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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 3, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EST

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from outside hard rock stadium here in miami this monday morning where the kansay it is monday , february 3rd. the coronavirus outbreak continues, the death toll is rising to more than 360, more than 17,000 cases across the world. including 11 confirmed cases in the united states. markets in china getting slammed on the first day of trading since the lunar new year. we have the latest this morning coming up. then despite the threat, futures in the u.s. are pointing to a higher opening, we're looking at a bounce after a sharp selloff on friday. the dow industrials up 99 points, a third of a percent. the 2020 race is about to heat up. voters you cross iowa -- across iowa officially kicking off the 2020 election season with the democratic caucuses this morning. worth the wait, the kansas city chiefs crowned super bowl champions last night, 50 years after their last title. we have the very great high lights from the game, plus the half time show, all right here.
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"mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ going back to miami. . ♪ going back to my girl. ♪ going back to my girl. maria: some of the stories we are watching this morning, the coronavirus, the numbers are staggering right now. the death toll nearing 400 people dead, more than 17,000 sick across the world. confirmed cases now in 24 countries across the world. we have the very latest. in the united states, in there are 11 cases confirmed in five states. the majority hof of them in california. 11 u.s. airports accepting flights from china, up from seven last week. patients are being treated at a new 1,000 bed hospital in china. crews are building -- crews built the new hospital in just 10 days. another 1500 bed facility is set to open this upcoming week. meanwhile, police in london this
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morning say that a stabbing in the city yesterday was terror related. authorities say the 20-year-old suspect had just been let out of people for islamic related crimes. he was shot dead by police at the scene. the stabbing victims are expected to survive. and this, a change at the top of wework, the company named a real estate industry veteran as ceo. he will come on-board february 18th. he succeed sebastian gunning p ham and arty minton. super bowl liv, kansas city stunned san francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter. the final score, 31-20. the half time show did not disappoint. j-lo and shakira commanded the stage with energy to spare. jay-z and be i don' beyonce dect
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down during the national anthem. well, the chiefs winning big at last night's super bowl for sure. it was a great game. i was there. i enjoyed it tremendously. the team scored three touchdowns during the game's fourth quarter. during the half time show, jennifer lopez performed in shakira in in a bombastic performance. joining us this morning is dagen mcdoweou guys this morning. dagen: great to see you, maria. >> good morning. maria: i don't know how you made it home before me. there you are. did you watch the game? dagen: i watched every minute of the game. i actually didn't go to sleep last night. what i thought, this was andy reid's night, the coach of the kansas city chiefs. it was his 222nd career win and his very first super bowl victory. so 222 wins on 2/2/2020. it doesn't get any better than
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that. and my at tied for the -- attitude for the rest of my life will be -- this is something patrick mahomes kept talking about. keep firing. that's what andy reid told mahomes after the second interception of the day. that's the fourth time of his career that he had thrown two or more interceptions in a game. the comeback and the drive was phenomenal. this is what my mom always told me, how not to choke and they did the exact opposite. this is the third -- they had a double digit points deficit in both the divisional game, a afc game and then the super bowl yesterday, coming back from a 10 point deficit with an 11 point victory, really could not get any better and everybody was rooting for them. maria: yeah. i enjoyed it tremendously. i haven't been to a lot of super bowls but i've been to a couple and i thought that was among the most exciting certainly for me, even though at one point there it was sort of stagnant.
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the half time show, i don't know, i mean, they looked gorgeous. they danced beautiful. for me, i thought something was off. what did you guys think? j-lo and shakira? dagen: i thought -- it's different seeing it in person than on tv and sometimes -- maria: i think that's right. dagen: it's choreographed for the television audience. there is nothing negative that you can say, i don't think, about this. because it was all shakira and they had -- and then it was j-lo. j-lo's daughter emmy toll the night. they had two other stars, bad bunny and j balvin, bad bunny with shakira. these two singers are probably the hottest acts in world music right now and it really -- it was very, very miami. maria: i thought something was off. i did. i don't love the pole dancing, actually, but that's just me. leting talk the 2020 election
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cycle kicking off in iowa today, the iowa caucuses underway, voters around the state will caucus today for their choice for the democratic nominee. on sunday morning futures i spoke with steve bannon ahead of iowa, i asked him about his expectations, whether a democrat can beat president trump. watch this. >> there's no personality out there that can beat trump and no set of policies, the policies are so radical. trump policieses has yo blue cor people outperforming white collar workers. this is a striver's economy with the tax cuts and deregulation joe biden's performance in iowa has been pathetic. only two-thirds of the things are full, the vfw halls are full, he's not on point. he can't bring the heat. they understand mayor pete is not going to be president. there's no centrist candidate. that's why bloomberg's money is coming in to get him more stature. he's not going to be the nominee, i don't think. there's no chance he could beat
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trump. maria: there you go. mitch, he does have $2 billion to spend, he's willing to spend it all to take down donald trump. what do you think? >> including super bowl ads. it's really interesting. we started to look at his tax policy which just came out which is fairly progressive, just to think about it. i couldn't imagine four years ago or eight years ago someone like michael bloomberg talking about a tax policy as progressive as the one he's proposing. so it's really interesting. we'll see. it looks as though bernie sanders is in the lead there but it's all very tight and we'll find out in about 12, 13 hours what the outcome is. maria: so what do you think about the tax policy, then, mitch? let's talk about his tax plan. actually, dagen, i don't know that we really know much about what michael bloomberg wants to do here. i know that he wants to do gun reform, he wants to do policies on the environment. he just released the tax plan. what can you say about it? dagen: i think that the message
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for our viewers is regardless of who gets the nomination that people's taxes are going to go up. and even with the only -- with only moderate, maybe you could call bloomberg a moderate, also joe biden, people's taxes are going to go back you. they're pledging to raise taxes, whether it's on corporations, whether it's on the rich. but again, the rich being people who are making six figures in this country. one thing i i'll point out about the iowa caucuses, in terms of the democrats, they're very good, these caucuses, at predicting who gets the democratic nomination. hillary clinton, barack obama, in 2008, john kerry won iowa, went on to the nomination and al gore back in 2000. it's not the case with republicans and the iowa caucuses, but this -- whoever wins could very well end up being the nominee. that's what history shows. maria: yeah. well, the only one that doesn't want to raise taxes is donald trump who told me in davos he's
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working on a tax cut plan. so we'll be watching what comes out of iowa this morning on that particular subject. we're just getting started this morning. coming up, quick break and then the coronavirus, weighing on asian markets once again. we're taking a look at the action here as we come off of the worst start to the year since 2016 after that sharp selloff last week. then wealthy versus wealthy, the details of mike bloomberg's proposed $5 trillion tax plan, we will go into it in detail coming up. a great american tradition, the super bowl ads, we're taking a look at the hits and the misses during super bowl liv last night. all that coming up. first, the coronavirus fears, we are speaking to a family physician next on how to stay say. plus, we'll take a look at at how it's affecting markets, that's all next, right here. thenthen elon's hack--a-thon, we says his house party will be super fun. stay with us. ♪
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maria: welcome back. we are focused on coronavirus this morning, several new cases now reported in the united states, including one in massachusetts. three others in california. this brings the total in the united states to 11 people infected nationwide. samples from several new york city patients are being tested at the cdc today to determine infection. more than 17,300 people in asia have been infected at this point. at least 362 people have died. all but one in china. joining us right now is family physician, associate professor, doctor jennifer kodell.
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good to see you this morning. thank you for joining us. gives us your reaction to this and of course we want to ask you what people should think about doing, what we should be doing to stay safe. >> sure. so my reaction is this. in many ways i'm not surprised that the cases have really been surging. as you mentioned, over 17,000 cases, over 300 deaths. this is something that i think we might have started to predict as we've seen over the last few days, the cases really are increasing somewhat exponentially. i read reports in the last 24 hours that researchers are considering calling this a pandemic and we know the world health organization called this a public health emergency which is very, very appropriate. with that said, it's not surprising the cases are spreading. we do have 11 cases in this country. we probably will see more cases in this country. i think what's really important, though, is to remember that despite this, at least in the u.s. right now, our risk is still considered to be low. and that's what we as people need to he focus on here in this
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country and not sort of inciting panic. the risk is still low. we will likely see more cases, absolutely. >> doctor, where are you more -- maria: so far, -- go ahead. >> where are you more at risk? i'm a frequent flier. i'm sitting on an airplane, trapped with folks of. are those the environments where you're more at risk in the united states? if we're going to be protective of ourselves, how best to protect yourself? >> we think risk is dependent on exposure. and that's i think a really important point. that's one of the reasons why in this country our risk is noted to be low because we're not in china where we're seeing this exposure. to your point, you're asking is it safe to fly, safe to do x, y and z. we know many borders are closed. we have a full screen-up. these are prevention tips besides the closed borders that we're seeing that we should all do right now. we should wash our hands. soap and water, really, really important, to prevent the
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spread. this is an upper respiratory virus. avoid touching your face if you can. avoid contact with people that are sick, close contact is six feet near somebody. cover your face when you cough and sneeze. cleaning and disinfecting objects, that's really important. this is general hygiene, common sense hygiene we want people to use no matter what. a few other tips are very important. stay home if you're sick. it's important that sometimes -- this day and age we want to be warriors and go to work at all costs. we shouldn't be. you're asking about travel. should you be afraid to get on an airplane? if the airplane is flying to the country and it's okay, it's probably fine. we're not flying china. if you recently traveled to china, you've come back and a you've got a fever, cough, shortness of breath, et cetera, et cetera, please talk to your doctor, see your doctor, get a
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flu shot, et cetera. now, this is what you should not do. don't travel to china. we know there's a level four warning. let's be clear about that. but face masks, let's talk about that. these are selling out. right now, there is no need to wear a face mask. we are still at low risk according to the cdc. the other thing is prejudice is not okay. we are seeing increased rates of racism, et cetera, you cannot assume that somebody is any greater risk of coronavirus just because of what they look like. that is really, really important for us to keep in minted. of course, not to panic, that's what we don't want as well. maria: just feels like -- it almost looks like and feels like the common cold, certainly the way that you're saying to handle it and yet people are dying. why is that, real quick? >> that's a really good point. we don't have a vaccine against it, we don't have it for the common cold either. we don't have a medication to treat it which is the same as the common cold. to your question, you're saying why is that? we're still learning a lot about this virus.
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it is an upper respiratory virus. it affects people differently. we're learning a lot. maria: all right. i see. dr. jennifer kodell, thanks very much. you've been incredibly helpful. coming up, markets are higher despite the coronavirus fears, after friday's big selloff. what is driving markets after the worst start to the year since 2016. we'll take a look. we're at the highs of the morning, dow futures up 114 points. then more of my interview with nfl commissioner roger good l del, we're talking -- goodell, we're talking about money around the super bowl, from games abroad to the future of the league, don't miss it. that's coming up. amazon prime video is on xfinity x1.
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death toll now up to better 360 people including the first death outside of china. there are more than 17,000 confirmed cases across the world of coronavirus. the numbers surpassing the 2003 sars outbreak. i spoke with former white house chief strategist steve bannonon sunday morning futures yesterday. he talked about the economic impact of the ry vive virus. this will hit the u.s., isn't it? >> here's what i think people ought to focus on right now is the third quarter. in china, they don't open factories, they don't drop the quarantines in the next couple weeks, you're going to have real impact. maria: joining me right now is head of capital research, katherine rooney vera. we're looking at a strong backdrop right now but what happens with that third quarter? if china completely shuts down, doesn't that impact economic
6:23 am
growth? is that what's behind the market selloff and how serious do you worry about it. >> w percentage points from chinese gdp and i say at least, because in we saw 2 percentage points come off of chinese growth in 1q and 2q of 2003. we later saw demand was not destroyed but rather delayed. and that's what i'm looking for is demand destroyed, demand delayed. if it's the latter, then you get a strong rebound in the latter half of the year. maria: look at even -- i mean, putting into account other things, like in the journal this morning they're talking about boeing and the fact that the boeing stoppage of the 73 max, that's going to take half of percent out of the first quarter. you have these things building up, doesn't look like a 3, 3 and-a-half percent growth rate in 2020. >> let's say it takes four-tenths of a percentage point off of global growth which i think is a good baseline, it could be more if you get a
6:24 am
combination of variables. if you get consumer confidence plummeting, let's say bernie sanders winses iowa and new hampshire, that could e exacerbate global trends. transportation and retail, that's what i'm concerned about with regard to china. china is increasingly dependent on doughs mess particular demand. -- domestic demand. what i'm looking for is to invest in moments of real panic because i do believe that ultimately if you look at sars, ebola, mers, eventually you get an a economic rebound. unless it's a global pandemic and black death, which i mean, -- who knows. maria: look for sears just selloffs to -- serious selloffs to buy stocks. >> i am. maria: two democratic candidates seem to be moving ahead of the pack and that is of course -- a poll shows bernie sanders gaining ground, moving slightly ahead of former vice president joe biden, among
6:25 am
democratic voters nationally. you have some concerns about biden's surge, obviously he's got socialist ideas. what does that do to the economy if in fact he's the nominee? >> more than 50% of the s&p 500 us comprised of tech, healthcare, financials and energy, those are four sectors that the bernie sanders' camp will hit. i like buying puts with march 31st expiry, that gets you through iowa, gnaw ha new he and super tuesday. if he clean sweeps, you get a strong market correction. thi.maria: he's trying to rally young people, young people, some of them, i don't know that they understand what the social practice, socialist practices to do to the economy. what if he were the nominee
6:26 am
against trump? >> i would think the u.s. being capitalist and seeing how well we've done under a capitalist structure it would be largely rejected. maria: it's great to get your insight. thank you very much. we'll take a short break. when we come back,y lon's hack-a-thon, why he says the artificial intelligence house party he's having will be super fun. first, here's what's on tap for the rest of the week. >> this week on "mornings with maria," tomorrow, the first votes of the 2020 presidential cycle are in. we'll go inside iowa for a look at the new frontrunner for the democrats. wednesday, the battle to contain the deadly coronavirus is sweeping the globe. dr. mike lays out his prevention techniques. thursday, with tax season in high gear, we will reveal the latest tips for that maximum refund, that's all right here on "mornings with maria." our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. they help us with achievable steps along the way... so we can spend a bit today, knowing we're prepared for tomorrow.
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lauren: let's get everybody up to speed, maria, more than 17,300 individual cases of coronavirus worldwide, 24 countries have confirmed cases, 11 right here in the u.s., the latest numbers coming as secretary of state mike pompeo american who is are stranded in the epicenter in wuhan will be brought home in the next few days, new u.s. travel restrictions in effect including denying entry for any foreign national who visited china in the last 14 days, as the virus spreads across the globe, futures pointing to higher open, dow 108, shrugging outbreak, google parent alphabet set to report earnings today as well as sciences, the stock up 8% in premarket, they are working on a drug for coronavirus.
6:31 am
and elon musk is going from rapper to hacker, the tesla ceo tweeted this, announcing super fun ai party/hackathon, will be at his home and the company has invested heavily in artificially intelligence despite musk warning of dangers even saying ai might one day may achieve world domination and all the story stuff that could come with that, maria, back to you. maria: living with robots is the -- lauren: new reality. maria: talked about for years, lauren, thank you. meanwhile this impeachment coming to a close, the latest here because the senate to vote at 4:00 p.m. wednesday on impeachment, likely acquitting president trump of all charges after 4 months after voting against hearing from witnesses, south carolina senator lindsey graham joins me on sunday morning futures on sunday saying the fight to remove the president will not end, however,
6:32 am
until democrats are ousted from power in the house, watch. >> senator; they have wanted to impeach this president now for 3 years, we heard frit congresswoman, tlib, this is not going to end, is it? >> it will only end when the american people reelect donald trump and fire nancy pelosi, if you want to deter future impeachments like, this make sure president trump gets reelected and let's fire nancy pelosi. maria: joining me right now senior editor at the federalist christopher bedford, chris, always good to see you, isn't that true we've already heard from people like al green, maxine wattes; if this doesn't work we will try something else, we may see the house subpoena john bolton even after acquittal on wednesday.
6:33 am
>> we will almost certainly see john bolton subpoenaed to the house, this is why it's been 3 months of such boring proceedings because we knew what was going to happen the entire time, as soon as nancy pelosi won the house and republicans held the senate, he was going to be impeached, the president and then acquitted, whether it was going to be over insulting colin kaepernick or over the squad, likely to happen. unprecedented that a president has been impeached twice but it's possible. maria: yeah, but what happens then in terms of the work getting done for the people? you know, i mean, the president seems to continue to get progress and move forward, he did usmca, he did china, middle east peace plan and anything that he needs to get done with participation from the congress is not going to happen if they're constantly trying to take him down, right? >> it will certainly be a lot
6:34 am
slow going, i was actually surprised that the trade deal went through, there was so much pressure on nancy pelosi to do that that she sneaked it in right before impeachment which is a weird spectacle to watch and in the senate side you'll probably see a lot more action; surprisingly where there's a lot of judicial confirmations over the next 2 years, it looks like the republicans will hold the senate fairly easily and with that the trump judicial nominations will continue. dagen: hey, chris, it's dagen mcdowell, but we should point out that this impeachment has been nothing but political and it's an effort by the democrats to bruise president trump and the wall street journal, nbc poll came out that americans stuck to their views on trump through impeachment trial, they never, ever sold it to the american people, 46% of voters said the senate should remove president trump from office, but 49% said he should serve out his term and, in fact, his job
6:35 am
approval, the share who strongly approve of his job performance hit highest mark at 36% in that poll. >> exactly, i don't really see what the democrats seek to gain out of this, i understand that their base has pushed them to this, democratic activists have demanded impeachment to the point where nancy pelosi basically lost control over the house but after that she went all in because she didn't want to find a battle here and she pulled every trick that she could to impeach the president and to drag it out and to try and damage it politically before the election, like they kept on saying they are worried about this election and just like when hillary clinton was defeated by trump, adam schiff has already layed the base work for this election being called illegitimate if trump wins reelection. maria: what about the iowa caucuses, voters are headed now to the polls to decide the democratic nominee for president, mike al bloomberg is not among today's nominees but
6:36 am
may have gotten a boost from the dnc, he gave the democrats $100 million last year, that enabled them to win the house, on friday the democratic party removed the voter threshold for the nevada presidential debates, that opens the door if the billionaire, chris, film director michael moore blasted the decision, meanwhile, he was at a bernie sanders rally, watch what he said. >> the fact that the democratic; the dnc will not allow cory booker on that stage, will not allow julian castro on that stage, but they're going to allow mike bloomberg on the stage because he's got a billion dollars. maria match wow, what do you think, chris? [laughter] >> mike al moore is a character for sure, it's a strange thing for the dnc; we saw with tom steyer, the party that claims that they want to keep money out of politics have consistently
6:37 am
led two people buy their way on debate stage in politics, bloomberg has spent a huge amount of money, accepted zero donations and he's running a strange campaign here, i wonder if he's even running for president at all or trying to get around super pac funds, he's got a lower ad rate -- legally required lowest possible rate for any television ads that he buys and he's able to pay for a thousand different people right now and give them a a lot of perks and he said that no matter what they will work for whatever candidate, i doubt if it's true if it's bernie sanders, nancy pelosi gave an interview attacking bernie sanders, the dnc made the rule change attacking bernie sanders and there's a lot of wonder at least in twitter but some polls not being released because they favor bernie sanders who has a huge amount of support in iowa. maria: that's absolutely right, they did not release the des
6:38 am
moines, iowa poll which shows bernie sanders up, that's exactly what we heard on sunday when steve bannon says he wants to be overlord, oligarch, that's how steve bannon put it and kevin mccarthy said that there's a civil war, two civil wars going on within the democratic party, one about impeachment, some of theancy pelosi and adam schiff handled this and then one about the candidates and about bernie and how all of this trashing continues; hillary clinton keeps trashing him as well, why do they hate bernie so much? >> well, they've been playing footsie with the far left for years and years, barack obama doesn't get enough credit for this i don't think, he was such a charismatic leader he was able to invite a lot of very radical ideas whether taking over the u.s. health care system or inviting illegal immigrants or black lives matter actives into the white house, and those people don't really listen to
6:39 am
chuck schumer or nancy pelosi, so when he exited the stage they ended up with a clown car of different ideas from the more moderate democrats to very far left democrats but the main thing i think with bernie sanders beyond that is the anger in this country has not dissuaded at all. >> live from miami this morning; more of one-on-one interview, exclusive interview with roger goodell, everything from the future of the league to game abroad and all the money around super bowl sunday, stay with us.
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maria: welcome back, live from miami, kansas city chiefs beating san francisco 49ers last night taking home super bowl 54, before the game my sit-down with exclusive interview with nfl commissioner roger goodell among the topics we discontinued changing viewer habits, watch. >> we want them to watch whatever they want to watch, you have to make it convenient for the consumer. we want it to be where they are and whatever device they want an frankly we love the technology because technology is actually advanced so much for us and made the experience better not just if you're watching at home on your tv where we go back and look at game 20 years ago, you can't imagine the difference in quality between what you see
6:44 am
today and 20 years ago that's a great experience for our fans and also means that you have to bring experience for home, we want the experience to be great in the stadium, we are fortunate we are 98% to capacity but you have to work harder to fill the stadiums. maria: you broaden the nfl for games in the uk, in méxico, over the last few years, how important is growth to international expansion? >> well, if you look at it it's a big world out there and so for us to be able to take our game to global audience is maybe one of the biggest opportunities you have because of sheer number of people and because of technology you can get to them now, even 10 or 15 years ago you had to negotiate with distributors, now with can go direct to consumers around the globe and we do and we give it to them the way they
6:45 am
want to see it, in highlight package, 10-minute pieces or whether it's full length of the game, we have great partners on a global basis and we seen tremendous growth where we have gone and play games in uk and méxico and we expect to do more on that because fans when they see it and they realize it's america's favorite sport they want more of it, they want to experience it and it's actually changed in some ways the way sports are viewed internationally and it's not just going to the game, it's going to the tailgate parties and they have become incredible by sophisticated fans not just from that experience but also from watching on different platforms. maria: do you plan on having teams operating out of uk and operating out of méxico in. >> it's not an objective, our objective to continue to broaden
6:46 am
our game and to develop more fans and as we have done it's incredible by successful that the fan base is sophisticated and wants more that i think from a fan perspective they certainly could support a franchise, i think the challenge for us how do you do it compively, we want to make sure that our league obviously number one is competitive and the quality of our game and making sure in the nfl we believe all teams have hope, the san francisco 49ers are playing later tonight, they were 4 and 12 last year, they were able to turn it around, we want to continue the competitive balance and you don't want to put any teams at a disadvantage, that's the number one challenge with international franchise. maria: are you saying over the coming years that the nfl is going to be distributing differently giving licensing rights more so to the technology companies to online -- >> we already. maria: you'll continue to do
6:47 am
that? >> we already. we also love the broadest possible distribution and, you know, you most of our fans experience the game through traditional television and it's produced by our great network partners and nobody does it better, their skill and their abilities make the experience of our fans watching the game much better. maria: i said to you when we started out, a billion dollars in revenue you said easy for the day. >> easily. maria: for the whole event? >> second spot going 5 and a half million dollars a spot. that's not including the pregame and all that goes around the game, all that people are investing, so i think the economic activity just here in miami will probably be 500 million plus in economic impact. miami miami miami also adds to that, the fact that it's an international city.
6:48 am
>> well, there's only one city that today is going to host 11th super bowl and that's miami and i think that says wonderful things about the community which doesn't need a super bowl to get a stamp of approval but i think the super bowl has put this beautiful community, wonderful community and frankly the culture of this community on a platform like no other and so it's been a great partnership for both of us. maria: my very special thanks to nfl commissioner roger goodell, stay with us, we will be righte back. ♪ ♪ts
6:49 am
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and my side super soft? yes! with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? no problem. ...and done.
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so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time. maria: welcome back, the fountain blue hotel, miami landmark first opened here in 1954, it became an epitome of luxury for more than half a century, celebrities flocking
6:52 am
for generations including the great frank sinatra, i took a tour with the hotel's president, the chief operating officer showed me around. ♪ ♪ maria: this is such an iconic hotel, tell me about it, things in the hotel that are the original from 1954 when the hotel was first built. >> certainly are, our owner is very particular about things and history of iconic resort, you will see bow ties throughout the hotel. there's bow ties in the floor and elevater, staircase to
6:53 am
nowhere, historically significant and will never change, will be here forever. maria: my parents came here in 5957 nor honeymoon and my mom and dad stayed here for a whole month, who goes on their honeymoon for a month, they had a vacation for 60th anniversary, but my parents talked about the fountain blue all of the time because this was their honeymoon spot. >> a place to see full of celebrities back in the 50's, frank sinatra vacationed here and lived here, we have a sinatra gallery, frank sinatra is in our dna. maria: i've got to believe that that's why my dad we wanted to come here because of frank sinatra initially and also this was the hot place to be. >> movies here, the past year we did with eva longoria the grand
6:54 am
hotel. constant i will keeping activity and fun things going on. ♪ maria: what a beautiful tribute, you the sinatra gallery, look at the pictures. tell me about the pictures. >> this was on our board walk, you see bodyguards here as well, there's a fun picture here that i really like, frank sinatra really likes jack daniel's, so jack daniel's people came out with sinatra select. here is frank sintra and always had 3, you can see him having a shot of jack daniel's and so what would have been 100th birthday we did a big celebration, the jack daniel's folks gave us jack daniel's and served for 100 days on what
6:55 am
would have been 100th birthday, we have chocolate factory, bakery, everything is made fresh on property, you're about to see some really unique things and hopefully taste them as well. maria: yeah, let's go check it out. >> we really, really want everything fresh. maria match wow. >> perfect, what's unique everything is made from scratch, so whether it'd be caramel popcorn or pretzels or macaroons, everything is made from scratch. one of my favorite in the entire hotel is our amazing gelato, all the flavors, homemade from scratch. maria match wow. gelato. wow. >> some cheesecake here. let's see how delicious that is. maria: really good. >> what's amazing about our huge bakery here is that we believe everything should be made from scratch and fresh on a daily
6:56 am
basis, so this literally runs on 24-hour cycle. >> this room is all sugar. this is where all desserts come from, everything is made from scratch, we have chef ignacio, you have a lot of good attention to detail make sure they are the same height. >> amazing popcorn. come on. [laughter] >> this was the original logo for fountain blue, i still use it, some things have never changed as good as it is ever have been. >> it's been here since 1954 from the day that the hotel opened its doors? >> i love it. >> a lot of history has walked through the doors. thank you everybody at the
6:57 am
fountainbleau hotel. i was so happy to be there because my parents went to hair honeymoon in 1957 and celebrated their 60th anniversary as well. dagen: if you want to see building here in new york city, the chinese consulate. [laughter] maria: wow. maria: all right, we will be right back on that note stay with us. . . . apps are used everywhere...
6:58 am
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maria: good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. coming to you live from outside hard rock stadium in miami where the kansas city chiefs won the big game, the super bowl champs, it is monday, february 3rd. the coronavirus outbreak is groaning, the death -- growing, the death toll rising to more than 360 people, 11 confirmed cases in the united states. we have the very latest this morning on the coronavirus. he despite the coronavirus
7:01 am
threat, futures are showing the market is poised for a rebound after friday's sharp selloff, dow up 121 points, nasdaq up 49, half a percent, and s&p up 15, coronavirus fears sparked a steesteep selloff on fiduciary,e dow and s&p 500 erased all gains for the year with a decline as you can see, so far this year, now down about 1% after a 600 point selloff on the dow on friday. the nasdaq able to hold ona little green for the month of january, up 2%. global markets, european indices are showing a mixed story. the fq100 is down 70 points. the cac is up 13, dax is up 19. it is the first trading day since the u.k. exiting the eu friday night. boris johnson pushing for new trade agreements now, saying that free trade has done more than any other economic idea to raise people out of poverty. he's warning the magic of free trade is fading and being choked. we will talk about that.
7:02 am
in asia overnight, markets in china slammed on the first day of trading since the lunar new year holiday. the shanghai composite down better than 7%, the people's bank of china cut interest rates and injected new liquidity as concerns over the coronavirus grow in china. overnight the market was down about 8%. the kansas city chiefs crowned the super bowl champions, 50 years after their last title. also getting attention, the big ads, we are taking a look at the ones everybody is buzzing about this morning. all that p coming up. joining me to break it all down, fox business' dagen mcdowell and pwc partner mitch roschelle in new york. great to see you guys this morning. dagen: great to see you,le, ths on edge, the death toll from the coronavirus is rising, climbing to more than 360 with at least 17,300 confirmed cases across the world. that includes 11 cases in the united states. the state dealt issued new guidance on those flying, saying that those who have traveled to
7:03 am
china in the last two weeks will be rerouted to certain airports across the country for advanced health screenings. a top executive at l brands reportedly locked out of the company after she complained about years of verbal you abuse from her former boss. the new york times is reporting that it happened, monica mitrow, last fall, the day after she went on record with her complaints. the incident coming to light now after super model bella hadid and other models made accusations over the weekend. he calls allegations categorically untrue, misconstrued or taken out of context. forever 21 reaching a deal to sell off assets, being sold to mall owner simon brookfield brand company aa then particular for 81 -- authentic for
7:04 am
$81 million. they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy four months ago. it includes all the stores and the beauty line, riley rose. kansas city fans celebrating this morning after the team's comeback win last night at super bowl liv. they beat the 49ers, 31-20. patrick mahomes being praised for his work on the field. >> i just try go out there and be the best person i can be every day. i enjoyed the brotherhood the team builds. for me, just to be here with these guys and winning the super bowl, it's amazing. maria: the game wasn't the only thing rocking miami, that's for sure. j-lo and shakira dominated the half time show, entertaining the crowd with energy to spare. another molt getting a lot of -- moment getting a lot of attention was be beyonce and ja,
7:05 am
they sat down during the national an they'll. they sat while the national anthem was being sung. i was at the super bowl last night. i took some pretty cool pictures during the big game. i'm going to show them to you. what was your favorite moment? dagen: the whole thing from start to finish, the come back for the kansas city chiefs, the half time show was at least from a television viewer was really phenomenal and it was very much latino influenced. it was very miami on that note, particularly with bad bunny and j ballvin on stage with those incredible ladies and j-lo's daughter was there. in terms of the game, it was the comeback for the kansas city chiefs and patrick mahomes. i'll point to -- this is go to be my motto for the rest of my life, keep firing, when you're down. that's what andy reid told the quarterback after his second interception, something that's only happened the fourth time in
7:06 am
patrick mahomes' career where he has thrown two or more interceptions in a game. the 538, basically like the numbers base, usually does politics, they said after the second interception the chiefs' win probability stood at a meager 4%. you want to talk about grit, determination, and belief, the chiefs had it to spare and look at them. and andy reid, 222 career wins, his 22nd was a super bowl victory on 2/2/2020. lucky number. maria: yeah, it was great t. i enjoyed it tremendously. the iowa caucus kicks off today, michael bloomberg releasing his tax plan, the former new york city mayor's plan calls for a repeal of the 2017 tax break for high earners, raising capital gains taxes on millionaires, raising the corporate income tax as well. the plan does not include a wealth tax like elizabeth warren
7:07 am
wants and the campaign says it expects the new plan would add up to $5 trillion over the next decade. he is trying to affect the debt, mitch. your thoughts on this? raising the capital gains tax, i think has -- it could be an issue because that's exactly what got us some economic growth as businesses started putting money to work again as their corporate tax went from 35 to 21%. >> when you eliminate the capital gains tax, what you do is disrupt capital markets and capital markets are the things that fuel business and fuel growth and create jobs. so that's something that we're going to probably see a lot of pushback on. one of the other things in that's interesting, not only is he proposing to repeal the tax cuts and jobs act, lowering of rates, but he's also proposing 5% surtax on the wealthy and they define wealthy as people making $2 million a year on a joint return and $1 million if you file singly.
7:08 am
so i think that while not a wealth tax but they are definitely going after the wealthy with that plan. maria: this is a really good point, mitch. because the whole idea of raising taxes on the rich sort of plays with the populace, right, bees what it rich? >> when you look at the top 1%, according to the tax foundation, the break point for what is in the top 1% is less than $500,000 in income. now, to many people that does appear to be rich but it's not the uber wealthy that you would think and the thing that is concerning is once you start deciding who pays tax and who's rich over time you start chipping away and then it goes from the top 1% to the top 4% to the top 5% and it's a slope that you can't climb back from. dagen: let's -- maria: am i wrong to say that a fireman and a police officer
7:09 am
could be $300,000 together? i mean, dual income, you know, you could say 300 to $400,000 and you're talking about those pro fecials. i mean, -- professions. depending on where you live, all that money is going to healthcare, to the kids, to school, and then you're wiped out in terms of any extra income. >> and if you get a marginal tax rate when you take the top rate to 39%, then you add 5%, then payroll taxes are higher, on top of that you have state taxes, you know, we're back to tax rates that are reminiscent of the carter administration and look at the growth we didn't have in those days. maria: exactly. dagen: let this scare the audience really quickly. the wall street journal describes this plan for mike bloomberg as it would place him in the middle of the pack of his rivals for the democratic nomination. this is an extreme, even though he's aiming to tax investment
7:10 am
income at the same rate as labor income. he wants to raise, again, taxes across the board. corporations, top earners, estates. but you're discouraging people from investing if you're going to tax their investment gains the same as their income in a nation that needs to save more money, quite frankly. maybe you buy and hold forever but you can't trade without getting really hit by the tax man. but again, if he's in the middle, then where does that leave us? basically if any of these individuals get elected in november, they're going to raise your taxes, period, something that has given rise to great economic prosperity for many americans who were not seeing wages during the last administration. maria: right. meanwhile, president trump is talking about working on a tax cut plan for the middle class. he's working on something like that this year, whether or not that's an election thing or not we'll see if that ever
7:11 am
materializes. when we come back, coming up this morning, stopping peanut allergies, allergies for peanuts are very common. one company getting fda approval for a drug to treat the life threatening allergy. the stock was rallying as the market was selling off on friday. buy glosbezos lawsuit, inside tl 3w5battle coming you. and the super bowl top media moments, what everybody is talking about. first, the gop's impeachment threat, what one republican senator is saying could happen if joe biden wins in november. the cutest game on the field yesterday, all the puppy bowl highlights -- puppy bowl highlights right here. stay with us. ♪ let's get loud, let's get loud. ♪ ain't nobody got to tell us what you got to do, oh, no. ♪
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( ♪ ) this valentine's day, give her the gift that says, "you are my icon. you are my diamond." the marilyn monroe collection of fine jewelry. exclusively at zales, the diamonds are a girl's best friend store. maria: welcome back. the iowa caucuses have finally arrived. one iowa senator says he thinks former vice president joe biden could be in trouble if he wins
7:15 am
in november because of his son's ties to ukraine. >>.joanie ernst telling bloombeg news yesterday joe biden should be very careful what he's asking for because, you know, we can have a situation where if it should ever been president biden, that immediately people right to the day after he would be elected would be saying well, we're going to impeach him. joining me right now is tennessee senator and member of the senate judiciary arm services and commerce committees, marsha blackburn. thank you for joining us. >> to be with you. maria: your reaction to your colleague, i want to get to what we're expecting this week in terms of the impeachment trial. >> i think what you're hearing from joanie is the double standard that has been there from the democrats. if you look at what president obama did with fast and furious, with daca, with the affordable care act, with withholding
7:16 am
funds, a dozen different times, and you look at the actions of vice president biden and his son relative to ukraine, then what she's saying is, hey, guys, there's a double standard here and this works both ways. and many people believe that, they are so frustrated. when i am talking to tennesseans, they're not talking about impeachment. they want this over with. they're happy with trade, they're happy with the economy. they are happy with the way the military is being rebuilt. and they want to get on with things and stop this. maria: yeah, i totally understand that and i hear that as well. but you know, the democrats don't see it that way, you know that. impeachment seems to be coming to a close, lay that out for us. the senate is slated to vote on impeachment this upcoming wednesday. we are expecting that the president will be acquitted of all charges after the vote against hearing from witnesses.
7:17 am
in fact, south carolina senator lindsey graham told me on sunday morning futures that democrats are the reason that the vote is being held up. listen t the vote to acquit the president be on wednesday? why not tomorrow? >> well, democrats have the ability to drag out the trial. there was an agreement reached to do it wednesday at 4:00. some democratic candidates go to iowa, i think that has a lot to do with it. we're going to turn the page on impeachment on wednesday. all republicans will vote not guilty. i think we'll pick up a handful of democrats. i'm glad the trial is coming to an. maria: so let me get this strait, senator. -- straight, senator. four senators are supposed to be jurors, i mean, they're supposed to be jurors and yet they want president trump's job. so you delay the vote to wednesday so that they can go campaign and then they come back and they vote on president
7:18 am
trump? i mean, how is this fair? >> well, this is -- of course, i thought they should recuse themselves from this entire process, if they were out there campaigning, because they had taken an oath to deliver impartial justice. but of course, you had schumer wanting to make certain that everything came to a stop on friday night so they could get to iowa and of course we are in today for closing arguments. that will be from 11:00 until 3:00. i don't know if they're going to show up. i don't know if they flew back, they're going to sit there, then they're going to fly to iowa. we are in legislative session tomorrow and then we reconvene as a court of impeachment on wednesday. but there are many of us that wanted to get this finished up on saturday and today and get it behind us because people are tired of it. they want this over with. i think the democrats have really over-played their hand on this, maria, because people are
7:19 am
-- they just feel like why are you taking our time and our money and you have these other things. it is a double standard. get past it. get to work. maria: i understand that. but right now the impeachment vote on wednesday is going to be after the president's state of the union, so the president will deliver his annual state of the union address tuesday night. he's expected to focus on the, quote, great american comeback is what we understand. so, i mean, you know, here we have a situation where adam schiff was on the sunday shows this weekend, saying well, if he's acquitted on wednesday then we'll just keep going. we're going to make sure to hold the senate accountable, we're going to maybe bring john bolton in the house. what is this, never-ending? and what are you hoping to hear from the president on the state of the union, is impeachment going to come up? >> well, state of the union, first. my hope is the president he focuses on the great things that he has done. and i have to tell you, i think
7:20 am
the kansas city chiefs' win is the perfect setup. people all across the country have said, you know what, if you will get government off our back, out of our pocketbooks, free us up, we will get the job done and donald trump as a candidate said i believe in you, american people. i believe in the american economy. i am on your team. i'm going to get government off your back, out of your pocketbook, get rid of regulations and you know what the american people have delivered, this economy is roarinroaring. and i hope he takes credit. i hope he takes the credit on making this world a safer place by -- when he draws a red line, it is a red line. and he takes an action. he's rebuilding our military. our allies know they're our allies. our enemies know they better
7:21 am
fear us. maria: senator, it's great to have you on the program. we'll be watching the state of the union. we appreciate your time this morning. >> good to be with you. maria: stay with us. we're live from miami, coming back in two minutes' time. and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool. oooohh! that's awesome. where'd the trailer go? i love it. it's magic.
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maria: welcome back. we are coming to you live from miami after super bowl liv, what a game last night. verizon super bowl ad honoring first responders showcases real images from natural disasters and rescue missions to highlight how 5g will help american heroes while in the field. its emphasis lies in the qualities of these heroes that 5g can never replace. watch. >> 5g won't replace the courage it takes to run into the fire. it won't make the decision to become an officer any less selfless or have any impact on what's required to put others'
7:25 am
lives before your own. it can't take the place of bravery or substitute for compassion. it will never be the reason people make the choice to serve. 5g is going to change a lot of things, but luckily for all of us, not everything. maria: and joining me right now is verizon chief marketing officer, diego scotty. it's great to see you. congratulations on that ad. that was just beautiful. what were you trying to achieve in that in terms of the tone? it was a really heart-grabbing tone. >> well, first of all, we are the network that more people rely on of. we went to make sure that people know that and we are in a moment where i think on 5g networks and the country in general people are looking for who can they trust. you know. so we are talking about what 5g can do for people and explaining the technology so people can get
7:26 am
more familiar. at the super bowl when you have all these people coming together, we thought it was a good moment to have a message of unity, optimism, and honoring these people that really serve every day and we rely on them so they rely on verizon. maria: you hit the mark, diego. you definitely did on nor our heroes, for -- honor our heroes, for sure. let's talk about how you show caved 5g at the studio, the fan experience. yesterday you powered the first super bowl featuring 5g ever. tell us about that. >> i can tell you, this was a very exciting super bowl for us because it was the first 5g super bowl in history, i would say. a week ago, at the pro bowl, we had the first 8k broadcast, television broadcast done ever. yesterday we had the first 5g camera that actually broadcasted from the game and consumers had the first ever app that they could actually have for example, multiple camera views on their phone while watching the game and going from one to another
7:27 am
without any latency or buffering so that was. maria: that is awesome. >> overlaying data for each of the players and staff while watching the game. if you wanted to check how long cues were, you can do that through 5g. maria: you could actually a mur and distinct shot as a result of 5g. >> that and also imagine being in the stadium and you want to follow your player and see multiple different views at the same time without actually any buffering. the capacity and speed that 5g ultra wide band has, you think it's about 1 gig or faster on speed in 17 stadiums already you across the country. we have a wonderful partnership with the nfl and that has been really terrific for us in terms of getting this technology out there. maria: actually, roger goo rogl talked about your partnership with the nfl. what about individuals?
7:28 am
individuals who have phones, they're waiting to upgrade until they know they can get 5g. where is 5g right now in terms of consumer devices? >> we are already in 34 cities and we're building a terrific network which is 5g ultra wide band which is the good 5g, the one that is going to give you the speeds about 1 gig. we are already 20 times faster than 4g. it's interesting because part of the confusion that exists in the marketplace is had that some of our competitors are talking about 5g being already there. but -- maria maria: but it's not. at&t and t-mobile are saying it's there but it isn't there. >> what i was surprised, they're talking about 5g nationwide in a network that we know and we've proven that they have less capacity, less speeds and less power than our current 4g. so that just doesn't help consumers. because we are proud of what
7:29 am
we're offering which is 5g that's going to have tremendous capacity not only to change phones but to change everything. that is something that we want consumers to understand. maria: that is terrific. you're looking for a good year in terms of implementation of 5g this year and then 2021 also a big ramp-up. >> the next few years are going to be really important for 5g and adoption. we are focusing now on getting more cities out there, getting more coverage in those cities and make sure that 5g gets everywhere. maria: it's great to have you this morning. thanks so much. consistent t grat layings toss. >> ago -- congratulations again. quick break and then bezos' legal battle, facing a defamation lawsuit linked to his grefnld we take a look when we come back. that super bowl half time show, j-lo and shakira demanded the stage see what's buzzing on social media when we come back. apps are used everywhere...
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except work. why is that? is it because people love filling out forms? maybe they like checking with their supervisor to see how much vacation time they have. or sending corporate their expense reports. they don't. by empowering employees to manage their own tasks, paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. to learn more, visit maria: welcome back.
7:33 am
i'm maria bartiromo, coming to you live this morning from outside of hard rock stadium here in miami where the kansas city chiefs just won the super bowl, it is monday, february 3rd. your top stories right now 7:32 a.m. on the east coast. despite the coronavirus spreading and death rising, futures are showing a gain at the start of trading this morning. we're looking at a pretty good rebound after friday's 600 point selloff. the dow industrials this morning up 115 points, nasdaq futures up 46, but the s&p futures up 15. however, there is serious developments with coronavirus. coronavirus fears sparked a selloff on friday, the dow and s&p 500 erased all gains for the year, take a look at year-to-date for the major indices. the nasdaq the only one to hold ona little green for the month of january. he global markets look like this. as you see here, it is a mixed story there as well. it is the first trading day since the u.k. exited the eu friday night. boris johnson is pushing for new trade agreements, saying free trade has done more than any other economic idea to raise
7:34 am
people out of poverty. he warns that a the magic of free trade is fading and being choked. fq100 down 65, cac up 12 and tax higher by 20 points this morning. asia overnight, markets china getting slammed on the first day of trading since the lunar new year. shanghai opening down 7 and three quarters percent. the people's bank of china cutting interest rates, injecting new liquid at this as concerns over the coronavirus grows. the british prime minister speaking out days after the u.k.'s divorce from the european union became official. lauren simonetti with details in new york. lauren: boris johnson outlining the government's approach on trade after britain left the european union last week, johnson speaking today in london calling for free trade. >> if countries learn to specialize and exchange, then overall wealth will increase and productivity will increase,
7:35 am
leading us to conclude that free trade is god's di blow b massey- diplomacy, the only certain way of uniting people. lauren: johnson proposing tough terms for trade talks with the eu, raising fears great britain may not have a deal in place at the end of the 11 month transition period. bernie ebers has died, best known an the former ceo of world com who spent more than 13 years in prison for his part in one of the largest accountant frauds in u.s. history. he was granted a compassionate release due to his poor health back in december. he was 78 years old. google breaking down the super bowl in its most searched key words, noting 5,000 percent increase in searches asking for how many quarters are there in the big game and yearly spike in questions about how to read, are you ready, how to read roman numerals.
7:36 am
the data showing that mvp patrick mahomes was the most searched player during the game and buffalo chicken dip is the most searched game day nooned it's been that way since 2004. finally, for those not into football, there was another game to watch. it was all cuteness for puppy bowl 16, team fluff edged out team rough, final score, 63-59, to win the lom dar-barky trophy. gina was named game mvp. all the puppies are rescue dogs looking for their fur-ever home. how cute. maria, back to you. look at that. maria: i love that. i love that. she's so cute. thank you, lauren. we want to turn to jeff bezos' texting scandal, his girlfriend's brother michael sanchez is suing jeff bezos for defamation. he claims the am ce amazon ceo d representatives spread false
7:37 am
information, saying michael sanchez provided graphic photos and texts wean bezos and his girlfriend, lauren, to the national enquirer. the lawsuit said sanchez publicized the relationship in an yo attempt to get in front of the news. a lawyer for bezos said they will address the case in court. a lawyer for lauren sanchez says she considers her brother's alleged actions a deep and unforgiveable b betrayal. joining us now, judge an a drew napolitano. what a story, huh? >> this is the beginning of what could be a very complex piece of litigation that will go all the way to ri a ad, involving the crown prince of saudi arabia, if the case goes to trial. this is all connected, the hacking of jeff bezos' phone, the allegation against the crown prince, bezos' alleged extortion against american media, david
7:38 am
pecker, the friend of donald trump in florida, all of this is going to come to a head if there is a trial. i keep emphasizes if there is a trial. michael sanchez is a public figure which means the laws involving public figures protect jeff bezos. stated differently, sanchez will have to show that bezos knew that what he said was false or was reckless in his concern for whether it was true or false. that's the threshold issue. it's a very, very high bar, intentionally a high bar, to encourage people to say critical things about public figures. maria: so just to be clear, jeff bezos sends naked pictures of himself to his girlfriend, lauren sanchez. lauren has a brother, michael sanchez, and the speculation is that michael sanchez gave those pictures to the national enquirer so lauren, the girlfriend, sent the pictures to her brother? >> that is the allegation.
7:39 am
except that the brother says i did not expose these pictures. what jeff accused me of doing, i didn't do. i don't know how they got out there. so this is really -- they weren't given to the american-to the national enquirer. they were sold to enquirer, yo according to jeff's version of this text of jeff bes lauren sanchez. how did these texts get to the national enquirer? >> that's where the crown prince comes in. his agents, did they do the hacking in order to embarrass bezos because of the harshly critical editorial in the washington post. maria: i don't believe that the saudis -- are the saudis really going to do that, dagen? dagen: we know this, based on the wall street journal's dogged
7:40 am
reporting, this came out earlier in january. federal prosecutors in manhattan that are investigating the allegation of basically trying to extort jeff bezos, federal prosecutors in manhattan have evidence indicating jeff bezos' girlfriend provided text messages to her brother that he then sold to the national enquirer for its article about the amazon dot-com founder's you a fair. -- affair. these text messages were reviewed by the wall street journal, were among the materials turned over to federal prosecutor as part of their investigation. it's unclear what if any photos were in those text messages. the journal continues to report about this lawsuit that people familiar with mr. sanchez's actions, that's lauren sanchez's brother, his dealings with the tabloids show he did show a below the belt selfie of jeff bezos to the enquirer but didn't provide a copy of it. but he turned over other images.
7:41 am
how did he get them? >> who knows. contrary to that, contrary to the wall street journal's reporting is a report by the united nations which concludes that the crown prince was behind this. would tom line, if -- bottom line, if this case is tried, if it reaches a jury, all of this is going to be laid out in a public courtroom. maria: here's a guy who is so smart, he had the great idea to start amazon, he becomes the richest man in the world and there he is one night taking below the belt selfies of himself, naked, sent to his girlfriend. >> you can't make this up. maria: get your head around that. good to see you this morning. judge andrew napolitano joining us. coming up, the chiefs winning it all, fans getting a great game and great ad as well, we have the top commercial moments from last night. the half time show's top moments, what the social media world is buzzing about this morning.
7:42 am
during my trip to miami, i visited some of miami's most legendary spots. check this one out. i am coming to you from the miami establishment, the very iconic joe's stone crabs, i'm here with the owner, steve saywith. this company started in 1913 by your great grandfather. why is it so successful? >> i think we're successful because, a, the stone crab, b, we're a family business. maria.♪ i want to want. ♪ if you want, girl, you got me. ♪ that's something, ha no, i wouldn't do. ♪you make everything... groovy...♪ done yet? yeah, yeah, sorry, sorry. you sure? hmm.mmm.
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♪come on, come on, wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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7:46 am
rise and shine, it's groundhog day. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> phil? hey, phil. >> no, not you. >> it's me, ned ryerson. >> that's different. maria: oh, yeah, thats was a clip of bill murray in jeep's groundhog's day, super bowl ad at the super bowl, it was one of the best reviewed commercials of the night. joining me to take a closer look at all the ads, retail and sales analyst, erin sykes. what was your favorite. >> i did love the bill murray ad. i think anything he does has been spectacular. i love that it was groundhog's day.
7:47 am
the whole 20, 20, 20, the pa palisyndrome, i thought it was fitting. maria: what do you want to see in f of 100 million people, plus? what works? because we were talking diego scotty from verizon and that tugged at your heart strings. is that the way to do it? how do you resonate with people and an audience of that size? >> the first is to tug at the hard strings, that's what the budweiser typical american did, that's what google did with you how do we remember and the other is to funny, that's what they did with bill murray and the doorldoritos commercial. it had style and relevancy. you have to be fiting with the times. you're planning these ads a year in advance. you really have to kind of predict what's going to be happening come this time of year. maria: what were the top hits, what were the top misses? tell me after the super bowl is
7:48 am
over and the ads are in regular circulation, does it have a significant i'll pact on sales? >> -- impact on sales? >> it depends on the brand, how well they execute. i think doritos, absolutely. we saw the renaissance of cool ranch coming back into play which came out 20 years ago in terms of a flavor. now it has relevancy. you have the most patriotic which i believe is the budweiser typical american. i think that budweiser has really been consistent in terms of their patriotic messaging. a that will translate to sales. then you go and you have the opposite side of the spectrum. i wasn't a big fan of the mr. peanut commercial. maria: was it your least favorite? >> yes. i wasn't a huge fan that they had to kill him off and then you play on the baby yoda thing and bringing baby peanut back to life but -- maria: why kill him off. i guess it was supposed to be a joke. >> i don't know. i didn't take that it lightly. so i was sad. maria: do you think that -- again, in terms of sales later, you're looking at retail and
7:49 am
where we are in this economy are right now. do you think those brands are going to benefit and see a spike up in sales? >> i don't think you're going to see a huge spike with peanut sales. i do think budweiser will have some positive reaction to such an impactful commercial, same thing with youtube. i thought that was a great commercial in terms of taking a former green beret who walked onthe texas long horns, 10 years later, at 28 years old, because he learned how to be a long snapper via youtube. i think that will be a message in terms of how to relate youtube to your own life and take learnings and change your life, really. it depends on the commercial. i think that certain benefits like youtube and doritos will benefit. maria: expensive ads, ' .5 million for -- 5.5 million for 30 seconds. it's great to get your unsights. when we come back, the big game, big topic on social media. we'll take a look at what's trending this morning, what is the buzz, right after this
7:50 am
break. then we're live in miami all morning long. here's dagen with words of wisdom for anybody visiting this magic city. dagen: one piece of advice if you come to miami beach, actually go to the beach. first thing as soon as you hit the ground. you will not regret it. ♪ i look into your eyes. ♪ feel like i could stare at them -- and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool. oooohh! that's awesome. where'd the trailer go? i love it. it's magic. ( ♪ ) this valentine's day,
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some people say that's ridiculous.ales, i dress how i feel. yesterday i felt bold with boundless energy. this morning i woke up calm and unbreakable. tomorrow? who knows. age is just an illusion. how you show up for the world, that's what's real. what's your idea? i put it out there with a godaddy website. make the world you want. maria: shakira's wagging tongue causing quite the scene during the super bowl half time show last night. lauren simonetti with more on what other super bowl moments have gone viral this morning. lauren. lauren: let's stick with
7:54 am
shakira's tongue. her wagging tongue is we'll call it the most memeable moment of the big game. lots of people on social media are compareing that to sponge bob, same motion there. i don't know why she did that. was she just being silly or was she actually repeating an arabic expression by women that shrill noise, that's when they're happy. i think it was weird but she did great. i want to show you this guy, he takes a nap during the first quarter. look, his mouth is like somewhat open. someone on twitter said i bet he woke up like, yeah, like oh, my god, i just spent $7,000 for a nap during the super bowl. the most expensive nap ever. look at that little boy, does the same thing, twitter user posting that. [ laughter ] and then remember when tom brady posted this cryptic tweet, hinting he might be leaving the patriots. well, guess what? it was just an advertisement for hulu. >> to my teammates, my family,
7:55 am
and most of all my fans, you deserve to hear this from me. hulu doesn't just have live sports. lauren: you've got to be kidding me. the patriots made their way into another super bowl, maria. i love it. what do you think tom brady does now? maria: you love it or -- i mean, is it -- i bet dagen doesn't love it. you know, the kansas city chiefs had their night in the sun. they win the game. it was a good game, 49ers, chiefs and we have to seem tom brady. dagen: it was s -- lauren: it was so clever. what do you sunshine. >>think?maria: i thought it was deliver. dagen: jason momoa and the rocket mortgage ad, take a look at that. >> at home, where i can be
7:56 am
myself. that feels pretty darn good. >> home is where you feel the most comfortable and rocket mortgage helps you feel comfortable financing that home with a personalized and convenient experience centered around you. rocket mortgage, push button, get mortgage. maria: i like that one. dagen: jason mamoa who is really 6'4" in real life, that's his wife, lisa bonet. it's a far -- it's a great feat to make jason momoa ugly and they managed to do it. that made me laugh. >> maria: i was agree with that. lauren: he took it off in the super bowl. i like that one. maria: that's right. that's right. i forgot that. thank you. coming up i speak with chief
7:57 am
marketing officer tim ellis, also ahead, matt mcclarty is here, all next hour, "mornings with maria," stay with us. ♪ don't want to break your heart. ♪ want to give your heart a break. ♪ i know you're scared .
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8:00 am
maria: welcome back. good monk morning. thanks so much for joining us i am maria bartiromo. coming to you live this morning from outside hard rock stadium here in miami. where kansas city chiefs won super bowl last night it is monday, february 3, top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, death toll rising due to coronavirus two -- to more than 360 more than 17,000 cases worldwide. including 11 confirmed cases in the united states. businesses are extending closures in china, more flights being canceled we are taking a look at global economic impact this morning
8:01 am
coming up, beside coronavirus threats futures showing market poised for a bit of a rebound after friday's steep 600 point selectively futures indicating gain 120 points dow industrials one half of 1% nasdaq up 48 points, also half a percent s&p 500 up 15. coronavirus fears spark a steep sell-off with dow industrials loving just over 600 points friday in fact the dow and s&p have no i -- erased all gains for 2020, the nasdaq up fractionally year-to-date up 2%. . global markets this morning like this, european indices mixed in morning, today is the first trading day since uk exited european union friday night, uk prime minister boris johnson push for new trade agreements saying free trade has done more than any other economic idea to raiser people out of the poverty asia overnight tough in china chinese markets getting slammed on first day trading since lunar new year shanghai
8:02 am
composite was down, almost 8%, it is -- three-quarters -- 7 and 3/4% lower peoples obtaining of china cutting traits ingesting tried, 10% more. >> 2020 caucuses we headed to iowa for update tell you the latest, crowned super bowl champions 50 years after last title highlights from game if moments making all the business mcdowell, about about pwc partner mitch roschelle this morning. >> great two hours so far good to see you -- >> great to see you. >> good morning. >> top stories this morning coronavirus the death toll, is now climbing to more than 360, with at least 17300 confirmed
8:03 am
cases across the world, that concludes 11 in united states. three possible cases are now being investigated, in new york city, the u.s. state department issuing guidelines on trachl, state department says that those have visited china last two weeks will be rerouted, to certain airports across the country for advanced health screenings. >> so that meanwhile, in london, police are calling it a terror related incident officers i'll haved a man yesterday in london after he stabbed two people, in what is believed an islamist related attack, the 20-year-old suspect recently released from prison on terror charges, was apparently wearing a fake suicide vest at the time of the london being a bush boris johnson is promising to proep tougher rule to prevent any similar incidents from occurring. >> and final, it has been a long time coming, chiefs are now super bowl champs again wowing the crowd last night here at hard rock stadium
8:04 am
turning things around fourth quarter he with defeating san franciscan 49ers 31 to 20 first lombardi trophy for coach andy read. >> i coach another 20 years if i could have that group they are a beautiful bunch resilient tough, tough minded dirty tough minded you saw tonight i am so proud of them. >> things got loud as j.lo and shakira hit to stage for much anticipated halftime show performed 20 songs 12 minutes performance getting a lot of positive vibes on social media this morning, also taking buzz this morning, jay-z beyoncé appeared to have stayed seated during the national anthem. >> making a statement there. >> feeling wiped out this morning after game you are not today lone apparently, estimated 17 1/2 million are expected to miss work today. a survey by workforce institute at he found 11
8:05 am
million employees will use preapproved days off 5 million call out sick despite not being sick the rest simply skip work without even notifying their imperfect, how do you like that dagen and mitch? >> i am here. >> we are here. dagen: i didn't sleep. light was off -- fouled up i went home came to work thank god for make-up. i did watch all the game too very -- about that. >> okay. that is good i enjoyed it trem being at stadium really something to see i haven't gone to a lot of super bowl went to a a couple this was up there in terms of excitement for sure, let's talk to coronavirus for a moment a make affect on asian market shanghai composite down almost 8% overnight, there are now more than 17,000 cases of the coronavirus worldwide. of the mitch the worry, of course, is that the chinese
8:06 am
economy is pretty much shut down, you've got companies from starbucks to microsoft, and beyond, closing their shops google closing businesses there you wipe out first quarter in china, what does that mean for the global economy in united states, in later corridors this year. >> not just retail industry locally it is you you tourism to and from commerce disrupting supply chain will have impacts in this quarter and quarters to woman one thing note with worthy how quite a while ago this is spreading the mirs in 2012 took 903 days to be 1,000 impacted sars virus in 2003 took 130 days for 1,000 cases the coronavirus, 48 days for 1,000 cases i think what is the uncertainty regarding how this could spread what impact it could have not only on
8:07 am
chinese economy, but economic contagion could spread the thing going to disrupt the markets. >> may i read from a tweet, from the great and brilliant maria bartiromo that somebody actually in passing yesterday pointed to this is what you tweeted yesterday, let me get this straight china knew about the corona outbreak december 2019 still sent delgs to white house for phase one largest delegation to davos question mark, exactly, credit to you for being ahead -- and you asked this question what does to do to investment? in china, what does this do to -- the world relationship with china, knowing they would do this to their own people? >> yeah, so they knew about it december 19, that is what "new york times" article said, that is why i tweeted that article out, they went to the white house, all smieldz shaking he
8:08 am
smiles shaking hands for phase one kosher let's do a deal with united states shake everybody's hand it largers delegation ever, in davos he largest delegation of any group, from china. so they all went to davos we know davos was the end of january. now we learn they knew about this in december i mean speaks to trust right we just did a deal with chinese can we trust them? we have talked he over and over are they really going to keep their promises buying 200 billion dollars commodities oil and gas et cetera next two years? i don't know can we trust them will? i don't know are they going to stop selling intellectual property? i don't know, what do you think. dagen: their past behavior suggests that -- well, they say one thing and do another. and another issue, in terms of of markets to watch in the coming weeks is new york city reports two more suspected
8:09 am
cases so three patients, but they have -- tests at lab cdc cente disease kr disease. >> a wait and see, in terms of trying he to control the spread of it in the united states, and the -- that nation is not completely walled off from the world there are still flights coming into united states from china. maria: just to be clear we keep having doctor after doctor on we had wonderful doctor on earlier in the show, and she gave us the simple things to do for people, and said basically, cover your mouth, wash your hands constantly the don't put hands to face basing things with common cold if these are only things we can do why are people dying from this?
8:10 am
sounds like common cold, that is what they are telling us to do wash your hands, all we've got at this point? looks like so. there is no vaccine but spreading fast, and i hope numbers are true. its not even much worse than that you know what i mean. dagen: indeed, indeed. maria: given what we've seen, look we've got a lot to talk about this morning we are on countdown mode to the iowa caucuses, 2020 democratic candidates making their finalizing push in iowa, voters head to the ballot box putting end to peanut allergies big story first of its kind drug to combat this life-threatening peanut allergy securing fda approval stock trading up whole market selling off friday hear from ceo super amsterdam officials cracking down on intourl counterfeits a lot coming up when we come right back, starbucks preparing a new brew coffee giant plan for
8:11 am
artificial intelligence to prepare your cup of joe, then one tv -- proposal dominos creating enengagement ring for someone special looking to guch away a pizza give awisconsin a pies a piece of their heart it will cost you. ♪ ♪ . >> ♪
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8:14 am
. . will we'lcome back iowa cautions a win to reshape u.s. economy hillary vaughn in des moines good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria. wall street will be watching iowa investors concerns one of two progressives running for president bernie sanders or elizabeth warren could finish on top in iowa. research firm saying if senator sanders another progressive dmath ie senator elizabeth warren is democratic candidate polls show
8:15 am
reasonable chance at winning election we expect a sharp market o sell-off especially financials another analyst could rock markets even before november saying this quote bernie momentum could spark a near-term sell-off sanders warren spent last night campaigning in iowa pitching economic reformers wall street has been worried about one candidate that investors are not so stressed about is joe biden he made his final pitch toi withsta-- >> did not build america, all working americans tolled every day middle class they built america. >> ubs analyst wrote to clients last week every rise sanders or warren receives in the kolz could point to one percent drop in the s&p 500, but found a moderate democratic mayor buttigieg might have a positive impact on index found that former
8:16 am
vice president joe biden did not have impact at all, that same analyst also found that the stocks most affected by a warren or sanders surge are health care stocks because of big push for "medicare for all." >> thank you. we will be watching important developments, in did he multiply this morning, joining me right now former white house chief of staff under president bill clinton, and mccarty associates chairman mack mccarty thanks for joining us. >> good morning big week super bowl, and impeachment hearing coming up, as well as state of the union iowa caucuses tonight. >> yes, absolutely i want to get to iowa in a moment i want to get your take on something kevin mccarthy said to me this weekend on "sunday morning futures" he said there are two the civil wars going on win democratic party one impeachment where you have many representatives, up, upset with nancy pelosi, about the way she handled the
8:17 am
impeachment trial, that they want president trump to be acquitted certainly those people who are in 31 districts, that trump won and then the other civil war going on about bernie sanders, that is party doesn't like bernie sanders is once again colluding against him the way in 2016 reaction to what is going on within the party right now. >> well, i think -- kevin has got it right in terms of -- there is also a or generally is also a, kind of two or three differing views in either party republican or democrat we have seen this, it certainly comes to play in a primary, primary. particularly if there is a large number of candidates we saw in the republican party in the last election, and primary season and now in democratic fatter, so i think you get it right there, i don't think the collusion with about democratic party chairman perez has been very careful there i don't see that being a factor in the race maria
8:18 am
maria: what about impeachment costuming to slows senate slated to vote wednesday likely acquiting president trump on all charges after voted against hearing from witnesses your reaction to what we have seen the idea that it doesn't look like the critics of the president are going to sop stoon adam schiff nancy pelosi have been saying, if he is acquitted on with all due respect we will just call john bolton another time in the house keep ep this going. >> well, the impeachment process has been a -- one where reasonable people have had strong disagreements. and you see that really maria in polls majority american people felt they wanted more witnesses more information majority felt frankly agreed with senator alexander that president trump perhaps did something wrong inappropriately on o or hand people are ready to move on i think what this impeachment vote may be wednesday we will
8:19 am
see there is no question you are going to have a political lens here not just with impeachment but with coming presidential race win primaries that will continue in weeks ahead i expect do it get hotter not cooler. maria: for sure, we have talked in the past, about the -- extreme progressive left in some ways hijacking the moderates, in the democratic party. as we watch iowa, what comes out of the caucuses, whoever takes the democratic nomination could actually impact markets if you see, you know, bernie sanders, in the lead, if you see, elizabeth warren, you know surprisingly coming out on top,ings what happens then? i mean if people believe that those policies could actually get executed, does that rock markets does that impact economy from your standpoint? >> it is a long way to go yet maria. we are early in the presidential season here.
8:20 am
i think evening the race is beginning to take shape. and you are right, that there is a progressive wing or progressive element in the party senator sanders senator warren tlaept there has been some narrowing of the field and then the more moderate candidates i think there will continue to be speculation may have i would say modest if any impact on markets in coming weeks but as we get closer if senator sanders or senator warren seem getting momentum that could change. >> yeah. yeah, we will be watching, also a wonderful to get insights so i appreciate your time this morning sir thank you. >> maria my pleasure, thank you. maria: mac mclarty in washington tackling peanut allergies first of i understand kind drugs to combat livening that peanut allergies secured fda approval the stock surging, officials seeking a record-breaking
8:21 am
number of counter fits we will tell all about it when we come back. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
8:22 am
( ♪ ) this valentine's day, give her the gift that says, "you are my icon. you are my diamond." the marilyn monroe collection of fine jewelry. exclusively at zales, the diamonds are a girl's best friend store.
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exclusively at zales, beyond the routine checkups. beyond the not-so-routine cases. comcast business is helping doctors provide care in whole new ways. all working with a new generation of technologies powered by our gig-speed network. because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected. to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond.
8:24 am
>> a major victory for children facing people university allergies, a i am mooun therapeutics getting fda approval friday a big deal the sock surging on news was up 20%, last week up another 15% right now joining me right now ceo dr. jason, dallas good to see you. thanks very much for joining us tell us how complete works will resonate with many this is a very common allergy. >> good morning, maria. thank you so much for the invitation to come in this morning, i would like to start by saying what momentous occasion for children and families of the people have peanut allergies a long time it is a little astounding 2020
8:25 am
taken this long to get a therapy for something that works. the way this treatment works is that we start by giving children very, very small does of exactly the thing they are allergic to increase that over time to a point the body develops community no longer to recognize peanut as foreign you have degreeing of protection we are trying to achieve able to to be protected from accidental exposure may happen even though folks are trying to avoid peanuts when allergic a quarter of this population ends up in er every year due to accidental exposure to peanuts. >> are you looking to expand this treatment to other allergies? >> absolutely, so we already have, chemical trial program in egg allergy a product we are going to take various treatments do in one therapy
8:26 am
we know this works fda approval of this for peanut allergy shows the approach we take effective that it works we do believe we can expand that to additional food allergies. maria: all right. we will leave it there this is very good news dr. jason thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it we will watch the developments sir, thank you dr. jason al as joining us. >> domino's creates engagement ring for pies awe lovers looking to pop the question. it will cost you. >> the chiefs weren't only winners at big game one-on-one with nfl executive vice president chief marketing officer who is here back in a moment. ♪ ♪ .
8:27 am
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8:30 am
maria: welcome back, a good monday morning thanks so as much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. coming to you live from outside hard rock stadium i will in miami kansas city chiefs won super bowl monday, february 3rd top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, did he expedited coronavirus spreading and deaths rising markets are looking at a rebound this morning after a steep sell-off on friday, the friday loss actually erased all gains this morning a gainer nearly 200 points on dow industrials up two-thirds of a paris after 600 plus point sell-off friday on dow, nasdaq up 71 right now s&p 500 up 22. global markets this morning like this, european indices mixed take a look at ft 100 in london down first trading day since uk exited european union friday night, boris johnson turning focus to trade deals saying free trade has done more than any other economic idea, to raise people out of
8:31 am
poverty, warning the free trade is fading he can knocked. >> cac quarante in paris up 28 dax in germany up 40, in about asia overnight markets getting slammed on fairs trading day since the lunar new year holiday, shanghai composite down, almost 8% peoples bank of china twail cut triple digits overnight inrejected liquid as concerns over coronavirus grows markets selling -- of central bank stepped in j.p. morgan high price could affect the company plans when it comes to to being buybacks lauren simonetti with details. >> that is right j.p. morgan morgan cfo said bank would consider turns if stock keeps rooifgz you sat down with j.p. morgan morgan ceo jamie dimon and discussed stock buybacks. >> you had a buyback in place are you going to apply your stock at any level, all-time high last year going to record
8:32 am
territory. >> we we have been buying back we continue to do that. one point might say, that we should -- i would rather invest money i think highest investment to capital grow for more clients, we are doing that more commercial bank, more credit card clients i want to grow meantime excess cash buying back stock. >> "the wall street journal" says that j.p. morgan nearly 60 billion dollars in share buybacks past threeies worked out well for shareholder 75 billion dollars. >> scoring a touchdown selling counterfeit merchandise came up short 123 million dollars counterfeit goods, phony merchandise at flee markets retrial stores as well as very street vendors less likely
8:33 am
starbucks yes, it is your name wrong will install machines by end of this year one in every starbucks wi 202020 automated machines reduce wait time tracking showers what drinks are popular dominos, looking to help give up pizza your heart get to it soon to be fiancée selling an engagement ring in shape of a slice of pizza made with 18 carat gold topped with ruby per ronnis might seem cheesy total cost is anything but 9,000 dollars because when you get that, maria, i guess you have to say yes. maria: [laughter] >> or see ya' later. >> you definitely don't know me. maria: what do you think about that gosh, dagen you like that ring? dagen: i like it better than
8:34 am
a real engagement ring again, the worst investment you will ever, ever make in your life. don't buy engagement rings i get to keep it if you get divorced. >> big moments not only on the field last night in big game but commercials snagging the spotlight as well, my next guest to tell us how nfl got in on action with super bowl ad of its own kicking off the whole game inspiring message about the all-american sport 100 years in making watch. >> ♪ goal -- let -- >> hey guys. >> tickake it to the house. >> take those to the car. >> i like beginning of them a tip all right. >> take it to the house! >> joining me right now national football league executive vice president chief
8:35 am
marketing officer tim ellis great to see you thank you very much for being here that commercial is great tell us what you were trying to achieve what message you were sending by having, a little boy running with the football, all the way through making and having all those young kids coming out on the field. >> pied piper, almost it was fantastic last year we had the celebration of the year with football commercial we kicked off, the hundredth year nfl this year not great to book eastbound with not only great commercial leans into love joy of football but one that passes the forch to next generation of young stars, so we created this idea all about this epic journey, young bunch young gets kickoff return the biggest kickoff return history of the game goes across the country ends up here at hard rocker in i'm, 32 kids along with him go on into the stadium with that was magical. >> really magical star is a
8:36 am
boy already has a claim to football fame 13-year-old maxwell you bunche young received a scholarship to play college football at university of illinois wow that is pretty incredible. >> he is incredible, has the record and 100 meter dash for age-group and just a wonderful young man, i mean, just watching him meet great stars peyton, manning -- barkley all guys he idolized the moment met mls mcdays yee -- mcdays yee 97-year-old. >> hoo wonderful to see. >> you have been jean ious at expanding the nfl through marketing we talked, months ago when i said to you, i don't know how you did it a year ago talked about kneeling controversy concussions protests, the conversation has
8:37 am
completely changed around nfl, you have also brought in young people your bringing in women, tell me strategy how you are doing all this. >> we really trying to build out our base, right, get everyone's focused on football, so we can tell our own story. andp very importantly the diversity is critical for us. we now have a highest level composition in woman ever, 47% of our audience is now women. and in fact if you look at avid fans 38% avid fans are women so important for us next generation of this game. maria: incredible you have a woman coach last night, it was -- shakira j.lo night of the woman last night. >> you had tony harris first woman to ever get a scholarship she was in ad put a hit on ray lewis the game remember that in commercial, we also had lloyd, cameo and good mls mckasky.
8:38 am
>> is it through ads reaching women why 47% base now women. >> a number of ways one way simply featuring, strong females with elite about athletes that is part of it we target some social media platforms that have a high composition of women, if you look at tiktok, snap, instagram, they have very high degrees of audience women so there, then we have the strategy with marketing, where you know, issue females like to see more than action they want to know who guys are as people they want to know what they care about, social issues, et cetera, so we are also appealing to them by the type of communication that we are creating. maria: you told me that in cannes the they come together
8:39 am
you want audiences to know who players are even with families see what they do when they take helm off. >> what they care about who they are as people guess what players love that as well, we see players as partner, rear helping them build out brands, and be successful, off the field as well as on the field and then they trust us we you know gone a long way last year. >> i spoke i spoke roger goodall about renewal process is that part of this he is taking about making sure to have football rights, and all places people are watching not just broadcast. >> it is part of it. you know. the degree to which players league can be partners is so important. it is so critical. you know. they have a very hard job obviously, not only do they have to perform they have got a relatively short window of
8:40 am
lives when they are with nfl so important to understand who they are what needs are to work with them in a way to where they can be successful now and in future as well. >> it was big, big deal a 00-year anniversary for nfl what does that mean in terms of fans, that is why you did that ad to make sure to celebrate 100 years. >> look at this game right now for the first time, in 50 years, the chiefs come home with a trophy that is so great for the game so great you know for the hunt, there were so many stories into this game, this year has been incredible now here we are, with all-time high fan base 183.7 million people are fans of the nfl so just feels like we've got traction momentum, and you look at that halftime show oh, my gudness wow! sharkra j.lo killed it. >> by the way, we should say global you are doing uk mexico, all that as well great to have you congrats to you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for coming.
8:41 am
>> tim ellis of nfl countdown to iowa caucuses 2020 democratic candidates making final push as voters iowa healed to the battalion box i will answer your questions fr social media, are twitter maria bartiromo as well "mornings with maria" takes miami a sneaking peek of the world famous mansion. >> ocean drive place jammed spent 2 half million dollars on this building, another 3.7 million, 32 million dollars into renovation made way for gasheden a major tourist attraction. jamming this weekend. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, about markets showinging rebound start of trading after friday's 600 plus sell-off, that o sell-off erased all gains year-to-date for dow s&p 500 dow this morning, expected to be up 150 points start of trading, kristina partsinevelos on the floor of the exchange right now. >> you are right seeing rebound in chinese market opened was ugly no major reason for anyone outside of china to continue selling assets getting manufacturing numbers 9:45 close attention to that as well as date construction spending nonetheless futures in the green the moment, we had important earnings though alphabet mixed earnings season to say alleviate kwhit comes to technology alphabet parents of google, is releasing earnings, i guess quiet when it comes to specific numbers
8:47 am
like youtube specifics from first report larry page as well as bren stepping down who are not been part of the day-to-day management so looking for changes there, revenue we are expecting to increase almost 20%, to almost 47 billion dollars with earnings per share 12 dollars, and 53 cents, so again fourth quarter and last but not least news about weworks this is because wework now has hired a real estate veteran keyword real estate veteran as new ceo and reason why this is important is because this man is so, so experiencinged in reworld wework's way telling you he they are recompany not technology nonetheless, this comesat we work valuations plummeted 80%, in 2019 or since 2019 i should say, lots of changes for this company. maria: that -- yeah, that
8:48 am
plummeting in value, sort of work people up to say wait a second this is a real estate company not like, you know, some new technology company, steve schwartzman said what is valuation it you makes no sense. >> exactly. >> studio b, "varney & company" there appearance for shop stu good morning to you. >> maria first one to admit i do not have your stamina so i did not stay up and watch the entire super bowl. i got to the first few minutes before halftime, then i had to call it quits however, i got to say, that after all the nastiness of impeachment, and three years the democrats have been dragging america through the dirt, this was the opportunity to bring the country together, in a unifying event unify around a great football game exactly what we got. national anthem flyover great game, i think this is 100
8:49 am
million americans coming together in best possible way. i wish i could have stayed up late and seen the whole thing i have been watching reruns i know you were at the game, i just hope that you felt it was the same kind of unifying event that i did what do you say? >> yes, definitely i do feel that way, of course, president expected to get acquitted on wednesday we will see what happens on thursday, from nancy pelosi adam schiff and company. >> they will never drop it. maria: top of the hour, exactly, stu see you later "varney & company" begins 9 a.m. after "mornings with maria" join stuart 10 minutes first to iowa down the koun to caucuses 2020 democratic candidates make final push voters in iowa head to the ballot box dagen hitting south beach tip for staying cool. >> under scorching ma'am sun. >> sunscreen two necessities south beach particularly in a complex like flounder don't
8:50 am
want to look like a lobster. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: countdown to iowa caucuses 2020 elections cycle is on, i officially kicking off voters in hawkeye state picking choice force democratic nominee joining me "usa today" washington bureau chief, susan page, susan good to see you. thanks so much for being here, what do you think who wins iowa? >> good question bernie sanders has been on a surge he could win here there are problems for some democrats you see from establishment democrats like hillary clinton
8:54 am
john kerry concerned he will win in iowa, go to next state new hampshire potentially gets nomination concerns whether he could defeat donald trump in general election. >> so i i mean, what happens then? i mean you see what is going on within the democratic party they don't want bernie sanders to win. they are trying hard to keep him down, what is your reaction to that? >> i know, actually some democrats very much want bernie sanders to win there is a divide in enact party between those think best way to beat donald trump to have energetic pulmonology can turn out of young, about liberal voters has to think joe biden, buttigieg klobuchar, is better. >> what we hear who can beat donald trump front and center more than any question. >> closing arguments heaping
8:55 am
two hours from now, the senate likely to quit the president, in a vote on wednesday but before that president will deliver his annual state of the union address tuesday night, this year's theme the great american comeback. will what are are you expecting do you think the headlines are written on wednesday the president delivers state of the union on great economy, under a collide of uncertainty? >> that is -- remember i covered 1999 state of ipo bill clinton spoke 77 minutes long time never mercked the word impeachment donald trump follows suit this time tomorrow night i don't think so he may speak as long but i bet president trump does talk about impeachment talks about it vindication of him even though having, about once as nancy pelosi says once impeached you are impeached but there is almost no possibility that the senate doesn't vote to quit him by a big margin wednesday. >> yeah i i mean it will be it
8:56 am
just interesting to watch body language as president on podium first has to turn around shake nancy pelosi's hand. >> last year she give a him that kind of slow clap seen as a little bit of a dig. maria: like that yeah. >> let's see if we see anything like that this time. maria: yeah, i remember the clap, very well. that was funny, good to see you thank you very much. >> susan good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> susan page more "mornings with maria" right after this. i called reputation defender. vo: take control of your online reputation. get your free reputation report card at find out your online reputation today and let the experts help you repair it. woman: they were able to restore my good name.
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maria: well, that wraps up our super bowl coverage. thank you so much for joining us. fox business is bringing you special coverage of the iowa caucuses beginning tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. do join us for that. then tune in to our new spotify playlist. head to our spotify account,
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named "mornings with maria" for all the songs played every day on this program. have a great day. thanks to our fantastic panel. see you tomorrow in new york. stuart: good morning, maria. i'm going to do that at 10:30 every morning. good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. the weekend news on the virus has not offered investors that much relief. 362 deaths now, 17,000 cases. a death in the philippines marks the first outside china. 11 cases now in the united states. china basically closing up to the world. how much it slows their economy and ours, not known. how long before it's contained, not known. beijing, however, has revealed a


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