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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 3, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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david: steve, go ahead. >> one time liz and i disagree. having somebody at least reasonable on the economy for the democrats would be a good thing for markets. >> don't buy or sell market based on iowa caucuses. david: we have it covered no matter what the market does. see you tomorrow. take care. liz: l off and running. braise yourselves. there could be potential chaos how the democrats are reporting their results from the iowa caucus. we'll explain as democrats warn it is still a dead-heat. it is going down to the last second, right down to the wire. tensions are running high with democrats in the hawkeye state as the backlash is here. democrats thought impeachment would electrify and unify voters behind them and against the president. unify the party. all of that failed. this is the weakest democrat field since 1972. now this, democrats are attacking even booing each other, even joe biden again attacking and insulting voters. also we have got more exactly
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why the democrats field is split. why there is no front-runner. another new poll again shows voters do not like what the democrats are selling. we've been warning on this show for two years, yes, years, this would happen. it is now here. barry goldwater, michael dukakis, waller mondale, lost by landslides with less bad policies not as bad policies as what this crowd is delivering. as the trump machine roars into the iowa for the field. the state of the union tomorrow. the president is expected to project optimism of the collar boom. what president is planning for state of the union and what the democrats are planning, think boycottses and protest. first time they will come face-to-face with nancy pelosi. u.s. markets bouncing back big today but china markets are plunging. worst day in five years.
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they reopened after the lunar new year. what is going on? coronavirus it is gathering momentum worldwide. it is a pandemic. the debate is this. it is a wordwide pandemic, a worldwide backlash happening against china. democrats on the impeachment, could it cost them the house? how the democrats blew it. unforced errors. the 2020 senator blaming for ruining impeachment. here it comes, the senate republicans launching a new sweeping counterattack after this wednesday's vote expected to acquit the president. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. liz: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business nts today as republicans say they're optimistic potentially senate democrats could make this a bipartisan acquittal of the president this
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wednesday. brace yourselves for potential chaos tonight with the iowa democrats. for the first time the democrat caucus winner based on the delicates that get, any separate number for the popular vote, meaning the number of voters who went for each democrat. watch for media confusion there. they will keep you on the straight-and-narrow on that one. fox news's dan springer with the president and his campaign is in des moines, iowa. dan? reporter: i have to correct one thing you said. they will not report two sets of numbers. they will report three sets of numbers tonight for the democrats and you're right about the potential for mass chaos and confusion because they have never done it that way. the democratic party here in iowa has always been sort of the way that you winnow down the field. you narrow down viable candidates to move on to have a national campaign for president, at least for the nomination. we're not going to probably get that. we have a lot of spinning going
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on after this one. they have always just released the report, the number of delegate equivalents that the candidates come out of iowa with. so we know how they caucus. they get in this room in about two hours. they will fill out a card, and say who their first preference is. they get in a group with other people that support the candidate. if a candidate does not get 15%, then there is called realignment, and a group of under 15% can go to a candidate that has above 15%. they have always just taken that last number and divided it into a complicated formula and came out with a number of delegates that the candidates get statewide and reported in a percentage. so four years ago it was 49.6% of the delegates went to hillary clinton, 49.6 went to bernie sanders, virtual tie. 49.9, 49.6. now they will report number of people, the number of votes people cast very first time they go into the office or caucus.
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the second round after realignment, number of votes, the raw numbers, and then the third vote number will be the delegate equivalents. we're expecting bernie sanders to do very well. he always does well in caucus states. we're expecting bernie sanders to have a good night but what happens if someone like amy klobuchar gets 9% or 10% in the caucus? where do her supporters go? >> we could have klobuchar getting a decent number at 10% but then she might get her delegates going on to her, voters going on to say joe biden. he might be able to surpass bernie sanders that way. it will be very interesting to see how the spin comes out of this. instead of having three people getting ticket out of iowa, it may be more than that. liz. liz: wow. a lot going on. the cook report says it doesn't matter. there will be confusion going into super tuesday in march. dan springer, great to see you, my friend. the backlash is here, they
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thought caucus season would electrify voters against president. the impeachment gone, they thought it would finish off president trump early in the polls. impeachment is gone. none of that is happening. what evening edit is reporting for years would happen, we'll say again it is happening now. the reason there is no clear front-runner for democrats in 2020, with no impeachment democrats are getting woke. they are seeing the weakest field of candidates since 1972. policies in poll after poll of swing state voters, voters don't want them. joining me republican senator rick scott. your reaction? nbc news possibly reporting that secretary of state john kerry talking about jumping in. he doesn't want to do that. they're really worried about bernie sanders taking down the democrat party. your reaction to all that? >> you have the socialists or the more socialists. they want to do "medicare for all." they want to raise taxes. they want the green new deal.
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they want free college education. the socialism has never worked. if they're so interested in, why don't they go to caracas or go someplace they tried it. think of the contrast. president has state of the union. what will he talk about? lowest unemployment in record. the economy is on fire. he is securing border. focused on issues people care about. he will have a lot of optimism. democrats will have socialism. liz: to your point, i, we were doing history here. the, barry goldwater, walter mondale, michael dukakis lost in a big way based on less bad policies less bad policies if i could pit put it that way than what the democrats are watching now. here is what the president thought about bernie sanders. >> i think of communist when i think of bernie.
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you could say socialist, but didn't he get married in moscow? now elizabeth warren i call her fairytale because everything is a fairytale. that is how pocahontas got started, everything sis a fairytale. this woman can't tell the truth. liz: show "rolling stone" headline. senator and drew yang, 2020 democrat contender, saying quote i think many americans are exhausted by our politics. there is a sense that democrats are painting trump as cause of all the problems. many americans are fed up. there is more focus on trump than what towns and cities want. your reaction to all that? >> i think they made a big mistake with the impeachment. it is real simple. americans want opportunity of capitalism. they don't want squalor of socialism. they know socialism will bring squalor. that is where democrats are headed. president trump is in great position to have a big win this year. he is doing exactly what he said he would do. he will focus on how every family can be in a better
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position rather than, i mean democrats want to open the borders. they don't, there won't be illegal immigrants because they will all be here, they all can come in. no one is thinking this way normally. liz: a lot to cover. never bernie movement is moving in the democratic party. hillary clinton and supporters are relitigating fights of 2016. watch progressive democrat rashida tlaib booing hillary clinton. >> someone by the name of hillary clinton -- we're not going to boo. we're classy here. >> i will boo. boo. [cheering] >> you all know i can't be buy the, no. we're going to boo. that is all right. the haters, the haters will shut up on monday when we win. liz: joe biden, nowhere to be found on sunday news shows again. watch biden insulting voters on
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saturday. watch the first insult. >> i began to see why your wife left you? [laughter]. come on, man. want to check my physique, do push-ups. do whatever you want to do. wait, wait, wait. you're getting nervous man. liz: here is the thing. let me ask you this, are democrats out of touch with americans. americans are aspirational. they know that they work and they fight for their families to put food on the kitchen table. they're not looking for government handouts. seems like identity politics, democrats taking them down. the final word, sir? >> i never met my dad. i grew up in public housing but i had a mom that said anything's possible. you live in america. now you have to work your butt off. you have to work real hard. you have to get a good education. it is your responsibility. you can be anything you want to be. democrats believed just the opposite. they will give everybody everything for free. they think it will work out. it will not work out. liz: watch the sticker shock of
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those free items. bernie sanders is talking about taxing people who make $30,000 a year. senator scott, great to see you, sir. come back soon. >> nice seeing you. liz: be sure to catch me on with neil cavuto for fox business's special coverage of the iowa caucuses. i will be with neil starting 8:00 p.m. eastern time. coming up u.s. markets bouncing back in a big way today. china markets plunging reopening after the lunar new year. the worst day in five years for china markets. coronavirus is gathering momentum worldwide. it is in two dodd -- dozen countries outside of china. the agreeing backlash against klein. autosave your way there with chase. chase. make more of what's yours.
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so we took our worst vice, and turned it into the dna for a better system. materials made from recycled plastic woven and molded into all the things we consume. we created bionic and put the word out with godaddy. what will you change? make the world you want. liz: let's get you updated on the coronavirus. it is gathering momentum worldwide. it is now a pandemic. it is in two dozen countries outside of china. numerous countries shut their border crossings with china including hong kong. russia use r using hiv drugs to battle the virus as we record on friday. the big question, how long before it is contained? grady trim in chicago with more. grady? >> we learned the first u.s. patient with coronavirus released from the hospital,
6:16 pm
reportedly recovering at home now. this virus continues to spread rapidly. let me break down numbers for you. there are more than 17,000 cases around the world. most of those still in china. 362 people have died over the weekend. the first death outside of china was reported in the philippines. the virus has now claimed more lives than the sars outbreak in 2002 and 2003. every american returning from the hubai province will be quarantined at potentially four military bases around the country. every american returning from china will be screened at 11 airports. despite all the precautions u.s. has taken is accusing the u.s. causing panic over the virus. president trump is defending how his administration responded to the outbreak. >> we pretty much shut it down
6:17 pm
coming in from china. we have a tremendous relationship with positive is a positive thing. we offered china help but we can't have thousands of people coming in may have this problem the coronavirus. so we're going to see what happens but we did shut it down. reporter: the cdc says it is working with several companies on treatments and a vaccine. liz? liz: grady trimble thank you for reporting. great to see you. as grady is reporting the growing backlash against china. calls around the world for a full travel ban on chinese visitors. countries in asia pushing back, south korea, japan, hong kong, vietnam reacting against china. europe is too. with us a top expert on china. he is listened to inside of china and at the white house. he is michael pillsbury, the hudson institute director of chinese strategy. michael, great to see you. >> hi, liz. liz: your reaction to this.
6:18 pm
china is accused covering this up, to cover the outbreak. is china covering it up? >> there is a blame game going on in china. beijing says the local wuhan authorities covered it up. authorities in wuhan said eight doctors pretty much arrested, blocked from posting their warnings, they should have been tougher. so you have this very unfortunate situation where the worst thing we can do is bickering between the u.s. and inside china, between hard-line reformers and u.s. and china what you need to know, this makes news i think. we have to have joint development of vaccine. we need medicines that can reduce lethality. because it is 3 to 4% at minimum if you listened to hhs second alex azar today, we don't know a great deal. all the basic things are unknown. getting to find out what it is the number one priority.
6:19 pm
liz: we have breaking news, johns hopkins university has real time tracker of this. we showed the map. 426 now dead, up from 360. to your point chinese citizens have been arrested detained by chinese authorities spreading rumors. 260 are detained. that number could be higher. we don't know. the watchdogs groups are on this. watchdog groups. your point about stopping bickering. china is effectively an economic island. 2/3 of the manufacture something shut down. 66 million people inside of there. about size of south africa. >> yes. liz: we're one of the two or three shows to talk about this in the country. live animals have to stop. they're a vector of major global pandemic coming out of china for years if not decades now. they should be shut down. they are breeding grounds for
6:20 pm
merz, sars, coronavirus. mine has to deal with this, or else china's brand around the world is taking severe hit right now. >> liz, i happen to agree with you. most americans would. the problem the hard-liners in china believe these open wildlife markets are the essence of chinese culture. any foreigner, including elizabeth macdonald says you can't eat koala bears and shouldn't eat snakes and have all these things in the outdoors where they can jump to humans, that is seen as an insult to chinese culture. we're stuck with that problem. liz: maybe we should not be stuck with it. maybe we should stop, the world should stop being politically correct bit. it is killing people and causing global economies to take hits because of china's really bad abusive behavior. savagery and grotesque violations of the way they treat wildlife over there has got to stop. you have the scramble going on. it is ironic china is shutting
6:21 pm
down social media but won't shut down something as effective as that to stop these pandemics. what do you think happens? will we see don luskin, economic expert, he said you will see a sharp micro recession to the downside, do you see that happening outside of china? >> i think that's right. they will have two weeks now. airlines noticed, delta, american, united, you notice how long they're postponing all flight to china? it is two month in two cases. in delta's case it is three months. that obviously affects the chinese economy, chinese trade. lufthansa, they are canceling all flights to china. reaction, fears of neighbors to china is growing because of this concern they don't tell the truth, certainly not quickly enough. liz: you know what? you're an expert that everybody listens to. you're also a great writer. you're michael pillsbury, one of the world's best experts on china. we're grateful to have you on
6:22 pm
the show. love having you on. >> thanks, liz. joint vaccine development is the main message. liz: we're on that story too, great to see you my friend. >> thanks. liz: up next, democrats voted for impeachment in the house but could it cost them the house? we say yes. how the democrats blew it, unforced errors. the 2020 democratic senator blamed for ruining impeachment and alienating people. here it comes the backlash is growing. the story next. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ liz: welcome back. democrats bet the house on impeachment but now this, the president and republicans claim it could end up costing democrats the house of representatives. edward lawrence is in washington with the latest news on the senate impeachment trial today. edward? >> that's right. even without the final vote on impeachment we'll talk about this, the state of the union is tomorrow. that address, the president is saying will go forward as
6:27 pm
planned. the president will be standing in front of house speaker nancy pelosi. now it is unclear if he will talk about impeachment in the address but this is what he said about fox news es sean hannity yesterday? >> it is very unfair. from the day i won. i really say before the day i won. day i came down the escalator with the future first lady who is doing such a good job. to be honest with you, it probably started from there. ofit has been a very unfair process. the mueller report, russia, russia, as you say which was total nonsense. it was all nonsense the whole thing was nonsense. it was very unfair, mostly unfair to my family. my family suffered from all of this. many other families suffered from all this. reporter: during the impeachment trial, senators asked 190 questions. they have tens of thousands of
6:28 pm
pages of documents. senator chuck grassley said with all of this, nothing rises to the level of i'm peachable offense. what the democrats have done here is dangerous. >> house majority weaponized and politicized whistleblowers for purely partisan purposes. i hope that the damage done will be short-lived. otherwise separation of powers under our constitution will be weakened. reporter: democratic senators still pushing the fact that the president held up military aid and ukraine to get ukraine to announce investigations against a company connected to hunter biden. >> the facts show that the president did everything he could to cover up the truth. put our elections under even greater risk of foreign interference, and damaged the constitutional checks and balances central to our
6:29 pm
democracy. reporter: senators will continue to debate the articles of impeachment until wednesday about 4:00 p.m. then they will have a final vote. there is expected to be an acquittal at the end of that. as this is happening the judiciary committee is holding a hearing about the oversight of the fbi on wednesday. the fbi director will be on the hot seat there. no doubt they will talk about the fisa court and how the russia probe got started. back to you, liz. liz: edward, thank you very much. as we reported the democrats big plan with impeachment was to slam the president's approval rating that failed. impeachment did not move the needle against the president. latest "wall street journal/nbc" poll shows his approval rating holding steady at 46%. even slightly higher among independents. the poll also shows 49% think he should finish with his term. more than half said he abused his power and obstructed congress. nearly 60% said democrats in the house and senate were acting on impeachment out of political
6:30 pm
considerations. bring in republican tom mcclintock from house judiciary? your reaction to this. adam schiff says he will hold the senate accountable. he will not not let the senate off the hook. >> i think this reflects badly on adam schiff and the democrats. what we say the senators stand by the constitution. the constitution said in order to nullify a national presidential election you have to charge treason, bribery, high crimes or misdemeanors. the house did absolutely nothing about that. they made up two crimes. one is abuse of power. the democrats don't like the way the president lawfully discharged his duties. the other is obstruction of congress. he stood up for prerogatives of the presidency as coequal branch of government. those are not impeachable, they are, he was doing his job by enforcing the laws and seeking cooperation of a government in,
6:31 pm
an investigation involving corrupt dealings between american and ukrainian officials. just because one of those american officials happened to be the vice president, that does not shield him from scrutiny. just ask candidate trump. liz: pushback of that, why didn't republican senators bring this up before the president stepped into office? did democrats lower the bar for what is impeachable conduct, removing a president 10 months before voters decide? the other debate did the senate lower the bar for permissible conduct for future presidents. we hear what they're saying that is the debate in washington. your reaction? >> the abuse of power charge is what founders considered at constitutional convention. it is called mall administration. the same thing. anything that the congress doesn't like the president has done, you have reduce the presidency not a quote equal check on legislative branch but
6:32 pm
as servant of the legislative branch. that upends the entire constitutional architecture that keeps us free. liz: the democrats are accused of blowing it with unforced errors, democrats and nancy pelosi berating senators and justice of the supreme court, delaying impeachment articles for a month. trying to dictate to senators who how to run their trial. who is blamed big time for ruining impeachment for democrats. senator elizabeth warren humiliated justice supreme court roberts with her question, quote, does the fact that the chief justice presiding over impeachment trial which republican senators thus refused to let in witnesses does that contribute to the loss of legitimacy for the chief justice and the supreme court and the constitution? republican senator lisa murkowski, really mad at that, sir. senator warren, lisa murkowski is impeachment is partisan. no way to get a fair trial.
6:33 pm
the way the democrats are behaving it is an institution now failing. now they're attacking the chief justice of the supreme court? lisa murkowski really angry about that, not having it. your reaction. >> the reason for a 2/3 threshold in the senate for conviction to insure there is bipartisanship. obviously there isn't any, if there is bipartisanship it goes the other way in favor of the president. with respect to warren's statements speaks to woeful ignorance of the constitutional principles impeachment is a part of. it is a political issue, the only thing i think is to eliminate the enthusiasm gap that favored democrats in 2018. i think that enthusiasm gap is now gone. republican voters are hopping mad. ultimately the election will be decided on 11 simple words that ronald reagan asked in 1984, are you better off today than you were four years ago? most people know the answer to that question is yes. liz: that is a great point.
6:34 pm
congressman, great to see you. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. liz: coming up the debate in the washington. did the democrat party do maximum damage to itself? as the president for first time in month is set to come face-to-face with nancy pelosi at tomorrow night's state of the union. we asked, should nancy pelosi listened to her own warning last year, when she said no, the democrats should not do a s perpartisan impeachment? ♪. due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'll go for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? sharing my roots. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke.
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♪ liz: here is the debate in washington. did the democratic party do maximum damage to itself? should nancy pelosi listened to her own warning last spring when she said no to a hyperpartisan impeachment? we have heritage foundation kelsey bowl lar.
6:39 pm
what is your reaction to what is happening now? they didn't get anything. >> nancy pelosi should have listened to her instincts when she resisted impeachment throughout the russia collusion investigation which came up with nothing. now we're looking at the most anti-climactic ending to impeachment that president trump could have ever asked for. you had the super bowl last night. the iowa caucus tonight. tomorrow the president has the state of the union. another opportunity to set out the policy platforms that he wants to move forward. >> you know, wasted on investigations, impeachment yielded nothing but a lot of overheated, over the top democrat rhetoric. watch this. >> going on 22 months, okay. 2 1/2 years, actually. he will not be acquitted. you cannot be acquitted if you don't have a trial. if you don't have a trial, you don't have witnesses and documentation and that. liz: now state of the union fireworks. kelsey for the first time the president will meet or see nancy pelosi at state of the union. they haven't spoken since
6:40 pm
october when the president called pelosi a quote, third grade politician. you wonder if that is when pelosi kicked impeachment into high gear? you know, i hope president trump takes the high road tomorrow night. he has the opportunity to set his agenda, prove to the american public he is looking out for their interests. trying to further policies that are going to help them versus what we're seeing play out on the democrat side, which is priorizing impeachments and investigations. he has a real opportunity last night. liz: good point, kelsey. house democrats are gearing up protests against the president. democrats may boycott the state of the union of the president is expected to try to project optimism, talk after blue-collar boom, creating jobs, china trade deal, nafta 2.0. the president's supporters they keep saying they feel the president delivers on his promises the way other elected officials do not. this is also happening too.
6:41 pm
the president in an interview with fox news's sean hannity he is predicting the fall of nancy pelosi. watch this. >> i think she is a very confused, very nervous woman. i don't think she wanted to do this. i think she knew what would happen and it is her worst nightmare has happened. i don't think she will be there too long. the radical left, she is sort of radical left by the way, i think the radical left will take over. liz: what do you think? the radical left agree will take over, do you think the agree with the president about that? >> i think radical left already taken over the party. the policies they're putting forth on the agenda are complete government takeovers of entire industries. health care, parts of the economy. they want to add regulation that would hold the workforce back and so, yes, nancy pelosi is beholden to the aoc, bernie sanders socialists in the party. that is forcing debate in this country over socialism and
6:42 pm
capitalism which is really astonishing that we would ever be back here. liz: you look at other countries like venezuela, how quickly it can turn from capitalist economy within a generation to government control and collapse. to your point, a good one, kelsey. senator lindsey graham says impeachment push happened because the democrat party leaders like chuck schumer, nancy pelosi are really panicked about losing their jobs to the hard left. watch this. >> american people, you want to deter future impeachments like this, make sure president trump gets reelected and let's fire nancy pelosi. the way these people took over the democratic party and chuck schumer is having aoc breathing down his neck in terms of a democratic primary. chuck schumer is scared to death to lose his job to aoc. that is why this debacle continued in the senate. liz: your final wore, kelsey? >> a lot of democrats are feeling politically homeless but very important for conservatives
6:43 pm
instead of grabbing the popcorn, we have to be engaged with socialists and capitalism. liz: kelsey, thank you for coming. >> thank you. liz: conservative radio yee talk show giant rush limbaugh announced on his radio show is he being treated for advanced lung cancer. the 69-year-old told hess staff today. he is you drawing on strength with his relationship with god and the connection with audience. we'll keep you posted on this development. next up, backlash is here. democrats thought impeachment would unify voters against the party. now this. a big push back against them from republicans saying we're going to go on counter attack after the the vote on wednesday. we have the story coming up.
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♪. liz: lou dobbs joins us now with a look what is coming up on his show. lou, great to see you. >> thank you, liz, great to see you. director of institute of allergy and infectious diseases dr. anthony fauci with us at the top of the hour. we'll talk about the latest on the deadly coronavirus. the number of cases has risen to
6:48 pm
almost 20,000. rnc chair ronna mcdaniel to talk about the iowa caucuses tonight. they will be great fun. we'll try to figure out why "the des moines register" poll didn't work out. and is bernie sanders doing as well as they say? what does that mean for the radical dems? dhs secretary chad wolf, "judicial watch" president tom fitton in a bit of a discussion about, well, people who are on the voter rolls who shouldn't be. we'll be taking that up tonight. former strategist to president trump, sebastian gorka with us. pulitzer prize-winning columnist michael goodwin, including amazing day, joe manchin calling for a censure of the president with friend like that. we hope you join us at top of the hour. liz: he has been impeached. he has been impeached, they will censure him? that is penalty. >> by the way he is about to be acquitted which is the important part. liz: there you go.
6:49 pm
>> thanks, liz. liz: lou dobbs, here it comes the backlash. republicans preparing a sweeping counterattack senator lindsey graham, told maria bartiromo that republicans are gearing up investigations on three fronts. the bidens and their allegations of conflicts of interest in ukraine and corruption there. the whistleblower who triggered the ukraine probe and fisa abuses by the fbi to spy on the trump campaign. watch this. >> let's call these people in. eventually we'll get to hunter biden. i want to know why the obama administration did nothing about this obvious conflict of interest. joe biden should have given up the ukrainian portfolio or be tf the board because they ruined america's ability to effectively deal with corruption in the ukraine by having hunter biden on the board of burisma. that is fact. we'll get to bottom of it. liz: get right to it, with former federal prosecutor andrew.
6:50 pm
jaw koski. >> be careful what you wish for. as long as you dig into ukraine, complain about what mr. trump did in the situation it will come back around because mr. trump in the origination of this was looking into potential corruption. this is how is started in the first place. it is why he began this and that is the problem and be careful what you ask for. liz: watch joe biden with savannah guthrie. >> do you think it was wrong to take that position -- >> no. >> knowing it was because the company wanted access to you. >> that is not true. you're saying things you don't know what you're talking about? who said that? who said that? >> don't you think it is just one of those things people think that seeps kind of sleazy? why would he have that job if not for his who his father was? liz: you know reports are coming in that yes, that, you know,
6:51 pm
individuals in the officials in ukraine wanted access into washington, d.c. because there were corruption probes going on inside of ukraine. hunter biden got the job at burisma within months after the ukraine cracking down on burisma. they keep bullying, and dodging answers but the reports keep coming out on what really happened? >> the idea of taking a position in a company, or idea of someone's kid taking position inside after company that it might bring you close to the decisionmaker, that is nothing new but what we have here the idea there are issues with corruption and mr. trump said at the very beginning he would stamp out corruption. he was looking into it. he wanted help of ukraine to do so. they turned it around on him about it democrats. now he goes back to where it was in the first place.
6:52 pm
if you put your kid into position of authority like this, someone might look into it, ask whether corruption is at play. liz: democrat as own impeachment witness, george kent, testified he warned the obama white house and vice president joe biden about appearance of conflicts of interest during the obama administration. he brought that up to him. looking into fbi fisa abuse, senator graham is talking about bringing in rod rosenstein, sally yates, andrew mccabe, james comey, your reaction to that? two of the carter page fisa warrants did not have probable cause. >> we talked about fisa abuse so many times on your program. it is great you highlight it. it is reap for abuse. change needs to take place. there is something that needs to be instituted i guess through regulations to tell people that they need to do what they're lawfully required to do i think this is going to be a hallmark
6:53 pm
time for fisa to really correct the path that it was going down. liz: andrew, you're great. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. liz: good to see you. next up, leader of al qaeda in yemen taking credit for the attack on the naval airbase in pensacola, florida, that murdered three u.s. sailors, severely injuring eight. this news breaking, a border state finds an al qaeda terrorist was living comfortably in that state. the story next. ♪ and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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liz: the leader of quie al qaedn yemen claiming responsibility for the attack on the naval base pensacola. this terrorist leader believed to be killed in a drone strike after he made that tape. your repacks to about al qaeda claiming credit for this attack. >> just because they claim credit doesn't mean they were behind it. they are reminding america they are still out there. they declared war on us and want to claim credit for it. if they want to expose an even
6:58 pm
miss weakness, having something happen at a military base is a good way to do that. liz: how did a member of al qaeda end up in arizona. he's listed as a quote:phoenix area resident. he's wanted for being an al qaeda leader in fallujah. and he's accused of planning more attacks. >> that's a stunning story of someone remotely with this profile is getting into our country. it says there is something very wrong with our immigration process. but this was someone actively involved in things over there.
6:59 pm
i don't see how they get through the rush of people seek asylum. but thank heavens someone went to the bottom of the story and it seems like the legal process is beginning to work against him now. liz: your reaction to this. the president of mexico sees the illegal caravans growing smaller and smaller and less frequent. he says one day there may be no nor caravans. >> i think the president of mexico is correct. there has been some security and immigration cooperation between the united states and mexico that's at play. we know these have been funded by progressive leaning internationalists to have an impact. i think they will start putting their money in other investments
7:00 pm
as the election cycle unfolds. it's just sad that people have disrupted their lives and perhaps they are giving up on this promise. liz: lou dobbs is next. watch me on sneel cavuto at 8:00. $. lou: the coronavirus outbreak is worsening. 99 per o% remain in china. of the 426 people who died of the virus, only one was outside china. in the united states, 11 confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported. 82 cases are pending by the centers for disease control to prevent the possibility of spreading the virus any further in this country. the trump administration issued travel


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