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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  February 2, 2020 1:30am-2:00am EST

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house minority leader kevin mccarthy. all my special guest, sunday morning 10:00 a.m. of on fox news. plus right here on foxbusiness start smart every day for mornings with maria right here on foxbusiness monday through friday. have a great rest of the weekend. ♪ ♪. gerry: hello and welcome to the wall street journal at large. well it might seemed like the 2020 presidential races been going on forever. but month active campaigning they're finally ready to have the first votes cast. on monday, boaters and i will charge their local caucus locations will they will take part in their hallmark of taking their favor to the race. the democrats, doesn't are who are in the field the stakes are high. in 1996 no one is gone on to
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be the nominee without winning in iowa. for those struggling the half as they could make or break their campaign. this could put an end to slim chance of what they had. meanwhile, those near the top are hoping iowa will help them break away from the pack and provide the momentum needed to score even more wins as the primary season heats up. seventeen states are casting ballots over the next month with the big prize coming on super tuesday, march 3 when california, texas and virginia are among those making their picks. that will also be when one of the big wildcards the 2020 election, mike bloomberg former new york mayor will be on the ballot for the first time. billionaire businessman who has been moving up in the polls the last few weeks thanks in large part to a personal fortune and allowing him to spend tens of millions of dollars in campaign ads is hoping a breakthrough in the states. but the focus is squarely on the middle of the country and the message the people of iowa are setting to the rest of america. here's to talk about what to expect and how important is what monday's decision will be veteran of democratic
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strategies and he ran for president in 2000 lives in the primary to al gore. he was also, as we all know a star basketball player at princeton and an mba for the new york knicks. let me start you have an door's job biden can explain why? >> i endorsed joe because i have known him for 43 years. i have seen him in action on the kremlin to congress political tragedies and triumphs. i think what shape joe biden is his family and his faith. and i think he is the only candidate who can beat donald trump. and he is also the candidate who is best able to bring in a democratic house and senate. because if you don't have a house and senate's, you can't get things done as well. and therefore, i think he is the person who can reach out to these immoderate districts
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in the country and people will want him to come in and he will be a positive. i think therefore, he is the best candidate from his ability and his political skills. gerry: i know polls are very unreliable we have to wait and see what happens on monday and then in new hampshire. the polls and those two states he has not been doing that well. he is slipping and bernie sanders seems to be surging. why do you think that is? >> it's very unpredictable polls in iowa have been 15 points difference in the last two weeks. iowa is particularly unique they're 1600 places people will go to and they'll say everybody for biden and go to one corner of the room. another candidate in another corner and they will have a votes. some of the candidates will not get 15%. at which point the caucus chair will say and now who would you choose as your second choice. so who wins on the first choice might not win on the
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second choice. it is a very complicated process. very idiosyncratic and nobody knows how it's going to turn out. gerry: how important on those first two states? there is a view and he is still a front runner but if he doesn't win either of the states, his campaign is in a lot of trouble and that could open the door for other candidates. >> i don't think so it all. gerry: you don't think he's gonna lose or just lose those two? >> i think he is going to win. and if he happens to not win, i think he will win south carolina, he will win nevada. if you just take what the polling is now, we had an election in all four states he's got like 69 delegates versus the closest other person at about 27 which is my calculation. then you come to super tuesday, and it is all across the south. it's north carolina, tennessee, alabama, arkansas, oklahoma, texas and california , minnesota, vermont, and
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massachusetts. and i think joe will do extremely well and all the states. maybe not vermont, but all the other states. gerry: you mention he's been around a very long time and politics, 50 years. he is actually strikingly a year older than you and you ran for president 20 years ago. sometimes that experience cuts both ways. the appeal of something new of some change, barack obama in 2008, the clinton, it can be very powerful. they may want something new and not someone who is associated with someone who might not be a successful 50 years. back against him? >> absolutely not. i think it is a term and disadvantage that he has the experience. i think he would be the most experienced president in the white house since lyndon johnson. and i think you underestimate the importance of that
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experience. gerry: in 2008 or 2016 elections? >> you have to have house and senate. i think joe would be the most progressive president since lyndon johnson. and i also think he would be a normatively effective forgetting congressional people elected. gerry: why do you think he's a progressive? his positioning seems to be the center of the party. you've got people who consider themselves more progressive like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. why would you say he would be the most progressive? >> if you just look at what his policies are. basically on tax policy thanks those who have more should pay more. he thanks equal income should pay equal tax. and the days when rich lobbyists got special tax bills for the wealthy real estate clients, those days are over. and plus he wants public option for healthcare which means anybody can have health insurance in america without any question. so i think he would be a progressive president. but more importantly, he would
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be a progressive president who could get things done. it's one thing to be a progressive to canada, it's another thing to be a progressive president. to be the progressive president have to get things done. gerry: the house and senate need to better democratic control. but quickly how much is there a risk for -- you've known biden for a long time. how concerned are you about what may come out of that process if we do get deeper into understanding what joe biden's son was doing while joe biden was vice president? >> i am a really not concerned. i think pam bonnie matic competent presentation on hunter biden. but this is not about hunter biden anymore than it is about ivanka trump getting 16 trademarks from the chinese government it signed as a trade negotiation going on. or getting them to get appear to trump at istanbul just before the president abandons
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the kurds. this is not about the children it's about the president he abuse power, lied, covered it up. gerry: just quickly before i take a break. you don't think is vice president you do have a responsibility to make sure your family members are not doing things that elise could create the appearance of conflict of interest? >> i might ask the president that. is it a conflict of interest that ivanka got 16 trademarks in the middle of the trade negotiation? this is ridiculous. joe biden, and 21 years, he came into the senate he was a poor senate to her when he left he was a poor center. he has provided 21 years of income tax returns. so the president has released a zero. we talk about conflict or corruption i think we should look at income tax returns. gerry: we will talk more about the primary with former senator b b b b b could switching to geico really save
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♪ ♪. kennedy: i'm here with former new jersey senator bill bradley. talk about the party as a whole. udry just said that you think joe biden lilly the most progressive president since the company have between lbj. he seems more of a centralist candidate in that party the party has moved significantly to the left such as medicare for all, education, support public education. maybe issues of illegal immigration and a whole range of issues. the party has moved it left. whitey think that is? >> i think it is frankly the
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democratic party has always had a left. and i think that's positive not negative. it shows that we have a broad sense. the question is who'd you think we'll get things done. as i said earlier you can have a progressive candidate but you need a progressive president. and i believe that where we are in the country today, is a very tough time. it's not about class, it is about class, but it's not about class is about deeper things. when i see donald trump plays to our most negative emotions. fear, hate, anger. and joe biden plays to very positive emotions and positive traits, like aspiration and collective carrying, and personal responsibility. so it's not just simply about the numbers in a tax bill or the numbers in a healthcare bill. it's about being able to connect with people who are in real pain and have been in
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pain for a long while. ever since we lost 6 million jobs the first ten years of the century. ever since we had the financial crisis blow up. ever since we have been an unnecessary unwinnable wars. so you need to have someone who can speak to the feelings of people as well as their minds. gerry: you are someone who is seen as being very much associated with the progressive wing in 2000 when he ran against al gore. you lost that race. >> thanks for reminding me. [laughter] 's ba you won many races a senator. that was just when you did lose. the party does seem to move that way. do you think a party if it were joe biden, that elizabeth warner bernie sanders, they had policies they represented policies that could get majority support from the american people on some of those issues? >> there are a number of position that each candidate
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has on the left that would not receive a majority support. but i don't think that is going to be the issue. i think we are going to have joe biden and he's going to be working with his knowledge of how to get things done. and we are going to have success. you can talk about medicare for all, you can talk about tax policy, but first of all you have to have a congress. look at barack obama. he was stymied by a republican congress trying to respond -- he was trying to respond to real human and needs. you have to have a house and senate have the same party as the president and then you have a chance to really accomplish things. gerry: it it trumpets can be running on a very strong record of the wages rising the economy seems overall very healthy. why should americans be prepared to take a risk with that by opting for much more progressive president?
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>> i don't think joe biden is a risk. he is well-known, he has been around people and is the most experienced person if you say economic numbers, while you know you talk about a middle-class family. they have to pay healthcare expenditures, drug expenditures, of which biden is going to go after to reduce. or if they have to pay insurance costs, they have to pay the child care, there's a lot of middle-class families out there who are just a couple hundred dollars maybe a thousand dollars away from being underwater. because they have to have a job. that job has to give them enough money that they can have a decent life and that's what joe biden once. gerry: we are going to take a quick break and then we will have further thoughts of senator bradley
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gerry: i am back with bill bradley. senator bradley, what is a can it take to put a democrat in the white house this year? >> it's going to take getting people allowed to vote. part of me thanks we are back of the 19th century where honest debate with facts that are agreed upon by everybody, is not to the central key to the selection. it is getting people out to vote. there are hundred million people in america and in 2016 over 18 did not vote. so getting those people registered and to vote is absolutely key. it's going to find some very interesting things happening in the democratic side against trump on the deeper web, the dark web, and a variety of other places. [inaudible] it's going to be a fair fight.
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you have mike bloomberg who says whatever happens he's prepared to put a billion out to defeat trout. that's good news for whoever the nominee is. gerry: let me ask about mike bloomberg he's spending if fortune he's paying $10 million for one ad in the super bowl. is he forget me for putting it like this. is he a backup in case biden falters? is he want to assure that perhaps they're not taking so much of a risk if they are voting for democrats if he is the candidate? >> i don't know how he is going to fair. i noise spinning a lot of money in texas, california, and other places been a primary you have to win an election districts into qualify for any delegate, you have to be over 15%. as of right now he is not over 15% in any district. but that doesn't mean that another month of heavy tv ads, he won't go to the conventions with a chunk of delegates. i think you could very well go to the delegation with a
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chunk. and he could be a player. he could be a factor. and i think that the fact he's going to spend a billion dollars against a trump is good news for every democrat. gerry: i have been fascinated by american politics, journalist have been obsessed with the idea of a brokered convention. we could get to milwaukee in july with no candidate having a clear majority. it has never happened, not for the last half-century. is it real possibility? >> i remember back in 1924 they only had a hundred and three ballots. is that the thing we want? gerry: it would be a great story. but we have a broad spread of candidates, we have a change elect process emits much more even. what's the chance? >> i think it is small. i think you come into super tuesday, and out of super tuesday there will be one candidate who will be very strong and then you have the
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rest of the primaries and caucuses. but i think it's unlikely you will have a brokered convention. would it be interesting? i don't know. but the guys in the journalistic community be able to figure out was going on? gerry: we would have a hard time but it would be interesting. it's been fascinating talking to you. i went just one quick unrelated question. justice weekly loss tragically another great basketball player, kobe bryant. i don't know to what extent you knew him a recollections you had of him, just give us your input on what we lost? 's speemac i did not know kobe but i know what he was and what he represented to millions of people around the globe. anytime you see someone in their prime, someone who is with his family go down and this kind of tragedy, it should give us all tears in her eyes, lump in our throats, and caution about whether we take a helicopter.
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gerry: senator bradley thank you so much for joining us and congratulations on your show. thank you for giving us an interesting insight into the democratic process. my final thoughts of the very american way of voting and the advantages of meeting your voters face-to-face. voters face-to-face. don't go away.
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chase. make more of what's yours. of course i'd love to take an informal poll. i used to be a little cranky. dealing with our finances really haunted me. thankfully, i got quickbooks, and a live bookkeeper's helping customize it for our business. (live bookkeeper) you're all set up! (janine) great! hey! you got the burnt marshmallow out! (delivery man) he slimed me. (janine) tissue? (vo) get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. the easy way to a happier business. gerry: to some critics the process that begins on monday
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night in fives stations school halls across iowa, is an archaic and undemocratic one. why should the hawkeye state, and then a week later new hampshire, have such an outsize early role and the selection of the most powerful person on earth. they are after all too small states unrepresentative of the larger nation. and the idiosyncratic choices drive the direction of the contest. one candidate this year, mike bloomberg, the former new york mayor is not on the bout the next couple weeks. it's much more democratic to campaign across the country at large. i believe there's something quintessentially american about this process. the so-called retail politics in the early contest mean that the men and women who want to be president have to get out and convince voters face-to-face that they are the right candidate for the job. once these states have voted, followed by nevada and south carolina, we get more of a
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national race and it fans out across the airwaves and they pile up the delegates. but these early voting states are like a prequalifying contest to get the big game, you first must have to look to voters in the eye to earn his or her votes. at an age when trust is in such short supply that is not a bad thing. that's it for us this week for the latest show updates be sure to follow me on twitter, facebook an instagram. i will be back next week just before the new hampshire primary. thank you much for joining us.
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