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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 9, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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looks like they're 40 votes away from a decision but, clearly, the democrats will win the day on this one. the results should be in shortly. fox business will bring those to you live. that does it for "bulls & bears." we will see you next time. >> another one for the record books. susan: the dow fueled by easing tensions with iran. a video verified by "the new york times," showing the moment the pentagon says iran accidentally shot down that ukrainian airliner with russian-made surface-to-air missile killing all 176 people on board. but iran still denying it. claiming it must have been mechanical failure. so far refusing to hand over black boxes from the boeing 737. on capitol hill holding a
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non-binding vote to stop trump from taking further military action against iran. we'll have the latest on that. trump is on his way to a rally in toledo. back in d.c., dems and republicans are in open warfare over his impeachment trial. i'm susan li in for elizabeth macdonald tonight. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. susan: so much to get to night. hillary vaughn in d.c. on the ukrainian airliner, now believed to be brought down by iranian missile. kevin corke in d.c. on congress, limiting president trump's war powers. gerri willis on floor of the new york stock exchange, covering record highs. let's start in d.c. with hillary vaughn. hillary? reporter: susan, senior u.s. official tells iran's anti-missile defense system actually fired taking out the
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boeing 737 plane shortly after takeoff in tehran. the official tells fox the missile system was russian made and accidentally fired a russian missile bringing down the jet, tell fox quote, they screwed up and it i tragic. the president made comment ruling out the possibility that the plane crashed due to a malfunction. >> somebody could have made a mistake on the other side. somebody could have made a mistake. it was flying, not our system, has nothing to do with us. it was flying at pretty rough neighborhood and somebody could have made a mistake. some people say it was mechanical. i personally don't think that's, even a question, personally. reporter: all 176 victims on board the ukrainian airlines aircraft died in the crash. 63 were canadian. canada's prime minister justin trudeau confirming that intelligence tells him the plane was shot down. >> this new information,
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reinforces the need for a thorough investigation into this matter. canada is working with its allies to insure that a thorough and credible investigation is conducted to determine the causes of this fatal crash. as i said yesterday, canadians have questions, and they deserve answers. reporter: the iranian ambassador says a complete investigation is underway. iran invited the u.s. to be present during the crash investigation. boeing will have a representative there. meanwhile some airlines are grounding flights headed to tehran today. austrian air and lufthansa canceling flights to the city today. susan? susan: hillary, thank you very much. stay in d.c. with fox news's kevin corke on the house war powers resolution being voted on right now. kevin? reporter: as we speak. here's the thing, senate republicans will tell you, susan this is never going to make its way past the senate.
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this will not be binding, it is not going to be law. it will be a non-binding resolution when it does pass our expectation. we have chad pergram on the ground at the capitol. let me tell you this, this has a couple of ways you can look at it. on one hand this is certainly a tone setter for the house. representatives would like the american people to know, for that matter, they would like the world to know that they are going to do all they can to constrain this president, especially if he decides to further engage or escalate the circumstance between the united states and iran. now, the other way to look at this. senate republicans, for that matter, a great number of house republicans will tell you, because this is a, non-binding, b it will not be a law, c, this has absolutely no impact what the president can do with respect to his powers inside the executive. now, that said, this is a worthy debate. there are a number of people who feel like this is a law, a
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resolution should have been overturned excite some time ago. if you allow me just a moment, i would like to share a tweet in fact that the president of the united states retweeted t was a tweet from his former national security advisor john bolton. bolton in his tweet, talking about it. he said the 1973 war powers resolution is unconstitutional. it reflect as fundamental misunderstanding of how the constitutional located foreign affairs authority between the president and congress. the resolution should be repealed, about which the president said i agree. he called hit smart analysis. this is just another example of democratic presidential harrassment. it should make for a very interesting topic tonight as his rally in in in toledo. we'll keep an eye what is happening down the street here on capitol hill with our colleague chad pergram. if i get more information i promise to pass it along. but now back to you. susan: kevin, thank you very
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much the vote open on the house floor. all three major indices hitting brand new highs, the dow crossing 29,000. gerri willis on floor of the new york stock exchange with market action there. gerri? reporter: susan it was another record breaking day on wall street. all three major averages finishing record territory, the dow nearly crossing into 29,000. didn't quite make it there. it was up 211 points at new all-time high. the s&p 500 up 21. nasdaq higher by 74, above 9200 for the first time. it was a handful of big cap tech stocks leading the way here. apple, microsoft, tesla. all finishing higher at record levels. boeing doing very well indeed on a report that iranian missile was a likely cause of a crash of the 737 plane in tehran on tuesday. iran is initially tried to pin the accident on a mechanical issue. tomorrow of course, we get the all-important jobs number.
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we're expecting 160,000 jobs were created, that would be down from the previous month. but we're seeing the rate holding steady at 3.5%. susan, back to you. susan: thank you so much, gerry. catch the december jobs report which is due out tomorrow morning. all of the action will start at eight p.m. eastern time on "mornings with maria." the numbers come out at 8:30 eastern time. we'll follow it threw out the day on fox business. one of other top storieses downed uranium airliner, i'm joined by retired lieutenant colonel james carafano from the heritage foundation. good to have you on the program. you heard all indications, from canadian prime minister justin trudeau, various intelligence sources it may have been inadvertently downed by a iranian surface-to-air missile. iran still denying it. >> that makes perfect sense.
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the smart or appropriate move, during the strike, if the iranians had shut down the airspace and grounded planes. they knew it wasn't a secret. americans knew about it. they notified iraqis ahead of time. they had plenty of time to ground airspace but they didn't do that. iranian government structure, one half of the government doesn't talk to the other half of the government. no surprise guys running civilian airspace may have been in the dark about this and didn't know this was even coming. >> if you're a relative of the 176 on board and one of your family members were kildee spite the fact missiles were launched into iraq, yet planes were still allowed to take off it makes no sense. >> it doesn't and look, it probably was a very tragic thing but, let's be honest, the government is responsible. the united states inadvertently shot down a airliner over south korea. we took responsibility for that. we didn't mean to do it but we did it.
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in this case the iranian government is responsible. the fact they're denying it, this shows again how reckless and feckless this regime really is. >> what about countries that have relatives and nationals on board like canada, like ukraine, how should they react? >> i think they will be rightfully outraged like the downing of mh-17 by the russians again not intentional but incredible act of negligence and malfeasance. even greater, there were iranians on board this plane. this government killed their own innocents. look, they have a record of that. they have killed hundreds in suppressing protests over the last couple of month but among the other things, this cannot make this government more popular. the fact they did this. that has to be just another log on the fire. susan: what about the black boxes? you heard from justin trudeau today, i found it surprising he said the black boxes might be given access to the ukrainian government and zelensky and possibly to canada as well.
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do you think that is going to happen since they're barring boeing from taking a look at the black boxes and even the u.s.? >> there are protocols on this and in the protocol both canadian government and the ukrainian government are absolutely entitled to be part of the investigation to get access to the black boxes. typically also, the manufacturer of the plane, in this case boeing, would be done that. in a sense iran already violated international norms. my guess, if they share information with the canadians and ukrainians, they're going to share it with us. susan: james, before i let you go, we're tracking vote on the floor of the house, war powers resolution which will force president trump to get house, i guess approval before he launches any further military action against iran, non-binding of course, but it has passed along party lines, not surprising. >> a nothing burger as in our attempts i think revise the authorization to use military force. there is such division in the
6:11 pm
congress on this thing, that it is not, again this is all a joke. if the congress of the united states does not want the united states doing military action, all they have to do is cut off funding. it is just that simple. it is in the constitution. susan: okay. james, great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. susan: let's get to ohio because we are awaiting president trump in the big rally tonight. he has just landed in toledo. we'll check if he speaks to talk to reporters. he didn't on the way to air force one. we'll be tracking to see if he makes any comments to the press. next up, there is a new and ugly battle brewing in the capitol over hard left dems and their supporters defending iran and apologizing for america. we'll take you to the toledo once again of course, whenever trump steps off the plane. his rally is set to begin among his faithful and whether or not that impeachment fight will be mentioned as it gets uglier by the day. ♪.
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fox news's benjamin in amman, jordan. reporter: there were suspicions this was something other than technical fault based on the fact it happened, the plane was shot down less than three hours after iran fired ballistic missiles across into iraq. since then iranians denied access to the crash site and refused to hand over the black boxes either to boeing or the u.s. they claim those black boxes have been damaged and parts of their memory have been lost. this video, obtained and verified by "the new york times" shows the moment the plane is hit by the missile. u.s. intelligence believes it was shot down by a russian made sa-15 anti-missile system programmed to fire on any object that looks like a missile. it can be fired automatic or manuel. the u.s. intelligence is based on satellite images, infrared and communications intercepts. iran says suggestions that the
6:17 pm
plane was shot down were illogical rumors suggesting this was technical error. the plane came down minutes after took off in good visibility. it reached 8,000 feet before the aircraft suddenly disappeared from tracking sites. this sudden disappearance according to experts suggests a catastrophic incident on board, not a technical failure. the pilot did not radio for help as they otherwise would have, they just went quiet. the plane full of fuel was obliterated on the ground. they banned earlier u.s. pilots from flying over iran, iraq and parts of persian gulf. there are big questions why ukrainian air decided it was safe to take off that night. susan? susan: benjamin hall, amman, jordan. let's bring in congressman guy resenthaller of the foreign relations committee. iran still denying fact it may have been one of their
6:18 pm
surface-to-air craft missiles and refusing to hand over the black boxes. as you hear from the pentagon and various intelligence sources saying iran may have inadvertently shot down the plane. >> i don't want to speculate but this shows you what we're dealing with. that is a country that is not good at symmetric warfare. they might be good with asymmetric warfare, planting roadside bombs, storing embassies in the guise of shia militia groups, when it comes to actual battle with the united states, shows you how unprepared they would be, the kind of a force with a symmetric battle. susan: what do you think of the democrats reaction? because tonight on the house floor they passed this non-binding, mostly symbolic war powers resolution that would limit what president trump can do further with iran without congressional approval? >> i think this is absolutely disgusting. i heard some people saying that this is a quote, unquote, nothing burger. this is absolutely not. it might be non-binding but emboldens the iranians.
6:19 pm
at a time we're finally holding iranians accountable fortran aggressions not joining family of nations yet we had a group of democrats those to embolden iran and chose to stand with far left radical base instead of standing up to the iranians. susan: exactly what some people called a press conference that took place yesterday. let me get your thoughts, your take on fellow member of congress, minnesota democrat ilhan omar saying the conflict with iran triggered her ptsd. listen. >> i feel i'm a little bit because of everything that is taking police. every time i hear about, i hear of conversations around war, i find myself being strickenned with ptsd. and, i find peace knowing that i serve with great advocates for peace and people who have shown
6:20 pm
courage against war. susan: so there was some controversy surrounding those statements but omar was referencing her youth in war-torn somalia. if you're in tehran, looking at this, breaking unity in the u.s., what would you think? >> well it emboldens iranians for sure but the irony here, the hip hip hypocrisy was talking about soleimani stood for. he spread terror and chaos throughout the middle east. he backed houthi rebels when they overtook the government. he spread chaos through syria. he funds, hezbollah and hamas. he backs shia militia groups in iraq that planted roadside bombs on our servicemembers. when it comes to ptsd, terror, refugee issues, so much was spread by soleimani himself. finally president trump took bold action he prevented the exact kind of situations that
6:21 pm
representative omar is talking about. that is the irony. just one more thing about representative omar. she is standing, she is standing against further sanctions iran yet at the same time she supports boycott, sanction and divest movement on the state of israel. so that shows you where the democrats foreign policy is. this is a party that moved radically to the left. they're in control of the social justice warrior elements of their conference. again, when it comes to foreign policy, they oppose sanctions on iran, they support, oppose sanctions on iran, yet support it on the state of israel. shows you how far left they have gone. susan: nikki haley, former ambassador to the u.n. said the only people mourning soleimani's death are the democrats. talk about quickly about misinformation. i want to show our audience the propaganda being played out in iran, about how soleimani was viewed by there. we saw video of huge crowds surrounding his video, there was
6:22 pm
stampede in his home city. he was not kind to his own people. he was responsible for murdering thousands. what do you make of this. >> we have to remember a regime that stands against democracy, stands against the u.s. they brutally put down those that stand up for democracy to move this to western style government in iran. a few weeks ago, there were uprisings in iran. those were brutally put down. this is a country where it is hard to get a cab that has air-conditioning. moments after soleimani's death, hours after his doing, huge posters print of the man. this is astroturf movement, a fake grass roots movement. this is propaganda from iranian regime. susan: congressman, i this that i analogy is appropoe. >> thank you for having me on. susan: we'll take you to ohio
6:23 pm
for president's big rally and preview. back in d.c., nancy pelosi and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell are engaged in a escalating standoff over impeachment. later on in the program, new questions why exactly bernie sanders and elizabeth warren joined a conference call with an iranian american advocacy group that critics claim that actually lobbies on behalf of the iranian government. we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ susan: 2020 is here. president trump holds the first campaign rally of the new year in toledo, ohio, tonight. to fox news matt finn standing by. from what i saw, lineups were starting up 24 hours in advance of this. reporter: we talked to a family of four people who said they got here 5:30 in the morning. you can imagine how cold it was then. really that is the scene coast to coast at these president trump rallies.
6:28 pm
people line up super early in the morning or the day before. here in toledo, ohio, the campaign says the president landed in this state. he has to do some things that quote, kiss some babies before he takes the stage in a matter of minutes. we're in toledo, ohio, in luck cast count which hillary clinton won in 2016 but surrounded by a bunch of red counties. it is south of michigan border. they hope to have empack from ohio and anyone that made a short drive from the state of michigan. we expect the president to perhaps mention jobs, tout the economy. we talk to some president trump supporters outside today, who say in general they feel the economy is doing well. one person tells us she is hopes what the president might touch on tonight. also we, right now we do have a team outside who are monitoring the protesters. we're told there is about 100 loud protesters out there.
6:29 pm
we talked to police. they expect groups from black lives matter, and planned parenthood. it is been largely peaceful and nothing out of hand outside. susan: looks to very busy. thank you so much, matt finn. let's get to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. tonight you bet you hear something about impeachment. mitch mcconnell said the articles of impeachment don't know when they will be sent over to impeachment. telling republican senators at lunch, telling nancy pelosi to transmit the articles possibly as soon as tomorrow so that a impeachment trial could start early next week. talk to former federal prosecutor doug burns, i called a constitutional scholar. >> thank you. susan: right now nancy pelosi says she will continue to hold on to articles of impeachment until she says what the terms of engagement clearly outlined by the senate. translate this for me. >> legal and political. start with legal, obviously which is why i'm here. the constitution says, we've been over this many times the
6:30 pm
house has sole power over impeachment and the senate has sole power of trying it. so the point is it, would be like buying a hot dog on the street. not trying to be cute. give me the hot dog. no, no, give me the money. no, give me the hot dog. that is completely babyish. the point, in the constitutional framework once of house impeaches it has to be sent to the senate for trial. her gambit is interesting, susan. withholding it turns out to be a major, major flop for two reasons. reason why, they argued without thinking about it. this is a massive emergency and must be done right away, remember? they had to justify why they were rushing it, but didn't think it through. now that they sat on it for 22 days, the american public is like, what are you kidding me? what do you mean an emergency? here is the nuanced one people are not focusing on. they said over and over in the house, this is overwhelming case. there is nothing to talk about. then it becomes absurd, theater of the absurd to say we need more witnesses we need more documents. they didn't think those points through.
6:31 pm
susan: you were thinking that maybe there would be more evidence that would come to light. >> right. susan: maybe get four republican senators to vote to go through an actual trial and bring more evidence to light. >> right. susan: are you saying you feel she lost this gamble? >> where my two points actually intersect is interesting. when we got vilified sitting on it, they turned around with another cute argument, oh, no, more information may be coming out, that is fine. again if you said over and over in the hearing, in the house it is overwhelming evidence, if you have a color video that shows them robbing the bank you don't need more witnesses. >> john bolton said if he is subpoenaed he would testify in this thing. >> everybody immediately concludes, potentially incorrectly oh he would be damaging witness. that is not true at all. any trial lawyer tells you don't know what testimony is, sounds
6:32 pm
like i'm being sarcastic i guess i am, until you hear the person testifying. he is live long republican, with deep relationships with republican party, he flippantly said this is like a drug deal, everybody has become hysterical. reality is, careful what you wish for, the old thing, john bolton it is not clear. i don't editorialize in any direction. he may help the democrats, he may hurt the democrats. we don't know. susan: right. what about mitch mcconnell then? seems like he has backflip ad bit? earlier today he said the senate trial could start as early as next week. oh, i don't know when nancy pelosi will hand over the articles. is that telling? >> yeah, very welling, also very telling a lot of democrats are saying send it over, nobody knows anything. but the point is in the conference room discussion we always have, some might say this helps the president because they filed indictment so to speak but never took it to court. others were saying, oh, no, it hurts him because it is hanging
6:33 pm
over his head. my advice to president trump, not that he was watching or listening to me, if they don't file it, that's fine. keep your head down, who cares. susan: constitutionally is techally impeached? >> a great question, amazing question, noah feldman harvard law professor on the left in the hearing who was very anti-trump honestly, seemed agitated and angry but subsequently wrote a piece in "the wall street journal," arguing if you don't deliver the impeachment articles. the president has not been impeached. fascinating. susan: quickly then are you expecting nancy pelosi to ever send articles? >> that is one of the hardest questions i have ever been asked. susan: you're a betting man? >> i will say no, believe it or not. susan: no? >> there is outside shot she may not. susan: wow. >> the reason is, she is in such a tough box. holding them back looks back, bringing them forth may do even more damage, the point is, all of these topics, wait a minute, who is the whistleblower? where is he or she? why aren't they testifying?
6:34 pm
susan: wow. you wasted what a year or so of america's time and yeah. >> they wasted a lot. susan: thank you so much, doug, great to see you. >> my pleasure. susan: say hi to your mother. >> i definitely will. susan: we'll dig into one of the big issues dividing the 2020 dems. policy. we'll ask the trump communications director about the house vote blocking the president from taking further action against the iranian regime. ♪. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2.
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susan: big event at top of the hour. big guests, always a great show. lou dobbs will be here. lou joins with us a preview. >> thank you, susan. joining us at top of the hour, house minority leader kevin mccarthy, doug macgregor, former army special forces jim hanson, will take up iran, party
6:39 pm
and electoral position on national security issue. former reagan white house political director, morgan wright joining ed rollins and more at the top of the hour, as we take on what as you well know, susan been a very busy day in the news business. back to you. susan: absolutely. lou, great to see you, thank you so much. with 2020, and the election security being a major concern, voting machine executives are appearing at a congressional committee hearing on capitol hill. doug mckelway is in washington, d.c. with the very story for us. doug? >> today's hearing marked the first time that the ceo's of the nation's three biggest voting machine manufacturers appeared before a congressional committee to answer questions about election security. this issue is only going to grow in importance this election season with so much concern about russian maligned interference in the 2016 elections. the three ceos represent more than 80% of the voting machines in use in the united states.
6:40 pm
they were asked, if i either russia or china provided any component parts for any of their voting machines? they all gave the same concerning response. >> we do have components in our products that come from china and, don't know the exact percentage. i can certainly get that to the committee through my staff. reporter: those components include chinese-made chips, capacitors and resist stores. adding to concerns, a report last year a contest at annual defcon village convention, hackers were easily able to penetrate everyone of the devices in room, could alter vote tallies or change ballots displayed to voters and or change the internet software that controls the machines. none of the three were aware of any real life hacks on their system. >> are you aware of the cyberattacks which the attack gained unauthorized access to internal systems, corporate data or consumer data?
6:41 pm
>> we are not? >> do you have any evidence this happened? >> we do not. reporter: a house bill would require every state to use voting machines that leave a paper trail to meet other federal standards. the senate refused to take it up. many republicans are opposed to it because of potential danger of federal intrusion. they fear centralizing by inherently safe u.s. system where votes are tallied by precinct, county and then by state. closed systems with no outside access. susan thank you, doug mckelway. less than three weeks away, still no clear 2020 front-runner. candidates show how much they differ on foreign policy. welcome next guest, fox news contributor, deneen borelli. >> hi, susan. susan: iranian conflict, 2020 candidates different viewpoints. sanders a long time antiwar
6:42 pm
advocate. new democratic vision while biden is more the establishment can evade, campaigning on return to normalcy. back during the iraq war, biden voted for it, sanders didn't. >> well sure. biden voted for it. sanders did not. of course he will continue to hold that over biden's head throughout the presidential campaign but you also have to look at the fact that they criticized president trump over his airstrike on soleimani both biden and sanders. their foreign policy really horrible. you have to think about the fact that they essentially, they voted for iran to develop nuclear weapons, because they voted under president, former president obama with nuclear treaty, which president trump got us out of, thanks goodness. so, their foreign policy is horrible. so is their national policy with higher taxes, more spending, and
6:43 pm
their war on our fossil fuel industry. susan: yeah, i'm wondering what your reaction is when i tell you that elizabeth warren and bernie sanders joined a conference call with a lobbying group linked to tehran despite the military action this week? >> yeah, i find that really outrageous, they did that right after our men and will were under assault in iraq. not only that, neither warren nor sanders will admit that soleimani was a terrorist this man was recognized as a terrorist at least since 2005. so their actions and their words, i think are dangerous for america, for our country, for our citizens. susan: so, what do you think that nikki haley who says only people that mourn soleimani's killing are the democrats? >> yeah. i mean, pick a team. whose side are they on? the man is reported that he was going to enact more attacks
6:44 pm
either in the middle east or the united states. listens president the trump promised on campaign trail, to crack down on terrorists on terrorism, he is keeping promise for forgotten men and women. that is something voters need to keep an eye on, and recognize that democrats are not doing the same. susan: one democratic name we haven't mentioned tonight is michael bloomberg and he just wrote an op-ed piece in market watch editorial there, saying that president trump pushed through the biggest tax cut for the wealthy in history. nearly all the money goes to people like me, the rich guys who don't need it. he didn't even acknowledge the great economy, best unemployment rate in 50 years. longest economic expansion in economist history and longest bull run america has ever seen. >> yeah a shocker, right? bloomberg is not about freedom and individualism. he is a about really harming hard-working americans. when you look at his war on
6:45 pm
coal, the amount of money, personal funds he has spent in this effort, to do away with coal-fired power plants. that means, thousands of job losses and higher energy prices. so you're looking at the trump policies, the growth of wages, the number of jobs that have been created in this country, record low unemployment numbers. of course he will write this op-ed, bloomberg, say that nothing to see here under president trump. look at what i'm going to do but the reality is, his policies would be definitely harmful to hard-working americans. susan: just quickly, reading one of the top read pieces in "the wall street journal," they're calling bernie sanders has a big chance to win the 2020 nomination. he could lose south carolina but the other caucuses he has a fighting chance. >> yeah, well right now he is the front-runner with biden. one of the things, sanders has
6:46 pm
is a huge following, especially energetic following with young voters. he has a huge war chest, and he is widely known because he is a socialist and his policies are resonating for some reason with those on the far left. but people need to understand that socialism means more government and that nothing is free. susan: that's right. and i think jeremy corbyn in the uk proved it, yes you can ignite the base, but when your policies don't resonate with the general population, general vote you don't win the presidency. deneen, great to see you tonight. thank you so much. >> thanks, susan. susan: dems following up with swift verbal condemnation of president trump, with non-binding house vote, blocking him from taking more action against iran without congressional approval. we'll have the trump 2020 campaign communications director after this. al customizes your car insurance
6:47 pm
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♪. susan: to the political fallout over the democrats non-binding house vote tonight, to limit president trump's war powers, also from taking fur action on iran. tim murtagh, trump campaign 2020 communications director, joins us from the president's campaign
6:51 pm
rally from toledo, ohio. it will be exciting. thanks for making time with us. democrats, following up on their serious attacks on trump over the iranian policy with the house vote, what about putting a united front against the iranian regime? >> i think that would be preferrable in the interests of the united states but with the democrats in congress, out on the campaign trail, everything begins and ends with politics. more specifically if donald trump is for it they have to be reflectively against it, even to the question of whether or not the united states has the ability and the right to defend itself against imminent attacks and also very recent attacks. let's not forget, that qassem soleimani, had just, a few days before this engineered the assault on the united states embassy in iraq and the united states government had actionable intelligence quite obviously there were further attacks imminent. rather than you need together as a nation to say, yes indeed, america has the right to defend
6:52 pm
itself, democrats on capitol hill would rather play politics about this, try to block the president from protecting the country in the future. it is ridiculous. >> what is the campaign's reaction to iran and iranian airliner that was downed, possibly? looks like inadvertently, by russian-made iranian surface-to-air missile system? they haven't even admitted to it, iran hasn't admitted to it. they have not handed over black boxes. looks very unlikely they will? >> well it certainly looks suspicious. we on the campaign will not getted in middle of what the state department and department of defense would be involved in and looking into what happened there in iran but, i will tell you this, that the iranian, iranian dictators and mullahs there, the people who have been holding their, their citizens hostage essentially all these many decades, this, these are leaders that president trump is not afraid to call out. they are a terror sponsoring
6:53 pm
state. you have people on the other side like bernie sanders who say that taking out soleimani, really the worst terrorist on the planet right now, or at least at this time, taking him out, set as bad precedent. he actually refers to the act the president took as assassination. that is using talking points of iranians and russians. a guy like bernie sanders cannot be trusted to protect interests of the united states if that is the way he views the actions the president took against such a hostile state against iran. susan: tim, we'll let you go. looks like a big event tonight. i can see the crowds behind you, the energy, seems to be buzzing in toledo, ohio. tim murtagh of the trump 2020 campaign. >> thank you very much. susan: president trump scoring double victories on the border from the latest cbp numbers released today, to win in the occurs for that money to build that wall. we have that plus more with sheriff mark daniels coming your
6:54 pm
way after this break. >> building a border wall is going up at a much faster rate than anybody saw coming. [cheering] ..
6:55 pm
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[♪] susan: the new numbers out today, customs and border protection saying border apprehensions dropped in december for the 7th month in
6:58 pm
a row. sheriff, we are look at these numbers. apprehensions 32,000 in december, that's less than we saw in november. they are down 5% from november to december, and a 7th straight month in decline. it appears things are getting better at the border. >> i would agree. president trump promised the american people he would secure the southwest border. he has been derailed with the political climate. whether it be extremist groups. the southwest border sheriffs, we applaud this president and his administration because the numbers continue to decrease make our community, our state and country safer.
6:59 pm
susan: the administration won a court action for funding. >> a physical barrier reduces crime. the thing is this. this is what amazes me. what price tag do you put on national security and you community safety. there is no price tag on that. and to see people fighting this is bewildering to me, why we have this cop topic -- why we have this topic in this country right now. susan: thank you for your time today. thanks for watching. the big show is starting. lou dobbs is next on fox business. don't turn that channel. [♪]
7:00 pm
lou: good evening, everybody. president trump left the swamp for a few hours this evening, leaving behind the party of hate and their empty threats to limit presidential war powers. their exutheir siding with soled iran. the same radical dimms who tried to jeff throw this historic president of ours for the first three years of his time in office. the president leaving d.c. behind, and tonight in the critical swing state of


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