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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  December 28, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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and that'll be just friends now have a wonderful new year end think it's much for joining us. from all of us here wishing you the best in 2020. i'll see you again next time. bucket list for me especially living in new york. connell: that's pretty cool. david: what a week, the santa rally slaying records making history on wall street, the dow and s&p closing at new record highs for the second day in a row, the dow's 22nd record for the year, the 35th for the s&p and the nasdac snapping at 11 day winning streak but its been a good week for the nasdac nevertheless but it's not just investors who are celebrating. new data now showing that rank-and-file workers wages are rising at the fastest pace in more than a decade. hi everybody this is bulls & bears thanks for joining us i'm david asman joining me on the panel christina partsinevelos, j onas ferris and gary b. smith and gary kaltbaum. well pay has shot up at the quickest rate in more than a
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decade up 4.5% in november so how can elizabeth warren and other democrats claim that we're in dire straights and we have to abandon capitalism when in fact, it's capitalism that has made things so good. i thought elizabeth warren was a capitalist from her head to her toe. look, 3.5%, ideal with numbers, 3.5% unemployment, millions have jobs, millions have come off welfare, unfortunately, their job is to tell you how bad things are, how your lot in life is where it is because the wealthy are basically swooing you and amazingly, they poll and they think that it works and they are getting decent numbers, amazingly, but if any of these people move to c aracas or havana and experience the state taking over i think they changed their mind pretty quick. >> if we're talking about just the markets and then elizabeth warren, we are just seeing i guess fear of missing out from a lot of investors you've got strong retail numbers that
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helped people a lot of amazon, for example, these records that you're seeing with tesla, apple, but heading into 2020, the wall street journal did a pretty comprehensive piece about elizabeth warren, and what she's proposing, based off of 60 paper s and just one highlight corporate tax rate she wants sorry tax profits of over $100 million at a new 7% rate, global corporate tax, raised the top business rate to 35% the list is really really comprehensive, i do encourage our viewers to read it. >> it would take the whole hour >> but take the time to go through everything which is what we need to do especially if we're well informed voters look at the policy and proposals. david: and jonas, her series of proposal, eight new taxes they would really turn capitalism on its head in the united states wouldn't they? >> well, i think one of the, there's a lot of reasons the markets took off in the economy. one is those policies seamless likely to happen than they did last last year. now they did lower --
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>> huge reasons central banks. >> interest rate lowering that's not pure free market capitalism, but it's still capitalist ic in nature and the investors don't want to go in a direction of even higher taxation, and also, larger benefit programs, so it was a good year to get the fear out of the market that built up late last year that includes the trade war has subsided the potential global recession that's way subsided and now we have low interest rates and i will say getting back to the first point that rising wage is full trickle down and that i've got to tell you i don't know how much longer that could happen without inflation picking up so a lot of things that were economics -- david: things have changed. >> you know it's interesting, david ursino kind of alluded to this point when you opened the segment. median family, medium household income rose from the time obama took offs until he was done $1,000 per year, and already
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under trump it's up $4,000 per year, and you've got to say that trump's policies are a lot more "free market" or capitalist ic than warrens were so if you just said the average person well how are you better, are you better off under, you know, trump or obama, it would be overwhelming ly trump and what people i think forget, you know, when they think about socialism, and capitalism and i think it's just an economic system. it's not. it's a human nature system. capitalism by definition is a striving to get ahead. sometimes yes, you need to step on the other guy, or you need to squash the competition. there's no one on this panel, and forgive me if i'm off, but christina is probably the most liberal of all of us. >> i try not to fall into any category by the way. >> okay. >> but it's just to provide statistics and yet i often get pigeon holed into a category. >> you and your lefty
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statistics. >> my oops but everyone on this panel wants to get ahead and be better and wants to be richer. >> so why is that an issue? >> that's capitalism right there. david: but what's important to emphasize is it's not just what's happening in this country it is a worldwide phenomenon where countries have moved away from socialism and done better and in fact i would argue that you talk about labels that capitalism in a way is more progressive than socialism, the progression of capitalism is that 10% of the world's population now is in poverty that was 60% when i was born. i was born a long time ago but just think of how we have progressed as a world as a result of moving away from socialism if you go towards socialism, you get more regression, that is people more people become poor, and the disparity between the richest and the poorest grow. >> that's because it blocks opportunity. they keep telling us that they
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are going after the wealthy but the problem with what they want to do which prevents others from becoming wealthy, when you raise taxes, you raise taxes on the wealthy, and it flows all the way down and bernie sanders even came out and said he's going to raise taxes on anybody making 29,000 or more. elizabeth warren a 12.8% on social security anybody making 250 and higher, to be shared by the employer and the employee. the wealth taxes, it's going to send all of the wealthy off the shores, france in 2012 put on their millionaires tax to get rid of it. david: 15 countries in europe had to get rid of it. >> and in 2016, 10,000 millionaires left france and hit the skids to the economy to everything else going there. >> do you really feel like we live in a perfect capitalist society though? >> absolutely not. >> so isn't the issues of the progressives or left seem to be raising the fact that you have wait, wait, one second you have apple that becomes with the president and then doesn't have to deal with all of the tariffs,
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they put 15, they were released from 10 of them, so the unfair ness that i think and i was out sounding complaining or anything like that seems to be the commonality amongst a lot of people they feel left out and then to jonas's point we can't forget how accommodating central banks have been across the globe and that's done a lot for the markets moving forward. david: gary b., you wanted to chime in go ahead. >> christina makes a good point we're far from a free, free market or a purely capitalist ic society but the answer is not more government. you're absolutely right, christina. let's cut those ties between apple and government. let's cut the tax benefits for some industries versus another. that's the way you get a freer market. >> it is true that we sort of had a free market but you have all of this socialistic globally because of the pure free markets of 100 years ago collapsed in on
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themselves without any government, or central planning so to say. how did they do that? >> well with the great depression. >> what are you talking about? >> there wasn't any social security medicare, unemployment. that was after a wipeout, that just destroyed wealth to put unemployment double-digit led to 25% to a global wave of -- >> bring it back to now you can't also deny over the last 20 years if not recently 30 years the highest growth rate is in an economy so my point is you need capitalism and private ownership and management. david: go ahead, gary k. >> the tax scale before reagan, when there were 24 tax rates, 70 some odd percent lower, once we got rid of that went down to 28% , it unleashed the economy like we'd never seen it and unleashed opportunity, and all i could tell you we talk about what the dems want to do. i'm sorry sanders and warren are not normal dems, they are left and polling pretty bad. david: and there's no pure socialism, no pure capitalism,
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it depends on the direction and when a country moves away from socialism it generally does better and becomes a more prosperous nation in which to live and that's good for everybody. president trump meanwhile calling out nancy pelosi for delaying an impeachment senate trial, why new reports are now saying that she could be putting it off until after the election. are they right? we're going to be asking republican house judiciary committee member when he's joining us, next. to the outside world, you look good, but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor.
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el saying republicans shouldn't assume that pelosi wants a senate trial at all. she might want to keep the process stuck where it is for a while. here now is republican house judiciary committee member guy r esenthaller. so strossel is calling on mitch mcconnell to schedule a trial immediately. are pelosi and democrats planning on dragging the impeachment out into the 2020 election? well they are all over the place with all of this. i think it just shows a lack of leadership in the democrat party particularly in the house. we have to remember that nancy pelosi might be speaker, but this party is really in control of the far left liberal freshman , aoc, and omar, they are the ones driving this entire what i would call a sham impeachment but i can say this. the longer the impeachment sham drags out, i would say the better for republicans. we have to remember that president trump's numbers have gone up-tick harry reedily in swing states like pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, and in the
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battleground districts, districts where democrats hold seats but trump won those districts those numbers look really good for republican challengers and it means that we will likely take back the house in 2020. >> congressman gary smith thanks for being on the show. put on your blue hat for a second, and i hear what you're saying about the numbers but don't you think it would make sense for the left, pelosi, et cetera, to keep bringing up new issues, new "crimes" and continue to keep trump on the hot seat. new articles of impeachment if you will all the way, so it looks like he's always under the gun. >> i don't think that's a good idea at all. i think it that what's happening is you're seeing that the impeachment fiasco is back firing on democrats. those that support impeachment are folks that would not vote for the president anyhow, and independent voters, swing voters , moderate democrats, are coming over the republican party
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in droves in the poll numbers are showing that. also you have to remember that our conference, the republican conference is not only more united, stronger than ever, we're also bigger than when this entire sham impeachment started because jeff van drew switched parties to come over and become a republican so as if i were thinking like a democrat i would want this over as soon as possible, and i would want to focus on getting other things done, lowering prescription drug prices, maybe transportation, infrastructure, package, but as a republican, i say keep bringing this because this is has been nothing but great for the republican party. >> congressman, jonas ferris. are you like nervous at all? i just don't see it when the mueller report would drag on and on and it wouldn't help the democrats case, that again it almost seems like there's got to be a reason like why wouldn't they dump it on you and say it's a sham in the senate look how quickly they pushed this thing through because she's not going to get the votes so are you at all worried there's something
11:16 am
she's cooking up that you don't know about? >> jonas, i'm not worried at all. i've been here from the beginning i sit on foreign affairs and judiciary so both these committees have had some jurisdiction over impeachment and i was there when mueller testified it was what i'd call a nothing burger. the impeachment has been an absolute joke because the democrats don't have the facts to support the articles of impeachment. there was no underlying crime and the fact that nancy pelosi is sitting on this, shows that it's flimsy, it's weak, it was rushed, but i do think that there is something to this. i think that the democrats want to keep impeachment in the news, because as long as we're talking about impeachment, we're not talking about two things. one not talking about the red hot trump economy where we've seen record low unemployment in the last 50 years. we've seen the stock market grow and grow and get stronger, blue collar and middle class wages are up, and we're not talking about that. we're also not talking about the far left radical agenda. crazy things like the green new
11:17 am
deal, banning airplane, giving taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal immigrants. we're not talking about that far left nonsense that's coming from the far left democrats in the freshman class. >> congressman, christina partsinevelos here. there's a lot of different reasons as to why she's holding on to this in her hands, but mitch mcconnell actually said that maybe, he wouldn't start the usmca which is the canada trade deal with mexico and the united states until it finished a senate trial so could that be something and could we possibly see mitch mcconnell advance with some sort of resolution to condemn the house? >> we could see both of those things and you have to remember with a trade deal there is a timeline, it's not like a normal bill. there's a window once the house passes it, that the senate has to pass it or we have to re negotiator pass again so that's a technicality and you could see that at play but i don't want to see usmca held up. the trade between canada, mexico and the united states is twice
11:18 am
the trade that we have with china, this is very important for american farmers, for manufacturing, so it would be a shame if this is held hostage. >> congressman, gary kaltbaum here do you think this is the plan all along because all i can tell you is leading up to this for a few weeks all we heard is we've got to get this done quick or else and get this through and get impeachment donald they just rammed this baby threw and look let's stop it dead in its tracks >> i don't think there is a plan at all. i think aoc, if you'd read her twitter feed today it tells you what nancy pelosi is going to do tomorrow and i think nancy pelosi is holding on for deer life dealing with these far left read it call freshmen and i think that the democrats are looking from new cycle to news cycle, they aren't looking out and projecting a plan. david: very quickly if speaker pelosi doesn't appoint house managers herself, would you advise senator mcconnell to do it himself? >> i would advise mitch mcconnell to do whatever he can to bring this to a resolution,
11:19 am
so that the country it can move on and nancy pelosi has to realize that the she's the speaker of the house. she has nothing to do with the senate. this is a two-step process, the house votes to impeach the senate tries. it's in the constitution. david: congressman have a wonderful happy new year, sir thank you for joining us good to see you again. >> thank you. david: new reports saying democrat insiders are ditching 2020 hopeful joe biden and eying another candidate as their next front runner we'll tell you who and why, coming next.
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david: politico is out with a new report speculating the real front runner in the 2020 race is not joe biden, it could be bernie sanders. according to politico lit it cold democrat insiders are looking at the second look at the sanders campaign citing the candidates ability to maintain consistent support throughout the race, unlike fellow candidates some of whom have already dropped out and his poll numbers are rising a des moines iowa register poll showing 57% of democrat caucus-goers choose sanders as their first choice, and their minds already made up, no other candidate got more than 30%, so, sanders jump just a flash in a pan or is it a solid move toward a democrat socialistic, in the democratic party? kristina: well that number for the iowa poll would be earn can ning for any other candidate in the race but it has to do with three reason, and you have high highlighted on the
11:24 am
political article, so he has somebody that needs to replace her and then up and coming kamala harris, beto o'rourke, and then withstanding the democrat debates so maybe that shows he could come through. i don't know. >> well a good socialistic will have to share those poll numbers with the rest of the candidates, and look i'm going to give one thing to bernie sanders. he sticks to his message. others do not. you have elizabeth warren coming off the medicare for all now, and i think that helps and his numbers are a little bit better, i do not think they are as good as they say i do not think he can beat joe biden as we get closer, i do believe the country even on the democratic side is more towards the middle and he is left of the left and i think as we get closer we're going to see that occur. >> i think the problem is the economy is too strong for biden and that's because biden is the guy you vote in, if the economy is weak and you just want to
11:25 am
change somebody because he really doesn't represent a revolution but when you got a really strong economy, with people that are very wealthy, bernie represents like the french revolution it's the 1917. we're going to take all that money and we're going to re distribute like that's not a biden move. that is a bernie move, and like elizabeth warren has political problems i think we're seeing now, and so if the economy stays strong, i do think that bernie is going to be the leader. david: but gary it's not just the rich that are getting richer the smallest folks out there, the smallest entrepreneurs, and businesses, the lowest 10% of income earners got a 7% raise since the tax cuts, so i mean, everybody a rising tide lifts all votes. >> precisely, i don't agree with for that reason i don't agree with jonas's premise.
11:26 am
let's hate on the rich, i think just thumbnail of all of these candidates warren comes across, be honest a little bit corrosive , school marmish, kind of in the way hillary did and joe biden is basically a walter mondale 2.0. i'm sure he's a very nice guy, just doesn't move the needle. mayor pete comes across the most people as a little too young and inexperienced so what does that leave you? this other cast of nobody's, the andrew yang's of the world, that pretty much leaves bernie with charisma as gary k said he stick s to his message, i don't think he has a shot but he is the best at this point. >> let me just say bernie's message is on video calling for 100% tax rate for people making 1 million and above. he's on video calling for just the state taking over, industry
11:27 am
after industry. he has been pronouncing that he has no problem, if the boston bomber votes in all elections when it comes down to it, this guy is not going to make it to the end. there's too much left of left and crazy, i'm sorry. kristina: what about you mentioned andrew yang really briefly but if he were successful at tapping into the asian americans vote which has the lowest turnout rate couldn't that create a movement i know he hasn't done so thus far given the polls but could that not be something? so what about bloomberg? >> they need to get the swing voter and he's suspiciously not rich for a tech executive to a moderate voter in my opinion. he's not as successful as you think he would be. >> let's not forget pete buttigieg was saying you vote for me because i'm less wealthy than the rest of them. david: let's not forget somebody else too with all of the buzz isn't just about bernie and pete buttigieg. now people are beginning to talk about a presidential run by
11:28 am
alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> stop right there. david: the young congressman's work is setting her up for a potential future campaign, of course she's not 35 she's 30 so he would have to wait until the next campaign she couldn't even be the runningmate, but does aoc represent the future of the democratic party? >> i think what you need, right david: hold on gary go ahead. kristina: you need somebody that's cop compelling and this is missing from the democratic party like an obama movement or feel the burn slowly got traction so maybe with aoc, she's got a lot of younger people riled up, she's very good at, you know, getting in touch with them, with her social media et cetera, voicing her opinion on every single matter that comes to light, so maybe it's something, i don't know. david: gary b.? >> look i totally agree. she checks a lot of boxes. she's youth full, she's
11:29 am
certainly got charisma, she's attractive, she's well-spoken. i don't think most of her ideas hold much weight to be honest so under the scrutiny of campaign ing for president she probably falls apart but would she be a good candidate? yeah, absolutely. >> look with all due respect, she's no obama that's number one and number two is her claim to fame for me right now is she cost a ton of jobs in long island city along with some of her buddies and we can get into other little things also, but look the bottom line is that this is where the democratic party is going, they are going to be in big, big trouble. this country is still left of center, middle and right of center. >> we're not debating whether it should be good for the economy. the fact is she would be leading this pack and more obama than other people and specifically to the specific issues, elizabeth warren when she shamed pete buttigieg that's exactly why she's not good at doing what aoc does well which is the put- down and what trump does well and that's an important reality show quality to have today in modern politics.
11:30 am
david: that's true but look at what happened in the uk. i mean, the uk of course they lived through socialism we haven't done that yet thank goodness but i think the same kind of thing, if obviously it's not aoc, she's not old enough but if it's bernie or elizabeth warren, wouldn't the same kind of wipeout of the democratic party happen here, like it happened in britain? >> well imagine a debate of elizabeth warren saying my plan is going to cost 2 million jobs and trump saying well my plan brought us 6 to 7 million jobs and bernie says i'm going to raise taxes on people making 29,000 up and trump says i lower ed taxes for everybody and look what's happened. i don't think they got a shot at that. david: a record number of states are raising the minimum wage next week what could it mean for small businesses and workers? we'll be asking former waitress simonne barron from seattle, the first impact of her higher minimum wage, he
11:31 am
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david: small business owners bracing for impact as the record number of states, cities and counties are raising the minimum wage in 2020 just days away. on january 1, 21 states will see wage hikes, washington state is going to be the highest at 13.50 an hour let's bring in former waitress and co-founder of the full service workers alliance, simonne barron, and just for the audience you lost three restaurant jobs because of hikes in the minimum wage is that
11:35 am
right? well yeah, so my current job is closing on january 17, because of minimum wage and high rents and other laws that are coming through our city council and my former second job is closing for the same reason and then i went ahead and put out some resumes and got one interview back and before i could even confirm that interview with the manager the owner decided to close that restaurant as well. i'm batting zero right now. >> well i think that it's a little early to tell, because we're still in a good economy and this is actually my biggest problem with the high minimum wage is that the whole problem is when the economy goes bad and you need wages to drop you can't drop them because there's a minimum and all of a sudden unemployment sky rockets at the worst time and you mentioned actually it's interesting because rising rents put a lot of marginal businesses out it's not just minimum wages in fact the rent cost in many cases the bigger problem but that rent can go down in a weak economy and there's no floor other than your lease you can renegotiate than a
11:36 am
federal or state law so my concern is what you're seeing now is the tip of the iceberg and the next recession that highlights how having the highest global minimum wage is a problem for us. david: what do you think, simonne? >> from what i'm seeing here is this high minimum wage is throwing everything out of balance. there are different standards and traditions that we have in a full service restaurant that the minimum wage tend to just kind of throw it off kilter, so you know, we're seeing restaurant owners going to different pay models, and doing a lot of different things effecting our income and ultimately we're los ing jobs and we're losing support staff jobs too, like bar backs and buskers and hots and all of those entry level positions that kids come in and get their foot in the door for our industry. those are going away because they can't afford them, and then
11:37 am
it comes down to me working more for less and then ultimately they can't afford rents and other things to create the wonderful restaurants and culture that we have here in seattle and so they are closing and we've seen several places close. david: gary smith? >> simonne gary smith welcome to the show. thank you. >> you've been involved in the restaurant industry it sounds like for quite a while and it's my feeling that any time the government gets involved in anything outside the government, they don't know what's going on, so i'm curious from your perspective, if there was no laws or rules whatever restaurant owners could pay staff, however, they wanted to pay, what do you think is the best model to ensure the restaurant success and attract high-quality workers? >> well at this point, i think something like an exemption from that minimum wage hike would be great for the tipped workers so if we have an exemption where we're paid maybe a smaller
11:38 am
minimum wage like a tip credit in some of the states if we were able to do that here, i think that would help a whole lot stabilizing our industry, and it would allow the money given to people like myself who didn't ask for this raise to go to dishwashers and cooks in the back-of-the-house and places they need it so that they can live in a city like seattle where it's expensive. >> the shame of this is when you have bureaucrats dictating to business owners the one that put in the time and the eft and the risk capital and telling them that they have to pay more without getting any more productivity gains, those business owners are going to react and it's going to be less employee, less man hours, probably some robots and then in tough cases, you lose the restaurant or the business. my question to you is there any movement from the city there where more people are thinking like you and maybe you guys go to try and be elected
11:39 am
and kick some of these people out? >> well, you know, i hope that we're getting through to some people but our current city council is absolutely tone deaf. they don't want to hear us. we've been telling them since the beginning that these are the things that are going to be happening, and they just won't listen. it really bothers me because these are some of the people that i voted for. i consider myself a progressive person and i have voted for some of these people and they are not listening to me, and i've gotten involved and been doing this now for several year, and i've been trying to let them know and so i will continue to be going to these offices or these legislators and telling them, you know, this is effecting our jobs. >> simonne on our foxbusiness .com website we have an article up that shows by the end of 2020, 24 states will see their minimum wages rise, so this is just a simple question comparing the united states to
11:40 am
europe, and your previous role as a working in a restaurant. how do you feel about the model where there's no tipping whatsoever? >> it's hard for me to even fathom that. for one, there's no way to maximize your income on a flat wage, you know, tipping has a cost of living increase built into it and that's one of the great things that we enjoy so as cost of goods rise, menu prices rise, and my tips will rise, because it's based on a percentage of the bill. a flat wage is a flat wage, you know, we hear economists talk all the time about the wages are stagnant and have been for 40 years. what is this doing? if you're getting rid of tipping and putting us all on a flat wage you're stagnating our wage. david: the other great thing about tipping is that it's an incentive. if you work harder, then your fellow waiter you get paid a little extra by the tip if you wipe out tips. i mean that's the thing, when ao
11:41 am
c, she knows what tipping is. when she was talking about wait ers wages, and bartenders wages not being liveable, it's because you don't make the money on wages, you make the money on tips. and if you work hard, you get better tips, simonne we wish you the very best and we hope you have some effect on that city council, eventually every city council has to be voted in again and maybe this one won't be. >> well we hope so. david: thank you very much best of luck to you. >> thank you. david: if you think you missed out on all of the great holiday deals you are mistaken. the best day to get all of your tech gadgets is actually today. we've got all of the details coming up, next. let's be honest, quitting smoking is freaking hard. like quitting every monday hard. quitting feels so big. so, try making it smaller. and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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david: good news you're still in lucky if you weren't able to nab that tv or gaming system you wanted for christmas. today is considered the best day of the year, by big ticket items , in electronics our own jeff flock is in glennview, illinois with more on this.
11:45 am
hi, jeff. >> reporter: at the world's, david the world's biggest single electronics and appliance retailer, this is abt electronics you like television? there are so many televisions, i can't tell we have fox business on earlier, ratings went through the roof. the reason you get deals now not just today in fairness, it is between now and the end of the week, because people return things, and this is something that somebody returned it's a samsung tv. put the numbers up i think we've got the numbers up tell me what those are. >> so this is a 75-inch tv. >> reporter: samsung. >> $1,100 originally but it's an open box marked down to 648. >> reporter: so you discounted it to start with and you discount it more when somebody returns it so that's one reason. here is the other reason david this is the end of the year. number one prices will start to go up, next year, first of the
11:46 am
year, but you've got inventory you'd like to clear out of here. >> correct sometimes you buy too much and you want to move it so you pass on the savings to your customers. >> pursuant to that we've been joking about the air but it's funny example i'd like to highlight and i'll look over this gentleman's shoulder, i hope i didn't scare him away from ear pods because you bought 8,000 of these ear pods from apple right? >> yeah, we had a few in stock, but it works out for our customers because now we have them marked on sale for 166 which is the lowest price in the entire country. >> reporter: we checked that out we checked that out and it is the lowest price in the country but is there a reason you bought 8,000 of these? >> well we knew they would be popular for the holiday season and they definite definitely were, but we still have a lot left. >> reporter: the guys that bought the 8,000 what happened to him? >> he's doing great.
11:47 am
he's doing great. >> reporter: he no longer is with the company but this is business for you sometimes you make a bet and it doesn't go right and we as the consumer get the good end of that deal. david: by the way jeff you've been in my little apartment in manhattan. do you think a 75-inch tv would get through the door? i don't think so. >> reporter: well it might get through the door, i'm not sure where you'll put it in there. you have lovely decor in there i wouldn't spoil it with television. use your mind. david: i was going to ask you to bring one to new york but i guess i won't then, jeff thank you very much my friend. see you later. >> reporter: happy new year. david: gary k., i'm wondering are you taking advantage of the deals today? >> i wish i took a picture of me in my office, i have six computers surrounding me, three tv's two phones and of course as i have said to you david i got one of those alexa's for a present and it's in my closet with towels over it, no more, nobody is stalking me but i was
11:48 am
in best buy last week and he said if you want good deals come back right after christmas so you're on to something. kristina: wow, how do you have six screens? >> keep going. kristina: how do you even focus in terms of deals, another big tip too because i only buy things on discount, consumer electronics shows beginning of january, usually, you see further discounts on electronics after that because the new stuff is coming out, there are a lot of price comparison things that you can put on your web browser to compare prices for amazon, obviously it's getting a little bit hard core, but there are some tips, the outlets i wouldn't overlook and clothes too so because people are returning on the first and the second or just within the next week, you could possibly -- >> true. >> wonderful point you're making but everyone spent all their money before christmas on their gift so i'll give you actionable advice as an investment advisor. you convert your family to russian orthodox, do your gift giving for new years, you make christmas a religious holiday,
11:49 am
and that's how they do it in russia and buy the cheap stuff now. david: gary? i'm sorry to interject and in fact we got some sad news to report now. we are just getting this news in famed radio host of imus in the morning, don imus has died he was 79 years old. his wife of 25 years, deirdre and son wyatt are left and he has daughters nadine, ashley, elizabeth and tony and again he worked for fox business news, we are very sad for the family and we wish them the very best god rest his soul, we'll be right back. ♪ to the outside world, you look good,
11:50 am
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david: students at one of the nations biggest school districts
11:53 am
will not have to wish for snow days to skip class this winter. now all they need is an excuse to protest starting next month, public schools in fairfax, county, virginia allows students to take off one day a year to participate in protest activities like marchs and sit- ins but conservatives say the policy favors liberal causes so should tax dollars educate kids be supporting something like this? gary smith? >> well, i'll tell you, david i guess the default response you expect from me is to rail against this but you know, i don't really mind. it's a day a year. does it tilt toward the liberal causes? yeah i'm sure it does. they tend to protest more if you will, but i guess if the kids have a chance to learn about civics or learn about issues, certainly going to be more involved than i was when i was growing up and it's probably a better use of time than we spent taking field trips to wherever which was just a chance to goof off for the day. i'm more concerned about the liberal cause of getting paid not to work.
11:54 am
why can't they have a day where they learn about the protests and how kids do need to learn more about politics and used to call it civics but taking a day off they won't learn anything. kristina: the students have to fill out a form two days in advance so at least it's a little bit more planned but i just don't want this to be like a hyper partisan situation where you almost miss trust schools now, and saying they are more liberal which i've seen online and a few people weigh in on this and already making that type of argument but i think with gary smith right on. >> it's virginia so it's going to be very partisan. >> i have absolutely no problem with one day but wait until it turns into two days, and wait until it turns into three days because when they start with one day -- david: that's a good point. by the way, they are a lot more liberal. they don't have like you were saying they don't have civics classes any more and a lot of the teachers are there not to educate. kristina: not all. david: a lot of them are. its changed trust me as a former teacher i can tell you stories
11:55 am
but that would take a lot more time than what we have. well you might like to have a drink or two to unwind after work but a new study says you could be putting that money to better use elsewhere. we'll tell you, what you can get , by going dry at least for a while, that's next. (thud) (crash) (grunting) (whistle) play it cool and escape heartburn fast with tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tu-tu-tum tums step up, please. empty your pockets. looks like you're all set for that business trip. you've got your smartphone, laptop, your other smartphone... woman: is this all the devices you have? your tablet... seriously? smartwatch, your backup tablet, and... woman: anything else in your bag? ...whatever that is. (beeping) this isn't working. introducing samsung mobile workspace solutions. with the galaxy note10 with dex software, you can run your entire business on the one device that does it all.
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samsung business solutions. male anchor: update on the cat who captured our hearts. female anchor: how often should you clean your fridge? stay tuned to find out. male anchor: beats the odds at the box office to become a rare non-franchise hit. you can give help and hope to those in need.
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11:58 am
♪ ♪ david: for a lot of adults, having a few beers or glasses of wine is not going to set you back too much, but according to research by foreign exchange firm taxton associates, the average casual drinker could save nearly $60 a week by cutting out alcohol meaning you could save more than $3,100 over a year. a very nice vacation. so is anyone here resolving to give up alcohol for a year for a spectacular vacation? >> that amount is definitely not coming from somebody who lives
11:59 am
in new york city when you get a cocktail that is $25 not including tip. this reminds me of the vitamin water challenge, promoting something good for your body. will i do it? no. >> i don't drink, sorry. david: zero? >> i think maybe three a year. but i will tell you, if i add up all the trim's espressos at starbucks, i think i hit that $3,000 number. >> what if you like booze more than vacation? [laughter] this is a twist on the don't spend money on lattes, you're going to somehow magically have money. the important thing is to spend money on what you like the most and then save a little. if you like your booze more than your vacations, this is stupid logic. >>ing what do you like then? >> i like to drink on vacation. [laughter] i've got two jobs, baby. david: gary smith, you live in the center of vacationville in florida, so you don't have to decide. you have a permanent vacation, plus you can have a drink or
12:00 pm
two, right? >> exactly. this is from the heart, the time that my wife and i and if we have our children around, my wife and i have a little, quote-unquote, cocktail hour at the e e e e e (announcer) the following is a paid presentation for prostagenix, brought to you by (upbeat music) ♪ hi, this is larry king. over 30 million men in america have prostrate problems. i know, i was one of them. and all these natural prostate supplements like the ones i have here in front of me are everywhere. drugstores, health food stores, on the internet, and all over tv, selling millions of bottles every year.


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