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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 9, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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is that she'll the beat even in submission and get 215 or 16 whoever take that particular day. ed rollins great to see you. thanks so much. thanks for being with us tonight chef it i. cheryl: -- cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. all eyes on washington, democrats hold the first impeachment hearing since speaker pelosi demanded articles be held up. >> jeff bezos taking a stand for big tech working with the government, why he says if they turn their back, it could mean trouble for the country. cheryl: the actress who starred in that now infamous peloton exercise bike commercial is breaking her silence. why the backlash is driving her to drink. it is monday, december 9th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now.
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♪ ♪ show me the money. ♪ don't be talking no trash. ♪ only thing i depend upon. ♪ how about cold, hard cash. cheryl: if you're at the fox square, you've got a red, white and blue tree to greet you. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm cheryl casone. tracee: good morning, i'm tracee carrasco, in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: let's take a look at how your money is moving on this monday. dow is down 25, s&p down 2 and three quarters, nasdaq down 8. investors are waiting on news regarding trade, the fed meeting and the latest developments in washington. tracee: taking a look at stocks in asia right now. you can see mixed with the the nikkei and shanghai pointing higher, the hang seng points lower, the kospi up as well. this of course as we are seeing chinas' exports dropping last
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month. cheryl: big week for england, the british election set for this thursday. the future of brexit could finally be decided. the conservatives seem to have the lead. the ftse is higher by a one and a quarter percent. our top story, president trump and the white house are on the offense as democrats wrap up their push for a fast paved impeachment. griff jenkins has more from dc with what to expect today. griff. >> reporter: good morning, cheryl an and tracee. another busy week. the articles of impeachment will likely surround the issues of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. jerry nadler believes they could he vote on it this week, if he's confident the evidence is
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overwhelming. >> we have a very lock solid case. >> reporter: the president is pushing back over twitter over the weekend, saying less than 48 hours before the start of the impeachment hearing hoax on monday. the no due process, do nothing democrats are believe it or not changing the impeachment guidelines because the facts are not on their side. when you can't win the game, change the rules. now, democrats say the president could present his side if he wanted to participate but the white house indicated they will not be a part of today's hearing because they say it's a predetermined outp come. outcome. ultimately, doug collins says it's only getting worse for democrats. >> i don't expect any republican to vote for impeachment. it's gotten worse for the democrats. there will be at least probably two they're probably voting for it. the only thing that will be bipartisan in this is bipartisan against impeaching this president, not for impeaching
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this president. >> reporter: we could potentially see a full house vote next week and that would be done before christmas. cheryl, tracee. tracee: thanks, griff. cheryl: a highly anticipated russia probe report is going to be released today. the inspector general expected to scrutinize the fbi's investigation into the 2016 trump campaign, likely this will shed light on the sources behind that infamous steele dossier. tracee: todd piro has more on how washington is bracing for the release. todd. >> reporter: cheryl and tracee, good morning. speculation abounds on both sides of the aisle as to exactly what the ig report will show. the president showing he's pretty eagerly awaiting its release tweeting yesterday as follow lotion, quote,ism g report you out tomorrow. that will be the big story. sources telling fox news the report is expected to show misconduct at the fbi under former director jim comey including the delivered false te
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application for a fisa warrant against page relied on information from christopher steele whose anti-trump views have been well documented and the dossier has been discredited. >> i kept getting calls from reporters throughout the summer of 2016 asking about these he totally falseal le false allegah fusion dps and consultants were doing for the dnc. maria: they were trying to muddy you up. >> really to muddy then candidate trump up, but tar getting me because i had some russia collection. >> reporter: republicans like he devin nunes say the report is crucial to knowing all sides of the story. >> i want hou horowitz to eithr confirm or deny that what we put out to the american people is true. we know there's evidence that they didn't give to the fisa
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court. that's critical. >> reporter: a separate investigation led by u.s. attorney john durham continues, that investigation is criminal in nature. republicans may look to it to uncover wrongdoing the ig report doesn't document. cheryl: investors are keeping a close eye on the possibility that congress is going to be able to pass a revised trade deal with canada and mexico. this is usmca. house democrats and robert lighthizer are close to reaching an agreement. it possibly could be done by christmas. sources telling the journal a key sticking point for democrats, the enforcement of labor rules in mexico. as part of the deal, mexico's foreign ministers says its country would agree to u.s. demands on steel if the rule goes into effect at least five years after usmca is ratified. those trai trade officials from mexico have been in washington the last couple weeks. tracee: jeff bezos waving the
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american flag when it comes to doing business with the u.s. government. he had this warning for major tech companies and their employees. >> if big tech is going to turn their backs on the departments of he defense, this country's in trouble. that just can't happen. so we have to -- the senior leadership needs to say, look, i understand those are emotion l nail issues. that's okay. we don't have to you agree on everything. this is how we're going to do it. we are going to support the department of h defense. tracee: bezos perhaps referring to google's decision to not renew a contract with the defense department. amazon is suing the federal government over its decision to award a $10 billion cloud computing contract to microsoft. we'll talk about that later in the show. cheryl: staying with amazon, alexandria ocasio-cortez under fire for her tweet that called
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out the company's decision to open an office here in new york city. that news happening friday, late friday. amazon backed out of a plan to make hq2 in queens. they had received strong criticism at the time from aoc who disagreed with the deal that the city made for those pros prd headquarters. the new office space will bring significantly fewer jobs and the offices located in manhattan would not benefit the residents of the proposed head quarters in queens. a lot of folks up in arme in arl amazon pulling out of their plans. tracee: police confirmed five people are dead and dozens stranded after a volcano he erupteeruptedin new zealand near tourist destination. officials say it is still too dangerous for rescue personnel to enter the area.
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the fbi is saying it is investigating the mass shooting at the naval air base station in pensacola, florida as a possible act of terrorism. and saudi officials are looking into whether the gunman who is a royal saudi air force officer may have been radicalized during a recent trip home. the attack on friday killed three and wounded eight people. president trump responding to north korea's latest missile launch, saying that kim jong un has, quote, too much to lose if hostilities continue. the president went on to say that north korea has tremendous economic potential but it must follow through with the promise to denuclearize. north korea responded that the recent remarks are disappointing. and frozen 2 moving within striking distance of grossing more than $1 billion. meanwhile, new com newcomer plae
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the movie made less than $1 million in ticket sales. and one of the most anticipated movies of 2020 just launched its first trailer. >> nothing good is born from life and grate and greatness ist you think. tracee: dc releasing the first trailer for wonder woman, 1984, which adds new characters placed by kristin wig and pedro pass call and thapasscall and that'ss happening now. cheryl: chris pine died in the last movie. he looks very much alive in that trailer. let's discuss money for now. here is your money this morning. the dow is slightly down this morning, down 29 points, nasdaq down 10 and a quarter.
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remember, we had a blow-out day for your markets on friday. the nasdaq is up 30% for the year. not bad, red arrows. democrats ramping up the impeachment push, the long awaited ig report into possible fisa abuse is going to be released today. what this could reveal about former fbi director, james comely. and a small hardware store getting international acclaim for its touching christmas ad. its sweet message and why it's being called the best christmas ad of the year. and as we head to break, want to take a look at the price of gasoline, taking a little bit of a bit. the national average, $2.57 a gallon. keep it here on physical. "fbn: a.m." --on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ i've got to get up early in the morning to find me another lover. (vo) the moth without hope, struggles in the spider's web.
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it's an honor to tell you that at[ applause ]n puthank you.olutions liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ cheryl: jerry nadler saying over the weekend that th if the president isn't impeached he could rig the 2020 election. as ough impeachment hearings ree today, all eyes will be on the inspector general's report on possible fisa abuse. there is a lot expected to come out of that release. let's go into that more with former prosecutor, david bruno. let's start with fisa and this report. james comey's role in all of this. the steele dossier, the origins
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of the report that launched an investigation and surveillance of the trump campaign. what are you watching for. >> the fisa report will be about the fisa applications for carter page. so we have to understand the scope is limited here. this is not about the origin. we have another investigation going on with attorney general john durham that has been looking at that. but this here, administrative. for anybody that wants to see anybody in cuffs in this report, they're not going to get it because he doesn't have that authority. he would have to refer things out to the doj. he would have to -- he doesn't have that ability. you know. so scope is limited. he doesn't get to arrest anybody. so we're going to see a lot about christopher steele. cheryl: that's the steele dossier, because they used that, which many say were a falsified report, to look into carter page.
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>> there was an investigation that did use the steele dossier, in it they did not say that steele was paid by the dnc or hillary clinton. he had a bias, he had animosity. in fact, he leaked information to yahoo news and others and he was terminated as an informant by the fbi in november. one thing i'm looking at, when did the fbi know he leaked information, was it before or after the application. cheryl: what about james comey in all of this? he was defending the process at the time. is this more of a stain on james comey, do you think? >> it will be. without a doubt. he was the head of the fbi at the time of the p application and i believe he signed it, although i'm not absolutely positive but he had to be in the chain of command on that application and like i said, they did not presen present infn about steele, about his prior dealings, about his circular
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reporting. there's a number of things they should have done that we already know. we also know there was a lawyer that altered a document of. we don'.we don't know what the n is. we don't know how it was used. we'll get more information in the report on thea the altered document today. cheryl: i want to ask about the impeachment. there will be lawyers in the hearing room talking about legalities but it always seemed to end up partisan. >> don't forget, they tried this with john dean earlier in the year, before the mueller report. we were hearing about how the mueller report, part two, was impeachable. last week we had four lawyers, three democrats, jonathan turley who did great but he voted for hillary clinton. how fair is this process? yonow if you hear representative collins, they got thousands of pages of documents yesterday and we're having another hearing. i mean, so -- cheryl: they're talking about maybe two more things against president trump, two more
5:18 am
charges against him. >> possibly bringing in the mueller report. cheryl: it's insane. david bruno, thank you so much for being here. tracee: let's take a look at futures right now, look at you how your money is moving. dow futures pointing slightly lower by 17, s&p 500 down by 2, nasdaq yo churs down futures do6 and-a-half. that's after the blow-out jobs report on friday. not holding a grudge, what jeff bezos' comments about big tech could mean for employees speaking out about doings business with the government. plus, an ugly christmas sweater is taken offline but walmart shoppers are demanding to know how it got there in the first place. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." look closely at that. ♪ baby boy, you've been on my mind. ♪ i think about you all the time. ♪ see you in my dreams.
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tracee: amazon coming out in support of big tech companies doing business with the pentagon. ceo jeff bezos warning the u.s. is in big trouble if major tech companies turn their backs on the department of defense. the comment comes after google decided not to renew a defense department contract for a controversial drone project. let's bring in tech analyst pete pashel. what do you think about this? we've seen a number of employees from the big tech companies coming out against these types of projects but jeff bezos to make these comments, why would he take such a stand like this? >> well, it's definitely mending some fences here. earlier this year microsoft won the defense contract, $10 billion contract with the pentagon. amazon has cried foul on that,
5:23 am
saying that yo it might have ben unfair in the process he's and is actually suing the dod or is intended to sue. there's a bit of a mending fences thing here. he wants to make sure he can still -- amazon can stand on some of those contracts in the future and that he's still interested in working with the military going forward. so it's good business. but then again, he is sort of taking a principled stand here which is worth unpacking a little bit. tracee: he wants to get in their good graces. what does this mean for employ owes that don't necessary -- employees that don't necessarily agree with this, they don't like these types of projects, thee contracts. >> they want to take a stand on whether or not their company should be doing business with the military. this is a personal decision for everyone. i think with tech companies in particular, you have this sort of cultural factor. when people join a tech company,
5:24 am
they tend to have a strong sense of identity. the work long hours, they identify themselves more with their work. they're usually brought on-board with some kind of promise that i'm going to change the world. so i think there's more inclination on some of these employees to speak out and that's why you are kind of seeing this rash i guess of these protests at companies like google, microsoft and facebook with free speech ramifications factored in there. tracee: he said big trouble for the country. what's he mean by big trouble? >> from a strategic perspective he has a very strong point. with china pouring tons of money particularly into a.i. and building up their cyber defense and other technological aspects that they're going basically toe to toe with what these western tech companies are doing in terms of a.i.
5:25 am
so if our companies are refusing to work with our military and giving them that high tech edge, there's going to be issues in terms of like how the u.s. can compete militarily in sort of the cyber warfare and other places. tracee: before we go, amazon recently announcing they're opening a new office in new york city, 1500 jobs, versus the 25,000 they would have brought with hq2. is this a big deal? >> no, no. tracee: how does the deal get done? >> this is essentially business as usual as far as i can see it. you're talking about a 1500 person lease in hudson yards in manhattan, as opposed to a 25,000 job complex in long island city. these are really different things. people saying this is them coming to new york anyway just kind of don't know what they're talking about. tracee: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. cheryl: walmart landed on the naughty list with some shoppers this holiday season. the company offered an apology
5:26 am
after they offered a selection of adult scenes ugly center, one of them showing santa with white lines in front of him and saying let it snow. they noted it was sold by a third party seller and took it off the website. we have a lot more coming up. tracee: how did the that get on there. cheryl: i guess i get it but come on. joe biden said he doesn't know how his son ended up on the board of a foreign company. we'll have details. after the guy ate that $120,000 piece of banana art work we told you about last week, something more controversial replaced on the gallery wall. details coming up, "fbn: a.m." ♪ red solo cup. ♪ i fill you up. ♪ let's have a party. ♪ let's have a party. ♪ (chime)
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tracee: here is your morning cheat sheet, the top headlines to get you through the day. democrats will hold their first hearing on impeachment today since nancy pelosi ordered articles be drawn up as the highlight, the anticipated ig report will be released in just hours. amazon ceo jeff bezos taking a stand for big tech, working with the government. bezos saying if tech companies turn their back on the pentagon, it could mean trouble for america. and frozen 2 not letting go at the box office, the disney hit is nearing $1 billion at the box office after topping the charts for the third straight weekend. so far, it brought in $920 million globally. >> i don't know what he was doing. i know he was on the board. i found he was on the board after he was on the board and that was it. >> you've had a lot of time. isn't this something you want to get to the bottom of? >> no, because i trust my son.
5:31 am
if you want to talk about problems, you know, let's talk about trump's family. cheryl: that was former vice president and 2020 be presidential candidate, joe biden, addressing the controversy surrounding his son's appointment to the ukraine gas company's board of directors and shifting the focus to president trump's manne handlinf his family's international business ties. he went on to promise, if he was elected, members of his family would not engage in business abroad while he that was office. was the -- he was in office. was the response enough to help him move past the controversy. let's bring in at thi tian a a . what do you make of the defense of hunter. >> he was willing to defend his son. it's probably not the best call. cheryl: there are personal things in his life. we're talking about the son of a
5:32 am
former vice president and did joe biden use that influence? is that why hunter ended up on the board? it's a fair criticism of hunter biden's role in the ukrainian gas company. >> it's a major concern. biden had an adviser who warned him at the time that even though there is zero evidence that biden acted core are yo corrupty way, it's clear that ba barisma- what barisma thought they could get from having hunter on the board. there is no evidence that joe biden abused his power in any way. the optics are bad and that does matter. cheryl: he kind of claimed ignorance on what his son was doing. i think that's kind of hard to believe of. don't you think? i didn't really know what he was doing. it's your son. why wouldn't you know? >> it's pretty impossible to believe, especially the number of biden advisers who have gone
5:33 am
on the record saying that the matter was raised even though they weren't saying it was outright corrupt. because biden's actions are different from what hunter did. but it's just impossible to believe this is the whole truth. cheryl: joe biden saying over the weekend he would be open to considering elizabeth warren as a running mate. elizabeth warren has been going after pete buttigieg because of his strength in the polls in iowa and new hampshire, now she's going after pete buttigieg's time at mckenzie and company and his work in business. meanwhile, we find out she made a lot of money in her career as well. what's the state of play in your opinion? >> we know elizabeth warren embellished a bunch of her record, taken a wide career pivot. she was not always abolish the marketnd a expand the nanny state. now she's real a lysing that butt -- re realizing that buttig is beating letter in the polls.
5:34 am
when she was a frontrunner for one day, it all came crashing down. she didn't have capacity to fund anything. buttigieg feels like the safer option. cheryl: let's tot tal talk abot buttigieg now. the former economic advisor to president barack obama who was with candidate obama years and years ago, he's coming out saying he's endorsing pete buttigieg, in particular because of his stance on healthcare. is that a good thing for buttigieg, do you think, to have goldstreet behind him? >> absolutely. a deck aia decade ago, a publicn was considered a radical proposal. buttigieg has been able to call himself a moderate because he says he believes in a public option. if you realize that joe biden might not be able to make it to the general, buttigieg isn't a bad horse to back. cheryl: pretty interesting turn of events for mayor pete over
5:35 am
the weekend. thank you very much. great to have you here. >> thank you. tracee: let's take a look at how your money is doing right now. less than a week to go before the u.s. is set to impose more tariffs on chinese goods, we're seeing across the board slightly lower this morning, dow futures down by 17, s&p 500 futures down by two and a quarter, nasdaq down by 6 and three quarters. another amazing jobs report and stocks continuing to reach record highs. is the trump economy going to guarantee a second term? plus, everyone wants the perfect tree for christmas but is there a limit to how much it's worth? one vendor is testing the market. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ oh, oh, it's too hot. ♪ too hot lady. ♪ gotta run for shelter
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tracee: the economy is firing on all cylinders, the latest piece of good news, a blowout jobs report for november. will the momentum carry into 2020? pwc man mitc mitch roschelle jos now. i want to ask about this. a bit ago we were talking about a recession, we saw 266,000 jobs added in november, revision for september and october, 41,000 additional jobs. where do we go from here? >> well, when everybody was yelling recession, i was yelling phooey.
5:39 am
the consumer is driving all of this, tracee. and lower interest rates certainly don't hurt that so the fed has helped on the consumer side. the thing i do worry about, because while the fed says half full, the other half is empty. business investment really isn't there. so we're looking to see going forward if we can get the business side of the equation to really catapult the economy into 2020. >>2020. tracee: so if this does continue, we're hearing from wall street to main street, that voters like the strong economy. this could carry president trump into a second term. do you agree with that or is the strong economy outweighing aof the political issues right now, impeachment talks? >> the consumer is really strong. you look at wages, they were up over 3%, 3.1%. those are nonsupervisory wages of. okay. so if wages are growing faster than inflation and consumers feel really confident about their prospects, those are the same consumers who vote. and when i travel this country, we were talking during the
5:40 am
commercial break, i was in nashville, i travel across the country all the time and i talk to people, whether the uber driver or business person i'm meeting with, people you attribe the success of the economy to the administration. if they ignore the headlines about impeachment and the ig report, and they focus on their personal economy, i think that's going to be good for the administration and good for the president. tracee: what do you expect from the fed meeting this beak? >> a lot of nothing. i think the fed going back to what i said earlier, the fed wants to stimulate the economy on the business side of the equation. so the fed's going to be trying to figure out why is business investment not there, is it all because of trade uncertainty or is there a more fundamental problem and what can the fed do to continue this expansion because we're in the longest expansion in u.s. history. tracee: maybe not raising rates now, but what do you think for 2020? that would be a surprise to investors. >> it would be a big surprise. listen, they probably shouldn't
5:41 am
have raised when they raised. they undid all of that. inflation would be the only reason to do that and we don't really have inflation. if oil prices start to go up, if there's a slowdown elsewhere around the world that becomes somehow inflationary in the united states, those would be the things they look at. right now, i think they're looking at net positive results and laying off a for the time being is probably the right move. tracee: thank you so much. >> or they fear another tweet. tracee: yes, always fear the twitter. cheryl: one tweet could change everything. tracee: we learned that. cheryl: well, the banana that was duct taped to a wall at a miami art show is down, not after being eaten yet again but because of a conspiracy theory. photos show the words open teen didn't kill himself on -- epstein didn't kill himself on the wall where the banana used to be. the artist took it off the wall and ate it after he sold it.
5:42 am
the graffiti is referring to jeffrey epstein who was found dead in his jail cell. here are other headlines making news this morning. t-mobile and sprint are headed to court, they're being sued by 13 states and the district of columbia over the proposed her yesterday which was approved earlier this year. in the suit, the states attorneys general are arguing the merger would lead to higher prices for consumers and less innovation. opening arguments begin today. a collection of rare whiskey is hitting the market. a private collection has whiskey fans salivating, it includes whiskey dating back almost 100 years, some from distilleries that are long out of business. the entire collection is expected to take in $8 million. how muchs is the perfect christmas tree worth? probably more than you're willing to pay. prices for christmas trees are up this year. soho trees of new york city is
5:43 am
selling a 20-foot fraser fir tree for $6,500. the operator of the business says the price tag doesn't phase his clients and they're mostly bought by customers with penthouses. people have a lot of money in new york city. that's all i'm saying. tracee: $6,500. wow. coming up next, a fight to keep hospital prices hidden. why one lawsuit might end up costing patients a pretty penny. and the peloton saga continues, the actress of the controversial ad finally speaking out and it's driving her to drink. details coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ there must be some misunderstanding. ♪ there must be some kind of mistake. ♪ what i love most about being a scientist at 3m is that
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cheryl: healthcare costs in america continue to soar and many times it can be nearly impossible to know the price of a procedure ahead of time. but a new rule from the trump administration is trying to change that by forcing hospitals to disclose insurance negotiated rates. now some hospitals are suing to stop that rule from going into effect. let's bring in dr. jeanette nishua and attorney misty maris. this comes up all the time. why can't we find out what the basic procedures cost? >> what are they hiding. why is there so much dishonesty. the goal and the effort here is just to provide americans and patients, my patients, with affordable, high quality healthcare that they're not going to have to pay an arm and leg for. they're already struggling to pay copays and premiums and deductibles. the president just wants transparency, let them have options to choose from because with the options, it creates a competitive market and hopefully
5:48 am
will lower prices. cheryl: 170 million americans are sitting on medical debt and the cost of being in the hospital up 42% between 2007 and four. states attorneys generals -- hospitals, sorry, are suing the trump administration. you've got to wonder from a legal perspective if they have a leg to stand on. i think they might actually. >> they do. the way they're going about challenging this, they're saying the department of health and human services, an administrative agency, has gone beyond what authority they have with respect to pay payer issu. the other piece, an argument that may have difficulty to overcome is the first amendment right issue. disclosing third party payer agreements, the negotiatessed rates between insurance companies and hospitals, is that
5:49 am
proprietary information that would be protected. that's where the legal challenge is going to be. there's practicality to this too. you think about it, in the medical world, that's the only place where you don't know how much something costs before you decide to pay for it. so certainly maybe there's a balance, maybe that's how this case resolves, maybe somewhere down the line, the hospitals and administration work together to figure out how to get that transparency without crossing over into the proprietary relationship. cheryl: a cost of mri in new york city can range from $250 to almost $2,000. that's just here in new york. they were looking at an example, castor valley open mri, without dye, $400. you do that same mri at the university of california, $6,200. that's unbelievable. >> that's outrageous. there's such a huge discrepancy. sometimes it's cheaper to pay
5:50 am
out-of-pocket than to use your insurance. you can save hundreds of dollars. if we can be transparent and list prices of procedures at different hospitals, they're going to be more compliant with their healthcare, more adherent to medications and we'll have better outcomes, better prognosis and patients will live longer and be happier and they'll have a better relationship with their doctors. we need to take action so that we can get patients to have the proper healthcare they need. if we list prices, at least be transparent, come up with a compromise, give estimates of what the cost of procedures and tests will be in advance, so that patients can budget and not have to file for bankruptcy and have this massive financial burden. cheryl: i get the issue from a hospital's or medical insurance company's perspective, the negotiated rates, they want to keep it private. the hospitals are a for profit
5:51 am
business. i get the investor side of this. at the same time, when you have millions of dollars in medical debt, companies that their whole business is to go after consumers with medical debt because they're alive, god forbid they're still a alive, that's where the outrage comes in. >> that's absolutely where the outrage comes in. on the flip side, some economists say there's a risk because once the privately negotiated rates are disclosed, now insurance companies could collude and there could be another risk that now that's going to be something that could be problematic and actually decrease competition and have more problems. look, something where you can go in and make a decision as a patient and say, look, i have this surgery, it's not an emergency procedure, let me price it out, let me figure out how much it's going to cost and that's what we're talking about, that increased competition. now you can make informed decisions instead of receiving a bill after the fact that you just -- smoke's coming out of your ears because, gee, i never
5:52 am
expected it to be this much. cheryl: you're probably going when did doctors get involved in this, they've been involved for years. >> we fleete need to get rid oe price obscure at this. cherylity.cheryl: thank you so. tracee: the actress from the peloton ad that divided america speaking out and a taking a jab at the controversial commercial. >> to new beginnings. >> to new beginnings. >> there you go. it's going to be a fun night. tracee: she's had a long week. an early contender for a holiday ad of the year, it's a small business commercial that's melting hearts. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ forever young. ♪ i want to be forever young. ♪ do you really want to live
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5:56 am
buys a peloton bike for the wife, got criticized online as being rude, offensive, perhaps sexist. the actress in the commercial, monica r ryan reynolds and his n company, they came out with a brand-new commercial and it's very funny. it starts with her, with her friends, and -- cheryl: let's watch it. >> let's watch some of it. >> theeally smooth. >> yeah. >> we can get you another one if you like. >> you're safe here. >> to new beginnings. >> to new beginnings. cheryl: that's a big martini, by the way. but anya way -- >> it's the ultimate sort of subtle jab at peloton for what they did. the aces trees herself, she -- actress herself, she said she didn't know the original commercial would be controversial. she's having a good time, to new beginnings. ryan he reynolds was like exercise bike not included on if tweet.
5:57 am
she is not wearing her wedding ring in it. there's a lot to this commercial, kind of fun, you know what i mean. it's been viewed millions of times online. cheryl: the peloton -- the criticism, i thought was interesting. you've got a rail thin wife and the husband is like here you go, honey, go exercise. tracee: it was just a tone deaf add, just didn't work. let's talk about a feel good ad. tell us about this. >> some are calling this the best christmas ad of the year and it actually only cost $130 to make. it's from a hardware store based in wales. it's called hafford hard water. it's a 2-year-old boy that goes to the family owned shop, every day, he's cleaning, runs the is about being forever young and he grows up at the end of the commercial. people are loving it. it shows that -- this only cost $130. if you have a good idea, creative plan, it can go viral. it has over half a million views so far, worth checking outs for sure. cheryl: and they're playing
5:58 am
"forever young" during the commercial. >> at the end it says be a kid this christmas. it has over half a million views so far. two interesting commercials out there. $130 and it goes viral. pretty good. cheryl: a lot of executives on madison avenue are waking up oh, man, i didn't think about that. tracee: super bowl advertisers pay millions of dollars. cheryl: that's it for us on "fbn: a.m.." we send it over to maria bartiromo. good monday morning. maria: good morning, cheryl. thank you so much. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. happy monday to you. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 9th. we are kicking off a whirl wind two weeks, possibly the busiest and most important for the year. today we have an impeachment hearing and the release of an ig report, usmca could be moving closer to a vote as you heard hear first, democrats and robert
5:59 am
lighthizer reportedlied near a compromise. the budget battle ahead. brexit lies in the balance as the u.k. elects its prime minister on thursday. take a look at markets, as we look a weaker tone this morning, fractional moves lower with the dow futures down 4 points, s&p down a fraction and the nasdaq futures down 3 points. also this morning, a stern warning from jeff bezos, amazon's ceo says america is in big trouble if big tech abandons the pentagon. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ whatever it takes. ♪ because i love the adrenaline in my veins. ♪ i do whatever it takes. ♪ because i love how it feels. maria: we have a big show this morning. joining the conversation, fox business' dagen mcdowell, campus reform editor in chief, cabbot fill lins an philips and.
6:00 am
the countdown is on as the year and the decade come to a close in two weeks, two and-a-half weeks. there are major pieces of legislation left to be dealt with, affecting washington and main street. we expect the inspector general's report on fisa abuse in the 2016 election, we're wait on the house judiciary hearing on impeachment. markets are awaiting the results of the election in britain, the future of the country's exit from the european union, as well as the poe ten potential usmca. this is probably the most consequential week we're going to see in about a year, given the fact that we've got the china deadline on tariffs next sunday, that's the 15th. we've got the potential of usmca coming to the floor next two weeks. you've got a two day fed meeting this week by the way. you've got the elections in britain and so many things happening if in the next two weeks. none of it has anything to do with the american people's business, dagen. dagen: no, it


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