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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 27, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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"mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ i'm on top of the world. ♪ i'm on tom of th top of the w. ♪ waiting on this for a while now. ♪ paying my dues. ♪ i've been waiting. cheryl: we've got a big show for you this morning. joining the conversation, columnist for the hill and fox news contributor, liz peak, former nfl star, jack you brewer and wall street journal senior writer, john john hilsenrath, lt the markets. >> the markets are set up for a really good 2020 also. the fed has cut interest rates. they're not going to be raising them for a while. we have an economy with with af uncertainty because trade deals are getting done. as we've seen with the headlines, all over the wall street journal, consumers are spending and low unemployment. cheryl: the stock market surge we're seeing, i'm going to try
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not to say we're on fire ten times this morning, but i need new words for all of this, the dow is up 95 in the premarket. you had a historic day on wall street, all three major averages hit record highs last night. the nasdaq marked a milestone, closing above 9,000 for the first time ever on the nasdaq. jack, your reaction to what you're seeing? >> if you're a football team you're playing good special teams, offense and defense right now. the market is really on fire. and it's incredible to see. when i saw the numbers come out after the holidays, that was impressive. to see the consumer so strong, people are going to work, people are finding jobs. i got so many friends that have two jobs now. folks that don't make a lot of money, their education levels aren't that high but yet they're able to provide for their family and i think that's what really matters is the middle class is getting a boost right now in this economy. cheryl: what you're saying is that people have jobs but they're not -- their wages
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aren't where they should be, is that your point? >> i don't want to say that. i think a lot of folks have the flexibility to start their own business or do a second job, something they normally wouldn't have the freedom of doing because you see the wage growth happening faster pace than we've seen in a long time in this country, so i think the middle class is really stabilizing. cheryl: i think wages are going to go up next year, john, that's my opinion. >> one important thing about wages, so the overall level isn't rising that much but because inflation is so low, people are keeping more of what they bring home so the wage picture is actually pretty good and it has been for a little while. cheryl: liz, i was looking at the -- at this point we've got three trading sessions left. you start to look at at the full picture for 2019. the dow up 22% right now, s&p up 29%, nasdaq yo -- nasdaq up 35 . this is not a normal year for markets. >> a lot of big investor groups have been fighting this all
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along. i looked at a hedge fund survey that came out from one of the people that track that, hedge funds are not deeply invested in this market. if you look at the trend, gradually, reluctantly they've gotten in but that whole summer scare about a recession kept them on the sidelines. couple of other things to points made earlier. people are trading up to better jobs. it's not just that wages are going you up. you look at the jolts number, the new jobs being taken, people have better opportunities to trade up than they've had in a decade i would say. secondly, we see in the market a tremendous wealth effect being generated. that's driving retail sales. it's a huge sort of incubator for more growth next year. people are under-playing i think what the rising stock market means to 2020. and one final thought, huge sector that really hasn't participated is housing. and right now housing is beginning to move and i think -- i thought for months that's
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going to be the 2020 story that we see a rebound in housing starts and actual investment there. cheryl: some markets i agree with you, not in all markets. real estate is always going to be local. in some of the more depressed areas, arizona, nevada, i think you are seeing a big boost. we're going to talk about that later on in the show. you brought up retail. i want to bring up amazon. a lot of the positive vibe that we've got on our markets this morning is amazon. it was one of the big winners yesterday. stock jumped more than 4%. they reported their best holiday sales ever. we'll get more numbers when they report earnings. they touted some products that people were buying, the echo t dot, fire tv stick, echo show 5. and john, the roomba, which i know you got one for the holidays. >> i didn't get any of this stuff. i got some sweaters. [ laughter ] >> what am i missing out on? i think this -- like what amazon is reporting is indicative of
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where we are right now and i keep coming back to 2020. we're set up for a very strong 2020. as far as consumers, unemployment is very low, the stock market is going up. that points to a wealth effect in consumer spending. the government is spending like there's no tomorrow. when no one was paying attention during the impeachment talks, they passed a massive spending bill because republicans and democrats both want to keep this economy going in 2020. so there's an election coming. people want their constituents happy and this market and this economy has been primed with a lot of stimulus from the federal government. cheryl: it's interesting, jack, i know you're into health and wellness, one of the things we saw in amazon's numbers is prime users, 80% of them tried grocery delivery. that's getting healthier things into your kitchen. but at the same time, amazon prime and groceries, that's kind of the next frontier it looks like.
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>> it is. it was so smart for them, acquiring whole foods and kind of taking that approach into the grocery and i know for me personally in our family, we're one of the reasons why you see those increased numbers because we really do, i don't go shop anywhere else anymore. i just -- it's all so easy right now and even when you look at christmas, so this christmas i don't know how many gifts i got that came from amazon and were packaged by amazon. they were beautiful. they looked better than taking the time to do it yourself. that says a lot when you can make it real like that on christmas. cheryl: overall online -- overall total sales were up 3.4% year over year but online sales was the big story. and also. >>, liz, you've seen homealone ? >> yeah. cheryl: it's a christmas favorite. it's the center of controversy this morning. canada's broadcasting corporation is under fire because they edited out a cameo by our president.
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let's show the old scene. >> excuse me, where's the lobby. >> down the hall and to the left. >> thanks. cheryl: cbc says that brief scene was cut to save time for commercials. officials did add that the edit was done back in 2014 when they acquired the movie and way before the president was elected. president trump wept o went on . here's what he wrote. i guess justin doesn't much like making him pay up on nato or trade. he tweeted the movie will never be the same. he said just kidding. so i mean, president trump having a little bit of fun with this. >> which is fine. who knows why they edit him out although i can probably guess. to save room for more commercials, i really doubt that. trump derangement syndrome is alive and well and particularly in canada. go figure. cheryl: you know, john, too,
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you look at why are these markets so hot. the why is less regulation, pro-business policies, trade deals which are on track as far as we know and the fed. despite the president attacking jerome powell, the fed -- >> absolutely the fed. on trade, there was a lot of uncertainty. the year finished out really strong but there was a lot of uncertainty in 2019 about where we're going with these china talks, whether the usmca deal was going to get double i think people forget, there was a lot of volatility in the markets for most of the year but now it looks like usmca is going to get done and the president sees -- he understands it's an election year. he doesn't want that uncertainty out on china. so they're of moving towards some kind of agreement or truce with the chinese, that's a huge weight off the market's mind. when you saw big days down last year it was usually because of some tweet about escalation of battles with the trade deals and
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that's being taken away. it's a huge weight off the market. cheryl: we'll be talking a lot about the march a gets today and the economy. -- markets today and obviously the commie. we're just getting started on "mornings with maria." students could get a day off to protest. we'll take a look at that story. healthy weight loss, we'll talk the benefits of one of the hottest diet crazes in 2019. you may have heard of it, intermittent fasting. plus, robot intruder, you ho hoe appliance caused confusion on chrichristmas morning. winter is coming to california, a major storm hitting the wet coast and affecting travel. remember the peloton husband? he bought his real girlfriend a peloton bike. that's one of the stories making headlines this morning. we have more coming up later on this hour.
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cheryl: at least 12 people are dead following a plane crash in kazhakstan. tracee carrasco has the details on that. tracee: officials say the plane was traveling to nurselton when it crashed into a building 20 seconds after takeoff, killing at least a dozen people. 98 people were believed to be on-board. investigators are looking into whether pilot error or technical failure caused the crash. and breaking this morning, the coast guard searching for a missing helicopter off the coast of hawaii. search operations focusing on the island of kuwai. seven people were on board the tour helicopter, two of them children. it hasn't been seen since yesterday. the helicopter has an electronic
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locater. authorities haven't detected any signals. more fallout from boeing's crisis. the company's senior advisor to former ceo dennis mul muilenburg will retire sneak next week. mull ingberg was fired -- mullenberg was fired earlier this week. the 737 max remains grounded as they work with the faa to return the plane to service. cheryl: all right, tracee, thank you very much. obviously boeing is a big story for the markets for the dow, the stock one we watch. at the same time, there's questions this morning about this new ceo's, calhoon, about his ties to lobbying groups, political donations he' donatiod the relationship with the faa. is he the right guy? >> spending on lobbying in washington is going through the roof. we talked about cleaning up the swamp. the swamp has not been cleaned up, whether this is the right
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guy, i think this company has big problems one way or the other with the 737. so we've got to wait and see. cheryl: also, jack, the consumer trust issue in all of this, i don't think i've ever in my lifetime seen where people talk about a 737 max and know what that is and the average person knows what that plane is and they'll be looking to see if they're on one. >> they are. like i said before, i can't tell you how many times when i fly, and i think i'm at 250,000 miles this year, i look at at the planes now and it's because of that, you know, i took that flight from ethiopia three or four times in africa, that exact same flight. >> on that kind of plane p. >> it was a different plane at the time. but still, it sent chills through my bones because you just -- it's unimaginable. people really are going to have this impact for a very long time as they travel, especially with your family. >> we should remember, flying has become a lot safer over the
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last decade. >> hugely safe. cheryl: you're going to die from a bee sting before you die in a plane crash. you're going to die in a car before you're going to die in a plane. >> nonetheless, it has become safer in part because of the measures that have been taken, testing and everything else, and i think boeing just screwed up big-time here by not taking this seriously enough in the beginning, regulators -- look, this is a huge part of our economy. there's only one other vendor in the world of importance so it's really kind of important to the entire global economy. this is a mess. and it's going to -- i mean, they need major rebranding, call it by a different name, to your point. people are going to need to know they're not on a max, that particular plane. anyway, it's really a big problem. cheryl: it really is. a stock to watch for sure. we have a lot more coming up this morning. countdown to 2020 and it's time for new year's resolutions. dr. mike is here to talk about intermittent fasting and if that's an effective way to lose
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at new highs yesterday. the nasdaq marked a milestone, closing above 9,000 for the first time ever and on pace to move up today as you can see. right now futures are moving higher if you can believe it, the dow is up 90, s&p up 7 and three quarters, nasdaq up 30 and three quarters. big stock, amazon leading the charge. it surged 4% yesterday after they reported a, quote, record-breaking holiday season. let's' bring in river front investment group senior portfolio manager, rebecca folton. good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: holiday sales numbers that we continue to get in, whether it was last saturday's big jump, overall retail sales, 3.4% jump. it seems this is a consumer driven economy and that's driving the markets. >> absolutely. couldn't agree more. thank goodness. it's 60% of gdp or so. the news from amazon was certainly encouraging. cheryl: i was looking at the big movers in 2019.
6:22 am
it really wasn't just the fang stocks.. it was starbucks that moved things higher, lululemon, charter communications. it seems the stock picking part of us has to kind of get a little more specific i think for 2020. >> i think you're right. certainly in these late stages, and plus the fact that you've had a market move up without the fact that earnings were growing. so you've had multiple expansion without earnings keeping pace. so selectivity will be more important as we move forward. >> rebecca, you mentioned earnings. walk us through the outlook for 2020. we had an off-year in 2019 in part because of comparisons to 2018 when tax cuts were benefiting. are we going to see earnings reaccelerate in 2020 and could that be an added lift to the market? >> well, i don't know that it would be an added lift to the market. i think the forecast right now
6:23 am
is average earnings to be up about 10%. we believe the market is discounting that. if we start moving into q1 and there isn't a rebound in earnings, perhaps the market could stumble. but net-net, you still have better growth here than you do in other parts of the world. >> let's get back to that. 10%, double digit earnings growth, that sounds like great news if it happens and has the market fully discounted that at a time when interest rates are very low and the fed is likely going to be on hold, that sounds like a formula for a really strong market next year. >> well, we have in our outlook as we're formulating that that perhaps we could see another high single digit lift in the s&p for 2020. but again, you've moved through this entire year with earnings coming in short of expectations, prior to what was expected at the beginning of the quarter. so we've got to he see that pick-up because it's going to be difficult to see a market
6:24 am
multiple expansion beyond the 18 or so that we're at a right now. cheryl: let's talk about 2020 and investors that are you now weighing in on 2020. wall street is trying to figure out what a democratic win would mean and some analysts say the s&p could drop as much as 30 points if somebody like elizabeth warren were to take over the white house. maria bartiromo, the host ofs this program, predicted back in 2016 that forecasters aren't always correct. maria: this ultimately will be a huge buying opportunity. when you look at both candidate's economic plans, on the trump side he wants to lower taxes and roll back regulations. regulation has been the one barrier for small and large business in terms of growth. economic growth is the priority. that's what the country needs right now. that's what will be positive for the markets. cheryl: maria was right about the markets and regulation. once president trump took office it was about deregulation. now let's talk about 2020. how do you think markets are
6:25 am
going to react to the election results and how sensitive do you think markets will be either way. >> as we've seen moving through some of the impeachment proceedings, the market get has totally shrugged off the political drama that we've been going through. as we look ahead to the election, with the economy being strong and the fact that we don't project a recession in 2020, generally a sitting be president stays in office if you've got those kinds of economic conditions. so if the democrats were to take -- [lost audio. cheryl: i think we lost her mic. rebecca, we have to wind things up. rebecca, thank you very much. really quick, liz, i want to go to you on that. we look at this amazing year we've had for the markets. 35% on the nasdaq for the year-to-date number. then 2020 could change all of that. you get elizabeth warren in the white house -- >> i think the market is absolutely discounting trump re-election and the continuation of favorable pro-business policies.
6:26 am
if you get any whiff at all that he is not going to be rehe'lleld the market takes a nose dive without a question. >> don't you think it depends on what the democrats come up with? >> i don't think it does. all the democrats are talking higher taxes. joe biden is talking for a huge ramp-up of taxes. i don't think so. >> you don't think a michael bloomberg -- i'm not predicting that he will get the nomination. >> i think he has a good chance of winning the nomination. he has a lot of due bills out there. if it's a contested convention, i think bloomberg has a shot. in the general election, he's certainly a better candidate in terms of being market-friendly than the others but even he is talking higher taxes. cheryl: he's running on the democratic ticket. thank you. our thanks to rebecca as well. life is imitating art, the peloton husband, remember him, the actor, he just bought his real life girlfriend the gift
6:27 am
that got him in some hot water on television. we're going to talk about that. and a touching tribute. >> .>> you can't cry i'm going o cry if you do. cheryl: an officer receiving a heart-warming gift in time for the holidays. stay with us. ♪ ain't that the american dream. ♪ at fidelity, online u.s. stocks and etfs are commission-free. and when you open a new brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk while our competition continues to talk. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there."
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cheryl: welcome back. i'm cheryl casone, i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is friday, december 27th. and your top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. santa claus rally is on, futures are poised to unwrap another day of record highs, dow up 89, s&p up 7 and-a-half, nasdaq up 29
6:31 am
and three quarters. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 closed at fresh new highs last night. nasdaq actually broke through the 9,000 mark for the first time ever in the history of the index. checking on global action, take a look at europe. as you can see, green arrows across the board. all of those markets were closed yesterday for boxing day. they all opened higher today following our markets and taking a look at asia, you had a mixed bag overnight despite a violent day of protests on christmas day. hong kong's hang seng did surge 1.3% on its first day of trading since the holiday and, again, those protests going on, it close above 28,000 for the first time, the first time since july. in china, november industrial profits up 5.4% year over year. that wasn't enough for the shanghai to close in the green. amazon delivering the retailer scoring the best holiday sales ever and that news from amazon propelled the stock to the best day in nearly 11 months.
6:32 am
as you can see, it's higher in the premarket again this morning. and then a healthier 2020, a new study claims that intermittent fasting could help you live longer. dr. mike will tell you if this is a good idea for your new year's resolution. plus, the peloton controversy doesn't ever stop, does it. the husband in the ad is going to give the exercise bike as a gift but this time he gave it away for real. we'll have that story coming up. first to this, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu cleared an important hurdle before general elections in march of 2020. tracee carrasco has that story. tracee: he easily won the vote to gain control of the party ahead of what is expected to be a difficult election in march. he was charged with corruption last month stemming from three criminal cases. he's been unable to form a government after two inconclusive national ballots.
6:33 am
winter's wrath, the plains and upper midwest bracing for a major storm. it's the same system that dumped heavy snow in the southern california mountains on christmas night, forcing cars off interstate 5. the national weather service says parts of the southern rockies could see up to a foot of snow. parts of nebraska, the eastern dakotas and western minnesota also bracing for blizzard conditions. finally, you may want to grab your tissues for this one. the pasco police department shared this video to its facebook page. it shows an officer opening up a box with a stuffed animal inside, resembling his former k-9 partner lemon. it was gifted to him by a family who said they were touched by the duo who they only met once. k-9 lemon he retired earlier this month after eight years of service and sadly passed away following medical issues. cheryl: the moment he opened up
6:34 am
the box -- tracee: that's such a sweet story. cheryl: the reaction -- >> you can't cry. i'm going to cry if you do. cheryl: look at him. >> you're welcome. tracee: trying to hold it in. cheryl: oh, he can't. oh, he can't even like hold his emotions in. that was good. all right. tracee, thank you very much. we love our dogs. tracee: yes, way do. cheryl we.cheryl: or our cats. 2020, obviously next year is in focus. the top democratic insiders could be favoring senator bernie sanders to win the nomination. that's according to politico. one of sanders' top endorsement is gaining some buzz. freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has been hitting the campaign trail with sanders, prompting some to think she is prepping a future presidential run herself, even though she's five years too young at this point to be
6:35 am
elected as president. she weighed in on the state of the country last weekend during a bernie sanders rally in california. >> what we're living in right now is not an advanced society. a society that allows people -- >> [ indiscernible ] >> it is fascism, what we have, what we're evolving into as well. cheryl: joining me now, republican strategist, jonathan madison and democratic strategist, jason anthony any nicols. guys, good morning. jason, i want to start with you you. it's reported this morning there's been private conversations going on among some democratic officials who had previously somewhat discounted a surge for bernie sanders at this point. he's had health issue, as you know. now there's talk that he's beginning to strengthen within the party and again, we're 38 days to iow iowa.
6:36 am
what do you make of the new reports? >> i think the thing is, bernie sanders has always been consistent in his message and he's always been the same bernie sanders you and i have talked about that and i think that's his strength. he's always got a lot of energy and excitement from young people and i think he's going to actually outlast a lot of these people. he doesn't really have a rival in terms of his ideology. he is far to the left of elizabeth warren. when you look at joe biden, he has to contend with pete buttigieg who is going to split a lot of the moderate votes. bernie sanders has a lea lane os own, name recognition from 2016. i think a lot of the predictionses hold a lot of weight. cheryl: i'm wondering if his helps or hurts the democrats, not just bernie sanders and the socialist policies and elizabeth warren kind of blends into that as well but also his connection to aoc. it seems like the party if they go that far left that would hurt them in a general election. >> it hurts the base.
6:37 am
actually helps the base, rallies up the base but hurts you on the nationwide scale. we know the country is not that far left. if you have a situation where you have bernie sanders being the actual candidate, you have a situation where you can actually divide the nation even more and i don't think he's going to have the political influence to kind of bridge that gap, that divide that a leader in our nation actually needs to have. so i think joe biden actually is probably the better guy. i mean, unfortunately, he's showing signs of age so i'm not sure that we're actually going to see a good candidate arise that could do the job. cheryl: every poll that you've seen from the democratic likely voters they say they want someone that can likely beat president trump and i don't know that sanders is that person. i want to move on to another big issue that's again at the forefront and that's the homelessness issue in the country. housing and urban development secretary ben carson weighed in on this situation, in particular what's happening in california,
6:38 am
on the fox news channel. listen. >> we've actually been making very good progress over the course of the last decade in terms of homelessness. except in california. you have a significant number of people with disturbing mental capacity, we have drug addiction and people who simply cannot afford to live in a place where you have so many regulations that drive up the cost of everything. those are the kinds of things that have to be done and done at the federal, state, local and faith base, the for profit, not for profits, we need to work together to get this done. cheryl: mr. carson also said there's no sense of urgency to deal with the crisis, seems like he's got a point. >> he's got a great point. he said something that really resonates. he said the faith based groups, nonprofits, everybody has to work together. just last week the local republican party, we led an effort to go into the heart of one of the communities that's been plagued with crime and
6:39 am
violence and poverty and san francisco neighborhood, we fed 120 homeless families, it's efforts like that that we need to engage communities. communities need to step in and it's unfortunate that we have a governor and we have a super majority, super democratic majority in the legislature that pumped so much money but we aren't seeing results. we have half the nation's homeless population in our state. and so we need to do something about it. but it can't just be the federal government. people need to step up and do something where then communities. cheryl: a lot of this may become -- it already is a national story. as we go into 2020 and the election, really at this point what seems to be a failure on gavin newsom's part to deal with this issue and the lack of -- you have a new mayor in san francisco who was elected because she said she was going to deal with the homelessness scries sis -- crisis and a it hasn't been dealt with. >> i think the homelessness
6:40 am
crisis is in california has been decades in the making. we can't just blame it all on gavin newsom. but i don't think in terms of the entire country, i think secretary carson has some points but he's also wrong about some things and in particular the low income tax credit, the fact that now we lowered corporate taxes so much that developers have no incentive to use the low income tax credit and they're saying that around 300,000 housing units, low income housing units are going to disappear because of that. i think both parties need to get together and solve this crisis and i really want to congratulate my counterpart for saying that the community needs to get involved as well and help people with mental health and other issues. cheryl: as jonathan has done, i'm glad you brought that up. before i let you go. i want to ask about what's happening in virginia. students and protesters, starting next year students in fairfax county public schools can take a day off to basically
6:41 am
protest, sit-ins, marc marches,s this the future of students if in the country. >> the first priority of students in school is learn the curriculum. cheryl: study. >> i'm all for civic engagement. you're seeing the future here. the one concern i have is you'll see agendas being pushed on kids in schools, you know. i have a son. my thought is, i don't want my son to have some agenda pushed on him to get out there and make marches or sit-ins because of someone else's agenda. i want it to be his he own. that's my only concern. i think you're seeing that in certain places here in california, very brief example, once the president was elected you had public schools saying you can take a few days off to get over it. i don't think that's an efficient use of our school system, our tax dollars. cheryl: studying is a good use of time. jonathan, jason, thank you for being here. appreciate it.
6:42 am
>> thanks, cheryl. >> thank you. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up. when technology goes wrong, one couple so scared by bumps in the night they called the police what was really to blame is making a lot of buzz this morning. plus, trying all sorts of diets -- >> what are you eating my peanut butter out of the jar with your disgusting index finger? this is a sickening display. >> i'm not eating bread now. i'm off bread. cheryl: the health benefits of one of the hottest diet trends in 2019. that's coming up later this morning. ♪ until you clean off your plate. ♪ so eat it. ♪ don't you tell me you're full. ♪ just eat it. ♪music
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cheryl: the big business of healthy living, produce sales rising from 65.8 billion in 2018 this year. walmart, h kroger's and stop and shop expanding their selections, adding healthy options wham should we grab at the supermarket. let's bring in dr dr. mikhail varshavski. people are buying vegetables and fruits, i never thought i would say that on television. >> that's amazing. we need more of that. the problem is, we moved away from a primarily plant focused diet and we need to come back to that. fruits, vegetables, that's where it's at. there's you nutrients and proteins there. i came up with a list of three
6:47 am
things people should take into account when food shopping this year. first, get your protein from plants. it's very easy to fall into this line of thinking that we need to eat a ton of meat in order to get protein, to build muscle, to be an athlete like jack. we don't. we can eat plants. the second thing is, we want a colorful plate, you want beats,, carrots greens. you get important nutrients that do very good by our body. cheryl: it's tough to be plant based. i tried it but . i want to move on. hitting pause on eating could help you live longer. there's a new study from the new england journal of medicine, says intermittent fasting can be good for you. they focus on two way toss do it. one is to eat more than six to eight hours a day and a you fast for 16 to 18. you eat in a six to eight hour window. the other is you fast for two
6:48 am
days and you get 500 calories per day. why is this the hot new trend right now? >> it's because it's incredible econ screen correspondent. -- incrediblyconvenient. if you don't have to eat in the morning, you can do a lot of extra things. the popularity comes from the health benefits that have been found in research as well as its ease of access. i think if we're talking about a healthy diet trend, it's really easy to thinks about the health benefits that come from stressing. it's a short-term thing that's good for you body. cheryl: are you going to try it? >> no, i hate that. for years, we've all talked about grazing being such a good, healthy thing, you eat little bits during the day. and so what it seems stressful on your body to me to take 12 hours or whatever, 16 hours and not eat a thing. i would think -- plus, when i start to diet, all i think about is food. how do you get through those 16 hours. >> the good thing about intermittent fasting, it's not really a diet. it just tells you when to eat. when talk about the stress you
6:49 am
mentioned, it's an acute stress, it's a short-term, controlled stress much like exercise and that's really good for your body. a lot of the literature that told us a that grazing is ideal, eating three meals a day is ideal, that comes from people who are healthy, eating three meals a day. who generally skips breakfast? those who stay out late at night, drink and smoke more. when we separate those individuals, you see we can intermittent stress and be helpful. >> why is that good for you? >> positive hormonal changes, cellular repair and you will consume less calories. >> can you eat whatever i want? >> i'm going to tell you to eat the healthiest foods possible. if you eat whatever you want during the normal cycle and you cut down, you'll be eating glees ieating less.>> you will feel . it cleanses.
6:50 am
cheryl: a decade of great tv, thanks to walter white. >> what happened? >> i won. cheryl: breaking bad making the list of the top shows of the last decade but what is number one? and we've got other stories making buzz, coming up next. to the outside world, you look good, but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit
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woo! i'll be right here. ♪ cheryl: the list of hollywood's 20 favorite tv shows of the decade have created a buzz this morning, the hollywood reporter ranking with a few surprises. guess who sits on the throne? >> i promise to fight for the living and i intend to keep that
6:54 am
promise. cheryl: topping the list, the hbo hit game of thrones, followed by breaking bad, mad men, stranger things. hand maid's tale is on the list, the crown also on there. i'm going to say, did any of you see breaking bad? >> i saw like one episode. >> i saw bits and pieces of it. cheryl: the best television show ever created in the whole wide world. ism going to throw it out there. >> why. cheryl: the evolution of a man who goes from weak and insecure to like the most amazing drug, toughest drug dealer guy ever. it's about a drug deerl. i know it sounds terrible. it was a great show. game of thrones, i didn't watch that one. >> i liked the crown and downton abbey, i loved that. i never watched game of thrones. it was one of the things you feel like unless you jumped in the beginning, you're done.
6:55 am
you're never going to catch up. cheryl: it's a commitment. >> all the stuff, i binge on it on long airline flights. cheryl: breaking bad, john, i'm telling you. 'twas the night before christmas and from the bedroom, a north carolina couple could hear something going bump in the night. they thought it was an intruder. they hid in their closet, called the police. when the police arrived they found out the culprit was the couple's new robotic vacuum. they aren't sure how it messed up. glad it didn't get messy. >> i like that story. >> they all started laughing. it was one of those things. they were all great. they had great attitudes about it. cheryl: liz? >> i want one of these things. i'm a little discouraged it can cause such a ruckus in your household. did these people never stop to think, gee, what can be happening in our house. the fact is turned itself on was a alarming.
6:56 am
cheryl: i thought that was part of the vacuum. >>.>> they hid in the closet -- cheryl: this is my favorite story, the peloton husband from the controversial commercial, obviously, has turned out he got his actual real life girlfriend a peloton for christmas. this story will never die, ever. liz. >> yeah, but he obviously wants attention because he knew this was going to be -- we were going to be talking about this, this was an inevitable attention grabber, in my view. cheryl: if you want to get me a bike, i don't mind. >> you're a union cheer -- cruncher, you run miles every day. cheryl: would you be upset if someone gave you a bike? >> i think i can use one right about now. >> after all the fasting. >> the fasting could get me back in shape in 2020. cheryl2020 we have2020.cheryl: s completely covered.
6:57 am
there's the actor and there's his girlfriend. >> you think peloton p sponsored the whole thing? >> they should have. >> back in the head. cheryl: we're talking football, jack brewer is going to fill us in on his thoughts, that's after the break. no more buying cartri. big ink tanks. lots of ink. print about... this many pages. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. but at fidelity, value is more than just talk. we offer commission-free online u.s. stock and etf trades. and, when you open a new fidelity brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate -- that's 21 times more than schwab's. saved investors hundreds of millions of dollars last year. that's why fidelity continues to lead the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk fidelity. ♪ talk
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thlook at all this ink no more bit comes big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. >> good morning i'm cheryl casone in for maria bartiromo. it is friday december 27th your top stories at 7 a.m. eastern time. the santa claus rally is on. futures are placed to unwrap another day of record highs the dow will be strong in premarket up 92 and s&p up 8 nasdaq is up 32 and three quarters the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all closed at fresh highs yesterday. nasdaq actually broke through the 9,000 mark for the first time ever in its history. taking a look at global action first over to europe markets all were closed yesterday for boxing day but reopen today higher and dax on the green, markets actually mixed in asia
7:01 am
overnight, though, despite a violent day of protest on christmas. hong kong hang seng surged 1.3% on first day of trading since two day holiday break that closed above 28,000 for first time since month of july and then over in china industrial profits up year over year but that move not enough for the shanghai to close in the green well straight to consumer we know amazon the shattered roardz for holiday season. what about the competition, we've got all of the retail winners and losers coming up. plussing tracking if drones, find out what government is looking to do to keep track of what is pup in the sky. and here with me to break it all down this morning fox news contradict tore columnist for the hill the brew group and former nfl player jack brewer, football stories for him this morning and wall street journal writer. good morning. we talked about our new year resolution trying to think about
7:02 am
my investment portfolio for 2020. any thoughts? plans? >> ride the wave i think -- washington is prime the markets for having a good year there's a lot of government spending coming through. tax cuts and federally reserve interest rate cuts that's a trifecta to get the market up. i think we have three cuts in 2019 in the feds now on hold. we have -- we were talking had been this in the green room qown, profits are coming back, but because interest rates are so low you should expect to see multiples high at a time when interest rates are very low so people say the market is expensive overvalued 18 times earnings whatever. i think you have to bear in mind that that's an environment when interest rates are so low and that's naturally. >> we made the point yesterday liz that corporate profits didn't propel markets in 2019 but things that john is talking about like the fed. but you have to look at profits for 2019 and 18 combined at least a lot of people are doing
7:03 am
that in order to justify where multiples are right now. john is totally right that is in the context of very low interest rates. but look i think this coming year, i think there's a lot of reasons to think we continue to grow. that there's no reason to see multiple contraction but i would say for the fed, an awful lot is going to depend on what happens overseas they got that total wrong in '18 right in '19 but question is do question see further easing in europe because that puts pressure on the fed in united states. pmpleg ease much more and get to that in a little bit. but you know, bringing up issue of trades and wall street and main street all eyes this morning really are on trade. now the senate is set to vote on u.s. mca president trump trade deal with canada and mexico when congress returns from their christmas recess. china boosting hopes for trade truce they say they're in close touch with washington on phase one deal. clock is ticking there's five days left in 2019 and that trade battle is going to likely be punted into the new year for
7:04 am
let's piked out more to bring in missouri congresswoman arm service committee member. congresswoman, good morning. >> good morning. trade is on the agenda, how fast do you think that you and your colleagues can act to get these -- key piece of proposal the u.s. mca and signed? efntle well i think very fast unfortunately that for a year on nancy pelosi desk but we finally have opportunity to vote for it the week before christmas and pass it overwhelmingly and now it is going to the the senate and as you indicated the senate is going to take it up in finance committee on the 7th the first day back. and then it can go to sphul ?ats and hopefully pass very quickly and then it will be done, and this trade deal is a win for everyone. it is a win for the the american consumer. so win for american farmers it is also a win for the american worker. it is beginning to create 176,000 new jobs 68 billion dollars of new economic activity.
7:05 am
so i was very excited we finally had opportunity to vote on it and hopefully it will be finalized v. soon. enches congresswoman i want to ask you about the budget you know we have a 1.4 trillion dollar spending deal that just got done. another 50 billion dollars of additional spending on top of what was done in last summer. you know my question for republican in congress is do republicans still care about small government? it just doesn't look like you do when spending deals are going through the roof. >> well, we do, and we've got to adjust our spending for sure. but we're very excited about the growth, economic growth that is come about through our tax cuts and jobs act that we passed. it is spurring wages that are going up, and we're seeing more economic activity more revenue last year than we've ever had in this country and so i think that is the focus right now is
7:06 am
tbroainging our economy making sure everybody is take-home pay is able to increase. and kiewrls spending and consumer confidence is at all-time high so i feel very good about that. but we do need to address the overall spend as well. and i believe that will be the focus in the future. ivetle i want to say with that issue of spending government spending and this issue over the budget and battle because it ensed up not being a battle. louisiana senator, bill cassidy has wrote a really interesting op-ed he says that political turmoil around impeachment pushed another key issue spend back to back burner but like congress debate spending again and in part what he writes vote on spending bill was one of 16 votes that days and taken before congress left for the christmas break. the message was unstated but oven vote for the bill or be blamed for shutting down the government. right before the holidays -- the spend bill is anomaly but leat in a pattern and
7:07 am
deliberative body no longer deliberates let's put our minds to fix that your reaction to senator cassidy. [laughter] >> well senator cassidy is friend of mine, and he's right that we have to address that. but i as a member of the arm service committee i've been focus on trying to rebuild the military and that is a very large part of this budget and it is imperative that we do so because we're facing so many threats around the world right now it will be from china or from north korea even recently here as christmas thet. threat we have iran, russia and under president obama we cult our military and our readiness so jeopardized that we were in real trouble and imperative that we rebuild that military and spend the the money that we need to make sure that our country is safe and so that has been the phase one approach to getting
7:08 am
our government where it should be. but at the same time we have to look at cutting our spending and we have done that over last self yearses since i've been there as far as discretionary budget but it is mandatory spending categories that are really driving our spending and our deficit and in the house version of the repeal replace bill for obamacare we try to address one piece of that through rempling medicaid. we as you know passed it in house and came one vote short in the senate but that means we still have top continue to look at those areas and focus on that. in order to get our overall budget in line. prchg i think i will say i understand the military threat around world but i will also say there's an economic threat to a government that goes out of control when it comes to spending. my colleague liz peek has a question for you. >> good morning thank you for being with us congress come so yes republicans have is traded in effect high per defense spending for higher everything else and question is if trump is
7:09 am
reelected in 020, could this be something is that actually get some attention and gets a little bit of force behind it in the next four year? could we perhaps begin to exert more influence on spend and stop this for tat upping budget on both sides? >> absolutely. and i believe that is the focus we've already had meetings on that, and after election i think that will occur especially if we can retake the house. you know, we have to have control of the house and senate as well as white house in order to address this. and i believe we will do that. >> all right a lot is going to be on your plate, obviously, when you return to washington we appreciate you taking time out of your holiday right to speak with us this morning. congresswoman vicky, congresswoman with, thank you. all right well we're getting started this morning folks. the shrink of the consumer we're going talk biggest winner and
7:10 am
losers after a banner shopping season one per the record books. good oil oil nearing highest price since september what is boosting the crude awakening. plus here's to the the farmer we're going to talk to one guy who was a hit on youtube for showing off his odd jobs on his farm. [laughter] all right still ahead -- jack is going to love this foot brawl eastern if michigan quarterback ejected stocking ref and you would never do that. never, never. we have whole video coming up next. plus the year in wealthily jenner the youngest self-made billionaire this yearn look at how fortunes flour picture in 2019. (vo) the flock blindly falls into formation.
7:11 am
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new neftion this morning as police investigate death of a new york city college student. tracee carrasco has that story. good morning tracee. >> that's right cheryl nypd said yesterday officers had found a 14-year-old believed to be linked to killing and the college student was fatally stabbed during an apparent robbery inside a manhattan park. police spent two weeks searching for the teen. he was questioned and had dna samples taken before being released to his lawyer. police say they could eaivel file charges a 13-year-old is in custody facing murders. well faa przing rule that would allow remote tracking eve most drones in the u.s. the new rules maybe it okay for regulators and law enforcement to keep track of the unmanned aerial vehicles in real time to see which ones are not registered. the news comes as companies are beginning to seek approval to start testing police and drones for delivery services. and a nulled patriots show off
7:15 am
their patriotism the team lepgding its private jet to the navy football team to get them to liberty bowl in memphis and jet is one of two private planes that team bought in 2017 for about about $10 million each. this is the navy's 15th bowl appearance in the last 17 years. to take on kansas state on new year's eve. and check this out. the the quick lane bowl ends with eastern michigan's quarterback with throwing puncheses and accidentingly hitting a ref in the face. came fly over glass and throws a punch. yeah you can't do that. and he'll be ejected from this game. that didn't look good retaliating after a hard tackle his team lost a pitch 34-30 yikes. >> i don't know. i feel line we've seen that on this season more on nfl side than in college side but still. >> yeah it is unfortunate and on
7:16 am
social media it gets played over and over again but you never want your quarterback punching anybody. you know that's a position where you've got to keep your poise. you know leader of the football team. it just looks bad yiement the guy punches two people in one play accidentally hits the the ref an you knock the ref to the ground. that was a scary moment because people didn't know if the guy was knocked out or not. he just -- there's no place in the game for it it is already such a violent sport with all of the concussion and you know and people are watching so -- there's no place for it in our sport if. >> do you think that we're doing enough to discipline players when they get into scuffles like this? >> it is football so you have emotions so one thing to be the quarterback right that's one position you just can't do it if it was defense lineman or a safety it is to me it would be different but the quarterback got to keep your composure. >> plus you could hurt had a hand that's not what you're supposed to be thinking about buttest that really a risky thin for him had been doing right?
7:17 am
>> very well you don't want your quarterback punching a helmet. [laughter] bring it over to that patriot thing i have to say a new york giant fan and probably you as a former new york giant -- i don't like the new england patriots at all but that's a classy thing laying and playing out to the navy to get them -- >> i'm a cowboys fan sadly. [laughter] but -- but not a patriots fan either. no but you know, i don't know. the patriots may hit the super bowl again, jack. you can't take tom brady own of the run for super bowl again. >> you can't bet against them last game day looked impressed now they're going down. [laughter] time is up. okay. we've got a lot more coming up. lavish spending some top uaw official ace accused of living a life of luxury complete with a five figure cigar bill. plus place your bets on this court case one man sues a casino
7:18 am
for letting him lose to the house. we've got some other stories making buzz this morning coming up. ♪music (air pump motors) (lamp crashes) ♪music it's the final days of the wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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male anchor: update on the cat who captured our hearts. female anchor: how often should you clean your fridge? stay tuned to find out. male anchor: beats the odds at the box office to become a rare non-franchise hit. you can give help and hope to those in need.
7:20 am
[ drathis holiday... ahhhhh!!! -ahhhhh!!! a distant friend returns... elliott. you came back! and while lots of things have changed... wooooah! -woah! it's called the internet. some things haven't. get ready for a reunion 3 million light years in the making. woohoo! -yeah!
7:21 am
well, oil is in focus hitting highest level since september. bolsters by optimism potentially supply cut to opec but what does that mean for the the new year and bring in price future group and phil flynn hey phil, gorping. >> hey, good morning cheryl happy new year. i'll tell you well it is going to be a happy year for energy producers because we're ringing it in on a good note with this rally going the last couple of days. if i actually last couple of weeks and we're at what a three month highing looking good.
7:22 am
in they need it cheryl they've had a rough year prices have been low. shale producers struggling to make money. so they need a higher price so this is a good thing. and there's a lot of things that are going to be happening as we start the new year you mention opec and cuts 2% of the global supply supposedly coming off market right on january first. not to mention new international maritime organization rules for schiff that had to clean or burning diesel and tighten supplying into new year so keep rally going but it's not all that. >> not a trade deal with china which we believe we will. at some point in near future, does that actually is that a bullish sign for oil do you think? >> it really is. you know already china has committed to buying more pus oil exports and already u.s. oil pex ports are near record high. you know we've eclipsed over 3 million a barrel at certain
7:23 am
times and so this is going to be a big story. i mean, the trade war goes off not only going to help the economy and increase demand overall but it is also going to help u.s. energy producers at the world will start clam ring to get more of their barrels. >> john that's kind of an economic story too. >> a big economic story and one thing to turn back to phil you know one of the big stories in 2019 the reason why the fed kept cutting interest rates was because -- global demand looked very weak. now the fact that we see oil prices going up is that is a sign that global demand is coming back. >> it is. it really is. in fact, if you look at what we've seen in china there's a lot of talk about slowing economy in china. to be in for products aren't there. but all of a sudden we've seen the surge in chinese oil demands so seems like economy is doing better. the global supply chain, of course, was descrunted and that, of course, caused, you know, a lot of concerns about global demand. those things seem to be getting
7:24 am
ironed out. now you get this u.s. china trade deal l move on phase one possibly phase two and feds problems are over. you know they might have to start worry about inflation later next year. empleg real quick on gold i want to ask you about gold prices -- seem to be optimism biggest rally since august fur contract what do you make of that bill? i think they're looking at what's happening at the stock market and alternative and price what john just talked about more demanding maybe a little bit more inflation next year so what we're seeing in prices are a good thing it shough shows economy starting to show real sign of life and seeing that being reflected in expectations for highser prices and more economic afnght. >> we shall see phil flynn happy new year phil. j thanks for being here we'll see you soon. all right we have a lot more coming up colin kaepernick latest controversy a new shoe that features his likeness selling out in minutes even with his message to the nfl. we're going talk to jack about
7:25 am
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welcome back i'm cheryl casone in for maria bartiromo. it is friday december 27th. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. the santa claus rally is on
7:29 am
futures are placed to unwrap another day of record highs right now the dow up 95. s&p up 8 and quarter and premarket up six and quarter. dow nasdaq and s&p 500 all closing at fresh new highs. yesterday,ed nasdaq with its tenth straight record longest winning streak in over 22 years. and take a look at global action, to first europe they were closed for boxing day yesterday those markets but as you can see they've opened up strong follow the u.s.'s lead. 40 and dax all in the green and markets were mixed in asia overnight despite of violent day of protest on christmas. hong kong hanking sang actually surged one.3% on first day of trading since the holiday protest closing above 28,000 for first time since months of july. in china profits up 5.4% year over year but that was not enough to close that market in the green. growing profits, online find out
7:30 am
house one millennial farmer has turned a youtube for a bigger cash crop in his field. plus sore loser a gambler to get back 2 of -- 261,000 why he deserves to get his money back all of that coming up this morning. first to tesla set to make the first deliveries of model 3 cars from china, tracee carrasco has got that story. tracee. >> good morning cheryl yes we're talking about tesla right now as you said they are expected to make those first molds three deliveries from its shanghai plant starting on monday. well, united autoworkers lost picket line and leader was allegedly living posh life "new york times" report a boss gary jones now accused spending million and a half on federal and about personal expenses. he has not been charged with any crimes jones did, however, resign last month after his home
7:31 am
was raidedded by federal authorities. nike and colin kaepernick latest collaboration selling out in minutes. the true to 7 sneakers which is modification of the popular air force one shoe features kaepernick personal logos and a portrait on heel on right the shoe the number 81416 in boston. likely a refns to the first time kaepernick refuse toe stand for the national anthem. >> nike continues to support colin kaepernick i want to take that to jack because all of the controversy -- and him shunning the nfl and fighting back not having a job -- yet nike continues to support this man. >> i tell all of my classmates at fordham there's two sides to every trade and i think nike is taking both sides of the trade if you look at it, there's half a of the country that supports colin and other half that hates him and so -- you know, you saw colin kaepernick go out even though
7:32 am
anti-nfl right now. and deny even show up for workout but he use it as opportunity to brand himself and about entire thing he knew this shoe was come out so did nike. >> do you think he's serious about playing again? >> he branded himself as a social warrior standing up for justice and black lives matter and so whether you love or hate him from a business perspective the move seems to be what he wanted this was fitting his agenda and so nike is just on both sides of this because the same nike that sells this shoe also sells nfl jerseys and low tboa and everything else. so you know from a business permittive they're playing both sides of this thing. >> is it the shoe or the message do you think that's going to -- consumers for nike who do you think? >> run out for this shoe. nike could care less about this and made ross show and they
7:33 am
don't care they're not political they'ring making a dollar. colin kaepernick is pushing his message at the same time national football league nike sell as many jerseys as they do colin kaepernick sneakers. >> we're going to talk about retail but you're nodding your head so i want to bring you into the conversation about nike and talk about retail but -- smg there's an important corollary to kaepernick's financial considerations for nike. liz dolan head of marketing did a campaign for women let me play. nike has been strip mining women and women sports ever since liz dolan left you look at the canadian women hockey league, lockout strike led by briana jenner lorian so many strong players and you look at women hock gets next to nothing and women athletes women get next to
7:34 am
nothing in virtually all sports you look at major league basketball players with no mention who is built the game up for the first hundred years of major league baseball. sail with football, no pension, no nike support, nike mia so nike freedom of choice can do what they want with colin kaepernick some very good point. but where the women and where are the great men and women who built these sports getting strip mined by nike in the hall of shame in my -- i agree with you on so many points on that especially that female athletes would you like a formal introduction now? >> to their point they have no souls -- they have no souls. they have no souls. folks -- resource group manager director is here and start talking amazon and holiday season the big news the stock moving yesterday. they stocks jumped more than 4% after they said they have best holiday sales ever. they talked about products that sold big. they mention had the echo dot
7:35 am
the fire tv stick, echo show 5 what do you make of amazon in news that's moving this stock again today? >> amazon is unstoppable and amazon does have a conscience and does have a soul in that they're the first to use renewable power and solar on all 50 of their major fulfillment centers across the u.s. like iowa asic and nike for all talk sustainability does nothing and in resource group social click studies, quarter to a third of all consumers will switch to the socially responsible retailer when for amazon missing link is whole ho foods, though, cheryl with straw teenage pick resource group paul bauer henry, et cetera, about we went u.k., canada, u.s., and whole foods is
7:36 am
in the the stone ages with the flint stone in terms of bad marketing bad merchandising more bad operation store design amazon will hit 22 hushing as a stock. they fix whole foods, everything from the niagara boulevards store to silver lake store in los angeles and hit 2700. >> what is whole foods doing so poorly and is that on whole foods management or takeover? >> all of the problems passed along by old management and sports on u.s. canadian people in the u.k. love their sports. we were in whole foods stores every major playoff, nba, nhl, major league baseball, nfl, whole foods had had no tie-ins to any of the local teams from texas to california -- to new york to new jersey to london to toronto.
7:37 am
and just -- a group with no term limit on the boards and the cofounder lost other two cofounders and they were most brilliant retailers in innovation and first 25 years and then were asleep at the switch during the last decade. >> burt i have to push back on your comments about amazonning being so virtuous on green sides and sustainability, in fact, amazon is under enormous pressure because of the unsustainable aspect of all of those cardboard boxing piling up all of the bands and airplanes getting thing to you in two days et cetera. my intention is that what they're doing in terms of sourcing is window dressing they have a big, big problem amongst millennials who is yes they like to convenience they do not like the anti-what they perceive to be anti-grievance. >> but you know, i'll tell you--
7:38 am
really pressure key point is amazon from fullment and distribution gets it right on sustainability but on delivery does not. and that is a key issue in terms of gridlock across the country. recycle packages, that's a point that amazon has to fix and -- >> brought that up. burt because i did amazon fresh delivery and i got six boxes and -- it was ridiculous amount of qeas in those bongs all of that goes to recycle bin. your point yeah. >> we're talking so much about social responsibility with nike and amazon is it used to be case that company didn't want to get involved in politics is that impossible in this day and age, you know? are we see the companying just have to take a side one way or another? it is not impossible and retailer of the year for 2019, 2020 is lowest with die signal
7:39 am
dynamic leadership because what they did is -- reenforce hanukkah, kwanzaa spiritual music that signs in stores celebrating key holidays, and this panel did a really key segment on the importance of patriotism in the conference in indianapolis. patriotism is really important in retail. look at ralph lauren are polo first polo product came out with a u.s. flag. patriotism brings people under stores made in america brings people into stores and you -- you can have it all with social responsibility but social responsibility liz is important point including everything from getting it to the warehouse to get it to someone's home without what you reference cheryl of six boxes when you should hit --
7:40 am
amazon. with a package winners and losers so we have we've talked about about amazon wal-mart you mention lowes just now. but a lot of teen retailers haven't for a while that's a losing cart abercrombie and teen -- it is understandable record amount of school debt for teens. jobs -- rents all time high. so teen retail suffer offprice and be particularly good. and just to wrap up on amazon they'll figure it out when they do click and collect well to liz's point so you can pick up in store what sustainable bags and products. but whole foods with with really poor engineers and store design left that. >> sporting goods on your list of winnerses they have a lot of flak forren baaing guns how do they show up on your list? >> dicks is doing quell in term of stock price hasn't picked up on solar and they have some of
7:41 am
the biggest roofses for distribution centers in stores. so ting they'll get there. but they're the not there yet so they're still in the neutral zone. >> burt the man who, obviously, needs no introduction great to have you here burt. >> great to team up with you john and liz. the force the rise of sky walker giving disney a great christmas present at the box office plus -- fancy farming on youtube. >> okay. can you tell? what's going on? it is a good thing i'm built like michael phelps or this could get awkward one man showing off his had odd job. (classical music playing throughout)
7:42 am
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from the field to your screen a fifth generation farmer from minnesota is now a social media success and innuancer with more than 70 million views on his youtube channel. let's bring in millennial farmer zach johnson zach, good morning. >> good morning, cheryl how are you? psmght good. so you're kind of you say an accidental youtube star. how did this all happen? >> well in 2016 i had the idea of putting my farm life out
7:46 am
there to relate with people about what we do on farm to be transparent about what goes on in day-to-daying management of the business. and i just started putting myself out there for ab year and a half it was really just a hobby and nothing more than that. and then i had a couple of videos that went big right around harvest time and 2017, and it just kind of snowballed since there. my wife and i put a lot of tim and effort into it, and we just kind of -- it just keeps building and it is not something that i ever expected to get to this point. certainly, never expected to be talking to you about it. and it just kind of taking off and become something its the own. >> what do you think it is with your youtube channel and your videos? i mean what do people say to you that they find most interesting about your day-to-day life because frankly for most of us we don't know what farmers really do day-to-day. >> right. i think that's what makes it is interesting to a lot of people to be able to really see, you know, from the inside out -- what's going on at the farm
7:47 am
level when people drive down the interstate and they see farmers out there working and e they have a lot of questions about why are they doing this or why are they doing that and hear thing on news or see thing on the internet but they don't really know what goes into making the decisions and what the technology is that goes behind that, and i think it, it is an interesting way for a lot of people who don't have another way to see from the inside out how farm works a good way for them to see directly from a farmer from myself from our family, that lives out here on farm does this every day good way for them to see how that work. >> jack has a question for you. >> zach braugher university of minnesota proud alum -- [laughter] brother what city are you in? where's your farm located? >> we are southwest of alexandria, minnesota about is 5 miles. because you have to understand terrain that zach and weather conditions that you're farming
7:48 am
under. it gets brutely cold in minnesota so just explain a little bit about all that you take on as a farmer in that part of the country. >> yeah. as you said it gets cold. we're about half way between minneapolis and margo, about north dakota and it gets cold here so, obviously, with any farmer, any time you're farming weather is a concern right it is number one thing. but up here in minnesota, where we're at, we can grow really good corn. but we have a short season to do it in. we have really good soil it is but we're in a cold climate. so we've got to do everything we can to get in early in the spring to get as much -- as many days as many growing days for that corn to grow and really give it the opportunity to do the best that it can. >> hey zach -- >> can i ask you a real quick question the first video that went viral what was it about? what was it that triggered that tremendous response? >> well i had a video where i just walked around with my go pro at that will time it was my
7:49 am
hobby and soy walked around with a go pro really and talked to camera about about everything we have going on and what we were doing getting ready for harvest. and within a couple of days it hit 100,000 views which for me at the time was just crazy. and that was kind of my breakthrough video. >> i have to ask you about money you're making because you have apparel you have merchandise, and you figured the out a way to connect your advertisers to those that are watching your videos on youtube. that's pretty amazing. >> yeah. like i say it is kind of taking on a life of itself own become it own thing. we work hard at it but it has been a great opportunity for us. >> zach johnson a really great story and videos are fun i watched a couple last night so congratulations. >> yeah, thank you guy. [laughter] all right zach thank you very much. zach johnson place your bets on this court case. one man is suing a casino for allow him to lose to the house.
7:50 am
plus we've got the year in wealth kylie jenner is youngest self-made billionaire this year. we're going to look at how fortunes flourish plus more stories making buzz this morning. (brakes screeching) okay. so, today you're going to leave your phone with a guy named flip. (ding) but it's more than your phone, it's your business,
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and mine super soft? yes. with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, during our new year's special, queen sleep number c4 smart bed is only $1299, save $400, plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. ends new year's day. the rise of sky walker creating buzz this morning. the "star wars" flick half way to becoming disney next billion dollar movie the 7th, and latest stallment making 5 hux million at the box office. it is only been open for a week. and it is interesting because we talk about big buzz story but john you keep talking about uncut gem and adam sandler so forget sky walker for a second. >> you don't want to go by me.
7:54 am
but i thought gems was a great movie. everybody is buzzing about the oscars. >> don't like what hollywood seives up so. nobody on this panel has seen "star wars" i will see it i haven't had had time yet. but -- >> i think rebellion probably beats the bad guys. >> sorry to give it away. >> deal breaker. probably. i think the good guys probably win. >> but interesting story about rise of sky walker is that critics hated it rot tomato score-52 or something people could not care less what critics say and went in droves it is amazing. only i my recommendation is -- great performance by adam sandler and kevin. the discussions which has been about adam sandler might have a hit movie on his hands. there he is. and there's a lot of oscar buzz heard it was on had the 5 amy shows. >> good job back there. kevin garnett is great in that movie. next one, banner for markets but
7:55 am
seeing rich get richer. to tune of 1.2 trillion some of the new wealth coming from unusual folks family behind baby shark is now worth $125 million. the the maker of white claw the drink of the summer -- their wealth surged 3.6 billion. kylie jenner youngest self-made billionaire with self her cosmetic business you can do anything these days. >> you're right she's ridden that wave the kardashian started and youngest she's gorgeous doing great things i hope she keeping being a positive influence around our country. >> i totally hear you and we all love this one a compulsive gamble let him play and in canada should have known about gambling addiction. alcoholism fought conviction and pass management from other casino. he claims he lost 260,000 at the casino he's now demanding money
7:56 am
back plus he wants thousands in damages. caesar says we have doning nothing wrong. >> well i would say only thing that he has going for him is they should have known, in fact, that he had a gambling problem because not -- those before he lost all of a this money he tried to commit suicide by stepping in front of a bus because of his gambling losses, he recovered took the insurance mummy why had insurance money i have no idea and blew it again on another casino is yes he has a history but this is like guy who sued mcdonald's for making him fat and remember many years ago because he ate so many mcmuffins it is retick louse. ridiculous. in america but that turns out it was in ontario, canada. i have some advice you need -- jesus brother. he needs jesus. [laughter] >> all right we have a lot more coming up folk. still ahead this morning. starting a family during family feud. the game show proposal that has
7:57 am
gone viral. that's the next hour of mornings with maria. stay but us. ♪music (children laugh and scream) (dog barking) ♪music it's the final days of the wish list sales event. hurry in to your lincoln dealer today to get this exceptional offer.
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8:00 am
i'm cheryl commercial in for maria bartiromo today friday debates 27 top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern time. >> the santa claus rally is on once again, futures are poised to unwrap another day of record highs the dow up 86 premarket s&p up 7 and three-quarters nasdaq up 31 1/2 dow, nasdaq s&p 500 closing fresh, new highs yesterday the nasdaq this is something broke through the 9,000 mark for the first time ever in its history. and now top performing index since president trump took office. >> taking a look at global action, this morning, it is really across the screen for
8:01 am
europe closed as yesterday for boxing kay ftse contact 40 dax solidly higher markets asia mixed overnight did he violent day of protests on christmas the hong kong story hang seng surged 1.3% since that two-day holiday break that market took in china industrial profits up 5.4% year-over-year not enough for shanghai composite to close in the green mixed bag for asia, back in this crunch amazon o delivering retail scored best holiday sales ever that nice propelled stock to its best day in nearly 11 months yesterday the stock is again higher in premarket, today more than half a percent, big deduct in the crosshairs regulations is in focus for 2020 we are going to find out how it would impact biggest companies in the world. >> is mr., what is it like to
8:02 am
have bill gates send you 81 pound package full of gifts? break it down this morning fox news contributor columnist, liz peek former investment banker nfl player jack brewer, and jon hilsenrath good morning i feel like bill gates could -- send as many presents as he wants market a big present. >> for a lot of people not just 1% benefiting from all this entire country is benefiting. cheryl: do you think the average american really understands what happened last three years under the president these markets are definitely culmination less regulation more pro-business policy not sure that is connecting. >> 4% i think the latest, on this topic, said the economy was working well for them, and i think the majority of those people credit president trump with some of these gainers, obviously, people who like president obama said he got
8:03 am
the ball rolling. in fact he did. to keep this recovery going as energeticly as it has required the move president trump made yeah i think it is up. >> in terms of the credit they is getting the base of the president's support in blue collar america so it is ironic, because you know we have a market rally that is really benefiting, a lot of wealthy people but because unemployment rate is so low you have blue collar flyover country for a lot of you know urban elitists, where you know the president is getting a lot of credit frankly, i think this market is primed for another big year in 2020. you've got the fed cut interest rates not only fed but central banks, in europe, and japan, and elsewhere cutting interest rates, you have the federal government no one was watching lastly week, pumping more spending into this economy. >>. cheryl: yeah. >> that could be -- i want to be -- >> 80 is priming the market and economy for a good 2020
8:04 am
you know we could talk 21 what comes down the road there is a lot that is being pumped into this economy to make 2020 as strong year. >> jack. >> i got to say president has done an incredible job of marketing i i mean educating america even fr you weren't paying attention to the market talks about it so much i think a lot of folks when you go to middle america normally don't watch the stock market, when you see record after record after record you have the president of the united states, taking that podium telling you, about your 4 -- 1 ks going up that matters, 401 k's that matters. >> we are going to move on year-to-date snubs astound me 22% higher for dow questioner year-to-date 29% s&p 35% nasdaq if you invested in indices based on those averages would be your return folks that is -- incredible. because -- >> recovery. >> -- >> we can really big thing
8:05 am
that happened was the end of the year the white house started backing off on confrontations with chinese, the chinese started backing off moved toward a truce, you know the usmca deal final got being aion in congress trade uncertainty holding the market back all year went away we see that this market is like a thoroughbred that was being reined in you take trade off the table the horse is running. cheryl: markets doing despite impeachment standoff democrats are wasting time their push for witnesses and impeachment trial in the senate let's bring in pennsylvania congressman house judiciary committee member house armed services committee member, congressman good morning. >> merry christmas thanks for having me on. cheryl: i have to ask you we are discussing the markets this morning in middle what have has consumed washington,
8:06 am
kiss the battle over impeachment, impeaching president trump. your reaction to that? >> well we have to redeem impeachment fiasco has in part been a distraction from two things the longer talking about impeachment, it means we're not talking about the red-hot trump economy so it is a distraction, also, the more we talk about impeachment, we are not talking about the democrats agenda which is gone far left we're not talking about the green new deal absolutely ludicrous not talking about giving, taxpayers funded health care to illegal immigrants not talking about far left ready cal agenda not taking red hot trump economy we are talking about impeachment. >> i do want to ask you about the criticism again senate majority leader mitch mcconnell pretty widespread he preliminaried to work closely with white house on impeachment trial may be not to witnesses at all interesting you had senator murkowski saying she was disturbed by that i want your
8:07 am
reaction to senator murkowski's comments made to an alaalaska tv station. >> she also blasted speaker pelosi said nancy pelosi rushed this through had a political time line trying to get to senate before christmas but mainstream media is only picking up her criticism of mcconnell number one, number two, this has been a political hit job from the beginning. if you want fairness go back a few months why was president trump not aafforded an attorney why was he not dwifb the ability to compensatory exculpatory evidence why raps shut down by adam schiff trying to ask ghez closed-door hearings literally a took place in the basement. this has been political from the start. if you want to talk fairness think about this over 70 democrats voted to impeach the president before the july phone call, when would be impetus for the articles of impeachment, 17 of the judiciary committee members
8:08 am
democrat judiciary committee members voted to impeach before that phone call in has been slantdz unfair biased the on bipartisan votes had been to stop impeachment inquiry has been against impeaching the president, so again, this is a political process. mitch mcconnell can work with the president, and a few things that that is in fair look what adam schiff did, are chairman nadler, nancy pelosi. >> do you think the public at this point deserves to hear from mick mulvaney from ambassador bolton about what really happened? i mean that is at the heart of the disagreement with the senate right now. o do i want to hear what those two people know about this whole incident or does it not interest you? >> well, there is a whole process for doing that, the process is just what was used in the fast and furious scandal that is this subpoenas issued executive branch falls
8:09 am
back on executive privilege hashed out in courts that was started but because it did not if it with democrats political time line they juvend to impeachment as lawyer i would say this issue is not right maintaining not where had to be litigated not red for a security to decide has been skewered from start because democrats have not allowed three branches of government to work this out. >> but do you want to hear from them? are those two people you want to higher from. >> i have transcript of phone call between president trump and president zelensky i don't northeast somebody's thoughts stealings assumptions on that phone call i have read the transcript it shows no quid pro quo if we have primary source document transcript why do we need all these other individuals to talk about their perception of the call? we have the transcript of the call. >> i con grat lated republicans and yourselves for actually sticking together on a message about the unfairness of what went on in the house, i think that the senate i mean
8:10 am
nancy pelosi, basically with schumer wanted to convey that same or take that same mantle dealing with the senate. are you sensing amongst your democrat colleagues in the house resistance this idea pelosi is holding back the articles of impeachment there is any sort of grumbling about that? it seems to me people are really at wit's end they think this is an extremely radical thing that she has done. >> well how would you like to be one of these democrats in a battle ground district meaning democrats president trump won that district they walked plank for nancy pelosi voted for impeachment, nancy pelosi doesn't send the articles to the senate walking the plank for them all nor naught they have to answer for that in 2020 deflectss when going to get pummeled, over their votes to impeach a president the president when weather won their district yeah they should be resentful you have to remember, nancy pelosi is really not the one in charge
8:11 am
of the democrats party, the people in charge are the far left radical freshman aoc talib omar moderate fresh for democrats in battle ground districts should be more upset with far left radical wing i always say if you want to know what nancy pelosi is going to do tomorrow just read aoc's tweets today. >> love to see with that congressman -- a lot to go through this morning thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. >> before we go to break you teach here in new york we should add that, are they talking about impeachment? do your stuns connect to the story at all. >> you snow what we have a group, so i communicate with my class a lot we have a group talk like a think tank we talk about some issues, i am more conservative probably than everyone in my group but i think, you know, the media has is playing such a role in this, if you watch some other stations, you don't see the
8:12 am
other side and what i wanted to ask congressman was you know, will america get the answers on why the fbi was so corrupt and what has been happening will america get the answers on did the what happened with the -- >> bidens. >> are they getting so into weeds with this. >> they are not. cheryl: i think the impeachment battle has become noise for so many americans. >> i agree with you but i think a lot of americans are really listening to the rhetoric from the scene cnn, msnbc, intelligent them the president is impeached a crook done something wrong pieth that he evil narrative out there without addressing the other side our model two sides to every trade, and all that, you know a lot of people want to see is both sides. so i think. >> there is three groups people who made up their mind he on the left, that the president is bad they want to get him out there's people made up their minds on the
8:13 am
right, that the president is great saving the country then a bunch of other people think it is all noise. >> wild what is happening a lot more coming up the gift that keeps on giving. the husband from peloton in, ad now giving that exact bike as a gift but this dime in real life, plus hitting the jackpot one lucky reddit user getting the ultimate seeblth santa gift from billionaire bill gates. there's a lot of talk about value out there. but at fidelity, value is more than just talk. we offer commission-free online u.s. stock and etf trades. and, when you open a new fidelity brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate -- that's 21 times more than schwab's. plus, fidelity's leading price improvement on trades
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saved investors hundreds of millions of dollars last year. that's why fidelity continues to lead the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk fidelity.
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but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit cheryl: investigation underway after a deadly plane crash in kazakhstan tracee carrasco has that. tracee: that is right 12 dead after 50 others injured kazakh
8:17 am
officials say plane trying when it crashed into a billing 98 people onboard. >> you coast guard searching for a mistour helicopteroff on island of kauai several people onboard including children. >> electricity scooters bikes won't be legal in new york at least not for now, governor and cuomo yesterday vetoed legislation that would have made it possible cuomo sighted safety including lack of helmet requirement reports say political differences are to blame for the bill not passing, lawmakers could override the veto, finally bill gates playing santa one michigan woman lucky enough to get him as her secret gifter through reddit's gift exchange the president weighing 81 pounds a copy of great gsby by
8:18 am
gates. >> toys for cat, a donation for the american heart association in the name of the woman's mother who died earlier this year, gates has participated in the online random gift-giving exchange since 2013 pretty cool. >> >> gave the heart association the donation obviouslies he is very much into charity. >> microsoft stock for -- >> you know that wasn't, the participation in that reddit thing, i think what the heck somebody like bill gates. >> i got great cat toys for gifts pretty excited about it. >> get my microsoft -- >> more coming up folks survey says yes one couple proposal is going viral, and there is no family feud here. we're going to show you the video coming up the gift that
8:19 am
keeps on giving, the husband from peloton in holiday ad giving the exercise bike as a gift but this time he is giving it in real life. ♪ ♪ we got to get right back to where we started from, love is good ♪ we got to get right back to where we started from ♪ or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. are critical skills for scientists at 3m. one of the products i helped develop was a softer, more secure diaper closure. as a mom, i knew it had to work. there were babies involved... and they weren't saying much. i envisioned what it's like for babies to have diapers around them. that's what we do at 3m, we listen to people, even those who don't have a voice. at the end of the day, we are people helping people.
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8:23 am
man sphoe. re since 2000 numbers arrived earlier more than a million people expected to ring in the new year in times square if coming to new york weather may not abuse you this new year's eve good news there, amazon folks poised to open higher pushing nasdaq past 9,000 gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange all the details good morning gerri. >> hey. good morning cheryl that is right amazon as you said to open higher yesterday they said they had best christmas ever, they enrolled 5 million people in prime membership said they sent billions, billions with a "b," of packages for the holidays think about that huge, doing very well indeed powering nasdaq through 9,000 another stock power through 9,000 apple that stock on track for best year in a decade. web wwedbush raising to 350
8:24 am
last time negative statements about apple never get services business together nobody will apply iphone 11, wrong! this stock on fire. i want to talk about peloton poised to open flat shorts out for this they are down 10% on week 23% on month, here is what the husband in peloton ad said on twitter, he bought peloton for his girlfriend that is right here is hoping this goes over better the second time around he said, merry christmas to my girlfriend and please don't leave me this poor guy abused on social media for the his role in that ad, pretty happy with girlfriend. >> talking about the fact did he pay for peloton the big question. >> do you think the company. >> could have happened could have happened just saying. >> monthly membership.
8:25 am
>> there you go, that is true. >> she looks like enjoying that bike gerri thank you coming in my viewier for technology, what to watch for in the sector especially threat of regulation everything you need to know straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) the moth without hope, struggles in the spider's web.
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i am cheryl casone in for maria bartiromo today. >> it is friday, december 27th a look at how the markets are performing an hour before the opening bell, look at this! the santa claus rally folks it is on. the bits of keep giving for investors right now the dow up 84 s&p up 8, nasdaq up 35, dow, nasdaq s&p 3500 all looking to open at fresh, new
8:29 am
intraday highs following round of record closes last night in particular with nasdaq, unbelievable day for markets, this is the -- the trading session set to go global action across the board in europe following christmas break markets mixed in asia overnight despite violent day of protests christmas eve and christmas day hong kong, hang seng surged 1.3% first day of trading, since those holidays, china industrial profits up 5.4% year-over-year but that was not enough for shanghai to close in green mixed bag in asian markets all eyes on wall street three trading sessions for 2019, and for the decade. want top story this half hour 2020 regulating technology quite 2 year sector lawsuits daze overage antitrust privacy facebook, amazon al, what is
8:30 am
in zero for 2020 when it comes to regulation bring in the herbold group managing director former microsoft corporation chief operating officer, sir good morning. >> hi cheryl. >> regulation seems the big story i am sure you snow from days at microsoft, but not just u.s. regulators european going after big technology the french want digital tax on companies that is a speed bump do you think for the group in 2020? >> well i think there in for very heavy weather cheryl. the consumer is fed up with not having protection of their data so privacy concerns are paramount. not only in this country but throughout the world. and european you know is very gref, historically, and they will be this time in regard to this issue, but it is -- it is more than just privacy.
8:31 am
there is concerns about competition in terms of buying up small companies, that potentially could be threats. there is a concern about fake advertising a concern about inflammatory information getting out on the web from terrorist groups hate groups, so they have a basket full of problems in that sector, and the amazing thing is they really haven't done anything to try and get ahead of these issues. >> i am glad you brought up antitrust obviously, that is the big issue whether or not technology companies or even a lot of social media companies, like facebook, and twitter, and specifically, but, you know, we also, of course, watch ipos, and in 2019 there was disappointment uber under he overwhelming initial public offering we work that was a botched ipo whether or not you say we work as real estate company or technology company i will let you decide, but do you think the ipo market in
8:32 am
technology might recovery in 2020. >> it will recover good ideas will be rewarded but one thing that i think the big financial he investors have learned is that you have to be wear of supposed tech guru.s. attempting to zrupt very established industries with products knowing more than a phone app basically in cases no objection like uber they have a lot of problems in regarded to drivers. what is the contract with driver? what about benefits? it keeps coming back up, it won't go away. in regard to wework, that was just a disaster in terms of commercial property, wizards saw exactly what the model was, the sad part of both those stories is that neither one can explain how in the
8:33 am
world they are comoefring to make any profit. >> i want to come back to the whole issue antitrust. you know when past decade we have had big tech companies like facebook, going up, and buying, sufficiently start-ups like instagram i think one big question for the next year or two ahead, is should any of the big tech companies be broken up? and if so when ones and how? do you force facebook to spin off instagram? what kind of breakups do you see possible if something like that is forced on big companies. if you look at google facebook they control 60, 56% of all online advertising, so the way to get higher rates on advertising is to do a better job of targeting. the way to do a better job of targeting is to have risher risher data on users, and so the more companies you can
8:34 am
gobble up that potentially give you information on consumer usage the better off you are in terms of selling advertising. so yeah, i think there will be a lot of discussion in regard to breaking up, how they do that is not clear. but the fact is this looks like it is getting out of hand. >> we are going to watch that obviously, in 2020. another thing watching, is a.i., artificial intelligence, maria has done a lot of reporting on that, you've got intel just acquired artificial intelligence start-up a lot of other tech companions spending money on a.i. investments, even though worries about privacy concerns and i think the average investor now is wondering how can they invest in a.i. more importantly what is a.i. going to mean to us to our lives? how important do you think artificial intelligence is going to be? >> well i think it is going to come on a lot he slower than many of the reporters out
8:35 am
there some cases signs fiction reporters. if you look what is happened with autonomous driving people thought there would be self-driving cars all over the place, the fact is at the end of ceo of ford saying they massively overstilted when these things would be arriving in the marketplace, the head of -- of google original efforts in self driving cars has commented recently that this could take as much as 30 years before we sfundamentally confidence to the point ensures are willing to come up to bar in terms of assuring he self driving cars so there is a lot of a.i. that gets hyped too much, but there is an awful lot of it that does some incredible things. once you get to big databases and data is in fact put in a format that can be recognized,
8:36 am
by a.i. tools then you really got something, and a lot of standard kind of he clerical tasks going by the way side even more now. so the systems are getting smarter and smarter. that will be continuing. so this is a very hot area for the technology companies. cheryl: we will see if next dade brings us any away bob, thank you very much for being here this morning. >> thanks cheryl. cheryl: um-hmm, christmas has come and gone you can still get deals especially for electronics, its is best day of the year to do just that. jeff flock that is has that story good morning you are at the largest single store electronics retailer in all the country? . reporter: it is. electronics family famous in chicago landed might be around the country a massive store and there are all kinds of deals all around the country stores like this, in the u.s. today why?
8:37 am
adobe -- adobe analytics says this is the best day to buy electronics why? sometimes they buy time of something that is honestly -- stuck with them they reduce prices this is apple what is this. >> they see are apple airpods the one with wireless charging case we have them for $166 right now noirl a $200 lowest price in the country. >> what is price lowest price in the country right now all sorts of things people love tvrz wait until after christmas to buy the tv you got pretty much everything. >> we've got, any major brand that you can think of we got -- >> best deal in the store zbif me best deal in the store. >> lg here normally tremendous sales. >> organic light he admitting diod for nerds so that means nice picture. >> great picture this is lgb9, normally this is 65 in which normally 2400 dollars on sale
8:38 am
for 1800 as there are. >> i don't have that much to spend i want a lower price but same size what is this. >> this is a samsung this is led so slightly different technology, still great picture still 4k a great resolution on this, on sale for $600 normally $900. >> 65 inches. >> 600 dollars incredible bigger sales sometimes people get something for christmas then return it to you, then what do you do you put it on even bigger sale than when they got it on sale to start with. >> exactly this is kind of floor model section if somebody looking for open box item to get the best savings possible, this is the spot to look. >> this is samsung also even bigger than we saw. >> absolutely 75 inches normally retales for 1100. >> people buy time, sometimes returns, this becomes according to doeb analytics
8:39 am
best day to buy electronics we will be here all day, appreciate the time by the way, and you can get pretty much anything if you saved your money at christmas, this is a good time to buy. cheryl: jeff buying that 75 in which television? >> i work on television not with television. >> good answer good answer jeff flock thank you very much you were talking about this commercial break about where is he i want wait where was the store. >> kicking themselves for you know. >> they want the take everything back they bought start over. >> chicago area. >> did not i just spend all that. >> i thought airpods were out i can't believe that hottest thing. >> sold out. >> we've got more coming up folks, amplifying ticket prices why your concert tickets maybe more expensive than ever, survey says yes one
8:40 am
couple's positive positivesal has gone viral. >> i was just kidding -- will you marry me no feud there the whole video coming up next. ♪ ♪ there's a lot of talk about value out there. but at fidelity, value is more than just talk. we offer commission-free online u.s. stock and etf trades. and, when you open a new fidelity brokerage account, your cash is automatically invested at a great rate -- that's 21 times more than schwab's. plus, fidelity's leading price improvement on trades saved investors hundreds of millions of dollars last year. that's why fidelity continues to lead the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk fidelity.
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cheryl: more fallout from boeing 737 max crisis tracee carrasco has that.
8:44 am
tracee: that is right the company senior adviser to former ceo dennis muilenburg will retire next week he helped lead boeing legal defense following two 7 3 37 crashes was fired to install confidence, 737 max ground as boeing works with faa to return plane to service boeing shares edging higher ahead of the open, concert ticket prices soaring nine of highest 10 concert tours average ticket price over 100 dollars according to new report, this as trying to fill revenue gap from declining record sales in the digit music era ticket technology squeezing out ticket scalpers, no limits the rolling stones have highest grossing tour this year, taibing in 177.8 million dollars with individual tickets averaging 226 dollars.
8:45 am
finally survey says yes, check out proposal in home edition of family feud. >> name the date a woman always dreams of. >> her wedding day. >> will you mar ry me? yes. >> [laughter]. >> make it official. >> [cheers and applause] >> she wasn't quite sure have a was going on the couple high school sweethearts dating 8 years congratulations, to them very sweet. >> she is wait what? stuck on fact rolling stones still touring so that i can't believe it they just grossing -- i can't believe it concert of the year -- millions. >> remember in 2019 we had a clip of mick jagger after
8:46 am
heart attack joking. >> still walking at his age dancing come on. >> only explanation for it is everybody of every age wants to go see them, i don't think there are a lot of bands you can say is that, but that is pretty much remarkable. >> top story of the journal this morning, story about concerts how i mean madonna 500 dollars? >> we have written a lot of how millennials as consumers want to have like real life authentic he experiences, you know puts he as opposed to buying stuff want he experiences you see this ins the concert amarine ae. >> about what would you pay for. >> me right now kanye. >> yeah. >> i pay for kanye about the only one i pay for. >> outpacing inflation, four times, that is crazy. >> people are paying it that is fascinating about the story, a piece in the journal
8:47 am
today we've got a lot more coming up cheers to the new year we've got a top lines of the year, they are all right here on set, plus what you should be drinking to ring in 2020 if you can afford it that is next. ♪ ♪ people think my job is easy. you just go on tv and talk, right? well, each season there's over 1,500 players and hundreds of games... plus passing yards, turnovers, injuries... we have to be ready to analyze any of it, on live tv. if we fumble on air, that's a problem. ibm watson helps us wrap our heads around all that data, and quickly find relevant insights using ai. so we can give every fan the best show possible. ♪ ♪ welcome everybody to fox kickoff, i'm charissa thompson... ♪ ♪
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what are you doing back there, junior? since we're obviously lost, i'm rescheduling my xfinity customer service appointment. ah, relax. i got this. which gps are you using anyway? a little something called instinct. been using it for years. yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. he knows exactly where we're going. my whole body is a compass. oh boy... the my account app makes today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. not my thing.
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some people say that's ridiculous. i dress how i feel. yesterday i felt bold with boundless energy. this morning i woke up calm and unbreakable. tomorrow? who knows. age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. make the world you want. cheryl: one spectator out with top wines 2019 integrated on quality value availability "wine spectator" x factor this year a classic bordeaux al
8:51 am
french isn't it julián, this is, of course, the french won again. >> does it get old for you -- >> not at all, but, a very exciting lineup here, talk about number one since i already kind of through it out there, the top one of the year is a bordeaux. >> it is it is a bordeaux so this is a chateau barton 2016 scored 97 on "wine spectator" a hundred point scale retailers for $98, average price of 98 point wine rated was 450 dollars, so this is a great value, in that regard, but when a we love about this wine is that it has been family owned since 1820s by barton family in fact there are three generations working at château. >> that is x factor the study behind wine family. >> exactly, it is 86% cabernet
8:52 am
sauvignon 14% merlot for aging put away 10, 15, 20 years it will be beautiful. >> tariffs, we are paying more for european wines good for american wine markers. >> domestic wines from southern hemisphere can benefit from 25% tariffs currently on france spain germany uk. >> we put one hundred percent tariffs on fresh wine you will see revolt of in this country do i want to -- my is it mayacamas. >> from napa we have american name number two this is mayacamas cabernet, 2015 scored 96 points retailers for $125, from napa area, are they tend to be in the hundreds of dollars range but this is one of the most storied wineries in napa around since 1880s located higher elevation
8:53 am
compared to the valley floor, so you get a beautiful refreshing acidity with cab inside meant for aging could you enjoy it now patience will be restored if you put away five, 10, 15 jooerz. >> years. >> that is a long time for most people would i say. >> italy this is key ant ai number three, chant.i. number three. >> it is a sparkling wine, white rare to rank so high. >> exactly this is the third sparkling wine to make top 10 also the first california sparkling wine scored 95 retailed $48 perfect wine for new year's just around the corner in fact in top 100 list we have five sparkling wines from spain, from italy about
8:54 am
fantastic options for new year's. >> new year's eve maybe viewers don't know you've got kava, spanish, prosecco if you are going to get a champagne, specific region. >> champagne has to come from champagne regional in france all sparkling wines on top 100 you he find at one are made using champagne method, you know, creates a little bit more of a -- a higher end experience. >> one thing i noticed too at least for sparkling that was kind of 25 to 50 dollars, this is a wide range especially the top pretty expensive wine. >> it is, with classic wines, you know, going on our 100 point scale all are 95 points or higher. and as a result you kind of you know they are aged more oak influence, so that kind of bumps up the price our italian
8:55 am
one chiant.i. scored 95 points retailers $36 the medium median pricing for top 100 is $35, so we try to make sure that we have the full range of you know with pricing, and good availability as well. >> love sparkling wine in top five. >> studying the segment for years. >> great to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> happy new year to you we are having a lot more coming up we've got stock market madness on hands something to celebrate, futures on track for another day of record rally rolling on is this going to run into 2020 our outlook is coming up next. ♪ ♪
8:56 am
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cheryl: that santa claus rally still going strong, futures pointing to another day of gains. right now the dow up by 63. is this going to last? >> yes. i think the market's getting primed for a strong 2020. interest rates, low. economy's going, unemployment low. everyone in washington is trying to prime the system for a strong economy in an election year. cheryl: how you feel about the markets, jack? pretty good? >> i feel good. happy holidays to everybody. remember, go out and serve. this country is doing awesome but we have neighborhoods in america that need our help, need our support. get out your bubble sometimes and go help some people. cheryl: people could take all their stock market gains and donate to charity, maybe. animal charities would be my choice. liz peek? >> you know what, at the end of the day, sometimes i wonder if this isn't all we need to know, don't fight the feds.
9:00 am
it's working pretty well. cheryl: you mentioned that earlier, you think at least one cut next year, right? >> i think they're on hold after doing a lot of cutting in 2019, they are on hold in 2020. that's going to be wind at the back of the market. cheryl: i'm loving these numbers. thank you for being with me today. lots of fun. everybody, happy friday. that does it for us. "varney & company" is up right now. charles payne is in for stu. you got to be loving these markets, right? charles: i'm loving them because i'm in them. cheryl: so are we, baby. charles: thank you very much. good morning, everyone. right now, looks like we will have another record day for the stock market. dow, s&p and nasdaq all set to open at fresh all time highs. throughout the show, we are going to unleash a herd of bulls who say there's reason to be optimistic. each one will have different for 2020. the nasdaq has had an amazing ride to 9,000. you will be surprised what stocks are helping it got there. it's not all the big tech names you always hear about, but other names.


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