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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  February 1, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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i toll you. it's going to be an amazing five years coming up, because there's going to be more and more and more and more done. lou: from your lips to god's ears. mike lindell, thanks so much. we thank you for being with us we should go. [♪] trish: tonight the senate all but assuring president trump will be acquitted. voting down a motion more more witnesses to testify. good evening, everyone. i'm trish regan. the dimms are o-3, mueller, kavanaugh, ukraine. meanwhile, the intrigue, right? >> russia, if you are listening, 2020 is open for investigation. this morning not only is the senate about to ready to acquit the president for interference
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in a foreign election. the senate is saying it doesn't even want to hear all the evidence. >> this is a cover-up plain and simple. a fair trial needs witnesses. >> you need documents. the documents don't lie. trish: the sky is falling. right? these trump haters. they are shouting at the sky. they are blaming the universe on the one-year anniversary of trump's election. our nation has seen major policy successes, job growth, prison reform, the killing of the number of one and number two at isis. the killing of the leader of hes bow la. and one of the most central
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issues. president trump: probably the biggest reason i ran was the unfair chain. china, mexico, canada, japan, south korea. trish: he knows how to get stuff done. and this ability to just plow through all the bullshit. has it ever managed to rattle the elites? i think it's ticked off the deep state at foggy bottom. career bureaucrats that never liked him in the first place are con sphierg get him out of office. we know about comey's fbi, we know about peter strzok and lisa page. but the latest revelation really reveals the level to which our national security council will go because they believe the president is wrong on
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everything. >> did you ever lie to your country. >> i don't think so knowingly. but i'm able to spin things just like american politicians. >> you have would lie to preserve the truth. >> if i had to say something i knew was false to protect national security, i would do it. trish: remember those remarks from john bolton as i walk you through the timing of what just went down. things are not going well with john bolton. he screwed up venezuela. >> ambassador bolton looked pale, ijtd kaitd with body language there was nothing much he could do about it. and in the course of that discussion said rudy giuliani was a hand grenade pat was going to blow everyone up.
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trish: meanwhile, sean misko, an nsc aide alongside john bolton joined adam schiff's committee staff in august a. august. the same day the whistleblower submitted his complaint. the same day the whistleblower met with adam schiff's staff. then the alleged whistleblower filed a complain. the whistleblower report goes public. and adam schiff does his victory lap. >> what we have seen already is damning. i found the allegations deeply disturbing. and i found them very credible. i want to thank the whistleblower. this whistleblower has already had a tremendous impact a
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exposing wrongdoing by the president of the united states. we have note spoken directly with the whistleblower, we would like to. trish: only one problem. >> we have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. we would like to. trish: only problem is he did. his office had to follow up by releasing the following statement about the fact that they had talked with the whistleblower. the whistleblower contacted the committee on how to report possible wrongdoing within the jurisdiction of the intelligence community. you have the whistleblower who goes work for adam schiff and a whistleblower who works with adam schiff's team to file this whistleblower complaint. all as it's going down, john bolton is struggling with the president, eventually gets fired, then the whole thing gets
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public as far as the whistleblower goes. and we haven't gone the to the nsc and joan bolton's book and how it got leaked. when adam schiff says stuff like this you need to take it with a grain of salt. >> the president withheld aid to ukraine to help him cheat in the election. what is note okay is to withhold foreign aid to cheept in an election. he's still trying to cheat in the next election. trish: remember where this is all coming from, right? this is adam schiff. when you talk about who is trying to cheat. that's who it is. the nsc oddly -- think about the fact they are they were around all of this from the beginning. comey, mueller, the doj. they were unsuccessful.
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perhaps the nsc with john bolton's help thought it could reverse the will of the american voters. voters many believe were just so dumb they would vote for president trump. >> you could put half of trump supportersn into what i call the basket of deplorables. racist, sexist, exen oh foik, is latch phobic, you name it. you elitists with our geography and maps and reading. trish: the last laugh is going to be on them. justice is prevailing tonight. the president will be acquitted. it's over. it's done. and he has won. schiff, bolton, the whistleblower, they have lost. joining me, former deputy
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national security advisor under president trump, kt mcfarland. one of the things you told me which i found fascinating is in one of your first meetings you met with all these deep state types, and you said look, this is what the president wants, they said no, this is our policy. and you said no this is what the president wants. walk me through that dichotomy, how challenging it was for him and his hand picked team members to drill down and effectively no motor his policies as opposed to the policies that had been in place. >> this is really the core of the issue. who is in charge. you said it well when you said 3 million people voted for donald trump to be president. they voted for him because they wanted to change direction. and what i think the people who were the professional governing
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class in washington. the people i have written about in my new book, they can't accept that in 2016 the american people rejected them. and they can't accept the fact that donald trump carried out the policies he promised he would do. they were contrary to the deep state, the washington establishment career politicians. they now how to undercut and sabotage a president. their attitude is presidents come and presidents go. we are here forever. you can't fire them or reassign them. they have job security for life. know matter how well they do or what they do. that's the problem. trish: they think they know so much better, whether you are talking about comb yims team or the mueller investigation or
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ukraine, there was an element there. and i suspect john bolton has his own issues and his own revenge. but there is an element there including at the nsc and state that had it with this president and they don't want him anymore. >> all the people you mentioned in your essay as you led into there is, they all worked for me. they are people i didn't want in the same room with me because i didn't now where they were -- i didn't know where they were going when they left the room. were they whispering in the ear of their favorite reporter. all they succeeded in doing was getting trump supporters energized and more supportive of the president. the media, they are irrelevant.
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you will never convince them they were wrong. but they are increasingly becoming irrelevant as the ratings show. as john bolton, i think it will boowill -- will boomarang on hi. trish: do you think he had a hand tonight? >> i don't know about that. he didn't agree with the president for some policy reasons. and bolton has a certain arrogance about him as do a lot of these people do. they think they know bert and they don't think trump is very smart. and they are so wrong. the reason i think it booko d -- it boomarangs on bolton. he changed the architect of the
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middle east. he stood up against china. the first president to do it. trish: tonight we have a primetime quiz. the top four largest american companies. they spell a popular american political slogan. can you guess wait might be? tweet me your answers. the slogan will be revealed. i think a lot of you might like it at end of the show. cnn injecting race into another place where it doesn't belong. >> he has emboldened white supremacists. >> that sounds like a certain leader that killed members of my family and 6 million other jews. >> he has given oxygen to racists.
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trish: cnn is accusing president trump's coronavirus task force of not being racially diverse enough. is cnn going to fact check this? probably not. as the senate gets closer to an acquittal vote, nancy pelosi is saying the president cannot be acquitted. listen. >> he will not acquitted. you cannot acquitted if you don't have a trial. and you don't have a trial if you don't have witnesses and documentation and that. trish: did you hear that? >> he will not be acquit. you cannot be acquitted if you don't have a trial. trish: this is crazytown. this what happens when liberal fantasy world caves in on
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trish: round one, game over. what's next? nancy pelosi says it doesn't count. what is she trying to do? bring to us the brink of a constitutional crisis? >> i don't know how they can retain their lawyer status with the comments they are make. i think they disgraced themselves. you can't be acquitted if you don't have a trial. and you don't have a trial without witness and documentation and that. >> i think peaker pelosi is right. this can't be a real acquittal. >> no trial, no vindication. >> a trial without truth, without key evidence, without witnesses and documents would
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render the president's acquittal meaningless. trish: then you have the left insisting the president must be removed from office because if not, he's going to cheat on the upcoming election. >> for precisely this reason the president's misconducting not be decided at the ballot box. for we cannot be asured that the vote will be fairly won. trish: that's the next line of attack. that's what's coming. we should not be surprised by any of this given what we know the left thinks of americans. >> when you wear that maga hat you are saying build that wall. >> the credulous boomer rube. >> your geography and maps and spelling. >> you can put half of trump
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supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> if you vote for trump you are the bad guy. if you vote for trump you are ripping children from parents arms. trish: all that said, remember, this is what they do when it works to their advantage. they pretend to own the moral high grounds. like when they didn't want witnesses for bill clinton's impeachment trial. joe biden said in 1999, in a number of previous impeachment trials the that reached the judgment that its constitutional role does not require it to take new evidence or hear live witness testimony. didn't need to do it then. don't need to do it now? joining me right now is california republican congressman, tom mcclintock.
11:21 pm
good to have you here. it's a double standard. he said one thing then and another thing now? >> a couple things. in all my years i learned wet other side is calling you names you know you are winning the argument and you know they know you are winning the argument. this business of the acquittal won't matter. in a sense they are right. in order to have an acquittal you have to have a crime. the house has charged the president with no crime. that's the first question the senate has to answer. the constitution is very specific. treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors. they haven't done that they made up two charges, abuse of power and obstruction of congress, neither of which is a crime. object trucks of congress means he was asserting his
11:22 pm
constitutional prerogatives that have been asserted by every president since george washington. the executive privilege assures the president has candid advice and is able to talk candidly. and abuse of congress, that's the 18th century term, maladministration. james madison said that could mean anything. that's the grounds for impeachment, then the president is not a coequal branch. he's serving at congress' whim. if the senate accepted either of these charges it would be outside the constitution. trish: i love transparency. i would love to see an investigation into biden inc and the whole mueller thing and why
11:23 pm
it had to come about. i think there is there there and we should look into it. but that's separate from this one. you can't give it the time of day when they didn't have the decency to take it to a judge first place. then if the president said no way, then they might have had a leg to and on when it came to obstruction of congress. they never did that. >> before you get to evidence and witnesses, you have to have a crime. if somebody hauls me into court and says we are prosecuting you for being a jerk, my response will be that's not a crime. that's where we are with this ole impeachment fiasco. trish: they lost this round and i are predict it will come -- and i predict it will come back to haunt them. pop quiz. to the four american companies,
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the biggest ones, they pell out a popular political american slogan. any idea what it is? tweet me. i can't wait. cnn says president trump's coronavirus task force isn't diverse enough. my next guest says viruses don't see race. more fallout from today's crushing blow to the democrats dark impeachment fantasy. they are still brazenly lobbing lies. gaffey joe biden says this isn't
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a partisan impeachment process at all. it's not partisan? you have democrats in denial. >> why why why why why? the better question would be where do i not listen to it. while i'm eating my breakfast... on the edges of cliffs... on a ski lift... everywhere. ♪ download audible and start listening today. by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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find a northwestern mutual advisor at nm dot com. >> president trump ignored the law and the constitution in order to gain a political favor. >> the president's conduct violated our bribery laws as they were understood by the framers. >> the framers would have said the highest of high crimes against the constitution. trish: when are they going to stop lying? probably never because it's who they are. just consider what joe biden said about impeachment in 1998.
11:30 pm
>> even if the president should be impeached, history is going to question whether this was just a partisan lynching or something that in fact met the standard, the high bar that was set by the founders as to what constitutioned an impeachable offense. trish: now a reporter asks fit was wrong to impeach in 1998, why is it wrong now? watch biden's answer. >> it's note a partisan impeachment. he violated the constitution. trish: this is not partisan? joe, that's what you are trying to spin. it's totally partisan. every single part of this is partisan. let's go back to alexander hamilton. i thought it my duty to exhibit things as they are not as they ought to be. we have seen them as they are.
11:31 pm
did we not seat transcript in we did. we saw the transcript between president zelensky and president trump. that wasn't enough. it's never enough. it's their interpretation and manipulation of facts. and they do that for political reasons. don't tell me this is note a partisan move. joining me, niger innis. good to see you. do they think we were born yesterday? >> i think so. i think if you open up the dictionary and you seat word hypocrisy you will see joe biden and a number of democrats with their pictures next to the word. what you had was a partisan hatchet attack at a duly elected president of the united states. and they failed as we see tonight and as we'll quon firm next wednesday.
11:32 pm
>> then they will try and tell us it's not partisan, and they will try and tell us the acquittal doesn't matter. you can't be acquitted. if you ask me, that's like a hostile takeover attempt of congress, trying to take over this government. >> absolutely. it's amazing. after saying it's a national security crisis, we must impeach this president immediately, she holds the impeachment papers that house of representatives in a partisan fashion. >> was that to help joe in iowa? >> it's not impossible. when you see the big mo behind bernie sanders and he could very well take iowa and new hampshire and my state of nevada which he won in 2016 quon theiry to what
11:33 pm
the official results said. it could very well be that the establishment within the democratic party is horrified at having a socialist represent them. trish: what's so messed up is how politicized and charged this moment is and to think they are risking effectively the reputation of our country and our faith and belief in our country and our system. that's pretty wild. niger, it's good to see you. the top four largest americans companies spell a popular american slogan. have you guessed it yet? do not rub our eyes or check your prescription. multi trillion dollar spending socialist bernie is tide with
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gaffey joe biden nationally. and he's leading in iowa and new hampshire. he could win in iowa. if he won the entire thing. let me tell you flat out. just pure economics. it will spell disaster for our economy. everything donald trump has accomplished for our economy, for jobs, for taxes, it will and mess come november. kayleigh mcenany is reacting to this disturbing trend. >> we can make public colleges and universities tuition free. three months paid family and medical leave. >> all student debt would be canceled in six months. >> healthcare is a right of all people not a privilege. >> tuition free. >> free free free.
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[♪] trish >> all student debt will be canceled. public colleges and universities tuition free. >> one of the things we can do is increase the taxes that people are paying. >> i'm with bernie on medicare for all. >> sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60 to 70%. medicare for all would save the american people a large amount of money. isn't 10 million enough? like when does it stop? trish: apparently socialism is not stopping. socialism is resonating in iowa.
11:40 pm
bernie sanders surging less than three days away from the election in iowa. the new party of socialism. you are allowing aoc, the squad, to wrestle away your identity. and where they are taking it, it's not going to be pretty. i can say that with no political bias whatsoever. i just want what's best for the economy. that's been my background. that's what i care about. if bernie sanders came forward and said i am going to lower taxes for everyone, and reform our trade agreements, i would like it. but he's the antithesis of that. he will tax america to death. literally our economy to death. we have seen this morey play out all around the world.
11:41 pm
and it never ends well. joining me, kayleigh mcenany. kinds of alarming stuff in iowa. >> when you consider the fact the leading contender in iowa is bernie sanders who literally said the soviet union did something better than the united states. his senate website says the american dream is more likely to be realized in venezuela. this is a man who is so self-loathing of the things that make america great. they are all the opposite of where bernie stands and he's leading in the polls. trish: in iowa and new hampshire. they are doing it to themselves. we have said and you have said all along. your expression was i am going to sit back and grab my popcorn and watch these debates and
11:42 pm
watch them implode. that's what's happening. implosion. >> socialism. this is a party that according to gallup, 5% of democratic voters agree with socialism. one thing i will say, i do not think bernie will get the nomination. the democrat establishment won't allow it. bernie may be at the top. you still have the democrat establishment that rigs elections and has a hold on the party. trish: ultimately it goes to bind who can't get his sentences out these days? >> exactly. when we were asked at the trump candle pain who we want as the nominee, we say you are asking us to choose between bad fan worse. trish: kayleigh, thanks. coming up, we have the answer to
11:43 pm
my pop quiz. what popular slogan can be spelled from the top four largest americans companies which have skyrocketed in value since 016. it's important to consider race and diversity when you are dealing with a possible global pandemic? cnn thinks so. cnn is wonder where is the diversity on trump's coronavirus task force. my next guest, dr. marc siegel thinks cnn should be embarrassed. i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof!
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trish: the white house is declaring a public health emergency over the coronavirus. anybody who has visited china the last two weeks, if you are an american you will be quarantined. if you are not american, good luck. 1,000 people worltdr worldwide
11:48 pm
ever it. the quote journalists at cnn are trying to spin this to a race issue claiming the thanks force isn't diverse enough. take a look at these headlines. the coronavirus task force a demonstration of the trump administration's lack of diversity. time and place. this virus is a big deal. it affected 12,000 people. for you to be talking about that at a time like this. we'll see what the doctor has to say. joining me, fox news contributor, dr. marc siegel. what's your reaction? >> i think viruses are everywhere. they don't obey race or gender. and we don't need to be worried about political correctness. what we need to be worried about
11:49 pm
is china. it's a good idea to cut off travel to china. it's a good idea for us to send boots on the grounds to chain a which we are doing. what matters isn't race, it isn't gender, it's who it is on this task force. one public health officer has spread vaccines all over the world. she is the director of the international center or immunization and respiratory diseases. this is a respiratory disease. tony fauci which you interviewed several times on fox. tony is 79 years old. i will bet if he had been excluded cnn would have yelled ageism. tony is by the way the top
11:50 pm
infolks disease expert in the country. we have the head of the cdc. he's one of the top virolo girks sts in the country. trish: every chance they get, he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. i told viewer about that one last night. they shoot down our drone and the mainstream media and the left freak out because he's not doing enough to go after the iranians. and when he does take out a terrorist they say it's an assassination. here you have got a task force as you point out is highly credentialed trying deal with the issue at hand and they say
11:51 pm
the am not enough. >> i have been following these outbreaks since 9/11. and i have seen the cdc so hysterical and overreact. they learned over the years. this is the best task force i have seen by a long-shot. and it's proven by the fact we only have six cases in the united states. we are doing the right thing. trish: just wait for it. i'm sure somebody will be talking but it's xenophobic to say if you have been in china, you can't come here. there is now a limit. you can't go to china right now. the airlines canceled all flights, and the administration said if you have been in china, we are going to quarantine you if you are american. if you are not american you aren't coming here if you have been to china. >> here is where hysteria is
11:52 pm
playing out. the masks on the streets which is ridiculous with six cases. the idea of cutting off travel to an endemic area where this virus started is good public health. trish: you know somebody will say it's racist. >> it's necessary and it may help stamp out the virus. but what isn't necessary is panicking here with so few cases. trish: the answer to tonight's pop quiz. a lot of great responses. you can send me what you think it might be. i'm talk about the top four largest american companies that spell out a popular political american slogan. what is it? the answer next. as a caricature artist,
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him. kennedy: >> since the election we have traded 7 million new jobs. average unemployment rate under my administration, listen to this is lower than any previous administration and the history of our country. can you believe it? the lowest. [cheering] 's before you know what? you've gotta give that to him. regardless of what you think of this president, when you look at the strength of our economy now. we look at the strength of our job market, heck we got the best job market in 50 years. the best we've ever had for women, for african-americans, for hispanics. this is what we want as
11:58 pm
americans. we want opportunity, we want the chance to take care of ourselves and our families. and this president's policies have provided that. we did a little bit of digging and i wanted to share something with you. if you like try economic policies, you are really gonna like this. i have been talking about my little pop quiz here. do you know what the four biggest american companies are? drumroll please, microsoft, apple, google, and amazon. so what do they spell? mag. the combined value of these great wonderful american companies over $4 trillion. do you know what? when you think about where those companies were in terms of their overall valuation in novembenovember 7, 2016, they have increased more than four times.
11:59 pm
it is really just an incredible thing to see. our economy is doing well, the stock market is doing well. it is all because of a change in policy. people thought about trade, sort of one-way. and whether you were left or right, everybody was about global. the right wanted it because corporate sworn in. the left wanted because half of these people getting elected to office were bankrolled by big corporations. they all wanted access to the chinese market. more than a billion people. we want those profits over there. nobody was thinking what it would actually mean to everyday americans and jobs here in america. all the sudden comes a guy who's beholding to no one, doesn't have lobbyists to worry about. he said i am going to take this on. i am going to change this, because if i don't america's future is at risk. one day we are going to wake up, these are my words not
12:00 am
his, and become france, china could become the next united states of america. we cannot allow that to happen. have a terrific weekend. tonight i've got lots to do and i'm sure you do too. tuesday night we will have wille tomorrow night with much more. ♪ ♪. kennedy: hi, i am tweeting right now, hold on. now i screwed up. going to have to wait until a commercial to see who is on. it's just me doing this for an hour. you are looking live at the knapp center in des moines where president trump is holding a keep america great rally trying to whip up support for his campaign before the iowa democratic caucuses on monday. let's listen for second period. >> many fine people and all of that. but some are stone cold rapists and murderers, and people that their countries don't want. guatemala, honduras, el
12:01 am
salvador, a


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