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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 24, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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everybody. lauren: joining the conversation, wall street journal wealth management reporter and host of the secrets of wealthy women, podcast, veronica dagger. pwc partner, mitch roschelle. around forbes media chairman, stevensteve forbes. welcome, everybody. >> merry christmas, good to he see you. lauren: stocks hoping for another big day on wall street. we have all three major averages finishing in record territory yesterday on trade optimism. president trump saying washington and beijing will sign a trade deal, quote, very shortly. steve, is this all trade, what's your reaction to the rally we've seen. the nasdaq is rallying like it's 1998, eight days of record closes in a row. >> what a contrast to a year ago where there was he pessimism, the market crashed in december. the big overhang has always been trade. if they get a trade deal signed, i hope it's not one of those
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things where it's always on the horizon, we're about to do it. i think they will do it. that will take a huge uncertainty out of the way, usmca, nafta 2, getting that out of the way. the other thing to avoid is a trade war with europe over auto parts and imports. with all the optimism, bank of america said 68% of managerses think the market's going to be good. that's usually a bearish sign. lauren: i know. when everyone starts saying things are so good, mitch, you study this, you know the stock market, does that mean you should go in the other direction. >> not necessarily. think about what happened last year. we were worried about the fed raising rates. this year the fed lowered rates three times. the markets are sending them a message, saying we like lower rates. i think fed talk will be the thing to look at. i would look at corporate earnings next year. baked into the market this year is the fact that next year will be a good year for earnings.
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last year was a meh year for earnings. lauren: if you're sitting on the sidelines or trying to make further investments to what you already have in your portfolio, where is the entry point? so many people are saying, well, you know, it's feeling kind of top py. if stocks give a little bit, maybe we'll come in. we haven't seen that. >> we haven't seen that. it's a tough place for individual investors. if you look at the market, stocks are up, bonds have rallied. gold is up. everything is moving in tandem. this hasn't happened in a long time. as an investor, it's hard to find the entry point. i think we may see some sort of pullback in the you fe new year. election years tend to be good for the market. some of the wise words i heard recently, somebody said don't try to time the market. it's not about market timing, it's about your time in the
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market. and a i thought that was a great piece of advice for individual investors. >> that's why you should divide your portfolio in two, your retirement funds be boring and consistent, put the money in regularly. don't look at it. play your warren buffet with the rest of it where you can let your emotions play out if that's what you want to do. what happened last december, interest rates, whoever thought we would have another bond rally. for several years people have been predicting how much better can it be. you don't make money on the interest, but on the capital gains side it's amazing what happened. lauren: we were talking about the entry point. a lot of folks were saying i have $337 for boeing stock, that's what it's at now, is this a company worth buying? the ceo, dennis muilenburg is out, forced to step down following a series of missteps after the 737 crashes. replacing him, david calhoon, a former ge executive with a
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reputation of being able to handle companies in crisis. he's been on the board for a decade. is this really the transformational cultural leadership change we were hoping for? >> that's a hard thing to figure out, but clearly the market's sending a signal they want to change there and that's why they responded positively. the boeing story to me is a bigger macroeconomic one, because let's think about boeing. they employ 80,000 people in seattle, the largest employer in seattle, largest manufacturer in the united states, largest exporter in our economy. so the thing i worry about more for boeing is if something is really a problem there, what's the impact of that on our economy because they're the largest manufacturer in the united states. and we already have a fragile manufacturing sector. that's not a good thing. so i'm hoping he can turn things around but i'm more worried big picture at the bigger macroeconomic issues there. lauren: with suppliers and everything else. your reaction? >> the power of boeing was seen in congress recently when they got the import, export bank renewed for another seven years
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which people think is a piggy bank for boeing. you without this crisis, the bank might have gone down. people figured out we've got to do something to keep this company going. even though calhoon has been on the board for a while, he is a crisis manager. he's now in charge. he's brought in a first rate communications manager who knows how to handle a crisis. calhoon did it at blackstone, he helped call pillar out when -- caterpillar out when they got rated. i think they'll work closely with regulators and with the press, so i -- boeing's going to be there because they're the only one of two guys who can make -- [ overlapping speakers ] lauren: the problem for boeing is as simple as trust, trust in the flying public to fly on any boeing jet, particularly the 737 max but for the suppliers as well. how do they regain that trust? >> that's a great question. that's his big challenge as e ceo. he needs to prove to the
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regulators whom boeing has ticked off around the world, quite frankly, that this is a trustworthy company that prioritizes safety, not just cost-cutting. they're all about the bottom line as boeing which as an investor sounds great. if that comes at the expense of safety and the market is perceiving that, the suppliers and the flying public are perceiving it. lauren: would you fly on a 737 max? >> i would not. >> i have flown on a 737 max. lauren: between lion air and ethiopia. >> before they took them out of the air. it that was the news story and i pulled a little thing out of the seat pocket in front of me and i saw the 737 max and i was looking at the story on my phone and of course i tweeted about it but i've done it. lauren: would you put your kids on it? >> probably -- i don't know that i would get on it again right now until we know. that goes to the point steve made. they brought in a world class communications person. i think they have a bit of a communications challenge and they have a regular --
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regulatory challenge. >> one of the things they'll work with the regulators on, no longer will they assume that pilots are of american caliber, top pilots who probably know how to handle a situation like that. around the world you've got inexperienced pilots com coming. you have to assume the pilots don't have the experience a veteran american pilot would have. if yo they can convince regulats they're dealing with that, i think they'll regain trust of the regulators. lauren: boeing moved the market yesterday. we have to talk about tesla. we'll call it a simila symbolich yesterday, they moved past $420 a share. elon musk tweeted this, whoa, the stock is so high, lol. why is 420 significant? last year, he tweeted am considering taking tesla private and then he had to pay
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$20 million himself, he lost chairmanship of the board. the story goes on. now, tesla is at $420 many he's a genius. >> he's a genius. this is one of the most shorted stocks. this is not a place you're looking for stability if you're an investor. a couple months ago, the stock was in the 200s. so they've seen a big run-up in recent months. we'll see what happens. he's got his work cut ought for him. the electric car space is getting more and more competitive. they're relying heavily china for their growth going forward. some people wonder is china going to be the market that's going to drive the growth that they're expecting. yet to be seen. lauren: get financing from china -- >> the key is continuing to move forward on the ev technology. they've been ahead of the curve with the rest of the industry. if he continues to make breakthroughs on the battery side, then even if they don't get the big breakthrough in china, people are going to prefer them over the regular
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automakers. lauren: it's funny that everybody is talking about the octagon looking truck on the los angeles highway. we're talking about it. >> well, -- lauren: he creates buzz. >> he's a marketing genius, no question about it. let's not look past the fact that 420 and the word "high" in his tweet -- lauren: we noted it. >>.>> all the u.s. manufactures are spending hundreds -- in the aggregate, $225 billion ramping up their ev capabilities, so i think there's going to be a lot of competition in that layer of the march a get in an automobile -- market in an automobile industry that's sinking as opposed to rising because people are sort of getting out of being in cars right now. lauren: but are they? as long as gas is affordable nationwide and cars and trucks are getting bigger and bigger, do we move to electric vehicles?
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no one i know is buying an ev. sad, but true. >> i think this could very well be the decade 06. hillaryof more and morepeople b. there aren't a lot of choices. car buyers tend to like choice. when we see the mustang come out and volkswagen's got one and chevrolet will have a whole bunch, i think that's what the market starts -- >> and then being able to drive and not fear you're going to run out of electricity and no place to recharge. lauren: someone saying something to me that resonated. they said when we get to the point when we're doing more vehicle sharing, that's the point where we'll adopt autonomous and electric at the same time. >> i could see it. i think the prices need to come down. i think the ta target audience s people in their 20s who are more environmental econ shoes, looking for something -- environmenty conscious, looking for something good for
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the environment but they can't afford it. lauren: president obama not getting behind his vice president joe biden, reportedly telling big money he democratic donors to back elizabeth warren if she gets the nomination, that's interesting. because she's been highly, highly critical of wall street and also billionaires in wine caves. steve? [ laughter ] >> what's going on here? >> what we're seeing here, if you want to be mac macavelian, s being nice to warren. she's no longer the flavor of the month. i think he's being nice, nice to her, to sav pave to pave the wat happens -- even though she doesn't want it, for michelle in a brokered convention. lauren: steve, thank you.
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we're just getting started this morning. santa claus is coming to wall street, today the santa claus rally kicks off. we take a look at what to do with your money heading into 2020. are you traveling this christmas? we've got you covered. the forecast coming up in just a bit. what's in a name? a new report highlights some of the weirdest job titles and descriptions of the year. you don't want to miss it. i think we might have it, all four of us, some pretty strange descriptions. we'll be right back. lauren: coming you up, bmw under pressure, the sec investigating the luxury car company over sales practices, we'll have that details. plus, kim kardashian shares a picture of her holiday gift and her wrapping paper, it's dividing the internet. keep it here. ♪ i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late.
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lauren: a new round of impeachment hearings may be on the horizon. tracee carrasco here with the details. good morning. tracee: the house judiciary committee filed a brief in federal court yesterday, arguing the house still needs to hear testimony from former white house counsel, don mcgahn. the white house has long refused to let mcgahn testify. a court date has been scheduled for early january. the defense department identifying the u.s. service member killed on monday as sergeant first class michael james gobel. u.s. officials say the 33-year-old green better ray bew jersey and his unit were engaged in come t ba combat at the times death. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. the securities and exchange commission is looking under the hood at bmw, the wall street journal says the sec is investigating whether the company manipulated sales figures in the us. sources say regulatorrers want to know if they did something
6:17 am
called sales punching, where a company increases seal increasey registering a car as sold when the sale has not occurred. shares are up just over 1% this year. the green bay packers are the champs of the nfc north, cruising past the minnesota vikings, behind two touchdowns from aaron jones. they can clinch the playoff with a win on sunday. the nfc just got a little more interesting with the seattle seahawks bringing back running back marc marshon lynch. this is after two of their running backs with shelved with injuries. coming out of retirement to activate beast mode once again. lauren: rising tensions in north korea, the u.s. on high alert for a possible, quote, christmas gift, from kim jong
6:18 am
un. plus, a banner year for holiday shoppers, super saturday bringing in record sales. what's pacing those sales, right after break. ♪ santa, baby, i want a yacht and really that's not a lot. ♪ been an angel all year. ♪ santa, baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight. t? is it because people love filling out forms? maybe they like checking with their supervisor to see how much vacation time they have. or sending corporate their expense reports. i'll let you in on a little secret. they don't. by empowering employees to manage their own tasks, paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. to learn more, visit
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lauren: good morning. welcome back. forget about black friday, super saturday was the real winner this year. single day sales hit $34.4 billion. that according to consumer growth partners. not only does it shatter last year's sales of $31.9 billion. it's also the most ever on a single day. the firm said black friday sales
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reached $31.2 billion, while cyber monday, $19.1 billion. it's a lot of billions but consumers are spending their money. the rolling stones made rocking stages since their first tour in 1962 and just when you think they're set to pack it in, the stobstones announced a new tour. the next guest says the u.s. economic recovery is a jumping jack flash. let's bring in the man who said that, chief investment officer, chris kordero. you have a point, chris. a lot of people are like, well, when do we come into this market, when is it going to get bad? it doesn't. it keeps rolling. >> i love the rolling stones. every time they come around, i think this is the last time i'm going to be able to see them and then they announce another tour. lauren: and they're really old. >> this economy is in the longest, slowest recovery we've ever had. we have to realize that, the that it's able to he keep going. but it's going to be at a slower
6:23 am
pace. like the stones, it's older, the demographics of the economy is older. i think we're going to see continued growth but slower growth. we'll have of to get used to that. lauren: what growth are you looking at in 2020, gdp wise. >> 1 to 2%. and that's okay, i can't get a lot of satisfaction there. lauren: that's geriatric. >> sort of what i mean. >> from an earnings perspective, this year was very underwhelming. next year, most folks talk about low double digits, is that priced into the market? the market could sell off a little bit? >> i think so. we've had a nice run in the market. things are getting richly priced. you should look to things to rotate into some things that are better in a late stage cycle. i favor getting into some real estate through real estate etf, vanguard real estate etf because in a late stage cycle, real estate tends to do better.
6:24 am
you've got more predictable cash flow, not looking for huge amounts of growth but looking for stability and decent amount a of return. >> what are your clients asking you now? what's the biggest concern? is it impeachment? is it the trade war? is it the u.s. domestic economy. >> those are the concerns and what do they want to know, they want to know what's going to happen to the market. it's funny, if you think about it, last year christmas eve, the bottom of the market and everybody was feeling kind of pessimistic. lauren: we were so close to a bear market at this point last year and steve noted earlier the change was really the fed. we're looking at dow, 28,500 and change. do you see dow 30,000? iso, -- if so, when? >> certainly at some point it's going to happen. probably not next. lauren: you don't think we go up 1500 points in one year. >> i think it will be a slow growth year. i look for modest returns and that's where i think you need to
6:25 am
be somewhat defensive as you go forward in this. >> chris, with the politics unfolding, finally the market's going to have to start paying attention what these people are saying. looks like the republicans are going to do well. won't that give the market a real kick that we're not going to have this socialism coming into dc anymore than it already is? >> the election means there's likely more volatility going forward. the market would probably like a republican instead of a democrat. which way it responds, i mean, i got that call completely wrong in 2016 as far as what was going to happen to the market after trump got elected. so-but what i do know is going to happen in 2020 is the fed's going to sit on their hands because the fed's not going to want to get politicized.
6:26 am
it's unlikely they'll jump in even if the market heats up. >> what if we get 1.5 to 2% next year, let's say the economy gets a second wind, third wind, fourth wind. >> that would be a really good second wind if we got 2 to 3%. our workforce isn't growing as much as it was. all of he that's got to come out of improvements in productivity. and that's going to be pretty difficult to do. lauren: in 2020, what's your stock picks for the new year? >> i like more predictive cash flows. i like at&t, it's a good value, got a lot of cash flow, pay as a nice difficult defnld dividend. i like exxon, clean, low cost producing utility. lauren: what about uber. a lot of folks are saying they have the market share, eats is a distraction right now, the delivery platform but uber might be the pick for 2020. >> uber's one where that's too
6:27 am
difficult for me to call. i'd rather go for a value with a predictable cash flow. >> at&t, massive amounts of debt, unfunded pension liabilities. 250 -- pick a number. how do they whittle that down and show real growth? >> with their 5 a g an 5g and ws strategy, if that takes off that could add a lot of cash flow of to them, retire a lot of that debt. they have a diverse line with their acquisition of time warner. if they can play that out well with hbo, he they've got potential to do fairly well. >> they bring in the talent to do it? fro>> yes. >> lauren: and the talent is expensive. >> yes. like sports. lauren: thank you very much. coming you up, a big win for uber, speaking of, and lyft. in one of their biggest markets. the details straight ahead. santa claus is coming to town, he might already be here. have you been good this year? check this out.
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you are my diamond. for the diamond in your life, get up to 40% off storewide or get these one of a kind deals at the "you are my diamond" event. exclusively at zales, the diamond store. lauren: welcome back. i'm lauren, in today for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, december 24th. merry christmas eve. let's get to the top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. santa claus coming to wall street. yes, the santa claus rally is on. futures showing the market pushing toward another round of record highs, could be nine in a row for the nasdaq, four in a row potentially for the dow and s&p after another record setter on wall street yesterday, all three major averages closing at fresh all-time highs. it was yesterday the eighth straight record for the nasdaq,
6:32 am
haven't seen that since 1998. global action, the german market is closed today. the cac is up just fractionally, the ftse in england is up two-thirds of 1%. as for asia, mixed performance overnight, light volume heading into the christmas holiday, as leaders of china, japan and south korea meet in china, focusing on free trade and north korea talks. the shanghai composite gaining two-thirds of 1%. planes, trains and automobiles, over 100 million people are traveling for the holidays, hoping weather will cooperate. the latest forecast you need to know in just a bit. first, this. prince philip released from a london hospital. let's go to tracee carrasco with the details. tracee: prince philip left the hospital today. he was admitted on friday for treatment for a pre-existing condition. buckingham palace says the prince is at the royal family estate to celebrate christmas. and take a look at this, baby
6:33 am
archie in the spotlight in the annual christmas card from meghan markle and prince harry. you can see him as he crawls towards the camera, very cute. new york city's war on ride share, dealt a major blow as a supreme court court judge blocking nyc's so-called cruising law. the measure further limits the amount of time ride share drivers can spend cruising without a passenger. and santa claus is coming to town, jolly old saint nick just took off from the north pole to start his journey delivering presents to nice girls and boys. santa's due to arrive in the u.s. around 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight. hopefully you have all been very good this year. lauren: i knew he was at the north pole. we were having a discussion on where he would be right now. tracee: on his way. lauren: all those good boys and girls. tracee, thank you very much. any good christmas gifts this year that we're revealing? does anybody remember what they
6:34 am
got last year? real quick, can anybody remember what they got. >> clothing. lauren: usually people say uh, uh, uh. >> probably some sort of spa gift certificate. >> books. >> books is a good one. >> i had to remember because i did that thing that -- i was reminded, but i got cuff links. lauren: do you have them on today? >> i don't. lauren: tensions on the korean peninsula. military exercises were conducted yesterday and they said they were intended to simulate capturing north korean executives. they have slammed them as plots to decapitate north korea leadership. let's bring in author of double cross fire, general anthony tate. should we be on high alert in the u.s.? >> no. this is an annual training exercise that we do.
6:35 am
we've been doing it since 1976. so for 44 years. we've been training with the south koreans, be prepared to defend the korean peninsula against north korean aggression. it's a good thing that we do this, so we can practice the reception stages, onward movement and combat that we may have to do one day on the korean peninsula. lauren: if you look at the new satellite photos, they show the north korean nuclear threat could be accelerating. one of the images, taken on december 19th, it shows the completion of a new structure at the factory near pyongyang where north korea is believed to be developing and manufacturing vehicles used as mobile launchers for long range ballistic missile. where does this get us? >> you know, lauren, north korea is an artillery based army. they're always going to be
6:36 am
constructing missile type platforms and this is just something that continues apace with north korea. the facts are that we have not had a nuclear test in over two years. we've got north korea having conversations with south korea and with us, talking about denuclearization of the peninsula. kim jong un understands when he came in to office he had two goals, one was a nuclear power and one was to be an economic powerhouse. he's got some nukes and he's got no economic power and i'm willing to bet that he's going to trade some of the economic power for -- or some of the nuclear power for economic power and as we get on with this impeachment craziness, the more it looks like president trump will be reelected, the more you'll see kim jong un come to the table. >> how much, -- general, steve forbes here -- are the sanctions biteing in are we rasping them
6:37 am
up? are we enforcing them more? is that why he's making noise to say, hey, please pay attention to me. >> that's exactly right. this administration is really -- has done really well as the maximum pressure campaign, where they leverage the elements of national power, diplomatic information, military and economic, to be able to achieve our foreign policy aims. so what we've got going on here is that continues a pace it hasn't been in the media much, but here we are, two years later, with no nuclear tests and north korea is squirming and of course they hate it when they're not in the news. they'll release some of these types of pictures. lauren: how many nuclear warheads or nuclear weapons do you think they actually have? >> there's conservative estimates, between 5 and 15, and the real issue is whether or not they can screw it on top of a missile and be able to range the united states and so that's the concern about these ballistic
6:38 am
missiles. as ' and as they -- and as they develop new missiles and look at how they might be able to reach the united states or other places they might want to confront, that is a concern for us. >> so they're still going full-bore ahead on their nuclear program, the ability to deliver a nuclear warhead to the united states. they haven't stopped? >> i think what they've done is they've slowed and certainly if they're not testing, then they don't know what they've got on their hands. lauren: as the former national security advisor, john bolton right, that whatever the white house strategy is right now, it's not working? >> well, i've always been surprised at bolton's cache in the national security domain. he's got a hammer so every problem looks like a nail. he has no finesse when it comes to leveraging the elements of national power. i think that's ultimately why he and the president weren't a good
6:39 am
fit,s is that he's hyper aggressive, he wants to be at at war with everybody who doesn't agree with us. he'll fight to the last soldier that's not related to him to achieve those aims. lauren: i want to get your reaction to this. the u.s. navy banned the social media app tiktok, saying it posed a cyber security threat. are we concerned about national security here? >> yeah, i think we are. and there's all different kinds of apps that kind of track personal data for soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. you can imagine the great bulk of our force are these 18 to 22-year-old young men and women that chose to raise their right hand and serve their country. they come from that culture of using all these different apps that collect massive amounts of personal data to include location data and as you're on these military bases or in classified areas, there's a lot of tracking of who is going where and they can really hone in on certain people and so when
6:40 am
you're thinking about national security threats, this collection and storage of this data is a big deal. >> general, good morning. mitch roschelle. one of the threats we have, the next attack on the united states could be a cyber attack. we've seen plenty of them from other nations. how do you as see assess our readiesness for the -- readiness for the next cyber attack and is the military part of that readiness. >> absolutely. president trump changed cyber command from a three star to four star command. it's increased our readiness and awareness. previously we've only been defending against cyber attacks. i believe we have more of an offensive nature now. there's an old saying, if you defend everywhere, you defend nowhere. you have to be able to go on the offense in this domain. if we don't, we'll get our lunch handed to us. lauren: general, thank you very much. good perspective this morning. >> thank you. lauren: coming up, not in the
6:41 am
christmas spirit. >> hey, i'm walking here! i'm walking here. lauren: let's see -- what city is known as the rudest city in america. that answer straight ahead. plus, millions of people taking a trip over the holidays, the top destination, after this. ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly. ♪ rocking around the christmas tree. ♪ have a happy holiday. ♪ everyone's dancing merrily in the new old fashioned way. i'm not going back to the store. magenta! cartridges are so... (buzzer) (vo) the epson ecotank. no more cartridges. it comes with an incredible amount of ink that can save you a lot of frustration. ♪ the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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lauren: good morning. welcome back. many americans looking to escape the winter chill for the holidays and maybe the uncomfortable family situations. where are they going? trip advisor has the top five destinations. number five is las vegas, nevada. number four, orlando, florida, obviously disney world. and the warm welcoming florida weather. number three, miami. the beaches and the good food. only a slight chance of rain this year. number two, phoenix, arizona where it's practically fun in the sun all year long. and coming in at number one, honolulu, hawaii. because who wouldn't enjoy a christmas in hawaii. anyone going anywhere good? >> i'm leaving this evening for florida. on my way to the bahamas. i'm looking forward to adam's
6:46 am
forecast. hopefully it's sunny down there. it's been raining. >> i'm leaving this evening for new jersey. [ laughter ] lauren: me too. maybe we'll go to together. i hear the weather is okay there. >> bridge or tunnel, which one? >> probably the tunnel. lauren: three jerseys in the group. >> new yorkers, typical, they think new you jerse new jersey r nation. lauren: winter weather threatening holiday travel across the country. flash flooding in florida shut down the fort lauderdale airport for several hours. >> that's where i'm flying into. lauren: delaying hundreds of flights. the rain could stick around through christmas and snow is expected in some states as well. let's get to it. adam klotz standing by in the fox weather center with the latest. adam, good morning. >> merry christmas, lauren. we're tracking two storms across the country that might slow down travel for folks waiting for christmas eve. this one is moving off the west
6:47 am
coast. the other one is we've been following for days and days, pouring across the southeast, good news, this beginning to run off the coast which means i'm not expecting a lot in the way of flight delays over the next 24 hours. here's everything we're expecting for tuesday. you notice green across the country, the system out west slowing down things a little bit in phoenix. otherwise, it's dry across the country. expecting precipitation, maybe snow in higher elevations out west, otherwise completely clear across the country for christmas eve, lingering into christmas day. 64 degrees in kansas city, 55 degrees in chicago, these are going to be near record-breaking temperatures for some of these locations, very warm across the region. when you talk about warm weather, that means you're not going to see a white christmas. maybe those higher elevations seeing snow. otherwise, completely clear across the country. unfortunately, not waking up to a white christmas but we're
6:48 am
waking up to really warm temperatures, be able to t get outside and play with some of those presents. lauren: when it snows, the guests have to sleep over. this way they can all go home. coming up, instant hit, a new nike shoe featuring a likeness of colin kaepernick sold out in minutes. plus, that's a wrap, literally. kim kardashian sharing a picture of her holiday presents and her wrapping paper is dividing the internet. ♪ all i want for christmas is you. ♪ i don't need fancy things. ♪ it's been reported that there's a cyberattack on business every 39 seconds. ouch. i don't even want to think about it. comcast business has a solution. we go beyond fast with a cloud-based security system
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lauren: now for stories making a buzz this morning. if you're looking for a nice and friendly city to visit, check out insider's list of the nation's rudest cities. boston comes in at number five, followed by chicago, washington dc and los angeles and the title of the rudest city in america goes to new york city. well, but maybe you shouldn't blame new yorkers. >> being miserable and treating other people like dir dirt is ew yorker's god-given right. lauren: the cover of the post, merry christmas, now get out of here, it's true, especially this time of year. when you live here and work here, it's crowded, like get out of here. christmas is over. >> and especially this part of manhattan because of the tree, just literally navigating two avenues going from sixth to fifth avenue with all the tourists. on one hand, it's annoying but
6:53 am
the other hand, they're supporting the economy. >> even in christmas season, everything is a has he'll, everything is -- hassle, everything is a fight. even putting kids in school. everything is five times harder here than anything else. the teams don't perform to make it even worse. [ laughter ] >> we get such a bad rap. we're just busy. we don't have time to say hello to everyone on the street. lauren: you could smile. >> you could do that but it might be creepy. lauren: if you're nice ---veroa just said if you're nice, it's creepy. help wanted, rock star needed. the job platform has a list of the weirdest job titles and descriptions of the year. the top five terms, rock star was number one with 31% increase in job postings, followed by genius, hero, ninja and guru. i guess guru is part of the yoga
6:54 am
trend, you have a guru, someone who leads you spirit l wally. >>l --spiritually. >> oh, so wise. lauren: ninja, anybody -- >> hero, that's grating. >> that seems like hashtags, something you would put on the instagram story, like something guru. they don't seem like real, legitimate -- >> no. >> i never interviewed somebody that had that on their res mark, where it said with job experience, they were a guru. >> or genius. >> einstein could put that on there. lauren: only him. >> only him. >> guru. >> i can imagine that, fortnite guru. lauren: what about procrastinator. i think a lot of people are feeling like that, saying i need to finish holiday shopping. amazon can't you --
6:55 am
>> journalism, procrastination, it's part of the job description. lauren: kim kardashian has another viral post. this year she is putting away with traditional wrapping paper, opting for a nude fabric. each year they pick a color and a vibe, so the creamy velvet is dividing the internet. i say it looks like a mummy. >> looks like dirty sheets. [ laughter ] >> lauren: even better. >> post christmas garbage, you he know. lauren: post christmas garbage. we know garbage's not in there. she needed some bling. she wears a lot of bling. >> a little sparkle, that would be fun. >> i bow out of any segment involving kardashians. i don't get the kardashians. i don't understand it. >> they're marketing geniuses. kim kardashian, she impressed the audience of professional
6:56 am
women. they know what they're doing. lauren: have you interviewed her on your podcast. >> i would love to. i would love to interview the mom. she's behind all of this. >> it's not like the rockefellers but more fun. >> exactly. lauren: still ahead, they won't be there for you on netflix. friends saying good-bye to the streaming service. well tell you where they're headed, next hour on "mornings with maria." ♪ take back the tinsel, stockings and bows, because all i want for christmas is you. ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs, for everyone you love. expedia. a more secure diaper closure. there were babies involved... and they weren't saying much.
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lauren: good morning i'm lauren simonetti in for maria bartiromo today tuesday december 24thth christmas eve. your top stories at 7 a.m. eastern time santa claus coming to wall street the the santa rally is on melting towards yet another round of record highs
7:00 am
today could be four in a row for dow and s&p 500 it was another downer day on wall street yesterday all three major averages closing at new all time highs yesterday's close dow up 96 nasdaq up 20 it was the th record close in a row per the nasdaq let's democracy in on global action overnight. in europe the german rk ma was closed but stock otherwise a little change best perform there are. in london, in asia markets mixeds overnight light volume heading into christmas. same as what we saw here state side leaders of china, japan, and south korea meeting in china focusing on free trade and the north korea problem. measles scare travelers exposed at five u.s. airports to the infectious disease what you need to know straight ahead and seed versus safety the cost of amazon push for one day shipping that is sparking controversy this morning. plus a kaepernick craze latest nike sneakers selling out in just minutes. find out the message he is
7:01 am
sending in the shoes. here to break it all down with me wall street journal wealthing management reporter host of the secret secret of wealthy women pwc part mother mitch and just for christmas "forbes" media chairman former republican presidential candidate hymn, steve forbes thanks for joining us guy. nice christmas eve thank for joining us on a hol dad monica would wear red. next time. >> let's get to our top story this hour that is the boeing crisis people battled ceo portioned to step down after a series of misstep and setbacks stemming from two deadly crashes involving popular boeing 737 max jet the aircraft which the compy best selling mane has been grounded worldwide since march. following the second of those two deadly tragedies that killeds nearly 400 people together. boeing chairman david will take over as ceo effective next
7:02 am
month. let's bring in boyd group international president as well as aviation analyst mike boyd. mike you have a lot to unpack here is this the right move by beau? >> absolutely. i mean, he was simply not a wartime krrk oh so he has to go you have to get someone to make skiing this will in the board what to do rather than run with the the board so ping this is going to speed up the process of getting these airplaning back in the sky. >> yeah but mike is calhoun 62 the managed story retirement age of boeing is 65 he's been on the board for a deck kate is he just a care take orer krrk oh? >> no he's a puppy but i'm 72 and he's a young kid. you know let it go. so no, i think point is you have to have somebody can't find a men's room but somebody who knows the business. >> what's the nail in the coffin for mullen ughburg? >> excuse me. >> what was the nail in the coffin at the top of boeing because if you look at the press
7:03 am
release that boeing sent out, not one -- flattering wod or thankful word about his service. i mean, he was ceo since 2015 mike and in that shareholders rewarded boeing stock price tripled you have dividends. >> he got drop kicked out the door because he wasn't producing many this crisis and he wasn't good in front of the congress or media and control of the message as a result of that boeing was really sort of lost and i think the board was behind had him 100% until recently and i think they finally woke up. so i think this is going to change things dramatically in term of getting things back on track but keep in mind, they have 400 airplane they produced before the grounding 400 since ground and they have to get those this the sky before they worry about new ones off the line. >> in terms of boeing in the
7:04 am
crisis, did the mullenburg know how bad the situation was? did e he work with the regulators and say here's where a mistake was made did they assume that pilots were too sophisticated that many of these pilots around the world don't e have the kind of training experience that we have with fire pilots here at home? >> i think hit them on the head from what i understand he really didn't have interpersonal skills to wok with them the faa people but you hit it in on the head the guy in the copilot seat was basically a seat warmer 200 hour in the airplane so airplane probably too sophisticated for people who were sitting in the front end of it that has to be fixed as well. >> along same line as steve was say mike there are analysts who are saying what mullenburg did wrong was he kept promising that 737 mac was going to fly again and it was too soon for the fa airings and they were get annoyed that he kept try to -- to signal that it was coming soon and now you have united at
7:05 am
the start the of the summer travel season saying well maybe we'll put it back in service in june. >> i think that was his prawn he was making deadlines for faa with out consulting them but you bring up a good point most of the airlines involved well two main one in u.s. united and a american haven't really been that hurt they've been hurt. the airline that really has been hurt by this is southwest which is not been able toll add any new airplane because 737 are the only thing they fly right now. >> mike good morning, to build on point steve made, that you have inexperience pilots around world it is all new planes that are being built are very technologically advanced isn't this a bit of a permanent problem where you're not going to have sophisticated pilots out there and copilots and navigates. how does the airline industry as a whole or airframe industry deal with that? >> well they're going to have to worry about that's been the big thing about airplane become so
7:06 am
sophisticated they're flying themselves they stick in rutter time or something new pilots don't get. now here in u.s. where you have what was the policy hike the ally pilot apa, southwest pilots when they say an airplane is safe, they're qualified they can fly this airplane. but when you get overseas that's going to be a big issue and i don't think of if they fix to it it is a case where foreign airline if either come up to the the plate train their pilot a lot more, or they don't fly. >> go ahead. go ahead it has veronica how confident are you that the 737 max is going to fly again? >> about 100 about%. i think needs to rethink it first of all you have some call it the max that name has been stomped on call it the ultra you're going to change the airplane change the name but i'm absolutely confident it is going to fly because it is a very good airplane. it just has sophisticated issues and boeing didn't handle it very well. lauren: can you quantify airbus's advantage on boeing's loss spirit will buy 100 airbus
7:07 am
a320 neil family jet how much is airbus getting ahead here? >> well most of those orders were already there. these were already airbus customers real unknown is airbussing having bought the c series now the a220 that is the most advanced fuel efficient airplane in the sky. and they're build factory for it that will be the airplane they can sell and going through airbus chapter taken cheap shops but airbus has a lot to build airplanes but professional about this whole process. >> mike, in material of the future in term of the technology or fixes to the max or whatever you want to call it, you have to sort of do a vorring's sort of of dumbing down that piments don't have experience and put that in technology and not count on training to bring them up to speed. >> i think that's one option. because we're going to be doing this all around the world but i really think overall we have to have an airplane that people
7:08 am
cannot only fly but people can understand. and again, when ethiopia put a 200 hour person in the copilot seat i don't think that's safe for any airplane let alone a max. 3880 has engine problems how about how they handle that crisis with a huge disaster versus what boeing did. >> there was those incident with the pilot save the airplane. but i think that was one engine one engine type. this is a whole airplane type that people don't understand and again, boeing has not up until now done a lot to get public educated on what issue is and how it is beginning to be resolved but as far as a3 80 goes that was an engine l issue but this is a design issue with the 737. lauren: all right mike boyd thank you very much. we appreciate your expertise this morning have a good holiday, sir. >> merry christmas y'all. >> breaking news happening right
7:09 am
now fox business alertlet take a look at picture they're coming from hong kong live protest there turning violent in hong kong where it is 7:00 at night. at the harbor city is shopping mall, prodemocracy activist there holding a protest we'll continue to monitor those image as we have been over the had many long months. coming up, this morning more competition for tesla, the electric maker getting rid of a billion dollars in funding also looking at the 2020 outlook for biggest namess podge from netflx is the trade still alive and shopping porch pirates in their track. that's a thing now porch pirates one police department is using new tactics to stop growing problem all of that ahead on the next how were of mornings with maria. coming up with, measles risk on the rise five u.s. airports on alert what you need to know next. plus -- thank geedness if plexiglas wow
7:10 am
one young visitor getting quite the scare. wow. that story ahead if you haven't been scared away right her on morningses with maria. than you. you are my diamond. for the diamond in your life, get up to 40% off storewide or get these one of a kind deals at the "you are my diamond" event. exclusively at zales, the diamond store. at the "you are my diamond" event. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> just many time nor holiday travel five u.s. airports exposed to measles tracee carrasco here now with the details. tracee, good morning. performing good morning that is right lauren health officials warn o'hare austin and virginia richmond, denver, and los angeles airports all had had travelers pass through with confirm cases of the highly infeck issue disease last month. the leat scare caps off a the worst year for meze pals in more than two decades with more 1200 reported cases. well controversy not stopping nike new shoe from selling out
7:14 am
within minutes the air force one bear the likeness of colin kaepernick that feature former nfl quarterback silhouette near the heal heel and soul where numbers 81416 not so cuts message marks date when kaepernick did not stand for the national anthem. he has since been the face of nike's just do it campaign. and take a look at this they are wild for a reason. a 7-year-old boys and his family getting quite a scare after a tiger suddenly lunged at him in dublin luckily a glass wall save dumpster from any real danger and boy turned back to tiger when it pounced his father says, the son was tiebl laugh off the attack very scary. lauren: treated like my son was on the menu i thought that was a little come l comical. >> a experience my daughter and i were in costa rica doing a
7:15 am
bike trip and she startedded to take a picture and the tiger came roaring after her and that cage was not well built we were at scared. that was a tiger are monsters. >> my goodness. >> anybody have anything to say on this colin kaepernick shoe mike key gets in trouble fur thing flag right -- and now this? kaepernick hasn't played for three years yet still one of the faces of nike is that the millennial market that's inspired by him? >> i think there's a subculture of people who just are infatuated with him and his message ab they'll buy the product so -- lauren: that is -- >> printing money and not wog for nfl and has incredible follow pretty wild. lauren: wow. all right. >> sort of in your face. lauren: it is literally. under your shoe and -- under your feet and picture on your heel. all right coming up, the future
7:16 am
of fang how regulation could affecting biggest name in technology. plus getting fade to leave. one model allegedly skipping out on new york rent for two year and why she may be coming out on top. be right back after the break. - 10 years ago, we started legacybox.
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here, it all starts withello! hi!... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out.
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that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your local xfinity store today. some people say that's ridiculous. i dress how i feel. yesterday i felt bold with boundless energy. this morning i woke up calm and unbreakable. tomorrow? who knows. age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. make the world you want. lauren: welcome back focused on fang stocks led indices in u.s. to record highs this year. but can that winning streak extend into the new year? big tech companieses competing for hardware sales, use per groat and eyeball as streaming wars do grow more intense let's
7:20 am
bring in app ceo and we talk about fang and you took out the energetic, the netflix out as streaming wars grow more intense. i was surprised by that call. >> get rid of netflix put microsoft in it keep the platform companieses with defensive network and i would not be betting on netflix in 2020. >> scale now bringing that scale interfacially they've got great content a lot of money going into that content. come on. >> they have a bunch of scale creating 12 billion of content every year. the problem is all of that content sit on their balance sheet. there's no supply side network effect. you have magically overnight in the span of what, 12 months, about five of the buggest companies in the the world thousand. not just in their backyard but competing directly for their customers in the u.s. and internationally people just don't want to pay as much money as the u.s. consumer does for media. so if the growth is is international but people don't
7:21 am
want to pay as much for the content internationally, that is the not necessarily recipe for success. >> i was thinking with content theme so if you look at the fang name they are content providers amongst other things that they to. if you pull netflix out which is a purr content may and put microsoft in microsoft been a content business also? like others are -- >> well yeah amazon microsoft, they kind of -- google certain facebook, if they are in content, it is all of this thing call thed user generated content kind of a taboo word if you're in the traditional media industry like a netflix or a disney. but user generated conten trk microsoft has their twitch competitor called mixer. yew youtube they don't pay 10 plus billion dollar for all offing that content. >> did someone buy netflix is?
7:22 am
>> someone buy netflix? >> it is pricey i don't know if netflix doesn't have as good of a year as i think many think it will next year who knows. but it's just the multiples are very is high these day. i think compared to what their growth out prospects are. >> what's the future of google? >> you know, privacy is a red hairing google and facebook and tech monopoly are just fine. new regime is it steaded did i as you go or go for big stuff? with at the helm i think they'll do just fine. larry and set the the company up with wamo coming out operating systems into the car they're getting into entirely new industry in a very big way and i think google set up very, very nicely as well as amazon probably my two top picks out of the stock. j those stocks up google up 25% this year.
7:23 am
amazon actually is just up 12% this year. which was at shocking but you have attorney general bill barr recently hinting at a justice department plans to about increase scrutiny of big tech regulatory. concerns to take a look at the decades old laws that spare companies from liability over user content. >> yes. so unfortunately i think department of justice and fcc aring looking at this all wrong and fail to recognize is that producers are customer. so a supplier on amazon a content creator on grade googley are customers as well and all of the regulators need to look at is to say does the platform put supplier at disadvantage and what they do. and they're saying amazon put a seller at disadvantage which then ultimately puts buyer at a disadvantage trying to make this a crazy three-way relationship and it will never stick. lauren: a lot of people say peak regulatory fears arrived and
7:24 am
passed therefore like you bullish on this group of stocks continuing their gain into 2020. >> yeah it's just not this is a new business molds not that new but been out 20 years by now. but stilt regulators have not appreciated that the antitrust presence applies but not amying it in correct way so i don't think these tech monopolies have much to worry about when it comes to antitrust regulation actually sticking in 2020. >> what about the europeans? are they going to be more aggressive? >> they like to just try to sue everybody for everything. and see what stick and some of it stick and they get settlements out of it. but i think the europeans have been more progressive but there's still not making this same connection. they're still focusing on privacy and they're saying oh, well, you're using amazon yowrl using seller data inappropriately but they're trying to bring it back to the consumer and say all of this disadvantage the consumer. they don't need to look at
7:25 am
consumer at all but look at platform and supplier and focus there. there's meat there. but none of them have wanted to do what. lauren: two things europe but also state of california new privacy laws they're going into effect in january, and speaking of amazon, one of the early employees is now saying break them up. you keapght have their -- they sell their item on their platform and they also sell merchant item third party item and he thinks those businesses should be broken up. so california ab5 law that's a complete disaster. they were trying to put this into place to regulate how über and ride sharing kind of gig economy platform interfere with their workers what they have failed to recognize like many politicians is there are all of a these adverse imply keyings of the law. so now you want to be a blogger you want to write more than ten article as a month or whatever it is now you're in trouble. you want to be a truck driver work x hours month driving truck that's now -- class fid as you being
7:26 am
technically a w2 employee. that's a big problem. so the regulation there is completely misguided. and you know, it's -- it's something that tech monopoly platform are trying to battle that and see if they're able to be successful. lauren: alex thank you very much. for the time this morning, we do appreciate it. >> all right merry christmas. >> coming up had. lauren: lots ahead on this show we've got to talk about about stopping yeah guys like that porch pirates in their tracks. one police department tackling the problem head on. one with officer weighing in on what exactly they're doing and if it's working. next. plus good-byes are hard. friends leaving netflix for good, eventually return. but not for months. we're going to take a look in just a bit.
7:27 am
(classical music playing throughout)
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lauren: welcome back merry christmas everybody i'm lauren simonetti in for march mirror this morning december 24th, 2019 let's get to top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. santa claus is coming to wall street the the santa rally is on futures showing the markets pushing toward yet another round of record closes. it was a banner day on wall street yesterday. the dow nasdaq and s&p 500 all three closing at new record high. it was the third straight reported close per the dow and s&p it was the th -- 8th for nasdaq in european german market closed for christmas stocks little change haded in london, and in paris. markets mixed in asia overnight light volume heading into christmas. this as leaders of china japan, and south korea meet in china focused on free trade and north korea, the shanghai composite gaining two-thirds of one percent. the down two-thirds of one percent. plane, train and automobiles
7:31 am
over 100 million people travel for the holidays. hoping the weather cooperates the latest forecast and a look at who might have a white christmas. speed versus safety cost of amazon push for one-day shipping sparking controversy this morning. plus, funding secured and i'm not talking about tesla one of its top rivals in the electric truck space is getting billion dollar boost. we'll have those details later this hour. but first, carnival cruise line hoping for smoother sailing after well call it a mishap last week pretty unbelievable video tracee carrasco here now with those it also. tracee, good morning. >> good morning, lauren carnival glory left new orleans yesterday for a holiday cruise vessel setting sail less than a week after hitting another carnival ship docking in mexico six people suffered minor injuries. carnival official say ship suffered damage to its platinum dining room but not enough to compromise its sea worthiness.
7:32 am
it was repaired over the weekend. well major tragedy averted in connecticut. thanks to the quick thinking and bravery of a bridgeport officer. officer carlos jr. spotted a parked suv rolling down hill and chased it. he was able to about grab the passenger side door and stopped the vehicle before it hit anyone. wow look at that. and friends breaking up with streaming services staying away for five months. the the world's second most streamed show on hiatus of a it leaves netflix next month it won't be available to stream until may when had it moves into a new home on h berk o max. we were with on a break. that's it. not breaking up just taking a break. taking a break that's it. hbo paying the pretty penny for those rights. hundreds of millions of dollars tracee thank you. going back to camp value footage our mouths all dropped when we saw carnival glory hitting carnival legend and panel people in the dining room at that time like wham what just hit you oh
7:33 am
another cruise ship. right. yeah thank goodness it didn't happen in a more tragic accident. another cruise ship which was yards away -- worried that it was going to hit them too. so -- >> strong stomach. wow unbelievable. also this, a trend porch pirates caught in the act nearly 60 million american have had a package stolen from their doorstep. now one ohio town trying to catch them in the act jason stern thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. good morning. lauren: what exactly are you doing to cut down on porch piracy? >> well the the united states postal service reached out to us and asked if we would partner on an operation and general idea of the operation was to place gps devices inside packages on porches. select porches as a porches across our different
7:34 am
neighborhood targeted towards areas that have experience high levels of theft. >> has it worked? >> it has worked. i can't disclose any specific about about investigation but i can tell you that we're viewing it chargely as a success on different fronts one, raising awareness within the community that this is important they need to keep their packages safe. and also we've got the preventive effort of advertising to criminals that you should not come to steal packages. >> can you generalize what type of criminals are stealing these packages i'm asking because there was a florida -- video taken elier this week of a delivery driver actually stealing the package so he put it down jason and took a picture of it. and then he had sent that to the the homeowner and to the the company but then went back and stole it. >> right. i think generally you could just say that it is a crime of opportunity. we teach crime prevent classes we say three elements to a crime. a victim, a suspect, and an opportunity. these crimes are crimes of
7:35 am
opportunities the suspects may be driving through a neighborhood and they have no idea what is in one package or what's in another package. they're just hoping for something good, and looking for an opportunity where they can grab it undiscovered. lauren: don't they know we have cameras every are where and we can see who they are? >> absolutely. and that is helped us a lot in the law enforcement, however, a lot of these criminals are very desperate. so sometimes it seem luke they don't care there's cameras there. lauren: do you as a police force, are you cooperating with amazon in getting that footage from homeowners? >> yes. yeah we work with different companies. ring has set up some different online networks we're looking into and, obviously, bunch of companies that have cameras and usually homeowner is one that can access that for us. lauren: tip for homeowners because, obviously, this christmas season for christmas in hanukkah if you're like me you home and there's a big pile of bocks on door step they come
7:36 am
morning, noon and night what do you do if you're a homeowner andlet say you have something is like a ring camera. >> well we suggest three main tips okay first one is to make friends with your neighbors or have family members that can check on your property. other thing is a lot of these dloifer rei service app will have phone apps where where you can actually track your packages more specifically. so where you may get on amy dison an e-mail that says it is going to be here wednesday, if you log on to phone app you may get all more specific delivery time and then you'll know package was deliveredded five minuting ago. you be have one of your neighbor or friends check for it another option is to have your package shipped to dichght different retail locations to pick them up. >> have you had had a package stolen from -- >> i have. i have yeah, and it was really frustrating but retailer was very good to work with. it was target and they i explained to them what i thought happened and they replaced it,
7:37 am
pretty much immediately but it is frustrating thing especially in a city right because if you live in a building without a doormen a lot of us have converted houses type of thing you don't have that option. so yeah i think another -- option you would brought up about delivering package to a service center there's store and delis to send the package and then you take your receipt and pick package up from deli that way you know it is secure. >> go ahead. wondering what kind of penalty now you find them only camera presumably pranged them and arrest them. what wife penalties they so light a fine or something they figure it is qort worth the risk? >> how, what how do you make it -- punish them? >> i think that's a important thing to consider. obviously with volume of cases that come into courtrooms depending on area and location some crimes aren't punished as much as we wish they were.
7:38 am
however, the main, the main thing to decide the level of punishment is value of the item taken. and the number of times this person was involved so in other words if it is a one-time crime of opportunity and they stole something worth $20 that's a lot different than somebody who stole opinion, you know -- 12 different item worth a thousand dollar. >> what's most serious ticket that you've handed out? >> most serious ticket i've handed out -- like speeding -- >> i guess depending do they do jail time for this? >> they could. they could. so steepest sentence you've handed down? >> i would say probably between six months and a year but that's we're talking about somebody who is -- who's a serial thief. >> so the message for future porch pirates out there. is that you can do, seen criminals do a year and time for swiping a box -- you're taking a gamble you don't
7:39 am
know what's in the the box but might see the label but that's it serve a year in time for taking that on the doorstep that's not your. that's pretty unbelievable. jason thank you. merry christmas, sir. >> merry christmas thanks for having me. >> wet winter weather descrupght travel for millions of americans just ahead of christmas adam has more on that in just a bit actuallilet go to him right now. adam how's it working? >> two storm across the country that might slow down travel for folks waiting here for christmas eve this is one of them now moving off the west coast, other has been one we've been following for day and days. absolutely pouring across the southeast. good news is this now beginning to run off the coast. which means i'm not expecting a whole lot in the way of flight delay. over the next 24 hour. here's everything we're expecting for tuesday you notice green across the country. maybe that system out west slow down thing just a little bit in phoenix. otherwise it it is pretty dry across the srnt expecting precipitation maybe some snow in the higher elevations out west.
7:40 am
otherwise comeel clear across the the country for your cm eve. that is going to linger into christmas day. and expect warm temperatures there if you're on west, eastern half of the country. 64 degrees in kansas city. 55 degrees in chicago. these are going to be near record-breaking temperatures for some of these locations. so very warm across this region. when you talk about warm weather that mean you are not going to see a white christmas. maybe again those higher elevation seeing some snow. otherwise completely clear across the country. so unfortunately, not waking up to a white christmas lauren but we're waking up to warm temperatures to get out to play with some of those presents. >> we'll take it and we will atd dam cloud thank you very much. coming up, tesla versus, competition in electric pickup space. looking up. plus san francisco doing away with a key part of your morning routine we'll have those details straight ahead. you don't use this old thing, do you?
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7:45 am
half later as electric vehicles the startup rivia raises money for including the price amazon, ford and black rock joining me now, fox news headlines 24/7 morning anchor brett larson is there a market for electric pickup trucks. i know even ford is working on an electric one but is there a market? >> i think there is in certain part of the country. i'm certainly in places where your able to recharge and not go as far that's where you're going to have a market for that. you know this is where tesla kind of shines in the electric car space as they've got a range of over 250 miles the average person drive about 30 miles a day. which if you're living a big city that's probably a lot less than what you actually drive. but that's certainly they provide enough range for you to do your daily commute run ere rangdz without having to worry about batteries dying. in the truck space it is a bit of a different this is the tesla truck that we saw get announced a few week ago that let them do
7:46 am
a good job on that unbreakable window. but that, that's up against, and they raise 1.3 billion dollars as you mention they're going to have an suv and a pickup truck come to market. they want it to come to market by 2021. interesting amazon is actually ordered 100,000 of them to game using by 2021 we're seeing these a lot on streets of new york. all electric delivery cars that is great because it cuts become on carbon emissions and you know big cities you need as much help as you can get. you know delivery truck spewing diesel fume and, of course, problem with diesel is sticky and it doesn't go up high and stick to buildings and it gets on ground. so i think there's a market for it. you know in the middle of the country where you're making going to have to go a hundred miles to a recharging station and you're going to be running errands with your car you might not have range to replace your ford f 150 as of yet the battery technology as we have it today wouldn't allow for something like that. >> is rivian a break through or
7:47 am
ramped up a little bit? >> i think look as, though, they've taken a standard looking truck and made it electric. it is interesting that ford is one of their investor. i'm always curious to watch with traditional car makers if they're getting involved for one it will give theme leg up. i'm often surprised that gm or chrysler fiat didn't step in and buy tesla technological. it is reallying nothing of a surprise. you could easily reverse engineer something like that and we have consumer show in lank a few week from now. every year over past five years there's either a -- existing car maker who says oh and here's ow new electric car or there's some new startup that say here's our electric car that's going to come out in nec two to five years. >> with plant based food grilled in the back. taken in the car.
7:48 am
poweredded by seaweed. very heavy. [laughter] >> on to something the cbd fuel the electric car and makes plant based just bought it. no vapes. [laughter] >> get them all in there. amazon a former amazon manager accusing company of speedy deliveries over safety. >> been hearing about this from amazon for quite some time. we know that amazon delivery drivers involved in at least 60 crashes where someone critically or seriously injured that includes 13 deaths so that's pretty bad. and we have heard both from people who work inside the factory and now we're also hearing from people who were delivery drivers say there's definitely a burden is to be quick about it. i was reading in some of the kofnlg that they have a proposal years ago where why don't question driveers based on packages so amazon said forget it be. i mean the last mile delivery is
7:49 am
a crowded space. you've got the the postal service you've got fedex ups but all kind of vie for easier better faster ways to the get products to people. and amazon being in space as well and amazon prime it is two day they're wanting to get it down to one day. so you know, that extra speed comes from something and it is not, you know, as we've seen inside these amazon wear warehouse it has not robots but a lot of people involved. >> you have three things you have good, fast and you have cheap and tradeoffs between them. so got to get across the lot which won't be born by customer but word tradeoff between quality with and speed. >> do you think there are drones anything that would motivate amazon to improve worker conditions whether it is delivery people or people in a factory? is it regulatory or -- >> regulatory would help but then you get a lot of screaming about that. i think competition would help. and the consumer don't seem to
7:50 am
be bothered by it. i hate to say it but it doesn't bother me to know that this is the cost of getting something inexpensive hi but when you say amazon is successfully put a lot of small businesses out of business because well i don't need to walk down to radio shack to buy batteries but deliver they'll be here by tomorrow the smoke detector can wait. i think competition in the space would help. but it would have to be competition wal-mart might be tiebl pull something like this off where they have the pockets that are deep enough where they can absorb some of the costs to continue to provide that service but not pass the expension on to consumer. brett larson thank you very much. tboodz stuff this morning. all right coming up, getting fade -- paid to leave wiewn molds skipping out on new york city rent for two year but she might be the the real winner in all of this. how is that possible? the one headline making buzz this morning. i'm really into this car,
7:51 am
but how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. male anchor: update on the cat who captured our hearts. female anchor: how often should you clean your fridge? stay tuned to find out. male anchor: beats the odds at the box office to become a rare non-franchise hit.
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lauren: disposable coffee cups creating buzz one time only cups getting boot in san francisco, california. coffee shops there taking on a new trend. selling their brews in everything from glass jars to rental mugses to cups customers bring in. the grassroots initiative to reduce waste now being embraced by big names in the coffee business. so you can rent a mug -- and then turn it. sharing economy has gone too far. [laughter] renting filthy mug unsanitary come on. why are they backwards?
7:55 am
>> you need water to wash the mug and soap so all is waste as well pretty better off with a paper cup. >> you don't feel bad sometimes when is we throw out paper cups? >> i try to reuse my coffee cup all morning. but so what, disintegrates. they don't change the taste like the mass tick straw. the paper straw. right the solution to palace tech straws -- that is not a solution. no. i'm waiting for the patient one exam in san francisco where they do all of the crazy things something in the air, and -- [laughter] other thing orr thing they should do somebody should start a vaunt with plastic straws paper cups all that you're not supposed to have and make it. what would it be called think of a name for that one. sign me up, though, it will be interest. let's throw for decades no law fight like this one from the movie elf. have been a criminal offense in
7:56 am
wisconsin a city that averages about 56 ifnl of snow a year you have to throw it. now lawmakers heart may be melting. they're considering where this scrooge like rule can be softened a bit. what? why would they make snowball fights illegal? >> somebody must have gotten hurt or lost an eye or something. [laughter] >> throw ice okay. veer son ka is getting mean this morning. a dagger. >> came to wisconsin not wisconsin recovering in san francisco. >> a lot of snow in wisconsin and just melt it. lauren: finally get out model emily getting paid to vacate her pricey new york city apartment after allegedly skipping out on $160,000 of rent for more than two years court papers soy model and her husband stopped paying rent after applying for new york city loft law meant to regulate monthly payments the couple is accused of using so-called delay tactic to avoid rent and eviction and now move to los
7:57 am
angeles. >> so they take it there. skip out on rent there. maybe l.a. will be number one on rudeness now. take that. los angeles will be right back on morningses with maria. so, today you're going to leave your phone with a guy named flip. (ding) but it's more than your phone, it's your business, your customer data, your sales figures. and who can forget, those happy hour selfies? not flip. (honking, gasping) this isn't working. introducing samsung business security solutions, with knox software. with the galaxy note10, you can remotely wipe data or lock phones, so your business is secure even when your phone isn't. samsung business solutions. even when your phone isn't. beyond the routine checkups. beyond the not-so-routine cases. comcast business is helping doctors provide care in whole new ways. all working with a new generation of technologies powered by our gig-speed network. because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity.
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lauren: good morning, everyone i am lauren simonetti in for maria bartiromo this christmas eve december 24th 2019 top stories k a.m. eastern time. >> santa claus is coming to, the santa rally officially on starting today, lasting into the first two days of 2020. futures this morning, showing the markets pushing toward yesterday another round of record highs, dow jones industrial averages up 29 as high this morning nasdaq up 5. another banner day on wall street yesterday, the dow, nasdaq s&p 500 closing out record highs it was dow's 106th record close under president trump, thanks to 96-point gain yesterday and checking global action today,
8:01 am
christmas, is upon us german market closed london in paris open, but short day of trading there ftse 100 tenth straight day of gains, by the way, in perspective best run in three years, markets mixed in asia overnight light volume heading into christmas leaders of china, japan and south korea meeting in china focusing on free trade wells north korea. >> 737 max crisis takes down boeing ceo what it means for jet maker and industry and the economy. as boeing tries to rebuild its reputation. >> -- speed versus safety cost of amazon push one day shipping sparking controversies planes trains automobile over one hundred million people traveling for the holidays hoping weather will cooperate. the latest forecast a look hot what might have a white christmas here to break it down, wall street wealth manager reporter host of the podcast secrets of wealthy
8:02 am
woman, pretty in green this morning, pwc partner mitch roschelle former republican presidential candidate steve forbes thanks for joining us merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. >> all snow out there. >> i know. >> we don't want to rain on anybody's parade but for our part there is not a white christmas. >> don't tell -- >> you are not going to slip that is good. >> impeachment proceedings maybe standstill the house judiciary committee says get this it could draft new articles of impeachment. >> hillary overdrawn with very latest. >> good morning nancy pelosi not handed over articles of impeachment to the senate yet but they might not be done, just yet, because, house democratic council hinting in a court filing, that more articles of impeachment could be on the way that is one of the justifications they used nor why they still want to
8:03 am
hear testimony, from former white house council don mcgahn either way white house press secretary stephanie grisham says white house ready for a senate trial that is up in the air mitch mcconnell, chuck schumer with not reached a deal what it will look like schumer blasting republicans saying whole proer has been very partisan there has been a lot of name-calling mcconnell also yesterday pushing back on that saying that they have done everything in a bipartisan basis but they really don't have anything to discuss yet because the house is not transferred over the articles of impeachment. the president saying that democrats digging up more evidence proof they do not have much to go off of from what house gave them tweeting this morning everything we are seeing from speaker pelosi senator schumer suggests real doubt about evidence they brought so far not being good enough are very, very, very urgently seeking a way to find
8:04 am
some more evidence the only way to make this work mount public pressure to demand witnesses men and womcconnell h votes can run the trial any way he wants to -- >> president spending christmas eve very much the way he spent every christmas so far talking to troops will video chat at 9:00 a.m. this morning. >> joining me now former arkansas governor former presidential candidate fox news contributor mike huckabee governor thanks for joining us. >> merry christmas, great to be with you -- >> great to have you, especially as we discuss, impeachment, and now another article? what could this possibly be for bribe? i don't know what say you? >> well, you know the old rule is when you are in a hole rule one, quit digging! and the house just seems like they are determined to take their shovels an dig the hole they are in deeper and deeper.
8:05 am
for republicans great news. all right americans are sick of this they know what it is it is a partisan political sham. they are aware of it they are tired of it. they know congress isn't getting done things that really would help american people. there is not one american family will join together for christmas dinner tomorrow who have benefited by impeaching the president over stuff that they can't even define, in fact, they talk about it two years ago, two years ago before the ukraine phone call took place people aren't stupid i think house members are playing them for chumps it backfired. >> is that why nancy pelosi is just sitting on these articles, not sending them over to the senate but if this has such urgency would you think she would deliver them rightly away then senate could get a fair trial going. >> well, you know it is the equivalent of her sitting on an egge hoping it will hatch. it is not it is nothing will
8:06 am
come from this. the idea all this time she and other house democrats said it is urgent we can't even got to courts to get them to interpret whether white house has to give up documents caution this is too urgent to wait for courts to rule, there is a clear and present danger such a clear and present danger they went to white house for the christmas party, and accepted the presidentos's hospitality even somebody they did not think should even be there, they went ahead and decided to agree to usmca, they should have done months ago knew how stupid it looked to hold that up at expense of american workers only thing i can say if you really want to look at quid pro quo here is one, saying, we are not going to give you the impeachment articles in the senate, until you do what we say. that is -- >> governor what advice would you give to senator mitch
8:07 am
mcconnell on this? just say we are going ahead with trial we will appoint the managers if you don't just go ahead and set their rules? they can do anything they want. what advice would you give them on this? >> mitch is playing this very smart he may not need my is very i think what he is doing saying okay nancy we are ready for you we are not going get you come up with new witnesses like after the -- prosecution has prosecuted the case say we rest, and then come back next day, and say to the jury well we're not really resting quite yet we have a few more things we want to throw in there. judge is going to say nonsense you had a chance you blew it he mitch is ultimately leading to kwil. >> "the wall street journal" he had for aisle board today says senate has duty that duty to hold the trial as a check on the powers of the house, that is what the founding
8:08 am
fathers want, christianity today magazine controversy 200 evangelical leaders signing a letter to the magazine president calling for president trump's impeachment read part of that letter says your editorial offensively questions the spirituality integrity and christian witness of tens every millions of believers who take seriously civic and moral obligations not only targeted our president it also parttarged those of us who he support him and have supported you -- >> governor did you sign this letter. >> i certainly did gladly, and you know i think that the pushback christianity today is going to make christianity yesterday. what a dumb thing for them to do they basically took talking points of dnc miles of had adam schiff write press release do editorial it is one and the same here is what is
8:09 am
offensive they can say whatever they want about the president he is fair game certainly can handle it president but when they disparage 63 million people he who voted for the president including, 81% of evangelicals in this country they missed the point i am evangelical i support the president i make it very clear i don't follow donald trump, i follow jesus i am a jesus follower, but in a course of being a citizen i follow the candidate and/or elected official that most will mirror in his actions and policies those things when matter to me, israel matters to me, because that i believe the heritage of the christian faith is rooted grounded in jewish faith, i wore i should a person we will celebrate tomorrow jesus who was a jew i celebrate the fact that this is the most pro-life president in history he believes that every human life has value and worth, er thinks the captain of the football team is no more vavenl than kid with down
8:10 am
syndrome he about protects human life i value that i value the fact this is a president who thinks one of the greatest moral points of importance is for family to have a job and be able to put their own bread on the table that they worked hard to have this is a president that has done more to put people to work, i could go on and on, the evangelical -- personal life go ahead. >> i was asking what was behind the magazine thing just publicity was a guy mad at president because -- what is it -- >> doesn't matter here. >> you got to understand this guy magazine drafted so far left they are basically social justice warriors, that they seem to think they understand he evangelicals is nonsense none of us evangelicals i know every one of the people who signed that letter i know the people that you've seen photos of praying with the president these aren't people who worship trump as some people have tried to say or -- none of them even believe donald
8:11 am
trump could likely find john:316 in a mark new testament if youhanded it to him we have no it will lu someones illusions he is one of us this isn't who see sit next to in pew we have those that affirm things like religion liberties get government off people's back bet preaches do their preaching without them telling them what they can say no president has been as true to religious libltd the heart of first amendment as president trump does he have to be one of us to be somebody supported by us? no, it doesn't mean we blindly follow him just means that we appreciate, that he doesn't try to keep us from following jesus. >> you made your point governor we take it as one more for you president obama not -- not endorsing his own vice president joe biden he reportedly told some big money
8:12 am
democratic donors backs senator elizabeth warren if she gets nomination interesting he is kind of goading them, is he that strong a candidate right now? >> um, i don't really think so when it comes to general election but shows he is smart enough not to endorse joe biden not smart enough to run away from elizabeth warren reckless ridiculous irresponsible economic policies that would crush this country so i am totally bewildered why he would think elizabeth warren push toward biggest government we could ever have lirment step all over small business owners for that matter big business owners, to what end? the loss of millions of jobs, the crashing of the stock market, everything that right now people are prosperity doggone happy with consumer spending everything you report on on this network is saying how the economy is on fire.
8:13 am
well, she is going to treat it like a fire and bring trucks hose it down i don't think we want to hose economy down we would like to keep it up. lauren: we have to pay bills we have to end it here get to commercial merry christmas thank you for time we do appreciate it. >> this you a great christmas big hour on deck boeing's new boss embattled ceo mull bigger out. >> the grinch -- the clock ticking down to christmas the shopping mall you can snag a last minute gift, a christmas surprise, spreading holiday cheer giving out cash, instead of traffic tickets, don't miss it right her on "mornings with maria." >> coming up tesla racing toward a record, the stock you jumping above 420 a share yesterday, premarket making tesla ceo elon musk infamous tweet a reality.
8:14 am
>> is a white xhsh christmas in the forecast winter weather then aing millions across the country what you need to know to avoid a holiday headache. >> let it snow let it snow let it ♪ snowball express snowman it doesn't show a sign of stopping and i have brought me some ♪ ♪ (vo) the flock blindly falls into formation. flying south for the winter. they never stray from their predetermined path. but this season, a more thrilling journey is calling. defy the laws of human nature. at the season of audi sales event. you are my diamond. for the diamond in your life, get up to 40% off storewide
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8:17 am
following ousting of ceo to gerri willis with details, good morning. how is boeing looking. >> good morning lauren that is right, so good news for boeing good news for the markets, dow s&p on pace for fourth straight day of gains nasdaq nine state days of gains new highs that is not unlike last year we loss more than 650 points nobody here expecting that boeing incoming new ceo investors are celebrating why the stock is higher, david
8:18 am
calhoun 10 year bordear border replacing den i guess muilenburg under fire for grounding of 737, everybody is hopeful boeing will make the turn tesla shares admitting 420 dollars a share yesterday, that was a legislatively ceo said he would take the company private, 419 right now stock poised to open 3.3% higher, elon musk tweeting this, stock is so high laughing out loud -- that is a reference to i think you know what, laren back to you. lauren: i think you are right, gerri thank you. and merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> tesla got momentum yesterday from 1.4 billion dollars financing for shanghai plant coming from china that brings us to this fox business alert take a look live at hong kong protesters, are violent
8:19 am
police reportedly firing teargas at protesters we will bring the a lifts pictures images as they come in beijing is watching this story situation as well. >> a group of cops spreading christmas cheer enhanceding out cash instead of traffic tickets we are going to show you heartwarming reactions from drivers. >> brink of santa claus rally stocks pointing to yet another day of records on wall street. with just a couple trading days left in the new year keep it here, on "mornings with maria". ♪ ♪ mistletoe ♪ ♪ the most wonderful time of the year ♪ ♪ not magenta! not magenta. i'm not going back to the store. magenta! cartridges are so... (buzzer) (vo) the epson ecotank. no more cartridges.
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ahhhhh!!! -ahhhhh!!! a distant friend returns... elliott. you came back! and while lots of things have changed... wooooah! -woah! it's called the internet. some things haven't. get ready for a reunion 3 million light years in the making. woohoo! -yeah! lauren: holiday travelers
8:23 am
across the country weathering storms christmas who will get a wet or white christmas, adam merry christmas. >> merry christmas a good question people would like that white democrats unlt temperatures have not been cold enough what we are talking about this morning, on christmas eve, not a lot of frost to freezing you need that to support any sort of snow systems we are tracking instead mostly rainmaker higher elevations we do see snow out west but across nevada, where you think into arizona, still across california, that is you mostly a rain situation, and then the other big system we paid attention to across southeast downpours it is beginning to run offshore lingering rain with this i do think by and large warm day by the time you get do christmas forecast numbers to 64 kansas city, mid
8:24 am
50s chicago, 70s across texas noted a lot of areas here, where even if there is zmoe on the ground it is going to stick, just back off to the west the mountains higher elevation where you can get snowfall here is where current snow cover is snow especially across midwest last week or so anything lingering there warm temperatures, it continues to melt today, and melt away tomorrow, so as far as actual white christmas goes looks upstate ensue england across northern plains typically the case some higher elevations that is going to be it for the white christmas i do think travel weather looks pretty good, lauren you know good news is, get toys outside and play with if a really nice day. >> true feel like spring, thank you merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> what a difference a year makes one year ago day stocks saw worst christmas eve ever today we've santa claus rally markets melting up again this
8:25 am
morning, advisories a magazineing partner ted oakley is here good morning. >> this time last year you know, treasury secretary mnuchin called banks make sure everything was okay president was talking about firing jay powell what a difference a way makes what is reason markets on tear the biggest reason for that? well the biggest reason lauren had to be the easing money came from ecb from u.s., and when you got that going, that is one thing that is everything going in terms of bond market got stock market going, i mean hasn't been an earnings move for sure contracting earnings four quarters in a row so the market moved on its own 800 enbeen on momentum move. >> something happening stocks and bonds making some most significant gains, this is 1998, past two weeks s&p up 28
8:26 am
and one half percent the bond rally pushing 10-year treasury yields down to about 1.9% so can this keep going? >> well i suppose it could, for us we are looking for the fourth quarter to be lowest gdp number for the year. and i think people will probably sober up a bit into first month or two we will have to see, but about normally, after you have a big move like this 25% or more, you don't follow it up with a move like that again, it is typically a more -- regular move after that one way or the other. >> are you putting new money to work in it if so where are you putting it? >> veronica we are getting new money in today we are probably only putting about half of it to work right now. the problem for us is that we don't have a lot of stocks that we screen that are in the value level for us, we will put money in, but typically
8:27 am
what we're doing recently, you know we bought some drug companies we with a bad some energy we with a bad some income items as well we still say have position long-term treasury so for us that is about where we are at this point in time. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> you bet. thanks. >> coming up, call it a surprise citation a group of cops spending christmas handing out cash instead of traffic tickets can you imagine the heartwarming reaction from drivers pulled over, don't be a grinch the clock is ticking down into christmas we are going to be live at a shopping mall still open for last-minute shopper aka procrastinators, hoping to something that something. keep it here.
8:28 am
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8:31 am
lauren: it is christmas eve night in hong kong fox business alert for you looking right now, at live pictures on the screen, from hong kong, the sight of a very busy shopping mall there the protesters ongoing have turned violent, usually do at night it is christmas eve night. no rest. police reportedly firing tear gas, at protesters. again, this is in a very busy area christmas eve night in hong kong we are bringing updates as soon as we get them. >> all right, it is christmas eve if you haven't finished holiday shopping have no fare retailers ready for you open for business many giving procrastinators one finalizing chance to finish that list closing doors around dinnertime, the employees can go home have dinner with family grady is at woodfield mall in illinois i think the malopen for 90 seconds now?
8:32 am
am i correct? . reporter: technically not open yet at least the stores aren't open yet why you see a lot of emptiness behind me they are expecting a very busy day here and at malls across the country, because think about it if you want to order something on amazon will probably not getting here in time for christmas you got doing to the retailers, but if you are a procrastinators i hate to break it to you you are in minority national retail federation says 6% holiday shoppers will buy last gift christmas eve one percent last gift christmas day i don't know how they will find anything i think pretty much all stores will be closed, also after christmas is expected to be busy here and malls across the country as well as big box stores 68% shoppers will do shopping after christmas once they have gift cards or returns to bring in i want to shift gears show you what we're seeing at mall that i am at, this is where santa will be, just about 30
8:33 am
minutes, and there is already a line here, for people to see him. and because we are a business network it turns out that being the big man, can actually mean big bucks, santa is one of the highest paying holiday jobs if you compare to retailer they make 10 dollars an hour for a seasonal holiday retailer, santa can make between 30 and 75 dollars an hour you lauren that would mean 20,000 dollars in its 40 days around christmas time, unfortunately, for us, though, i think they are looking for a certain look we just don't have. >> grady who gave you idea to figure out how much money santa claus makes? >> i was assigned this story [laughter], might actually chat with the santa down here and see if i can get any pointers. lauren: ask a tip for you or me i don't know. >> santa gets that money without tips. lauren: that is true. >> a great cartoon in the new yorker, two kids saying to
8:34 am
each other great thing about getting presents from santa you don't have to write thank you notes. >> there you go. >> not only paid he does get cookies and milk he gets fed of a grady thank you for bringing us that good luck if you have any last-minute shopping to do you are in the right place. >> all this last second shopping is records, this super saturday 34.4 billion dollars in sales, the most money on any single day ever to put in perspective for you obviously, as a matter offed black friday 3 billion dollars cyber monday by 15 billion dollars, bring in former toys "r" us hbc ceo targets very chairman store adviser ceo, wow. consumers strong still shopping 34.4 billion saturday still going christmas eve. >> people have jobs, they have
8:35 am
money, and they are spending it! and there is absolutely no doubt, that consumers are powering this economy and going to continue to do so the outlook is positive, everything is positive, we did have a short season between, thanksgiving and christmas this year, so the end of the season is really important for he retailers and you see the mob at all shopping centers, all targets walmart, costco's, et cetera, i think sales very hot especially online where sales are thriving. >> talk about the winners and losers seems talking about strong consumer equal strong economy the gulf between the winners and losers is becoming an ocean what happened in 2020? >> lauren you are absolutely right. so what we have seen that u.s. has 24 square feet of retailer space per capita by far most in world 50% more than canada, it is 68 times -- 628 times as much as most countries in europe so we have way too much
8:36 am
square footage meanwhile, internet coming in clearly too much space out there, doesn't mean everybody is going to lose, so companies provide great value mastering it like target walmart costco dollar general are doing great amazon, of course, is doing great, meanwhile, while space in wrong kind of retail for day's consumer not that consumers aren't spending they don't want to spend there anymore malls doing poorly as people shift to power centers discount chains apparel stores department stores, doing very poorly. people are saying ahhi've got enough apparel don't want to spend on that i want to spend it on e and eabout strong and experience a lot of apparel chains malls in bull's-eye for retail extinction if you look forward. >> you mentioned are experiences i think spot-on that is up to mall who ends up
8:37 am
paying for that many malls need to be transformed more experiential is that something mall owner pays for or do retailers find way to keep them live investing in experiences within their stores? >> that is a great question, i think the best experiences are really tied closely strategically to shopping so something like, you know getting a full makeover when you buy your make-up that is a great retail experience, some people try to do i really the mall, putting a to mall they don't do anything, to drive retail what we're going to see a plus halls thrive reinvent themselves have office space, industrial residential space, even more great restaurants so they are going to thrive, some other malls there is not enough capital in the world to spend money, on b and cmalls so they are doing to be dee
8:38 am
malled closed or insurance or something like that going out of business. >> real estate. >> where we have to talk about amazon, and porment also safety scandal there there is a new buzzfeed report, and claims amazon drivers have been involved in more than 60 crashes resulteding in serious injuries at least 13 deaths including german cfo hit cycleing in 2013 amazon we want to put up their statement they say another tempt by pro public ka and buzzfeed to push a preconceived narrative civil untrue nothing is more important to us than safety. how big of a safety issue is this for amazon? and for amazon shareholders? >> lauren this is a really interesting story i can see two sides to it on the one hand these new revolutionary
8:39 am
business models held to high standards same standards traditional retailers other companies have been legalized to a very long time totaled appropriately there is no excuse for lack of safety now look at amazon, uber for example people are calling them out-safety -- quality, worker welfare, all of that is appropriate. now on the other side, having been in business a long time i get suspicious i think we all should be about a story that breaks on christmas eve against a retailer, and you wonder who are the entrenched constituencies who he don't like growth of amazon maybe other businesses hurt by this take a look at details of thes story with that in mind couple things come to mind to me first of all, every time some won at amazon caring about safety they go i got you you care about safety, what are you going to do like darned if they do, darned if they don't, of course, they care about safety working on it by all
8:40 am
acknowledgements. >> meanwhile -- the core issue is are they more or less dangerous to other people there are no statistics on that we don't know an doets really answer to question -- >> i was going to ask are there real metrics in putting this in perspective how many miles driven deliveries that kind of thing is accident rate higher than normal. >> right, again, we don't know the answer amazon says it is not, and article buzzfeed people say well comparing to wrong message they don't compare to the right metrics that would take a whole lot of work steve to do correctly the kind of thing, by the way, that we do at advisers would take weeks of work to do a proper comparison to answer that as any insurance is going to tell you all vehicles on the road teller going to be accidents uflt deaths the real question is are they doing the job getting better or not we don't know the answer to that that is why there could be two sides to this, 3450e7b8 amazon work on it uber better work on
8:41 am
it you see stories safety for passengers consumers, all better work on it not getting a pass, by saying oh, those are independently contractors we don't control them that is not going to work with consumers it is not going to work. lauren: thank you very much we appreciate it want to bring this to viewers christmas surprise for drivers in madera county california, pulled over for minor offenses. not giving you a ticket giving you 100 dollars, here is -- debting. reaction, officers handed out 100 dollars to 50 drivers courtesy of gagriland farming company roorn acts of kindness thank you i got a hundred bucks on top of it the latest president trump tweet, christmas eve morning, tweeting on usmca writing this
8:42 am
the only ren we were able to get our great usmca trade deal approved was because do-nothing democrats wanted is to show they could approve something productive in light of the fact, that all they even think about is impeachment, she knows nothing about the usmca deal. a lot of people said that, that timing of all that was interesting. procure impeachment put usmca to a vote. >> straight ahead, taking aim at competition how hotel brand is targeting young professionals in latest bid to outdo rivals, the wildfire situation in australia one brave firefighter taking a moment to happy koala bear, feeding that koala bear going viral this morning. ♪ have a happy holiday, dancing
8:43 am
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8:46 am
nice moment caught between a fighter and koala tracee here. >> fighting brush fires in southern australia, he brave fighter paused to pour water into a key allahkoala mouth.
8:47 am
>> the fire killed koala's. >> a jump on rival marriott "the wall street journal" says hilton thoemz attracting mor affluent crowd bigger rooms up sale offerings say hilton will unveil the name of new brand next month, a solid year for hilton with stock up nearly 55%. one town in louisiana feeling blessed, literally, st. annes church filled crop dufrt 100 gallons holy water sunday it was sprinkled on to town 160 miles east of new orleans near by farms blessing idea of island native served as missionary in ohio. >> very nice. >> interesting story. >> i never heard of anything like this in my life did the
8:48 am
town need a blessing? >> i would think would be o febsi i offensive, holy water -- >> don't turn down a blessing. >> that is true. >> their version of liquidity. >> good, coming up a supporting goods company hand a comfortered leather products made in america we will have the story and the company right after this. >> ♪4 ♪ to the outside world, you look good,
8:49 am
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8:52 am
next guess has something for you leather headed in usa sports founder, paul first of all, they see are beautiful footballs baseballs what was your aha moment how did you start this business? why? >> i was, former baseball player, growing up in coordinateerstown in orange county my idea to take that prededicates more than baseball take this style, and create something beautiful. with that. just really take a consuform ofe sports ball to showcase craftsmanship leather. >> before 1919 when you couldn't hit home runs. >> actually -- [laughter]
8:53 am
>> 1870. >> i will ho holding best seller cow hide. >> our hansen dam version cow hide graeth for playigraeth for playing. >> that is ostrich, in keeping with my you know with my -- inspiration, just taking exotic leather and turning it into sports balls. >> 1200 dollars, that football. >> to the fact that ostrich leather is very expensive hard to work with. >> where do you get leather from where do you make the product? >> most leather that i buy is from american tanneries storied at an tannery in minnes
8:54 am
for red wing boot company, that is another great source of american lever. >> my typically xhr i think very style conscious, somewhat affluent sports fan doesn't necessarily have to be out you know, someone team oriented but loves sports lovers to play these things are designed to be played with. >> even at 1200 dollars, you are based in glen rock new jersey what is it i like doing business in expensive sait new jersey. >> a suburban town i worked for mlb for many years xhutdz from glenrock started the business out of my home, and, issue basically stayed in glenrock, i have office you know, sort of small factory space nearby, and, i am
8:55 am
working working out of suburban new jersey with five full time employees. >> how many balls have you made this year or sold this year what metrics. >> thousands. >> thousands? >> thousands, we have had a very busy holiday season. very successful holiday season. these things are gift oriented and right now doing a lot of you know, biggest -- >> last forever. >> that is the idea the idea with leather is if you use it, it is going to develop a patina, age gracefully, we consider them heirlooms. >> good luck to you happy holidays made in usa company. >> final thoughts from our all-star panel this christmas eve. keep it here.
8:56 am
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8:59 am
♪ lauren: santa is flying the reindeer, they're coming soon. final thoughts from our all-star panel this christmas eve. >> well, you know what, looking forward to christmas but in the meantime, want to see what investors are going to do. are investors who are holding cash on the sidelines, are they going to take advantage of the santa claus rally we are having so far and what's going to happen in the new year if they are holding all this cash? will they put it to work finally? >> i want to say happy birthday to my dad. he turns 93 on saturday. lauren: good for him. super saturday. more ways than one. >> love you. lauren: makes you look like a
9:00 am
puppy. >> i love it. baby boomer. but health care both politically and economically, that's going to be a boom industry. lauren: steve forbes, veronica, thank you so much for spending christmas eve with me. merry christmas to maria bartiromo. that does it for us. "varney & company" is next. david asman, good morning. david: merry christmas to you. have a wonderful one. thank you very much. good morning, everyone. i'm david asman in for stuart on this christmas eve and america is merry, and we are spending. super saturday as it turns out was a blowout. sales hit $34.4 billion. that's the biggest single retail day in u.s. history. that's a big green flag for the strength of the economy. people have money to spend, they have jobs galore. the president's tax cuts have delivered for hard-working americans and they are spending. we are expecting to hear from the president very shortly. he's going to participate in a video teleconference with members of our milita


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