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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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i put two pictures up on instagram today facebook kennedy at it's the return of bread dovish care i'll be on the outnumbered catch throughout. taking every opportunity to smear president trump and never even once exalting the
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constitution, our laws and the american way. there was one among the four, however, balanced, appealing to a higher level of conduct, jonathan turley, constitutional authority admitted he voted forward hillar --for hillary cl. and he reasoned more to a higher standard than base partisanship. >> impeachments have to be based on proof, not presumption. this would create a dangerous precedents for future impeachments. this would be the first impeachment in history where there would be considerable debate in my view, not compelling evidence of the commission of a crime. and secondly the abbreviated
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period of this investigation. lou: as the house dimms continued their drive to overthrow president trump. he took time out from the nato summit meeting while he conducted the nation's business in london. president trump: think of it. they get three constitutional lawyers and we get one. just that little statement. they get three, we get one. we had no representation. we couldn't call witnesses. we couldn't do anything. it is the most unfair thing that anybody has ever seen. they would have done much better if they gave us equal representation. lou: unfair and a farce of three left-wing law school professors with deputy connections to the democratic party and it went on for hours and hours as the three pretended to be independent scholars without prejudice or bias, schooling the committee
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members on law. congress maine matt gaetz was having none of it. >> professor gerhardt, you gave money to barack obama, right? >> my family did. mr. feldman wrote mar-a-lago belongs in an impeachment file. professor karlan you gave $1,200 to elizabeth warren and $2,000 to barack obama and $2,000 to hillary clinton. >> that's correct. if you have personal knowledge of a single material fact in the schiff report, please raise your hand. let the record reflect no personal knowledge of a single fact. and that continues on the tradition we saw from adam schiff where ambassador taylor could not identify an impeachable offense.
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mr. kebts never met with the president. fiona hill never heard the president reference anything with regard to military aid. colonel vindman rejected the democrat talking point that bribery was invoked. ambassador volcker denied was a quid pro quo. and mr. morrison said there was nothing wrong on the call. only direct evidence came from gordon sondland and the president said to him in a call, i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo. lou: they leveled a charge against president trump that he broke the law by freezing aid to ukraine. the radical dimms claiming president trump abused power of his office by holding up aid top ukraine. but president trump released the fund in question on september
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11. which meets the legal requirements of the congressional appropriation. congress man john ratcliffe reminded intel committee witness state department official david hale that mr. trump is not the only president to withhold such aid from a country for a variety of reasons. >> was aid withheld from pack man. >> yes, sir. >> why was it withheld. >> because of unhappiness over the policies and behavior of the pakistani government. >> was aid withheld from honduras. >> aid was held from the three states in northern central america. >> was aid withheld from lebanon? >> yes, sir. >> were you given a reason why it was withheld? >> no. lou: the radical dimms insist we ignore history and ignore the facts as they pretend the hold
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on aid to ukraine is a unique and impeachable offense for president trump but in other presidents who preceded him and delivered the desperate load of cash scrain ukraine need needed. but when president obama failed to deliver need weapons and filed to response tops russia's invasion and the taking of crimea, there were truly desperate times then. and president obama did exactly nothing. it's important to remember, president trump who is providing ukraine with the weapons and money they need to secure their nation. the dimms tried to make the claim president trump abused his power by not following the will of congress, by refusing to allow staff members to comply with subpoenas from congress. how quickly they have forgotten,
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they want to us forget the obama administration that resists congressional subpoenas, including attorney general eric holders refusal to provide documents on fast and furious. >> to bring a couple of these articles you have to contradict the position of president obama. president obama withheld evidence from congress in fast and furious. an investigation, a moronic program that led to the death after federal agent. lou: our first guest is a republican member of the house judiciary committee. he challenged chairman nadler on procedure. he all so-called forking a congressional subpoena of the so-called whistleblower. joining us tonight is congressman guy reschenthaler. it's been a baysy day for you --
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it's been a busy day for you. it was quite a spectacle. somewhat slap-dash on the part of the radical dimms. but there it is. what do you take from today's testimony and from the hours and hours spent listening? >> just more wasted time. we are chasing what i call the ghost of impeachment when we should be work on usmca and work on lowering drug prices for seniors and transportation infrastructure. but we saw jerry nadler and the democrats trying to put a veneer on this impeachment which is just a political hit job on the president. lou: your thoughts on jonathan turley. i described him as the only adult at that witness table. it was extraordinary to see
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three left-wing law professors trying to pretend they were offering up independent, objective, sage counsel. >> professor turley was truly amazing today. i was the one who admitted he had supported hillary clinton. and he was still coming at it from a fair and impartial points of view. he ran roughshod over the other three witnesses and did an excellent job in an impartial way laying out the facts and explaining this is not as clear-cut as jerry nadler and the far-left democrats are trying to make it out to be. lou: i want to turn to your request that the whistleblower be subpoenaed and brought before the committee. what do you think the odds are? >> they should be pretty good. the last time i read the constitution. the accused has the right to confront accuser. we should be able to question
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the person that actually is making the accusation. the unnamed whistleblower. the democrats try to pretend like they care about the constitution. but they can't point to a statute that protects the whistleblower. they have certain protections under the law. but the right to headed behind the cloak of secrecy and lob allegations is not one of them. i would ask, what are they hiding? chairman nadler didn't let my motion come to the floor. they tabled the motion, meaning through procedure just batted my motion down. we are not getting a fair shake here. lou: certainly you are not, and nor do the democrats make any pretense that they will offer otherwise. it is the hypocrisy of this is stunning. the anti-trump bias, though, of these three left-wing law
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professors was stunning. i knew they are all radical left, but i didn't know how radical and how left. it was quite something. and then to go on as if they had just said the -- they picked up milk at the grocery store, they turn to the law which not once did they exalt. not once did they seize upon any sign of deep profound respect for the constitution and the founders' intentions. >> what's so insulting is they try to come and act like they are fair and neutral arbiters of law. we saw how much animosity they have for republicans and this president. it's insulting to republican members and insulting to your everyday american when they try to pretend they are fair and neutral. there was one fair and neutral member on that panel, our
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witness, jonathan turley, who frankly ran roughshod over the other three witnesses. lou: it was a successful two-day summit in london at the nato summit for president trump. but he was not amused by the comments made bid canada's president justice trudeau. he was appearing to be mocking president trump's tardiness because of press engagements. president trump was asked about those comments. and this is we had to say. president trump: he's two-faced.
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i find him to be a nice guy. but i called him out on the fact that he's not paying 2%, and i guess he's not happy about it. lou: first lady not too happy either. waiting for air force won to land at andrews air force base. she decided to respond to a stanford professor's comments today, pamela karlan. here is what the professor said today during her left money about president trump and the first couples youngest son barron. >> article 2 does not give him the power to do anything he wants. i will give you one example that shows you the difference between him and a kid. the constitution said there can be no title of mobility. while the president can name his son baron. he can't make him a baron. lou: the first lady was not
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abused. she tweeted this. a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. pamela karlan, you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering, and using a child to do it. she is educated. no one said that she wasn't ignorant. nancy pelosi's message today to her caucus about the dems' sham impeachment process. the epson ecotank. no more buying cartridges. look at all this ink it comes with. big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges.
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lou: on wall street stocks closing higher. volume on the big board 3.7 billion shares. treasury secretary steven mnuchin expressing serious concern about the ongoing global discussions to rewrite corporate tax rules.
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the treasury secretary warns it could teak long-standing pillars of the tax system. law professor jonathan turley, the standout in the house judiciary hearing ripped apart the dens' face best charges to smear president trump. >> obstruction is a crime with meaning. it has elements, it has controlling case authority. the record did not establish obstruction in this case. what my esteemed colleague said was true. if you accept all their presumption, it would be obstruction. but impeachments have to be based on proof, not presumption. lou: joining us now, independent
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counsel for the whitewater investigation, robert ray. great to have you with us. let's start with the three left-wing professors making no pretense of being anything other than committed partisans of the highest order. or the lowest depending on how you want to look at it. >> jonathan turley was the star. it shows one person who knows what he's talk about beats three people who are biased any day. the democrats didn't even make pretext to fairness to actually have a proceeding that looked like to was equal time given to both sides. so he's right about that. it's the funny thing about these hearings. the truth and fairness and what's right has a funny way of coming out, and it certainly did
10:21 pm
today. lou: despite no effort to provide the president due process. nothing approaching that. but you make an interesting point. because of their horrible conduct in my opinion, particularly professor karlan from stanford bringing in the first couple's son into that hearing. >> that was a cheap shot, and i think it was a below the bar of decency. politics is hardball. but we don't involve the president's family and particularly a minor child. that's out of bounds. lou: the first lady i compliment for not waiting. >> she showed grace as she always does. lou: i want to turn to an interesting strategic element. as much as everyone was focused
10:22 pm
on the president, it became about the three law froa professors. it became about-their unwise approach to their testimony. >> when the witnesses themselves become the focus of the inquiry. when that happens that's not good. this was not a good day for the democrats and their engineered impeachment effort. lou: today even the concept to begin with before the actuality didn't make a lot of sense. suddenly the judiciary committee is taking seriously the constitution? >> john than turley point if we can deal with substance, he was right on target staying the democrats' and regardless interpretation of abuse of power and bribery essentially doesn't leave you with any basis to determine what conduct falls over the line with regard to
10:23 pm
impeachable conduct and what conduct falls short of that line. he made great pains to tell the congress, you ought to think seriously about what you are doing. if you don't have evidence in connection with the call which is the principle basis of this impeachment. that the president made a demand or pressured or coerced the president of ukraine, you don't have a bribery case. to suggest otherwise which is what went on today with the law professors and the democratic ingift tores is doing a great disservice to the country. >> we are going to the substance of the day. we point out previous presidents have defied subpoenas without being even the suggestion -- >> you cannot have a system in which one branch is struggling with another branch over an assertion of privilege.
10:24 pm
and as professor turley quite aptly pointed out, the referee in connection with a dispute between those two branches is the court. they should not be left to complain now and make that the basis of another impeachment article. i don't know how under any circumstance that could be considered fair in the country's best interest. lou: unlikely to be politically sustainable. >> the whole point of this is, aren't you ready to persuade? the only way an impeachment is successful if there is another party to prove they are right. we'll have a partisan, illegitimate impeachment effort to remove this president from office which is dead on arrival in the senate. lou: there was never a floor
10:25 pm
vote unlike previous attempts at impeachment. this has bening wrong headed from the outset. >> it's startling to see. i hope the american people are watching. if they watched today, i would be embarrassed by what i saw. lou: i think most americans are furious at the conduct of so-called educated legal scholars, three of them. >> if you press this you will pay a price ultimately with the american people. that's my firm view. lou: robert ray, thanks so much. we would like to hear your thoughts on this. share your comments. follow me on twitter and facebook. secretary of energy joins us tomorrow evening as well as national security experts kt mcfarland and fred fleitz. coming up next tonight, the
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lou: attorney general william barr says americans need to show more support for law enforcement. as the an event honoring law enforcement officers. he says if communities don't start showing respect for law enforcement, they may lose the protection they have. nancy pelosi is said today to is said to have asked her caucus.
10:31 pm
she asked. are you ready? if you have a problem with impeachment, now is the time to speak up. a source who was in the conference meeting tells fox news no one spoke up to object. pelosi needs 17 of 31 democratic votes who are in trump districts. 17 much them if it is to pass. and that is an open question tonight. joining us is former reagan white house political director, ed rollins. let's start with -- you said in an op-ed for fox news today that you work for four presidents, have never seen partisanship like this. i would ask you. isn't this more than
10:32 pm
partisanship? >> this hatred. my sense is whatever the outcome here, i assume trump wins reelection. you will still have these group who think they can put something else together and come back at him again. the first guy they tried to impeach, johnson who was a racist and lincoln's successor, they went at him four or five times before they got an impeachment. they are going to keep trying to get stuff out of the courts. even if the president wins this, which he will win in the senate, the game is not over. lou: i am not quite sure it many quite as stark as you are intimating. >> are the democrats going to become nice guys? lou: no, but i don't think they are revealing themselves to the american people in a way they
10:33 pm
wouldn't have done if they knew how this day was going to end. professor karlan revealing the ignorance in that reference to the president and the first lady's son. you could watch those three left-wing professors sitting in their chairs spewing partisan nonsense. they were beside themselves. >> bring those four witnesses in, including turley who was superb. to convince the democrats this is why you should impeach him. that was the holt rationale of this thing. without any articles of impeachment, without any crime cells, to try to make a case for bribery on things that happened in monarchies. i would think any parents across this country watching those law
10:34 pm
professors today would say i don't want my kid to go to law school. i want them do something meaningful with their lives. lou: one of the pundits picking up on some of the candidates most preferred are older and whiter. it's not as diverse a field as the democrats at least those speaking up at this point. >> and would have preferred. noise concept of how you win the medium part of the country. lou: some of them are wealthy socialists. >> but they don't fit the country. lou: it's -- >> with a $30 trillion deficit. lou: i remember president trump didn't fit the country because he's too straightforward blah, blah, blah. some people said he was too old,
10:35 pm
too rich. whatever. >> he proved them all wrong and maybe something will come out of this, but i doubt it. lou: at this point, you know, 17 out of 31 districts needed by nancy pelosi for impeachment, does she get 17? >> she is so far over the board at this point in time. you saw the votes today. 24-17 were the votes today. my sense was she would brow beat everybody into submission. >> ed rollins, great to see you. thanks so much. china's new law that allows them to steal data from foreign companies in china. wow, that sounds like a problem. why isn't anybody talking about it?
10:36 pm
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lou: stories we are covering tonight. jerry nadler's judiciary hearing going off the rails. a trio of left-wing law professors not doing as well as i assume jerry nadler would have hoped. the president and first lady returning to washington later this evening. and the trump administration moving forward with tariffs on
10:40 pm
december 15 if there is no phase one trade deal. bloomberg reporting u.s. negotiators expect the deal to be completed before the tariff deadline on the 15th. we heard that jared kushner has not taken an expanded role in china as reuters is reporting. beijing implementing a new law that makes it easier for them to steal data from american companies. their cripping to a i cryptograo effect. joining us is michael pillsbury, he just returned from china and japan, and it's great to see you, mike.
10:41 pm
we have had lot of action right now, apparently behind the scenes on trade, and i want to get your sense of what is going on and where this deal stands. >> there are several deadlines to keep in mind, december 10 the world tornado organization in geneva will no longer be able to function for a dispute settlements because president trump i think wisely for two years now has not named anybody to dispute recognition court. so the wto will be going out of business as of this june. it's been helping china a lot, the famous credit card case. even when china loses they don't implement the finding against them. keep in mind how these talks began a year and a half ago in beijing when both sides leaked their positions.
10:42 pm
leaked the so-called 24 points of what we were demanding of china. the chinese side thrierkd roughly 10 points. neither side succeeded in get waiting wants. but the things were whittled down to the secret agreement. parts of it wa -- were taken ba. parts of it were kept. when bob lighthizer testified in february of this year, that's the first and only time the enforcement mechanism was cribbed in public for how it has to work. that's crucial. monthly meetings of these two bodies, appeals. unilateral american action will be approved. this was the heart of the deal. without congressional hearings while we distract ourselves with impeachment, the president has no real way to tell how strongly the congress is behind it. nadler and schiff in my view,
10:43 pm
they are undermining the president's strength just when he needs it the most to confront the chinese. this data law is obviously outrageous. lou: but there is no response to it, and it's in effect. >> there is a response which is the original american negotiating position would forbid china from coercing technology transfer to china. this law would do that so the law would be ineffective against american companies. we would win in a court in china with that case. but whether that's still in the agreement we discussed now, probably not. a lot of the harder issues are being put off to phase two or phase three. the president wants to get the benefit of phase one locked in, the purchases of agricultural product and get this enforcement mechanism going so the first
10:44 pm
complaints can be tried, assuming there will be and lot of complaints and we'll see if the chinese will abide by the enforcement mechanism. lou: this is a strange architecture you are describing. >> yes, and i'm afraid it's true. >> as i listen to you, it sounds like a wish and a hope that we would have compliance on the part of the chinese. that they will keep their side of the deal. when we have 30 years of history telling us they never do. there is an exception to that that i am aware of. >> there are some exceptions, but when it's in china's interest, they will keep the agreement. one thing the president has spoken about that i strongly favor is substantially increase the tariffs. probably another increase as well to get the chinese attention. as you know, they are relying on our billionaires who come to
10:45 pm
visit and say unfortunate things while they are in beijing. he has an image of weakness because the chinese can't understand impeachment. one chinese friend of mine told me yesterday in tokyo. there is no word in mandarin for impeachment. it just means removal. lou: there is no word in communism. >> the unspeakable topic of joe biden. one chinese scholar showed me a list of public quotations joe biden has said about china including how much he loves xi jinping. it was a speech he gave in australia when he was vice president. so they are crossing their fingers that joe birden wins. lou: up sure they are. or the 14 other candidates. >> they don't like bernie sanders either. lou: he has so much socialist --
10:46 pm
>> he's tough on trade, actually. lou: as i think both parties should be in point of fact. but we know this isn't limited to just the drop by billionaires in america. many on wall treat are operating as foreign agents for the chinese. they continue to do so. and they write books as well. they are a very proud bunch. but they are not a bunch that frankly i can ebb relate to in terms of their philosophy about how this is just a casual convenience this great nation of ours, and they are perfectly willing to risk it. >> they have got a philosophy. they call it globalization. they love it. they think all good things in the past few decades are due to
10:47 pm
globalization and they want more. they can't see that china benefits more than we do from globalization. >> i think it's the reason the president got elected president. concern with globalization and damage to the american worker and farmers and our technology. lou: you name it. this president is all that stands between this country and its assured defendant any. without president trump in the white house, it's very clear the chamber of commerce, the business round table, wall street would throw open the gates to the golden american consumer economy, and we would -- and the devil take the hindmost. >> senator chuck schumer or nancy pelosi will say something or tweet something supporting
10:48 pm
the president on the china trade talks. but they are he bairlsd to support the president so they go silent. it's damaging the president's image in china. i think they believe he's weak because of the impeachment mess. lou: he is not weak. over the force of three years he has done more than any other president in the first three years of his presidency. >> if he raises the tariffs, that will send a message to the chinese which they will receive with a sense of shock. they have been reassured by our billionaires, don't worry about it. this will pass. lou: i will make a wager that the chinese will find this president will shock them with the strength of his position and his decision making. >> with any luck they will blame our billionaires for misleading
10:49 pm
them. lou: i think that sounds like a fair and equitable balanced response on their part. may it be so. michael pillsbury. thank you for being with us. jerry nadler's political theater. theater. we'll talk with corey lewandowski. we'll take that up with him in just one moment. we are coming right back. please stay with us. i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby!
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so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. lou: joining us think it, former 2016 trump campaign manager, and senior advisor to the 2020 campaign. you had your fun times with jerry nadler and the judiciary committee. what did you think of today's event with four law professors holding court. >> clearly the judiciary committee does not get better with age. they were a disaster when i testified in september. what the peckal the american people witnessed. three individuals who were supposed to be constitutional experts whose hatred for donald trump was seething through the
10:54 pm
pores in their body, and one attacked the president's son who is 13 years old. if that doesn't outrage the american people, i don't know what does. jonathan turley admitted he didn't vote for president trump, but the crimes he is accused of that never happened don't rise to the level of impeachment. he's the only person who had credibility on that dais today. when congressman matt gaetz asked the four law froa professors, raise your harden if you have any firsthand information. i give credit to congressman gaetz *. the industry have i on was so grade that pamela had to walk on the other side of the street when she walks by the trump hotel in washington, d.c.? give me a break, lou.
10:55 pm
lou: it's stunning. but there is an up side here. that is the american people who watched that saw what the so-called legal scholars -- who they really are. it was quite a performance. and i think that the nation benefited from what was a very difficult few hours of testimony to put up with. corey, can we talk through the commercial break and we'll take this up in just a minute. we are coming right back with corey in just a minute. the epson ecotank. no more buying cartridges. look at all this ink it comes with. big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. no, it's not in my records. you've got a lot on your plate. deliveries. billy, come in. shift times. i just need to know if it's there. compliance. can i get your 20?
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the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. lou: we are back with corey lewandowski. corey, it's great to have you with us. i do believe this, and i said it throughout the broadcast. that this is benefiting the president. we are look at what the left in this country is and the way in which they conduct themselves as they try to overthrow a president. your thoughts? >> you are exactly right. there is a clip out there and your viewers can find it. this was such a boring incident that jerry nadler fell asleep for a few of seconds. he closes his eyes while one of the people are talking because it was such a boring thing. this is not the way you run a railroad if you are trying to impeach the president. this is helping donald trump. it justified his base getting stronger. it's showing the independence
11:00 pm
that the members of congress elected to go to washington to fix problems, and buy insurance across state lines. lou: see you tomorrow. trish: just when you thought they couldn't go any lower, the democrats have. they did. today in their so-called hearing a supposed unbiased stanford law professor ridiculed with applause the son of the president and melon yeah trump. >> i will show you one different. the constitution says there can be no title of mobility. so while the president can name his son baron, he can't make him a baron. trish: whoever gave that stanford law professor that line out to have their


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