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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 5, 2020 4:00am-5:00am EST

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more after this. trish: what a speech, about optimism, we heard from president, well articulated, reminding america about what we can do, not can't. i am still here, trish regan, president delivering a message power, confidence, and faith in america, donald trump, 1 one to evening highest approval rate. he will, merge tonight, i believe stronger. this is stuff that plays in peoria. he reunited a family, where he gave rush limbaugh the medal of
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freedom, they are things that people will remember. and they will remember nancy pelosi tearing up the script. the economy, big selling point. >> jobs are booming, incomes are soaring. propertpoverty is plummeting, as enemies or the run, america's fortunes on the rise, and america's future is blazing bright. the years of economic decay are over. >> 8 years under last administration. in just 3 years, my administration, 3.5 million people working age people, have joined the workforce. >> this is a blue collar boom. >> it is. who can argue with record job growth. trade deals.
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and. i think a lets of people can argue, that are on democratic side, right? did you see it? did you see it? nancy pelosi ripped up that script. >> with unyielding commitment. we're. >> we did our job. thank you very much. trish: if looks could kill. this president, he has faced it all. you name it. democrat have thrown it at him, first a russia agent then kavanaugh ordeal, then ukraine, now impeachment. he will be acquitted tomorrow. unless the dems, you know, they have nowhere to go. they have nowhere to go but angry, and angry is what we see. i want to see the tape again. nancy pelosi, can we play that.
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unbelievable, this is a new low, this is what you don't do. they criticize him for being political. we have a lot to celebrate in united states people get back to work. wages are growing. our economy is growing. yet nancy pelosi will sit there, as speaker of the house and tear up the scripp for state of the union -- straip script for the f the union, we lost it, we heard nothing i should point out from the president about impeachment, he took the high road on that one. >> the vision i will layout demonstrates how we build world's most prosperous society where every citizen can join in america's unparallel success and where every community can take part in america's extraordinary
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rise. >> if only some other people would want to take part in america's extraordinary rise. how bad does it have to be when you allow yourself to be blinded to all good things that are happening. all things that are benefiting america and americans. you know, he is stealing their thunder. and they are blind to it they are just too obsessed with hate for them, they can't figure out when end is up in iowa,. democrats have no one to blame for themselves. department of homeland security offered to check it out, make sure it was bug free, but democrats refuse. they might want to start concentrating on things that matter to americans.
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>> congress we must never forget, that only victories that matter in washington, are victories that deliver for the american people. we must always remember that our job is to put america first. [applause] trish: right. it should be. american victory, they needed to thnotbe political everybody staf our union is strong. that is thanks to strong policy. and i'll say it, because, he was the not, this strong policy comes despite the democrats best effort to unseat him, joining me right now with their reaction house judiciary committee
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member, louie gohmert and brexit party leader mr. nigel we know how much people don't like the president, but for speaker of house to rip of the speech? >> well, i saw that, i thought you can tear you o up the text,t does not change that president pointed out about mass murderers he took out to save future americans, and future people in the world. like our british friends, and she can tear every the text, but it does not change the fact that the president was acknowledging rush limbaugh, and great things he has done. and then, the american servicemembers, tear up text that talked about what they
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hero, and in fact a number of servicemen that president talked about, that does not change the fact of their heroic acts, and the heroics of their families. that they left behind. she is tear it up, but america understands, this is a speech that really if it were not for such strong partisanship, on the other side of the aisle, with speaker -- this was a chance for us to really to come together and applaud one great speech about america's greatness. trish: i love the ending, i did, nigel, we are americans, you are british much and you know, you don't have same nostalgia perhaps, but he said, we were pioneers, and we settled new world, and built modern world.
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i think that resonates with people, you have seen it with brexit and the u.k., people want to get back to what they were. >> yeah. >> and this is what he was echoing in part, was he not? >> yeah. look, what globalism has done, not just taken away our ability to be democratic, but trying to take away our identity, globalism tills us we should be embarrassed and ashamed of our history, we were told that flying union jack was racist. i want -- people are saying the hell with that, people like identity, they like history. and they like no nostalgia whats wrong with that. trish: it is part of an identity, right? >> yes, absolutely, and i must say away in which donald trump, united the party behind him is
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astonishing to watch, i was here in 2016, during campaign. when a lot of republicans were luke warm, he has united party, you watch him, he was word perfect, he is boss. he the governor, and democrats know it. trish: congressman gohmert final thoughts. >> it got emotional you see the sacrifices that were made, and i thank god we have's president that appreciates those. >> indeed, i love that moment. trish: congressman gohmert thank you, nigel farage thank you so much. >> we are a big lineup for you. tommy lauren in the house, but
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first, president trump, tonight touting securing the southern border, defending our national security. >> our borders are secure, families are fluorishing. and values are renewed. and our prize is restored. this state of our union, is stronger than ever before. [applause] trish: really, why was shaking his head? department of homeland security, acting secretary is here with his reaction. >> did you know, his team offers to help democrat tests the voting app. maybe they could have avoided this? >> iowa just is not representative of the democratic tent that is the problem i had.
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you know it is -- if you look at population, about 90.7 percent white. >> 9% of caucus-goers were white. >> the perfect example of the -- >> you know what you that within down, we get secretary wolf's reaction to democrat rejecting his offer to help. coming up after this.
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>> i ask congress to pass justice for victims of sanctuary city act immediately, united states of america should be a sanctuary for law abiding americans, not criminal aliens. if you come illegally, you will now be promptly removed illegal crossings down 75% since may, dropping 8 straight months. in a row. >> every action my administration is restoring rule of law and reasserting culture of american freedom. trish: president highlights issue of immigration, promising to end sanctuary cities, that allow criminals to rome free to heard -- roam free that hurt americans, and highlighted work of i.c.e. joining me, department of homeland security acting
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secretary chad -- good to have . >> thank you. reporter: a lot of speak was devoted to sanctuary cities. and he called out with nancy pelosi sitting there. numerous cities, some in california, i believe one in san francisco he called out. new york he did. and is working aggressively too end these, how does he do it. >> i would say that from sanctuary policies from our point of view are not only an affront to rule of law and constitution and they go against every instinct we have as law enforcement professionals, we're taking strong act action. to know get more information about those they have in custody, department of justice backing us up with lawsuit, we're taking action we'll continue to educate,
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jurisdictions like about these truss dangerous policies and make sure we're protecting men and women of i.c.e., and law enforcement officers. trish: left says it was overly political, he politicize the moment, turning immigration to a negative thing. what is your response? >> i disagree 100%, i thought that speech this evening was powerful, and optimistic, told a story about americani economy el implemenexceptionalism, presidet talking about making sure we have laws on books could restoring indegri integrity to immigration system. a big part is sanctuary policies and protecting the men, and women of i.c.e., and protecting our law enforcement officers.
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when we talk about sanctuary policies could the only theme they have tech are the criminals. trish: i thought it was a strong message. my this is issue does not need to be so politicized. there was a time we heard from democrats they wanted strong borders, quoting diane feinstein, saying we're not going to be the welfare state for mexico, back in time it was once their issue, but, it now like anything trump's issue is something they are against because of the dislike for this president. i take you to what nancy pelosi did. tearing up the president's speech. at the end, your reaction to that? >> well, i did see, that i would say, president went high during
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the speech, a steep o -- speechf optimism, unfortunately she went low, but not surprising. i fell president delivered a optimistic american exceptal. came. >> unnecessary. let me ask you about news that broke today, mr. secretary you revealed something interesting. the app that was being used in iowa caucuses, that was a disaster, it failed. they could have gotten your help? you spoke with the app makers and offered to run a test? to make sure that it bow would e secure, they turned you down? >> i would say, that our cyber security agent offers a number
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of services to little bit political parties as we go to the election season this this case, they did offer a number of service, they took us up on some. however testing the app they chose and declined that service. probably not a right direct, but we'll continue to support all both political parties. all political partiesa we move forward. trish: not the right decision, thank you secretary wolf. >> thank you. trish: coming up next president's booming economy. millions of poor people out of poverty off food stamps off welfare, something to celebrate, right? you would think. democrats could not think. >> 7 million americans come off food stashe stamps and 10 millif of welfare. [applause]
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trish: did you see that? they are not happy? people are doing better? democrats conditio can't stand , look at them, they are not clapping for america's economic success, this unbelieve able, there is one thing we should all agree on, right, it that america has more opportunity more opportunity it better, is their hatred that blinding? next, liberal media doing favorite thing, inserting race ieverything, even iowa caucus, did you know the whole thing is racist? >> iowa, is not representative of the democratic tent, that is problem i had. you know it is -- if luke at lor at population it is 90.7% white. >> 90% of caucus-goers were white. >> we'll talk about how liberal
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media is already trying to discount results for bernie and mayor pete, coming up, right after this.
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>> days ago we sig signed a grod breaking new agreement with china, that will protect our intellectual property, bring billioning to our treasure and open vast new markets for products ahead and grown here in the usa. trish: president trump, touting strength of our country. tonight, a message that should make every single american happy, right? forget about whether you are a democrat or a republican or an independent, you should be happen that america sees economic success and yet, did
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you see the squad members whispering? can we show that? they their behavior, was just bad. you know, it didn't stop. you find nancy pelosi tearing up the president's speech. the whole thing -- is shameful, really. this is not who we are, in is not what america is supposed to be. joining me, congressman. hello welcome, what did it fell like in there? nancy tore up the script. >> there are mixed emotions, the president did a great job could you talk about being unified, if there was ever a reason it was this speech, and the successes of america, we saw the democrats
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upset with america's success. and then nancy pelosi tore up that speech, at the moment that president was saying, god bless america. she is in background tearing it up. it was so disrespectful. and that speech represents what american people sense the president to do. and she was ripping it up,. trish: it is symbolic? think about what she did it impeachment, trying it take away votes of 63 million americans. just months before an election. that is a giant you know what to america. right, whole impeachment thing. instead of saying i trust american voter to make their decision at ballot box, she says we'll make the decision for you. then, you know. tops it off with that tearing you otearing upthe speech, no sr right or wrong, and no faith in american people.
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>> we have the president tomorrow, will be acquitted, he did not say a word, he took the high road very classy, in just being presidential and talking about what we accomplished, where we are going that america is great, and still the city shining on the hill, and democratic not take it. like they were tired of winning, they were just sitting on their hands, absolutely in denial. and shut absolute refusal to celebrate the good things of this country. trish: that is problem for them, come 2020, if they continue to be the party that just wants to obstruct. and impeach that a have indicated they will do, and do again. in fact you could look at impeachment .20, 4.0 name it,
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they will just keep going. how does that resonate in america. >> my hope in this is that american people saw that they got to see, what we're up against with the democratic party here in washington, d.c. it does not matter the accomplishments or the great things that are happening in the country. they are going to oppose is president and in doing so oppose our country, this is shameful, i hope american people saw what we're up against here. trish: it was on full display, crazy thing about it, that will be somehow sanctioned by media, they will say, she did the right thing, she spoke her mind, they forget, what this is really about. origins of state of the union back to george washington.
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right. the state of union is strong. we're doing well. but, you know, he didn't go there, i will. it is despite the insanity, despite the noise congressman. >> it is. and president, you know, he hit on thins that are not talked about, very much as well, we all talk about the economy and military, and these things, he also hit on things like, defending religious liberty, prayers back-to-school. they are values that americans had held dear for decades we have a president who standing up boldly, to talk about those things. and i thought ta -- it was refreshing and shame nul full sy democrat responding.
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>> congressman hice thank you. >> wow. >> i am disappointed. i can speak for all candidates. and people of iowa. can't understand why that happened but it has happened. >> i just dow i just don't undet that means to release half of the data, i think they auto get to together, and release all of the data. >> i said last night, let's give them time. i'm in the being critical, give them time to work out the issues. >> but that did not stop each and every democrat from claiming victory for themselves. >> we'll be doing very, very well here in iowa. >> we are going to new hampshire. victorvictorious. >> we're one step closer to winning the fight. >> we know there's delays, but we know one thing, we're punching above our weight. trish: forget accepting 2020 election results, will
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democratic able to accept their own election results in it looks like dems could face a divisive brokered convention come july, charlie kurtz with latest. >> and more reaction to president. ♪ limu emu & doug [ siren ] give me your hand! i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual! we customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> america is a land of heroes, a place where greatness is born, destinies are forged and legends come to life this is the country where children learn names like wyatt earp, davey crockett and anni ire oakley, our ancestor bt the most exceptional republic.
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>> that is my favorite part of the whole speech, he talked about our heritage, our history, and values. we have gotten away from that. increasingly in this environment. there is a shame associated with america past. and america present. and what he did was tell america, we should be proud of who we are. someone who is a student of history, i agree with that you have to study your past to understand your present and to predict the future. no one should be ashamed of where we have come from. we have a great story. it who -- is what makes us who we are. as americans, he celebrated that tonight. for me, this was the most special moment. of the evening. aside from all of great moments.
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family reunited and rush limbaugh getting medal of freedom, and two-year-old girl when a new chance the life. joining me now with his reacti reaction. charlie. what did you think? annie oakley a name i have not heard in a while. >> it was a beautiful speech. best state of union in my lifetime. it wa was wonderful for a variey of reasons here, was able to appreciate our country history, a you pointed out. weaving in personal narratives from veterans, from people that are struggling first hand and
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benefits thanks to donald trump's decisions of school choice. and economic empowerment, and an appreciation of heroes ands as pais --as power aspiring excelli was getting frustrated with the democrats who would not applause for -- for example, end the war on aids almost they had hatred for donald trump that superseded their love of america. it was a brilliant speech, and for next couple days you will hear candidates, politicians and media expert say that donald trump is frying to divide america -- try to divide program, democrat boycott the speefnspeech. they hissed. they booed and nancy pelosi tore of the speech, tell me who is
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dividing america, it is the democrats. trish: and they impeached him. and you know, they have been trying from the beginning. minute he won. he didn't win it was russians that rigged it for him. to listen to hillary clinton you would think that russia broke into voting machines and literally changed the votes. that is how it sounded. then he was a russia age, that's racism for a while, then he a chauvinist this and that the other then ukraine. now we're at impeachment, he will be acqui acquitted, i don'k that we've seen anything like this. or ever will. >> well, i agree. 72 hours of president trump winning, and democrats doing i don't know what you could call it, they can't count their
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results in iowa. he does not mention that impeachment circus or unconstitutional strsh council l of bob mueller. he was acquitted from that but, he ignored it, you saw adam schiff and jerry nadler, just waiting for president trump to bring up their unconstitutional impeachment he did not give it to them, he said he was positive, and clear, and tomorrow he will be acquitted. it was an amazing speech, and response from middle america is overwhelming, that our country is back, his ajen a agenda. i call it maga doctrine. the democrats are ashamed our past, and trying to create's
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future that should not be tolerated this speech was a win. trish: he had juan guaido, the person we recognize of leader of venezuela. that i. >> charlie good to see you thank you. >> trish: liberal media not too happy with president trump's performance. accusing him of more quid pro quo. listen? >> awkward at very go ii beginn. >> how unusual this was. >> president history in reality television. >> dark parts were dark, bizarre were bizarre. >> fact that, he got impeached for, is what he was doing. i ask imagine he told mr. mcgee,
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i have a favor for you, if you show up at state of my union, i have a co scholar smip scholars? trish: really.
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>> how unusual this one, the dark parts were dark, bizarre parts were bizarre. >> having been in that name chamber for 12 of them. is how far we have fallin in such a sport perio short period. >> he just lied about a bunch of stuff. >> a performance. he brings out single black mom, and drough -- >> wow, tripping over themselves to show shock and horror after the president's state of the union. not that we'd expect anything different. one thing that media needs to hear that an president's speechs not for them, it was for america. like regular every day people who are out there. trying to put food on the table
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and take care of their families, maybe save some for college and retirement. it was not for the liberal media. maybe that is why they can'tic to it? joining me. tommy lauren and gina loud e lo. >> it was a fantastic speech, all about what makes america great, and keep america great, we knew democrats would not like, that how could you not enjoy the speech, low en employment for every group, and for disabled americas and women in workforce, taking out terrorist leadership, and they sit. and with you brought up liberal media, the democrat were not even standing and clapping for that single black mother and her daughter. that -- trish: school choice. >> that is the problem. >> can you imagine, if it was barack obama, he would had a
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single black mother and her daughter, and republicans would not stand and clap, what would they have called us. trish: that is the problem with the tone and tenor of right now. gina, when nancy pelosi just rips up the script, and being applauded. that is setting a tone, that is not healthy, and it is not exemplary. >> well, they pro fessing trish they are not divisive, and she takes -- what was a speech on american excep exceptionism and everything that unites us as americans from prosperity to environmental policy to opportunities to advances for minorities and economic
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prosperity, she literally divides that speech in half, americans are watching, and symbolically that describes who the dividers are. and this is the clearest example we've seen in last 72 hours, that americans have a choice. between positivity and really what is great about america, something that socialist, and negative, and dark, i don't think that we've seen this more clarified than tonight. trish: well put, at end of speech, i thought it was powerful, and emotional, and i thought it was up lifting, and it was optimistic. >> yes. trish: and tommy, optimism, is what really missing from democrats, it is all doom any gloom, i lived through 8 years of obama's doom and gloom, and every time we got a decent job report he said not quite enough, he was the november willin -- er willing to applaud american workers and american economy,
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yet they continue on. >> about american come back, you don't have to like president trump or support his policy but you should support american people, and don't they say all these economic advance am advane because of barack obama, if they believe that in their delusional minds at least clap for that she was ripping up people's livelihoods, and hopes and dreams, and people who served this nation, and died for this nation, and families, who might not be republican or trump supporter she ripped that up, war veterans and families, who lost. that is what she ripped up. >> do you think it was planned? she was okay, this is a states of union but i will steal the spotlight or a moment of lack of self control? >> i was watching her body language, my back ground is human behavior, she was thinking
4:53 am
so deeply, i was wondering if she was plotting something for the end of the speech, 'would motte surprisnot surprise me, is disappointing. trish: she did not look too gracious in the beginning. >> the handshake, maybe her revenge for missed handshake. last year she did the hand clapping to disrespect him, but this time she disrespected american people, that is what democrats do time and again, they have attack american people as a whole. it is true difference between great american come back and what you have on the left, america that is less american. trish: when you can't even stan for national anthem that okay, so why not tear up the speech. why not insult america. that is where they have gotten
4:54 am
us. what are you expecting, in days to come. how will that pull -- poll, 49% right now, highes high approvalg ever. does that move higher? does he gain a couple more points? and based on behavior. >> i think so, with women for trump, i hear from women all of time who are appreciating the sort of sincere compassio compae side of this president, we a that he talking about children, and diseases and cures and military families, that is what we saw. the sincere side of this president who is dedicated. i think we'll see a sun surge in women support but an increase
4:55 am
appreciation for a president who wants to unite america, contrasted by a party that seems to be disorganized and wants to divide. trish: they can't decide on anyone in iowa. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up, whole lot of surprises, president surprising conservative radio hosts, and author rush limbaugh, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. and first time ever, awarded it live at the state of the union. you will find out, all about the awards, and see him awarded next after this.
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>> rush. in recognition of all that you have done for our nation, the millions of people a day, that you speak to in that you inspire, and all of the incredible work, this you have done for charity. i am proud -- trish: you see president there, awards rush limbaugh, presidential medal of freedom. take a moment. [applause] nice stuff. melania, medal on him. he has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. and really special emotional
5:00 am
moment, there are few of those tonight. think about family that was reunited. and really, exciting stuff. tomorrow will be quite a day, a big victory lauren: you it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. the great american comeback, president trump touting the u.s. economy and ripping into the left and nancy pelosi taking that sentiment quite literally, the speaker ripping up a copy of the president's speech before he left the podium. cheryl: disney heating up the streaming wars with the latest numbers, they were a blowout, lighting up the internet with the return of baby yoda. lauren: and how one young woman turned a near deadly accident into a new lease on life and life-changing career. she tells her story. it is wednesday, february 5th. "fbn: a.m." starts right


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