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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  December 4, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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dangerous moments in new york over the years as expense of a bike. melissa: right, i think that de blasio must be behind this, this is a horrible idea, here is "bulls and bears." >> president trump is so his way back to united states, after dominating major headlines at a tense, busy nato summit. new reaction to video that many claim shows world leaders mocking the president. this is "bulls and bears," i am david asman, joining me today gary kaltbaum. caroll roth, john burnett and robert wolf. blake berman is in london, the meeting was supposed to be about unity and strength but stlai video. there is a video. video. reporter: never know what headlines will be, it was a hot mic and a video that went viral.
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buckingham palace, last night, justin trudeau, macron, and johnson talking about rolling press conferencing that were occurring yesterday, involving president trump. >trump. >> then this morning trump was asked about that moment, he was at first critical of tru trudeau then walked it back. then he thought he was upset about the president's pressing him. >> he is two-faced. >> you think that germany -- >> he is a nice guy, i find him
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to be a nice guy. i called him out on fact he is not paying 2%. and i guess she not very happy about it. unsurprisingly, first question to trudeau today, in his wrap up press conference was about that moment, this is how he described it. >> last night, i made a reference to the fact that there was an unscheduled press conference. before my meeting with president trump. and i was happy to take part of it, surprised and i think pleased to learn next g7 will be at camp david, i think was an unscheduled announcement, i think every different leader has teams who now and then have their jaws drop at unscheduled surprises like this video itself for example. reporter: could be heard on initial video talking about how the president's adviser jaws dropped, the jaws dropped when the president said, announced
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that g7 would be held at camp david. david? yesterday we had the forthright converconversation between prest trump and macron that was just the warm up. >> all right, i'm glad you got that report, we're just about to lose you in your feed, thank you very much. safe travels. >> trump hating mainstream media, as you would guess, is capital i'ding o rising on that- capitalizing on that viral video. here is one looking for another angle, should media be focused on what the president has accomplished during the meetings? >> this is why i always hated group projects in school, i did all of the work, and everyone comes along for the free ride, they still gossip about you.
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this is what the countries are doing. there is no point in having allies and an alliance if they are not going to pull their weight. >> it was not the greatest 24 hours, but this is not surprising,. president looks at trade differently, and nato differently, and i would say he is not that well, liked on global -- international stage. this is not first time he and macron have gone at each other or him and trudeau. you saw last night. as an american, i don't like that trudeau acted that way, i'm not a real trump fan, but i thought it was the not right, and rude and i'm glad he got caught. >> at least trudeau got through press conference with his eye broadways ibrows in place. the president is best
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collecttion agency, these allies, nato allies have been getting away with not pay are for years, trump is, i walk the walk, i talk the talk, i am putting up taking care of you, stop acting like children, know who your daddy is and contribute to this global protection. >> all i can say, imagine this happened to obama, leaders said things like this, media would be ripping the other leaders to shreds instead of making fun of this president, welcome to the world. right now, to this president where he does good it is bad, if he does something that looks bad it is impeachable. it is not going to change, it will get worse as we move to election, goal is for media that be able to report impeach president donald trump as they move to the election, very
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interesting our economy continues to grow much better than the other countries who are whining and ca complaining, mae hey shoul they should be watchit we are doing instead of making fun. david: the president was fighting for america, fighting against attacks to focus on american companies, for european company country to put in more nato money, they got 130 billion more out of them by his haranging. i think that bodes well for the president. >> i think it is a good thing, and if i were justin trudeau, i have no idea how he got reelected, given the shall we call them his gaffe are of the past, maybe it would be a good idea for him to stand down, try to the to get caught in these types of situation, i do agree from president's situation, this is an area why he shines. >> you look at canada's gdp,
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sphefnsphern77%,approximately, n export to u.s., you u would thik high would not be talking about the president behind his back. you know based on usmca deal, the deals and protectionist measures are benefiting canada, you know, he got caught, probably a good thing. david: gary this guy is throwing stones, he has a lot of glass houses built. we saw when he went through have the picture from mast in black face -- in mast in black face, and buckingham palace was host place, and think about prince andrew, they are the ones that are lecturing someone else? that is a tough one. >> interesting, prince andrew action, we know about trou de d,
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trudeau, i have to harken back, our country is a 3. 6% unemployment. taxes lowers it not perfect, i complain about tariffs and debt and defit, but we're doing pretty darn well, maybe they should take a lesson from us. david: u.k. had a negative quarter, last time i looked, they are headed to a recession, they could learn a lot. house judiciary committee's first impeachment hearing continuing into 8ing o hour. what if anything have we learned that is new? we speak can republican congressman ken buck. >> unfair process that we've been through, the reason it has been unfair, just cut to the chase. because of facts are not on
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incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. david: house judiciary committee holding its first impeachment hearing today after intel committee released its report, hillary vaughn is live on capitol hill. reporter: hello, this hearing was looking at constitutional ground for impeachment, they brought 4 law professors in this get their perspective on whether or not the report details enough evidence that meets grounds for impeachment, and rises to level of high crimes and misdemeanors, 3 witnesses invited by democrat, say they believe that evidence in this report does rise to that level, but only witness on panel, that republicans invited disagree, saying accusation of
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bribery and accusation of obstruction of justice is not met through this report. really what has been causing most outrage from white house is not law professors' legal opinion but how one made their point bringing unpresident's 13-year-old son -- up president's 13-year-old son, when talking about limits of president's power outlined in article 2. >> so while president can name his son baron, he can't make him a baron? reporter: that line drew backlash from me melania trump, first lady, who tweeted to moments ago. it also -- sparks controversy from republicans in room. >> when you try to make a joke, out of referencing baron trump, that does not lend credibility to your argument it makes you look mean, like you are
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attacking someone's family, minor child of president of united states, let's see if we can get into the facts, to all of the witnesses, if you have personal knowledge. of a single material fact in schiff report raise your hand. let record reflect, no personal knowledge. reporter: david, biggest -- by republicans has been for committee to allow them to bring fact witnesses in who have information related to this report, but so far not allowed. david: thank you hillary. >> house republicans called jonathan actual -- turley in to testify, a legal expert here is how he characterize democrat impeachment argument. >> you can't accuse a president of bribery, then when some of us know that supreme court has rejected your type of
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interpretation, say well, it just impeachment. close enough is not good enough, if you accuse a president of bribery, you need to make it stick. because you are trying to remove a duly elected president of the united states. david: turley admitted he did not vote for president trump in the last election to prove he was unbiased observer. here now house judiciary committee republican ken buck, congressman thank you, sometimes, less is more, you guys had one witness, jonathan turley, democrat had 3, to hear one clear unbiased opinion, as opposed to a jumble of 3 others, seemed to give you an advantage? >> well if i was going to law school again, i would want to attend turley's law class, i thought he was the clear,
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unbiased, he vote the again president trump, and will probably vote against trump again, but that did not affect his opinion, he talked about how mad the country is, and we can't turn that anger to something that is going to have a long-term effect, a precedent that will hurt america. >> continenta congressman this y kaltbaum, i was paying attention to what i do most during the day, stock market, but i was listen ing tlistening to these t thinking it felt like primetime on msnbc, the same thing over and over, i called for bios, first one has been calling for an impeachment before his election, how will they change minds when those facts are sitting out in front of them? >> absolutely, i think that jim jordan pointed out that 13 of democrat on judiciary committee
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have already voted for impeachment, "washington post" headlines day after president trump was inaugustiated lit impeachment begin. and this is gone a language stan -- been a long stranding strategy. they know they can't beat president trump in november, but this just not the way to go about it this will result in a bad precedent in america, and unnaturally, divide the country further. >> the democrats have been putting on a show week after week, with all hearings, and the witnesses coming in, only prove that they are actually have been out to get the president from day one. however, when you actually look at what is going on, how long do you think it will go on, what will the republican strategy really be going forward,? thirdly, do you think that also prudent to show opportunity cost here? we're not getting prescription drugs, reform package passed are not passes a infrastructure
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bill, and we're not doing a lot of other things related to usmca and other trade issues, because american people' more jobs and money in their paycheck. >> you are correct, middle class is hurt as a result of this impeachment hearings. the usmca would immediately help middle class salaries, there are so many issues, immigration and drug pricing and other riches is that are so important we should be deal work you look at what is going on here, this will divide the country, it will call next election to question. and this is not the way we come together to solve problems, this sun fortunate this is go on, i think house will act by the end of december, and i think that the senate will take it up some point in january or february, spend a couple weeks on this and hopeful we move on then. >> i just to to take other side, in 2016, president won.
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and 2018, democrats won. they -- this country wanted a check and balance, and for some reason, republicans are not willing to allow that check and balance to occur, i am a big fan of professor turley, but turley lost on same point on impeachment with i judge been an overwhelming amount, my opinion they should let an inquiry come, you should have your vote, and this senate should have a vote, likelihood of president mutual impeached -- convicted is highly unlikely. senator mcconnell said to president obama our goal to make sure we has one term, we know what happens with judgment ships, this polarizing environment we're not that honest with i've ther -- each os is new. >> i think your argument would
5:20 pm
be stronger if they had gone about a process more fair, republicans have not been able to call republican witnesses, the report that is actually report that will be considered as fashionial basi -- -- factuas delivered last night, less then 24 hours before this started, the report in clinton was 62 days, starr report was 62 days before law professors were called to discuss the standard for impeachment. i just disagree with that, this is not a fair impeachment process. and it can't be compared to historical precedence. >> environment has changed since 1990s that is a given, i would agree, make sure that intelligence -- i thought may happen that intelligence report would come to the judicial side, and republicans and democrats are going to give their report to you as a committee,. david: we'll see, congressman, one question.
5:21 pm
very quickly, you had three witnesses put on by democrats, who thought that the president's actions rose to the level of impeachment. anything there that persuaded you? strongest and weakest of their argument? >> problem with their argument, a vague standard of abuse of power. the founders rejected maladministration, they rejected incompetence, they came up with high crimes andmms, these law professor disregarded that came up with a vague standard, you cannot apply that going forward. david: congressman ken buck from colorado, than thank you, sir. >> thank you. david: joe biden unveiling his tax plan it is filled with rate increases, all over the place, you will pay more if biden wins? 2020? we break it down coming next. ( ♪ )
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[ dramatic music ]ing ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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david: 2020 frontrunner, joe biden releasing details on his plan. biden's plan reportedly hikes top individual rate back to 39.6%. hikes corporate tax rate to 28%, new capital gains taxes and forces company like amazon to pay little or no taxes to payton% inmum on their income, what makes new biden tax plan more acceptable to business than those of say elizabeth warren and bernie sanders? >> so, a few things, we have been unpacking elizabeth warren's wealth tax and billionaire tax and ever other tax for a few months now.
5:26 pm
it may be unconstitutional, but we all thought we did not know how it would be executed. this gives joe biden a lane on the right of her, but a way to pay for some things he wants, to be more what i would say somewhere between trump is, president trump, excuse me. and senator warren. none of this tax reform is getting passed, but this is something that it more explain able. david: okay. reporter: >> unfortunately, i that is something that will resonate with many of the uninformed voters, they hear greedy corp corporation and greedy rich, and capital gains and stock market, they will say yes, they should be more in taxing without understanding the implications, if they they go through, it affects economy, they throw up their hands say what happened, it must have been trump's fault.
5:27 pm
>> to ad to that we've been arguing about amazon and others paying zero tax. >> they don't pay zero tax, they plapay plenty of taxes. >> this does set a minimum for u.s. companies to pay something. the point, it goes with idea of elizabeth warren, amazon needs to pay, net flec netflix needs . >> my point, people are not going continued to that companies, they didn't make money for a long time, they carry the losses forward. >> look joe biden is a tip-toe through the tulip compared to warren and sanders, but. i have to tell you, looking through the plan, where is it one time, just once, where says, cut.
5:28 pm
tax cut? where is the point you say, you know the american people work so hard, to to well for themselves and their families, move up in life, we will let them keep more of their money. where is the ghost of jfk who loved tax cuts? just one time, a dollar, say a dollar for each person. >> says former fiscal hawk. >> to your point, democrat try do you thin-- trying to undo th6 election, now trying to undo the tax cuts. raising the taxes will kill investments. that creates jobs, and also crush the giving, in terms of keeping nonprofits you know vibrant and supported this destructive, i didn't see as well are number of jobs that
5:29 pm
will cost, at least elizabeth warren of forthright in saying, unwha-- you know what her plan l cost 2 million jobs at least. david: voters, saw a tax cut, by the trump administration, corporate tax cut tax rate came way down and a job spurt, and an increase in income. 5,000 dole a dollar increase, wt makes them think that a tax hike will not slowdown the economy. >> i don't know, i thought that words were we the people, not we the government. and i don't know why they just want to keep growing government leaps and bounds more money going into treasury. they will spend 4 fi 5 trillion this year they say it not enough? this is federally, state and local is 6.5 trillion, i just want hear once from someone on
5:30 pm
that side keep more of your money. david: for my good friend gary kaltbaum is there anything in this tax plan that cuts taxes for working americans? >> for -- that cuts taxes? david: yeah. >> no. >> okay. >> listen there are a few things to unpack. but trickle down really did not work because -- i don't know. >> what! >> we said there would be gdp 5 to 6%, and actually deficit reduction. david: we have seen -- i have never seen a job market like i have never seen in my life. we have to go, members of congress take a break from fighting to welcome holiday spirit, just lighting capitol hill christmas tree, it has been a tradition since 1964 this year sponsored by thement i new mexio
5:31 pm
congressional delegation. and demonstrated with thousands of hand crafted ornaments from the people of the state, so beautiful. this just moments ago. it is a beautiful sight to see. if you have a chance to go to washington, see the national christmas tree. >> elizabeth warren, who is vowing to break up big technique google, congratulating cofounder larry page on stepping down, but a huge catch, details coming next. female anchor: it's 6:39, time for 'news update' male anchor: update on the cat who captured our hearts. female anchor: how often should you clean your fridge? stay tuned to find out. male anchor: beats the odds at the box office to become a rare non-franchise hit. you can give help and hope to those in need.
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david: google cofounders larry page and sergei are stepping down. some claim they are leaving as i way to get away from answering politicians, elizabeth warren saying, contbrats o, congratulae move, larry page, a quick reminder we still do expect you to ipo of beforbefore before te, changing your name will nottic. exempt you. should they go before congress? >> self proclaimed capitalist elizabeth warren at it again. look. i have news for you, they will go before congress because they will be asked to. and for whatever reason, they will get blasted by congress for
5:36 pm
doing this that and the other thing, they have done a magnificent job of growing a business. people making billions of dollars, secretaries becoming management and millionaires, or the horror of it all. expect it we'll see it, and same thing will happen to amazon, facebook, anyone who tries to get big will be rolled up on there because, they want to break them up, because success is bad. >> this is a circus, i can't blame them, they are innovators, they want to focus on that, not have this side show. whether in the company or dragged before congress. that is is not kind of thing that focus on. it is not in their lane, will they get dragged up there in probably. will people in congress say stupid things, yes, they do it every time. >> this is only bipartisan thing going. dissing on tech ceos, it is
5:37 pm
evoke. en vogue. >> kicking tech companies. >> to elizabeth warren, it works to conservatives it works to everyone else. and by the way, employees are not happy about it either. david: let me ask you are head of ubs. >> i have been on a testimony,. david: after you level, what if they called you back, would you occuconsider that fair. >> attorney general have called my back, have you had to go, you get asked you have to go. david: fair or not? >> caroll. >> you know, as bob said, current and former google employers are not happy with this. senior product manager, at youtube tweeted there was a -- thought founders might come back and set things right, but today they endorse status quo. and rebecca rivers, one of 4 google employees fired last month over data security
5:38 pm
violations, said, instead of taking a stand for their employees, they are abdicating their responsibilities and leaves us to suffer, dramatic, but do you think they have a point? >> you know founders, start great company, they build it but they don't necessarily make good leaders, when the company becomes mature. and we have not seep from this leadership team, periodin periot is heading out is leadership in terms of setting standards. they should not be in business of sensors onof censoring one pl group, and let other little bit bittapoliticalgroup roam free, e brought to in answer questions.
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and when you open a new brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk david: the president's aboard air force 1, headed back home from london. responding to some media coverage. we thought you would like to see some. >> well, bloomberg back home entering in to 2020 race out spends every candidate last week, with 31 million dollar worth of tv ads, some like elizabeth warren accuse him of
5:43 pm
buying his way into the nomination. and saying forcing other candidates with less cash like kamala harris to drop out. listen. >> he could spend billions of dollars, but you can't buy the gnome nation, where is bloomberg campaign? you can't just wait around by the time super tuesday comes, media will be agoin be agogwiths in iowa. david: what do you make of elizabeth warren's charge, that his money is forcing people like kamala harris out. >> i would argue that if you are offering medicare for all, free tuition for all, and proposing to spend drilliops of dollar -- trillions of dollars, to me that is more of buying an election. david: with your money.
5:44 pm
>> bradley, caroll roth, what are key demos you think that mayor bloomberg needs to lock up to win in primary and then in general election. >> you know more moderate democrats. older voters, seniors, for example a heavy television that will more likely to reach older voters than millennial. people who have been through life enough, realize we're not always in a great economy and going woke is not only thing that happens or popular on twitter. and people on democratic side, they want someone who can beat trump, and competent, and not elizabeth warren or bernie sanders. >> he is a better general election candidate, but primary to miss forc first 4. high will impact the campaign because money does make a difference. but idea of him getting to nomination, seems like a
5:45 pm
difficult almost a hail mary, but i first short mayor bloomberg. >> it is an unconventional strategy, not tried before, but everything he has done in his career that has worked as been unconventional. he. bloomberg was a -- for him, having been around for plus 20 years now that works. >> i remember we went againstal month brother, he went into equities. >> what did he know. >> we know that money talks, but does not campaign. i ran for new york city council in 2013, people loved that i showed up shook handed and engaged voters, when does he plan to start campaigning. he is not at any debates. >> hopeful f hopefully if toll o up enough their hands will be forced, they will have to let
5:46 pm
him be in debate. but, there are people who are good at retail politicians. mike will win if we wins because he has a resume that is better than everyone else, more money than everyone else. >> bradley -- >> to inspire voters? >> i'm not going to pretend this bloomberg is barack obama, he is an impressive man, he would be a great president. but you know one thing that i think we learned, voter want authenticity, to pretend you are someone you are not does not work. trump is trump, he is authentically him. be mike, it may not be enough. >> video. >> gary kaltbaum. thanthank you for starting thist by saying give between spending your own money and heck out of
5:47 pm
taxpayer money, good on you. i have not seen any big policy speeches, he has not made tv rounds yet. no doubt he is invited any time on fox, network. when do we expect that? we're talking about reaching the nation for the most important job in the world? >> that is a really good question. he gave a speech yesterday in mississippi on criminal justice. made some proposals he thinks are meaningful. the question for when he really engages, really a question and this gets to whether conventional political strategy is right more not of when you peak, for example a month ago, elizabeth warren almost seemed like she was running away with it, less so now, today, pete buttigieg in certain polls feels to be the candidate of the moment, but december 4.
5:48 pm
primary is two months from today, when is the right moment? we live in a world attention pantspans are so short, there io much going on. bet we're making last person to make a really good argument to the voter is what one that sticks in. >> in -- bloomberg made a controversial statement. >> he has to satisfy his constituents, or he will not survive. >> sneet a de he is not a dec d. >> you think that bloomberg saying that xi jinping is not a dictator will come back to haunt him? >> not in the primary, no, there are very few primary voter that care that much about foreign policy, unless we're at war, and reelection, the expert and pundits thinks of these things it rare that someone votes on it
5:49 pm
looking at democratic debates, i no recollection of them talking forforeign policy. >bradley trusk. >> thank you. >> coming up on "evening edit." >> great to see you, the antitrump bias from a democrat witness today in democrat council who was asking questions of the witnesses today. any trump bias that surfaced in 2016, 2017, also that fisa report is due out monday, what is shocking and media is missing, is just how weak the case was and how low the threshold was to do surveillance on an opposition campaign. and to 2020, a big warning bernie sanders and elizabeth warren ignore a new report that shows democrat candidate who support their gift run health care got demolished in midterm, to canada a new case before a british columbia supreme court, thousands are dying waiting for
5:50 pm
government care there. >> a packed show. >> critics slamming trump administration plan to tighten work requirement for food stamp aid as incentive, is it really? details coming up.
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
david: taxpayers get up, food stamps were used for vacation at luxury resorts, trump administration plans to tighten work requirement for food stamp aids. critics slamming. saying that new rules will hurt poor folks who can't find steady work. gary who is right? >> what a concept.
5:54 pm
en -- first off there are 80 welfare programs, doling out over a trillion o dollars. million of people on snap program already. a big complaint over last 8 years before president trump, theadvertised for people to getn welfare, you should do opposite, at least this goes the other way, i have no problem with it. >> there is dig nitty in work, but also agree with jack kemp model. when you look at the average family, 50,000 in benefits, but if they get a 25,000 dol dollar, their benefits are cut off, they make an economic decision to stay on welfare, we need to reform welfare, as you do better and increase your wages, your benefits are reduced that way you keep your standard of living.
5:55 pm
david: bill clinton did it with a bipartisan congress amazing. >> you thought gum of the just for chewing, gum sales are dropping, some brands look for new incentive to get you to pick up a pack. what they are promising, and why it could surprise you, that is next. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. (second man) virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. (second woman) we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. almost all of the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. . .
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david: people are not chewing much gum these days. gum sales dropped 4% worldwide the past eight years. some gum makers are getting kind of nervous. so nervous smaller brands are introducing gums with more than chewing, like helping you sleep. behalfing your energy or making you skinny. there might be a market coring to the survey. you can see people kind of like the idea of chewing gum. carol, what would you want included in your gum? >> if you invent a gum or anything else that lets me ate whatever i want, i don't gain
5:59 pm
weight with no health or other side-effects that person is the world's first trillionaire. david: exactly that person would make a lot of money. gary? >> i want ben & jerry's cherry garcia gum or computer leaguer steakhouse gum. i'm a happy guy. david: wonder how steak gum would taste? i wonder if that would work. how but guys? >> smoked steakhouse, brisket or something of that nature with robust flavor, things of that nature. you know what? when you look at millenials, tofu, cbd. david: oh. man. gag me with a spoon. >> i'm old school. i don't like adding all different things. david: juicy fruit is good enough for you? >> bubble gum is fine for me. david: go ahead, carol. >> some ideas sound straight out of willy wonka. cherry garcia garcia, some stea,
6:00 pm
purpose bell blueberry. >> use your imagination. david: i think i need nicotine gum to get away with from cigar nights with my buddies but that is whole different story. that's it for bulls and bear. see you next time. liz: fireworks, still no proof of impeachment in the house hearing today. legal eagle jonathan turley systematically blew up the democrats case as premature and slipshod. we have details. one of today's academic witnesses said two months after president trump was inaugurated impeach trump. the democrats counsel questioning witnesses today? also tweeted about impeaching trump before he was even sworn in. we have got more on that. as we've been reporting the democrats trying to bolster their case looking for more articles of impeachment to convince voters as to the house intelligence report does not cite bribery. presiden


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