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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 20, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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angeles, democrats battling it out over trade, taxes, the environment and impeachment, we are going to take you there for the highlights, plus a look at who is coming out on top, the impeachment impasse, house speaker nancy pelosi is delaying trial in the senate and sparks pack lash despite the divide usmca passing with broad bipartisan support, market this is morning in record territory once again, investors shrugging off impeachment, nasdaq futures higher by about a point. boeing looks to make history with launch of new passenger spacecraft, the starliner to take off later this hour and we will take you there live, mornings with maria begins right now.
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maria: big show this morning, joining the conversation, pollster, maslansky + partners president, lee carter is here, fox business dagen mcdowell along with pwc partner mitch. >> there was. maria: we will talk all about it, let's get details on hillary vaughn. >> mayor pete buttigieg took attacks from all candidates because he's the front-runner in iowa, senator warren criticized him for hosting high-dollar fundraisers at fancy wine tastes in california and senator amy klobuchar questioned his experience as a small-town mayor
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and questioned his ability to win a nationwide race before beginning a statewide run. >> we can't have a president with that temperament dishonoring the presidency of the united states. >> has made argument that he will drain the swamp and yet he changed washington, broke the promise and has done everything he can to the wealthy and the well connected. >> what we need is a trade policy that stands up to workers, stand up for farmers, and by the way, the word climate change to the best of my knowledge is not discussed in this new nafta agreement at all which is outrage, so, no, i will not be voting for this refusement. >> i refuse to accept the notion as some on stage do that we can never, never get to a place that we have cooperation again, if that's the case we are dead as a
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country, we need to be able to reach consensus and if anybody has any reason to be angry with the republicans an not want to cooperate the way they attacked me, my son and my family. >> the mayor recently had a fundraiser that was held in a wine cave full of crystals and served 900 a dollar wine, think about who comes to that, he has promised that every fundraiser he would be open door but this one was closed door. >> senator your net worth is one hundred times mine, supposed you went home and feeling the holiday spirit, i know it isn't likely but stay with me, decided to go to and give the max by law. >> i would ask for forgiveness,i know sometimes i get really worked up. [laughter]
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>> and sometimes i get a little hot. i don't really mean to. >> i'd asked for forgiveness any time any of you get mad at. i can be blunt but i think it's important to pick the right candidate here. >> last two sound bites from warren and klobuchar were from moderate -- giving candidates a choice to give a gift or ask forgiveness, only two women died today ask for forgiveness and tall men decided to give gift. maria: that was interesting that it was the two women that wanted to ask for forgiveness, hillary, thank you, hillary vaughn in los angeles with all the highlights there. lee, let's get your reaction for, i know you did dials as well, what did you see. >> i did, mayor pete was a standout in the exchange between warren and mayor pete that was one of the highlights to have night, he won the night in that moment, i think biden had a lot to prove last night, he did not
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live up to what he needed to do, he had interesting moments where he slammed the economy and said middle-class people are struggling, they are suffering and democrats agreed with them and independents were no, it's not that way, he proved that he wasn't in touch with them and i don't think that's going to help them and elizabeth warren, i think she didn't have a great night and she needed to because she's been dropping in the polls. dagen: joe biden was talking about an economy that doesn't exist with most americans, wages going up for the working class, for people who are in factories, production workers, going up faster than the overall average, growing up faster and i say it almost every day, the income
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inequality in this country is shrinking, the whole situation is improving, you have consumer confidence is still at -- at high, record-stock market and in terms of wages, if you want a job, there are about a million and a quarter more job openings than they are unemployed in this country, it is astonishing what has happened in the economy in terms of financial stability and employment and he is talking about an america that most people can't see and it's fiction. maria: the bottom earners are seeing wages more than bosses. >> the interesting point if you take the wage earners and bottom 25% they are growing more than top earners, the lowest-paid people are getting the big boost in wage almost in history.
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maria: libbed say did research a couple of months ago, i brought it to you guys a couple of months when they looked at the bottom and compared to the top, the bottom is much more than that. >> 4.5%. maria: that's also helping those invested in the stock market, you have lots of corners. dagen: story that jon hilsenrath that focused on wisconsin, a state where hillary clinton didn't even win a third of the white-working class vote and it was, wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan that led president trump with the electoral college. they were getting jobs before the layoff happened, they had a severance check and job waiting where they were making more money. maria: we will see a lot of turnover, that's indicater of strong economy, they know that
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they'll another one. maria: did it bother that it was just the woman, why do we constantly apologize? [laughter] >> a side note, it's not wine cave, it's wine cave, in case she didn't know that. >> i love the response, lea and i were talking before the show started, pete buttigieg said, this this is the problem with issuing purity test, you not past. >> he had a great exchange with her there. maria: he did, being so much richer than he is. >> andrew yang talked about going onto media impeachment, the more we act that donald trump is the cause of our problems, he's absolutely right. >> stop being obsessed with
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impeachment. dagen: andrew yang had the smallest amount of talking time and he made the most of it. utilizing the time that he did have, he punched through when others did not. maria: what about the impeachment delay now, house speaker nancy pelosi she was rushing this through, rushing this through and signaling that she will postpone sending the actual articles of impeachment for the senate and pelosi is waiting for clarity, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell slammed this move, watch. >> suggested that house democrats may be too afraid, too afraid to transmit their shoty prosecution and second-guessing whether they want to go to trial, they said impeachment was so urgent that it could not even wait for due process but they are now content to sit on their hand. maria: you know, part of this is the fact that we've already heard from senator lindsey graham and senator ted cruz who
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said we want to get this through as fast as possible, that perhaps once it gets to the senate, dagen, it might be dead on arrival because they have not seen a crime. dagen: nancy pelosi is trying to control what what's the senate does, it is u.s. constitution that grants the senate the power to adjudicate impeachment, not pelosi and not the house, this is a political move and proof that impeachment for the democrats was a political weapon against president trump and noa felman, testified for the democrats in front of the judiciary committee has written a piece, it is all over the internet, it's on bloomberg, that trump is not impeached until the house tells the senate because it's not about a vote, impeachment is a process, nancy pelosi you haven't impeached president trump until you take
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action and send the articles. maria: just the fact that she wants to sit on this and delay it is an indication that she wants to keep him on his toes, she wants to get in donald trump's head as much as she can and keep him waiting and and guessing to see what her next move is. >> impeachment was the most important word this year but two-thirds of americans said this process is decrease trust in government, so this is not about the trust in the president, this is the government, i think that that's on her. dagen: support for it is still under water. more people in the real clear politics average say, no on impeachment than yes, so, again, not bipartisan and not acting on the will of all americans. >> and nancy pelosi loses all of her leverage the second she turns that over. maria: go away. >> goes away. dagen: she has no leverage,
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she's not a senator, she doesn't have constitutional power. maria: she did bring usmca to the floor and passed, nafta 2.0 to the senate and president trump expected to approve the deal early next year, this is a victory in a big way for president trump. >> 100% and long and waiting and this start the process of freeing up businesses to actually do things and not going to be stuck in neutral any longer. maria: she made so many changes, it's just not true, america knows it's been the president who has been working on this through méxico and canada, trying to get support for it in the country for almost a year. dagen: he ran on this on the campaign trail, again, nancy pelosi has helped fulfill a campaign promise. eat that with your fruitcake over christmas. [laughter] maria: just getting started this morning, on deck this morning
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georgia congressman doug collins is here, wait till you hear what he has to say, former economic adviser to president obama robert wolf along with former speaker of the house newt gringrich on impeachment. we will get to what went on in fbi and new zero in on john brennan as we expected. continental resources harold inviting elizabeth warren to observe sector and final third quarter of reading on gdp but first quick break and massive cybersecurity breach, millions of facebook data reportedly sold. we will take you there live, tape canaveral in a minute. ♪
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maria: welcome back, changing of the guard at the bank of england, lauren simonetti with the headlines, lauren. lauren: finance minister has named andrew bailey the new governor of the bank of england, he will be taking over on march 16th, next phase of brexit. here at home nike surprising analysts with the quarterly results last night earning 7 0 cents a share, much better than 58 cents and generating $10 billion, first had billion dollar quarter thanks to spike in interest and innovation but something bugging investors this morning, and after today the u.s. may be closer to sending astronauts back to outer space without having to rely and pay russia to do so, the boeing star
6:18 am
liner capsule scheduled for unmanned launch in 15 minutes from now, flight to international space station, the boeing star liner is one of two commercial programs with deal from nasa, the other being the spacex dragon capsule, basically next year we might be flying to outer space thanks to the private sector hooking up with nafta. maria: i'm not flying. lauren: might never come back, that's why. [laughter] dagen: i have a holiday suggestion, last weekend i watched apollo 11, it's a documentary, i suspect it will win, it's available to stream am done prime among other places and it is never before seen footage of the saturn rocket launch and landing and footage from nasa and i sobbed through the whole movie because it is
6:19 am
just so beautiful to watch, you're literally sitting there because you don't know what happens but knots in your stomach during rocket launch and it's a testament to american greatness and what we are capable of when we come together and american ingenuity. maria: quick break, recall alert, gm announcing 1 million cars and pickup trucks with breaking battery issues, what you need to know about the recall, then the queen of christmas does it again. ♪ maria: mariah carey drops new
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maria: welcome back, wall street record run rolls on, take a look at the numbers, another day of gain and new record territory. a sign that investors are shrugging off impeachment and the success that we have seen in economic policy, joining us federated investors, chief investor steven austin. how important has impeachment been from your standpoint? >> not real important, markets look to the politics. maria: they think it's political, not going anywhere,
6:24 am
is that what they think? >> that's what i think but i think markets certainly think that this is not going, it's clearly not going anywhere, they looked at the evidence, the markets have already voted. i think even in the election the market will be voting on that by the spring and from the market's perspective, you know, a moderate democrat or the president is enough to keep these markets going higher. maria: who is a moderate democrat? >> i'm not sure but they proceed some of them more moderate than others. dagen: one thing that i wanted to point out having covered finance all of our careers, in the spending bill that congress just passed, president trump expected to sign, a part of it that encourages 401(k) plans to replicate something that what used to be in pensions, that's guarantied income payments, so this is a huge benefit for asset managers, brokers, 401(k) record
6:25 am
keepers, insurers and the like and huge benefit for the entire country and could be a sea change and would make it better for employers, maybe encouraging more people to save and invest, that could be boost. maria: that could be a boost. >> if you have 4 more years of these kinds of policies it puts this economy on a growth track that's going to be extremely exciting. maria: that's what would turn markets if you believe that economic policies were to be reversed. >> if you have the radical shift left like a warren or something like that gets nominated, as soon as that looks like that could happen the market could be for 10, 20% correction, more than a correction a permanent pullback. maria: wow.
6:26 am
>> i look at the earnings season and the multiples on the s&p are very high and pricing in something, is that the point -- are they pricing more growth? >> this always happens, coming out of recession, the market goes up first and people complain, earnings are flat, but the market is looking forward to we've got 10, 12% earnings growth next year probably higher than that because top line is above the markets, i think the markets are looking at that, we think the bull market doesn't end until valuations expand further. maria: what about the valuations look at russell index, it has not had a single record close this year, meanwhile we are talking about 100 plus records for some of the other averages, you know, the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq, why are small caps lagging? >> well, that's broadly why it's
6:27 am
lagging an partly because we've had the drum beat, the recession, the recession, i put out a piece about 3 weeks ago, what if we are early cycle and not light cycle which is exactly what we are, manufacturing slowdown we have been in globally is now bottoming in and we are starting to pull out of it, the service's sector is fine, the economy will accelerate next year and be good for so-called value sectors, industrials, there's still a lot of values in the stock, they're not expensive, we think it could be a good year and maybe a tougher year, not just have your money in the market. maria: you want to look at value then? >> technology has done well. >> a lot of value space in technology, the chip stock is an example. there's plenty of value in tech as well, yet we've had tech certainly should be pretty well
6:28 am
next year. maria: steven, great to have you, happy holidays. >> merry christmas happy hanukkah. maria: massive data breach to report, information compromised reportedly sold on the dark web, we have the fallout coming up. cat fight at the box office. >> drum roll, please. >> no! maria: cats in theaters, some saying it is the worst film of the year. we will take a look back in a minute. invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk (children laugh and scream) continues to talk.
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maria: welcome back, good friday morning, thank you very much for joining us, it is friday december 20th, checking market this is morning at 6:31 a.m. in the east, another rally underway and we are in record territory once again, investors shrugging off impeachment and the
6:32 am
u.s.-china trade deal, sending futures toward fresh new highs and another record setter yesterday for the markets, the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 all closing at fresh all-time highs with the dow up 137 points, s&p up 14 rand nasdaq higher at 59. global markets this morning look like this and in europe we have seen rally across the board as well, andrew bailey has been appointed as thefection governor of the bank of england, ftse 100 up 3 quarters of a percent. dax index in germany higher by 77. let's check asian markets overnight, there we see a mixed story, fractional moves pretty much, korea and the hong kong up, japan and china down, layoffs for the new year to report, u.s. steel is announcing new changes. lauren: bad news, u.s. steel will suspend operations at a plant near its -- operations near detroit plant that will leave more than 1500 job cuts by april, the company blaming worst
6:33 am
than expected fourth quarter and slash dividend and suspend stock buybacks, stocks certainly under pressure ahead of the open down 5.7%. first recall for electronic break controls, in 2019 cadillac sedans, chevy silverados and gm says software can disable the electronic control and breaking system, you have to get it reprogrammed, the second recall covers 2019 and 2018 silverado and sierra pickup, the cable connecting to the battery alternator. yet another data breach and massive one, private personal data of more than 200 million americans facebook users exposed on the dark web while the information was taken down on thursday, it was up for more than 2 weeks, it is not clear if
6:34 am
anyone already downloaded that personal data but facebook a stock to watch today, this is another privacy headache for the company. maria: unbelievable, they just keep oncoming, lauren, top story this half an hour, road block in the impeachment trial, house speaker nancy pelosi says now she will delay sending articles of impeachment to the senate for trial overclaims of an unclear process. >> impeach the president immediately everybody can go onto the next thing, the next thing for us will be when we see the process that they set forth in the senate, then we will know the number of managers that we may have to go forward and who -- who we would choose, one will see what they have will know who and how many we will send over, that's all i'm going say about that now. maria: it was such a rush to get it done before the end of the year in the house and now waiting, waiting, waiting. senate leader mitch mcconnell
6:35 am
and the president said that the democrats are running scare. >> too afraid to transmit their shoty work to the senate, mr. president, looks like to prosecutors are getting cold feet. now they are content to sit on their hands. >> now i understand they are playing games and they want to put in articles, ridiculous phoney articles, they don't want to put them in because they are ashamed of them, it's what they've done is wrong and bad for the country. maria: joining us to speak about that former speaker of the house nut gingrich, what do you make of this? >> it's really stupid, nancy pelosi made a big point to her members that they are supposed to be solemn and when a couple of them start today applaud she staired at them, to be calm and
6:36 am
turns right around and instead of dealing as solemn impeachment she turns into a political game and the reporters that night were absolutely shocked when she casually announced, oh, well, we will see when we send it over, it's one more step to devaluing the whole thing, makes it easier for mcconnell to hold together his team and makes it easier for the president to make the case to the country, this is all just politics, none of this is a genuine impeachment based on real violations of a law, straight out pure politics. >> she probably wants to hold onto this going into 2020, she wants to make sure she can ride thousand in 2020 during election year, she doesn't want it to go away quickly in the senate.
6:37 am
it's not a big winner. maria: breaking news. >> and liftoff, starliner. now 10 seconds into play. response is good. response looks good. 30 seconds in. continue to look good, vehicle
6:38 am
is passing through. continue to look good. also continue to look good. now passing one minute in the flight. super sonic. throttling up, engineer response looks food, continue to see good pressure on both srv's. 1 minute 20 seconds in the flight. responses on the vehicle look good. 1 minute and 30 seconds in, standing by for burnout. we have burnout on both solid rocket boosters, atlas will hold on. maria: very cool. very cool, boeing starliner capsule taking off from cape canaveral headed to
6:39 am
international space station. we are about -- >> 17 miles in altitude, 11 and a half range distance, 300 miles per hour. maria: that was so cool, newt, i know i interrupted you, you're a big space fan and we we wanted to watch the starliner. >> what we just saw is an example why president trump's goal of developing the moon and then mars is a realistic goal, we really are developing the technologies that in the next 10 or 12 years are going to allow us to be a major force in helping the human race move out of the solar system, i'm like you, i get really excited seeing these kind of breakthroughs and these kind of new capabilities, so you can interrupt me any time for major space launch. maria: that was absolutely fantastic, love it. >> rocket launches make me cry, i can't help it. i said to a friend of mine who lives along the coast of florida
6:40 am
right near cape canaveral so she's out on her deck watching this, you can see spectators and we are back like government working with lockheed and boeing. maria: don't forget where we are, china wants to be there and russia as well, the innovation continues certainly coming out of america. let me ask you about john durham, investigating now former cia director john brennan, we talked about this a lot over the last 2 years because, of course, brennan was running the cia when all of this informant activity was taking place way before july of 2016, durham is tasked with investigating the origins to have russian probe and requested, requested emails, call logs and other cia documents to see what the former director told colleagues about
6:41 am
the infamous steel dossier, a report from "the new york times", this is something that certainly i reported over the last couple of years as well, but brennan was certainly at the forefront of being involved in this, one of the master minds, in fact, that's what a number of guests have told me that john brennan was one of the master minds of origins of russia probe, we will see where it goes, what are you expecting in terms of accountability, in terms of what they did to donald trump in 2016 and trying to frame him? >> well, i think first of all the plot against the president captures the whole thing, work with devin nunes on putting together the story, the fact is that what we are learning and this might be one of trump's greatest contributions to american history, he has so enraged the order and showing how corrupt and dishonest it was, whether it's james comey, you watch him on tv today,
6:42 am
astonishing to see a man who cheerfully lies and you to assume in part of his brain he actually believes what he's saying. you look at brennan, brennan has always been a part of the deep state, i think he was a terrible director of the cia, terrible at the white house before that and frankly clapper who is somebody i have known for years did things that made no sense at all as director of national intelligence so you have -- i don't want to prejudge what durham is going to come up with but it's clear from inspector general's report and other things we are learning that you had a very large number of very senior people willing to break the law, willing to lie, willing to conspire and frankly even though this appears in "the new york times" we were willing to manipulate and use the washington post, "the new york times" and the major networks. maria: yeah. >> this pattern is there.
6:43 am
i think it's going to keep on rolling. maria: if you look back in the last 3 years, one to have reasons that i assumed that he was among the master minds is just watching him over the 3-year period when the russia collusion narrative was going strong, remember how many times he went on msnbc and cnn and said, the president committed treason, dagen, remember that, clapper and brennan were out in force saying treason this, treason that with president trump and i remember thinking to myself, how sit possible that a former direct other of the cia can make such claims without any evidence. >> i think part of this is we will have to cut through the bologna, these are bad people doing bad things that sickened the american system and threatened the freedom of office and there ought to be retribution and they ought to
6:44 am
infract and they were engaged in undermining the united states and undermining the rule of law and the right of the american people to be governed by the people they choose. maria: when this all start coming out, when john durham reports findings next year probably in the next, we are going to hear the details and it's maddening to know that their actually impeaching donald trump for meddling and getting foreigners involved and that is exactly what they did in 2016, the dossier coming from russia, it's just incredible. newt, good to see you. maria: take a break and then a crazy crash in florida, a truck smashes through an airport wall surprising the people inside, we will take a look at what happened and then the queen of christmas does it again mariah carey with updated music video.
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maria: welcome back headlines across america this morning, san francisco chronical reports pg&e profit increased block ceo projects 5 more years of blackouts despite taking billions in wild fires in liabilities, pg&e could not raise profit margins according to california public commission, wild fire fund and new state policy should help utilities out
6:49 am
of the financial hole, tampa bay times this morning crashes through terminal watch at sarasota, crazy video here not when you head to pick up luggage, landed when this truck crashes through baggage carousel area, one of the drivers suffered serious injuries if you can believe that one, everyone is okay. boston globe this morning reports radar speed signs in vermont tell drivers if their naughty or nice, the real message slow down. using holiday spirit to alert drivers if they're exceeding 30 miles an hour reminding them no one wants to be naughty this close to christmas. i agree. >> i love that. fun with it. maria: coming up mariah redo, iconic holiday classic and cat fight at the box office cats into theaters this weekend, some people saying it is the worst film of the year, we will check it out, stay with us
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: early christmas gift from mariah carey, followed by live q&a, 25-year-old song more popular now than ever, hit number one on the billboard 100 chart for the first time, this song never gets old.
6:54 am
dagen: >> never gets old, this has got to be her son, like everywhere she goes people talk to her about this song, this one song. >> good idea to join the video. >> then this, multimillionaire seeking nice people to live in paradise, get this, carl has invited 10 people to live with him as $5.6 million coastal estate in remote part of new zealand, made his fortune selling canned ice coffee drinks posted and to share paradise with quote, unquote nice people who have the opportunity to begin a new life, not only does the property feature several houses with spectacular views but also a winery. [laughter] >> what does it even mean?
6:55 am
>> to get an ad -- >> what is that? dagen: it's a disorder called attention-seeking behavior. >> who would do it, though? dagen: i don't know. maria: movie musical cats opens in theaters today, a lot of buzz to make hollywood reporters make list worst film of the year. >> well, i choose the cat, deserves a new life. maria: movie features all-star cast, it's being slammed by critics, rolling stones said that the movie is straight out of the litter box. [laughter] maria: worst films of the year, the animated film arctic dogs, domino, rambo, last blood and two john travolta films, trading paint and fanatic.
6:56 am
>> put a second mortgage on the home to make the original cats musical, he became a billionaire because of that and weber a billionaire because he put adults and humans in fur costumes and had essentially lick themselves. this movie is worst than the musical and that's saying a lot. >> it has such a great cast, i can't imagine advisers saying here is a good idea, let's put you in that movie. i don't know. dagen: idris alba is in it and i still will not see it. maria: that was funny. doug collins is here, he'll join me next to talk impeachme a loty with us. ♪
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, december 20th. your top stories right now, just before 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. candidates clash in los angeles. democrats battling it out last night over trade, taxes, the environment and impeachment. the highlights from the debate and a look at who is on top. exposing the origins of the russia probe. doug collins will join me to talk about it. markets are in record territory, investors 1 shrugging off the impeachment and focusing on policy. it was another record day on wall street yesterday, it continues this morning. yesterday the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 closed at fresh all-time highs, with the dow up 137, nasdaq up 60. global markets are mixed. european indices are higher.
7:01 am
fq100 up 55, three quarters of 1%. the cac in paris is up 35, two-thirds of a percent. dax index in germany up 102 points, three quarters of a percent. andrew bailey has been you appointed the next governor of the bank of england. security alert, thousands of owners of ring, the door l bell, reported had their personal information leaked. the t senate passed the biggest changes in over a decade, what it means for your future. all those stories coming up this friday morning. joining me to break it down, pollster, the author of persuasion, lee carter is here. fox business' dagen mcdowell, along with mitch roschelle. so much to talk about this morning. dagen: i will give you this before you get to congressman doug collins. as the democrats voted on impeaching president trump, a quinnipiac poll came out on the economy. 69% of americans say the economy is good or excellent.
7:02 am
95% of republicans, half of democrats, and that is up 8 points since late october. then at the same time you have vice president joe biden talking about how awful the economy is for working americans. and again, not living in the world of reality. maria: does he think anybody is believing him? how do these people say that the economy is not doing well and think that it's going to resonate with anybody? >> never le facts get in the wa- never let facts get in the way of a good story. >> there were a fair number of democrats who were on-board with that it's the idea of fairness. dagen: we're going to talk about fair. maria: income inebbing l wall aequality isactually narrowing. the bottom earners are going up. dagen: let's talk about fairness. nancy pelosi sent a message that
7:03 am
those deplorables out there who are clinging to their guns and their pi bibles, your votes dont count. maria: our top story is the impeachment standstill. nancy pelosi halted any impeachment proceedings until next year. house democrats now leaving for christmas break without sending the articles to the t senate. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell ripped democrats for this delay. >> when speaker pelosi suggested that house democrats may be too afraid to transmit their shoddy work product to the senate, looks like the pro prosecutors are getting cold feet in front of the entire country and second guessing whether they want to go to trial. they said impeachment was so urgent that it could not even wait for due process but now they're content to sit on their hands. maria: joining me right now is georgia congressman, doug collins. congressman, it's always a pleasure to see you. thanks so much for being here. >> good morning, maria. maria: i watched you the other day in the gallery for the
7:04 am
impeachment vote and you made a lot of important points. one of which was that they rushed this impeachment through, you were rushing, rushing, rushing, getting to the vote before everybody left for christmas and now she doesn't want to move on it. she's not sending it over to the senate. what do you know about this? >> the speaker never ceases to amaze. she's makes points, she tries to gain leverage on things she doesn't have leverage on and now what's really interesting was is that she's -- by holding this, she's made it a purely political exercise. by holding this out -- remember, her great statement, this is going to be a conscience vote, vote your conscience we're doing it for the marls of this country -- morals of this country. if i was one of those 31 documents in trump districts i would be saying hold on a second, we did what we thought was right and now you're making a political mockery of this. madam speaker, send the impeachment articles over so this president can get a fair
7:05 am
trial. that's not what's happening. this is typical speaker pelosi, typical what she's done from day one. she has no rudder except one thing, get this president defeated. maria: how much is it that she wants to keep president trump on his toes, keep him guessing in materials her next moves and what is that doing for the 2010 ten -- 2020 candidates. there's so much conversation about impeachment, it's taking all the oxygen out of the room, she is actually hurting her own candidates and her party, isn't she? they can't get their messages out. >> as a staunch republican and supporter of the president, nobody know what they're talking about. if you watch the debate, it's even worse. i think at this point in time, she is so centered on her attention and her spotlight and what she does as speaker that she's not concerned about the candidates at this point. she'll turn her attention to that later.
7:06 am
>>.she's desperately wanting a democrat to beat president trump this year. that's why they've been manipulating this process all along. adam schiff, you move it to closed doors, you leak out what you want to leak out. when it came out into the open, people are saying this is not matching up what we're hearing out of closed doors. when it comes to the rubber stamp of the judiciary committee and what we saw on the floor, adam schiff emerged from his hole and came out to the floor of the house to help manage part of the articles the other day. every time he wanted to say something, i would pop back with the truth and finally he sat back down on wasn't answering anymore. they know what they you put out was a bad a product. that's why they are sitting back and saying to the american people just trust us. the american people see through it, like you were talking about with the economy. the american people are saying her rhetoric and reality don't. maria: it's so shameful that the democrats are unwilling to admit that there were serious,
7:07 am
serious wrong-doing done in 2016 and the election to try to frame donald trump and to try to really put a coup in place to take him down when he was candidate and after he was president. i'm grateful i have been able to work with you and devin nunes and john ratcliffe over these three years to understand what took place and tell our viewers about it over the last three years and we talked a lot about who the mastermind of all of this could be, among the masterminds, and it always went back to the cia. our audience knows that. john durham is investigating former cia director john brennan, the prosecutor tasked with investigating the origins of the russia probe reportedly is requesting brennan's e-mails and call logs and other cia documents to he see what brennan told colleagues about the steele dossier. this is the new york times reporting this. we knew this, that brennan was going to get fingered. what do you make of this? >> well, i see the new york
7:08 am
times spinning this to try to soften what may be the ultimate blow here. there's a reason democrats are screaming impeachment so loud right now. it's the christmas season, time of redemption. what we'r finding is all those s who talked about page, brennan, clapper, all those folks, they were saying you're wrong, you're wrong, schiff wrote a document that became purely fiction which is not uncommon for adam schiff. that might be his next career, writing fiction books. when we had the ig report come out out, we had mr. comey last week on the sunday shows absolutely make a mockery of himself, when he acted like he didn't know what was wrong or that anything was wrong in the fbi on these investigations, when he was signing off on these fisa requests, when you had the fisa court come out and say you better get this stuff right
7:09 am
because we're not going to tolerate this kind of stuff anymore. when you start seeing that, i made a comment to some folks down here this morning, the story of next year will be the durham investigation. the story of next year i believe is going to be a redemption to where the american people can under bill blue barr and this leadership can trust law enforcement, to call the balls and strikes as they should. that's going to be the good story coming out of the first of the year. maria: i agree with you, especially as he looks at what took place before july of 2016. the fbi is lying saying the counter investigation of trump began in july of 2016. we know that's not true. we know there were informants running into campaign people as early as march of 2016. when you look at general flynn, you can go back to end of '15? >> they were desperate. when they saw candidate trump make in-roads into the political process, resonating to his meg as and when he -- message and when he became the nominee and
7:10 am
into the -- becoming the president-elect and then the president, you see it ramping up. i think it's amazing how the stories are trying to be spun now. that's not what we really did, this was all a perfect investigation kind of thing and it's all turning out to be wrong. comey cannot go on tv without basically looking like the incompetent leader that he is. he's not captain america. he's captain, i leak and captain lie. that's what he did when he was trying to o -- i told the democratic majority has been trying to do this since novembet impeachment. the opportunity started last november when they gained the majority. they had the others laid in place because they wanted to get rid of him. i'm looking forward to the break when we look forward to an a impeachment where we'll see the president acquitted, when we see the ending of this impeachment sham and then we move forward into the new year when we start shedding light on what actually happened and making sure the department of justice is working
7:11 am
for the american people, not for the corrupt kabal there was there under the obama add medicine. maria: it's pretty extraordinary. i want to know how far up the ladder it goes. brennan seems to have been among the masterminds of the plan to insert donald trump's name into russian meddling from the get-go. who else was involved? did it go all the way up to loretta lynch and president obama? >> well, that's going to be the thing we're continuing to look at. i'm glad durham is taking his time, he's looking at this, unlike the russian sham job we saw in the house of representatives for the last three months, mr. durham is not going to be pressured by anyone. he's going to do his job, come out with what he needs to come out with. what we're seeing here, go back to miss lynch, attorney general lynn of, the clinton e-mail investigation, we've already seen the problems that were developing there, saying we're changing how we talked about it. these are the kind of things that, again, people want to say you're just wanting to go back in the past but to understand
7:12 am
this impeachment, to understand, you've got to understand the path. in our country we're too commit todd 30 second sound -- committed to 30 second sound bites, our attention span is so short, we have to remind people, the reason you have impeachment is because of what the core run kabal started before the president was the no, ma'a kneee republican party. when you have adam schiff, translates into the impeachment, when adam schiff took a political pot shot, hack job, that's all that was, to name devin nunes and other reporter as having call records associated with other individuals, that was nothing but wrong. it's a dishonesty that should never be tolerated in the halls of congress and we saw it there simply for political retribution. adam schiff should be ashamed, the democratic party should be ashamed. that's all the impeachment articles showed at the end, this was nothing but a political hack
7:13 am
job. maria: they seem to be strategic in materials of changing the narrative on you -- terms of changing the narrative on you guys, on the republicans. we know that jim comey and brennan and clapper and andrew mccabe were intimately involved in all the decision-making. yet, they come up with the impeachment and they sort of take the oxygen out of the room and muddy up the story and here we are, waiting for any accountability on this. it's shameful that you haven't seen the democrats focused on what went wrong. anybody on both sides of the aisle should be outraged by what took place in '16. even the media won't admit it. you think we'll see accountability? >> i do. bill barr came in earlier this year, we see this investigation taking place. we see him taking bold steps to restore the dignity of the department of justice. we see this moving forward. again, remember, i'm going to flip your narrative a little bit. let's make sure the american people understand, they're shifting the narrative because
7:14 am
they don't want to talk about the truth. when they get to the issues at hand, with what they came up with impeachment, we kept beating it back so many times on the story. they started with ex portion, briber -- extortion, bribery. we beat it back. when they came out with articles, they had abuse of power and obstruction of congress. that's what you're going to come out with? maria: the other things, the policies are working, usmca passed the house. that's going to create hundreds of thousands ofs jobs in an economy that shows unemployment at 5 o 50 year low. they don't want to talk about that either. it's good to see you. we'll continue following it. i hope you'll come back soon. >> i'll definitely do that. take care. merry christmas. maria: coming up, ring owners are at risk, data reportedly being leaked, the details coming up. as you can see, amazon shares are flat. amazon owns ring. retirement changes, lawmakers tapping a p sweeping system overhaul, what you need to know
7:15 am
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maria: welcome back. facebook not the only company dealing with data breaches. lauren with this new story on ring. this is important. lauren: it's not looking promisinpromising for 2020. more than 1500 amazon ring camera users had their e-mail addresses and passwords leaked on the dark web. a researcher found the leak, reported it to amazon. all of this coming one week after we showed you that video of a hacker getting into a ring camera in an 8-year-old girl's bedroom and scaring her. big changes are coming to the way americans save for retirement. congress passed the secure act, updates include expanding access to annuities and retirement plans and increasing the age for required minimum distributions. this is one of the largest
7:19 am
legislative changes to the system in over a decade. the bill now heads to the president's desk. he is expected to sign it. apple wading deeper into streaming tv. the company which launched apple's tv plus earlier this year now exploring the possibility of a deal with mgm and the pac12 athletic conference. the deal with mgm would immediately add big titles like james bond, fargo and silence of the lambs and the partnership with the pac12 would be their first foray into live tv sports. it's playing catch-up with other streaming giants that have a lot of content. apple doesn't have a lot of consistent. maria: coming up, heroes in the workplace, my next guest on what's he's doing to get veterans back on the job. holiday fashion fail, it's national ugly christmas sweater day. we love this day. we have all the top styles for the ugly christmas he sweater
7:20 am
coming back. stay with us. ♪ than you. you are my diamond. for the diamond in your life, get up to 40% off storewide or get these one of a kind deals at the "you are my diamond" event. exclusively at zales, the diamond store.
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7:23 am
for everyone you love. maria: welcome back. so from active duty to working 9 to 5, one u.s. marine turned ceo made the successful transition from the battlefield to the board room, starting a payroll company decades ago and making sure veterans round out his staff. joining us now is charles reed. it's wonderful what you're doing and we want to talk about it. >> thank you. maria: how has your military experience helped you in the business world. tell us about that transition. >> well, obviously in the military you learn discipline. you learn at th tenacity. these are things that translate
7:24 am
to business quite evidenc effec. i find the veterans who work for me have those same qualities, no matter which branch they served in. so it's what we like to do. we like to hire people like that. maria: and as a decorated u.s. marine corps sergeant and a vietnam war combat veteran, tell us the importance of hiring veterans and what they bring to the table. >> well, again, they bring a lot of skills. people didn't used to realize that the skills for the military translated to business and a it does. it does so very effectively. 50 years ago when i came out of service, business people didn't think that military service really applied to the business world. but it does. it gives people who are dedicated, who are loyal, who are tenacious, who will work whatever it takes to get the job done and that's what a
7:25 am
businessman wants. dagen: charles, it's dagen mcdowell. given you're a payroll business, what does the economy like like right now to you? >> the economy looks great. it's growing. we have new payrolls all the time. we have people being added all over the place. sure, there's exceptions. but overall, we see nothing but growth. >> charles, good morning. mitch roschelle. one of the things that's interesting, since you're touching other companies, do you have the ability to sort of mentor other companies so that they perhaps hire veterans when they weren't perhaps thinking about veterans as part of their workforce? >> absolutely. we've been consulting in our business as well as payroll for many years. so i'm constantly dealing with small businesses and advising them and helping them grow and helping them succeed. i'm a great believer in hiring yvette rains and always have been -- veterans and always have been and i always suggest to people they look at veterans. i'm on the board of directors of
7:26 am
the veterans coalition of north central texas. we help veterans get jobs and make the transition. this is wonderful to see happen. these guys come out, a lot of them out of combat and make that transition to a successful life in business. maria: absolutely. we're so happy you're doing that. charles, thank you. a big shout-out to all of our veterans watching right now. we appreciate you so much. holiday warning, the u.s. is monitoring north korea as they warn of a christmas gift, quote, unquote. highlights of the democratic debate coming up. the top moments of the political battle in los angeles, we've got it for you. stay with us. ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out
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7:30 am
it is friday, december 20th. your top stories right now, 7:2. investors don't seem too phased by impeachment. they're focused on policy. markets are pushing further into record tea territory. the dow jones is up 12. this on top of another record session yesterday. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all closed at fresh all-time highs yesterday. dow industrials new record 28,376. new record on s&p, 3205, new record on nasdaq, 8887. the dow t hitting the 104th record close under president trump. global markets look like this, european indices seeing the momentum this morning. fq100 up 47. andrew bailey has been appointed as the next governor of the bank of england. cac is up 28, dax is 67. in asia markets were mixed. headlines to watch right now, the u.s. is keeping an eye on
7:31 am
north korea over the holidays. lauren simonetti with details on that. lauren: speaking of asia, maria, the north korea regime conducted what officials are calling an engine test that experts believe may be part of a long range missile which could prelude a missile launch. nuclear talks stalled between the u.s. and north korea earlier this year after north korea demanded broad sanctions relief in exchange for partial surrender of nuclear capabilities. the fda approved the first ebola vaccine in the country. it was made by the compan compay merck. finally, investigators say speed was to blame for a deadly tesla crash last year. the ntsb said the driver was going over 100 miles an hour on a curve in florida when he crashed. the car smashed into a wall and burst into flames. two teenagers inside were
7:32 am
killed. batteries like those used in tesla models can catch fire and burn rapidly in a crash. s tesla claims it is less likely to happen in its cars than cars that are gas-powered. but very sad news for those teenagers killed, maria. maria: thank you for that. we want to get into the news here. our top story this half hour, recapping last night's democratic debate. candidates taking shots at president trump all night and one another on the economy, trade, and others. watch. >> what we need is a trade policy that stands up for workers, stands up for farmers and by the way, the word climate change to the best of my knowledge is not discussed in this new tay agreement at all -- new nafta agreement and all which is an outrage. >> talk to the neighbors in the middle class nab hard neighborhu grew up in. the middle class is getting crushed. >> this president made
7:33 am
corruption originally his argument, that he would drain the swamp. yet he came to washington, broke that promise and has done everything he can for the wealthy and a well-connected. >> according to forbes magazine, i'll the only person on this stage who is not a millionaire or billionaire. so if -- [ cheering and applause ] >> this is important. this is the problem with issuing purity tests you cannot yourself pass. >> if anyone has reason to be angry with the republicans, and not want to cooperate, it's me, the way they attacked me, my son, my family. i have no -- but the fact is, we have to be able to get things done. maria: joining us right now is fox news contributor, 32 advisors founder and ceo, former economic add vieder to presiden- adviser, peter wolf. >> i think i could put on my ugly sweater with you guys but i'm not going to.
7:34 am
maria: i don't know how these guys get away with saying that the economy is not going well. let's state the obvious. let's take the elephant in the room right now. the economy is doing incredibly well right now, right? >> the economy is doing well and i'm a capitalist. maria: thank you. >> and i'm for usmca. that being said, if i was on the debate stage i could equally say where there's parts of the economy that's not doing well. we've been speaking about this for a year. there are 7 million people, okay, that are looking for jobs. there are 7 million jobs that are available and there's a mismatch on skills and training. we know manufacturing has slowed. we know business investment has slowed. we know tariffs have hurt the farm sector, there's been two bailouts larger than the auto sector. that being said, yes the economy's doing well. if i was on a democratic debate stage i could get there too. >> don't you think it's important, because this whole messagemessage especially when said economy wasn't doing well.
7:35 am
that resonated with democrats. he needs end pents to win. >> -- independents to win. >> we're going into a democratic primary where a lot of the primaries are closed. you have to register. he has to get through the primary, like he said, maria and i were chatting about it, he's not talking about a second term because he's not the nominee yet. maria: that was a funny comment. >> last night was a good debate for the following reasons. maybe the best debate. we had seven people on stage. we spoke about the economy. we spoke about foreign policy. we were all dreading it was going to be impeachment mania. the only question was the first one, they got it out of the way and they moved on to more substantive issues. dagen: if there is a senate trial, wouldn't elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and cory booker, who wasn't on the stage last night, amy klobuchar be mad as hell that they're basically trapped for six days a week, all day long. maria: they're going to have to sit there. dagen: and not able to go on the campaign trail right around
7:36 am
the iowa caucuses. maria: they can only campaign on a sunday. >> we don't know when and how long a trial would be. number two, someone like elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar, they have tons of offices, tons of volunteers, tons of grass roots there. but yes, it's going to impact them. maria: they have to be there. >>there.>> i'm not questioning. maria: see how that worked with hillary clinton. >> they could have their moment on the senate trial. we're predicting what's going to happen. maria: what do you think about than than saying yo -- nancy peg we rushed the impeachment but we're not going to send the articles to the senate. >> we agreed on one thing. we may not have agreed on other things. the one thing we agreed is, one, there should be a trial and there should be witnesses. i obviously think they should have ambassador bolton. i've been saying that for months. i thought the house should have had -- maria: what about hunter biden? >> or adam schiff? >> i would not agree with that. maria: why not.
7:37 am
>> i don't think that has anything to do with the impeachment itself. we're talking about the impeachment. maria: they say the phone call was about joe biden. >> well, you h mean the perfect phone call? maria: that's what nancy pelosi. >> you and i are going to disagree. we agree there should be witnesses, we agree there should be a trial. matt schlapp, we agreed there should be a trial. i think joe biden had his best debate. i know you guys want to hit him on the economy. he had his best debate. he made it very clear that he's the one that he thinks can get things done and i just tweeted out, it's about -- to phrase james carville, it's about electability, stupid. right now, it's viewed that joe biden is the most electable. that's why he won the debate. the poll last week had him at 44% in electability. the next best was 20%. maria: how about vice president biden and senator elizabeth warren slamming the trump economy, warren defended her
7:38 am
wealth tax idea. watch this. >> what is your a argument to the voter watching this debate tonight who may not like everything president trump dust but they really like this economy and don't know why they should make a change. >> i don't think they like the economy. talk to the middle class neighbors. middle class is getting killed, is getting crushed. >> how do you answer top economists who say taxes of this magnitude would stifle growth and investment. >> oh, they're just wrong. >> so there's a lot of -- >> they're just wrong? >> there's a lot to unpack there. as you know, although the country is 75 supportive of a wealth tax, i'm not supportive of a wealth tax. i think that we do have to have tax reform. i don't believe that this tax reform has trickled down like we've talked about. i do think there's incredible issues in the economy, whether student loans or healthcare costs, we can go through different things. i think that a being said, the
7:39 am
democrats need a strong economic message because the president can run on the economy. the economy is good. the stock market's up. gdp is growing. wages are growing. but as i say with steve moore and larry kudlow, gdp is not where we expected it. it's right now around 2%. they were expecting 4 to 5%. the deficit's the highest it's ever been. what happened to -- maria: i don't know they were expecting 4 to 5%. come on, i know the president said 4% at one point. nobody was expecting 4 to 5%. >> steve and larry were. but -- i actually think -- maria: we'll get the gdp today, in less than an hour. jump in, dagen. dagen: i want to ask you this. speaking of hits and apjoe biden. >> give me a soft ball. [ laughter ] dagen: i was going to ask you about -- i have it in front of me. michael bloomberg is taking shots at joe biden. he basically said the presidency -- here's what he said. he, meaning joe biden, has never
7:40 am
been the manager of an r organization, never run a school system. the presidency shouldn't be a training job. you need somebody who comes in and knows how to run an organization. what do you make of that? >> i was with mayor bloomberg yesterday and, listen, he has a very interesting perspective. he also is making a pitch on electability. he's doing something that's never been done before. he's not going to the first four primaries. he's going right into super tuesday. if you look at his analytics, what he is saying is the first four primaries and caucuses, iowa, new hampshire, nevada and south carolina, are 3.9% of the delegates. super tuesday is 34% of the delegates which is inside a week after south carolina. why is everyone spending 90% in iowa and new hampshire as opposed to 90% in super tuesday? >> you know who followed that strategy? rudy. >> it didn't. >> it didn't help hi so much.
7:41 am
>> rudy didn't have $250 million to spend on it or 50 billion. he's going against the grain. if you listen to his view, he thinks electability, he thinks managing. he obviously takes incredible shots at trump on different things. that's for another topic. there's a lot of people who i think certainly feel he's going to disrupt the primary season. dagen: if you google bloomberg organization sexual harassment lawsuits, what comes up an ad for mike bloomberg's presidential campaign. maria: you can google impeachment and an ad for mike bloomberg comes up. >> his social media, he spent $100 million or he's going to spend $100 million. dagen: so far. >> the truth is, his stuff on climate change and gun reform, he's been on the forefront. p i'.i'm supportive of where hes been on gun reform. i'm not sure he will be the nominee. to think he won't disrupt the
7:42 am
primary, we're kidding ourselves. dagen: i know we have to go. >> we don't have to go. dagen: we have to pay the bills. maria: we have breaking you news. go ahead. dagen: mike bloomberg, it feels like it will be online dating where the profile picture looks awesome and the carefully crafted biobut when you get on the ground and see people in broad daylight and you realize, he's an elitist billionaire who doesn't relate to the everyman and every woman. >> one swipe to the left, is that what you're saying. >> one think obama and trump made shirks it's retail politics, it's getting people out to vote, making sure there's excitement. you need the electricity to win the nomination. maria: thank you. great to see you. happy holidays to you. >> you as well. maria: here's the breaking news l. an issue with the boeing star liner. after launching, we watched the launch live. the star liner capsule missed a
7:43 am
plain engine burn to put it in the target orbit towards the iss, the space station. it may not be able to reach the space station. boeing says they have control of the spacecraft. nasa said they're dealing with this issue. we'll keep watching this and come back to you as it develops. it is a developing story. when we come back, brains and beauty, the new miss america using science to take the crown. how she wowed the judges coming up. it is ugly christmas sweater day. we are slapping fashion in the face, see how we're celebrating with some ugly sweaters coming up. stay with us. ♪ all his reindeer pulling on the reins. ♪
7:44 am
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7:47 am
♪ i'm under the mistletoe. ♪ you are the one, you're my very own christmas. maria: it's finally here, the day to break out your finest yuletide attire and by finest, we mean ugliest. ugliest sweater. it is national ugly christmas he sweater day and we are all ready for it. we're celebrating here on "mornings with maria" with our very own fashions. joining us right now the co-founders of ugly christmas, mark and fred hashar. thank i for joining dagen and me. we love our ugly sweaters. this is not so ugly. you've gotten more popular sweaters and fashion into your ugly sweaters. >> yeah. we've even like the one i'm wearing, built in mechanisms
7:48 am
where we can make it interactive. maria: are you doing something? >> it's a hand pump, makes the ears flap. [ laughter ] >> it's a flappy swe sweater l. maria: how has the ugly sweater business been? do you think this is resonating? has it gotten a bigger business over the years? we've been doing this a couple years with you guys. >> once it becomes a trend and people start doing it year after year, it keeps going. we have companies starting to get into it. we're starting to make customized sweaters for different companies. dagen: this one from white castle. we have a popeye's christmas sweater. white castle is selling these, aren't they. >> yes. popeye's sold without within one day. and other companies are starting to jump on the trend and create christmas sweaters, just big fun environment for their employees. maria: okay. so then you're getting corporate orders then. >> definitely. maria: you added some bling and jazz this jacket, with the sequins and your jacket with the
7:49 am
sequins. like i said, you're putting in some new fashions in the ugly sweater category. >> people like doing different things when they go to sweater parties. they don't like being the boring person with the simple sweater. dagen: with lights. what else can you do other than the ears, the lights. maria: i love mine. dagen: yours is very fosse, fosse, fosse. this is chicago the musical version, it's pretty amazing. >> yeah, no, we love these interactive ones. we've got four different styles and just try to keep -- continue to be creative with them. and as you said, the corporate ones are -- companies are really taking these sweaters into account and -- maria: lauren has the pj society on. there's mitch and lee. how do you like your sweaters, guys? >> amazeing. >> mine is huge. >> it will light up.
7:50 am
maria: those are good ones. dagen: can you stand up? >> now you can see why i said mine is huge. [ laughter ] maria: that's hilarious. it's so good. so what are the prices of the ugly sweaters tell us the price points. >> generally range from 30 to $60. we make custom he swee -- he sweaters. if you use code fox, you can get it before christmas. >> we can make one similar to the one "mornings with maria," with that low. dagen: this is more like a sweatshirt. it's not quite a sweater. it's more functional. a good layering piece. maria: on christmas, you want something comfortable. so you would wear this for christmas, right. dagen: absolutely. they're acrylic. these are acrylic, the traditional christmas sweater so it's not that t hot. i feel like vanna white. i mean that as a compliment.
7:51 am
maria: you made a point with white castle. people are doing this, making it for their employees. >> it's selling out real quick. maria: great to see you both. so happy to have you back. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. maria: we'll see you soon. we'll be right back. stay with us. for the diamond in your life, get up to 40% off storewide or get these one of a kind deals at the "you are my diamond" event. exclusively at zales, the diamond store. at the "you are my diamond" event. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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7:54 am
>> liftoff. >> engine at full thrust. we've cleared the tower. maria: that was the boeing launch last hour. we watched it happen. the star liner aircraft, the capsule missed a planned engine burn to put it in the target orbit towards the iss, the international space station so it may not make it to the space station. we were talking about this earlier in terms of the innovation we have in this done and we do.
7:55 am
nasa is working on this issue right now. dagen: this is why we have unmanned mission as this one is to work out any problems that might develop. again, boeing said it is in control of the spacecraft at this point. so we'll see what happens. but this is i would say -- when you're first launching and testing rockets, capsules, this is something that would happen. >> i can't help but wonder, this is heart for boeing, just -- hard for boeing, just coming off a major crisis. i'm glad to hear they have control of it but this can't be good for them. maria: it's a good point. dagen: nobody's life is at risk. >> fair enough. maria: that's the important point, that it's unmanned. we'll keep watching this possible issue with the star liner test. again, nasa says it is dealing with this issue and so as soon as we have more information, we'll bring you back to cape canaveral as we showed you earlier with that launch. we'll slip in a break.
7:56 am
when we come back a, we have markets watching for gdp today, we're waiting the final read of the fourth quarter gross domestic party. it's out in 30 minutes and we'll tell you what the growth looks like for the third quarter, we're expecting at about 2%, that's next hour, right here, "mornings with maria." stay with us. ♪ i'm on the edge of glory. ♪ and i'm hanging a moment of truth. ♪ i'm on the edge of glory. ♪ .
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7:59 am
maria: welcome back 2020 democratic hopefuls head-to-head in california last night everything from impeachment to the economy, hillary vaughn in los angeles with highlights good morning. reporter: good morning, maria two words that dominates news cycle after debate two cards wine cave senator elizabeth warren went head-to-head with meyer pete buttigieg over fancy fund-raiser in california wind and dined with high dollar donors.
8:00 am
>> mayor just recently had a fund-raiser that was headline in a wine cave full of -- served 900 dollar a bottle wine billionaires in wine kaefrz should not pick the next president of the united states. >> mr. mayor. >> your net worth 100 times mine. >> senator warren brushed off criticism of tax from economists who say it would hurt economic growth former vice president joe biden said he would he switch over from oil and gas to a green economy even if it meant would it cost hundreds of thousands of workers, their jobs. >> as president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth, even though o potentially that it could display of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands blue-collar workers in the interest of transi guessing to greiner economy. >> the answer is yes, the answer is yes, because the opportunity --
8:01 am
[applause]. so that the opportunity to transition to high-paying jobs is realm we are only country no one has taken great, great in turning into he enormous opportunities. >> how do you answer top economists who say taxes of this magnitude will style of growth and investment. >> oh they are just wrong! . reporter: pete buttigieg received most attacks from every candidate not nationwide front-runner but is in iowa the very first state to vote in the democratic primary, just over a month from where now, maria. maria: all right hillary, hillary overdrawn joining us hot talks the energy sector and climate change elizabeth warren has been very vocal about her plans to clean energy, a little bit what have she said on that. >> i will not build more nuclear i want to put energy literally and more than and resources behind clean energy and increasing by tenfold what
8:02 am
we have put into science put into research and development. the biggest climate problem we face, is a politicians in washington. who keep saying the right things, but continue to take money from oil industry, continue to bow down to the lobbyists to lawyers, to the thank tanks to the bought and paid for deserts. >> let's talk to somebody in the business does this every day ceo of continue continent a.m. resources with me harold, it is good to see you this morning, thanks so much for joining us you just heard elizabeth warren wanting to go clean tell us how you see it. you wrote a letter you wrote a letter to the senator urging her to come to oklahoma, for tour of the overtime and natural gas industry is a that right? >> thanks, maria good to be on your show i don't think i have been on since the republicans convention actually. maria: you are right. >> good to be with you --
8:03 am
>> thank you so much for coming back sir. >> elizabeth warren has that she is coming to oklahoma this would be good opportunity for her to learn just a little bit about oil and gas. and what we produce here. cleanest energy, light-sweet crude natural gas. basically allowed america to clean up its air, water, and we are back to 1990 levels. with the emissions in this country all good abundance of natural gas, and clean energy that would have in this country we're not only have it in this country we are exporting it around the world. we are exporting freedom, and clean air. so that is what is going on. and she needs to learn about it, and you know, this is a great opportunity for her to do that if she is coming to the state and she announced she is so this is a -- invitation to her and we have
8:04 am
reached out have not heard back from her but, you know, she needs to find out what we're doing here, and we would like to take that opportunity we can take her to wealth tax within 30 minutes of being in city here. >> we're showing your alert in your letter you wrote our domestic energy resurgence make being america energy and economic superpower keeps hundreds of billions every dollars out of hands of rogue regimes and corrupt encrypt to beingcracies the renaissance is largest story in global energy since discovery of oil in the middle east so you are saying you have heard back from her then? >> we have not heard. >> you have not heard back. >> we have not. we reached out repeatedly to her, and certainly we would like to take this opportunity to inform her what is going on she needs to know about oil
8:05 am
and impasse whgas what it was d america for the world this changed the world she needs to know about that, and they are willing to sacrifice millions of jobs and workers kind of going down a path that -- in that regard, about what she did but didn't have work for her probably won't work for these folks either they need to know what is going on, and how -- what a great thing this is. we promised energy independence by 2020 we are there. we've -- now producing more in gas and thats consuming in america. >> i think most people recognize that these are not just american growth stories, but this is national security. right? this is also about jobs, in
8:06 am
america, but it is also about national security because we can rely less on you know, like you said rogue regimes, saudi arabia, among others because it is becoming more and more that u.s. is independent. the largest producer. >> all those things, trade, where would we be today if we were importing all that oil that we used to -- >> trade is a big thing. the other thing is taking our soldier out of harm's way in the middle east. you know they knocked off, five million barrels a day over there, saudi arabia, and you saw just a -- did not hardly see a blip on the cost of crude oil used to oil, skyrocketed. today it doesn't. >> yeah. >> it is because of what we're doing in america. and what we have done. so you know, it is a -- it is
8:07 am
great that you know we have unleashed american energy with drilling, and that is the difference, and this -- this will be here for 40, 50 years, so it is great thing that occurred. she needs to learn about it. so any away that would help, she talks about congress well she is one of the congressman. >> that is right she is obviously, a senator has been you know, on the senate, during periods of -- of -- you know times of when she said thature not holding people accountable she was running consumer agency so you have to say well your on the senate, and you ran this agency what have you done about these issues that you keep bringing up. i want to ask you a question about oil production today, because there is a report that i am looking at that says the -- consensus oil production expectations at capex levels
8:08 am
are in line with consensus but analysis at goldman sachs says that the inventory of weflz left to be drilled for continue continental resources and peers suggests fewer years undeveloped inventory compared to large cap bermean. >> what do you have to say about potential he to be drilled for confidential resources today. >> our company is one of those companies that have very large, inventory of wells so it is going to be there for next for decades. so you know, and same say with permian the bachan we are -- largest producer lease holder in -- there, the field that did it all opened the door to shale, oil shale development,
8:09 am
in u.s. shale so it is -- it is a -- great field maria much, much more to do we are in beginnings up there everybody realizes that we have so much more to do that is a good thing we're not going to run out of oil ands any time soon. >> are you planning on leaving fourth quarter 19 production flat and what are you expecting in terms of production in 2020? because i want to get to the issue of capex whether or not an increase in capex one of the areas we saw a lot of spending investment but recently people have been worried the capex slowed down. can you tell us about your own production plans, are you going to the flaen fourth quarter what does 2020 look like how would you characterize capex plans. >> that is a fact we don't talk about 2020 yet until through this quarter, but
8:10 am
let's talk about capital discipline, that is really what you are seeing with the industry. you are not seeing vast overspending everything with the industry anymore. that is not what street wanted. and, you know, we have to do -- companies we have to conform to the desires of the public and the street. and certainly, continental is leading the way with stocks stock buybacks also dividend we are doing all things we should be doing, and not over-- we have had fast growing since 2016, and that is part of what we do. and so plan ahead is -- is something everybody does, so that is what it is all about now. >> you think capital investment increases in 2020 broadly speaking without
8:11 am
giving away plans i know you haven't released what you are going to do in 2020 i know volumes at springboard oil volumes were exceeding expectations exceeding guidance do you expect going to see capex pick up in the year ahead? >> as to i think it will be -- i think will be pretty moderate across the industry. >> okay. >> that is i believe it will. >> you rental nouns you are stepping down as cetcho of continue continentedal resources company you found you will become executive chairman in january done incredible job gone gratlations to you -- >> thank you, stepping up i have a bigger role so stepping up to another role, and -- it has been really received, by the market, and everybody realizes excellent selection, so very well received. >> great to have you on the praem happy holidays to you merry christmas sir.
8:12 am
>> thank you merry christmas. >> we will see you soon come back soon we got a big hour coming up joining the conversation this morning, the president of mack massivens with us stephanie pomboy in the house the founder of wheelup ceo telling us about his new partnership with delta airlines, and the host of "varney & company" stuart varney weighs in as well don't miss have rest of the hour big hour coming up quick break the latest on boeing starliner issue the capsule may not be able to make it to international space station as planned we take you back to cape canaveral for the laifrts. >> "star wars" the rise of skywalker hitting theatres last nights likely another billion-dollar boost for disney we are going to talk to fans already lining up at he movie theatres this morning, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ and most of that debt is actually from credit cards.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
maria: welcome back, we have breaking news nasa boeing say there is an issue with the
8:16 am
starliner after launching earlier this morning, we showed you the launch earlier live fox news in cape canaveral this morning florida, what can you tell us. reporter: well appears to be bad disappointing news for boeing star liners, simply put engine are burn needed for the capsule on crew for uncrueed not able to make it to the international space station supposed to happen tomorrow morning the big question, of course, at this point, why did this happen, it could have been the first stage of the alice 5 rocket could have been second stage, of the rocket or the engines, engineers with o boeing, united launch allie arns till straying to figure all of this out they will be on hand, for a post launch please briefing when will start 9:00 top of the hour and hopefully, a lot of the these questions can get answered but
8:17 am
boeing and united launch alliance wells nasa basically scrambling to try to figure out what happened what can be done according to nasa star russian crew capsule is in stable orbit right now under full power, recon figured it so solar rays facing sun can charge batteries while they determine what exactly can be done some think possibly, the capsule itself could just reenter the atmosphere and land safely at one of the five landing zones that boeing has out in the western united states. possibly could still dock but speculation is that would likely use up all of its remaining fume so then the question would be how to star runner have it leave space station make a safe landing on earth this appears a major setback for boeing this was supposed to be you know their big we can prove it we can fly
8:18 am
it we can doc it at space station safely so they can start flying astronauts early ethics year nasa's other commercial crew partners spacex had test flight in march quite successful uncrueed puts in position to return launching americans from american soil early next year we will know more the top of the hour. >> phil keating in florida, cape canaveral there, and really made such important point what this is going to do to boeing boeing has been under pressure given the fact it had those two fatal crashes with 737 max jet, and was looking forward to successful launch here dagen your reaction to these issues? dagen: this is the first test flight of the starliner space capsule test flight unmanned, this is why you do testing. and so it is unfortunately that there is a problem
8:19 am
getting the capsule into the proper orbit, but if you look back at spacex, and its history reminded people about the -- rocket explosions on the launchpad when they were first doing this, this is not nearly that severe because, again, this was i think it was an atlas v rocket atlas v rocket got the capsule into space, it has just an issue of the orbit problem, and we will see how they manage it but test flight. it is exceptional to watch it is an important step toward united states with private industry getting back into the space race, if you will. maria: we will keep watching this developments meanwhile, quickly break when we come back backs office boom. >> ♪
8:20 am
inside your head, ♪ maria: "star wars" rise of sky walker hitting hurricanes last night likely another billionaire boost for disney we are going to talk to fans lining up for the film this morning, for this weekend he, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ santa is coming to town ♪ ♪ checking it twice, gonna find out who is naughty and nice, santa claus is comin' to town ♪ ♪ ♪music
8:21 am
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8:23 am
>> welcome back the end of a saga a "star wars" arrived in skywalker lands in theatres trac tracey carrasco.
8:24 am
>> good morning there was a showing at 8:00 a.m. one al w78 people went in right now this amc theatre open 24 hours there are going to be 45 so showings today last one 3:30 a.m. the people excited to see the end of this saga, expectancies for the movie 160 to 190 million dollars for the first three days, great numbers although down from initial estimates of 225 million dollars that is according to box office pro, there were critical views not so great mediocre reviewers not going to top fans from seeing is it movie especially on first day this could become disney's 7th billionaired movie of the year frozen two crossing over that milestone joining avengers "lion king" aladdain captain marvel "toy story 4" i spoke with people here they say they have been
8:25 am
packed all nightlong spoke with a guy just left he said his childhood is now complete. so really good reviews from fans seeing movie even though critics might not agree. >> are we going i know we want to speak to some people who are waiting on line. >> we are. >> because. >> we are the critics. >> going to get them as coming in. >> what is the issue with critics? >> critics they don't like it don't think that it is doing the story justice. they don't think it is the way that this saga should end. but i think a lot of fans are happy to see this all wrapped up. >> for sure thank you. we will talk with -- motive goers coming up quick break stocks staging new records markets completely ignoring impeachment we are in record territory once gaifrn, the dow up more than 10,000 points since president trump was elected investors await final
8:26 am
read third quarter gdp out in a few minutes we will have that number after this break stay with us. ♪ t. rowe price experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand, like biotech. because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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8:29 am
. i am maria bartiromo thanks for joining us we have a fox business alert we are waiting final read third quarter gdp due out any minute here going to get it, very soon, market is going up ahead of the number dow industrials up 32 points, s&p up 2 and quarter nasdaq up 13. joining us right now is is the president of macro massivens. >> i know gdp is backwards looking in a sense really, but we are expecting the final gdp number to be 2.1% growth, would be pretty good, for the quarter what do you think? >> i think it is pretty good,
8:30 am
it still represents a slowdown from pace we are at even at the beginning of the year. the you know the fourth quarter last year all hell was breaking loose markets melting down gdp was 2.5 year-on-year so 2.1 -- a slowdown. >> 2.1% for the third quarter overall estimate is for the third quarter we really want to know what you think about the fourth quarter. >> for sure. >> right in line with estimates 2.1% the number just coming out across the tape to lauren simonetti has more details lauren. >> yeah markets staying as they were okay. so over the summer the economy grew 2.1% this is the final reading, of gdp, so it will not be a arrived putting us in perspective for you first quarter we had 3.1% growth, second quarter 2%, third quarter 2.1% november retail sales disappointing some concern even though might not feel like it concern economy slowing in the fourth quarter but this number right in line
8:31 am
with expectations, market unchanged. we are back to you. >> good perspective lawyer tone look at the year that is what you mentioned earlier stephanie seeing a scloedown i have got to say i think this is a good noub even though slowing slower than a year ago 2.1% pretty much what we have been looking for what the white house has been project as well. >> yeah, it certainly is not anything to get exercised about a slowdown obviously, the question fourth quarter are we animal to see certain reacceleration depends how ask new york says, .7 atlanta fed, 2.4 so you can drive a truck through those estimates. i mean if you split the difference, we are still talking about a continuation of this slowdown in growth. i think lauren'ss observation on retail sale is important case obviously, this holiday season is going to be critical in terms of giving up some indication as to you know
8:32 am
consumer spending frankly as you and i have talked about a lot, i have been really disappointed with consumer spending you know we hear everyone characterize the consumer as strong, and the consumer is strong. financially. but that is a separate topic from spending. i mean we are basically record low o unemployment we have household net worth in absolute terms and relative to income at unprecedented you know record extremes, debt service at record lows, you know inflation fed can't seem to get above 2% sustain it basically, everything you could poubl wish for consumer they've had and then some the backdrop could not be more favorable yet we do see the broad slowdown, in the pace of consumer spending broadly particularly in the discretionary spending like retail sales i am not saying
8:33 am
consumer is falling out of bed he should be skipping down aisles making it rain this christmas buying things right and left given the financial backdrop. and earlier indications are that is not the case. dagen: consumer spending revised up to 3.2% annual rate of growth. up from 2.9% so the consumer that is looks pretty good i know backward-looking. >> it is will down from 4.6 the second quarter and, again, we will have to see what fourth quarter brings which is where that retail sales in november, bear in mind that november retail sales that is same month that we created 266,000 jobs blue away expectations. >> if you look at holiday sales, this is kind of a silly year the way that thanksgiving fell so -- messing up a lot of the numbers but year-over-year national retrial federation has 4 plus percent could suggest, mastercard tracks
8:34 am
look like tracking there, holiday season will be in line with expectations, so that should be good you would think a for fourth quarter gdp from consumer side? >> jyeah the atlanta fed 2.4 consumer spending up 2.3, so you know they are definitely looking for a ib sizable contribution from the consumer, again, i am not saying that the -- consumer is you know in recession or anything like that it is just relative you ll to put everything in context the consumer should be spending much more aggressively than he is, and it is not a new phenomena, i think this is important to keep that in mind, you know there was a lot of life service paid to new normal, in the aftermath of the crisis, the consumers you know were burned by experience housing bubble would try to repair balance sheets they have been doing that, we have seen in unprecedented fashion an increase in the savings rate at the same time,
8:35 am
financial assets have been going through the roof. normally when you look at 40 k up 20% you say well may be i don't have to sock away as much out of my paycheck that is always been the relationship prices go up saving goes down right now seeing yawning gap that way not just last few months but for the last several years so i think there is a new consumer behavior, and the reason i am pounding the table on this is that it keeps coming back to profits, that is what drives stock market i think we looked lu this year a lot of horrible news on the economy, and politics and everything the markets up 27% in face of all of these headwinds, because they are discounting the end of trade kwar idea everything will be better buts consumer was never affected by the trade war, that is why it is so critical, to look at what was lapping. >> has anything changed for you given the fact a lot of
8:36 am
things came together the end of the year usmca got house vote passage china got a skinny deal, phase one going to sign it in early next year. but -- >> i mean it is likes the lift -- >> does that change expectations for 2020 all things think. >> i didn't either the fact that it came together it came together you know like early christmas for investors. the one thing investors need. maria: fourth quarter 2020. >> change se.. >> no from growth standpoint i that i much more it is a much more favorable backdrop for growth. the problem is that the markets rallied 27% in, anticipation that all these things would be resolved i don't think that you now say okay they are resolved we're going up another -- >> on the back of what happened the fourth quarter last year though let's remember you know took most of the year to just get back to where we were.
8:37 am
>> around the we up like 16 if you go back to the point where we -- >> october i think up -- 12 or 13 from october last year. >> three-quarters on the way to four quarters of profits recession, it is just -- complete -- clearly the markets have looked through a huge decline in profits, and slowdown in growth and political dysfunction on assumption this was all temporary it would be resolved. dagen: they also are looking at accommodative fed not only cut interest rates but the last, several meetings but also that it is now growing balance sheet again. and you talked about that. you talked about it for literally years when thee started balance sheet reduction they don't know what here to doing they have no idea, what the -- the financial market impact will be, of this and tightening they are causing. and they finally woke up to that. >> right, i think one of the
8:38 am
things that forced them to wake up to it that there was clearly a shift in the appetite for risk this repo market problem, you know, assurances just typically, to contrary had to do with being some gap between supply and demand, and that is either a function of people being less willing to lend to what they perceive riskier credits so are someone in a situation where they needed liquidity in a hurry because they had some kind of -- you know shift in their balance sheet so i think that is the catalyst for repo market was a shift in risk appetite when gets to the daysen's point now that fed is on to it, does that make people feel better about credit quality? liquidity is one thing credit quality is another. so we will see how that
8:39 am
progresses. dagen: but how are low grade credits done in the last say six months? >> well against where you look if you look at the weakest links triple c, the leathered alone market has been hammered yet if you go up a couple runs people are still -- >> for yield clamoring into it. >> think about also, interest rates are low, that debt service eel coverage situation isn't as bad as it has been in previous cycles. >> guys at low end have no cash can't handle any increase in debt service that is topic for another day. maria: are we going to see i before christmas. >> i don't think so, merry christmas, thank you for everything. >> i will see you next year. >> looking forward to it. >> a quick break when we come back apple out of this world secret contingent giant eyeing satellites to beam data directly to devices what it could mean for your iphone, do you need your burrito in a
8:40 am
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here'sthe first ones.y ones. the 'hey', i look good with this' ones. the black, brown, red, and grey ones. the itchy ones. the ones grown by dad. the ones grown for dad. the 'i nearly didn't do it this year' ones. and the absolutely filthy ones. they all raise awareness. raise funds. start conversations and save lives. 'cos whatever you grow', will save a bro' learn more at maria: welcome back apple is reportedly are working on base to beam dedicate directly to your defies gerri willis on the interior looking at that,
8:44 am
opening higher this morning. >> yeah i think going to continue that rally, good morning, maria. good to see you apple working a secret theme working on idea satellites could beam connectivity to your phone essentially end run around verizon at&t wireless carriers got a five year deadline on this thing, and they the thrown 12 engineers at it but hoping to add expand that step we put e-mail out to apple have not heard back about about whether confirming story or not yet fascinating apple would own the service, and the hardware very powerful, lots of headlines on chipotle, that come test agning testing a new restaurant design spiking 88% counted issue to go 18% total third quarter sales having a chipotle lane where you can drive through pick up your
8:45 am
digital orders companies very well so much for e. coli stock up 93% this year but there is a cloud on the horizon. these prices higher already rising in third quarter ceo saying it is one of the biggest issues facing the company what is going on here well african swine fever forcing chinese buyers to to buy australia beef in australia that will provide competition for chipotle buyers of beef in australia as well prices rising may not be good for you know what you order there, as a chipotle lane, back to you. >> thank you gerri willis floor of nysc. >> one of the leaders in the industry founder ceo of wheels up in the studio about a paper with delta airlines exclusive benefits for flyers traveling to the super bowl, back in a
8:46 am
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maria: welcome back big due ins? morning two,s aviation companies getting together to form world's largest fleet of private planes, giving consumers more choices through wheelsup delta resources ceo founder whelzup executive chef at rails. >> so is we've got delicious me meat baltimore thank you from rao's famous restaurant we will talk about that your partnership with delta tell us about it. >> we announced on thursday, down at delta invest day partnership with delta wheelsup delta coming together delta has of division dealt
8:50 am
private jet together, largest on demand fleet in the world, what struck me about delta nimble entrepreneurial innovation a tech company, and, you know, withhee wheels ut this 6 1/2 years leading the pack over 6 thouf members look forward to he amazing things 90, 59% of our people who travel on we also have wheelsup travel commercial. >> you have made it accessible for people who would not have wherewithal money to travel private to do so you make it affordable you can bring more people tell me how that is the price of flying private come down for people making it more accessible. >> something ed and i were excited about was exactly what you are describing
8:51 am
democratization how do we make this bigger to me are people started 350 icht, focusing on flights left less than two hours in length, you can purchase a membership wheels up 17500 fling king air 46.59 an hour flying family six or seven that is cheap, so again that last mile opportunity, think about deltaa main line wheels up you can fly from new york to miami, hot wheels up in, is verya versa san francisco pop over to napa could never be done we are focusing on 80% flights in private that are less than two hours. >> convenience is beyond in other about ebb about accessible for people i know it i have done it you have done a great job or what expectations in terms of
8:52 am
holiday where you see a lot of travel. >> we have floep over this year so far over about 6,000 flights. and we are seeing you know with dow increased activity there is more interest in what we're doing business very, very firm, so we are excited about where it is going, holiday is going to be great. >> let me bring in dino first of all, i smell these meatballs they smell so delicious, your partnering with rao's to give consumers a unique experience if headed to super bowl tell us about the partnership you are you are doing with wheels up. >> the w hotel in south beach, monday, thursday, friday. >> a pop-up rao. >> yes. >> in you don't know rao's this is really one of their hardest to getting reservations, right in new york, so pop-ups will be what smaller than restaurant obviously. >> will be a few more people,
8:53 am
but -- >> actually a little bit bigger-than-expected. >> 50 people a -- 150 people a day we do. >> did -- atlanta doing -- over last few. >> this is, by the way, the bill belichick of meatballs as difficult reservation in new york in miami if you are a wheels up member we take care of you figure it out david edle steen partner at w hotel has packages call collins on location great tidbits hospitality we are putting on something extra special i was talking to dino we said you know you never know delta wheels up delta one maybe you can get a rao's wheel. >> going forward maybe in the future. >> i know lots of celebrities go to rao's. >> this is probably something that would attracting some local consumers, regular consumers. >> we know -- gino coming
8:54 am
down, "gronk" hosting one night we've got who's who. >> the halftime shoe. >> troy aikman investor got the biggest rolodex of celebrities in the world we are second place to him. >> whole team "mornings with maria" at super bowl can i score a little invite here. >> yeah. >> i will tell you good one thing i want to say ronnie frank, jr., rao's family have become family 124-year-old brand delta 95-year-old brand we'lls up happy to be at the big table for super bowl at rao's. >> congratulations why don't we try a meatball. >> yeah. >> there you go, and -- >> i thought you -- >> do you normally do partnerships like this specials around big events. >> we do rao's tenfold partner for us i want to say great sales people, this is good for
8:55 am
me to get meatball in early in the morning. >> it is a great partnership we have a bunch of partnerships that are cooking, that we're excited about super bowl, and, we do a nice job down in augusta georgia we try to pick big events wheels up members want to be. >> the experience the private jet the hotel partnership and delicious food is this usually a draw when you got something like rao's popular so popular famous month -- >> a huge draw like i said impossible being reservation in new york all you have to do is -- be with the wheels up family dino takes family care, and, you know, it doesn't really occur to somebody that meatballs airplanes would go together. but they do. >> there is model of wheels up, rao's cookback what are seem secrets in terms of food
8:56 am
you want to give us recipe. >> a lot of practicing. just -- last page, everything we do is simple nothing -- >> do you put bread crumbs in meatballs. >> bread krumz cheese water salt. er basic stuff in in terms of of business how do you see it because we have kenny in terms of what is expecting over near a term give me your sense what you are expecting for 2020 restaurant business. >> you know as well we are busy, every night for ourselves, as far as 2020 will just be like it is this is 124-year-old brand they don't have to worry about demand they have to worry about you know supply are they going to run out of meatballs people come to bar treat dino right way he might phillip a meatball over there even if you don't have a table. >> do not run out of meatballs. >> i would say on private
8:57 am
aviation front achilles up couldn't be more excited about partnership with delta what we can do together but in terms of private aviation businesses it is going up, no pun intended. >> i love your commercials kenny dino great to see you both thank you we'll be right back. and, when you open a new fidelity brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate -- that's 21 times more than schwab's. plus, fidelity's leading price improvement on trades saved investors hundreds of millions of dollars last year. that's why fidelity continues to lead the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk fidelity. ♪ talk you don't use this old tno!g, do you? or how 'bout this dinosaur right here? nope! then why are you still using a laser printer? it's got expensive toner cartridges. but this... is the epson ecotank color printer. no more expensive cartridges! big ink tanks. lots of ink.
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all right that will do it for us today. have a great weekend everybody. stuart taken away. stuart: good morning, everyone. if you are interested in politics and money, last night democrat debate was right up your street. you probably did not stay up to watch it all but we did. some of what we saw was lol material. job itejoe biden said the middls is getting crushed. does that stand up, i don't think so.


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