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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 5, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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that the members of congress elected to go to washington to fix problems, and buy insurance across state lines. lou: chef it i. cheryl: debating the legality of impeachment on capitol hill, four law professors go head to head as democrats lay the ground work to include the mueller report findings in their push to get the president out of office. ashley: one comic has a hilarious response that's going viral this morning. cheryl: taking the term p shop holeishopaholic to a whole new . the scary amount of americans mittinadmiting to shopping while driving. it is thursday, november 5th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now.
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♪ ♪ cheryl: that will wake you up, 5:00 this morning in new york. ashley: good morning. cheryl: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm cheryl casone. ashley: i'm ashley webster. cheryl: the markets are looking good right now. we have green arrows across the board. we are waiting for earnings from kroger, tiffany, express. the nasdaq is up 22 and-a-half right now. ashley: what's been going on in asia overnight while you've been sleeping, most of the asian markets moving higher. the only fly in the oin the oin.
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cheryl: the dax is a little lower. just went up by a quarter point. democrats say they're all in on impeachment following a marathon day of testimony on capitol hill. four law scholars went head to head over what constitutes he removing a president from office. ashley: hillary vaughn has details. >> reporter: three law professors invited by the democrats to join the house judiciary committee to give their take on the constitutional grounds for impeachment say the information inside the intelligence committee report does meet the standards for high crimes and misdemeanors and is grounds for impeachment. but the sole witness invited by the republicans on the panel disagrees saying the accusations of bribery and obstruction of justice were not met. >> if washington were here today, if he were joined by other frames, what d framers, wk
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they would say about the conduct? >> they would identify that conduct as the abuse of offices they were concerned about. >> the founding fathers would have found president trump guilty, that is simply medical practice with these facts before us. that is just simply pandering to a camera. >> reporter: causing outrage from the white house is a joke that pamela carlin made using the president's teenage son as a president. >> while the president can name his son baron, he can't make him a baron. >> reporter: that line provoked a rare public response from the first lady, melania trump, would tweeted this, a minor child deserves privacy and should be get out of politics. you should be ashamed of you using a child to pander. the report includes personal phone records of phone calls between the president's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani and
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members of the white house and the ranking member of the intelligence committee, congressman devin nunes. house republicans want to obtain the records. lindsey graham is asked to subpoena call records for adam schiff and the unnamed whistleblower. cheryl and ashley. ashley: thank you very much. fox news' peter doocy caught up witupwith joe biden and asked hf he would testify if called by the senate. >> the white house is saying if there's a senate impeachment trial they might like to call you as a witness. is that something you will do voluntarily. >> i'm not going to let them take their eye off the ball. the president is the one that committed impeachable crimes. ashley: the basis for the inquiry resolves around the allegation that president trump
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pressured ukraine to investigate joe biden and a his son, hunter. cheryl: there are trade deals front and center now for president trump now that he's back in washington. >> reporter: president trump is back at the white house, cutting his trip a little bit short in london. the administration juggling a number of different balls in the a air, the usmca negotiations, the talks for the phase one deal in china and the impeachment hearings, talking about trade at the white house. they would like to see that done in congress. usmca ratified in in congress first and foremost. the talks have been ongoing over the past couple days. mexico's top trade negligence othenegotiatorsaying there are e issues that must be overcome. he says he hopes things can be resolved in the coming days. a phase one trade deal with china another issues. sources tell me the last time the heads of the trade teams talked was nine days ago. deputy level talks continue almost you daily. the heads of the trade teams are
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the ones that make the decisions. sources say the administration is going forward with additional tariffs on december 15th from china. the caveat, though, if a phase one deal gets on paper before december 15th or a significant progress is made, then he could decide to hold off on those tariffs. two sources are telling me there's an internal debate in the trade deal. at least one person in the room wants the president to sign a trade deal with china by the next election even if protecting intellectual property gets pushed off into phase two. others are saying the president needs to stand firm and get enforceable trade deal on paper. the important point here is that on the china talks both sides are still talking. back to you. cheryl: thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi weighing in now on an internet content dispute that's actually part of the usmca deal. he pelosi wants p legal protections for online content removed from the agreement. that would be a major defeat for big technology companies, think google, facebook, twitter and
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the like. ashley: senator elizabeth warren making it clear she still has questions for larry page, despite his resignation as alphabet's ceo earlier this week. warren tweeting this, congrats on the move, larry page. quick reminder, we do still expect you to testify before congress and changing your title while staying on the board and retaining control of it will not exempt you from accountability. cheryl: warren is drafting a bill aimed at reversing mega mergers. it would require regulators to review two decades of deals and ban them going forward if she's elected president, obviously. the pentagon shooting down reports that the u.s. is sending additional troops to the middle east. the wall street journal is reporting that president trump was considering sending an additional 14,000 service members as a way to help counter iran. but a pen pentagon spokeswoman tweeted to be clear, the
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reporting is wrong. there are currently 60 to 80,000 service members in the middle east currently. ashley: two people are dead after a u.s. sailor opens fire at the pearl harbor naval shippeshipyard. two people were killed before the shooter turned the gun on himself. a motive is not known the at this time. this comes days before the 78th commemoration of the pearl harbor attack. cheryl: here are other headlines making news this morning. air bag manufacture her tak mana calling for another recall. these are for cars for bmw, toyota, mitsubishi and audi. the defects in the air bags can allow them to explode and send shrapnel into the vehicle during a crash. a number of hospital groups are taking the trump administration to court over a plan that would
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require hospitals to disclose prices that they give insurers on procedures. they argue that making the prices more transparent, public, would violate their first amendment rights. the rule was designed by the trump administration to allow americans to shop around at different hospitals for better prices. transparency. what a thought. all right. and shchipotle says they want tp young farmers and will hold its first farmers friday tomorrow. they promise to donate $1 for every entree purchased, up to $250,000. according to u.s. department of agricultural the average age of a farmer is 58. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. all over the country. yes. the tree across the street from us here, rockefeller center, that was lit last night. the national christmas tree is set to be lit tonight. the funny thing about the rock
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center tree, they did a taping of jon bon jovi for the tree lighting and only 100 people showed up to watch him, for free. so they had to tilt the camera to make it look like -- ashley: it was like john who? cheryl: living on a prayer. ashley: one of my favorites. things are moving slightly higher, certainly the beginning of the week it was a selloff, we made gains yesterday. the dow is up 68 points in the premarket. still ahead, as democrats continue their push for impeachment, the gop witness says not so fast. >> if you impeach a president, if you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. it's your a abus abuse of power. you're doing what you're criticizing the president for doing. ashley: so take that. are democrats lowering the
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standards of the constitution to fit their agenda. we'll get into that. you may have told a white lie to land a job but one woman stretched the truth a bit too much. now she's paying for it big time. details coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ at fidelity, online u.s. stocks and etfs are commission-free. and when you open a new brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk
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the impeachment inquiry. that's what some democrats implied at yesterday's hearing even though the report exonerated the president of any wrong-doing during the 2016 election. joining me you now is joe marino, a former federal prosecutor. it seems to me, throw everything you can at the wall, see what sticks. bringing in the mueller report, is that an a error by the democrats? what does that do? >> i think so. look, the democrats are in a tough position here. because on the one hand, they don't want to admit that a two and-a-half year russia probe essentially came to nothing. on the other hand, they don't want to remind people that the president was in fact exonerated of two and-a-half years of being argued there was russia collusion, just to find out there wasn't. i think what they're doing is they're going to pick and choose and try to piggy back this a attempted obstruction of justice concept from the russia probe onto the ukrainian probe now and
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say, look, maybe one case is not that strong, maybe the other case is not that strong, we lump them together and possibly it looks like a more substantial case. ashley: sounds a bit desperate to me. i don't know how much you got to see of yesterday's action, so-to-speak. we had three professors hand picked by democrats who said of course the president should be impeached and the republican lawyer made a strong case on the other side. this is just a partisan effort anit appears to be that way andi feel like the public is seeing it for what it is. what say you. >> first i've thought it was a missed opportunity as i watched the entire hearing. now having had the night to think about it, i think it was more of a misstep. the democrats had another opportunity to at least provide some level of fairness, some level of objec objectiveity. they got hand picked, highly
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partisan attorneys to speak in lock step on democrat talking points, to say there's nothing to see here, all the evidence is there, it's a lock solid case, no question about it and it almost got worse as the day went on. we heard things like this is worse than watergate, goes to the crux of our democracy. when i hear that exaggeration, that makes me think, look, my case is not strong and the more i have to talk it up, it's an acknowledgement they my case is not strong. ashley: it feels like an empty exercise. we know the senate -- nothing is guaranteed if in life but we're pretty certain the senate is not going to go you along with it. it adds to what the heck are we doing here, seems like a useless exercise. >> there are opportunities here if the democrats wanted to act in good faith to say, look, let's have a real conversation here. let's have fair rules. let's let the republicans call who they want and see what they want. they're not doing that. this is a pure power play. i get it.
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elections have consequences. the democrats have the power and a they're using it. but they're not bringing anyone along for the ride. they're going to get exactly what we were warned by many people what you don't want, which is a one sided, completely partisan impeachment effort which will go nowhere in the senate. ashley: how does this play out. >> reporter: even if they go ahead on the house side, we know it's not going anywhere in the t senate. >> the feedback i get from people all over the place is this is a waste of time. that the democrats had years of telling us there was collusion, there was obstruction, it's right around the corner, this administration, the walls are closing in. how many times we heard that, just to find out there was nothing there. their credibility is shot and i think people are seeing it for what it is, a partisan waste of time. ashley: a i thinoftime. ashley: i think you're right. cheryl: day two of ask's elon s
5:18 am
fiedefamation case wrapped up ad we have details. >> reporter: the basic defense is it is much ado bought nothing, at the very least, much ado about nothing but a tweet. back in july of 2018, the tesla ceo offered to send a mini submarine his company designed to help in the search for a young soccer team and their coach stuck in a flooded cave system in thailand. as rescue driver and the plaintiff in this case was leading an effort to bring the boys out of the cave and in an interview called musk's submarine offer a pr stunt and said this. >> what are your thoughts on elon musk's idea? >> stick his submarine where it hurts. >> reporter: musk responded on twitter, calling him a pedo guy, hence the defamation suit.
5:19 am
musk said it was an off-the-cuff response. he said he was rude and insulting so i insulted him back. it was regrettable. he said of the exchange of insults, quote, i assume he literally didn't mean to sodomize him with a submarine. i literally didn't mean he was a pedophile. he said he was defending his work, saying of the reaction, it denigrating the work of my team, there were a lot of people who worked day and night to be helpful. the trial could end by the end of this week. ashley: thank you very much. interesting stuff. cheryl: interesting sound bite. let's take a look at futures. we've got green arrows this morning. we still have somewhat of a level of optimism about u.s.-china trade talks and we're seeing some of that happening, asian markets, we're seeing it on the futures, dow up 63, s&p up 6 and-a-half, nasdaq up 21.
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>> we don't have enough road to get up to 88. >> roads? where we're going, we don't need roads. cheryl: and uber may not need roads much longer. ashley: what a great line that is. brett larson is here with the
5:24 am
flying details. >> the uber flying cars are on their way, 2023 is when their current ceo says they'll be taking off, electric flying cars. cheryl: okay. >> everybody feel comfortable? there will be -- vtols, vertical take off and landing cars, they're going to be battery operated because battery technology is apparently to the point where batteries can have the energy to lift the weight of themselves, plus the weight of customers. ashley: does it come included with the car? >> i certainly hope so. with the flying cars, pay attention to the fuel gauge or the battery level. ashley: do you really buy this, brett? >> we've been talking about flying cars for 25 years. cheryl: he's saying three years. he's saying three years. i don't think i believe that. >> i don't know. i've seen several examples of some proof of concept flying cars, proof of concept electric flying cars. had they still look kind of
5:25 am
clunky and like they've got a far way to go before i think most people are going to feel comfortable getting into them. no mention of whether or not they will have pilots. we've got the uber blade service, which is helicopter service, which will fly you between city centers and airports. there you have a professionally trained pilot behind the controls and in this instance it might be a driverless flying car. i don't know how people are going to take to this. we have to see what the cost is. certainly, if traffic -- if you're in los angeles or here in new york, traffic can be pretty bad. of course you're going to want to fly over it, ala the jetsons, see where it goes. cheryl: text and driving is bad enough. now there's a shopping trend, people are shopping and driving at the same time. >> what better thing to do, than start flipping through the sales on amazon or -- ashley: 39%. >> 39% of americans say they
5:26 am
shop while driving. people, put the dang phone down. male drivers are worse. i know that's a big surprise. cheryl: i would have thought it would be women. >> most men, they already know where they're going, we don't have to stop and ask for direction, we don't have to pay attention to the gps, so we have the bandwidth available to start shopping behind the wheel. whatever you do, if you get in a car accident while shopping, don't tell the police that because you're definitely going to get in trouble for that. ashley: there are so many people, you just look and see the other person, they're literally -- >> glancing up and- ashley: and to think that they're shopping which takes so much attention to detail. >> it's so dangerous. every second you take your eyes off the road, like -- cheryl: i know we have to run. this week i've been walking and
5:27 am
shopping. i was actually walking down the street and i was doing cyber monday shopping on my phone. >> not window shopping? cheryl: i was on my phone and shopping. >> you're not going to hurt anybody, just yourself. ashley: you can catch brett on fox news headlines, 24/7. never a break, on sirius xm channel 115. let's take a look at a how your money is doing this morning. u.s. futures as cheryl said, moving higher, picking up on what we saw in asia. it was mostly positive. the dow up 66 points at this hour. coming up next, p kamal kamala s out of the race. the race for her donors just beginning. we've been talking about this a lot. peloton responding to the recent backlash over its holiday ad. this comedian's response takes the cake. >> six days in a row. are you surprised? i am a. but my marriage is still intact. let's get on the bike.
5:28 am
>>.ashley: more of the video that's going viral when we return on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ you can keep the fire burning. ♪ let it keep us warm. ♪ the world will keep on turning. ♪ let it turn you on. ♪ let us not stop learning. ♪
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ashley: here's your morning cheat sheet, the top headlines to get you through the day. the search for a motive after a sailor opens fire at pearl harbor, killing two shipyard workers and injuring another. the shooter, an active duty u.s. navy petty officer, also killed himself. investigators just trying to figure out how the weapon got onto the base. the pentagon shooting down reports that the u.s. is sending additional troops to the middle east. the wall street journal reporting president trump was considering sending an additional 14,000 service members as a way to help counter iran. and beginning to look a lot like christmas, the national
5:32 am
christmas tree set to be lit by president trump and the first lady tonight. cheryl: staying in washington, with camp camp dropping out of the democratic -- kamala harris dropping out of the democratic primary, the race is to get her donors. cory booker, amy clone r char ks expected to reap the benefits. who is going to benefit the most from wall street democratic donations. it's interesting, because we've had a lot of off the record comments circulating, saying the big donors are getting phone calls, biden, buttigieg, because they're trying to be quoted by the wall street donor who liked kamala harris' leftist views. where do you think it goes? >> i think joe biden is a great
5:33 am
candidate for some of those donors. kamala harris, when she announced, really got a lot of excitement from not just people on wall street, but also in california as well, california is a huge donor base for the democratic party. the day she dropped out, she had a wall street fundraiser just hours ahead of time. so i think joe biden's an excellent candidate. pete buttigieg has a large amount of billionaires proportionally as part of his donor base. i think those two you will definitely see as they're leading in the polls as some of the top candidates. cheryl: we're seeing reports that pete buttigieg sent an e-mail to wall street democrats saying i've got scheduled events in town. they really pounced on this. he's got events coming up and also joe biden as well. but it looks like joe biden seems to be from what we're hearing the more viable centrist candidate from a wall street perspective. someone like an elizabeth warren or bernie sanders isn't going to get that wall street money. >> i think that's exactly
5:34 am
right. buttigieg is a little all over the place in terms of policy. when he first announced he was a young progressive, now he's shifting back to the middle. joe biden is a politician who has long-standing ties with the financial community. that was a liability for him in 2008. it's a little bit of a liability for him now. this is a guy that a lot of these funders have known for decades. he's predictable. most of his policy plans are already out. he he's not trying to tack left. he's probably going to tack further to the center if he's the eventual democratic nominee. he's definitely a safe choice. cheryl: according to the center for responsive politics, pete buttigieg is leading rivals when it comes to security investment industry contributions, about $1 million by the end of september. that's the latest numbers. that may change with kamala harris dropping out. elizabeth warren went on to bloomberg, the television network, and took a real hit at michael bloomberg, saying she
5:35 am
doesn't think elections should be bought. do you think that that appearance is going to resonate? >> i mean, i'm not sure what bloomberg tv's actual awe audiee is. i think most people who watch bloomberg are probably in the financial industry, they probably already have an industry of elizabeth warren one way or another. but this is part of a general strategy beyond just trying to reach people who watch bloomberg. if you recall a month or two ago, senator warren took out an ad on cnbc attacking their own contributors, attacking billionaires on that. i think this is a general strategy to really bring the fight to the billionaires' doorstep. cheryl: elizabeth warren seems to scare a lot of folks on wall street because of her progressive plans and the way she plans to pay for those plans. thank you very much for being here. >> thanks for having me. ashley: now on to this issue that's getting a lot of play. peloton responding to backlash it received for a recent advertisement. the company says while it is
5:36 am
disappointed at what it calls the misinterpretation of the commercial, it also received an outpouring of support from those that understand what we are trying to communicate, that's from peloton many this week, we asked you who you be offended if your significant other gifted you exercise equipment? here's the response. 44% of you said yes. 56% said no. so more said no than yes. by the way, a viewer rose wilson said no, lol, i told my significant other to be like that guy and i want a peloton. another viewer said a real girl would be like, what. cheryl: okay. ashley: how about this. this has been getting a lot of play. a brooklyn comic had a hilarious response to the ad and it's going viral this morning. >> a peloton? my husband got me a peloton for christmas. nothing weird about that. thank you. you get me. i'm a little nervous. my husband got me a [bleep]
5:37 am
workout bike for christmas and that's rude. my husband's sleeping soundly. i couldn't sleep a week. what kind of sociopath gets their wife a bike. a year ago, i didn't realize how much this would change me. babe, i want a divorce. [ laughter ] ashley: that's great. cheryl: marriage over, sweetie. lauren and i talked about this, we both love to exercise. neither of us would have been offended. ashley: i was going to ask you. cheryl: i would love to have a peloton. i think they're great. ashley: 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 each. that's a heck of a gift. throw in a vacuum cleaner, then you've got a problem. cheryl: don't give me the vacuum. that will annoy me. the dow is up 116, s&p up 12 and-a-half, nasdaq up 4 40 and-a-half. i'll take a roomba. coming up, joe biden has found a
5:38 am
way to pay for his tax plan, includes targeting top companies and the wealthy. would you pay for a restaurant server's healthcare? that's what one restaurant wants you to do as their customer. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ you better work, work. ♪ you better work, work. ♪ you better work, work. ♪ you better work, work. ♪
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ashley: democratic presidential hopeful joe biden unveiling a
5:41 am
$3.2 trillion plan to tax wealthy americans and corporations, maybe such as as amazon and netflix. michael lee here, altiem wealth portfolio manager and market strategist joining us in studio this morning. thanks for being here. $3.2 trillion, as we've seen with mr. sanders and ms. warren, go after the rich, go after the corporations. what's wrong with that? >> well, look, you either believe that money grows quicker in the private sector or in the public sector and if you believe that capital grows quicker in the public sector, i have a bridge i want to sell you. [ laughter ] ashley: the problem is, what they don't understand, you tax, you tax, you tax, companies go overseas because that's what you would do and that has a rip pell effect through the economy. >> you need be competitive on a global scale, no different than two stores selling the same goods across the street from each other. you need to have competitive pricing. the u.s. had the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. we've now changed that and
5:42 am
you've also changed the regulatory environment here and as a result we have the greatest labor market in the history of our country and one of the strongest economies in the entire world. why would you reverse that. ashley: you mentioned the labor market, 180,000 jobs projected to be created in november. we had a disa appointing adp number in the private sector this week. is the labor market softening? >> when you're at this point in the cycle, there's only so many more jobs you can add. so we have over 7 million job openings in the labor market right now, and 5.6 million people unemployed. this friday it will be interesting to see what we see in the labor market number. i say be cautious about the headline number, it's going to get revised twice. the adp number can have wide divergences. you'll have gm wor workers comig back online online and hiring fe
5:43 am
census. ashley: saudi aramco, the world's biggest ever new listing, the ipo. how can you get into this? it's on the saudi exchange, right. it's debuting. >> i don't really -- at some point there will be an adr listing on the new york stock exchange, i don't know if it's the new york stock exchange or the nasdaq. this is a yield play, it's not a sexy ipo. this will be a yield play. they want to pay 5% dividend. for dividend investors that are comfortable with energy names -- ashley: it's a good dividend. >> energy stocks track the price of oil. it's a small sector, small sector of the s&p 500. so i just -- it's not that sexy but if you like a good, solid company that's going to pay a yield and you're okay with the saudi government managing it, then maybe you can buy some. ashley: we're out of time but we got through it all. michael lee, thanks so much. cheryl: here's some other headlines making news this morning. general motors and south korea's
5:44 am
lg kim announced a joint venture in lordstown ohio. they're going to make batteries for electric vehicles. they're expected to invest more than $1 billion each into the plan. it will be staffed by the uaw's union. details to come. wework setting a surprising company record in december, opening 52 new buildings in cities you across the world this month including 24 in the u.s., canada and and israel. this comes after they shelfed plans for an ipo. the co-founder adam newman stepped down back in september. if you think you're a good tipper, think again. a james beard award winning restaurant in las vegas wants customers to tip in a little more to go for the employee's health insurance. the surcharge would go directly to employees. they're hoping this is something that might catch on. this is catching on, a cat video
5:45 am
taking the internet by storm because of -- well, let's just play the video. listen. [indieindiscernable] cheryl: if you listen closely, it sounds like the cat is saying well, ha. it's because the internet was made for cat video. ashley: i think that's a bit of a stretch. cheryl: i kind of thing it is did. ashley: i'm from nashville, so i can hear it. we're bringing small town america into your home, a look at a town that some say is out of a norman rockwell painting. a new survey shows some gift-givers may not be so selfsless. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ beverly hills, that's where i
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cheryl: we are continuing here on "fbn: a.m." to search the country for the best small towns in america. had ithis week's your town is ie tri-state area. some say that clinton, new jersey is right out of a norman rockwell painting and it's just 50 miles out of new york city. let's bring in the mayor, janet kovach. you say people go to their town and think they're in the middle of a beautiful painting. >> it's not what you think when you think out of new jersey. some say what exit off the turnpike. we're part of a rural community that dates back to the
5:50 am
revolutionary war. town itself is 2700 p. cheryl: the actual town itself. you've got big business there's. i think that proximity to new york probably helps. exxon mobil has got offices there and unicom global. tell us about them. why did they choose the town? >> the site they're at was the old merck site. it made sense to them, the location, the proximity to airports and the businesses they work with. cheryl: what about fun things to do there? >> clinton, the red mill is one of the most photographed locations in the state of new jersey. cheryl: we're looking at pictures now. they're beautiful. >> we do the haunted mill in october. if you want to get a good scare, that's a good place to go. we have people lining up for hours to get in. and then it's just this friday's our papa raid. cheryl: the rubber duck erase, i want to come to -- ducky
5:51 am
race, i want to come for that. >> you have to go in the river and collect the ducks as they come over the falls. cheryl: then never mind. and the spruce run reservoir. people can go fishing there. >> fishing, boating, swimming. cheryl: what do you think attracts people to live there? >> the proximity to the city makes it easier. my husband travels into the city for work. it's a small town. everyone knows everyone. i grew up there. when i was having my family, i knew i wanted to come back to that place where my kids could buy ice cream, go to the candy store, grab a slice of pizza and as they're out and about, we watch a out for one another. we watch out for one another's children. it's just this great sense of family and it's the businesses, it's the residents, it's the people that come in to enjoy what we have to offer. cheryl: and there's a lot of history there. >> there's a loo lot of histo. we date back to the revolutionary war. the rumor is that the first
5:52 am
order of the minute men was established at the tavern in 1775. cheryl: the pictures are beautiful. you're right, as someone from texas and arizona, when i came here, i thought the newark airport represented new jersey. i think this story tells you that new jersey is something completely different. >> so much more. cheryl: thank you so much for jolting in. >>-- coming in. >> things for having me. ashley: coming you up, how far would you go to get the job of your dreams? good question. one woman taking extreme measures to reach her goal. we'll explain. and yesterday we asked about the criticism of rudolph the red nosed reindeer. what criticism? about the movie. you responded in a big way. some of your comments on that burning issue, next. ♪
5:53 am
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ashley: mike joins us now, a woman who took a lie too far. >> don't lie on your resume because you might end up like this woman, she's from australia, applied and got a job
5:56 am
that paids up to $180,000. made up references and the companies for her past job history, when they called she . she still got the job. [laughter] ashley: look at that. >> she showed up to work, she's like what's going on here. ashley: that's not kate upton. >> upwards to 2 years in prison for lying. ashley: i have to relook at my resume now. a new trend sweeping the nation, it's called we gifting, what the
5:57 am
heck? >> we gifting, you buy somebody else a gift. 75% of americans admitted to doing this, 46% parents said they've done it to their children. i have to admit that i did do this with former girlfriend. we were talking about when she was growing up she liked playing nintendo videos and nintendo came out with new system and i bought it to her because i wanted to play it, needless to say we don't date anymore. >> yesterday we asked the viewers that we thought rudolph the red nose reindeer has been banned, our twitter feed blew
5:58 am
up, 100% said no way, one viewer wrote, people who think that's bullying should be ban. doug said absolutely ridiculous, rudolph wins in the end. >> exactly. >> you did the story with us and our viewers went nuts about this. >> a classic story, if anything rudolph becomes better at the end, calm down, people. >> i hate to say this, is this a millennial snowflake story. i hate to throw under the bus but feels like it. >> people want to complain. ash amblook, the fact remains
5:59 am
there's bullying and it's horrible. look at this. >> it's all good. [laughter] >> i want go back to we gift. i realized it was a we gift. >> i sent photos of you. [laughter] ashley: we gifting, of course, who has done that? regifting. cheryl: i will do that this year. >> house appliances. ashley: good stuff. cheryl: we will be back tomorrow. over to maria bartiromo. maria: thursday december 5th, just before 6:00 a.m. on the
6:00 am
east coast, u.s.-china trade talks and that once again moves markets. this as beijing warns the u.s. against taking any action against nontrade issues and the treatment of uyghuys. s&p futures up 11, nasdaq futures higher by 35. targeting corporate america, former vice president joe biden unveils a $3.2 trillion tax plan, we have all the details this morning, game-changers, billionaire steve cohen could become majority owner of new york mets valuing the team at 2 and a half billion dollars, also in sports yankees teams up with amazon on a streaming deal, all that right here right now mornings with maria begins right now.


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