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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  January 3, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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ed henry on fox & friends or tonight on the top of sean hannity's prograrararara lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. we start with a fox business alert. iran promising retaliation after president trump executes an air strike, killing a general. cheryl: he green lit this week's attack on the american embassy in baghdad. died overnight i in a u.s. rocket strike at the baghdad airport. lauren: markets reacting to the news. futures in the u.s. down 278 points on the dow, that is 1%. the s&p 500 down 35, that is 1.1%, nasdaq down 115, 1 and a quarter percent this morning. cheryl: taking a look at oil, oil is off a of the highs that it hit overnight but still wti right now is up by more than
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3.5%. we're at $63.35 on that contract. lauren: stocks in asia, more subdued trading, shanghai slightly lower, kospi slightly higher. cheryl: taking a look at europe, there's going to be reaction the to this overnight strike and the possible tension escalation between the u.s. and the iranians. the ftse is slightly higher but the cac in paris and dax in germany are lower. and welcome to "fbn: a.m." and good morning, everyone. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: what a morning. good morning to you at home. i'm lauren simonetti. let's get to it. iranian officials vowing to fight back after president trump authorizes a massive air strike killing iran's most revered military leader. cheryl: we have the breaking developments from jordan. trey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. overnight, the united states assassinated the most senior member of iran's military. this man was responsible for
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overseeing iran's proxies throughout the middle east in places like gaza, lebanon, iraq and syria. what we are getting according to reports is last night there were two tone strikes targeting the small convoy that he was riding in. the cars were hit and a total of eight people killed including the deputy of an iraqi militia that is backed by iran. the supreme leader has called for a three day mourning period. yesterday, we talked about both iran and the united states preparing for the possibility of of a direct military confrontation. what we have seen today is a new stage of this conflict, a direct confrontation between the united states and iran, as the u.s. has taken out, again, what many refer to as the second most powerful man in iran when it comes to foreign policy. we will continue to follow developments throughout the day.
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lauren, cheryl. cheryl: trey, thank you very much. joining me to talk about these air strikes, military expert, lieutenant colonel daniel davis. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. cheryl: let's talk about the escalation of the tensions between the u.s. and iran. he was a revered member of the iranian military, a top general. do you think the president made the right decision by ought rights this early morning air -- authorizing this early morning air strike. >> i'm concerned about what's going to happen next. i think that's the big question that everybody needs to be asking is what are we going to do next, especially if iran makes good at any level on their threats to retaliate. what's going to be the next possibility. what is the united states going to do after that. the risk we have is we get into a series of cascading escalations which could potentially end up in an all-out war and that would be catastrophic for the region and our interest as well and i really hope that we moderate
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what happens next because we don't want to be talking victory lap so-to-speak because the risk to our troops that are still there, our diplomatic personnel is very high. cheryl: we have 5,000 troops in iraq right now, poe b ten sly another -- he potentially another 4,000 more could be sent. some troops are on standby in kuwait. this may not have been a surprise to some. mark esper said the game has changed and he told reporters that this iran backed shiite militia in iraq, militias, plural, excuse me, after the rocket attack in december, it sounded like this was a possibility. >> that really underscores the difficult position that the united states is in and frankly the fact that our troops are there is what's making this more challenging for the president because we have these troops there already. they're not producing any kind of security for the united
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states. they are actually there really on a very unclear mission. it's not clear what they're supposed to do or how -- what signals success and the reason why that's important is because now that we've taken this action here, those troops are at higher risk because it's not just a matter of what iran is -- underneath the headlines this morning, you have the prime minister of iraq has condemned this and he said he wants the united states out. you have muktadar al sadar he has a brigade of fighters that arfighters thatare anti-america. the threat is very high. cheryl: the forces were not just operating in iraq, but also in yemen and syria. we learned just recently from the pentagon that iran, if you look back at the iraq war, iran
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killed 608 u.s. troops during that war. that was solamani, that was the man that was running the operations at the time. he's been a bad guy, been around for a long time. seems to me we're better off without him. >> there's no question about that. he has a lot of american blood on his hands. the question is why have we not acted earlier. the fact is that right now if we take action, which actually makes our situation worse, and actually potentially could result in even more americans being killed, more civilians, more diplomatic personnel, then we have to ask where does it stop. if it ends up in a full-on war, how is that he helping us because more americans could be killed and the region could turn into an inferno and that would be so bad. cheryl: what do we know about iran's military capabilities, whether it's missiles, whether it's navy, how strong of a threat are those forces, do you think, to the u.s.? >> in terms of conventional military, they are not a shadow of what we can bring to bear.
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so they're not -- they have no interest at all in provoking a full-on war because they can't do it. so they'll do something that's in the offshoot, in the aussie h asymmetric realm. lauren: carlos ghosn's future in lebanon may not be as secure as he thought. he could face charges following his dramatic he escape from house arrest in tokyo a few days ago. he may have broken lebanese laws when he visited israel as chairman of renault and subsequently nissan because the two countries have been in a state of war for 60 years. officials say ghosn p coul coule up to 15 years behind bars. a turkish private plane company has filed a complaint saying his planes were used to help ghosn flee japan.
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there have been discussions about making a movie about his life. cheryl: there was an editorial piece about why he fled, he needed to flee, 99% conviction rate in japan. also, let's talk about google. they're under fire for one of their former executives. ross loginesk chris sizing the company's -- consider i criticie work. he said that google's phrase, don't be evil, is now, quote, nothing more than just a another corporate marketing tool. google is telling fox business they have unwavering commitment to support human rights efforts. lauren: former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe admits he lied to investigators according to newly released transcripts shortly before the 2016 election, there was a leak to the wall street journal about the hillary clinton e-mail
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probe. agents spent weeks investigating the source of the leak. in 2017 mccabe denied it was him but fessed up in another interview three months later. he was fired from the fbi in march of 2018. here are other headlines we're following this morning. parts of eastern australia continue to be ravaged by more than 100 wildfires. the images are devastating. things are expected to get worse over the weekend. meteorologists say temperatures could reach well over 100 degrees on top of dry conditions and strong winds. more than 12 million acres have been burned. 17 people have died. a new number suggests wildfires have killed close to half a billion animals, devastating images like this one. thirsty koalas affected by the wires you g -- wildfires guzzing water. the trump administration is
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taking steps to stop the vaping crisis. menthol and tobacco flavored cigarettes will be sold. the democratic field of presidential candidates is getting smaller by the day. julianne castro yo announced hes dropping out of the race o. he struggled with fund raising and getting onto the he debate stage. mariannmarianne williamson may e next to go. in a statement, she denieds she's going anywhere. if you're in the market for a new job, lowe's might be able to help you. the company plans to add 53,000 employee53,000employees this sp. hiring events are expected to begin next week. cheryl: it's supposed to be a
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better spring next year, for existing and new homes as well. lauren: rates are low, markets are looking good. cheryl: taking a look at futures this morning, we are following the breaking news out of baghdad and the killing of a top general there. that taking futures down as concern among the investment community about tensions rising between the u.s. and iran and what this means. we have gold hitting a four-month high and oil spiking overnight. coming up, just who is solamani, we'll break down the history of iran's most powerful general. outbook at facebook after it warned a terror suspect he was being tracked by police on what's app we've got details coming up on "fbn: a.m.." this is the epson ecotank color printer.
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cheryl: we are back with a fox business alert. iran is promising retaliation after president trump ordered an air strike which killed revolutionary guard general qassim suleimani. he's the one accused of green lighting this week's attack on the american l embassy in baghdad. aishah hasnie has the history of iran's most powerful general and why his death matters. aisha. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. general colemany was known -- suleimani was known as the shadow commander because of the long shadow that went beyond iran's border and people didn't know much about him. here's what we know about him.
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the 62-year-old was designated a terrorist by the u.s. in 200 200 but he's been the leader of iran's he elite intelligence wing since 1998. the special forces have been quietly operating iranian proxy campaigns made up of 20,000 militia fighters across the middle east. some analysts say he was attempting to spread iran's islamic revolution through baghdad, damascus and beirut where they would be considered a direct threat to israel. suleimani is responsible for killing more than 600 american troops during the iraq war. to put that into perspective, 17% of all u.s. deaths in iraq between 2003 and 2011 were orchestrated by suleimani. >> he's absolutely responsible for killing l americans. i would say the last two years i was here, the majority of our casualties came from his surrogates, not sewn sunni oral
5:16 am
al-qaida. >> reporter: iraqi officials were forming a governmen. if there's any doubt he had a hand in the attack in the u.s. embassy this week, the words suleimani is our leader spray painted in red under a broken window at the embassy. iran sees his death as a political assassination and as everyone has mentioned, we are expecting iran to respond and react. back to you. cheryl: will he be a martyr in iran? thank you very much. lauren: that attack yesterday threatening wall street's record gains with stock index futures down sharply this morning. our next guest says this selloff is a buying under the. let's bring him in, michael lee.
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thank you for joining us. 2020, second trading day in, volatility is back. you had record close yesterday, now markets are down 1% or more across the board. oil, eight-month high, gold, four-month high, treasury yield pulling back, three week low. what gives? >> this is a huge escalation with the tensions with iran. as we were discussing, the fears now become how does this escalate, where does this go from here. i suspect iran knows whatever they do will be met with severe counter force and i think not so long ago they shot down a u.s. drone and you attacking the u.s. -- attacking the u.s. embassy was maybe a step too far. whatever iran wants to do to the u.s. will be met with blunt force from the united states. i don't see us getting into a ground war. i think comparisons to the iraq -- to this market to the iraq war, the gulf war in the early '90s, i don't see that. maybe this is a squirmish.
5:18 am
i think this was a huge win for the united states and we'll see what happens next. lauren: you see this as a buying opportunity. but you can't deny the fact that geo politics, whether it's north korea or look at what we're looking at now in the middle east this absolutely moves the market. the oil market is a different story. you mentioned the iraq war. let's go back to 2003. oil then, i know much different story, but between december of 2002 and march of 2003, so in three months it went up 40%. i get we're fracking our own oil now but the market is still sensitive to this because the iran supreme leader vows severe retaliation. if they take out oil facilities or pipelines, you see the price of brent and wti spike. >> as time goes on, as the years go by, the economy is less reliant on the price of oil. so per dollar of gasoline that takes out of the consumers'
5:19 am
pocket, cars are more fuel efficient and we're using less oil. if it goes up 5 or $10 a barrel it won't have a meaningful effect on the economy. the threats to this market is not company's performance, it's geopolitical which leads me to believe nanny selloff on -- that any selloff on this, it's an opportunity to get in. you have the fear and greed meter index. in december of 2018 we were at a 15 or 17 out of 100. now we're getting close to 98 or 99. i think we're due for a little small correction after the performance of december, after 30% last year for investors, a little bit of a christmas bonus, cash, get involved in the market. lauren: it's a buying opportunity. thank you for coming on and for calming perspective. cheryl: here's the buying opportunity. you've got futures down, 274 and the s&p futures down 35 and-a-half, nasdaq down 117 and
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save up to $400 a year when you switch. plus, unwrap $250 off a new samsung phone. click, call or visit a store today. cheryl: facebook's what's app coming under fire after it alerted 1400 users to a, quote, advanced cyber actor tracking their phones. the problem, the u.s. government was tracking a suspected
5:24 am
terrorist. lauren: let's bring in fox news headlines' 24/7 brett larson. what happened here, brett? >> this is an interesting story. there's so manies facets to it. -- so many facets to it. there was a video with a video chat, a way to sneak software onto your phone so what's a app updated the software to close the security hole. what we didn't he realize is all of this other stuff thats was going on. the government was tracking some terror suspects in europe. they were able to track them using the security vulnerability in what's app. they were able to get into several hundred phones, tracking who their contacts were, what they were talking about in their messages, if they were video chatting their location. what's app alerting the users to the security hole to update their software. they update their software, no more information stream coming in from the terrorists. in the time that the authorities
5:25 am
were able to access these phones, they were able to get other information. they were able to find out about weapons trading and all of this other activity. unfortunately, once the phones went dark, then they had to start surveilling them in person which of course requires more people and what have you. and this is an interesting cat and mouse game had that we've been watching for several years with facebook, which owns what's app, and a apple and google. they want to provide the most secure means of communication for their customers. be that you and me, be that people all over the world. be that protesters in hong kong who want to be able to talk freely without the worry of surveillance. and law enforcement wants an in. they want a way in on these conversations because they want to be able to track you if you're doing something wrong. and what inevitably starts to happen is you can't leave a back door in encryption without leaving a back door to anybody. if law enforcement can get into your phone, anybody can get in. cheryl: that's a good point. >> it's this circular thing.
5:26 am
increasingly, we're seeing encryption is stronger than law enforcement. cheryl: there's another story we have to get to. a 7-year-old boy in georgia l ga swallowed his christmas gift. it was not an edible gift. >> you can't swallow the air pods. a 7-year-old ate at least one of the air pods. this too shall pass is the headline of that story. they had to wait, got a couple x-rays, the air pod was working its way through. one of the funnier points on the story that i kind of chuck he'lled at and, sorry, kid, don't eat things, is he didn't want his phone too close to him because he was afraid that it would start playing music while it passed through him. cheryl.cheryl: that's not funn. >> it's not funny. hopefully he was able to -- it came out okay. lauren: warning to parents. kids swallow anything.
5:27 am
>> so definitely maybe -- lauren: not your 250-dollar -- >> maybe the headphones that go over the head, you can't eat those. lauren: brett, thank you. cheryl: you can catch brett on fox news headlines 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. lauren: volatility is returning to wall street, the dow is down 273 points, just shy of 1%, s&p down 1.1%. the nasdaq giving up 1.3%. after the u.s. in an air a strike took out a major general in iran. the price of oil spiking this morning, $63.67 a barrel, that is a gain of 4%. when we return, 2020 hopefuls pouncing on president trump this morning, warning that the military strike in baghdad could put the u.s. on a path to war. we have all of their reactions including an interesting one from joe biden coming up on the other side of the break. my age-related macular degeneration could lead to vision loss.
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lauren: democrats quick to take aim at the commander in chief for keeping congress in the dark about the air strike that took out a key iranian leader. many also warning that that strike in baghdad could put the u.s. on a path to war. todd piro has the reaction that's been pouring in overnight and this morning. todd, good morning. >> reporter: lauren and cheryl, swift reaction from the democrats including from joe biden, who issued the following statement. quote, soleimani supported terror. none of that negates the fact that this is a hugely he's cla y move. president trump tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinder box and he owes the american people an explanation of the strategy and the plan to keep people safe, here at home and abroad. bernie sanders tweeting, when i
5:32 am
voted against the war in iraq in 2002, i feared it would lead to greater destabilization of the region. that fear turned out to be true. the u.s. lost approximately 4500 brave troops, tens of thousands have been wounded and we spent trillions. andrew yang tweeted war with iran is the last thing we need and is not the will of the american people, we should be acting to deescalate tension and protect people in the region. and cory booker echoing similar sentiments. >> soleimani has american blood on his hands. we have to look at the larger strategic situation in the area. we have a president who has had a failure in his iranian policy, who has no larger strategic plan and has made the region less stable and less safe. >> reporter: bill de blasio expressing concern about possible repercussions in man manhattan and the five boroughs and he has spoken to the nypd to
5:33 am
protect key locations from he retaliation. back to you. cheryl: for more on the political impact on the killing of general soleimani, republican strategist siri kim is with us and democratic strategist as well. we're getting reaction, mainly along party lines. many republicans are coming out in support of the president. many democrats are saying, in particular nancy pelosi in a statement saying that the president should have consulted at least congress before the air strike. >> let's bifurcate this. first and foremost, the president of the united states took a serious action to help the american citizens. the general was a serious terrorist and we have that on record. but as relates to consulting with congress, the president of the united states can attack an enemy, period. cheryl: it's interesting too,
5:34 am
raul, because former vice president joe biden, the democratic presidential candidate said this, of no american will mourn soleimani's passing. he deserved to be brought to justice. but he went on to say, he wants clarity from the white house because president trump tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinder box. your reaction? >> i think vice president biden is absolutely right. this is a volatile region. we need to act with precise caution here. we also from this president, who just shoots from the hip, we can't just do this willi willy-. it has to be thought out. by just reacting to this type of thing, we put our troops in danger. we put our civilians that are living in the region in danger. i think it's right for people to ask what is the plan, where are we going with this and what are we doing and quite frankly, i think republicans should be asking what the plan is as well. cheryl: siri, that's the point there. we've already got 5,000 troops
5:35 am
in iraq. there's 4,000 that could be heading there as well. we've got standby troops in kuwait. look, iran, their leaders have all come out overnight with very defiant defla statements againse united states. this is a political year, this is 2020, is this a dangerous move by 2020? >> this is not a dangerous move. i find it ironic that the obama administration is luc lecturings what should happen in iran. they took cash over there to bribe them in a failed deal and helped the iranian regime funnel $7.5 billion when they wouldn't even let us inspect nuclear facilities. second, the iranian government spends less than $30 billion a year on defense. the united states spends more than a trillion. so let's all just take a deep breath. there will be no war there. fundamentally, we as american
5:36 am
citizens need to decide what is victory in the middle east. cheryl: he was a bad guy. i will leave it there. i want to move on to fund raising with you, raul. joe biden had a pretty strong quarter for fund raising, brought in $22.7 million in the fourth quarter. but he's behind bernie sanders in this who brought in $34.5 million. buttigieg brought in $24.7 million. we haven't heard from warren. what do you make of this. >> i think i would rather be in the position of the vice president. he has name recognition. he's not too far off of the number that bernie sanders brought in. with the hefty amount of money he brought in, name recognition and the amount of folks that are paying attention in iowa, i think it's going to be helpful to him as we progress forward. and as that continues, he'll continue to raise more and more money. cheryl: siri, last word to you julian castro is out.
5:37 am
marianne williamson, looks like she's about to be out. your thoughts here. >> the field is narrowing. the democratic party is no closer to beating president barack obama -- [ laughter ] president barack obama. president trump. cheryl: we knew who you meant. >> i would add, the most important number that came out is actually andrew yang raising $16.9 million, that's less than 7 million behind the former vice president of the united states. democratic party is looking for savior and they can't find one. cheryl: we'll see if money buys votes. that's always the big question when we look at the totals. a lot of ground covered, guys, thank you so much. >> thanks so much. lauren: futures reacting to the developments out of the middle east. more than 1% declines now across the board. the nasdaq is the worst performer, down 1 and a third percent, the dow is down 1% or 293 points. oil spiking. coming up, we're live in the middle east on heightened
5:38 am
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cheryl: we continue to follow the breaking news overnight out of the middle east. iranian officials vowing to fight back after president trump authorized a massive air strike which killed iran's most reveered and murderous leader. we have reaction. >> reporter: overnighover-the-ud states assassinated qassem soleimani, this happened outside of baghdad's international airport on two drone strikes, eight total people killed including a deputy commander and an iranian militia backed by iran. all of these developments have the iranian regime today t threatening to retaliate. iran's president saying the islamic republic will take revenge for what he is calling a heinous crime. they say there will be a three-day mourning period. soleimani was responsible for
5:42 am
iranian proxies in the middle east. his death marks a new chapter in the conflict between the west and iran. we talked a lot yesterday about the concept of both iran and the united states preparing for the possibility of a direct military confrontation. that has happened. we are expecting some sort of response from the iranians but remember this response will likely be calculated. iran is a super power in the middle east. so what they're dealing with is having to figure out how they can respond without dragging the country into a much larger conflict. there's mixed reactions from civilians on the ground. we saw video today of iraqis celebrating the assassination that occurred of iran's top military leader but there will also be iranians in the streets today, calling on the ey ayatolh and senior leadership in tehran to respond to what iran's president is calling a heinous crime. inside iraq, the u.s. embassy in baghdad that was under siege
5:43 am
earlier this week is calling on all americans to leave the country immediately. they put out an alert, saying if you're an american citizen inside iraq right now you must leave the country immediately if you know what's best for you. they're not legally ordering anyone to leave but they're recommending everyone should leave, saying if you should take a plane out, you should head to the airport now, if not, you should drive to another country as tensions continue to rise in the middle east sh. cheryl: every region affected by all of this. trey, thank you. lauren: giving these geopolitical and political climate, you may be searching for a way to relieve stress. let's bring in cory an expert in mindful meditation. cory, thanks for many comin -- s for coming in. you hear news like this. we're running around in our busy, busy lives. we hear the political discourse here in our country.
5:44 am
how stressed out are we as a nation, as a world? >> yeah, very much so. i don't think anyone needs me to tell them how stressed they are. most people feel it on a macro level and a micro level. the political system is just further indication of that. lauren: so what can we do to kind of just let out some air, relieve the stress a little bit? >> i think it's important to look at one of the definitions we have of stress and that's when our perceived demands are greater than our perceived resources to meet those demands. the key word there is what? perceived. what we perceive to be demanding is often different than what is demanding. if we look at a given moment in our life, the perceived demand is anything we think could go wrong or could happen, but we look at what's actually going on, usually it's less of a catastrophe than what we make it out to be. lauren: we can't quiet our minds. >> when you're in the shower,
5:45 am
are you in the shower, you're usually at work, in traffic, but really what's going on, you're shampooing your hair. lauren: how do we still that mental and constant to-do list that keeps writing itself. >> that's the training itself. a lot of my background is in mindfulness meditation which is at heart of the focus based practice. when i go into corporations, i ring bells and have 24e78 listem listen to the -- have them listen to the sound of the bell. lauren: do they laugh at you? >> they look uncomfortable. but they get it very quickly. they're so caught in their thoughts and their stress that they feel the freedom and the peace and the ease that this is creating and also that it's a super power to be able to have a quality of focus and groundedness, amid all of this chaos, is something most people don't have. lauren: that's your safe space when you can actually get yourself to get to that point, being present, i suppose, maybe
5:46 am
not multitasking, focusing on one thing at a time. none of us can do that because of technology and phones and smart devices. >> you can practice it in any moment. this could be a meditation practice. you could do it while having a conversation, while talking to your child, while you're driving, all of those are opportunities to bring your full presence, full focus into the moment. lauren: maybe we'll all be nicer people as a result. >> yes, i think so too. lauren: cory, thanks for coming in. >> thanks so much. cheryl: it is a little stressful to look at the red arrows this morning. but context, remember the year we had in 2019 for your markets. this air strike in baghdad certainly affecting futures this morning. the dow is down 312 right now, s&p down 39 and three quarters, nasdaq down 127. well, coming up, the 737 max grounding hitting airline employees hard. one airline is looking to soften that blow. and actor donny wahlberg kicking off 2020 in a literal way, the
5:47 am
act of generosity that's gone viral. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i guess you're just what i needed. ♪ just what i needed. ♪ i needed someone to feed. ♪ i guess you're just what i needed. keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs, for everyone you love. expedia. for everyone you love. i am not for ignoring the first sign of a cold. i am for shortening my cold, with zicam! zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines, zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam! oral or nasal.
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lauren: storms on the east coast could cause major headaches for some travelers today. we have senior meteorologist janice dean here with the weekend forecast. we're here already. weekend time, janice. the weeks have been split with the holidays. i'm all confused. >> i know, it's friday. that's the good news. but we could see travel delays as people are trying to get home from the holidays acrs the east coast and the west coast. a little too warm for a major snowstorm, so we're going to get a lot of heavy rain over parts of the mississippi and the tennessee river valley, flash flood watches are posted in some of these areas, they could get
5:51 am
quick one to three inches in a short period of time. there's the future radar. this will linger into saturday, even sunday. on the backside of this, a little bit of snow, especially for northern new england, the interior northeast, the interior mid-atlantic and the mountains there. otherwise, this is not a big snow event. we are going to see some travel delays, though, along the east coast because of it. our next storm system moves into the west coast. we're going to see heavy rain along the coast and then heavy snow over the mountains. all in all, not a huge storm that we're going to be dealing with this weekend, just some nuisance travel delays. here's the forecast as we look over the next 12 hours. looking good across the central u.s. and above average temperatures for a lot of these areas. above average across the east coast as well with 50 here in new york city but we're going to see ongoing lingering showers over some of these areas and the west coast as well. so just pay caution and pay attention to local -- to your
5:52 am
local forecast. we'll keep you updated as the weekend progresses. back to you. lauren: let's get a look at other headlines we're following. illinois raking in $3.2 million in sales of marijuana on the first day since the state legalized recreational use, representing over 77,000 individual purchases between illinois' nearly three dozen licensed dispens dispensaries, r outpacing the first day totals of colorado and michigan. sales could generate 3 -- $250 million by the year 2022 for illinois. american airlines spreading wealth to its employees. it's going to share proceeds from the compensation it received from boeing over the 737 max grounding. american says that it's been forced to cancel thousands of flights because of the grounding. it's in negotiations with boeing to determine a fair amount. it is estimated that the 737 max
5:53 am
grounding cost american airlines about $540 million. speaking of airlines, a new report ranks both the safest and the most on time carriers. qantas coming in as the safest, air new zealand is number two. as for on-time performance, indonesian airline comes out on top, followed by koppa airline. the only u.s. carrier to make the list, hawaiian airlines because the weather's always nice in hawaii. that's number four. donny wahlberg made sure one server started off the new year the right way. he gave an ihop server a $2,020 tip. him and his wife spent $78 at the restaurant. she tweeted out the bill as part of a has hashtag 2020 challenge.
5:54 am
if you want to leave $20 or 20-cents or something bigger, go ahead. the challenge is yours. coming up, you might not be able to keep up with the kardashians but you might be able to we tell what you they're doing. snoop dogg looking to be the next big crossover star. the new demographic he's trying to reach. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ roc rock-a-bye. these are the moments that brings us to our feet.
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♪ ♪ lauren: can you hear it? mike gunzelman joins us on what exactly we are listening to. >> visualize this, it's a long day, you're putting down newborn, infant to sleep and you're about to put the comforting and smooth sounds of one snoop dogg. yes, snoop dogg lullaby version, drop it like it's hot, all the songs, i want this for myself, forget the kids, it's going to be great, $17. lauren: that's expensive. >> it's worth it, it's snoop dogg, it's lullaby.
5:58 am
lauren: crossover artist. >> he released a cook book because snoop dogg cooks, he's not the only one. lauren: true renaissance man. >> not the only one doing lullabies. >> this is how that went for lu luda. lauren: clearly a kid theme going on. >> you go to, you can check out their children's clothes, cost you but perhaps not the original version's would
5:59 am
but at everything at kardashian lauren: you have news for us? >> my god, no. lauren: dow is now down almost 400 points. cheryl: good morning, everyone, in for maria bartiromo, it is friday january 3rd, your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time, a fox business alert, breaking overnight, one of iran's top generals killed in u.s. air strikes, president trump's authorizing massive strike taking out qassem soleimani, iran is battling harsh revenge against the united states and tension is carrying into markets this morning, we
6:00 am
have the dow, the selling has escalated, dow 380 points, s&p is down 47 and a half, nasdaq is down 145 but we saw spike in oil and goal overnight, right now oil picking up higher, more than 4% and gold at 1551. we are following the impact on the markets and your money with all of this, mornings with maria begins right now. breaking news president trump ordered a military strike that killed one of the most powerful men in iran and the middle east, iranian general qassem soleimani, head of force, iranian revolutionary guard corp. which operates throughout that region, islamic republic vowing retaliation for the killing which happened outside


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