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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 5, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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to 9:00 a.m. easter with mornings with maria. right here on foxbusiness. that will do it for us, thanks for watching, see you next time. ♪ ♪ ♪. maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks for joining me. i'm maria bartiromo. straight ahead on "sunday morning futures." the united states has fours forces overseas on alert. iran is vowing to retaliate for the killing of a top military commander. secretary of state mike pompeo where we stand with 4,000 troops deployed to the reason. senator lindsey graham looking ahead to likely impeachment trial. before that can happen the nancy pelosi needs to send the two articles of impeachment to the senate. congressman doug collins and
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john ratcliffe coming up on pelosi's next move. all that ahead on "sunday morning futures". ♪. maria: members of iran's parliament chanting "death to america" this morning in response to a u.s. air strike that killed a top iranian military commander. iran vowing to retaliate as president trump tweeted a warning in response to that, he tweeted this morning, last night to tehran, posting the u.s., has quote, targeted 52 iranian sites representing the 52 americans who damages taken by iran many years ago. some at very high level, important to iran and iranian culture. those targets and iran itself will be hit very fast and very hard. joining me now, secretary of state mike pompeo. mr. secretary, thanks so much for spending the time this morning. >> thank you, maria for having me on. maria: you said this weekend soleimani was traveling for the purpose of what they were referring to as the big attack
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the can you tell us about that threat? are american interests still at risk? >> yes, ma'am, the statement i made that day was accurate. look no further than the end of december, to suleman any's actions where he get an killed. and lebanon, syria, hundreds killed in iraq. resulted in death of an american on december 27. he was traveling in the region. weighs in baghdad where we struck him, traveling outside of iran, continuing to plot, buildout attacks that would threaten american lives. president trump saw that saw the information, knew the history, knew soleimani was a zare rift targeted by the united states and took actions to protect america. maria: a former military leader, now the main military advisor to the ayatollah we understand in an interview the response will
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be will be military and military sites. what kind of retaliation are you expecting? >> we're preparing for all kinds of various responses. you seen the work we've done to enhance the posture in the region flowing increased military troops. we're taking action to protect and preserve the cybersecurity systems to make sure they're as prepared as possibly can be. my team, my diplomats around the region are doing everything they can to make sure the sites are prepared for what iran may do by making a mistake and coming after them. i think president trump's statements are pretty clear. should the ayatollah make the mistake of coming after american interests the response will be swift, it will be decisive and it will be costly. maria: you're getting a lot of pushback as you know on the left this morning. nancy pelosi saying the president carried out a strike on iranian commander without authorization. she wants details. everybody from alexandria ocasio-cortez calling eight war crime, threatening to target, kill innocent families which is
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what you're doing targeting cultural site, does not make you a tough guy, does not make you strategic. makes you a monster even colin kaepernick weighing in here. what do you response on criticisms from the left. >> i'm focused on making sure we're doing all the things president trump wants us to do to keep the forces safe and buildout strategy, diplomatic, economic and security strategy. as for critiques. president trump did not say going after cultural sites. read what he said very closely. we made clear the cost, using proxy forces in the region will not be just borne by the proxies. it will be borne by iran and its leadership itself. those are important thinks the iranian leadership needs to put into the calculus as it makes the next decision. president trump is unambiguous. we will defend america, we will protect america, we will preserve america. as for speaker pelosi she will have the information she needs. welcome to come to washington and receive it. we hope she takes it up.
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i don't think any person can read the history of the soleimani and intelligence we had in our position conclude anything other than what president trump concluded. as general milley characterized it we would have been culpably negligent if we hadn't taken the strike when the opportunity presented itself. maria: soleimani was deemed a terrorist by the bush administration, by the u.n., the eu, by the obama administration. why now? nothing was done in the prior administrations. look at this map of iran's partners and proxieses. the u.s. military bases in these countries should be concerned about people stationed there. should we be concerned this is where the focus is in terms of a retaliation on any bases we have in our proxies, partnerships of iran? >> yes. maria, we think there is a real likelihood iran will make a mistake and make a decision to
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go after some of our forces, military forces in iraq or soldiers in northeast syria. we have many troops in the region. it would be a big mistake for iran to go after them but we are preparing, you've seen the department of defense take their actions. you've seen the state department do its work to buildout coalition partners. i've been on the phone for weeks intensely over the past few days. our partners in the region know what america did was a good thing t reduced risk in the region. it reduced the threat from of instability that theocrats in iran imposed on the middle east for so many years. what previous administrations chose to do with mr. soleimani i can't speak to what their calculus was. our intelligence was clear, our risk was much greater if we did nothing than if we took the action last week. maria: iran has relationship with china. iran has relationship with russia. even with the sanctions in place china is still among the larger customers of iranian oil and gas. do you think iran has become
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more emboldened by it is relationship with russia and china, and do you see a durable, russia, china, axis forming as all three powers continue to challenge the united states in different ways? >> absolutely the case each of them presents some challenge to the united states but in very different ways. the efforts we're making to push back, to counter the iranian efforts are very different than what we're doing with respect to russia and china today. that is appropriate. given the national security strategy. but with respect to crude oil, the iranians were delivering under the nuclear deal some three million barrels a day and getting rich. shia militias, the bullets they're using, pay soldiers are getting, putting americans at risk are direct result of bad nuclear deal. the fact that europeans were permitted to trade. america provided billions of cash to ayatollah. that is precisely what president trump came into office to face. we're pushing back against it. the case today fewer than half a
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million barrels is delivered out of iran. we crip crippled their position. iran is challenged economically and diplomatically with a coalition put a united statement against iran. this strategy we're executing eg with great vigor. maria: when president targets 52 targets, that may be the oil facilities their bread and butter. >> i won't comment on what president chose to target i will leave the statement to stand. we hope they don't pose threats to american people and american interests, if they choose to go down the path we'll respond decisively. maria: mr. secretary, thank you very much. >> and to you, maria. >> secretary mike pompeo joining me. chairman of the senate judiciary committee, lindsey graham joins me to talk about iran
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♪. maria: welcome back. a lot of breaking news this morning. iraq's parliament moments ago voting to end the presence of all foreign forces in the country. their outgoing prime minister say it would be the quote, best option to establish a strong relationship with america and other nations. meanwhile the white house this weekend formally notifying congress about the strike that took out iran's top military commander soleimani. joining me right now is republican senator lindsey graham, chairman of senate judiciary committee. member of the foreign relations committee. very good to see you this morning. thanks very much for joining me. >> good morning. maria: your reaction to the latest vote out of coming out of
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iran, iraq rather, to remove all foreign troops? >> well it's a bit concerning. i hope all the iranians would leave. here's the point. the iranian government is trying to basically take over iraq's political system. iran is bribing iraqi politicians, to the iraqi people, do not allow your politicians to turn iraq into a proxy of iran. i got to read the details of this resolution. but here's what would serve the world well, if president trump laid out what he wants iran to do to relief sanctions. i think this has been done before but now is the time for the president to tell the world, what we would like iran to do, to get back to a normal relationship. here is my belief. it is not unreasonable. we would like them to stop being the largest state sponsor of terrorism, stop dismembering the middle east, stop building
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rockets and missiles that could destroy the region and eventually the united states, stop being so provocative. i wish the president would tell the iranians, here is exactly what you need to do for the sanctions to be lifted and allow them to make a decision based on a way forward that is good for them and the region and see what they would do. maria: senator, the president keeps saying, and secretary of state mike pompeo, that they don't necessarily want regime change but can you really do the things that you're talking about, change behaviors without a regime change and how do you establish a regime change without an actual invasion? >> well, nobody is going to invade iran. you don't need one american troop soldier on the ground to achieve what i'm trying to achieve. everybody want the regime to change. you would have to be crazy to want it to stay the same. it is the largest state sponsor of terrorism. it threatens the exist lens of israel. supports hezbollah with rockets and missiles to destroy israel.
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they have got american blood on their hands, iraqi blood, syrian blood. everybody wants them to change but here's what is missing. what would it take for them to change? what kind of change do we want? lay it out, let the world know we're reasonable. if they don't accept the offer to change, then you know you've got very limited choices when it comes to iran. i don't think they will change. i hope the iraqi -- excuse me the iranian people take the government back from the ayatollah. that is the ultimate change. maria: the process of taking this guy down, it has been a decade where he has been deemed a terrorist and nothing was done. >> right. maria: the fact he was taken out on a road route irish, where i'm told by military people that there is a lot of blood on that road. there were iranian ieds on that road which killed servicemen and leadership in this country. >> yes. maria: so tell me, what you
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think about the significance off taking him down where he was taken down in iraq, near the baghdad airport? >> well president trump has really changed the equation here. for the first time in my lifetime the iranians are worried about the americans. used to be we were worried about the iranians exclusively. they don't know what to do with donald trump. the killed we killed this guy on route iris, is a big deal. i've been in up-armored vehicles as reservist. it is dangerous place. it was target of opportunity for iranian backed militias. he met his death on a rose to use americans. here is the point. maximum pressure campaign is working. the economy is in the toilet. obama tried to get them to change giving them a bunch of money and nuclear deal. that didn't work. trump is trying to get them to change through a maximum pressure campaign.
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what have we learned in the last 48 hours? the maximum pressure campaign has a military component. if iranians hit american targets and american interests and american allies we will respond militarily. if they hit us again, then i would not want, i would not want to be working an iranian oil field because i think the president is determined to bring this regime to its knees if they continue to be provocative. maria: when the president said those 52 targets, you got to believe one of them or some of them are oil facilities for sure. we have a lot to get to with you. i want i want to talk about the upcoming impeachment trial. there is lot of pushback on the move from critics alexandria ocasio-cortez. i read her tweet earlier to the secretary. to colin kaepernick senator. kaepernick writes there is nothing new about american terrorist attacks against black and brown people for expansion of american i am peoplism. your response? >> he is a loser on and off the
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field. he has no idea what the iranian regime has done for the region. he has no idea they have 600 american deaths of ieds made in iran, used in iraq. it is un-american. he is a racist. if you are looking for racism in america, mr. kaepernick. look in the mirror. your country is not the problem. it is iranians you're so blinded by your hatred of trump you can't see the difference who we are and who the ayatollah is. pretty sad. maria: so you don't believe congress should have been spoken to first before this strike? the president was obviously responding to attacks, what is your take in terms of congress. >> right. i've been a military lawyer for 33 years. these troops are in the field at the direction of the commander-in-chief with the support of the congress. you do not need congressional authorization to defend troops in the field in harm's way. aoc doesn't know anything about the law of armed conflict
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obviously. every commander-in-chief has the right to defend our people on the battlefield. it was clear to me that this was a defensive strike. that mr. soleimani was planning additional attacks against american interests. aoc's world i guess we're supposed to sit back and watch a bunch of americans get killed. we're not the bad guys. the iranians are the bad pies. if you don't see that, you missed a lot in the last 40 years. maria: senator, let's take a short break. when we come back, congress is back to work this upcoming week and we are wondering where this impeachment trial stands. senator graham lays it out in a moment. more with i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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♪. maria: welcome back. i'm back now with senator lindsey graham. senator, we're waiting on
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nancy pelosi to send the articles of impeachment to the senate. what are you expecting in the way of a senate impeachment trial this week or next week? >> well i hope to have the trial over by the end of january. we used the clinton model, you take the record established in the house, let the house managers appointed by pelosi make the argument. let the president make his argument, why the two articles are flawed. then we'll decide whether or not we want witnesses. this should be done in a couple weeks. i find it a political stunt for nancy pelosi not to send the articles over. mitch mcconnell, is not going to let her run the senate trial. her time is over. it is now time for the senate to dispose of the impeachment articles. with a trial in senate. all i can say about the two articles, they're dangerous to the presidency, obstruction of congress in this case is at that the president chose to seek executive privilege in court and they punished him for wanting to
10:24 pm
go to court. we'll just see what happens. maria: we'll see what happens but, the rules of impeachment call for the house to send over the articles so that the senate can be the judge and jury and you can't do that until you get the articles. >> right. maria: so how are you going to have a senate trial to get this over with by the end of january when you don't even have the articles? >> well we're not going to let nancy pelosi use the rules of the senate to her advantage. this is dangerous for the presidency as an institution. they have impeached the president but the speaker of the house is holding the articles back trying to extort from the majority leader of the senate a trial to her liking. they're trying to hold these articles over the head of the president. i think the reason they're not sending them because they're so weak and it's a pathetic case and they're looking to add something. the sooner this trial is over, the better for the american people. so what i would do, if she continues to refuse the send the
10:25 pm
articles as required by the constitution, i would work with senator mcconnell to change the rules of the senate so we could start the trial without her if necessary. maria: how soon will you move to change the rules of the senate? >> days, not weeks. what she is doing is bad for the country, it is bad for the senate. it keeps us from getting on with the business of the american people. it denies the president his day in court. the founders never envisioned you would have a speaker do something like this withhold the articles, demanding the senate bend to her will. it is not going to happen. i hope she sends them over soon so we get on with the trial. if she does not, i would urge senator mcconnell with my colleagues to change the rules of the senate so we could proceed to the trial without nancy pelosi being involved. maria: so are you expecting then, that you will give it a few days to see if she sends the articles over, if she doesn't you will move to change the rules? will you file a motion to dismiss this all together?
10:26 pm
>> well, you got to start the trial before you can file any motion. so my goal is to start the trial in the next coming days. not let nancy pelosi take over the senate. my number one goal is not let the speaker of the house become the majority leader of the senate. senator mcconnell has done a great job as majority leader. i will be confirming judges this week but if we don't get the articles this weeks we need to take matters in our own hands, change the rules. deemed them delivered to the senate. so we can start the trial. invite the house to participate if they would like. if they don't come, dismiss the case, get on with governing the country. if you don't like president trump 10 months from now you will have an election you can kick him out. this is abuse of power. this is constitutional extortion is what she is doing. it is very bad for the presidency. it is very bad for the senate as an institution and it cannot stand. maria: getting on with the peoples businesses does that include usmca? will the senate vote on usmca
10:27 pm
this week? >> we're going to have a hearing which sets in motion a vote. there is a lot of things i would like to do. we got to dispose of the trial. they chose to impeach the president, not me. the obstruction of justice article is a complete constitutional joke. abuse of power, why did they use that? there is no bribery? there is no quid pro quo? so the reason they did abuse of power, they couldn't prove the other two things. the president did nothing wrong. abuse of power in this context is impeaching the president because you don't like him. so these two articles are dangerous to the presidency. we need to have this case disposed of, consistent with the constitution. the trial would be conducted by the senate, not by the speaker of the house and this thing needs to be over with in january. maria: two weeks ago you told us that when impeachment is over with you would continue the deep dive into the wrongdoing that took place in 2016.
10:28 pm
at the top of the fbi and cia. what are your expectation there is as john durham continues his criminal investigation? andrew mccabe recently admitted that he lied after months and months of saying that he never leaked anything to the "wall street journal." real quick on your reaction there. where are we there? >> well, we're going to call every person who signed a fisa warrant application, starting with rosenstein and sally yates and work our way down. i want to understand how people signed off on a warrant that was fatally flawed. did they look at the evidence at all? what kind of system do we have in place to get a warrant against american citizen? durham is looking at criminality. we'll take this up in judiciary after impeachment. one last thought about soleimani, i can assure the american people he died not because of the color of his skin or his ethnicry begins, he died because of content of his
10:29 pm
character. he was an evil man. he was terrorist leader. he had american blood on his hands. i'm glad he is finally dead and i'm glad we have a president that understands iran is the cancer of the middle east. they must change the status quo is unacceptable. >> senator, good to have you this morning thank you so much. >> thank you. >> senator lindsey graham joins us. as the senate prepares for the impeachment trial who will make up president's defense team? prominent republican in the prominent republican in the house hearings let's be honest, quitting smoking is freaking hard. like quitting every monday hard. quitting feels so big. so, try making it smaller. and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette they can save you these. in fact, if you had a dollar for every time they said it, you'd have a lot of dollars. which makes it hard to believe, especially coming from a talking lizard. pip, pip, cheerio! look, all i, dennis quaid, know is that esurance is built to save you dollars
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♪. maria: welcome back. much reaction this morning to the killing of iran's top military commander including from congresswoman ilhan omar who tweeted this. we're outraged that the president woe assassinate a foreign official, possibly setting off another war without congressional authorization and has zero plan to deal with the consequences. of course you know that, right. ilhan omar. texas congressman john radcliffe sits on house judiciary and intelligence and house secure committees and former federal prosecutor. always a pleasure to see you. thanks so much for joining me. >> good morning, maria. maria: the house gets ready to watch what takes place in terms after impeachment trial. we have the pushback from critics of the president about the killing of soleimani. your reaction? >> well, disappointing but it is
10:34 pm
not surprising. you just mentioned congresswoman omar and her tweet. think about what she said when 3,000 americans were killed by terrorists on 9/11. recently she said, some people did something. when the united states kills a terrorist her response is, she is outraged at assassinating a foreign leader. maria, this was not a foreign leader this was designated terrorist. you know who designated him a terrorist? the obama administration. so you know, it may be a new year and it may be a new decade but it is the same vindictive, progressive socialist mob that wrongfully impeached the president at the end of last year and they're starting off where they left off. maria: nancy pelosi is sitting on those articles of impeachment. she is not sending them over to the senate yet. i imagine she is looking for more dirt on president trump or whatever she is doing. could she use this, the takedown of a terrorist as another article? >> well she can because she has the votes there, very clearly
10:35 pm
they just wrongfully impeached the president on two articles. they can certainly try to do the same thing with a third. the american people see through this they know that this was a political, always was. there is a reason, maria, that at same time nancy pelosi and adam schiff and jerry nadler on december 18th were saying we can't wait a single day more. we have got to impeach the president right now, down the hall, senator schumer was already saying, we can't have a senate trial without more evidence and more testimony. because he knew it was towing to be dead on arrival in the senate and it will be. despite that professed urgency on december 18th to impeach right now, with everything we need, it is now been almost three weeks and she hasn't taken any action. she has let that progressive, socialist, democratic mob walk her into a boxed canyon. she put a gun to her own head and she is looking for mitch mcconnell to give her away out and he is not going to do that. maria: i want to ask you what an
10:36 pm
impeachment trial will look like and how the two sides will defend their sides because of course, we're expecting adam schiff to be one of the house representatives on the democrat side but a couple of weeks ago, your colleague, the minority leader, kevin mccarthy joined us here on this program. here is what he said about the president needing his own support. watch this. >> you don't get managers on the republican side but the president could have representation, that he is probably going to hire an attorney to represent him. maybe he uses the white house but i believe he should have help from the house. these individuals that worked through this, that could give advice and others. i would go to john ratcliffe, former u.s. attorney that has done an amazing job. maria: congressman, will you be representing the president in an impeachment trial? >> i don't think the president and white house counsel made any final decisions about senate defense team because we don't even know if there is going to be a senate trial. i can tell you this, i had
10:37 pm
discussions being resource in whatever way i can be allowed and authorized to do that. this was an unconstitutional impeachment. it was assault on due process. an assault on separation of powers. anything i can do to uphold my obligations to defend the constitution, limit the damage democrats have done i'm certainly willing and prepared to do that. maria: what is the president's defense at this point? tell us what that looks like in terms after senate trial hypothetically speaking she sends the articles over in the next week 1/2? >> i just listened to senator graham talking about how it should proceed. to remind your viewers what happened during the clinton impeachment, senators voted 100-0, to proceed under what are called the clinton rules. chuck schumer was one of those 100. there was unanimous decision about how this should proceed and how it would be fair. chuck schumer is now pointing to
10:38 pm
those same rules calling them absurd, saying they would be unfair. i think that senator graham outlined what should happen. she should transmit the articles of impeachment. there would be opening statements. there would be presentations by the house managers and by the president's defense team. senators would be allowed to ask questions of each side. and then the senators would decide whether or not there would be need for additional testimony or evidence this is supposed to be based on the house record and the democrats have every opportunity to call any witness they wanted and for them now to say, we need more evidence and more testimony really shows that constitutional scholar and democrat, jonathan turley said, was just absolutely accurate. this was the thinnest, fastest, weakest impeachment in u.s. history and to proceed along the lines they did was abuse of congress. maria: it once again taken all the oxygen out of the room. we have sat here now three
10:39 pm
years, congressman, you and me many coming on this program, virtually every sunday talking about abuse at top of the fbi in 2016. we now know based on the i.g. report, we know now based on a criminal investigation undergoing in john durham's office there was wrongdoing, probably criminal wrongdoing and yet the democrats are not even acknowledging this. so where do we stand on that? and do you think there is going to be accountability, knowing that there was abuse at the fisa court, knowing there was leaking and lying under oath? >> i do. i think there is going to be accountability. i think that sometimes justice delayed is not justice denied. i told your viewers repeatedly that john durham couldn't act until the inspector general michael who are wit issued the report. when he issued the report with the damning at the department of
10:40 pm
justice and fbi, tam perking with evidence, wrongfully against first candidate trump and then again a sitting president, john durham came out that day, said he agreed with a lot of what the inspector general had in terms of findings of fact but disagreed with whether or not there was a proper predicate to begin this. now we come up with evidence that is recently been reported that one of the folks that john durham talked to was an embassy official who reached out to george papdopoulus three months before crossfire hurricane was ever opened. that's a sign that john durham is looking at the fact this may include obama administration officials beyond law enforcement, perhaps to include our intelligence community, folks like john brennan and you know, based on his reputation and his prior work i have ever confidence that john durham will help share the truth with the american people and they will get a better picture really how the democratic administration before this one targeted
10:41 pm
president trump and was aided by democrats who paid for russian disinformation to try to frame this president before he ever got into office. maria: it is pretty extraordinary. the fact that for 2 1/2 years, john brennan was all over tv on msnbc and cnn saying that president trump committed treason. and now we know that john durham is looking at the communication of john brennan and whether or not the direction came from john brennan to put all the spies an informants and attaches if you will across the world, getting them to go meet with people like george papdopoulus and carter page who were on president trump's team? >> right. foreign, officials at our u.s. embassies overseas, going to meet with a campaign official for the trump campaign, not in their official capacity but explanation that they give is just out of personal curiosity. not their job, beyond that it
10:42 pm
doesn't make any sense. here is what i can tell your viewers is, trey gowdy and i were the only republicans that were allowed to see all of the classified documents back during the fisa abuse investigation and at that time we both saw documents that reflected that john brennan and jim comey behave conflicting testimony about the steele dossier. brennan says comey was pushing the steele dossier to be included intelligence community assessment. comey says it was brennan that was pushing it. they both testified under oath and congress an two investigates to that fact. they both can't be telling the truth. i'm confident justice delayed is not justice denied. there will be a full accounting, i certainly hope there will be. maria: congressman, thank you, thank you for exposing the truth over these years. we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you, maria. maria: congressman john ratcliffe. president is heading to china to continue second phase of trade
10:43 pm
talks as the senate expects to take up the new north american trade deal. peter navarro will join me we look ahead on as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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maria: peter navarro predicting the dow jones industrial average will hit 30,000 if the usmca passes. that is one day before the house voted to approve the trade deal. it is expected to head to the senate where it is expected to pass. peter navarro here to talk about the strong economy. backdrop looks strong. what are expectations in terms of usmca. >> we'll get it passed as early as friday or monday. here is how it works out. my good friend, senator grassley will mark the bill up on tuesday in the finance committee. once it is marked up, leader mcconnell has opportunity to put it on the floor. beauty of fast track legislation. it is maximum of 20 hours before
10:47 pm
it goes to the floor for a vote. we have large bipartisan support in the senate. possibly this week we can do great people's business. dairy farmers in wisconsin will rejoice. auto workers in detroit, everyone in between, across 50 states of america. maria: wow, what you're saying you think this could head to the president's desk within a week? >> it absolutely could. here's the beautiful history of this in the trump growth economy. on january 15th, just a few days later, we're going to sign a phase one china deal. so you could have within the space of a week, leading off 2020, two of the biggest and best trade deals ever signed in american history. and you know, the people of america sitting around their kitchen tables this, is what they focus on. they focus on the jobs and prosperity that president trump is bringing them and will continue to bring them in 2020. maria: so you've got a deal with china, phase one, that you think can be signed by
10:48 pm
january 15th. what about these new rules, cybersecurity rules that china has adopted, which as you know, gordon chang has written, basically negate any opportunity for the u.s. to protect intellectual property. >> well, maria, the trump card in the phase one deal is the enforcement mechanism. which allows, ambassador lighthizer, the united states trade representative, to make a complaint and if he is not satisfied within 90 days, then, proportionate measures can be taken. so that is our best enforcement. bigger picture here for me, an economy in 2020 which is really hitting on all cylinders. usmca in china are two of five deals basically that are going into effect. you have to include the great japan deal and renegotiation of the south korea deal. i'm seeing every, all four drivers of the, what i call the
10:49 pm
gdp equation hitting. got consumers, low unemployment, rising wages, high optimism are the anchor of economy. the sleeper for me when congress two weeks ago, passed a combination of the national appropriations bill and has defense authorization act this puts in place a beautiful fiscal policy floor for this economy. so i'm looking at growth closer to 3% than 2%. continuing rise in wages, particularly for the people that i try to help every day, who work with their hands. maria: so closer to 3% for 2020. and you're right, mains have been rising for the bottom earn ers even more than the top earners. income inequality is narrowing. that is big point people are not talking about. peter, see you soon. thanks for joining me. >> great to talk to you. >> what is house speaker nancy pelosi's next move as she continues to withhold the articles of impeachment from the
10:50 pm
senate? top republican on house judiciary committee, doug judiciary committee, doug collins, my special guest i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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maria: welcome back. stalemate in congress. house speaker nancy pelosi is withholding articles of impeachment from the senate in an effort to gain leverage over the conduct of the trial. joining me right now is georgia congressman doug collins. ranking member on the house judiciary committee. thanks for being here. >> good morning, maria. maria: what do you expect next two weeks as nancy pelosi still has yet to send the articles over to the senate. >> we're expecting she has to decide what she wants to do. she had a bad christmas carol, if you want to use analogy of past several weeks. ghost of christmas past, tried to i will peach the president. president sitting hire, with a
10:54 pm
bad case, bad articles of impeachment no basis in reality to impeach the president. she is looking at future with no legislative agenda there is nothing in the house for her to do. they wasted so much time and taxpayer dollars, to impeach the president we're sitting here waiting to send articles over to influence a decision which she has failed to send over. that is how sad the speaker's legacy is thus far. maria: we know you have been calling as the ranking member of judiciary, you've been calling for a horowitz to come and testified in front of your committee, given he testified in front of the senate. is that scheduled? >> it is not scheduled. where i'm concerned with chairman nadler has been so focused on impeachment and so focused getting at the president he is not doing the job of the committee and the committee has primary jurisdiction over the justice department. horowitz reported out in the senate, senator graham had his hearings, we have time to start digging on this we talked about this, senator graham has. things are so dire look how
10:55 pm
broken our effective system with the fisa court and how politicized it became under the obama administration. time for brennan, comey, clapper, all these others to start answering for that. john durham is out there looking. from congress's perspective we need to do our job oversight what happened to lead to all the mess. maria: there are 30 districts where president trump won. those people are looking for re-election. what are they saying in terms of, first being rushed, vote yes on impeachment, oh, and now, hurry up to wait? >> if i was one of those right now, i think they are from what we're hearing they need to be furious at the speak. let the american people understand something. the speaker got up there gave grand show of being solemn and our duty and conscious. minute she forced impeachment vote on weakest case in history went out and basically turned into a political document. took a sham vote for them to say impeachment is needed. no, i'm going to hold this pulled the curtain back showed everybody this is simply a
10:56 pm
political statement against this president to affect the 2020 election because they have nobody can beat the president. economy, everything is working. shown foreign presence is our country to know we're the leader of the world. she is trying to hold it up to simply affect 2020 election. maria: do you think she will use the soleimani killing as article of impeachment? >> i don't this think so. you're attacking president for taking out a known terrorist we declared a terrorist, blood of americans on his hands? this is president saying iran we'll not follow your lead anymore. we'll be leaders in the middle east. and we're going to make sure that you are not kept in place. the president always said that protecting israel, protecting our interests in the middle east. she would be tragically mistaken if she involves in that. she has a bad case to start with. no need to double down on the terrible impeachment. maria: are you looking to challenge the new senator in georgia?
10:57 pm
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>> good evening everybody. tonight from west palm beach, florida, president trump tonight is wrapping up his first campaign event of this new year in miami. the president looking to energize further his already enthusiastic base from the important evangelical community, looking to bring as many as 25 million of them to the polls this year. at tonight's rally the president announcing to the world that at his command one of the most merciless and savage terrorists on earth was ordered killed by


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