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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  December 19, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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i will point out i think deregulation has been a big part of this. charles: great seeing you, my friend. it's been far too long. folks, we are up 127 points. i told neil we would get a little cp effect and we did. now it's your turn. liz: okay. we got the cavuto shift, then the cp effect. let's get the la-liz effort here. thank you, charles. american farmers could be rejoicing this hour. the house is expected to pass the $1.2 trillion u.s. mexico canada trade deal at any moment but could the president's impeachment delay the full passage further? kansas republican congressman roger martishall's district is chockful of farmers. he is about to vote. we will ask him beforehand will it be yes or no? wall street bulls definitely saying yes as stocks push to new frontiers. the dow, s&p and nasdaq set to make history again. our floor show traders are each
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about to pick their winning stock from 2020. talk about a win. the company that makes that surprise doll has done it. crowned the best-selling toy for the season. as isaac larry stops by "countdown" to talk about his hopes there are no surprises ahead of the signing of the phase one u.s./china trade deal. we are about to ask him about the surprise some parents are getting with the boy lol dolls. we will tell but that. do you have your tickets? hours before theaters open the doors for "star wars, the rise of skywalker" wait until you see how disney uses its force to pry subscribers from netflix. no lifesaver needed. let's start "the claman countdown." liz: folks, we have to get you
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this breaking news. the white house press pool has just been summoned to the oval office. we understand president trump is about to make remarks. this will be the first appearance of the president today. he is likely to get questions about, of course, the house of representatives' decision to impeach him last night. we will take you there as soon as we get the tape from the oval office. meantime, to some big stock stories here. the maker of packaged food products such as readi-whip whipping investors into a frenzy. look at this, up 16% on the day. quarterly sales topped estimates, sending the stock to its biggest percentage increase in more than four decades. to shares of darden restaurants. earnings showed a miss in sales at its italian food chain olive garden. with the breadsticks? that stock is down 5.25%, dropping precipitously here. iac interactive and dating site tinder's owner match group fully
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agree to separate. barry diller's iac will spin off its stake of more than 80% in match. we have match up 7.5% and matching that gain, iac, up about 7.33%. to capitol hill, where not only are we waiting on the president at the white house, but it's where the house of representatives is expected to vote and pass the united states mexico canada trade agreement any moment, we are told. our next guest represents the largest agriculture producing district in the nation. exporting tons of beef, wheat and dairy per year. republican congressman roger marshall of kansas voting today in just minutes, joins us live from washington, d.c. representative, when is the vote? i know you only have a few minutes in front of our cameras. >> that's right. we are hoping they call them in the next five to ten minutes. this has been years in the making. just a great, great victory for the president, a great victory for americans. liz: i'm guessing your vote is yea. some things have not changed at
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all in this, but there are some distinct differences in this modernized nafta. wheat, soy and corn farmers have been waiting with baited breath for this. what will change for your constituents once the agreement is enacted? >> well, mostly this agreement gives my agriculture producers years of certainty. this is the most comprehensive agreement, trade agreement, ever written. it has the highest standards. it creates certainties and stability for our markets. mexico and canada are our number one and two customers for agriculture, so it secures this market for decades to come. there's some great new chapters in here on intellectual property as well as a digital trade chapter so it will allow us to do business much more efficiently. liz: i see some really good things. some big differences, certainly, for the farmers as you mentioned. there are all other issues that involve high tech. i would say there are accolades throwing in for both president trump and speaker of the house
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nancy pelosi, who obviously the two of them, at least through lighthizer, the trade representative, worked very hard to get to the point where it was appealing to both sides here. let me talk a little bit about mexico. you went there, as the negotiations were going on, to try and help move this process along. there appears to be just a slight question because their trade representative sounded an alarm, particularly about labor provisions that had to be changed. don't they have to now vote once again on the revised agreement and do you see any issue with that? >> well, they may indeed have to go back and revisit it again. but from day one, to your point, ambassador bob lighthizer and kevin brady, who was then chairman of the ways and means committee, wanted this to be a bipartisan solution that included some good things for labor as well, and that's going to end up moving some of those manufacturing jobs back to kansas, back to the united states, and i'm sure that that's probably got some attention of the folks in mexico and if
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they've got to do it, they've got to do it. at the end of the day, this agreement is going to get done. liz: got to shift to the phase one u.s./china deal which has not yet been signed by xi jinping of china or president trump. there's a question as to whether it will get signed, sort of done in davos, which is the world economic forum, third week in january. do you expect that to happen? >> i do. this usmca trade agreement will get president trump even more leverage with china, forcing them back to the table. it's hard to believe, when we get china wrapped up, the president will have renegotiated over half of our trade agreements from a dollars and cents standpoint, so that's incredible. i think china is going to feel left behind if they don't get on this trump train soon. liz: congressman marshall, skedadd skedaddle. rip off the microphone, get your vote in. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. merry christmas to everybody back home. liz: thank you so much. merry christmas to you. markets, 46 minutes away from
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the closing bell at this moment, all three indices firmly on track to close, yes, again at brand new records. but i thought let me take you on a trip along with me several miles down memory lane, all the way back to 1997. the top grossing domestic movie, "men in black." i know some of you are thinking wait a minute, wasn't it "titanic"? that wasn't released until december. "men in black" was the big grosser. the number one single, elton john's "candle in the wind" but the most popular song, the spice girls wannabe which hit the u.s. in early '97. why are we taking you back nearly 23 years ago? because right now, the s&p, look at this at the moment, is up more than 27% this year. if it closes above 3248, right now -- 44?
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we are 44 points away from that at the moment. that puts it on track for its best year since 1997. there you are. when the s&p saw gains of 31%. to our floor show traders. sarge, start with you. can we get there and which s&p 500 stock is your top pick for the next decade? >> we certainly can get there. call it the spice middle-aged woman at this point, maybe? i don't know. all right, i have a list for you. honorable mention, marvel technology, viacom cbs, cvs, united technologies, splunk, nvidia and microsoft. they asked me to narrow it down. for the portfolio managers watching the show, we will go with mastercard, $297 stock, my target price, i own the stock, $340. steady double digit earnings growth, including traction in business-to-business and international. operating margin of 57%. huge cash flows. they are the payment processing platform for the apple card and
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they have a $4.5 billion buy-back program in progress. for the little folks, you folks that just like me, you are at home trying to make dollars, abbvie. it's a pharmaceutical stock. $89 stock, $125 price target. i own it myself. undervalued at nine times forward earnings. 5.3% dividend yield. humera, $19 billion in annual sales, it's going away. the patent runs out in 2023. what do they do? buy allergen. it's $15 billion in sales, $7 billion in operating cash flow which will be added to the $13 billion in cash flow they already have at abbvie. i think management has shown an incredible ability to adapt to adversity. liz: sotheby's is looking for an auctioneer. you could get that job. >> i am kind of rushed. liz: phil, let's ignore the fact sarge is saying buy mastercard at a ten-yoer hiear high at the
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moment. hold on, i know you want to challenge that. give me your name for 2020 and beyond for the decade but also, can we get to the 1997 level? >> i think we will get to the 1997 level. you know, when i look to the future, i look to the next decade, you got to think big. i think mastercard's a great stock. don't get me wrong. but that's kind of old century. what's going to be the biggest thing happening in the next ten years? it's going to be outer space, like "star wars." the space force. space travel. so that's where i think we will see a lot of the growth over the next ten years. of course, i grew up in the '60s, remember i thought we would be flying, you know, in spaceships now. it's a little bit late, but i like virgin galactic. i like tesla. i like the stocks that are going to be taking advantage of what's really going to be the ten years of space. you are going to be amazed to see what advances are going to be made with president trump of course talking about the space force, virgin galactic talking
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about space travel. it's going to become a reality probably in the next ten years and those stocks will do very well. >> let me tell you if you are looking at space, look at ldos. they are working with lockheed martin on hypersonic weaponry. liz: again at a 52-week high. don't we want to wait for some pull-back here? >> what are you going to buy that's not at a 52-week high? utilities? come on. liz: i don't know. it's got a $13 million market cap here. >> i'm going to hit my head right now. liz: we are going to hit the eject button on you guys. great to see you both. have a great day. thank you very much. we've got a crypto clash taking some bite from facebook. with the closing bell ringing in 49 minutes and the dow up 112 points, 2019 started off well
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for facebook with most of its 57% gains year to date coming before the social network announced its controversial cryptocurrency project, the l lib libra. shares gained only 8% since that day as libra remains permanently in limbo. can they tip the scales against critics in 2020? the man who lives and breathes all things crypto, andy bromberg, is here. why he says not to count the zuck out just yet. that's next on "the claman countdown." by the way, bitcoin down six bucks right now.
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2020, you may want to consider placing your crypto bets elsewhere, at least holding off. news out today that facebook's libra enterprise has quote, no solid plan yet for how or where it would be launched next year. looking at shares of facebook, not really happening to move that much. in fact, they're up today but with so much to iron out with regulators, particularly after the major backers of libra, which are on your screen right now, ebay, visa, mastercard, stripe, all exited facebook's crypto project, will this ever get off the ground? our next guest has his finger on the pulse of all things crypto. he's coin list cofounder and president andy bromberg joining us in a fox business exclusive. will this thing ever get any air lift? >> short answer, absolutely. i think the libra will launch. what they realized is when they announced it six months ago, there was a big backlash because they had a lot of open questions. they didn't have all of the answers quite yet. they realized now they shouldn't go out there and make a big statement when they don't know exactly what the plan is.
3:17 pm
they have a lot of ideas. they are figuring out what to do. there's a lot of optimism around the project but they have details to sort out. liz: so how do you interpret the news today, regulators can crush and destroy just about anything in their wake, especially government regulators? >> i think libra is a particularly -- is in a particularly tough position because a lot of regulators and government officials dislike facebook so much so because libra is coming out of facebook, they are in a challenging position. that said, i'm seeing more optimism now in the crypto space not seen since 2017. coin list was launched two years ago during the height of the ipo boom, and there was craziness, there was so much excitement and we are seeing just as much optimism now as we were then. a lot of projects are launching in 2020 and libra is just one of those. liz: maybe, andy, how bitcoin has performed might be the best temperature gauge of libra. you know, when libra was first announced, bitcoin spiked and had a wonderful first half of the year. june, it hit its high, right around the time libra really came to start to form. in fact, it was up around was it
3:18 pm
$12,000 or so, now what do we see? we see it at $7,000 and change. why isn't bitcoin -- does bitcoin not reflect the belief that libra will take effect? >> actually, bitcoin and libra are uncorrelated from each other and any sort of correlation we saw was largely a function of just excitement around that news of the day and not a long term correlation we are seeing. i do think bitcoin's price is the big boldfaced quantitative number we can point to, the easiest thing to point to but i would say this. we are seeing so much optimism. we are seeing so many projects we were backing back in 2017, 2018, all still alive and launching in 2020. there's a lot of excitement around that. coin list is launching an app to trade those when they come online. what we are seeing this crypto winter we had seen for so long, even though bitcoin's price is sliding, it's warming up. new yorkers are putting on their coats and flannels, i think crypto people are taking them off, getting ready for a crypto spring. liz: i like that. but you know what?
3:19 pm
it's very rare that anyone from the federal reserve agrees with president trump and it's rare that anybody agrees with xi, all three of them. but you've got obviously jay powell of the fed, president trump, lyle brainard, a federal reserve governor, warning of dangers of this digital currency and xi calls it a ponzi scheme. >> a lot of government officials see it as a threat because in some sense, it is challenging monetary dominance of certain state-sponsored currencies. that's why you see different countries from china to the u.s. evaluating state digital currencies as a challenge to existing ones in the space. liz: before we go, can you give me a prediction on where bitcoin might go in 2020? >> i think there's a very good chance bitcoin surpasses all time high in 2020. liz: come on. that would be $20,000. $19,000. you say it will be better than that? >> i think there's a chance it gets there. liz: we will bring you back. make sure you're right or wrong. andy bromberg, thank you very much. laughing all the way to the toy chest. with about 41 minutes until the closing bell rings, we've still got records abounding here on
3:20 pm
the dow, s&p and nasdaq. know it's been more fun than riding a one-horse open sleigh for mga entertainment when it comes to the toy makers and lol surprise lucky pets but could these holiday cash cows or cash tigers, to be exact, give mga's billionaire founder the fire power to make a major acquisition in 2020? the man behind lol surprise, behind bratz and little tykes is here and live. we will hear from him as "the claman countdown" comes right back. (classical music playing throughout)
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liz: the famed christmas lists of children. check out this one. this is from a 10-year-old girl. it's her christmas wish list that went absolutely viral. amongst the items, an iphone 11, gucci slides, the 10-year-old,
3:24 pm
and a chanel purse but right there on the list, the hottest product this season from the lol surprise dolls line, the camper, big sister and chalet made her list, prompting creator isaac larian to tweet lol surprise is the only one she should get for christmas. here in a fox business exclusive, the ceo of mga entertainment, the largest privately owned toy company in the world, with one of the hottest toys of the season, the lol surprise doll. actually, it's a biggest seller. >> we have the biggest seller. this one here, lol surprise, just hit the stores. it's the number one seller -- selling out very fast. we have five days left and they are viavailable at target, amaz and walmart because i don't want kids to pay dollars to scalpers to buy these on ebay. i just had to talk about that. liz: it's a hair what?
3:25 pm
>> hair [ inaudible ]. you can change the hair on this doll by about 10,000 different styles. i think my wife would like to have her hair done like that. liz: i would imagine. i've got hairdressers here at fox who can do 20,000, just so you know. isaac, you have the best seller of the toys so far this holiday season, by sales. congratulations. you now have a pile even higher of cash than you had before. what does this mean for 2020? will you be making a big acquisition? you abandoned your prooeevious attempt last year to say i'm buying mattel. >> we are looking to make an acquisition. as far as mattel is concerned, when they go into bankruptcy, which will not be long, i'm still interested. liz: wait a minute. what makes you say that? they have a new ceo and they are saying they are really hitting all cylinders, moving as fast as
3:26 pm
possible. >> well, they frankly are lying, because when you look at the -- did you read the "wall street journal" article? they cooked the books. i don't trust their top management. i don't trust the board. that's what's going to happen. they have so much debt, they are going to go into bankruptcy and we will buy them cheap. i mean, they are great toys at mattel and the rank and file, which we would like to hire, we are hiring, we hired just 120 people last year, but i want nothing to do with the top management and that board. liz: okay. all right. them's fighting words, isaac. let me just talk about this gangbuster doll that has done incredibly well. it of course has some parts that were sourced from china. still, we are waiting on phase one of the trade deal to be signed by xi jinping and president trump, what would this mean for your business if it finally settles down, the trade tensions that we have had
3:27 pm
between the two countries? >> i don't think tariffs had any effect on toys. there were a lot of noise. we bet as a company that mr. trump will not abandon his base and put tariffs on toys, so no change, no change in the pricing. we continue to buy from china and a great quality product and sell it in the usa. no issues. liz: okay. we will be waiting on that. i would also like to know about this controversy involving the boy toys, not madonna's, but the boy toys in these lol dolls. some parents somehow seem to be completely shocked that the boy toys inside were anatomically correct. what do you say about that? >> human beings are anatomicnaty correct, i hope and we have to teach children from an early age about their body parts.
3:28 pm
i see nothing wrong with that. it's certainly better than a doll that is basically not a boy or a girl, which our competitors had on the market, and again, there are very few minority of parents who don't like it. we say on the package and advertising, these are anatomically correct boy dolls and they have a choice not to buy it. liz: okay. i looked in this blue one and there wasn't a boy. i'm still waiting to check out these anatomically correct ones. >> i will send you one. liz: great. i got that to look forward to. good to see you, yiisaac. good luck to you. happy holidays. keep us posted about that cash pile, what you might do with it next year. >> thank you. we will do that. thanks, liz. liz: isaac larian of mga entertainment. when we come back, the president is making some comments. we will bring them to you. the dow is up 105.
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liz: breaking news. president trump is making remarks at the white house as he appears with new jersey congressman jeff van drew moments ago, who just switched party affiliations. let's listen in. reporter: -- third president in u.s. history to be impeached? >> i don't feel like i'm being impeached because it's a hoax, it's a setup, it's a horrible thing they did. they happen to have a small majority and they took that small majority and they forced people and you know, they said -- i watched pelosi out there saying oh, no, we don't want to talk to anybody. they put the arm on everybody. they tried to get them to do what they had to do. many of those people were like jeff, they didn't want to vote that way. but it doesn't feel to me, it doesn't feel like impeachment. last night i said it. we had a great time last night. the room was packed. thousands of people couldn't get in. a section that really is a
3:33 pm
pretty much 50-50 section in terms of democrat/republican. we had -- every one of those people is voting for trump/pence, every one of them. it's michigan, an important state. we brought back tremendous amounts of business, tremendous car companies coming in, everything else, and i'll tell you, i was up there and i was thinking, i actually said it, it doesn't feel like impeachment. and you know what? it's a phony deal. and they cheapened the word impeachment. it's an ugly word but they cheapened the word impeachment. that should never again happen to another president. and i think you'll see some very interesting things happen over the coming few days and weeks, but to me, all i look at, we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. we've never done so well. our military being rebuilt. you take a look at the tax cuts, you take a look at the regulation cuts at levels that nobody's ever seen. we're protecting our second amendment which other people won't do. we're doing things that nobody's ever done before, nobody's ever
3:34 pm
seen. we have the strongest economy in the history of our country. and our country is doing well. and you know the other thing that i really saw from yesterday that i think you people have been covering politics for a long time. you have never seen a republican party, zero negative votes. zero. that hasn't happened almost ever because the republicans are not necessarily known for that. we have better policy. they want open borders, the democrats. they want sanctuary cities. lot of bad things happen, lot of other things they have. we are doing tremendously on health care. the individual mandate, you know we won yesterday in supreme court. you saw that in the appellate division. we won yesterday, individual mandate is now gone. that's tremendous savings. that was the worst part of obamacare. we take care of pre-existing
3:35 pm
conditio conditions. they are not going to be able to do that. we're doing innings ththings ths ever done before and our country has never done better so we're happy about it. we are really happy to have jeff on board. we think in 2020 based on the polls, i just saw a poll came out in "usa today" yesterday where i'm beating every candidate by a lot. i guess most of you saw it. not that "usa today" is a friend of mine because they're not, but they had a poll and it was me against their top candidates on the other side and i'm beating everybody by a lot, and i think that's where we're going. i mean, we have the best economy in history and if you remember the famous quote, it's all about the economy, stupid. well, i never believed it was all about the economy. but the economy's a big thing. when you have 401(k)s where people are up 70, 80, 90 and even more than that percent, they like trump and they like mike and we are going to have a good time. thank you all very much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much.
3:36 pm
reporter: can you tell us a little bit about your strategy for the senate trial? >> we think that what they did is wrong. we think that what they did is unconstitutional and the senate is very very capable. we have great senators, republican senators. we cut your taxes, we cut your regulations, we did things that nobody else would even think about being able to do, and i think -- you know one of the things, jeff, that we've done that nobody wants to talk about, this week i will have signed the 172nd federal judge, including appellate judges. we'll have 182 by the end of the year. 182. it's unheard of. now, president obama was very nice to us, he gave us 142 empty positions. that's never happened before. but as you know, that's said to be the most important thing that a president has. i happen to think military and defense and all is the most
3:37 pm
important thing, but this is right up there. but i'm 172 judges. we're going to have 182 by the end of the year or shortly thereafter. and it's the most incredible thing. and two supreme court justices. two great ones. so with all of the things we've done and we've done that with the senate because what's never said is that in the last election we picked up two senate seats. nobody talks about that. and we couldn't focus on the house, i couldn't focus on the house. we'll be very focused on the house this time but i couldn't, other than andy barr, who won against the same candidate that's now going against mitch and she wasn't very good against andy barr and she won't be very good against mitch mcconnell. but we've had tremendous success. so i'm going to let them decide what to do. that's going to be up to them. thank you all very much. thank you. thank you.
3:38 pm
[ inaudible question ] >> i think so. he's doing a great job. it looks like that, pat cipollone. we have a couple others we're going to put in but pat has been fantastic as white house counsel. thank you, everybody. reporter: mr. president -- liz: just so you know, pat cipollone, the white house counsel the president just referred to, will be at least according to president trump, the lead counsel in the impeachment trial that the senate has to hold even though in the wake of last night's historic impeachment vote by the house of representatives, president trump said quote, he doesn't feel like he's been impeached, because the republican party voted unanimously. to edward lawrence at the white house. edward, going solely on the facts, the republican-controlled senate will hold the impeachment trial because the president was, whether he wants to believe it
3:39 pm
or not, been impeached. reporter: exactly. when they get the articles of impeachment and house speaker nancy pelosi has not yet delivered those over to the senate. the whole reason the president was in the room there with representative jeff van drew is because jeff van drew announced that he's going to be a republican now. he voted as a democrat last night, not to impeach president trump. now today he's in the oval office, you saw him there sitting next to president donald trump. he's the second district out of new jersey. that congressman there. again, he says the green new deal is something he could not get behind. he goes on to say that it's a better fit for him in the republican party. kevin mccarthy was also there in the room. you didn't see him in the video, but he was there and he said that he has worked with jeff van drew over the course of 2019 and he's looking forward to working with him again going forward. liz: edward lawrence, live from the white house. we are looking at the dow, it's lost just a few points here. it's still up 94 points. opening new fronts in the
3:40 pm
streaming wars. yes, apple reportedly holding talks with the pac-12 conference and mgm holdings to explore opportunities for its new streaming service, apple tv plus and apple tv app. it launched last month with nine original programs at $4.99 per month. apple about to finish up just a killer year with games at 77%. up next, chewbacca, c3po, walking the red carpet ahead of tonight's opening of "star wars" as disney uses the franchise to hammer its streaming rivals. is netflix about to come down with a case of fever? that's straight ahead on "the claman countdown."
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ liz: jedis across the country are camping out to be the first in line for a seat at tonight's debut of "star wars the rise of skywalker." the series has been an out of this world success for disney. industry analysts expect the film to rake in $200 million this weekend. its predecessors all topped $200 million. the force awakens got $248 million in 2015. then the last jedi made $220 million in 2017. disney investors have enjoyed just a boffo2019, seeing gains of 33% year to date. meanwhile, disney capitalizing on the current release by announcing it will roll out the last jedi on disney plus the day after christmas. here's jackie deangelis to talk about a really bad sign for netflix, obviously. jackie: yes and no.
3:45 pm
take a look at shares of disney today. they were actually lower the last time i checked. netflix shares were popping. so they are moving in directions that you wouldn't necessarily expect and you can see disney is down a quarter of a percent there. netflix news is interesting, though, because there was a report today published by cowan that says that it conducted this survey that showed that netflix bled 1.1 million subscribers to disney plus in november. now, their estimates also suggest another 1.6 million subs could flee in the cumulative fourth quarter, but is the street taking it all into account or taking it on the chin? it seems to be the latter. a lot of the analysts still like netflix, basically saying they knew that it was facing more competition this year, not just hulu and amazon, but apple tv, hbo max, you've got cable providers coming out with new services. so what's special about disney plus is that it's got the disney library. it's so expansive. it's a good family choice. it gets everyone a little bit of something. also this year, the other services, they stepped up their
3:46 pm
original content so netflix has more to do there. but that doesn't mean that it can't meet that higher bar. now, cowan outlook is a little more positive. long term, it says there is potential for subscriber growth through international, existing and new markets and that the company has high incremental margins, roughly 80% to 85%. short term, yeah, there could be a little pain. fourth quarter earnings and first quarter 2020 subscriber numbers, you could see a little bit more bleeding. i will say this. we have talked a lot about cord cutting in general. in the beginning, it seemed like people were just signing up for every streaming service because they are so cheap compared to cable, and then all of a sudden, you have five or six of them. now it seems maybe people are being a little more selective. maybe they are parsing through to find the best content for the best value, and these guys are all going to have to work a little harder. liz: in fact, some of them have looked for work elsewhere, as we understand it, particularly some of them got jobs here at fox. darth vader was here. he's running the lighting board here with the help of some of
3:47 pm
the star troopers. storm troopers. shows what i know. charlie gasparino, the peanut gallery, weighing in. thank you very much. great to see you. tesla looking to end 2019 in a very electrified way. elon musk's ev powerhouse charging its way the a new all-time high of $406.85 intraday. that move putting tesla within just $14 of the $420 a year that elon threw out nearly a year and a half ago as his price target for taking tesla private. remember that tweet that set off one of the biggest market firestorms in a decaddecade? the model 3 maker up 18% since musk's now infamous funding secured tweet. shares surging some 130% to today's high from this year's low, hit on june 3rd, as investors grappled with fears
3:48 pm
over tesla's long-term profitability, climbing this wall of worry, charlie. elon looks a lot less crazy right now. charlie: i would be really careful with this stock. here's why. still, the numbers on profitability, on debt, on leverage, they don't add up, and on sales. i'm not saying he's not doing better and i'm not saying the company's not doing better, but you know, on its own, this is a company that's going to face tremendous -- it's still going to face issues and doubters. the one thing i will say is when i'm talking to bankers about this, liz, they think there's a takeover sort of speculation that's fueling this. liz: who, why, where, what? charlie: some company, a tech company. that's what cars are, especially electric cars. they are tech companies. think of it this way. he has good technology, he has a really great plant, he's evolved to a leader and -- liz: got a $72 billion market cap. charlie: now he does. it's been -- liz: isn't that what we are talking about? charlie: it may be a little
3:49 pm
overpriced. okay. so i'm just saying that he's got great technology, he's got a good product, he's an erratic manager, he's got some financial issues. that adds up to -- a lot of people are talking about this, some takeover speculation. i'm not saying it's going to happen. but you know, listen, i just looked up, if you look up tesla's market cap, they are about $30 billion larger than ford right now. there is always speculation apple will step in and buy them. okay? they have the cash to do so. if it's, what is it, a $70 billion company? liz: 72. ford is 36. charlie: apple is sitting on $200 billion of cash or something like that. liz: apple, though, doesn't like to purchase their ideas. they make their ideas. charlie: you're right. let's just pivot to gold, now. liz: hold on, everybody. he just said i made a great point. charlie: i'm just saying that, you know, i'm giving you, listen, when i was at the "wall street journal," i did a column called "heard on the street"
3:50 pm
about informed speculation. this is informed speculation. not saying it's going to be bought out. here is some informed stuff that's not speculation. goldman sachs was in the "journal" today looking to settle with the u.s. authorities, $2 billion. we have been hearing similar things like that, bloomberg has reported something like that recently. i think the interesting story here is what's -- what could come next. goldman has about four or five other entities it needs to settle with and those other entities are other countries, singapore, malaysia being two of the biggest. the $2 billion with the u.s. is probably just a piece of what they have to pay forward. now, i don't know if it's going to be more than $2 billion. i can just tell you that singapore, for example, going by memory here, wanted $7 billion out of goldman. the number we have heard whispered internally when everything was said and done, like every single investigation over, they were going to pay it, would be all told something close to a year's worth of earnings. that's $10 billion. so just remember, if you are in this stock, you know, getting
3:51 pm
the u.s. out of the way is the biggest thing because that's where they do most of their business. they don't do most of their business in singapore, malaysia. theoretically, if singapore wanted $10 billion, they could say screw you, i just won't do business there because they aren't going to make $10 billion on singapore business so they could walk away. my point is, as an investor, this is going to be a cloud over them. getting rid of the u.s. is a big thing. having to worry about that. but when you got singapore, malaysia, australia, someone told me luxembourg. whatever. i'm just telling you, it seems a weird country to be involved in this malaysia fund and the scandal involving it which ripped off a lot of people, hurt a lot of people, was obviously, what was the guy's name? goldman was the underwriter of its bonds and theoretically didn't disclose the risk. there you go. still a cloud over this because there's other settlements.
3:52 pm
liz: charlie gasparino, told me i may be right on that. charlie: a broken clock is right twice a day. liz: hey, just a minute. i resemble that remark. charlie: why don't we have another peloton story? liz: because you whined and complained. you're scared. charlie: peloton is like some stupid product, it's a bike. dish, t-mobile is one of the biggest mergers ever. they don't do that merger, that merger doesn't get through, guess what's happening? no more telecom deals. liz: here we go. we have breaking news. president trump is actually making remarks at the white house about transforming mental health treatment. this is a symposium that's been going on all day. we are coming right back. at fidelity, online u.s. stocks and etfs are commission-free. and when you open a new brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk
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nice rock. it's time to drop gold. go digital. go grayscale. liz: closing bell four 1/2 minutes away. markets on pace to close yet bennu record highs. nasdaq will be up, at a record
3:56 pm
for the seventh day in a row. that would be a pace for longest winning streak in 10 months. nike hitting 8th record earnings in a row which come after the bill. what are we expecting? >> liz a lot of expectations for nike here. trading all-time high. 50 cents a share on bottom line. 10.9 billion on the top lines. these imply growth rate of 11% on earnings. tell you what to expect here. each of the last five years nike never disappointed on the bottom line save for a single quarter during that time. analysts, investors, expecting a positive quarter. watch for two things. one, anything to do with the trade deal. we'll watch for statements about that and two, they have had a little bit of weakness in selling shoes for less than $100. pairs of sneakers cost less than $100 a little weak for nike. we will watch that as well.
3:57 pm
average price target on the stock, wall street has 106 bucks. what do analysts say on the stock, buy, buy. that's right. back to you. liz: have a great day. nike up half a percent. stay tuned for earnings. we're 4:00 hours away from the next democratic debate set to take place at loyola marymount university in los angeles. today's "countdown" closer says you have to look at the portfolio and news broke today something called the secure act. we're talk talking to josh zelensky, at the secure group. the secure act, you have to tell what you think about this. you're very unhappy about the developments last couple hours. >> i am unhappy. passed in the senate. what the secure act creates death of the stretch. i'm calling on president to veto the secure act this is bipartisan bill that makes you no more secure. it was passed on the guise
3:58 pm
helping us for retirement. like obama care for health insurance. this will will do to 401(k)s. heirs can no longer stretch -- liz: give an example. you die, you life it to your heirs. >> they have 10 years to spend it all, pay all the tax dollars. currently, before this bill passed they could take out a little bit every year, couple grand. pay tax on that. now, they are royally screwed. this is pathetic piece of legislation. i don't know who read the bill. this is, i'm livid about this bill. liz: proponents say it's a game-changer, provides incentive for retirement? >> it does. extends required minimum distribution age from 70 1/2, to 72. does a good piece of legislation. does things with 529s. what it doesn't do hidden in the bill the death of the stretch
3:59 pm
ira, which will raising billions of dollars for the government to pay for the revenue losers in the bill. the death of the stretch is a nightmare for the average person with an ira or 401(k) wants to leave that money to the heirs. liz: could the president veto it? >> i hope so. maybe he is watching right now. liz: he could very well be. although is actually giving a speech at the moment. maybe. give us a sense, let's say, putting the secure act aside, what would you buy in 2020? >> we like microsoft. we like disney. and we like tencent. tencent based on china tariff trade deal, we think the president needs it to get reelected in 2020. i like the microsoft, what they're doing with cloud and more affordable and secure and disney plus is off to a great start. liz: tencent gone down to 42, maybe 40. look at it at 48 bucks. thank you.
4:00 pm
josh zelensky. [closing bell rings] markets surging into the close. another record day on wall street. #trifecta. of nasdaq sees 6th straight record close. have a great day. "after the bell" is next. connell: another high steaks day on capitol hill. as liz says another record run on wall street. all three major averages closing al new highs. investors basically shrugging off all the impeachment talk. the dow settling up about 136, 137 points. that is the 18th record close for the year for the dow. one other thing pointing out, if you like round numbers, 10,000 points in the dow since election day 2016 at the close. melissa: wow. connell: close of trading today. 10,000 point. food to be with you. i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." s&p 500 closing at record highs. the sixth in a row for nasdaq, leading major averages for the ar


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