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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 13, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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boeing is planning a test like international space station will take off on manned capsule u.s. steps back into space without hitching rides that could be efficiency step in that direction. next friday. here is kristina through the next hour. >> thank you, have a good weekend. >> you too. >> thank you, happy friday, everyone i am kristina partsinevelos in for charles payne this is making money. breaking right now phase one complete, all three major indices milestones after china confirms deal has been reached details and stocks to keep an eye going on forward. it may be the brish election having effect on our political system why the conservatives big win could mean a big win for president trump and economy is riding high, heading into the new year some and outlets are casting doubt on the trade progress we look at what is being called the financial gaslighting of america all that and much, much more on making money.
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♪ . >> stocks slipping after hitting record highs this morning, u.s.-china trade agreement came occupant and that is why we need the exact details from someone on inside we've got to go to edward lawrence joins us now from the white house, edward break it down please. >> we have the world's first second largest economy saying phase one trade deal here chinese say that this is going to boost global markets, people -- market around the world, the u.s., saying that this is going to rebalance, the trade relationship with china, as well as structural is change inside china chinese outlined nine chapters great perks for intellectual property ending forced transfer technology expanding is on, buying noer agriculture president trump said china will apply 50 billion dollars more agriculture chinese
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according to source will not write that into a deal, chinese confirmed that they are going to buy more agriculture but, again, we don't know exactly how much. the president also saying that he is keeping some tariffs in place, to make sure that chinese come through with a phase two trade deal he also adds, that that phase two trade deal was requested, to be negotiated immediately by the chinese. listen. >> a phenomenal deal tariffs will largely remain 25%, on 250 billion dollars used the as negotiating table for the phase two deal. which they would like to start immediately, that is okay with me we are going to wait until after election, but they would like to start sooner than that. >> you know that may be something the market doesn't like they don't like tariffs neshs a tax drag on companies they don't pass that cost on, has not happened up to now now you may remember wednesday i
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asked federal reserve chairman which greater uncertainty for business investment, the usmca or china his answer was china. answered believed if you remove that uncertainty, that a positive long term for the economy as business investment could pick up. >> i want to know will reports see the document to provided some type of tangible text that you can read. >> that is the big question here chinese according to source that i have, have requested that the document not be published, we know that it has been written down we know there is going to be a signing, both u.s. and china says there will be a signing, not a ceremonial with president xi but deal will be signed with don't know if chinese request will be honored by u.s. we have to wait and see see. >> one quick question again for you that has to do with enforcement seems major problem with all of this are you hearing anything about multitiered enforcement system gob tlooeb in place. >> talking about a long time
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yes what, u.s. trade representative lighthizer said, you have monthly meetings at staff level issues, if that issue doesn't get solved it bumping up to quarterly meetings deputy level if that doesn't get solved it bumped back up to semiannual meeting u.s. trade representatives level where he could snap back some tariffs, that are being removed, tariffs on 15% of 120 billion dollars coming down to 7 1/2% those could go back if issues are not resolved. >> thank you for answering my extra questions appreciate it. >> thanks. >> okay some investors maybe asking where do we go from here now that phase one is could we see in phase two joining me right now former commerce department deputy director chris garcia does have some close ties i should say with trump administration thank you for joining us, let's start with going over points that edward discussed the fact that china is not
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committing on paper, and there seems to be some discrepancies when it comes to even agricultural purchases, the administration saying 50 billion china seems alluding to a lot less what do you think of that. >> yes first thing is we should tick away from this that we got a lot more than china wanted to give that is exactly why, they don't want to see text released china doesn't want a public signing ceremony because this is really a shame, for the chinese communist party had to make concessions, for the united states president trump's has been so deliberative with how carried this out usmca trade deal passed we are able to have that bolster negotiating prowess with china we have accomplished something that i advocated for for the a length time within the administration to make sure that we keep those tariffs in place, because those tariffs by themselves are an he enforcement mechanism we know china joined two 2001 made promises for u.s. business market access never hand they would stop compete fairly protect ip never happened.
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so we want to make sure the noefkt enforceability is a big thing you know they will be there at least through 2020 election. >> you bring groet points it is finally progress that we're seeing going forward i still think questions when it comes to enforcement, because i asked edward i still feel not getting details about how we are going to enforce it like you mentioned china doesn't follow through on a lot of promises, i am still skeptical i think business investors owners of businesses i should say. >> we know that this is the plan this is the plan all along that china was going to try to drag negotiations out. until after the 2020 election, i would say that maybe they hoped to have somebody more lax with respect the to trading how president trump has accomplished, this -- this phase one deal, is by holding line holding firm i think we've got to see the tariffs being kept in place, making sure that president trump now cause he has upper hand
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tariffs are in place, china's economy suffered significantly, whereas take a look at all-time highs we have gotten over lastly few months, things seem fine i think consumer confidence numbers came out recently are very, very strong, so we're not feeling this impact we are certainly not having the economic collapse that a lot of pundits said we were going to have if president trump was a elected he has done phenomenal job ceo chief in united states. >> market highs across the board, phase two the fact the the president alluded to china want to go go ahead and start negotiating the second part i think great what are we going to and now that phase two could be in the cards. >> all of -- >> secretary mnuchin said china was going to fully debris to fully unbelievably straechlz concerning international property financial services focused tech transfer cyberespionage
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significant i think we are going to want china to make those in a phase two deal, make those actually law, in the mainland china, legal system so that u.s. businesses have more market access, there is no more debate as to whether or not, you know united states complains about the -- the ip stuff for fear of being blocked out of chinese market so i think that taking this, maybe to second degree, phase two, structural reforms to second degree is something to look out for. >> i want to keep you for a few extra minutes if you don't mind to pivot to another topic we've got a landslide four conservatives in u.s. prime minister boris johnson now a mandate to get brexit done next month we've got ashley webster inlon with the very latest ashley break it down. reporter: well boris johnson took a big gamble, guess what he hit election jackpot with
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all ballots now counted his conservative party won a staggering 80 seat of majority in parliament he can push through brexit with easy uk will be out of the eu by that january 31st deadline, owed is downing street home johnson thanked in important nonconservatives for will give him their vote. >> i want to speak directly to in those who made it possible to all those voted for us for the first time, those whose pencil may have wavered over the ballot you heard voices of parents grandparents when is fering about in their areas i say thank you for trust you placed in us and in me. >> iment has been a humiliating diabetic for corbyn's labour party the extreme soviet agenda nationalizeing utilities tax hikes for businesses massive
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public spending overwhelmingly rejected president trump was quick to congratulate boris johnson on victory prospect of a transatlantic trade deal saying in part, this deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than anybody any deal could have been made with eu celebrate boris. >> johnson's pro-business manifesto a boost to markets today, london ftse around 100 points, the pound one point hitting 19-month high. >> back to you. >> ashley inlon bring back chris garcia creates you are still there. yeah. >> i want to go into details about this you had boris johnson that said penciled who wavered seems fewer that wavered such a large majority with this win why doufrng that changes. >> overwhelming rejection of socialist leftist policies
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become more popular i think this is a huge victory for freedom a huge victory for free markets what i would call the -- america first or the national system economic nagsism, they want leaders to put countries first as should be president trump led the way i think that has caught on in the european union we see victory the most massive victory since thatcher with boris johnson i congratulate him and team pave way to turn attention now usmca done now that phase one u.s.-china done we can turn attention to massive deal with ukkive the goal will be to i am a toward a fair free he reciprocal agreement lowers tariffs nontariff bears hopeful eliminates them then also, of course, eliminates skib indonesia as welcome subsidies
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as well the longest ally. >> johnson supporter of united states another bromance with president great news for us for a future trade deal, the question i have for you though is just this -- i guess this period where businesses american businesses international businesses that are in uk figure out what is going to happen we know boris said mandate is scheduled for january 31st is that feasible given how long it took to even just get to this point in time? >> yeah this is something that has pen talked about a long time now that we've got once election happens we've got a december 2020 i think,brexit deadline we have i think these are real questions that have to be hashed out working level how are we going to implement this how are we going to really get this on paper? and solidify this fortunately white house and counterparts in uk have been begun drafting begun, working on the language ahead of time i think in anticipation of a victory like this, soive the details will
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soon merge, today is huge day, for not just freedom and united states but also in uk. >> poignant way to end thank you very much joining us staying later too. >> later on in the -- making money why brish election is a warning to america's democrats robocallers spoofing a household company to get you to pick up what you need to know to protect you and loved ones, investors die jesting what is next for trade deal with china hitting new all-time highs we break down this roller coaster of a day next. any comments doug? yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need.
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. kristina: stocks soaring to all-time highs meal after china confirmed agreement to phase one of a trade deal with united states. markets shruging off some earlier gains consumer confidence is near a record level, the fed is holding steady with rates and for now, and the economy, is booming. but uncertainty seems easing so why back in -- you can see dow up about 6 points go to wealth manager cio fox wisconsin issue directorate scott joining me from chicago, scottie let's talk about markets wouldn't you say phase one trade deal has kind of already been priced in? >> yeah i think so kristina, whatever phase one is really you know details are still coming in, i think the market is trying to figure outlets say handicap what it is going to look like, i do think what is nice we are seeing the repeal we think at least of some of those previous tariffs may be not so much expected
2:18 pm
versus hold off on tariffs on sunday, to me we saw bounce for yesterday but day after nice run here, so far month to date quarter to date makes sense that profit-taking is happening. kristina: if talking profit-taking as farred santa claus rally kind of missed last year december 4 market dropped more than 500 points, don't we have a situations where all goods have already been imported into the united states, so we really won't benefit so much from the phase one trade deal? within month of december. >> that is true, but, you know, as well as do i the market is very forward-looking i think ends up being ones wasn't situations most december probably tan carry of first quarter next year consumer as strong as they are likely to spend almost as much as they will in q4 gives relief s&p companies industrial companies i think as well, some relief that at least going forward, there earnings exposure and
2:19 pm
certainly cost exposure may have because of afore mentioneded tariffs coming occupy that actually looks a lot better today. kristina: for viewers we got biography from having you on this show what are you looking for specifically markets highs is i it time to stay on sidelines wait for santa claus rally to fall off get back in in january? suggests. >> i don't know if would i wait for anybody to exactly -- knock santa claus off splay to take profits or take opportunity but you are right i think your thinking on point, where had the we have had a great run companies kristina we love we talked about on air boulevard whether apple microsoft amazon google they have had good runs this year so i wouldn't chase those right here, but look for industrial companies, maybe some of the little maybe lessr known tech companies. >> can you name some give me names? >> yeah i mean 3m actually here industrial company 3m versus pierce really held
2:20 pm
back, due toting concerning earnings concerns i think 3m to pick up in industrial space even today broadcom having a rough day overall a nice year i think broadcom is going to remerge abgo end of the year. >> writing those down to follow up with you on that, thank you as always. >> see. >> biyou can't escape them we are escaping scottie but every time i try to block one number another one comes up, robocallers on the rise now using a household name, to get you to pick up. we have the details next. ♪
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. kristina: robocalls are getting more creative as government phone carriers crack down going undercover get this as apple technical support when we need to know fox news headlines 24-7 anchor
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brett larson to explain. >> hey. >> this is these robocalls bane of most people's excessiveness unless you are into the thing i like them on the phone as long as possible to waste their time even though i know everything that i am about to tell you is the opposite what i just said because you are not -- >> wasting a robot time? >> i want to go through process to get someone on the phone so i can be like what do you mean computer is broken you need credit card number yeah let me give you 457 make such up to mess with them, but robocalls now that we know that -- robocalls are seriously, huge problem we got over a billion of them just last month. they have gone up 56% from 2017 to 2018. costing us three billion dollars wasted time we've got 10 call you look id says number that looks like -- >> local from you, you think oh is this maybe the vet
2:25 pm
calling me back i didn't put that number in? now they are using real numbers so they will use, they will spoof, for apple for apple technical support when phone resignation you look down apple tech support or apple store montgomery mall you are still getting the same nonsense lies apple has said don't pick up the phone if you see that we're calling you. >> isn't that stealing unusual can apple do more given how many people have iphones. >> our hands are a little tied on this situation, because and fcc, ftc are working on this house passed some legislation, that will give them more teeth to go after these guys, they want to give more power to the phone companies, so that you know the verizon at&t t-mobile sprint can put technology in place to start to block people occupant using basically a digital fingerprint if you call me from your phone your
2:26 pm
phone provider is going to say, yes this is absolutely her and when it comes through to me your caller id will show up will work same in opposite direction they don't have that ability right now, we are using still out dedicated damage in phone system, part of that is because of the voice-over ip revolution how you can get a box plug into it internet a dial tone no matter where you are in the world fantastic a benefit to the consumer a benefit to a lot of companies, but call centers overseas other places this claim of crafted means to write legislation. >> i have a expressing question not understanding how a robo call can know zam which apple store is here in me getting information not only phone number but location to match exactly the location, how getting that. >> your location information is soly based on yourer a code prefix going to base it that way or going to call you from main 00 number apple 00 support number and not apple don't give them any
2:27 pm
information, don't go to cvs buy gift cards to pay bill it is all bs, as they would say. >> happy friday! >> happy friday! >> thank you so much joining us robocallers we hope you never change the channel but if you happen to be going through to find box wisconsin land on another may won from so much negativity from competition we shade light on the gaslighting of americans. and a huge victory for conservatives in uk what that could mean for us here in o 2020 our political panel weighs in next. ♪ at fidelity, online u.s. stocks and etfs are commission-free. and when you open a new brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk while our competition continues to talk. as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance.
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nice rock. it's time to drop gold. go digital. go grayscale. a wave of populism swept globe 2016 bringing in brexit and president trump will last night whose landslide for the conservative party spell trouble for liberal left in 2020 be a good sin for trump again let's ask or panel liberal commentator daniel mcloughlin, telsey thank you so much for joining us, i want to start with you to some of your notes i saw you send earlier, you wrote that they have to meet populism with populism seeing this across
2:32 pm
the dwroeb why happening how can democratic party meet populism with populism. >> i think what president has done so well to speak to every man woman in this country told them institutions of government not working for them so we saw this actually in 2016 he was one of 17, he them all whoever comes up in democratic ticket has to meet nj message actually, i am for you i am one of the people also, the institution of government, might have failed you i am not going to i will father it has to be populism versus populism argument. >> do you think there is 234ib can fulfill what that role working class. >> not on democrat ticket truly historic election for uk opens the door for more good news to come from the trump administration, including, a brand new trade agreement, between the u.s., and the uk.
2:33 pm
and a strengthening of our partnership in standing up to foreign aggression from iran, russia, china i think we have to put these elections, into context with what is happening here certainly a rejection of the liberal elite ruling class, both politicians and media it is a trend that is happening here in the uk, and elsewhere, really is difficult for -- >> i guess one thing i will say about this about liberal elite, attorney general barr, at trump hotel -- >> i think should be a clear be lethal there is elite both sides of the coin i am not taking the point away that institutions we are seeing not obviously, just here we he have seen in hungary eastern europe obviously, in uk the other thing about this, is that it was weakness of jeremy could bebin negatives, negative 40 -- not was not a
2:34 pm
popular -- not a popular politicians mixed up message around brexit wavering he should have said we are the party of remain a lot of remainers, the clarity of boris johnson. >> kelsey to bring back to local politics local being united states, the fact that you have a leader, somebody that resonated with people regardless of their platforms and policies is that what it takes i feel like could apply to every day life people make assumptions about somebody within 30 seconds meeting them need to resonate connect with them is that case with president lack of case for democratic party there is no charismatic leader. >> i think charisma matters a great deal as authentic candidates we see in boris johnson as we do in president trump, and voters ultimately just wahonesty with information
2:35 pm
out there heading into 2020 i think a good sign for president trump put it into context, the same week that he is facing, impeachment from house democrats, we have house democrats, agree to move forward his landmark usmca trade agreement, we just heard the announcement, of a phase one of a trade deal with china. and now an even an opportunity to strengthen our partnerships with uk, things are really looking good for a president who is in the middle of impeachment. >> you brought up a great point timing of usmca seemed to come after impeachment comments i have one quick question moderates right now if the democrats were to swing them over or you had president trump that that won them whatsoever it take to get those that are waiving on events the ones maybe, maybe more inclined towards joe biden. >> certainty the president has work to do with we are seeing support, slowly eroding has been rodeing since mid terms
2:36 pm
white working class very important general election obviously, you think about voting from -- the obama voters my graitsdz to trump has to be economic message to kelsey's point strong economy helps incumbent, comurnt has national advantage so strong economy trade deals, for the president at this point. >> economy going to sway moderates toward president. >> i absolutely agree if economy continues to be this strong the president is going to -- you know have an easy road to -- to november, but also it is about a rejection of socialism the glat evaluator veered so far left saw in uk seeing it here repelling any sort of moderate voters from being able to support them their policies. >> thank you so much for all of your informative thoughts. >> breaking news right now two big names democratic 2020 field are threatening to skip
2:37 pm
the next democratic debate all over a labor fight hillary vaughn live in washington, with the story. >> kristina we are up to 4 candidates said they will not cross the picket line scheduled to be happening outside d.m.c. debate democratic debate happening next week in los angeles, has a venue but they may not have any candidates onstage, four candidates senator elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, yang, joe biden have said they will not cross the picket line, the debate is scheduled he to be at loyola marymount university lmu in a dispute with local union over stalled contract negotiations for their food service workers, the union called unite here local 11 represents over 32,000 hospitality workers no southern california, and arizona and copresident announcing they will be boycotting on day of the debate saying quote we hoped that workers would have a contract with wages affordable health insurance before debate next week instead workers will
2:38 pm
be picketeting when candidates come to campus so far four candidates pledged they will not cross that picket line, senator bernie sanders, saying quote i stand with workers of unite 11 on campus at lmu fighting for a better account i will not be crossing their picket line, and elizabeth warren also i chiming in saying united 11 fighting for better wages benefits i stand with them d.m.c. find a solution to fight for working people i will not cross the union importants picket line even if it means, missing the debate what is interesting the dnc scheduled to ham -- to happen at ucla had a dispute with union there why they moved to it thissute. >> this story keeps getting better and brett thank you appreciate it. >> americans are wngs record unemployment and roaring stock
2:39 pm
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kristina: u.s. economy roaring into 2020, if you listen to some politicians and media one would think we are nearing another recession. why my necessary guess is sending a warning stop financial gaslighting of americans former investment banker carol roth joining me i only heard about gaslighting when it comes to dating explain white means. >> gaslighting is basically trying to convince you that something that you know is try, isn't true, and if you look at like you said the record low unemployment the roaring stock market the
2:43 pm
taxing ruts economic mobility people are doing very well they are listening to politicians listening to other media outlets that are saying no, you are not doing well, the challenge is believing that. >> what about -- bear with me i see competition right now we have in screens you often see situation where this rally isn't going ono going on ago to long something has to give. >> i am not saying that i believe at all given how history changed we're in a world that we've never seen before what is it that is really stopping them from from believing that? they actually don't believe the financial realities take something as simply as tax cuts, talking points only benefited the rich but that is not true, if you look at all -- even liberally leaning "new york times" 65% americans did in fact get a tax cut that is firmly in the majority you go talk to people on twitter they will call you a liar saying that is blatantly untrue when
2:44 pm
you can take that into the google same economic mobility 50% americans will be in top 10% easterners at least one year of life but they are told there is no opportunity in america, you could type this into a search engine see data because talking points are saying no, the only the rich are benefiting system is relyinged rigged they are start to believe it we go debate areas challenge to have you start from a place of reality. >> i really want going more into depth about this but another topic defense bill added 12 weeks paid apparently leave for 2.1 million federal employees tell me how you feel about that. >> that is important for the defense of our country, listen, i am within of those people i like when people get more perks and opportunities, but i don't believe it is something should be forced obviously, when it is something that is coming out of the taxpayers wallet that is something we should consider, so i like paid
2:45 pm
parental leave in general i think that companies broad plea should consider it i don't think that it is something that any company should be forced to do, and listen government jobs are already really rich is this really something we need to layer out. >> pushback highlighting federal forcing federal agencies to provide this what about in general american population u.s. as a whole parental leave so is much longer so many other developed countries don't you thie we are far behind when it comes to that. >> again i leave that up to market i think there are companies that should offer that because that is great benefit but i think there are you know 30.2 million small businesses many are not able to offer it i think people should be able to make those choices, somebody like me chose not to have kids not important benefit i should not for his the company that i am working for to offer that to everybody else, i love it in concept forcing people to do it legally is where i draw the
2:46 pm
line good as always to chat with you. >> always good to see you kristina. kristina: thanks carol heading to the floor of new york stock exchange to find out what traders are saying about the phase one trade deal, and why we aren't up more on this historic moment that i, plus, what this could mean for the shortened holiday shopping condition we will be right back, do not turn the channel!
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go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond.
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kristina: stocks up for the week relatively frat now after hitting all-time high earlier today, let's go to new york, for the latest on the floor with gerri willis. >> hey kristina that is right everybody me included asking down here where is my rally? we finally, finally, finally
2:50 pm
get phase one of the trade deal with china what happens a whole lot of nothing the dow down just 2 1/2 points s&p down marginally i got to tell you confound to go people watched this as we have been promised a massive rally let me tell you how weird this is -- out performing sectors utilities, info tech, go, go stocks why up same day very strange indeed looking at apple microsoft here higher setting a new high, the google down in same category, so i think what is going on traders are telling me as i talked to them on the floor down here hey there are no january jane hancocks no physical paper with deal, all details described john hancock describing we are waiting for that quickly real sales came out this morning, it is beginning of the christmas sale season what do we have? a lot -- will yous november two-tenths of one percent
2:51 pm
estimate half percent not great bars in restaurants sales down three-tenths of one percent a short season that is what is going on here, but frankly you have to wait and see repeat of this for most people to take it very seriously, interesting kristina not what we expected back to you. kristina: isn't that exciting never what we expect right now from this president, thank you. >> you are welcome. kristina: federal reserve signaling no sign of rate hike or cut in 2020 after a unanimous decision this week to leave rates unchanged what is the next move joining me to discuss very own clayman countdown host liz clayman will sit down exclusively with one of its members do tell. >> i will, gerri was talking about a slightly weaker than expected retail sale number, we are going to ask the vice chair of the federal reserve this is number two man right behind jay powell, richard, a fox business exclusive not
2:52 pm
giving any other interviews until after next federal reserve meeting. we are going to ask him about the breaking news because you know you may remember, fed chief powell said wednesday, that, you know, it was the chinese trade war u.s.-china facing off that was grabbing headlines, and the market interest not anything regarding usmca or european union. so we will ask richard now that this appears to be smoothed over for phase one what is the next move for interest rates? the fed is telegraphed you know what we are keeping them pat that means borrowing very, very low next whole year i will ask richard with economy takes off will we have to raise interest rates before that so much to talk to richard about a fox business exclusive we've got all the trade news as well. kristina: less than 8 minutes away thank you. >> you got it tune in for
2:53 pm
clayman countdown the to of the hour. stocks hitting all-time highs earlier today but the market is i wavering after uncertainty on what is next for the trade deal with china. we've got the experts here on where we should be looking to invest, straight ahead. there's a lot of talk about value out there. but at fidelity, value is more than just talk. we offer commission-free online u.s. stock and etf trades. and, when you open a new fidelity brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate -- that's 21 times more than schwab's. plus, fidelity's leading price improvement on trades saved investors hundreds of millions of dollars last year. that's why fidelity continues to lead the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk fidelity.
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salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. kristina: stocks are trading after hitting all-time highs earlier today on news that phase one of the china trade deal being approved by both sides, but where should investors be looking to take advantage of this raging bull market? let's bring in stephen guilfoyle and rob luna. thank you both for joining me today. sarge, i will start with you because you're in studio right now. we are getting this news, yet the market, the dow is up about nine points. why did we see this dip just
2:57 pm
within the later half of the day? will we blame algorithms again? >> well, there was obviously an algorithmic response. i think there was a little disappointment in the size of the reduction in the tariff schedule. that's something of a negative right now. i think it's generally a positive. i think a lot of certainty has been entered into the marketplace with the usmca deal, with the federal budget deal and now with something to go on. we are still negotiating the chinese deal, let's get that out there. i don't think there really is a phase one. i don't think there's anything exact pertaining to a phase one. i think there's some negotiating. i think that's why there's so much unknown as far as the details go. i don't think we know how much agricultural products the chinese are going to buy. i don't think we have maybe the snap-back maybe structure the way we think it's going to end up. kristina: kudlow saying anywhere between $40 billion and $50 billion in terms of agricultural products, yet china is not signing anything and it's kind of unfortunate they don't want any of the details to be shared with the public, but rob, what
2:58 pm
does this mean, the fact that we have all these, you know, this is great moving forward with phase one, moving on to phase two, what would this mean for business investment and spending in the united states? >> yeah, i think this is a huge deal. this is a tremendous amount of uncertainty that's been removed by the market. if you are someone that was listening to corporate ceos, when they are talking about third quarter earnings, the thing that came up again and again was the uncertainty regarding trade. so now that we removed that, i think that's the biggest deal. really, what i'm looking at today is a dow that's now maybe up 9 or 10 points. we have been talking for about two to three weeks now that once this deal did come through, that we expected a selloff, buy the rumor, sell the news. so the fact we are hanging in there i think should give investors a little bit of confidence here. i think it's good news that we are not rallying, it's good news we are not tanking. this is exactly where we want to be after this type of news. kristina: you got rob that's staying in the market right now. we are hoping for this continued santa claus rally. sarge, do you have any examples of what our viewers should be looking at? >> i will tell you right now,
2:59 pm
while i was waiting in the green room, i increased my positions in british petroleum, costco and marble technology. kristina: why? >> these names are dipping right now. costco reported a little while ago that all names will benefit from the expansion of 5g technology, which is a chinese story, or from trade itself. i believe the whole story begins with the yield curve. as spreads widen at the long end, all right, this becomes -- this is where supply comes from in terms of net interest margin which is where business investment has to come from. now, if growth is perceived looking forward, that's where demand comes from. this is why you need to be, i will give you the list right now. check the semis, financials, energy and communication stocks. kristina: rob, what's your pick? one name. >> you got to be in technology. i think after 20% something run in the market you want to play it smart. you want to be in business essential technology that's going to be immune to recession. look at names like palo alto net works, it will go from $2.4 billion in sales to $4 billion in sales.
3:00 pm
look at a company like service now, the next salesforce. company's at a $50 billion market cap growing 30% and what they do basically is take laborious processes -- kristina: i'm going to cut you off. thank you so much. you guys did it. liz claman, over to you. lots of information just in the last seconds. liz: we are doing who wore it best thing. i'm giving it to you. kristina: thank you, liz. liz: thank you. have a good weekend. as we head into this final hour of trade on a wildly busy friday, it's almost like markets are saying not beware friday the 13th but beware the fine print. markets are well off their highs. the dow had been up more than 100 points. we are just up eight at the moment, maybe because the man at the helm of trade team usa just revealed it is quote, not all smooth sailing ahead. trade representative robert lighthizer admitting in the last hour quote, this is


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