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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 26, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. cheryl: it is 5:00 a a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. christmas is in the rear view mirror but post holiday shopping and sales still to come. what can we expect. tracee: clashes on christmas, hong kong protesters facing tear gas as they return to the street. cheryl: if you're looking to escape after a stressful holiday season, we've got the travel tricks you need to navigate this busy season. it is thursday, the day after christmas, december 26th and "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ and it seems like.
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♪ yes, it seems like. ♪ a brand-new day. cheryl: and good morning. it is the day after christmas, everybody. welcome back to "fbn: a.m.." and good morning. i'm cheryl casone. tracee: good morning, cheryl. good morning, everybody. i'm tracee carrasco in for lauren. cheryl: how was your christmas? tracee: it was great. how about you? cheryl: i watched the numbers go up over my vacation and i loved it. right now we've got another green start to your markets. we have four trading sessions left for the year, the dow is up 34, s&p up 5, the nasdaq, look at this, unbelievable, now -- of course, we were closed yesterday but the nasdaq hit the ninth record close. unbelievable. the nasdaq is up a fraction right now. lauren.tracee: let's take a lot stocks in asia right now, edging higher this morning. the hang seng is closed for the christmas holiday. good news over there, though. cheryl: mor.cheryl: more gree.
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in europe, all of the markets are closed. the top story this morning, president trump is not taking a break on christmas day. he slammed what he is calling the scam impeachment b by speakr nancy pelosi. tracee: the president sending a holiday message, calling for understanding and h respect in w year. ray bogen is live in washington where the impeachment fight is sure to pick up shortly after the new year. >> reporter: good morning. president trump released a christmas message with first lady melania in which he thanked troops serving overseas and hopedded for peace among nations. last night, president trump asked on twitter, why should house speaker nancy pelosi be allowed to impeach him just because he she has a slight majority in the house. he wrote got zero republican votes. she said it must be bipartisan and overwhelming but the scam impeachment was neither. also, very unfair with no due
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process, proper representation or witnesses. now, pelosi is demanding everything the republicans weren't allowed to have in the house. hypocrites. here's what he told reporters christmas eve. >> she's doing a tremendous disservice to the country. she is not doing a good job. we had three democrats come over to our side. >> reporter: the impeachment process is stalled as we wait for speaker pelosi to appoint impeachment managerses and send the articles to the senate for a trial. pelosi says she's wait forge fair process in the senate mitch mcconnell said he's coordinating with the white house. lisa mor coul murkowski said ths made her feel disturbed. she said, to me, it means we have to take the step back from being hand in glove from the defense. i heard from senator mcconnell has said. i happen to think that further
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confused the process. cheryl and tracee, back to you. cheryl: thank you very much. now to the latest with north korea. christmas day ended without a gift from kim jong un. but the is still monitoring the rogue regime after it threatened to launch a missile test on christmas. aishah hasnie has more as the be president's being urged to ramp up north korean sanctions. >> reporter: the president facing criticism over how he's handling relations with the north and some are calling for the u.s. to enforce maximum economic pressure. nothing has come from the ominous threat from north korea to deliver a christmas gift to the u.s., what some speculate to be a long range missile test. but the u.s. did seem to follow up, according to south korean news, the u.s. flew four surveillance planes over the korean peninsula on christmas day. this comes as denuclearization talks are at a stalemate and north korea spent the last year conducting more than a dozen short range missile tests.
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president trump is shrugging off any threats but this week his former national security advisor, john bolton, criticized the president's approach, telling axios, the white house has made, quote, no visible progress in getting the rogue nation to stop pursuing new clue weapons. others taking it a step further, suggesting it's now time for the president to punish the north. >> president trump said he wanted to give p kim a one-time shot to do the right thing. well, kim has had that opportunity. he's not reciprocated the goodwill from the president of the united states. so it's l time for president trump to actually make kim hurt and we can do that by cutting off the flow of money. >> reporter: again, north he korea has not made any hostile moves towards the u.s. but military leaders and the president himself have said that they are ready to respond no matter what that christmas gift might wind up being, if there is one. back to you guys. cheryl: thank you very much.
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we learned that china stepped up purchases of u.s. soybeans as the two countries were working to reach a phase one trade deal. soybean exports to china jumped to a 20 month high in november, to 2.6 million tons of. that's a sharp reversal from a year ago when china stopped importing u.s. soybeans products to nearly zero. at the time, president trump slapped tariffs on chinese goods and the u.s. trade war was getting into high gear. china what has promised to buy more u.s. farm products as part of the phase one trade deal. we're getting comments from chinese commerce ministry that they're in close touch with the united states on signing the phase one agreement. tracee: boeing is sending the faa and u.s. lawmakers disturbing information about the 737 max. the document dump reportedly presents what one congressional aide calls a disturbing picture
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over how boeing handled safety issues with the plane. the max has been grounded since the deadly crashes. the new ceo plans to focus on working more cooperatively with the faa to return the 737 max to ser. cheryl: personal phone calls he made to the faa. president trump is now weighing in on california's homeless crisis. the president is warning democratic governor gavin newsom that the federal government will step in if he can't get the problem there under control. according to a federal estimate, california had the most homeless people in the nation, nearly 130,000 as of january 2018. newsom is blaming the trump administration for the homeless problem in los angeles and san francisco. he says it's taking no action on the plan to to address that issue. tracee: some scary moments in israel yesterday. this video shows prime minister benjamin netanyahu being rushed
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off a stage during an election rally. it happened after a rocket was fired into the southern territory. it was intercepted by the israeli air defense system known as the iron drone. look at that video. cheryl: scary moments there. tracee: pope francis used the christmas speech to focus on migrants around the world. he asked for god's protection for people who find themselves before, quote, walls of indifference. he has made advocating for refugees a signature cause of his pontificate. cheryl: here are some mored headlines making news for you this morning. former attorney for stormy daniels, michael avenatti, report r&dalledly was heavily it before his alleged attempt to extort nike. he racked up over $15 million in
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debt, which he is denying. he calls the accusation bogus. he was arrested back in march and pled not guilty to various charges related the extortion. thethere are other charges including bank fraud and wire fraud. a good samaritan added tiffany you blue to the salvation army's red kettles. a mystery donor dropped a ring and two bracelets from tiffany into one of their buckets, expected to be worth thousands of dollars. the l salvation army waits 30 days before they accept any jewelry to ensure it wasn't left by accident. other unusual donations, a century old gold coin in north care. hillary:carolina and a gold bris dropped off in kentucky. broadway passed the billion dollar mark for the latest season with hot shows like west
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side storynd a christmas carol leading the way, with 17 of the 34 shows hitting 99% of the ther gross potential. it is 7% short from this time last year. and get this, a rookie linebacker for the pittsburgh steelers wasted no time getting into philanthropy. ulysses gilbert paid off thousands of dollars of lay away deputy for 60 people at a burlington store in florida. he said he got the idea from other professional athletes that are doing the same thing. way to get into the christmas spirit. tracee: i love that story. cheryl: he got a multimillion dollar salary from the nfl and first thing he did was give back. tracee: pay it forward. cheryl: we've got a lot to talk about this morning, especially with your money and your markets. folks, we have four trading sessions left for your markets for 2019 and it is good news all
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around. the dow is up 36 in the premarket, s&p up 5 and a quarter, nasdaq up 11 and-a-half. still coming up, 2019 shaping up to be a great year for wall street and for you and for your 401-k. but what can we expect in 2020. we've got a look ahead for you. and protesters in hong kong facing tear gas on christmas. is there any end in sight to this months-long conflict? stay with us. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ it's you, babe. ♪ and i'm a sucker for the way that you move, babe. ♪ an invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk while our competition continues to talk. i am totally blind.
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cheryl: 2019 a record-breaking year for wall street, with just four trading sessions left. the good times roll into 2020. let's bring in jonathan hoenig, a fox business contributor. jonathan, good morning. >> great to be with you. cheryl: it's fascinating to me, these march quets for the year. -- markets for the year. despite impeachment, a trade war, usmca, all of the political messes that we've seen, the markets look incredible for 2019. what do you think it was? >> amazing 2019 and now probably continuing that trend in 2020. and i think, cheryl, you should be optimistic, absolutely. but also cautious at the same time and here's why. look 10 years ago. the t vast majority of the
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investing public were quite cautious on stocks. the economic da data was poor. there was a lot of fear out there. now heading into 2020, and we have a great economy and to the president's credit, the economy is strong and investors are you bullish. my advice is to take a word from warren buffet, when tearful when others are greedy and focus on some sectors of the market that have been left behind over the last decade. cheryl: what are those, jonathan? >> precious metals, the federal reserve talked about no sign of inflation. we've seen assets like gold and platinum start to creep up. those are on my list. healthcare stocks, that have lapsed in the first part of the decade. one more, shipping, names like frontline and scorpio tankers, look at the areas that have been left behind as we move into what will probably be a strong first
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quarter of 2020. cheryl: especially with the u.s.-china trade phase one agreement set to be signed at some point, we're expecting, one of the things as we look ahead to 2020 is if you look at this year, 2019, there was concern that the markets had gotten too frothy, to your point about being conservative when others arare being greedy. there is a little bit of worry out there that we've overdone it, aka, 2000 and the dot-com bubble. is there a comparison here at all? >> i don't think we're anything like the dot-com bubble yet. we haven't seen that type of craved bullishness that we saw during that period. stocks tend to be forward-looking indicators. once stocks start to turn down, just as they preceded the good economic data on the way up, i think until we see the stock market start to crack, you can
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expect improved earnings and better growth in gdp and earnings for individuals will likely continue as well. cheryl: s&p up 28.6% for the year, goldman sachs is expecting that in 2020 the s&p is going to rise just 5 and-a-half percent. when you see 34%, 35% for the nasdaq, 28% for the s&p and then you see 5% coming out of goldman sachs, you think wait a minute, what? i mean, come on. >> well, i think it goes to the point that it was the movement in 2020, despite the strong economy, there's worries and signs on the horizon, whether it be the election, continuing trade war, regulation or the potential for higher interest rates. we talked about lower interest rates. higher interest rates, you have to keep your options open and be flexible as we move into 2020 despite the fact that america is still the most prosperous country in the history of the world. cheryl: we had thought that we were going to see the phase two deal with china after the 2020
5:18 am
election. then the chinese came out and said we want to negotiate right now. that plays into the political landscape that we're dealing with in an election year. what do you kind of hope for? what is your biggest fear in all of that? >> trade is the real wild card, to your point. we still haven't seen the u.s. translated version of the phase one of the trade deal. that prompted a lot of the businesses, in particular, to hold back on investing during 2019. as we move into 2020, i think businesses big and small want to see some element of certainity. once we see that, you'll see agricultural prices pick up and business investment as well. let's fix the trade war and get on with the business of america. cheryl: especially when you saw business, especially the shopping that we have seen, american consumers have been on fire and they're spending and that is i think a bullish sign. so it's been exciting, jonathan. jonathan hoenig, thank you so much. >> happy new year. cheryl: hope to see you again before th 2020.
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tracee: taking a look at futures, dow you futures up by 34, s&p 500 up by 5, nasdaq up by 11. tuesday marked the nasdaq's ninth straight record close. the most since 1998. joe biden still the man to beat for the nomination but as we head into 2020, can he hold onto the top dog title? you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ too late tonight. ♪ to drag the past out into the light. ♪ we're one, but we're not the same. ♪ we get to -- it's finally time for... geico sequels! classic geico heroes, starring in six new commercials, with jaw-dropping savings. vote for your favorites at: ahhh, which way do i go?! i don't know, i'm voting for our sequels. with geico, the savings keep on going
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sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your local xfinity store today. tracee: we're just 39 days to go from the iowa caucuses. joe biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are still
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the three top democrats to beat right now. but as we head into 2020, will they be able to keep the momentum going? joining me now to discuss this is republican strategist john thomas and democratic strategist howard franklin. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. tracee: john, i want to get to you. after we get into the new year, we'll be one month from the iowa caucus. who has the momentum? is it still going to be joe biden. >> it is do or die time at this point. in fact, biden will have a slight advantage in the home stretch going to iowa, simply because the members who are members of the u.s. senate have to be jurors for the impeachment trial in the senate. so that will take them away from the campaign trail. if biden can somehow make a comeback and win iowa, which he's not likely at this point, he's in third or fourth position, if he can win iowa, it's biden's nomination. tracee: do you see any
5:24 am
democratic candidate dropping out before iowa? >> i don't see anyone dropping out before iowa. i think we're in a traditional primary contest. thiowa and new hampshire, they have a sustainable advantage. mayor bloomberg has built an impressive organization in a few weeks. other candidates are planning to stay in well past the early states and so i hear a lot of discussion of brokered conventions, of the most provocative or interesting candidates, i just don't think we're in a traditional nominating phase at this point in the race. tracee: i want to ask about the new campaign strategy that mayor pete has come out with, he announced it on tuesday. he sent out an e-mail to supporters, launching a contest which the person donateing the smallest unique amount would win. bernie sanders, his campaign calling this a gimmick. do you think this is mayor pete showing that he wants donations
5:25 am
not just from wall street, not just from billionaires in wine caves but just from the average person? >> yeah, he's trying to cover up for what is a significant vulnerability and we saw the sanders campaign and the warren campaign were trying to exploit it. sanders came to the last debate with pre-made t-shirts saying pete', not just to fund raise but to drive a message. being beholden to big banks and special interests is pure poison. i don't know what pete buttigieg is going to -- taking a couple small donations is not going to dig him out of this hole and this is exactly the fight that bernie sanders wants to have. tracee: we haven't seen things get too nasty as far as fights go. what do you think the candidates need to do to differentiate themselves now? where do you think they need to go from here to take the lead? >> i think there's -- obviously
5:26 am
we whittled down the field substantially. we've had 10 or so candidates drop out. there is enough oxygen for candidates to offer forward-looking vision, both in the early states and projecting into some of the later states. it's about defining themselves and there's so many topics, so many issue sets that are top of mind for americans, still a good number of democratic candidates who are kind of crowding the stage. tracee: one of those topics, i want to ask about, that we really haven't heard that much about is the national debt. we're looking at the national debt standing at more than $23 trillion, leaving the average american opening about 70 -- owing about $70,000. how do democrats need to address this moving forward? >> you're not going to hear them say a peep about the national debt, because every democrat on the stage, even the ones that dropped you out, were not talking about shrinking the size of government or being more
5:27 am
responsible, they're talking about expanding the size of government, growing medicare for all, bigger spending programs, more government agencies. you can't shrink the national debt by growing the size of government. in fact, the only conversation you're hearing is how do we raise taxes to afford some of these new programs that we want? tracee: gentlemen, we've got to leave it there. thank you so much for joining me, howard, john. have a good morning. >> thank you. cheryl: we have four trading sessions to go for the rest of the year. taking a look at your money, here we go, folks. end of the week and towards the end of the year, the dow is up 35 in the premarket. markets closed early on christmas eve at 1:00. we're back in action today. s&p is up by 5, nasdaq you up by 11 and a quarter, really a huge roll upward for the nasdaq for 2019. also coming up, hong kong protests escalating once again. will the situation in hong kong have any effect on a phase one deal being signed with china? and the christmas season is ending but the post holiday
5:28 am
shopping season begins today, everybody. are you ready? tracee: i'm ready. cheryl: i'm ready too. will there be more steals and deals out there? we'll have a preview coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪
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tracee: here's your morning cheat sheet, the top headlines to get you through the day. lisa murkowski said in a recent interview that she is disturbed by mitch mcconnell's recent comments vowing cooperation with the white house during the impeachment trial. david calhoon said boeing will focus on cooperating with the faa, as the company dumps a new set of documents just before christmas. and hundreds of protesters in hong kong hit with tear gas on christmas after clashing with police at malls and shopping
5:32 am
districts. cheryl: we continue to follow that tense situation in hong kong as protests continued into christmas day. anti-government protesters ramped up their efforts and clashed with police. now, the question is the hong kong situation going to affect the signing of a u.s.-china phase one trade deal. these pictures unbelievable that we're seeing. let's bring in james car james a ano. good morning, james. it's been a rough 48 hours in hong kong between protesters and police. many believe that chinese police officers have infiltrated and they're basically in disguise, acting as hong kong police. what is your take on this situation? >> here's what we know. only a week ago, hong kong officials said, hey, the protests have crested. that's obviously not true. so it's very clear, the government has no way of effectively dealing with and the resilience is unbelievable. i don't think anybody could have
5:33 am
predicted it. the number one news story of 2019 will be how the protests in hong kong sullied the chinese brand. globally china is seen as the bad actor. when you add huawei and all these things together, china's international reputation has really been shattered this year. cheryl: hong kong has always been such a financial powerhouse in the world, well-respected. now we see businesses and banks pulling back operations there. this goes back to the future of carrie lam. do you think she will have to step down? >> well, it doesn't really matter if she steps down or not. the chinese government essentially doesn't want her to leave because they don't want it to be a sign of defeat. even if she left, i'm not sure that would be the transition that's needed here. from the chinese perspective, the number one thing that they look at is it's not leading over into the mainland. this is still a situation that they can deal with, as far as
5:34 am
they're concerned. this affects the international reputation of hong kong. that may never recover. cheryl: protesters initially got what they wanted. they didn't want to be under chinese law. the legal system in china is well-known for being incredibly harsh under the communist party. what is the end game for these protesters, for the young protesters? what do you think would satisfy them and get them off the streets? >> that's the problem, none of the sides went into this thinking about the end game 57bd this was kind of a road accident where all this collided. the chinese don't have a vision, the government doesn't and the people in the streets don't. the only way this would end is if everybody gave on something, the chinese reaffirmed one country, two systems, the government in hong kong reaffirmed they're governing for the hong kong people and the hong kong people accepted some kind of process to normalize relations with the government.
5:35 am
no side seems to be willing to go there. cheryl: does this affect the signing of the phase one deal? the u.s. government, congress, has come out in support, as has the president, of the protesters. i want to ask you about north korea. we didn't get the christmas day surprise from kim jong un. how concerned are you about north korea right now? >> as lon as long as the u.s. ss with the strategy of maximum fresher, we can -- pressure, we can deal with the national security threat. if diplomacy works, that's great. if it doesn't, we're protected. what the administration has done right, it's been consistent, look, it's maximum pressure until you aagree to denuclearize. that's not on the table. cheryl: thank you for being here the day after christmas. merry christmas, james. >> you too. tracee: here's a look at your money this morning. taking a look at futures, green across the board, dow futures up by 35, s&p up by 5, nasdaq
5:36 am
futures up by 10 and-a-half. back open for business after the christmas holiday. well, retail rush, last minute shoppers making a big push right before christmas. their impact coming up next. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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cheryl: christmas might be over but that doesn't mean the deals are gone for consumers, research
5:39 am
officer at h squared is here. merry christmas. >> good morning. how are you? cheryl: i'm good. you look nice and rested and relaxed for somebody that's been watching the numbers that are being spent and people are shopping, blockbuster numbers for the retail season so far. what's your take? >> think about what people were spending on thanksgiving, for example, and that was upwards of $30 billion. and it just tipped through the season -- continued through the season. despite this being a shorter season, people were out spending, starting actually prior to thanksgiving and you think about it, the sales were starting to be advertised to customers as soon as november 1st, post halloween. when you have that kind of extended shopping period, you're going to see these holiday retail sales go gangbusters. so i think we're looking at some of the mastercard numbers, online spending accounted for 14.8% of total retail sales.
5:40 am
so people were not only just shopping but they were shopping online as well. cheryl: i'm curious what your take is as far as what we're going to see between now and new year's eve. we had, what, six fewer shopping days for this holiday season. which goes to the fact that the consumer is strong because you are having spending numbers what that are higher year over year, like online sales i think is like 19% jump from last year. that's pretty good. >> it's really good. and what i think is going to end up happening now is you're going to see some of the rate of return happening so people are going to be out at the stores returning a lot more items. it's all about customer service and i think what retailers are trying to hone in on is making sure that not only do they have that customer that came to their stores during the holiday period and started shopping, but that customer sticks with them. they take on that market share throughout the year. despite what everyone thinks, with all of these advertisements that you get via your o i have r
5:41 am
phone or online, there's a study that says despite all of that, people really, especially the baby boomers, they really don't like being advertised to. so about 80% of the baby boomers don't want the advertisements. the younger generations, the millennials and gen-zs, had they welcome the advertisements and they want to see it and spend accordingly. cheryl: usually christmas day is a time to take a break from shopping and commerce and everything else and just be with your family but i have to say, i got a lot of e-mails yesterday for shopping and that's my last question, is where are the deals? we saw electronics and toys deeply discounted going into christmas. what's next for us? where can we find steals? >> obviously, l holiday merchandise, so if you did not get your gift wrapping paper that you wanted for this year, now is the time to get all of
5:42 am
that merchandise. but if you also want to get that sweater that you were looking at in october and november, it's going on massive discount now because they're getting ready for the spring items. if you can believe it. so go out and get all of your winter clothes and your holiday decorations, now is the time to do it. cheryl: i have no problem going and shopping for clothes later today. >> let's do it, cheryl. i'm with. cherylyou.cheryl: thank you fog here. >> good to see you. tracee: i'm going to get christmas decorations today on discount. cheryl: you know what, that and, i'm just saying there, may be a few yoga outfits out there that are on sale. tracee: let's take a look at how your money is moving today. wall street back to work this morning, four trading days left in the year. dow futures looking up 35 points, s&p 500 up by 4 and -- 5 right now. nasdaq up by 10 and a quarter. whether you have winter break or need a break, we have the tips to make your upcoming trip go a little more smoothly.
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tracee: whether you're looking to escape the cold winter weather or need to decompress from stress of the holiday season, a vacation may be just what you need. joining me now with post holiday travel tricks is travel expert and the youngest person to go to every country in both poles, lee aban am ti. now that the holiday travel season is pretty much out of the way, where should we go? what should we do? >> obviously, depends what you like. some people like skiing, some
5:47 am
people like the beaches. the good news is, there's good deals out there for post new year's travel, so basically after january 5th. because the way christmas and new year's fell this year, it's kind of extended the holiday season so-to-speak, so after that you can find good deals, whether ski resorts, mexico, the caribbean or the u.s. or europe or further. tracee: today of course is going to be a very busy travel day, a lot of people getting home after the holidays. what do you suggest? how can we keep our sanity when we're at the airport? >> the obvious is be patient. i would say wear your patience pants during the holiday travel season and get there early as well and just be nice. be nice to people. because people don't help others that are being rude to them and why should they, so just be patient, be nice and get there early. tracee: very good advice.
5:48 am
looking ahead to 2020, it's going to be an interesting year. there are a few travel changes on the horizon, the real id, what are some things had that people can start doing now? i know that's still not until october, that change doesn't take effect. what are some things people can do now to prepare themselves for a smooth holiday season, maybe it's registering for tsa precheck or global entry, some things like that. what do you suggest? >> the short cuts are good ideas, tsa precheck, global entry clear, they changed the way i travel for sure. it makes me get through faster and easier with less hassles. the real id will be another thing, get started on that early because you don't want to be with everybody else come the end of september, trying to get it before they won't let you on a plane without a passport. also, if you're going to get your passport, either go for the expedited service or do it early so you give yourself enough time so you don't get stuck without a passport with an airline ticket. tracee: some countries require you to have a passport for a certain number of months before
5:49 am
traveling there. that's another big piece offed a vice, make sure you check the requirements before you go somewhere. >> also a lot of countries say you he need it for at least six months before it expires. you need to check your dates, whether it's early on or at the end of your passport's life. tracee: good advice is for the real id, that takes effect in october, the dmv is probably going to be crowded so maybe get that as soon as you can. any other last minute tips for 2020? your favorite travel destination for the new year, what is your top pick, your suggestion? >> well, it's tough. i like to go kind of all over the place and i'm looking at australia for january, potentially brazil for carnivale in february, so i'm looking for big events like the australian open and carnivale. if you don't want to travel that far, think about scottsdale, arizona a, or down in florida, you can get good deals, there's
5:50 am
a lot of inventory and it's warm. tracee: my husband is brazilian so we'll chat about that thank you for joining us. as the country hits the roads after christmas, what weather conditions can you expect? meteorologist adam klotz is live in the fox weather center with your forecast. good morning, adam. >> good morning. a couple spots may slow folks down over the next couple days. a little bit of snow is moving across the northern plains, upper midwest and the bigger system we're watching is spinning off the coast now of southern california, at times very heavy rain with this one. higher elevations, that's turning into snow, not expecting a ton of snow but the higher elevations, snow is going to be an issue. as this moves inland, southern california, everything is in the green, that's a flood watch. there's heavy rain with this one. it might slow folks down. across the country, airport indicators, completely green. everyone's flying clear, everything is looking good. living on the other side of the country, live on the eastern half or the middle of the
5:51 am
country, it has been warm. that continues today. 61 degrees in chicago today. that just continues to kind of funnel its way and hover in the eastern half of the country. it stays mild into saturday and sunday, just warm weather here as we're moving closer and closer to the you new. tracee: it was a really nice christmas day here in new york city yesterday. >> yeah, and more of it is on the way. tracee: sounds good. here's some other stories we are looking at today. a lawyer for an associate of rudy giuliani is asking to withdraw as counsel. the attorney said in a filing on christmas eve that his client cannot afford two lawyers to represent him. according to the motion, he agreed to the request. the businessman has been charged with campaign finance violations. giuliani says he and a florida businessman were helping investigate joe biden and his son. well, there's new worries for the future of the famed notre
5:52 am
dame cathedral. the rektor said there's 50% chance that it could be saved, because scaffolding installed before the fire is threatening the vault and a it must be removed. restoration work isn't expected to begin until 2021, wednesday was the first time in 200 years that christmas mass was not held at the cathedral. the april fire destroyed the roof and collapsed its spire. the new year will bring pay raises for some workers, beginning next week new rules from the labor department will raise the threshold at which employees are exempt from being paid overtime. the cutoff is $684, an increase of 50% from the previous threshold of $55 per week. an estimated 1.3 million people will benefit from this including shift supervisors or assistant managers at restaurants and retailers. police in new hampshire jump into action to help a family with a christmas miracle.
5:53 am
the state police said officers helped deliver a baby on a highway. the child was born on interstate 93, just after midnight on christmas. they say both parents and the baby, who they named dominic, are doing very well and over-joyed. what a miracle. well, here is look at how your money is moving today. let's take a look at futures, green arrows across the board, dow up by 37, s&p 500 up by 5, nasdaq up by 11 and-a-half. well, one reporter learning the hard way not to celebrate too quickly. you might not be able to teach your old dog new tricks but your dog might know a trick or two or three they didn't even know about. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ california's been good to he me. ass♪ and when you open a new brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk.
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tracee: a spanish tv reporter quits after winning the lottery. she didn't win as much money as she thought. oops. mike gunzelman joins us with more on that. what is it, don't count your chickens before they hatch? >> right. this is something that maybe you have to read the fine print before you start celebrating. natalia escad a aro, she was on the air when the big lotto came down. it was for over $4 million. the only thing is -- she starts celebrating, she's like i did this, she's all excited but she says on the air, she goes i'm not coming to work tomorrow. tracee: i quit. >> i'm over it.
5:57 am
but lo and behold, she only won $5,000. she didn't perhaps realize that if anybody else has the same numbers, she has to split the lotto. she went from $4 million to $5,000. not a good look. we haven't heard from her bosses if they're going to invite her back. she did go on twitter and apologize, saying maybe i jumped the gun a little bit. tracee: look at that video of her sellin celebrating. i want to know if there's video of her after she realizes. >> the ultimate downfalls. tracee: if you stayed up late to shop online, you're not alone. >> right. the holidays can be exhausting at times. it may not be just your family. there's a new study by each night and it found that 70% of people actually do bedtime online shopping and over 60% say they do it between the hours of midnight and 45 4:00 a.m. it's late night purchases, you don't have to be drunk to do
5:58 am
them, you're just scrolling through and you're like oh, maybe i need this. we found out that women do it more so than men do. as far as the generations, millennials will do it the most followed by gen-x and 50% of baby boomers do the late night purchases. tracee: your dog knows how many treats you're giving them. tell us what this is about. >> there's a new study by emory university and they find that dogs use the same functions in their brains that humans do when it comes to counting. they can't count like one, two, three, four, five, but they can differentiate quantities, especially when it comes to treats. if you give them the extra treat, they know it's like us with cookies, you want that next cookie. they found the brain functions are actually the same a that humans use. tracee: i 100% agree with that. i usually give my dog one treat. my husband will give many. and so when duke, there he is,
5:59 am
he got treats for christmas a, but when he is waiting for me to give the treats, he's like how about some more, more, more, he knows i'm stingy with the treats. >> you've got to spoil the dogs. tracee: thanks, gunz. let's send it over to cheryl in for maria this morning. good morning, cheryl. cheryl:.cheryl: thanks, tracee. good morning, everyone. i'm cheryl casone. i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is thursday, the day after christmas, december 26th. your top stories at you 6:00 a.m. eastern time. holiday shoppers heading online. retail sales climbed with more people avoiding the stores and shopping on their phones and computers instead. we have the winners and losers and what this could mean for the future of retail. investors hoping to close out the year with a santa claus rally, taking a look at futures, green arrows across the board. we have just four trading sessions left in 2019.
6:00 am
the dow up 33, s&p up 4 and three quarters, nasdaq up 10 and three quarters china buying more u.s. goods, exports of soybeans to china soaring. this as chinese officials say they remain in close communication with the u.s. on final arrangements for a phase one trade deal. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ it started with a whisper. ♪ and that was when i kissed her. ♪ and then she made my lips hurt. ♪ i can hear the -- cheryl: we have got a big post christmas day show this morning for all of you joining the conversation, moody's capital markets chief economist john lonski is here, veronica cleary and james freeman. guys, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: did have you a good chriss mass 1234. >>christmas. >> yes. >>


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