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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 10, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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3.7 billion in assets, doing something right. here comes the closing bell, folks as we closed lower for the second day in a row, tomorrow during the clay man countdown, we could see some fireworks. that's when federal reserve chair jay powell does the q & a with the business press so join me. >> [bell ringing] melissa: in our nations capitol house democrats agreeing to a deal on on the usmca just minutes after rolling out articles of impeachment against the president. the commander-in-chief is currently preparing to leave washington for a campaign rally tonight, expected to to the the economy, and that very key swing state, the dow ending the day down about 26 points but off such lows i'm melissa francis you're not connell mcshane. >> i am not i'm deirdre bolton in for connell mcshane, which is after the bell, the s&p 500 and the nasdac also lower for the second straight day, and we have fox business team coverage, edward lawrence on capitol hill,
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gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange, make burman at the white house, edward we're starting with you. will the u.s. impose more tariff s on chinese goods this weekend or next? >> deirdre, you're asking right now, today, yes. the administration going forward with those tariffs nothing has been changed, as of right now, white house economic advisor larry kudlow saying it's up to the president if he sees enough progress to change that and it was a very busy day as you noted on capitol hill. house speaker nancy pelosi saying that she got a usmca deal but was a non-starter and she turned it into in her words an infinitely better deal. now the house ways and means committee chairman richard neil says there's no more roadblocks and a vote could be set as early as next week. the senate is also in session next week and senator chuck grassley may not get his wish, listen. >> it brings up-to-date nafta. i think that it's a very good agreement.
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i hope that we got time to get it done before the end of the year, but if it gets through the house before the end of the year , it's a very good signal that it will become law. reporter: late this afternoon senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will not take-up usmca until after an impeachment trial. i asked house speaker nancy pelosi, she had this agreement more than a year ago. why it took so long to negotiate , here is her answer. >> it takes a while, especially when you're starting with something that is a non-starter, and that's what the trump adminitration gave us. a non-starter, so if you want to talk about the time, just understand the change that was necessary in that. reporter: and the administration pushing back on democrats taking credit for this, senior administration official in the white house saying that this is basically the same deal the president negotiated, just some changes to the labor provisions
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and also changes to prescription drugs, removing exclusivity in that as well as labor inspections and the president tweeting that it's looking like very good democratic support for usmca, there is a signing ceremony just a minute ago there in mexico and u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer there as well as white house advisor jared kushner and those two on their way dabbing to d.c. back to you. gerri: a big day for trade and top democrats announced the house is moving forward with impeachment. blake burman at the white house now with more details, so blake, what's the next move? >> well the next move here is for the house judiciary committee to take-up these articles of impeachment that democrats are going to be moving forward with, deirdre. two of them, that were outlined today by democratic leadership, one, abuse of power and secondly , obstruction of congress. the argument from democrats is
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that the president conditioned a white house meeting and foreign aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into the bidens and they say he did not comply with the impeachment inquiry, by blocking aids from testifying. that as jerry nadler the chairman of the house judiciary committee whose committee will be taking this up from here on out. here he was earlier today. >> he endangers the constitution, he endangers our democracy, and he endangers our national security. the framers of the constitution prescribed a clear remedy for presidents who so violate their other of office. that is the power of impeachment >> this was the response from president trump on twitter earlier today he said, "nadler just said i pressured ukraine to interfere in our 2020 election, ridiculous and he knows that's not true." both the president and foreign minister said many times there was no pressure, nadler and the dems know this, but refuse to acknowledge. now the white house press
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secretary stephanie grisham said earlier that the white house was a bit surprised thad it was just two articles of impeachment. >> we were anticipating certainly that they would come forth with articles of impeachment but we thought actually that it was going to be four or five. i think that perhaps speaker pelosi had to make a deal with her dems and i think a lot of her party is having problems in their own districts. >> so deirdre the committee, the judiciary committee takes it up from here and after that as it was sail through that committee, democratic control and will go to the full house for a vote assuming that the full house then passes these two articles of impeachment, it would then go to a senate trial, most likely in january and that is probably how we're going to start off here in washington in 2020. >> thank you, blake. >> yup. melissa: joining us now is gary kaltbaum, management president and liz peek fox columnist they are both fox news
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contributors. gary what do you think of that lineup? >> i couldn't hear you on that. melissa: what do you think of talking about going into the start of next year with an impeachment trial in the senate. also the usmca mitch mcconnell saying we're not going to be able to get to that right away. we're going to have to do this impeachment business. what are your thoughts? >> quite thrilling. look, it is going to be one heck of a 2020, we also have the china trade that's this week i don't think there's going to be tariffs, but look, priorities i'm not so sure where they're at i just can't wait to get past this impeachment already so we can move forward and move on to the election and the things that really will matter when all is said and donald that's the economy, jobs, employment and all that other fun stuff. melissa: liz it was a bizarre visual. you had nancy pelosi out on one hand saying that the president is a threat to, you know,
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existence, society, the planet, the universe. >> everybody. melissa: whatever you can come up with and then on the other hand, it's oh, yeah, we agreed on it was horrible before, but now we have a deal on usmca, we can move forward with that. strange. >> that is such bologna. look the investor public is not particularly concerned about either of these things, both were foregone conclusions in moo my view both impeachment and the usmca. there are a lot of things going on right now and impeachment is the least of them. we have the british election around the corner, we have the fed meeting as we speak and we have this china tariff swap about to happen or not happen, this coming weekend. those are all pretty big things for investors so i don't think impeachment moves the needle. here is the most amazing thing to me. we just had two very very positive readings of consumer sentiment and small business sentiment, not one person in the survey had anything to do with impeachment or responded about that, and the numbers are 20 year highs, so are people
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worried about it? no they're not. >> we're going to hold that thought in the meantime a major win for exxon, the company finding out it is not guilty of fraud in its climate change trial. gerri willis has the details. gerri: that's right you got that completely correct. not guilty is what the judge said in the case by the new york attorney general against exxon. the charge that they defrauded investors about how it accounted for future climate change. the judge said no, not guilty. this is a three-week civil trial and pretty much expect that this would be the result. that's why you see that the exxon shares are not having a big run. in fact they ended up a little bit down, more actions, class action suits coming in massachusetts, texas, and new jersey. we'll see how those go, but for right now, it's going to be a lot of happy people in the boardroom at exxon. back to you. >> gerri thank you very much. breaking his silence on the peloton controversy ceo john fol
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ey invaded questions about the company's ad, some critics called it sexist and he said " that was last week. we don't have to do much in order to become one of the great consumer companies of the next couple of decades." the actor, by the way, who played the husband in that ad telling fox business earlier about the backlash. >> its been a little bit bad in the sense i've been receiving some hurtful messages, and i just really don't appreciate it, because when i watch the commercial, i just don't see it. i don't see these sexist allegations that people are talking about. >> gary i need to know do you have a bike? did you ask santa for one? >> i do not have a bike. i do not understand everybody's outrage on the ad. if you're asking about peloton, the company, i worry about it's going to be very faddish and i worry about valuation and their the accounting. >> gary i don't give a hoot.
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i don't own the stock but i need to ask you this. we have seen the stock actually perform, it went public in september its gone up since then and what i was going to say is the people who have them, again, 90% or better engagement, the people who have them love them. does that matter? >> look, no argument and it does matter and i can tell you, they put them in hotels also, and there are lines to get on to the bikes at the hotels, so i do get it. again though, when all is said and done, i have a sneaking suspicion others are going to go into the business also and we'll see how it plays out. >> all right, so liz i have to ask you about this, friday's twist the actress in the commercial so we're focusing on the husband, but the actress, she appeared in a spot for aviation gin which is owned part owned i should say by actor ryan reynolds, and blake live lively 's husband, but she drinks cocktails with her friend and she tells them without her
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wedding band on she's now safe and drinks that drink pretty quickly. liz what's your take on that? >> i don't think that i'm the intended target for the audience for that ad. i don't think that i can weigh in too much. i will say to gary's point there are cheaper alternatives to peloton bikes. i know you're not interested but i do think that there's a bit of a risk and that came up today, when someone went after the stock being over valued on that basis there are alternatives, but by the way i love peloton. i us it all the time. >> i didn't mean to be dismissive i just meant that i don't own the stock so i don't have money on the line but it's true people that have them love them that said it's still more than $2,000. >> yeah, it's a lot and by the way i don't know what this woman is talking about. i'm glad she's safe. safety these days is so nuts i don't know how to go there. >> if a bike makes you feel unsafe -- gary and liz thank you both. the death toll rising in new zealand. authorities searching for answers after the regions most
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active volcano erupted on a small island filled with tourists, an update on the search and rescue mission this hour. >> plus taking his pitch to swing state voters president trump leaving for a rally soon in pennsylvania. critics say that the u.s. china trade war may hurt him in the battleground state, 18% of the state economy is based on agriculture, we're going to bring you to our reporter whose there on the ground and bring us more details. melissa: cashing in on luxury, cinematic watches are on the auction block and you can snag a rolex worn by a hollywood legend for just six figures, what a deal just in time for christmas. this piece is talking to me. yeah? so what do you see? i see an unbelievable opportunity. i see best-in-class platforms and education. i see award-winning service, and a trade desk full of experts, available to answer your toughest questions.
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so we took our worst vice, and turned it into the dna for a better system. materials made from recycled plastic - woven and molded into all the things we consume. we created bionic and put the word out with godaddy. what will you change? make the world you want. >> president trump scheduled to leave the white house in about 40 minutes time to go to hershey , pennsylvania. hillary vaughn already there, so hillary, what do you expect from the president's campaign rally there tonight? reporter: well we're going to see a big focus on the economy because that is something that the president has been focused on, and people here have seen an impact both positive and also negative, because this town has been hit by steel and aluminum tariffs. this is a state that has the number one or the most food processing plants in the country 2,300 here.
4:17 pm
it's also one of the top four importers of tariffs metals, bringing in over $1 billion in tariffs metals from january to june. they use the aluminum to package their products like canned vegetables and fruit, potato chips and also chocolate. we're here in the town hershey where the president will be a few hours from now. it's home to hershey's chocolate company and hershey is like thousands of food plants here also use that aluminum to bottle their foods. these are food distributors. we talked to them today who have been around for over a century. they say the uncertainty of tariffs have made it difficult to predict how much they should charge for their products. >> i think our challenge becomes the second wave as it gets settled do we not see it so we have to be careful we don't want to take a position on something that ultimately might get rolled back and we end up with higher cost of goods than we really need to so i think that's part of our purchasing challenge. reporter: but overall the local economy is doing better under the trump adminitration, than
4:18 pm
before. the state hit a record low in the spring for unemployment and per capita income in the state has risen by 6,000. >> small businesses in central pennsylvania again here is growing. you can see especially in the hershey area, they've increased with restaurants and small businesses overall, small antique shops things like that that we kind of saw go away are all coming back again. reporter: and even small business owners we talked to have said that they've had to raise some prices because of tariffs but they haven't seen their customers complain and they haven't seen it impact their sales. >> hillary thank you very much. melissa: here now is the wall street journal he's also a fox news contributor so what do you think of that scene setter there of what it's like on the ground as the president heads to pennsylvania to rally tonight? >> i think hillary is right the one thing she mentioned of course is pennsylvania is one of the key states that will
4:19 pm
probably help decide the election right? help decide for president trump before and it's going to be a big battleground fight this time , so i think that's why he's probably going to tout what looks like the new agreement, usmca replacing nafta. that would be a big shot in the arm for people. you no one of the things that comes across when you talk to people as you just did is what people really hate in the economy is uncertainty. they can sometimes deal with bad prices and stuff but when you don't know it really makes it hard to plan in the future. melissa: absolutely. i mean but this is where democrats think that they can take the battle to president trump especially if they have somebody like joe biden, this is where his strong area, he talks about pennsylvania, this is a reason to put him into the race. how much of a fight do you think he would give president trump here? >> well i think he's probably the best that they have in those because i think he relates to
4:20 pm
the people in cultural terms but the democratic message i don't think is very good for these people. i think they are far off on a lot of cultural issues, there are a lot of democrats in pennsylvania, for example, who are guns and they aren't going to be happy with the parties stance on guns, and if president trump can keep the economy going , i think he has a good message. you know, the good news for him is that the people that are suffering as you say from the increased prices in aluminum, steel, you can fix that. you can reach agreements that fix that, and if people were holding back that should help them. melissa: right he has that ace up his sleeve so to speak is that he could just reach out and make a deal at any point and turn this around. in the meantime, you talk about where the democrats don't mesh with maybe some of these folks in pennsylvania and another 202s up to amid all of this capitol hill senator elizabeth warren out with a new proposal called
4:21 pm
the blue new deal. it's a spin-off from the green new deal obviously. the plan is to protect and rebuild economy around ocean s. what do you think of this? >> well it seems to me that elizabeth warren's response to everything is how can i get a new plan that probably has the word billion in it somewhere. i mean, they talk about smart economies and new economies. does anything that they propose, it's almost always more regulation. for example, fracking. i mean that would be a bigger message in pennsylvania if you really wanted to reach some of the people the democrats hoped to bring back. fracking is a big industry in pennsylvania. the energy is important to our economy. i don't know. i think this is the wrong track frails. she's already under assault in her own party for announcing grandious plans that she's pretending that she can pay for without raising taxes. i'm not sure that this helps alleviate that concern. melissa: it's so interesting but
4:22 pm
it's a response to if the twitter campaign, and it's a response to everybody on twitter and social media. there's all this talk about the oceans being filled with plastic and i just look at what my kids are looking at and what they are talking about and what videos are being pushed. elizabeth warren is kind of always responding to what is out there, in that lane, which i don't know if she already has those people and also my kids can't vote. >> right. melissa: i don't know. these are the, they end up being sort of high end problems. >> you know, i think you and i have the same textbooks for our kids and you always see a sick mother on it, but you know, it just shows you again, this is joe biden's advantage. what happens to the democratic party whose first interests were working people. now they are into all of these abstract things, climate change and so forth. those are kind of rich mans issues. not bread and butter issues for people like the voters in
4:23 pm
pennsylvania. melissa: very true thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: the new apple mac pro has a big price tag and a unique look we'll show you the images and also tell you what makes a difference than any other product apple has ever sold. we'll bring you up to speed on a lawsuit as well but apple is launching against a former employee for allegedly stealing secrets. >> plus house speaker nancy pelosi warning the progressives in her party to support her for her new drug pricing proposal. many in the pharmaceutical industry say it would be catastrophic, we'll tell you what the chances are of it becoming law. what if numbers tell only half the story? at t. rowe price, hundreds of our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like a biotech firm that engineers a patient's own cells to fight cancer. this is strategic investing.
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and start this family. every family has a unique story. this holiday season, help your family discover theirs. >> three big headlines to tell you about with apple so the new mac pro finally available some have been waiting since 2013 for a new model so you have video game developers, film editors, app developers, those are the pros who buy it and some critics
4:28 pm
saying the design makes it look like a cheese grader and others are happy it has a handle and can be moved around offices easily. the tech giant also has two legal fights brewing, so first of all, apple is suing a former employee for an allege ed breach of contract. another apple legal case, telling a federal court it has deep concerns that two former employees who are chinese-born, may have stolen trade secrets and are flight risks, in fact, a federal agent arrested one last year as he was about to board a flight for china. mobile nations russel holly with us now, thanks for joining us. so, federal prosecutors alleging that these two former apple employees took secret data planning to go and work with chinese competitors, to what extent does that show our larger fight with china about ip? >> i think this has a tremendous amount to do with the kind of ip problems that we're having abroad. apple faces a lot of competition
4:29 pm
when it comes to the way it manufactures things, especially when it comes to its phones these processors are made entirely in-house just for apple equipment and one of the things it does so well is that optimiz ed feel where it doesn't really require as much power to be as efficient as some of the other processors, so being able to take that information elsewhere is incredibly valuable on the other hand, most of the commission that we're seeing in china when it comes to processors are already matching kind of feature for feature what it is these apple processors are capable of so i'm curious what specifically is being taken back that part is still unclear. >> some i read was about self- driving car technology but then to your point others were let's call them blueprints for chips and other products but i actually want to pick-up there because this chip issue is definitely effecting a domestic suit, apple suing a former employee, one who started a competing server chip company, and apple says basically some of the technology that this person
4:30 pm
developed, he developed while he was working at apple and then apple also says the worker was recruiting other apple employees , so that when he launched his company he had already made staff. could you argue that big picture , especially for domestic companies? the history of silicon valley and the chip industry in particular is a long saga of teams corps of engineers leaving one company to start another. whether or not apple wins or loses this case, that is essentially pushing against its own industry's dna. do you agree with that? >> well i think it kind of goes a little deeper than that because while the history of consumer tech and in silicon valley certainly is you leave one company and you start your own, you know, more recently, say within the last 15 years, the story has changed ever so slightly where you leave that company and you start this organization in order to then get bought back by that other company and one of the big accusations here was this guy left in order to create this idea so that apple would re absorb them and he would make
4:31 pm
the money that goes off of that. i think the really fascinating detail from the lawsuit so far, however, is the counter accusation from the guy who started this company saying that the only way that apple would have known that there was this communication going on between him and his co-workers was that apple was illegally collecting text messages and that's fascinating. >> yeah, but i heard the employees saying not necessarily denying that they were working on this project, for recruiting but they were like well apple read our text messages which the company shouldn't do yet to your point it's a little messy. while you're here getting away from apple i want to ask you quickly about at&t testing out this new form of commercial so pause that basically, which run 30 seconds after you hit the pause button, this is all according to variety. what do you think of this idea? >> so this is kind of a retake on something you had luxury is already doing where you press pause on something if you have the lowest tier plan and you'll get an ad that takes up about
4:32 pm
half the screen and what is being done is a little more sinister in it's not just a static ad. it's starting to play in the background. >> very loudly. >> yes, that kind of sucks for people who pause things to like have a conversation about something, where 30 seconds later, the tv will start making noise or the phone will start making noise so that i can see being very frustrating very quickly. >> russel thanks very much. you covered a lot of ground there for us, thank you. >> thank you. melissa: red flags ignored about the 737 max. a former boeing employee will appear before lawmakers tomorrow , set to testify that he raised concerns about production problems months before the two crashes that killed 346 people. the aircraft has been grounded since march and the faa is not expected to authorize the plane to fly until next month at the very earliest. wow. >> yeah, a rising death toll as well following that volcanic
4:33 pm
eruption in new zealand. authorities launching an investigation. we'll bring you all of the details that we have next. melissa: plus a significant white house meeting what the trump adminitration is calling for a new nuclear treaty with russia, to keep the world powers in check. >> for the first time since this show's inception 37 years ago, wheel a fortune's vanna white is stepping away from the letter board to host. she's covering for pay sajack for the next three weeks as he recovers from surgery. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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melissa: fox business alert president trump set to leave the white house less than 30 minutes from now the president will make his way to hershey, pennsylvania for a campaign rally tonight. we'll bring you any breaking headlines from his departure. >> searching for answers, new zealand authorities are launch ing an investigation into why tour uses were on an island with a volcano giving off signs of an eruption, and police are checking the gas levels in the atmosphere as a result of a explosion at least six people are dead, eight are reported missing, feared to be dead. recovery efforts are still underway. melissa: secretary of state mike pompeo stressing the need for a revamped nuclear treaty with russia, as president trump meets with the country's foreign minister at the white house
4:38 pm
today. take a listen. >> this agreement was due many years ago when powers were very different on a relative basis around the globe. it was at a time that the weapon s system that threats were very different than they are today too, the risk to strategic instability today are different and it's no longer just missiles , just bombers, just submarines, just war heads. melissa: here now to discuss is a former cia operative, what do you think of what secretary pompeo just said there, is that true have things changed dramatically since this treaty was first put into place? >> certainly things actually have in terms of the tech knowledge and the fact that the original treaty was signed in the soviet union in a state which no longer exists, however the main reason the united states earlier announced they were departing from the start the treaty was intelligence that indicated the russians were cheating and not abiding by their part of the agreement. melissa: so i mean, i can't even imagine what was that meeting liked to, if you had lavrov
4:39 pm
going to the white house to argue their case, do you think they are saying oh, no we were abiding by it or are they coming clean on it and they want changes? >> yeah that's very interesting i think they are trying to play well a losing hand because the evidence was pretty overwhelming that the russians have been cheating on this. the other interesting thing is i think this meeting which was not well publicized may also have been another part of russia's charm offensive in an attempt to ease sanctions against russia, and russia and ukraine that recently met in the past week, with other european powers to negotiate the ukraine crisis, and russia was using that opportunity to launch a offensive especially with president macron of france to try to ease the sanctions, so i think that was also part of the reason for lavrov's visit today to the white house. melissa: isn't it bizarre all this is happening against the back drop of the president being impeached by the house, vis-a-vis ukraine, here you have russia trying to get out of
4:40 pm
sanctions with the president imposed upon him, basically on behalf of the ukraine and everything else they've donald every other territory they've wandered off into where they shouldn't have been. i mean, i don't know. how do you sort through all of those different things going on in the same day and the same place? >> that is true, and i attribute this to the russian negotiation. lavrov is a very professional man. he's been foreign minister for russia for at least 15 if not 20 years. the man knows what he's speaking about and i think they are trying to capitalize on the fact that as of lately with the ukraine yankees russian hoax that was launched against president trump, that right now the ukraines are looking a little shakey and i think russia is trying to capitalize on that with the president by trying to play that public relations. melissa: strategically, how essential is the treaty for the united states? i mean, if they aren't abiding by it anyway, does the president want to advance the treaty,
4:41 pm
change the treaty, forget it, use it as leverage? what's the best move? >> there may be grounds for negotiating treaty in the whole other way; however, the treaty in many ways does not serve u.s. interests because the start treaty limits u.s. intermediate range, nuclear weapons. we don't have any intermediate range nukes; however, china and countries of that, iran and north korea in particular, all have medium-range nuclear weapon s, which we never developed in a world when the treaty was started, it was only the soviet union and the united states, who had any such weapons so now we have effectively restricted ourselves in the development of intermediate range nukes, whereas a lot of rogue nations already have them, so in some ways you can argue this is not really enhance u.s. security that much. melissa: scott, thank you. >> thank you. >> the rising threat from
4:42 pm
tehran fox news obtaining satellite images revealing iran has begun building an underground tunnel at its military base near the syria iraqi border. we have the latest from jerusalem. reporter: we've got new reporting today indicating that the iranians are building an underground tunnel to store missiles and large scale weapons in eastern syria. that according to satellite images obtained by fox news and western intelligence sources who reviewed the information. the structure at the military base is nearly completed, analysts say satellite images provided by the same organization show large dirt mounds at one end of the tunnel and a shed to cover the tunnel entrance at the other end. the structure is estimated to be 400 feet long. the same base was targeted by air strikes multiple times this year, after the existence of the facility was first revealed in a report by fox news. tensions between the western iran do continue and the one area of agreement occurred last
4:43 pm
week when the u.s. and iran successfully conducted a prisoner exchange. in return, a scientist was released to iran. the development getting new hope to the possibility that iran and americans could cut a deal regarding iran's nuclear program >> whether the talks can expand to other issues depends on america. america can, starting today, as we previously announced, pave the way for p5 plus one by halting the sanctions that imposed a pursuit. >> president trump has made clear he has no intentions of lifting sanctions on iran, at country continues to violate key terms of the nuclear agreement the united states first pulled out of last year thus the stalemate between the two countries continues. back to you. melissa: seeking common ground, new york city pausing a controversial program to relocate homeless residents. the details, next. >> plus nancy pelosi's plan to
4:44 pm
lower drug prices is sparking backlash from some progressive democrats. what it means for you and your healthcare. can my side be firm?
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4:48 pm
relocating homeless residents to newark, following a lawsuit by jersey city, and claims that it did not check on the conditions in which families were being placed. discussions between the two cities will resume on thursday. >> in a move plotted by a major pharmaceutical companies the fda is easing restrictions on clinical trials for cancer treating medications so it should become easier for drug companies to expand and innovate , experts say the cancer treatment market for new life- saving drugs could double in five years. and in the fight against high drug prices, it is house speaker nancy pelosi versus the progressives. some are arguing that pelosi's bill does not go far enough. the speaker's bill could lower the cost of 250 prescription drugs, some say, that's negligible. a healthcare reporter from axios with us is kaitlyn owens, thank you for lending us your expertise . the arguments for this proposal seems to be about
4:49 pm
money saved. the pharma industry says though, too many new drugs will be blocked, and therefore, people are hurt. what's your take? >> right so that's kind of the central tension to any just conversation about lowering drug prices, is the pharmaceutical industry says that if they don't have the ability to make as much money, and to reep the benefits from their research and development they say that will come at the cost of new cures, new treatments and their innovation. >> do you have an opinion on how many products pelosi, speaker pelosi's bill would eventually, eye seen all kinds of estimates, and then i've seen some wall street analysts who follow the pharmaceutical space and say it's only going to effect something like 2% on the market. does that seem right to you? >> so it depends what we're talking about. if we're talking about how many drugs that will not be made if this bill goes into effect, the congressional budget office is estimated it's eight drugs over
4:50 pm
the next decade. in terms of how many drugs it could effect this bill is very aggressive and wide reaching and it would allow the department of health and human services to negotiate the price of drugs, with drugmakers and these prices would be able to apply the commercial market as well, which you know could again be very far reaching and have a big impact. >> kaitlyn to your point, i've heard from pharmaceutical executives saying okay, fine, the first pill which you refuse to acknowledge as the public costs us $1 billion in r & d so therefore we have to keep selling them at x dollars to make our money back and then fuel future r & d but this bill may go for a house vote tomorrow do you expect first of all-tim ing wise that it will? >> so what we're waiting to see is how the congressional progressive caucus will respond. it seems like house speaker nancy pelosi is engaged in a little bit of a game of chicken with them right now, the rules committee is waiting to see if they can get it out under the floor, so i think we're kind of
4:51 pm
waiting to see what the fallout hads with the progressive caucus is and right now we just don't know. >> and then it seems like it wouldn't pass the senate right? >> right it definitely won't pass the senate, mitch mcconnell said he will not bring the bill up for a vote and the white house says it doesn't support it so it is a pretty centric effort right now. >> kaitlyn owens thank you so much. melissa: months after the opposition revolution in venezuela, a group of 16 national guardsmen, who revolted against nicholas maduro are sharing their story of how the groups led the country to the associated press as the refugee crisis in the nation is set to become the largest in modern history. here is our very own david asman i know you have been following this story so closely. i can't believe it's still going on. david: i can't either. i mean, one would have prayed a lot of people around the world were praying that in fact this guy would be gone by now. it looked like we were close to it a few months ago, but there was apparently a coo that went
4:52 pm
bad. people got chicken at the last minute, they pulled out, so many people are on the hooks to this guy maduro, because he still as terrible as he's been managing the economy, the economy is a total mess, people are starving there, he still has enough money from oil to bribe people and apparently when things go bad he just puts the money in the right hands and he gets away with murder. by the way we should remember that somebody's got blood on his hands for this. that's a tough thing to say about somebody running for president but bernie sanders and his campaign manager have over the years been very supportive of the socialistic experiment as they call it going on there. bernie 20 years ago said the american dream is more apt to be realized in places like venezuela that's when chavez was still alive, and his campaign manager when chavez died called it an economic miracle. i mean, this is a model to these people, and you have to be very careful about following people that think what's happening in
4:53 pm
venezuela has been an economic miracle. melissa: no because people are literally starving, and have no medicine. david: and it's the largest oil reserve in the world. in the world even more than russia. that particular oil reserve, so it's crazy. melissa: no it's interesting somebody pointed out to me recently that the socialistic miracle, it's interesting in communism it always comes to countries that have great natural resources and assets and if you look at it it's all about a money and a power grab. this is a wealthy country. david: look at the opposite. hong kong has zero natural resources and up until the chinese communists tried their push to take it over, it was the greatest one of the greatest economic miracles in all of asia melissa: interesting david we can't wait to see you at the top of the hours. what's your lead story? >> gregg jarrett talking about the impeachment and the ig report. melissa: that'll be awesome. see you soon. >> a fox business alert facing a fossil fuel as chevron announcing it's writing down the value of some of its assets by
4:54 pm
more than $10 billion citing lower prices caused an effect by oversupply. so the company is cutting the value of properties notably the u.s. shale holdings in appalachia, chevron also going to explore the sales of some of its assets. melissa: wow cheap energy. >> i know. melissa: the downside for some of the bigger companies but good for consumers. alright time of piece of hollywood history the rolex worn by marlon brandeau in apocalypse now will cost you plus president trump will depart the white house in moments and we'll bring you any headlines if the president stops to talk to reporters on the south lawn.
4:55 pm
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melissa: a lot of excitement at world class auction house, famous timepieces up for sale in new york. we bring you details ooh. reporter: any minute now, they
4:59 pm
will auction off legendary watches warn by legendary men, this is the rol rolex jack nicks wore. this could fetch maybe 7 figures. another watch that is getting a lot of hype, this rolex, if you look. it has no bezel, the strap is rubber, marlon brando wore it in 1979, filming "apocalypse now," the filmmaker said what are you doing wearing the watch. they compromised because of that story, this watch is also perhaps expected to fetch in to 7 figures, unbelievable these are piecing of art that we wear on our wrists, most expensive wrist watch at auction, a
5:00 pm
grandmaster 31 million dollars, followed by paul newman's rolex daytona back to you. melissa: for a watch? >> there you go. "bulls and bears." david: very busy day in beltway, back-to-back announcements from house democrat, first slapping president with two articles of impeachment, second detailing a new north american trade deal that has been breached, right now president trump said to leave white house for a rally in pennsylvania, if he stops to talk to reporters, it will be first time we hear him respond to camera to the latest developments we'll bring you his comments when and if they happen. >> it is deal, president trump and house democrat strike a crucial agreement on what the administration calls largest trade deal in global history. while they


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