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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 7, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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"strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. your homes. lou dobbs is next. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody, the radical dimms are gasping in what i see as mortal pain as they behold president trump's rising levels of popularity, this achievement of more success and clear and unassailable case for reelection in 11 months. the economy under president trump is a runaway record breaker and so too are the markets. the trump economy creating 666,000 new jobs in the month of november, including 354,000 manufacturing jobs. the unemployment rate dropping to 3.5%.
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the lowest level since 1969. average earnings rose 3% last month. president trump touting those numbers today at the white house. president trump: the numbers have been phenomenal. some people said so spot on, so good that they actually have never seen anything like it. it's a long way from when people are rooting for a recession because they thought they could win an election. but we don't root for an election. we root for success. >> we are by far the largest economy in the world. for many years they said that would change. we would go to number two. the wrong president got elected from the standpoint that's people are unhappy about. they think it was the wrong president. they would have rather have somebody else. we are so far ahead that people can't even believe it.
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lou: those people are mostly democrats as you might guess. the jobs numbers are so robust. even the negative naysayers of the national media and business press who groped and whiend that the tariffs would be terrible for the economy and for stocks. and 2019 would be a recession year. today they can see the good times indeed are rolling and may just keep rolling for some time to come because of president trump's leadership and economic policies. >> the labor department just released a november jobs report and it's a big number. >> this blows away expectations. >> this is a good up in for reelection. >> this is the best number i have ever seen in my life. >> a couple of generations have never seen these job numbers.
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>> for democrats it was probably a good move to do the impeachment stuff. because if they had to talk about the economy and didn't have the impeachment to talk about, they would really want to focus on impeachment the next couple weeks i would say. lou: the president keeps winning and winning just as he promised and america keeps winning just as he promised. even with all that, the radical dimms try to overthrow the president and obstruct his policies. the dimms don't want to talk about prosperity. their mad impeachment plans are the subject they cling to as if the country doesn't understand how radical and lost the dimms are. their yo -- their supposed frontrunner joe biden predicting the next president will have a recession.
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adam schiff declaring he hates what's president trump is doing to this country. and no doubt he hates the prosperity president trump has brought. and more and more americans are joining the ranks of our middle class and creating new businesses. they understand the president is unbeatable. his reelection assured. here is house speaker pelosi, so worried about last year's election, she is desperately trying to sell the importance of undoing the 2016 election. >> what will the check be on this president if he's re-elected. >> let's not con step plate that. the damage this administration has done to america, the great country. it can't withstand two years. i don't know. lou: she didn't notice. any dan she wanted to talk about. she didn't note any damage she
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wanted to report to the american people. pelosi and the radical dimms are arguing america can't survive the addition of millions of jobs and higher wages and greater prosperity for all americans just as president trump promised and as he has delivered. their plans whittled down to nothing more than removing this historic president from office to make way for their radical social programs of higher and higher levels of dependency. with president trump's success up a target of the left, the white house says they will continue to deny any legitimacy at all to the radical dimms sham impeachment farce. the white house vows to ignore an invitation to take part in the house judiciary meeting monday. the white house counsel pat cipollone writes this.
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your inquiry has violated fundamental fairness principles. you should not waste more type with additional hearings. a senior administration source telling fox if the left chooses to do a trial in the senate, they are prepared to start immediately. senators lindsey graham, ron johnson and chuck grassley asked for the record of former dnc consultant alexander chalupa and the ukrainian official who talked with her on allegations of allege foreign interference with ukraine. the republicans finally standing up in the senate. ruth bader ginsburg blocked the democrats' subpoenas to deutsche
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bank. tonight's temporary hold comes hours after the president's attorneys argued the subpoenas were quote extraordinarily broad and raised profound separations of powers concerns. joining us tonight, white house press secretary stephanie grisham. good to have you with us. i know the white house has to be well pleased by ginsburg's hold. where does it go from here. is it simply a matter of waiting for the court to decide? >> i think it's exactly right. it's a matter of waiting. we are pleased with that. i think that was the right thing to do. lou: the right thing to do, the president's attorney, pat cipollone. i think he wrote something very correct, telling the democrats
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to stuff it on the judiciary committee until they can find a legitimate process they might want to get involved in. because this is not it. >> it's been a circus to watch. and chairman nadler fell asleep. this whole thing is crazy. the american people know what's going on. they know the job numbers today. 266,000 jobs added in november because of this president's policies. he was just in nato working on behalf of the country. the president continues to work and the democrats try to punch at anything they can to stop him from winning in 2020. lou: the level of response from the left, even the left-wing national media acknowledging the strength of the economy american economy. they are making fools of
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themselves with this so-called inquiry. and the american people are making it clear they understand that. the popularity is rising and the opposition to the impeachment is rising. and significantly. this is a loser for the left. i wonder if republicans shouldn't hope they continue the impeachment train that they cranked up. >> i will tell you what, even in your opening nancy pelosi saying she hopes we have to stop the president from damage. i don't know what damage she is talking about when unemployment is down and the stock market is soaring. she says this isn't political but she says we have to stop him from winning. she did a big town hall on another network. halfway through she said i don't want to talk about impeachment anymore. we have had to talk about and endure impeachment for months and months and she couldn't
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stomach it for 15 minutes. she knows a lot of her freshman dems are in trouble. and she is going to lose the majority. we welcome showing the president did doing in wrong in a trial in the senate. lou: republicans and independents across the country have to be taking note of the reality that the republican party in the house has stood united behind president trump and now with these three chairmen of committees making it clear they are going to pursue their investigations, this is a new dawn of unity in the senate that we have ever seen any indication of before. >> again, this is another reason while the dems are trying to divide this country, the republicans are so united behind this president.
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they have seen everything and they know he did nothing wrong. they are seeing the dems are trying to tear apart this country. our president is giving results. people know that. they are seeing that. this is just backfiring on them. we'll just see what happens. lou: the money being raised. the president is setting all kind of record in fundraising and blowing await entire field of radical dim * hopefuls if we can call them that for 2020. >> absolutely. i spend a lot of time with the president. i see number meetings in the white house in washington, d.c. and also abroad. this president fights for this country and people know that. that's why i think donations are soaring. when he goes overseas and he's talking to other foreign leaders. he knows america has to come first.
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that's the first time a president has really, really been keeping his promises to the country and the american people know that. lou: they know that because every promise he made, he's delivered. that is a great record to run on for reelection. great to have you with us. thanks so much. up next. how billions of dollars are helping china's rise across the globe. what in the world is going on? we'll take that up and much more tonight with gordon chang. new doubts passed on records of phone calls lamelessly obtained by adam schiff. what's happening. devin nunes joins us next. [female narrator] over 40 million people in the u.s.
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during xfinity mobile beyond black friday. that's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. >> it's a horrible thing that took place. we are getting the bottom of it. all the jess gators are there now and studying it very closely. a terrible thing. and our condolences go to the families and everybody involved,
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including the wounded. we have deadly wounded people, too. we have some extend our condolences to them and we'll be working with them very closely. lou: the presidents respond together deadly air base at pensacola, florida the shooter a saudi national, a member of the saudi military. he was at flight training at the u.s. naval base. the president says the king of saudi arabia told him the shooter does not represent the feeling of the saudi people who love the american people. phone records are now in doubt. schiff is attempting to link the president's lawyer rudy giuliani, but it turns out the phone numbers used on the call logs is a generic white house
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switchboard number which is creating some problems it seems of mr. schiff in all matters. and the department of justice inspector general's report on fbi surveillance of the 2016 trump campaign will finally be released to the public this coming monday. investigative journalists john something man reporting he expects michael horowitz to i'd spy between 6 and 12 failures and acts and mistakes and misconducts. here to talk about his reporting, and much more tonight,a award winning investigative journalist, john solomon. let's start with the development here that the phone number that schiff put out is the, one of the generic white house numbers did not specifically refer to
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the office of management and budget as schiff's folks claim. >> if the goal of adam schiff and the house intelligence committee was to resolve what happened, they would have got the facts before they put this information out arbitrarily to get to rudy giuliani or me or anybody. it shows the investigation hasn't dotted its is and crossed its ts. it's probably why the framers intended for our phone roards and personal data to have an assumption of privacy without the opposition trying to score points. lou: i want to get to that information for you personally.
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coming up with these records under what pretext i'm not certain. perhaps you are. but i want to point out, schiff now has a pattern of conduct, a track record of inaccuracy, outright lies, and it should it seems to me to be taken heavily into account by the american people and others his absolute disregard for truth. >> he didn't actually subpoena my phone records. he subpoenaed rudy giuliani's then extracted by numbers as the only reporter. i node other reporters had conversations with those two men. a few months ago i wrote a story exposing the fact that chairman schiff met with glenn simpson at the sidelines of the as pence institute. it feels like a political payback. but at the end of the day if he
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twoonltsd know what the calls were about he should have done some more investigating before he put them out. lou: he did divulge them. it was within his power and responsibility not release it is an extraordinary abuse of his power and your first amendment rights. >> when the fbi does phone records, they have special procedures for journalists, clergy and attorneys. when you have attorneys involved tonight and the fbi involved, it's shameful. this a good constitutional issue here, and i'm looking with my lawyers to examine potential remedies here. lou: good, and i think as the saying goes, the sooner the better. the doubts about the giuliani office calls, the inspector
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general coming forward with his report, the long awaited. we must take note that we are now waiting for inspector horowitz for months on end every time he prepares a report. it is in my opinion derelict on his part. it's presumptuous on his part to think the american people should have to endure this type of nonsense. now we are being told through careful leaks, given great signals that there will be disappointment aplenty in his conclusion. >> i don't believe that. what i would say is anyone who takes the word of the "new york times" or "washington post" on anything involving russia collusion does so at their own risk. look at the record of reporting they had in 2017 and 2018. russian disinformation funded by
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hillary clinton's campaign. my reporting indicates that this report will have between 6-12 serious issues. there will be an intentional falsification of documents. withholding of exculpatory information, there will be the failure to disclose derogatory information about christopher steele and his steele dossier. these are serious civil liberty issues, and there is no lipstick you can put on this pig that will make it look good the morning after monday. lou: we also have good news. three republican chairs of committees are now going to investigate the role of ukraine getting actively involved, including i should point out, because i have been very critical of lindsey graham as chair of the judiciary committee, he is amongst those three going forward with an
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investigation amongst others of alexandra chalupa and the ukraine involvement. >> it raises the issue of the craneo -- of the ukrainians trying to get involved in the election. she had a scheme. if we gave it to her she would throw a december surprise on donald trump to impact his reelection' chances. the political officer of ukraine has a compelling story. after miss chalupa went to the ukrainian he bassy, he taws tacked to get whatever dirt they had on trump and manafort. he brought it back do the ambassador. the ambassador said i ultimately decided not to give it to the
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democrats. lou: do you think it's an accident the democrats have chosen monday as their hearing, the same day as the release of the fisa report? >> i don't. but at the end of the day politics is politics. the american people will pay attention to that fisa report, i assure you. lou: the world bank wanting billions of dollars to our friends in china. low interest rates. lots of money. we wouldn't want to upset the chinese. would we. we'll take that up with gordon chang after this quick break.
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go to lou: white house economic advisor larry kudlow said we are close to a trade deal.
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and president trump is prepared to walk away from any deal that doesn't include the terms he wants. the world bank approving a plan to give china more low-interests annual loans up to $1.5 billion through 2025. treasury secretary steven mnuchin said china is too wealthy to receive billions of dollars in loans to the world bank. one study found the world bank has given china nearly $8 billion in loans. and china keeps outsmarting the united states and much of the world. joining us, gordon chang, senior fellow at the gai -- the gate se institute. he used to be a tough guy on
4:31 am
china, now he's writing up these loans. it makes no damn sentence under any circumstance that the world bank would be loaning this money to china. >> they shouldn't be giving interest concessions. we are taking u.s. taxpayer dollars, we are putting them into the world bank. and because money is fungible that means u.s. taxpayers are supporting the u.s. military. >> the treasury secretary, the administration. the president has opposed the does this with the world bank. here we are in the third year of the administration and more money going out the door, what is he thinking? >> i don't know. i know china has been able to get to people in these multi lateral institutions. but to me it's astounding. before he became world bank
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president, he was tough on china in the world bank issues. now he has gone completely soft. who knows what's going on. lou: kudlow said there is no osh theiry deadline. but we heard the president say this. here is the president. >> i'm doing well with a deal with china if i want to make it. i want to make it. we'll see what happens. but i don't know if i want to make a deal. we'll find out soon. lou: the president went on to say he has no deadline. >> that's important. we always had trade negotiations where we put ourselves under arbitrary deadlines and given ourselves conditions. and of course the chinese have taken the best of us. president trump hasn't done that. he's keeping the chinese off
4:33 am
balance. that's a good thing. in that same discussion he would almost prefer and may prefer to wait until after the 2020 elections. what do you think of that idea? is that a superior thought? >> deferring it is a good thing. what president trump is doing is he's saying to the chinese, you don't have the trade deal hammer over me. everyone has been saying trump needs to make a deal before the 2020 election so he can get re-elected. >> the billionaires are the ones pushing this. the schwarzmans and the rubens saying -- rubinstein said the president doesn't want this trade deal hanging over him going into the 2020 election. the fact is, this president has gained popularity and great
4:34 am
respect around the world by defying the chinese and their extraordinary influence and disinformation program that is focused on one man. and all of it by the billionaires, the business round table, the chamber of commerce. the entire business establishment this country operating as registered foreign agents to undercut president trump for his trade policies and tariffs. >> they want a trade deal, they want cooperation with china. lou: they want their damn money. it's about betting and playing their own book. wall street's book. all they want is commission on all of that money sitting in china. >> this jobs report, 266,000 new
4:35 am
jobs in one month. the average job increase is really impressive. the last people who wanted to hear that were those in china. this strengthened president trump's hand in the trade negotiations. they have got to say oh, my god. lou: they can say oh, my god and so can the wall streeters and the people at the chamber of commerce. under president trump our exports are rising despite the sky high dollar and despite the so-called trade war with china. this is a president winning with tariffs and with a strong demand for balanced reciprocal trade with every nation, but most specially with china. up next, evangelicals stand with president trump against the left's illegitimate impeachment inquiry. we'll be talking with pastor
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robert jeffress next with his time with the president today and a few shots on the pound tough who has strange takes on american
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lou: on wall street, the amazing unemployment report. as we reported the dow gaining 337 points, volume on the big
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board 3.5 billion shares. the markets for the week ending pretty flat. crude oil up 7%. gold down nearly half a percent. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. three murdered at the naval base in florida. authorities say that a saudi military pilot training at the naval air station pensacola opened fire this morning. the gunman is dead. and the pathetic nothingness from the radical dimms when it comes to public policy. nancy pelosi says civilization as we know it is at stake in next year's election. so what is she doing now? attorneys from both parties will state their case monday at jerry
4:41 am
nadler's judiciary committee. the white house will not participate. pope francis apparently comparing president trump to the king who tried to kill baby jesus telling jesuits in thailand. there are walls that separate children from parents. herrod comes to mind. pastor of the first baptist church in dallas. pastor, great to see you. let's start with your time with the president today. tell us a little about that. >> i have never seen the president more upbeat or positive or focused than was today. the impeachment farce isn't paralyzing the president, it's
4:42 am
energizing him. he's focused on record stock market, regulations being pulled back. and i believe the longer the democrats want to drag out this impeachment farce, the larger his margin of he election will be in 2020. the american people are with this president. lou: nancy pelosi has made the mistake of her political life. and one i believe as you are suggesting the democratic party will pay for and pay for it dearly. this is nervous nancy pelosi in full meltdown. here she is. >> do you hate the president, madame speaker. >> i don't hate anybody. i don't hate anybody. not anybody in the world. as a catholic i resent you using
4:43 am
a word hate in a sentence that addresses me. i don't hate anyone. i was raised in a way with a heart full of love and i pray for the president all the time. don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. lou: wow, pastor, your thoughts. >> i find it interesting she is so indignant being accused of hatred saying it goes against her catholic faith. what about her belief in unrestricted abortion. that's against her catholic faith but she doesn't apologize for that. joe biden was forbid on have communion by his own church because he's out of step with his church and nancy pelosi is out of step with the teaching of the church. i find this hypocritical.
4:44 am
>> the president saying she has a bit of a credibility problem which she says she prays for. the president doesn't believe her. what do you think? >> we talked about that and i won't get into the conversation. but what i did say to the president, there are millions and millions of christians truly praying for you and believe in you because you are the most pro-life, pro religious liberty, pro israel president in history. and you can be sure when someone takes those positions, they are on god's side. lou: pope francis getting involved in basically comparing president trump to king herod. this is pretty nasty stuff. >> look, king herod murdered thousands of children trying to get rid of jesus. president trump is one who has
4:45 am
protected the lives of children in the womb. the most pro-life president in history. herod wanted to get rid of christ before the first christmas. president trump celebrates christmas and brought him back to the forefronts of our country and that means bringing christ back as well. lou: after listening to you, i think pope francis le send president trump a thank you card. >> a merry christmas card. lou: merry christmas, everybody. robert jeffress. thank you for being with us. up next, we'll have more on the party of hate's hapless attempts to take down president trump. his former special assistant kelly sadler is with us.
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lou: a federal jury ruled elon musk did not defame a british cave explorer. he was seeking $190 million in damages. musk said just as i those didn't
4:50 am
mean to sodomize me with a submarine, i likewise didn't think pedo buy required any clarification. >> the democrat party does not care about the things the american people cares about, pelosi and her leadership are devoted to one thing. they are almost siccingly absorbed with destroying donald trump and they are not going to succeed at that either. >> kelly sadler, special assistant to president trump. america first policies and america first action. let's start with the extraordinary unemployment report today confirming what we know has been throughout a
4:51 am
booming comind this president's soaring markets which added $11 trillion since he was elected. it's been an amazing economy. >> this was a bombshell report. it defied all expectations. what i found the most even counseling out of it. we had 3% wayne growth in november. the top 10% of wage earners, they are having an increase in their wages. the bottom 10% are going faster than the top 10%. what they are seeing is an income equality gap closing. so i mean, this president is providing for the african-american community, the hispanic community, thation community, as well as for blue collar middle class americans.
4:52 am
that's a terrific thing for all america. monday we'll have the fisa report at long last from the inspector general, michael horowitz. your thoughts about its impact and potential influence on the campaign. >> you know what? i think the mainstream media got this up peoplement narrative they are driving forward. do they want to talk about the booming economy? it's about impeachment, impeachment. we'll have this i.g. report cop out monday and we are prepared for it. there are misdeeds with the obama administration targeting the trump campaign. i hope this report gets to the bottom of it. if it doesn't, the durham investigation out of new york will. so we'll see what happens. i presume the mainstream media will be running with the
4:53 am
impeachment hearings. but we'll pay special attention to this i.g. report. >> i have to ask. i don't mean to in any way mean to criticize the democrats. i don't suppose they scheduled that monday hearing on the same day that the i am g. report is coming out at long last? >> everything is a coincidence. lou: i feel better about that. i really do. the president returning from europe to the u.k. the summit, extraordinarily successful summit. what a lot they are. my gosh. and to return to this united states, in time for this report, he's truly a great place. his mood is strong and positive, and his leadership is as sure as ever. i just can't even manage what
4:54 am
the radical dimms when they stew in their bile and hate over there on capitol hill what they think of their real chances of unseating this president in 2020. >> they backed themselves into a corn. there are 31 vulnerable house democrats. america first policies launched a 2 million dollars ad campaign against the democrats telling them to oppose impeachment. we are seeing the polling numbers. a lot of these democrats are under water and under a lot of pressure to deliver on the kitchen table issues this president wants to propose and pass through. like lowering prescription drug prices. that's the agenda if the democrats are smart, they would pressure nancy pelosi to bring to the floor. >> i don't think we hope to see
4:55 am
them transform suddenly into smart individuals. but i think they may be prag mat big it all. the other thing this path is upon spore the declining increase in prices for drugs in all three years of his presidency, and he's done that without assistance from the mean spirited and hate-driven radical dimms. so on we go. kelly sadler, we appreciate it so much. stay with us.
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(sfx: orchestra warming up) where's tommy? (sfx: stage doors opening) i thought he was with you? no jack! (sfx: piano plays "twinkle twinkle little star" tommy? (sfx: audience laughing) go get him! don't stop. keep playing. (sfx: pianist playing masterful duet) here we go here's the fun part did you do this?
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great job! (sfx: audience applause) lou: stephanie grisham on this broadcast earlier tonight blasted the dim *' abuse of power. >> they know what they have done is backfiring. she is going to lose the majority. if this does go to the senate, we welcome a trial, we welcome showing the president did absolutely nothing wrong. lou: that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. judicial watch's tom fitton, former acting attorney general matthew whitaker are among our
5:00 am
guests monday. be sure to follow me on twitter @loudobbs, and fib and insta his new given his outlook on 2020. the blood drop support for 20 entire expectations. that's 80,000 more than the initial expectation for that emnt


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