff said he could tell the republicans wouldn't be serious about it. i will tell you who isn't serious. chairman schiff and his colleagues continue to get down in the scif in the bunker in the capitol. they shall writing the report and they haven't released depositions that would be to the president's benefit. who is not serious? my democrat colleagues are not serious. >> you and others have written a
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letter to carolyn ma money, demapgd an end to this nonsense. yet the schedule is for it to move on to judiciary and for the farce to go on. what do you think happens next? >> we did send that letter. ranging member jim jordan and i along with our republican colleagues sent a letter saying let's get serious about the things that matter most to the american people. let's talk about how we fight back on opioid abuses and make sure prescription drug prices are addressed. they will file a report with judiciary the week after we get back from thanksgiving. the judiciary committee, the democrats will go, oh, my goodness, we have never seen anything this bad. they will hold a vote and try to
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put forth and change the polls and make sure the american people agree with them. it's not going to happen. this dog isn't hunting. and what we'll see is more and more evidence come out in support of the president, not against him. lou: congressman mark meadows, good to see you. breaking news tonight. an obama appointed judge rejecting the trump administration claims of immunity for close aides. today's ruling in response to the house judiciary committee's subpoena to the former white house lawyer don mcghan. judge jackson says mcghan should testify but he may invoke executive privilege. the justice department to appeal the decision. the defense chief firing the
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navy secretary, department of defense secretary mark esper says he dismissed richard spencer because he violated the chain of command. president trump ordered the navy to halt its review of eddie gallagher's actions in 2017 as he posed next to a dead isis fighter. instead, spencer went behind esper's back and tried to cut deal with the white house that would have allowed the process to go on and on. nonetheless, spencer is fired and the end of the violation of the chain of command is complete. esper saying case closed, move on, as did the president first. we'll be right back. [ applause ] thank you.
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lou: persecuting rudy. federal prosecutors issuing subpoenas on trump's attorney rudy giuliani, look at his could be consulting work. the "wall street journal" reporting it's part of a broad federal investigation into
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alleged money laundering, obstruction of justice and campaign finance violations. senator graham said he's not going to give bind a pass just because they are friends. he said hunter biden on the board of burisma doesn't pass the smell test. he joining us tonight award-winning investigative report and fox business contributor, john solomon who led the way on the reporting on just about every aspect of spygate to biden-gate. john will be let's start with the attacks on you personally. i have to say, john has been
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attacked from the left certainly. but i don't know of another reporter -- i said this on our air previously. i don't know of another reporter who sources his work as regular russly and comprehensively as you do. you are an example for every work investigative journalist in the country. >> thank you, that means a lot. politics is rough and tumble in washington. i think the most important thing are the facts hold up, they stand the test of time, people who looked at my stories realize everything is documented. the most interesting dynamic, most of adam schiff's witnesses corroborated and confirmed my reporting when you get into the details. i'm confident the american people will be able to trust my report egg and it will stand the
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test of time. i want to go to a few people who did testify. amongst them, lieutenant colonel vindman. basically attacking you from the witness chair. fiona hill attacking you from the witness chair. >> right. lou: what would be the motivation? the thinks they said were absolutely demonstratably untrue. >> i wrote a couple and laid out the facts that vindman said aren't true. i asked which ones aren't true. i haven't heard from him and i assume i won't. you saw an entrenched bureaucracy that chafes at the idea that someone would dare challenge their decisions. but we are set up to raise the
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questions my story raised. i think people over time will realize the potential conflict. lou: you and i, sean hannity, others, were on a list by marie yovanovich, the u.s. ambassador to ukraine. i didn't hear a question on that issue in the hearing. >> it didn't come up during the hearings. it did come up in the depositions. and there does appear to be some acknowledgment there was an operation under way. i filed a foia lawsuit to try and force the disclosure of those documents. there are four documents i think if president trump would release them would change the ukraine debate.
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there are some good legal questions that need to be answered. >> there are other questions about why there has not been an investigation of hunter bind and joe biden. and the president himself pointed this out. you have a video of joe biden bragging about quid pro quo. it's clearly definitively as you can imagine, i think. and yet he's the one who is being attacked for to me and absolutely benign phone call with zelensky. >> there is a lot of projection going on when you see democrats criticizing trump for what their own guy did. the most important thing for people to keep in mind when vice president biden intervened, it was at a moment in the investigation against his son's company where the investigation was accelerating.
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they were raiding hunter biden boss' home. and he created an appearance of a conflict of interest which our ethics rules say he should avoid. lou: the suggestion by fiona hill from the witness chair that republicans have absolutely blamed the ukrainians on not the mutions. devin anyone's having to throw down the report that one doesn't preclude the other. ukrainians along with russians have tried to interfere with our election. that narrative was the false narrative to which he did not refer. and the ones she did didn't exist. >> one of the most interesting tactics was to overstate what republicans would say and knock it down.
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the old straw man, say something we didn't say and knock it down. the facts as laid out show some ukrainian interference just as they show significant russian interference. we ought to look at both. lou: i believe there is one other question the house should be taking up. that's why president barack obama did not order an immediate response to that intervention that was agreed upon by at least four of our intelligence agencies. don't you think that would be an interesting question for them to resolve that. >> these bureaucrats we saw on the witness stand were party to. when i talked to the ukrainians, he said donald trump gave us something we have been waiting for, lethal aid. they are grateful for what
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president trump has done and they weren't so grateful for what president obama did. lou: up next. michael bloomberg. it's official. he's on the campaign trail to i would say tepid fanfare. we'll take up the numbers because that seems to be the favorite thing to do with the left. we'll take it up with michael goodwin and mark simone when we return just so very quickly. please stay with us.
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lou: a recent "washington post" article claiming former president barack obama is actually a conservative. assistant editor argued in his piece entitled, "barack obama,
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conservative." his pragmatic approach to multiple policies throughout his presidency aligns him closer to a classical conservative. congressman devin nunes says he will file a lawsuit against cnn and the daily beast that claim he met with viktor shokin last december trying to dig up dirt on former vice president joe biden and his son hunter. nunes told fox muse it's demonstrablely false and he is going to sue them. lee zeldin has been part of the leadership and one of the strongest voices fighting against his impeachment farce. let's start first with the
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numbers are moving in the president's direction. your reaction. >> the american public has been able to get the other 97% of the story. during the closed door depositions adamaging schiff's cocktail was to cherry pick and withhold facts and outright lie. members of the media gleefully played along for the spin on the public of reality. what happens during the course of the open hearings. even though adam schiff won't bring in the republican witnesses that should have been called in. when you hear kurt volker testify and you hear about how ukraine didn't find out until the end of august there was a hold on aid. they didn't have to do anything to get that hold lifted. or to hear ambassador taylor
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testify that sondland told morrison that the president told sondland. they didn't realize they were being sold second, third, no hand information from adamaging schiff. -- from adam schiff. and i think the american public is smarter than they think and that's why the numbers are moving. lou: all of those rinos particularly in the republican party who advise him knot not to be. they protested his using twitter because they thought it was unpresidential. the man is talking directly to the american people. and amplifying his defense of himself and his direct access to the people to watch you guys, the republican leadership stand up, shoulder to shoulder and fight for this president, i have to tell you, i think that was a
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critical and historic moment to see you do that, and i think it will pay, assuming you maintain the unity you demonstrated the past two months, it's going to pay big dividends in 2020. another we have facts on our side. nancy pelosi has thrown away her majority. that gavel she likes holding in her hands. this is all to appease an enraged activist base you. what the republicans should be doing if they want to keep majority is pawrks smca and try to pass an infrastructure bill working with this president as opposed to against it. for all the house democrats and the 31 districts donald trump won since 2016. it's been nice serving with you but you will have to leave now
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because you are not fulfilling the promises you made to the voters who put you in office in the 2018 elections. voters who are smarter than these democrats give them credit for will throw them out of office and turn that gavel over and put people in office come january 2021 who want to work the president. lou: on one development of the day, michael bloomberg throwing his hand in the ring for democratic nomination. will that hurt republicans or hurt democrats? who loses the biggest here in the. >> i think that the democrats are going to nominate someone else. i don't think they were going to nominate michael bloomberg. maybe he knows something. or others, the experts know something i am not seeing. as you get into the early primary states, i think you will
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see south were people rising and coming in first. michael bloomberg's strategy seems to be one skipping early states. the last time that strategy was tried out it wasn't successful. you get momentum from winning south carolina. maybe there is a contested convention at the end of the day. but as you pointed out in our intro about "the washington post" story, trying to call barack obama a conservative. imagine that's how far left this party has gone that they would view barack obama a conservative. they are not going to nominate somebody like michael bloomberg. he was a former republican, and a democrat before that? i am not seeing it. lou: congressman lee zeldin, good to have you on. >> thanks for what you do, lou. lou: thieves breaking into the dresden museum stealing $1
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billion worth of jewels all in the span of a few minutes. police reported finding the thieves getaway car torched in an underground garage. the dresden museum says the stolen pieces are so well known they can't be sold in the legal art market. i don't think that's where they are headed. i think it's probably an illegal market. they fear the thieves may breaker the pieces up in order to sell them. the historic trump presidency. doug wead wrote the book on it. he joins us next. we'll be right back.
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lou: the daily caller publishing an op-ed from an unnamed trump official slamming the so-called anonymous anti-strum author. he it would would be honorable to carry out the agenda of the president and honorable to resign on principle on an agenda he doesn't agree with. making him both a coward and a traitor. our next guest has a book out already higher on the amazon best seller look, mire than the "anonymous" book. presidential historian. author of the new best seller,
4:39 am
inside trump's white house. it's out today. congratulations on the book. we recommend it to you highly. and how much fun was this to write? >> it was so much fun. you better than anybody would know. it's fun for me to even tell you. when they finally approved it and i walk in the oval office. he doesn't even say hello or shake my hand. i walk in the oval office and he has these papers. he says this is my private correspondence with kim jong-un. they don't want you to have this. they tell me not to let you see it. you couldn't copy it, but you can read it. lou: very trumpian. the origins of his motivation to be president, your thoughts on that and what you reveal in the book. >> this was fascinating for me.
4:40 am
at one point we went round and around. they were nothing like what bill o'reilly said happened at the wait house correspondents dinner. but he finally at one point, we were talking about business. he said, you know, you buy a business that's poorly run. and then you sell it after you made it better. you never buy a business that's well run because you will lose money. he said. i ran for president after two terrible presidents. so he's thinking bush and obama, i'm going to follow them, it's time to run. >> he has a great point. these were the two of worse presidents i believe in this country's history, both bumbling. i know you served one of them.
4:41 am
but this country was in terrible shape when the president was elected. i don't think there are many men or women. i don't think anyone could have done a better job than he has stepping in to do all he could against all odds. your thoughts? >> it's remarkable. i think he's a great president. you measure presidents based on the economy, how they handle war and peace. on their intelligence. on their communication skills. there is 120 others. when it comes to communication he's transformational with digital media. when it comes to intelligence, he can see what the greatest economists in the world couldn't see. he was right and they were wrong. lou: one of the things that irritates the dickens out of me is to talk about whether he's giving jerome powell a deserved
4:42 am
tongue lashing because he doesn't have a sense of markets and he raises interest rates. people say he had good instincts, as fit was instinctual. the man has good judgment, he has great intellect. it's stunning to see the people who do not want to acknowledge the innate capacity of the man, his intelligence and his judgment. and war and peace. that's what a historian looks like. it's been 40 years since we had a president who hasn't started a war. there may be gra nada or libya. but they all invaded somebody, but not him. peace and prosperity is the ideal historically for a president. lou: and to bring home troops as he says he will and he has. it's a difficult challenge these
4:43 am
times. your access to the president. how much did you have and in what form. >> he allowed me to interview anybody i wanted. lou: pretty good access. >> the cabinet, the hostages. i started with the family and i couldn't get out of the family. they are so interesting. nobody had ever interviewed jared extensively. i did. i have 600 pages of transcripts of interviews with the family that are utterly fascinating. the night of the election he thought he was going to lose early and they said what are you going to do? he said i am going to go downstairs on fifth avenue and say i did my best and tomorrow i will get on a plane and go to ireland and play golf. then a few hours later they turned and said you are going to win. ivanka was trying to get him away from the tv.
4:44 am
he was in the kitchen and he was watching the clinton young ladies crying, because clinton was losing. he said look at this, imagine they they feel. very unusual. the story is different than we expected. inside trump's white house, fully transparent. giving you great access. and we are collided. >> and he loves you, i guess you know that. lou: he and i, we get along pretty good. >> we do. lou: you and i get along pretty
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[♪] lou: a former aide to james mattis is refusing to confirm or deny whether he is the anonymous anti-trump official who wrote the book, ask a warning." he's writing that anonymous book does bear a striking resemblance to snodgrass' writing. snodgrass and richard spencer
4:49 am
were mattis guys. it looks like mattis was one of the biggest problems in the trump administration. the president honoring the wound dog who chased abu bakr al-baghdadi to his death during a military raid. president trump: he's incredible. and so brilliant and so start. the what it was with the special forces. people who worked with him for obvious reasons. they did a fantastic job, conan did a fantastic job. lou: nadler and schiff, both with credibility issues. writing to the president saying he's committed to a fair process, just like the radical dimms attempt to overthrow the government.
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the president is committed to making america great. record high stock markets. the u.s. military securing the border and remaining steadfast in his demand that china end its decade long unfair trade practices and the theft of american ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: not only do the democrats want to impeach this historic president of ours, no one has accomplished more than he has in the first three years of a presidency. and the media research center reporting that nbc, cbs and abc aired at least 75% of the democrats' impeachment hearings, but less than half of ken starr's presentation of evidence against bill clinton. the most egregious, nbc, they aired 92% of schiff's sham hearings and only 62 percent of starr's hearings. a recan't poll find the president's approval rating among black likely voters is almost 35%. the trump campaign says it's not
4:55 am
surprised because of rising paychecks and record low unemployment. we are surprised and we are also very pleased. bloomberg is in the race and spending big. with. today bloomberg's first campaign event in a coffee shop in virginia, 25 folks showed up. i will bet you don't want to figure that out on a voter to million dollar ratio. bloomberg's made yeah company says it won't be doing in-depth investigations of bloomberg or any other democrats running for president. they will focus only on the president. so what's new. joining us, michael goodwin, wor radio host, mark simone. thanks for being here. mark, let me start with you. bloomberg won't be investigating
4:56 am
anyone but trump? >> you should only versus date your political rivals. he's an absurd guy. he's brilliant at his business whatever it is. but in real life. it was michael bloomberg, but when he runs for office it's mike bloomberg. in the first poster he's wearing the bob vila outfit. like he was just mowing the lawn. lou: he apologized for stop and frisk. surely there is more to come. >> stop and frisk was the most effect idea crime-fighting program. they want to get the legal guns off the streets. lou: michael, tom steyer, the
4:57 am
billionaire candidate for the democratic nomination. now he has a wealthier rival for the democratic nomination. he has got to be crying. how can he get in on these debates? >> you have to get donors. >> he would be bert off if he didn't get in the debates. i'm serious about that. he had a brilliant beginning reading his statement to people. >> you are talking about $25 million and 25 people show up. lou: duval is the poor man's michael bloomberg. he gets two people to show up to his first event. and nobody knows why duval patrick is running. >> it remains curious to me that nobody is running away with the democratic nomination.
4:58 am
despite the new candidates coming in. lou: pete buttigieg is riding in iowa. >> 25%. it's like the flavor of the month doing a rotation to see if anybody can stick. i think once you get to the frontrunner's spot you get a lot of scrutiny from your opponents as well as the media. i think it's far from settled who the candidate will be. >> nobody has won a debate. he's got everybody and their uncle jumping in. lou: the obvious question, what if you have four or five winners of these primaries and you have a brokered convention. >> her name is hillary. lou: i don't know, you can
4:59 am
spread a lot of those billions around if your name is bloomberg. >> i think that's part of his strategy. nobody will win an outright majority of the delegates. lou: do you think it was unfair of bernie to suggest bloomberg was trying to bite u.s. government? >> that exactly what he's trying to do. lou: i wonder how they will distribute the money. >> hunter bind will get a piece. what an impressive man. until you hear him talk, nothing coming out of his mouth. there is nothing there. >> the problem is it's all direct at donald trump and he has a lot of people overcome before he gets the privilege to speak. i wonder how the democrats will react to this. he's buying their party. >> steyer tried to take credit for the impeachment drive.
5:00 am
bloomberg is trying to spread the money around different states, different ideas. lou: good night from new york. cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories, breaking records, nearly $30 billion spent over the thanksgiving weekend. black friday is today. get ready. today is cyber monday. it's expected to break another record over last year. lauren: a deadly winter storm moved across the country, narrowing in on the northeast. what you need to know before hitting the roads or runway. cheryl: christmas music is hitting the airwaves everywhere. what is the most annoying christmas song of all time? we have got the answer for you. it's monday, december 2nd. "fbn: a.m." starts right now.


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