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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 31, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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positive. [closing bell rings] markets closing at session highs. that does it for the decade as well. what a decade it has been win. "claman countdown," rest of the crew thank you for watching today. i hand it over to ashley webster and jackie deangelis. ashley: thank you very much. closing out in style. a record decade on wall street. the dow turning positive. a lot of buying into the last hour of trading on the very last trading day of the year. president trump also announcing today, that he plans to sign a phase one trade deal with china on january the 15th. as you saw, nice momentum at the end. the dow ending up 70 point, near session highs. hello, i'm ashley webster in today for connell mcshane. jackie: i'm jackie deangelis in for melissa francis of the good to be with you on the last show of the year. this is "after the bell." the s&p 500 and nasdaq ending in positive territory today. both indexes closing out the best year in six year. the dow seeing the best year
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since 2017. as the world bids good-bye to 2019, ringing in a brand new decade right now it is midnight in moscow russia. we'll bring you celebrations all across the globe this hour. first deirdre bolton at the new york stock exchange. >> green on the screen today. that certainly matched for this year, for this decade. if you look at the stocks really the standout stocks for the year, we'll start with that, before we start talking about the decade, apple is certainly one we have to highlight it. by far the strongest dow component, up more than 83% this year. a lot of analysts talking about the fact that of course many, many people own iphones. more important for apple's future, the fact that their services really taking off especially music streaming. then also of course the fancy new ear buds, ear pods, most people asked for christmas and
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still waiting for. those are the demand goldman sachs, microsoft, other best dow performers for the year. for the decade, chip stocks, communication stocks, these are the group that pushed the market higher for the decade. we would be remiss if we didn't say 172%, sheetly higher for the dow. close to 300% return for the nasdaq over these past 10 years. boeing, united health and apple accounting for about 1/3 of the dow's gains these past 10 years. talking a lot about stocks. i would be remiss if i didn't just chuck in a bit of a wild card. bitcoin not so frequently traded mainstream, a 9 million percent return this past decade. skeptics have to sit down at least for today, then a commodity of course, which we all use, which we all follow, oil prices holding steady. certainly on track for their
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biggest yearly rise since 2016. so strength across the board from the alternative bitcoin to stocks, to commodities. most investors have to be pretty happy the way it all wrapped up. ashley, jackie, back to you. jackie: thank you, deirdre. what a way to finish the decade. ashley: finishing in style. can the record streak continue into 2020? that is what everybody is asking. we can ask these gentlemen, gary kaltbaum, jason rotman. thank you both for joining us. gary, i begin with you, can the bulls keep riding into 2020? >> first off, a happy new year to everybody. yeah i think so. so far i have yet to see big institutional selling. technology continues to lead. financials continue to lead. until i start to see that, i'm not so worried, but, i will say this. sentiment, that is how the
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masters feel about markets, is about as bullish i have seen in a very long time. i would expect we get scare days, pullbacks in the first quarter. then ben internals look pretty darn good. you can add gold to oils acting better. they were pretty much dead money for a while. ashley: jason, you will not throw cold water on it, are you? things look good 2020? >> what if i did. let's talk about reality for a second. i agree with gary on many point. the fundamentals are strong. i think it is inevitable we'll see some sharp pullback days in 2020. all i'm saying is this, guys, q1 2020 we need to look what interest rates are doing. all the corporate buybacks which have been a huge part playing this 12 year bull market based on zero interest rate policy. if our interest rates continue to go up, like negative rates, 17 trillion of negative rate sovereign bonds are 11 trillion.
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if rates keep going higher that would be the only cloud in the blue skies. ashley: it wasn't cold water. no. no. jackie: not exactly. i want to switch gears, gary, can't think about the economy, stock market, not think about the election in 2020. your feeling how it will impact the race? >> it's everything. when you have a president, look, we are so 50/50 in this country and unfortunately there is a lot of very much dislike. so the economy will be everything, more than we have ever seen. let me just state, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, florida, 75 electoral votes. 23 million votes in 2016. president only one by 190,000. those are your states if the economics are good in those states, i think he has a 99% chance of winning. that is why you will see him visit those states about 700 times in the next 10 months.
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jackie: jason, over to you, think about the president's policies. you may not like him, you may not like how he does things but you have to look at these numbers we're flashing across the screen and say he implemented policy that affected change and that there will be people that go into the voting booth, whether they tell you they're voting for him or not, they're going to press the lever? >> yeah. i mean, i agree. listen, i like the red tie concept he has. it is a standout. yeah, listen, there are things to like. i like what you're saying, personality in a sense aside, we look at the political, economic role that a president plays and he has been responsible for this massive bull run since he has been elected. since he has been elected, the saw the world's billionaires fly in from japan, saying we'll invest in america. because donald trump is president. they know he is business friendly president. lowers corporate tax rate,
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brings jobs back home, industry friendly. so i think, again, gary, i agree with you. 2020 is not going to be about politics. >> you're brilliant! >> that makes two of us, yeah. ashley: gentlemen, we'll leave it there. we got what you're saying, we love the red tie. let's move on. president trump revealing when and where he will sign phase one of the trade agreement. let's get to blake burman with all the details. reporter: ashley, it was a big question for much of the year, when will there be a trade deal between the u.s. and china? of all days, december 31st, new year's eve, president trump took to twitter gave us the exact date, writing following, quote, i will sign the large, comprehensive trade deal with china on january 15th. the ceremony will take place at the white house. hi level representatives of china will be present. at a later date i will be going
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to beijing where talks will begin on phase two. the timing is interesting because president could sign the phase one deal with china and have the usmca deal all wrapped up in january, the sam month of a potential impeachment trial that would be going on in the senate. back to this phase one deal. the white house says it will address a large-scale agriculture buy, intellectual property protections, forced technology transfer, open up financial services in china and deal with currency as well. however, the details here haven't been made public. the president's top trays advisor peter navarro said yesterday it would be 86 pages in english. we just don't know what is on those 86 pages just yet. we should note, ashley, that china has yet to comment on the president's twitter announcement from this morning, but the president says, there is going to be that signing now 15 days from now here in washington. ashley: we shall see as they say. blake, thank you very much
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appreciate that. dominating the decade, netflix the top performing s&p s&p 500 k of the 2010s up, get this, 4,000%. the streaming giant is doubling or tripling output of some 6 biggest hollywood studios. who would have thunk it. with "the irishman" and the new show "the witcher" is dethroning, i it think it's a "game of thrones" things dethroning "the mandalorian" as biggest show in the world. they're sticking around. gary, to you. we thought netflix would struggle. it has been around. big boys coming in. streaming wars are extremely difficult but netflix continues to impress. >> they are the biggest hollywood studio now. they will have 50 to 60 movies in 2020. 70 million people watched that, the murder mystery? they know what they're doing. content is king. there is definitive competition
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going forward. probably a slow-down here. i expect great things to come. they are spending a ton of money on people. i wish i was a great comedian getting 50 million bucks for a couple shows. unfortunately i'm not but good on them. i think the big trouble will be the competition but i think they're here to stay. ashley: quickly to you, jason, look, they're spending a ton of money to follow up what gary said. can they continue this? >> no, no. you know the problem with netflix right now? the problem with netflix it is best performing stock of the past 10 years. just like when a retail investor see as mutual fund up 80% last year, oh, my gosh i will go all-in, guess what, it doesn't go up 80% next year. netflix was a good investment. it is not right now because of the competition. it is too much. they can't repeat the success they had. ashley: it is so expensive. really tough, jackie. jackie: also a year with c-suite
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shakeups. 2019 saw record number of ceo departures according to firm challenger, gray & christmas. they began tracking the data in 2002 including high-profile ceos from companies we know and love, boeing, wework, mcdonald's. gary, do you think the trend will continue or is there more stability in corporate america right now and people will look to these changes to see how they shake out? >> i think corporate america is pretty stable but you had some high-profile things this year. boeing stands out because the ceo muilenburg was a fabulous ceo up until these tragic events. i think it is pretty much on the stable side. look, corporate america is doing pretty darn well. you're measured by the stock market number one. you see what the markets are doing. so i think they're in pretty good stead. but just tells you always have to be paranoid, look over your shoulder. look what happened to the mcdonald's guy when he decided to have a relationship with an employee. he is now gone. jackie: it was against the
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routes. jason quick to you. look at ceo's, adam neumanns of the world. elon musk has not departed. disruptors can schick up business and can can be a positive thing. someone like neumann, did he get a raw deal? >> no. i don't think anybody liked neumann except for massey san, that neumann was revealed for what he is, not a dumb guy but cult leader pitching unicorn vision to investors that may or may not work out. it was right thing to have him leave wework to add some professionalism into the company. jackie: great to see you. happy new year to you both. ashley: great stuff. escalating tensions overseas. we'll get to that story. president trump pointing a finger at iran for the attack on the u.s. embassy in iraq. the president's threat to hold
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the country accountable. what the move could mean on the world stage. we'll have that next. jackie: plus a decade of destruction. retailers fighting to stay afloat as more consumer shop online. is this the end of a dying sector? we'll talk to a retail expert. ashley: ringing in the new year across the globe. countries celebrating the start of a brand new decade as big apple bids farewell to 2019. we'll take you live to all the action about 500 yards behind us to times square. ♪. most people think of verizon as a reliable phone company. but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. (second man) virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. (second woman) we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity.
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♪. jackie: growing unrest overseas. protesters storming the u.s. embassy in iraq today in response to the recent airstrikes against a iran-backed militia group. now the u.s. is responding. fox news trey yingst is in jerusalem jerusalem latest. reporter: prompting security forces to intervene. those protesters setting fires in many parts of the compound,
4:18 pm
smashing windows and chanting, down, down usa the reports indicate the embassy is on lockdown and american citizens are still inside. the ambassador is out of town but embassy forces were pushing back demonstrators with tear gas and rubber blets. secretary of state mike pompeo spoke on the phone with iraqi prime minister a mahdi that the u.s. will protect its people. that the president also spoke to mahdi as well. they called on iraqis to protect the embassy after saying that the demonstration was organized by iran. a iraqi shia militia group reportedly responsible for rocket attacks that killed one american contractor. the group, hezbollah said they vowed to respond to the united states. >> translator: it is aggression on iraq sovereignty. this is a against all norms and values. this aggression won't pass unpunished. reporter: one official i spoke with today, wanted to reiterate
4:19 pm
the point that the demonstrators around the embassy are separate from the anti-government protesters that had taken to the streets of iraq earlier this year. most of the demonstrators are linked to iranian-backed militias within iraq. one piece of information we can confirm this hour. the united states sending up to 100 marines to assist with security efforts at the embassy as tensions continue to stay high on the ground in baghdad. jackie: trey yingst, thank you so much. ashley: to react, rebecca heinrich a national security analyst. also a hudson institute senior fellow. rebecca, yes the tensions are high, but could this escalate? seems a battle between the u.s. and iran for a control in iraq. is that correct? >> hopefully it will be a battle for the iraqi government with the support of the united states to defend hits own sovereignty against iranian government which is impeding that, trying to stomp out iraqi sovereignty, essentially make iraq a vassel
4:20 pm
state of iran. when iraqi officials complaining about the united states defending ourselves, we're there lawfully in iraq, defending against an iraqi militia group backed by iran, claiming this is attack on iraqi sovereignty. they got it backwards. they need to aim frustration against the iranian government which is supporting these militia groups. bad for iraq and bad for the region. ashley: how should we respond? our correspondent says we have more marines going in to help secure the building, the embassy there but how else should the u.s., you know, from this point forward react? >> obviously the primary concern in this moment is the safety and security of the americans who are in country, that is what the focus is now and then the president trump has said an his officials have said, and we warned all along, any attack against u.s. forces or any attack that resulted in harming of u.s. forces would be matched
4:21 pm
with or retaliated with an overwhelming response. so i would assume, and i would anticipate that if iran decides to escalate further, that they will be made to regret it. and remember, these are just, these are precise, precision strikes against these militia groups. this government, the american government, does not want a larger conflict in the region or a war with iran. we're trying to compel the iranian government to get back in its own border, leave the sovereignty of the iraqi people alone. ashley: can we trust the iraqi government to stand tall and repel iran? we heard there were other protests, big protests with people in iraq upset that the iraqi government has been more and more influenced by iran and that there is corruption created by iran? i mean as you just said at the very top of this interview, if the iraqis really have to lead the way are you confident they can do that? >> i'm not confident they can do that because they have proven so far they are unwilling to do so
4:22 pm
and the patience of the american people is wearing thin. but right now the trump administration is trying at this point to reorient the entire policy of the american government in the middle east. so previously the obama administration tried to change and recalibrate so that the u.s. aligns with iran against some terror groups. but the u.s. government now, rightly understands that iran is the greatest source of destabilization in the region and so we need to now work with our traditional allies, the saudis, emiratis, focus on deterring and cooperating and iraqi government to push iran back into its own borders and compel it to act like a normal nation, to take care of its own people. again the american people don't have any patience to add an overwhelming majority of u.s. forces in the region. has to fall on the iraqi government. ashley: we'll have to leave it there. rebecca, thanks very much for joining us. appreciate it. jackie: "fox business alert." north korea's kim jong-un delivering a new year's message
4:23 pm
amid heightened tensions with the united states. reuters reporting that the leader is warning that the u.s. will suffer helplessly and that negotiations with the white house will be prolonged because of washington's quote, gangster-like demands. kim says he will take action and not let the u.s. take advantage of the dialogue. ashley: happy new year from north korea. talking about ringing in the new year also with protests in hong kong. how the honk -- hong kong demonstrations curbed sole briggss in that city. and some are calling it a fantasy w tax. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪
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ashley: "fox business alert." president trump tweeting about the u.s. embassy attack in iraq. the u.s. embassy has been for hours safe.
4:28 pm
our warfighters with military equipment in the world was rushed to the site. thank you to the president and prime minister of iraq for their rapid response upon request. iran will be held fully responsible lives lost, or damage incurred at any of our facilities. they will pay a very big price. this is not a warning, it is a threat, happy new year. jackie: protests into the new year. demonstrators took to the streets vowing not to give up the fight in 2020. back with us gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital and james freeman from "wall street journal." both fox news contributors. thank you for joining us, gentlemen. gary, this is not inding in hong kong. maybe start of something going much deeper than 2020? >> let me explain it best to you, somebody i know six months ago she said if you visit fine.
4:29 pm
if you visit just be careful. two months ago, uh-oh. he says you better not go to the malls. there is some issues out there. you have to be careful, there has been some violence and thinks like that. yeah, something to worry about. hong kong is in a recession. hong kong people do not trust they're doing. they have gone back what they said about the 50 year plan on taking over. and it's a problem right now. jackie: james, let me ask you, you know, when you look at what's happening and how china is reacting not taking traditional measures if you will, thinking back to tianamen square. where does this go from here? >> could be a lot worse to this point. we have to be thankful for that. but, the police response, overreaction in some cases is part of what has gotten protesters to treatment and part
4:30 pm
of their demands going forward. yes, it has an economic cost to people in hong kong. the first since financial crisis. the reason, though that i think people there are showing up, you saw the footage of these new year's eve celebrations. the overwhelming, majority of peace if you recall protesterser demanding freedoms they promise the. this is my many measures the most free place in the world. by many measures fryer than the united states. if the chinese government keeps promises to allow hong kongers who allow what they have enjoyed in terms of freedom. it is overwhelmingly supported by the people of hong kong. you hope in these situations there is not a few violent protesters because we're seeing all kinds of people there from all walks of life for months saying they want the freedom that they have long enjoyed. jackie: gary, jails, thank you so much. happy new year guys. >> you too.
4:31 pm
ashley: signs of a slowdown. more than 9,000 store closures were announced this year alone, 9,000. we're breaking down how this could impact your shopping habits in the new year next. >> one ride-hailing company is making sure people enjoying new year's eve are doing it safely. lyft is offering discounts or even free rides in select cities across the united states. ashley: good idea. talking about that, ringing in 2020 in style. celebrations continuing around the world as the countydown is on right here in new york. we'll take you to times square later this hour. ♪ i've always loved seeing what's next. and i'm still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'll go for that.
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ashley: call it the decade of retail apocalypse. retailers struggled to coupe up with a surge of online shopping. of course the changing habits of consumers. grady trimble has been literally feeling the retail ice age, outside all day in chicago. grady, you're a brave man. >> yeah. we've got some snow on the ground for you too, for the retail ice age. this is an old sears. it used to be the place to go. then it closed two or three years ago and there was a record number of store closures across the country in 2019.
4:36 pm
9300 retail locations closed down in the last year alone and in the past decade even more. sears and kmart closed more than 3,000 locations in the last 10 years. toys "r" us, another big retailer, or used to be, until it had to close down 800 locations. blockbuster, you remember those, they have closed more than 1700 locations. there is a tough road ahead for many retailers in 2020, with planned closures across all categories from high-end to low end. all the stores that you see on the screen right now, all of those retailers have some sort of planned closures for 2020. many of them have already filed for bankruptcy. but it was also a triumphant decade for many retailers. look at lululemon and ulta stocks, up more than 1000% in the last 10 years because, they paid attention to e-commerce and got ahead of it. then home depot up more than 650% because of the recovery of the housing market. now i want to show you something
4:37 pm
here at this old sears parking lot. there is a great irony here, it is now a parking lot for these amazon delivery trucks. so the i think the message is very clear here, if you don't adapt to e-commerce you will end up like this. ashley. ashley: almost cruel to see the amazon vans in the closed down sears store. great stuff, grady. run back inside. appreciate it. jackie: survival of the fittest. here with us, keith herzog, retail analyst. hitha, grady mentioned names that took advantage of new trend in retail, if you will. i look at brick-and-mortar stores, target and nordstrom popped up in my neighborhood, consumers can order, pick up, do concerns, trying to turn the tide on brick-and-mortar. what do you think? >> a lot of retailers spend a lot of capital expenditure making sure their not only the
4:38 pm
online up to par the way consumers spend but multiple different arenas. i use the term a lot. i think i will retire it after 2020. but we're talking about omni channel retailing. not just about going to the store, going online, getting a catalog. it is about this online, go to the store, order online, get it picked up at the store, getting, packages delivered to a location and then picking it up. if you think about amazon packages now, you can get at wh also subscriptions too. so i was looking at a study done by oracle that said 96% of gen-z will have some sort of subscription to retailer whether a bus or amazon prime delivery. that is the way it is going. if retailers can accommodate that, that is when you will see them do better than maybe typical sears. jackie: real quick, let l meet he ask you this, the consumer alive and well out shopping for
4:39 pm
holiday season. how shopping changed. online sales are up 20% year on year. people feel good about the economy. they spent money, right? >> if you look at retail index up year-over-year, up 25%. not only people are spending, people feel good about the economy. you're seeing retail stocks display that as well. jackie: great to see you. happy new year. >> happy new year. ashley: calling it a fantasy tax, critics firing back as elizabeth warren is doubling down on one of her key campaign promises, the wealth tax. plus, an unexpected duo. joe biden opening the door for a possibility of an unconventional running mate. we'll get into that next. [ dramatic music ]
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[ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. and now we need to get back to work. [ applause and band playing ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ashley: senator elizabeth warren doubling down on trillion dollar proposals during a speech in washington today. take a listen. >> billionaires, corporate executives, and their favorite presidential candidates have one clear goal, to convince you everything you imagine is impossible. those with power and those who do their bidding dump an endless avalanche of excuses,
4:44 pm
misdirections and distractions on the american people. ashley: ah-ha. back now, james freeman from the "wall street journal." also a fox news contributor. it is funny back in the day she used to say millionaires and billionaires. now it is just billionaires. i believe she is a millionaire. it is same old rhetoric, is it not, james? >> democrats and especially elizabeth warren will need to adapt their rhetoric, what they're trying to sell is a fantasy that only wealthy people are thriving right now in the u.s. economy. ashley: right. >> and we get one economic report after another, most recent from the department of labor, the atlanta federal reserve bank, saying that, people with lower income levels, people at middle income levels, rank-and-file workers are seen rising wages, rising faster than wages of their bosses. this is part of that fan at that sy. it extends how shy -- she would
4:45 pm
allegedly play for some of her plans which is wealth tax. ashley: right. >> larry summers says it will not raise as much money as she thinks, it will be destructive economically but it is flat-out constitutional. it is not going to happen. there is a reason roughly a century ago politicians had to amend the constitution to create the income tax because the constitution does not allow this kind of direct tax. 100 years ago, roughly enabled the income tax, we never gave washington the power to tax wealth. ashley: right. well-said. you know, raising taxes we know what that has done for new york, california, everybody gets the heck out. a new strategy, changing gears for former president joe biden, looking at unexpected running mate if he wins the democratic nomination. yeah he said i would bring a republican on board. would he really, james. >> give him credit, he is one of the rare democrats now, who says i think it's a healthy thing. let's get along with people
4:46 pm
across the aisle. let's not be at war with people who have different views on things but as far as this is going to be a real gesture on any substance, he said that if he did choose a republican or any kind of running mate, it would have to be someone who shares his priorities, maybe disagrees how to achieve them. given how far left he has gone, although the relative moderate in that democratic field, i'm not sure how many republicans would fit the criteria he laid out. ashley: interesting, i hear reach across the aisle. that is definitely a theme. yeah, i would pick a republican if it was a right one as a running mate. not only does it, probably won't convince pubs, it doesn't convince people in his own party. they are adamant about their views. a moderate at this point will have a hard to get through the noise. >> you raise a great point. i don't see a election scenario
4:47 pm
for him where he doesn't get heavy democratic turnout. ashley: yeah. >> you do wonder how he does that if, even the most liberal republican, if he gets a bill weld or some one who run with him, i'm not sure you really get the democratic base out for that, joe. ashley: interesting to watch nevertheless. james freeman thanks as always. >> thank you. jackie: all right, moving on, losing our resolve. research from the university of scranton revealing only 8% of people actually achieve their new year's goals. it turns out 80% of us, probably me included, resolutions fail by the second week of february. that is according to u.s. news. will we last any longer in 2020? who better to ask than our own david asman. >> i have no resolutions, zero, zero. i'm taking the a survey to heart. if only 8% of the people can keep resolutions, i have enough on my mind. i'm doing enough. i have got enough.
4:48 pm
i do give up something for lent, come february, whenever lent begins, differs from month to month, it begins in february, right? yeah, february. i will give something up, that i can do. the resolution stuff, forget about it. you reach a point in life where you got a way to work things out. i'm fine with that i will stick with that how about you nice? ashley: no. jackie: nothing i want to talk about on television. i can understand that. jackie: let me ask you a more important question, what is coming up? >> we have a good show. tom homan, former i.c.e. director will be with us. a bunch of new laws coming into effect in 2020 on both coasts, california and new york. it affects immigration. a lot of freebies given to illegal immigrants in terms of health care in california or licenses in new york and new jersey. we have zuhdi jasser on. he is going to talk about the situation in iraq which is getting critical. a lot of people worried about
4:49 pm
it. ratcheting up the presence in the middle east, a lot of times a place it seems you can't win. jackie: david, we'll be watching, and looking for the show at the top of the hour. >> good. ashley: ready for a new decade? like it or not it is coming. millions of people standing by in the heart of new york city, preparing to ring in the new year. city officials are using technology to help keep the big apple safe. we're live from the center of the action next. ♪ ♪ i've been a caregiver for 20 years. no two patients are the same. predicting the next step for them can be challenging. today we're using the ibm cloud to run new analytics tools that help us better predict and plan a patient's recovery.
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♪ ♪ ultimately, it's helping thousands of patients return home. and who doesn't love going home.
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♪. ashley: not santa monica boulevard. it is big apple hours away from beginning after new decade. people are lining up here in
4:54 pm
new york city for the big ball drop. the nypd is also prepared using drones for very first time this year as extra measure of security. laura engle, god bless her, brave to the end, is in times square right now. laura, already the excitement is bidding. reporter: ashley, a sound check is going on. hard to hear you. all the people behind us in tents or screens one way or another are screened by nypd with wands an k-9 units. first time today the nypd will use drones for the very first time. we want to show you what people had to go to get in the tents. nypd ramping up security as they always do, taking a multilayered
4:55 pm
approach, checking every bag and item coming through the crowded streets in addition to rooftop snipers and heavy teams on the ground. first time the nypd are asking, i thought this happened, it had not, last year they tried to because of the weather t was raining so badly they had to frowned those zones. the weather may change from year to year. threat of terrorism does not. especially with the new york, new jersey area seeing two domestic terrorism incidents. >> 2020, is beginning of a new decade, absolutely. you have to be here, why not? once in a lifetime event. you have to be here. >> get that feeling of the new year. start a new me. do different things and focus on the goals. reporter: the traditional test of the ball last night went off
4:56 pm
without a hitch. the times square ball twinkling with 130 waterford crystals. whether you're braving the crowd in times square or watching comfortably from home you get the kaleidoscope effect. closing out the 2010 tens, getting into the 20s, and 2020 sign has been put up. everybody is so excited. we're talking from people all over the world who made journey to be here, we met people from spain, portugal, and japan. it will be a great night. nypd is ready. ashley. ashley: i will be watching from home. great job, laura, despite the sound check. thanks so much. >> pat brosnan, former new york city detective. the drones delayed as laura was talking about, will that make a big difference? >> it makes a very significant
4:57 pm
difference. it is cutting-edge for technological tool for the nypd to utilize. face it they're the best on the business, best on the planet in this. drones are amazing. we work with a group of them ourselves. superfast. super quiet. never get tired, never take a break. they have vision like superman. and they're pretty cool. they give the the nypd a cool and sexy look, my personal opinion. jackie: i look at numbers. we see a million people in times square for the celebration. with changing new calendar for the decade, seems to be million 1/2. seems like a bigger celebration that we've seen in years passed, and more in terms of security? >> absolutely. mind-boggling. vetting screening a million .5. as i said they're amazing at it they have the labor, under covers, harbor, k-9, got dogs, tools, drones.
4:58 pm
jackie: not just the nypd. they team up with the new york state police, >> absolutely. it's a tremendously collaborative effort, and it's even public/private partnerships as well, and that's what makes it all happen. it's the collaboration of it all that allows them to develop that intelligence, that inside baseball, and informing their strategies which is really labor, technology and the tools. the drones are going to be one -- that's going to be a big one. i'm excited to see it. >> and times square basically in our backyard here. i saw people lining up today going through those screening checkpoints, very rigorous standards. no backpacks, no chairs, no coolers, you're not supposed to have alcohol, you know, to keep
4:59 pm
everybody safe. pat? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. it's draconian, to be very frank with you. there's 65 pens, there's a million and a half people. everybody's wanded with a hand held magnetometer for weapons, crushed into the pens, and can i tell you i've been down there many times myself working as an nypd detective and socially as well, and the fact is i think it's an unbelievable night. it's an amazing celebration in the greatest city in the world governed by the great, the greatest and the finest, the nypd. it's going to be extremely safe. they've got this cold. >> pat, thank you so much and a happy new year to you. >> thank you. happy new year to you. >> and a happy new year to you, my friend. ashley: thank you. ful it's been interesting, throughout the day we've been seeing celebrations from around the world, we had audiocassetteland, new zealand, at 6 a.m. this morning. earlier today it was hong kong, but guess what? it's new york's turn coming up, what, you know, in six, seven
5:00 pm
hours almost from now. i would not want to be in the crowd, i've got to be honest. >> i wouldn't either, but it's always spectacular, it's so iconic, and now we're leaving 2019 behind. 2020, here we go. bring it on. ashley: bring it on. that does it for us. bulls -- ♪ ♪ david: happy new year, everybody! you are looking at athens, greece. that is the parthenon. they've got it lit up beautifully. there you see the fireworks. it is a new year in athens right now, 12 midnight. just to give you a little perspective. also in capetown, south africa. we have a live shot. you are looking live at athenss, greece, right now as the parthenon is the brand space for that celebration over there.


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