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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 3, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EST

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congressman mark green and we will continue to look into the impeachment ordeal, the show moving onto jerry nadler and don't forget matt horowitz report coming out the countdown is on. i'm going to brave the snow on the east coast, slush outside. kennedy is now. >> thank you so much trish. brent andrews very horrible awful budget just got a whole lot worse. his accuser virginia robert sa t down with the bbc and dropped more bombs than the b-52s and their love shack. the question now was the queen's favorite son ever see the inside of a courtroom. a former close friend of jeffrey epstein has been on the hot seat said since his own interview last month. they stripped any royal duties and kicked him out of the palace. that is cold blooded.
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it'll have to do with a woman who claims epstein forced her to have with th sex with the prints when she was under age. he took many of his secrets with him but the prince's claims are getting harder and harder to defend or believe. the guy claimed he is innocent because he cannot sweat. a bunch of pictures pictures of him sweating. tonight on the bbc his accuser said all of that is a total lie. >> he asked me too dance, he is the most hideous dancer of ever seen in my life. it was horrible and this guy was sweating all over me like his sweat was raining basically everywhere, i was grossed out from that but i knew i had to keep him happy because that was for jeffrey would expect from a.
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>> barf, that is awful. she claims she had with him three times in two of those she was a teenager. she said it is time for the prince to confess. >> he knows what happened, i know what happened and there is only one of us telling the truth and i know that is me. kennedy: snap, buckingham palace released a statement, denying printing and her had any encounter with his accuser and the duke sympathizes with those affected and want closure. it is his hope in time they are willing to help any agency with their investigation as required. the duke has stated he did not see any behavior of assortment that led to jeffrey epstein conviction and fake suicide. he deploys any exploitation of any and who may be or encourage
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any such behavior. the rest of the family furious at andrew and rightly so. they are worried this discussing crisis could destroy the monarchy. but will he face real justice or will powerful people continue to protect him, let's meet monday night manpower. washington examiner into contributor, tyler grant is back and also a fox news contributor jonas. >> and we have senior editor and celebrated author of panic attack robbie sauve all come back. enough of the turkey let's talk about prince andrew. the queen was reportedly furious because she said what to do damage control, a little interview with a very tough reporter and primetime is and he eviscerated himself, how much worse did he get with interview. >> it gets a lot worse. he made himself look terrible.
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she is very credible and we want to be careful because after you say she don't automatically translate, we would lock someone up based on what we heard. that is the overreach that me too have bond. there are pictures of him with epstein and we know he has a relationship with him. i think it's very bad for him, you mentioned and would there be some kind of criminal element, i would want to proceed with that very carefully but it makes sense for him to step back from royal duties. >> i would love royal duties. that is good easy money. but when you talk about the one thing that we have seen, accusers who come out and stories are consistent but also grow a little bit more complex and someone like virginia roberts who is much more stiffer us in her claims, andrew said well i have a medical condition,
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i cannot sweat and everybody knew in the picture. and i don't touch people. [laughter] >> i give him awar and award. i think he thinks the bbc because the government owns it and control it from the monarchy but that's not how it works. i think he really -- i think the story gets worse because everybody was under nondisclosure agreement and paid off the bottom fight epstein but it's crumbly now that years of gone by. in another he allegedly killed himself. there is no way out. kennedy: i don't think there's a lot of information left behind and what is happening on the island is very sketchy, the fact that we have conspiracy theories and reports about coming and going and we don't really know, he was filming and blackmailing
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everybody. >> the fact that the story went away and only because the miami herald -- all these people basically got away with everything, people were still hanging out with epstein media figures after he went to prison in palm beach, their rich and famous and they were saying he's eccentric. >> this was a formality, he was not guilty it was a formality. but the fbi wants to talk to him, is there any monarch immunity he can hide behind? >> i think this is a great example of the elites protecting themselves and i think the more this goes on the more people were will realize they have to gain by knocking on the biggest fish they can find. prince andrews seems like he's something people can take down
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by providing evidence. >> he is really guilty in the fact that he will not talk and he will not dissociate from jeffrey epstein. in he will not distance himself. that is the kind of talk that someone uses when had someone killed in prison. >> you're exactly right, the evidence that he used to shield himself, i don't sweat, the picture with his arm. [laughter] >> it's predictable. by the way i love that phrase, edward and charles had to be like shut it. >> the news is so strange. remember though royal family visiting secret pedophile isla island. these are some interesting times. >> a lot of people are googling what that is. >> the really cool sea creatures. kennedy: they are magical, i am so glad we had a chance to give them a shadow.
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meanwhile on our side of the pond, a different story about powerful people and crimes that continue to unfold. pharaoh who won it for his explosive reporting on the misconduct of harvey weinstein says his relationship with hillary clinton soured after his investigation into weinstein become known to the public. in an interview published it said, it's remarkable how quickly even people with a long relationship with you will turn if you threaten the center of power or sources of funding around them. ultimately a lot of people who operate in that way with powerful interest in you become radioactive very quickly. this is not the first time the investigative journalist have mentioned the clintons within the context of sexual misconduct. just last month on hbo, i think the wanita roger claim has been overdue for revisiting and that is a reference to the sexual
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assault accusation leveled against former president bill clinton. roger claims he assaulted her during his time as attorney general and arkansas in 1978. will we see any further investigation of the former first family in the face of these accusations. the first thing that i gather is that hillary clinton is ultimate hypocrite when it comes to these issues. when it's convenient for her she will say all women are to be believed unless there is a woman who comes forward and talks about her husband or other powerful people who are funding her ventures. >> it seems like what he is saying, the whole reason jan hillary clinton's payroll is when friends and family come up in something you're on our side. that seems to be what is happening to the foundation, this was a long time ago and she stopped being friendly with them when it was getting too close to her circle which included
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weinstein and bill clinton was with epstein a bunch of times on the jet. but to be fair to the clintons the guy was super rich and that's enough to hang out with. it's not like that definitely means bill clinton is as dirty as epstein. kennedy: there have been stories about bill clinton circulating for years and arguably worse. ronan says it's time to investigate wanita brodrick she made an appearance at one of the debates in 2016 after the access hollywood. >> i think running pharaoh is exactly right, people know all these things about these people and it's in the public domain for a long time and it's only when you threaten their power and at the very last second everybody turns on you. >> think about it his parents up
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until his estrangement from his dad woody allen, he grew up in the power center of entertainment and finance in new york city and knew rich and powerful and famous people his whole wif life. he was not starstruck by any means but how quickly like some of you like hillary clinton turns on him. >> there's articles that nbc was using different messages to kill a story six or seven times. everybody from the weinstein stuff came out. people were talking over and over again culturally how people were discussing harvey is creepy, that something we all knew about and nobody talked about in the had access. kennedy: one of the few people who said something was brad pitt. when he was engaged to gwyneth paltrow he went up to harvey weinstein and said if you touch microphone again i'll break your fat fingers. i don't know if that was a direct quote. he is one of the few people that
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said something. other people said we saw stories but we did not say anything. maybe you should've said something. you allowed for two decades of victims whose lives were ruined. >> weinstein people were convinced they could leverage the power and wealth to stop media outlets from covering the story and they were successful tremendously for a long period of time and they awarded ronan's own reporting for other news networks that he was trying to do for a long time. eventually they cannot fully keep the lid on it. but that's what they did to top the story from coming out. kennedy: legendary surfer said he was at a party and harvey weinstein was treating the valleys like garbage and he said you have no right to talk to people like that in other said that's harvey weinstein and he said i don't know who that is and i do not care. he wasn't trying to get a job. >> ultimately it's about a serious power situation he had in hollywood and we consider powerful actresses are not at the level where he is. hillary too, if you have money and power, there is nothing you
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can do, or this is the good side even though there's a very obvious backside. >> michael bloomberg might be president, the man panel returned later because there's too much. first up sleeping joe biden has kicked off his bus to her. get off my lawn republicans. he will do anything to help his campaign. plus trump has banned bloomberg news from covering the rally. amy breaks it all down preachy is next. ♪ peyton, what are we doing here? brad, welcome to peytonville. what's this for? song inspiration. i started in my garage, but nationwide protects so much i had to expand. nationwide helps protect everything you see in here, brad. every family, every business, every dream. see mrs. hoffman? nationwide protects her home and car, but also her dream of retiring to become a yoga instructor. oh, they have backstories.
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joe biden in his tour across iowa and when the engine is running there is nobody behind the wheel the former vp has been pushing back against concerns about his advanced aid with sound maneuvers on his wife's finger, just a short while ago the man the president calls sleepy joe gave his coherent statement. >> my grandfather used to -- i never knew him but i knew his son stephenson who once said
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flattery is fine as long as you don't inhale. every election is different. and we all talk about whether or not this election is the most in a report when we've ever been in. kennedy: over here, back to the center. it's not flattery. if trump wins the allies will abandon us and that markets will crash in the world will end. haven't we heard this before. all in 2015 and 2016 for a guy who is stuck in the past with phrases like no malarkey and you think you might learn that from the past but here we are, should joe biden keep the wheels on the bus going around and around to florida so he can retire like everyone else's age. he is a golden american. here with me not to discuss politics, a beast daughter. >> thank you for having me. >> i understand the rationale of
12:19 am
having a cute and charming phrase that some golden voters identify with. i don't think noma no malarkey e of those phrases print i think it is a gift to mayor pete. what do you think? >> this might be true. i think he saw his liability and i went a little too late and what he decided to do was smart even if you're going to lose, you have to show up you cannot do rudy giuliani that ultrashort from florida and i'll save it all or go to new hampshire like john mccain did, for mccain it worked out but it really does. so even if you're going to lose you can't just write the voters off and i think the biting campaign figured out first there was warren rise and then pete buttigieg but the coalition active in the democratic primary
12:20 am
that docs joe biden which is a more moderate older democrat and african american democrats pretty solid going down and sinking and i think making an effort doing a bus tour and trying to show the voters that you're going to show up and support is better than writing enough, i think they know it was too late in the no malarkey is an authentic flavor that they hope will term the older people who show up at the vents. they're not driven by twitter like we think they are. kennedy: i think there's a very important middleground and i think -- >> you and i have talked before about the sleep photo. there are many voters, even if
12:21 am
it's for years they would like him to be president because they think his staff can run the country better than donald trump and elizabeth warren. kennedy: i think we have seen how much concentration there is in the oval office and how a president personally can have so much impact on policy and culture so i think it's very naïve for people to think old joe will be in his slippers and his pipe kicking his feet up while everyone else goes about saving the earth. >> i think president trump has a lot of executive time and for the last two weeks when he's governing and running around the world, a lot of time spent with no public events and sitting on his phone tweeting at us. we know the. >> even with all the time wasting, he is pulling the country -- >> the democratic voters were backing biting and they believe
12:22 am
if his team comes and he is president and they run the show, it is still a better choice than president trump or the other liberals in the field. [crowd boos] that's what he still waiting to pull. >> you lucius grant, will loo wm in. and if he pulls out, i'm not surprised -. kennedy: i don't think he will do well in the primary states. by the time you get to south carolina -- >> he may not. that mayor pete remains ahead. >> i don't know what it will take but at this point truly anything can happen, no one knows. thank you so much.
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by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. including your interest rate right by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right with sofi. check your rate in two minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. kennedy: the d.o.j. inspector general report is due a week from today and there is a nervous sweating bullets and playing defense hoping they are not targeted or charged. fbi lisa page who famously engaged and loose lips insurance policy chatter with her disgraced former interim andrew mccabe sat down for a sugary daily beast puff piece. she kept herself as a victim of president trump's twitter rates. and that level of high-profile
12:28 am
has to be absolutely unnerving. page like her side hustle bridged both hillary clinton investigation, the trump campaign case and hand-in-hand to the mueller pro. they shared not only work lust that manifested into hot text and the government phones, they also thought about how to do really. roberlibertarians will come thrh the forthcoming report for obvious indictments of the surveillance that welcomed easy corruption from a high-profile agent that knew how to craft spying device that could do real presidency. they knew the system from the inside out and from different angles and well aware of the depth to start a rich counter campaign.
12:29 am
page warned him not to go into the interview loaded for bear reminding him she might be our next president. how did that work out. a couple of broken bottles over his head. so they went intentionally and stomped on hillary but launched the insurance policy with a counter intel investigation and later the mueller probe fizzled and failed to tranquilize the angry bear. she probably won't face charges and was not the most damning actor but when she says it has been so hard to defend myself to love people who hate and control the narrative. she and the president have that in common. he displays a more aggressive form of defense and he still has a job. that is the memo. ♪ other surveillance state stars
12:30 am
like james clapper and john brennan have gone on to media crews after leaving government, how long before lisa page gets a contributor ship with the f's cnn. robby soave, you are a lawyer, she knows the law very well, she seems to be insulated but do by the fact to the victim in the whole scheme? >> certainly not anymore. you're right, i think we live in a where the teams are so divided and obvious if you do something wrong on one team your team will have your back and both deals are in the work and you probably get a cnn contributor ship and the other team pay to any complaint the victim. we live in an age where people are telling us that donald trump is undermining our institutions.
12:31 am
yet we have an example of where a person was saying whatever the electoral college says the fix is in. we know what is going to happen. the fact is, it was so egregious that robert mueller had worked together on different investigations and when i have to be part of the investigation anymore. >> and then deleted text it is unfortunate that she says i have this affair and it became public and the president is blossoming from the white house. that is tough but that's the way it is. >> that's not the part that bothers me, there's a lot of rumors and talk of what will be in the report. supposedly michael horowitz says it was not the people at the top, it was the lower level to mid managers who were fudging the information that went into the fisa warrant applications, even then, this is about as high
12:32 am
profile as it gets in politics and law enforcement the higher up eyeballs would be on those documents. >> i am sure they will come on say she's innocent. i see this whole thing from a different place. what bugs me in the daily beast, i sensed no humility that the person she hated, that she did something that might've ruined the investigation because it made it looked like it was a conspiracy. i don't hate her for being the third of american painting the other side. if you work for the fsb in russia and are working on the most important thing that they worked on in 20 years, the e-mail the hillary scandal turning into the russian hacking, you guys were carrying on and you would probably be dead. the fact that they did not have a burner phone with whatsapp and did this in plain stupidity,
12:33 am
whatever i get into the russian thing i see idiocy in our whole country. whether the e-mail with i love it or these idiots showing their political bias, the most important thing the fbi has. >> they are all incompetent and the russians are running around hacking everybody and we know they hack. >> we are also taking her eyes off of everything else like china and north korea and ukraine and other places where people might be trying to infiltrate our electoral system. but still the abuse of power in the surveillance tools that these agencies have that is most disturbing and what drives me crazy is devin nunes who push for reauthorization of various access. >> this is something that the people on the right annoys me too death, they are concerned about mistreatment of president trump by these agencies but i
12:34 am
agree there is mistreatment but trump is not the only person to say this. we need reform so the average american citizen is not targeted by the powerful corrupt agencies that trample our civil liberty. we need more reform on other side. neither republicans or democrats with rare exception have any desire to take on that threat to our liberties more broadly and i don't understand why. >> there are not enough people. that's where we get these aoc who would not agree on much of anything but you would hope they would use their forces to come together and make powerful forms. the panel will be back in just a little bit. it is monday night and you don't know what will happen on the program. let's get back to lisa page who
12:35 am
is emerging just a week before the department of justice comes out. that could very well implicate, the id has been investigating sabiabuse of the 2016 campaign d we will conclude with the judgment of some members of the fbi the surveillance was ultimately justified by top officials with the russia investigation. raking tonight the washington post, william barr disagrees with the fundamental finding in the report and the ag thinks the fbi did not have enough information in 2016 to open the investigation into the president's campaign. what happens with the law enforcement officer disagrees with his inspector general. here is with me too break that down. former assistant andrew mccarthy is back. how are you. >> i am intrigued by this. that seems like quite a schism. >> i think it is been coming for a long time.
12:36 am
the problem here, if you just go by the fbi manual, their burden to show enough evidence to open an investigation is very low. that may be where inspector general horowitz is coming from. if were talking about an investigation into a presidential campaign under circumstances where we want to keep our politics insulated from these intelligence powers that you were just talking about, there is obviously the modern history of america burnin pullis out. and i think that's what attorney general barr is concerned likely is if you're talking about using these powers to infiltrate political campaigns, you ought to have a higher burden then whatever the lobar is for opening a normal fbi
12:37 am
investigation. >> i think that democrats should agree with that as well. but we've thrown out the idea of uniform standard and objectivity for a political win. that is incredibly unfortunate because you can only imagine the collateral damage from that. and the democrats have worked so hard with william barr. and i think he actually offered a lot of the situation that we are in back with robert mueller couple decades ago. >> look i'm more synthetic to the need for the intelligence powers. i believe that if we cannot demonstrate when these powers get abused we can hold people accountable then what is going to happen as your panel really demonstrates, there's going to be a public outcry that congress will react to and these powers will be cut back. i understand with the indictment
12:38 am
but i also worked terrorism cases for ten years and i'm telling you you cannot protect the country from jihadist attacks unless you have robust counterintelligence powers. kennedy: i understand that and i know there's a case to be made but you cannot have blanket power that exist in capacity with no oversight when they can be abused and as you point out no accountability, we cannot have nice things. >> that's it. kennedy: i appreciate your wisdom and your perspective. thank you very much. it's good enough for me. well done. the ceo mark zuckerberg speaking out on the political and policy, will he crackdown on fake news or just let the crowd slide. the panel returned next. nationwide helps you invest for your future, brad.
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♪ ♪. kennedy: silicon valley is going to great links to distance itself from political ads, the ceo mark zuckerberg is refusing to get with times like most guys with hit counts. they pulled a 300 out from the trunk campaign telling cbs news he will not click like a political censorship. >> i believe in the democracy it is really important that people can see for themselves what politicians are saying so they can make their own judgment. i don't think that a private company should be censoring politicians. kennedy: that was right before his eyes started flickering and they had to put him back into his charger. but it's wireless. then why would they plug him back in. because it sucks.
12:44 am
what is wrong with him. facebook headed off to myspace and the sky. the party panel is back. so, you are pulling stuff too fast, facebook is loosey-goosey and i let people do whatever they want. >> facebook, i agree with mark zuckerberg has to say, he is absolutely right. if it's their platform they can do what they want. he's right to say i'm not going to be the referee because that will lead to all charges of hypocrisy and some ads will get pulled and another one will, why are they doing that why are they putting themselves in the position. in general were way too freaked out about this information on social media and how it's taking over the democracy. this information is everywhere
12:45 am
even if you got rid of social media tomorrow you cannot stop people from consuming things you do not want them to hear. it's a moral panic and its world we live in and very little evidence, 1% of truly outrageously false content on social media is consumed by anyone. [laughter] kennedy: that is right. the thing that is so funny, messing with social media is very 2016 and i think there's other ways of doing it like a sex robot. that's a more way of influence people behavior. here mark zuckerberg is right, no one has been able to show that any facebook ad really changed people's votes other than hillary clinton who clings to that like a baby bear. >> it is hard to prove what got into your brain. first of all -- you have to look at the pattern. what is facebook going to look
12:46 am
like in 20 years, will all content be valuable. when the internet started it was scandalous even by a search at. >> facebook might not be. >> his spin -- funny six years will be 80. >> this has nothing to do -- what matters is the profit model is based on showing ads to any buyer including the russians because they make the most money and not heavy people for specific reason, people are expensive if you had to audit the thousands of post an ad every second it would cost exponentially. >> that is the real reason why they do not do that. >> i agree to your point that i don't want mark zuckerberg, youtube and google being the referee a political post. when you see ads on tv, the worst guy on the planet running for congress, you see the all the time, do we really want -- [laughter] at the same time, the hypocrisy
12:47 am
of facebook would do anything to get into china, google would do anything and willing to create -- >> leakers would do anything to get out of china but they cannot because they been turning to labor camps and that is wrong and you could think youtube for that. i don't know how but we will get there someday. thank you for the glorious night. this is been the highlight of my young week. >> donate to my campaign. tropical storm is what'd we decide on the flyers again? uh, "fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance." i think we're gonna swap over to "over seventy-five years of savings and service." what, we're just gonna swap over? yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that. pump the breaks, and, uh, swap over? that's right. instead of all this that i've already-? yeah. what are we gonna do with these? keep it at your desk, and save it for next time. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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>> ohio state beat michigan for the seventh straight time on saturday, 56 - 27. normally the buckeye band honors them spelling out the school name, this time they honored jim by spelling linked in. this is the topical storm topic number one. we began at a black friday sale. we wanted to start somewhere, but the hong kong protests were booked. think about black friday there's always plenty of free punch if you will. [laughter] the shopping mall happened
12:52 am
outside philadelphia and although it looks violent, it's nothing compared to the eagles fan after yesterday, there was a dolphin, after the mall were the black friday needed to embrace them of adrenaline tourism, they can have the running of the bulls and we have the running of the blunder. why break the bank when you can break your collarbone or have some videos to it. people were arrested which occurred outside a forever 21. i only point that out because several internet commenters referred to it as forever 12 which is jeffrey epstein's favorite store. topic number two, the shopping mall was not the only place to get a deal over the holiday weekend. let's go to florida where the car prices were a steel. [laughter] this fella did not get five years financing but he could get five years prison. the police say he hit 21 cars on his way home. he caused over 30000 in damages
12:53 am
but for an extra two grand the dealer will throw in pin striping in his jail cell. in 500 off the coat. as of tonight he has not been caught and he could be hiding somewhere were nowhere people in orlando would go looking jim, that's a joke. don't beat me with your giant turkey legs fatty's. they're asking the public to help find the runaway robber although they have no clues because he likes free stuff that he must be a burgundy enter bernie sanders reporter. and epstein did not kill himself. topic number three, americans were not the only one shopping up a storm over the weekend let's go down to australia were two men hit the atm. and there it is. that's right right there your pin number, this is another
12:54 am
criminal act in a shopping mall. these two tried to steal an atm in the plain set of cameras but the machine would not break. the good news they got away, the bad news there facing a 6-dollar fee from the bank for robbing another bank atm. as of tonight they have not been caught and they were last seen saving money the old-fashioned way first there were beats by dr. dre and now beats by your fellow shoppers. at this point they should call it black and blue friday. topic number four. longshot monday. this week's winner does not have a mug shot yet but the writing is on the wall. look at that sexy man. a 38-year-old. [laughter] he led indiana state troopers on a high-speed chase friday
12:55 am
probably because he's drinking water. his tattoo is going to cost him, not any people in the police -- after all this is indiana not florida, police have not caught him but you can rest assure he will face the music sometime soon. this might be the worst tattoo ever and they say that with all due respect, stuart varney his tattoo is on the right cheek, never mix because with coding. when there are clause there are no laws. police in indiana looking for the two tough guy with his last seen driving off with his brand-new car. i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control,
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