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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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that the members of congress elected to go to washington to fix problems, and buy insurance across state lines. lou: see you tomorrow. trish: just when you thought they couldn't go any lower, the democrats have. they did. today in their so-called hearing a supposed unbiased stanford law professor ridiculed with applause the son of the president and melon yeah trump. >> i will show you one different. the constitution says there can be no title of mobility. so while the president can name his son baron, he can't make him a baron. trish: whoever gave that stanford law professor that line out to have their head examined.
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or perhaps she dreamed it up on her own needs her head examined. anybody who would drag a child into this. pamela karlan is the lowest of the low. tonight that child's mother --'s just 13 years old -- that child's mother is rightly speaking out against this insensitive horrendous professor writing a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. pamela karlan you should be ashamed of your very angry obviously biased a public pandering, and using a child to do it. why do people think it's okay to insult, harass or humiliate the child of a public politician is beyond me. that's disgusting, pathetic behavior.
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it tells you people looking to torch the president have no morals, no compass. they will stop at nothing. it's important to consider the context. from day one the goal has been impeachment of this president. >> it's time for us to impeach this president. >> bullies don't win, and i say baby they don't because we are going to go in there and [bleep] >> i will fight every day until he is impeached. impeach 45. trish: drnlts matter how or what. they were determined. so we lived through the mueller report, the kavanaugh hearings, now ukraine is the buzz word of the moment. like everything else all they have is hearsay, conjecture and a lot of heavy bias. this woman, pamela karlan clearly has her own biases. here she is in 2017.
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>> i got off the bus from dulles and walked up, a walking path which used to be the old office building and is now the trump hotel. i lad to cross the street of course. but -- >> are you staying there? >> god no. trish: it's a bias that has existed through several election cycles. >> when you try to make a joke out of referencing baron trump it does not lend credibility to your argument. it makes it look like you are attack someone's family, the minor child of the president of the united states. trish: matt gaetz asked her about her donations. there have been many donations to everybody democratic candidate in recent years. that's bias. this is the best they have got. they expect americans to believe
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the legal expertise of a biased law professor who donated to a series of democrats and had the audacity to attack a child on national television. the democrats sealed their fate today. it's over. you don't insult a kid. congressman zeldin, this was to me beyond the beyond. it shows you how it low they will go. >> it was so low, and this is something you were seeing play out in regards to other answers to other questions over the course of the entire hearing. she came in totally biased and completely unhinged. you hear the word triggered a lot. the source of don, jr. book, this is what played out since the election of donald trump. this woman is totally unhinged by the election of donald trump. she was in one respect a perfect
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witness for the democrats to bring in because she was going to tell them whatever they wanted to hear about how the president based on her theories of constitutional law absolute lire must be impeached. but it was so obvious there is a lot of hate that she had, that the harvard law professor had as well. you saw when they asked him if it was okay, does it matter that the aid was released anyway, ukraine didn't have to do any new investigations. then you get your answer, no, it doesn't matter. all of a sudden the other 97% of the facts just don't matter. trish: they have their narrative. they solved the equation. he needs to be impeached. so now they have to figure out how. you have all this bias and conjecture. it's incredible. you are talking about undoing the will of 63 million american
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voters. people went and voted for him. it seems to me before you change all that, you want your facts to line up. >> it was just yesterday that adam schiff presents his report. so the next day you are going to have this first judiciary hearing. schiff hasn't provided the underlying evidence to support his report. and you are having these three people come as your witnesses and you have the four professors answering questions, oftentimes squadron to weigh in on facts just to focus on on schiff's version, schiff's fairytale, relying on presumptions, guesses and hearsay. the first witness coming before us should have been adam schiff. that's why you had ken starr as the independent counsel come and present his report in person. put his money where his mouth
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is. raise his hand, take an oath, answer questions from republicans, democrats and president clinton's attorney. what happened today, you are bringing the facts before the judiciary committee, and someone is able to answer questions from president trump's attorney. but you had hyper partisan hugely biased to try to take down the president's young teen aged son to insult him. it's disgusting. trish: i thought people learned their lesson with chelsea clinton that children were off limits. you didn't see people going after the obama children. rightly so. kids don't deserve that. it's completely unnecessary. they can't defend themselves. they are kids for goodness sake. for them to do that on national television. >> hunter biden is off limits. trish: he's a grown man.
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the conflicts of interest he created. the huge money he got paid with no energy experience and no ukrainian experience. at the heart of the -- of this entire impeachment narrative and hunter biden is off limits. but baron trump is not? give me a break. i'm not done with this story. i'm not done calling out that liberal law professor. also tonight, another story the liberal network probably won't touch. democrat candidates trying to get you to pay up at home. but president trump is trying to get liberal european leaders to pay up over there. president trump: they created
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different' hard for the united states to openly trade. this is why he's a good politician. that was one of the greatest non-answers i have ever heard. we'll put them on a payment plan. where are you at in terms of your number. a horrific assault against two brave agents trying to do their jobs and protect the border. this ways happens when american agents are demonized by democrats. >> we have heard about sexual assault allegations here in this facility. by staff. >> replacing i.c.e. with something that reflects our morality. most people think of verizon as a reliable phone company. but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next.
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at your local xfinity store today. trish: our sources at the texas border patrol sending out more pictures of illegals trying to cross into the u.s. in camouflage. you can see how they went into the background with that military-style gear. one source tells us this is increasingly becoming a trend.
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they sent us these pictures of 12 men who they apprehend. one had been convicted of relationship in tennessee and had been deported into his home country of guatemala malla. two u.s. patrol agents were assaulted in separate incidents. thursday night an agent was assaulted by a 24-year-old guatemalan who illegally entered through the desert. another agent was struck by a man smuggling when the agent's car was hit by the truck. >> one is the literal interpretation. >> un-american, inhumane, and
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highly unpopular immigration policies. >> rewith built our immigration system from top to bottom. starting by replacing i.c.e. >> the administration will always be remembered as one that was very ruthless. >> put i.c.e. in the same category as the kkk? is that what you are asking me? trish: i.c.e. arrested a twice deported illegal immigrant that new york released. they ignored the i.c.e. detainer even after his alleged victim died. precious federal tax dollars are wasted because local police departments are letting these suspects walk free. sanctuary policies shut the poor and they hurt the middle class. especially immigrants communities. by making life in these communities more dangerous.
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why would a victim wants to identify an illegal to authorities knowing he would easily be released back into the community itself. there is a rule called the law' unintended consequences. and liberals in their attempt to help immigrants are actively hurting the same immigrant communities that they are trying to protect. that's the reality of the situation right now. think about new york city. nypd refused 3,000 detainer requests sent to hem by i.c.e. 3,000 criminals are walking free because of political disputes between the left and the right. joining me a border patrol agent. you see a lot there every day. walk us through what's happening with these people coming across in camouflage and how difficult they are to track and trace.
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>> good evening to you and your viewers. i think the pictures definitely say a thousand words. those are challenges that our border patrol agents out patrolling our border in the big bend sector and the entire u.s. border are dealing with every day. those are the extents they go to to try to evade detection by our border patrol agents. giving them special shoes to try to leave less another prints on the ground. when we talk about the challenges we face, those are the challenges out there every day. dealing with the humanitarian crisis where we saw 35% to 4. >>oo -- to 40% of our manpower dealing with children. trish: does it feel
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overwhelming? >> it is. i'm immensely proud of our agents. they go out and do a tremendous job every day with the focus of protecting this country and protecting the people in it. they do tremendous work despite the challenges. trish: they have the resources in trying to deal with the families coming through in camouflage. what about the political challenges when you hear democrats saying what they are saying about i.c.e. or people trying to patrol the border? frankly, to keep people in those communities safe. how does that make you feel as somebody who devoted your life and career to trying to enforce the rules? >> i respect people's rights to say what they believe. but my over 22 years with the border patrol, the work our agents do, our partners in the office of field operations, partners within dhs and
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including i.c.e. they are phenomenal people. they go out and do present work every day. they are working in harsh conditions, oftentimes without the resources they need to do their job. but they are enthusiastic about it. they are focused on doing a good job. it's upsetting when you hear people make comments about men and women who are sacrificing a lot of themselves to do those jobs. we tell our folks, focus on the work we are doing, focus on the good job, be proud of that job. trish: thank you for all you are doing. good to see you. coming up, the identity politic party is facing an identity crisis now that kamala harris is out. >> white faces on the stage. >> a white debate stage. >> no black on that stage. trish: how could this
11:20 pm
progressive liberal bastion end up with only white people on the stage? coming up, the liberal voters who want to raise your taxes. you just can't manage to donate a couple bucs a piece to keep kamala going? democrat candidates are so busy to try to get taxpayers to shell out at home while the president is overseas trying to get liberal european leaders to pay up over there. the story the media refuse us to give trump credit for. >> they created barriers making it hard for the united states to openly trade. this is why he's a great politician. that was one of the greatest non-answers i have ever heard. put them on a payment plan. where are you now in terms of your number. >> we are at 1 at fidelity, online u.s. stocks and etfs are commission-free.
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trish: it's about time someone set the record straight with pompous europeans who rely on the united states for handouts. the canadians and the europeans are jealous that president trump is getting all the attention. they are unaware of the cameras and microphones. trish: they sounds like a group of catty high school students. they are a bunch of wannabes
11:26 pm
scrambling for attention on the world stage. president trump: he's two-faced. trudeau is a very nice guy. but the truth is i called him out on the fact he's not paying 2%, and i guess he's not very happy about it. trish: two-faced all right. he claims to be for equality while wearing black face. macron is it there saying nato is in a state of brain death. you wonder why that is. the members don't even contribute their minimum amount. president trump: we are no longer the suckers, like with nato. we protect europe. we spend hundreds of billions of dollars and they don't pay their fair share. they were supposed to pay. president trump: the united
11:27 pm
states pays for a very big share of nato. a disproportionate share. i told the people of nato standing behind me, they are delinquent. they haven't been paying. i said you have got to pay. trish: if you want to have some power, europeans, do what you agreed to do. put your money where your mouth is. get your politics over there. easier said than done. after being called out by the united states, by donald trump, and it's funny how once it is their own money instead of ours they begin to recognize the futility weighed down by cumbersome european bureaucracy.
11:28 pm
these countries have been playing us for fools for decades. that's the reality of it. they call the * crude for calling them out. but no other president was gutsy enough to say what america was thinking. instead these meetings had become kumbaya photo-ops. while the president obama was telling the world how bad america is. >> the united states is working through some of our own darker periods in our history. we at times have been disengaged and at times we sought to dictate our terms. trish: meanwhile the left in europe atwak their catty clause. here it's no better. politicians trying to cut him down while attempting to get
11:29 pm
u.s. taxpayers to pay more. for what? so we can gift to europe to spend? that's what you want us to do? you want us to take our hard-earned money which you will then dole out to the europeans so they can dole out? it's about time someone took charge and called out this needless bureaucracy here at home and abroad. the europeans need to figure it out and we need to stop holding their hand. joining me now, pennsylvania congressman scott perry. >> good evening, trish. trish: i'm amused by this. macron is saying maybe it's not all it's cracked up to be, nato. now, you realize it's your own darn money you have to sing into this thing. >> it's been 30-40 years. now suddenly they are interested
11:30 pm
in how well nato will do and what its real function is. it has taken president trump to do it. they said he was irresponsible and taking on our nato allies. but arguably nato is in a better position than it has been in decades because of president trump's actions. now the people depending on nato for their national security are taking a look and saying will this even work? that's what they should be doing. they need to have skin in the game. it's their country they are trying to defend. trish: what do you think of the cattiness? do you think there is jealousy? you are trudeau. in walks donald trump. all the cameras go to him and all the attention goes to him. all the reporters are asking him
11:31 pm
questions. do you think there is an element of what's going on here for the other guy? >> i think they have been used to leading the united states around by the nose for decades and decades. the united states even apologizing for its actions. meanwhile, paying the bills. this guy comes in and says we are not going to apologize for being the greatest nation, the on super power on the planet defending you andfying d and --g to do it. and we'll expect something from you for the hard-earned tax dollars of american taxpayers. they are not used to that. trish: i wonder if it goes further. the competitiveness of politicians on that world stage. it's a little grating to see all the cameras focused on the president of the united states instead of trudeau and merkel
11:32 pm
and macron. >> they are used to their diplomatic speech, take the check from the united states and go about their failed policies. all of a sudden the plain-talking american comes in and calls them out and i am sure their residents and their bosses look at that and say how come our guy isn't saying things that way that we understand. i think that's getting under their skin. trish: whether they like it or not, they are saying i have to put this money into nato. so let's make sure nato works. >> isn't that what we all want in that's what we all want, right? trish: exactly. accountability. the party diversity couldn't support one of its most dweshes candidates. and the liberal media is freaking. >> white faces on that stage. >> a white debate stage.
11:33 pm
>> no black on that stage. trish: the liberal voters want to raise your taxes to pay for enormous social programs but they couldn't donate a few bucs to keep kamala harris in the race. burgess owens is reacting to this hypocrisy of the dems and their identity crisis next. this is the epson ecotank color printer. no more buying cartridges. big ink tanks. lots of ink. print about... this many pages. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. get a no-fee personal loan thlook at all this ink no more bit comes big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. trish: kamala harris is out of the 2020 running. but the left is upset about it. they are bemoaning the fact that their top-tier candidates are all white. >> this becomes an older and whiter field for the top-tier candidates. >> the field is looking a lot whiter and a lot older. >> the debate will be made up of
11:38 pm
white contenders. >> it's sad to a six white candidates on stage. trish: maybe it showcases the very sad state of the democratic party at a time in which identity politics is everything to democrats. why is the on african-american female dropping out? i would ask the dems that question. where are your millions in $20 in donations to help her compete. you can't scrounge up $20 to help elect your first female black president? he whine and complain. but are they willing to put their money where their mouth is? clearly not. they can say they are progressive and all about inclusion. but the reality is they are not. pony up a few bucs. you could have kept her in the
11:39 pm
race. joining me now, -- crimes promoting you. former nfl player, burgess owens. i know you are running for congress and i wish you have lots of luck on that. let's get to kamala harris. i know she is not everybody's panacea. but she was the only black american woman on that stage with real potential to see it through until the final round. but she needed the support of small donors. she needed the support of grass rooghts. she didn't get it. this is the same party that's all about inclusion and diversity. where were they when it came to backing her? >> that's a good question. let's go back quickly. i grew up in the deep south where they taught common
11:40 pm
experience and critical thinking. someone who judges the needs and divides people based on their color is race i'm. the d racism. the democratic party is trying to turn my race inning to angry racist. black elitism is people who abuse and use our race. the reason' kamala harris won't be successful. she represents the socialist of the democratic party and the black americans are so done with this. 70% of black americans are positive about president trump. they are so done with the promises. if some are scared of the left,
11:41 pm
i'm so proud of a race that's finally waking up and look at principles and values. we have woken up. we are truly woke. harris and berke and the rest of the democratic black politicians will get their due when they realize who their enemy has been. trish: you look at the unemployment rate among african-americans in this country. it's the lowest it's ever been. it's the lowest it's been for women and hispanics. look at the minority groups. they are faring better in the trim economy. so do black americans say wait a second. things are kind of good? things are better maybe i should listen to different viewpoints rather than what the democrats are feeding me.
11:42 pm
>> the sea change happening, and i'm excited to see it. i have been around washington for years as a black american. to see black americans saying i am tired of this mess, i'm tired of the misery. it takes effort to bring the misery of millions of people. it's not by accident it's a policy misery. black america is waking up saying i don't care with the left is saying. if my kids can have a good education. if my family is stronger. believe me, president trump is delivering on his promise. trish: i don't think it's exclusive to the black community. black or white. even male and female, i think americans are saying is my life better now. do i feel like i'm safer and have more chance at economic
11:43 pm
prosperity? when you check yes for those boxes, you start to say maybe this guy isn't as bad policy-wise as the left tries to make him out to be. it's pretty simple. >> that's my message. burgess4utah. if you look at this for all americans. i am so thankful we have people standing up and left is going crazy because they don't know how to stop it. trish: coming up. i'm not done calling out that liberal anti-trump professor who thought it would be acceptable to attack the president's 3-year-old son. >> when you try to plaictle joke out of referencing barron trump,
11:44 pm
it makes you look mean. the minor child of the president of the united states. trish: they are pretty mean. i have had enough of the people who think it's okay to attack first lady, to attack her son. i'm taking this professor on next. first the nation that chants death to america and burns our flag. the nation president obama made a deal with, iran, is demanding $130 billion in reparations because of trump sanctions. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get.
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trish: it's not just far left entertaining the thought of rep raitions. iran. iran is demanding $130 billion because of president trump's sanctions which iran believes caused enormous harm. you know what's amazing for all of this? there is no individual
11:49 pm
responsibility whether you are talking about the left or talking about iran. no one in iran's government is willing to say to themselves, maybe we shouldn't have shot up the american drones or moving forward with our nuclear aspirations. if we want a trade relationship with the united states we should probably understand that the u.s. doesn't like all that so much. no, they fire back with $130 billion in reparations and are threatening to annihilate the u.s. if we don't comply. good luck, guys. they used to pull this stuff with obama, and sure enough they get what they ask for. but there is a new policy now. because we have a new president now. joining me, steven yates. it's good to see you, steven. iran -- should figure why not take a spot in the dark.
11:50 pm
tell america they have to pay us $130 billion or else? >> it's a clever idea. it does remind the world. this is not rocket science. there are two simple things we can do to have a more normal relationship. stop exporting terrorism and forsake your nuclear weapons program in a verifiable way. they have a long civilizational history of respectable people who are getting fed up with this elitist top-down thee so krats that don't have their interests at heart. trish: they are saying we are working for you. we are telling the u.s. they have to pay the $130 billion. rather than own up to their own inabilities which are quite obvious. >> their people don't profit from the pursuit of the nuclear
11:51 pm
weaponso upon. the people don't profit by the destabilization of their neighbors in the region. the educated ones, i think they would like to have a more friendly and cooperative relationship with the world and the united states. it's a shame that we had weakness. trish: they need to change leadership if they want to get that done. the white house is considering sending 14,000 troops into the middle east to counter iran. i know the president never wanted to send american troops anywhere unless he really needs to. is this a plan should iran do something disastrous that you regret forever. >> i think president trump has been very, very clear that he's not in the invade and occupy nation building business. he's not enamored with the model of the iraq or afghanistan war.
11:52 pm
when he's looking to redeploy troops like this. one could reasonably discern this is meant to show if iran does something that's transnation and provocative. the united states will stand by our allies. regional leaders need to stand up for themselves. these are two healthy adjustments he brought into this conversation. trish: do you really think they will do anything this stupid? >> stupid is as stupid does. there is nothing that's out of the cards. as the regime becomes fragile, you can't say they won't try to do extreme things to cover up for their failures to deliver for their own people. trish: there is a suggestion china's population is far better
11:53 pm
positioned for economic growth. chinese students are off the charts in these tests, performing better than any other developed country. if we stay object this course are we to become running the risk of turning into france? i don't know. france, take your pick. you can be -- you get kind of happy and lazy. the chinese are really working for it. how do we make sure we stay competitive in this global environment? >> get the p.c. out of the classroom and get back to facts that can be used to make people employable and productive. the chinese can't teach entrepreneurship, invasion. what makes us great is competitiveness, capitalism, all
11:54 pm
the thing it left is campaigning to undermine. we have to get these things back into the classroom to empower our kids to compete. if we do these things we'll do fine up against the chinese. if we allow p.c. to take over our classrooms and squeeze out this necessary curriculum, that's where we have a problem. kennedy, a woman who believes in capitalism. kennedy: amen. hallelujah. tonight we are going -- it's wednesday night, trish. you know what that means. it's game night on the kennedalia show. it's a quote from outer president trump, joe biden or random celebrities. trish: you play some really good games there. coming up next. liberals think it's okay to call out the first lady and now the
11:55 pm
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wiley make his name his son bear and you in a baron. that was a legal scholar, a law professor at stanford pamela carlin trying to make a wisecrack there about the president's 13-year-old son. and to try and make her. she's a 13-year-old. i don't know where we are as a country were somehow people think it's okay to target a child? i mean a 13-year-old kid who had nothing to do with anything, didn't ask for any of this. his mother, melania trump, rightly stood up to this woman and called her out. now professor karlan is issuing a weak apology too little too late. here it is. >> i want to apologize for what i said earlier about the president's son. it was wrong of me to it do that. i wish the president would apologize obviously for the things he's done that's wrong.
12:00 am
but i do regret having said that. >> you don't go after kids. that was wrong. i mean that just crosses a line. where you are really showing your true strength in how mean you really can be. not cool. ♪. kennedy: not cool. if today's eight hours of constitutional experts droning on and on and on and on about impeachment. but did it go anything like an the democrats direction? well today was day one of the house judiciary committee's big hearing, their job is to decide whether or not to impeach the president for his with ukraine. there were witnesses the and their testimony is parked protectable at best. watch. >> the evidence reveals a president who use the powers of his


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