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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 6, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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liz: the dow up 339, smp of 28, nasdaq is up 86, have a great weekend everybody. thank you for joining. connell: how about a doubt 28 take. looks like we'll settle about that with a huge date with stocks surging on a blowout, job support, all three of the major averages in green and the economy had the most jobs is added in ten months. melissa: unbelievable. connell: traffic report after the president's top economic adviser came on, foxbusiness said close to a trade deal with china so we also have that in the market and the dow going higher by 336 points. melissa: that's a nice looking chart. connell: it goes up and stays there right around the highs of the day. good to be with you, happy friday but i'm, which ain't. melissa: and i'm melissa francis. this is after the bell.
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s&p 500 and nasdaq also ending in positive territory both up 1% and foxbusiness team covered this hour, edward lawrence on the ground it easy, jackie on the floor of the new york stock exchange. blake burman lighted lighthouse and edward, first do you. reporter: you saw the reaction to the job support. when i got the hands of my jaw dropped. this is less time the economy crated more than 266,000 jobs in a month with last january but white house says the strong job support with the claimant rate to be back to a 50 year low proves the regulation and tax cuts work. president donald trump not shy about taking credit. president trump: the numbers have been phenomenal and some people say i'm so spot on and so good that they have never seen anything like it. it's a long way from when people were rooting for a recession because they thought they could maybe win an election. reporter: if you look deeper into the numbers the trends are moving in the right action
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because of the jobs created in november. the economy is averaging 180,000 jobs created a month this year. that is up from 167,000 jobs after october's job report. wages are growing in this report but again, not large enough to put pressure on inflation. white house economic advisor saint the data proves the economic expansion is reaching more people than it ever has. >> america is working and america middle income america incomes are making more money and their take-home pay is better than anything we've seen in 20 years. reporter: the support will likely mean the federal reserve will wait again for any rate cut or rate hike and you know this is the last job support of the decade and what a report to close it out on. connell: pretty cool. ever, thank you. in the meantime, were inching toward a trade deal as the white house signaled steady progress on a phase one deal with china paid for that we go to blake burman lied at the white house
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for us with the latest on all those talks peered blake. reporter: president's top economic adviser, larry kudlow, described the talks between the u.s. and china as intense and constructive, echoed what president trump had said earlier in the most recent days saying that they are hoping to get a great deal but at this point clearly they have not gone to the point of a phase i deal to sign just yet. over here at the white house today the president held a roundtable regarding the regulatory efforts and it was a nice dovetail into the job support for this white house today. the schedule they had before they do the numbers. my house trying to deregulate the efforts and be a ministry's and over the. they said the kid they are contending the following number, federal agencies have taken 392 derogatory actions since the start of the administration and say for every new regulation more than a seven have been rolled back. they also put the savings as
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$50 billion and regulatory costs. the president has long argued the regulation has been as impertinent or even maybe more important than the tax cuts. president trump: the numbers have been phenomenal actually, some people said so spot on, so good that they have never seen anything like it. it's a long way from when people were rooting for the recession because they thought they could maybe win an election. reporter: the president took specific issue with california's auto rules along with glittery items relating to lightbulbs and even trucking. the president saying, at one point, epa will look into water pressure issues involving showers and even toilets. connell: okay. blake, thank you. melissa: joined the press conference in the middle of the water pressure thing. i came in confused but now i got it straightened out.
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steve forbes, forbes media chairman, steve forbes, how about those job numbers? >> you might say we are flush with prosperity. [laughter] but the key is not just job creation and you get month-to-month fluctuation and we crated more than 2 million jobs year over year for the keeping is wages are rising and wages for low income workers are rising at twice the pace of middle and upper income earners bid this is a broad-based prosperity. the big bang and life ticked the market was not just the job support but the good news that we may get finally a china deal, trade deal. that will be a real boon in terms of getting more investment next year. capital expenditures are going up once we know the rules of the road. the president is right on deregulation and that's been an anonymous benefit for the economy especially for small businesses who are the big job creators. melissa: steve, would it be amazing? we had these expansion and some people are worried and some indicators are concerned that it
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is slowing all of a sudden and out with the this month it doesn't look like it's slowing is all in this move is a credible but if you did get a deal you could have a continuation of this huge expansion at a time when everybody said you're due for a recession however so often and every ten years or whatever it is, by virtue of having a trade deal come into fruition we could see the expansion containing to continue, what you think connects back the whole idea of the economy is machine and will get run down and have a recession is preposterous. if you have the right atmosphere certain industries will have ups and downs but the overall economy should continue to do well. the key thing is get that cloud out of the way on trade and get the u.s. mca and the nafta to trade deal through congress and if speaker pelosi ever let that get to a vote it does it will pass overwhelmingly and that will be a boon because the uncertainty is the only big cloud on the horizon in terms of
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the economy. connell: let's talk, steve, about the ray glittery at the white house where blake burman reported on for you heard the back-and-forth and the president himself brought it up that some people feel as though the derogatory efforts from this white house have been more helpful than some of the other measures put in place even the tax cuts. what is been the most import factor in driving the economy? >> the most meaningful thing was the tax cuts and made competitive again on the business side but the deregulation will is that it's relentless bid they are doing it day-to-day, day-to-day not just a press conference and then patting themselves on the back but regulations are a form of taxation but they cost this economy to chilean dollars a year and about three force of those are nonsense and don't do any good. the more they hack away at those are the better we are off we will be. it does not make daily headlines like a sports or stock market but the kind of think that sets a strong foundation especially for business startups. >> the kind of thing you can do
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on your own if you're a president and he started to cut the revelation that a been put in place and the previous administration which i guess by definition makes him a big campaign issue. next year that they could go back on as quickly as they take it off if there's a change of power in the white house. >> he could make the point that a stroke of the pen could bring back all the bad stuff and crush businesses again and hurt your 401k and every tens of millions of americans have 401k and they don't want those to tank and the democrats are taking it. joe biden's call to moderate there's nothing moderate in a fight charlie gasparino, nothing moderate about his tax proposal. they all would be hurting the economy. regulations, taxation, uncertainty that would create. taxes destroyed capital thomas come on, guys but why don't you get it? they should member john f. kennedy, early 1960s, great president and was a tax cutter print they need to resurrect that inheritance. connell: i thought it was a
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there's nothing moderate about charlie guest marino which is a different story altogether but as a final point you brought it up with melissa a minute to go on china trade, if we do get a deal what does that actually do for the economy? were already in pretty good shape but if we get a phase i deal then what? >> and removes hopefully taxation and a tariff is another word for sales tax. specific businesses have been hurt and they will be hurt going next year but a lot of businesses absorb those taxes hoping it will be a rescue with a trade deal and impact if that gets on the keeping there is no the rules of the game and once you know the rules of the game then you can make long-term decisions. connell: make plans and were spending and all the respite steve forbes, have a great weekend. >> you too. thank you. melissa: the dow is still ending down for the week but we go to jackie for more. reporter: great end to the week over 28,000 on the dow for the whole week we cannot get into that positive territory even
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though it's a bang up day by all accounts but obviously as a result of the jobs report the nasdaq was down for the week as well only the s&p was able to eke it out in green territory. the second straight week of gain for the s&p 500 and this was all about the positive sentiment in the economy. traders down here were saying they could handle seeing a little bit of a myth today but as a matter of fact where the below number so it exceeded expectations. on top of that you have larry kudlow talking about the phase i deal with china that this is the perfect forum for the market today ending up 337 points. in the meantime i want to bring your - there was no stock they could find roots today and we were higher but for the week not so great for that stock and this is after that controversial lad aired this week with the husband and the wife and the husband gives a wife a peloton as a gift and it went viral and the people say she looked uncomfortable and
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she was being body shamed and the husband should not tell you you need to be on an exercise bike but that wiped out more than a billion dollars, one and a half billion dollars in value for that stock and that's a big deal and something to watch. other people say when it comes to pellets on the heavy talking about them and this is something that probably will rebound with time but we will see. as of now it's a little bit of a black guy, melissa. connell: . melissa: thank you, jackie. connell: partisan plan with fatal flaws, the white house sounding the alarm on house speaker nancy pelosi's plan to lower drug prices. we talked to one of the white house officials that said the proposal could have deadly consequences. that is coming up next. melissa: plus, cashing in on the christmas classic, mariah carey's seasonal stable can soon become a streaming sensation. we are pulling back the curtain on the 25 year hit. connell: a skier's.
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it is winter all year long at the american dream mall. we are going down the first indoor snow mountain. melissa: that is inside? connell: inside with real snow in new jersey of all places. coming up. tomoko ♪ ♪ great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need.
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melissa: searching for a compromise on an issue that hits your wallet, the white house slamming speaker nancy pelosi is cold, unworkable plan for lowering prescription drug crisis in a new foxbusiness op-ed titled quote, we can lower drug prices and spur medical innovation. losey hr three is not the answer but the author, joe grogan, who is the director of the white house domestic policy council joins us now. thank you for joining us, sir. one of the big changes because i want to dive right into the details, it seems like pelosi plans to put a cap on crisis on all drug crisis and it seems like your plan cap the rate of
4:17 pm
inflation for certain medicare drugs. is that one of the key differences? >> i would say it is more in the queue for having me. we've been working closely on a bipartisan cover mize with senators grassley and wyden and republic and an democrat on the senate side on a balanced approach that would provide real benefits to seniors and save them at least $5,000 a year if they have high cost drug span and cap their monthly amount they have to spend and medicare programs. the policy plan goes a step further and doesn't even it because it negotiation but is not really negotiation but dictating prices to manufacturers in vain if you don't accept a price that the bureaucracy dictates that we take 95% of your profits. what the council of economic advisors has told us when they analyze it this may kill 100 new drugs that you may never see the market. melissa: i totally agree. an economics person and
4:18 pm
preaching to the converted bid i completely get a bit i want to make sure i understand the differences. you do put cap on some drug prices though - capping at the rate of inflation but how do you decide which ones are in and which are out? >> but cap is a cap on inflation so a limit on federal subsidies and reimbursements for drugs in the part d program that increased faster than inflation. manufacturers can raise the prices but not above the consumer price index and a cold so seniors will have the benefit of year-over-year product ability and their co-pays and deductibles and we think manufacturers are being subsidized in the parking program by the taxpayers should be able to maintain steady price increases and limit the price increases year over year and it's unacceptable that a manufacturer would get a senior potentially on the drug they need to be on for the rest of their lives and have big price increases year-over-year. melissa: but if there's a new
4:19 pm
state-of-the-art drug where the prices going up a lot because it's brand-new and they've done all this research there wouldn't be a cap on that, right? >> no caps on the launch but we do restructure the way how much liability the insurance company has versus the taxpayer to make sure the tax payers are not fully on the hawk and to make manufacturers and insurance negotiate more aggressively so we don't have a cap on the launch price or dictate from the bureaucracy how much a drug should cost but we do say once it is launched the manufacturing needs to give seniors and taxpayers predict ability and how much it will increase year-over-year. melissa: i'm sorry, almost out of time and i don't want to lose the details but there's a cap of $3,100 on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for seniors and is there anything that falls outside that cap or is it no matter what? >> it would be limit to the catastrophic.
4:20 pm
it's a huge benefit to seniors over $5,000 savings a year and it be a per monthly cap as well that we have inserted working with senators grassley and wyden. there's a whole host of other gaming that we are eliminating that manufacturers play to illuminate inefficiencies and make the negotiations more aggressive and bring drug prices down. it would be a big win for seniors, big win for the american people to get the grassley wyden deal across the finish line and this is the president that will sign it. melissa: joe grogan, thank you for bringing it to us. >> thank you. connell: love move to uber. that stock was down and the company revealed more than 3,000 sexual assaults were reported during rides in wilbur's in the united states last year. susan has been doing reporting on this and joins us with the latest. susan mack uber says they've taken extraordinary steps to be transparent but the safety on its platform and its first of its kind and challenging
4:21 pm
competitors like lift and tax commissions do the same thing, provide the same type of report that we have and what they found and have disturbed it is pretty jarring, according to the chief legal officer who the author of this report. over 5,000 sexual assault reports in the u.s. over the past two years and what was interesting was the fact that they were similar assault ratios for both drivers and riders. a lot of people have the preconceived notions that only passengers have been victims but apparently drivers are also attacked as well fit 19 fatalities and compare that to the transit committee and the new york transit which is one locality reported 1100 sex offenses over those two years. i asked uber why are you doing this and the chief legal officer basically said that look, we want to be confronting sexual violence and it requires honesty and it's only by shining a light on these issues that we can begin to provide clarity on something that touches every corner of society and as a
4:22 pm
result of trying to get the passengers and their drivers from point a to point b safely uber has offered up the new enhanced safety features and that includes what we talked about over the past few weeks the opportunity to record their car ride audio so write a check as well if your car takes too long and also if you make unannounced stops they also check-in at the appleton real-time id is the right driver and mapping your phone numbers and addresses as well but despite the fact uber is taking these extraordinary measures to be transparent i see the stock was hammered in an up market because the numbers are so startling and i guess the onus is now on the competitors to release the results. connell: is susan lee, thank you. melissa: giving back this holiday season how one company is trying to help the homeless for the holidays. plus, it is bananas. would you pay six figures for this banana?
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woman: friction points, those obstacles that limit a company's growth. i try to find companies that turn these challenges into opportunities. it's these unique companies with creative business models that will generate value for our investors. that's why i go beyond the numbers.
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connell: what is good for the economy? >> a good deal that deals with issues such as farm tariffs and farm purchases, intellectual property theft, forced technology transfer and a litany of things. a good deal like that which is in force would be great for our economy. both our economies. connell: while larry kudlow was waxing optimistic about a trade deal earlier today president trump has been insisting the status of the plan december 15 tariff hikes on chinese products is not yet been discussed, let alone tariffs already in effect. we don't really know what is
4:28 pm
going on but we do know those tariffs to put the squeeze on american farmers into date we are focusing on the business of selling nuts, almond, hazelnuts and what have you in the tariff rates rate in that industry have gone up to 50% amid the trade war but we are joined by dale dorman, president of summit trina and california and i am sure everybody is exciting the next line to be a business that is really struggling because of these tariffs but i was looking at your industry today and this is surprising but in your business hanging in there pretty well and i want you to tell us how. >> thank you very much. pleasure to be here today. china used to be our single largest market that we exported to for most of the past decade. however, when the trade wars started volumes going into china dropped dramatically so we had to focus our energy into other growing economies such as india and parts of the middle east. we seem uptake in europe and here in the usa is a lot of countries are looking to eat
4:29 pm
healthier we've been focusing on some of the growing markets like that in our volumes during this past year have grown 80%. connell: your volumes are up 18% which is a markable and as you say china is to be number one. from what i understand it's not number five from the 65 countries in which you sell into what about your profits? how does it work out in terms of how much money you make now versus pre- trade war? >> those are about same level, may be a touchdown but i was a similar overall. connell: so, the obvious question is, if you had to go back and do this all over again in most business owners and ceos we talked to said i wish the street work would end are you in that camp even though even able to handle it or do you think the changes that you made were necessary changes that needed to be made and this was what drove you to it? >> we love to see the trade boom because that would assist our business back in china and rebound even more so but we
4:30 pm
would have to staff up even more for that without the volumes have grown great california in the u.s. are planting more nuts and producing more than some of these different markets want it and have more demand for plant -based diets. for us it's a growing market. connell: i'm curious why you did not do the sooner? has the market changed? you said you're making a ton of money in china so why did you do not diversify and go into countries earlier? >> the india economy is continuing to grow any of 1.3 billion people there and economy is improving so that's been our biggest growth segment is there and so you go where certain countries and economies are improving. we've been doing that and as you here in the usa your almond milk and almond butters and some of the plant -based food and beverages are growing and that has increased our overall volumes as well. connell: more demand for a bit it's interesting take on a straight we talk about.
4:31 pm
dale darling, thank you for coming on. melissa: foxbusiness, the white house announced it will not participate in the impeachment hearings before the judiciary committee. they say in quote, we do not see any reason to participate because the process is unfair to speaker pelosi has already announced the predetermined results and they will not give us the ability to call any witnesses. the house judiciary committee second hearing is on monday. connell: is some question but that's not much of a surprise. the numbers for martin scorsese's nearly 160 million-dollar film but in the meantime, the irishman, are is it a surprise? it not quite live up to the excesses of another netflix hit. melissa: really? plus, beyond the burger fans rejoice. if you are looking to buy fake meat and bolt you are in luck. one major chain is now selling the brand nationwide. what this means for the future of the steak meat industry and asked. connell: where the show snow is
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♪ melissa: a strong streaming debut, martin scorsese's, the
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irishman's neck 13.2 million viewers over its first five days on netflix according to nielsen. that is more than the breaking bad movie but still less than it hit, bird fox. once the pricing gangster movie worth it for netflix? founding member and also a fox news contributor, what do you think? did they get enough bang for their very expensive bucket they are? this is revolutionary not only for netflix but for martin scorsese. this is the biggest opening of his career and had they sold tickets to this movie it would have sold the equivalent of about one at a $55 million of tickets over 81 week span. there is a good showing and it's getting the critics accolades. new york film critics award which is esteemed as a precursor to the actors the irishman has picked up awards there as well and netflix is getting its bang out of it however the stock interestingly is underperforming as j.p. morgan and apple making
4:37 pm
new highs, netflix is stuck in the mud here and it's because of competition and amazon, apple everyone is in this context game. >> disney plus and also if you have to go to the movie and watch this i don't think it would've sold as many tickets but i digress. buying a fake meat and bulk? beyond berger will now be sold at cost goes across the u.s. it's a plant -based company against rivals like and possible food. what do you think about this? is it a fat? do you need fake make meat and bulk? >> yeah, there was a time where if you told me fake meat would be booming, melissa, i would be surprised but it is especially among millennial's and younger shoppers paid this age is not frozen yogurt but you've seen that in the popularity of the distribution but beyond meet, not just at cosco but walmart and target and publix but what is fascinating is as its distribution and sales have gone up the stock price has gone down but once again that come down to
4:38 pm
competition. beyond meet used to be the only game in town but not nestlé and kellogg's, kroger they are all getting into the fake make business. melissa: i've yet to try it and will not going to. mariah carey is christmas according to a new amazon special but the singer getting her own mini documentary that will chronicle how her hips, all i want for christmas is you, became a holiday sensation. jonathan, i can't believe the thing is 25 years old. >> and still a perennial favorite. amazingly it's reached an echelon of getting pulled out much to mariah carey's benefit paid that is why amazon is going forward been these networks need content and specifically content that will appeal to the court coming millennial's and that is why earlier this week he saw amazon to strike a deal to essentially simulcast some of the yankee games that will go for the younger viewers and this mariah carey favorite is right up that alley. that is why amazon is doing it. trying to differentiate between competitors that you alluded to
4:39 pm
weather hulu, disney plus, they're striving for that mark market. melissa: jonathan, sit tight. connell has breaking news. connell: this alert comes about the elon musk defamation trial but we're just getting information on that from robert gray outside the courthouse in la. what's going on, robert? reporter: the judge just giving final instructions to the jury. they will begin deliberating it now. both sides have completed their closing arguments so i came straight to cameron here. the judge was still finishing up giving them the final instructions telling them it needs to be a unanimous verdict and they are giving the freedom to decide how much if any awards should be given and should they find mr. musk guilty of defaming byrne and unsworth? the attorney in his closing arguments argued for a total of $190 million in punitive damages coupled with the fallout from a nuclear bomb that nuclear bomb
4:40 pm
being the tweets from mr. musk that painted unsworth as a pedophile and they are saying the fallout could be felt by him and his family for years to come. musk attorney arguing it was basically the argument between two people and carried out very publicly obviously exchanging insults and he went on to say unsworth claiming quote, he had been horribly damaged and asked to pay me off the money so painting him as a gold digger while unsworth lawyer had painted musk as a liar and a billionaire bully. going back to musk's financial situation sometimes, connell, during the final arguments there and we should say the last from musk's attorney saying they should that mr. unsworth should continue to receive recognition for the play he rolled in rescuing the soccer players but that he should stop monetizing the kids in the cave and stop monetizing lawsuits. right now it's in the jury's hands but we will have to wait
4:41 pm
and see when and how long it takes him to come up with a unanimous decision, one way or the other. connell: i guess it was yesterday so maybe a couple more days turned out to be one-day but the jury get there. robert, thanks for hustling with that. robert gray out in la. melissa: giving back during the holidays how one comedy is helping those in need this season but plus, the christmas shot, electric eel named miguel watson lighting up the chattanooga aquarium when miguel is trying to find food or gets excited he releases a lot of voltage. low voltage of electricity which is transmitted through sensors in his take making the christmas tree lights out. i watched this for a long time today. he zapped it up. connell: what a world. amazing. will ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right,
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yesterday i felt bold with boundless energy. this morning i woke up calm and unbreakable. tomorrow? who knows. age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. make the world you want. connell: good a story. might knock your stocks off which we apologize for in advance. two founders of an apparel company wanted to be a difference in the committee once they realized stocks were the most requested item and homeless shelters. they created a company called bumpus and randy goldberg is the cofounder and joins us now. it sets a good story for i think obvious reasons that you not only sell stocks and other apparel but you do good in the
4:46 pm
process. tell us how the model works before we talk about the products. >> for sure, pretty simple but for every pair of stocks you buy we donate a pair to somebody who is at risk in need or experiencing homelessness? connell: how do you make it work you want to make a few bucks along the way so how do you keep the cost in line and how does that part of it work? 's back we are a for-profit company but from the beginning of bombas we bathed in the donation pair to her economics so that as we scaled we would scaled the donation along with the products we were selling to our consumers. connell: when you say scale, you sell other products, not just stocks? >> we do sell other products but we launched t certs which were excited about and we think we become comfort experts in bringing that to the t-shirt is someone we been excited to launch into the market place. connell: now that we know that is go back to the beginning. rated the idea for a company that sells stocks but also accommodate the does it the way you're doing it come from?
4:47 pm
>> it started with the donation angle. my partner, dave, he saw a quote on facebook that was a salvation army campaign about how stocks are the most requested clothing item in shelters and brought that idea to meet with started talking about it and we wanted to help solve the problem and it was just not about a business idea but as we started to talk to shelters we found out you can't donate used stocks to most homeless shelters so we really figured that if you donate a pair and we came up with a model where you sell a pair, donate a pair we could help solve this problem. connell: i think we showed numbers and you have a lot of people along the way. say someone is interested in buying your product, is the motivation or do you find that many times the motivation is to do good or it's hey, what a good pair of stocks and i could do some good in the process. >> we have some people come in looking for the most amazing pair of stocks looking for added
4:48 pm
comfort in their life and those who want to do good in the world and as you come in for the convert you stay for the mission and vice versa. connell: why not to both? what's next? >> more product categories as we grow and that is our focus. growing stocks, getting in more places and getting products like t-shirts and beyond. connell: pretty good looking stocks. great story. good work helping people. >> thanks. appreciate it. melissa: i think this could be considered art these days, a banana duct tape to a wall selling for a whopping $120,000 at miami. the masterpiece titled comedian was created by an italian artist, the second addition sold to the same person for the same - what the? someone bought two? now there's a third edition? one of the $50,000 - how is this possible? who better to ask than our own david asman. are you the one that bought -
4:49 pm
>> i have to meant i did not buy it but i have been thinking about doing some of these. how can you go wrong? every time the banana rots which is once a week you make another one and sell it for another hundred thousand great genius idea. but, if you can get away with this stuff, god bless and i'm all for artists who can make money doing work no matter how bad it is because what the heck, if they are dumb people out there willing to buy a dried up banana, let them do it if they got the money. by the way, it comes with instructions on what to do with the banana once it rots. melissa: what are the instructions? david: they would not say because it's a big secret because there's a way you can strip off that tape and get rid of the banana and put in a new one without ruining the picture so it's a big secret and it's currently worth 150,000 - by the way, this guy made a solid gold toilet not long ago and there is no idea about how much he sold that for but it was a solid gold toilet. he's coming up with ideas again
4:50 pm
prayed i say good for him. melissa: i guess he's top bana banana. [laughter] david: nice. that's a steve forbes upon. good going. by the way, i bought a pair of those bombas stocks which has nothing to do with our guest but we have steve rogers, perfect person to talk to about tariffs in pensacola and a former national joint terrorism attacks force that the fbi had and also a lieutenant commander in the navy. then we have russ vaught and he said the acting omb director and will be talking about these extraordinary jobs numbers and what keeps the job market growing in the united states. it's a great story but we are on a tear. melissa: thank you, we see you top of the hour. connell: every single day i look forward to what david will talk about. melissa: only him. eleven herbs and spices on an open fire, kfc's yule log are back. it smelled like fried chicken. how fantastic? especially if you have that banana pt. the logs cost $18.99 and they
4:51 pm
are out of stock. you can't get one for it they go from walmart .com. donovan is back and they are sold out, how many did you get or are you the one that brought those top bananas? >> it used to be enough that a log with smell like a log but to quote smirnoff, what a country? this is all about kfc's appeal to buzz. this is what this brand does. they've infused this kentucky fried flavor into everything from chocolates to sunscreen to even pizza. this is all about the instagram generation going viral generation and making your brand the buzz standing out. that's right they are doing these gimmicks and obviously it is working great the product is sold out. melissa: if you like the logs does make you hungry for chicken and you have to go get some or does it make you feel sick after you smell it for a while a while and maybe its aversion therapy and you never have fried chicken again? >> what is amazing is most
4:52 pm
people say they will never get the logs. but they talk about it and keep the brand and especially the sounds in the woods but fried chicken these days is a battleground for fast food restaurants. kfc is sticking their claim and tricks like this gimmicks like this help keep them on the forefront of consumers in terms of their wallet, dollars as well. melissa: have a great weekend. connell: interesting stories on this show. melissa: did you get a log? connell: they are in the mail and the stocks. those i will get but next gliding down the american dream they have say this for the end. look at christina, north america's first indoor ski park. officially today open for business and we aren't live from the slopes. we see you in a minute ♪
4:53 pm
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>> bad day on the slopes beats a good day at work. the old saying. you don't have to wait for a good snow to hit the slopes, christina knows all about it. she is live at the first real snow year-round indoor ski and snowboard park and the united states of america trying out a new ski bike. this could be interesting. this is the first time this is ever been done. live television. believe it or not new jersey, christina will be watching. reporter: i can talk now, this is a brand-new company salt lake city, four years old, very similar to skiing but it's the ski bike so you have to put your pressure forward. it is so popular that they cannot keep up with demand. i'm a newbie, i just learned how to do this. it's very similar to skiing, i'm the first north american indoor
4:58 pm
ski hill, this is awesome this is a ski bike, i've never done this so i'm enjoying it while doing live tv. it's 28 degrees every single day open at 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. you fresh know every single day and is $35 for two hours, you can get equipment and if you bite online it's a little bit cheaper. i'm out of breath. the beauty of this, you can come with family members and easier beginner hilton front of me, a little bit more difficult than on the right side there's a snow park where the borders are doing tricks and taking pictures but the beauty of this if you're a big skier you want to come somewhere we can go after work, hit the slopes and go home. i got here in 20 minutes and a
4:59 pm
cab. if are going to talk big picture in business, this is about bringing people back to the malls and improving the experience and they had to think of a creative way and this is the first north american indoor ski hill, amusement park opening up the american dream mall, waterpark, roller coaster. this is the future, you have to go for the experience. >> you are a good skier but the first time on a ski bike, that was great. be careful there is a random snowman walking around and he appears to be a life. reporter: i did not see anything. >> watch out because from. before we go we want to wish a very happy birthday to an american hero world war ii veteran ted will turn 104 years old on sunday, that is amazing. his con kids sent in a message
5:00 pm
for his dad happy birthday ted, thank you for your service. 104 years old. there was the abominable snowm snowman, am i the only one that saw that? >> have a great weekend everybody ♪ ♪ >> we just reported that we added 266,000 jobs in november and we had the best unemployment numbers and over 54 years, a record 158 million americans are now working. thus a large number in the history of our country, were so far ahead that people cannot believe it. >> the president celebrating blockbuster job report and historic low on employment, this fueling a huge market rally with


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