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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 27, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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david: i don't know. >> facebook silicon valley companies, they're as liberal as liberal can be. look, she has something to sell. i don't blame her, go away. i think unanimous, folks. that does it for "bulls & bears." we'll see you here next time. liz: one of the president's defenders former florida attorney general pam bondi just unloaded on the bidens saying don't listen to house democrats making like that the allegations about the bidens corruption is just a debunked conspiracy theories a bridge to nowhere. pam bondi saying wait a second. that is flat-out wrong. pam bondi moments ago in the senate, that the democrats are misleading voters that obama's state department, the uk office of serious fraud and more felt that the biden's conflict of interests in ukraine were serious issue. we're on breaking news mode right now. edward lawrence on capitol hill with more. edward? reporter: late today the defense
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team for the president's, the lawyers unloaded on the bidens, specifically former vice president joe biden and his son hunter biden but specifically with the former vice president. laid out the case how he says he withheld one billion dollars worth of aid from ukraine unless a prosecutor was fired. that prosecutor happened to be looking into the company involved with hunter biden. listen. >> hunter biden quietly joins the board of burisma. remember, early 2014 was when vice president biden began leading ukraine policy. reporter: she says, she doesn't even think hunter biden speaks ukrainian. the president's defense attorneys here laid out their case saying basically, the evidence that they have, in front of the senate shows that there was no quid pro quo. it shows that ukraine is in a better position today than they were because they have the military aid and no investigations were announced. they started the day today with
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jay sekulow, one of the president's defense attorneys saying talking about the leaks in "the new york times" of john bolton's book. contradicting the president's claim that military aid was not held up for the announcement of an investigation. now sekulow never mentioned bolton by name but listen how he handled it. >> we do not deal with speculation, allegations that are not based on evidentiary standards at all. reporter: spokesperson for bolton says that the book was given to the national security council for scrubbing to make sure no classified information was in. that is the only place they gave it. in a statement from bolton himself and the publisher, they say this, would the, ambassador bolton, simon and shoeser and javelin literary categorically state at that there was absolutely no coordination with the "new york times" or anyone else regarding the appearance of information in this book. now does happen to coincide with
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the release of the book, the presales of the book went on sale today. now this clouds the question whether bolton should be caught as a witness. some republicans say if you call bolton, you have to call all of the witnesses they would like to see in this. that would extend the trial. now as senators are listening to this, over at the white house, the president says that he has a plan for peace in the middle east that he believes will work. he says he will unveil that plan tomorrow. he says, the israelis already signed on to it. other middle east companies he says signed on to it. the palestinians balked at it so far, saying they will reject it. the president believes once they read it, at the end of the day they will sign on. liz? liz: edward lawrence, thanks so much. appreciate it. let's bring in former federal prosecutor jump trusty. your take on pam bondi going after the bidens just now. we're in breaking news mode, pam
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bondi said don't listen to house democrats playing sound, arguing this is a debunked conspiracy theory, a bridge to nowhere. pam bondi saying obama's state department, uk office of serious fraud and more felt biden's conflict of interest in ukraine were a serious issue. citing abc, "washington post" and "new york times" on it. >> best case the allegations against president trump are kind of murky. don't we want to get them to investigate public integrity type crimes, public corruption crimes? there is a lot of factual dispute there coming to a head but the situation for the bidens is really painfully easy to understand and it is mostly due to joe biden bragging on videotape he essentially held up aid to make sure that the investigator of his son's job fell off the job. so it is, that is the real problem that pam was able to really jump on today. pretty easy nepotistic story for
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a million dollars for one person to get a job in the ukraine. liz: hunter biden admitted he got the job because he was son of the vice president. there was talk about investigation into that ukraine company, nat-gas companys burisma was dormant. biden was point person for obama in ukraine, and within months hunter gets a job on board. senator hawley i addressed motions. he is ready to go with the senate vote to subpoena biden and hunter. do you think he should be called? >> highlights difference between a normal case and impeachment case. we have both sides being a little selective when the rules of evidence should apply. they don't apply. but in a strict legal sense you could say hunter biden is not relevant. the question whether or not the president engaged in misconduct is not directly wedded to whether he is the crime, committing the crime of the century with his dad or not but
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again here, it looks like horse-trading for witnesses. so the cost of john bolton might be too high. the hail mary the democrats are hoping for with john bolton saying something that moves the needle is probably outweighed what looks like a pretty easy case to make against hunter biden if he would ever take a witness stand. liz: critics are hamming john bolton's timing that the book came right on schedule. amazon launching a preorder page for it. it goes live simultaneously with the "new york times" story. bolton is, pressured to testify. is that hurting john bolton and his credibility right there? >> just the fact there is a book that is kind of a kiss-and-tell book by somebody who was not heap to be fired. that immediately raises an eyebrow but again bolton might be a completely principled guy. he might be incredibly honest. there might be a little bit of negatives or the president or a lot. it is hard to know. there is so much chaos and timing looks more than coincidental to me in terms of
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all this stuff breaking during the middle of the defense case as we move to the issue whether witnesses will testify. liz: we don't know if the president can use secondtive privilege on john bolton because he no longer works there. the core fights on this could drag out for weeks. we know that republican senators mitt romney and susan collins reportedly now say, yeah they would be for calling witnesses. i want to go through the president's defense being laid out in the senate. can we show the full screen. there are questions whether or not you know, the republicans can subpoena the manuscript for the books. let's show what the president's defense is after we show the president's tweet. you know, what the other thing that came up too, the problem that the senators face is abc legal analyst terry moran says it is all circumstanceal evidence. i want to talk about what terry moran said. we'll show the viewer the president's opening arguments. what was your take on the performance in their case so far?
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>> you know i had said a while ago, i think there is some other commentators said the same thing, really the primary focus needs to start off with pounding away at kind of a summary judgment. that we don't need to have witnesses, that legally this is insufficient impeachment riddled with due process violations. saturday would have been well-served, ken starr talk about what he talked about today. i thought that was very persuasive. it gave senators with the ability of a straight face, we don't have to go to witnesses. we'll not go into any disputed facts that would turn this into a crime. it can't. i would like to see that as a starting point. going into the facts as much they have, tends to be a little bit after rabbit hole, senators on the fence, democratic senators can say there is a dispute. we need witnesses to solve it. i think we're edging closer toward witnesses because of that emphasis. lastly they could have been stronger about schiff and how
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many violations of fair play took place in the house. they could have spent a lot more time hammering him on that. liz: ken starr says we're living in a world of impeachment. we're trigger happy on impeachment. the question, strip out emotions, the players, names of players, look at the facts is it an impeachable offense? abc's terry moran is saying it is still circumstantial evidence. roll that sound. watch this. >> looking at it, it is a classic circumstantial evidence case, right? the democrats come and they make a very meticulous, well-organized and strong narrative argument that requires a leap to the conclusion, that they did in their arguments. that if you look at all this evidence around president trump, he did this, he did this and it warrants removal from office and the republicans like any defense lawyer in trials across the country every single day, say, where is the direct evidence? liz: clinton impeachment was about an actual crime.
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bill clinton perjured himself before a grand jury and the paula jones jury but the senate acquitted him. again what law did the president break? the viewers are trying to struggle with this, what is the actual crime? we hear abuse of power, understand it. we've been covering this for month, for a long time, what law did the president break? >> none. i'm actually with doj. remember career prosecutors looked at it, said no crime, no quid pro quo, no reliance by the ukrainians on this aid being withheld. so, that was it. isn't anything to indict. liz: he ran through the red light. shouldn't have brought up the bidens. wrong to bring up the bidens with the phone call with ukraine. people get that understand that. by the way you need a simple majority to censure the president. they go that route, not advising either way, giving facts there final word on that, where does it league? >> you're right, bad form is not a crime. i think we'll get through this eventually i think we're much
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more closer to watch witnesses and spend a lot more time on this than we wanted to. liz: great to see you. thanks for coming in. next the nerves are getting you know, rattled over the coronavirus. it is rocking the markets. with have an update on what you need to know about what's going on here. turns out there are serious concerns about the coronavirus right now. stay with us. ♪. y, i'm earning on a charger. so, just the charger then? ummm... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah! (sarcastically) fantastic. earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited. chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪. liz: welcome back. fears over the coronavirus spreading outside of china's borders, now pushing stocks to the worst day in months. all three major indices are down. the hardest hit stocks are tied to china itself and the travel industry. the dow wiping out all gains for the year, turning slightly negative. nasdaq and s&p composite erasing the year's gains. 82 people dead, 3,000 cases worldwide. the cdc is testing more patients, 126 patients in more than six states. that is half the united states. hospitals have to send samples to the cdc because the cdc reportedly is overly government agency with a test for it. we have mark morgan, nyu langone health diseases and infectious disease center.
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good to see you, doctor. >> good to see you. liz: what is your reaction to this? they are joining india, japan, russia, iraq, vac washing outing out of china? another says this is something we can't contain, treat it like the flu, and another respiratory vie with us. your reaction. >> we don't know enough to say it will have that kind of sustained transmission. in the u.s. we had only five patients. the risk is low in the u.s. at this point. in fact those five patients have not spread the virus to anyone else as far as we know at this point. we do know it can spread person-to-person. we have a lot to learn still. i think it is not time for overreaction but for caution, for reaction, for planning. liz: reuters is reporting that china's national health minister and other infectious disease experts are saying that people are infectious during incubation, even though they show no symptoms. incubation period could last up to 14 days. that was not the case with sars.
6:17 pm
you were only contagious if you only showed symptoms. people not knowing they have the coronavirus virus, incubating for 14 weeks with no symptoms that is pretty dangerous. >> that would be more dangerous. i would say we here in the u.s. don't know that is true. the cdc said they haven't seen any evidence of that. china has said that in press conferences. dr. fauci from nih, one of our leading officials for infectious diseases said we really need the to see evidence before that. liz: cdc is reporting it too. experts there are saying it. >> right. in news conferences they have said that but we need to see scientific evidence. we do evidence-based medicine here that would be very important. liz: china sealed off 13 cities, 56 million people in defacto quarantine. >> right. liz: that is about the size of the population of south africa. that sounds pretty big. >> yes, that is very strong public health response. this is quite, you know, quite, a experience they're going
6:18 pm
through there. they're doing the best they can to control it. it is fast-moving. here in the u.s. we have a different approach. we're identifying cases, isolating them. then quarantining and doing active surveillance of all the contacts to try to identify of the problem is, if people, as, if it is true as we begun to hear, that asymptomatic individuals can spread the virus, that is a game changer. >> that is a game-changer. >> that would make it spread much more. liz: doctor, thank you. we know you're a busy man. you run nyu langone health division and vaccine center. good to have you on. big expert there, thank you for joining us, doctor. retired four-star general, and fox news strategic analyst, general jack keane. they're evacuating citizens. your reaction to what the doctor and i are talking about, if you have the coronavirus don't show symptoms for two weeks but you're still contagious, that is
6:19 pm
a concern. >> that makes different from other diseases we've been tracking. i think the, implications, for the united states, is pretty low. and as of right now, from what i understand, we don't have a single case where one person in the united states transferred it to another. so that is good news. but i, i think, the economic and social disruption that is likely to take place in china, is very serious issue. and, particularly given the size of china's economy, if this thing explodes so much, that it begins to affect the global economy it, becomes an issue for the united states, even though the people of the united states may not be in serious danger. liz: go ahead. >> you see some evidence of that, you know, with oil prices beginning to plummet. i mean, it is not at the level it was at with the sars virus a
6:20 pm
number of years ago when they dropped 20% but they are, they are dropping. china's economy is, you know, you discussed many times already had contraction to it. this will aggravate any recovery they were planning. liz: to your point, china is the bigger economy t grew 10 times since the sars virus in 2003. it is now 10 times bigger. chinese people are prosperous, more mobil, they're traveling more. when we see the story breaking, if you contracted sars, you're only contagious when you show symptoms. you don't know if somebody has coronavirus they're still contagious. that is serious concern. health experts say it is a game-changer. we may have to deal with it like the flu. china is dealing, their local provinces are dealing with a lot of debt. they considered this a black swan event for china's economy going to the downside.
6:21 pm
we have 300 companies with big influence in wuhan province. companies like pepsi, siemens, samsung. this could damage china's gdp. go ahead. >> 300 of the top 500 companies have supply chains in wuhan province. i think we have about 40 companies that are involved there, some of our biggest ones as you just mentioned. i think that's likely to be the impact. you know i have a lot of confidence in our health system in the united states and how which, how we deal with a problem like this as, as your guest pointed out. we take a completely different approach to dealing with people who may be infected and how we track down everybody that they have came in contact with. but you know, the other thing is, the chinese are on the move. this is the chinese lunar new year. there will be thousands of them coming to the united states. and particularly, to las vegas and other places like that where there is casinos and gambling. something that they really enjoy
6:22 pm
and they get, very sophisticated level in the united states. so, you know, that is going to have some impact and i'm sure the people who are responsible for those facilities have some levels of control that they're going to put in place, to be able to make certain that they're not receiving people who are infected. liz: general, jack keane, thank you for being here. >> thank you. liz: thank you for serving for our country. bernie sanders is surging in iowa a week before the caucuses there but both bernie sanders and aoc, she is campaigning for bernie there. they are now alienating a big democrat base. they're out of touch with that base. they're overlooking the facts t could cause sanders to lose to president trump if sanders becomes the nominee. the story next. ♪. i can save you...
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liz: to the 2020 democratic race is getting down to the wire, with two months before, it is a week before the iowa caucus. peter doocy is in des moines, iowa with update on that race. peter, what is going on? reporter: liz, bernie sanders is starting to use and more colorful language to describe the impact the impeachment trial is having on his campaign. >> schedule, we had planned for iowa is now in the garbage can. we have to rewrite it very quickly. reporter: but sanders is polling well in iowa, even better in new hampshire where he is the clear front-runner. in a new nbc marist poll with 22 percent, five ahead of buttigieg who is second, seven ahead of biden who is third and nine ahead of warren who is now joe biden says he is not ringing any alarm bells.
6:28 pm
>> all i feel i do when i'm out and it feels good. i haven't looked at all the polls, they're up, down, it will be a close race in iowa. it will be close race in new hampshire. reporter: biden will be spending the rest of this week, the final week before the caucuses on a bus through iowa while the, senators who are challenging him, are going to be forced to take a pricier mode of transportation if they want to interface with iowans in person and that is private jets. the senators who are stuck in back in d.c. have very limited commercial options to begin with. this fight, excessive cost and possible conflicts with the "green new deal," warren and sanders are among those who will be forced to consider chartering if they want to get here before the caucuses. liz: peter doocy. great reporting as always. good to see you my friend. come back soon. let's bring in my next guest, heritage foundation senior
6:29 pm
writer kelsey bolar. alexandria ocasio-cortez campaigning for bernie sanders in iowa, said socialists can take the battleground states, the midwest, because of economic struggles people there need and want radical change. what do you think? >> liz, i wouldn't be so sure about that. she was in the hometown where my husband was born and raised. i've been there many, many times. i have to tell you, much of it is trump country, for those who do lean left, the democrats there, far more pragmatic democrats rather than these far left radical socialists. there is a lot of small businesses out there which would be absolutely crippled. they would be forced to shut down if they were forced to implement policies like the 15-dollar minimum wage that these socialists candidate are proposing. so i wouldn't be so sure that socialists have any chance of taking over the midwest. liz: to your point, the big thing that both aoc and sanders
6:30 pm
are missing it shows that they are out of touch with a big powerful part of their own democrat base, democrat socialists we understand. labor unions, they want to take away everyone's health insurance, put everyone in government-run health care coverage. but battleground states enjoy lower rates of people without health insurance versus national average because of labor unions. labor unions fight for good health coverage. that is why partly a big part why unions exist. battleground states have higher rates of private health coverage versus the national average. that is why kaiser family foundation, "cook political report" polls show nearly two thirds of voters in the swing states, battleground states don't like single-payer. they say it is a bad idea. bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez are way out of touch here, they're way out in left field with this. >> you're right. i think many americans would like to see improvements in the health care system. the problem is that aoc and bernie sanders are arguing to completely radically change the health care system as we know
6:31 pm
it. they just want to throw money at it, spend other people's money, supposedly fixing it, forcing people into plans where they have absolutely no choice in their health care decisions. so looking at innovative ways to improve the health care system that we're hearing from conservatives, for example, price transparency. when you go to a doctor, you go to a hospital you actually know what you're paying for, can practice some personal autonomy in decision making. liz: that is what the president just did this year. he did try transparency in the health system. to your point he pushed for that. executive order and executive action on that. bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez can't get their messaging straight. alexandria ocasio-cortez complains about insurance costs going up under obamacare as bernie sanders, he spent months of dodging, you know this, kelsey. he refuses to answer questions about the cost of his government take over. it is in the trillions. now he tells cbs has no idea
6:32 pm
what his single-payer plan will cost. watch this. >> your agenda promised free health care for everybody, free college tuition and pay off people's college loans. the price tag for that is estimated to be $60 trillion over 10 years. correct? >> well, look, we have political opponents come up -- >> you don't know how much your plan costs? >> you don't know. nobody knows. this is impossible -- >> you will propose a plan to the american people and not tell them how much it costs? liz: this is why people think bernie sanders critics he is quote outrageous. he is outrageous in not answering questions and getting this far, not being held to account. your, obama officials have said, neither bernie sanders or elizabeth warren neither of them got 60 votes for anything in the senate. so why should voters go for this? >> says a lot when the mainstream media finally calling out bernie sanders for the lack of transparency for how much some of his would cost.
6:33 pm
any poll that you hear, anytime you hear pundits talk about single-payer plans having any sort of public support, that support drops very quickly when voters actually find out how much they would have to pay for those plans and what those plans would entail. i think, big question we have to ask taxpayers how much more are you willing to pay out of your own paycheck for these types of socialist perhaps that these candidates are out there calling for? liz: government corruption and government-run health care. bernie sanders want to tax the poor. he wants to tax households of just $29,000. he is on the record saying that. kelsey, thanks so much for helping us out with the facts there. come back soon. still ahead the debate, why are voters supposed to take joe biden's word what happened with the bidens in ukraine? why can't the bidens be called in to testify? joe biden says looks it was bad for hunter he was at the company
6:34 pm
in ukraine, but now over the weekend says no one can prove he did anything wrong. the hot debate next. lindsey graham says if the senate impeachment trial does not probe the bidens, he will. that story next. ♪. that's why fidelity leads the industry in value while our competition continues to talk. ♪ talk, talk my hands are everything to me. but i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture. and it got to the point where things i took for granted got tougher to do. thought surgery was my only option. turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today.
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♪. liz: joe biden saying in an interview this weekend that no one has been able to point to anything he had done wrong in ukraine. this after admitting last week that hunter biden working at the ukraine energy company burisma, while biden was overseeing ukraine for the obama administration, quote, he said it looks bad. senator lindsey graham now says the senate impeachment trial does not call the bidens that his senate judiciary committee will. let's talk to chris bedford. chris, great to see you. do you think senate judiciary should look into the bidens. >> great to see you. absolutely they should. in washington, d.c. a lot of people come here rich from our first president to our current
6:39 pm
president to john f. kennedy, who have been governors here and presidents and senators. that is not something should cause immediate concern with americans. what americans should be concerned with, americans should be concerned with, people who get rich on politics, those who come here without a lot, a lot of skills, background in oil, other than honorable discharge from the navy for drug use and become wealthy because of their connections and their father's connections. if there is any allegations of corruption they should be looked into. not a five-year witch-hunt but they should be looked at. liz: even democrat witness george kent, state department official during the obama administration testified that he did repeatedly raise his concerns over the biden conflicts of interests, of hunter being at burisma and to the obama administration and vice president in 2015. u.s. ambassador, basically to ukraine, yovanovitch said she was told what to say during her
6:40 pm
senate hearings about burisma. she was told any questions you got, refer them to the vice president. your quick reaction to that? >> the person who was the alleged whistleblower, been alleged to be the whistleblower was sitting in on meetings with ukrainians in the obama white house. it is dirty there. the fact that the press doesn't want to look into it shows what side they are. liz: house managers and impeachment managers kept bringing up the bidens in the senate presentation, kept talking about i i am. somehow what the bidens did is irrelevant to the articles. should voters hear why hunter biden was paid nearly a million dollars a year to serve on the board of burisma? does he have expertise in eurasian infrastructure mining and oil and natural gas? his appointment on the board came within weeks, if not months of vice president joe biden's point man on ukraine? >> it is shocking. it is wild to seat democrats say john bolton needs to be in there
6:41 pm
but hunter biden is off limits. that is a wild point of view to have. liz: chris bid ford, great to see you. thank you very. >> thank you. liz: really appreciate it. more show coming up. the latest on impeachment in the senate today. the democrats own public statements and their voting record in congress undercut themselves on this, as the national security issue. as democrats like adam schiff, still alienating republican jurors. kt mcfarland joins me next. ♪. woman: friction points, those obstacles that limit a company's growth. i try to find companies that turn these challenges into opportunities. it's these unique companies with creative business models that will generate value for our investors. that's why i go beyond the numbers.
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woven and molded into all the things we consume. we created bionic and put the word out with godaddy. what will you change? make the world you want. ♪. liz: lou dobbs joins us now with a look what's coming up on his show. lou, another boring day, nothing going on, right? >> that is so true, liz. thank you very much. joining us tonight congressman mark meadows, one of the leading members of president trump's legal team as well as white house press secretary stephanie grisham on the dismantling of the radical dems impeachment farce they are conducting you may have noticed in washington today. also tonight, former reagan political director, republican strategist, savant, he had roll inches, winning columnist on
6:46 pm
senator mitt romney and rhino resistance in the senate. romney, we'll examine why he just loves, loves to hate on the president. and the president of judicial watch, tom fitton takes up the reject neocon, john bolton and what he is doing to appease the radical dems and sensationalist left and senior scholar at the johns hopkins center for health will be with us to talk about the coronavirus and what we should be thinking about. all of that much more, top of the hour. hope you join us. liz, back to you. liz: back to you. i can tell you, you're holding back, aren't you? >> always. liz: lou dobbs, great to see you. we have more fun with lou dobbs next time. great to see you. talk about it all, what is going on with former deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland. she has a new coming out next month, revolution, trump, washington and we the people. great to see you. >> wonderful to be with you, liz.
6:47 pm
emac. liz: anyway, your reaction to john bolton first. >> wait a minute. we should go back to look at "the new york times" story over the weekend t doesn't quote the book. it doesn't sound like they have a manuscript. they're quoting a anonymous sources who have seen the manuscript. well, i don't know about you, but i think "the new york times" has been awfully wrong about awful lot of things. i know from personal experience where they have quoted things i have written. then totally twisted them around. so do i really believe this? let's wait and see. liz: i want to move on to this. democrat adam schiff and house democrats repeatedly raised national security concerns over ukraine and russia when it comes to helping ukraine. >> yeah. liz: versus russia. the question does this pass scrutiny? adam schiff said this when russia first invaded ukraine in march 2014. adam schiff seemed to play down what happened, tried to deflect blame away from the obama administration, towards the intelligence community. watch this. >> they did lay out a series of
6:48 pm
scenarios that might take place. what did take place was certainly one of those scenarios. whether they should have seen it in advance will only depend whether in fact that decision was made enough in advance that the intelligence community could pick up the clues. liz: there is more. schiff also said this about helping ukraine in 2014 after russia invasion. he warned about a tough response to russia. the quote, challenges we do need to have working relationship with russia. your reaction to all of this? >> people like adam schiff have extremely sharp elbows when they're dealing at home with political adversaries right? but when they're dealing with foreign adversaries they pull their elbows into their bodies. they don't take the tough questions. adam schiff was for whatever obama was for. now that positions have changed, he is against everything that trump is for. so where is the hypocrisy? it is all over the place. liz: three house impeachment managers voted against aid to
6:49 pm
ukraine. >> exactly. they were afraid. liz: jerry nadler, hakeem jeffries, zoe lofgren. >> working for president trump, he says a lot of stuff. don't mower about what he said. one week he loves kim jong-un. sends love letters. then trash tacking themselves about the size of their missiles. what did trump say and what did trump do? he had the eight heat tall aid went to ukraine. he gave the ukrainian president a meeting. he did all the things that he was supposed to do. did he talk about other things? maybe who knows. but, last time i checked, talking and thinking were not actually crimes. liz: you know the senate acquitted bill clinton actual crimes, perjury before a grand jury in the paula jones trial. bill clinton broke the law with perjury. what law did the president break here? >> didn't break any laws. that is the whole point. you know what their latest
6:50 pm
accusation is, you have a bad personality, we have to get him out. they didn't win in 2016. they still haven't wrapped their heads around it. they will not win in 2020. the last refuge of a scoundrel is impeachment. liz: during his friday presentation adam schiff tried to quote the now late senator john mccain. played a clip, talking about the threat that ukraine posed to putin's vision but he didn't show the whole clip. john mccain described the russia take over the crimea as quote, the ultimate result of obama's feckless foreign policy. >> that's right. where nobody believes in america's strength. adam schiff, adam schiff, cut back that quote. >> the other thing the president obama said a lot of things he didn't deliver on, all right? he had the red line in syria, if you use chemical weapons that is red line for me. he also said with ukraine, russians, crimea is red line with me. he didn't enforce any red lines. as a result it is an invitation to take advantage. liz: did the president deliver on lethal aid to ukraine that
6:51 pm
biden wanted under the obama administration to ukraine? >> who knows what joe biden wanted under the obama administration. one thing trump did, he did deliver lethal aid. anti-missile weapons, lethal aid to go out to fight with. when i was in ukraine, right after their revolution, that is what they needed. that is what they wanted. and the obama administration, because they were too afraid of, offending the russians, didn't give them anything but blankets and meals ready to eat. they didn't give them stuff that actually would help them. liz: you know, binoculars and blankets. >> those are really great in a fight. liz: let me get back to joan bolton. your reaction to john bolton and his book? >> we'll have to see what's in it. i don't in general believe in tell all books. thoughtful books after the fact are great. a president has the right, whether donald trump barack obama, or whoever the next president is make decisions and have advisors give him unvarnished advice. he has a right to throw out a lot of ideas when talking with
6:52 pm
advisors. it is almost like a personal covers. he should not have to think and check his thoughts and check his words, thinking wait a minute, will somebody take what i said, twist it, write a best-seller, make a lot of money and distort the facts? it really does the harm the ability of a president to make decisions. >> kt, great to see you. will you come back? >> i think i should. liz: kt mcfarland will have a book coming out. kt mcfarland. thanks for joining us. alexandria ocasio-cortez applauds bernie sanders. why? because he wants to get rid of i.c.e. and border patrol. why? the story next. >> organize something about -- off that tipping people off if you see i.c.e. in communities to keep people safe. i'm not here to reform some of these systems when we talk about immigration. i'm here because senator sanders has actually committed to breaking up i.c.e. and cpb. that is why i'm here.
6:53 pm
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[♪] liz: alexandria ocasio-cortez getting a lot of criticism after supporting bernie sanders' push to get rid of i.c.e. and customs and border protection. this after her home city is reeling from the murder of a
6:57 pm
92-year-old woj and. the i.c.e. former corrector says the policies led to her death. >> it's alarming. it's disturbing. it's sad. i will say it this way. law enforcement from state, local and federal. our number one responsibility is to protect americans. senator bernie sanders is running for president, the highest office in the nation. the first thing on his platform is to disband law enforcement. that'sed a failed policy coming out of the gates. liz: only 10 detainers were honored by new york city.
6:58 pm
more than 18,000 criminal convictions and criminal charges against non-citizens in new york city. so it's not happening now. i would like your reaction from thomas homan. >> i'm disgusted. she says she wants to tip off the community to keep the community safe? that's what i.c.e. is doing. it's a dangerous statement. it's idiotic. >> i agree with the director on that. in the first nine months of fiscal year 2019, there were 16,000 violent offenders who tried to enter the united states who were stopped and detained by cbp and i.c.e. for our senators and congressmen not to support that is a failure
6:59 pm
to the rule of law. liz: he said it's a totally wrong false equivalent. we have 22 million illegal immigrants in this country. the united states is a generous nation. but do non-citizens first immigrant community or are at immigrant communities at risk from this. >> sanctuary city policies are a failure. all that does is serve to divide local law enforcement. mayor deblasio has a responsibility to protect its citizens. liz: thank you for having us in your homes.
7:00 pm
thanks for watching. lou dobbs is next. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody. the president's legal defense team continues its he advice evn of the democrats charges. jay sekulow dismembered the dimms' sham case. >> they are asking you to not only overturn the results of the last election. but as i said before, they are asking you to


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