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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 23, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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>> will do it again right? >> yes. >> that's exciting stuff welcome santa will see a very soon merry christmas and happy hanukkah. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you mom. ♪ ♪ my christmas and well compared lets it down to business, republicans say it's a stupid stunt that doomed to fail. but democrats say nancy plus he is only selling impeachment to an sure affair trial in the senate. and now a bunch of new white house e-mails during a monkeywrench into everything. it is christmas eve eve, and i am guy benson in for kennedy. thanks for being here. as you know the house speaker presided over the last teacher votes. but she is not yet sent that paperwork over to the senate. yesterday on "face the nation", maryland democratic senator tried to explain why. >> speaker policy is doing exactly the right thing. she is focusing a spotlight on
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the need to have a fair trial in the united states senate. and it's especially necessary when you have mr. mcconnell, senator mcconnell quoted earlier saying publicly that he is not going to be an impartial juror. even though that's what the oath will require. >> all the democrats in the senate are so impartial, we know. meanwhile ted cruz has a different view. surprisingly he said all you just heard is a bunch of blank. >> i think this is a sign of weakness. i think this is a sign that she understands just how weak these articles are. these articles of impeachment that they actually voted on were really an admission of failure. for months, they had been promising all this evidence of chronic chemical activity. they've atomic quid pro quo, and bribery, then they heard the evidence and there is no evidence of it. >> now on saturday president trump said he likes the way every thing is playing out. just kidding he hates it. >> they have nothing, there is
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no crime, there is nothing. how do you impeach when there is no crime. even their people said there's no crime. crazy nancy, she's crazy. so now she says you know, she has no case. she has no case. so let's not submit it. that's good, that's good, right? but so unfair. >> shout out to turning.usa. but now there's a new wrinkle in the story. over the weekend we learn the white house in an e-mail to the defense department asking them to freeze military aid to ukraine. now this is significant because the e-mail was sent just 90 minutes after the now infamous july phone call after the phone called him. schumer up in arms saying this is a game changer. >> we want affair. and documents and witnesses make it fair. it's hard to imagine a trial not having documents and witnesses. if it doesn't have documents and witnesses, it's going to seemed like most of the
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american people that it is a sham trial. a show trial. not to get at the facts. >> but will senate majority lever mitch mcconnell budget 1 inch? joining me tonight to discuss is a federal senior editor fox contributor molly hemingway. molly merry christmas. >> merry christmas it's great to be here. >> so help me here, i'm puzzled. i hear the argument on some on the left that nancy has the right to do this because she can exert some leverage over senate republicans to somehow move the rules in a way that is more okay, more acceptable for the democratic party. but i'm struggling, and mystified to understand what that leverage is and how that would work? >> in order to have leverage you have to be getting -- mitch mcconnell does not need to run impeachment trial. she if she never sends the articles over, he will just chew gum and confirm judges and keep doing what is doing. >> and he would love to do that.
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>> and he loved to do. those unclear with the leverages. but also i think there's a basic ignorance about what is going on in impeachment trial. the constitution does give the senate to hold the trial. and mitch mcconnell's plan was to do exactly what was done during the clinton impeachment which was let the house managers make their case, hear from the person, the team of the people of the person is being accused, and then decide whether you need more evidence or if you need witnesses, or any documents. that's a fairly standard procedure. what schumer and policy one is to demand the evidence up front. and i do think that suggests that this is a downside from them rushing their portion of the impatient. they really didn't have their case together, so they know they need more evidence and more witnesses to get them. but that's kind of the downside of doing things as quickly as they did. >> molly i've been critical of the president on this issue here but dubious and impatient. in one of the arguments were the democrats on their process in the house as it was urgent. our very democracy was at
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stake. that's why they couldn't wait to adjudicate in court, and subpoena enforcement and so forth. they had to rush at warp speed to this totally made up christmas deadline because of democracy. we have to do this right now. and then they pass the articles they stick it in a drawer. it kinda blows up messaging. >> writes, that is a big problem that is already not been in impeachment that has garnered a lot of support outside of the democratic party are outside of the resistance. and they said it needed to be urgent and now just sitting on it. and they also have these curious articles and impatient. very different from what we are told at the outset. quid pro quo, and extortion and bribery. and now what one of those articles is obstruction of congress. so it's a very bizarre to obstruct the senate while you're trying to make the case that obstruction of congress requires immediate removal from office. >> yes the process articles have now switched. the house republicans were mad about the process and now the democrats are trying to be mad about the process because they are not in charge in the
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senate. >> i actually think though that the portion in the house of investigating the president, this was another thing where they decided not to do it in a way that would garner a lot of support from republicans. some people didn't think that was very fair. now they're saying that that we need to be fair to the houses case. will generally think of due process you think about being fair to the accused. so denying the accuser right to a speedy trial is continuing the pattern that the houses done thus far. they can do these things, but it's not going to gain them a lot of support outside of this. >> somali on the processing, i agree the democrats are playing a weak hand. policy's gambit is a week. but they put that off to the side for a minute and we ignore the house democrats a moment, is there good substantive gaze about hearing from john bolton? i would like to hear from john bolton. >> of course the case needs to be made by the people who say it so important. but i also think you played the script from represent a ben holland sang these senators need to be jurors.
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and it gets this issue of should more witnesses be called? at the senate is not a jury. they are going to take an oath that they need to be impartial to justice. but they they are not jurors, that was discussed during the clinton impeachment when they said you're not a jury and if you were a jury you would not be calling witnesses or demanding more from evidence. this is not something a jury would do anyway. some people do need to understand what their role is and it's not jury although they need to care about being serious about this. >> and also molly let's be frank here there is a hundred senators and i can think of maybe six or not sure how they would vote. the rest of them it's very obvious, so the impartiality thing is a bit silly, although i understand the part about both. molly always appreciated, thanks for coming in. >> thank you take care. >> meanwhile trumps lending policies and she's too afraid to go forward with impeachment. is he right or to share more. sleeve?
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here with morris party panel senior on. >> david bruno, maxwell's, hey guys, happy holidays thanks for coming in. sometimes not the easiest day for guest booking, but we have an all-star light appear. so i really appreciate it. >> it kinda seems to me that the democrats are playing this game right now were there pretending let but they woke up last week and they said zero my god we have controlled the senate. and now what we get a do about these rules that are so unfair. if they were concerned about that, perhaps they could have mentioned it before they had already passed the articles of impeachment. just looks like a stunt. >> will this whole thing looks more and more nakedly partisan. i think molly is right to say this doesn't garner additional support from folks who may be in the middle, who maybe think that this call was not perfect as the president would call
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it. but who are skeptical of using this extreme remedy of impeachment. look let's be honest, this is the most extreme remedy a constitution offers. and that is to overturn the results of a duly held election where the american people voted on a president. >> and nancy plus he said it would not really be legitimate or fair if it were partisan. right? she said there had to be bipartisanship, and she has abandoned that. >> there was not an with the flip of the complaint on process, it just seems no nakedly partisan. that's why think a lot of americans are turning against us impeachment, because they're open to hearing the president trump had done wrong on this call, but now you just see a hardening of the partisan lines and i think it is becoming more and more clear. >> a lot i hacked essex step happening. david this kind of looks and feels like a christmas gift to cocaine mitch mcconnell. because he was not terribly excited about this trial. some of his members aren't excited about the trail who are up for tough reelection
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spirits i think this is sort of an opportunity for republicans to argue with marit that this is an fair and in serious and petty and partisan more so than if they would have just done with the republicans did in 98 and instantly pass on the documents to the senate. that is not happen here. >> i agree with you guy, it also gives the republicans a chance to highlight the process was unfair in the house. because resolution 660 was written by house democrats, and it did not allow the republicans to get their witnesses in front of the house. that's of the republicans have been claiming. they've been saying why can't we call hunter biden. why can't we call the whistleblower. and that gets to the process of the resolution 660. so now the house loses control and it goes to the senate. and mitch mcconnell and their republicans and the majority they set the rules in the senate. so there is no leverage to answer your question. there's no leverage whatsoever. >> they keep using that word they're going to apply pressure.
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mcconnell fills no pressure on this at all. and matt let me bring you in, the argument is garbled. right? they made this.we have to rush through, i talked to molly about this. they have to rush through because our election is at stake in 2020. they could kill again. and then we have this move and she sort of saying it's indefinite. how fast will she kicked customer she has to know this is bad politics. >> i guess what she is thinking that maybe at some kind of chinese water told her, out of you can still that. but with donald trump. he will just sit there and kind of slowly go crazy with this hanging over his head. i guess, i don't think that he will, but from her.of view, i just think it's a fatal mistake. i think this is someone kind of like you, this was a problematic thing. i think there's a good case that he abused power, they didn't necessarily make that good case. in order to make that good case you have to get witnesses and you have to subpoena documents. they tried a little bit, and they said okay well it's going
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to take too long to have the court sorted through. no, this is a moment in the legislative branch should be restoring its seriousness which has frittered away voluntarily for a long time. and the way that you do this is a you show a bit of sobriety. go through the process, go to the courts, challenge the president, see if we can get some of that. when you get this you're getting at john bolton in the house. >> they did not even subpoena him and meanwhile over the senate these mollies write mcconnell's right they just did 13 judges the other day one of every fourth circuit court judges are natural appointee which is really extraordinary. in the meantime, just in time for christmas, american christians aren't odds over impeachment. you mightn't magazine christianity today published last week calling for trumps removal of office for the editor who wrote that p smart golly told msnbc the reaction has been mixed and somewhat unholy. watch. >> a while on the plus side, although we've lost a number of hundreds of subscribers to
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be frank about it, we've drained three times as many from subscribers. so i think overall, at least the world we live and it's been affirmative. but there has been the angry e-mails, the defensive e-mails, there is been the outrage. >> in response nearly 200 evangelical leaders pushing back with the letter they have written to the president christianity today, doctor timothy dalrymple his letters to signatories includes mike huckabee followed junior and says quote, your editorial offensively question his spiritual integrity and the christian witness of tens of millions of believers who take seriously their civic and moral obligations. and not only tired and got our president, it also targeted those of us who have supported him, and have supported you. of course the president had to weigh in tweeting, i guess the magazine christianity today is looking for elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, are those type of socialist, communist bent
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folks. to guard their religion. how about sleepy joe? the fact is no president has ever done what i have. for evangelicals or religion itself! so is this a sign that trumps evangelical base eroding or is the backlash assigned that they are supporting him now more than ever? it should be in my view okay for people of faith to disagree in good faith on sort of a proprietary question like this, right? >> yes but that's overseeing now that politics are playing for all of the marbles because of where the left is on religious liberty and other issues that are really important to the total community and his old people would say agnostic jew, i find these issues as serious issues about fundamental rights that are threatened by the left. people feel pushed to the wall, and that's why they are willing to say something like maybe 20 years ago a man of donald trump's personal character would have not been able to get garner the support
9:15 pm
from even genitals that he is today. but it speaks or moment of politics where we are now playing for such serious rights, such serious incursions into people's ability to worship freely, that they feel pushed up against a wall. and they feel we acted over the sky we have to support and can see is the only thing holding back a really serious incursions. >> and that's the strongest argument and the opposite direction than the even delco's perspective. they're saying religious liberties and the courts. right? these are hugely important to our entire policy project and our constitutional understanding, and there is an imperfect vessel is advancing that, then so be it. but there is david, maybe some hypocrisy here? a lot of these same people were deeply and gravely concerned about the personal conduct of bill clinton. so that affected his ability to do the job, and they have totally reverse themselves when it comes to trump for those reasons. >> yes and i think there is a priority list and they are not
9:16 pm
putting ukraine at the top. it's abortion rights and religious freedoms and things like that. but this this is a shot for the editor who is retiring. it's a preview for the left. they know they have to chip away at that evangelical vote. i can see that happening moving forward. >> i think it's left of action of the left, but there is some anxiety and there should be if your tethering your mast to a person who is indecent, he's vulgar and he's a boar. you're going to be seen at the strongest block back that offends a lot of peoples values who foregrounds sense of decency about compartments. there should be some anxiety. >> standby panel returning in a bit but first north korea is threatening the united states with a quote christmas surprise. at the same time one of president former top national security advisers says the white house policy, the
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president trump's former national security adviser says the former casino owner, i.e. trunk, is bluffing. when it comes to north korea.
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john bolton came to the news that kim jong-il might conduct a christmas surprise missile launch by telling xes in an interview he doesn't think the president really means it when it comes to stopping his nuclear ambitions. but also said the white house is not telling a truth when it claims its putting maximum pressure on the hermit kingdom. he also urged the administration to take than usual step of admitting it was wrong. bolton went on to claim that president trump should be more concerned over kim jong-il's short-range missile launches. if he is correct, or should the president ignore this former chief of staff. here with me now is former trump deputy advisor and author of forthcoming book revolution, trump, washing ten, and we the people. katie great to see you. microsoft. >> mary christmas, simpleton right? i think speculating on north korea, everybody has been
9:22 pm
trying to figure out martha north korea for the last 20 years. we've used a combination of sticks and tariffs, sometimes more stick sometimes more carrots. and when i came in with president trump, he reviewed the national security policy towards career and there really were no good options left. so what we did was come up with the plan of coming up with economic diplomatic financial political military, altogether and put them on a dial and slowly turned up the dial, which is what the maximum pressure campaign has been all about. with this certain extent bolton is right has not been successful but i would add yet. and here's why. because a lot of what north korea can do right now, and get away with doing is because it's underwritten i china and by russia between china and russia particular china and they get 75% of their food their transportation fuel and their fuel and energy. without the north korean, without that pipeline if you
9:23 pm
will being shut down, the china gives them in russia gives them, it's very difficult for our sanctions to have any real effect on north korea. one thing i would say guises i'm never sure what john bolton has in mind when he says the policy towards iran is it working. or the policy towards north korea isn't working. does he really want to get involved in another military confrontation in these parts of the world? i think the great thing that trump is done is he's used economic warfare because our economy is so strong. and he's gone a lot further with his economic pressure and economic warfare than anybody has in the middle east using military action. >> you know kt i have been patient on this new policy effort from the administration i think a lot of the president's advisers and the defenders in the president himself are correct when they say we've tried on a bipartisan basis through the
9:24 pm
years. this one tact and it hasn't worked. let's try something totally different and see what happens. i think there are some space, right in that? shouldn't there be a.where you have to admit that it's failing? or there be some sort of events that would be a red light in your mind where the administration would have to say okay we tried, but we have to pivot away now. >> i don't know that you'd pivot away, i would agree why not say that it has not been as successful as we wanted. i think one thing that we haven't really explored, and i give trump full credit for figuring this out, we've done the carrots we've done the sticks. redone the sanctions we donated. we have not done is played to kim's ego. and i think trump is figured out that with kim, he doesn't care about his people, he cares about himself. so it's always going to be personal with him. it's always going to be something that appeals to him personally and to his ego.
9:25 pm
and i think trump by having him come to the summit meetings, by meeting him in person, and giving him a start and amount of stature is something that kim craves. but at the same time it's something that could be pulled away very quickly. and then he is left all by himself and are hermit kingdom, back to where he was. >> right back to where he was. >> right back to where he was and has a case of what he knows it could be like. and that's were trunk and pull the rug out from under those north koreans. >> okay kt really quickly hear the russian just side did sanctions against the russian gas pipe pipeline. that was not good news in the kremlin what is your reaction? >> the right thing to do, the russians, we sanction the ructions it's been very tough on the russians. and if the russians have the ability to keep western europe and particularly germany on a leash, because they are
9:26 pm
controlling the energy that russia exports and germany so desperately needs. it puts the entire european experiments, if you will, and the whole nato alliance and a big. why are we propping up question questioning countries that we turn out and let them vulnerable to the russians? >> are a kt thank you very much may christmas your whole family. >> mary christmas. >> instagram's stars, former victoria to cigarettes models, gathering in saudi arabia's sick capital city every odd for the latest big budget music festival. how many painted the walls of their social media account with images of music and dancing, and singing and that sort of thing, all sorts of pics and all sorts of bids. some of the kingdom's human rights abuses were noticeably absent. influencers and celebrities say now feel the heat over that. a post by fashion an instagram account diet products, called
9:27 pm
alfie attendees for cashing big fat checks by participating in the country's propaganda efforts to rehabilitate its image. the post also reference the brutal october 2018 killing of journalists by saudi operatives. the backlash for the celebrities visit talks about this sentencing five people to death for that killing but senior officials and the crown prince were completely exonerated. shockingly. so should these semi- feminist internet stars find some roasted party? party panels back. i'm david and matt's. let's start with this saudi move mats, my favorite and i mean least favorite of their findings it was not a premeditated killing. i guess they just dropped a bone saw along just in case. >> you always have one handy just in case. you might get an actual journalist and a constant facility. these guys were low-level kind of nobodies, they took the
9:28 pm
solids a secret sham. everything says this is garbage. this is an awful sound of her who's done too much business with our country having too much influence over our successive administration going back decades. and it's a scandal. it's not just influencers going there, which is bad enough, but our member during the bush administration the frito of the bush clan would go there on business conferences. they spent more money on every single president's presidential library in this country than any other source funding. we need to stop this. these people, this country is run by very, very sick people. >> and is definitely clear these are fall guys who are going to be decapitated for following orders, right? swamp beginning and sees that his justice. matt makes a completely fair.about the saudi's. as a counterpoint yes they are terrible, but they are a necessary bulwark against iran?
9:29 pm
and so we sort of have to play ball little bit even if they're awful? >> i think that is exactly right. if we are to choose our allies based on those who live up to the standards of western democracy, the world is a very ugly place in our comparative options in the recent region ironic, probably executed 1500 of their protesters and the last couple years, is not getting splashed across the news the same way. and then we just had politicians of a bunker trump and lindsey graham, media folks from buzz feed, all gathering at this forum. cutter used white used modern-day slave labor. we don't get that splashed across the news in the same way. in saudi arabia, yes, this is a horrific murder and it's an ugly thing, but there are some moves away from that towards not a western democracy. it's not going to be like spain or france overnights or at all. women are finally able to
9:30 pm
drive there. >> david quickly on this.of the celebrities on the instagram influencers who went over there, is it fair game to criticize him? >> yes of course. but i'm the attorney on the panel i like to talk about the trial little bit. main first first of all that was a year trial were closed doors, nobody could talk about what happened in it. and we don't even know who was convicted. the five that receive the death sentence it's ludicrous. to say that there is no prior intent to kill on this, and it was a snap decision, is ridiculous. let's not forget lindsey graham statement that there was the smoking saw. it's more than just the saw. there was a recording of the murder. there is a recording of them killing him. and. >> and the cia said it came from the very top. so medium to high confidence fighting on that. that it came from the top and was ordered by the crown pent prince. >> et al. ugly, thanks guys will be back soon the first coming is lismore and about to get an endorsement from former
9:31 pm
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heating back up and not just because of smoke signals. an massachusetts senator reportedly being pushed behind closed doors by none other than former president barack obama. who has reportedly been urging wealthy donors to get behind her with all they've got if she becomes the nominee. the news comes perhaps as a wake-up call for sleepy joe biden who famously claimed he doesn't want his old bosses endorsement which is preposterous. let's hope he means it. because if he doesn't, this report about warren might have them so nervous hell be biting his own finger. pete booted judge campaign also making waves tonight announcing a secured endorsements from 218 foreign-policy and national security professionals. many of whom have worked for
9:36 pm
the obama's the admin section. and rounding out this 2020 grab bag is and her gang. he said iowa is not a make or break state for his campaign. thank you stick around for the spring. to the democratic party may be a little disheveled right now, but will they get themselves cleaned out by the time hillary clinton jumps into the race? that's trolling. here with me tonight's former for president george w. bush and fox news contributor bill mcgurn. bill, so i see the story about warren and obama saying nice things about her to donor, and i immediately wonder was this leaked by the obama people or was this legs by the worn people who just want to clear they need something here. >> probably both, but it's interesting that it's behind closed doors and that's with donors because they lose interest in thang about elizabeth moran is the opposition she has engendered by normally democratic people. wealthy democrats who just think she is a bit too far for them.
9:37 pm
i think frankly people will fall behind elizabeth moran if she is the nominee. >> for the most part they will, but they might not get all of the big dollars they need. >> i'm also a little suspicious of the story because is being hyped a little bit as if it's an endorsement or a tacit endorsement. it sounds more like begging big donors and not to flee the party if she. [inaudible] >> that's how i read it not an endorsement of her but don't make public comments, don't help trump is basically with the messages. >> so let's say obama is talking her up, and saying oh she's so talented and she'd be great, he should get behind her. he's also just said in the last few weeks publicly repeatedly, the party shouldn't go and further to the left. at smith's messaging here. and moran hereto you would assume. >> that's for the democrats are stuck now. so when the listen to me it's kind like republicans are told john huntsman is really the
9:38 pm
guy. so i'm not a democrat, so the advice can be taken with a grain of salt. but it seems to me they have two issues to getting to a nominee. either joe byman has to follow parts in his percentage that he has has to go to different people, or elizabeth warren has to fall down and bernie sanders can pick up the progressive wing there. >> briefly build the booted judge endorsement, do they matter? >> i don't think so. i think it's kind of clever is going after biden. people have obviously realized if i am going to rise past this third place, this'll settle it down there, i'm going to have to attack. he did that in the debate before he is rising, and joe biden was chairman of the foreign relations committee in the senate, vice president's pride themselves on their foreign policy in particular ukrainian policy. [laughter] as we know,. >> also young to sail people are worried i'm only my late
9:39 pm
30s can i do this job. here are hundreds of professionals in this realm who would support me. >> and commander-in-chief, that immediately makes me suspicious of him. and also it's very suspicious when they just say number. who are they? alright bill mcgurn very festive tie, thank you for stopping by. coming up, all of our political division could make for a rough holiday with the family. but now amazon thanks it has a perfect solution to stop drunk uncle bill from ruining another christmas. we will explain, not bill mcgurn, next. how did you make someone i love? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. so get allstate. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me.
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welcome back, maybe christmas time but we have not forgotten mouth trumpet monday. but for the sake of the show in my own personal dignity i'm not going to attempt it. instead kennedy joins us from the christmas crazed streets of new york city.
9:44 pm
enjoy. ♪ ♪ >> what christmas carol would you like to hear? >> chestnuts roasting on an open fire. ♪ ♪ >> that's a mouth trumpet. your kennedy right? >> your right that's right that's me. rudolph the red nose rainer. ♪ ♪ ♪ that's awesome. ♪ ♪ >> never had one lesson. [laughter] thank you what christmas carol do you want to hear on mouth trumpet. >> i guess we wish you a merry christmas. ♪ ♪ very good, thank you very
9:45 pm
much. [laughter] only her. she is the only person i know who could somehow get away with that. the little drummer boy was my favorite and kept going, congratulations candy, merry christmas we know you're watching. so the amazon echo has a new feature that enables its alexa to change the subject if you get an argument a christmas dinner. according to reviews the people who like the story like to talk about politics while drinking. user who feel the temperature rising at the dinner table can prompt a digital distraction by saying alexa, change the subject. at which.which she will ask what would be your superpower and why? i think mine would be to fly but let me think about that. is amazon right to be changing topics? or should people just change up their guest list? a party panel is back and is one of the topic changes that they will apparently have alexa offer is whether pineapple should be on pizza.
9:46 pm
so this could cause much more strife at my table than a political debate. >> i mean the most popular thing is food takes. but i'm just shocked that people allow these kgb dream devices into their homes. especially you want to notify it when you're talking about politics? >> mr. libertarian has one. >> mr. libertarian does have learned it's good to talk to the in-laws or the grandparents far away. i just wanted to do in the other way words not to try to break up arguments as to actually try to start it. >> and go around alexa this is boring, let's argue. >> exactly i want to know exactly when you should or should not have the government intruding on abortion rights question. alexis like what is the one true religion and why? that would be good this'll be fun. >> so here's the thing, i feel like around the holidays the media always has stories about old man, can we all get
9:47 pm
together and dined together as families without being at each other's throats. there is a poll done after thanksgiving and the acid you fight with their relatives at thanksgiving? that's supposed to be a widespread issue we have to discuss. 3% of americans said yes, which is within the margin of error. almost no one actually has this problem. >> i disagree. >> you are wrong get off the stage. i have cases that flow from the settings. they do go down. but isn't it amazing what's next? this is just another command that nobody really knows about until this.right here? do we really need alexa to keep the called mentor houses? >> we don't need machines. i think human beings can change the subject. i think it's an overblown problem. >> i have never had a political argument at things giving. maybe we are all repressed. but it's makework for hot take artists in brooklyn to write
9:48 pm
about. like talking about your retrograde family it's not really a problem, relax and have some turkey. >> we are going to injustice can change the subject here on the show because when kennedy is gone but i can't do the mouth trumpet but i can do the topical storm and it's a very, very fun one tonight. so stay tuned for that. alexa bring us the storm is next.
9:49 pm
what are you doing back there, junior?
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a survey show that california's population growth slowed to its lowest level since 1900. and may be difficult to compare 2019 california to 1900 california, for example one was plagued with germs and diseases and everyone was sleeping outdoors. the other happened in 1900. but with the times, because this is the topical storm. topic one we begin tonight in philadelphia where they are on a collision course with christmas, again. anybody can deck the halls, but only philly sports fans conduct the tree. this eagles fan hit a douglas first so hard it thought it was a police horse. sure look silly to you, because you weren't drinking like you are pledging opportunity six hours before game time. the truth is we would not expect anything less or frankly more from the same model citizens who literally once buddhist santa. and that's a true story.
9:53 pm
of course this is not the only eagle story taking flight tonight. the team just in house is hosting a 4000 passenger cruise, exclusively for eagles fans. so first there was the love vote, now there is the shove vote. someone really is a tell eagles fans act like you've been there before, they don't mean prison. that captain, is going to actually try to hit an iceberg. she soon? topic two. we are heading out to independence missouri where it's no secret that the police department is going downhill. a police work is never easy but these cops are facing some seriously tough sledding. any cop can fight crime, but only a true hero can battle frostbite. now we will admit this is not the craziest video by storm standards, but we showed it to you anyway because it's nice to see something going downhill that's not elizabeth warren's presidential campaign. such a shame. she's raised so much a wampum. it's a second year in a row the department had their sleigh ride, although
9:54 pm
attendance was a bit down from last year. in fairness, with temperature so cold, there's bound to be some shrinkage. it's about time jimmy wrote a highbrow joke on the show. thank you jimmy. topic three it's a mug shot monday, this week's winner is a florida man. who claims that the wind blew cocaine into his car. apparently mother nature been partying with her sorority sisters again. needless to say prosecutors expect this case to be a breeze. 37-year-old joseph zach, allegedly threw a baggie out of his car window when the police stopped him, like all people have nothing to hide do. cops also discovered a crack pipe, second bag of powder at which.the zoo dub's zach said the window put it there. it's a bonkers defense, but it's nice to see someone getting in trouble for wind other than eric's while well. again highbrow. as of tonight, the wasted weatherman is out on bail, we are happy to report he's even
9:55 pm
landed a new job at a bike messaging company. apparently he is the branch manager. topic four, we are finally saluting a washington state's garlic college student is big on regifting. this kid stole christmas presents from under the tree at a police station, which actually sticks and stones. the only problem is they were fake gifts proving once and for all colleges are charging definitely too much for an education. police are thinking elf on the shelf are recording this video and the campus is still shaking. it's like nothing he's ever seen before. much like a job offer. i know a lot of you were wondering where the cops were, turns out they were conducting an ice raid. the internet was calling this the most unbelievable police story of the year, but the weird thing is when you google the most unbelievable place of the air, ever result is about jesse's mullet. which is just a joke jesse, don't go beating yourself up.
9:56 pm
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listen to the guy benson show. fox news radio monday through friday eastern time. the podcast is free, at by guy benson happy hanukkah, merry christmas from new york. [♪] gregg: good evening, i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for the vacationing lou dobbs. washington begins the week locked in an impeachment stalemate. but the radical dimms may have exposed their play to swindle another charge against president trump. nancy pelosi refusing to send over two articles of impeachment against president trump until she knows how a trial will be run in the senate, not that it's any of her business. donald trump


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