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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 23, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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mulligan is thrilled with the wine cave reference at debate with elizabeth warren going after pete buttigieg going to wine caves. i will see you at 4:00 on of a "after the bell." here is charles. charles: good afternoon, everyone, i'm charles payne. this is "making money," breaking right at this moment, markets rise to new all-time highs. the dow getting a boost from boeing as it moves to another record. now the question, is this the greatest year ever for wall street? i go head-to-head with smart investors to debate this year, but discuss not only potential winners in 2020. many point to housing boom in 2020 led by one specific group. we're talking, looking at who is buying, where and whether now is the time to get in on the action. we have very special guest to talk to us how she single handedly helped her classmates
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in kind irgarthen pay for school lunch selling cocoa and cookies. it has it all, capitalism, and charity. that and much more on "making money." charles: boeing shares soaring today. the company announcing that the ceo is stepping down. in his place david calhoun and he will begin in january in the wake of two deadly plane crashes, and how the company handled the whole problem with the fleet of 737 max jets for months now. boeing, the most important critical, stock in the dow jones industrial average, helping that index hit a new all-time high. now many people are starting to ask, could this be the greatest stock market rally year for the market ever? i want to bring in bellpointe chief strategist david nelson and phil blancato. start with bowing. it was unmitigated disaster. i thought it was a public
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relations disaster going back to the lyon air crash. now we brought in david calhoun. he was with ge, he was with caterpillar. he was with nielsen. he worked at blackstone. he has the right pedigree, no matter what to handle the difficult situations. is that going to be enough. >> i'm certain the plane is fixed. i don't know david that well but clearly he is an insider. i thought somebody from the outside would be brought in. i can step back a year later after this disaster, say to myself, should this aircraft had been made? i have to come to the conclusion it shouldn't have been. this should not have been out there. for the simple reason, likely should have been a clean sheet aircraft they started from scratch. what they originally started to do, when they got caught with the their pants down with the american airlines airbus order they tried -- charles: original plane has the roots in the '60s, right? cramming these giant engines on a big plane. >> done it successfully in the
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past. clearly the system was designed to get around some of these problems. charles: phil, i have a investment theme about new ceos, whether you go with mcdonald's when they got easterbrook, darden restaurants, chipotle mexican grill. ceo from talk -- taco bell. they are up 2 hundred%. i think it's a buy signal. is it too early? >> i think you have to wait six weeks to see what his initial statement is. here's why. revenue from boeing, arguably the best engineering company on planet today from all different things they make. part one revenue there. however systematically is there a problem? we see that with the rocket. didn't handle the situation not publicly, not engineeringwise. i have to pause for a moment. but you're right, price is still up for the year. i would rather buy it in 310s, 315s get real capitulation.
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charles: we'll see if it get there is. after the latest news came out, the stock held at 320 which was huge support, part of a buy signal. broaden this out a little bit, is this the greatest ever? is this the goat? >> i don't know the exact number on that. originally i thought 2013. with dividends you have to go way back to the '90s to find a better market. charles: phil. >> i don't love this market. it has been a great run. you made a lot of money but when you have a market up over 31% now, did it with no earnings. charles: you can't say did it with no earnings? no earnings growth. you can't say no earnings. those are distinct things coming off the greatest year in earnings in history. >> you need earnings growth to grind up 31%. charles: we had the greatest earnings year ever last year the market was down. >> we got to speak to the elephant in the room, the elephant in the room was fed was a big part of this. >> thank you. >> asset classes compete for your money just like everything else in our life. with the 10-year at the same yield as s&p 500, stocks are
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paying to you hang out, just wait. stocks ended up being the better asset. >> we traded at premium all year long, with blind faith market would go higher. charles: i don't think it was blind faith. on january 2nd, when the fed, jay powell said wage inflation is not price inflation, to me that was the ultimate buy signal. i wrote a piece, i told people to load up on this stock market. i don't think it was blind faith. just an epiphany at the fed turned everything around in my mind. >> they were correcting mistakes from last year. last year was policy mistake. >> january is different than march or april. i agree in january, absolutely. woe were long. made a bunch of money. when we got to april, saw earnings market not improve. i don't like trading on currency forward. you have to take money off the table. charles: i like 2017 more. >> 100%. charles: no pressure. >> no volatility. charles: no pressure. it was sunny every single day.
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this was a test. there is no doubt this is a test. let's ask, we have a minute left, ask you guys about next year. now the experts on wall street are afraid, individual investor is too excited. they're saying that is contrarian thing. too much optimism on main street for wall street. >> you know what? you have to be concerned when the consent is bullish. if there is black swan there likely something we haven't seen yet or something in the fixed income market. debt on balance sheet continues to rise. qe is here. like it or not if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck -- charles: you have investment theme. >> make 8% next year and be happy. >> thank you very much. merry christmas. >> same to you. charles: christianity today calling for president trump's office. 200 publications have been mischaracterized as far right
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zealots for the support for the president. what litmus test if any should we have to for our president? we have niece of dr. martin luther king, jr., alveda king. >> merry christmas, charles to you and all your viewers. charles: it is interesting, main street media never wrote a single article about the plight of farmers, even though they were inaugurated when president trump was inaugurated, even when they became topic of interest in the trade war. mainstream media piggybacking off one magazine saying evangelicals are turning on president trump, is that the impression you're getting? >> that is certainly not the impression i'm getting. as christian woman living in the united states, senior citizen, african-american, on and on, i don't put myself in one category. to categorize christians turning away from the president, so many of us who are not. the thing about "christianity
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today." i don't think they read the bible. they have become something else. the bible says pray for those in authority so you have a peaceful life. they're not doing that. they disregarded the founder, evangelist billy graham with the wrong spirit. that is not his spirit. it was very strange. kind of grinching. charles: it is interesting to me. religion in general, specifically evangelicals in the sense, that you embrace the center. you don't like the sin. you don't diss the sinner. redemption for the sinner. those kind of things. that is what it is to be about. for them to be opinionated, harshly opinionated. >> harshly, saying the president is immoral and he needs to go? all of us sin fallen short of the glory of god. that is in the bible. ct is in that category. sinners are people who have sinned calling other people names, that is not charitable. that is not civil. it is not kind. it is not in the spirit of eadvantage gellist billy graham,
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all of that. it is very unfortunate. why they did that. i'm not sure. they could have been co-opted by some other folks who want to say christianity is old-fashioned. agape love is old-fashioned. kick people out of office. don't pray to help strengthen them. they are trying to do something modern and sure is mean-spirited. it is kind of like the grinch at christmastime. charles: maybe they are caught up in the cancel culture that seems to be popular on main street. should there, alveda, should there be a litmus test some sort of test about the spirit, the kindness, or you know, the intentions of the commander-in-chief? is there some sort of test, you as someone with deep faith use to pick your president? >> well, blessedly i had a chance to meet several presidents. i have been in and out of the white house since the 1970s, when i was a state legislator. i have been able to pray for every president of the united states of america.
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and president donald john trump. he cares about people. he does good deeds all the time. he doesn't advertise them, put them out in the paper. doesn't tweet, look what i did. he is more like see what we do together. with the hbcus, that big opportunity with more funds going straight there to help with education in that community. the babies in the womb being rescued. jobs, people going back to work. people coming out of jail with criminal justice reform. i asked ct, did you visit some of the things showing what the man is really doing? i think it is mean-spirited. it is not civil. it is just not true to disregard your founder like that, to suggest that you are still representing something like that but it is unkind. charles: whenever we feel the spirit of the grinch we call on you to help set us straight and you did it again. alveda, thank you very much. >> thank you. merry christmas. charles: merry christmas. even in the time of economic prosperity, the number of people
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on the streets jumped last year. coming up why california is getting the blame. this five-year-old girl showing us what christmas all about. she will join me live to pay off lunch debt for more than 100 of her schoolmates. ♪. most people think of verizon as a reliable phone company. but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next.
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announcing he will have one billion dollars to fight homeless. many people think california's policies created a state of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. maybe it is time time to change their ultraprogressive policies. i want to bring in florida congressional candidate. anna paulina luna. >> thank you very much, charles. charles: california has gdp of $3 trillion, trillion with a t, more than most countries in the world. only three countries are high. texas next at 1.8. how can it be so miserable, have so much wealth, so much poverty? you were born there. >> i'm a california refugee. part of the reason we love florida so much because their policies don't go after the taxpayer. we're seeing in california the very same legislators are ones rolling out red carpet for illegals, authorizing 163 billion-dollar bills to fund illegal health care are asking
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federal government with more money. they cannot compete with what is happening with the housing market. like what you mentioned earlier, very people pushing policies are out of touch with reality, they don't realize that the the conservative way is better for the economy. charles: here is what i don't get, curious about. you are running for office. you have to lay this out for people when they understand. these policies look attractive to other folks. have they gone too far? in other words, have they crossed the rubicon, they made some promises is there a way to unwind all this with lower taxes, fewer regulations to jump-start the economy? have they made too many promises to to too many people. >> they made way too many promise. at end of the day, if you're promising free things someone has to pay for those things. when you push the legislation what ends up is happening, people can't cover bills, they can't compete with that, can't pay that it is not our job to live, pay taxes and die.
2:17 pm
there has to be something in between. what i like to bring a common-sense approach. why are you pushing more legislation, why are you pushing more taxes on people that simply want to take care of their families? all this micromanaging doesn't need to be happening. charles: great year on the stock market. it has been a pretty, what you talk, wages, jobs, market, corporate profits, whatever you talk about we're near all-time records. what do you say with voters things are better for me, but so much better for wealthy? politics of envy seem to be a critical part of the democratic platform. >> they're running on a wealth tax which is not okay. at the end of the day you have two options. do you want to give government more power. do you want to pay more taxes. if we're taxing wealthy, who is to stop to say making over $100,000, if you're in upper middle class, you're making that much money. what is to stop them you're making too much, we want to tax you as well, to compensate for
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poor policies in effect. charles: right. >> if you want to make money, major something worth something. don't major in basket weaving and expect taxpayers in other parts of country to pick up that. charles: it could be a good side hustle. on that note. legislation is coming out, called ab-5, folks. essentially requires gig economy workers to be hired as employees, get benefits, health care, minimum wage protection, all of that stuff. it goes into effect january 1st. look at these headlines. far right, the blaze, california's law against the gig economy could inadvertently obliterate 70,000 truckers jobs. far left, "mother jones" how california's uber law became a excuse to fire freelance journalists. rare to get both sides of the political divide saying this is crazy law. again they went after the gig economy at that people were hustling. you could work regular job, take a couple uber fares, find a way to plug the economic holes. then they try to ruin that.
2:19 pm
>> actually impacting students. i met a lot of people going to school, they do things like uber, because the fact it works around their schedule. the fact they did that, goes with people pushing too much regulation. it will negative impact people. california already has issue with homelessness. when people lose their jobs, not able to make ends meet because of these policies, they will end up homeless. it is not okay. charles: it is nuts. my nephew is a senior at rutgers. he drives uber to make extra cash. thank you, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. charles: for all the flak millenials get they are holding the keys to the housing market. we will break down why they will move out of mom's basement and move into three bedroom. fantasy football going public but not what you think. draftkings is avoiding going ipo and perhaps the big scrutiny that comes along with it. we'll be right back.
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charles: we joke a lot about millenials living in parent's basement. but eventually they have to get out, receipt? signs 2020 will be a big shift, higher wages, they're geeing older looks like a perfect combination for millenial housing boom. here is my thing. i'm looking at the data. i'm looking at enthusiasm for perspective buyers. national association of homebuilders optimism. housing permits. it feels like the data suggests that maybe finally, you know, the millenials are moving past, hanging out at moms, getting their own place. am i wrong? >> there is nothing wrong with hanging out at mom's. i love hanging out at mom's, i love her meatballs but i own a lot of property. charles: would you hang out at mom's, leave, go to your own
2:24 pm
place? >> i do. i rent my primary but i own nine homes. what i do, i rent all the homes out. they pay for my primary which i rent. it also puts money in my pocket. that trend will continue on in 2020 for a lot of millenials. there are two different type of millenials. millionaire millenials make up over 600,000 americans. there is everyone house. bus millenials range from 23, close to 40 years in age. that is a wide span. two very different types of people. but it doesn't matter where you are. there is great news in housing. mortgage rates are set now to still be in the 3s. we saw 3.5% for 30-year fix. they're set to be in the 3s, maybe the fours. housing again, like you said, housing starts, permitting activity, everything is going in the right direction. charles: samantha, felt for a while with low interest rates the needle wasn't moving. is there something happening now, maybe good wage growth?
2:25 pm
beating inflation, wages rising? plus, maybe other factor. people getting older, whatever it is? feels like there is something different than even a year ago when rates were still low? >> i will say today's buyer, no matter who they are, millenial or not, they're a lot more educated. when people see these home prices go up and up and up, which in 2020, they're not projected to go up as much as they had in years past, maybe anywhere from two to 5%, some predictions actually say they will go down. what does that say? nobody knows what is going to happen. overall rates are good. home prices will not go crazy. it might motivate some people. but at the same time, because today's buyer is so much more educated, if it doesn't make sense to buy, to put the 20% down, they will stay in the home and rent. take san francisco, where a one bedroom, 3600 a month. charles: right. >> that is insane. the median price point is 1.3 million. it makes more sense to rent there but that doesn't mean the
2:26 pm
people are -- charles: never save money for a house? you find the rent trap. rents go up faster than -- >> right. here is the difference. these people might rent for 3600. they will go buy in different markets. when we talk about, everyone is buying, nobody is buying, we think, primary home. in reality, just because they're not buying their primary, doesn't mean they're not buying elsewhere. seeing returns of over 10% in other markets. cities in alabama. cities in tennessee. so maybe, yeah, i don't want to buy in california for my primary but i can still have benefits of homeownership. charles: that is a great point. >> being an investor. charles: thinking about birmingham, i have to ask you quickly, you're an expert from real estate. a 43-acre community in palm beach county, a florida man wants to sell a whole town to trump. one billion dollars. is it more than just a gimmick.
2:27 pm
>> i would love to be the listing agent, call me, would be nice 3%, 6%, whatever it is. is it a gimmick? it's a great pr stunt. that would be phenomenal. could it happen? 100% could happen. anything can happen in the world of real estate. anything i can tell you, the possibilities in real estate are endless. charles: is a ma'am -- samantha, great having you in studio. >> thank you. >> sec not having any slack for shoddy public offerings. what punishment we might see. how draftkings is trying to avoid hassle. fans still not quite happy why the "the rise of skywalker" could be the weak link in disney's juggernaut. there's a lot of talk about value out there. but at fidelity, value is more than just talk. we offer commission-free online u.s. stock and etf trades.
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♪. charles: sports betting giant draftkings going public in 2020 with their triple merger, right? it is worth $3.3 billion. the online gaming company will be acquired by diamond eagle but they're buying the betting company, s vtech as securities & exchange commission investigating several tech unicorns this year like flak. here to break it down, jack ablin and from ever plus capital, jason rotman.
2:32 pm
let me start with you, jack, draftkings this reverse takeover if you will to go public. obviously a name resonates with a lot of people. it is exciting in a exciting space but are you surprised they chose this method to go public? >> they did. this is a business combination. the company that is acquiring them does have some technological infrastructure that draftkings can use, and it will be a combined company. so it's a real merger. this isn't just a shell company acquiring a private company and then, using that to go public. this is a real merger. and a lot of interestingly, a lot of private equity is actually backing that deal. so, it is a, it is an interesting combination between a shell which, does exist and has an infrastructure, private equity and draftkings itself. charles: that whole shell game, jason, you always see the term, clean shell, which people laugh it is almost oxymoronic.
2:33 pm
it is building up to grain credit can't. the question for viewers, should they buy draftkings? >> i think it is, i would say yes more than no. even if you look at the market cap of these shell vehicle, diamond eagle, it's a fraction of what the draftkings company is actually going to be priced at come, you know the public trading next year, when the deal finally closes what not. i think this could be even though news is out, it is still not super mainstream. i think at less than half billion dollar market cap, this shell company could be a nice little buy and hold at this point. charles: jack, a late friday, the sec were looking how ipos, this year, big unicorns were rolled out. on this show i've been really critical of wall street and even the sec to a degree. ultimately buyer beware, shouldn't there be a greater role vetting these deals on behalf of the sec and others?
2:34 pm
>> yeah. i mean i think that there is certain responsibility that the regulators bear. but i think the public markets did a good job this year, taking what were exceedingly overpriced private companies, being foisted into the private markets and investors saying no. we're not going to pay what you have just paid or what you believe your exit dollar amount should be. i mean, look at you know, just a whole litany of ipos that came out. i don't think uber ever traded to its ipo price. charles: that is a great point. the markets did work, jason. the exits, old silicon valley/wall street exit package didn't work that well this year. >> no, not at all and if you look at a precedent, charles, and everyone else, look at facebook, briefly is uber on the facebook track as far as facebook ipoing in the high 30s, going down to 18? now it got up to 200? uber may not get up to 200, but
2:35 pm
at the same time, i think uber over the long term is quite an interesting buy at this point. i do 100% agree, just because everybody has an uber app, doesn't mean uber will be a 100 billion-dollar company a week after the ipo. the market worked in that regard. it is losing a lot of money. charles: look forward to 2020, jack, earlier in the show. i talked about the fact that individual investor optimism at highest level all year long. for wall street, that is a red flag, you know. i kind of thing is a dis, right? main street liked the market. time to get out. goes back to the old joe kennedy and shoeshine kid story. wall street missed out on most of this rally this year? >> yeah. it was. in fact this rally was against a backdrop of individual investors taking money out of the equity market. individual investors took more than 200 billion out of he can question funds during the course of 2019. what drove markets this year? a lot of it was cheap financing.
2:36 pm
certainly interest rates at historic lows and $300 billion of buybacks. that, most of the return we got this year was p-e expansion because, if you look at earnings it was only up maybe 3% for the year. charles: yeah. >> next year, we're looking at earnings at 6% perhaps. i don't think we'll get the same p-e expansion the way we did it this year. i would be happy with a mid single-digit return after 30% return. i will take five or 6%. charles: i think everyone would. real quick, jason, thoughts 20 to, up or down? >> listen i think we're probably going to be up, say less than 6%, for one main reason, guys. i've been bagging the drum on this we must look at interest rates. interest rates on u.s. bond market have been trending higher over the past several weeks. i think q1 will be a make-or-break period. if rates continue to march higher because the fed has given the message we'll not cut rates
2:37 pm
in 2020. which means you will go sideways or up, i think if the 30 year, if the 10-year surpasses last year's high, of 3%, that is when you will start to see the selling. >> first, has got to get through 2%. we'll see. >> i know. charles: gentlemen, merry christmas. always pleasure having you help us out here. >> thank you. charles: is the force strong for "star wars," final film? did critics reviews keep fans away? a sweet act of kindness to remind us all what really matters this holiday season. coming up how one five-year-old paid off lunch debt for her fellow students. ♪ than you.
2:38 pm
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charles: two days before christmas, we wanted to bring on one of the best stories in a while. a kindergarten in california
2:41 pm
showing the rest of us what a this season is all about. kaitlin hardy set up a hot chock heat and cookie stand. she raised enough money to pay off debt of 123 students. kaitlin and her mom karina join us. kaitlin, karina, great seeing you. mom, what did you think, when kaitlin came up with this idea. i mean what did you think? >> i thought, let's do it. why not? >> so karina, what made you feel like your fellow classmates needed this kind of help? what made you feel like you were the one who had to do it? >> well i don't think she felt like she had to do it. she wanted to do a stand to help raise some money so we pay off some of the negative lunch accounts. she had overheard one of her classmates parents having a hard time paying for an after-school
2:42 pm
program. she started asking me a bunch questions. from there she asked if there was something she could do. and i reminded her, that we have done lemonade stands before over the summer. and she asked if she could do hot cocoa and cookie stand? i said, let's do it. she sat out there the entire time. and, it was about three hours. and she was able to make $48 from the hot cocoa stand as well as $30 from commissioned art painting from a family friend. and from there, she wanted to do nate to her fellow classmates at school. so, i went in on monday morning. left a note for the cafeteria manager. and, the cafeteria manager contacted me and, said, that she was just in awe that kaitlin, one, wanted to hold a stand and two, that she even thought to pay back to her community and to
2:43 pm
her fellow classmates. >> i got to tell you, it is just absolutely amazing. we're in awe. i'm awe how well kaitlin is taking stardom. but, absolutely phenomenal. mom, you're extraordinarily proud. this is what we think the holidays are all about. kaitlin, karina, thank you very much. congratulations t was a wonderful gesture. >> thank you. the best part about this though, if i can say one other thing, our communities have come together. kaitlin paid off her school negative lunch account now with the fund-raiser we just held. as well as entire vista unified. we actually heard of other counties in, sorry, schools in san diego county that have actually had negative lunch accounts paid off as well from citizens. in each of the cities around here. so it is really been amazing. charles: it has been amazing. you never know how far one single act of kindness can go. hope to see you soon. >> thank you so much. >> meanwhile, "star wars," "the
2:44 pm
rise of skywalker," may have won the weekend's box office. this finale, didn't earn as much as recent predecessor as opening weekend, 175 million. how can you rank it as a bad thing. third largest weekend of the year. some say it's a dud. kristina partsinevelos in for liz claman. i know you're a "star wars" fan. talk about this and tesla both making headlines. >> you brought up up it didn't do as well as some were thinking. look at reviews on line, latest with metacritic, not sure from this site, 54%, rotten tomatoes, 57%. roger ebert, 2.5 on four. verdict is mixed in reviews and how it places with all other "star wars" properties it, comes in third after "the last jedi," as well as "the force awakens." still relatively high. a big, a decent, very strong movie for disney, but nonetheless.
2:45 pm
saw reaction in the stock market price for disney, lower today. not only just about disney. it is theaters that are running this movie. seeing also, see disney on the screen, down almost 1 1/2%. if we could, bring up, amc holdings. they're down over 4%. we're seeing cinema mark holdings, also down. charles: right. >> but begs to highlight the emphasis, highlights placed on big box office movies. disney being one of them. we could see more pressure towards disney plus, the streaming platform that did really well, with the new content like "the mandalorian." have you seen any of this stuff? charles: my wife has fallen love with baby yoda. >> a lot of people are. charles: she normally doesn't like this kind of stuff at all. it is intriguing stuff. real quick, elon muck, 420. infamous number. he tweeted out not long ago. took a victory lap today. say what you will, he has a lot of critics, tesla on fire he is
2:46 pm
killing it. >> he is on fire. looking at percentage of stock e float. people are betting it will fall. a lot of people are kicking themselves in the butt. we have didn't think it would go high. elon musk said, it is so high. making a joke about him smoking weed on joe rogan's podcast. we'll talk about it on today's show is this the most underrated stock for 2020? a guest, will talk about the january effect. this is something i focus on. how you get into focusing on january. december we talk about the santa claus high, will start tomorrow how you get in. volume is really, really low. which could lead to volatility. you and i charles, last year at stock exchange floor. we talked about a 500 point drop. we'll talk to how to prepare yourself, where to get in, where to make money, why us within the next few months. there is a lot to cover. "star wars" not being one of them. we will focus on tesla.
2:47 pm
and much, much more. charles: look forward to it. kristina, thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: china slashing tariffs. they say they want to promote growth. let's face it, they need to provide food and medicine to their citizens as well but will the hong kong situation and protesters there dampening all of china's plans? we'll have major discussion about this next. this is the epson ecotank color printer. no more buying cartridges. big ink tanks. lots of ink. print about... this many pages. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. 1 in 5 people you meet wear yeah. that many! but right now, is not the time to talk about it. so when you're ready, search 'my denture care'. poligrip and polident. fixed. fresh. and just between us.
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charles: this morning china announcing tariff rollbacks on all sorts of products. not just for the united states. this as hong kong protests ratcheting up this week. demonstrators demanding full democracy and probes into police
2:51 pm
brutality. hillary vaughn live at the white house with more. hillary? reporter: charles, china is deciding to chop tariffs on 800 different products starting new year, not just for the u.s., but other nations with nations favorited status with china. they will lower taxes with things on imports and other products. orange juice, avocados and frozen pork will see lower tariffs. frozen park is big win for the u.s. they are waiting to take advantage ever increased demand in china for their pigs after fatal swine flu took out pigs in china. now farmers here will import the pork there for less. >> president trump made it possible for long-term success for our families. by the time we are done, china will negotiate over 50% for the trade agreements.
2:52 pm
reporter: drugs that treat asthma and diabetes. beijing is planning a mid-summer drop in import taxes on high-tech products. starting july 1st, china will roll out the fifth tariff cut on over 170 different it products. as part of that irplan to expand imports of affidavit advanced technology equipment and spare parts. so they can boost the high-tech industries there. this comes as china continues to deal with backlash over hong kong demonstrations. more protests are planned over christmas. more people were arrested over the weekend. the demonstrations there are reaching their 7th month. it started back in june. since then, charles, over 6,000 protesters have been arrested. charles? charles: hillary, thank you very, very much. things moving in the right direction on trade. we love that. also folks, president trump and nancy pelosi taking their feud to twitter during the christmas break. but is pelosi's delay tactics running out of steam and starting to backfire? we'll discuss that next.
2:53 pm
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>> i'm going to bring in new york strategic advisor. for the most part, it's been acknowledged this is a losing issue on a public relations thing, the polls are drifting
2:57 pm
lower and lower, but for the most part, they know this. now they are reframing this as well, something that's so important that they have to fall on their political swords. we have seen them do it in the house. how are they going to get what they want in the senate? two different bodies, legislative bodies. >> absolutely. when you look at the house, they are actually constitutionally out of bounds; right? the house is responsible for impeachment and the senate is responsible for the trial. but you know what? this could be a strategic opportunity for leader mcconnell. how so? the thing is is that the house wants to bring in bolton, mulvaney and other cabinet members. mcconnell should hold steady and say you know what? we want to bring in joe biden, hunter biden, and you know what, guess what, charles? someone we haven't talked about in a while, the whistle-blower. charles: i forgot about the whistle-blower, but, mcconnell, though, is sort of old school. he's been around a while. i mean, you're a g.o.p. strategist. would it be easier to say hey, we've got a public relations
2:58 pm
win. this is decidedly, you know, listen no republicans defected. you had a couple democrats defect. now even doug jones a senator in alabama is talking about not voting to impeach president trump. that they more or less take the w and move on. you know, and avoid what could become a crazy charade. the whole thing could become nuts. >> first things first, what leader mcconnell should do is pass usmca. he shouldn't delay that. i think he says previously that he wants to delay that vote until after the trial. that would be a huge error. why so? because you want to make sure that president trump with all the great things he had done in 2019, you want to have the usmca as a cherry on the top, especially going into the state of the union. he should make sure he passes that. with regard to the trial, you know what? if pelosi wants to call, again, these three witnesses, we should hold down and hold steady, say,
2:59 pm
you know what? charles: it is baffling that she thinks she can make the rules in the senate. it is beyond the pale -- >> but even worse, actually say you know what? we're not sending this over until you agree. you know what, to use a business term, this is a show, like a cancel order on impeachment and mitch mcconnell says you know what? either we're going to fill the till, have all or none with respect to witnesses. charles: right. i'm looking at the money spent on advertising, president trump 4.4 million on ads. 99% of his ad budget has gone to talk about impeachment in recent weeks. that sort of underscores in my mind how confident he is that this is a winning issue for him. if you look at the rest of the board up there, i mean, outside of tom steyer, the democratic party itself doesn't want any part of this. they don't want the public even hearing about this. >> right, the thing is that president trump is spending his money wisely; right? when you look at historical trends, even president obama, historic win in 2008, he had a lower voter turnout in 2012.
3:00 pm
president trump is going to use this issue to drive his base. charles: well, it is great having you on. i believe nancy pelosi is going to send it to the senate sooner rather than later. john, thank you very much. we're up 113 points as i hand it over to kristina partsinevelos in for liz claman. >> charles, thank you very much. merry christmas if i don't see you tomorrow. charles: okay. >> thank you. we have santa's elves packing up new records in kris kringle's sleigh as investors cheer china's move to pull back on tariffs on products, everything from pork to semiconductors. markets set to close at all-time high. it will be eight straight record closes for the nasdaq, the longest stretch in 21 years. but someone may be on santa's naughty list, boeing's ceo fired for his handling of two deadly 737 max jet crashes. we will have that coming up. tesla today h


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