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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 25, 2019 12:00am-1:01am EST

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>> i love you. trish: christmas is a good time of year. >> yes. merry christmas. and happy hanukkah to everyone. of at our next guest has been the host of ever stranded in the morning show on c100 for almost 25 years. right here in new york city. not only is a her daily from over ten my people across the country, not only as a member of the broadcast telephone, he is also newlywed which means there still some hope in his faith. despite all his 4:00 a.m. alarm clock spirit's new book or do i begin, stories i sorta remember about a life lived out loud. it's out now and you should buy at least four copies for
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your friends. this holiday season. and they recently sent out the radio legend elvis durand. take a look. >> i have missed you, i've missed you too. you help me come up with my dry cleaning. >> everyone needs a drag queen. and that's why came in with tequila mockingbird and i looked it up and there is a banta dealer marketing turn but there is no drag queen. >> and before less a hundred and 40 pounds i wish aleta buffet. [laughter] >> who was lucy stool? >> lucy still you don't hang out with her. [laughter] just don't sit in the same chair. >> too much but he. i love you, when you talk about you first started out in texas and literally envelopes of cocaine would show up from independent promoters to play records, and that's how radio was. >> will that was the 80s. i'm 55 years old. >> you look fantastic by the way. >> thank you nice plastic surgeon. it was a different time, cocaine was here and there, i never bought any of it i did a
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lot. it was just so it was. >> but that's what they did, we can joke about it when i got into radio 1991, about coke and hookers, but i worked for a radio station in california it was right next door to joe is gross office. and he was one of the independent promoters in the book. >> i did not say think about joe is girl. >> and i said nothing was said nothing bad. >> he could have us all killed. kennedy: but he did have a lot of assistance, young buxom females in the bathroom crying. >> they were all in tears. it was a whole different time, the wild, wild west was a nomadic thing or removed from city to city to city. kennedy: is still like that? >> no you get an internship at a rate decision you stay there to 60 years old. it's changed. kennedy: radios also change because they are not, there's not the plethora of djs that there were when we grew up. and people, you are attached to local people who could show
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up to their events and meet them, and they were really like four of you. it's howard stern, you, ryan seacrest, bobby bones enough that. kennedy: you miss radio doll? kennedy: i do. >> but you do so while the show this is different than anything else on this network. kennedy: you're so kind and i love this show and its embodiment of my dreams, but there's something about magical about radio, and when i fly in from l.a. on a monday morning i get to hear show, i always tweet about it because you bring people in. you bring people into your chaos and your conversation, you talk about things in a way that really resonates, and it's really listenable. >> thank you thank you. kennedy: you have slept in the face a few times along the way. >> by various body parts. kennedy: gay elvis durand. >> luck i was fired a few times, i've been rehired a
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couple of times, it's been a long run. but you know what, i had to examine it. i started out as a little kid in dallas texas with my own radio station that no one listen to because there is a transmitter. and now i'm sitting here on kennedy show, it's like how did i get here? and if we don't examine where we were and where we are now, and how we got where we are, who are we? kennedy: you still feel like that first kid that started out? you want to go back in time until that person that's all gonna work out. don't you have it time the anxiety but it's all gonna work out. you are not going to believe it's gonna happen along the way. >> i wrote those letter to myself and those same words in this book. if we don't learn about ourselves if we don't know about yourselves, i'll like me i like myself before but i really like me now. i've examined me as a person and i'm a good guy. kennedy: and that's what i learned hanging out with you the eye heart music festival because you never know how people are going to be. there are people in radio who
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are total a holes and they treat everyone like absolute garbage. and going into your orbit, you have so much fun with the people you work with on a daily basis, but it wasn't so explosive. you welcomed all of us then. i said this is fantastic, this is how pro should be. that's how people should mentor people coming into this industry. >> you get your life it doesn't matter if you're in radio, tv, or wherever, or florist. or you have just figured out. you don't need to be in a hold of people. you don't need to make someone feel like crab see feel better about yourself. life is great. i learned the power of no. you know what i'm saying? i'm an older guy, i understand how to maneuver in this world a little bit better and it's kind of relaxing. and let people be themselves. kennedy: so what's better? music from the '90s which was the golden age or music from today? >> today. [laughter] series that i didn't like 90s music, i didn't like 80s music i like today's music. kennedy: what's your favorite
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music spieth. >> i like new ones that are added our country. i like these artists in the music. because i know them. i've been in the cockpit with them since they were starting several years ago. and i have a 50-yard line seat at z100 to watch their careers as they go this way or that way. kennedy: do you have a say of what music it's added it by heart? >> no no no they don't trust me on that. but i will play whatever music i want sometimes and we choose the artist the come on her show. i love being a part of that. i was thought clark was kinda creepy because he was this 80-year-old old guy with teenagers with him. and now i'm that creepy guy. kennedy: that's what we should all aspire to be. >> we should be creepy. i love being a fan of the music. there is uncle elvis buddies creepy but i'm married now. kennedy: that's fantastic in many years with your marriage and career. things are stopping by. >> thanks for coming it's all
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your awesome. kennedy: and another glorious staple of the '90s was legendary roxanne rabbani and last month nirvana's classic album mtv unplugged got near got a final reissue for 20 for the anniversary. interview with yvonna giants in the trees basis. kennedy: welcome back. >> hello kennedy things or have me. kennedy: i'm so excited they're here in our foxbusiness refresh week we are talking about investing in you investing in success, and creativity. in all the things that are getting harder and harder to do with more and more government. but i want to talk about the reissue of the album. does it bring back a lot of memories from that night? >> yeah, it does. it was a really special show for all of us, and nerve anna, we barely pulled it off. but we got together we did it, and we came together really
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well. it's also bittersweet for me because it was a requiem for co- vain because it came out soon after he passed away. so there's a lot of heat of feelings with that. but we are really excited about the reissue, you get the vinyl, side force the outtakes in the hearse holes and outtakes. so if you are one of those collectors, there's something there for you. kennedy: and the track listing is so beautiful, and when i interviewed pets near a few years ago, he said that he suggested the man who sold the world were there any tracks from the night you had a hand in helping to select? >> liya we talked about what's gonna work and what's not in a work. so we were playing, rehearsing, and we were on the really hard edge he banned. and here he got to be like soft, and we were always sensitive. kennedy: you are always sensitive. >> but we had to have a soft unplugged performance.
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kennedy: what didn't you play, is there anything you scrapped and didn't play during rehearsal that you regret? >> no i don't regret anything about it. it was really nice though it came together. the bands, we were -- it was really nice. kennedy: i was there it was incredible night. there's only one person understand the gravity of the set list and knew some of these gifts cure tracks that you played. it's the first time that i saw a pap smear live, and especially acoustically it was such a complete sound. and it's funny because i look at my nephew today and he just graduated from high school and haner's friends love nirvana, and he plays bass any cell influenced by your music. what is it about your band that transcends different age groups and decades and generations? >> you know music is something that's hard to put your finger on. i think kurt cole vein was in such a artist and there's something about him that when he expressed himself, a lot of
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people received him and could understand that. we played really well together and we are very interested in music. we try to shake things up, you listen to a nirvana record and there's a lot of different kinds of sounds in different moods, and different approaches. and so we just try to keep it interesting and shake it up. kennedy: you told her producer chelsea that you and kurt were watching mtv one night when i was on. >> yes kurt cobain was a chronic channel suffered he'd have his remote control and he just be flipping it would be some of the weirdest things that he would stop by and nothing you're weird, but he would always stop if you are on mtv. so we are watching that night and i looked at him and i said you know kurt, that kennedy is a real smart. but he rose to your defense he said she's sardonic and so.
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kennedy: that's nice to hear because years later pat told me that years later kurt tried to call me and i print them right back. not knowing he was kurt cobain and it was crazy. >> you could do that because back then you had star 69 and most people didn't know how to do that. nobody had caller id. it was the '90s i miss them. bring them back. >> you still talk to courtney? >> yes i saw courtney well i was a somber occasion i sat next to her at chris cornell's funeral. kennedy: that's a really none other than that breaks my heart. >> yes it's really, really hard, and we lost a really great guy. the greatest band in the world soundgarden. it's devastating. kennedy: it is devastating, and again your break to records came out something like three weeks apart.
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pearl jam, nirvana, and soundgarden all have these huge releases within a few weeks of each other. >> we played music for each other and even like in 2012, 2011 i was in dave girls film sound city, and we did that song with paul mccartney, that night soundgarden were in los angeles too, and they were filming this video. so i called kim and the guitar player and said hey you're in l.a. let's get together. so we got together later that night in pasadena california of all places, i said like hey here's our new song, it was like paul mccartney and pat and dave and he's like here's our new song the new soundgarden song. and that's what we used to do like 2530 years ago. kennedy: how amazing is that? >> i am excited about music i'm still really excited about music with giants and the tree of the new album and i've got a new record out it's a spoken
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word record were i did the music and doctor robert michael pyle does the spoken word. and it's called butterfly launches from spar pole. kennedy: wells and chris is good to talk to you come back to new york so we can talk politics and save the world. >> thank you. >> thank you my friend. all rise coming up with got a great game called kennedys courts. we've gathered some of the craziest most ridiculous crime stories ever told, and mike chase plays the defense attorney we have a panel of gas to played jury. i will be the judge. i will be the judge. cococococo imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money.
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and call 844-234-2424. male anchor: update on the cat who captured our hearts. female anchor: how often should you clean your fridge? stay tuned to find out. male anchor: beats the odds at the box office to become a rare non-franchise hit.
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age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. make the world you want. we cover a lot of crazy criminals on the show, but justice is rarely meted out. the bail buck stop here on this installment of kennedys court, this is out works. i will read a ridiculous but true crime headline about some lovable losers, take think mugshots monday attorney mike chase is going to give us the defense, the rest of the panel will decide the suspect is guilty or not guilty. i will deliver the final verdict. let's get started. alright catch jan on mike. let's listen to kennedys court are you ready?
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>> ready. kennedy: here's case number one. a man called nine on one to report his cocaine was stolen. investigators said david blackman of full vote beach described himself as a jugular when he called police or to report someone had stolen his coke and some cash. when a deputy arrived he saw men's cocaine still in the car central console, blackwell was charged with drug possession and possession of drug pill for night. how do you defend this guy? >> so i never liked the beginning a case when the first fact is that mike client called the police and said i'm a drug dealer and summative console my coke. that's a tough way to start. but i think i'm in a playoff that clients honesty. i'm going to say okay you've got to prove that those drugs in his cupholder were the ones that he possessed. i'm gonna go with the truthful part so the truthful thing is that he called and his drugs were missing. i don't know where these drugs came from. kennedy: those are not the
12:19 am
drugs in question. java body cam? >> my guy is a kinda guy of his coke's gonna tell you. >> so first off i'm in need your number i'm giving it to a family member. [laughter] point to it sounds very convincing although i've never heard anything like that. kennedy: sosa guilty or innocent? >> i think he's innocent just because like it's not nice to say someone stole your livelihood. we have the drug police the real police but losing your cocaine if cocaine is what you're doing is like if i lost my glasses. kennedy: how would you work? >> how would i work i could see just why but i couldn't work. so i mean, i would call the police on that. and it's not like the same as cocaine, but in a truly free country it would be. it's a he said she said,. >> i would say the real part person as a part drugs to get distributed to them. kennedy: the judge says
12:20 am
innocent. reform some of these drug laws. no more reefer magnets become a mike. here's case number to an oregon man was arrested with methamphetamines, be begun, and a business plan for how to sell drugs written in a notebook. 31-year-old eric mozingo was a passenger in a mercedes stopped by police in beaverton, he allegedly fled the scene but when cop searches vehicle they found meth, heroin, knife, big begun income and business plan for selling those drugs. he was found a few blocks away and arrested on drug and weapons possession. how defend them? >> i would say ladies and showman i know what you're thinking, heroin sounds bad, meth sounds bad, and the business plan sounds bad. okay,. >> calc obligate or could it be? >> maybe he'll go on shark tank sometime? but the truth is if you're this guy, and your defense lawyer, you take a highly tactical approach. you make sure the prude preserve the drug. to get an independent drug to
12:21 am
preserve serve the child then you look at the test results in writing for the trial's about to start you pull the fire alarm and you jump out the window before can start. >> along rail done red hair, red hair blonde hair? kennedy: i would say strawberry blonde. >> honestly being a redhaired man trying to sell drugs, that's not easy. so i actually want to give him props for following his dreams. kennedy: maybe that's why he had a business plan because every other businessman said don't be a strawberry blond man with baby face try to sell drugs. >> i think because of the place called beaver teddy may have an out. some were in school taught this. that might be a sure defense. >> i don't think we should criminalize people for following their dreams even if they have red hair. kennedy: i think river to beaverton as part of the rivers leg. it might or might not include my high school, so i say he's innocent. but he jumped out the window,
12:22 am
he's got star bread line hair and is in beaverton. >> i could never convicted defendant was starboard blonde hair. kennedy: here's case number three. an arizona bride and groom are resting on their wedding night for inciting a brawl and assaulting a cop. around 9:30 p.m. police responded to a call from a woman wearing a wedding dress assaulting an employee of a local business on whiskey row. when cops arrived they found ashley jordan and her new husband eric cordova they were reportedly argued with police in a fight ensued several members of the wedding party allegedly ran over and began attacking the officer. the happy couple is charged with aggravated assault on an officer, disorderly conduct. is this defensible? >> of course it is as tough but they're generally in the lawn no exceptions on beating up a cop or even defend yourself against a cop but there is one. netiquette applies here. if you didn't actually know is a cop trying to rescue the
12:23 am
time it's a crime maybe she thought as a late bachelorette party and this guy wasn't a cop, who's a stripper. [laughter] he's attracted attacking her husband so she comes in she is the best life they are she saves her husband from attacking stripper and who knows if that's a troop. >> and now the excitement it was the night. and that was this guy innocent or guilty? >> i would say innocent there is the couple and it was a partnership. >> i would say shame on this police officer for trying to take attention for her special day. kennedy: i'm gonna say, i don't want them all to be innocent, but then the stripper defense, very solid. you are in solid ground there my friend. will this has been fantastic, mike would look towards the next round. and thank you so much. it's amazing. so coming up fake news from florida, is a story made up or did it really happen in the sunshine state? play along and see how well you know your florida trivia
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welcome back, you, tonight were playing one of our very favorite games here on the kennedy daily a show. fake news or florida. your going to hear a bunch of outrageous yet hello iris headlines and our contestants need to decide if it's fake news or event actually happened in florida. this game has of the twist with the one alain jimmy sale is going to ask all the questions and i get to play. so jimbo taken away. >> here we go folks i'm going to read you a series of headlines. i want to tell me the story is fake news, or something that really happens. okay in the state of florida hold up the accompanying panel when you are ready. question number one a horse trainer was arrested at tampa bay downs after three of his horses tested positive for cocaine. is it fake news or something that really happened in the
12:29 am
state of florida? we have two florida's one fake news, kennedy gets the when it's fake news. >> i only dedicate about them florida. you have to be careful. >> this story hurts me a little bit because i have the worse expanse of my life at tampa bay downs. yeah that once when i call you nice they were going out kennedy in an hour later and put on a blonde wig and pattern my adam's apple. >> when i was dancing my main places tampa bay downs. >> bonus question is that fake news i think not. [laughter] i'm going to take organ for the win. question number two, a murdoch man was arrested for abusing 911 after he called to complain that his cats wasn't allowed into a strip club. is that fake news or is it florida? three florida's three correct answers. it was florida. kennedy: i'm still in the
12:30 am
lead. we had to cancer because you're still in liking that. kennedy: there's 20 cats in a strip club. >> i am not gonna take that bateman i'm not that kinda show. there's our guy, 47-year-old everett legends allegedly diffusely the emerald city gentlemen's club or after bouncer denied him entry. he is a fuse calling 91 over dozen times when the police arrived in cause and permits use of the 911 system. he was always also a disorderly conduct the unnamed kat was taken to local animal self shelter. that's a goner. that's against sally struthers' commercial. you can sponsor this kat to get into a strip club for $2 a day. [laughter] question number three a crestview man wrecked a liquor store because he was quote alice in wonderland. and a hookah smoking caterpillar told him to do it.
12:31 am
is it fake news? or something that really happened in florida? michael's star happens the floridian gets them went on that. wego mike go mike. >> what can i say. >> gentlemen's name is matthew horse and jones he allegedly broke into a fenced in area construction site and this is the best part of the story, he used a forklift to destroy liquor store because he was upset that they sell alcohol to people. but apparently he was okay with selling tobacco did caterpillar spare a hookah smoking caterpillar. >> have you ever been to wonderland on florida? [laughter] kennedy and michael tied with two. police in fort walton beach florida arrested two sidewalk santas after they would cut gambling their proceeds at a local dog track. this would be the dalmatian army. that story is fake news.
12:32 am
kennedy: i'm back in the lead. >> candidate getting it right. you need to know sidewalk santa is out and that's not december. you've being had. at july sidewalk anna? it doesn't add up. i've been the santa. nobody buys it. 's question number five. here we go. police in barrow beach florida arrested an adult film actor for impersonating a police officer after he mistakenly pulled them over instead of his costar. is it fake news or is it florida? >> it's okay in person officer in the movie. >> the adult film actor ticketed for doing 59 a 60. fake news fake news everybody got that wrong. kennedy: dang it. >> you just wanted to get it right. it sounded so spot on but it was in fact fake news. question number six. and marion county man was
12:33 am
arrested after he admitted to having relations with a miniature horse. is it fake news or something that happened in happened in the state of florida. eating just notes florida. they've already got a movie coming out 50 shades of hay. [laughter] here comes the public outcry. [laughter] kennedy: that's man equine booger he. speed. >> in catch among farmers.calm he had relations with a horse named jackie g. [inaudible] jackie said four times in one week after a family member caught him in the act. you think part politics is awkward he was charged with four counts of assault and held on a $4000 bond. kennedy is in the lead four to three to three. question number seven. ferris will operator at the
12:34 am
dade county fair was arrested for negligence after he left passengers on the ride for 28 minutes while he had relations with the female coworker. is it fake news or something that happened that had the state of florida? and everybody gets it wrong. everybody got it wrong. mattel was 28 minutes, no carney is doing it for 28 minutes carney sexes smash and grab. it's one thing i've learned carney happens fast. >> he's right. >> one more question. >> are gonna risk it also jeopardy? >> there's no rocking jock 50-point of you get it right you get it wrong. here we go. west palm beach sheriff was allegedly forced to resign after photos surface that showed him handcuffed a pole inside a local strip club. is it fake news or something that happened in the state of florida? steven can see gets it right. steven kent puts us at a
12:35 am
believe a time form for. >> that mean we fight? >> rigged rigged. >> is her time for remorse okay with the booth a grandmother's been called a hero after she pulled out her teeth to scare a naked burglar off the porch is a fake news or florida? for three points for the when it is florida steven kent you are the champion. >> of victory victory. >> this guy deserves to be in jail the guy granny with the teeth that is the best part. congratulations to steven kent. well done well done. kennedy: how did you do read the big winner? fantastic. coming up democrats are going hard on impeachment, but the presidents says the left is acting insane. we are both sides offfff
12:36 am
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are you sick and tired of political pond spewing out the same tired talking points on everything from 2022 others. will those of us of the cannondale you show certainly are. and we came up with an alternative, we are flipping the script. >> it's time to party swap. ♪ ♪. kennedy: there we go tonight we've got to legends and this is how works. tom is arguing the link liberal and you are doing the conservative way of thinking. and dolph ziggler has all the questions he will also act as rough and judge. ready to rumble? can i say that without getting sued? >> 90 kf give me 10 cents each time. everybody ready? it's. >> you play before negus are great.
12:41 am
do better this time. kennedy: it's my maiden voyage. ♪ ♪ >> organist are within patient because no one's been talking about lee. tom can't wait. i gave the questions ahead of time, everyone knows impeaching president trump isn't enough. the democrats should impeach penance too, tell the viewers how much better life would be with the president's policy. >> will obviously have. >> host: to because the vice president is a partner in crime to the president. it wouldn't do any good to impeach the president, and he is a shining example due to his intolerance the fact that he would be sitting in the oval office that he be sitting behind that desk makes impeachment itself in the table. so it's a one should be a 12. kennedy: do we need a new word for it to remove the advice present as well as it as guilt by association urges guilt because of achiness. >> i would say from now on impeachment is a 12.
12:42 am
you have to go with the executive and the vice president. whoever lost the election becomes the president. >> what were looking for is hillary in the white house speed bible redoing is the instilling the real winner. >> it was far from perfect. >> tells why it's going to backfire on the president not one but two more terms. maybe the third and the presence been talking about that in i for one am supportive. we've never seen an economy like this we've never seen a result, the southern border, that walls going up. smack what about the moat with the alligators and snakes. >> and shooting migrants in the leg. [laughter] kennedy: that's not unconstitutional. >> that's why i'm supportive of it. kennedy: by the way they're coming over the gore board and take your guns. >> ended take my job. but look at this, this is the face of trumped arrangement. it's been going on since 2016. but if they couldn't win at
12:43 am
the ballot box they couldn't land with robert muller, and now they're trying to win within patient because they are afraid to face trump and the republicans are 2020. kennedy: why can't they let truck be trunk? they can't let truck be trunk because a bunch of snowflakes. they don't have a sense of humor they don't have a sense of style,. >> it's a voice of our generation. >> retardant results. >> were waiting for hillary. [laughter] [inaudible] jusco remain as president trunk keeps needing to be tweeting because they can't report on him. what other social media should they be using for him. >> mcewan on folks are hankering for those folks to get on there. >> send a selfie or something. >> this is really an affront to the first amendments,
12:44 am
liberals say something they don't like come suddenly it's unacceptable speech. he listened to pamela harris talk about this. where support for speech reese speech for important journalists. why do we not hear people speaking out about this. crickets on the left. same the second amendment. these are not usually owned adventure. it's not be foregone with ten sons and your square jar as well. you can't pick and choose it's a god-given right to carry an ar-15. kennedy: all right you're making sense. >> i salute you. >> president takes bankruptcy is a dangerous toddler and twitter is a sandbox, why do we need to do to shut this down his account tonight and save this democracy? >> i love pamela harris but i have to disagree with their and maybe have even closer to my republican colleague jessica.
12:45 am
>> this is the unit of unity. >> every time the president tweets it gives us more fodder for impatient. i would say take him from a daily basis. >> talk about gutsy, hillary's very guessing. hillary says a gutsy's thing she ever did was stay with her husband. but should we be applauding all the other women who stayed with hillary's husband? the. [laughter] kennedy: that is a lot of applause. hey girl as that was not in the lincoln bedroom? >> lets erase all of this language. >> let's be real here there's nothing gutsy about it taking 20 years to come up with that line. where was that feminists when she was talk about bimbo eruption touring the full force of the white house and the mainstream press against monica lewinsky. a woman in her mid- 20s who was taken advantage of by the most powerful man in the world. where was he. kennedy: because he want to
12:46 am
see her thong, but i think it was more than that. >> hillary says the gutsy his thing she ever did was professionally run for president. how lucky with the american people be if she has the guts to do it one more time? for all of us? >> we can only help and she was gutsy when she ran for president she was gutsy when she was in that relationship with her husband, bill clinton. [laughter] people said that she was just standing by her man. she was standing by your country because of the vast bright ring conspiracy that was after her husband from the beginning. >> the winner is show lou. those of the tears resolve the newscasters have on election night, two and half years later that's the real pro. [inaudible] kennedy: duis are fantastic that was on the best parties we've had. my favorite i love it.
12:47 am
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people are fleeing the cities right now not because of zombies, that's next. it's because of bad government and taxes are far worse than zombies so how can lawmakers turn this nonsense around? i asked the mayor of knox county tennessee commies also wds superstar known as kane. his glenn jacobs. >> welcome back sir,. >> thank you kennedy i appreciate it. speed five so what is it mean to be free in tennessee? >> will you know it's really no secrets, without a very good job here of exercising fiscal restraint and discipline. not only are taxes low, the third friendliest tax state in the country. no state income tax low sales tax, low property tax. we also have very little state debt on our roads. we are a pecos state. our public pensions are in great shape. and all of that has led to remarkable economic growth growth. we are doing really well here,
12:52 am
and again it's no secret it's just good fiscal conservatism. kennedy: i wish more states would realize that. at government contraction is actually much more beneficial to the citizenry, but i also have to ask because you are the mayor and i look at your twitter feed and you are going to schools and restaurants and events, and you're talking to people all day long. and they obviously want help from you when they have challenges, so how do you balance your natural desire for limited government with the needs of people who want government to solves of these issues? >> wellin many situations the government can't solve the issues. many situations the government is the problem, right? not the answer. in so many times, it's really all of us a community working together. working together to address issues, and that is something i really emphasizing the fact that as a community, we can do a lot of things we come
12:53 am
together. and i see my position in that respect as a pulpit. i can identify problems by talking with folks and get people rallied around an issue. and hopefully marshall enforces the troops and then move forward on that issue. and really that is what i believe one of the most important things that i can do in this position. kennedy: and obviously where you're from, there's a much greater sense of community. and if you look at some of these big cities, and other parts of the country, that aren't in the middle of the country, they don't have that sense of community. and i always joke with a friend of mine who is from minnesota, when he goes dropping he waves to people, naturally. because he is from a friendly place. so how do you instill that sense of community at something that we really have lost touch with? how do you inspire that in people to help each other. and not just assume there's going to be some sort of
12:54 am
government handout? >> while i think again, a lot of it goes back to your philosophy about government. when you believe the government is the be-all and all, and the government should do everything, why do we need civil society? if that's your philosophy if you think community is important, it also is a very important role. you're going to have a stronger community you're going to do things in them and you see it's incumbent on you to do those things, and not just say oh, the government supposed to take care of it and that's it my tax money goes for. and i think that actually helps build stronger communities and in many ways the government divides us. of course we see that in lawsuits all of time. but the government divides us so much and we forget that as a community we have power, as individuals we have power. and we surrender that powered and say over the government of
12:55 am
take care of it. kennedy: and you have been reading books on limited government and liberty. but i know you've read freedman and many, many others, do you ever find that your philosophy and the reading of the what you've got has actually served you in some practical issue in your job as mayor? >> absolutely, were just coming off some land-use issues. i quoted high when he accepted the nobel prize in the fact that planners don't have perfect knowledge. right? and when we're talking about things such as land-use, we have to realize that. and instead of trying to control everything, we have to realize in the end of the market is what's going to drive everything. and making these decisions, we should be in harmony with the market and really try to help the market work the best it can. not try to fight the market.
12:56 am
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