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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  January 7, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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we just heard the president may indeed, may address the nation sometime this evening. that again may. thanks for being with us. our coverage continues. [♪] trish: a senior u.s. military force telling us we are under attack from iran. the defense department confirming iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles gifnlts s. military forces in iraq. they were launched around 5:15 eastern time. all of this breaking right now. a military source telling us the u.s. is under attack by iranians in iraq. one of the military bases is in irbil in northern iraq, and the other in al asad in western iraq. the president went to al asad in
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2018 and met with our troops there. the back up said quote we'll take all necessary measures to protect and defense u.s. personnel, partners and allies in the region. the president has been briefed and he's monitoring the situation closely. we are just learning he may address the nation tonight. we may be hearing from president trump about this attack tonight. do not forget iran had promised historic revenge for the killing of general soleimani as someone who murdered as many as 00 americano --as many as 600 amers on for the attacks on the u.s. embassy in baghdad.
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joining me former delta force member, retired lieutenant general william borsma. general, i will start with you. what is yr sense of what the iranians have done? they promised a historic revenge. when you hear about 1 ballistic missiles -- when you hear about 12 ballistic missiles launched from iran targeting u.s. bases, what's your response to that. >> if they are planning historic revenge there is more to come, there has to be. this was a relatively weak response. i think we'll see some more. trish: i want to jump in and share some good news. some sourcing coming through to fox. sources saying there is no talk
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of casualties, no casualties expected. these are early reports of no casualties. general we know,200 u.s. troops were there in iraq. thousands were sent over the weekend to fortify the bases. an early report but encouraging. >> it is encouraging. i think what you see here is the radical elements of the supreme council prevailed and forced this military response as opposed to a more covert response. now i think they will live to regret it. mr. trump made it clear this will not be proportionate in terms of his responses. stand by there is more to come
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trish where what do you mean, more to come. >> i think you will see an american response to this thing that won't can proportionate. i don't want to speculate on the targets. but i think you will see a military and economic response and potentially other elements of national power will be used. trish: k.t., do you think the president will respond that aggressively to this even if we get reports that there are no casualties? >> i think president trump has been looking for a way to take america's engagement in the middle east and change the. we have oil now because of trump's actions. we are self-sufficient. we are the world's largest exporter. we into longer need what the middle east is selling. and has trump has said let somebody else fight for his piece of long bloodstained
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landing. general boykin is right. there may be more to come. but if their response is to attack a couple of u.s. bases, chances are we have the capability of shooting down those. and we have taken action in the last five days to harden those areas to make sure there are not casualties. if this turns out this is their action and no americans casualties, i think the iranians, if that's good enough for their national pride, i think we are in a very different position. trump kept saying in his statement after the killing of soleimani. we want peace. we don't want war. we want you back to the negotiating table. we want a relationship with you, but we want to renegotiate with you. iranian general yesterday afternoon who is the aide to the supreme leader. he said you made your strike. we'll have a proportionate
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response then the cycle is finished. normally everybody threatened everything in retaliation. the iranians said we'll retaliate and we'll do it proportional alley. proportionallali. a this is a guy a lot of the iranian people didn't like. this is a bad guy responsible per reuters reporting 1,500 individuals who opposed him in iran. so in some ways maybe this could be an opportunity for them to recognize there is a new sheriff in town. it's no longer president obama and it isn't president carter or
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former secretary of state clinton. we are not going to sit by and allow our u.s. embassy to be attacked. there will be retaliation. once they know that, they know the rules of the road, right? >> i also think. the iranian economy is in dire shape. what is iran going to do? think lose as much as anybody if they blockade the persian gulf. trish: we are getting something in from iranian state t.v. reporting that there has been a second round of attacks that's happening against these up s. bases. you anticipated this is just the beginning. iranian state tv confirming a second round of attacks gifnlts s. bases.
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it could be a long night. >> let me go back to what kt said. i hope she is right because she is the expert. i hope she is right. if we can close this whole thing out and everybody would go home satisfied they had done their best. but let me say that i am concerned about this whole issue of cultural targets. the iranian people as kt said have already shown that they are not happy with their government. they have risen up against their government. 1,50 off the -- 1,500 of them hn up against soleimani and been killed. the last thing we need is to hit cultural sites. trish: i think that's off the table. mike pompeo said the president was trying to say enough with
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the proxy wars. the proxy war stuff has got to stop. at some point you have got realize you can behave within the boundaries of iran itself. there are consequences. and i think that that message certainly, you know, has been heard. what they do with it of course is the big question right now. >> i agree with you. but we'll see what happens with this latest round of missiles that have been fired and what else they do. i am not sure it will be confined to just firing a few missiles. i think we may see to terrorist acts potentially directed at israel. >> i think israel is a likely target. iran, hezbollah forces, whether it's lebanon, yemen, iraq, but i think if you look at where the
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mullahs were say a week ago, they had people in the streets, inflation estimates at high as 70%. unemployment at 40%. they are not getting their one export which is oil. they are not getting to it market. i think president trump should keep his mouth shut and not try to talk to them about his missiles are bigger than their missiles. trish: that's assuming it's not that long a night. that's assuming there are no casualties. i spoke with a source earlier tonight who told me there is a lot of u.s. medical personnel being moved into syria,
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specifically general surgeons. but nonetheless they are the preparations i imagine you always take and you have to be ready for. but nonetheless, alarming to think we need that much in terms of medical personnel taking people who have been harmed. >> agree. good preparations. kt, we spent so many thousands of troops overseas over the weekend. what would those troops be doing as they are trying to fortify the bases? >> they are trying to fortify the bases. so we would have the capabilities. if there are any offseat terrorist attacks, i think our people are people are ready. i think trump should be patient about this. if this is it, we are in a good
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position. they got their macho pride back. if general boykin is right and it will be other things as well and there are fatalities, then i think we are talking about a different thing. but the iranian leaders know this. they have had a real fall. so i they they are looking for an exit ramp as well. trish: i think they are scared. i think they did not anticipate the president would lash out so address ideally and take general soleimani. there has always been sort of the way we do things. if you think about recenthistork obama, we were piling cash into airplanes in the middle of the night full well knowing we were looking at this sound earlier today from john kerry in 2016 in
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which he said yes some of that money will go to terror organizations. we knew some of that money would fund death and terror and we did the deal anyway. they are the ones who blew that one up. they violated the deal. they then struck back with a u.s. drone attack, attacking a u.s. drone as well as the oil fields. general bo -- general boykin, he said this multiple times, i will negotiate. but they responded with an attack on a u.s. drone. at what point do you say you have got to get the hint. in 2016, january of 2016 they
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took two american patrol boats off the coast of iran. they rue millated our soldiers in the patrol boats. iran never modified its behavior. and we gave them $150 billion. so it is a different landscape now, it's a different commander-in-chief. a different approach to the iranian foreign policy. i think it first thing you will see is an increase in the sanctions. i think the president has made very clear that he's ready to go to the next level of sanctions. and with iraq as well. trish: sanction them. if you can quarantine them off from the world. we have sanctions.
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we sanctioned them a lot in iran. the problem, general, sometimes with sanctions, and i like sanctionecially as an economic and business reporter. they can have a profound effect on behavior. one hopes the people rise up and take the bull by the horns and say enough with this leadership that caused so much economic struggle for us. but if you have a leadership regime like this one in iran trying to suppress their people by cutting off the internet and cutting off the outside world. and killing and assassinating 1,500 dissidents, you make it challenging for the people to rise up. aren't those hurting the people, they aren't hurting the leaders themselves. what we just demonstrated is we have a new way to go after those
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leaders pretty extra d pretty strategically. >> keep in mind probably the primary reason the people have not been able to drive their own government out of power because of the irgc and soleimani. he is the one who controlled the landscape. he controlled the military, the weapons and major sectors of the economy. that's why the people have nothing to rise up with except their own courage. trish: for sure. joining me right now, i want to jump in. i want to go to our national correspondent jennifer griffin who was the first to break this news that indeed the u.s. was under attack in iraq earlier this evening.
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jennifer, what can you tell us as we learn about a second round. >> what we were the first to report is u.s. military bases came und attack from short-range ballistic missiles or cruise missiles fired from inside iran. that's a bit of a game changer. they were not the rockets reported earlier. these were fires from the iranian revolutionary guard corps from inside iran. here is the statement. at approximately 5:30 -- p.m. iran launched a dozen ballistic missiles against the u.s. military and coalition forces in iraq at two military bases at al asad and erbil. we are working on initial battle
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damage assessment. i spoke to a senior official. under missile attack from iran. these are cruise missiles are short-range ballistic missiles. among those u.s. bases targeted. al-asad and a base in erbil. the hope of deterring the expects iranian strike. >> what happens next depend on them. i think we should expect they will retaliate in some way, shape or form through their proxies as he have been doing now for how many years, or by their own hand. so we take this one step at a time. we are prepared for any contingency. >> is per went on to say u.s. troops are not withdrawing from
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iraq. here is esper again. >> there is a -- a big offramp sitting in front of tehran. message u us they want to sit dn with no preconditions to find a way forward. reporter: that was before tonight's missile attacks on u.s. troops. now the pentagon chiefs and the president where in the white house. trish: jennifer, thank you very much. outstanding reporting as always. i want to share with the viewers, they are looking at some video that has come in from iranian state tv reporting there has been a second round of attacks. the pentagon confirming the first round of attacks on two u.s. air bases. one in northern iraq, erbil and
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the other at al asad air force base. there are 5,200 u.s. forces in iraq. there were 12 ballistic missiles launched. they are not guide there so they can be difficult to navigate. but again both of those air force bases coming under attack and we learned from iranian state tv that a second round of attacks have been launched. kt mcfarland and general boykin are still with me. kt has said that if this evening goes well enough and there are no u.s. casualties, and early reports indicate that, then there might be a window of opportunity for iraq potentially to save face, for the u.s. to
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save face, and for the u.s. to call it a day. they got the message. don't think about actually killing americans. do you think they have gotten the message? and what do you think the president is going to be responding with tonight as we wait for him to address americans? >> i think that exit ramp with secretary esper is still there for iran if they want to deescalate. we are ready to talk as long as the damage that has been done does not include american military or civilian personnel. if there were injuries and it's been indicated there haven't been, then have a lot to continue to talk about. i think also knowing the extent of the attack two different ways of attack. the tight missiles. is that the end of it or is there going to be more.
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fit is the end of it, there is an opportunity to continue the economic and diplomatic solutions. i think the president had to use the military force because iran just won't stop. we saw it in may in the gulf oman with four commercial ships being attacked. we saw it in june with the drone being knocked down. and right after the iranian nuclear deal was signed, they attacked an american ship. i think they have been bullies and unchecked. it was time for the president to take decisive action and say there is a new sheriff in the white house and we are not putting up with you anymore. the first thing he did was to tie up the iran nuclear deal. but the president had to make this decision and he took decisive action. but we can still have that diplomatic solution that iran is
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ready to sit down and talk. >> i guess that's the question. joining us by phone, kt. it does not feel as though iran has given any indication of any willingness to talk but you remain optimist. tell us why we hud think about it differently. >> i was with president trump when he made his first military engagement with the decision to bomb the syrian airfield that had delivered chemical weapons to the syrian men, women and children. i was with him, there were taste us in the situation room. he's a reluctant warrior. he gets all the information. he asked what could go wrong. he thinks of it from the status and the perspective of the other side. he doesn't just say i'm angry because you have done this. he looks at it from the eyes of
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the opposition. what they are they thinking. what do they need to get out of this. what is their position. how do i challenge them and threaten them in a way without escalating. i think those are the things trump is thinking about right now. trish: thank you very much. i think you make a very important point and it's a good insight into the president's character. i had conversations with him as well, and he stressed how cite call it is that we not lose any american lives. he takes this very seriously, which is important. i think the toughest part about being president is thinking about the lives at stake and the lives on the line and having to look at those family members when their sons or daughters come back and they are wound or they have been lost. the president takes all of that. he told me and you and others, he takes it extremely seriously to heart in a way every president should.
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kt mcfarland, thank you. we'll talk with you later in the show. i want to bring into the conversation again general boykin. is it important if a president does take that into consideration. it would be wonderful if the reports are true and there are no u.s. casualties. let's not forget about the influence of hezbollah. hezbollah is a terror organization responsible for so many civilian deaths. despite the russian state media out tweeting today that iran would not have civilian casualties, a tweet i should point out, alexandria ocasio-cortez foolishly liked because it's flat-out wrong. iran has been responsible via its surrogates and hezbollah for many civilian casualties. how do we deal with iran sort of
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regime that's in power maybe negotiating on the one hand and terrorists backing him up in the other room? >> i think there are serve things we have to do. by the way. iran created hezbollah. it's not that they support them. they created hezbollah. hezbollah was the organization that blew up the marine barracks in october of 1983. they killed more than civilians, they have gone after military tarring test as well. the sanctions are crippling them. you said earlier they hurt the people as well. well, that's one of the unfortunate problems with sanctions. but at the same time we have got to squeeze the mullahs in the supreme council. sanctions are important. we have a wide array of
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corporate possibilities. we can support the people of tehran and support the opposition. i was in erbil in may. i talked to a guy who has been in tehran for more than a decade. he told me the people there are so fed up with their government. he said they would rise up against the government if they had the capabilities to do so. trish: i heard that as well from sources in iran. and the danger of course in any situation like this is you unite the people and they rally together with the horrible regime that worked to oppress them. but nonetheless they feel victimized. i get it. that's a danger in a situation like that. it's important to point out and we appreciate you doing so. general boykin we'll be talking to you later in the show. joining us by phone.
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dr. zuhdi jasser. this was expected. they had promised some kind of historic revenge. they anticipated doing it within three days. we learned from iranian state tv they just launched a second round of attacks against u.s. bases. what's yours reaction to the news as this unfolds tonight. >> the location they hit tells us everything. we have to take it lens and ziement out into the big picture. we targeted soleimani because he organized an attack on our embassy. there is the primary struggle for the shiia crescent to syria and lebanon. the shiia radical islamists are trying to take over baghdad. they did so by attacking our
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embassy, and they are attacking sunni strongd hold of iraqi troops and the other is kurdish. it's places where our mitt is -- where our military is stationed. they want us out of there so they can continue to take over iraq fully. trish: you you have the shiia's controlling the parliament, correct, in iraq which partly explained why they voted for the u.s. to get out. when you think of all the frankly we have done, zuhdi jasser, for iraq to try and stablize in recent years. yet to be effectively shown the door because they want to choose the iranian mullahs over us, that's certainly disheartening.
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>> you are exactly right. that's why the response we should be looking for. what is the iraqi farm limit and iraqi people going to say. the parliamentans who showed up, the sunnis did not vote against us. the response from the iraqi organized government is going to be important. it will be like afghanistan where we have to leave or is there a need for a presence in the kurdish areas? we can't let soleimani from his grave have a victory of us leaving. the best deterrent, we'll have to respond and respond proportion nally. this is d proportionally.
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trish: 1,500 people were slaughtered, and that was orchestrated by general soleimani. given your familiarity with hezbollah. the iranians may be saying we have a controlled response. there is no u.s. casualties in early reports which is heartening and we hope it hold through through the second round. they need to open the door for some kind of olive branch between the u.s. and iran. they cleared the air. but it doesn't get to the hezbollah issue which is that we may have some individuals that try to carry out attacks that are highly problematic,
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potentially deadly. if that happens the u.s. will want to respond again in kind. how do they shut the hezbollah stuff off from the iranians? >> i think it israel example is perfect. israel has responded interest mitintermittently. we'll have to respond to the terror threat in that region. i think attacking inside iraq is a whole different equation that may not be necessary because the bigger picture is the protection of the iraqi people. would i like to see a response from the u.s. and our allies inside iraq that are not the shiia traitors i have been
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working with the iranian regime. dr. zuhdi jasser joining us as well and senate armed forces committee member, rick scott. there are reports that there are no u.s. casualties. that's just thus far. could that in fact be in any way by design? we know iran has missiles that could have been more specially articulated and used to actually get at u.s. forces. they used missiles that were not as precise. what do you make of that? >> i think it will be smart if they didn't.
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president trump by killing soleimani said he's not going to tolerate them attack our troops. our military men and women are in harm's way, and i hope iran comes to the conclusion they have to stop this. they have a choice. they can be part of the world community and prosper or go up against the might of the american military and they will lose. trish: they are attacking u.s. bases. we hope there is no casualties. that would be very encouraging if that's the case. but they are attack u.s. bases. do we need to respond in a way that, you know, would be destructive to them, in your view? >> we clearly know president trump does not want to go to
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war. he wants to reduce our footprint around the world. but he will stand up for the american troops and do everything he to be prevent a war and prevent harm to american troops. if he comes to the conclusion the right thing to do is hit the iranian targets tonight he will do it. he clearly imairts american men and women in the uniform. >> it's something he certainly said publicly over and over again. i had conversations with him about it. he feels very strongly. and i think i relates to parents who have their children overseas. he relates to family members who have a husband or wife overseas. one thing he said repeatedly is he does note want american lives being sacrificed for these international conflicts which in his view will never be resolved.
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he said look they have been going on for thousands of years in the middle east and you will never fix it. i do not want to lose american lives trying to help them with their problem. and yet we are in a situation tonight where we are look at two u.s. bases under attack potentially more. >> i think that he's going to make the same type of decision as he did with soleimani. he will do whatever it takes to stop attacks on american citizens and american men and women. we had the opportunity to meet with gold star families. your heart goes out to them. i as the governor of florida sent a lot of troops overseas in harm's way. i served the navy and i had a lot of friends go to street a number. no one wants to put troops in harm's way.
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i hope iran learned their lesson that you should stop attacking american troops. i would not want to be up against the american military men and women. they are the best in the world. trish: some sources have spoken to me about iranian pride. and the iranians wanted to feel they could do nothing retaliation to losing their general. they talked about, iranians publicly said we want a historic revenge. but you heard kt mccarland say the iranians are a proud people. is this something they are doing perhaps to save face? >> i don't think it's the iranian people first off. i think it's the iranian leadership. they don't care about the rights of their citizens. this is the ayatollah trying to keep power. this has nothing to do with caring about the citizens of
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iran. we would love to work hand in hand with the citizens of iran to build a better world for freedom and prosperity. but we have individuals whether it's the ayatollah or maduro in venezuela, or north korea. they want to keep their power. they don't care about their citizens. i don't believe the. >> i to thank cares -- i don't believe the ayatollah cares about his citizens. trish: all of those places have one thing in common, very, very poor leadership that doesn't care for the people. this is a leadership that kill killed,50, -- that killed 1,500 people, insurgents. sanctions, cutting iran after
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economically has had the effect to upset individuals in the streets to the point where they are saying what is this government worth and ways the ayatollah worth if we can't feed our family. >> it cut the funding to hezbollah and hamas. the way to go after these thugs is you have to go add their pocketbooks. when they do have the money to do these bad deeds. we are not doing the obama appeasement where we give them money. we say you attack our troops, you are going to suffer the consequences. and we'll make sure you don't have the money to make sure you don't do all the bad things you are doing around the world. trish: senator scott, let's hope for a peaceful resolution to all of this. no one, despite what some democrats have said, no one wants war. joining me right now, live from
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jordan, fox news correspondents, benjamin hall. reporter: what would be a red line for the president is whether any u.s. servicemen have been killed or wound. that has been something president trump said would be a red line. he did not respond to iranian attacks when they shot down a drone or when they hit tankers in the gulf. when the american contractor was killed in kirkuk that was a red line for him. we have seen a steady escalation. we have been hearing from the iranians. and they didn't mince their
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word. they also said many of their political and military leaders saying they want to spill american blood. certainly iranian tv are cheering saying this is the revenge we waited for. we have seen the u.s. beefing you have its forces there. we have the uss harry truman in the persian gulf. there are flume russ things take place -- there are numerous things taking place. there were indications saying iran was moving a few of its pieces around. retaliation was expected. but we didn't know where it was going to come. the iranians said they would
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attack the u.s. homeland and israel. and now we have seen the response. the ballistic missiles are coming over. we don't know the true number of them. the u.s. is saying over 12. the iranians are saying over 3. >3 -- saying over 30. because iran is just across the border. a lot of those are coming into play. we are waiting to see what the toll is of this attack and wait and see whether the u.s. respond. trish: benjamin hall. thank you very much. we see a second round of missiles being launched against u.s. forces there. u.s. bases in iraq out of iran. we heard from the pentagon earlier tonight that 12 ballistic missiles have been
11:43 pm
fired into iraq at u.s. bases, two specifically. we are hearing the president has been briefed on all of this and may address the nation tonight. he will not be addressing the nation tonight. so perhaps this is according to stephanie grisham his i could be a very long night here as we see the second round of attacks being launched from my ron. something they had promised when they talked about historic revenge. still here with me tonight jack kingston from the 2020 campaign and from the islamic form. and also joining us right now retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel bob ligon us. colonel can you give us some thoughts on what's unfolding. >> the things i haven't heard yet is the iranians are using
11:44 pm
schumann threes they are iraq missiles they can get within 30 meters of its target. you have to understand their sheer militia all over the region and that is very easy for them to pinpoints u.s. facilities inside those two airbases, and then to feed into the gps the exact grid coordinates. and therefore watch from inside iran and hit very precise targets. so i am going to hold out and hope and pray that we don't have any casualties, but i think it's important understand you should not underestimate the technology of the iranians. they are good at what they do. >> earlier this evening i mentioned on the program and i will reiterated that we said there is a lot of medical personnel that had been shipped overseas to the middles overseas to syria because i suppose you always need to be prepared, but the
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fear of course we hear something like that kernel is that there will be casualties. if that were the case, i don't know what the u.s. would do what is the response given your military expert expertise? >> we won't respond genetically. not like the present pullback in june. i think it's important understand that in 2005 i went into baghdad and being introduced by one of our generals to what at the time, the iranians were introducing to the battlefield there. and that was very sophisticated id that would blow apart some of our armored vehicles. that type of technology was underestimated up to that particular. don't underestimate their capabilities. trish: if there are no casualties as of yet can we
11:46 pm
take heart in that that perhaps they had this tremendous capability and we have seen them as you see, we've seen them use it and we saw them use it in an oil field for example. there are no casualties, that either means we get a heckuva job preparing against this onslaught or they perhaps chose to make this just look like something shall we say. >> well you heard from your reporter in the pentagon, and they had been meeting in the tank and they had been briefing the president. they have been looking from above and on the ground and through un resources. the type of information that we needed to understand what was going on. we need to know what's the many things that we anticipated that they would do. and so it's a matter of, yes, we probably had our people is best fortified as they could but at the same time, they tried to use the element of
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surprise to their own advantage. and so it could be that they have been a successful at doing something that we tried to prevent. it's we don't know yet it's too early to guess totally what's going on. but i don't want to be terribly optimistic until we get the good report that they missed our people, and that the president is going to do whatever he is going to do. trish: bill was some talk rlier in the evening that the president might address the nation. we have now learned that his press secretary that that is not going to happen. i can imagine a time like this or that is prudent to wait, it's prudent to see what actually happens. what the lay of the land is before speaking publicly. >> absolutely the president that carries a lot of weight when he says something. and his words are dissected and ways that the intelligence agencies and iran cannot try to understand what he really means. as well as our allies.
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and so it has to be very strategic. he has to send a message to the american people, to the allies in the region, as well as to the iranians. we want to stop this right now before it escalates any further. but as you know, trish, this started back in 1979 when they seized our embassy. and a week ago they almost seized another embassy. and of course his general boynton said it they created hezbollah and they killed 241 of our marines. said this is something that has been really a cancer that has been eating at us for a long time. and so either we at some.bring them to the peace table, and i will tell you back during the bush administration i talk to very senior people in the pentagon about trying to help the iranian dissidents. and then of course we didn't do it. we didn't do it in 2009, i hope at this.we are using our psychological means as well as our material means to help
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those who are willing to fight inside of my ron against the tyranny of the ayatollah. trish: and it is critical server that if we are to help them, that we have the proper support for them. if you saw 1500 people that tried to rise up against this regime, they were murdered. >> that will happen again you were desperate from civility from a land which they haven't known since 1979, this is a great people, the persian people for thousands of years have enriched the entire region. but since 1979, they've gone such a bad direction that is not only hurting the iranian people but is hurting the people in iraq, and syria, and lebanon, and in yemen and elsewhere. trish: kernel stay with me like talk to a little more but i want to bring into the conversation someone who knows
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this region extremely well and has spent a lot of time on the ground there. i remember her very well reporting when baghdad first fell. it's on larry logan is here herself tonight. what is your. [inaudible] >> thank you very much trip this is not unexpected. the speed of the action, is perhaps i've been speaking to a few people in the region tonight, and they are interpreting that as a sign of iran, normally iran is very careful not to put their fingerprints on anything. but this a public display, there is a video which as yet unconfirmed, no one actually knows when it was shot and is it exactly what they say it is. but nevertheless it is a symbol to the iranian people that they are responding. that they are responding to the death of soleimani that is
11:51 pm
significant in itself it's a sign that the iranians chose to act correctly. trish: we were talking earlier who talked about the iranian people who fell. i know you knew them very well. who have been so unhappy with the regime there. the sanctions have increased that unhappiness given the economic challenges that the people there have faced. and we have seen in some cases the people trying to rise up. the regime has squash that. but as the general is just saying, there is an opportunity here to view belief or some kind of change? whether it's a regime change or new kind of my ron? and maybe, maybe, this is the moment in time where there could be that massive
11:52 pm
upheaval. your thoughts? >> while it is very difficult as you pointed out to really know what's happening on the ground in iran. because we do know from previous movements like the green movement that there is a degree of unhappiness and iran. we know there have been several, main symbolic moments in recent history where i iraqis have taken to the streets and risen up. but that is very quickly been followed by deathly silence. so i don't choose deathly accidentally. many of those protesters have been killed. and others have been imprisoned and never seen or heard of again. so what iran as i demonstrated is very effective at keeping their own people suppressed and keeping people out. and so what i have struggled with as a journalist is yes you can meet iranian dissidents and yes be in touch with opposition members who repel you, one version of events, and yes i know and iranian person who traveled back and forth in the u.s. and tell me about the economic difficulties they are facing, et cetera, but how do you really know how widespread
11:53 pm
that feeling is? how do you really know what the momentum is in our rock. that is impossible to gauge from a distance and if we are struck with that sort of the u.s. intelligence. so as the u.s. governments. so how do you really know. iran is very good at stage managing its image. it's very good at stage managing his propaganda. it has incredibly sophisticated apparatus all over the world in which to do that and they have demonstrated time and time again they are very good at it. among the best that there is. so that is difficult to note. but certainly what you do know is that qassem soleimani was involved in suppressing any kind of dissent and iraq and iran as well as being involved in proxy wars all over the region. and so without someone like qassem soleimani it's illogical to say that this moment before his successor has really cemented his hold on power and shown what he is aware of.
11:54 pm
before they know this of any instability of insurgency, there is always opportunity. >> stay with the we want to go to baghdad right now fox news tray is live there, trey we are hearing from state media there's been a second round of missiles, what can you tell us there on the ground? >> we are working to confirm the second round of missiles filed toward that base and iraq. we have confirmed there been no american casualties so far. that iraqis say there are casualties on their side. this is a shared base by the american and they are iraqis in the western part of the country. it is used as one of many bases in the fight against as lenox state. there's a lot of helicopter activity over baghdad, just off to my left in the green zone there's a number forces, just other countries to embassies here. they are patrolling in assuring that the sheer militias don't launch attacks
11:55 pm
here in baghdad. there were a number of rockets here and concerned that could also taking place tonight. i iranians are saying it is that, they are taking credit for the strikes inside iraqi territory part about what is different in comparison to the pass, as these are ballistic missiles fired from my iranian territory toward my iranian face with troops. there been one-off rocket attacks towards american bases across iraq, but this is something very new that we have seen, and the scene of escalation in the area i iranians saying they are not going to respond any further, according to reports from their state television if the president, president trump decides not to respond. the president has been briefed and he hasn't decided how he's going to respond. >> they are in baghdad tonight tray, there are two bases
11:56 pm
being fired at with roughly 12 ballistic missiles tonight and northern iraq and asad witchel blair logan has spent time at. the president was there in december and 2018. and you spent time there. and one of the points you've made to me is very interesting, for viewers to understand and know, we have ways of defending ourselves. against these attacks. and again with early reports with casualties we hope this holds through through the night. what is at the airbase would be doing to protect itself as it fortifies itself knowing that these attacks would be launched. >> i have seen the missile defense systems that are on those bases. in the past i have not been there recently but certainly they have a system that is kind of a gatling gun that is amounted and has fires thousands of rounds into the air. there's obviously a warning sound it's a buzzing sound and it's a very, very very loud and essentially what you're
11:57 pm
dealing with an eye spoke with a number of military people tonight about this, it takes time for the missile from what it's launched a minute get reaches its target so you do have time the u.s. plans for this the u.s. trains for this. there's a warning system in place. and there is a procedure, so insurgents know what to do when they hear those sounds. there are bunkers for them to go into but there's also a sprawling base. it's apsley massive. trish: it's interesting when you sail it that because we think of the events tonight. and there is an early report i can check with the producing team that crossed i want to say sometime in the 5:00 o'clock hour, roughly around 530 these alarms, these signals going off. and we were waiting for some kind of confirmation. then our own jennifer griffith confirming sometime around the 6:00 o'clock hour i believe that indeed they were marching
11:58 pm
these missiles so it speaks to what they are saying about the warning system. so hearing those noises initially, getting reports tonight that it 5:30 p.m. eastern time new york time, that indeed those rockets were launched. but i know you spent a lot of time there and it's so challenging from so many different perspectives this president has said repeatedly he doesn't want to lose any lives. when you look at this tonight when you think about historically within the region. is this a game changer in any way? >> will one of the things that's missing about soleimani's death is all the people in the region, iraq particularly who welcomed this, we focus on the morning. and there is been a lot of reporting about what iran, i think one reporter said that the u.s. had deprived iran of an inspirational leader.
11:59 pm
but all of those pictures of the funeral, of this demand, leave out all the images of the funeral that he had and is awake. but those came before his death. and there were many. we are talking about thousands, not just hundreds. so they rocky community here in the united states, there iraqi people and iraq itself many were celebrating the death of soleimani. and nobody, nobody thought the u.s. would ever had whatever it took would take to take them out. it's that big of a target it's that significant and often what people who leave out is the man in his side who was really the soleimani of iraq. he was he commanded that and iraq. it's really that shiite force that rose up and woke up isis. trish: i think what you're
12:00 am
saying is so important and let's all hope this is a turning., that it's a new attack and opportunity there are much more people. [inaudible] thank you for being here thank you for all the breaking news. a maternity over to kennedy. kennedy: breaking news now on the u.s. standoff with around the pentagon confirming iran lost a major missile attack on u.s. military bases and iraq. early reports there are no casualties of the u.s. variety yet. but the eye iranians warning there is more to come. so how will the presidents respond? this is brand-new video of what we are told is one of the bases where the missiles landed. let's listen. [inaudible] we are told this is the missile shortly after they were launched into the night sky. it all comes five days after u.s. drone strike


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