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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 5, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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east coast, u.s.-china trade talks and that once again moves markets. this as beijing warns the u.s. against taking any action against nontrade issues and the treatment of uyghuys. s&p futures up 11, nasdaq futures higher by 35. targeting corporate america, former vice president joe biden unveils a $3.2 trillion tax plan, we have all the details this morning, game-changers, billionaire steve cohen could become majority owner of new york mets valuing the team at 2 and a half billion dollars, also in sports yankees teams up with amazon on a streaming deal, all that right here right now mornings with maria begins right now.
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♪ ♪ maria: big show this morning, joining the conversation fox business dagen mcdowell, the host of the secrets of wealthy women podcast verónica is here and entrepreneur kevin oleary. do you want to take money to the sidelines until a deal is done? >> i come to the conclusion the market won't care because what's really occurring here is we have back tax, value-added tax on chinese goods and they have been absorbed quite efficiently in the u.s. economy, every other g7 has a back tax, we have one just on china. i don't care if they continue to ratchet up the tariffs because i think it's the right way to get
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a deal done. maria: you're in on this. >> people were expecting recession or some sort of recession in 2020, not hearing that nearly as much anymore. maria: absolutely. >> what's predicated on that is there's a trade deal, we will see a pullback in market in 2020. dagen: market has told you that the recession risk has fallen because the yield curve is no longer inverted and the 10-year yield on the treasury and that's shorter-term rates are longer than longer-term rates; that's in large part because of what the federal reserve has done, cut rates 3 times in years, that's what's giving and i've said this repeated; that is what is giving the markets a lift here and it's certainly helping consumers and we are still waiting to see the last rate cut
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trickle in the economy, it'll take months. again, you get balance moving into next year. >> even if tariffs come in on december 15th? >> but big story, of course, top story impeachment inquiry. did you watch the hearings yesterday, the house judiciary committee hearing holding a hearing on whether or not president trump should be impeached. >> welcomed foreign interference and in both cases he got caught. if you impeach a president, if you make a high crime and misdemeanor, it is abusive of power, it's your abuse of power, you are doing precisely what you're doing the president for doing. >> let me be clear that on its own soliciting the leader of a
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foreign government in order to announce investigations of political rivals and perform those investigations would constitute a high crime and misdemeanor. >> what a disgrace to this committee to have committee of impeachment simply take from other entities and rubber stamp. maria: it was pretty extraordinary actually, one of the most controversial moments when pamela karland mentioned barron, watch. >> one example between him and the king, the constitution says there can be no title of nobility, the president can name his son barron, he can't make him a barron. maria: this lead to response from first lady melania trump. a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics, pamela, you should be ashamed of very angry and obviously public pandering and
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using a child to do it. karland apologized for her remarks. >> i want to apologize for what i said about the president's son, i wish the president would apologize obviously for the things that he's done that's wrong but i do regret having said that. [laughter] maria: i watched it live and i was stunned, they parade in the 3 liberal hack dems obviously trump haters and basically you've got hours of them backing up the democrats narrative against president trump, what was your reaction. dagen: admitted that he didn't vote for president trump. pam garland not sitting in the supreme court, was auditioning for a job at msnbc, there's a
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video that surfaced request she once crossed the street to avoid walking across trump hotel in washington, d.c., american constitution society panel she sat back in 2017. i watched it and then she -- the moderator jokingly asked if she stayed tat trump hotel. she said, no. so again it's not what you're saying, it's the way that you say it. that's something that i was taught working on television for almost two decades that you can, again, you have to be careful of how you present this information and her tone basically told the people watching that you -- that she's bias. deeply bias. maria: deeply bias, it screamed out at you throughout the hearing yesterday but i also have to call out jerry nadler because in his whole narrative hi misspoke and he was misleading, she said president trump welcomed a foreign
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interference in the 2016 election, not true, we just came off of 3 years of massive hysteria over potential collusion between trump and russia, we spent $40 million on the mueller report, had a mueller hearing, only to learn there was no collusion. there was no welcoming foreign interference by president trump, in fact, the person who did welcome interference from foreigners is hillary clinton because she paid for the dossier which was used to wiretap american citizens, so, you know, jerry nadler needs to be called out for misleading and inaccuracies. >> people are getting distracted by other things. it's wasted. if you think about the political value of this, it's not going to have much merit when the election comes, even if he doesn't get impeached, doesn't matter, it's all about soundbites, people are trying to get their time in front of the camera saying outrageous things
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about kids, i tried to watch, maria, it's boring. maria: they probably practiced the one-liners like the baron comment. how does it help americans in general, you got usmca, prescription drug bill, you have infrastructure plan, you have health care all the stuff left on the -- >> that would be valuable. maria: well, supposed to come to the floor in the next 2 weeks, we will see if nancy pelosi pulls it out, dagen. dagen: she's throwing up more road blocks in terms of that, we will get to that later, do i want to point out that yesterday it's pretty clear that the democrats because they brought up multiple episodes in the personal counsel robert mueller's report and they could beyond ukraine to the
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obstruction of justice in the articles of impeachment, i said good luck with that 31 -- good luck getting reelected if your -- you're a democrat who won in trump districts, the republicans only need to flip 19 seats to take back the house next year. maria: looks like that's where this is going in my opinion, meanwhile hillary clinton speaking out again, former presidential candidate sat down with howard stern openly the night she conceded to president trump and sat in inauguration. >> i called him that terrible, look, donald, i want you to be a good president, i will do whatever i can to help you. so, you know -- >> was he a sore -- >> he was so shocked. >> she was was shocked.
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more shocked than me, i think. go ahead, get out there, you put on the best face possible. bill and i are sitting with george and laura bush and then he started on that speech which was so bizarre and then that carnage in the street and dystopian vision and i was sitting like, wow, george w. bush says to me well that was some weird shit. [laughter] maria: some people are saying that this people is a sign that she's still mulling 2020. >> entertaining during the election she might have won because she was -- that was the problem. maria: curse words, yes. dagen: she was frank and direct and funny and real in the howard stern video and a lot goes to the credit of howard stern who
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really the best interviewer in media. morgan writes in the new york post says the very thing, hillary clinton drops biggest hint that she's mulling a 2020 presidential run but again he covered a lot of topics that -- she cracked jokes. i thought i come on and call some more. it seemed to me watching as much as this interview as i got to watch that she gets bad advice from handlers, you know what, the more you try to be likable the less real that you seem and karl rove has column, get ready for contested convention that you could have the super delegates maybe deciding who the presidential nominee is, people keep throwing out michelle obama's name. keep an eye on hillary clinton. maria: you still she will enter the race, do you think there's a chance? dagen: listen to the callers who
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called and i'm a conservative, i've always hated hillary, the interview changed my mind, i had no idea how cool she was, i saw the human side of hillary, she's stiller, listening to her now i think she should run again, those were some of the comments. maria: that's what you said. >> she should have been that real last -- she will not be part of this election cycle. maria: a lot to cover this morning, we are looking at quick break and then game-changer, billionaire steve collin could switch up status with the new york mets as they team up on streaming deal. responding after massive online backlash over holiday ad, we will tell you back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back, fatal
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shooting at pearl harbor, cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: 2 people are dead after u.s. sailor opened fire, this happened in hawaii, officials say the gunman was a petty officer who turned the gun on himself, the shooting before 78th commemoration of pearl harbor attack, motive has not jet been -- yet been determined. done deal, excuse me, the merger putting the cbs televisioner network under one roof. the combined company shares start trading today on nasdaq under ticker and mets fan will be hope in off season, deal to purchase majority stake on franchise from the family, currently owns an 8% stake in
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the team, ultimate goal to provide service, maria, on subscription basis. that's your baseball news for me this morning. [laughter] maria: i saw that the nba ratings are down after their response to china which was also interesting, in terms of the amazon situation, as they are waiting for this, some of the technology companies they want that market share in terms of the rights for sports, everybody wants live sports, i think you will see more of it. >> of course, they have the capital to make deals who networks feel -- maria: live sports is probably the highest, most highiest --
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high give the circumstance that network does, i mean, there's that as well, i don't know if you're going to get the same kind of umpf online. dagen: you will. maria: quick break, standing still in paris, live look at mass transit strike in france, it starred over pensions, futures pointing to big gain at the start of trading, ongoing trade optimism, we are breaking it all down, 118 points on the dow, back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back, china trade negotiations pushing ahead, washington and beijing officials are in, quote, close contact, tariffs must be reduced to move forward with the deal, tension between two governments arising with the senate aim to go quickly approve a bill which punishes china of uyghurs muslims, we have been telling you about this over a year. joining us right now pentagon staffer, zach cooper, good to have you on the program this morning, we have been wait to go see what kind of retaliation china would make to these bills and the initial retaliation from china on that hong kong
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protesting bill wasn't so bad, they said you can't use our ports in hong kong, there are a loft ports for the united states to port ships in, what kind of retaliation would you expect from this bill should this become into law as well against the uyghur action? >> they tried not to go after u.s. government, what they've done is go after think tanks into the united states, going after freedom house, human rights watch, all the think tanks that have been speaking about human rights abuse in hong kong and i think that's an effort to try and put some pressure on the think tanks but avoid putting any pressure on the administration while they're in the middle of the trade talks. maria: seems to me that if the united states will start including china's behavior in terms of the way it treats its people, they're going to be in for a long and tough fight because this is a culture and doesn't look like china will stop tracking citizens any timezone or reversing course on
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the uyghurs by the way. >> they don't want anyone to messing around in china's own business, what they are doing is interference in domestic affairs, they are trying to interfere in our laws and interfering in what private americans are citizens, we see that with the nba and now with private think tanks. >> let me ask you a question from a perspective of an investor, do you think it has or makes a lot of sense to get in country's internal mandates, how they run their business or get a trade deal done frankly, i don't know why we are telling the chinese thousand reeducate people or not or get involved in hong kong, i'd rather just get a trade deal and i think this is actually hurting our ability to close one quickly. what do you think?
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>> this is something that we have to speak out on, we have to stand up for american values, that's one thing that has made the united states an important role, have an important role around the world and so i think we've got to stand up for these people because if we don't will, no one else will. dagen: it is not hard to take a stance on concentration camps. >> the truth is different jurisdictions have different policy and it's none of our business. dagen: world war ii wasn't our business? >> i'm telling you if they very history of doing to their people it's not a good thing but distraction of the ultimate goal of bringing -- dagen: your conditions of doing business with us and treating people well. >> you want to help those people get an economy towards democracy, that's how you help them. dagen: the communist government
6:26 am
-- >> i disagree. dagen: that's really clear. >> a trade deal will help those people. maria: the american people have to understand china's behavior and that's also part of this, america is basically educating the world to china's behavior and how it treats its people. >> it's true. maria: human right abuses, are you comfortable with china stealing with intellectual property. >> i've been living -- maria: do you want that covered in trade deal or you want market access? >> 10 years i didn't care because -- maria: they don't want the enforcement in the deal, you still want that in the deal? >> you can't tell a government how to control people and get a trade deal at the same time, it'll never happen. maria: do you want enforcement in the deal, they don't want enforcement? >> have to have it. maria: okay. hauwei is fighting back against
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fcc equipment, chinese telecom giant claiming that the rule violates due process rightsly labeling as national security threat, we know that there are back doors in hauwei product that is the data goes back to chinese government, how worried are you about national security issues? >> i think it's very clear that the united states government has the ability to restrict this type of activity on national security grounds, but i also find it hilarious that a chinese company is complaining that the united states is trying to restrict chinese technology company operations in the united states, what about facebook in china, what about google, what about twitter, there's no legal recourse for them to try to do something in beijing to force them to allow them to operate. so, you know, hauwei wants to have its cake and eat it too. maria: that's true, they sure do and the u.s. is onto them. in lieu of your remarks on the uyghurs, what about hong kong,
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should the u.s. fight back and support protestors? >> you can't make the whole world to be just like us, that doesn't work, the cost over last 50 years has cost the economy trillions of dollars, that's why trump is against, finally an -- maria: hold our nose and do a deal even of the treatment of the uyghurs? >> it's different now because the whole world watches. dagen: except in china. [laughter] >> my point -- maria: try google when you're in beijing, not going to happen. >> total distraction saying we will not go forward on trade deal because we are doing something in province, that makes no sense to me, that's a mistake. maria: zach, final word. >> at the end of the day my view is just we have american values, there are things we care about, democracy is one of them, human rights is one of them and if we don't speak about the issues no one else will.
6:29 am
maria: that's true, zach, good to see you, zach cooper, 2020 candidates on offense, joe biden reveals trillion dollar tax plan as elizabeth warren responds to ceo shake-up at alphabet, that's coming up, pelaton's apology, watch this. >> nervous but excited. maria: what a reaction, the company responds after the internet exploded over new holiday ad, back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, thank you very much, it is thursday december 5th, top stories, targeting corporate america, former vice president joe biden is unveiling a $3.2 trillion tax plan, we have all the details on
6:33 am
who gets taxed the most. big fire under -- big tech under fire this morning, elizabeth warren sending warning to larry page after he steps down as alphabet ceo and u.s.-china trade optimism continues to drive markets, futures indicating a triple digit gain, dow futures up 121 points, s&p futures up 12 and nasdaq futures higher by 21. pretty good day up 147 points on dow industrials at the close, s&p up 20 points and nasdaq picking up 46, half percent higher on the major indices, in europe this morning we do have more signs of economic slowdown in germany, october manufacturing orders fell 4 tenths of a percent month over month, having said that the ftse 100 up 24 points, the cac quarante 47 and the dax in germany higher by quarter percent, renewed u.s.-china trade hopes, as you see, the kospi was lower best performer
6:34 am
overnight china followed by japan up 3 quarters of percent on nikkei. japan announcing stimulus package, includes investment and new technology and upgrading infrastructure. plus this, force today respond to backlash caused by controversial new ad, find out what the fitness company is saying now, first top story this half an hour, american energy dominance, trump administration bringing more than $11 billion this year from energy production on federal and american indian owned land, remote reserve in alaska, joining me right now interior secretary. >> thanks for having me. maria: thank you for being here this morning, characterize the potential for oil production of the united states and the status of where we are today? >> well, i think the reality, the potential that we are seeing today, we are at over
6:35 am
12.3 million-barrels a day produced which was unheard of just a few years ago, that's driven by technology and american ingenuity in many ways, floated to the american people and on interior land some of the lands we managed actually we do develop energy and on those lands we have essentially doubled our energy revenue since 2016 when the president began to develop a division that said, hey, let's responsibly and safely develop resources and we have done that by modifying business practice, improving the permitting times, improving review processes an actually increasing our safety inspections. maria: the picture of the president with those massive mountain of rules and pages that day when he was cutting the red tape is always in my head because i think part of this is
6:36 am
the deregulation effort, cutting the rules enabled permitting process to go much faster, isn't that right? >> that's right, what we have been able to do looking at things in different ways, on one side making sure that we have common sense regulations, we want to maintain our safety and maintain our environmental compliance but at the same time do it in a common sense way and we actually looked at our business practices and say how can we do things better, faster and smarter and that's resulted in demonstrable gains and that comes back to taxpayers on one hand but also goes to states, states like new mexico, new mexico received $1.17 billion from the department of interior last year, that money goes for schools, for roads, things that are important in new mexico. maria: most people don't realize where the money goes then as the u.s. becomes more powerful in
6:37 am
terms of drilling, what does it mean for our purchases for international oil, dependent on middle eastern oil? >> well, i think last month was the fist month ever and we have been net exporter for the entire month and its transformed foreign policy, has transformed our way we think about the world but it's primarily transformed workers opportunities to make money in communities where i'm from. maria: battle of offshore drilling, florida senator marco rubio blocking president trump's pick, opposing the pick because he says the agency's plan to expand offshore drilling, what's your reaction to this, secretary, this is again not in my backyard? >> well, we are working with senator rubio and we will work through that, lots of folks have different ideas, for example, green new deal, they want to stop all energy production on --
6:38 am
on federal lands across the board and i say to them, call the governor of new mexico and ask her what she thinks and she'll tell you, she's a democrat, she will say please exempt my state from your crazy green new deal. maria: also excredibly expensive, $40 trillion in terms to have green new deal, do people understand the implications of something like that and what do you say to marco rubio, you say you will work with him, what's the pushback on his work? >> we will work through with the senator and reach some common sense solution that works for us. at the end of the day for the american people here is my belief, i believe the president has an incredible faith in the common sense of the american people and the american people get it, american people say, hey, we can develop energy responsibly and the same time be good stewards for the environment, they understand that, they believe jobs are
6:39 am
important and they -- they have an incredible wisdom and the president believes in their wisdom. maria: how do you do that in terms of safeguarding the environment? >> well, look we had our inspections are up 21% from where they were in 2016, we are rigorous in our we are -- if it doesn't muster it won't pass my desk. maria: trouble on the tracks in france, cheryl. cheryl: public transportation is shut down in protest to president macron's changes, airlines to reduce the number of flights, thousands of police throughout paris, hundreds of demonstrations planned in that city. and the engineer in charge of boeing's response of 737 max crisis is retiring, chief engineer john hamilton informed boeing ceo of decision to step down yesterday. testified before congress last
6:40 am
month about the company's response to the plane's flaws that some engineers had concerns and had planned on retiring before the crisis but agreed to stay onto help the investigation. well, pelaton is now responding, maria, after this ad sparked backlash earlier in the week, this is where a husband gives wife a pelaton for christmas, they progress throughout the year, a lot of folks throughout media branded as sexist, they received outpouring of support for those who understand what they were, well, maria, they were trying to communicate. if you want to give me a pelaton go right ahead. maria: are we going nuts because the husband gives wife a pelaton bike, the stock plummets, a hell of a reaction.
6:41 am
cheryl: it's a little ridiculous, some of the jokes were fun you but i'm glad pelaton says we will standby it and the bike as well. maria match we are introducing you to a veteran-run boot company and military background helps in the business world and christmas comes to washington, we are looking at capitol tree, getting into the christmas spirit.
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maria: welcome back, christmas in nation's capitol, tree-lighting took place last night, nancy pelosi stood up and this year's theme the people's tree and tonight is the national christmas tree lighting in front of the white house, first lady melania trump receiving 22-foot douglas fur last week and then fun way to light up christmas, the electric eel named miguel watson, sensor in the tank that reacts to miguel's static burst. meanwhile -- [laughter] dagen: i would be like walking
6:46 am
cattle if streets of new york city. maria: christmas trees being given to military families at event, active military service members after tree lighting at kentucky army post this week, la times reports this morning, romaine tainted by bacteria sickens people, linked to e coli, lettuce from salinas valley should be thrown away, get it out of your house, star tribune writes this, minnesota sues e-cigarette maker juul, minnesota going after juul aiming to teens, creating nuance
6:47 am
and violation protection laws, combat boots, how military background is helping in the business world, back in a minute with that what shines forever? diamonds. what is as rare as true love? diamonds.
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: check out those kicks, welcome back, combat boots to cowboy boots, one veteran crafting handmade leather, the woman behind the boots served
6:51 am
two tours in afghanistan, ranch road boots, sarah ford, sarah, great to have you. >> thanks for having me. maria: thank you for your service to our great country. >> appreciate that. maria: number 1, tell us about that but we want to know how you started the business, tell us how you went from being in the service to coming back and creating this business? >> sure, i grew up in a small town in west texas called san angelo. so i knew when i started a cowboy boot company i wanted clean classic design that is were really high quality, that's what we make now. maria: how fantastic, how tough was it to start the business and how much did it cost to get started? >> we have been bootstrapping in every since of the word since the beginning, i used the money i had saved from my jobs, i had gotten out of debt after business school, i bootstrapped with savings that i had. maria: awesome, the king of the
6:52 am
"shark tank". >> what i'm fascinated you do sales direct to consumers online and the biggest struggle, customer acquisition cost in america. >> customer acquisition cost is the one thing in my mind and cost of goods, we for sure focus on that, betting on our ability to lower acquisition cost. we focus on that. the other thing is we want to deliver great value, we have to price our products accordingly, we have transparent pricing, so when we ship boots to customer, we want them to open a box and feel like they got more than what they paid for, we have to be careful from marketing dollars and marketing operations too. dagen: i think dagen already bought a pair. >> i'm going to buy them right
6:53 am
now. we have them onset, they are basically meant to look desert boots and i am going to buy it as soon as -- but, again, how hard is it for you to introduce new models and if you're trying to keep your costs down? >> yeah, so we are not trying to keep up with every giant footwear company so we are pretty intentional and we have to be intentional about discontinuing styles as well, keeping tight control of inventory is very, very important for us. >> you become a master of social media, will i find you all over instagram? >> yes. [laughter] >> where are your customers? >> great thing is they are all across the united states, so with ranch road, with cowboys all over the world and cowgirls, we embraced the culture so the good thing about us is we are not just selling boots in place where is you would typically think of, we sell them all
6:54 am
across united states, we are not international yet, there are cowboys all over the world, we don't just do cowboy boots, there's cowboys in argentina and we have english riding boots, we sell all over the u.s. maria: what are the best sellers? >> the bexer; the johnny, and for woman presidio, we will do one for spring and tall one and the collection comes in short and tall too. maria: proceeds from every rancho purchase is donated -- >> my husband is active marine and neighbor who is work for the fund so i just know a lot about the organization and it's a wonderful -- they really do a lot giving back not just with marines but all branches of the service. >> what advice would you give if
6:55 am
they want to start their own business? >> first of all have a lot of confidence in military experience and how it would help you with entrepreneurship, get to work in an industry that you like, don't worry about where you start and be water carrier, get out of debt and save up your money because you will need it if you start a business. >> are you the majority shareholder? >> yes. >> remarkable. 11 years and majority members came from -- >> i didn't hear your question. >> i'm tell you that women do very well in start-up her entrepreneurship. >> i'm not surprised. they outperform companies that do not have a male leadership. maria: why do you think that is? >> everybody's opinion counts until it's good to have a mix of men and women like high-level -- >> time management skills, you want something done give it to a busy women.
6:56 am
maria: i always say that. dagen: advantage to sometimes being underestimated. any chance you can make the boots here in the u.s.? >> i hope so, i hope especially outside of my hometown in san angelo, we could set up production facility with some of our boots, some of the productions in the united states -- maria: you are seeing an ill pact -- impact from the tariffs indirectly? >> it's not necessarily we pay from spain but nothing has been vacuum but for sure anything that impacts competitors impacts us. maria: great to have you, congratulations, good to see you, see you sarah ford's company, we will take a break, 2020 candidates are on the office, joe biden reveals trillion dollar tax plan as elizabeth warren responds to ceo shake-up at alphabet, yeah, she has something to say about that, james bond double trouble, no
6:57 am
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and meeting management, suppliers, competitors. in the end, it's these unique companies with creative business models that will generate value for our investors. that's why i go beyond the numbers. maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, december 5th. your top stories right now. u.s.-china trade optimism continuing to drive markets this morning. both sides reportedly moving closer to phase one of a deal. futures showing the markets poised for a second day of gains. triple digit. dow up 112 right now, s&p up 11, nasdaq higher by 37. the trade ou optimism helped sna three day losing streak yesterday. the dow was up one half a percent, s&p was higher by 20 points. in europe, new signs of economic
7:01 am
slowdown in germany. october manufacturing orders were down 4/10 of a percent month over month, a larger drop than expected. the dax index in germany is up 20 points, the fq is 23, cac is. japan announced a 121 l billionn stimulus package. nikkei average up three-quarters of a percent, as was the shanghai in china. opec considering deeper cuts to production as the big meeting gets underway, this as saudi aramco is set to price what is expected to be the world's biggest ipo, oil this morning at $58.63, you up a third of a percent. all those stories coming up this thursday morning. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, the host of the podcast the secrets of wealthy women, veronica dagger, and etf chairman and entrepreneur, kevin o'leary.
7:02 am
a lot of talk about china once again boosting markets. we also have a firmer tone because the economy is pretty good in the u.s. we've got the job numbers out tomorrow. what are you expecting in. >> i'm expecting steady as she goes. i've got a pretty good index of what's occurring with small private companies, i've got 50 of them across every state. we have never had a better quarter, ever. feels like the '60s again, maria. it feels so amazing if you're at a consumer level. most of these companies are consumer goods and services. they are on fire. the economy's on fire. maria: the adp numbers yesterday were weaker than expected. were supposed to be 140,000 jobs added to th the economy, it was. >> the small businesses are doing very well. the issues around the s&p 500, 26% of sales are you abroad. they've got issues. they've got tariff stuff. my little companies don't have those issues. maria: those are the job
7:03 am
creators in the country. >> yes, they are, they're making money. maria: join us tomorrow for 8:00 a.m. eastern when we get the jobs numbers out. we love jobs friday. all that coming up. our the top story this hour, the impeachment inquiry, the house judiciary committee holding a hearing yesterday questioning constitutional collars on whether the president shut -- scholars on whether the president should be impeached. >> if we cannot impeach a president who abuses his power for personal advantage, we no longer live in a democracy. we live in a monarchy or duck day toreship. >> if -- dictatorship. >> if you impeach a president, if you make a high cream and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it's an because o an ab. >> we're aware the next election is looming. we can't wait for the election to address the present crisis. the integrity of the election is
7:04 am
one of the very things at stake. >> they want to do it before the end of the year. why? because the chairman said it a second ago, we're scared of the elections next year. we're scared of the elections, that we'll lose again so we've got to do it now. the clock and the calendar are driving impeachment, not the facts. maria: that was georgia congressman, doug collins. the congressman joins me right now. it's always a pleasure to see you. thanks very much for being here. >> good morning, maria. maria: i watched the whole thing yesterday. i was stunned, congressman. your reaction to what took place in that room yesterday. >> well, maria, it was another day, that just showed the disconnect of the obsession with impeachment is disconnected with the facts and what's going on. what we heard yesterday was three partisan professors who came in there to say the president should be impeached and they were making up facts. i want to bring up something,
7:05 am
you know the reason that yesterday was such a failure for the democrats, was what he said about small businesses, the folks that are out there doing their jobs are who donald trump is fighting for. they're not listening to high minded law professors who are telling them facts from the middle i thin english era. maria: that's why you've got things like usmca hanging in the balance and a prescription drug bill that will not see the light of day and infrastructure plan that won't see the light of day. let me ask you before i get back to the inquiry, do you expect usmca to come to the house in the next two weeks? >> we're hoping so. i mean, at a certain point i'll i'm more mi'm -- i'll implore my colleagues to do something for the american people.
7:06 am
she is simply being petty by not bringing it to the floor. she's holding it out as a trinket for the moderates to say we'll do it eventually but let me do the impeachment first. maria: i think that it's worth calling out the fact that they misled the public. he said the president welcomed foreign interference into the election in 2016. and he said he wants to do it again in the 2020 election. this is categorically fall fals. we came off of a three year period where the country was in craziness over the collusion between trump and the russians which never happened and we spent $40 million on a mueller report for mueller to tell us there was no collusion. what exactly is jerry nadler talking about? why is he misleading the public in. >>public?>> that's a tough ques.
7:07 am
all i know, he wants to impeach the president because he said he wanted to do. we're seeing this play out on multiple fronts. adam schiff a couple days ago said well, if this doesn't work out we'll continue to investigate, investigate, investigate this president, they hate him so badly they'll continue to investigate. jerry nadler has the ball in his court. they have been tasked with impeaching the president so they can label him as an impeached president. they know it's going nowhere in the senate. they h know people are getting disgusted by it. he's trying to scare people into saying if we don't do something president trump is collude with all these countries to ruin the elections. when we start attacking the part of our election where peel peope question their vote that is an attack at the core of the democracy.
7:08 am
jerry nadler and the democrats need to stop. maria: we know it did take place in the 2016 election with people in the fbi and cia who did interfere in the election by putting their finger on the scale. we're about to get the ig report on monday. connect the dots for us. do had they not recognize or do they not want to look at the real wrong-doing. >> one of the most amazing statements out of the chairman's mouth was the discussion of the mueller report. they're trying to bring the mueller report back into the process. that was a complete failure l. what he's trying to bring back in is the fact of russian interference. he talked about it yesterday. he said the american people heard the report from mr. mueller about what happened. the problem is the judiciary committee must not be the american people. we had no hearings to discuss what robert mueller said about foreign interference. we passed small election bills that did nothing except for take over elections. for the chairman to say that is being disingenuous to the
7:09 am
american people. maria: there was a lot of disingenuous commentary yesterday from jerry nadler. nancy pelosi is expected to make an announcement this morning on impeachment. what do you anticipate is coming from nancy pelosi this morning? >> my hope would be, but this is fantasy, that she would get up and say you know, we don't have anything, we quit. that's not going to happen. we'll see. either they're going to speed up the time line, i said yesterday it was about a clock and a calendar, maybe they'll speed the time line up. yesterday was an unmitigated disaster. it's not resonating with the american people. maybe they'll say we'll expand this and go into the next year. she's in a bad spot. they lied to the american people long enough. it's time the to end this national nightmare and let the president get back to being the president, let the congress get back to being congress. maria: your judiciary commit tickcommittee, what happens thet of the week? >> you i don't know. i don't think the chairman knows
7:10 am
either. at the end of the hearing yesterday i asked what is next and when do we get our minority hearing day which we'll be pushing for and he had no answers. he walked off. at this point we're waiting to hear. i guess when he finds out what they tell him, he'll tell us. maria: we know the inspector general, michael horowitz is going to testify in lindsey graham's committee, expected to release the ig report monday, december 9th. and john durhams is saying he cannot provide evidence to support a theory that the russia case was a setup. what's going on here? this is according to the washington post, congressman. i'm seeing a lot of leaks about the upcoming ig report. who is leaking and should we be listening to what's in the papers about the ig report which is not out until monday? >> no, i think you need to wait until the ig report comes out. there are folks who are leaking who have seen it. they're trying to cover their own backsides. we talked about this. they're giving a grand picture of what may be damning evidence
7:11 am
next week. on top of this craziness in the house, you'll now have the horowitz report, starting to connect the dots of the corrupt kabal moving forward. they had limited jurisdiction. mr. durham has unlimited when he can go to the grand jury and other things. the american people need to keep their eyes on this. maria:s there's a new piece called schiff's surveillance state, they write this. mr. schiff's secret plunge into meta data is one more example of the partisan score settling that motivates this impeachment exercise in the cause of impeaching donald trump, anything goes. congressman, what do you he know about adam schiff spying on colleagues? >> we're just finding that out. that was one of the revelations of the schiff report. look, i'm beginning believe that
7:12 am
schiff doesn't care who he burns in the process. to have it come out in the report is a surprise. it makes me question, as members of the judiciary committee, he's supposed to turn over all underlying evidence. he's not done so yet. adam schiff is lying to the american people. i need all of the information sent to the chairman and myself if we're going to do the impeachment inquiry, he needs to give us the information we need and go forward so we can evaluate it. it will shine a light on his investigation as well. he said i want the whistleblower to testify and then oh, my god, i can't do that because my staff and i had contact with the whistleblower and we don't want that to happen. he is nothing but a pathologically telling stories to the american people. he has trouble with the truth, he can't even spell it. this shows the problem that we have. what else is he hiding? he put this in a report. what else is he hiding? give us the information. you're not being fair to the american people. maria: i keep saying you guys are not under oath. he can say whatever he wants.
7:13 am
he can tell the american people we want to know who the whistleblower is, we would like to meet with the whistleblower and lie that his staff has not met him and later we find out the staff did meet with the whistleblower and he can get away with had that because he's not under oath, not punishable for per jury. will you be success to get him to testify under oath. that's going to be a reach, don't you thinker in do you think that could happen. >> we have schiff under oath petitions, people can find those online. i think at the end of the day, we're going to take the high road. i believe in being truthful to the american people. they can come to doug collins and i'll be truthful to them. adam schiff has to answer for his own untruthfulness and the american people are starting to see through it. those are the contrasts you make. we had a reporter ask me, aren't you worried about the facts. we're not. when we deal with the truth, the truth always wins and this president did nothing. maria: good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> good to see you, take care. maria: coming up, takata under
7:14 am
pressure, announcing another recall this morning. what you need to know coming up. bond is back, the latest on the 25th film in the james bond franchise ahead. wait until we check it out. stay with us. ♪ i love the way you know who you are and to me it's exciting. ♪ when you know it's meant to be. ♪ everything comes naturally ♪ there are things we would change about work. and there are things we wouldn't. ♪ when work is worth it. work is worth it. work can be closer to home... pay more... make us proud.
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i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. maria: welcome back. air bag manufacturer takata forcing another recall. cheryl casone with headlines now. cheryl: the recall affects 1.4 million cars. the air bags in question were installed in cars between 1995 and 1999 by automakers including bmw, toyota, mitsubishi and honda. a defect can allow them to explode and that sends shrapnel through the vehicle during a crash, possibly. well, general motors and south korean company lg kim announced a joint venture in lordstown ohio. they'll make batteries for
7:18 am
electric vehicles. they're expected to invest more than $1 billion in the plant that's going to use uaw workers, gm's ceo will be on "varney and co." later this morning to talk about it. wework is not letting a few setbacks he slow down its growth. they opened 52 buildings in cities across the world and there's no plans to stop this. in a statement the company said they set a monthly record for building openings. wework has seen its share of issues recently. in september, the co-founder adam newman stepped down and they announced they would lay off 20% of the workforce. those are your headlines. sending it back over to you and the team. maria: we'll take a short break. when we come back an american economy that's not so free. one economist says the u.s. capitalist system is not as competitive as you think. and the best film of the year, one group of critics making a
7:19 am
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maria: welcome back. so, the free market possibly not so free after all. american business is dominated by oligopolies. the consumer is left with fewer choices and higher costs. that's according to my next guest. he says society maintains an illusion that markets in the united states are free. joining us now, thomas fhilipon.
7:23 am
tell us about that, why can isn't it so free in your view? >> i think it used to be free. 20 years ago, the united states had the most competitive market in the world. you looked around, and prices were lower in the u.s. than anywhere in the developed world. so people coming to the u.s. would say my god, computers are cheap here or flying is cheap here or i can get a cell phone cheap and all of these facts which were true 20 years ago are not true today. today, on average, to get broad band internet at home the average american household pays $68 per month. the average french household pays 31. in germany, 35. the u.k., 37. literally half the price. same thing with cell phones. maria: what happened? >> so what happened is you had a markets that used to be competitive became more and more concentrated to the point that firms don't need to lower their prices anymore. >> how much of that is
7:24 am
subsidized. the french market for example, $36 a month for high speed internet, you pay personal taxes in france that are extremely high and i'm going to make the assumption that the government's subsidizing the infrastructure buildout of internet. >> they the french case is easy to follow because it happened in two years. like in 2011, up to 2011, th wed three companies that charged high prices. a fourth guy wanted to enter and they were asking for a license and they wanted to keep them out of the market. they lost in 2011. they got the license and entered and cut the price by half compared to the existing companies and we went to being 25% cheaper than the u.s. it had to do with the free market. >> good old competition. >> the irony, i'm sure you're
7:25 am
aware, the reason we did that in france and europe more generally because we looked at the u.s. 20 years ago to get our inspiration for how a free market should look like. that's the irony. >> what do you propose the u.s. does? >> needs to do two things. you need to be the top guy at the top of the market, you need to be stronger with anti-trust and market dominance issues for very large firms and at the same time you need to remove a bunch of regulations that make no sense had that prevent you smaller companies from growing. because they have a huge burden of regulation at the federal and state level that makes no sense and over time that prevents the smaller firm from growing and competing with the big guys. maria: this is exactly what the president tried to do with his deregulation policy. dagen: deregulation and also both the left and the right see the concentration of power in the hands of, say, technologies companies, particularly the social media companies and it was very clearly a lack of
7:26 am
anti-trust action in all the acquisitions they were making, where some of these companies will buy up a smaller company, even a facebook, and shut it down. >> it's a tricky issue regarding that. take facebook and amazon and google that the government is bashing every day. every one of my private companies acquires customers using all three of those platforms and couldn't do business globally without them. you need giant infrastructure to provide it. bashing those companies and splitting those up is a bad idea if you're trying to create jobs. i don't want to see that happen. maria: are you not worried about the powerful position these companies are in. >> in the '80s ibm was the largest market cap on earth. they are a nothing burger today. the market takes care of inefficiency. if you're not well managed you get wiped out. >> that's the key difference. in the '80s it's true that you had -- there was at&t and ibm and before that there was other
7:27 am
companies and before that there were other companies. if you look at the market, we used to be tougher with the big guys. i think this is something that needs to come back and to your point, though, the first thing you notice when you look at the big techses is that google, amazon and facebook are not the same. they are very different. what you do with them is very different. amazon is a company that has a lot of employees, does a lot of it investment. if you look at the number, they pushed productivity growth up. it's much less for google and facebook. dagen: which industries do you think are most ripe for greater regulation? i don't want to talk about breakups. i look at the airlines where it shouldn't cost over $1,000 to fly round-trip from charlottes, -- charlottesville to new york. >> we need bipartisan support for anti-trust.
7:28 am
it used to be fairly bipartisan. that's the only way to have efficient anti-trust. you have to be above the big techses. that's the main reason to do something about the big techs today. if you want to put money back in the consumer's pocket, to increase the standard of living, you need to do something about the big ticket items and that's going to be transportation. prices are much higher. telecoms, i'm sorry, isps at home, cell phone services, why are you paying $100 is the average household expense on cell phones. it's half of that be in other developed nations, it's half in korea, japan, the u.k., germany. so for this, you also need to do something about these industries. but that's going to be a bit less bipartisan. maria: that's a very good point. great to have you this morning. great to have you. biden's tax increase, the 2020
7:29 am
frontrunner proposing trillions of dollars in new taxes. where it ranks against his 2020 rival's tax packages. and then this. bond is back. >> the world's moved on to commander bond. >> you're a double oh? >> two years. you stay in your line. you get in my way -- maria: the 25th film of the franchise possibly daniel craig's last as the secret agent. we've got it, back in a minute, right here. ♪ run, run, run away. ♪ is more than just talk. we offer commission-free online u.s. stock and etf trades. and, when you open a new fidelity brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate -- that's 21 times more than schwab's. plus, fidelity's leading price improvement on trades saved investors hundreds of millions of dollars last year. that's why fidelity continues to lead the industry in value while our competition continues to talk.
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7:33 am
dow industrials up 101, s&p up 10, nasdaq higher by 35. trade opt p mitc optimism helpea three day losing streak yesterday. it was a good rally at the close, in the triple digits for the dow. in europe we have more momentum, a mixed picture. there were new signs of an economic slowdown in germany, october manufacturing orders fell 0.4% month over month. there was a steeper drop than expected. the cac is up 41. look at the dax in germany, despite the weaker than expected economic data, up 11 points. renewed u.s.-china trade hopes drove markets overnight in asia as well. the nikkei and shanghai composite up three quarters of a percent. japan announced a $121 billion stimulus package overnight including investments in new technology and upgrading of infrastructure. all those stories coming up this thursday morning. our top story this half hour, joe biden's tax plan, he is out with it. the former vice president and 2020 hopeful unveiled a tax proposal aimed at a raising 3
7:34 am
and a quarter trillion dollars, including raising the corporate tax rate 28%, the individual tax rate to 39.6% and it includes doubling a tax on offshore corporate income to 21%. biden takes aim at capital gains for those making more than $1 million a year. we've got all the details on joe biden's tax proposeals, we want to compare it to others. first off, dagen, what's your reaction. dagen: nearly 1 trillion in new corporate taxes on wednesday, why do you thinker the economy s in such great shape it's because of the permanent tax cut that was signed into law by president trump. one of the taxes goes after amazon's business actually helps lower consumer prices and make other businesses more competitive. so you're going to go after a company like it or not that is benefiting the american people. makes zero sense. maria: taking the corporate rate up to 28%.
7:35 am
look at what happened when the corporate rate moved from 35 a to 21%. you saw unleashing of investment by companies. >> for biden this is the right move. he's trying to get the nomination. you've got to tax the rich. you've got to nail the corporations. you have to do this to be competitive within all the competition he's got with other candidates. he's doing the right thing and then afterwards he goes back to the center. if i were him, i'd raise corporate tax rates to 80%. maria: oh, come on. give me a break. >> you have to -- maria: talk about an economy killer. >> he'll never do that. he has to get nominated first. he's letting others do the fair i testify on taxing the rich. maria: the highest earners already pay the majority of the tax and half of the population, 50% pay no tax. >> they're already getting slammed. so to kevin's point, this is the way to compete with warren, get your name out there. i would like at some point someone to address the spending side of the equation. to we're going to keep raising
7:36 am
taxes. what about the spending. maria: you're talking about entitlement, social security, medicare, medicaid. >>s what's the money for? we're just going to keep spending. what point does it catch up with us. >> have you to ask yourself, how does he get more market share right now when people are starting to consider who should lead this party. he's got to be much more visible. warren every day -- maria: cater to the left. >> she's getting a all the air a time with her crazy plans. it's the right thing for her to do. it's smart. dagen: to kevin's point, this is almost conservative, this joe biden proposal, compared to elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and even pete buttigieg, the mayor. biden's -- these are new tax increases that we're talking about. he already was proposing raising the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21. pete buttigieg wants to take corporate taxes back to 35% and then elizabeth warren and bernie sanders both have proposed
7:37 am
wealth confiscation taxes. again, we're going to figure out how to tax your art and land and a whatever store of wealth and value that you might have every year. maria: it's not just confiscation coming from elizabeth warren. she wants to confiscate your money. she's calling on regulators to ban so-called mega mergers. she put forward anti-trust legislation that would crack down on monopolies, she says, ban non-compete clauses. >> she gets it. that is great stuff for the base. when you talk about -- maria: great stuff for the progressives. >> she's doing the right thing in terms of getting market share. maria: you're being tak faceti. >> stage one, win nomination, stage two, move back to the center so you can get elected. maria: are you lying now or were you lying then? >> everybody lies if you're a politician.
7:38 am
are you kidding. you go to school for that. >> this does nothing for growth if you keep raising taxes. >> a politician that lies? say it ain't so. you must be kidding. dagen: she's having a real hard time, one of the reasons she's fallen in the polls, trying to pivot back to the middle away from her medicare for all proposal. not only could she not admit middle class would pay higher taxes to pay for it. she raised her hand on the first debate stage and saying i'm taking health insurance away from 180 million people. she's trying to say you'll get a he reprieve. you get to keep your private health insurance for a couple more years to paraphrase kimberly extrakimberly strassel. maria: what happened to bernie. hillary clinton calls out bernie sanders for, quote, disappointing her in 2016. this is rich. this is rich. okay. so the presidential -- the former presidential candidate
7:39 am
calls out the vermont senator for not endorsing her quickly enough, claiming bernie, quote, hurt her campaign. take us back to 2016 when they were all in the tank for hillary and they were coming up with all sorts of stuff against bernie. we know what happened in the e-mails. at one point debbies wasserman schultz said let's get it out there he's not religious. they didn't want to be truthful about who bernie sanders was. dagen: and they essentially took over the dnc. the dnc was not working in the interest for all democrats. the dnc was working in the interest of the clinton campaign. because that money was flowing right through the dnc and right into the brooklyn headquarters. >> different ballgame now with super delegates. they don't matter as much anymore. maria: for hillary to call out bernie is so rich to me, it's so incredible, knowing what they did to bernie sanders in 2016. >> she's getting more air time.
7:40 am
maria: maybe she's seriously considering a run. >> i think it's very interesting. i see her every day somewhere. maria: you're right. dagen: she essentially called bernie sanders sexist. he made a comment about -- he used a phrase like all the shouting about guns when they were debating gun control measures, and she turned around and used that against him and essentially called him a sexist for saying that she -- using the word shouting, like women shout, you know. maria: bernie -- dagen: what happened? maria: the guy who said no billionaires should be allowed in america. let's send them all to china. good idea. james bond is back in action. cheryl casone on that story now. cheryl, over to you. cheryl: oh, yeah, maria. the international man of mystery is back. >> name? >> bond. james bond. >> you're not -- >> i missed you. >> he's the most valuable asset
7:41 am
this country has. if you feel yourself losing control -- >> i'm not going to lose control. cheryl: we missed him. the trailer for the latest installment of the long running film franchise is out. daniel craig is returning as oo7 in no time to die. he's joined this time by l lashawna lynch. rami malik will play the mysterious villain in the movie. it will be released april 2020. the irishman is already picking up some awards. it was named best picture of 2019 by the new york film critics circle last night. the film released by netflix is an epic drama focusing on the mafia. it has a pretty big cast, robert deniro and al pacino are in this one. it picked up the award for the national board of review. usually that indicates they'll
7:42 am
be racking up the oscars. i guess i'll skip the oscars. after all the talk about it on this show, i'm not going to bother. i don't have three hours. maria: to be honest, we talked about this earlier -- >> three hours, 29 minutes. maria: i had to turn it off after 20 minutes because i can't take the violence anymore. dagen, it's a whole bunch offing thuggery in your face for three and-a-half hours. i'm done with it and i'm done with deniro. dagen: i watched it three times. maria: you watched it three times? are you kidding me? dagen: it was just as bad, if not worse. they spent roughly $175 million on this, much of it went into the deaging of robert deniro's face. if it was a cast of women they would have cast younger people, they wouldn't have cast men in their late 70s, if not 80, to play people -- put it this way. i said this earlier. al pacino is almost 80.
7:43 am
he played jimmy hoffa who at death was 62. jimmy hoffa, assuming he's dead, disappeared when he was 62. you had a man who is 80 playing him in his 40s and 50s. it was absolutely ridiculous. and i'll quote collin quinn, the meemead man, the irishman is superior to good fellows is good fellows cut out the driving and checking into hotels and just left the exciting parts. maria: for some reason i lost any p appetite for any of these mob films anymore and the thuggery. it's just -- i don't know. >> it was incredibly depressing. i couldn't believe the ending. it really brought me down. maria: don't give it away. dagen: hoffa dies. maria: duh. [ laughter ] maria: coming up, uber expands its reach, the company expands into the retail markets. we have details. the next guest company is changing the workplace, using
7:44 am
artificial intelligence to do so. back in a minute with that. female anchor: it's 6:39, time for 'news update' male anchor: update on the cat who captured our hearts. female anchor: how often should you clean your fridge? stay tuned to find out. male anchor: beats the odds at the box office to become a rare non-franchise hit. you can give help and hope to those in need. (shaq) (chime) magenta? i hate cartridges! not magenta! not magenta. i'm not going back to the store. magenta! cartridges are so...
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maria: welcome back. well suited for wall street, college graduates are hungry to work in the financial services sector but the title can come with a stigma. the recruit, captains with ivy league degrees, resumes from women and minorities potentially headed to the bottom of the stack. one startup says it can change that. it is called suited, it uses
7:48 am
artificial intelligence to screen a more d diverse pool of candidates. joining us now is the ceo, matt spencer. tell us how you find a broader, deeper set of talent coming from universities that is much more diverse. >> sure. well, suited is an artificial intelligence driven recruiting platform that opens access to early career job opportunities in the financial and profession fall services sector to a wider range of candidates and it enables firms to consider those candidates more efficiently. the way we do that is by leveraging tools like artificial intelligence to broaden the candidate pool, help firms identify talent, not just the same places they've always gone but to a much wider range of campuses and universities which is really the core focus of our platform today. >> these are people coming into the job pool? i was going to ask you where you get your data.
7:49 am
our companies use linkedin. they have hundreds and hundreds and thousands of potential candidates. can you work with that data, further define the linkedin platform? >> when you look at a tool like linkedin p it is based on historical job experience which college graduates coming into the workforce don't have. so the data and information that you would have in a tool like linkedin isn't as relevant for those early career job opportunities, people who are coming into the workforce for the first time. >> suited specializes in the you new entry coming into the market. >> today, maker. -- today, that's correct. focused on the college graduates, the undergrad and mba level coming into the workforce. >> remind us of the business case for diversity among wall street firms. why should they care about this. >> when it comes to diversity, aside from it being the right thing to do, diversity has to matter to everybody, in particular senior leaders.
7:50 am
when you think about the benefits of diversity in an organization, when you can bring more diverse perspectives into a company, it helps you avoid things like group think. it can increase innovation. it can help outperform financially homogenous teams and really firms are at their best when the diversity officer spe, helps them move the needle, think about things in different ways. >> are you also able to gather let's call it gender fluidity information about people. maybe i want a very diverse base of employees to understand the market i'm trying to serve. how would you get me that data? >> one of the things, again, when we think about our recruiting platform and where it sits in the recruiting process, it's very much the front end of the process, identifying and early screening to bring applicants into your tall pool so that companies are able to think about their hiring
7:51 am
process, who they bring into the interview is a critical part and the way the process is set up today is really set up to fail in that regard, if you want to bring more diversity into the ecosystem. you're going and creating artificial caps by limiting it and saying we're only going to recruit from certain schools. you've already limited the pool there. maria: for sure. >> as well as a very critical point in the process, which is the point of resume screening, decide who to bring into an better view, the only information firms are working with at that point is information on a re resume. the critical piece is can we bring more information to that critical decision point in as process and help them gain a better understanding of who an individual actually is. maria: makes a lot of sense. matthew, great to have you. thank you so much for joining us. tune in tomorrow, we have all hands on deck for the november job report, special coverage beginning a 8:00 a.m. eastern on "mornings with maria" with jobs numbers coming out for november. uber is expanding its reach, the
7:52 am
company steps into if retail market now. we have those details after this. what shines forever? diamonds. what is as rare as true love? diamonds. what lights up every room? diamonds.
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maria: welcome back. uber looks to stretch its reach in retail. susan he lee covering the story this morning. >> good morning, maria. that was an interesting conversation yesterday at the economic club of new york with the ceo of uber. we no they're bleeding losses, a billion dollars last quarter. they need to find solutions to make money and their answer for the future as you heard from daria yesterday was retail, the intersection of digital delivery and being the physical stores, getting it in your hands. yesterday he also flowed the idea of delivering from any retailer, especially here in metropolitan areas in under 30 mince. they want to create partnerships
7:56 am
with retailers. they bought a stake in corner shop which operates in mexico, peru, chile and toronto and signed a deal with rachael ray and they're going to deliver meals with her recipes. this is the future for uber begin they're still making losses, around $3 for every delivery still but they're going to get to profitability of course, stripping amortization, taxes and everything by 2021. if you check the stock price which is still below its ipo offer price there's still a lot of skeptics on the market. >> let me ask about a question about the management of uber. this stock is a disaster. >> you haven't heard that until recently. >> i'm talking about the undertone now about making replacement now. >> of dara. he was a steward coming in as you know, trying to fix the culture. he mentioned that yesterday at the economic club. >> the stock is telling you a different story. many people don't believe the
7:57 am
rhetoric anymore about profitability. >> right. >> it has been an unmitigated disaster for institutions. >> there's a lot of regulatory overhang with the ad5 bill in california. >> the whacking stickie whackis coming out. maria: susan, thank you. susan lee. your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk
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7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. thursday, december 5 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, u.s.-china trade talks continuing china says tariffs must be reduced as both reportedly move closer to a deal beijing warning united states against taking any action, against nontrade issues like hong kong activists beijing treatment of uighurs. >> we are expecting rally futures indicating start of 100 point rally on dow out of the gate s&p futures up 10 nasdaq futures higher by 35 trade some of the most helped
8:01 am
markets yesterday dow, nasdaq s&p 500 snapped three-day losing streak with gains across the board, dow industrials up 147 points s&p up 20 points the nasdaq higher by 46 european indices look like this we got more signs of economic slowdown in germany, the german october manufacturing orders down 4/10 of a percent month-over-month steeper drop than expected dax index negative down 1 point ft 100 in london up 15 cac quarante in paris up 4 markets in asia higher, japan announced 21 billion dollars stimulus package, new technology operating infrastructure, the nikkei average up three-quarters of 1% push for impeachment continues in u.s. speaker nancy pelosi will deliver a statement on the status of the impeachment inquiry in about an hour we are going to take that live we are not saying just what she will be announcing she hasn't told us we bring it to you live on fox business see if it has anything to do with usmca, i am expecting that bill to come
8:02 am
to the floor within the next two weeks before year-end paris protests nationwide public center strike, the public sector strike is crippling city activists take to streets fighting president macron's proposed pension overhaul look at live pictures right now out of paris coming up thursday morning to break it down fox business dagen mcdowell "the wall street journal," podcast, shares chairman, entrepreneur a lot to talk about in top story impeachment inquiry the house judiciary committee holding a hearing quite the hearing, questioning constitutional scholars whether president should be impeached. >> if we cannot impeach a president who abuses his office for personal advantage we no longer live in a democracy, we live in a monarch or we live under dick at a timedorship. >> president trump invited demand foreign involvement in
8:03 am
upcoming election struck at the very heart of what makes this a republic to when we pledge allegiance. >> we are talking about not impeachable then nothing is impeachable. >> if you impeach a president if you make high crime and misdemeanor got you of doing to courts it is abuse of power it is your abuse of power you are doing precisely what you are criticizing the president for doing. >> one of the most controversial moments came with law professor pamela karlan mentioned president trump's 13-year-old son barron. >> one example that shows difference between him and a king which is the constitutional says there can be no title of nobility, so while the president can name his son bar irresponsibly he can't make him a baron. >> this led to response from the first lady melania trump tweeted a minor child deserves privacy and should be couldn't out of politics pamela karlan
8:04 am
you should be shamed of your very angry obviously, biased public pandering using a child to do it karlan apologized watch this. >> i want to apologize, for what i said earlier about the president's son it was wrong of me to do that. i wish the president would apologize obviously, for the things he has done that is wrong, but i do regret having said that. maria: house speaker nancy pelosi expected to make announcement, on impeachment in about an hour we are going to take that live, heading into it, coming up but first joining us right now florida congressman house judiciary committee member greg steube what with a day you had yesterday in your committee. give your reaction to all that took place. >> it was a long day, and what you saw there is how partisan and how much hatred it very tr vitriol you have from professors except republican for a president his son
8:05 am
bringing up name all opinions, from law professors, they are not basing their opinion on fact, nothing that they talked about was fact, there was a republican congressman that asked them during the hearing if any of you have direct evidence, as to relates to the president raise your hand nobody raised their hand because it is all opinions again, we are in judiciary committee we're not talking about facts or evidence before american people as relates to impeachment of this president. >> quite extraordinary actually, you make a good point, that these were basically witnesses that democrats brought down, to agree with them, and they obviously, were also trump haters. i want to point out we have a fox business alert united airlines announcing ceo oscar munuz will become effective chairman borrowed of directors stepping down as ceo changes take place following annual shareholder meeting in 2020 scott kirby new ceo in may
8:06 am
2020, congressman i want to get back to impeachment hearing for a second what i find extraordinary all this conversation, about this phone call with the president of ukraine, suggesting that president trump is trying to enlist help from foreigners in the election, in his election no comment about whatsoevers hillary clinton paid for dossier, dossier written in russia to undo donald trump so i mean, once again, it is exactly what the other side did they are saying donald trump is doing. >> well if we had more time as republicans you only get five minutes you have to kind of focus what thoughts are going to be one of the things i wanted to ask three democratic witnesses so you are saying a phone call asking a foreign leader to investigate corruption by american citizen is an impeachable offense then you believe that hunter biden, joe biden should have been impeached for their cut he admitted to on national television, of course, you only have five minutes can't
8:07 am
get into a lot of details the chairman had 45 minutes with staff i wish would have gotten into some of that, but hypocrisy from democrats on all issues is fell on. >> extraordinary with all this conversation around president trump and absolutely no acknowledgement of the fact that you are hunter biden went took a trip with then vp joe biden on air force two came back to china while vice president was doing official business came back from trip with 1/2 billion dollars. >> -- with one and half billion dollars. >> i have a question for congressman you help handicap whether we are getting nafta 2.0 deal done or not the people's business not happening with craziness occurring can we get a deal signed before year-end i care as investor i would like to see this deal go through. >> it is one hundred percent up to speaker pelosi has been on her about desk almost a year own members asking her bring it up for a vote i
8:08 am
breathh bet if vote brought up for a vote passes large bipartisan support. >> democrats have done the four speeches asking to bring up for a vote i have done speeches asking for a vote we keep asking almost end of the year she has not put the you put it up for a vote. >> my sources tell me coming to floor within two weeks audio tidbit i understand what they would like to do is vote simultaneously house and senate i find that extraordinary i can't imagine that happens within two weeks if we got that on to president's desk by doing that final, that would -- >> working days left. >> -- only have two weeks left. >> get a budget done before december 20 has to happen some point we are going into shutdown again -- >> -- shutdown dagen. dagen: "the wall street journal" has conclusiexclusive s that nancy pelosi is pushing to strip out sweeping legal protections, or online content
8:09 am
in new trade pact with mexico and canada, internet companies fought for provisions in usmca team with two countries. >> i feel these are little tweaks that she is -- you know, it is done, they have an enforcement in there in terms of labor salaries for american workers versus mexican workers they have, also, language in there for patents now you are talking about internet elements from "the wall street journal," these are all tweaks i feel like they are coming up with things that they want changed. just to hold it up frankly. >> going to be good for market when it hits. maria: very good. >> -- justin, sign it get into timber. maria: great for country. >> let me ask you about troops in the middle east because we have new reports this morning that the administration, is considering, deploying as many as 14,000 to combat any retaliation from iran, amid new sanctions that is according to journal this morning the pentagon is denying the report, it denied the report on twitter
8:10 am
yesterday you served in iraq your reaction to what we're seeing with iran. are you expecting a retaliation from iran, as a lot of reports seem to be suggesting that that is coming? >> well, i stand with the president, and ensuring that our partner israel is protected if iranians are being gref in any way, shape or form or nature if we want a show of for his i one hundred percent support the president on that when i served in iraq iranians responsible for killing over 600 my brothers and sisters in arms explosive devices manufacturered in iran anything we can do is great for the regional and safety and security of americans. >> thank you so much topic there congressman greg steube joining the conversation chairman ceo steeple coming on ron is here to weigh in on victory china trade sesht company reporting earnings.
8:11 am
>> hudson sr., fellow michael pillsbury is here asking him before the december 15 deadline stuart varney as well a big rest of the hour a break protests in paris public sector strike underway activists swarming the streets over president macron's proposed pension overhaul. >> the color of the year last year was living coral about predicting a vibrant start to 2019 we tell you the pick for 2020 what it reveals in the coming year. back in a minute. ♪ in your printer ready for another school year? what's "cyan" mean? honor roll.
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(vo) the flock blindly flying south for the winter. they never stray from their predetermined path. but this season, a more thrilling journey is calling. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event. maria: welcome back president trump tweeting on impeachment this morning, he is back in washington here is what he said do-nothing democrats have historically bad day yesterday in the house have no impeachment case and demeaning
8:15 am
our country nothing matters to them they have gone crazy are there i say if you are going to impeach me do it now, fast, so we can about have a fair trial in the senate and so that our country can get back to business. we will have schiff bidens, pelosi many more testify vooel for the first time how cup our system really is i was elected to clean the swamp and that is what i am doing writes the president, a fatal shooting at pearl harbor to tell you about. cheryl: this is something else good morning again investigation itself underway after a u.s. sailor opened fire at the payroll harbor shipyard in hawaii killing two people officials say gunman assigned to submarine undergoing maintenance at shipyard turned the gun on himself coming days before 78th commemoration of pearl harbor attack no word on any motive. >> now let's head overseas live pictures out of france incredible stuff look at this,
8:16 am
transportation now brought to a halt because of protesters, they are called in response to mountain emmanuel macron plan to overhaul retirement system, hit transit pretty hard trains buses flights canceled could get worse throughout the day police deployed 6,000 officers around the city, try to patrol streets, eiffel tower officials warning tourists stay away from top attraction in paris live from paris. >> there is this, 2020 might be a little bit blue. a substitute named classic blue on your screen, the color of the year, this is meant to highlight a desire for a dependable stable foundation, saying it brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the spirit started 20 years ago, the choice then was hue of
8:17 am
blue i love ocean blue calmness me down. >> we've got to get blue to impeachment hearing room. >> [laughter]. maria: a i i mean. >> it, by the way, that color blue is most popular dial face for watchers in the world it is. >> that is a nice stat. >> i am. >> it i will take it. >> better than market -- >> what do you think. dagen: we would anybody who has seen the devil wears prada knows what it is i have a card case i carry karn i don't like color but i like the case 152705, 1940 classic blue every number was a code. >> the tones are so different. dagen: yes, they are anybody who is into paint, paintships -- [laughter] > a blue dial watch.
8:18 am
exactly right. >> that is awesome i like that quick break elizabeth warren targets wall street massachusetts senator drafts a bill to block megaae he mergers the market implications after this spinning out of control get it exercise bike company responding after internet exploded over new holiday ad what a reaction. back in a minute. ♪ peyton, what are we doing here? brad, welcome to peytonville. what's this for? song inspiration. i started in my garage, but nationwide protects so much i had to expand. nationwide helps protect everything you see in here, brad. every family, every business, every dream. see mrs. hoffman? nationwide protects her home and car, but also her dream of retiring to become a yoga instructor.
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8:22 am
potential phase one deal hangs in the balance one day, it is markets moving up on it next day down china is pushing for existing tariffs to be reduced as part of any agreement, chinese officials say negotiations remain on track as tensions over human rights issues linger including uighur mumz in concentration camps hong kong protesters administration backing hong kong protesters president last week signed a on protesters in hong kong in support of. >>, great to see you thanks for being here. >> seem china trade story keeps moving markets how do you see it. >> first of all, we've to deal with china over time and i think it is going to be a little bit of a roller coaster as you are going to see deals getting close and then being postponed, et cetera, et cetera,. but china the china trade situation is being addressed and going to take a little bit of time i will say this i think if you look at numbers coming out of china, tariffs are impacting them more so
8:23 am
from a negotiating perspective i think sort of on right track. >> let me ask you this china agreed to allow financial services companies to get the market access that they want, in china, able to own a company out-and-out are you planning to -- be a beneficiary there get a better -- foothold in china. >> there is a lot of issues in china in terms of their whole market structure audits finings i have heard they have agreed to open up shares about last 10 years i'm going to wait and see a little bit. >> you are not sure if you are able to own, a company, out-and-out one hundred percent to china do you want to do. >> i think investors do want to invest in all markets i think china markets would be interesting, for sure. maria: a okay. >> china's most companies controlled or owned by government you don't have a true efficiencies from plooiflt owned managed situation i can't find one
8:24 am
that strips out government controlled entity hard to invest. >> that is true for sure most our companies in u.s. owned by government too. >> i didn't say that -- >> senator warren calling for strong antitrust enforcement drafting a bill would call for review two of decades worth of mega mergers halt future deals how does this impact your business. >> i think it impacts just economy in general i understand, the -- the national natural reaction against big companies we are a global economy you have to envision a situation if we actually accomplish that goal united states companies would be smaller than global either in financial services or tech i cannot believe that that is good for those you know the strongest economy in the world so we have to balance issues but the idea just to break everything up -- >> the telecom, infrastructure pipelines you need scale
8:25 am
breaking up they merge together to get scale and efficiencies productivity you don't break them up it is a but manyd idea. maria: dagen not first idea elizabeth warren had on business. dagen: no, she is -- >> ask wants a lot of stuff. dagen: she thinks money is evil except she libelous to tax money she likes to tax wealth created by american intrrz but they are evil take your pick. my nickname for her. >> to biggest riching to investors seems trade is a politicize calming down a little bit off the stable slightly. >> i still think that trade is the variable, our view that is the big macrotrade going into 2020 will be steepening eel about curve actually dollar declining, because, of improvements across the globe u.s. dollar will decline we
8:26 am
think that is a good investment, of into it be about cnclicals. >> you should consider it if you want to think about fact things are generally improving cross hope. >> p/es major sector 20% discount. >> but -- >> if you are applying tobacco why not apply british american tobacco in exchange discount to p/e -- >> do they have dividend philip morris has. >> -- dividend. >> fed hold final meeting of the year next week chairman jay powell signaled interest rates are unlikely to rise any time soon do you think fissed on hold after cutting three times. >> the fed has done fell on job raised four times cut three times today i believe they are in right place i
8:27 am
remove they are going to pause i don't think you will see a rate certainly not rate spree of in this environment with jobs i also don't think you are going to see a rate cut any time soon i don't think you are going to see a policy that is going to hurdle toward zero interest rates we were talking about a month ago so right now i think the fed is in a good spot i don't think there will be a change through the election next european. >> your take on broad backdrop economy 2020. >> i think 2020 we see market being able to go up i don't think 20% increase but 6 to 7% from here in broader s&p 500, i want to talk my own book a little bit we are financial stock pickers, and that where is this market is going to be, there is a lot of -- industries sectors where you can do well in an economy that we do not see recession we actually see a lot of activity, trade is big variable. >> like health care biggest discount it has been in years. >> we do. >> -- >> zero commission rates?
8:28 am
>> you know, i asked our clients about that, and there is a segment that will trade for zero our clients, won't advise pay for advice, and we had not even a hiccup, about the concept of zero commissions, of course, went from 4 dollars to zero. >>. dagen: ask you like health care going into election year where they are going -- i mean. >> every election year dashes health care, 18 months later nothing happens. dagen: buy it now hold your nose take dramamine. >> c a bigger target given the relevance american voter we are talking about people access to drugs, the cost of their drugs to cost of their health care every sector of the -- and i know -- very well remediate but every sector of health care is going to get hit hard probably next year --
8:29 am
>> i think there is a buying opportunity it is going to be -- an interesting -- >> they have great balance sheets. >> steeple did a partnership with israel, why israel? >> well you know the our crowd us crowd you sourcing vehicle we believe at steeple a lot of returns you would know this a lot of returns, have been occurring before companies go private now versus -- you go -- >> before they go public. >> before they go public, you don't get debilitating our crowd does it clous our investors to invest in efficient manner in private companies that we are betting we believe that. >> to get a portfolio more than one deal. >> we do you can do single deals if -- >> which is what jay said other day on show we would like to be able to courage companies to go public sooner in their lives you've got
8:30 am
gains early years before public. >> we democratization of investing. >> minimum can be as low as 25,000 dollars. so it is by -- it is being efficient with the process in k-1's under writing again i believe that when you look at tech companies they come public sometimes trade down all that growth is occurring in private markets investors have should have the ability to invest in those companies we are providing that. >> all tech deals. >> no. >> all over the place. >>. >> all over the place i will give you the log-in. >> leave it there great to have you on the show. thank you so much ceo of steeple joining us there we want to get to this economic data that is hitting the tape october international trade out susan li with numbers. >> maria looking at something
8:31 am
a little bit positive for the u.s. economy trade gap narrowing coming in smaller than anticipated a deficit, for october number looks like international trade, for the u.s., looking at deficit 47.2 billion, we were looking for 47.8 billion, looks like a little bit smaller than anticipated, and i will get you more numbers as soon as i try to rifle through this long report but looks positive so far the top line. maria: all right susan thank you, markets not much of a reaction there, still up 95 points although well off highs of the morning peloton strikes a nerve how exercise bike company responds after integrity exploded over its holiday ad then we are waiting update on impeachment inquiry from nancy pelosi in clear what she will say she has organized a -- a press conference at 9:00 a.m. we are taking you there live when she speaks, stay with us. u.s. stock and etf trades.
8:32 am
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>> good thursday morning. i'm maria bartiromo, thursday, december 5 to your top stories 8:34 a.m. east u.s. china trade smoment continues to drive markets off the highs of the morning yet both sides are reportedly moving closer to phase one of a deal, take a look at futures pointing to a second day of gains, although as i mentioned off highs, dow industrials up 84 points s&p up 8 nasdaq higher by 32 in europe this morning signs of economic slowdown in germany october manufacturing orders down 4/10 of a percent month-over-month steeper drop than expected asia markets higher as you see markets in europe mixed, with germany lower built the f2 and cac quarante in paris higher japan announced 121-billion-dollar package over the very ein new technology upgrades to infrastructure, as you can see, the shanghai composite and nikkei average best overnight in asia up three-quarters of one percent
8:36 am
push for impeachment continues in u.s. president trump tweeted this morning on it if you are going to impeach me do it fast so we can move on to a fire trial in the senate house speaker nancy pelosi set to make an announcement apparently on impeachment, in about 30 minutes' time we are taking you there to washington live, to get live on fox business we will get what the speaker is saying she will not reveal what that announcement is. all that coming up but first top story this half an hour u.s.-china trade talks china says that washington and beijing are quote close in contact but tariffs must be reduced to move forward, meanwhile, tensions still rising with senate aiming to quickly approve a bill pushing china for oppression of uighur muslims putting them in concentration camps upwards of one to two million uighurs in concentration camping in china they call them reeducation camping so they don't practice muslim reasonabling but learn chinese culture president
8:37 am
trump recently signed a bill condemning china actions against pro-democracy protesters in hong kong joining me have you had ston institute senior director michael pillsbury thanks for joining us i want to head from lindsey group report, and lindsey group basically says that the u.s. is set to o impose 15% tariffs on 160 billion dollars imports from china december 5 that is coming up in -- december 15 coming up in about a week do you expect u.s. to increase tariffs on china on december 15th? i think white house especially president focusing on getting chinese concessions maria before december 15th we are getting down to last 10 days here going to be crucial numbers released december 8, china trade deficit number will be released december 10, the president trump oppose idea to block the wto the world trade organization, from
8:38 am
any more dispute resolutions that will come into effect december 10 because america is not named replacements judges or allowed replacement judges to be made so dispute court goes out of business december 10. the 15th will be when we find out whether tariff pressure is enough for serious concessions from china i think white house is signaling phone line is open, waiting to hear you say something, but so far it has been negative, all along, last few days, including maria this morning, there is a very important chinese article, by quite famous scholar wong -- kind of a reformer points out the foreign investment law that china passed, still has no enforcement regulations, that is really important, because noecht has been at heart this deal all along last two years of the talks, if the chinese themselves are saying there is in no enforcement i don't see how j.p. morgan
8:39 am
goldman sachs can plunge into the chinese financial market, the way the chinese want them to. starting january 1st, some key dates we are looking towards next two or three weeks maria: so. >> showdown time i would say. maria: do you think this is just saber-rattling from chinese? hays how larry lindsey writes it will in this report i read to you lindsey group every day feels like we hear commentary from chinese -- south china morning post says that you know we are -- talking about u.s. movieing he tariffs we are talking with u.s. not putting tariffs is that china saber-rattling or is there truth to that that the u.s. is in fact considering that. >> i don't think it is being considered, i think you i noticed i have heard you say before that -- starts taulz stories, false stories they have a colluder in white house
8:40 am
anonymous official a phased agreement will roll back tariffs then the president peter navarro president backs up peter navarro no, that is not true you've got two realities put out by white house i think this guy is going to be he discovered he fed bloomberg a couple days ago undoing president's comments, in london, nato president said i have no timetable. this may go on into next year, very soon thereafter bloomberg says oh senior white house official says president didn't really mean that, so this is -- creating confusion not only in beijing but wall street, too who to listen to, we have to listen only to president, or bob lighthizer only those two source. >> you are saying. >> this guy is going to bes exposed. >> there is someone within white house putting out expectation that all is is good, that we're in phase one, we are getting a deal, and we
8:41 am
are going to not do tariffs? just to -- >> stories don't go to fox, maria they go to bloomberg. very strange. this gentlemen sr., white house officials seems to prefer bloomberg. three times it happened. maria: very interesting. >> sometimes a second phone call, to another outlet. maria: wow. >> told a couple days ago that jerry kushner is personally involved in trade talks going to be a deal 10 days yesterday white house denied lou dobbs ran the story last night jared kushner not involved in trade talks do you want to make last minimum major concessions probably not fingers crossed for joe biden to win election a year from now tariffs don't hurt china as much as we thought they have effect china is not crashing in some kind of terrible economic situation, and these trade
8:42 am
deficit numbers december 8th when they come out, going to be very telling if trade deficit with china is getting worries i don't see how president has any choice but to increase the tariffs. maria: really fascinating michael pillsbury calling out is that anonymous person nt white house feeding bloomberg misinformation. >> more than once. maria: more than witness or you think that person is going to be exposed. >> that person is senior enough that he or she can correct president of the united states. >> huawei the company fighting back against restrictions on selling equipment, to rural u.s. carriers chinese telecom giant claiming this rule violence due process rights labeling the company a national security threat we know they are certifies national security issues around huawei secretary pompeo on this programmatic umpteen times telling us about back doors data goes back to chinese government what is your ache take on huawei and
8:43 am
what the united states needs to do. >> a i do believe secretary pompeo has been somebody very careful talking about trade talks. >> yes he has. >> i think he is exactly correct on huawei the problem is we let china install huawei equipment in our rural towns, in our power infrastructure small towns, for more than 10 years now, huawei has sometimes 1/2 price compared to voerndz should we rip out entire infrastructure some people want to do that estimate 12 to 15 billion, federal government could in fact subsidize that but i think huawei generation, one, two, and three not as dangerous as 5g, 5g for technical reasons a different antenna much easier to penetrate have back doors in 5g huawei equipment than original huawei stuff that went in i think we can safely leave the are only huawei stuff there focus more on 5g and on drones, the million drones china has to hold to us including u.s. army we know
8:44 am
sort of transmit back to beijing, pictures what have they see. >> wow that is. >> we let china get away with a lot frankly. maria: that is ununbelievable selling drones. >> did you see where michael bloomberg said china xi jinping is not a dictator i don't know if you saw that it is on internet he did interview with bloomberg, bloomberg news, the firing lines. >> bloomberg michael bloomberg himself doing something very important we you a two weeks ago he has this thing called economic forum so last two weeks ago he flies henry kissinger hank paulson david ruby sign sort of all friends billionaires benefit from china all make speeches attacking president trump come home here make speeches, michael bloomberg is more than giving his opinion he is
8:45 am
organized this alternative attack trump on china trade forum, first a year ago in singapore gets way with it nobody seems to call him on it. >> president has changed the conversation on china, michael great to see you. thank you sir. >> thanks, maria. >> a lot of news there michael pillsbury. ll street... i wanted to have a firm that wanted to get everybody in. because people couldn't access wall street. we wanted to be agents of change. for the better. ♪
8:46 am
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peyton, what abrad, welcome to peytonville. what's this for? song inspiration. i started in my garage, but nationwide protects so much i had to expand. nationwide helps protect everything you see in here, brad. every family, every business, every dream. see mrs. hoffman? nationwide protects her home and car, but also her dream of retiring to become a yoga instructor. oh, they have backstories. of course they do. here, i got more to show you. keep up, now. a little hustle. . maria: welcome back house he speaker nancy pelosi set to make announcement, on impeachment, in 10 minutes, top of the hour joining us right now host of "varney & company" stuart varney to weigh in stu good morning to you. >> maria, good morning to you
8:49 am
i have to believe that speaker pelosi will announce there will be a vote on impeachment i do not know this i have to assume that an announcement of this time from that podium with one camera teleprompter nobody else in room has to be the announcement there is going to be a vote on impeachment by the end of the year. i don't think going to move markets i am watching futures carefully, we have been up 60, 70, 80, 90 points above that as this announcement was revealed. if however, she says maybe we can get usmca voted on, before the end of the year, that i think would be a plus for the market. otherwise, the market doesn't care. what do you think. maria: absolutely, i think she has to talk about usmca. she has got to either answer a question, or refer to it, because if she just comes occupant says we are going to have a vote on impeachment, by year-end, the follow-up question is what about the vote on usmca. my view, she has got to
8:50 am
address usmca. i don't know, you know we will see maybe just in response to a question. i think, any way she addresses usmca market rallies she has to say she is bringing it down for a vote next two weeks she has got to -- >> she has to i am with you maria fun isn't it. >> i will be expecting a big rally on your show i will be watching, "varney & company," there you go. >> stu 10 minutes thanks so much "varney & company" top of the hour 9 a.m. eastern join stuart watching shares utilitied airlines this morning ceo announced an hour ago stepping down taking on a new role gerri willis on the floor with details there good morning to you. >> hey. good morning maria that is right your -- from floor of new york stock exchange scott kirmy taking over ceo, wall street likes it he will stay as executive chairman of the borrowed for a year changes taking place this spring. >> i cane shares, set to fly
8:51 am
higher, hits groined warning goldman sachs upping rating on stock saying that their stock price target 112 dollars 19% annually each next three years. maria: big number about this you so much next all hands-on deck would it update on impeachment inquiry from house speaker nancy pelosi it is unclear what she will say. she pegged announcement at can the a.m. bringing it to you live back in a minute.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
maria: impeachment continues, we are awaiting update on impeachment inquiry from house speaker nancy pelosi unclear what she will say but has set 9:00 a.m. press conference this morning hillary vaughn live on capitol hill good morning to you.
8:55 am
>> good morning, maria. house speaker nancy pelosi set to dale what is next for the impeachment we don't know what that is we got some indication from house judiciary are chairman jerry nadler late last night after the hearing committee hosted very first hearing as they take over the impeachment inquiry, he hinted more hearings could be on the way. >> we will proceed pursuant to house resolution 660 impeachment proceed yourself contained within it more evidence and conduct proper hearings. >> pelosi sppd to speak 6 to 8 minutes in length could detail, what those new hearings will look like moving forward or if there will be a markup drafting articles of impeachment based on what happened yesterday in the hearing deliberated over constitutional grounds for impeachment the president chiming in when he thinks pelosi should do next on
8:56 am
twitter saying this, the do nothing democrats had historically bad day yesterday in the house they have no impeachment case are demeaning our country but nothing matters to them they have gone crazy are there i say if you are going to impeach me do it now, fast, so we can have a fair trial in the senate and so that our country can get back to business, we will have schiff bidens pelosi many more testify will vooel for the very first time how cup our system rally is i was elected to clean the swamp that is what i am doing minutes away find out if pelosi is pumping brakes on impeachment for pushing the accelerate. >> thank you. we will come back to you washington when speaker speaks joining us to talk more about that foreign whitewater independent counsel, robert ray good to see you -- >> i think the president naught in tweet saying go to trial we want to have the bidens schiff, pelosi all
8:57 am
testify, basically saying be careful what you wish for. >> look beats me as to what is going to happen with speaker announces what the plan is yesterday impeachment narrative endless string of varying adjustments by democrats party was this is so serious and donald trump represents such a clear predanger to the country we must act immediately we cannot wait for anything else we must rush about this, vote on it, and -- and move it over to the senate for trial. as a result the of a very bad day yesterday did not go well for democrats in response to professor turley from george washington university about fact if you do that congress itself is abusing power i have a feeling that we may hear something today that suggests there may be a pumping of the brakes i would have thought. >> they want to get this done before the american people vote. >> i thought the press conference would be clear and present danger on december 20th, the house of representatives,
8:58 am
the full house will have a vote to impeach the president. if she's calling a press conference, i'm not sure that that's the announcement. maria: yesterday, what did they do? they paraded three liberal academics who are all trump haters down to justify and agree with their narrative. >> if anything, it hurt the impeachment case that the democrats have been trying to build. point to pam karlan and the quip or joke or whatever she made about a minor child. maria: 13 years old. >> that she then gave a faux apology, the kind of apology a child makes when forced by their parents to say i'm sorry for something. if anything, it didn't make the case for impeachment. they talk about obstruction of justice charges based on the mueller report but they are not willing to wait for a court to decide whether white house counsel don mcgahn is going to testify. again, it looks like a rush to judgment and it is pure partisanship. by the way, support among
8:59 am
republicans for impeachment is now in the single -- back down in single digits. >> they tried to resurrect the collusion narrative. we heard that one months ago. let's go back. maria: unbelievable. >> i'm more optimistic. i hope she gives an update on nafta 2.0. that would be great. maria: if her first comment is we will bring a vote on impeachment to the floor, the followup has to be what about the vote on usmca. >> i have been saying all along, we will all be judged at the end of the day, including in elections with regard to the currently serving congress, about whether we acted in the best interest of the country. maria: that's the bottom line. great to have you this morning. thanks very much. we will get to stuart varney early because we are all waiting on nancy pelosi. "varney & company" begins right now. stu, take it away. stuart: good morning to you. good morning, everyone. happening moments from now, speaker pelosi will make an announcement on the impeachment
9:00 am
inquiry. it's supposed to happen at 9:00 sharp. we are a few seconds shy of 9:00. we are waiting to see exactly what speaker pelosi has to say. liz peek with me now. i have to believe, liz, that the speaker has the votes to go forward with an impeachment vote. otherwise, she would not be holding this announcement. >> i don't think she's going to back-pedal from an impeachment vote and it does appear she has the votes. however, i think she can come out now and perhaps try to summarize the case they are trying to make because based on yesterday, they are all over the place. they are even reaching back into the mueller investigation, and revisiting collusion. they are talking obstruction of justice. what is the grounds, what are the grounds for impeachment? that's what americans want to know. what we do know is that the polling is most definitely moving against the democrats, particularly in the swing states where they have to win in order to win the white house in 2020. so if you look at that, you look


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