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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 18, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the radical dems are about to face the consequences of their effort to overthrow the president by any means. tomorrow will be joined by sidney powell, gordon chang lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. hours from now, a historic house vote to impeach president trump and the partisan divide couldn't be more apparent. >> in the battle of socialism versus capitalism, a new fox poll finds that socialism is on the rise but why it's not just millennials to blame. lauren: if you're planning to finish your holiday shopping on amazon, some are saying buyer beware. it is wednesday, december 18th and "fbn: a.m." starts right n now. ♪
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♪ if you walk you away, walk away. ♪ i will follow. ♪ if you wal walk away, walk awi will follow. lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning. >>.i'm lauren simonetti. >> i'm jackie deangeles in for cheryl casone. lauren: thank you for joining us. the song was appropriate, higher and higher, because take a look at how your money is moving this morning. after the record close yesterday, up wednesday again, a tenth of a percent for each of the three major averages. >> we're looking at stocks in asia overnight. the markets were mostly lower, hang seng seeing a little green there, shanghai and kospi closer to the flatline. lauren: there's caution out there, particularly in europe this morning. investors cautious following boris johnson, the u.k. prime minister's decision to block an
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extension of the trade talks beyond 2020. so that's something investors are watching this morning. our top story is this, president trump ripping democrats for declaring war on democracy ahead of today's historic impeachment vote. it comes after a marathon session on capitol hill, setting the groundwork for what is to come. >> griff jenkins is live on capitol hill. he's going to break it down for us. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and jack kim i jackie. it will be history starting at 9:00 a.m., the third time the house of representatives have impeached a sitting be president. we have the rule and it's straightforward, it's a closed rule which means no amendments will be offered. had thethey you allowedallowed x hours of debate time. they're he predicting a 6:00 or 6:30 vote. there will be two votes, one for abuse of power, one for
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obstruction of justice. in the rules committee, things got very heated. watch. >> was it appropriate for him to ask another country to investigate an american citizen? >> there was nothing wrong with the call. >> reporter: ahead of today's vote, yesterday president trump sent a six page scathing letter to speaker pelosi in which he calls today's impeachment, quote an illegal partisan and attempted coup. he calls the ar articles meritls and baseless. pelosi writing her fellow lawmakers, employing them, quote, if we do not act, we will be derelict in our duty. concluding that in america, no one is above the law. here's a spoiler alert. speaker pelosi needs 216 votes to pass the articles of impeachment. looks like she's well within that margin. we talked about the 31 vulnerable democrats, 28 of them will vote for impeachment today. then, things will go to the
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senate where things are going to get very heated if yesterday's exchange between the majority leader and minority leader is any indication. watch. >> i'm not an impartial juror. this is a political process. >> it's clear senator mcconnell wants to use the senate to help participate in a coverup. >> reporter: president trump will not be watching the vote at the white house in washington. he travels this afternoon to battle creek, michigan for a rally. it will be interesting in the final vote to impeach him what he a has to say on a rally stage in michigan. interestingly enough, i will add that it was almost 21 years to the day, december 19th, 1998 when the house impeached bill clinton. lauren: a little bit of irony. >> thank you for that, griff. president trump saying he will not watch today's vote but tied the consequences of an impending
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senate trial to usmca, saying mitch mcconnell will determine if it gets a vote before or after an impeachment trial in the senate. >> we'll also have to decide on when we're taking the vote for the usmca. a very important deal, very, very important deal with mexico, canada, ourselves. we're going to have to decide whether or not that comes first or second. to me, i'd let the senate decide on that. >>.lauren: that. lauren: the house could vote on usmca as early as tomorrow. >> this deal is so much better than the old deal. i think this is going to add about 50 basis points of growth to gdp. this has all new types of things, all new types of protections. this has been a major priority for the president in making sure that we bring jobs back to the u.s. and i think this will absolutely accomplish it. lauren: secretary mnuchin also spoke about the phase one trade deal with china. he said it's not a, quote, free
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trade deal. >> i think this is a reciprocal trade deal. and the president's been very clear on reciprocal tariffs and resigreciprocal trade and baland trade. it has to work in both directions. that was acknowledged by president xi. we're going to be releasing the agreement soon. i think people will see, this is a real agreement with real chapters and real enforcement. lauren: that phase one expected to be signed early next month. >> and a government shutdown has been averted for after the democratic controlled house voted to pass $1.4 trillion spending package. president trump has been handed a victory for this. it gives him steady funding for the u.s./mexico border fence. it raises the age to buy tobacco to 21.
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lauren: let's take a look at the fares of fed ex the this morning, down big-time in premarket trading. the latest quarterly profit fell 40% from a year ago and costs shot up. they cut their earnings guidance for the fourth time this year. they lost business from amazon which is expanding its own delivery service. amazon just blocked third party sellers from using fed ex ground delivery for prime shipments this holiday season. as the delivery war between fed ex and amazon heats up, amazon tapped sun country airlines to boost its next day shipping. they will fly under the terms of a six year deal. shares of amazon are up just about 20% this year and certainly higher in the premarket by $3. >> take a look at that. >> boeing's decision to halt production of the 7 737 max jet could cause more problems for general electric. the wall street journal reporting that the company which makes the plane's engines could take a significant hit to its cash flow. the decision to cut monthly
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production of the 737 by nearly 20% reduced quarterly cash flow by $400 million. now, the journal says that number could sharply increase if production is delayed for an extended period of time. cheryl: well, the city of lights a little dimmer today. >> tracee carrasco has those details for us. >> reporter: protests in france hit their 13th day, union activists cut electricity to nearly 100,000 homes and offices. train delays and cancellations created commutes of multiple hours after train drivers refused to l come into work and tourists feeling the effect as popular sites like the eifel tower remain closed for safety reasons. the strikes began in response to french government's plans to change their pension system and raise the age of retirement to 64. well, california power company pg&e winning car court approvalr a $13.5 billion settlement with the victims of wildfires linked to the you'd l til utility comp.
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it's the third largest in a series of settlements on damage claims that left people dead, destroyed homes and businesses. the court approved an $11 billion settlement with insurance creditors that paid out from damage from the fires. well, the top u.s. diplomat in ukraine is leaving his post, bill taylor who recently testified before the house in the impeachment inquiry plans to leave his post by the end of the year. the future plans with the state department not immediately clear, nor was a permanent replacement named. he was serving as the acting ambassador to ukraine after the last senate confirmed a ambassar marie yovanovitch was fired in may. harvey weinstein is asking a judge to put a hold on his civil case as he deals with deteriorating health and criminal charges. he has been you accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by more than 80 women. and that is what's happening now. lauren: thank you very much,
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tracee. let's take a look at your futures this morning. any gain today is obviously another record for the major averages this morning, up for day number six, small gains but dow still in the green, 24 points to the upside, nasdaq up by 9. still ahead, capitalism still winning with voters but socialism is also on the rise and it's not just because of millennials. we'll tell you why when "fbn: a.m." returns. ♪ put me on a highway. ♪ show me a sign. ♪ take it to the limit you are my diamond. for the diamond in your life, get 30 % off everything including these one of a kind deals. it's the "you are my diamond" event. exclusively at zales, the diamond store.
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fidelity. lauren: let's get to breaking news. fiat chrysler and peugeot joining forces in a blockbuster merger. they announced preliminary plans for a deal six weeks ago. the new company will be the world's fourth largest automaker. jackie: investors will be watching those stocks and the rest of the markets because stocks posted modest gains yesterday. that was enough to send the dow industrials, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq deeper into record territory. the question of course is, will this bull run continue into 2020? rebecca wolser joins us now. rebecca, great to see you. good morning. >> good morning, jackie. jackie: let's get to it. santa claus rally seems to be on here. >> yeah, i'm really excited. i think we have a lot of wind at your backs with usmca and -- our
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backs at usmca and phase one with china. jackie: big week last week, in some ways for the democrats but for donald trump as well. usmca, phase one china deal, you know, avoiding potentially a government shutdown, seems to be on track. we're looking at millennials right now who still support socialism. when you look at a stock market like this, when you look at a booming u.s. economy, why is that? why are the millennials different than young people of the past. >> if you look at the millennial generation, there's two things that stand out. they lived through the great recession which was a huge economic impact for somebody at a young, impressionable age. you have endless wars, so they see the government is per he pee government is perpetually in nation building. it has an impact on how they
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believe government and economics should interact in their generation. you hear that you can give somebody a fish or you can teach somebody to fish. socialism is under the delusion that there are plenty of fish. capitalism recognizes the facts of economics which there's scarcity of fish and we must all incentiveize ourselves to get the fish. jackie: fox news polls show that while the popularity of socialism is rising a little bit, capitalism is still favored, it's still winning out which is really interesting. >> it's not hard to see there's plenty of economic history. there is not one example of communism, socialism, marxism that has succeeded over the history of the world. you can look at china and say that's an example. it's not, that's a quasi, communist, capitalist society. they have to inject capitalism to make communism not fail.
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yocuba and venezuela are perfect examples of why socialism is a failure today. jackie: rebecca, real quick. i want to get to fed ex, its earnings guidance having a problem when it reported yesterday, second quarter results. amazon saying it will not use fed ex ground for prime shipments going into the holiday season because it's not reliable. fed ex really struggling here. >> fed ex had a lot of costs. this is a high core of costs. tooling to handle one day deliveries are very expensive, global shipments are down. amazon as a rival for shipments does not bode well for fed ex. that's what we're seeing in the results and for the forecast. fed ex is innovative and they will innovate beyond this but right now it's a bit of a pain p. jackie: rebecca, great to see you. thank. lauren: an unlikely business in america making a comeback ahead of the holiday season, vinyl. we're taking you to a processing plant that still makes vinyl records in california. remember her, the actress known
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lauren: buyer beware, that new item you think you're buying from amazon might not be what it seems. joining us now from fox news headlines 24/7, brett larson. >> this is kind of gross. [ laughter ] >> people are dumpster diving to find stuff and then selling it on amazon as new. lauren: like one man's trash is another's treasure kind of thing. >> kind of, yeah. amazon says these are isolated incident and they're paying
5:21 am
close attention to it. the wall street journal found it's surprisingly easy to set up a store front as a third party seller. some of it is dumpster diving where you're getting things that are sealed up. other people are buying in bulk, like when a store clears off stuff that's about to expire, people will buy that and then turn around and resell it or remember the storage wars, that's like a show on thc or something. lauren: maybe. i feel like i've heard of it. >> they go into people's old storage -- >> lauren: yes. >> people will sell that stuff as well. definitely buyer beware. lauren: people will buy anything, if you think about it. jackie: that's not okay, if you think you're getting something new and it's a garage sale item. experts are issuing warnings on cyber security, going into 2020. this is so scary, brett. what now? >> you know, we're going to have to be really mindful heading into 2020 of all the stuff that we're seeing online. we saw this in the 2016 election cycle with the fake news that
5:22 am
was coming up from -- mostly from russia. in this instance, they're starting to use artificial intelligence to create this stuff. what that's letting hackers do is create deep fakes, that's videos that are of famous people, it could be a politician, saying and doing things that they didn't actually say or do. the artificial intelligence allows p them to create that even faster and it allows them to basically automate the process. so they can start these hacks and off they go. they're also using artificial intelligence in hacking. the concern going into 2020, not just the election year but also the roll-out of 5g which is going to allow faster data transfer, so people can be out on the streets, moving around, sending large files as quickly as possible. be mindful of what you're watching. lauren: the peloton wife from that controversial commercial, she's got a hot new gig. >> she is going on the bold and the beautiful. i mean, how great is that?
5:23 am
she's getting two walk-on rolls, i he hope it's more than five lines so she gets paid for it better. it's top secret for now, according to variety. wendy davis, who is running for a representative seat in texas, is spoofing the peloton p ad to go for it. the bold and the beautiful is no all my children. lauren: i feel like you have experience. >> i did have a walk-on role on all my children with susa sue l- susan lucci. jackie: you can catch brett on fox news headlines 24/7 and sirius xm channel 115. lauren: vinyl records are in and one california manufacturer is meeting the high holiday demand. robert gray checked out record technology, inc. to find out what's feeding this growing trend. >> well, guys, this is the mold. this is what vinyl records are
5:24 am
made from. they're used to press this. there's two of these inside here that put the grooves into the vinyl. we're here at record technology, incorporated just outside of th. how surprised are you at the resurgence of the format? >> we're very surprised because 20, 25 years ago we had barely enough business to operate two or three days a week. >> reporter: and why did you buy the business in the early ' '90s? you basically called the bottom there. >> we had customers that we knew were dedicated to the vinyl format. we wanted to service them. we had a good feeling about the future knew speakin-- future. >> reporter: speaking of the format. it's continued to grow for the last few years.
5:25 am
half of all vinyl buyers are millennials and gen-zers. not what you would expect. do you find that surprising? >?>> in some ways, yes. they are musical fans, in the digital format. they're experiencing the social as expect of listening to a vinyl record a and that's caught on for them. they have dormitory listening parties in college and things like that that are taking place all over the country. >> reporter: how do you see the future for vinyl? do you see it continuing to grow for the next several years. >> yeah, i think growing not quite as rapidly as it did in the -- a few years ago when it was 20, 25% year over year. i'd say it's more in the single digit growth for the next five years. >> reporter: all right. john mcginnis, thanks so much.
5:26 am
they're cranking out some 4 million albums this year, that's more than were sold in the entire nation as recently as 2011. we'll have to see how far this trend will continue to extend. back to you. jackie: that was great. thank you so much for that. here's a look at your money this morning. let's take a look at the futures, they're trading higher after the market set new records yesterday. the s&p 500 and nasdaq are in the green. we'll he see if they can hold onto the gains. lauren: impeachment hearings are starting today. what can we expect when the show begins. history in the making. jackie: lisa page defending the russia investigation into president trump. >> this is a question about whether russia is working with the united states to interfere in our h elections. we were obligated to figure out whether that was true or not. jackie: what the former fbi lawyer is saying about her text
5:27 am
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♪love, love, love ♪(love is our only hope) ♪love, love, love ♪where did we all? jackie: here is your morning cheat sheet, the top headlines to he get you through the day. in just hours, the house will hold a historic impeachment vote. republican leaders are now slamming democrats for shutting the door on many of their requests. president trump calling the probe in a letter to nancy pelosi a, quote, open war on american democracy. end quote. and fiat chrysler and peugeot are joining forces in a blockbuster $50 billion merger. they announced preliminary plans six weeks ago for a deal. the new company will be the world's fourth biggest automaker between volkswagen, toyota and nissan. some areas are getting near white-out conditions, we'll have
5:31 am
a live report with what you need to know. lauren: the house is set to impeach president donald trump today. the vote is expected to fall mainly along party lines, there are some vulnerable democrats that may break from the past. how split are lawmakers and how split is the country? griff jenkins reported that of the 31 vulnerable democrats, 28 indicated they will vote to impeach. are they in jeopardy of losing their seats? >> no, they're not. i think you've seep in the polling where two -- seen in the polling where two months ago impeachment was polling at 38%. now americans are coming to support, the more they understand. we've seen max rose and aalyssa slotkin say regardless of political cost they're willing to do what's right for their
5:32 am
country. that's an example that should be respected. lauren: they say they're voting with their consciouses, john. you haves congressman jared golden, freshman democrat in a donald trump district in maine, he says he's going to vote yes on abuse of power, one of the articles, and no on obstruction of congress. what kind of strategy is that, john? >> how unusual a politician to not take a firm side one way or another. look, all of these positions that the democrats are taking are in their self interest, let's be clear. the democrats really are damned if they do, damned if they don't. if they don't vote for impeachment that run the risk of either getting primaried or getting choked off and not receiving nancy pelosi's cash they need to fight for their own survival. if they vote for it, you're seeing that public opinion either is not with impeachment or impeachment isn't a top issue of concern. the democrats, what are they going to say that they've
5:33 am
accomplished since they took control of the majority? lauren: max, john is saying exactly the opposite of what you said, that the public is looking at all a of this, the voting public, and saying i don't really care about impeachment. i care about those kitchen table issues that matter to me. and if i'm reading this correctly, max, i felt like larry tribe, the harvard professor that advised house democrats on writing the articles of impeachment, he seemed to give an off-ramp to nancy pelosi. he said, look the house should vote on the articles but hold off on sending them to the t senate. i thought that was a little bit strange, max. it's like i'm going to hold your get out of jail free card or something in my pocket. what is that? >> i trust speak he speaker pele has proven adept and bringing
5:34 am
them together. she has told democrats they should vote their conscious. seems like some of these, like jared golden, has taken the wrong example from solomon's story of splitting the baby and thought that splitting it is what they should do. most voters have made their mind up. it's impres impressive we've goo 53, 54% for impeachment here. the polls don't determine what the morally right thing to do is, and that's congress using its power to hold the executive branch accountable. lauren: other people would look at this is something donald trump said in his scathing letter to nancy pelosi that other presidents are at risk of something likes this happen aing to them as well. >> that's the point, right. i moondemocrats have said sincee day after donald trump got elected that they were going to remove him, they were going to
5:35 am
impeach him, they just had to find a reason or make up a reason to impeach him. this sets a dangerous precedent, if you don't like what the electorate decides, come up with an excuse to impeach him. i think the senate will do the right thing and exonerate this president. lauren: john, max, thank you very much for joining us. big, long day ahead on capitol hill. jackie: the fbi still feeling the heat from the fisa report. the foreign intelligence surveillance court is slamming the agency over its process. jackie abanez joins us now with more. jackie. >> reporter: the fbi is responding, saying, quote, the director ordered more than 40 corrective steps to address the report's recommendations including some i'including imprd by the ig. michael horowitz's testimony will begin at 10:00 this morning. back to you guys. jackie
5:36 am
lauren: lisa page explains the meaning behind the text message about an insurance policy against president trump. this was sent by peter strzok during the 2016 presidental election. >> i'm not sure that's entirely correct. >> it's not my text. i'm interpreting what i believe he meant back three years ago. we're using an analogy. we're talking about whether or not we should take certain investigative steps or not based on the likelihood that he's going to be president or not. this is a question about whether russia is working with a united states person to interfere in our election. we were obligated to figure out whether that was true or not. lauren: page is suing the fbi and the doj for publishing her text t messages, calling it an invasion of privacy. let's take a look at your money this wednesday morning. could we see day six of up arrows, more records?
5:37 am
dow up 21, s&p gaining 2 and-a-half this morning. everyone tries save a little money for retirement. some people are taking that to, like, the extreme. the whole next level. a new documentary explaining how far people will go to retire early. and many find the plays of the recent heisman winner to be amazing. but he is using his fame to inspire an amazing act a of kindness many we'll show ikindn. -- kindness. we'll show it to you on "fbn: a.m." ♪
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lauren: americans dealing with debt often feel trapped. a new movement called fire or financial independence retire early, fire, wants to change those feelings and that reality by advocating extreme measures to save money. playing with fire is a recent documentary on this movement. watch. >> i realized even at the early stage that i sort of accidentally started a cult. >> what are you doing today? >> people have figured out if you save half your income, you can move your retirement date up from 50 years out to 17 years out. >> i'm financially independent at 38. >> the shockingly simple math behind early retirement, you see it and your life is changed forever. lauren: joining me now is the director of that, travis jake
5:41 am
spear and travis who is featured in the documentary and the author of financ financial free. thanks for being here. how early are we talking about retiring? >> i retired at the age of 30. financial independence is retiring earlier than the average of 62, so anyone that is retiring a little bit earlier could be called part of the fire movement. lauren: grant, how did you retire at the age of 30? >> basically, i worked nonstop for about five years and i saved over 80% of my income. while my friends were going out, spending their money, buying nice cars, i drove an $800 car, lived in a $700 a month apartment, and saved as much money as i could so i could get my money working for me as opposed to me just working for my money. lauren: you how did you hook up grant, travis? >> i meant grant at a conference
5:42 am
where all these people gather. i decided to do the documentary about two years ago because i found myself in a state of financial crisis. my father had passed away. i was still $40,000 in student loan debt. and i had some consumer debt on top of they that. i ran a financial calculator and i rea lived i was in -- realized i was in really bad shape. so i found the fire movement and turned my life around. lauren: as you broadcast this movement to other young people, to other americans in general who feel trapped with debt and want to get out of it, what has the response been? >> the response has been overwhelming. it's one of those things you can control in life. there's so many variables you can't control. people, especially a lot of millennials coming out of the recession into a tough job market, being able to control your money, to have more time and space and freedom in your life, to do what you love, we're
5:43 am
choosing to live very different lives than our parents lived and we're not buying into the traditional myth that you need a big house and two cars and to build your life on debt. we va value freedom over all el. it's an empowering message and it's exciting to see young people embracing this different path and choosing to live life on their own terms and having you awesome experiences. lauren: as you embrace that path, is it hard? we come from such an i want everything and i want it now culture, is it hard to make that transition? >> i think the psychology of it is difficult. the math is simple, it's save more, invest early and reduce debt. the psychology working against our consumer culture is difficult. lauren: it sounds so easy to say i'm just thinking of my own life and what i have to cut out to be able to do this. >> well, you know, the big three
5:44 am
drivers of wealth, really of expenses, are homes, transportation, and food. so if you can get those three things under control, you're already in really good shape. lauren: homes, transportation and food. okay. grant, so you did a lot of cooking at home. >> lot of cooking at home, reduced my housing cost. the important thing people need to know, this isn't about cutting back for the rest of your life. it's about for the next three to five years, making choices and some tradeoffs that ultimately set you up for life. and so it's not like you have to live in your friend's closet for your entire life or you have to drive that beat-up car. it's about getting the money working for you and letting compounding take care of the rest. lauren: what kind of car do you drive now? >> now i have a lexus and volkswagen camper van. i have two cars living in new york city which is quite a challenge. lauren: okay. but it shows that you've got a nice chunk of change saved.
5:45 am
as we wrap it up, travis, where can we learn more about the movement and where can we so the documentary. >> it's available on itunes, amazon, google play. if you want information, go to lauren: thank you and congratulations. >> thank you. jackie: two cars in new york city. there is hope, guys. lauren: two parking garages too. jackie: let's take a look at your futures. they're in the green this morning, dow jones futures up 22, s&p 500, the nasdaq just above the flatline, looks like it's going be a day in the green today. we'll keep watching. nasa looking to send us back to the moon but is our moon shot stopping us from finding out if we're not alone in the universe? and if you get a little anxious about flying the friendly skies, one airline releasing something to help you out. wonder what it is. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ don't stop the party. ♪ don't stop -- by macklemore and ryan lewis]
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lauren: wick i'd weather in the northeast, slammed with snow overnight. take a look at this video, it shows upstate new york where winter weather caused near white-out conditions. jackie: oh, my god. i went to school in upstate new york. i know what that is like. senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center with the latest forecast. janice. janice: yes, ladies, indeed we have cold air that's moving in. look at the temperature in dallas, 33, 27 in midland. we're getting a blast of arctic air and the northeast is next in line. so that system that brought dozens of reports of tornadoes and the snow across portions of upstate new york and new england, that is moving out. behind it, very cold air and the lake effect snow is going to pile up along those great lakes.
5:50 am
there are the temperatures, the morning lows tomorrow and friday. in parts of the upper midwest, international falls, 9 in green bay, 17 in new york city. that's air temperature. with the wind chill it will feel colder than that. there's the lake effect snow machine up and running. the west coast, another system moving inland, bringing heavy rain along the coast of the northwest, in towards northern california and then the heavy mountain snow as well which is great for skiers but this is the sis many testimony that's going to move across country over the next couple days. we're going to watch that. not sure where the pretty colors are but the temperatures are going to start to plummet as we speak over the next 12 to 24 hours across the northeast. so ladies, just be prepared and winter, i believe, officially arrives this weekend. lauren: bundle up in the meantime as we await winter, janice. thanks. all you can do it laugh.
5:51 am
jackie: and bundle up. microsoft growing in north carolina. lauren: tracee carrasco is here with why north carolina. tracee: microsoft is expanding, adding 500 new jobs, part of a $47.5 million investment at company operations in morrisville. this comes less than two months after microsoft announced additional positions in charlotte. google bringing the latest messaging service to the u.s. google's rich communication service, or rcs, it's being compared to apple's i--message, features an 8,000 character limit and typing indicators, the three little dots you can see in i-message. it will expand globally. trips to the moon may prevent us from finding alien life according to new research from the constant orbit of radio waves around the moon, a result of you human expeditions, could
5:52 am
supeinterfere with signals researchers are looking for, like possible extra tree terresl communication. scientists fear increased llum r activity could interfere. joe burrow's emotional speech has inspired $360,000 in donations to an ohio food bank. >> coming from southeast ohio, it's a very impo impoveished ar, the poverty rate is almost two times the national average. there's so many people there that don't have a lot and i'm up here for all those kids in athens and athens county that go home to not a lot of food on the table, hungry after school, and you guys can be up here too. tracee: following those words from the lsu quarterback, many
5:53 am
people donated money to the athens county food pantry. the money already raised could provide over 125,000 meals in the area. that is what's happening now. lauren: good for him. what a rich speech. yeah. tracee, thank you. may want to keep yor at home l if you're hitting the roads this holiday season. it has nothing 20 d to do with e weather. if the sound of an airport seems to soothe you, you want to stick around for this next story. kind of crazy. coming up. ♪ i'll be home for christmas. ♪ you are my diamond. for the diamond in your life, get 30 % off everything including these one of a kind deals. it's the "you are my diamond" event. exclusively at zales, the diamond store. ♪ ♪
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lauren: traffic was a headache, you are in for a surprise. michael joins us now with more on that to tell us. >> listen, it's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year unless you're traveling as a new survey from spot hero, average american will get into 12 arguments or fights throughout the duration of their travel and, you know, over the holiday season, this can range from 44% of people saying they will be worried about the
5:57 am
weather. lauren: you fight about it? >> stressed out on the edge. that's followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic. you turn to highway, oh, no, i'm going to mismy flight, tsa security lines and things that you might not think about like -- 5 days. >> take a deep breathe. >> 12 times to get into a fight. lauren: jetblue might have a solution. >> brand-new video that's supposed to calm people as they get ready to travel. here is how part of it goes.
5:58 am
>> now, go ahead and lane back, put your seat up and relax to some of the calming sounds of the airport. [laughter] >> i don't know what that is. 9 minutes. the last place you probably want to go in the airport. i get stressed out thinking about it. asmr video, white noise attach to it, the rolling suitcases, trying to prepare you and prep you for your airport experience. >> i suppose it's the thought that comes to that, thanks, mike, great to see you. lauren: thank you everybody for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: from washington this morning, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, wednesday december 18th, top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast and historic day on
5:59 am
capitol hill this morning, the house set to vote today on impeachment of president donald trump after the president sends blistering letter saying that democrats are declaring war on american democracy, live from dc. more games on wall street meanwhile, another record-setting day, in unchartered territory with gain, amazon continues to distance themselves from the company, socialism versus capitalism, new poll reveals socialism is rising in popularity, mornings with maria begins right now. ♪ ♪ our top story this hour, history being made in washington today, abuse of power and obstruction of congress, even if the house approves just one article the president would be impeached making the third in u.s. history to share the face
6:00 am
andrew johnson and bill clinton, the president sent scathing letter to house speaker nancy pelosi writing, quote, you are the ones interfering in america's elections, you are the ones obstructing justice, you are the ones bringing pain and suffering to our republic for your own selfish, political and partisan gain. if the impeachment goes through math heads to senate where mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer are sparring already. >> after 12 weeks it will be dumped on us in the senate. >> what is leader mcconnell afraid of? what is president trump afraid of, the truth. >> house democrats still have the opportunity to do the right thing for the country. >> the american people want the true. >> the house can turn back from a cliff and not deploy this constitutional last


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