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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  December 24, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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presentation on fox business network, i'm jeff flock at pebble beach, as they used to say at the old gas stations, happy motor
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>> i wept to marilyn's house. i saw three or four members of the press and police officers. >> in the brentwood section of lapse. >> the blond bombshell, the film goddess was dead at 36. the landful of news photographers watched as an unmarked white station wagon pulled up it had been sent by the mortuary.
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stunned fans awoke to the breaking news reports on the radio. death was final. her many troubles one way or another slipped away in the bed of the only home that was ever truly hers. just after 7:00 a.m., the body of the world's most famous woman was covered by a blanket and spirited away. the growing contingent of media surrounded the funeral home and her house, walk up to the room where she had taken her last breath. >> i remember going to marilyn's side of the house where i knew the bedroom was. >> the glass had been shattered by her psychiatrist.
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he says he was forced to break in after check on marilyn and seeing her lifeless body through the window. the photographs from the scene will give the first clues to marilyn's cause of death, and also give ammunition to those who later would conclude that the investigation was rushed. they saw empty pill bottles on a cramped table beside the bed. also in the picture, marilyn's housekeeper. her vague and change accounts of the last hours would raise questions. well before the police had been called. marilyn's small bungalo was filled with a cast of characters that would spark conspiracy
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theories to this day. she would never rest in peace. her death result in opportunism and wild speculation. was it suicide, murder? >> marilyn being killed by jfq or bobby kennedy suffocating her. so many different stories. >> police said there was 15 bottles of medication on the night stand. the autopsy was assigned to juneor medical examiner thomas naguchi. >> i was notified 4:00 a.m. i was assigned to the case about 8:00. >> when he arrived at work he
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had not bend told the identity of the young woman only that it was a drug overdose. by 10:30 a.m. in a window less room deep inside the los angeles county morgue, the autopsy was under way. >> he didn't find any evidence of puncture wound, no broken bones, no trauma to the head. there was no evidence of any foul play on the body. >> two things were ruled out. trauma and illness. >> we were satisfied the cause of death is not a natural one. the presumptive opinion is overdose of drugs. it has to be confirmed by tox caly studies. d by toxicology studies. >> but for mode of death he
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circled both accidental and suicide in which he wrote in the word probable. the suicide team will be conducting a psychological autopsy to determine if it overdose was accidental or intentional. for now marilyn was placed inside box 33 in the county morgue in the complex housing the los angeles county courthouse. >> it wasn't the first time i utilized bottles of scotch to get into an area that was off limits. the next thing you know he was in back. he snapped pictures of the toe
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tag. he watched as they opened box 33, slid out the steel door and attached the tag. he says they uncovered her body and aloud him to shoot some of two rolls of film. >> the images he took lack to his own studio and claims to have processed, examined and quickly put into a safe deposit box. >> but he decided nobody should see the images of marilyn's naked corpse. but eventually a photo leaked out. the world was stunned. sadly, it wouldn't be her last indignity. >> she lay unclaimed for days. the most of famous woman in the
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world laid in the mortuary with no one claiming her. >> the house is sealed on orders of the coroner.
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>> in a town built on a type of immortality. marilyn's star went nowhere. monday morning's newspapers were dominated by the tragic headlines. even as the soviet union conducted the second largest nuclear test in history. all people wanted to hear about was marilyn. >> the public felt they lost a family member or a friend, or a sister. she was one of those meteors that lights the sky in the middle of the day. >> the investigation is going on and no final conclusion has been reached. >> she was part of everyone's life all over the world. >> her former husband joe dimaggio finally claimed her body and made arrangements for
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the funeral. >> when she died it was a public event. >> the media machine that fed on monroe in life went into a frenzy over her death. >> the curtain falls, brief and simple rites mark the funeral of marilyn monroe as joe dimaggio leads a small group of friend. >> the footage of crowd of people hanging on to fences just to get a glimpse of the hearse. platforms were erected for the cameras. there was a portable phone bank brought in to handle wire services for the long walk where her body will be interred.
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joe dimaggio slowly walks by my camera. his son was in a military uniform. you can see the pain not only on his face. but the tragedy on his son's face. >> only 25 people were invited to the service and no screen stars were in afebruary dance. >> there was only one man in charge. that was joe dimaggio. no frank sinatras. it was those who lived their lives with marilyn. >> ashes to ash, dust to dust. >> prior to her death she had gone on her first blind date
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with retired new york yankee slugger joe dimaggio. >> joe saw her picture and he found someone to arrange a meeting with her. it got serious very quickly. >> she was not get a mega celebrity. but 1952 was a huge year for her. >> marilyn monroe, the glamorous new star of "monkey business." >> in those days they groomed stars. they would set up publicity. they would charge for her image as much as you could imagine. >> i am very preparative to all of you. >> it seemed the quickly rising star met her match in joe
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dimaggio. >> he really loved her. he did fall in love with her. >> joe dimaggio was such a famous figure, it made her even more famous. >> marilyn had arrived. >> she than formed into this screen goddess when she was on film. she had that x factor. >> marilyn monroe and jane russell are welcomed as they arrive to make their imprints at the gra chinese theater in hollywood. joe dimaggio wins america's number one glamour girl as his bride. >> they married in san francisco. marilyn is on the brink of
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superstar come. >> the marriage attracts a record crowd t to the san francisco court where the marriage ceremony was held. absolute chaos followed their every step. >> pandemonium reigns in tokyo. >> joe, he's a forgotten man, which is something in japan where baseball is so popular. never underestimate the power of you know who. his patience is exhausted. >> an army general visited their hotel room and invited marilyn to fly to korea to meet and entertain the troops. >> i was told you would be
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working because somebody important was coming in. the helicopter land and out comes marilyn monroe. she had a blue sequined cocktail dress. this was february, and it was cold. she went out on stage. she had done a good 45 minutes. she beguiled many of her fellow citizens, many of whom had a rendezvous with death. >> after she completed the tour, she was so excited. she said joe, you can't believe it. you can't imagine what that love feels like. he said grimly, i can.
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>> joe dimaggio believed in the old school arrangement of a wife should be home and having children. he goes to new york to film the exterior for "the seven year itch." >> i'm looking forward to it have much. >> the skirt blowing in the seven year itch when she is standing on a subway grate and her dress blows up. >> they couldn't use the film from that night because there were so many cameras flashing. >> joe dimaggio came out to watch it. and to watch men watching her as
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her dress blew up. >> dimaggio was insanely gel owfs her career and the people she worked with. >> they went back to the hotel and there was a huge fight. and it's believed that was the beginning of the end of their major. >> in 1954 joe drove away for the last time. a marriage worthy of the screenplay would not get a hollywood ending. >> miss monroe will have nothing to say this morning. all i can say as her attorney is that this is what we'll say with the conflict of careers. >> there were moments in her life where she was able to get in front of the camera and smile and speak and this was not one of those times. of those times. >> i am sorry, i have to i'm your mother in law.
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♪ >> the ward was abandoned and falling apart in 1958 when a team of psychiatrist to get over and opened the suicide prevention the quad. three years later they would be called upon to perform a psychological autopsy of marilyn monroe to determine effort overdose was intentional. >> we thought it was important that her lifestyle had to be evaluated before we could arrive to the conclusion. >> they were able to come in and look at marilyn's state of mind and a past mental health concern, interviewed her inner circles. >> toxicology results found high levels of the barbiturates, the drug used to treat anxiety along with a large dose of chloral hydrate, sedative used for insomnia. written in the margins where the
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words, lethal dose. >> when you look at a coroner's report of forensic pathologist will have five boxes to check, natural, accidental, suicide, homicide or undetermined. >> the doctor left the box is unchecked but wrote it? next to suicide. he wrote the death was due to acute barbiturate poisoning, ingestion of overdose. >> he was able to determine that the barbiturates had gone through her stomach lining and had digested she had died of a barbiturate overdose via oral ingestion. >> on the morning of august 18, 1962 a restless press corps packed into the overcrowded inquest room in the basement of the los angeles hall of justice. it has been two weeks since the body of marilyn monroe was discovered by her housekeeper and psychiatrist.
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they frantically grabbed press releases from the coroner's office they said chief medical examiner sat down and lit up a cigar. >> on based on the information obtained [inaudible] >> he said the glare of the spotlight would bring spotlight on suicide. >> [inaudible] it is my conclusion that the mode of death was probable suicide, lethal dose, has been positively identified by the toxicology report. in addition, a large dose of [inaudible] >> doctors explained the evidence was large quantities. >> [inaudible] >> mood changes were abrupt and unpredictable.
3:30 pm
sleep disturbance was prominent and for which she had been taking tentative drugs for many years and well aware of the dangers. >> suicide prevention team evaluated marilyn's life and determine she met three previous [inaudible] >> she expressed wishes to give up to withdraw and even die. on these occasions she had said she had been rescued. the same pattern had been repeated except for the rescue. >> they wanted to know [inaudible] >> i sincerely hope.
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♪ >> suicide squad was tasked looking into marilyn monroe's death found she was no stranger to mental illness. yet, it was not until after her death the american public began to learn the tragic details of her tortured life. >> norma jean was born to a single mother and the charity ward of los angeles county general. >> part of marilyn's desire to be loved was because of her excruciating childhood. to be born illegitimately in 1926 in los angeles was to already have respect against you. you are flawed, not wanted, not accepted by society. there was something wrong with you. >> gladys baker, norma jean's mother, spent time in and out of mental institutions. >> her mother had a troubled childhood as well and her father
3:37 pm
died in an asylum. there's a long line of mental illness. >> no family to care for her rummaging was put into the foster care system. the trauma of her functional childhood not only left her feeling vulnerable but exposed to systemic feuds. >> she went to different foster homes and was abused and you see that play out throughout their life. >> when imperial japan attacked the pacific wheat at pearl harbor la was poised to be transformed big time. long considered a sort of far-off outposts thousands of miles from the industrialized los angeles was about to shed its trickle-down images. >> los angeles was a small town but during over to if they were involved in the defense industry or entertainment back in june 1942, 16 -year-old norma jean had escaped foster home life by marrying a navy, james
3:38 pm
daughtry. >> i thought i could marry her and give her home when i got out of service. >> norma jean did her business of the war effort but she work ten hour days at $20 a week on the assembly line. it was here she was discovered by an army private for the first motion picture. >> by the way she was accepted by a group of model agencies and the agent there said you are the girl next door and you'll work and work and work. >> work she did. the newly blonde norma jean quit her factory job and started to model full-time. eventually educating herself from her starter marriage. >> she had already gotten a taste of what she had always wanted her entire life. >> next logical move was away from the magazine to the big screen. >> she said her ambition was to be a star and she said her name is norma jean and he said we can't put that on the headlines. [inaudible]
3:39 pm
>> she signed her first studio contract 1946 and made a seven-year deal. >> it was here the studios of 20th century fox at the young mr. norma jean baker was elevated to the number one position in hollywood. >> life under the studios tom would also mean loss of autonomy. >> in the studio system in that era looked at as he was a machine and they wanted you on the set on time and to be personal. if you are like marilyn and had insomnia you would become immune to it and have to take more and then cannot get up so they give you something to wake you up. >> it was a vicious cycle that would prove to become a serious problem for the rising star now known as marilyn monroe. august 26, 1962 official conclusion of the death of marilyn monroe became public. her certificate of death was signed and filed away deep
3:40 pm
within the los angeles hall of justice. >> it seems unbeatable that in this vast system of files in the county morgue in a marilyn monroe could ever pop up, only a numbered statistic with her marital status, divorced, occupation actors. >> it would be another 20 years before the coroners a defined the certificate to come forward as part of the many conspiracy theories that claims the form is altered and that he was pressured into signing it. for now, the file was closed. cause of death, barbiturate poisoning, result of a probable suicide. the psychiatrist known as the suicide squad hope the publicity would help the underrecognized national problem but it had the opposite effect the suicide rate went up because people were thinking if marilyn monroe, the woman who had beauty and fame, had nothing to live for what do i have to live for? new york times reported that
3:41 pm
suicide rates jumped 12% in the month after her death. >> people wanted to believe that she was that bad because of the service she claimed to have everything. there was projected fantasy onto maryland. >> perhaps it was the unwilling to see past her sultry smile to allowed the seed of doubt to be planted. >> it would never allow her to truly [inaudible]
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>> after her painful public divorce from joe dimaggio she needed a change of scenery in her personal and professional life, marilyn monroe decided to make a move. >> marilyn left hollywood at the height of her fame and wanted to become a serious, dramatic actor. >> under the cover of darkness she moved to new york actually did with that subject of her milton green and his wife. >> they come up with a plan for marilyn to have her own production company mac he told her you have the potential to be so much more and she formed marilyn monroe production. >> are you always recognize wherever you go? >> no, not really. i can still put on a coat and no makeup and get along pretty well. >> blending in with getting tougher to do.
3:47 pm
that year, seven year itch, with massive acclaim from audience and critics alike back milton green kept an eye on her career and she focused on her kraft. >> she knew she needed to go to acting school and the premier acting school was the actor studio in new york city run by a very famous dramatic coach. >> strasberg was a method acting guru. method acting is based upon submerging yourself deep into your own tragedies. >> it was announced her production committee's first project would be with actor, laurence olivier. when she arrived back in hollywood the chaotic welcome awaited her hundreds of reporters form the airport peppered her with personal questions. >> are you and joe dimaggio friends at a distance?
3:48 pm
>> i would rather not answer. >> the renewed focus of being taken seriously coincided with the budding romance with a married man. famous playwright. >> marriage is disintegrating and she falls madly in love with him. she wanted to surround yourself with these intellectual icons or these famous men that would then show her to be in a great light because she was at their level. >> miller's history would obligate their budding romance and soon at their marilyn herself, as well. >> he had attended some communist meetings and the fbi was watching him closely. >> marilyn's fbi files show there was a fear she was being brought into the shadowy world of communist influence. >> fbi had been investigating aspects of communist influence for decades and in fact, in the aftermath of world war ii we had learned that a number of soviet agents had penetrated the u.s.
3:49 pm
government. >> on capitol hill in the theaters in the house un-american activities committee had spent the 1950s questioning actors and artists over possible remedies to communism. marilyn found yourself playing a supporting role in miller's real life drama. june 1956 he was called before congress and told to divulge the names of communist in the industry. >> he refused to name names and stated that it was against his good conscience. >> during the break he dropped one name that got everyone's attention. >> it was a woman who is going to be my wife, marilyn monroe. >> it is hard to look at it as if he wasn't using her to make them look at him in a more favorable light. >> wedding plans to be rushed as well and was about to head to london. >> will be going to england. >> a few weeks later in a small wedding ceremony she officially became marilyn [inaudible]. monroe and miller embark on a
3:50 pm
working honeymoon. >> marilyn monroe creates a cessation wherever she goes. they report the old town reeling from her impact. >> back home in the united states the first project for marilyn monroe productions was not well received. >> the film was not successful. it was one of the most worst film she had ever made has been 1957 brought tragedy. marilyn suffered a miscarriage. this put a strain on her marriage which had already been showing signs of trouble. >> marilyn wanted a kid because she could lavish on a child all the love she never had. >> she found help by turning to her acting coach, we strasberg. >> she encouraged her to return to her childhood trauma and engage in cycle analyst. then she would attend classes with leaf strasberg also returning her to traumatic childhood experiences. this was a psychological recipe for disaster.
3:51 pm
>> she had become reliant on her therapist. there were no antidepressants in the 1950s so they treated her with [inaudible] which was dangerous but at the time that's all they had. >> troubles continue the next year but she worked on her next megahit. >> it was pretty well known that marilyn was sometimes was not well prepared and got nervous and shy in front of the cameras and have to do multiple takes. >> she really cannot perform unless she felt her very best and it became neurotic. >> monroe's personal misfortunes continued when she suffered another miscarriage shortly after the film. >> when she lost that baby she was devastated and there's footage of her and arthur coming out of the hospital and it's a great example of how marilyn was able to smile for the press, put on a good face and get into the car with arthur as they drive off and arthur later said she cried the whole way home.
3:52 pm
>> by 1961 monroe's marriage to arthur miller had fallen apart. meanwhile, marilyn spiraling further into drugs and alcohol. >> she was unable to sleep and was crying higher and higher dosages of sedative drugs and barbiturates in order to sleep. >> she had to be awakened in the morning by another kind. there would be fewer and fewer hours a day should work. >> it was a very dark time for marilyn. her marriage to arthur miller had ended and had lost her baby. >> she was hospitalized because she was so addicted to pills and they had to wean her off. >> i had the feeling that she was doomed. >> she re-tweeted to new york with her mental state continue to deteriorate. in early february 1961 new york psychiatrist that marilyn was committed to the psychiatric clinic on manhattan's upper east side. >> the doctor committed her under false pretenses. marilyn thought she was going there for but found yourself in a straight jacket. >> she was placed in a padded cell on the floor with the most
3:53 pm
psychotic. >> she wrote a letter about the horrors. i'm like on a cell. i'm sure to end up a notch if i end up in this nightmare. >> going crazy was her biggest fear because of her family history. >> attempts to call her doctor went unanswered. finally, she was able to reach joe dimaggio who was coaching the yankees spring training down in florida. >> he got on the first plane, flew to new york, went directly to this clinic and said if you don't give me my wife i am going to take this hospital apart brick by brick. >> there was this incredible footage of her coming out in the media going after her and she was like a scared rabbit cornered. >> marilyn fired her therapist and left new york for good. the ordeal would not be the last troubling incident involving her doctors.
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♪ >> march 1961 a little over one year before her california psychiatrist would find her dead in her bed. marilyn monroe's next and final turbulent year can be described as the whirlwind of chaos. her life would be intertwined with the boldest names in both hollywood and the nation's capital.
3:59 pm
you can find her partying with the rat pack, battling the movie studios that made her famous in fighting your own demons the days of alcohol and drugs. over the next 14 months her secretive fbi file would go thicker and thicker and a cast of characters would insert themselves into life, characters that motivation to raise our eyes and generate questions that still linger to the state. on the next episode of scandalous, the death of marilyn monroe. >> the doctor would try whatever marilyn wanted. >> police suggested [inaudible] >> happy birthday to you. >> robert kennedy and marilyn were photographed together spirit marilyn monroe is found
4:00 pm
in bed ♪ >> when she lost that baby, she was devastated. >>


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