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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 18, 2020 4:00am-5:01am EST

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looked impeccable. go figure. i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember, you can't take it with you. [ airplane engine buzzing ] [♪] lou: good evening, everybody. president trump in florida tonight. he and the first lady leaving the d.c. wamp behind to be in mar-a-lago for the weekend. prior to his departure president trump finalized his impeachment dream team to lead the proceedings to subvert andover throw this president. the white house counsel pat cipollone and jay sekulow,
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independent counsel kenneth starr, pam bondi, jane raskin and constitutional scholar alan dershowitz. he voted for hillary clinton in 2016, but he opposed and rebuked the radical dimms for their ideological attack against this president through impeachment. the president's legal team we are told will argue the articles of impeachment are dangerous, unconstitutional and hud be rejected on their face. the president using the celebration with lsu, the national champons to unload on the radical dimms. and the looming trial. >> we'll take pictures behind the resolute desk. it's been there a long time,
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many presidents. some good, some not so good. you have got a good one now, even though they are trying to impeach the son of a bitch. can you believe that. liz: joining us, john solomon, now the editor-in-chief of his new media outlet, just the news. that's going to be quite something. we can't wait. i do want to talk about that tonight. but first let's turn to the president's legal team, your assessment of it. it has some all-stars. >> he has exactly the right blend of experienced investigators, constitutional scholars that will translate well in the chamber, the trial, the jurors, the senators, and also to the american public. for 8 months we had a one-sided
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story about ukraine. with this team he has assembled here now, the american public will see the full set of facts and there will be a different story line when we are done. i think in bob ray and judge star he has major investigators and scholars and experts. his original legal team is still right there helping him. i think the american public will be impressed with what information comes out of this trial. lou: it also depends on whether these witnesses are called and the degree to which the senate majority leader it seems to me is strong and resolute as the president could have asked standing with him shoulder to shoulder. tolerating much more of the nonsense from the left. that procession of really
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pallbearers who brought those articles over. that was a scene from the absurd. and so has been this entire process which is nothing more than an effort to overthrow this president under the guise of an impeachment inquiry and process that culminates in a trial that gets under way in earnest next tuesday. >> i think you have seen with the supreme court chief justice john roberts and senator mitch mcconnell a sort of dignity restored to this process after the circus we have seen in the house the last several weeks. i think mitch mcconnell doesn't think much of this evidence and he wanted to move the trial along speedily. the facts are going to be so different when we hear the president's side of the case and what we know now. as for witnesses for the
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democrats. watch what you wish for. if you think john bolton or lev parnas will be superstar witnesses for you, my reporting suggests otherwise. if i were democrats i would presented cautiously. liz: it appear -- lou: it appears john bolton is his favorite witness to call. the president's right of executive privilege it seems to me rule. am i wrong in that judgment? >> it comes down to the president. he can waive the privilege or they can go to court and fight out. other chief justice can rule from the bench. but i think the two witnesses
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the democrats are promoting may be beneficial to the president's story. there are so many facts that aren't known that when the american people hear them, they will be wondering, what was the media feeding me the last weeks. liz: they should have a bel of - lou: . they should have a belly full of it. james he comey for leaking. your reaction to james i'm is lack of integrity and -- for james comey is his lack of integrity. >> we have liars, we have leakers, we had incompetent investigation, we had violations of the fbi's most important rules. and it does not surprise me from my reporting that they would be
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looking at james comey as a possible source of a leak or condoning leaks that went on beneath him. even though he testified in public, saying i am not a leaker. but he leaked his memos to lawyers to get a special counsel appointed for president trump. it's consistent with what i'm hearing on the ground from my reporting. lou: it appears to me over the course of three years of the special counsel investigation, there has been one liar after another produced and all of those liars were for the prosecution, for the investigation of this president. and not a member of his campaign committee or his administration. the liars were the investigators. the liars were those insisting
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on the investigation, including adam schiff who is the lead manager for the radical dimms. it hardly appears like justice, does it? >> that's why this process may be the first time to have due process and balance brought to this entire picture. if you remember where we were in january 2017 when the breathless media told us the president was a form agent of russia. i think the ukraine and impeachment story will have the same evolution. the investigators who did terrible things in the russia investigation and may have done so in the ukraine investigation, they are aiders and abettors. people keep saying when did the american press become like the london press and palace
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watchers? that's how frustrated the american people are right now. >> it is appalling and we have a long way to go to bring about an accounting that of course up to attorney general william barr. your new outlet. just the news. tell us about it if you would. >> as i traveled the country the last couple years, i keep hearing from people, why can't i find the news site that gives me the facts and doesn't try to shape ply opinion. we'll have 100 reporters and producers work. i look forward to coming on your show and talking about stories we've break in the not too distant future.
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lou: as the president is working to defend himself from the subversion and continuing assault from the radical dimms, corruption in the deep state rages on. a report shows fbi agents worried, concerned, that attorney general william barr's tone toward big tech firms and their unwillingness to fully cooperate in investigation, for example, am, an -- apple, and tt it will sout -- it will sour the relationship between them. the attorney general slammed apple for refusing to open the phone of the saudi national who
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killed three ask people at expense coala. but the fbi says they are concerned about the attorney general's rhetoric, his tone. you have to wonder if they are the same identified officials who have remained silent throughout about the corrupt cesspool that has been driving the bureau for years and didn't have the guts or apparently the concern to step up and say something about that corruption. but they are worried about the attorney general who is trying to restore the agency's and the department's integrity and the trust of the american public. blues you -- bless you, little darlings. whoever you may be. coming up next, the trump tariffs make a major impact on
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china's economy. a new number shows the american people rejecting the ideas of rinos. and doing so in large numbers. we'll have that and much more right after these quick messages. please stay with us.
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[♪] lou: it's been a record-setting week on wall treat as well as of course in washington, d.c. the dow jones industrials up another 50 points today hitting its fifth record high close of the year. the s & p gaining 13. the nasdaq up 32. also a 6th record high for 2020 already. volume on the big board 3.7 billion shares. the nasdaq over 2%. crude oil finishing more than 58 dollars a barrel. housing starts jumping nearly 17% last month to an even you'll rate of 1.6 million units. that's the highest rate since 2006.
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listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. president trump called out michael bloomberg's lavish campaign ad budget. the president tweeting many of mike bloomberg's ads are wrong. a vanity project to get into the game. sources say that bloomberg will spends up to $2 billion to get into the game or support the democrats' nominee. a new morning consult survey finds senator susan collins is seen as the most unpopular senator. she has a 52% disapproval rating. mitch mcconnell, joanie ernst,
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lisa murkowski and bob menendez. and mitt romney's approval rating has fallen 8 points in just four months. joining us former reagan white house political director, savant and fox news political analyst. ed rollins. susan collins. the most unpopular republican senator. >> she'll be former if she leads the charge against the president in this impeachment hearing. she needs republican support within she needs his support. and at the end of the day this is a partisan battle. there is no crime, and every republican needs to be on board. if romney wants to go against him, he will see a big drop beyond 8 points. lou: it's peculiar to me that you are watching this handful of republican senators trying to
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buck the president. they know this is a sham on the part of the radical dimms. for them to associate themselves with such a sank moan yuls reserve d such a sanctimonious reserve about the president, it's such deceit on their part. >> i have been around a long time and i teach a course in the american presidency. no president in modern times has had a week like this president both in the good and the bad. two major trade deals, super economy. the bad is the idiocy of the democrats doing nothing but a partisan attack. lou: this is not the president. this is theirs. this has been a week of making history for this president and his administration. it has been a week of infamy for the party of hate.
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>> they are not only the party of hate. let's not forget "the washington post" and new york tieption times and cnn and msnbc. the idea that "new york times," the "washington post," they would take the investigative committee of the house to give the new documents to this idiot and run it as front paiblg stuff and there is -- front page tough, and there are no facts there. it's a waste of taxpayer money and a waste our time. it does not diminish what he has done. but can you imagine what he could be doing if he didn't have these distractions the last months. lou: when you look at his accomplishments in the face of the onslaught of hate by the radical dimms. and he has just rolled on.
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he and his administration have acted, they adapt. they are innovating, they are resourceful. all you can ask for in a president. and he's doing it day in and day out. the american people are going to rip these radical dimms. >> there is a fatigue factor that's unbelievable. there is no truth to any of it. lou: chris collins, the former representative of new york going to jail for 26 months. your reaction to that? >> two months longer than the term he got elected to. nobody is above the law. the up to i'dity of what he -- the stupidity of what he did, he has to pay a price. lou: as ehud.
4:22 am
he -- as he should. anyone in office should have to pay a higher price than a work-a-day person who would be hit like a ton of bricks with this judicial system. i give this judge great credit for meting out justice. thanks for being here. >> it's been an interesting couple weeks. mitch mcconnell has done an incredible job holding this thing together and making sure the country gets justice. lou: we would like to hear your thoughts on this. share your comments. the. up next, the iranian ayatollah lashing out at america's maximum pressure campaign against iran.
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[♪] lou: the president's call for the international community to tighten sanctions against iran has apparently frightened the ayatollah. he's lashing out against the u.k., germany and france for their support of the united states and those sanctions. the president tweeted his response quote, the so-called supreme leader of iran who has not been so supreme lately had nasty things to say about the united states and europe. their economy of is crashing and his people are suffering. he should be consider careful with his words. 11 american service members treated for concussion symptoms after iran fired those ballistic missiles at iraq on january 8.
4:28 am
they were certain to locations in germany and kuwait. the service members expected to return to duty once they are deemed fit. joining us now, general jack keane, former vice chief of staff. general, good to have you with us. let's start with the ayatollah calling names and obviously very deeply concerned about these tightening sanctions and the joining of europe in applying maximum pressure. >> he hasn't spoke at friday prayers in 8 years. so this is a very significant event. he's reeling from the so mammy -- quassem soleimani attack. shortly after the phoney staged
4:29 am
processional funerals for soleimani. the voices are out calling for their downfall, and tearing down pictures of soleimani left over from the funeral processions. things have been moving against the supreme leader for a long time. a tv anchor walked off and said i have been lying to you for 13 years and i am never going to speak to you again because i haven't been telling the truth. the president appealing to the pure peens to join him. -- the europeans to do just that. led by boris johnson, they have gone to the u.n. to impose snap-back sanctions because the iranians are violating the nuclear deal. as a result of that there will
4:30 am
be further isolation of the iranian regime. any hope that's khomeini has to get the europeans on his side are now gone. never been here before in 40 years. lou: for the first time it appears the sanctions may have exactly their desired impact, the maximum pressure which the president insisted be applied from almost the moment he stepped into the white house. the u.s. military resuming operations in iraq, that to the good in terms of stability in the region. the president announcing new restrictions against saudis undergoing training in the united states. 21 thrown out of the country because of their association with extremists. your thoughts about these restrictions from military students. >> of course we learned a lot here. we should have had them in place
4:31 am
before. 85,000 saudis in other countries over several decades. we never had a problem like this. but you only have to have one, and that was devastating for our three servicemen who were killed. we have got to make certain this thing is truly done right. the saudis did cooperate with the investigation. they threw all these people out of the saudi military. and i'm confident this program will be looked at very, very closely as we are going forward. radical islam is here, it's resident in our own country among our own citizens and at types it's going to show up from a middle eastern country as well. lou: the prize was the u.s. military has not been vetting those international -- especially hi from saudi arain d
4:32 am
especially from saudi arabia where extremism does reside and is the country of origin for the september 11 terrorists. to that point, a number of our military have said they want to have weapons -- they want to have weapons, carry them on their bases. that sounds like a pretty smart idea to me. what do you think? >> i don't think it's necessary, lou. we are not at that kind of a situation where that has to be done. we do have police on the military installations that are armed. i don't think we need to walk around with weapons on a mitt base as if we were in d as if we were in afghanistan or iraq. i know how the troops would feel about that. i respect their feeling by the. but i don't think the senior
4:33 am
leaders are going to move in that direction. lou: you have a good sense of how senior leaders will vote. i believe it should be given a careful evaluation. i think in this country our military and troops -- you have got private security protecting the base, and you have got our troops in point of fact unarmed at the base. it's a peculiar and i think -- it's just still a very unnatural state of affairs. >> if the was got worse certainly what could happen as opposed to arming everyone, you would arm selective people in the chain of command, our units on the base. so wherever you are on the base, there are people who are armed. but not he military person on a base has a weapon trapped to their side. lou: what about the civilian security securing our military
4:34 am
bases? >> that got upgrade significantly post 9/11. i was involved in that myself personally. that's pretty solid. but it's mostly controlling who gains access to the base. and not protecting someone on the base -- lou: i'm used to seeing marines, sailors, airmen. >> we stopped it because we need those troops to do other things. and we have been fighting 9/11 wars for a long time. lou: i would like to see us change that. thanks so much. the full effect of president ths on the chinese economy cop to light in a new report. the president sharing some laughs with the visiting
4:35 am
national football team none other than louisiana state university. stay with us.
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lou: stories we are covering. legal team assembled. attorneys alan dershowitz, pam bondi, jane raskin, among those joining the president's defense
4:39 am
team to fight back against the impeachment sham. a new poll shows susan collins the most unpopular senator. according to her polling she won't be calling for them very long. new signs how effective the president's tariffs have been on china's economy. posing more problems for beijing, the country's birth rate at its lowest level since 1949, experts say improved education, higher incomes and china's failures to reverse the effects of its long-time one child policy the reason. joining us, fred fleitz, presidential expert, gordon chang, senior fellow at the
4:40 am
gatestone institute. the vice premier and the president signing the u.s.-china agreement. i have a sense the chinese are sincere this time. only a sense. but i think they deserve the benefit of the doubt. your thoughts about the importance of that agreement. >> it's a huge win for the president. i don't know how sincere they are. but i think their hand was forced. last february the "new york times" ran an article that said chinese construction workers were threatening to jump from their buildings if they don't get paid. domestic unrest is a huge problem in china. the problems with the economy is driving up unrest just as the president is imposing tariffs and our economy is booming.
4:41 am
lou: to me it's the obligatory reflex to say this isn't perfect about the president's policy or program. you could say that of every damn policy and program of every president. but it seems incumbent upon those whom we ask that nothing is perfect. gordon, you opposed this for a long time. what do you think? >> i think we shouldn't have an agreement with china now. but if you are going to have an agreement with china, this is the one to have. the president has changed the structure of global trade with this agreement. out with the old ideas that didn't work with china. now we have the notion of reciprocal trade. those are critically important. if there is a phase two, what i would like to see is a provision that says the chinese can't sell more to us than we sell to them.
4:42 am
lou: i think balanced trade and reciprocal balanced trade would cover that. if we see this agreement honored, the president saying straight ordinarily, robert light here is and secretary mnuchin. that's $200 million in three years. those are impressive swings. >> it's at least a half percent of growth to the u.s. this is going to be important. the united states is not going to be the only country that changes the nature of its trade relationship with china. we'll see a new world trade system after a year or two because of president trump. lou: absolutely. i like that. your thoughts, fred? >> 10 months before an election and given the enormous resistance of the chinese
4:43 am
government to compromise this president got them to compromise. it's because his negotiators negotiate with principle. and they wouldn't bend. it did work even though every economist said it wouldn't work. lou: and almost every idiot received the tariffs would not work. the president has proved them to be idiots. the washington post with a story talking about, by the way, we were wrong, the tariffs didn't amount to a thousand dollar bill on every family. this president is in the business of proving to the orthodoxy of the media, the business establishment, wall street, that they have been damn fools and it's time to act in the national interest and act rationally. let's turn to china and the
4:44 am
united states in another aspect which is what if this reaches its full potential? it seems to me that this gives us an option that we haven't had for a very long time. that is, to restore balance to our trading relationships, and as gordon points out, we are talking about balanced trade, a change in the international trading system which will make it healthier, like germany, france, they will have to change and they will have to understand that america first for the americans is the best way to operate. and this president will demand pre-sighsly that for our working men and women for the american middle class, the american family. this president is standing up for all of the best in this country. and i think, fred, that is going
4:45 am
to be life change for the entire globe. >> i think that's right. it will make everyone more prosperous. there is a prospect of dealing with intellectual property theft. the chinese did not resolve that to anyone's satisfaction in this agreement. lou: we'll know quickly whether they are sincere about that. >> with the tariffs still in place on $380 billion in chinese goods, the chinese have no choice but to comply. president trump has effective dispiewft mechanisms. the snap-back tariffs are effective stuff. lou: thank you so much. appreciate it. president trump welcoming the lsu national champion football team to the white house celebrating the tigers college
4:46 am
football national championship win. the president sharing a moment with the team. >> we have a lot of great politicians. and some football players. i really respect the football players a lot more. if you are a head coach. i watched him on television. i said he's all man week's a big, strong looking guy. i didn't know if he had laryngitis or if that was his real voice. i thought he was going to give my the heisman trophy, he's just giving me a jersey. lou: congratulations to lsu once again and to the great state of louisiana. and to clemson for its great competitive run at that what would have been a third out of four championships. it would have been remarkable.
4:47 am
but it was a remarkable competitive contest. congratulations to you all as well. president trump fighting to protect prayer in schools.
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president trump: in public schools around the country, authorities are stopping teachers and students from praying, sharing their faith or following their religious beliefs. it's totally unacceptable. you see it on the football field. you see so many times when they are stopped from praying. we are doing something to stop that. lou: the president signing an executive order to protect the right to pray in school, insuring ridge groups aren't d religious groups haven't exclude from funding. joining us, pastor robert jeffress. the right to pray. the president signing the executive order. how important? >> it's very important. the president wasn't creating a new right. he's protecting a right that's
4:52 am
been around for hundreds of years. when the president told me a few weeks ago he was going to do this, i told him nothing would excite conservative christians or people of any faith more than this action. here is why. back in 1962 when the supreme court abolished prayer in the cool, many people saw that as the first shot in a 60-year war on religion by government. and they were right. it was followed by removing bible readings, 10 command the displays and so on the president's courageous action yesterday is seen as a sign that war on religion has d the end to the war on religion has finally come. no president in modern history has done more to preserve
4:53 am
religious liberty than president donald j. trump. lou: indeed he's doing egg he promised d doing everything he promised and more. planned parenthood selecting 9 battle ground states to go after the president and the republican party for their pro abortion candidates. >> the executive director said it all of planned parenthood. he said we have never had a group of democrat candidates with a bolder abortion policy than the ones we have right now. and she is right. there has never been a group of democrats with a more bar bar i cae d anew barbaric view of abo. she said we have to get donald trump out of office because he
4:54 am
has you be done what we spent years accomplishing. i don't know how anyone with a conscience could consider voting for one of these barbaric democrats that he brace this view of evil abortion. lou: stay with us. we'll be right back.
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those *. lou: you may have heard us mention once or twice this week the president was generous enough to give me a shout-out at this week's signing of the u.s.-china trade deal at the white house. his comments were gracious and have much appreciated. and i just couldn't bear if you missed that for any reason. so on the chance you might have. here is what the president had to say. and i can't promise you this will be the last time you hear it. president trump: a man who always liked me because he's smart. so smart. the great lou dobbs. at first he said, he's the best since reagan. then he got to know me more and
4:59 am
more and he said he's even better than reagan. then a few weeks ago somebody told me, and i watch all the time. somebody who has an important show, tremendous audience and everybody in this room watches, but lou dobbs said he's the greatest of them all. i said does that include washington and lincoln? and he said yes. i don't know if he was for real. but that's okay. the great lou dobbs. thank you very much. thank you. great show, lou. lou: thank you again, mr. president. we hope you have a great weekend celebrating with this president all of his hard work to make america great again. and this week passing two historic trade deals to make that happen. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. trump's 2020 campaign manager,
5:00 am
brad parscale. and jason jones will be among our guests monday. have a great one. thanks for being with us. and good night from new york. n. maria: happy weekend everybody welcome to the program that positions you for the week ahead. i am maria boucher mono makes was an interview with the nations banker, jamie diamond as we touched on another of topics for the day he gives us hear his outlook for the day. but first it was quite the week on wall street, record-setting across-the-board white house trade advisor peter tavarez here to talk at the impact of the historic week that was.
5:01 am
the signing of


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