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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  January 4, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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to 9:00 a.m. easter with mornings with maria. right here on foxbusiness. that will do it for us, thanks for watching, see you next time. ♪ ♪ including a terrific man that i've gotten to know and his wife, i think she might even be better than him. james and shirley, where are you james? got to know each other well. a friend of mine who was on television before i knew him, he kept saying you know, you might not know the bible as well as i do or as well as a lot of people but he's a leader and he loves god. he is a great christian. he said i love him and i want him to do a terrific job. and hopefully more than exceeded expectations. robert jeffers. i hope i have. thank you. [cheering]
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when you talk about a great family, that's a great family. the granddaughter and i appreciate everything franklin has done over the last two weeks. he's fought very hard for us. a special family. thank you very much. michael, everybody knows michael. [cheering] thank you, michael. great job. jensen franklin. [cheering] thank you, jensen. and king. [cheering] jack graham. thank you. thank you, jack. and miami's own, my a man that everybody knows, i think they might know him better than they know me.
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is that possible? yet. alberto delgado. [cheering] i would like to thank him, what a great guy. [cheering] a great guy. i think i welcome to a sunday service one of these days. [cheering] will have a lot of fun. i want to thank you very much for welcoming us here, the largest hispanic congregation in the u.s. of america. [cheering] as you all know from those unemployment numbers, the best in the history of our country. [cheering] we'll go over very soon. we are delighted to be with more than 5000 christians including so many extraordinary hispanic and african-american faith leaders who are lifting our nation to incredible new
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heights. things are happening like they've never happened before. there's no better place to begin the new year than right here with so many friends and families, pastors and patriots who believe in the power of prayer, the majesty of creation and the love and grace of jesus christ. thank you. [cheering] in 2016, evangelical christians helped us and they went out, evangelical christians went out and they work so hard and produce numbers like they've never produced before. based on what paula told me and everybody told me, we are going to blow those numbers away and 2020. [cheering] we will blow them away. hi, charlie. he could be a pastor.
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a very good pastor. every day since i've been fighting for you and we really have, we've retrieved results that nobody thought was possible because things were looking very bleak for a long period of time. even in the summer, i would say look at this, christmas again. now they are all saying merry christmas again. >> the president is in miami. he took a short helicopter flight, his new home, his place of residence to miami. speaking in front of a group of evangelicals, the king jesus international ministry, a lot of familiar faces, pastor jeffers is going to be on lou dobbs tonight. you can catch him there, right off the top he spoke about what's happening in iraq. in light of the killing, the leader of the force. he made his way from either
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syria or lebanon to iraq for what? we are not exactly sure. apparently the intelligence is such that we were pretty sure he had something to do with planning an attack on the u.s. compound. the embassy compound which had been attacked for the previous few days in baghdad. that time the president made the decision to send an and kill the leader of the force. he was general of probably the most important general in iran. the market reacted kind of scarcely in free-market activi activity, done well over 200 points due to end up over 200-point but did not affect the winning numbers saw the day before when the market was up while over 300. he ended a two day session with markets up.
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we are glad you could join me. we are going to rejoin the president if he gives, get back on topic about what's happening in the middle east. joining me on the panel today, heather, gary, christina and john. good to see you all here. were you surprised that the market held up pretty well? it was a down day. over 200 points on the downside but a lot of people thought it would eat up the gains we made yesterday. that didn't happen. >> i sure didn't. the u.s. economy, referencing wages growing up every day. the on employment rate for african americans and all americans is at the 50 year low and that's why the stock market is not seen a pullback. the drone strike this morning, we are not seen the market from
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a fundamental standpoint. that still remains intact. >> it's impressive that you have all three the closed for the week. a lot of strength. if you really look at what's going on, the geopolitical tensions, and the fact that we have the manufacturing report, at 10:00 a.m. eastern today, they are disappointed for december. we have entered a contraction for manufacturing. so you expect these markets -- to be a lot lower than they are. a lot of that has to do with the over alliance on the federal reserve to backstop whatever happens in the near future. had one trader sum it up by saying the fed is going to be the villain of the 21st century. we need to pay more attention to this. overall, facebook, 52 week high today. google and all time high today. you're still seeing so much strength across the board for american companies.
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>> jensen has been standing by, he has the latest on what's happening with these tensions. >> good afternoon. u.s. officials say this strike against so the money potentially the deaths of the middle east because of the attack of the specifics of the iranian attack are still unclear. another u.s. officials say this is not an assassination that they had a right to defend itself. we were heading toward further acts if they didn't act. pompeo is in washington, he spent his day on the phone. state department said he spoke with leaders in iraq, russia, china, germany, uk, afghanistan, saudi arabia and the uae among among others. about the decision to kill him. >> the risk of doing nothing was enormous. you know it's an short term, the attack that he was plotting but also highly risky. weakness and emboldens iran.
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>> rocks iraq's i minister said carrying out operations to assassinate iraqi figures and figures from another countries is a violation of iraq's sovereignty and a dangerous one. they violate the conditions governing the presence of u.s. forests. iraq's problem is holding an emergency session to take the appropriate legislative measures and response to all this. the iranian government and iran's president tweeting, the path of resistance to u.s. exercises will continue the great nation of iran will take revenge for this heinous crime. the secretary of state is supposed to be traveling to central asia this week. instead, he's staying here in the u.s. to monitor events in iraq and baghdad. >> thank you very much. this is terrorists who was responsible for at least 600 american deaths. he was a general, the number two
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in their government but at the same time, terrorists. he wasn't a special forces operator or any great figure, he killed americans. isn't it better to have them out of the way? particularly if they are planning on 1979 style take over in the u.s. embassy. >> the day of the redlining's are over. this president is taking action. he's not saying let's talk more. let's use diplomacy. as you mentioned, he said it, american blood. intelligent came in, we knew where he was, you have to take immediate and swift action. why? not just to make sure he pays but also to prevent further shedding of blood. we have to commend our commander-in-chief for taking decisive action against an
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enemy. >> you think would happen if there was a terrorist strike such as we had in 1979 or benghazi where numbers of americans were killed, don't you think the markets would react much worse than that in the u.s. strike against terrorists? >> definitely. i have a few different opinions on this. if i could just comment on the market, i'm not as much as heather and christina on it. mainly because the market backed down and never recovered. he kind of flatlined. it's kind of a wait and see. i didn't see as a positive day or a horrible thing, it would have been down eight or 900 points. more to come as this unfolds, if you will. right now i would be a little cautious. i agree with everything you sa said, everything that john said in the last person we had in the
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little clip there about not showing weakness. the guy was a terrorist, he needs to go. my only concern is this. i wonder what it really accomplishes. yes, we killed him, he needs to be killed. he was a terrorist. while this stop or prevent further terrorist attacks? then take over? that's my fear. yeah, this needs to be done but it didn't accomplish that. >> we will talk more about what's happening in the middle east cap coming up with our guests. democrats criticizing trump for his latest move on iran. we'll take that up with aerobic and foreign affairs member who served in iraq, stationed across the street from the u.s. embassy from baghdad. his reaction to all of this, coming next. ♪
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democrats on capitol hill calling out present trump for not consulting congress before the airstrike killing an iranian general. nancy pelosi releasing a statement saying we cannot put the lives of american service members, diplomats and others further at risk by engaging in provocative and disproportionate actions. tonight airstrike was provoking other dangerous escalation of violence, america in the world cannot afford to have tensions escalate to the. >> of no return. adam schiff also weighing in.
11:17 am
>> u.s. airstrikes on the iranian malicious and now the killing of soleimani have increased the danger, not decreased it. >> he deployed to iraq in 2009 while serving in the u.s. die core. speaking of pelosi and other democrats, they should have been asked but they indicate they wouldn't have approved if they had been asked. >> the president, commander-in-chief had intelligence that soleimani was setting foot on araki soil and baghdad for the sole purpose of planning attacks on american servicemen. the present had every right to take out that threat.
11:18 am
they should be applauded. >> the way i see it, voters did not elect priest to pray. they elected a commander-in-chief to protect america. that's exactly what he's done. when you look at the tension, the adversarial relationship in d.c., is that actually feasible for the president to delay time sensitive information, delay taking action to seek approval from the opposition party? >> let's back up. the constitution, article two gives the president the ability to defend america and american citizens from eminent threat. soleimani coming to iraq to plan attacks on america was an imminent threat. the powers act which gives the president to act in these situations, he had the
11:19 am
responsibly and legal rights to do what he did but soleimani was creating havoc in the middle east. he was stirring it up with thousands of civilians, funding hezbollah, funding the rebels to overthrow the government. this is a man spreading chaos and terror through the middle east. >> isn't he already on that list? >> yes, he is already designated as a terrorist. >> thank you for being on the show. let's stipulate, agree with everything you said. it's idiotic. clinton did this, obama did this, it's not even up for discussion. here's my question. on the previous segment while it was actionable and needed to be
11:20 am
done and should have been done, i'm curious in your opinion, when we cut off the head of the snake, the head of a high, how deep is it? doesn't change anything in the future actions? >> it sends a message to not only iran but all adversaries. russia, north korea and lets them know when american president trump's draws are redlined, we will back that up. this is no longer the obama administration. when you attack the u.s. embas embassy, they call that attack. when we say we are going to do something, we will hold them accountable for what they did. when they are firing rockets into our joint u.s. and iraqi faces, there will be accountability for that. >> you just mentioned article two, he reacts as he sees fit. there are some laws being debated right now as to whether they are still relevant, in
11:21 am
2003, for iraq in the debate it seems, this is primarily coming from democrats, that it's old and outdated. it may not be justified going forward so i know this may be too legal but i reached out to chad with fox news and he's on the hill right now, that's a major point of contention right now. >> this is a complete distraction. it's a complete distraction because democrats don't want the news articles to be about how present trump took out a huge enemy of the u.s. and western democracy. number two, if it's old and outdated, there's our remedy impacting clock. congress can do that but we have the powers act which i believe was in 72 which gives the president to act quickly. the role is a lot smaller than it used to be. it moves a lot quicker than it used to in terms of geopolitics. the president had to do this we have the actual intelligence an
11:22 am
opportunity to take up meaning. >> always a pleasure and thank you very much for your service. >> the president's 2020 rivals responding. action on iran, one candidate calling it an act of war but are they just playing politics and doesn't strengthen the president? will ask carl rove, he's with us next. ♪ as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty...
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this was very clearly an act of war by this president without any kind of authorization declaration of war from congress. >> this was an enormous reclamation.
11:26 am
drastically increase the prospects and risk of war with iran. >> if we've learned nothing else from the middle east, in the last 20 years, it's that taking out a bad guy is not a good idea unless you are ready for what comes next. >> democrats slamming present trump in the killing of a top iranian general. carl, good to see you. does it make any political sense at all to bash the president for killing a terrorist? >> in a weird perverted way, it does for the presidential candidates because they face an electric lettuce on the left. so saying things like mayor pete said, would he have said the same thing about taking out osama bin laden or killing back daddy? eidetic.
11:27 am
this is a strong one by the president. this is a man who has plenty of american blood on his hands and for 20 years has led directly or through proxies against the u.s. in iraq and syria and yemen and he's intent on creating an international web of terrorists allies to work against the u.s. to kill americans. this man was clearly behind the u.s. embassy. my sense when i saw that was that this was an opening gambit and sure enough, it appears to be intelligence that he planned further attacks directly on americans and american interests and they had a shot and a clean shot and they got it. >> i completely agree with you. but why was earlier than the democrats, are they not more
11:28 am
supportive of the decision went even in 2008, they called this person an evil man. o'connell laying out a strong case in the hill saying no man alive today has killed more americans. why aren't the democrats more supportive? >> i think it's because they face, less than a month is the iowa caucuses. the electorate at least until south carolina is distinctly more left than the american population. this is the kind of thing that appeals to the hard base of the democratic primary photo. it's bad for the general and most important, it's bad for the country. this is the moment where we are to stand and applaud our leader like we did with president oba obama. have the courage over the objection of joe biden taking out osama bin laden. this is a man who remember, iran began to work with shiite militias after the fall of saddam hussein to deliberately kill american servicemen by
11:29 am
providing them with highly sophisticated, sharp projectil projectiles, ied's our manufactured iran by iranian experts. they cut through the american military vehicles at that time. this is a man whose the liberally gone after confrontation, sought violence with aqs and we saw in the last few days when the iranian militias, which supported iraq backed by savon two, u.s. embassy. this is a bad guy in the democrats would be well advised, maybe they could make an argument that they should have been consulted. i would sound like they were halfway in support of this but this idea of the death of soleimani is ridiculous. >> it's not going away. here's mitch mcconnell today calling out democrat. >> you better believe opinions about these critical questions.
11:30 am
especially in light of the president breaking the average. house democrats chose to engage in that. their turn is over. they've done enough damage. it's the senate's turn now to render sober judgment. we can't hold a trial without the argument. >> that's true but will iran have impact in the impeachment? >> eidetic. i think it will be the other way around. i think they will strengthen him in the weeks ahead. people will see if nancy pelosi continues to sit on the articles and look for a nonexistent leverage over the senate, that's really extraordinary if you think about it. the constitution says the house shall have the sole power of impeachment. the capital is on edge and fence
11:31 am
they say later that the senate shall have these sole power and yet nancy pelosi is trying to say the constitution gave me so authority to impeach and authority to try impeachment to hold a trial but now i will use my leverage to get you to do what i want you to do. highlighting your constitutional right to have a soul power. it's not going to work and the longer it goes on, the more partisan, the more political and petty it is. >> thank you for being here. happy new year end have a -- >> i can't believe i started the year off by sharing the program. >> your answers are so complete next time, we'll start with that. new details emerging following disgraced auto industry carlos
11:32 am
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the great escape, the chairman jumping bail in japan, leading authorities to scramble for answers how he did it. how did this happen? >> the former nissan ceo
11:36 am
reportedly loaded into a plane in japan inside of big black box that typically used for carrying audio equipment. his departure from his house was far less dramatic. their reporting their surveillance video. >> i think his mike dropped out. let me go to gary first because it's a strange case. this is a country pan, 99% range. even if he was innocent, probably couldn't have improved it in japan. >> a couple of thoughts. this is not a movie someday, i will be shocked. tom cruise probably playing grown and the fact that the
11:37 am
subject company is blaming some rogue employee, not one bad guy but yeah, 99-point whatever it is, 7% conviction rate, if you're the money and means like he did to pull this off, but the planning must have been months. you don't just call up one guy and get out of the country and he's jetted out. it's a remarkable story. >> it will definitely be made into a movie. there's essentially a global arrest, cross anywhere he could be arrested. according to the forefront, the financial times and last but not least, is expected to give a press conference next wednesday. we are not expecting details of his escaped but more to show how angry he is against the japanese. he said his family and wife had have no role in this escape
11:38 am
plan. >> he apparently escaped an oversize suitcase used for camera equipment and such but it is like a movie. >> absolutely. you don't pull something off like this with just one rogue employee. you have to have a consular individual and planned this in advance but if i was in this situation, couldn't talk to my wife, in solitary confinement, i would try to pop my great escape as well. especially with the 95% conviction rate. >> you are guilty until proven innocent there. >> yes. i totally understand why you would want to flee but we don't know if he's done something wrong. he's been accused of money laundering so he may have done something wrong and therefore, the u.s. is quick to say they believe but if he did something
11:39 am
wrong, the bottom line is japan wants to. >> the bottom line is, will never know. iran threatens to retaliate against the u.s. security officials are warning iran's response may not come through conventional paths. chief security advisor, joining us masks to tell us how t t t tt (chime) (shaq) magenta? i hate cartridges! not magenta! not magenta. i'm not going back to the store. magenta! cartridges are so... (buzzer) (vo) the epson ecotank. no more cartridges. it comes with an incredible amount of ink that can save you a lot of frustration. ♪ the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. available at... ( ♪ ) hey there! i'm lonnie from lonnie's lumber.
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following the death of sola money, iran is now putting out house retaliation. mike pompeo warning the iranian response will just involve traditional military attacks, listen. >> there's always a risk of cyber attack. have a deep capability to share. we have considered that risk.
11:43 am
soleimani himself, the man we took out yesterday, orchestrated attacks right here in washington d.c. not too long ago. his unsuccessful but that was him. >> let's bring an senior advisor morgan right. thank you for being here. what would an iranian cyber attack look like and how would we respond to it? >> i think the iranians would take action from israel. gentleman said if you want to bring a nation in from doctor two things. power and water. they've already gone after water before because two iranians were indicted for a dam in upstate new york. they've gone after the banking sector before but if i were there, resident trump he's willing to use kinetic response. now we have rules of engagement, your cyber command in the response we did to iran when the company with russia. i would take a look before i
11:44 am
decided to launch a cyber attack. >> good points. the power grid, isn't that the most vulnerable? piano or the big utilities they can't have. i'm sure they do have cybersecurity but it's got to be a little easier then hacking into the msa, i imagine. >> that's one of things that worries me because one of the things, because it's so fragmented, it's hard to look at it in one place. remember what happened in ohio, a converter went out and it took out all the power in new york. these things are links but if i were court after something, the first thing would be the power grid. >> show the strength they have because they been working on this. you have way more knowledge on this. they went after the power grid in turkey, out for 12 hours.
11:45 am
he had mike pompeo who said earlier this year, i know there was data from a government contractor. what do we do? is this special forces? was supposed to be protecting us from this? you feel prepared right now giving these attacks? >> the preparation is a solid point. we have to be better prepared and look at all of our different endpoints. mobile phones are a good entry. on the other hand, the loosening of the rules of engagement with cyber command, we started this about a year ago. i think we still have a lot of work to do on the fence but the offense of peace is something, if there's something that happens, we will hear what they do and it will be at the direction of president trump. >> my question has to do with the charity, technology, a
11:46 am
spoken apple, it's really ramped up all of their security measures but it seems to not be enough. government regulation is the answer, what more can i possibly do? >> government regulation i don't think is never the best answer. sometimes it's the only answer. being able to intercept these messages, when you do planning based on an app and we have no way of intercepting that, people want to hold somebody responsible when the wolf knocks on the door and we have a response. they've got to be part of this solution unlike what apple and google have done. the iphone, they wouldn't cooperate. we will have some issues we will have to deal with. we can't wait. it's got to be dealt with this year. >> thank you for your insight. another security thought, what if our adversaries in the middle east combine with russian
11:47 am
operatives or chinese operatives to actually bolster their cyber attack or plan of a cyber attack? how do we fight that they combine enduring forces? >> that makes it very complicated. cyberspace, when you get china, russia has a presence in china. north korea has a presence in china. when you look at the war when they got together, don't think because they are doing it militarily, they are not doing also in cyberspace. they absolutely are and they would look for a way to launch multiple attacks because it would make it hard to not defend against but would we come back after? >> we have our allies, too. you mentioned israel are ready, are we working with israel to organize attacks? >> i have no access to classified information but i
11:48 am
would guarantee that israel, we are planning something with israel just like we did when we took out the center. i would rather imagine that is another option and israel has a lot at stake. >> is short does. great to see you. thank you very much. a major stand against smokers and it's going to affect your chances of landing a job there but is the moving giants new stand there? we will debate that, coming next.
11:49 am
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u-haul is making a big chains on their policy. moving and storage having no longer will hire nicotine users in 21 states. more than 30,000 people,
11:52 am
establishing the healthiest corporate cultures in the u.s. and canada but is this new policy fair? or is it discrimination against people who smoke? >> it is absolutely not fair. it's not fair that people who aren't as bright and don't speak as well as you don't get to be anchors but that what business does. they put out the best products, they try to lower cost and tries to make sure employers are around and don't have to pay access for healthcare and stuff like that. i applaud you for trying to make a better workplace. there's a lot of feather jobs out there to take. >> i agree. the problem is where you draw the line and whether they like to bungee jump. when would you draw the line? >> there are smoker protection
11:53 am
clause and more specifically 29 states and the district of columbia protects them which is why you only have u-haul going after one states. the hardest hit will be arizona. where's the libertarians? who are we to tell you how what they can do? they want to lower costs, they want to lower the absentee rate. they want to increase productivity which you associated with cigarette smoking. you have the cdc saying that one in five -- >> they have the right to do it. >> this is completely crazy and ridiculous. if i was a lawyer, a billboard space available because i would advertise everywhere, have you been discriminated against as a smoker? when you look at the job applications, i would like to review it. are there two boxes? do you smoke? tobacco, marijuana?
11:54 am
this is ridiculous. >> if it was, i looked up a ca case, a texas man filed a suit because they wouldn't hire him. [laughter] they are saying you are not okay with this. would you be okay with the man who filed suit against the sexist discrimination case? he wouldn't go there to see a man's hairy chest, right? >> i believe in reform but when i don't believe in is discriminating against a potential fiery on something like, do you smoke? that's ridiculous. let them deal with that. >> if you are paying your own, okay. >> right now, if you smoke marijuana and try to stop you from doing that, i bet you would sue them. >> come on.
11:55 am
>> states that protect, don't protect smokers, you can force your employees to take that nicotine test. that's where it gets murky. >> u.s. cities are on edge after harsh retaliation against us. how the law enforcement is ramping up security in yorktown. that's's's's's great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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on high alert, one of the nation's biggest cities is retaliation from the iranians for the attack new york city mayor dimaggio tweeting this, i've spoken with commissioner shea and deputy miller about media steps nypd will take to protect them. against this threat for a long time to come. so says the former presidential candidate. heather, we are going to be on high alert for a while. it's not exactly like after 9/11
11:59 am
because it hasn't been a terrorist attack but there is weariness. a little caution is not a bad thing. >> especially when you are before the show, he's very scared to go to work every day. he was there on 9/11 as i'm sure you work. i don't think both sides, democrats or republicans are going to do this. you should always be aware of your surroundings. it's something you should do on a daily basis, not just when you think there's a terrorist attack. >> i was born in brooklyn. >> the thing is, i appreciate the mayors statement but i have no faith in the mayor to keep us faith. i have faith in god as well as nypd. >> i think that should work may be an overhang when we talk about the energy sector, we will bring it full circle and bring
12:00 pm
it back to that. >> it's odd that the democratic run cities are on high alert. i once de blasisisisisi (announcer) the following is a paid presentation for prostagenix, brought to you by (upbeat music) ♪ hi, this is larry king. over 30 million men in america have prostrate problems. i know, i was one of them. and all these natural prostate supplements like the ones i have here in front of me are everywhere. drugstores, health food stores, on the internet, and all over tv, selling millions of bottles every year.


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