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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 4, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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going ahead with the impeachment when her percent instincts were not to do partisan impeachment. i think she will be on best behavior. i think she will be nice as she possibly can be to president trump. we'll see. that does it for bulls and bears. watch the state of the union. liz: history is about to unfold tonight. we are just hours away from the president's state of the union address. you overall this happening on update of each of president's acquittal tomorrow. susan collins says she will vote to acquit. president will give a vision of relentless optimism. we have the democrats rebuttal. so which vision will voters rise up to. president's success es and setbacks since last year's state of the union. what voter polls reveal about his performance. more on reason why republican
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senators are rejecting the house's impeachment arguments. also we show how the president could go one step further and try to do maybe what bill clinton did in clinton's 1999 state of the union address. that happened in the middle of his impeachment trial. how bill clinton put republicans back on their heels. how president trump could maybe do the same. from state of the union to state of confusion. tonight a look ahead. pete buttigieg has the most votes so far in iowa. 62% of the precincts reporting. still, too close to call. now the debates. can the eventual winner excite enough voters to beat president trump? wake-up call for the democrats. about the turnout in iowa, not great for the democrats. the debate. democrats enthusiasm gap is bad. the excitement, is it gone after democrats seized the house back in 2018? a look ahead to the showdown that really matters. it's super tuesday. an update on which major voting
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bloc we're watching closely. this voting bloc has correctly picked presidential winner more than halftime since 1992. they didn't turn out in 2016. their turnout dropped. head of va what works and what doesn't when it comes to taking care of our nation's heroes. we have poll results. majority of voters in the battleground states don't like bernie sanders and warren's single-payer plan. how will that affect the va. we have a jam-packed show. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ liz: thanks for joining us let's get right to jack can -- jackies with the latest on iowa. reporter: hi, liz. the democratic party released 62% of the votes. let's get back to the screen. pete buttigieg is in the lead
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with 26.9% of the 62% of the votesi want to emphasize that. that does not make him the winner but puts him in the lead. sanders at 25.1%. elizabeth warren at 18.3% and joe biden coming in fourth, coming in last 15.6%. 15% was the cutoff here. two really headlines out of the data so far. number one pete buttigieg is in the lead but number two biden is trailing the rest of the candidates, really marginally coming in as the fourth in the bottom. now the question here, what is going to happen when the rest of the votes come in with so much confusion regarding this caucus app. problem, delays getting results out there. will winner be accurate. will people take it seriously or the process was flawed. remember the democrats said they took their time because of the problems with the app, to make sure it was transparent.
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to try to make sure it was the most viable results possible. that is what they're aiming for. i will say this before i throw it back to you. pete buttigieg's side is saying we did well in some of the rule areas, counties in iowa, in the general election went to president trump. we are now the most most viable candidate. that is the message they will get out there joe biden was supposed to be the most viable candidate. judging but this data it is hard to make that decision right now. liz: jackie deangelis. for the state of the union, blake burman at the white house. blake. reporter: 2 1/2 hours the president will make the short drive up to the capitol hill for the third state of the union address. state of the union addresses look forward what you want to get done. the white house says a lot will look backwards at the 1000 plus days of the president's first three years in office with a
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specific focus on the economy. you can expect a heavy dose of the economy tonight. the president will talk about the china trade deal, usmca trade deal, opportunity zones set up because of the tax cut package passed in 2017. here is the president's economic advisor, larry kudlow earlier today. >> the president will get out there this evening and talk about the blue-collar boom. he will talk about the fact actually the biggest whenners in this economy the past three years are middle, middle income people, lower wage people. i want to say, those are facts. reporter: president trump says his beach will be both optimistic and low-key. it also comes the night before he expected to be acquitted in his senate impeachment trial. today the white house is suggesting that the president will not focus on impeachment tonight. >> again i've seen the speech. but i've not seen the word
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impeachment. as the president likes to say we'll see what happens. reporter: of course the democrats will have the say later this evening as well. we're told part of their rebuttal will enconclude bringingp farm bankruptcies this year are increasing. that consumers, not china are paying tariffs. drug price this is year increasing as well. they will argue that the president's tax cuts benefited the wealthy and corporations. giving the response for democrats this evening, the governor of michigan, gretchen witmer. if you look at michigan the state the democratic rebuttal will come from. that is state the democrats won in the last six presidential elections until president trump flipped michigan red in 2016. liz: history unfolding before our eyes. blake burman appreciate your journalism. grate to see you. stay with fox business for special coverage of state of the union. 8:00 eastern time.
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great analysis. you will want to watch it. state of the union versus the state of confusion. iowa caucus ruts just happening now. pete buttigieg seems to be the punitive front-runner based on the vote count now, just 62% of the precincts voting. the president is about to enter the house chamber where he was impeached 48 days earlier. democrats are breasting for a more emboldened president trump. the washington post say the president will present a vision of relentless optimism. call both parties to work together. we have former cke restaurant ceo andy puzder. economic boom. domestic policies, health care, illegal immigration, national security, your take? >> there is all very positive. there is a lot of fodder for this president. he gives a great state of the union. this will be a marvelous state of the union looking what has been done to help the american people. it will leave the democrats in a
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position where they ask blue-collar americans who will you believe, us or your wallets? i think the american people will believe their wallets. liz: here is the democrat rebuttal. president's message put america to work again. the democrats message appears to be u.s. farm bankruptcies hit an eight-year high. american consumers, not china are paying for the trump tariffs. they're going on about drug pricing, economic gains not as strong as the white house is reporting. your take on that? >> well, number one, i think, trump has been 83% approval rating with farmers. farmers understood what president trump was doing. the phase one china deal will be hugely beneficial to them. that will fall on deaf ears. liz: go ahead, finish. >> what was your second point? first was farmers. then it was -- liz: american consumers not china are paying for tariffs.
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drug pricing. >> look at inflation rate. inflation is incredibly low. if american consumers are the ones paying for the terrorists where is the price increases? they're just not showing up in the data. so i think again the democrats are in a very difficult position going to people with more money in their pockets because of tax cuts, more of whom are working. their wages are up, they're making more money. going to those people, look, things are not as good as you think they are. people will not believe that. liz: the president is speaking to aspirations of voters. that is what his team is saying. in other words, people who do it for themselves, they don't run to the government for a handout. we understand the government is there to help people in need, to get people back up on their feet. suburban republican voters are leery of the president's personal attacks. his tweets are thought to hold down the approval ratings. that is the argument. gallup says it is 49%. that is the president's approval rating, the highest yet. president seems to recall what ronald reagan said at the 1980
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republican convention. watch this. >> for those without job opportunity, we'll stimulate new opportunities particularly in the inner cities where they live. for those who have abandoned hope, we'll restore hope and we'll welcome them into a great national crusade to make america great again. liz: tonight, you will have democrats protesting. you will have potential boycotts. your reaction on nancy pelosi and president seeing each other for the first time since october? he said she was a third grade politician. >> president trump is a president will defend himself. he has been attacked, attacked, and attacked, and he withstood the attacks people criticize him for doing. if he would have laid-back taken the attacks he would be doing much worse. gallup has him at 49. rasmussen has hem at 48. "wall street journal" nbc have him at 46. these are good approval numbers going into the election. he will juxtapose a very
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positive message to the negative message out of the democratic party, attacking our institutions attacking our president, through a really faux or made up impeachment process. he is in a very good position to talk to people to say look, i have done my job for you. when you get to vote, you get to the voting booth, please remember that. liz: andy being, maybe the president would go one further. bill clinton's impeachment address, forgive me, let me restate. his state of the union address in the middle of his impeachment trial in 1999. clinton zoomed in hard focused entirely on policy the president is expected to do that tonight. 1999, he said we had a surplus don't spend any of that until we next social security. that knocked the wind out of the republican sails. maybe the president says not just a blue-collar boom, i will to the next big picture contract
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thing, my new contract with america's middle class. those numbers helped flip the house in 2018. what do you think? >> ii was in a meeting with president. he didn't tell us some of what would be in the address. he didn't tell us the new things that will come out. it would be exciting to come out with a new policy initiative. continuing on with what we've got. this is so great of american people that went through eight years of stagnation under president obama. we recovered. liz: you met with the president yesterday. what was his mood? >> he was upbeat. i mean, he was, he was on his game. i think this is going to be a very, very good speech tonight. liz: andy puzder, thank you for your insights. >> thank you, liz. liz: the other big story of the state of the union, the state of confusion. a look ahead. pete buttigieg looks like he has got the most votes so far in iowa. still too close to call. not all presents coming in. about 2/3 reporting. this debate, can the the
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2012, democrats in 2016. this is the big picture. this is what is important. these first four contests iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, they equal only 4% of the delegates needed to win the democrat nomination. what is a big deal is super tuesday, 34% are up for grabs on super tuesday and march 3rd when 14 states have democrat primaries. here is the question, which democrat candidate can get enough votes and move and win enough swing voters beat the president? bring in next guest, "daily caller" editorial director vince coglianese. this is about policy. who will be the one who take on the president? who do you think? >> at this moment it looks like pete buttigieg might win iowa but i would still in the end if he becomes the democratic nominee. my view of this, given the hysteria you're seeing in the democratic party right now throughout the process, getting mike bloomberg into the debate by changing the rules, panic over bernie sanders everywhere
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you go, it looks to me like democrats are fearful bernie sanders could be the nominee of this party. liz: really turning back to what happened in iowa, we're beg picture perspective here. it is ironic democrats were hollering about russian interference critics say, reportedly did not accept homeland security app with their voting app. media reaction coming in on bernie sanders. "washington post," is bernie sanders really happening? was a chaotic night. iowa should be no-brainer for the democrats, at the center of president's trade fight with iowa. is bernie sanders have the right to be upset? it is day -- deja vu over what happened in 2016? >> there are a lot of logs on the fire for bernie sanders supporters. the iowa caucus results not being released last night. a lot of people thinking bernie is probably in the lead. sure enough he is neck-and-neck at this moment being in the lead in that state. democrats uncomfortable with him
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at the top. also "the des moines register" was supposed to release the results of its last poll in the state before the caucuses over the weekend. they claimed an area involving pete buttigieg's campaign kept them from releasing that data. it has bernie supporters furious. it came out the unannounced numbers showed bernie was leading by pretty good margin. bernie supporters are angry. liz: we have 49 more states to go. i understand about the intramural fighting going on. republicans jumping up on course of iowa, this iowa fiasco could be a preview how democrats could run the government. in other words the democrats want to take over health care, energy sector. the big wake-up call is this, vince, and it is for the democrats, the enthusiasm gap, the turnout was bad. maybe no more momentum. is the excitement gone from the
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democrats seizing back the house in 2018? they had a turnout lower than the obama 2018 -- 2008 levels. looked like 2004 turnout. i give it back to you, it is the african-american voter we're watching on the opening edit. the african-american voter correctly voted for presidential winner four out of seven times since 1992. they didn't show up in 2016. they had a generational drop in turnout in 2016 for both candidates. your reaction? >> sure. although president trump outperformed with blacks because in a way that the media did not expect. he got 8% of the black vote according to exit polls. that is not what he believed he could do. he did better than mitt romney. we've seen black approval moving in president trump's direction with variety of polls. placing approve rating in mid to high 30s much that is a big deal. president trump can add to black
6:21 pm
coalition by him couple percentage points, that is game set match. he wins the election. liz: a great point you're making. for three years we've been covering the story. from day one it is about policies. which candidate will have the policies that will pull in the swing state voters? vince you know this. candidates can really look good on paper, cause a lot of excitement early on. remember fred thompson in 2008. bill bradley in 2000. john glenn in 1984. none of them won the party's nomination in those years. the candidates can look great on paper. it is the nuts and bolts policies want to hear about? >> that's exactly right. the parties do not know what they're doing when it comes to the candidates they choose. think about it. in 2016 jeb bush was heir apparent to the republican party. that did not come true. joe biden the heir apparent to the democratic party. looks like that is not coming true. voters have much better sense
6:22 pm
than this. donald trump was much more in touch with average emotion in the country felt like washington screwed them over. he could be the answer to that he could go in and break up the washington cartel. that is why they chose him. why any candidate running for president, at least for the next few cycles needs to speak to that emotion. if they can't tap into that, they don't become president. liz: vince, nice to seeing you again. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: coronavirus news keeps getting bad. the death toll and economic toll is not good. it is relentlessly climbing. we'll give you an update coming up.
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they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ liz: welcome back to the latest on the coronavirus. two dozen provinces in china reports suggest they account for estimated 70% of china's economic output. they are china's economic
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engine. those provinces now shut down. factories temporarily shut. quarantines and travel bans now in place. and now this. the administration today warned china's coronavirus might affect u.s. exports including the farm goods in that phase one china trade deal. that came out of the maria bartiromo interview with larry kudlow. grady trimble is in chicago with more. grady? reporter: liz, one of the latest companies to be hit by the outbreak is hyundai. it is halting production in south korea because of a shortage of parts coming in from china. on the flipside the pharmaceutical company regeneron outperformed the rest of the market today. that is because the department of health and human services announced it is working with regeneron to develop a treatment for the coronavirus. here are the latest numbers. in china there is more than 20,000 confirmed cases. the first death reported in hong kong. that is the only second death outside of mainland china. in macau, the gambling capital
6:28 pm
of the world, officials have decided to shut down casinos for two weeks because of virus. china claims the virus will have only a temporary impact on its economy but there are now concerns especially inside the u.s. that it won't buy the american farm goods it promised to with the phase one trade deal. >> it is true the phase one trade deal the export boom from the trade deal will take longer because of the chinese virus. that's true. reporter: china accused the u.s. causing panic about the virus. world health organization says travel ban is not necessarily. officials stand by the decision to ban travelers coming in from china because they say it is in the public interest. liz: grady, thank you. dennis gartman, esteemed editor and ceo of "the gartman letter." he is heavily tracked on wall street. your reaction to that report? >> first of all let's
6:29 pm
understand, china lies. there is no ifs ands or buts about it. they underestimated the seriousness of this circumstance rather dramatically. i read reports from epidemiologists out of london, three weeks ago the number of cases were above 75,000. i think those reports are probably closer to the truth. the reproduction rate as they call it, number of people that can be associated or be affected by these sorts of viruses anything above one is serious. anything above two is epidemic. these same epidemiologists think the number is 1.2. this is more serious than the market or anybody else is trying to anticipate at this point. i think this is a very serious circumstance that will get worse. liz: you're making an important point. "the lancet," british medical journal 75,000 out of wuhan alone. >> right. liz: china's health minister told reporters last month, there is evidence that this virus
6:30 pm
rapidly mutates into stronger variations. it is able to adapt to human beings rapidly and spread more easily. so the question is, is market overreacting to the coronavirus or is the market not pricing in the risk of this pandemic enough? >> i think it is not pricing in the risk seriously enough. i think right now the market is paying attention to what happened last night in iowa. it is paying attention to the fact we have upbeat state of the union address tonight. tomorrow we'll have a, a vote that will go in the president's way. that is on the front of the news by now. later this beak, early next week we start to see the impact of the virus once again impacting the economy and impacting the markets. i don't think the markets anticipated the seriousness of this circumstance. liz: feels like a gray swan, black swan event. we don't know. china shutting down 2/3 of its economy that's bad. i want to stay on your point. that is a good one. it mutates, adapts the new human
6:31 pm
host quicker than sars. mathematical equation, two or more people will catch the virus from an infected person. by your analysis, it is more infectious, more contagious than the flu, more contagious than the 1918 spanish flu pandemic. about 1/5 of patients become severely ill with pneumonia and respiratory failure. dennis, your reaction, china shuts down and sensors -- censors social media. arrests them, silences them. won't shut down the live animal markets which are the vectors of these pandemics. would you agree with republican paul gosar that he wants a travel ban for people coming out of china. is that too drastic or do you agree with it? >> i think that is wise view. this is serious circumstance. we don't understand how widely spread this became in china,
6:32 pm
three weeks, four weeks, five weeks ago already. i think china lied to the public rather dramatically. so i think anything that we do to stem the flow and, this is atypical for me. i usually am a believer in open borders. in this instance, i think closing things down is probably the right thing to do. i think we made the right decisions. china has not responded as swiftly as they should, not as seriously. i think there will be more response from their part. liz: what are you doing quickly with your money? we have 10 second. >> i'm marginally long the stock market but i'm thinking getting short. i think far more serious circumstances prevailing. i'm marginally long and have been. the operative term is marginally. liz: dennis gartman, thanks for coming on. >> always good to see you, liz. liz: the president's hit parade. his successes and setbacks sense last year's state of the union. we have a preview what is coming up tonight, nasa 2.0, china
6:33 pm
trade deal. isis leader gone. economy is strong. 187 federal judges, two supreme court justices. the democrats answer to that and more next.
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6:38 pm
policies have worked. tonight he will use the office to make the case for re-election by the way that is what they accused him on impeachment. every president has done this, who is running for re-election. so he will have a great night saying to the american people, we changed policies and this worked. and that will leave him in good stead. that "gallup poll" shows that americans are turning towards him, especially the independents. liz: to your point, another recent poll by gallup found confidence in the economy is now at the highest point in two decades. do voters want this vision? we like to follow "reason" magazine's libertarian editor neck gillespie. he is no fan of mr. trump. he wrote that. lessening to democrats at the debate i mostly did not recognize the country the democrats were describing. they live in a world where dark, shadowy forces, billionaires, corporations, russian opera testifies and especially
6:39 pm
conspire with near perfect success to make us all poorer, sadder, dumber, sicker, alien 2018ed and hopeless. he feels that is the democrat vision. tough vision. your reaction. >> good percentage of democrats don't vote the economy. they vote social justice. they care more about ruth bader ginsburg than the unemmoment rate. they go against trump for anything. meanwhile the republicans are solid still with the private sector. now independents who don't like fighting in politics, see some of the results after three years of trump and now the alternative for the democrats. the best part about impeachment ending this fight now to stop bernie sanders. where does mayor pete go? but, the left is all about big government and that doesn't provide solutions to independents who in that "gallup poll" now have their highest approval rating of trump. liz: the setbacks, get to the president's setbacks. of course impeachment. the supreme court fight to get tax returns. justice department is taking his side i think yesterday.
6:40 pm
with a amicus brief. a push to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census. that was blocked. setbacks with court rulings against the president's border policies, border wall. pushback on that. but to your point, you made a interesting point about geopolitical success. the president was percent out of the box to call out china. account for trade piracy. he got smacked down for that. he was called dangerous, would kill us all. four years later, people in europe and around the world, people are saying china's cutthroat violations should not be the international norm. they're long overdue for an accounting on that. your reaction to that? >> absolute le remember when reagan was running, he was called ronnie ray gun. he would start a nuclear war. they tried to take out the tear down the wall out of the speech. we're for lower trade barriers but trump terrellly used higher barriers.
6:41 pm
it looks like he gotten sum success out of that with the trade deals. now the economy is set to go even farther than people thought. when you change policy from a soft foreign policy to tough, the press never likes it, business is worry about it. long term it yields benefits in the form of isis or being demolished to a great extent for germany paying more of its fair share in nato. liz: got nato to pay more. the president got a lot of pushback on that. final word rescinding the iran deal. it is a big one. international outrage over that. killing of iran terrorist leader general qassem soleimani. europeans are starting to agree, more sanctions are needed on iran, that the world is better off without that terrorist leader. your reaction. by the way iran protesters are avoiding stepping on the u.s. flag. >> absolutely. iran is one of the most dangerous or the most because they're the most reckless, right?
6:42 pm
defunding them was the smart thing to do as opposed to obama policy of funding them. now if we defund them, maybe they will have less power throughout the middle east and things will calm down over time. this is a long term policy, not something that can be solved overnight but it is starting to show benefit as well. we're safer and richer three years later. liz: tom, thank you so much for your time. come back soon. >> thank you. liz: just ahead, next story in the news cycle. the criminal probe into the fbi spying on the probe of the trump campaign. a hearing in the house tomorrow featuring the fbi direct or on this. now this is happening the very same day as the senate is likely will vote to acquit the president in his impeachment trial. you are watching history unfold with us. stay with us. we're back in two. ♪. we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. ♪. liz: lou dobbs joins us now with a look what is coming up on his show. lou, great to see you new york stock exchange great to see you, liz, thanks. we're only a month into the new year, the president already accomplished so much. he will be keynoting those accomplishments tonight in his
6:47 pm
state of the union address. with us tonight at the top of the hour, to talk about the president's success and his plan for the country, the latest on the coronavirus. secretary of health and human services alex azar. also with us tonight house minority leader kevin mccarthy. former reagan white house political director ed rollins. director of the white house national trade council, peter navarro. and robert ray, a member of president's legal defense team. we'll tell you why this is one of the worst days in history for the democratic party. it is quite a period of time in which we live. all of that, much more, at the top of the hour. please join us. liz, back to you. >> great to see you, lou. history unfolding on your show. and on your mind. great to see you. house judiciary will hold a hearing tomorrow on fbi oversight this is happening the same day as the senate is likely to vote to acquit the president in the impeachment trial. now fbi director christopher wray will testify about the
6:48 pm
blistering report from the justice department watchdog that found the fbi abused the fisa court in order to spy on the trump campaign. let's get reaction from attorney, former congressional investigator, he is sam dewey. we love having you on because you have such insights into this. what do you want to hear from the fbi director? how do you think it will go down? >> i think it will be a very interesting hearing and there are two things i'm looking for. the first, how do the democratic members react to the director's testimony and the content of the i.g. report? this is the first time they will have to grapple with it. it is not only inconsistent with the general democratic narrative, it is inconsistent with a lot of specific statements they made. liz: sam, here's what is really interesting, this comes in the context of the justice department finding two of the carter page fbi wiretaps on the fisa court, no probable cause, two out of four. no probable cause.
6:49 pm
republican senators chuck grassley, ron johnson want the justice department to give them, unredacted, not blacked out footnotes on the watchdog report. we're thinking that their instinct is there was bias at the fbi. that those footnotes do show bias. the remember the watchdog said no fbi bias. your take on that? >> well i think the question is going to be you know, the inspector general horowitz couldn't find any definite bias but the question is going to be as investigations unfold both on the hill and elsewhere was there in fact bias and i think when you have something that went as badly wrong as this did, you do really have to exhaust the search for bias and i do think that the senators are entitled in this instance to the unredacted report. liz: you know, the other thing too is, the john durham criminal probe is still in the works, it's underway. the fbi was misleading in the
6:50 pm
fisa, at the fisa court to get the wiretaps. that one footnote we just showed that the fbi gave to the fisa court to justify spying on carter page it talked about, that unidentified person that was fusion's glenn simpson. he was funded by the democrats to get the steele dossier. the way it was written glenn simpson was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate trump. no. the watchdog reports indicates that glenn simpson and fusion gps in july 2016 was reaching out to the fbi to put information inside of the fbi to get the mueller probe, the trump russia probe launched. because remember this happened right after wikileaks basically published the dnc hacked emails, the democrats went on the move with the steele dossier in summer of 2016. your final word? >> absolutely. and i think it will be very interesting to see it is not
6:51 pm
only looking back but what is going to happen going forward. how will director wray figures this? that is a huge question. liz: the final word, doj watchdog found 17 errors and omissions with the fbi applications to wiretap on the trump campaign. so i want to switch collins and senator lisa murkowski not buying the house democrats arguments to impeach the president. they're voting to to acquit. your final word on that. >> it shows how incredibly flawed the house process was. the own bipartisan vote will be a vote to acquit. democratic senators will vote to acquit. it shows you how immensely wrong the process was wrong in the house we got here. liz: sam dewey, great to see you. come back soon.
6:52 pm
>> thank you. liz: the head of the the dea ont works and what does not work when it comes to take care of our family heroes. case sorry report shows majority of voters in the battleground states do not like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren's health care plan. we'll debate allve that coming . obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? we don't have those. so, what's in it for you? our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. .. hey, saved you a seat.
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6:56 pm
of swing state voters are indicating the single payer plan bernie sanders and elizabeth warren want could prove politically toxic to democrats by forcing americans who get their health insurance through their jobs to switch to the government plan. that's includes the military would have to go into that same plan because it would abolish the va. we keep hearing that, sir. your reaction? >> it's a fascinating argument because for years since donald trump became president the democrats have been warning that donald trump is about to privatize the va. @while at the same time by proposing single payer they eliminate the va. va is a an earned right since
6:57 pm
1865. if we go down single payer separate and apart from the cost to the country and the devastation sit would wreak on the economy. it would hurt the veterans. liz: why did you dismiss the deputy va secretary after just five months on the job? >> in byrne had been with us for three years it was a business decision that wasn't a good fit. he served with distinction in the ma sphreen corps. i thanked him for his service. there are folks that just don't gel with the other members of the team, and that was a simple business decision that i made. liz: let's get back to single
6:58 pm
payer. there is an indication it would affect the va. it would also wipe out the pentagon tricare plan. and sit would undo what the va has been doing to help the military in getting into community health providers. working with the private sector. it sounds like sit would hurt military morale and detention tight would break a promise for all of us who signed on the dotted line, a promise my parents got when my far it was commissioned as scene officer. the other thing is it would destroy that foundational benefit that all of suspect when we become soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. under president trump we have opened up the private sector to our veterans and active duty
6:59 pm
service members. if they like va and we can give them what they want, they are with us. if we can't, we make sure the va is at the center of every veteran's health decision. liz: remember the 2014 waitlist scandal where our soldiers were literally dying waiting for care. the push to get healthcare outside the system. your quick reaction on how bad single payer would be for our nation's heroes. >> for our nation's hero there would nobody va, there would be no it in medicine. there would be no place for them to come to talk to people who understand their culture and speak their language. there is a brotherhood of arms that lincoln recognized and donald trump made a center piece of his campaign and then his
7:00 pm
presidency that we have to preserve. senator sanders and those would destroy that. liz: thank you for your service to our country. thank you for having us in your home. thanks for watching. lou dobbs is next. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody. the democratic party is in disarray after self-destructing in the iowa caucus catastrophe last night. the dimms unable the release any results from the caucuses last night. they blamed the failure on a faulty app that was supposed to be used to provide transparency to limb state in vote were confusion. coding errors that were made, coded by a technology company filled with veterans from hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, going back to the obama administration as well. the president


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