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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 5, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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see with ms. charlotte pentz tomorrow. deputy campaign manager will be here, we solve lots of talk about. we have a terrific evening will see you at 8:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow night. kennedy begins now. it's on like donkey kong. house nancy pelosi giving her the green light for impeachment. president trump said it's all a bunch of nonsense about pelosi claims the president gave her no choice, she loves america. >> the facts are uncontested. the president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security, sadly. but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders, and a heart full of love for america. today i am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of
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impeachment. i commend our committee chair and our members for their somber approach to actions which we wish the president would not have made necessary. kennedy: you're so delighted you're almost giddy. the facts are contested just about every republican in the country contests and a few other independent rationalists as well. >> you will seem bitter divisions on how clear that evidence is on the president committee and impeachable offense. now the american public has been buffalo simply because adam schiff and jerry nadler has spent all of their time putting out one side of the story and the president and the republicans have either been hamstrung or completely denied the opportunity to present the other side.
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speakeasy it's still unclear when the house will vote, but pelosi reportedly wants to do it before christmas then it's going to go to the senate probably in january, but the white house not has not decided whether or not they will cooperate. because president trump is furious over the whole thing. this morning he tweeted quote the do-nothing democrats had a bad day yesterday in the house. they'd know impeachment case and are demeaning our country. but nothing matters to them. they have gone crazy therefore i say if you're going to impeach me, do it now, fast, so we can have fair trial in the sentence, so our country can get back to business. we will have the schiff, biden, polaski and many others at testify and find out how corrupt our system really is. i was voted to clean the swamp and that's what i'm doing. kennedy: regardless does the president deserved to be
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impeached or is this a polo seapower trip? joining me now former georgia republican congressman bob barr is back with us. welcome back sir. >> thank you ma'am. kennedy: les discusses nancy pelosi says were the important ingredients is to serve up ingredient was bipartisanship. and she is now saying that the facts are uncontested. are the facts contested sir? >> will the interesting thing about this quote kennedy is that the facts are uncontested. there was no quid pro quo. the president made no promise of a quid pro quo. ukraine's president did not even considered that that was the case. so, the facts are uncontested. now what is contested are all of the presumptions, innuendos, opinions, conclusions, that the democrats have put forth over the last couple of months. those are contested because none
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of them are factual. kennedy: now the ranking republican on the house judiciary committee, says that they are due a day of the witnesses. and they are lawfully bound to call some witnesses of their own. will they get that chance? >> i suspect that they will probably get that chance. actually they're not lawfully or it legally bound. they can do there well and completely shut out the minority. we didn't do that back in 1998, but i suspect because the democrats want to at least have the façade of some sort of fairness, they will probably allow a witness or two. kennedy: and what will that look like, what kind of people republicans call? >> that's very interesting, the one witness the republicans did call a couple of days ago was jonathan turley and he, to be honest with you i'm not quite
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sure why calling one witnessed their very first witness kind of a lukewarm witness. so what they need to do, what i would do, if i were in their shoes is i would have, and if there's another chance to call witnesses -- if in fact the president decides to do that. and i'm not sure it makes sense for the president to do that comic beat as you know the rules they have set up require that if the republicans, or the president that is, once occult witness they have to explain to the democrats satisfaction why they need that witness, what the relevance is. and what that witnesses in a testify to. kennedy: then things changed utterly in the senate. this is when political revenge comes into play because obviously mitch mcconnell can lengthen the proceedings. clearly, but also republicans lindsey graham chairs the senate judiciary committee. and they are going to call
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during their trial a very different brand of witness aren't they? >> they certainly should. it is interesting, kennedy, even back in january of 1999 when we went over to the senate for bill clinton's trial, the republicans , even though they had a majority in the senate, they did not provide rules that made it at all easy for us to present the case. so i hope the mitch mcconnell listens to lindsey graham in this instance, and does in fact provide for a very, very robust defense for the president. and to call adam schiff, out along he may ignore it, i think they should call him. kennedy: but that's obstruction, you cannot ignore a subpoena that's periods. >> you're right that's obstruction of commerce of course schiff can't be
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impeached. but they should certainly call the so-called whistleblower, that is sort of been forgotten in all this. that mole in the intelligence community that started all this nonsense. they certainly ought to call that person, and they ought to call some of these other people in the intelligence community that we know more finagling with the foreign intelligence surveillance act. that would be very interesting to get that. kennedy: we are expecting the ig report in just a few days. it's best to drop on monday and that could introduce an entirely different set of facts and contacts into these proceedings. and it might create more questions which could then be answered in the senate trial as you're pointing out. bob barr thank you. >> certainly. kennedy: are they invested in a byte commercial versus impeachment? google trends say yes. as you can see, the exercise
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bike company palatine receive more google searches more often than impeachment did this week. impeachment only spiked higher than pellets on during the actual hearing. and then for a few hours the next morning. and that might have something to do with the viral crypt of the commercial that's receiving loads of criticism online. at least one democrat wonders about effectiveness. this is going to be a loser. if all that happens is all the democrats are talking about impeachment that failed, and it seems like there is no vision. it seems like all we can do is throw ineffective rocks at donald trump and then it ends up leading towards his reelection. so is he the yang gangster write about this one? has he done the math and will he nominate an exercise bike as his vp, or maybe the lady from the commercial. tonight's party. panel welcome everyone.
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so here we go, andrew yang says that this is really stupid because it's taking focus away from democrat vision. he's one of the few interesting people left in the race. >> yes it's a grand for yang to say, normal people outside the beltway aren't focused on this. it hasn't come up a lot in in silicon valley he's done unspeakable things, he has not done unspeakable things with whipped cream. it makes perfect sense. what i would hope for, and this is a total naïve hope, is that people take this as something that you would do or not do, not
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necessarily based on how it's can affect the democrats in the election in november 2020. of course only things that way. kennedy: no people also weren't talking it was can happen to democrat precedent. seems like democrats are really shortsighted or they lack self belief. because there is going to be a democrat president. and when that happens is a good chance there's going to be a republican house. he is still here the term works when it comes to supreme court nominees, i don't think this one is going to fade from memory anytime soon. is that dawning on democrats. >> i don't think that's on them. i don't think it's because american have a corrupt administration. the reason for having the conversation about donald trump, i beg to differ. kennedy: . kennedy: i don't think you have to be corrupt. kennedy: when the president withholds military aid and his
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private attorney is calling the office of budget and management. he's currently in ukraine speaking with prosecutors. it smells and it reeks. i think the job of congress, it minimum whether your democrat or republican's hold the administration accountable for bad behavior. and your personal attorney is there. kennedy: but your aversion of holding accountable and every other normals person is a vastly different. impeachment is not holding somebody accountable. it's undoing an election. and that's from jerry nadler himself. that's a quote from jerry nadler. >> in speech meant is that in case of emergency brake class, from the constitution. 's they are pretty evenly divided but when you actually impose impeachment, why did they impose impeachment is not because half of the american here is what the american debtor thanks they did. it's because a large portion of america goes we have an election less than a year from now, what
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he did was wrong, can we censor him and get back to trap passing trade deals and passing healthcare? i wonder if you would be able, i don't of that the numbers would change that much in the house. i think the well is so poison that you'd still have a very partisan one side or the other thing going on there. but i think in the senate it would be really interesting if you did censure versus impeached. there are number of republicans, meant romney being one of them, who is critical of the present from time to time who might say let's slap them on the wrist, let's say it's wrong, let's put it in the history books but in speech meant superhard. >> impeachment is the abuse of power, it's not necessarily the president had a terrible policy to invade iraq. which was awful shouldn't of done that. >> arguably worse i happen here in ukraine. >> certainly but the abuse of power for using the office for an crêpe corruption. impeachment is the remedy of that are least going to the process of it.
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kennedy: but you don't have agreement on the level of abuse of power. unfortunately have to move on, but nancy pelosi has to stop saying the facts are uncontested, because faxes of blanketed and subjective term here. did you see one of voter and i would confronted joe biden? it is so good were going to play it for you on take it apart coming up next. the fda has a new warning, new reason for manas and hysteria. stay here.
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tomorrow? who knows. age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. make the world you want. ♪. kennedy: joe biden's i will bus tour was already making negative headlines for his odd choices of finger sandwiches, but former vp decide to fight back today quite literally after a voter question his age and his son hunter's business dealings in ukraine. check it out. >> the reason i'm running is because i've been around for long time and i know more than most people. and i can get things done, that's why i'm running. if you want to check my shapeless do push-ups together. [applause]
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no one has said my son hasn't anything wrong, and i did not on any occasion. and no one is ever said it. you set i set my son up to run in an company. get your words straight jack. >> here's the deal, here's the deal. kennedy: how do you like me no wet noodle? sounds like there was malarkey after all. biden returned to the potluck kosher while later saying he didn't call the man fat but perhaps he should have if he wants out from the president. regardless, the campaign chaos only fuel more speculation that the biden bus to a will run out of gas before it reaches the white house. so should joe biden stay the course or let mayor pete take the wheel? christian sultans anderson,
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richard fowler and match welts are here. i'll start with you richard how do you feel. >> i think this is a good video for joe biden actually does the opposite of what people wanted to do. if people want to show the biden's strong and he can take the president on a one-on-one debate. he's got stamina he's got strength. it's not being angry voters, i don't think that's it at all. the president throws his temper because he leaves a foreign meeting. that's not controlling her temper. but the same joe biden said this is of this is the uncle joe that people like. you could pull out all these different things and i think the democratic base voters this is the debt joe biden they want to see. that's wise ahead the national polls. >> i don't think this incident and of itself changes anything. but i do think the whole no malarkey bus to her does signal that biden is doubling down that he does very well with democrats
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if you look at the primaries polls, he kills and among older democrats. kennedy: some people pass out buttons he passes out catheters. >> but worries not get his young monger younger democrats. in the primary he can actually pull off a win on democrats over 50. but if you gets the general election where 43% are going to be disappointed he's the nominee. so they may go out but because they think trump is terrible to the lot and vote for him. kennedy: i don't think the millennial circuit a vote against someone, they need a positive force to mobilize them. >> imagine this, joe biden has run on paper, just looking at the scoreboard and pointing at it, he's earned basically the best campaign out there. just besides pete booted judge. kennedy: not fundraising.
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>> he always is 27 to 37% in every poll. except iowa. >> and new hampshire. >> he can talk about corn pop he can do push-ups. kennedy: and that leg care that they rubbed internet was a blondes. >> none of it mattered. >> five and the kids jump on my lap and a level and then jump on my lap. it's been. >> and a lot of it is the campaign and they ran for the primary. people didn't want that to be the number one issue, and when you have these other people's soon to be going for that and finding they're fighting over 5%. kennedy: that's what i want to ask you. so cory booker's sorta been leading the charge to get pamela harris out. there is no front runner of
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color and somehow that is a sign of implicit racism. and it's also send that to the democratic party is under serving an incredibly important part of the electric. spieth. >> i think that's a big issue for the discrimination bill. i think there's a larger thing happening. so to win this election you need an actual coalition similar to what obama had. the only candidate in this sort of group of candidates that have that it's a coalition of voters. it's african-americans, its latin voters is young college. joe biden is winning. kennedy: let me ask you this so michael star hopkins says that the way to the way the debate was set up is implicit. >> i would say it's a racist and problematic. kennedy: then why aren't voters of color, putting their support behind candidates of color? >> i think it's all who you know
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and familiarity a think that's what it basically boils down tone. i think joe biden's ahead of that because younger african-american voters even some older african-american voters joe biden is a common brand. it's a household name because he was connected to barack obama. when they pick an opponent south carolina they say like joe biden because i know him. >> i think black but voters are way more pragmatic than white vote casters. kennedy: that's actually a much more satisfying explanation for the electorate than other people have been trying to rationalize away. >> i think 80% of democrats and the most important thing to them is someone who can beat trump. only four to ten say they have a candidate is female, one of color,. why can't some of these candidates in this race understand that. because that seems to be the driving factor. so if that's the case, then figure out what it takes to beat the president and they haven't
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done that. >> that's of the primary is about. kennedy: one of the problems with the harrison case is they had too many young staffers and that was a problem. and they think that's the reality. it's. >> i think the other probe of the pamela harris campaign as they were clear and message. i think she didn't get as many opportunities, but she wasn't clear in healthcare. she moved three or four times. kennedy: the media was rated t her up and send her to the stratosphere. don't kid yourself. after that live debate with joe biden, they were giving her every opportunity to take it by the horns and ride off into the sunset. >> before i think she got there, the healthcare answer was a.that was an issue. kennedy: that means she's not solid on the issues, and again she's not a good candidate.
9:25 pm
horrible track record in california. they whitewash that record. there are rotting in prison in california because of her. she is condemning communis of color, shame on her. i know that's so sad. what an idiot. the panel is coming back, no? the panel is done. it's a wonderful discussion. [laughter] polls show healthcare is the number one issue for the election. how can we fix our current system. i've three experts to debates and inform next. ♪
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kennedy: some democrats when he is healthcare to save their campaigns. luckily some rationalists want to save the country from healthcare.
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winded multi trillion dollar blanket medicare plans become synonymous with altruism. status blockheads like bernie sanders and his friend or me plagiarism with elizabeth warren once a blowup private insurance as we know it, but they're in capable of analyzing what needs will be managed by tanking the economy and torching hundreds of thousands of jobs in exchange for irredeemable bureaucracy. is there any modular or impractical fixes that can be dropped into the marketplace that don't spell third world doom? well yes thank you for asking, first we will require all healthcare providers to display their prices. enough of this paternalistic in the dark. let us know what were getting, what were paying, and how we can get it cheaper. in addition, healthcare providers and insurance companies can no longer operate like the nsa and cia. they must divulge what they are charging and what they are paying each other so we can finally see the level of immoral collusion they've been hooked blinking us with for decades.
9:31 pm
health insurance has become a cycle of mysterious expenditures and once you provide transparency, then you can give individuals an appropriate tax-free mechanism to pay for deductibles and services without getting soaked by uncle sam's heartless hose. healthcare savings accounts aren't some utopia unicorn. they would make savings and paying for the health care use evidence and much easier. and finally, we all know the key to unlocking and elevating treatment is elevation. to me doctors and clinics are hamstrung with barriers to acquire certificates of need, which are control tools used by heartless bureaucrats that do harm by withholding cooled to new technology. lords of nose a propeller head single-handedly single-handedly decides who deserves what's in appealing these backwards decisions can run desperate responders into the thousands. there are a million reasons to robustly push back on the misguided single-payer trends, but it only takes a handful of basic changes to meaningfully
9:32 pm
move healthcare in the free and right direction. and that's the memo. ♪. kennedy: i don't think anyone would argue that the current system works purse perfectly. the same restaurant in las vegas just started allowing customers to add money to their checks that go toward employees health insurance. so how in the heck do we fix this healthcare mass? joining me now the special medicare roundtable.
9:33 pm
i don't want to slam medicare for all i want to come up with solutions. and i think sometimes we come up with such emotional debates about this topic because healthcare is one of the most personal issues that we have as individuals, but if medicare for all passes, the worst case scenario is that doctors like you take a massive pay cut. how do you keep doctors in business? how do you keep college students going to medical school if it becomes a profession that's unsustainable? >> it's very difficult. doctors we paid less, they will have to deal with more regulations. and they will have to provide services that they may not be able to get for patients that they want to. it's time great innovation, canada, the time of personalized medicine coming down the pike, our neighbor to the north, canada has long waiting lines for elective procedures. you could argue, and i'm sure adam would say for emergency for acute care. you could get it very wellin canada, for in australia, but
9:34 pm
for elective procedures that's were a lot of places are coming. cancer immunotherapies, you take their immune cells output them back in cost over $300,000. one treatment that secure potentially. robotics, nanotechnologies, all these ways of the future are not going to be covered by one-size-fits-all single-payer solution. which is basically based on insurance it was devised in the 1930s when there were a lot less solutions out there for this. kennedy: in the system we have now in the breakdown, and we can all agree there's a breakdown. >> at the free market doesn't function optimally but it functions better than the government options. and i understand why people when there mad you want to take care of other people do want to pay for their medical bills? in a geordie may people's i guess. but then they get the bill. there is still been not been a satisfactory answer on how to
9:35 pm
pay for this. >> will a few things, the people that have universal healthcare systems have on average half of our healthcare spending. so clearly it's affordable. kennedy: do they have renovation though? >> certainly we've seen in canada study that's found with cystic fibrosis, i'm a lung dr. so you can see that this interest me. actually live ten years longer than in the united states. in great britain it's lower. kennedy: wire older patients in great britain waiting for cataract surgery? >> , on average the commonwealth fund the waiting time for specialist is actually less in the uk the united states. the limit is typical little bit. 35% of the americans report going without needed medical care in the course the last year. how long is that waiting list? it's infinite in length. that's the waiting list.
9:36 pm
>> that's the waiting list that's the most waiting list in the most deadly is the va. and that is a single pay system impaired and a system has not been fully fixing zona talk about the cost because elizabeth warren scissors can be a massive payroll tax. there's also good to be a capital gains tax. and this can be a number of other taxes which still, if you go apples to apples don't fund $20 trillion in medicare costs. >> and they don't fund that in $20 trillion is not enough. this is the.that everyone has to understand. she is talking about paying doctors less, medicare rates. doctors are not going to work at those rates. they already don't work at those rates. which means this isn't in a cost 52 trillion. it's gonna cost much more than that. potentially $60 trillion. all the taxes she's lined up for the rich, do not cover that. so if you want to go single-payer, the first thing
9:37 pm
you have to do is be honest about the cost. and tell people you're all paying this. >> that's a bill you cannot unring. >> that you have more than enough healthcare spending to cover all of the uninsured and upgrade coverage for everybody else. that's $5 billion in savings to give cover for everyone. it's plenty of money. >> it doesn't translate that way. >> the government's not the best tool for disturbing that money. >> bureaucracies very heartless and very bad. >> people with the medicare don't get kicked out of that program and put into the free market. >> first of all the more important points and doctors is the hospitals. everything a hospital united states they will tell you they get 85 cents on the dollar for medicare. less for medicaid. they rely on private insurance to do their research, to pay for
9:38 pm
their services to take care of patients. in other words, they use private insurance to pay to compensate for public paying them less. second, and no one make three points. second, health insurance is not healthcare. that's the thing that all the politicians forget about. i agree with that among one point, i went to see access to actual healthcare. america has a problem with that. but shoulders all these other countries that he talks about that are supposedly doing better. the reason our life expectancy is lower is not because of the recent adam is saying. you know why? it's because we have an and norma's obesity epidemic in the united states. we have diabetes. we have so many illnesses that we could avoid if we live healthier lives. [inaudible] >> people are dying of diabetes because they can't afford insulin. it's a major news story. [inaudible]
9:39 pm
people are dying. we are all sinners when it comes to health, and were not perfect. were not good let people buy in. kennedy: so my obligated pay for the healthcare because they can't take care of themselves? am i obligated to help them? >> i think al's cursory post for the public good and we should cover everyone. feeling people who are benefiting from the current system of the corporate the private insurance companies. kennedy: i have to ask a question from carolyn. how do you decide how to ration healthcare. >> gives centralize health system which means it's going to be bureaucrats in washington d.c. you might not want to calm bureaucrats, but that's where they're gonna sit. they get a look at the data unit say you get this because we don't have enough, no way to
9:40 pm
ration oil. the head of medicare tweeted out she doesn't want to be in the position to do that. she won still rely on free market forces. price transparencies. if you want to solve the problem. [inaudible] it it's in the tens of thousands of dollars debt. it's a government model that's up private insurers enter into and is the open ability to pay and to solicit money that patients don't have. >> with your bleeding from a gunshot wound not get a at every word of that. [inaudible] >> back to kennedy's original. this is a problem of the debate. we go back right back to the person bleeding in the back of the ambulance and what candy is saying, and what i think i'm saying as well as there's lots of room for more free-market
9:41 pm
policies. we do not have a free market now. you cannot say the things you are saying happen in the free market. we can move in that direction, we can help people in need, but if we only picked attention to the extremes. [inaudible] invariably the argument is for the people in need who don't have healthcare. let's take away it's already working and make it work for them. co-pays are soaring. >> that's under obamacare that's not a solution. [inaudible] kennedy: thank you so much, that was great that was a wonderful debate. i hope you're not upset. will do part two. more to discuss. in coming up the fda now warming that might not be safe. what's that mean for millions of americans. we'll be right back.
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kennedy: welcome back. cbd has been hailed as a game changer from everything from pain to insomnia. but the fda may have hurt holiday sales by the clearing it may have abilities to harm. this is a stark contrast to a 2,017 study by the world health organization that cbd had a good safety profile. so which is it boys? joining me tonight ceo maker of micro during products. eric smart. my chiropractor use it on my need today. i'm having issues and am very hopeful. emma's fan of cbd. i take the capsules for intestinal inflammation. i use the creams for everything
9:47 pm
because the fda full of malarkey? >> i can't quote joe biden, but i can say the fda has over five years of clinical studies on these. it knows where the risk factors are. worked extremely low. i think what the fda is extremely worried about is the manufacturers were making this comment if they're making it properly and making it safe. that's a big concern. kennedy: and we've seen, especially with some of the ae late illegal vape packs. people are putting the vitamin e oil in them which is singeing people's lungs and killing them. so if you want to do is find a reputable source, and a good friend of mine said there growing some him in eastern europe around some nuclear sites. and you don't want that. so how do you find the good cbd. >> will there's a few ways they can help you pick a good brand. for swells national retailers. retailers are in a check products into the homework for you. that helps a lot. other things you can do, because it's loosely regulated now. the fda's approving that they're
9:48 pm
starting to set standards. companies can post their test periods that helps you know what your getting, hopefully. and those are two things that can really go along way in helping you choose better products. kennedy: are people putting too much hoping to cbd? you hear about it for pretty much everything. so our people, are manufacturers making these big claims because of a placebo effect? >> benefits of placebo, but there are some claims out there you hear about parkinson's disease, alzheimer's, and even cancer. subject to biden, i think you're getting a little malarkey. kennedy: c can get the malarkey zone. what you like cbd for? >> there's some good antidotal evidence that this will help anxiety. these things are being posited tivoli impacted by cbd. were looking for the science and catch up with the market. that's were at right now. the free market its product to people, and people are testing it to see how works. and that's gonna tell you if it's in her work. it's people are not to pay for things they don't work. kennedy: and i know mitch mcconnell's been taking a lot of
9:49 pm
credit for the hep build has not helped your industry? >> absolutely into thousand 18 the agricultural act basically pave the way for us to be in the markets, the fda is guideline set. they are expanding that on what it can and can't do. kennedy: tell people is tell them stop scaring people. >> you know the free market, the fda side, there's a good balance. because we do want safe and effective, however, were in a fortunate scenario where we get in the market now. kennedy: thank you so much. topical storm is next. how about that?
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absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and will it keep me in the holiday spirit? yes! with comfort and joy. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove. and now, save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. kennedy: what happened? hillary clinton continues to make headlines for telling howard stern that she never had a lesbian relationship. now it turns out hilary only goes down on election day. that's a true story of this at the topical storm digging thing. topic number one, we begin tonight starbucks with a controversy controversial holiday cups have everyone fighting. oh yeah, were low grumpy before getting her morning coffee, but this is a little much. take it, take it, like it. that happened in florida because
9:54 pm
of course it did, they got upset because after the berea status belt equal on the, iguana kissed me on the mouth, on the side of the cup, and on the left wanted to go back window back and confront her the guy on the right did not. she has enough problems. the next thing you know they went from black coffee to black friday. they beat each other up like there is a discounted insta pot handing caning in the balance. the animal control division estimates these were teenage iguanas which are not the most exciting fun facts, but it's nice it is someone fighting over teenagers besides jeffrey epstein and prince andrew, permits. the topic number two, ohio police are looking for a fugitive, let's just say he has a high probability of getting caught. this is why you never hire a tattoo artist to get paid and checks party mix dipped in ecstasy. he failed to give the parole
9:55 pm
bowl his current address. the police are trying to rest a mentor a cloud of suspicion. the bad news is he start facing multiple charges. the good news is they'll never get a jury of his peers, because they're all at a fish concert. by the way i should also mention that yeah, he single ladies girl. he is on dolly madison because as of tonight the fling fugitive has yet to be copied but he is believed to be hiding somewhere that no one in ohio would ever go, like a bengals game. which makes sense. he wouldn't be the first parolee to show up at a bengals game, the only differences he wouldn't have a uniform on. [laughter] topic number three. well, we've reached the week we pretend to care what viewers think. just kidding. we canting and pretend that this. viewer mail, deplorable marvin
9:56 pm
starts us off with you are a nut case half comedian. second marvin. collar rights we should date. no. benjamin said i truly don't understand trump. what is there to understand? we'll be right back.
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there is, there's mr. hot stuff. thank you for watching the show
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tonight. he's so sexy. you can follow me on twitter an instagram. e-mail kennedy espn who's a good boy. he went to treat? good night, see later. rinos, re dems and deep -- radical dems and deep state artists who still


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